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  1. The Rangers and this Charp are like the Andrea Dorea, sinking into the ocean like an old man easing into a bathtub.

  2. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    This Charp is making me thirsty. Get those IT guys moving, Carp…I can only stay until 1.

  3. saw lines on snyblog, saw 3rd line of


    immediately felt bad for Clowe and Boyle

  4. it could have been another del zaster turnover that doomed the chat today.

    carp meet you in parking lot tom night. will have 4 hot dogs for you.

  5. ThisYearsModel on

    This chat is working as well as Brad Richards plays hockey. Maybe we should call the chats the “Richie” going forward.

  6. repost….Carp is Richards injured or having motor skills problems? He falls down a lot , with nobody near him. it has to be more than lack of confidence.

  7. The Charp couldn’t get back thru customs with the rest of the team…the Charp was busted as a drug mule

  8. looks like the former captain, bklyn, only without the shot blocking, faceoff wins, PK ability and willingness to take a hit to make a play.

  9. My friend Bob Saccamanno – he’s an IT guy – he can fix this Charp for half the price…giddyup!

  10. i really wonder if there’s something wrong with Richards. (hoping)
    just seems so odd that he would completely fall apart so quickly.
    it’s not like he’s a hard-nosed player who is beat up and broken down.

  11. Richards: with the falling down. trying to do too much, stop/turn but loses balance
    could it be that he’s still not right from the kaleta hit
    and he’s not saying anything

  12. Left work early to join the Charp. Told the Boss I had to go home and bury the Kitty.

  13. Carp, If you remove the block of me joining the Charp, I promise to lob you a softball question followed by a reverent compliment. :)

  14. Wonder if Torts or any Ranger will ever talk off the cuff to Micheletti ever again?

  15. “Buried the kitty” ? I don’t know in what way to take this comment……..sounds dirty.

  16. Doodis Machetto, 2.5 on

    Carp, lesson for you: can’t have Charps two days after a game and you can’t have them on a Friday unless they are coming off of a loss.

  17. They were both poisoned. I spent the last few years building up an immunity to iocane powder.

  18. Duncan is in his grave.
    After life’s fitful fever,
    he sleeps well.
    Treason has done its worst
    nor steel, nor poison
    Malice domestic, foreign levy,
    Nothing can touch him further.

  19. Sioux-per-man on

    Coos – Boyle sleeping disorder has been diagnosed as a state of dreaming about scoring!

  20. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp’s office got alot smaller today, and that is the size of box he had to work out of?

  21. Sioux-per-man on

    Sorry papa, I still haven’t buried my little girls “sweetie”. Ground still frozen under 10′ snow drift in the back yard :(

  22. Suferringsince79 on

    Ok, issues with the Charp and I’m obvioulsly late. I’m sure there’s been the obligatory Sauer update request met with the standard no response. I still think it’s a little disturbing that there’s been no information on this young man if from nothing else a general health perspective. Ok, maybe he never plays again which is sad and disappointing but I’d be even more upset if he had suffered some kind of irrevocable damage. Is he sipping soup from a straw somewhere? There’s got to be someplace we could get a general update, no?

  23. That is, assuming Sauer’s brothers aren’t in a dark, quiet place recovering from their own head injuries. That family is plagued.

  24. Sioux-per-man 1 on

    He’s in Minnesota. I could drive down and check it out next week if needed.

  25. Suferringsince79 on

    Good point Manny. Seemed like a little more chatter about it this past week during the back to back with the Leaves.

  26. Suffering, no.

    And really it’s nobody’s business what this kid might be going through or not. He’s not playing, he’s not expected to play any time soon. You can draw the conclusion that his career is obviously in danger.

    what else does anybody have a right to know?

  27. Sioux-per-man says 13 points out of 16 remaining on

    Manny – how many points will the Rangers win out of the 16?

  28. Sioux,thanks and sorry to hear about your situation….., I guess you’ll keep her on ice and wait for the springtime thaw before you bury Sweetie?

  29. 18, Sioux. At least. A full Chai.

    Just kidding. I don’t expect this season’s end to go very well. Maybe 9 of the 16?

  30. The number next to my name was Doodie a/k/a Doodis a/k/a Luis Tully’s idea. It’s your number ranking on the eric——Sioux scale.

  31. winnipeg remaining schedule 6 games

    home tampa(done) win
    home carolina(lost 12 of 13) win
    home isles(hot at moment)prob win at home
    at washington(could be for southeast) loss
    at buffalo(done) win
    home montreal( may have 2 seed clinched nothing to play for)win

    the jets will go 5-1 down the stretch min that gets them to 52.

    the rangers would need to go 4-3-1 to get to 53 pts. 52 they lose tiebreaker based on ROW WINS.

