It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Flyers


Light up the Empire State Building in black and orange! Going to be an interesting night at the Arena that Changes Names Every Five Minutes. The Flyers play the second of back-to-backs, after a resounding win in Montreal last night, and though they’re out of the playoff picture, there appears to be some fire in their game all of a sudden.
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Game 42.
Rangers at Flyers.

Ya boys are 5-1-1 in their last seven as they visit Mr. Snider’s team, which would love nothing more than to hurt the Rangers’ playoff chances.

Same lineup, with Henrik Lundqvist in goal. Marc Staal (eye) and Derek Dorsett (clavicle) both skated today but remain out. Roman Hamrlik and Matt Gilroy are prucha’d

Meanwhile, a look at the race for the last three playoff spots in the East:

Points-Team (games remaining, home, away)

48-Senators (7, 5H, 2A): At Boston (pending makeup of postponed game), Carolina, Washington, Toronto, Pittsburgh, at Washington, Philadelphia.

47-Islanders (6, 1H, 5A): Florida, at Toronto, at Winnipeg, at Carolina, at Philadelphia, at Buffalo.

46-Rangers (7, 3H, 4A): At Philadelphia, Florida, at Buffalo, New Jersey, at Florida, at Carolina, New Jersey.

44-Winnipeg (6, 4H, 2A): Tampa Bay, Carolina, Islanders, at Buffalo, at Washington, Montreal.

42-Buffalo (5, 3H, 2A): at Boston, Rangers, at Pittsburgh, Winnipeg, Islanders.

40-New Jersey (6, 3H, 3A):  at Philadelphia, Florida, at Rangers, Montreal, Pittsburgh, at Rangers.

Tonight’s games that matter: Rangers at Philadelphia, Florida at Islanders, Carolina at Ottawa, Tampa Bay at Winnipeg.


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  1. Certain loss tonight. These clowns are going down 9-0 behind a Briere-trick and Mason shutout.

  2. Trying to comment but page is jumping all over the place each time I tap a letter … LGR anyhow !!

  3. Anyone else kind of hoping for an overtime loss? Or at least an overtime win? Don’t want Philly drafting too high now!

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    ohh In respects to the Boston Marathon , THE FRICKIN MORONS WHO placed bombs there , you are frickin IDIOTS , selfish , no brains and shoud be shot and peed on.

    RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGERS LETS gog ogg go go ggog og og gogogo!!




    CAN YOU HEAR ME!!!????




  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


  6. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Carp, been meaning to ask…what’s the origin of the orange and black crud ESB?

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    YEAHAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW time to win time to score time to be happy time to win time for 2 pts time for another shu…..ahhhh hahaa I did’t jinx Hank…TIME TO PLAY HACKEYYYYY!!!

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    ahhhh tanks , its so I can bite Olga’s head off. Your looks like you or is zattt zuccccooo??

  10. ok seems better now . We need to get two tonight and move onward and upward! In Hank we trust!!!!

  11. Number one ranked anthemist in the NHL? She couldn’t open the dressing room door for Amirante.

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yeah I kinda knew it NYR_FAN …niceee.

    LETS GO RANGERS , lets kill these bums!!!!

    RANGERS want pts pts pts pts!!!!

  13. Good evening all! Yikes, Isles are killing the kitties already.

    Can someone tell me what the heck Boyle was doing there?


  14. Hard to fathom, but I just heard Kenny Albert say that Hartnell has 6 career hat tricks as a Flyer. #blech

  15. Czechthemout!!! on

    I read somewhere today that Pyatt has 1 goal and no asists in his last 33 games. I mean that is Brian Boyle bad. Actually, it is worse I think. Totally useless player.

  16. Boyle is a million times better than Pyatt, Czech. It’s not all aboot scoring or total points.

  17. Czechthemout!!! on

    See, this is why Boyle sucks! He takes a weak ass shot from almost the blue line when he clearly and easily could have around the man covering him who was standing flat footed. Boyle could not recognize that and instead of making a good offensive play, flipped a shot on goal from 50 feet out. Zero hockey sense!

  18. Season was over when we traded Gaby! ;)

    By the way, seems like the Flyers got a lot better pieces when they traded Carter and Richards than we did by trading Gaby. Still too early to say we lost the trade but…I don’t think Dorsett is going to be Wayne Simmonds or that Brassard is Brayden Schenn…

  19. Czechthemout!!! on

    Look at Pyatt, lol! He cant get away from hugging he boards what a waste of ice time.

  20. Does anybody else think it’s hilarious that Sergei Bobrovsky is on his way to win the Vezina a year after getting dumped by Holmgren?

    If this Bob is for real, that trade might do down as the worst in Flyer history!

  21. Grabby, it’s gut-wrenching. The best Ranger team of my lifetime was ripped to shreds in less than 12 months…

    But, I remain positive!

