Rangers-Maple Leaves in review


I’m not going to go nutso about the shootout today, because I’ve done it to death … and will do it again later on, no doubt, about how stupid it is that the playoff fate of teams, not to mention the jobs of GMs, coaches and players are decided in such a nonsensical contest …

Because this one had a different feel, an extreme level of desperation. That point gained meant everything to the Rangers, and that point, if not gained, could have been disastrous given the previous game on Monday against the Leafs, and given that the Rangers coughed up a third-period lead.


1) “It’s humongous,” said Ryan McDonagh. “It’s a totally different atmosphere in here for us if we don’t get that. You could kind of sense that it was a little different type of shootout this time around.” You can see my game story around that quote here.

2) Mats Zuccarello. Good for him. The guy’s been a much better player this time around than the one the Rangers let walk away after last season … but he hadn’t scored. John Tortorella even brought it up before the game, that he had failed in his specialty, the shootout, last time he had a chance. But that goal he scored this time … he showed so much patience to wait for James Reimer to open up. Wow. I really wonder if they will re-sign him.

3) Henrik Lundqvist. The guy was left on an island by his teammates in Toronto. He had been great against Winnipeg and Pittsburgh (twice) and at his best in Carolina, getting the Rangers two points they didn’t deserve, and now he has won this critical shootout with two great saves and a move to force another chance to go wide. The Rangers are 4-1-1 in six, and he is why.

4) Brad Richards. Oof. It’s tough to watch as he struggles to skate, to stay on his feet, as he spins from hits and throws the puck away. Ironically,  his blind drop pass to nobody led to the momentum swing, because it led to Michael Del Zotto’s penalty, which led to a good kill that got the Garden cheering, and a momentum swing. But Richards, man. At least when we saw Chris Drury decline this quickly, he would win a draw, kill a penalty, block a shot or take a hit to move the puck.

5) They were promoting the Steven McDonald Extra Effort award at MSG last night and, well, let’s just say there probably aren’t going to be as many candidates as there were last year.

6) Carl Hagelin finally scored. This guy’s really important to the Rangers, because he adds so much to the forecheck and he backs off defensemen. His goal had nothing to do with speed, but he needs to pop one once in a while, too. His first in 11 was huge.

7) McMonster nearly separated his shoulder celebrating his goal (see photo). Nice Brian Leetch-like move. McDonagh and Girardi are better together than separated. (and IMO better together than Girardi and Marc Staal). But to put them back together with Staal still out put more on the other guys, and I thought Steve Eminger and Anton Stralman both stepped up.

8) Girardi gets a pass for that fumbled puck at the blue line, at least from me, at least until I see a better replay. Garden ice, third period, etc. I thought he was much better too – couldn’t have been much worse than he was Monday. Ditto Michael Del Zotto.

9) The MSG video board was showing a thing about the GAG Line, which prompted a couple of sarcastic remarks in the pressbox (that’s what we do during games, you know). First, “Goal-a-game? That’s what the Rangers get. They’re a GAG Team.” Second, “If Torts was coaching in 1971-72, how many games would the GAG Line have played together before he broke them up?”

10) Saw Mattias Norstrom after the game, visiting with Hagelin and Lundqvist. What a good guy. What a horrible, horrible, horrible trade.

11) Islanders vs Boston tonight. I imagine you’re big Bruins fans, right?

12) Don’t know how much effect the Ryane Clowe fight had on turning the game around, but it’s probably more than coincidence that it came right after Phil Kessel’s first goal, and that the Rangers got better eventually, though certainly not immediately.

13) I heard that Dave Maloney, Brian Leetch and Al Trautwig had a good laugh at my expence for my face time on MSG Network during the media lockerroom scrum around Hagelin, huh? Does anybody have a link? I don’t want to exact revenge without seeing it first (just kidding, I could never be mad at any of those guys).

14) Looking still like a Live Chat Friday at noon, which should be interesting timing heading into the Island, where I hope to not get my car totaled and cheat death again. I will promote it as we go, on here and via twitter. Oh, and check out the new toy on this blog: Photo galleries (in the thread below).

My Three Rangers Stars:

1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Carl Hagelin.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
Mrs. Gibson: (see’s Ralph’s suitcase) “What is that, your lunch box?”
1. Henrik-again. Some incredible saves.
2. Hagelin.
3. Boyle-hoping a star will get ya going!
HM-me…for quoting Mrs. Gibson instead of mentioning Brad Richards’ play in general and blind passes in particular!
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:

1. Henrik Lundqvist (25.81%).
2. Mats Zuccarello (19.35%).
3. Carl Hagelin (17.2%).

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  1. Good morning, boneheads!

    They found the way to win this one. A month ago this team would’ve lost. Yes, they didn’t get better right after his fight, but Ryanne Clowe did exactly what Prust has done last year- he got on the ice and went straight to his target- didn’t care about the play, or the puck. He wanted to fight. This team needed it. I believe it did turn this game around.

  2. Stranger Nation on

    Nice that someone named Nash or Step didnt have to score to get a W, well some version of a W

    Cally with same SO move again – ha!

    thought Em had his best game in a while

    was it MDZ pk, Clowe fight, or less Richards TOI that led to better play?

    probably all the above….