  32. Sioux-per-man says 13 points out of 16 remaining on

    Carp – but there’s been no report that his career is over correct?

  33. Sioux-per-man 13 on

    Carp – thoughts on the helmets the boys wear? Sauer’s head would have been alright if the chin straps weren’t so loose. I think Sauer injury was from hitting the boards after his helmet was jarred off.

    What do you think. Is Messier’s type helmet safer?

  34. Sioux – I think Sauer had a history of head injuries. That’s part of the issue. The other problem is that every male in his family, and 4 of them play professional sports, has a history of serious head injuries stemming from concussions.

    I wish he had his helmet strap tightened when he got hit. I wish he was playing. I wish he didn’t suffer still. But that’s not the case.

  35. Sioux-per-man 13 on

    Ranger’s make it manditory their players wear a helmet during the warm up. So no players have a freak accident like Taylor Hall did.

    Why not make it manditory they were the safest helmet in hockey with a visor. Staal and Sauer would both be playing right now.

    Ranger pay the $70M in salary to their players, you would think the player would agree to the helmet they have to wear to protect them.

  36. at isles loss
    at phil win
    home florida win one lose one)
    at buffalo win
    home devs(win one lose one vs devs)
    at florida win one lose one)
    at carolina win
    home devs(win one lose one vs devs)

    rangers go 5-3 get them to 54 pts

    lose tiebreaker to winnipeg ROW WINS 25-21 assuming no more shootout wins

    there is no doubt in my mind that the rangers lose one of these 2 games to the lousy panthers and to be honest i think it comes at msg. they always play down to opponents i know florida beat them once but no game is ever easy for the rangers because of there style of play.

    who remembers few years back late in year rangers lost to columbus at home

  37. Doodis Machetto, 2.5 on

    Are we switching to The Princess Bride? If so, dibs on the Fezzik avatar.

  38. i was off with my math earlier for jets schedule 5-1 gets them 54 pts not 52 i posted up earlier

  39. extrapolating … (and I think it’s nonsensical):

    Islanders (shootout loss) one point.
    at Philly (done) win.
    Florida (done) win.
    at Buffalo (done) win.
    Devils (done) win.
    at Florida (done) win.
    at Carolina (done) win.
    Devils (done) win.
    =7-0-1, 15 points, for 59.

  40. My next avatar will probably be Bodhi from Point Break. Princess Bride does rule though….

  41. Carp, i think you should subtract 4 points of the 15 needed to pay our Richards and Boyle incompetence Tax . :)

  42. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    So, if the Rangers finish with 54, then the Derbils have to run the table. Good luck to them!! Winnipeg would need to win 5 of 6 remaining. Good luck to them, too.

    In essence, we go 5 and 3, we get in. What position is another story.

  43. still not counting out devs but if they lose tonight then the math gets even more difficult.

    by the way anyone not rooting for ottawa tonight needs there head examined

  44. Doodie Machetto, unemployed, in Greenland on

    It’s not my fault being the biggest and the strongest. I don’t even exercise.

  45. Islanders LOSS.
    at Philly WIN.
    Florida WIN.
    at Buffalo WIN.
    Devils LOSS.
    at Florida LOSS.
    at Carolina WIN.
    Devils (done) WIN.

    =5-3-0, 10 points, for 54.

  46. matty,

    the jets schedule is real soft at home we above. keep in mind that montreal game last game of year may mean nothing for habs.

    when the isles go to winnipeg we may be in a position at that point to root for isles.

    for me its 8th or nothing for the rangers. this is the way it has to be for us fans.

    “expect the worse hope for the best”

  47. keep in mind we lose to isles in regulation tom and fall 4 back they would also have 2 more ROW WINS so in essence we would be 5 back.

    what i am saying is we lose tom to isles we dont catch them

  48. papa

    i have us splitting with the devs the 2 games but yes i agree if devs can knock rangers out of playoffs on final day of season could easuly happen

  49. i have the aisle seat tom night with my my 3 other isle friends so i fully expect to be running down the aisle and into my car with 4 mins to go down 4-1

  50. last game of season Brodeur scores empty net goal, then flings his stick in air with 30 seconds left and unfurls banner that says “NOW I CAN RETIRE IN PEACE”

  51. This is going to be a tight 8 games. There is no easy way the Rangers get into the playoffs and we all know it. This may be a last day of the season type thing. We should all prepare to meet up and watch the last game together. Kind of a group help suicide watch thing. I don’t think any of us should be alone on that day.

  52. Sioux-per-man 13 on

    Carp I said that earlier 7-0-1, for 15, but the common sense in me said that one game the boys might reach back in hit the flush button.