  22. Czechthemout!!! on

    Steve Mason has had two good shots on goal against him so far. One of those two is a stretch to call a good chance.

  23. Czechthemout!!! on

    Weak goal allowed by LQ. But that is how you make an offensive play. Torts should watch the tape of that one.

  24. Admiral Akbar on

    Steve Mason will now do the obligatory Patrick Roy/Vezina immitation in the second period.

  25. lmao, NYR. It’s always the same people’s fault. When the goalie gave up a bad one, and the alleged No. 1 line has been MIA for a while now. Not to mention the No. 2 line.

  26. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Lets keep at these bums..they’ll tire out!!!!

  27. Czechthemout!!! on

    Now that is how you come out to play in a game you need to stay in playoff position, huh guys? They certainly look prepared to play tonight.

  28. Admiral Akbar on

    Fishsticks meanwhile up 5-1.

    Winning the game they should win.

    Much to the delight of their absolutely pathetic fair-weather fans.

  29. Bad period bad effort bad goaltending….I remain hopeful as always though!! So far….

  30. MDZ with the “Shot pass” on the PP. The guy cannot shoot or pass so he tries to do a hybrid.

    what a friggin moron.


    big trouble tonight…winnipeg winning, islanders killing the panthers a team the rangers gave away 2 points at home to.


  31. Carp, do you get 25 cents a post for writing “blah blah blah…” or is that free?

  32. newsflash nash stinks often in the d zone and on defense in general…..

    what we got 8 shots on goal or so. callahan only involved in about all of them but hey powe, pyatt, and asham as effective as ever. no need for more talent or speed on the team…..

  33. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    The Rangers were the better team. Lucky bounce on the first goal, and Hank probably should have had the 2nd.

  34. Luckily with the Rangers weak schedule and no-one below them who is a real threat, a loss tonight is not that big of a deal.

    I still expect the Rangers to dominate the rest of the game though. Philly is not good and they should be losing their legs as this game goes on.

  35. as stated innumerable tiems they have at least 4 guys that have no calue; pyatt, asham, powe, and boyle…

    8 forwards that can play …

    boyle passes when he should shoot and shoots when he should pass, he never does the right thing…

  36. Richards: no speed, no moves, no shot, no back-checks, no banging, no nothing. Gives up the puck on the 6 on 5, gives up the puck whenever anyone breathes near him. Pathetic. How long does this “experiment” continue?

  37. Eddie, the Rangers need 2. But they are playing like #2. It would help to get 1, first. If they lose to the Flyers, that would be the worst.

  38. Czechthemout!!! on

    Keep running interference for Torts and his brilliant coaching.

    This team is not prepared to play once again. How many times this year has that happened?


    Keep drinking the Tortsjuice!

  39. richards is horrible under any standard…

    he is a total joke, gets knocked off his skates 3 to 5 times a game, has 6 goals on the season, is good for a few mega turnoers per game..

  40. wow!!! That’s all I can say. These rangers are pathetic. Flyers coming off a back to back with there back line devastated by injuries and the rangers barely get any shots on goal. It’s unexplainable, inexcusable.

  41. Admiral Akbar on

    Pyatt is useless.

    Powe helps kill penalties. Asham is tough with a bit of skill, Boyle is snake bitten.

  42. Why does a coach need to “prepare” a team of players receiving hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars to play?

  43. The players should be motivated enough to come out energized every single night. Dream careers.

  44. Admiral Akbar on

    I like Boyle.

    He is an effective player who happens to be snakebitten offensively.

  45. I get it if people don’t agree with Torts’ decisions or his methods or his system, but the whole “prepared to play” business is ludicrous.

  46. Czechthemout!!! on


    Is that the sound one makes after each sip of Tortsjuice? Knowing that it tastes like assen but too stubborn to admit it?

  47. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers have plenty of time. No need for desperation. An early goal would be nice. Can’t give up a third

  48. Melrose on the radio: “The Flyers would love to be the team that knocks the Rangers out of the playoff race…The Rangers are just getting outworked, simple as that”

  49. no, it’s the sound of the same old drum being beaten day after day after day by somebody who hates his team and everybody on it.

  50. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    This terribly coached, unprepared, flawed team is still 5-1-1 over the last 7. Don’t think this one is over quite yet.

  51. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Are you guys still going to bash Boyle if he goes on the IR, or csn I remove him from the WBM (c)?

  52. islanders taking out there frustrations tonight on the panthers after losing a game they should have won the other night.
    5-1 islanders, skating circles around florida.

  53. If Scotty Bowman was coaching this team (at his current age), the Rangers would have went 48-0 in this short, but stiff, season. And, Boyle would have been in Connecticut on the 4th rotation. Anything else, Czech?

