Post-game interviews (audio): Tortorella, Lundvqist, Girardi, Brassard


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Some good stuff post-game. Henrik Lundqvist said goalie coach Benoit Allaire was telling him all day to get a shutout; and that he was yelling for somebody to get back when he saw Girardi go in deep in overtime. John Tortorella said Nassau Coliseum “sucks” and insisted there’s no rivalry. Derick Brassard said he had never played in a game like this before (and, since he played in Columbus, of course he hadn’t).

John Tortorella:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Dan Girardi:


Derick Brassard:



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  1. re-post

    I thought for sure the islanders were winning tonight. The rangers are a hard team to figure out. They play like this for the remainder of season, they might make noise in the playoffs. I’ve been watching hockey for a long time. Goalie gets hot, look out. Lundqvist gets hot, rangers could make some noise in the playoffs.
    April 13th, 2013 at 10:54 PM

  2. Re-Post, Carped:

    Despite less than 8 minutes, looks like John Moore listens, learns, and follows coaching ‘advice’ as to what they want of him. Kreider’s a BC guy with a ton of natural talent and speed, but can’t seem to grasp the directions. Sup wit dat?

  3. Moore is impressive for a young defensemen. I understand why Columbus fans were upset with Moore involved in the trade for Gaborik.

  4. Anyone want to laugh until tears flow, watch, when you have a few minutes, ‘83 Cubs manager Lee Elia’s tirade on Youtube.

  5. Coos….LMFAO at Lee Elia on you tube. Love the accompanying video with still shots of fans and celebs. Is torts related to the Lee Man?

  6. is there a place to hear the infamous Tommy Lasorda rant the day Dave Kingman beat the Dodgers with three home runs. You want hilarious?

  7. Stenwik FundQvist on

    What a heaping pile of dump this team is without Henrik…I mean, has their even been a team in the history of sport that relied on one guy so heavily? Henrik should take a pay cut just we can sign someone to hold his jockstrap…

  8. I’ll try to find the LaSorda. He was almost as good as Elia. Elia, of course, was canned after that tirade, calling paid customers “non-working………….”

  9. That Tommy L rant is coming back to me in my mind. Funny, some odd things you never forget.

  10. E3 – Did you get your name for leading the old stickball league in errors at first base? :)

  11. Sonny Boy texted and said there was a nice dust up in the parking lot. Apparently Islander fans were not happy with the outcome and that many Ranger Jerseys were in the crowd.

  12. Man, I give Girardi and McD credit for almost 30 minutes on ice. Again. What a magnificent grind.

  13. yesssssssssssssssssssss we winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    im back from the hell hole the coliseum. i told you all we would win tonight. i knew it i called it. we are awesome.

    yeah right we have so many holes on this team.

    the pp was brutal

    the play of clowe and richards(until that block pass) brutal

    del zaster slow and brutal


    i still bet we lose to florida.

    we winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  14. First time I remember all year that Asham lost discipline. He WAS sticking up for a teammate, which ALMOST gives him a pass. We don’t have enough of that.

  15. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, I taped the game and am watching it now. Richards better? I’m in the late second. Huh? Awful. Just awful.

    And, he was terrific on the PP point. Just terrific.

    Time to clear some cap space. Rather have anyone out there but him.

  16. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, Phil Espo, the other day says “if the Rangers make the playoffs, their best player will be Richards”.

    Phil, would you like to make a wager?

    Find me here. Anytime.

  17. Ghost of Posts Past on

    A group remains behind in a a previous posting attempting to reach an esteemed level. They may need your help to arrive there.

  18. Islander fan cousins can eat it!!! Huge sweet sixteen party in massapequa victory night baby!!!!!!

  19. No, he wasn’t good, Matty, not at all. He seemed to be skating better. Nice to have the luxury of a 12 million dollar drain who is ‘skating better.’

  20. Admiral Akbar on

    They may have relied on their goaltender a bit much in this game, but they apparently did enough to neutralize the Islander scoring machine headed up by Tavares. In a goalie vs goalie duel, I’d take Hank over anyone.

    Good times find ways to win. The Rangers found a way to get 2 points tonight in OT… Lets also be happy this game did not get decided by the Bettman Breakway Contest.

  21. Classic LaSorda, Tom. “He couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.” “If I were pitching against his team, I’d send a limo to pick him up to make sure he was in the lineup.”

  22. Stranger Nation on

    thought brassard played well all game, took the body, puts the puck on stick, also Clowe strong on boards

  23. Torts: “Here’s your assignment, Mac. You’re gonna play about half the game and I want you to also neutralize that Tavaras kid, keep him off the scoreboard.”

    “Right coach.”

  24. Brassard had a couple of failed clearing attempts that kept the Rangers pinned for awhile. A sweet pass nonetheless.

  25. Huuuuuge two points. Lundqvist is other worldly right now. Does biron get a start the rest of the way?

  26. “His performance? You want to know what I thought about his performance? His performance? Are you asking me what I thought about his performance? What kind of a question is that? His performance? You want to know what I thought about his performance? Geezus! What did I think of his performance! Is that what you’re asking me, what did I think of his performance?

  27. Lots of after penalty yakking lately to officials by the guilty party. Was a time you’d get an unsportsmanlike if you didn’t go directly to the box. Too late to fix it this year.

  28. Brassard needs to shoot a lot more.

    ashams penalty was mroonic plain and simple…moron.

    i will take the 2 points but let’s be real, islanders dominated the game.

    nash lazy d almost cost them a goal, he floated back and allowed tavares to get a 2 on 1, again he does not push it all the time not even close..


    LOSE IN FIRST ROUND – $2200 per player
    ” ” SECOND ROUND – $4400 per player
    ” ” THIRD ROUND – $22,000 per player
    WIN CUP – $50,000 per player

    none comes from the owners. Nice little set up the owners have going for themselves.

  30. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    one of the reasons you have a Hank is that if the other teams plays better, gets more shots, there’s a chance it’ll be fine. Tonight, it was fine. And tonight we see, while he struggled earlier in the season, he is rounding into form at the right time. Why, he may have a shutout or two left in him this season.

    Great job on Tavares.

    Sweet pass by Brass, but that was an awful sweet shot by G-man. Whew!

  31. I use this blog as a relaxation from my very important front-loaded job at the NSA, my question is – ” Fire Torts, Hire Who?” :)

  32. Impress me Newbear:

    svfjlsgfog ag gdfkgl sk;0ew gvvp vbxe

    (Sean Avery only got 4 minutes TOI per game)

  33. ddebened,
    I loved Avery until it got too personal and divisive in the room, The hockey has no patience with narcissists, none.

  34. Loved McDonagh tonight. He really looked a lot more solid and physical in front of our net, something that seemed to be really missing this season. He seems to thrive in these situations of intense minutes. Which is great come playoff time. Hopefully Staal will be back by then which will really solidify one of the already best defenses in the league.

  35. Cal,
    you should contribute more often, I know it is very intimidating around here, but never fear, the boneheads, as they call themselves , are just that, afraid of complexity, prone to idiotic confessions as to their credentials, and the addictions to the Hockey Game – I cannot explain it. How a Lawyer, Accountant, a “Doctor” and a Nurse get to all of these confessions. If I confess, it is only in jest.

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