    Big game Saturday night!! Hank will be rested.

    Is there really no game til Saturday, jeez..we definitely need a Charp, the new MSG hand model.

  3. the only suspense in the third was how long it would take the Rangers to give back that beautiful McDonagh goal…and would have placed my money on an odd man rush. That aside, much better around their own net, and better on the forecheck, when they got it going later in the second. Still a work in progress, but I think they have a good core for next season. Not planning on going far into the playoffs this season. Too bad, Henrik is performing amazing feats to keep them in the race.

  4. Admiral Akbar on


    Here’s what happened for point #13:

    Regarding your locker room interview of Hagelin, Trautwig said, “Wow, it must be tough being Rick Carpiniello having to interview Karl Hagelin with your arm stuck out like this the whole time!” And Trautwig stuck out his left arm sideways extended from his body towards Leetch holding a microphone as if trying to interview Leetch through throngs of people. Leetch, Maloney, and Trautwig then shared a good-natured laugh…

    At YOUR expense! ;)

    Great write up as always, I don’t think there’s an American journalist that understands hockey and a team as well as you do.

  5. Rick this is for you…my Toronto friend wants to know why go go with “Leaves”…assume just for fun?

  6. Sioux-per-man on

    Huge win! Nice to see Zucc win a game for the team!!!

    Islander game is going to be good one!

    Carp do you really think they will buy out Richards if he continues to play this poorly?

  7. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Nice win. Perhaps we have a huge bean toss on Saturday after the game?

  8. …………”and a little child shall lead them”

    One more time on the shoot out, the big scorers
    swooped wide and then tried to stuff it in the left corner…..
    but the little man, in his wisdom, darted like a hornet and put it in the yawning 5 hole. Finis.

  9. I think they will give Richards a Mulligan over this season but if it continues into next season then….chop, sayonara Richie

  10. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, I turn to the guy who bought seats next to me in the second period last night. You know, Rangers ‘Hatfield’ jersey, 1994 hat, beer in hand (by then, his 4th) and he says:

    “is it always this quiet in here???”

  11. survive and advance to the next one. wasnt pretty by any strecth but all that matter is results right about now. at times last night the garden was so quiet its truly amazing how since the new renovations this place is a shell of itself.

    that said the ranger starts need to be better and immediately for sat night game.

    on to the island. tonight scoreboard watching.

  12. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    A couple of things I have to add to the above:

    1. It was quiet in MSG until 6 minutes to go, a futile “Let’s Go Rangers” chant that never took hold. Then at 3:32, a better one. Even in OT, it was an occasional chant, but periods of dead silence in this, an Eric “must win” game.

    2. Brian Boyle?? Anyone that could not tell, he was for real last night!! No, he didn’t get his name in the stats. He didn’t score. But, away from the puck, he drew penalties, had hard drives to the net, and had shots on goal. He handled the PK well, was what seemed to be the only center that won key face-offs. And I will guarantee that no matter which defenseman it is, they KNOW they played a charged up guy in Boyle, last night. Reimer? He may have nightmares about him.

    3. Reimer? The quality difference between him and Hank was so obvious. This guy, now, twice, played us well by flopping, flailing, and praying. For those that needed it, he was undressed by Zuccarello in the SO, and the other two were “OMG…hit the ice, close my eyes, stick out my long legs and pray”.

    4. Nash? Everyone’s entitled, but these next few days, I hope he rests up. Had no impact last night. None.

    5. Well said on Richards.

    6. Finally, Clowe. Did his ‘fight’ really wake up the team? He sure is slow afoot. But he sees the ice really well and plays with smarts. He is a good player, not worth more than, at this point in his career, IF this is what he’s got, more than $3.75-$4.0 per. He probably will slow down more, and 3 years is pushing it.

    MY POINT IS THIS: If Sather spent 3 draft picks on him (and, no, I don’t see us winning two rounds, so the 3rd, conditional one should be lesser), he either weakened our future for a ‘rental’. Or he is waiting so long he will be forced to sign him for more or longer, either which could really backfire. I realize it would have been a huge loss to the team not to make the PO’s, but this was a big risk. And it may backfire unless he can get a realistic price.

  13. Good morning, Sally!

    Matty, thanks for that about the noise level. I thought i was going deaf. Now I know it was just silence.

  14. Cross Check Charlie on

    Matty, are you always this negative after a win? Holy smokes. I don’t know what to say when you can’t even enjoy the wins.

  15. Stranger Nation on

    BTW – Clowe did look SLOWE last nigth
    If they let Richards play next year, at this point, that may be the BIGGEST mistake of Slats/Torts regime. He is done, finis, kaput, stick a fork in him…
    MSG – where aging undersized centers go to retire, oy vey

  16. I dont know who kidnapped the real Dan Giradi but was putrid last night. I got a feeling he is playing hurt. It was a big 2 points. Thanks to the skills competition we got it. I was glad to see in the two games we could hang with the Leafs (did I just type that) and I think we are indeed a bit better than them if we can cut out he cataclysmic defensive breakdowns that lead to goals.

    Also, it would be nice to see our Defenseman not be cleared from our own crease by JVR and company, This team needs Marc Staal back in the worst way.