    So I switched it to 13. Based on the Devils being done this year, and a chance the Islanders pull off the upset.


    Islanders WIN.
    at Philly WIN.
    Florida WIN.
    at Buffalo Loss (too close to canada for us to win).
    Devils WIN.
    at Florida WIN.
    at Carolina WIN.
    Devils WIN.

  54. Sioux-per-man 13 on

    Carp – why do all the Islander fans come here? Don’t they have their own blog?

  55. Sioux-per-man 13 on

    Tatonka is going down!!! Nobody left that gives 2 sh$ts to play winning hockey.

  56. My recurring Nightmare. And you think Boyle has sleeping problems, Salmon Joe?

    Last game Rangers need 2 point to get in. Devils already eliminated.

    Marty announces he will be retiring and this will be his final game.

    Devils up 1-0, but Rangers score in final minute with Hank pulled to tie.

    OT Is dominated by Rangers many chances but they dont score ( surprise) so it goes to a shoot out.

    Kovlachuk in first game back from injury, scores on first SO attempt.

    Broeduer stones Nash, Zucc. Callaghan on last attempt, rings on off the post……Rangers lose in shoot-out.

    Tee times in Jersey and Westchester hard to come by as both Rangers and Devils miss out on playoffs.

    Bright side, many Tee times available through the spring on Long Island as JT and upstart Fishsticks go to the Finals.

  57. Stranger Nation on

    Line up tomorrow



  58. Suferringsince79 on

    Carp from 1:54 – Not asking anyone to camp outside Sauer’s house. Just wondering how he’s doing. Got all I need today so next topic.

  59. Carp is right, nonsensical, but why not?

    at Isles (SO Loss)
    at Phil WIN
    at FL WIN
    at Buff WIN
    Devils WIN
    at Fl Loss
    At Car Win
    Devils WIN

  60. not sure why anybody is so concerned if the rangers make the playoffs or not, it won’t matter if they do, they won’t go anywhere. They have 1 and done written all over them. I don’t care if you think I’m negative or not, if you’ve been watching the games without rose color glasses you would see this team is just not that good. This team still has major issues, forget about last year, that was a combination of everything going right and opponents either having a off year due to injuries or in transition of players. This team still has major issues and I have zero confidence that Sather has the ability to fix it. It’s obvious nothing will change with this organization. Unfortunately Dolan is the owner and Sather can do no wrong. The only hope is Sather retiring but that won’t happen soon enough.

  61. sorry, must be the weather, went from 75 degrees to 42 and raining. Today I am tommy downer but not that far off the truth.

  62. Manny, the way they sell tickets in Newark, all local Boneheads could meet at the Rock and buy tickets to watch the game live.

  63. 5-3 is probably the most realistic finish to the season. I have a hard time believing the Rangers don’t split the Devils games, and Buffalo and Philly are both loseable games. Also have a hard time believing the Rangers finish the season with a better stretch than they’ve had at any point this year.

  64. Rob in Beantown on

    I don’t know who wins but I’m rooting for Quinnipiac I guess. Don’t need Ylae to win

  65. I think Quinnipiac has it, Sioux. Goaltending. Yale has had a little storied run but Quinnipiac is a very good team with a Hoby Baker level goaltender.(Also I went to Law School there).

  66. Rob in Beantown on

    I really thought UMass-Lowell would ride Connor Hellebuyck all the way to the championship. The guy was absolutely lights out. Something obscene like a .950 SV%. But Ylae beat them. I don’t know anyhting about the two teams left, I just like rooting against the Ivies in college hockey.

  67. Sioux-per-man 13 on

    Rob just think if Michigan wins the CCHA over Notre Dame, Yale doesn’t even get into the tournament. They get in as the 15th overall seed. Beat Minnesota #2 team overall, beat North Dakota #6 over all, and now take out UMASS was #4. Now they get a crack at the #1 overall in Quinnipiac.

    One almost have to root for the underdog bulldog.

    Unless your Manny and went to school their.

    Manny – Yale doesn’t give out full ride scholorships do they?

  68. Good afternoon all! Boy, am I having a lousy day. Couldn’t even make a broken Charp….

    The hartnelling fishsticks are killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Sioux-per-man 13 on

    Sioux should have beat Yale. I can’t help but think how well Yale skated in the final 2 periods, they have speed, and tape to tape passes, they skate the puck into the zone, and control the puck.

    Then to think that the Ivey schools don’t give a full ride scholarship to these kids to play hockey there, and they go up against North Dakota & Minnesota which have 14-15 drafted NHL players, and they have 3.

    Pretty impressive, if you’re a fan of hockey.

