It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Islanders


Happy Anniversary! … sort of. On April 13, 1940 the New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup. And, as you may know, they have won once since then. So as of today it is officially one Stanley Cup in 73 years.

Anyway, the Rangers  are playing one of their most crucial games of the season tonight, and the Islanders are playing their usual Stanley Cup game against the Rangers.

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Game 41.
Rangers at Islanders.

Ya boys, still technically in eighth place with eight games remaining, are 4-1-1 in their last six coming off of Wednesday’s tiddly-winks contest victory over Toronto at the Garden. The Islanders are 8-1-1 in their last 10 and playing with house money, two points up on the Rangers, who have a game in hand.

Same lineup for the Rangers, which means Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal. Marc Staal (eye) and Derek Dorsett (clavicle) remain out. Roman Hamrlik and Matt Gilroy are prucha’d.


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  1. ZzZz Greg L. on


    lets gog og gog gog og go gogog ogog !!!


    isles going down down down!!!!

  2. ZzZz Greg L. on

    Im tooo pumped to be avitared right now!!! no time no time no time!!!!


    let go glet go lets go lets go!!!!!

  3. Is Hamrlik back jogging through the Adirondack woods with Shonny, or do they just let him sit in the stands every night inhaling dogs and carrot cake?

  4. Good evening all! Very excited, and very nervous about tonight. But I’m trying to channel my inner Greg….LGR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Torts has one of those thin Roman noses that, miracle of miracles, appears never to have been punched. :)

  6. Zuccs, miniscule as he is, impresses me as someone who doesn’t take gruff gladly.

  7. Gift of GAB-orik-ohio-o-Clowe on

    Huge game is an understatement. Like saying Crosby gently throws himself to the ice often.

  8. Either my ears are deceiving me, but it sounds like Rangers fans are being louder there than at home…that’s good, but wtb?

  9. You can tell when you are in a luxury box there when you have a bucket to catch the drips from the leaking roof.

  10. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, they got thru the Foxwoods First Five OK,

    There’s hope after all…

  11. ZzZz Greg L. on



    RANGERS will take it to youseeee chumps!!!

    IM soooo lookin forward to beating these bums!!!!




  12. This start hasn’t been great, but the Rangers have had a lot worse here in this building.

    They could use a 40-goal scorer instead of a third-line center and a sixth defenseman.

  13. I think Nash was upset because he got slashed in the leg long after the whistle went off for the offside.

  14. ZzZz Greg L. on

    HATE these azzlanders HATE, HATE them. I hate them , such a strong word but I really really really do hate them.

    Heyyyy I need my avitaryyyyy , I look like OLGA!!!! BOOOOOOO!!!!

  15. >>Sounds loud. So this can’t be MSG.

    There must not be Tweeter or Facebook access from insde Nassau Coliseum.

  16. ZzZz Greg L. on

    FIRE OLGA!!!!


    go go go go gog gog googgo go !!!!

  17. Matt Martin 5 hits already. I’d like to see Clowe similarly visible in a game like this.

  18. Nice, tricky shot by Richards off the half-wall there, but probably would have been more effective it were launched at a speed greater than 3MPH.

  19. I want to see my guys stand up for each other…although we have been good on the pp lately .

  20. ZzZz Greg L. on



    LETS BLOW the doors off this HOUWWWWSEEE!!!!

    One big goals gonna get this partay started!!!!


  21. ZzZz Greg L. on

    HAHAHAHA drunk parrot , loveeee it!!!


    Ohhh Olga nust have a beeeeutiful lower area!!!!!

  22. Come on boys, mama doesn’t like it when her blog buddies get all chippy. Don’t make me penalty shinebox you….

  23. ZzZz Greg L. on

    Great to see Cally straighting out that late hit after the buzzer .. I’d be over there too saying , what the …? Don’t take NO Carsillyo from these guys or ANY other idiot who disses , hits , or whom yapps aboot ( Orrs werd) other team on this blog .Olga you suck .

  24. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Ohhh Olga nust have a beeeeutiful lower area!!!!!”