    Also, Boyle and Girardi on the PP equals a whopping ZERO PP goals and have amassed a total of 3 PP points combined for the entire season and we wonder why the PP is abysmal. Yet Torts, trots them out there night after night giving me an ulcer.

  17. Great write-up as always Carp. Nice bounce back game. Regarding #1 was McDonagh channeling his inner Bryz?

    Regarding #5, see #3.

    Regarding #10, I second that.

  18. BK, yes, it’s all for laughs and giggles. Plural of leaf is leaves. And, yes, I understand from where the nickname comes. Don’t take too much of what I say seriously.

    Did you guys like the new photo gallery toy we have here at the new blog format? Scroll down one thread to check it out.

  19. Regarding the skills competition: Why don’t the double the 4 on 4 overtime to 10 minutes. Less shootouts=better product.

  20. Morning everyone, Lucky socks worked!!!

    Something I can’t shake the last few days but some games it looks like our guys can’t field a pass cleanly in order to break the d-zone. While the other team uses clean crisp one touch passing and gets by our paltry attempts to pin them in.

    There were stretches of this last night. Overall was a very high tension game to watch. We played pretty well for stretches and had stretches where it looked like that old child hood game of keep away

  21. It’s called lack of skill, Draxen. Happens when one of your top three players declines at a massive rate and the other one is traded for a third-liner, a prospect and an injured goon.

  22. Carp I was there last night and it was loud at times. I can only speak for myself when I say that I was scared silent for most of the third period.

    Overall a good effort for the boys. And yes Carp, I’m a big B’s fan tonight, just as I was last night. Somebody needs to put these Islanders in their place.

  23. Romeo, I think the feeling is that it’s too taxing for the athletes to play two more shifts each. Hogwash, of course. And in terms of time, the shootout lasts just as long because they zamboni the ice before it. I guess you could argue that after an entire third period and five minutes of OT, the ice would need to be resurfaced to continue.

    But I think it’s the simpleton theory that people don’t want ties, so let’s get it untied asap.

  24. If Richards is going to dress he needs to see less ice time…especially late in games. Not sure why he was out there late in 3rd and in OT…he is a defensive liability and the Rangers usally get hemmed in thier own zone when he is out there. Think the stretch where Rangers held Leafs to no shots for 20 minutes coincided with Richards missing shifts.

  25. I recognize the importance of depth. That said, if the real trade and cap spave involved was actually Gabby for Clowe, that was not a good trade. Tortorella really needed to work with and get along with Gaborik and he didn’t which clearly compounded the players’ scoring woes. I wasn’t there but looks like rather than being supportive Torts felt what Gabby really needed was a kick in the pants. Not so.

  26. Good morning all! fran!!!!

    Admiral, thanks for the info on #13…dang I’m sorry I missed that!

    a win is a win….I’ll take it no matter what.

  27. A win is 2pts even if it is via the bcathge. Lets hope we can do it in regulation on Saturday and not give Brooklyn the Bettman bonus point

  28. I liked the photo gallery. Unfortunately I wasn’t awake at 2:30AM to be able to see it. Especially how uninterested Clowe looks in the fight that is actually going on. He’s just kind of staring into space.

  29. Agree with you (on many points) Matty. Vibin’

    Boyle was what we expect from Boyle last night. If he plays like that he will pop a few in.

    Interesting that both Stepan and Hagelin said that goals come from “luck” and later used the term “lucky bounces” to speak about their goals. Really shows how a talented guy can get lost in this system and how the middle of the road, grind guys can excel. I’m not knocking anyone here. Just pointing out that even McBust claimed his goal was luck.

  30. Cross Check Charlie on

    McBust’s goal wasn’t luck. It was because there was somebody in front screening the goalie and the goalie never saw it. If that’s luck then I wish they would get lucky more often.

  31. In regards to OT, I thought I read (or heard) that one plan is to have the teams switch ends so that the teams have “the long change”. IIRC, the rationale is that the long change might play an impact in shaking loose an OT goal and limiting the number of BATCRAPS (a literary license to brighten Carp’s day).

    One other thing, could the Rangers PLEASE play man-to-man in overtime because I nearly had a stroke watching them chase the Leaves around in the defensive zone.

  32. Stranger Nation on

    We can bemoan the Gabby trade all we want – did we get enough value from him, probably not, but time will tell as with all trades. It was NOT a Clowe for Gabby deal by any stretch, it was a no-Gabby, Bros-hard, Tony Doresett, and Dennis Moore for Gabby and some minor leaguers. That is still not enough for Gabby, but the guy was playing like damaged goods so let’s not believe he was being very productive here this season.

    Is Bros-hard gets 2nd line center minutes, he can be effective IMHO, Moore has shown deft puck handling and skating, but has yet to win Tortle’s confidence in his own end to get more TOI and Dorsett will be a Garden favorite for years. He and Clowe are a huge upgrade over Rupp, Prust, and Bickel for grind and jam, you know, what we were missing with all the flyweights (Powe) and stiffs (Pie-hat) on the ice this season.

    Clowe for 2 picks is another question of why didn’t we expand the deal to include Murray and send Ass-ham and another asset back back (the Sharks ended up trading for Rafi Torres to replace Clowe)

    Let s not forget we have The Kreider and Miller Time in Hartford gaining valuable TOI in a PO run – much better for their development than getting 5-8 mins a game and feeling Torts’ glare on the back of their necks.

