Official announcement on Rangers recall of Chris Kreider


From the Rangers:


NEW YORK, April 17, 2013 –New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has recalled forward Chris Kreider from the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Kreider, 21, has registered one goal and three assists in six games since being assigned to Connecticut on April 3. He has recorded 12 goals and 11 assists for 23 points, along with 73 penalty minutes in 48 games this season. Kreider is tied for sixth on the team in goals, and ranks third on the Whale with six power play goals this season.

The 6-3, 230-pounder returns to the Rangers where he has registered two goals and one assist for three points in 17 games this season. Kreider  tallied a point in consecutive games, including his first career regular season point with a goal on February 5 at New Jersey and his first career regular season assist on February 7 against the New York Islanders, after missing the previous five games, including four games due to injury. He made his NHL regular season debut in the season opener on January 19 at Boston.

The Boxford, Massachusetts native was originally selected by the Rangers as a first round choice, 19th overall, in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. hopefully he will not take valuable minutes away from powe, pyatt, and the other skilled guys on the big club.

    how will they survive without Boyle and his tremendous production……………

  2. Anyone else get really fired up watching the NHL Playoff commercials (they crush those) only to temper their excitement after realizing we are in a tenuous position?

    Truth be told, I think we make it…. as a 7 seed and advance at least one series — where anything is possible.

    Trust we come out ANGRY for the next one and get back on track – their overall product hasnt been bad over the last ten… Sometimes reading these comments depresses me…

  3. Think he’ll play more than 2 minutes a game this time around? I hope so but I doubt it.

  4. Also – I want Pyatt OFF of the team that wears the sweater every night. Give me JT, Mashinter, or Dylan…. just not Pyatt. Slow, expressionless and boring. Wanted to like him…

  5. LOL, I think it’s safe to say this team is in trouble and the coach knows it. Playoffs to save face like in 2008. Only real news will come in the off season.

  6. Here we go again
    We hear those trumpets blow again
    All aglow again
    Taking a chance on Kreid.
    Here we slide again
    About to take that ride again
    We’re starry eyed again
    Taking a chance on Kreid
    We thought the cards were a frame-up
    We never would try
    But now we’re taking the game up
    And the ace of goals is high
    All things are mending now
    We see a rainbow blending now
    We’ll have a happy ending now
    Taking a chance on Kreid

  7. My little town blues
    They are melting away
    I’m gonna make a brand new start of it
    In old New York

  8. In order for Kreider to better assimilate into the system, and match the talent level of lines 2 through 4, Torterella will be fitting his skates with 10 pound weights and placing blinders on his helmet. You don’t want to go as fast as Pyatt and Clowe, God forbid, and mess up continuity. And make you sure you hit the goalie in the gut on every shot…hence, the need for blinders.

  9. I defended the Pyatt signing endlessly and defended the guy for most of this season but seriously? How does he not get a night off? 0 points in 24 games and the guy hasn’t really made an impact on either side of the puck since the first 10 days of the season. And the guy hasn’t been scratched once. What are you really getting out of him?

  10. I’m convinced this blog is 70% Devils fans, 20% angry and depressed convicted interns in state pens, 5% fans of the Rangers and well…. I dont want to be judgmental and assume I can bundle everyone so…. 5% open.

  11. Tonight at 9:30 PM EST another unlawful gathering of Ranger fans over the internet on Blueshirt Underground Radio. Also, avaialble on podcast on ITunes.

    Besides this wonderful blog, it’s the only place where real opinion, fun and the New York Rangers ever meet.

    Heres the link :

  12. Cross Check Charlie on

    Remember when Torts put Pyatt on the first line because of his scoring outburst at the beginning of the season?

  13. besides nash and stepan look at the points for the forwards on thsi team. cally 20 points in 40 games, richards atrocious, and on and on.

    powe zero points on the season boyle under 5 points, it is incredible how inept these guys are.

  14. yep, and remember that he had Pyatt playing on one of the top two lines for a chunk of the season

  15. Well, they made that change Midtown
    And the big boy joins the ice
    From the rivers to the city,
    The faithful roll the dice.