    Or you have just one brown eye, Greg.

  25. Czechthemout!!! on

    A lot of good things this period. They are playing with emotion. They are being physical. I am totally ok with what Asham did in a zero zero game in the middle of the first. And the call was bogus by the way on Asham. They have not done this nearly enough this period. Nash is into the game tonight.

    Several bad things as well. Very few scoring chances. Very big Problem.

    Mdz,DannyG,Boyle and Richards= 0 tonight. Three turnover machines and one scrub who would not know what offense s if his life depended on it.

  26. I hate it when I am at the game and have to miss the MSG 150, the fastest 120 seconds in the National Hockey league, plus 30 seconds of Knicks.

  27. eddie eddie eddie on

    the knicks in the mix, pick up sticks, rolls and picks, stevie nicks, candle wicks, pens are bics, tocks and ticks…..


  28. Tullamore is tasting sweet. Rangers are looking sad. Scoring chances not there. Hank is doing all he can.

  29. Hi Carp! ;)

    Fighting heavy eyelids tonight… especially during intermission when I get to see NHL tonight over and over and over again. So the boys better start putting pucks in the net soon!!! LGR!

  30. eddie eddie eddie on

    rex and rod wearing their
    “throwback jerseys”

    …..someone shoot those morons

  31. DelZ trying to light Nassau with a 40 watt bulb. Richards forgot his bulb entirely.

  32. Car knee telling Boyle ” I’ll take care of yours sleeping issues if you want.”

  33. eddie eddie eddie on

    the king will win, commit no sin, tonic and gin, rin tin tin, where have you been, soup shark fin, toothless grin….


  34. Although, I hate to say it because I don’t want to jinx us…….so I won’t. But someone on the other team has not been noticeable.

  35. You all are being tremendously tremendously sketchy tonight, I must say. No mama love.

  36. I take almost all of your amateur dramatics and trollism with a mountain of salt, LW. But I’ll bite.. what are you babbling about? It’s American tax day in 2 days and I’m an accountant.

  37. It’s nice that you lost all the weight Jack….but now you should buy some suits that fit, no?

  38. Czechthemout!!! on

    That last sequence there is why MDZ WILL NEVER be anything! He sucks! Plain and simple.

  39. Unsurprisingly, our PP is just a killer there. I’m surprised we didn’t give one up or take a penalty. So maddening.

  40. eddie eddie eddie on

    tiki – we will get the two, always be true, catholic or jew, who knew?, love me do, drop a poo……


  41. crowd is really into this game, sounds like a lot of rangers fans in attendance. feels like a playoff game.

  42. Czechthemout!!! on

    This freaking team cant create offense and yet, freaking Boyle is on the PP?

  43. Boyle with a decent shot- now let’s put one in the net and shut these baby penguins the folk up !!!!

  44. eddie, drop a poo, shall do, a jew, favorite color blue, feels like new, does a baby coo?

  45. eddie eddie eddie on

    crowd is loud, maureen dowd… a writer, take me higher, light my fire, funeral pyre, flat tire, high wire…


  46. How many MacDonalds are playing tonight? I feel like he’s the only islander on the ice

  47. you’re right carp. they brought the BCATHGE to lure new fans to the sport, then lost half a season with no regard for the fans. get rid of the skills comp. already.

  48. Good as Tavares is, and he’s real good, it looks like he gets frustrated very easily.

  49. If this game goes to a BCATHGE you will hear my screams across the Northern Hemisphere ….

  50. this period should be what they show prospective hockey fans. no scoring, but tons of action. both teams came to play tonight. and the posts did too.

  51. Is This Real?

    _man the icelanders play a loose, wide-open game.. fun to watch. wish i could say that about the strangers_

    You don’t get it man… it’s all about the system :)

  52. eddie eddie eddie on

    the king, wearing bling, bees that sting, lisa ling, dave bing, he played guard, soft or hard, fat is lard, deal the card, fires that charred….