  33. I was posting scared last night and hence didn’t come out prepared to post. It is on me and I hold myself accountable for it.

  34. Czechthemout!!! on

    All players say when asked to describe their goals that it is lucky. I have heard the same thing from players in my 35+ years of watching this game. There is nothing here that is news worthy. It is standard hockey player speak. Hockey players are humble creatures.

  35. You make your own luck – Hags goal was down to hard work and forechecking by him and Asham and making sure it resulted in a shot on goal not just slinging it around the boards for 30 seconds before giving it away.
    Mack’s goal was down to a Leetch-like skill move and a great Cally screen plus a laser into the top corner.

  36. Looking over at the Twitter widget to our right, I noticed that Asham is talking trash to Scotty Hockey. Now, I realize Scotty Hockey is a piece of Carcillo, but I don’t think Asham should be tweeting trash talk to a fan, especially when he should be more worried about winning games and making a difference on the ice.

    I’d say that maybe it’s all sarcasm, but I highly doubt Scotty Hockey is great friends with a Ranger player.

    Also, loved the McD goal (and quote… love this guy). And Carp, couldn’t agree more with your opening paragraphs.

  37. When Sam said they are looking for secondary scoring from Brad Richards I knew it was over for Bucky Beaver. When you need secondary scoring from a guy who has a Seven year 6.66 million cap hit it screams amnesty in the off season. I think the devil is in the details of that contract if you get my drift.

  38. Boyle’s having sleeping problems? Well, if he plays like that every game with no rest, keep him awake until July!

  39. Scotty Hockey is a dope, the kid actually wears a ranger jersey that says Scotty hockey. I’m glad Asham lit him up, the guy is a nincompoop.

  40. Sounds like someone I would be happy that Asham made fun of. Also sounds like someone that would be honored to get the press that Asham is giving him by teasing him (probably in good nature).

    I hope Asham turns up the agitation and grit somewhere. If it’s on Twitter so be it. Maybe next time he will turn it up on the ice.

  41. Richards needs to be bought out this off season. Training camp is not going to magically turn him into the player he use to be, it isn’t happening. Richards is bringing this team down, he is part of the problem. Girardi last year played great, years before last wasn’t impressed with girardi. It appears last year was a one hit wonder. I’m not sure how much girardi is going to want in free agency but he isn’t worth much more than what he is getting now.

  42. Carp – please point to one player, coach or GM who has lost his job because of the shootout since its inception seven years ago. Seven years, 30 teams, it should be easy.

    I’m guessing you can’t substantiate that claim, which calls into question your whole train of thought around the shootout. You constantly bemoan the negative tone of this blog yet complain about the shootout ~20 times a season.

  43. Hagelin is a heat seeking missile…if he was 2 inches taller and 20 pounds heavier, he’d be a perennial all-star, like the rest of us

  44. Love Girardi of course, but he has had a couple of brutal games lately. And why dos he get any PP time? Maybe rest him during PP = a little less burnout? Eminger has really picked up his game and is a lot less horrifying and becoming passable as a #6. I bet he gets that slot when Staal gets back. And why does Richards end up on his knees every other second….even when he shoots? Brassard needs to play with skilled wingers, and Richards’ offensive game has disappeared, so let him play with defensively sound linemates and give Brassard some weapons please. Last, Asham got more ice than Pyatt which is how it should be.

  45. JJP – I don’t want to speak for Carp here, but IMO the shootout is detrimental to the whole sport. Keeping your job as a coach, player, or GM is about WINNING. The shootout is a joke, a gimmick, and it’s not fair for a person’s performance on or off the ice to be judged by a gimmick. It would be like having a home run derby after the 9th inning of a baseball game. That’s no way to decide a hard fought game, and that’s certainly no way to judge an individual performance during the real game just because they didn’t score in the extracurricular activity. Unfortunately, the way the sports business is, players/coaches/GMs get judged even in these gimmicks. Did this make sense? I might need more coffee.

  46. why do folks come on here just to take potshots at Carp? We should be thanking him for this outlet to act like idiots…if it wasn;t for this second home, alot of us would be out in the real world yelling at the girl at the check out counter or the guy next to us on the bus that is taking up 1.5 seats. Don’t bite the hand that feeds us all.

  47. Yeah Carp…that shootout thingy you keep kvetching about…yeah I think it’s time to get over it and accept it as part of the game because you know…it’s part of the game :)

  48. To follow up on Yergs’ point about the shootout: This blog can really show us how people only care about winning. If the Maple Leafs had won the skills contest by some miracle last night, and the Rangers had thus lost, this place would be going nuts right now. Hundreds of posts before noon calling for Tort to be fired for reasons like, “he couldn’t inspire the team” or he, “lost the -locker- dressing room.”

    From that tiny example we can see how everyone, including the front offices, overreact to losing a game in the skills contest. As Yergs said, in the end, it’s all about winning and putting points up in the column. Many people, fans and front offices alike, don’t care _how_ that is done. They just care that it *is* done.

  49. Buttman at his best, boy I despise that little carcillo. This is the little penguins way of having parity in the nhl, puke.