    Say it: Seventh Avenue Freeze-out
    Say it again: Seventh Avenue Freeze-out
    One more time: Seventh Avenue Freeze-out

  16. On what basis does anyone think that for the remaining games they come out “fired up”?

  17. I said they’d go 5-3 (including the Islander loss) so I think 5-2 the rest of the way is plausible and that’s good enough to get them in. I haven’t really doubted they’d make the playoffs since getting 3 of 4 points against Pittsburgh but it’s hard to imagine them making any noise in the postseason.

  18. Sioux-per-man on

    Kreider needs to hit the ice with a vengeance, and prove that he belongs here. Score some goals, and use his speed like Hags.

    Get some good games in before the playoffs.

  19. Leaving aside that they don’t really have the collective speed, size or skill to play an uptempo game, the fact is something is up. They just don’t seem to have desire. I tend to defend Torts and blame Dolan/Sather for everything, but I am starting to consider joining the camp that says Torts is getting tuned out.

  20. I’ve come that conclusion myself. I have never posted on here anything negative towards John Tortorella but before the deadline I said the rangers needed to make some moves because they couldn’t continue on the path they were heading. They made the moves and it worked but just for a few games and back to the same old story. There is nothing left to figure out at this time, The only tangible left is Tortorella. I don’t see any other explanation.

  21. I will take Mashinter over Pyatt. This Kreider recall is puzzling to me. Maybe they use him to kill penalties, which he does down there.

  22. the Kreider recall is puzzling only if Tortorella does what we know he’ll most likely do and not really play him

  23. I know how you feel, Lloyd. I was really high on the Pyatt signing. I even thought he was an upgrade over Boyle. Well, he’s not. Guess I have egg all over my face.

  24. the tuning him out easy answer. how about this ; richards stinks and is toast ditto for pyatt, asham, and powe stinks as he always has.

    how about they lack talent…………

    stepan, hagelin are young and brassard is a good player who needs to shoot more…

    players not playing hard is there fault not the coach. i played hard all the time, in meaningless games.. It is called pride…….

  25. I agree with TommyG. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – rather than using the players he has to THEIR strengths, Tortorella insists on doing things “his way”. He wants everyone to play like Brandon Prust with all this JAM. He did it to Gaborik and he’s doing it to everyone else. They spend way too much time in the corners, cycling and RECYCLING. Never getting the puck to the net with any real offensive threat. He’s using these guys like they’re all 6’2”, 225 lbs. THEY AREN’T. Torts needs to utilize an offensive system that has wingers streaking down the wings looking for passes and shot. Enough of this dump and chase malarkey.

    While I think this Rangers team is nothing more than average, I do think they could be doing better if they actually worked within a system that set them up for offense. The system they’re in now has them set up for getting tired in the corners. And that they do extremely well. Torts should be proud of them.

  26. so is it that they lack talent or they don’t play hard?

    and who isn’t playing hard and why?

  27. Does Brad Richards wear a ski mask when he collects his paycheck each week?

    I’d take Haley or Mashinter over Pyatt.

  28. Right, Coos. That’s my point with Pyatt. He’s a one dimensional player. He doesn’t have secondary roles. Just one thing: Grind along the boards.

  29. has it been said Kreider is here to replace Boyle?

    and if Kreider is barely going to play, what role would Newbury, a guy who’ll get nothing but 4th-line minutes, have with this team? this team is nowhere near the stage of needing a 4th-line role player to make them better.

  30. Again, they lack collective speed, size skill. That’s on Sather. But even teams with these shortcomings show desire especially at this stage with what’s at stake. Starting to think thats on Torts. Even the most through the wall guys like Cally, something just seems not 100%.

  31. No, Kreider is certainly not a Boyle replacement. Torts might just pinch and rush the defensemen, let Kreider fly, and gamble that Henrik will stand on his head for a week.

  32. you need to say who is tuning Tortorella out and why

    for as much as I dislike him, I don’t believe Tortorella is the problem. the problem is that this Ranger team, like most Ranger teams of the past few years, lives and dies by Henrik Lundqvist. You can say whatever you want about grit, jam, and whatever nonsensical terms are used to elevate the role of bottom six forwards, bit this team’s success rests squarely on the shoulders of the goaltender. if he doesn’t stand on his head, they don’t win. it doesn’t matter how many times they pin the puck to the boards; Lundqvist doesn’t play at the height of his powers and the Rangers are playing golf sooner rather than later.

