Rangers-Islanders in review


Still not completely sure what to make of the Rangers’ 1-0 win over the Islanders Saturday night. The Rangers didn’t play great. They didn’t play lousy. But it sure as heck was fun to watch, and the atmosphere in that old, dilapidated building was pretty cool and very loud.


1) The three-point game. It is what has made the conference-only 48-game season a silly draw-no-conclusions exercise in which so many mediocre teams are going to be rewarded and so many others are going to stay in the race longer than they deserve.

2) So the Rangers are now playing them in bunches, and that’s what it’s all about. Get points. Lose in OT or a tiddly-winks contest and you feel bad for a while, but that loser’s point goes directly into your pocket.

3) So getting two while the Islanders get one isn’t a huge help in catching the Islanders, but maybe that point is the difference in the end between going to the first tiebreaker. Maybe it doesn’t matter to Rangers-Islanders at all, but the two points make all the difference in Rangers-Winnipeg. Or Rangers-Devils. Maybe the two instead of one mean the Rangers don’t have to win their season finale to get in. Who knows? Just get the point(s). Count ‘em up later.

4) I thought the Rangers were engaged and competed at a greater level than they have most of this season. I did. They’re still not the grittiest team anywhere, or even remotely as nasty and difficult to play as they were a year ago. But they were better in this game than they’ve been in most games. Maybe it’s the lineup changes they made at the deadline. Maybe it’s the importance of the games.

5) But they still can’t score. They had a second power-play unit of Brian Boyle, Derick Brassard and Ryane Clowe up front, Brad Richards and Dan Girardi on the points. Yeesh. And for long stretches of games, it’s kinda sad when they send out line after line and it seems only one of the four really has any chance to score a goal.

6) Enough about the bad, because there was good, too. How about your goalkeeper? Since his little near-post-game blowup in Ottawa, when he seethed (and I have no doubt that he let his teammates know what he was thinking after he bit his tongue in the post-game lockerroom), he’s been pretty spectacular. He was in this game, as he was in the shootout win over Toronto. He gave up four when he was left stranded in Toronto the game before, with no help on any of the four. He stole the game in Carolina. He was superb in both games against Pittsburgh. This was his best, his first shutout when his team needed a shutout.

7) Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh shut down John Tavares, or at least limited his chances. Girardi then gets the unlikely OT GWG. That’s a pretty cool night. I get on him when he does the snow angel thing, but man the guy battles. And that was a goal-scorer’s goal.

8) Funny game, hockey. NYR hit two posts early, NYI hit two and a crossbar later, and it’s such a game of luck and inches, if any of those go in, different ballgame.

9) I thought Darroll Powe played his best game as a Ranger, and that Taylor Pyatt was more physical than usual. Arron Asham negated a power play with a needless penalty, and that was a bad move, but otherwise he was good too.

10) The Rangers, on the road, got stuck with a Richards-Tavares matchup several times. Oy. I thought Richards did play better, and he made a potential game-saving defensive play late in the third? Albeit while falling again.

11) I like that referees are calling games differently now, but it can’t be easy on the players not knowing. That said, the Kyle Okposo penalty had to be called because it created a huge scoring chance when he slashed and broke Girardi’s stick, giving the Islanders what would have been a glorious scoring chance. No idea what Okposo and the Islanders could possibly have been arguing.

12) I thought Michael Del Zotto and Derick Brassard both had some struggles. But both came up big in the OT, didn’t they? Brassard has a little bit of bite in his game. Needs a little bit more.

13) Matt Martin=Monster. The Rangers have nobody like him.

14) How about Brian Boyle getting one of your three stars, after being one of the official game stars against Toronto? He’s been coming on for a while. Of course, some of you will never, ever, ever admit it because of personal biases or because you can’t see past goals. Yes, he needs to score more goals. Yes, he stunk early in the season. But if you don’t see his value … well, I’ll stop there.

15) I thought the captain had some tough shifts early, and he’s battling the puck a little bit. But I loved that he challenged/slashed/yapped at about a third of the Islanders lineup at the end of the first period.

16) Check out the slide show in the post below.

My Three Rangers Stars:

1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Dan Girardi.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
So…Henrik steals yet another game!
1. The King
2.  Girardi…great shot.
3. Darroll Powe…wow..is this your playoff mode?
HM-The IRON-as in posts and crossbar!
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:

1. Henrik Lundqvist (33.09%).
2. Dan Girardi (22.3%).
3. Brian Boyle (8.63%).

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  1. this being four time zones ahead has lots of drawbacks, but this is one advantage. While you are all sleeping, I am getting whimsical.

    All hail the king. Defense and goaltending. Again that is this teams only advantage. Just like last year. Not a whole lot of offense.

    I would still consider the kids in Hartford for the playoffs. Maybe we get lucky and Brad Richards pulls a muscle reaching for his wallet.

    THe fishies had to lose a lot of games to draft Kyle Oak Post-hole. They have to get some payback. That was a good chop.

    I don’t remember Boyle having a great game. I remember a couple of plays…. Maybe I need to borrow your glasses. I will now watch the game again.

  2. And about Nash….

    this wasn’t his greatest hour.

    I saw some serious deficiencies on the back check. He is lucky they didn’t score because it would’ve been on his weak back check at least once. and some bad passes too.

    OK now that I got that out of the way……………..

    I love that guy, if he could only play hockey

  3. Perceptive writeup, Carp! Can’t remember this many posts and cross bars in one game for quite a while…Henrik made some amazing saves. Sad thing is that he was the one left to fend for himself. I thought the Isles did a better job as a team protecting their net. Rangers were lucky to win this one despite the energy expended. Again, I think they have a good core and need Torts’ training camp. Also, am I imagining it, the Captain seems to have lost a step as of late, nagging injuries? Exciting game despite thos deficiencies.

  4. I re-watched the first period. Boyle made some good defensive plays. Not so much on offense. Some shots on goal, weak shots. They will never score. Not in the NHL.

    I agree with Schmiedeberg, we tend to put Boyle’s small accomplishments up on the Refrigerator. Like a pre-schooler.

    I want him on this team,. I think his role is being regulated fairly well by the coach. I sure as heck don’t have better information than he does.

    That is way too much time spent on a fourth liner.

  5. bull dog line on

    take the points and move on. Rangers struggled with the I slanders speed at times last night. just wish they had somebody in the system who was big, and was a strong skater, and could put the puck in the net. I guess those guys are hard to find.