  70. NO No…wrong again. It’s Gilroy’s fault….been so all along. So easy to see…he comes along and maybe sits in the press box, or maybe somewhere well hidden on the bench, and when it’s time for Rangers to go on the ice he casts his spell. And they are doomed.

  71. Stranger Nation on

    Bros-hard v Artie…hmmm

    From very small sample I would give Artie edge on D and shooting but Bros-hard the hockey IQ, Passing and board work. He also AUS with a little edge where Artie is soft as a mashed potato sandwich.

    Oh yeah, Artie better goal celebration – aka The Rifleman starring chuck Connors

  72. bull dog line on

    at least Brassard is noticeable on the ice. Anisimov vanishes for long stretches of the season. he blends right in with the boards.

  73. bull dog line on

    of course Anisimov could always return to the Rangers next year. Columbus is not going to pay him.

  74. bull dog line on

    does the plus minus STAT have meaning when one player on the team minus is double that of the next worse minus? you know if the guys job is to prevent goals because he does not score any.

  75. Sioux-per-man 13 on

    Brassard>Artie in Points scored.

    To small of sample for Brassard, but if you want to go a couple of hot dogs or a pint at Stouts I would be up for that.

  76. Sioux-per-man 13 on

    I liked Artie alot.

    Now Richards vs Artie I probably go with Artie. Better value. More Cap space available. Plays a harder game.

    Richards is stock seems to be going down more and more each game, I can’t put my finger on it, I’m still dazed and confused about the whole thing.

  77. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I liked sauer and thought he was a good 4-5 d man.

    The only thing I care about with him now is his long term health and I hope like hell he never plays again.

  78. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    With it taking this long to be symptom free and with no end in sight (apparently) IMHO it would be best for him to not play again.

  79. Paul in sunrise on

    I am a true ranger fan that was in the camp that hockey in New York is better when the islanders are competitive. Now I hate myself for thinking that.

  80. Hey, Carp – Charp didn’t work for some of us today. Short box and nowhere to put comments except on normal thread, as is apparent by postings herein during Charp.

  81. Ivy Tuition is need based. In effect, “full scholarships” available for athletes that coaches want and lobby for if family income is at a certain level. A friend, a baseball pitcher, was lobbied by coaches at Yale and Duke, but his father was well-off and Duke gave him the free ride.

  82. Dr. Carp Neuro clinician in addition to reporting,blogging etc.

    Have you carefully examined Richards with respect to his “motor skills”?

    If so this may be an out for Sappy’s latest fiasco, when will you be presenting your findings?

    Frankly I believe a paper is warranted! ;)

  83. Would Columbus have traded Nash to us if we had included Brassard instead of AA?? I say not.

  84. *Richards golf tweet alert*


  85. this season has been a disaster. First rangers predicted by hockey analyst to win the cup. I wasn’t sold on that but when Bob Mckenzie predicted it, I thought, maybe there is some truth to it. Lockout happened, shortened season, Richards stinks, rangers mediocre. Than the improbable happens, islanders become not only a playoff contender but the hottest team in the eastern conference. Why does this always happen to teams I root for, why?

  86. Coos Coos, respectfully Ivy league tution and scholarshiops are need based alright but mainly on family connections,donors etc.

    The entire concept is based more on the connections one makes with education in second place, and how those connections connect you to better jobs and a better life with a significant majority of the “students” thereby perpetuating the machine of entitlement and the financial “oil” that keeps it going.

  87. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Cmnsnse, that comment above was absolute nonsense. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but yours sounds more like jealousy than opinion. And, it’s not fact, just conjecture.

    Aren’t you the one that asks others for proof and facts? Hmmmm…..

  88. Czechthemout!!! on

    1-0 Whale! Kreider with the goal. Big deal! He could score 8 goals tonight and 10 tomorrow and he would still stay in CT.

  89. Matty, you actually believe that Ivy league schools are founded,funded and managed like a meritocracy?

    That’s not an opinion it’s a fact and rather than use a variety of other opinions check out a brilliant column in a recent edition of the NYT by Ross Douthat titled “The Meritocracy Myth”.

    You are correct in stating everyone is entitled to an opinion,just not to their own set of facts.

    Let me know what you think after you’ve read the article.

  90. @NYRangers

    Happy Birthday to #NYR Roman Hamrlik!

    One, notice they didn’t mention his age. Two, if I wish him a happy birthday, will it take longer for my message to get to him than it does for him to get off the ice?

  91. SufferingSince79 on

    Comnsnse…The entire concept is based more on the connections one makes with education in second place, and how those connections connect you to better jobs and a better life with a significant majority of the “students” thereby perpetuating the machine of entitlement and the financial “oil” that keeps it goin. Fascinating but I think your looking for the blog down the street on the far left.

