John Tortorella pre-game press conference (audio)


Got there a few seconds late for John Tortorella’s presser, but all I missed was him saying he wasn’t giving out the lineup or with whom Chris Kreider will play. He did say that he’s still not crazy about throwing the kid into the playoff stretch drive here (and I have NO doubt that some of you will misinterpret and twist that into him saying how much he hates Kreider). He also said Brian Boyle will not play in any of the next three games.

John Tortorella:



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  1. Repost

    The coach fails to alter the style of play when it is needed. Or the palyers are braindead to switch. I tend to think it’s the coaching. Even the last game vs philly. All laviolette did when he called the timeout was tell his team to standup at the blueline. Rangers failed over an 8 min time to dump and chase. Rather than carry over the blue line.

  2. I could do that to win a bet, though, Lloyd. Pyatt couldn’t do that if he stayed out there all day long with an empty net.

  3. Cross Check Charlie on

    I’m off to play a little hockey. I’ll probably catch the 3rd period on the radio on the way home.

    Let’s Go Rangers and all that stuff.

  4. well, some boneheads will be happy that Boyle isn’t playing. I imagine Pyatt is the next whipping boy?

  5. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    This post by salty deserves reporting (maybe more than once)

    Great post

    “Nash has to get rid of the star attitude”

    yah, okay buddy…

    I actually feel terrib;e for him…he thought he was coming to a contender.

    He’s been as good as advertised, and then some. It’s the rest of the organization that has not delivered their end of the bargain.

    You think any star played would DEMAND a trade to NYR right now? Keep joking yourself. We were lucky to get this guy when we did.

    Nash was NOT brought here to carry this team on his back. He was brought in to score his 30 goals in big moments, and he has done exactly that, despite no #1 center. It’s a shame and a sin if fans have the nerve to turn on this guy right now. He’s been awesome…just imagine if we’d let CBJ have Kreider at the deadline last year to get Nash. We might still be defending Cup Champs at this very moment.

    April 18th, 2013 at 1:37 PM

  6. Sioux-per-man on

    Kreider starts to score goals, Torts will warm up to him pretty fast! Now will he use him in shoot outs???? maybe if they get past the 7th shooter :)

  7. Czechthemout!!! on


    In the last thread, I tried to engage you in a friendly conversation today. I did not insult you. I did not put you down in any way. Yet you attacked me, and called me clueless. And you said you would not acknowledge me. The last part of course is your choice.

    I should have known better than to engage a piece of carcillo like you. You have demonstrated time and time again that you are a piece of carcillio so dont worry. I wiil never engage you in a conversation again because i should have known better by now.

  8. Sioux-per-man on

    Oscar Lindberg wins playoff MVP honors in Sweden’s top league, he Centers there top line. Another Top Prospect on his way!!!

    Hmmmmm replacement for Richards perhaps?????

  9. I don’t really bother with Behind the Bench anymore but I noticed they started shooting the on-ice segments from a lower angle to make Pidto and Tortorella appear taller than lawn gnomes

  10. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp were the lines posted? Does everything stay the same, except for Kreider in for Boyle.

  11. I find it amazing that the Islanders are streaking while the Rangers are struggling. I’ve been a Rangers fan since the mid 1960’s and it’s always a struggle. Even in the cup year of 1994 nothing came easy.

  12. Rob in Beantown on

    I will plug Game of Thrones 1000x. Great television. I’ve never seen Vikings.

  13. absolutely why put Kreider in a position to hep the team when you can count on Powe, Pyatt, Asham, and other bums….

    torts is a good coach but his love of vets that do not deserve the love is insanity…

  14. pyatt, richards and zucc.

    zucc is skating with a snail and a ghost to start the game.

    kreider is with the skill of powe and asham…again powe with zero points for the season….

  15. Sioux-per-man on

    Later boys. No game for me tonight. I’ll follow you on twitter Carp.

    Have a Good Night.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!

  16. Stuart said it! I just tried to clarify!

    stuart a

    “…why put Kreider in a position to hep the team…”

  17. Game of Thrones is incredible. If you like the show, I strongly suggest reading the books.

  18. How can the same street intersect with itself? Must be at the nexus of the universe…

  19. How could anyone know that Carp when I can’t do my job. In the words of Egon Spengler, I blame myself.

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