  53. _trade a 40-goal scorer for a third-line center and No. 6 defenseman._

    he ain’t no 40 goal scorer until he scores 40 again… so…

  54. 2nd text from Sonny Boy… Who is at the game…. “Rangers are on their heels. Lundquist unbelievable.”

  55. Czechthemout!!! on

    The Islanders always go to the net. We alway go behind the net. That is the difference.

    Mdz has been atrocious tonight. Jut terrible. In fact, he has sucked the last four games including tonight. I take back all he good things I said about him last week.

  56. I’m loving the this tonight!! We need a dirty NASHTY goal early in the third. Not sure what DZ smoked on the way there tonight…

  57. 3rd Text from Sonny Boy…. “islanders might do some damage in the playoffs. They have a goalie now.”

  58. Certainly, Papa.. I just think that perhaps it could be taken advantage of.

    On the McDonagh penalty.. if I had only seen it in its lonesome I would agree it’s a penalty, but when MSG showed the replays that led up to the penalty, there was so much cross-checking and shoving going on that I thought it should have been let go.

  59. Your son is a smart young man, Papa. Nabokov does looks like a key for the Islanders.

    The Rangers have got to slow this game down. They have to.

  60. Czechthemout!!! on


    Not as well as we hoped but the big prize for her this year was to qualify for the world junior championships. That she did.

    The reason she did not do as well as we wanted was she was underscored and her partner slipped twice during the course of their qualifying round.

    All in all, it was a positive result though because they were the youngest couple at the event and they have only skate for a little over one year together the coaches are very happy as well as my wife and I.

  61. QUick observations and mostly negative.

    stepan our best forward by far.

    richards man he stinks.

    boyle on the 2nd PP unit oy.

    SOmeone tell Brassard you are allowed to shoot the puck.

    fishsticks win most of the loose pucks….

  62. mdz is horrible on the PP, just makes bad decision after bad decision.

    still not enough offense talent….

  63. eddie eddie eddie on

    i like to rhyme, most of the time, lemon or lime, nickel or dime, bells that chime, mushy or slime, sage or thyme, salty and brine…..


  64. Congrats Czech, that’s pretty awesome

    e3, if you were a tree, and in the forest you fell, would we hear you say, hartnelling hell!


  65. Congrats, Czech. Sounds like a really amazing experience all in all.

    Rangers? Please show up and slow this game down.

  66. leetchhalloffame on

    Show of hands – who thinks the Rangers are the better team so far tonight? FIRE SATHER & TORTS

  67. Czechthemout!!! on

    Thats because this game pales in comparison to several of the games that Duguay played in against the Islanders.

  68. We re lucky that we re still in this game. We ve be been terribly outplayed. DZ looks like crap. We can t play the same system as last year and win. Our best defense has been the goal posts.

  69. Eddie- I’ll take the grit over gabbys quit wasn’t doing spit- Brassards legit and clowes a good fit!

  70. Czechthemout!!! on

    Tiki. Manny Blogmama

    Thank you all for the kind words! We are preparing them for the 2018 Olympics in South Korea.

  71. eddie eddie eddie on

    mama my dear, you are so near, the rangers we cheer, lets have a beer……and a shot, and why not, tater tot, robot, bed or cot…


  72. I agree that Del Zaster has had a tough, slow game tonight. Not quick enough to pucks and way too slow on the PP.

  73. When you control the puck, you are 100% on the offensive. When you then indiscriminately throw it into a crowd hoping for the best, you are 50% on the offensive. That’s what you call major deceleration.

  74. Czech, Dave mentioned earlier that there’s a whole generation of fans who don’t know/remember exactly how bitter this rivalry really used to be, and how this game is a good reminder….

    sadly, though I am only 26, I remember….:)

  75. eddie eddie eddie on

    dc – i agree, on bended knee, mr. smee, willow tree, i say to thee…


  76. Vibin with Coach Sully,, I said that in a post 10 minutes in….we are getting killed in the neutral zone by the Islanders transition game.