  54. Seriously we get the next one it will be tied up in a jiffy. We spotted them a pair. Just watch this.

  55. Czechthemout!!! on

    So if Torts is not a good tactician? He has to be a good motivator, no? If he cant teach or kotivate,why is he getting paid 7 figures? What is it that he is supposed to do for his money?

  56. We have them where we want them. Overconfident. Brilliant move by Torts and Sully. Now we pour it on.

  57. Why does it seem how they play the next period will be a preview for the rest of the season.
    How bad do the want in? The playoff spot is in their control and right now they are not playing like they should make it in. Where is the leadership? Cally can’t be the only one to always give them a lift on shifts when they need it to turn things around.

  58. Big goal by average man. We need more of that from the average joes on this team. Lets go now.

  59. Reality is that this isn’t a super skilled team…we weren’t last year either but they certainly overachieved. I think they’ve underachieved this year and our defensive play hasn’t been as solid nor has our chippiness. Has that resulted in losing some games that last year we may have pulled out based on effort alone? Absolutely. That said, I still think we are one of the leading teams as far as goals against and that isn’t 100% Hank..though he obviously deserves much of the credit.

    NYR has been offensively challenged for many many years and through several coaches. I’m not a some kind of Torts disciple but the suggestions that this team would have a much better record under a different coach is speculation at best and preposterous at worst. They’re just not that good – despite preseason predictions – and more importantly, they haven’t worked as hard as last year as often to win the games they need to win.

    This game isn’t over yet anyway but I did think it was classic that yet another player who has never scored a point in the NHL gets his first vs NYR. If i was someone who got called up in the NHL, I would definitely hope it was to play the Rangers.

  60. Czechthemout!!! on

    Hates his team? LoL!!!! You have no clue my friend!

    The amount of money I ‘ ve spent on this team over the last 35 years gives me the right to criticize an idiot who cant coach for crap and is an embarrassment to the organization with his antics.

    Oh, and nice goal from MZA.

  61. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    CTO, if Tort is to blame this year, does he get all the credit for last year?

  62. Ryane clowe is making the case for the 5 year 25 million dollar deal tonight. No. One. Ever. Said.

  63. Richards doing his Bambi impression again. Can this guy stay on his feet already! He falls more than a Mites team!

  64. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Playing better in the second but real sloppy on the PP. Clowe with a nice pass to set up richards on the one timer – but clang – off the crossbar…

  65. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Who gets called up if Boyle can’t play? Miller, Kreider, or someone else?

  66. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    That wasn’t a penalty on Briere, but I’m not sure that was a penalty on McD.

  67. Czechthemout!!! on


    No, he does not get all of the blame or all of the credit. Having the best goalie in the world can cover up a lot of coaching mistakes. Hank did it for Renney for several years and now he is doing it for Torts. Sather is one of the worst GM’s in sports so he gets a lot of blame for this as well. That said, this team has a lot of talent and now has more depth. Isnt that what all you Torts defenders were complaining about?

    The bottom line is that absent a two month run last season which was an aberration, this team is fighting for the 7-8 spot every single year under the genius coach.

    And just so you know, I was a huge fan of Torts when he was brought in here. Boy was I wrong.

  68. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    No need for Boyle taking draws when we have Richards and Stepan.

  69. that was not a penalty but Ritchie did his usual. at least he did not fall.

    chances of the Rangers scoring 3 goals,….

    do not make me laugh.

    clowe better not be resigned, he is as slow as Boyle…

  70. And if what Pierre said is really true (that Torts replaced Stepan with Richards for that face-off), I’m mildly scared.

  71. How come these NBC clowns are making it seem like Mason, one of the worst goalies in the league, is suddenly going to get the Flyers their next cup?

  72. Did I actually just hear “Torts is going to have to squeeze the lemon hard tonight? ”

    Please no

  73. By the numbers (including new jacks).
    Top six forwards = 156 points / 264 total team points = 59% (nash, step, brassard, richards, cally, hags in that order)
    All D-men = 69 points / 264 total = 26%
    Rest of team = 39 points / 264 total = 15%
    (clowe, pyatt, boyle, Prucha’s army (miller/kreider, asham, hobbit, other deadbeats) in that order.

  74. 15% seems low, is that because they’re not getting icetime or they’re not producing with non top 6 forwards as compared to the rest of the league?

  75. Czechthemout!!! on

    For the obtuse among us. Boyle is a good penalty killer and a very good fourth line player who should get about 8-10 minutes a night including killing penalties. No one blames Boyle for the ice time he gets. I certainly don’t. His faceoff ability is an asset but Richards is supposed to be good on faceoffs too. Except Richards has lost his entire game in a very short period of time. He looks finished in every facet of the game.