  33. I think the system discussion is overrated. I don’t blame Torts for that because I think he’s using the system that’s best for this bunch which isn’t that fast or skilled. Plus the system is a structure but hockey is largely an improvisational game, the players play.

    On the other hand what is a fair question now is whether he is failing in the motivational aspect of coaching.

  34. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Arranging Titanic deck chairs while the band plays…

    They are done and deserve to be.

  35. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Any one remember Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels ? CC Rider How about CC Kreider ?. Ok Carp needs a post..

  36. Lloyd no argument here on the value of Hank. Ive posted several times that we should treasure what we have in him while we have him.

    But that’s beside the point. Hank being great doesn’t mean the players should be so seemingly lacking in energy and enthusiasm. I don’t let the players off the hook at all, but you still have to ask the question why.

  37. saying the Rangers are done when they’re in a playoff spot and have 5 winnable games out of 7 remaining games is one of the dumber things I’ve seen here

  38. This team doesn’t lack speed, it lacks a coach who has the willingness to use that speed. Speed doesn’t do anything if all you’re doing is pushing the puck up the wall to get it out of the defensive zone. This ‘system’ is the easiest ‘system’ to coach against in the NHL and almost every coach in the conference knows how to do it. The opposition knows exactly what the Rangers are going to do when they get forced, jam it up the wall. So, what do they do, they get their guys on the wall, half the time before a Ranger wing can get there. Watch this team, they don’t pass the puck out of the zone against opposition. Ever since last year’s playoffs the other teams in the conference have seen how to destroy the Ranger’s breakout, and Tortorella has not made one adjustment. He coaches a move from line to line game in an era in which the redline doesn’t exist. He’s a walking anachronism. Like Sather.

  39. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Most of us expected a team which progresses upwards, they go one two rounds into the playoffs and before you know it into the finals and maybe a cup like the 94 team.

    But , it ain’t that way unless you have a Cindy type player, it’s a one shot deal, maybe last year was as good as it gets until they can reload.But we’ll see.

  40. going to edit what I said slightly since for some reason I thought they had 7 games left. Ok, so I’ll say 4-2.

    Florida sucks. Carolina sucks. The Devils are in free fall and won’t win both of their games against the Rangers. Buffalo can beat the Rangers and they’ll probably lose one against either Florida or the Devils. So 4-2 is definitely attainable.

  41. welcome back ! your miscues were your ticket out! welcome back- to the same old coach that you laughed about. well, the names have all changed since you were sent down…but us fans have remained and hope you turn it around. and who’d a thought we’d see ya – but tortorella needs ya ! yes tortorella needs ya! yes we tease torts a lot, but we want that postseason spot so welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Lloyd I can’t name specifcially who is not giving 100% and I am not in the locker room to know who is getting de-motivated by Torts. (Although pretty safe to say one casualty was Gabby). As a group they do not seem to come out with energy and motivation. Something just seems missing. Wouldnt you agree?

  43. By the way I say this as someone who thinks Torts was good for this team and would find it sad if he lost them.

  44. Carp,
    anything you can tell us regarding Mr Nash and Boyle ?? sure seems like something is wrong with Nash …and boyle’s pain was obvious…

  45. Matteau- agreed all around. feel like I was spoiled last year the way they came out almost every single night wether home, away, whatever. those last second wins…by richards… and the big OT wins seem a hundred years ago…

  46. Matteau,

    I don’t really agree with that. I think the Rangers are getting lesser performances out of a few key forwards (e.g. Richards, Callahan) and the role players they replaced the previous role players with have proven to be largely ineffective. Add to the mix the fact that Lundqvist was mediocre for most of the season and has only recently started playing as well as he needs to for this team to have a chance.

  47. Wouldn’t it be the ultimate ironic Rangers disaster if the Winnipeg Jets squeaked into the playoffs by winning a shootout with Olli Jokinen getting the deciding shot??

    Ouch, the memories.

  48. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Ok, so first of all what is avg speed? How about avg size? Avg skill?

    I mean we need a baseline to determine what we really lack.

    I don’t think we lack size or speed and I think we have decent skill.