  77. Czech….holy hartnell!!! Congrats!!!

    e3 my dear, you’re not so near, the rangers we cheer, lets have a beer……and a shot, and why not, tater tot, robot, the rest definitely not :)

  78. _who thinks the Rangers are the better team so far tonight_

    i hope this was meant to be sarcastic… few somewhat legit scoring chances through two period by the Rangers…yeah i guess they are playing “good”

  79. I haven’t seen the Rangers try passes like that at any point in the season, and they’ve done it like four or five times tonight. WTB?

  80. eddie eddie eddie on

    mama – no worry, in no hurry, vision be blurry, kitties are furry, arthur murray – he could dance, really prance, roids and lance…..


  81. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    _Mike Francesa says you need a good power play to win in hockey, guess he is onto something_

    He also know the game is played on ice, so he’s got that going for him.

  82. e3, you’re a dearie, this game is making me weary, my kitties are sleeping, barely peeping, at this game, which is making me insane…..

  83. Too much time in our zone DZ mistake prone refs gonna throw them a bone- must score soon and beat these Goons!

  84. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    This isn’t their best game, but not as bad as some of you are making it out to be.

  85. eddie eddie eddie on

    mama – have no fear, my darling dear, a goal is near, we will cheer, pilsner;s my beer, bobby weir….


  86. At least Salmon Joe are kind enough to correct all the mistakes they make.. when they realize they make one..

  87. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty

    _This isn’t their best game, but not as bad as some of you are making it out to be._

    Lay-off the gravy, man :P

  88. eddie eddie eddie on

    lady luck, justin tuck, drive a truck, WTF, islanders suck, doe and buck, rifleman named chuck….


  89. Czechthemout!!! on

    We suck so bad, it’s scary! We have no speed on he team now either. Most of them look like they are skating in quick sand. They cant use he tired excuse anymore. They had two days off. Where is the damn offense coach?

  90. Dude, one you do it, it takes a couple minutes to show up…so don’t think you got it wrong….

    and don’t all respond to that…..

  91. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    On the bright side, the Subban has looked good. But, bad news when Boyle and Powe have been the best players (sans Hank).

  92. ThisYearsModel on

    Sure wish we would shoot the puck instead of making the extra dopey doodle move.

  93. boyeeeeeeee we suck… suck hard! How do you NOT have your team READY for this game?! HOW?!

    Yeah they play so hard for Torts…so hard

  94. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    They do look like they have been on a PK this whole period.

  95. _Martin=best player in the game. NYR have nobody like him._

    we have the bestest of the bestest coaches in all universe! (s)

  96. what exactly was he arguing about? he clearly chopped the stick, broke the stick, and created a scoring chance for himself because of his penalty.

  97. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Girardi may be average offensively, but at least he keeps it simple on the PP, unlike everyone else.

  98. Czechthemout!!! on

    Let me just say one thing, Torts is a clown! Same freaking players on the PP point who have done nothing here tonight.

  99. Olga Folkyerself on

    Lundqvist gets the first two stars. Wait til the shootout, he might get the third.

  100. Don’t get how sitting on the puck isn’t a delay of game penalty, but accidentally putting it over the glass is.

  101. love how they don’t think that’s really a slashing penalty or even warrants a call

  102. Hey Carp, that’s the third straight OT game you’ve made a “boy they sure miss Gaborik” comment. I think everyone gets it.

  103. Ok, I’m fairly confident I did it correctly. These White Russians get on top of you quickly.

  104. SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Czechthemout!!! on

    The King !!!

    First , second, and third star of this game.

    Honorable mention, the post.

  106. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Gaborik would have scored within a minute of OT…bush-league.

  107. i wil ltake the 2 point even though the Islanders totally outplayed us.

    brassard should still shoot more but that was a nice pass.

    richards friggin stinks…they need more upfront…….

  108. Evening all,

    That pass by Brassard – not a lot of players can make that one.

    What a great dish – and what a beauty shot by Girardi.

    Big two points.