  6. bull dog line on

    I see that Anisimov got caught with his head down again. when is he going to learn? Dubi of course jumped in to fight Coyle after Coyle’s hit to Ansimov head.

  7. bull dog line on

    there was a subtle change last night, it looks as if Brassard is now the number 2 center. smart move.

  8. That game was gut wrenching to watch. I despise the Icelanders and their pathetic fair weather fan base. Thank goodness we took that one.

    Hank was out of this world.

    The pass by Brassard to set up Girardi’s goal was a thing of beauty. That kid (besides having some snarl) has some really soft hands.


  9. I like what Clowe has brought to the team. Not so sure Dorsset can’t do his job once healthy. Guys got no foot speed and in a year or two could look as bad as Pyatt out there. Not sure if they should invest long term when they’re clearly going to need to buyout Richards and find some scoring.

    Ps- willing to bet that by next January some of you are calling for a Rick Nash trade with the way he can become invisible every now and then

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Bros-hard played a great game IMHO – played with some bite, surprisingly strong on the boards in 50/50 puck battles and very good passer in the O zone.

    This team needed help at the pivot and he is a big upgrade over what they had.

    HUGE 2 pts – with PO hockey no style points, get the win and move on…

  11. Cross Check Charlie on

    Pretty exciting game for a scoreless draw in regulation. I like it when the defense gets involved in the offensive zone more. Girardi seemed to be more involved offensively in this game than usual.

    Lundqvist – whatever they pay him, it’s not enough.

  12. It seems to me that Clowe has disappeared since his first two games here. Did we sign him long term?

    I’m with you Carp, a points are points so we will take what we can.


  13. Have you done the math on what the standings would be today if they used a 3 pt / 1 pt system instead of the SO?

  14. Good morning, boneheads!

    Sorry, haven’t been around much last couple of days.

    Great game to watch. The Islanders were a better team last night, let’s be honest. The Rangers defended better, and, of course, they have Hank. I don’t think it was only two points they pocketed last night, they showed they can compete for 60 min against a team with high confidence.

    I thought Brassard was having one of his worst games last night. Some giveaways, wishful passes. But that last play is why I really think he could become our true 2nd line center. I want to see him play under Torts for one full season before we say he is a third line center. I think he could be much more than that.

  15. I guess that when we crown Brassard as a #2 center we crown Stepan as the #1 center by default. Good for Stepan.

    Nash’s defense was putrid last night. So slow to the puck defensively.

    I still don’t know what Asham did to get a roughing call there. Pansificstion.

    Congratulations to stupid Yale on winning the NCAA championship.

  16. yesssssssssssssssssssss we winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    im back from the hell hole the coliseum. i told you all we would win tonight. i knew it i called it. we are awesome.

    yeah right we have so many holes on this team.

    the pp was brutal

    the play of clowe and richards(until that block pass) brutal

    del zaster slow and brutal


    i still bet we lose to florida.

    we winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  17. Czechthemout!!! on


    Dont agree on the MDZ point or the Boyle love.

    My issue with Boyle is not Boyle. He hustles his assen off on most nights. He is just not a top 9 player no matter how you try to spin his little acomplishments. My issue is with the coach playing him as if he were a second line player in terms of the minutes he gets. He has 5 points in 41 games! You cant play a forward with that type of production the minutes Boyle gets. It is that simple.

    Mdz was more than just not good. Hecwas awfull! A secondary assist on a simple outlet pass is not grounds for celebration.

  18. Czechthemout!!! on


    Nash had one sequence in the third where he was slow to the puck. What about the two blocked shots in the slot on Grabner in the second? Pretty good, no?

    Had Boyle made those blocked shots, he would be voted the game’s first star by some on here.

  19. Czechthemout!!! on


    Dont laugh. They actually played Boyle on defense at BC alot because he had some trouble scoring early in his career there.

  20. Stranger Nation on

    Boyle isn’t physical enough? Did not see the S after, so presuming you are being serious.

    Would solve the offensive problems – his reach would be a great advantage, though poor balance would prove his undoing

  21. Sioux-per-man on

    Morning Boys!!!

    2-0 :)

    I thought that was the best 0-0 game I’ve watched in 60 minutes. Yes it helped the we won in over time and thank GOD for that. Great shot by Girardi!!!

    Hank was huge, but what a game of inches. For both teams.

    Manny – Ashams penalty was legit. He skated up to him and face washed him while slamming his head into the glass. Good to stick up for a player, but not when you negate a power play.

  22. Paul in sunrise on

    I am sure by now that many of you have seen girardi’s “I feel free” quote from last night. Beat writers are saying he was channeling Arty. You don’t think chemistry means anything. Dubi jumps the guy who hits arty up high last night. Last years rangers had “it”. This years team not so much. But if they can develop it in this sprint to the playoffs and get a first round win it could be rolling downhill from there. Winning does a lot for confidence and chemistry. Lets go rangers.

  23. Sioux-per-man on

    I’m thinking Brassard will be a 50-60 point center. Richards is turning into a Drury. He is our third line center. But he will get a year to fix his game. Because there is nothing out there to replace him. Miller could fill his role and we could spend the $7M elsewhere.

    Have a SIOUXper day boys!!!

  24. Carp….regarding #1…..more teams in the race longer through the season……Is that not a goal of the business minded suits who run this industry???? NFL suits coined a name for it years ago, parity. The 3 point games help to foster parity. It does suck for old time purists.

    Easy fix… 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss. Kill the skills competition. If you want to reduce the chance a game will end in a tie, extend OT period from 5 to 8 minutes.

  25. Boyle is a stiff! He will not be here next year along with several others. Clowe is still slow and essentially contributed nothing last night and very little since his first game.

    The Islander forwards outplayed ours, their D had many more shots on net, and the Ranger “highlight” of the game was Brassard’s nifty pass and the goal.

    But as I’ve said repeatedly the Sticks are definitely on par with us and unless some of our heralded prospects actually come through soon will surpass our average team.

    In the end with this team it’s always about Lundqvist who if not the best technical goalie on the planet is right up there. If he could only handle the puck and pass a little! ;)

    Brodeur is the best I’ve ever seen because in his prime could not only make those acrobatic stops but was and still is a terrific puck handler and passer, i.e. a third D on the ice.

  26. Boyle, 10th among NYR forwards in even strength average TOI, 9th among NYR forwards in overall ATOI.

    Yeah he doesn’t score a lot, but there’s also 8 or 9 other forwards that on average see the ice more that also contribute to the team’s anemic offense.

  27. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Keep playing Boyle and Richards(on the point)on the PP and the PP will continue to stink.