    If mdz is avg speed, who is faster than him? Everyone except clowe, Richards, girardi, pyatt, eminger

    If brich is avg size, who is smaller? No one except cally, Hagar, mza


    How many points would powe have if he had step or Nash minutes every game? And vice versa?

    You guys freak out over 4th line guys getting 5-8 minutes a night not averaging a point a game? What is wrong with you guys??

    I get the fact when we lose we needed to score more goals, but there is so much more to it than the 4th line guys not having a few points…sheesh

  49. bull dog line on

    why would recalling Kreider be puzzling? he is not there to replace Boyle. they would have called up a box of pucks if they wanted to replace him.

  50. bull dog line on

    they lost a lot of team speed when they traded Gabby and sent down Kreider. Kreider is back so that should help the team speed of the guys on the bench.

  51. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Found it, last year we avg 2.7 goals per game and this season it’s 2.3.

    Had gabby for both, so it isn’t him, must have been the offence that prust, Feds, Mitchell, dubi, AA, rupp, and Bickel added…or brich,

  52. I’m curious to see how well the islanders play against the maple leafs tonight. Maple Leafs have been a solid team, kind of reminds me of last years rangers. Islanders 2nd game in 2 nights.

  53. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    Repost #1:


    (Geez, I hate giving out my email in blogs btw. Lol)

  54. Trying to be completely objective, here is what I saw from last nights games:

    Isles played like a spirited, young, talented and hungry team.

    Rangers played like an old, uninspired, inconsistent group of washed- up fat cats.

  55. Czechthemout!!! on

    I will give you one player who I think is not doing what we are used to seeing every night. Ryan Callahan. I think that with the exception of a handful of games, this as been his worst season as a Ranger so far. Maybe he is hurt? But something is not right with him.

    As for the team, i think that they just dont play with the same urgency as they played with last year. They dont seem to be mentally prepared to play on most nights. That is how in my opinion you know that they are tunning out the coach.

  56. Maybe we should trade Cally for a couple of 3rd liners and a #6 D man? He’s a free agent at the end of next year, anyway…nothing wrong with that logic…

  57. Czechthemout!!! on

    It is almost like going to work at a job you hate but you go there and go through the motions on a daily basis. They just don’t look like they are having fun playing this type of game or system.

  58. Czechthemout!!! on

    I would rather fire Torts before I trade any other player on this team even Boyle. The dregs on the fourth line not with standing.

  59. This is all Jagr’s fault.

    speaking of which… old man is still a beast. Coulda used his skill and creativity but as we all learned already there is room for only one ego on this team – Torts

  60. Interesting that they brought Kreider up over Miller. Seemed like Miller was playing better and if they are going to get 3rd or 4th line minutes, that’s more Miller’s game than Kreider’s, no?

  61. While Nash is a dynamic offensive talent that amazes hockey spectators with his athleticism and size…in his first 3 years as a Ranger, I doubt he will score as many goals as Gaborik did. And, let’s see how many playoff series he wins… Over/Under = 1

    I was on the fence about getting Nash, because I felt we already had Gaby, a 40-goal scorer and emerging Kreider was on his way to becoming an NHL goal scorer (anybody who saw him play in the playoffs last year only would say that – in fact, he definitely needs work to be a regular NHL’er)
    …but in terms of what we gave up, I guess you had to make the deal (In 2011-12, Dubi wasn’t the player he was in 2010-11 offensively)

    Also, +if+ (a BIG if) Dubi would have scored 25-30 last season, would we have ever even thought about dealing him to CBJ and/or talking to Howser about Nash? Would we have ever traded Artie? What a damn shame. If Dubi would have just scored some (10 more?) freaking goals maybe this whole team would have never got blown up…

  62. I still believe that this team with Clowe, Dorsett, and Staal back, has the potential to be a pain in the playoffs and even win a round or two. Potentially more if the hockey gods decide to smile upon them.