    The King certainly held court tonight – as he has for the past month, with a GAA of about 1.75

  109. My third star is the goal post/cross bar…wow, what an exciting finish! Yes, they do miss Gaborik.

  110. Beem watching hockey for over 40 years and I dont usually criticize announcers. But the Islander announcers are so horribly unprofessional and first-class homers, I am speechless. For Goring, who should know better, to say that the Okposo penalty should not have been called–he broke the defenseman’s stick and went in for a shot which could have won the game–I mean, what the heck is thinking. Bush league behavior. Come on, act like professionals.

  111. Brassard jumping onto the pile was fun. Look at him fitting right in.

    This game was ugly. Thank god for that goal. While I was SCREAMING at Girardi to get back instead of go to the net. I suck.

  112. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Henrik is heating up, and that gives them as good a shot as anyone if they make the playoffs.

  113. Lord help me when we have to worry about the fish again…but thank you Hank!!!


  114. Good to know Hank was screaming “STAY BACK” at Girardi as well. I’m not the only idiot.

  115. Carp, poll needs work….boxes not next to names, but above….prust saying….LGR!

  116. Will the real rangers please stand up!!!! If the rangers play with this type of intensity the remaining 8 games, not only will they make the playoffs they would make some noise. I can’t trust this team. Did they play well tonight because it was the islanders? I need to see them play with consistency before I feel there going anywhere. Stepan is the rangers mvp this year.

  117. Being a Harvard man, I tip my cap to the Bulldogs. Congrats on the National Championship.

  118. Actually, ex islanders Chico Resch and Butch Goring are the worst analyst in hockey, maybe pukesburgh is worse.

  119. Some doofus Islander just said on my TV in the other room, “they got the bounce.”

  120. what game were you watching the islanders dominated the rangers…

    they need more speed and skill up front. really is pyatt, asham, or powe that important over Kreider? no way…

    lundqvist and post were the best player for the rangers tonight.

    capuano as classy as ever. he makes torts seem humble, low key, and lassy.

    capuano is a animal…..

  121. If that pass hits an Islander shin pad and goes the other way for a goal people are all over Girardi. Good on him for having the confidence to go for it and making a sick shot.

    ..and yeah that was a very pretty pass by Brassard

    4everanger – I noticed and liked Brassards (Prospal like?) reaction on the Boyle/Richards goals in his first game

  122. By the way, brassard isn’t bad, makes nice passes, throws body checks, good 2 way player. That is what I witness in tonight’s game.

  123. Yeah, stuart, Capuano showed a lot of class when he was complaining about the lack of power plays his team got.

  124. Playoooooofs???????…..playooooofs????!!!!!!..are you kidding me? …..Playooooooofffffffssss???????

  125. SufferingSince79 on

    Goring in the post game…”it’s a shame someone has to win.” Uh, I guess, if its the Rangers. Never heard that.

  126. I said yesterday the Rangers would need some puck luck tonight. I lost track of how many hit iron for the iWangders.

  127. Isles swarmed, but sometimes it seems the on ice officials have been tacitly told to save the franchise. Tacitly, as in not direct, plausible deniability intact, but understood. A couple of old time NIT officials (pre NCAA) Garden games, admitted on their deathbeds they were told to “keep the games close, no blowouts, but don’t decide the game.”

  128. Isles have noise pumped in, wouldn’t be surprised if they had post rings pumped in, too, to get their fans clutching their privates.

  129. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Thank you very much ,Mr Carp..
    Richards on the PP boggles my mind.
    I thought the Rangers played the 3rd pd like they had a lead.. a bad habit
    a win is a win.

  130. This might sound like a drunken comment but it appeared to me Richards had some jump in his skating, I thought he look ok, not saying much for 6.67 million but looked the best I’ve seen all year.

  131. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Ah, Olga. I have something you want to hear:


  132. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Richards on the PP is slow , predictable and best doesn’t shoot enough

  133. don’t get me wrong, he still stinks but he was better, not saying much, especially for 6.67 million.

  134. Sonny Boy (he’s 25), last text from game, which he went to with some college buddies…..(he knows I like the way Tavares plays). “Did Tavares Play tonight? Didn’t notice him if he did :)”

  135. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Man, that Hanky….what a game. So great for him to get a shutout after coming so close lately. Great effort on his part. Way to carry the team, Hank!!!!