    Kreider’s poor game is better than Boyle’s best game.

    I’ve never seen such a mediocre player get so much attention!

  28. BTW, let me add my thanks to Carp for consistently being as candid as any writer I’ve read over the last 50 years about the Ranger fortunes. An unfortunate addition to this mess of “average” is the MSG lack of leadership.

    I mean who cares in our society as long as the cash register keeps ringing!

    Carp, perhaps when you pack in this gig you will write the definitive history of the Rangers.

    The title might be “We weren’t very good, but we weren’t very bad”. You might condense it into “We’re just average”.

    I ‘ll order my autographed copy right now…………at a senior discount of course! ;)

  29. Hey, CT!

    Boyle isn’t going anywhere at Least until his contract is up. PK, face off.

  30. CT blueshirt, re: Boyle, you are correct but so what?

    He’s still a big pansy who doesn’t score and still doesn’t use his size to a greater advantage.

    At the end of the day you surely are not defending a guy who at best is a fourth line forward who can’t fight.

    This stiff is the size of an NFL tight end, maybe they should try him on D where he’d fit in with the other finesse guys!

  31. Hockey is a funny game in that everyone sees the game differently… i did not think they played well at all esp. from the middle of the second period all the way to OT where they went practically w/o any shots on net. Third period was the worst! Felt like the Wangs were on a perpetual PP! I just don’t understand why this team is never ready to play a full game… never! And an important game like this one, especially. You put Biron in net and that game is over in the second period.

  32. boyle has one year left at 1.7 mil. we have 88 more games of him maybe he gets moved at deadline next year

  33. II don’t think we’ll see Kreider now that we are in playoff mode Having said that I honestly don’t see how he is not better than s pie-hat ..he was actually playing with an edge before being whalered again.

  34. BTW- thanks for risking life limb , and vehicle for us carp!! Hope you enjoy green jacket day…

  35. Boyle has been playing well lately and honestly, i am over “Boyle sux” thing… he is good in his role so thats what matters i guess…

  36. Stranger Nation on

    Boyle is playing much better which also means, he really couldn’t play much worse. After watching 24/7 last season, I saw how his sisters would slap him around, he needs a toughie on his line (Clowe or Prust) to feel protected. Not a coincidence he started playing much better with protection.

    But Boyle on PP is not something I would ever condone, unless the strategy is to bank pucks off his body.

  37. Let’s face,facts about what the Rangers are for the last couple of years. In every game against every team they have the best player on the ice, and in the most consequential position. Which gives them a chance to win every night against any team in the league.

  38. Not exactly defending Boyle’s lack of scoring just pointing out that a lot of complaints about him being a 4th liner played in a significantly higher role aren’t exactly true when he’s not consistently in the top 9 in terms of ice time. He also starts the vast majority (60%+) of his shifts in the Rangers end of the ice so it’s not like he’s getting placed in prime offensive situations either.

    Even his defenders acknowledge that his 20 goal season a couple of years ago was an outlier in terms of what you could ever expect of him to produce offensively but berating the 9th/10th forward for lack of offense is akin to complaining about the pitcher in an NL lineup not driving in a lot of runs.

    And since when is it relevant whether he can fight or not? Blaming him for not being good at something he’s never been asked to be good at it isn’t exactly a valid criticism.

  39. Don’t usually weigh in on the Boyle debate but have to say he’s been one of the more effective players last couple of games. And no that doesn’t mean you have to score goals,.

  40. got the 2 points.

    henrik was great. as stated a million times not enough upfront.

    nash was lazy on multiple backchecks, watch the replay.

    Richards looks horrible.

    moore needs to get stronger on the puck, ala mcmonster..

  41. Yea, CT. For all the people that think Kreider is better than Boyle they should check out that article a few weeks back that compared their Corsi numbers…

  42. Yes Nash made one or two bad defensive plays but I guarantee if you watch any other team’s star as closely as we watch ours you’ll come up with a gaffe or two.

    Nash has been everything we could have wanted and more. (CT remember the shooting percentage discussion?). Has made others around him better, and too bad we can’t find a good LW for that line. I’d actually like to see Brassard up there.

  43. Boyle and Kreider are two completely different players. Brian deserves to be here- and is- although he does cause me to wince a few times a game. ..

  44. Yeah, I remember the shooting % discussion. There were two ways I saw Nash increasing his scoring, a lucky year in shooting % or bumping up his SOG output. Guess which one he’s managed to improve?

    Not exactly sure how you can say that he’s necessarily made everyone around him better though when the team is bottom 5 in the league in scoring.

  45. Good morning, Sally! Two weeks! And now it’s an afternoon game!

    Do you guys have any reaction to the photo gallery? I’m interested because it’s a little bit of extra work to put it together. If youse like it, I don’t mind doing it. If you don’t, I won’t.

  46. Stranger Nation on

    CTB – agree on Boyle effectiveness in defensive checking role but being out there on PP does not make one iota of sense…none

  47. Manny,

    I’m not going to get on Kreider for having a pretty terrible Corsi rating in his short time with the big club this season. First, it’s a pretty small sample size given how few mins he was given overall, which were a direct result of him not being ready to contribute this season. His lackluster play through the first 50 or so games of his season (AHL and NHL) was correctly recognized by the staff and they got him off the ice against even weak NHL competition that he wasn’t succeeding against.

  48. Islanders are only going to get better. When the islanders move into the Barclays in Brooklyn, they are going to be a good team. The rangers are still a flawed team with the best goalie on the planet. It will be interesting to see what management does in the off season to make this team better. Sather gave up a 2 and 3 in this years deep draft for Clowe, too much, especially for a rental. I doubt sather is stupid enough to give Clowe a long term deal, if he does it will be the worse signing yet.

  49. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – like the photos – it would cool if they ran down the side of the blog in a widget (below ‘blog roll’) so it was not separate blog entry to peruse.

  50. The Rangers essentially punted on this year’s draft with giving up their picks in the first 3 rounds. As much as we like the cite that guys like Cally and Lundqvist were mid/late round picks, the odds of draftees from beyond the 3rd/4th round ever seeing the NHL are pretty slim.

  51. Really hoping we don’t sign Clowe for big money or more than 2 years. He is on the downside of a physically taxing career. Younger Clowe would have skated up to Carkner and made him answer for last year, even if he didn’t win. Dorsett will replace him just fine.

  52. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    We can pick apart this guy and that guy, who outplayed who, etc. But, in the end, they got the two points. There were a few games earlier in the season where they played great and came away with zero.