  92. Matty……The Rock pumps in crowd noise, Matty, just like the Celtics do in Boston.

  93. Why when I read anything by Comnsnse do I get a feeling Bob is back – a much higher educated Bob, but a “Bob” none the less.

  94. Agree Carp, the sports world (and the world in general) could use a lot more more people like Adam.

  95. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    And, Suffering, I can honestly state from personal experience the concept is hogwash.

    Education alone does not constitute a complete system, as meritocracy must automatically confer power and authority, which a degree does not accomplish independently.

    However, this is about hockey here, is it not?

  96. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, anyway, back to the real world………Brodeur lets one in!!!!!!!!!!!

    And Chico is explaining why he’s still the best and it was just a mistake. Honest. Best in the game, Marty is!

  97. Such a small sample of games and I don’t know much about him but I’m not sure that Brassard is all that tough. Great all around skill set, yet no killer instinct. In fact, Artie may be tougher than him…

  98. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Adam is on a one man campaign to make kids appreciate their families. He is a treasure to have in NYC. Whatever he gets paid, the good will he creates is priceless.

  99. Staal Wart – That gives you the Adam Graves award for the day for helping others! Stay safe til you get home.

  100. SufferingSince79 on

    Martty, yes it’s about hockey which is why I piped in. Adam Graves…favorite hockey player and from what i hear, best person ever. Loved the 1940 chant he started right after they won in 94. Classic.

  101. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Hey, Tiki. I love the guy, too. Remember his first game, as a rookie at MSG. Scored a goal. He was phenomenal. Played with Mario. He hasn’t stopped since.

  102. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    My son and I had the opportunity to have dinner with Adam a few years ago. Beyond special he is. I don’t think my son will ever forget it. I know I won’t.

    There are a lot of good fellows associated with this sport. He is unique.

  103. Hey Matty! Remember how he finished Gretzky’s career with, I think, an overtime goal with the Penguins.

  104. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    He didn’t have the easiest of upbringings. He’s a driven and hard worker. Someone who’s talent moved him forward…oh, that’s a different conversation!

  105. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Lol, Tiki, I sure do. He’s slowed, but man, can anyone knock him off the puck even now? Freaking moose.

  106. Staal! Good for you…ilb and mrs. ilb have done similar trips pre baby ilb….and you all still keep in touch!

    Adam, through connections, granted, called Anthony from AZ three, yes, three times after his stroke….enough said.

  107. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Derbils just blew another PP, 4th one. Their season is …..sinking…sinking…..

    And, oh, Ottowa just hit post. When Marty heard it he reacted to the sound. Could this be his last hurrah????

  108. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Mama, that is just incredible. How many athletes would be so caring? Wow.

  109. Matty, ask Carp, he’ll go on and on…all I know is, he is the most (say this every time) amazing, underrated, under appreciated, caring, giving, loving, hard working ex or current player I’ve ever known or heard of.

    yes, I am on the Gravey train….so sue me. The man ROCKS!!!

    Matty, the deal with Anthony is, he missed him the first time, left a message. Called back, got the wife. Called back, finally got Anthony….

    Saint Adam

  110. Atta boy, Staal.

    Tiki, did you sleep OK after rooting for the Bruins last night? :)

    NYR, Graves in his prime would definitely be the best player on this team (except possibly for the goalkeeper) … he’d be the captain and the first-line winger they don’t have, and he’d help fix the PP, the PK and the softness issues too.

  111. The best person I have ever met, mama. not just among athletes. Including family members and friends. The Best.

  112. Wish someone would tell some of these hackers on the municipal courses to speed it up. Last summer I was behind four 25 handicappers who lined up putts all afternoon like they were in contention at the US Open.

  113. One time a guy introduced Adam to his kid. Was going on and on about how junior led his team in goals and blah-blah, and Adam cut him off and said to the kid, “more importantly, how are your grades?” Cracked me up.

  114. I think it’s an absolute joke of a disgrace that that poor 14-year-old kid was assessed a penalty for slow play when no PGA Tour player has been assessed one in like 15 years, and when Tiger and the other privileged ratings-drivers can take as much time as they need on every single shot.

    Let’s see if the golf media has the onions to call out the governing bodies on this travesty. I doubt it.

  115. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Thanks for telling me, Mama. That is amazing. I expect it from HIM, but it’s amazing.

  116. SufferingSince79 on

    Carp, not saying Graves wouldn’t be exactly that but “the captain they don’t have.” Callahan not a good captain in your view?

  117. Carp,,, Vibin on Gravy. Came to a youth Hockey camp camp on SI several years ago. He was unbelievable with the kids, great with the parents as well. The Anti-AROD. Genuine, patient, modest…..a real role model. My favorite all time Ranger.