  76. “Did I actually just hear “Torts is going to have to squeeze the lemon hard tonight? ”

    That must be code between Torts and Richards.

  77. Anybody else having problems with the site? Everything is on the left side of the screen and the comment box is really small.

  78. Czechthemout!!! on

    Pierre, you should ask his coach. Oh, thats right, it isnt the coach’s fault that he has not been able to assemble a respectable power play in four seasons.

  79. PP. what else do you need to say.

    RIchards could not score if his life was on the line…

  80. Anyone seen Boyle? It’s like the guy has been invisible since midway through the first. What a bum.

  81. not amnestying RIchards before next season would be insane.

    if stinks. watch the game….

  82. Czechthemout!!! on

    Hey Carp, do you have the Brass to ask Torts why his pwerplay has sucked for 4 years now?

  83. leetchhalloffame on

    This team continues to prove that they are not playoff worthy. If they get in it’s one and done, so why bother?

  84. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers have a tough time on their PP just getting the puck out of their zone….. Rather pathetic…

  85. I think the team is confused – A game in hand is not the same as 2 points in the trash.
    Or is it “a bird in the hand is….”
    Wait, maybe I’m confused.

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We need a quick goal to open the third. I hope that they come out flying like it means something.

  87. Give Richards apoint for hitting the post….

    imagine the announcers are whining about the rangers will need to juggle lines since they are without Boyles 5 points on the season for the rest of the game…

    moore needs to get much more effective getting the puck out of his zone….

    if stepan does not produce this team looks slow and old….

  88. Wow. What a novel idea. Give more faceoffs to Richards at Stepan’s expense. And also, play Richards but not Nash on the PP. Torts really thinking out of the box. Genius!

  89. leetchhalloffame on

    Doesn’t really matter Carp. Only one that gets richer will be Dolan grabbing some playoff ticket cash.

  90. I think most fans would prefer making the playoffs, even going in knowing this team doesn’t have much chance at doing much if anything.

  91. Czechthemout!!! on


    Quite! You have committed sacrilege. How dare you question the tactics of the Torts?

  92. CraigWeather on

    Fighting for their playoff lives, yet they have NO fight in their game. Sorry Carp but this team DESERVES to miss the playoffs…. That coming from as big a Rangers fan you’ll ever meet.

  93. Didn’t catch that initial hit on Step. Cheap shot.

    I’m sure it won’t be reviewed or anything.

  94. carp, hate when I’m right, remember I said the doom and gloom would be tonight, well, there you have it. I’m not surprised, no, not for the doom and gloom but for the rangers play.

  95. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    what’s worse, Latona, is not thoughts about retribution by the Rangers. Would that happen last year?

  96. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Well, we need one over the next 10 minutes. Then when we get the extra man, we score. Just like on our PP. NP.

  97. Carp, this particular blog is a rare opportunity, please place in the helo landing zone as the alien space ship circles overhead.

    The being flying the craft says to the navigator, “this is called a blog where humans speak in strange tongues”.

    “Do we really want to land here”?

  98. I would fight Torts in a press conference over this Richards crap! Get him out of here!!!!!!

  99. there he is. He’s not soft, I’ll give him that, and he has some skills. But needs to be more involved offensively.

  100. Geez, we get it. Smoking is really bad for you. That women is going to give me nightmares!

  101. Olga Folkyerself on

    Everyone else in line for a playoff spot took a giant step forward.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  102. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    let’s remember these guys played last night and their goalie should be in the AHL.

  103. Can any more love be shown to the crud??????

    Hey Carp, it’s apparently “fatigue ” that is keeping them from not beating us more……good Cripes!!!

  104. Did the Rangers fail to notice that the opposing goalie was completely out of commission?

  105. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Only the Rangers could not get more than a weak shot on a hurt goalie. When do you get an opportunity like that?

  106. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I’ll tell you, guys. I try my hardest to defend Torts. But some of this is a bit hard on the eyes.

  107. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Great. Just great.

    Carp, can you get us another #6 d-man? We may run out of them.

  108. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer, 1.5 on

    Stupid Rangers. Can’t even get a decent shot on goal when the goaltender is helpless and injured. I’m done watching these no talent clowns. I’m going to go walk the dog and go to bed.


  109. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, the good news. After this game against a team bigger than us, we will have to call down to get some players. Who will replace Boyle?

  110. If I had a nickel for every neutral zone turnover the Rangers have had this game I’d have law school paid off

  111. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Nothing for nothing, but as you watch Richards play, is there any doubt who has moved to the top of the list as Sather’s all time worst FA signings? And, I mean, there are a lot of them. Really. He could well be the worst.

    Well, Brashear was really stupid. Then again, Gomez, Drury, Holik. Ah, yea.

    But still, he looks PATHETIC.