    I and others have been saying just get in the playoffs and let’s see what happens. Sure, it’d be great if they were winning every game 5-0, but maybe they can pull together some of that ’12 Kings magic.

  53. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    And just to put things in perspective, if The Peg go a generous 4-1-1 in their last 6, the Rangers need to go 4-3 in their last 7.

  54. Fair, CT.

    Carp: I wish the photo gallery was actually IN this post. Is there a way to combine them?

  55. CT you don’t think Stepan’s emergence has a lot to do with playing with Nash? Not entirely of course, but there is no way Step piles up the points the way he has without Nash.

    On the shot debate if I recall there was skepticism that he could dramatically increase his shots taken. Others said that’s exactly what would happen.

  56. c3, send me some photos of yourself and I’ll do a gallery of you (not s).

    Matteau, I agree with you, but he’s going to get more than two years and a lot of money. And while I would let him walk in that case, the Rangers have up a fair number of picks for him. That’s a lousy deal for a rental.

  57. Cross Check Charlie on

    “I doubt sather is stupid enough ”

    And, what has he done in his time with the Rangers that would make you think that? I think he’s stupid enough to do anything.

  58. While it may be a criticism as much as it is a compliment, how many other teams in the NHL can regularly win games like this one? I think NYR are one of only a few.

  59. tommy, I still think down the road the Rangers have a brighter future than the Islanders. When Miller and Kreider arrive ready to play, with the core the Rangers have, they will be formidable for years. Unfortunately that’s difficult to see with this hacked-off, silly 48-game season and all its warts.

  60. do any of you boneheads want a pair of tix to tues night game in philadelphia. you will be sitting next to me and my friend scotty hockey who will be driving down late afternoon.

    i was offered the pair next to me

    47 per tix 94 for the pair

  61. If you sit next to Scotty Hockey, be wary of Asham charging the stands carrying a shoe.

  62. carp i went to gallery – computer wouldn’t change pics… i just click on circles below main pic ?? have to agree with stranger- put on side of blog if possible, it would add much needed color

  63. Carp that’s really depressing. I fear Clowe becoming a slightly better Rupp. But if they let him walk isn’t it just 2 draft picks instead of 3?

  64. seriously can anyone make it down there. im leaving manhattan around 4pm for 730 puck drop. end work a little early that day

  65. bull dog line on

    I thought Boyle was effective last night, but if we are not looking at his goal scoring STATS what STATS are we looking at with him. most nights he does not pass the eyeball test. so if he is a defensive forward, and we not looking at his scoring STATS, we have to look at his defensive STATS. his plus minus is a minus 13.

  66. the pictures accompanying the review are enough for me…even if I missed the game they are in your review and I can youtube highlights…prust sayin’

  67. bull dog line on

    I read a few people say that Dorset can do what Clowe does. Dorset is here to do what Prust did. Clowe is Dubi’s replacement, Brassard for Anisimov, and Moore is for Erixon.

  68. matteau:

    the Rangers completed a trade for tough winger Ryane Clowe from San Jose for a second- and a third-round pick in 2013, and a 2014 conditional second-rounder if the Rangers re-sign Clowe, who will be an unrestricted free agent this summer, or if they win two playoff rounds. If not, the conditional pick is a fifth-rounder.

  69. boxcareddiehospodar on

    A point for all the boyle lovers:

    would you trade kreider for boyle? Think not. Still think kreider should not be playing? If not for Kreider we don’t make it out of the ottawa series last year.

    PS: Torts keep wearing your best defensmen down by over playing them. Keep playing Moore 7 minutes. way to go.

  70. When two of Torts’ top four are out of the line-up, there’s not really much of a choice.

  71. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    My three stars were powe, hank, and brassard fwiw.

    I’d like to see clowe get to the front of the net more. He has good hands for a big guy and would do great on screens. Love to see him brassard and cally on a line. Clowe is always doing wall work while someone else is in front of the net.

    I liked ashams reaction, I’d rather see the team take penalties standing up for one another and not let people push them around. Don’t want a constant minor parade to the box or anything, but I thought it was a good penalty.

    Anyone see mcilraths fight last night? Monster, cannot wait for his toughness on our blueline.

  72. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Also liked pyatt starting that whole scrum.

    Dorsett is not clowe, not same player. This team needs both, not one or the other.

  73. That’s your best proof, boxcar? An undeveloped, raw kid for an experienced 3rd/4th liner? Jesus.

  74. ‘Get me out of this carseat, hand me my visor, and set me on the ground. I’m headed downtown, Brown.’

  75. Cross Check Charlie on

    I’m not a big fan of Boyle, but if used properly he’s an effective player. The only problem that I see is putting him on the 2nd power play unit. I mean…..come on!

    The only reason why he’s there though is because the other centers are on the point. Richards on the 2nd PP unit would be better, IMO.

    You’re not going to have superstars up and down the lineup. You’ve got to have the role players. Boyle can be a decent role player.

  76. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Link to the mcilrath fight, I’m guessing t isn’t the ct announcers

    You guys that dont like clowe amuse me greatly.

  77. Paul, you’d never understand.

    the only reason he’s on the PP, CCC, is that the PP worked with him out there the previous several games.

  78. Who else do you want out there vs the other team’s top competition bull dog? Richards? Stepan?

    It would be great if the Rangers had a Datsyuk or Patrice Bergeron but they don’t.

  79. it’s a team stat. Mediocre offensive or defensive players on a good even-strength team will have a good plus/minus. Great defensive or offensive players on a lousy even-strength team will have bad plus/minus. Guys who play against opponents’ top players are more likely to have bad plus/minus, etc. there’s no way it’s a good measure of an individual player.

    The Great One and Mike Bossy had awesome career +/- because, well, obvious reasons. Nick Lidstrom, great two-way player on great even-strength teams had amazing +/-.

  80. Stranger Nation on

    Moore and Stral on PP Unit 1 pts
    Em and McD on Unit 2
    Saves Danny G’s legs for pk and D and puts WAY more puck handling at the pt
    Do not like Richards on pt or Zucc or any of our forwards. N

  81. bull dog line on

    I agree most of the time it is not a meaningful STAT. but as I have said before, it is very telling with the Rangers this year. nobody on the team has nearly as bad a minus as Boyle.
    yeah, I want Stepan out there. I want him and his plus 18 out there as often as possible.

  82. right, bull dog … because he’s never on the ice for a goal-for. not because he’s always on the ice for goals-against.