  118. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carp, you may have heard this before. For the sake of others, my son was 18. We talked with him for over two and a half hours at dinner. He asked all kinds of questions about my son’s favorite things to do, his siblings, grandparents, talked about himself. When we were leaving, he pulls my son away, puts his arm around him and says, “hockey is great, it’s a great distraction. Life is all about family. Make sure to stay close to your brother (name), sister (name), and your parents and grandparents. There is nothing like family.”

    Amazing words from a role model. Amazing.

  119. No prob Matty….again, don’t mean to gush but (as Carp obviously agrees) he is an awesome man/sports player/hero when there are so few in this world…

    Carp…hahahahaha! Talk to Sam….that is bull carcillo!

  120. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    He told some great Tikkanen and other player stories, too. Very cool. Beyond modest. Even when he scored 50 it was because “we had a bunch of great passers on the team and I was just lucky”.

  121. Not in a million years would they put Woods on the clock, never mind assessing him a stroke penalty. They’ve put a few lesser lights on the clock in recent years, but not enforced the penalty. Blatant hypocrisy.

  122. Absolutely, Carp re: Graves.

    And, Guan’s penalty is an example of the oligarchs that control the rules of pro golf. Too many damn rules.

    But, man, that kid is special. Luckily he made the cut…

  123. I’ve played with hookers and hooters who shot 120 and so long as they keep moving, not a problem for the people behind. Courtesy rules!

  124. Matty, “meritocracy is conferred by hard work etc.,unadulterated babble!

    The discussion and ensuing comment was with respect to Ivy league schools.

    Since you did not deign to read the article I might also suggest you partake of a mental laxative counseling session. The end of the lead should fit snugly in your ear given the width of your brain is wider than the depth!

    Please include in your much needed therapy the “Suffering” fellow who is apparently a long lost in the broadest sense of the word lost of Joe McCarthy!

  125. One of the kids at the camp asked him who his favorite teammate was and he said without hesitation, “my father and mother”. Went on to talk about how proud he was of his parents and hoes appreciative he was of the sacrifices they made for their children. Finished by saying that Mess, Leetch and Ricky weren’t too hard to play with either.

  126. not saying Callahan’s not a good captain. Graves would have been a great captain if he didn’t play most of his career with the guy who took No. 11 from him in New York.

  127. Remember when Carl Peterson was assessed a 2 stoke penalty at Kiawah in the PGA Championship for “moving a lose impediment in a hazard”? All he did was swing his golf club and a leaf fluttered…

    He found out like 3 holes later that he had a 2 stoke penalty after like an hour of video review by the PGA -officials- clowns…

  128. All bow your heads and thank Carp….he’s got a tough day Saturday….lots of work in the hated Mausoleum, while missing/keeping up with Masters….

    Me, I want the 14-year-old, Lefty or Furyk to win….NO TIGER!

  129. wow!!! Columbus up 4-1, AA and Gaborik with goals. I’m not looking forward in seeing Columbus in the rangers division next year. Columbus will be better than the rangers next year, makes me sick to my stomach.

  130. Lefty and the kid aren’t winning, Mama.

    NYR, dumbest rule ever in any sport … you can’t move your ball out of a divot. So you hit a dead perfect drive and you are penalized because some asshat didn’t replace the divot. How would it hurt the game to allow the player a free drop from a divot? None. Freakin’ dandruff-covered fossils.

  131. Golf is the only sport in the world that I know of where you are expected to call a penalty on yourself.

  132. Carp, make sure you pass on the Gravey bonehead love next time you see him :)

    Me, I gotta go….niters all.

  133. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Nonsense, I am not going anywhere near that on a hockey blog site except to say that having been denied a dance partner your need to abase my impression without being cognizant of what it is, is truly irresponsible.

    Now on to hockey.

  134. double wicky

    Coos…two excellent life lessons from sports.

    Carp…LMAO! my new insult du jour

    Freakin’ dandruff-covered fossils

  135. I do remember when Dale Murphy (center fielder for Atlanta) trapped a fly ball and the umpire called it a catch. Murphy went to the ump and said he had trapped it. Never happened before, never since. I don’t recall what the final ruling was, but I seem to remember the ump’s ruling stood because there were men on base.

  136. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Anderson, in the meantime could be the Vezina winner despite all the lost time. He is pretty darn good.

  137. SufferingSince79 on

    Comnsns…forgot to thank you for the Times reference, they’re clearly unbiased over there. Went to an Ivy League school. When my entitled friends and I weren’t perpetuating the machine of entitlement, we were going to class, playing sports, sleeping, drinking, trying to hook up and pretty much all the other things kids do at college. It wasn’t quite as evil as you make out. But, no I must be lost. Trying to focus on something other than political pontificating here. What’s up next, your thoughts about religion?