  63. how pathetic are we? Hoping to HOPEFULLY get in as the last seed and MAYBE win a round, fingers crossed two… I’m sure Boston, Chicago, Pissburgh, Ducks and even Capitals(you know, teams with money) fans hope for too… i’m sure they don’t expect their team to win it all every year.

    pathetic we are…

  64. New program announced by Dolan Pavillion Precipice, formerly ‘the ledge.’ Sign over all insurance benefits to us and receive for remainder of regular season, admission to and use of one wide, padded chair licensed from CitiField. Includes beverage holder, complementary and unlimited hemlock spritzers, video of final moments.

  65. CCCP, there are some really bad PPs out there … hard to believe, though, that there are worse than the NYR …

    I’m on the right as you look at the avatar, with Wolski on the left.

  66. 3CP……appreciate your 7:39 but, I won’t get on the “lets all pile on the coach bandwagon” tonight. Maybe down the road, but definitely not tonight.

    There comes a point in time when the players alone are accountable for their lack of effort, their unwillingness to pay a price on the ice. No coach will be succesful when half the team is “playing and paying the price” and half the team is not.

  67. iCCCP - Who Gives A Puck?! on

    That’s what I’m saying NYR_FAN…Jagr wouldn’t want to play for Torts because Jagr knows he is not a good fit for this team BECAUSE of the coach.

  68. I like Nash. And, I know you do make that deal every time but…I just miss last year’s team and how they played, even in losses…it was the mindset that Torts instilled in the team that is missing…

    This season is one giant clutterbuck…

  69. What I am saying, CCCP, is that Jagr picks and chooses when he wants to play and that would never work out here under Torts…

  70. I totally get the Tortorella anger on this blog and have to say I personally find him totally unprofessional in terms of his media interaction. I also think that said media doesn’t do a great job of calling it like they see it when it comes to him – which I get, they don’t want to lose their access.

    He’s not getting fired anytime soon though. It’s not Tortorella’s fault that Richards is playing at 50% (or less) than what is expected of him. Ultimately, that is why the Rangers aren’t doing well.

    You could point to Richards and Gaborik to say ‘well now two players haven’t met expectations, it’s the coach’s fault’. However, both players had good seasons in the past under Tortorella so it’s likely that Sather gives him a pass. Plus it would appear that both Lundqvist and Callahan like Tortorella, further entrenching his position.

    Dubinsky was a penalty machine and were he not home-grown, would be constant target on this blog. For all those who wanted him back, he would have sunk this team given that the PK and goals/game are both weaker this year.

  71. jpg's sister on

    I may be in the minority, but I think Boyle has been playing better. He has been getting in fron the opposing goalie and screening him, he has been hitting more. Sure we would like more scoring from him, but he is definitely playing better.

  72. _What I am saying, CCCP, is that Jagr picks and chooses when he wants to play and that would never work out here under Torts_

    Sure… unless your name is Brad Richards…

    Jagr seem to play hard for Boston

  73. After watching the consistently inconsistent effort game after game, my expectations are very low for this group of players. If we do get in, it will probably be one quick and frustrating a playoff round.

  74. Cross Check Charlie on

    You know what’s funny? Reading that the Rangers might squeak into the 8th playoff spot by going 4-2 against a bunch of teams with losing records, THEN thinking anything can happen and they’re going to win a first round series against the #1 team.

    Get real. If this team makes the playoffs they will be lucky to win 1 game against the Penguins.

  75. ThisYearsModel on

    Word is that Kreider will be wearing a shock collar that willzap him anytime he wanders more than 5 feet away from the boards.

  76. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    As I’ve said before, torts is my second favorite rangers coach since the cup and he certainly deserves part of the blame this season, but not all of it

  77. Czechthemout!!! on

    One thing I would like to see tomorrow is for Moore to get more ice time. He certainly earned it. That also means PP time. The kid can carry the puck into the offensive zone better than anyone else on the team except maybe MCD at times. Turn him loose! The kid has offensive ability.

  78. Stranger Nation on

    We are back to where we have been for the last 82 games – good enough to be in every game, but lacking top line scoring still and sorely missing our D-man All Star.

    please more Moore, and play Clowe with Step and Nash

  79. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    something interesting. boston has a handful of excellent home grown players as their core, and all but one are non-first round picks. Bergeron (2), Krejci(2), Lucic (2), Marchand (3), Seguin (1).