  83. I’d rather have Stepan beating up on the 3rd and 4th liners of the other team rather than trying in vain to recapture the puck from Crosby and Tavares.

  84. thanks for that link, Wick.

    two thoughts: 1) That announcer is embarrassing.

    2) I love the fights and I would hate to see them eliminated, but it’s hard to believe they are still allowed to punch each other’s brains out for that long with all the concussion problems in the sport.

  85. Cross Check Charlie on

    I think this off season is going to be interesting.

    Are they going to buy out Richards and sign Clowe? Will Miller, Kreider and McIrath be ready for the big stage? Do they re-sign Zucc? Does Sauer return? Will Staal be back to 100%?

    A lot of question marks for next season.

    So, at least we’ll have something to talk about after they get eliminated in the first round.

  86. Stranger Nation on

    Wicky – thnx for posting link for McIlmonster scrap. What a tilt! Him, Haley, Bicks, No-berries, et al must make the Whale a fun watch and give our developing youngsters ‘room’ to grow.

  87. Again, I made this point earlier, but I can’t stop thinking about it. If the performances were reversed (Rangers significantly outplaying Fishsticks), I think there’s no way in hell they could have won 1-0. So as much as we all would like to see NYR dominate some teams, it’s a pretty good thing to know we can be outplayed and win.

  88. bull dog line on

    your are still stuck on Stepan playing against 3rd and 4th liners CT.
    Stepan plays 20 minutes a night, he is the number 1 center. don’t know many teams who put there 4th line out there against the number 1 line.
    what STAT should I be looking at for Boyle?

  89. Cross Check Charlie on

    “I agree most of the time it is not a meaningful STAT. nobody on the team has nearly as bad a minus as Boyle.
    I want him and his plus 18 out there as often as possible.”

    If you agree that it’s not a meaningful stat why do you bring it up so often? Just askin’.

  90. Watched it on YouTube Wicky. That’s a heck of a fight. Bonus points for punching the linesman. Mcllrath RULES.

  91. That announcer is embarrassing Carp. “Fitzy!” So annoying. But hey, the Phantoms are associated with the Phlyers so, ya know. Of course they have some stupid goon that Mcllrath has to fight a few times a season.

  92. Everyone should slow down on the Islanders have the best future talk. Nabokov will continue to age and is already pedestrian in net, just ask Roloson how quick that cliff can sneak up on a goaltender. Their defense, aside from Lub (ended up being a great trade), Streit (UFA next year) and Hamonic is a bunch of league minimum stiffs, and they still only have one good line. Aside from the streaky Josh Bailey and always solid Matt Martin their bottom 6 is terrible. Having one of the best players in the world certainly helps their future, along with having top 5 picks for half a decade, but they’re still a very flawed team. If Wang spends some money and picks up some solid veterans for more than the league minimum, then they’ll be a real contender and scary every night.

  93. bull dog line on

    I bring it up with Boyle because we are constantly told there is more to Boyle’s game than scoring goals. so if he is a checking center, or winger, his job is stop the other team from scoring. right?

  94. don’t know many teams who put there 4th line out there against the number 1 line.


    Well we’ll add back in the 3rd line you conveniently omitted from that part of your argument…but well the Rangers do, hence Boyle’s main reason for being on the team.

    So if Boyle is assigned the tough competition from the opposition at even strength then that opens up Stepan and the other top 6 to play against the weaker competition of the other team. Would you rather a below average offensive team try to exploit the meager offensive advantage they have or have them neutralized by playing against the other teams top lines?

  95. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Agree 1000% on the announcer. Mcilrath is a beast, I would love to see him get the kreider treatment from last season and be in for the playoffs (don’t think it will happen).

    He can certainly throw them!

  96. How can we still be discussing Boyle? Is that a real thing? What could the problem POSSIBLY be? He’s a bottom 6 forward on this team. And as far as bottom 6 forwards go, he’s a pretty good one. So, let’s go ahead and move on…

  97. Cross Check Charlie on

    bulldog, that’s not a valid arguement because in order to get a plus somebody on your team has to score while you’re out there. Who else is there to score when he’s out there?

  98. bull dog: Even if Boyle gives up goals the Rangers are 4th in Goals Against at 2.24 Goals Per Game. So if Boyle is the reason that we give up goals then he’s ranked 4th in the NHL. Pretty, pretty good.

    Check it out on NHL.COM and then lick someones visor.

  99. Crosscheck, your Sappy “analysis” gets my vote as post of the day!

    McIllbust/Fitzgerald bout a draw…..Hmmm.

  100. bull dog line on

    you coming up with Boyle being 10th in forwards ice time was very creative. I guess you counted the guys that have been here 2 weeks. Boyle is 6th or 7th in ice time if you include Gabby. my point with Stepan is that you have been using that argument about Stepan for years. he the center Torts taps on the shoulder late in games, to kill penalties, and to score. sorry to tell you, but he has been there best all around player this season. and your Boyle matching up against top line theory doesn;t work for me either. the only matching Torts normally uses is with McD, and Girardi.

  101. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on



    Cross check
    I say no way sauer comes back. They do re-sign clowe.
    Might buy out Richards, which brings me to my question…do they go after Weiss, make a trade for serious D upgrade (Wweber), or put it into rfas and bank the rest?

  102. bull dog: Nobody can take your arguments seriously until you get an avatar. Utilize the features on this site.

  103. You Boyle defenders are amazing. You are actually defending an agreed upon bottom six guy making over a million per for being “not too bad” and using meaningless stats to do it!

    Akin to suggesting the mediocre restaurant has a good salad bar but the entee’s suck!

  104. As you all know, I like Stephen Weiss a lot. Coming off the wrist injury he may be reasonably priced.

  105. Glad to assist: https://en.gravatar.com/

    Go there and put in the email you use on this site. Then simply upload a picture to associate it with the email. 5-10 Minutes and you’re golden.

    Love to help since Avatars make it WAY easier to read the posts.

  106. Yes, I included the TOI for the current roster, which also indicates that they’ve started to reduce Boyle’s ice time since they acquired multiple players to fit into top 9 in more offensive roles (Clowe, Brassard, Zucc).

    And Torts staggers his usage of his top 6 and his bottom 6 fairly extreme, especially when it comes to who’s on the ice for offensive and defensive zone faceoffs.

  107. As you’re sitting at home in sweatpants and you notice that Tiger Woods broke rule 25-2 (as no TV commentators did) and then you call Augusta National to explain the violation…

    maybe that’s your cue to move out of mom’s basement and become a PGA official…

  108. bull dog line on

    hey it worked. I used a true two way center, and the center of the bull dog line.