  138. Coos, When I was kid I worked one summer at a local course in SI. One morning we were raking the traps and changing the holes when out of the blue, i hear a loud pop and shattering glass. my partner, who was about to get in the truck, took a direct hit to the noggin. the ball bounced off his head and shattered a window of the truck. The rest of the summer, I had serious jitters anytime I worked around the greens.

  139. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Ah, Chico, you have to laugh….”another bad break for the Devils”…and just how many unanswered pansification PP’s do they have tonight?

    A flubbed 5 on 3 for 1:45?? and a couple of others? Lets be serious.

  140. Papa – Golf can be hazardous duty. Especially places like Putnam CC with parallel fairways. Dizzy partner of mine once put one in a crowded swimming pool one day at Lake Isle.

  141. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Suffering, same here. And while a good number of my pals had wealth, the overwhelming majority that I knew were there from modest backgrounds on scholarship. So, what’s his point?

    Anyway, hockey…………

  142. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Supposedly, Karlsson is skating. If Spezza comes back, this Ottowa team is pretty good. I am not so sure they sink much more.

  143. Gentlemen, songsters, off on a spree,
    Doomed from here to eternity.
    Lord! Have mercy on such as we,
    Baa! Baa! Baa!

  144. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Patrik Elias at $6M may be one of LouLam’s worst signings. He’s an accessory player. Clearly can’t create. He is two way, but there are better two way players for that price.

  145. For whatever it’s worth, I went to an Ivy League school as an undergraduate, and I worked my butt off and then went to an Ivy League graduate school, and I worked my butt off there too. My parents sacrificed a ton so I could do the former, and I took out loans so I could do the latter. Outside of that, nobody gave me anything. There was no “networking” through either school involved in me getting my first job, or starting my own business. And I have dozens of friends who also went into medicine, teaching, the law, and journalism. And we all worked our butts off. So maybe we shouldn’t generalize.

  146. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I’ve kind of gone from happiness at watching the demise of the Devils to a little sadness, too. The playoffs are so much better watching them lose.

    And, if they don’t make it, you know LouLam makes some great picks. Oh and he does have picks in the upcoming draft. A boat load of them.

  147. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Oh, Peter, your last name isn’t Bush or Kennedy? No house in Kennebunkport?

    But, everyone in every Ivy lives like that, don’t they?

  148. Watching the Devils lose in the playoffs is excellent Matty, but so is them missing out. I’m giddy either way. Lou is going to have to make some good picks..

  149. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Latona, there isn’t a player earning over $4M I wouldn’t rather have than Richards.

  150. Chico all night… ” and the officials missed another one”. Geeeez, what a whiner.

  151. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Unless they’re mathematically eliminated, they always have life. They worked hard tonight. They just lack the talent. Loss of Parise and the injury to Kovie has been a lot to overcome.

  152. SufferingSince79 on

    Might have missed this earlier but anyone see the great 8 GM debate on today? Sather received 2 votes.|NHL|home. And the winner is…

    1. Ken Holland (5 first-place votes) — 74 points
    2. Lou Lamoriello (2) — 59
    3. Peter Chiarelli — 43
    4. David Poile (1) — 38
    5. Ray Shero (1) — 35
    6. Dean Lombardi (1) — 29
    7. Don Maloney — 21
    8. Doug Armstrong — 15

  153. Yeah, I saw that, Suffering. Wonder what morons were behind those two votes. Holland deserved to win, IMO.

  154. paul mclean in ottawa should be coach of the year. how they win playing with bunch of no names i have no idea

  155. coos, I’ve dodged a few at Putnam, seen the pool get scared by a stray shot at Lake Isle … ditto on the parallel fairways at Hubbard Heights in Stamford and for the pool on the back nine at Rye GC. LMAO.

  156. can he finish in the top four or five in his conference before we give Teddy Roosevelt an award? Why not Capuano if we’re giving it to MacLean?

  157. eric, their goaltenders have had excellent seasons; Anderson, Bishop, and Lehner have all been outstanding. Interesting that you give MacLean credit for that, though, considering how Lundqvist winning games in a similar way in NY is grounds for Tort to go.

    Not saying you’re someone who says that, though, and I agree with you that MacLean is doing a great job.

  158. Carp, I think MacLean is doing a better job than you give him credit for but not as good a job as other people give him credit for. Capuano has a mostly intact roster. Ottawa is missing its two best players, and has missed numerous others for significant portions of the season.