  136. Tommy this might be a drunken response- but….agreed He still had some bad plays but finally showed some compete in his game, especially on D

  137. Reginald Dunlop on

    Now for something completely different……… and my text buddies have accused me of drinking a few adult beverages already…….BUT 22 had a heck of a game, played physical and really busted his butt tonight…..
    now I am ducking…………….

  138. Funny new book out, “Who’s on Worst?” by Flip Bondy. One gem – Mets first baseman Dick Stuart (Dr. Strangeglove) had a custom license plate that read E-3. (eddie?) Fans at Shea once gave him a standing O for “scooping up a loose hot dog wrapper blowing around first base” $25 bucks – get it at the library.

  139. Olga Folkyerself on

    Tommy, Sather never learned that just paying more doesn’t get you more..

    I’m not as think as you drunk I am…

  140. Brad Richards better suited to play in the Ken Daneyko Sandy Relief Charity Game today.

  141. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Well, it is deductive in nature to derive that these Icelanders beat the Bruins, 2-1. We beat the Islanders, 1-0. Are we, thus, better than the Buins??? Bring them on!!!!!!!!

  142. Matty, for whatever the reason is, rangers always play good against Boston. The games are usually decided by a goal.

  143. awaiting moderation AGAIN! Guess I overstepped by using the word ‘library.’ 10:29, Carp.

  144. Olga Folkyerself on

    If the regular season means anything, a Rangers-Bruins matchup might just work out…

  145. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Won’t forget that 3-0 shutout up there last year, Tommy. Hank stood on his ear. Amazing night.

    The Hank we saw tonight will be needed in every playoff game this year.

  146. Plus Boston has lost some key players to concussion. Actually there best play, Nose Picker ;).

  147. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I didn’t see the whole game. Aside from the early wraparound attempt, which was mighty impressive, did Nash do much?

  148. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I think I read that Bergeron comes back Monday, I think. Not too sure about Marchand.

  149. Matty, I’m surprised Bergeron is coming back so soon. He has already suffered several concussions.

  150. Carp, I read earlier you talking about Adam Graves. I’ve been a ranger fan since 1968. Adam Graves by far is my favorite Ranger. The guy had a hear the size of the earth.

  151. sorry, I stink when it comes to typing. I meant Graves had a heart the size of the earth.

  152. I thought for sure the islanders were winning tonight. The rangers are a hard team to figure out. They play like this for the remainder of season, they might make noise in the playoffs. I’ve been watching hockey for a long time. Goalie gets hot, look out. Lundqvist gets hot, rangers could make some noise in the playoffs.

  153. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Islanders are a good young team…. We need to trade Richards to them for hammer lick

  154. Hank is a great competitor, on the level of Jeter, just doesn’t have the rings to show 4 it.

  155. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Filthy and Devils miss the playoffs….If the pens lose in the first rd….. The troika

  156. Olga Folkyerself on

    That was an entertaining game, only because the suspense was maintained thru the end.

  157. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This year will be very interesting. Habs and bruins losing steam. Caps, Fishsticks, rangers and leaves coming on….

  158. Biggest flaw in our squad is Richards. We all know that. Coach doesn’t seem to know that.

  159. Olga Folkyerself on

    He never has a civil word with/for me. I insulted him in the past, I guess I have a low tolerance for him…

  160. Barclay Center in Downtown Brooklyn. Nice Venue….saw the Who there in December. Cold Play in January. Nice Venue.

  161. Too me it looked as if the Islanders played with swagger and we did not. That bothers me even though we won. Our best players on offense were quiet.