  109. Weiss??? Another finesse guy added to the ice capades group?
    We need larger people who go to the net with bad intentions and a D with the same instincts!

  110. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bull Dog

    You will never get the stat you are looking for because that stat comes from lala land!

    I dont blame Boyle for his ice time. I blame the coach. Boyle hustles and for the most part tries hard. So hard in fact that the dopes at MSG gave him the third star for trying. LOL!

    Bottom line is that Boyle on any line other than the fourth, SUCKS! It is that simple.

  111. Czechthemout!!! on

    And of course we are now getting an argument for Boyle’s greatness that basically says that Stepan’s rise this year is due to Boyle partly. Wow! Now I have heard everything.

  112. bull dog line on

    you are right Czech.
    Boyle does play hard, I don’t think I have ever seen him dog it. it is not his fault that he is being asked to do more than he can.

  113. Latona, good point. I add something else to it: one month ago or so, they would’ve lost this game. This time they were able to win it.

    I’m really perplexed as to why we are making this Boyle situation more complex than it is. I guess that’s one way to spend your time.

  114. the problem i mostly have with boyle is he doesnt use his size to his benefit. should be tougher to move off the puck.
    he is what he is. 10-12 goals over 82 games.

  115. again, you practically challenge people who aren’t defending the way he’s played (me, I’ve said he’s sucked most of this season), but bottom line is that on the best team in the East he was a legit third-line player last year.

  116. Afternoon all,

    Have to wholeheartedly agree with Carp’s comment at 11:17 a.m. today.

    The Rangers have a better core and better long-term future than the Isles. And with Kreider, Miller and possibly McIlrath coming up next year – plus adding Staal and Dorsett into the mix and subtracting some guys whole don’t pull their weight – the team will be contenders for awhile.

    And yes, they will sign #30.

    This 48-game hacked-off season born out of HRR (hockey-related ridiculousness) is not a true indicator at all of what this team is – or is going to be.

  117. also, bottom line, Richards was legit first-line center last year, Gaborik was legit first-line winger last year, Callahan was borderline first-line/definite second-line winger, Hagelin was a legit top six last year (and for a brief period this year), etc. etc. etc.

  118. I also think that the Rangers will greatly benefit from going through Camp Tortorella next Fall. From day one/game one – they will be locked into the mindset necessary to go through the grind. The way he wants them to.

  119. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I also agree that the fishies are playing above their heads a bit and over an 82 game season I think the fishies are out of the playoffs and the jets are in.

  120. I would trade any forward or defenseman on the roster for Tavares. But other than that, I’d take the 2013-14 Nash, Stepan, Callahan, Hagelin, Kreider, Miller, Girardi, McDonagh, Staal, Del Zotto (jury out on Brassard, IMO, not sure if they re-sign Zuccarello) over the Islanders’ core in a heartbeat. I’d take Martin over anybody on the Rangers’ current bottom six. Not even close in goal.

  121. Carp,

    For all the negativity that permeates this blog regarding the coach (and the cigar-chomping Hall of Fame GM), none of the naysayers offers an alternative.

    I’d like to read an option or two regarding who their replacements should be.

    And for those who think the team has quit on the coach – not a chance. That would have happened weeks ago.

  122. it’s ridiculous and foolish and based in bias, authorben.

    doesn’t matter because neither is getting fired no matter what happens the rest of the way (barring the Rangers losing all seven games). but though we all know that they will lose in the playoffs at some point, the same (predictable) crowd will be calling for heads to roll.

    so allow me to get out in front of that: Not happening.

  123. It’s not happening, Carp. Agree. That was made extra clear when Sather was allowed to trade Gaborik for three VERY Tort style guys. I think Tort has at least two more seasons before anything like “firing” is brought into the conversation.

  124. So when do we hear about the 15 year extension for Capuano if the Fishsticks make the playoffs (which they probably will).

  125. bull dog line on

    I would take the Rangers roster over the Islanders roster. I don’t want Torts fired. I think they will get to a final before Torts is done here.
    this team reminds me a little of the 86 team. late season moves, takes a little time to gel, makes a run in the playoffs. I like the depth now. Miller,Kreider, Fast, all with the Whale in case of injury. don’t know why, but I have a feeling if they get in, they could be dangerous.

  126. CT,

    Gotta give Capuano credit.

    He’s maximizing his roster. Players are buying in. Also helps that he has a world-class #1 guy in Tavares and a goalie like Nabakov, who has won more than 300 games in the NHL.

    And they could be a tough out in the early rounds because of that – if they get in.

  127. The Islanders were in our slot all night, and for several long sequences had that 5-on-5 PP look to them in the 2nd & 3rd. Our Defense and in particular our back checkers were poor, and we are very fortunate the Isles didn’t score > 3 goals.
    Isles break-out from their zone through neutral ice was impressive as well. I still can’t believe we won that game.

  128. Carp – Great post as usual disagree with Pt. 1 as I we’re benefiting also. Pt 14 Spot on with Boyle. He’s coming on and we need for this stretch run. What happened to him since last year. Was it the off season training, the conconsion he had. He just seems slower with less grit. Do you think the fact he played with Prust helped him a lot. He was so important Vs. the Sens early in the play-offs. Do you get the feeling at times that Nash plays just as good as he has to. At times he looks just terrible on defense. He’s very good or invisable. Very passive player for his size. Re; Boxcar & you on overplaying our better defensive pairs. We are really wearing them down. But what’s the alternative. Need to play the 4th line more and firm up the other three very soon. The Isles played so much better than we did and Henrik stole one which he did 10-12 times last year. We need far more speed but you know where I’m going with that. GREAT JOB ON THE WEBSIE.

  129. Good afternoon all!

    Carp, me love point #14

    ilb, what’s your new avatar??

    Carp said *sucked*!!!!! What in holy hell!!!

  130. authorben –
    If the fans never made their feelings be known, the organization would be content to settle. In this case, settle for a general manager, coach and players that cannot produce goals. With an average replacement of Lundqvist, this organization would be in the lottery every year.

    Is is the job of the fans to let the organization know that they are not happy, and it is the job of the organization to find a suitable alternative.

  131. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carp is 41-0!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!

    Hank, awesome and on a roll.

    Richards is on a reverse-Hank roll.

    Boyle has had a few good games strung together. Let’s not forget what he gets paid. For that he’s fine.

    Girardi’s perfectly placed shot was as good as the great saucer, but tipped, pass. Give Dan some credit, too. And maybe he shoots more. And on net, please.