  112. Rangers really need to score soon. I think the only goals I’ve ever seen them score with an EN came in the playoffs last year..

  113. Like seriously. How the HELL is that not delay of game but accidentally putting the puck over the glass is. WTB?

    Stupid NHL.

  114. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    “Richie, go deep down ice for a long pass…keep going….go ahead, keep going….”

  115. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Oh, good. Mr. Cliutch is on the ice. We’ll win now. C’mon Brad. Go Brad!!!!

  116. missed beginning of game had to bring jpg some supplies. he has the flu, his wife was working.

    Why Boyle not there? hurt? or back home to Boston?

  117. Too little, too late as usual. All the other teams that need points to make the playoffs showed up big time. This team shouldn’t even bother. If they cannot win games like this they will be 4 and out in the playoffs anyway.

  118. Ugh! Sully with the white board. Who wants Cheese Wizz on their Steak and who wants provalone?

  119. Jpg’s sister…send mama love to brother….keep him away from game :)

    Boyle got knee or ankle hurt….

  120. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Richards is not out there, is he? what a slap in the fact for him. Well deserved.

  121. Well, can’t say they don’t deserve it. Can’t get a shot on net when the opposing goalie is motionless for over a minute, and go 0-5 on the power play, you deserve to lose.

  122. Well they just used up one of their three losses for the last 8 games. Now need to go 4-2. Sigh…

  123. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Peter, I agree. We couldn’t go more than 4 or 5 with Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, we lost our 1st, 2nd and half of 3rd round picks. There is no end in sight.

  124. Big sad sigh… more for me tonight…no post game no nuthing…..thank heavens for Law and Order marathon….niters all….(skates off tearfully)

  125. Powe playing with less then 4 minutes left in a gamee.

    think about that bull. the guy haszero points on the season and he either will miss the net or fall or do both but nah put him on the ice in the last 5 minutes.


  126. Pierre McGuire says the lack of PP hurt the Rangers tonight. He’s half right. Mismanagement of personnel hurt the Rangers. The PP is a consequence of a larger issue that will never go away as long as Torts is here

  127. Really love seeing Richards and Powe on the ice, together, down one goal with 5 minutes to go. Genius.

  128. Carp, I think NYR are still in 8th because since WPG and NYR both played tonight we still have a game in hand.

  129. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, Carp. Is Torts a crappy coach or has he got a lousy roster to work with?

  130. This team SUCKS!!!!!!!! Just when you think they’ll turn a corner, they prove time and time again how badly they SUCK!!!!! I’m disgusted…. Goodnight.

  131. Watching these underachievers or the Mets getting swept in a doubleheader….decisions, decisions

  132. Brutal loss…esp if Boyler is going to be out and DZ although I assume that’s just a stitch job. I couldn’t watch the entire game straight through but it just looks like they were outplayed and a few miscues wound up costing them.

    If Winnipeg looks holds on…they could have made it a bit easier with a win tonight…that, quite frankly, they have to win this game. Not done yet though

  133. scoring 3 goals for this team needs a miracle…

    close but no cigar, shocking. down the stretch down by 1 nah, no way they do not get it done.

    if sather signs clowe he should be fired on the spot…

    just not enough offense.

    PP was worse then pathetic, they got what they deserved….they are a soft, slow, unskilled team…

    stepan is you best forward and he is horrible on faceoffs…richards could not perform in the AHL no chance.

    nash a no show again.. he is specatacularly overrated….

  134. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    It will really suck if only the Islanders of our 3 local teams makes the playoffs. Don’t think it can’t happen!!!

  135. mdz came back he is not out.

    yep if boyle is out no idea how the rangers will survive.

    his offense is critical to the team..

    get a brain dude…

  136. Just a bad team. Ad if they hadn’t ,are the Gaborik trade,we could at least fall back on the idea of a short season. Now they just stink again. Been saying it all year, they are a bad team.

  137. that’s what I do, Craig.

    Too bad no post-game tonight. Would love to hear the MSG spin. But seriously, want to hear if there’s any anger in that room, because there better be.

  138. carp when whta i say is innacurate or wrong fill me in.

    clueless guys like you think RIchards gets a pass this year,,, what the heck are you smoking.. He is horrendous… he solely is responsible for there perdicament, no 1 could have predicted he would be this awful so soon. I again used the word awful, newbury is better then him…john mitchell is better then richards…marty reasonar who is pathetic is as good as richards…..

  139. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Some games they play with lots of passion… Other games not so much…. Stepan just missed tying it off thar McD pass…

  140. powe and richards are similar players. they spend half there shifts on the ice literally. they cant hit the net and cannot skate besides that they have strong skill sets…

  141. Carp…. My guess is, just slumped heads.. Tails tucked between legs…. Torts giving one word answers with the occasional “we’re just going to go about our business.”