  80. Since I am not a member of the medical/psychiatric community, I expect and will bow to competent alternative theory, but: Anyone, especially a public figure, who, with a lack of humor in any sense whatsoever, utilizes a wide public forum to state with crossed brow and emphasis, that he prefers the company of dogs to humans and then almost dares you to temper or refute him, makes his mental health profile suspect in my eyes.

  81. coos, I don’t even know if your 9:50 was supposed to be funny, but I let out a guffaw.

  82. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Those who say we go 4-2 the final 6, I hope you’re right. The team I saw in Philly last night could easily lose in Buffalo to the team that’s playing Boston tonight. 2 Devil games? Even Florida gives us a headache.

    Give me 4-2 now. I’ll take it.

  83. leetchhalloffame on

    Yo-Yo Kreider. Probably gets confused and wears the Whale uniform tomorrow night.

  84. Krejci might be even worse than NYR on odd-man rushes. That’s like the third time I’ve seen him screw up tonight.

  85. Ah yes. The psycho coach interview with Gianonsie!! He prefers the company of Dogs to people! If I had the responsibility of coaching this rag tag bunch of numb nuts, I think I’d rather the company of fury friends too. But, I venture to guess that my mental health profile is suspect in the eyes of many as well.

  86. Lloyd regarding your 6:08 yes all those are factors. They are on Sather. All I’m saying is it’s hard to ignore an additional factor and that’s the collective energy level of the team. There are multiple factors and it is not unfair for Torts motivational ability with this team to enter the conversation.

  87. Matteau, I just don’t get why it’s the responsibility of Torts to motivate a group of professional athletes in dream careers earning millions of dollars. It’s called “doing your job”. Not saying that he shouldn’t try to motivate them or that he’s good at it in any case, but that theory confounds me.

  88. I don’t mean to be snarky but you’re asking why it’s a coach’s job to motivate his team?

  89. I think with Torts the question is whether his style has become de-motivating. Again we’re not in the locker room and can’t know for sure, certaily not saying this is Torts fault. Just have to wonder about how as a group they don’t seem to have that energy, start every game flat. At some point you have to ask if there’s something wrong.

  90. I think it’s a coach’s job to motivate a group of ten year old kids, half of whom play because their parents make them. If professional athletes aren’t motivated to play of their own volition, they should just retire.

    Torts should still try to motivate the team, certainly, but the team “failing” to be motivated is something I don’t necessarily see and something that shouldn’t be Torts’ fault anyway.

  91. Prediction…post game announcement of sending kreider down to Whale…on a more serious note i will be in the building for tomorrow night’s game LETS GO RANGERS….Carp u going to be in attendance?

  92. 1. Lackluster, low energy starts.

    2. Over reliance on BRich.

    3. Failing to get best out of Gabby

  93. And I still say Torts was great for this team, built that identity we had last year. The one Sather dismantled

  94. I like Tortles. I think he is what you want in a coach. I like the totalitarian approach. I am not saying it is easy to play for a coach that demands that type of commitment. Some guys get miserable and give up (Gaborik)…

    You guys think Lindy Ruff is any different? Same type of coach, if not more intense, if you ask me…

  95. This is the worst hockey team ever. Sather and Torts need to be flogged by a well dressed Avery at the Cristopher street path station then sent to Hoboken to live the rest of their lives as modern day Sisyphuses, tending bar at a place frequented by the cast of “Jersey Shore”. Then the team needs to buyout the entire roster and replace them with genetically modified corn. Lastly all Ranger fans must be relegated to a life of acknowledging, accepting and embracing failure. This includes drinking so heavily everyday that they convince themselves that baseball is a sport and it’s enjoyable to watch.

    Did I mention this is the worst team ever and they will melt like the witch in the wizard of oz when they hit the ice tomorrow? Bring out the flying monkeys!

  96. I’m angrier than a Tea Party Patriot watching a happy child receive an education! This is the worst hockey team ever! They make Justin Bieber look tough!

  97. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The only thing worse than Brad Richards is the current president and his administration!

  98. I like Torts as a coach, he doesnt mess around and tells it straight (unless its an injury then we get the upper body injury, or “no comment”)
    The only guy i would replace him with would be Mike Babcock.

  99. boxcareddiehospodar on

    wow that took long enough!!

    will torts play him longer than 5 mins tonight

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