  162. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cccp – we don’t suck…. After the trades, this team is starting to jell….5-1-1 in last 7

  163. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hank rounding into playoff form. You can ride a hot goalie… And we have the best

  164. I dont think they are coached well… i really dont… this is how they’ve been playing most of the year… the ONLY reason why Torts still have the job is Lundqvist

  165. Stranger Nation on

    C3P – If you watch Behind the Bench and listen to what Torts says, you will hear the unmistakable words of a risk averse coach – “safe is work”

  166. Stranger Nation on

    Bros-hard played the body all night – hit at least 4 Rangers on the tape with passes in the ozone – very impressed – kid gots some hands

  167. Stranger Nation on

    Hank played well, but forwards really back checked well – they protected Richards with Clowe and Boyle who plays his real size when Clowe is on his line

  168. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – don’t watch enough other games to know if Hank is tops – but be curious to see him on a team which doesn’t play D first

  169. Olga Folkyerself on

    The Rangers don’t suck, but they aren’t very good either. I sure don’t see “Stanley Cup” from this group. Last year showed some faint hope, but Sather doesn’t know how to put it all together. It seems like 8th place is good enough for him. He doesn’t have the top prize in mind. My God, it’s been 13 years with him in charge and there is no progression towards a Cup. He hasn’t done anything since the 80’s, other than trade his team to NY so they could win in 94.

  170. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    ‘I don’t understand why some on here complain about Clowe’s skating speed. He has never been fast. But he’s smart and isn’t afraid to park his butt in the crease.

  171. Strange,,,,,,,, funny u say that. I thought the boys left Lundqvist on his own a lot tonight. Much more than Isles left Nabakov by himself.

  172. E3, Clowe skates like a smoker. But he protects the puck well. Doesn’t look like a scorer.

  173. _risk averse coach_

    yeah it shows a lot in this team. they play “SAFE” or as Renney used to say “not to lose” on regular basis. No offensive strategy whatsoever.

  174. Stranger Nation on

    Clowe is very smart with puk on break outs, not afraid to take a hit to make the right pass

    Ex3 – agree on Gabby – may score 25, but will have 3 GWGs at most

  175. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – clowe is major clutch in the playoffs – higher pt. per game average than gabby

  176. This love affair with “40 Goal Scorers????” ……I don’t get it Eddie. The Cup winning Kings didn’t have a 30 goal scorer last year . Gabby sucks. I just hope he doesn’t score the Cup Winning goal against us .

  177. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather lucked into Lundqvist as a seventh round pick, but he never put a team in front of him that could do the job. so far, he’s wasted his talent. With all the money available to him by maxing out the Cap, Sather has blown UFA acquisitions terribly.

  178. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The other day CBJ up 3-1 late in the 3rd…. Gabby scored their 4th goal – typical garbage goal

  179. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – Gabby can’t score Cup GWG against us next year – he will be in our conference

  180. Stranger Nation on

    Olga – Slats makes Isiah Thomas look like Jerry West

    Dolan is an absolute disgrace – what a fat fudge

  181. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – Sather really sucked when there was no cap.. He missed the playoffs with the highest payroll – that is genius.

    SNation – gabby’s years scoring 40 are over….. He isn’t clutch..

    Papa – agreed – plus he floats way too much

  182. Olga Folkyerself on

    Lundqvist should be looking forward to free agency. If I was him I would be looking for a team close to winning the Cup. Like Chicago. All they need is Lundqvist to start a dynasty. The Black Hawks should be watching their Cap situation very carefully when he becomes a free agent. That would be all they need…

  183. Stranger Nation on

    Clowe’s a little crazy and a vet – bet he won’t put up with Torts’ BS – too much wee man swagger and Clowe might stuff him in a locker

  184. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – eternal optimist – BJs get wiped out and don’t make POs and Strangers will get knocked off prior to smelling Lord Stanley’s Cup

  185. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We haven’t had a player like Clowe in a long time. Boyle feels like a new man with him on the ice.

  186. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Once Dorsett heals up we will be a nasty team to play against. That lil tiger is ferocious.

  187. I said it several times during the first week of the season…….. this teams is weak down center ice…….we need to have better level of play from our centers.

    I am fairly condident that we will not go as far as we did in the playoffs this year as we did last year with the current level of play we receive from our centers.