  50. The argument you guys are making is that its a gimmick and costs jobs, yet its been a part of the game for seven years, something every kid who plays hockey does on the ice and you can’t actually point to anyone who’s lost their job.

    The ultimate impact in the standings is de minimus. Each year one to two teams on the bubble for the playoffs would swap out if ties were used instead of shootouts. Plus the differential between 8th and 9th place is usually 2 points. There are a hundred plays you could look at during a season that ‘result’ in 2 lost points, someone falls, a puck goes off a skate, etc.

    To say that shootouts somehow change the outcome without any sort of analysis is faulty logic.

  51. Sioux-per-man on

    What . . . . . . when one of your top three players declines at a massive rate and the other one is traded for a third-liner, a prospect and an injured goon.

    Dont forget the 6th round pick, might be a “Clowe” 7 years down the road.

  52. Doodis Machetto on

    Carp, that goal was on Girardi. Fumbled a pretty simple pass from Asham.

    Also, almost any other skater in the league breaking down as the open man and McDonagh could have chased him down. It just had to be Kessel.

    I’d say Toronto has just about locked up the 5 spot.

    The way I see it, the only spots up for grabs in the east are 2/4 between Boston and Montreal, 3 between Winnipeg and the Caps, but I think the Caps are going to pull away very shortly, 6/7/8 between Ottawa, NYI, and NYR, and the 8 spot for Winnipeg/Washington/the worst of the 6/7/8 battle. All other teams, including NJD are out.

    Good thing they gave up that draft pick when it was #29 in a shallow draft and not when it was 14 or lower in a deep draft, and potentially #1.

  53. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    One could argue that there’s a certain amount of luck involved in any favorable outcome. I mean, if the puck deflected a foot left or right from Hagelin, he doesn’t score. You have to put yourself in the position of highest probably of scoring, but a few things have to go right after that.

  54. So you thought it was totally fair for the Rangers to not make the playoffs a few years ago (I don’t remember the exact year) because they lost to the Flyers in a shootout?

    Nobody has every directly said that we are trading/firing this person because of poor shootout performance, but “winning” in a shootout distorts the W/L column and in turn distorts personnel decision making.

    Also, kids like to reenact the “flying V” from the Might Ducks movies, do you think players should start doing that just because they imitate it in their little pick-up games? Maybe players should start wearing sneakers instead of skates?

    The “hundred plays” you mention… it’s called HOCKEY. That’s what should decide a game, a win or a loss, and job security, not what essentially is a skills competition.

  55. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    _One other thing, could the Rangers PLEASE play man-to-man in overtime because I nearly had a stroke watching them chase the Leaves around in the defensive zone_

    This also seems to be their strategy on the Subban. It seems like they run around and switch off more this year.

  56. Just catching up – still laughing at Matty Nash’s comment that Riemer would be having nightmares of Boyle. I hope you have a subtler sense of humor than I do… Sure, he drove the net and played well around the ice but…. nightmares from a player with exactly how many goals on the season?

    Disagree around Clowe as well – guy wins battles on the boards and his positioning will get him goals. He wears a game-face which, after watching players like Pyatt “coast”, is also appreciated.

    AWESOME to see them take that point and hope the Garden starts to wake-up – the concourse heading in was rowdier than the game atmosphere.

  57. Torts needs to play McD on the PP more than he plays MDZ
    Boyle BR Clowe
    Hags Step Nash
    Cally Brass Zucc
    AShem Newbury Haley/Powe

  58. Rob in Beantown on

    I don’t love the shootout, but like it or not, its part of the NHL in 2013. It’s codified in the rules of the game that every team agrees to play by. Yes, it was totally fair for the Rangers to miss the playoffs a few years ago because of a shootout because everybody knew the rules ahead of time. If the Rangers had won that shootout it’d be a moot point. If they had somehow gotten a point somewhere else during the season it’d be a moot point too. Play well during the regular season and amass a lot of points and you won’t have to worry about the teams getting bonus points. Win shootouts and you’re better off than the teams that don’t. I bet the effect of the shootout on the standings over a regular 82 game season is a wash anyway, so I doubt it has much effect on personnel and decision-making, aside from the fact that GMs and coaches know they need to construct teams for the shootouts. So yeah, I don’t like the shootout, but it’s silly to pretend GMs or coaches are blindsided by them.

  59. Don’t even bring that up, Yergs! That was the worst day of my life. Stupid Phlyers. Stupid shootout.

  60. My poor Rangers hat took a lot of abuse on that day, Yergs. Many a good Rangers logo was trampled in my home.

  61. well, i’ve been riding bikes since the 80’s, served my country, held a steady job for 30 plus years. dont know if i qualify as a gutter / crust punk .

  62. Dorsett is a goon?? A year removed from a 12 goal season, seems like that non-goon like stats. I’m sure he will take the place of Prust just fine.

    Great win, too bad the momentum will be gone by Saturday.

  63. If you can’t get enough points in 82 games season to make playoffs then you probably don’t deserve to be in playoffs.

    And that loss to the Flys is all on Torts anyway for chosing nostrils with season on the line.

  64. Why, why, why was Richards on the ice in the final seconds of OT. Basically 4 on 3.
    Carp, couldn’t agree more on the Nordstrom ‘trade’. Ranks right up there with the infamous Middleton for Hodge fiasco.