  159. dont look now if wings lose in regulation columbus a point back. if i have to see gabby in playoffs with arty and dubi without us so help me god.

    i hope columbus loses out

  160. In the early 20th Century, the President of Harvard called for the abolishment of football because he learned that the offense’s strategy was to attack the weakest link of the defense. He was also quoted as saying that, in baseball, “the curve ball is thrown with the deliberate attempt to deceive. Surely this is not something we want to foster at Harvard.” He was vigorously shouted down by generous alumni
    donors and he quickly dropped the issue. LLOL

  161. SufferingSince79 on

    Latona…voting breakdown at bottom. Dan Rosen from only one who admitted voting for Sather. 7th place. Yikes.

  162. Sam is fading a bit or needs a new prescription. He’s been calling the wrong names on some plays lately.

  163. so it’s starting to look like the jets and rangers will fight for the 8th spot. By the time the rangers meet the devils at the end of the season they should have Kovalchuk back and the devils will be playing for one thing, to knock the rangers out of a playoff spot.

  164. What is a better Gang Starr album: _Hard to Earn_ or _Moment of Truth_

    Don’t hold back guys. Really fight it out…

  165. that would be ironic, rangers don’t make the playoffs and the bluejackets make the playoffs. Nash wanted out of Columbus, wanted to go to rangers, jackets get better and the rangers get worse, can’t make this stuff up.

  166. Waiting to hear the Micheletti fallout over his repeated cryptic Boyle sleeplessness remarks.

  167. I bet the Oilers pass on the pick anyways. As do the Flames. If MacKinnon and Drouin go above Jones, and the Devils roll in at 3. Haha. Could you imagine. Luckily there will be plenty of picks before the Devils.

  168. Well the Rangers did trade a significant chunk of their core to Columbus. We did get a hunk if their core back but they always finished last.

  169. Even if they don’t make it to the playoffs this year, they’ll be much better next year. Especially if Miller, Kreider and McIlrath make the team out of camp and play well. I think if they can re-sign lowe and have Dorsett–this team will be a much better version of last year’s team.

    With that said, I think they’ll make it.

  170. Carp What a freeken waste. Anisimov, Dubinsky, Gaborik & Prospal all not on Tort’s kiss ass list score 4 points to help Columbus defeat the Blues 4-1. Sure could use anyone of these players against the Isles tomorrow. By the way, Keider scored the only goal for the Whale tonite. umm. The irony, doesn’t get any better than this. What a shame, two of our fastest players Miller & Kreider who could open the ice against the Isles staying in Hartford because of this coach’s affinity for playing hardball and having a mental hardon for super stud players WHO WILL NOT ALLOW TO DEVELOPE. YOU DON’T GET BETTER UNLESS YOU PLAY WITH PEOPLE BETTER THAT YOU. THIS EGOMANIAC MUST GO

  171. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I honestly thought McLean early in the season, but if the fishies keep it going, caputo deserves consideration. I honestly think bylsma does a pretty stellar job with that group whiners!!

  172. that makes less than zero sense, lone. But keep on harping on that misguided thought. and he’s not going anywhere.

  173. besides that, the coach loved Anisimov and Prospal, and had a really good relationship with Dubinsky. Absolutely ridiculous to think he is doing anything other than what he thinks is best for those two kids — who, despite the fans’ affinity for prospects until they become NHL players — both were way out of their league (pun) when they were up here.

  174. I think MacLean’s done a fine job, but sixth place in a hacked-off season, and virtually the same record as these mediocre Rangers, I don’t think he’s the slam dunk for coach of the year that people make him out to be.

  175. Lets agree to disagree. That’s what makes this website and our country great. Goodnite all

  176. Stranger Nation on

    tomorrow night is a big game – prob bigger for Fish as they have one game in hand and losing at home will be a heart wrencher after recent run

  177. Carp, “despite the fans’ affinity for prospects until they become NHL players” is probably my favorite thing you’ve ever written.

  178. right? I mean, I understand it … but all these kids in juniors and colleges and the minors are going to be stars. Then they get here, don’t score 30 goals right away, and they’re bums. Like Del Zotto. … Like Anisimov. I can’t understand why some people couldn’t wait to get rid of him. But John Moore, who’s been here five minutes, should be playing as much as Girardi. And Kreider should have been here, and not only that, but playing with Nash and Stepan.

  179. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Although this whole blog is “by” you, according to your subheading.

  180. _the coach loved Anisimov_

    sure he did, Carp… he loved AA so much that he couldn’t wait to demote AA to fourth line on regular basis

  181. additional proof:

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    Evidence of poor play away from the algorithm

  182. Matty, your boobery knows no bounds. What hockey site, I referred you to an article about the Meritocracy myth in the NYT by a Conservative writer!

    Like your pal Suffering you need to respect the “Parachute Theory”, the mind must be open to work as well!

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