  142. Carp you said they need to see how things go next year with ritchie before the amnesty.

    No friggin way.

    Again Marty Reasonar who is awful is as good as richards and they only owe ritchie $45 mill more or less.

    there supposed 1st line center may be 1 of the worsed players in the NHL…….

    Powe on the ice under 5 minutes watch the tape, inexcusable……

  143. That could be a problem, Eddie. They still don’t know what their identity is. Are they a tough team that plays all out with emotion? Are they a high-flying skill team that can put 3-4 every night? Some nights they look like one, the other, or neither…

  144. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    It does kind of look like the glimmer is off of Clowe, and the 3rd liner and 6th d-man we got at the deadline. Not looking so good right now.

    Not so sure those deals and all the draft picks are gonna work out like intended. Moore? probably better than Gilroy and Eminger. And he isn’t a midget, like we draft. That’s a plus.Brassard? I don’t know what to think of him. Some hands. I’m not sure what else.

    Clowe? WTF? Dumbest rental or signing by an already dumb GM that has revamped a team played into the conference finals the year before into an average team. But it was a great move because we have a chance to win the cup with him.

    Something special about what he does.

  145. agree, Gravy. Moore looked pretty darn good tonight. Involved. And Brassard too, at times, for a third-line center.

  146. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Stuart, Carp has said that he *thinks* the organization will give him another year.

  147. high flying skill team.. rangers are never categorized that way..

    again what are you smoking.

    they are 3rd to last in the league in scoring…

    there 4th line is horrendous… there best player is a 23 year old center who needs to improve on his faceoffs….

  148. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I’m thinking we trade the rest of our draft picks in this deep draft, which may be ……3? 4? left? ………….for a real GM.

  149. whatever it’s worth!!! Right before the trade deadline I read several reports that the rangers were only interested in Clowe as a rental. If that is the case the rangers paid a steep price. If the rangers do sign Clowe, knowing Sather, it will be the next bad contract.

  150. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I have this feeling on draft day the other GM’s get together in a corner somewhere and snicker about how they got the better of Sather. And compare how they did it.

    So far, Doug Wilson is feeling prey-t-t-t-ty good.

  151. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    They didnt pass the puck well tonight. Lots of getting in their own way too.

    The PP which had been good of late really struggled tonight. Had trouble simply getting out of their own zone on the PP.

  152. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Q: John, what do you think about the Islanders’ and Jets’ performances tonight?

    T: I don’t care about other teams. Don’t ask me about other teams.

    Q: And the power play?

    T: Is that a question? What are you, a wise guy? You got a smart mouth….

    Q:(by John Giannone): Coach, are you seeing enough physicality?

    T: Is that even a word? Did that moron Duguay tell you to ask that question? Or was it Keenan?

    I’m done with the questions. Don’t try to coach. Stop asking me about other teams. And Brooksie, give me your milk money.

  153. Czechthemout!!! on

    Moore was very good tonight. Torts best coaching decision of the night was to play him more minutes. He also gave him a shift on the PP. good move. Playing Richards and Powe in the last 5 minutes, not so good.

  154. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I don’t think Clowe was all that bad tonight. McD had a bad game. MdZ had a bad game. Richards had a bad game. Hags didnt play well….

  155. Olga Folkyerself on

    Did you see that Geico motorcycle ad with the guy driving and money falling off him?
    I think it’s Richards…

  156. powe has zero points in 40 games!!!!

    That is almost impossible to do….

    the good news is he has 1 year left on his contract and torts likes powesy…

    powe plays while kreider, miller, and others sit in the minors….figure that stupidty out…..

  157. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Was Tort the reason they were unable to complete a pass or get in the zone when Mason was “hurt”.

  158. that’s fair, Leetch. I think there are a lot of reasons he’s failed this year. I just don’t accept the ridiculous, biased ones.

    but he’s not getting fired unless they lose the rest of the games, and even then probably not. Not in this joke of a lockout season.

  159. Torts: We don’t coach offense. We don’t coach face-offs. We don’t coach PPs either, except if we’re losing in the last two minutes, then Sullivan blows them away with the grease-pen theory and we hope Powe and Richards listen, ’cause that’s who I’m playing.

  160. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Let’s go Stamkos! Let’s go St. Louis! Let’s go Lecavalier!

  161. Carp,any more info on Boyle’s knee? He’s had a couple of bad days. If you see him, please let him know we are behind the people of Boston.

  162. The only reason Richards won’t get bought out this year if Tortorella is in the decision making because everybody can see Richards is not a number 1 center, playing like a 4th line center.

  163. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, it makes sense NO Stamkos, St. Louis or LeCavalier in the SO.

    Is everyone trying to knock us out of the playoffs?