  65. Stranger Nation on

    As far as shootout – why not have NO ties and make it winner take all with 5 shooters if it is part of game – the 3 pt BS is what really ruins it

  66. I agree with the MORE MOORE sentiment. That kid can really, really skate. And he hits the net. So what’s the problem?

  67. Also, Moore seemed to get the “collapse” concept. He was always around the net and not really out of position. He also attempts to take the man when necessary.

  68. Morning Carp & All! Nice write up, as usual. It was good to see out little Italian mouse finally put the cannoli in the oven, so to speak. He is a feisty, fearless little guy! I loved seeing him call Phaneuf the P-word. He has some set, which is what this team desperately needs. It will be a good one out on Lost Island this weekend. Several years ago I almost got run over by a Mercedes on the ice at the Coliseum. Long story!

  69. Not sure if this was mentioned before bad aperently Boyle has sleeping issues. Maybe we’ve been too hard on a guy who can’t get no sleep and still plays hard…

  70. >>…the 3 pt BS is what really ruins it

    Bingo! It’s interesting that hockey writers choose to harp on the shootout instead of asking the league why some matches are worth more points than others.

  71. what kind of issues ?? i like how they throw that out there and don’t mention another word about it.

  72. Carp you’re tilting at windmills with the shootout issue.

    Pro sports is a business and will use any “tool” at their disposal to in their opinion “increase awareness and excitement”.

    Purists are a dying breed in every aspect of our society,I’ve been railing against the system for years!

  73. richards cannot be on the team next year. it is almost like he makes whoever plays with him become immediately inneffective.

    he has to be amnestied..

    they need at least 1 more ceter for next year I think 2. add kreider and miller as forwards and forwards will be fine…

    the middle is the problem big time..

  74. Micheletti reminiscent of kid on swings at playground: “I know something you don’t know.” Twice.

  75. It may be that the MSG producers, who probably have had this HR type stuff drummed into their heads, are telling these on air guys that because of HIPPA laws you can’t just blurt out peoples medical condition on the air without their consent. I am probably giving these guys too much credit for actually thinking about this, but in this age of PC speak and people litigating over a cup of spilled coffee it would not surprise me.

  76. Yergs Mouth and Manny.

    it is funny you mention Scotty Hockey today who blogs for the rangers. he is a good friend of mine who has had season tickets for 6 years and until the new renovations this year sat 5 rows behind me for the past 5 years. he is the reason I found ranger report and his website is scottyhockey.blogspot.com. all ranger sites in his ranger universe on the lower right hand side.

    very knowledgeable hockey guy who goes all over the world to watch hockey and follow rangers.

    i tend to sit with him when I sell my pair to games sometimes.

    him and asham have been going back and forth for months and the fact that asham responds back is funny as hell.

  77. Richards is like Bambi in the original Disney movie when she wanders onto the ice and her legs splay out in every direction. Talk about a guy falling off a cliff. Yikes! Get him out of here! So it seemed that Torts cut back his minutes dramatically during, I think, the 2nd period, but he puts him on the ice in a critical tie game for the last shift. I’m sorry that makes no freaking sense!

  78. i think girardi game is getting worse do to the fact he is playing tons of minutes and could be fatigued. i mean moore needs some more minutes here because he could skate. also think a guy like girardi suffered during lockout. they need some more balance in ice time for the d man but torts has no trust. we know this about torts he hates playing kids in tight games and playoff races and series. has no trust in there d in the own end. another reason kreider and miller are gone.

  79. Doodis Machetto on

    No, the new blog format is still terrible, but we are all stuck with it, so there is no point in complaining.

    Kind of like how I feel about Clowe.

  80. Thanks for the frame of reference, eric. I assume that Asham bantering around with him on Twitter is an inside, all in good fun, type situation, right?

  81. Carp, your 8;19 post was perfect and so accurate.

    One wonders how many will understand that many of your posts continue to reflect the undying enmity of many for the Sappy personnel team and the MSG suits that have tolerated average for now 13 years!

    The best compliment I can pay you is you are the closest hockey writer to McPeek in my lifetime.

    Keep up the great work even though being hockey’s version of Don Quixote is a frustrating experience,know that your efforts are appreciated.

  82. I think Ribiero is worth a look as an FA Center to replace Richards as long as price not too high. Watched him last time Caps were at MSG, he’s a better player than I thought.

  83. Rob in Beantown on

    Asham seems to have a pretty funny self-aware twitter persona so I assume it’s all in good fun. That’s how I’ve been reading it anyway

  84. If you look at strength of the remaining schedule, the Rangers have the easiest or close to it, the Isles’ is not bad either. Ottawa has the toughest schedule by far (Pittsburgh, Caps twice, Boston and Toronto in there) and given their injuries and the way they are playing Id expect them to actually not make it. The Devils have us twice plus Toronto, Habs and Pitt so I think they are dunzo. The Jets’ schedule is also fairly easy and I think they, the Rangers and Isles will take up spots 6-8 but I have no idea in what order.

    Honestly if the Rangers can’t find a way in with their remaining schedule it means they have no business in the playoffs. They will though.