  188. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers won’t make it out of the first round. Sather will never win a Cup in NY. So I’m going with Plan B. Lundqvist to Chicago.

    Let’s Go Black Hawks.

  189. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think I will be wearing more faux gold bling around my neck once the playoffs start. My ranger whites look good with spray painted gold.

  190. I had a Brad Park jersey. Man I slept in that thing for two years. I cried the day they traded him to Boston. I rotted for yet he Bruins hard in the finals against Montreal in 77 and 78 because of a park and Ratelle.

  191. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – all that was because of game 3, April 11, 1975. The day the music died.

  192. I hope the plan is to bring Miller and Kreider up once the playoffs are clinched. We need the offense.

  193. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The early 70 rangers teams were my idols… Remember beating Boston in 71 ( I think)

  194. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sorry Eddie, but when the boat is taking on water and about to go down, it’s time to put the best assets on the life raft and paddle to another ship.

  195. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I don’t like the way torts benches certain players when the eff up – yet Richards never gets the glue.

  196. there was one time, and don’t ask me how i know this, Richards gave Torts a hand job… so ever since then Richards is Torts’ favorite…

  197. Eddie, they won the cup in MSG in 72. We,beat them the next year in the 1st round, lost to the Blackhawks in the semis

  198. Olga Folkyerself on

    Olga – just rearrange the chairs…

    OH just like Sather has been doing since he got to NY.

  199. Stranger NAtion on

    Ex3 – hope thet get thru Round 1 and we will see what happens. Love to get Habs in Round 1 and knock them off and have Clowe pound Judas Prust

  200. Grammar question for all you edumacated peeps…

    Torts’ favorite OR Torts’s favorite?

    I can never understand how to use this properly lol

    (red face)

  201. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – we are both right – lost to the hawks in semis in 71…. Beat Boston in first rd. in 73

  202. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cccp – it’s Torts’. When you end in “s” then apostrophe goes after the “s”

  203. I like Maple Leaves… always did…not sure why tho… maybe because Toronto is a pretty cool city…don’t know. So ill be rooting for them (as my second team, unless they play us of course) this year in playoffs.

  204. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I like Toronto too…. Lovely city….. Montreal is beautiful too but the hate the Habs.

  205. Olga Folkyerself on

    I like Toronto too, CCCP. They have been down so long… And I’m a sucker for original six teams, except Montreal.

  206. E3 …. Bruins won the Cup at MSG in May , beat us 3-0 in game six. Orr had the game winning and Cup winning goal

  207. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think there will be some big upsets in the East.

    Islanders beat Pens
    Rangers beat Bruins
    Caps beat sens
    Leaves beat Habs

  208. My son was 5 when he started to attend clinics.,would dry I told him if he listened to the coaches and payed attention I would buy him a Jersey. He was quite pleased. He also did very well at the clinics. When it came time to pick a Jersey, he picked the Leafs because he thought it was the most reliable.,

  209. Olga Folkyerself on

    After everyone got a Rangers jersey, my kids got to pick a second one, My daughter picked Chicago, one son picked Detroit, and the other son picked Boston. I took the Leafs. Of course they knew no one was getting a Habs jersey.
    After Wirtz died, I also went with the Hawks.

  210. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It would be nice to see the rangers dominate the rest of their games given they are playing teams out of the playoff picture…

  211. Olga Folkyerself on

    When they won the Cup, I bought a black Black Hawks jersey. I had a red one, #35 Esposito. But I outgrew it.

    It’s not that I got fat, but my wife shrunk it… :)

  212. Olga Folkyerself on

    I have no faith in the Rangers after they lost to Florida at home. Can they make the playoffs? Yes. Any further? No.

  213. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – that loss to Fla was a gabby led ranger team – that ship sailed…. This is the Cliwe Brassard ranger team now…

  214. we seemed to be missing some offense tonight…

    Nash was checked pretty closely but he missed on some passes.

  215. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tomb – exciting game. Hank was huge. Rangers had fewer chances that the Fishsticks to be sure…. But the rangers did have some good looks… Brassard with some nice set ups…

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