  164. Brass and Zucca had that great chance early in the third. Give Mason some credit in this game…and maybe lighten up on the Rangers…the 1st period was garbage but I thought they hung in there with a tougher Flyers team that is a totally different look with Hartnell in the lineup…

  165. sometimes coach’s shelf life with a team comes to a end, things get stale. It could be it’s time for a new coach, new approach. Lets face it, excluding last year, tortorella has had this team fighting for the 7th and 8th spots like this year. If the rangers fail to make the playoffs it might be time to go in a new direction.

  166. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    The sad thing is how far down his game has fallen in months. But, I agree, too. He should be benched. Let young guys with ENERGY play.

    The players must be affected by his lack of desire and output.

  167. Richard’s crying!!!! , probably sather approach Richards and said “where buying you out pal, your done”. :)

  168. Maybe Richie and Gabby had a pact to get rid of Torts. Gabby got outsmarted; Richie perseveres.

  169. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I could see him getting fired by January of next year if they don’t get off to a good start. Sather, by then, will need another fall guy so he can keep his job for another 3 years.

    (By then, he’ll be 70. Hopefully, he’ll get out of here at that point)

  170. Carp, with skill set, points etc.. aside.
    With guys like Dubie, Prust and others no longer here, it just seems mentally they have been missing the “edge” they played with last season when they needed to turn things around (JAM). The current roster just seems to not be able to find a way to press on an effort level, regardless of the outcome. (IMO)
    Last year it seemed everyone could step things up in their roles, this year not so much at times (consistency seems an issue).
    Your opinion, what is lacking on the roster other then goals? What should they change come the off-season?

  171. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Well, he wasn’t on the ice the final 40. He probably feels he deserves to be there.

  172. I’ll say this about Richards, and I’ve been tougher on him than anybody in the New York media and I think he stinks and he’s done … the guy cares. He really does.

  173. Matty”Monster Nash”Boy,

    that’s all I ‘m hanging onto, Sather leaving the organization. That would be more of a celebration than if the rangers won the cup.

  174. You have to think Richie is aware of the looming buyout that coming his way…that can’t be helping his confidence whatsoever…just saying.

  175. Czechthemout!!! on

    The best thing to happen to this franchise in decades would be if Sather retired or was fired. He has been curse on this team. And he can take his coach with him.

  176. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    NYR, you show great compassion that I don’t have for a ‘pro’ that should have been in shape to play and played hard every night this year. He makes TOO much and too many people depend on him to play like he has. He is not a team leader. He has helped this team implode.

    Cry all he wants. Want to be a MAN? Take a lower salary until you start playing better. Put your stupid huge fat *&& contract into a trust and get paid on merit. Let your team get other players under the cap.

    Go ahead, Brad. You suck. You really care? You really want to help? Put all your gazillions where your mouth is.

    Otherwise, take a hike.

    Biggest problem is that this is Sather’s last mistake buyout allowed. How many more mistakes will he have over the summer or next year? ???????

  177. Richards buyout isn’t happening until after NEXT season, if at all.

    Richards just needs to relax, that’s all.

  178. When you contribute nothing AGAIN, and you’re crying in the locker room, sounds like an admission of deteriorated talent. Legs are everything in pro sports. And they go first.

  179. “If Boyle is out, I bet they will play Dorsett. He will inject some energy.”


    flawless logic.

  180. With nothing else in the cabinet, put Ash, Haley, and Dorsett on each of the bottom three lines. Easy to see who they could replace.

  181. I doubt Dorsett will be ready to play soon enough, though.

    I’d bring the kids back up and live with whatever happens.

  182. Gabby wasn’t part of the long term solution, so him being gone is fine. Especially since Brassard and Moore are pretty good and can really contribute. I don’t know if the Rangers should keep Dorsett if they keep Clowe.

    Here’s some food for thought. Richards is absolutely horrendous. But you know who turned out to be pretty good? PA Parentaeu. Look at the damage that guy did with Tavares and Moulson. Think of what he could do with Nash. Instead we have Brad Richards making drop passes to nobody and skating like he’s mired in quicksand. Unwatchable.

  183. I thought an army marched on its stomach, coos. Maybe he’s not eating enough?

    Pathetic yet kinda funny that Richards was all distraught in the locker room. Maybe he’ll finally make a positive impact on the team.

  184. Papa Smurf for GM!

    This was bad! Typical Rangers loss… not surprised at all…

    anyhow… i have no expectations for this team anymore. And i suggest you guys do the same… just watch them play and expect nothing… you will sleep easier

  185. The Rangers, as this season continues on, are proving to me over and over again that last year was a fluke. They are once again struggling for consistency on an almost nightly basis and fighting to land the 8th PO spot with zero hopes (if they do accomplish that mediocre feat) of advancing very far.