  85. Boyle lost his sleep over not being able to score

    You know…is what all pure goals scorers go through :)

  86. Hey best friends, I’ve been floating worse than B-Rich in his own zone recently so I’m sure this has come up in the comments, but Brassard all but assures we amnesty, right? If you trust Miller atleast enough to 3C, you can live with Stepan and Brassard on the top 2 lines and you can open up almost $7MM in cap space. No brainer.

  87. it will be hard to evaluate how pittsburgh treats these games down the stretch.. they may not be as difficult as you think with the injuries they have.

    listen i heard tom guliti who covers devils for bergen record on nhl radio this morning and he says the devs just want to get to the last week of the season with those two games in 7 days at MSG with a chance. i agree lets not right off the devs just yet. every time we do they find a way to make us scratch our heads.

    two key things tiebreaker wise as of today

    with ranger win in shootout last night they now trail isles in ROW WINS 17-16 1ST Tiebreaker.

    2. rang 44 pts devs 40 pts 4 back but devs have 13 row wins. so technically the rangers are 5 ahead with the tiebreaker.

  88. It would be interesting to see a stat from the past few years on how teams fighting for a playoff spot do in late season games against established playoff teams vs how they do against non-playoff teams. (CTR?) Wouldn’t surprise me if there wasn’t much difference because often the non-playoff teams play with something to prove while the established ones are already in.

  89. ottawa 0-4 on 7 game road trip at phil tonight at devs tom and at boston on monday. could lose them all. does phil have a pulse tonight?

  90. ThisYearsModel on

    I like that Toronto has about locked up the #5 spot. They will play Montreal. Both are bad matchups for us, so one of the bad matchups will be elimiated. We in on the Island, and things clear up a bit.

  91. Surely the spot to aim for is the #6?
    Then you get the weakest of the division winners? (ie Jets or Craps?)

  92. Caps are not weak right now. In fact, they are horrifying to me. Especially with Staal (the Ovechkin shutdown machine) out.

  93. the best matchup IF THE RANGERS make it(lets not get ahead of ourselves people) is the bruins right now.

    the rangers always play bruins tight in low scoring games. now they may be pushed around the ice by lucic however team speed is what gives the rangers the most problems (toronto montreal and pittsburgh with skid)

    also consider rask never played in series(yet i do believe he is real good)

    and bergeron and marchand now may have concussion issues. bergeron for my money is the best two way center in the game.

  94. I might agree with that, eric. I would take the Bruins over Habs right now. Don’t really want this Caps team with Ovechkin scoring 2+ a night and Holtby playing like vintage Ben Bishop.

  95. bull dog line on

    scared may not have been the right word. how about he coached not to lose. usually when you coach not lose, you lose. very fortunate win.

  96. bull dog line on

    and I see lw3h made a funny again. why hasn’t he been discovered by now for his great comedy writing?

  97. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    great write up, thanks.

    could agree more, the clowe fight changed the momentum. A nice thing to see.

    Sometimes I think you guys are just a bunch of idiots lacking any sort of hockey sense whatsoever.

    Who ever thought Clowe was a fast skater have no idea what kind of player he is. He is not, nor was he ever, a fast skater. That is not his game, that is hagar’s game.

    Let me refresh everyone’s memory a bit with this repost

    Wicky©This team is too soft…bring back the Rupp!
    This is the list I am talking about and why Clowe is a unique player despite his current slump

    Since the start of the 2008-2009 season, Clowe is one of seven players (Corey Perry, Alex Burrows, Scott Hartnell, David Backes, Milan Lucic and David Clarkson are the others) to register both at least 80 goals and 400 penalty minutes, a period of time during which Clowe has racked up 40 fighting major penalties.

    April 2nd, 2013 at 9:12 PM

    He skates with a pace similar to lucic, hartnell, and clarkson. The big difference is they have better linemates right now. Clowe needs to be on the 2nd line with brassard not brich IMHO.

    Either way and regardless of his foot speed, clowe has a unique skillset that most teams covet and very few players have (see list above) so you guys need to get over the “speed” issue.

  98. bull dog line on

    and to add to my coaching not to lose comment. when you go on the road you play a tight defensive game, try to force the other team into mistakes, look to get out of there with a point or 2. its called a good road game. when you are home, you attack. don’t let the visitors feel like they have a chance. don’t let them play a good road game. Torts, and the Rangers did the opposite in the home in home with the Leaves.

  99. It’s true. Clowe should not be high in the zone while BRickards attempts to split the seam all by himself. He needs to go park in front of the net (like JVR) and bang home rebounds after Brassard throws some pucks skillfully at the net.

  100. bull dog line on

    Clowe is the kind of player the Rangers have needed for many years. if they get him away from the anchor the is Brad Richards, you might see something special.

  101. give this team Paul Coffey, Tim Kerr, Stefan Persson and Zdeno Chara, and then we’d three-peat

  102. my biggest concern with Brich is that not only has he lost foot speed but he’s seemingly lost think speed too.