    Lack of size continues to haunt. So obvious guys can camp in front of our net. Our ‘d’ is plain weak.

    Nice job neutralizing Tavares and Moulsson.

    If Hamonic is only earning $875,000, I’ll take THREE!!!!!!

  132. mothman, I sadly have to disagree with this:

    “Is is the job of the fans to let the organization know that they are not happy, and it is the job of the organization to find a suitable alternative.”

    That may work in other hockey cities, but the Dolanvisions don’t care, I think….They got the cash, influence etc. to do what they want….fans be damned. You should follow the fight going on about what to do with MSG and Penn Station….the Dolans will win.

  133. Carp, I’ve read several times where you state , and I’m paraphrasing, liking or disliking a player or coach is based on “personal biases” ( no.14 in recap and post @ 2:08). Not sure what you mean by “personal biases”.?

  134. Lone Ranger on 3:08….. I kind of agree on Nash. I was thinking while watching
    last nights game… He doesn’t play (hit enough, crash the net, work the corners?) like a true power forward as many have referred to him as here. Perhaps, he may be more appropriately categorized as a highly skilled player who has great size. I could be wrong. Maybe he is a power forward who just doesn’t have a nasty gene, like say Malkin does.

  135. Shore my son was at the game. He thought it was approximately 60/40 Islander fans. Sounded more like 50/50 on the Telly.

  136. boxcareddiehospodar on


    not really but Torts kills his defenders with playing time.

    Del Zotto played any better than Moore last night?

  137. I think we saw last night why Zucc is never going to be much more than a PP/Shoot-out specialists. The little guy has heart, but I thought he did not look comfortable playing in that physical playoff type contest last night.

  138. boxcareddiehospodar on


    not really but,outside of Boyle having pictures of Torts there is absolutely no way this team is better with Boyle than kreider.

    After we go out in the first round the writing will be on the wall for torts.

    Can’t coach young players, runs his defenders into the ground and allows a PP which is utterly disgraceful to keep being a joke.

  139. A friend, a die hard Icelander fan, and I started a pool this morning. $100 a year, winner takes all , if Icelanders get to finals first he wins, If Blueshirts get to the finals first, I win.

  140. Did anyone see a clip from last night Prust going after McLaren, who some say is the leagues no.1 heavy this year? Guess what, fought him to a draw. McLaren had messed with a smaller Hab. Our hero Clowe didn’t go near McLaren the entire 2 games vs Leafs, picked fight with their 3rd best scrapper. Sick to my stomach about losing Prust, in case anyone hasn’t noticed.

  141. Mothman,

    Fire Torts and Fire Sather are absolute windbag statements that any fan or fraud, can make.

    If you want to get a real discussion going here on the subject of replacing the aforementioned coach and GM, offer an opinion on who should get the jobs next and why.

  142. Carp thanks for the post about the Clowe trade details. So if they don’t resign him then it’s 2 picks, a 2013 2nd and 3rd rounder.

  143. Matteau,

    Prust is gone – not coming back.

    Give Dorsett a chance to take on that role.

    The guy has a lot of bite to his game – and some skills to back it up.

  144. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    And a 5th rounder, so we lose 3 picks whether we re-sign him or not

  145. Wicky you’re right I went back and re-read. If they don’t re-sign then there is also a 5th rounder. Would rather lose those picks than sign him to a big deal.

  146. Authorben I’m excited about Dorsett. Hopefully he will make it so we don’t need to throw the bank at Clowe.

  147. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I also saw the fight prust had and trust me no one loved prust more than I did, but to insinuate clowe was/ is afraid to fight someone is ridiculous.

    He fought engelland and engelland is one bad dude. He’s knocked Orr out before.

    Clowe is a better all around player than prust, but won’t fight as much.

    Dorsett is more similar to prust.

    Again, love the prust. Always have, always will. Clowe isn’t afraid to fight anyone.

  148. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Again, I don’t think clowe or dorsett affect one another as far as replacing each other. This team needs both. It is like having a 20 goal scorer who will fight anyone and play physical with good size and a 5 to 10 goal scorer who will fight more than most with less skill and size but very willing.

    This team needs both and I would take it a step further and keep asham as well. Clowe on 2nd line, dorsett on 3rd, and asham on 4th.

    All three can actually play hockey (like prust).

  149. I’ve posted this a bunch: If the Rangers can re-sign Clowe for a reasonable contract and have Dorsett and McIrath out there next year, this team is pretty tough. Most of the forwards will take the body and finish their checks, as does the entire D. With those three leading the way and dropping the gloves, it will make the team more 2011-2012-ish.

  150. What I’m curious about for next year is the possible addition of Miller, Kreider, Fast and Thomas out of camp. Will all of these guys make the team? Kreider has one goal since being sent back down and I think Miller has one assist. With their size and speed they could still be valuable at the NHL level, but this team does and will need goals. What about Thomas and Fast (Maybe St. Croix)? Between the two of them and Hags, how many small-ish fast players does the team need? Curious to see how this all plays out.

  151. Sather needs to make some trades and fill positions that will make the rangers a better team. Usually when it comes to trades sather is good. Free agent signings are bad and normally he over pays. I’m really nervous about Clowe, this could be Sathers worse free agent signing.

  152. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Masters going to the shootout.

    Keep Clowe. He, Dorsett, and Asham, as Wicky just pointed out, provide a nice balanced toughness on 3 lines. The rangers’ future looks bright. This season is far from over and I think we will all be pleasantly surprised.

  153. matteau, it’s three picks for Clowe, just a difference of what round in 2014 if they sign or don’t sign him.

  154. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    That’s 5 in a row….. Exactly how the rangers will open their second season…

  155. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If we buy out Richards at the end of this season, there are some interesting ufa forwards at this point…Horton, filpula, Weiss to name a few as well as some gritty d men like engelland, obyrne, and Murray.

    Of course this is based on if they don’t re-sign with there current teams and of course if we buy out brich

  156. agree, Matteau. To overpay him for too long would be wrong … but that’s probably what it will take. And if they don’t re-sign him, it’s a terrible rental trade.

  157. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – if the rangers go deep….and I think they will…… I imagine they will keep Richards… Especially if #19 has a good post season.

  158. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – have you had a chance to ask Clowe why he decided on the rangers? Could you also tell him that he has many fans on the blog that are rooting for him and we hope he is here next year!!! Thx in advance…

  159. every year when I watch that green jacket ceremony I can’t help but think how cool it would be for the captain of the defending Stanley Cup champ to have the honor of handing over the Cup to the new champ’s captain, instead of Gary Bettman doing it.