    And no first and second round picks.

    Nice job Sather.

    Rangers suck….


  186. Bringing the BC flash back as a late season savior might melt his noodle even worse than it has already been noodled.

  187. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    He looked floppy out there. Philly sneezed and he was on the ice. He lost face offs left and right. He took a few quick snap shots (and did kind of get unlucky on them). But, even Torts couldn’t trust his lack of ability in the final 40. That’s sad, because if Richards had a blind lover it was Torts.

    That’s how far he has fallen from grace.

  188. Jim

    you took the words outta my mouth about Richi Rich cryingall the way to the bank… this guy’s done it all… time to retire.

    Bad Taste Brad

  189. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Sorry, I’m a fan of Torts but in his presser, he says “we couldn’t solve Mason” . We developed some offense in the first, second and third.

    Man, I usually agree. And I guess he’s trying to keep his team positive. But, I saw a different game. Yes, in the 3rd, we cam at him. But we were not good enough for 60 minutes.

    And, how about the PP? Isn’t that the 800 pound gorilla in the room?

    The one thing it’s hard to do is blame Hank, as he has been so good. He wasn’t stellar tonight at all. Some big, juicy rebounds he left. And one of the 3, I thought, at least, was soft. But, you can’t blame Hank.

  190. Mason “solved” himself for us by laying on the ice helplessly for over a minute, Matty.

  191. Jason Bay, who banged out a frisky .165 BA last year for the Mets, is 5 for 30 with 3 walks for Seattle. Growing up, he had to choose between hockey and baseball. Sather and Ranger fans should be thankful that he chose baseball.

  192. as long as they keep getting GODD LOOKS Torts is fine with the PP…

    whatever… like i said…from now no – no expectations. Will just watch for the hell of it. Good night.

  193. I got no sympathy whatsoever for Richards and how much he might be “distraught” over tonight’s game and his season.

    He has been the epitome of a lazy player this entire season. Shying away from contact, throwing away the puck when he even sniffs an opponent coming at him, making horrifically lazy passes that have a 2% chance of succeeding.

    That he wears an “A” is an absolute disgrace. He should have it stripped and give it to Stepan.

    Maybe Torts is finally waking up to the fact that his good buddy Richie who won a Conn Smythe NINE YEARS AGO is done as a top line NHL player.

    For what he “contributes” on the ice, I honestly see no reason to dress him any more.

    The worst thing is: if his play this season is because he didn’t keep himself in shape during the lockout then that’s an even bigger disgrace. More than his inflated salary. It speaks volumes of his so-called professionalism.

    Rick Nash, I really don’t know…he sure does like to glide around the ice alot. And for a big guy he gets knocked off the puck really easy. Zuccarello shows more fight for the puck than Nash.

    Nash is talented, no doubt about that. But I question his heart.

    Bad night in Rangerland. I’ll keep myself even keeled by remembering that this team as currently constituted wouldn’t have a chance at all in beating either the Pens or Montreal in a playoff series…so battling for the playoffs is just battling for a one and done.

    Maybe next season things are different. Who knows? Just certainly frustrating to see a player like Richard$ stink it up on the ice even worse than Dreary did.

  194. Stranger Nation on

    How is Moore NOT on the 1st PP Unit? He can carry into zone, shoots the puck on net and make the right pass.

    Zucc – what is with falling over when you are shooting with no one round in front of net??

    Was Richards really crying? Please tell me that is a joke! Someone should rip that A off his chest.

    whay was half the team (Hags, Richards, Nash, Cally) shooting from impossible angles with no one in front?

    They seemed out of sync all night

  195. What’s even worse about slumping veteran players like Richie and Gaborik, is that no matter how “good” they may be in the locker room, their total and complete lack of puck contention and defensive responsibility is a bad example for young players trying to improve. Richards’ eagerness to wildly throw the puck into crowds instead of hitting tape is becoming contagious.

  196. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Coos, ref’s didn’t lose this game. Yea, the Clowe penalty on Feds was a push. And the miss on Step was sinful.

    But, even with the man advantage…what do we do? 0-5? 50% of the time we couldn’t even set up.

  197. Czechthemout!!! on


    You are at tge point I was in early March with regards to Torts. He lost me by the end of that Month. I asked the exact same questions. What game was he watching? Why is he playing players despite their inept pkay? Why has the PP not improved in 4 seasons? Are the players tuning him out?

    I came to the conclusion that Torts needs to go!

  198. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    What really matters is that the KNICKS will be in the playoffs. That matters more to Dolan than the Rangers any day, anyway.

  199. Prediction: It won’t be too long before the NHL is also filled with tatted, chest-thumping show offs.

  200. I’m being carried away with bad vibrations. Will recover after a good night’s snoozer and back to reality!

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