  160. authorben-
    Providing detailed reasons for desiring the firing of a coach or GM is valid, without suggesting alternatives. It is not the responsibility of the fans to suggest alternatives.

  161. Latona- great line about Crosby! Sad, but true…respect to Angel for showing some class at the masters, and to the Aussie for hanging in there

  162. Do I own any computer or any device anywhere that can handle this new blog cleanly? LoHud’s techies are pitching a no-hitter against me

  163. That might have been the prettiest EN goal I’ve seen, other than Kesler’s at the 2010 Olympics. Zetterberg and Datsyuk rock.

  164. Yet behind all this weary cynicism, there is a hidden spark of hope.

    Perhaps this will be a season to remember. Maybe this team will ultimately express itself in fascinating and lovable ways!

  165. Stranger Nation on

    Author ben – appreciate your desire to have a balanced discussion about coach and GM with anybody having the audacity to question their leadership having to offer a replacement. However, me thinks it be wise to separate the two as Slats and Torts have two VERY different tenures with this team so for Torts’ sake, let’s not bundle them together.

    IMHO the Torts’ jury is still out and am happy to give him next year to see what he can do with a team over a full season again. After the season would be the time to discuss coaching changes.

  166. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Tommy@5:35, it can’t be. Unless it’s a 5 year$30M or something ridiculous like that. Either way, the closer we get to the FA market without resigning him (you’d think he’d learn from Prust), the higher is value gets inflated. The silly bind Sather has put himself into with each passing day is he either pays more or the guys a rental, one of the dumbest rentals ever in sports. If we were a cup favorite, I might stretch and say I could see it…maybe. But locked in 7th or 8th at best, given the way this team has played, it’s even more silly.

    This could be his worst FA signing ever? I don’t think so. Gosh, there’s such a long list you have to wonder if the guys a plant from LouLam or the league offices to keep us down so we never win the cup again. Drury, Gomez, Holik, Kasparitis, Roszival, Driver, Redden, the current day Richards….and let’s not forget a great one…Brashear!!! I don’t think even he can one up himself on this one!!!

    Ya think?

  167. The whole tone of the “this year’s vrsus last year’s Rangers” discussion changes since the trade deadline. Up until that point, nobody could really argue wth you when you said “you make the Nash trade 7 days a week and twice on Sunday.” But does Columbus now say the exact same thing about the Gaborik trade?

  168. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Stranger, completely level headed and I agree on that. I have enjoyed Tort’s time here. Last year was one of the most enjoyable years ever as a Ranger fan. Will go down indelibly for me. Torts had a hand in that.

    There were some good points made above, as well, that are hard to dispute. And, aside from having trouble teaching young players, overplaying defensemen, not rolling 4 lines (of course the latter 2 have a great deal with the trash he has been handed by the GM), and allowing an awful PP to continue without any help, I’ll add one more. Playing favorites. We have discussed this here. There has never been a player that deserves benching more than Richards and what does he do? Minimal shifts benched. No games. And ‘rewards’ him with PP point. I don’t get it. Obviously, Gabby didn’t either in asking to get out of town.

    Perhaps his act gets old. But based on what he did last year, I can wait and give him more time. I can.

  169. Anchoring: This is the over-reliance on a single piece of a priori information or experience that affects one’s ability to adjust to new potentially relevant information.

  170. I agree with all those points but the first one, Matty. Torts has achieved great success with most of the young players in the line-up, and it’s way too early to suggest he hasn’t been positive for Kreider, Miller, etc.

  171. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Author Ben, I appreciate your point. Yet, it is hard for us small guys to know who is available. I will say, that years ago, we lost JD, who has proven he knows how to bring in good players in a relatively short period of time. Has he won a cup? No, but I would happily take a shot with him and relive the fisherman of his duties. Sadly, he’s up in Columbus doing smart ‘modern’ things like meeting Gabby at the airport.

  172. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    On my ipad, this avatar is literally, to use an overused word, the square board in a round hole.

  173. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Latona, smart point. I stand corrected and pray for these two. They could be pretty good players for us someday.

    I said I’m not going there, and this will be my last comment tonight on the GM, but it scares me to see what else we have down there. Perhaps McIlrath. But then, there’s a bunch of career AHL’ers or small quasi-finesse types (Thomas, Fast(h)). I am not a fan of 165 pound players and can’t see how any GM would be unless it’s The Great One. But that was a different era.

    I agree with Papa, from last night. Zucc’s, who has provided finesse and energy in his second coming looked out of place in a tough game like last night. Time will tell. If I were drafting, the picks would be on the larger side of the scale.

  174. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    E3, agreed. Time for Dolan to finally come through and put his money where his mouth is. Resign Sather for 30 years at $200M.

    Do it now.

  175. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – once Dorsett is able and ready, he fits nicely on a line with the little Zucchini….. Dorsett will provide ample space for hobbit….

  176. I think part of that problem, Matty, is that over Torts’ tenure most of the crop has graduated, so it’s hard to keep it filled with quality. Very few organizations achieve that, the Red Wings being the only one I can think of. I’m not giving Sather a pass by any means, though.. he sucks. But the problem starts with Mr. Dolan.

  177. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If the Representatives, errr I mean Governors, errr legislators, errrr senators go completely on the boil – the Sabres cats could sneak in…. That would be too funny…

  178. If you zoom in by 175%, this new format is actually tolerable. Wish we had separation between comments, anyway.

    no, thank you, Carp.

  179. Rangers offered Prust a solid contract, Habs over paid him… might look good right now for them but give it a couple years… wasnt it a 4 year / 10 million deal? wait till year 3 or 4…. and they have to resign some of their entry level players… plus have him on the books, they are already tight to the cap… if we would have overpaid him we wouldnt have the room to resign our guys this year….

  180. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    _I agree with Papa, from last night. Zucc’s, who has provided finesse and energy in his second coming looked out of place in a tough game like last night. Time will tell. If I were drafting, the picks would be on the larger side of the scale_

    Hugh Jessiman.

  181. Carp – spot on with the handing over of the cup, it should pass from winner to winner each year and then around the team during the year – it should NEVER be in the hands of Bettman at any point.
    The only other thing i would accept is if a HoFer presented it.

    Are we still talking about Prust? Puuurrrllleaaaazzze!!

  182. Prust probably has a better shot at the cup this year with a team that didn’t even make the playoffs last year than if he had stayed.

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