  103. It must be hard for Richards to go up and down the ice with Torts’ left foot up his rectum

  104. Carp, I couldnt disagree with you more about the shootout. The players love it, the fans love it, its exciting. What i want changed, which is unfair is the point system. There shouldnt be 3 points handed out in some games and 2 in others. 3 points for a ROT win, 2 for shootout win and 1 for a shootout loss. That solves most of your problems i would think with the shootout. I personally HATE ties. I hate leaving a game and driving home knowing that no team won. I would be open to other options, have a 4 on 4 for 5 minutes, then a 3 on 3 for 5 minutes and then a shootout.
    But overall I think you are putting way too much effort into bashing something great for the game.

  105. Looks like I’m on a roll with people taking a disproportionately personal offence at my innocuous and entirely harmless unfunniness.

    I believe Lloyd’s support group has an informative pamphlet that might interest you, bull dog.

    (I’m aware you won’t find this funny either. The irony is dripping off me.)

  106. Sioux-per-man on

    Spot on Wicky!

    Clowe isn’t going to put up 60pts playing with Boyle. But he can play valuable minutes on any line.

    Very hard to find a Grit guy with his size, and scoring ability.

    He has 4-5 years of hockey left in him, don’t you think?

  107. For what it’s worth, I don’t disagree with much of what you are saying about the coaching mindset (not unique to Tortorella by any stretch), bull dog.

    Just amused by how stock phrases like “coaching/playing scared” and “not prepared to play” (not unique to you by any stretch) get applied to any manifestation of bad play sometimes.

  108. If any current Ranger is going to take up curling it should be Hagelin. Because when they want to sweep the ice in front of the Stone they scream “HAGS! HAGS!”

  109. speaking of support groups – here’s the top Drew Carey line of all time:
    “Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.”

  110. Pretty cool that the MSG know and respect you enough to rib you a bit Carp..

    Richards plays for us?

    Moore should play with Staal when he returns so McD and Girardi can stay together. That duo could wind up the most defensively responsible pair since Lowe played here

  111. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – do you ever think the NHL will go to a 3 point per game. 3 in regulation, 2 for shoot out win, 1 for tie/shootout lose.

    Or do you think Bettman will kee it the way it is, so more teams are in the “playoff picture” longer.

  112. Rob in Beantown on

    Drew Carey sold out and got skinny. An anti-fatist act if there ever was one.

    Boyle was awful last night 0 goals, 0 assists, -1 on the night. But Torts loves him so he will never hold him accountable.


  113. Yes, whent he Price Is Right came-a-knockin’, he turned his back on the horizontally challenged

  114. We’ll have the last laugh. When the show picks inevitably picks a younger, hipper, THINNER new host, Drew will balloon up again as he counts his payout

  115. Would any of you, for two million dollars, turn your back on the Rangers and become Isles fan?

  116. I’m only posting line combos and repetitive rants against selected bottom-six forwards and ratface coaching jerks from now on, if that’s OK.

  117. well, define Islander fan. like have to go to games root for them against the Rangers aloud? because I’d never be able to not love my team but for 2 million I suuuuuuuuure could pretend really well.

  118. White Board Sullyisms:




  119. *KatieStrangESPN* #NJD Kovalchuk tried one-timers today, still felt some discomfort. Doesn’t want to come back if he’s not in position to contribute.

  120. Which stock phrase(s) have I been using in that context, mothman? I’ll promise to eradicate them, seeing as you asked so nicely.

  121. Sioux: Everyone hates LW. Richards sucks. For what price would you become an Islanders fan?

  122. I am a big fan of Shootout contest in hockey. It is not like flipping a coin, it is like penalty shot and is part of the game.
    Also hockey is not a baseball where you can play 24/7, 400 days a year.

  123. You don’t have to play 24/7, 365 if you just bring back the TIE. The way Hockey is meant to be played. Two 5 minute periods of 4-on-4 hockey then a tie. Then you get excitement and you don’t hand out points for Patrick Kane’s personal, street basketball style accomplishments.

    Guys bust their rumps for 65 minutes. Then, in a few minutes, a couple guys that don’t even always factor in the actual hockey game, can win the ever important POINT for their team.

    The time for the shootout is in the NHL All Star game. Not during the actual season where guys are bleeding on the ice for points for 60-65 minutes.

  124. On another note: Let’s look for a good game out of the Phlyers tonight against the free-falling Senators. Then, if (and that’s a huge if), the Rangers beat the Islanders they jump straight into 6th place. That’s nuts.

  125. No ties? fine….2 pts for a win 0 pts for a loss, regulation or OT or SO. Each and every game worth 2 pts.

  126. Sioux-per-man on

    Who gets credit for the how much would it take for you to be an Islander fan question ….LOL?

  127. Hockey is a *team* sport. It’s also a very *physical* game. The Shootout combines *0* of those qualities.

  128. Sioux-per-man on

    that’s tuff, because you seriously have to have the cash in front of you – to say NO to it and mean it.

    But when it’s in your blood, you can’t change. Just can’t.

  129. Sioux-per-man on

    No amount of money would make me a Gopher fan.

    It’s just not in the DNA when you’ve been a Fighting Sioux fan since birth. Just can’t.

  130. Rob in Beantown on

    BMac, but then you have the shootout awarding 2 whole points which is bad.

    The more I think about it, the more I like:

    Regulation or overtime win: 3 points
    Regulation or overtime loss: 0 points
    Shootout win: 2 points
    Shootout loss: 1 point

    That way there’s less incentive to play for the shootout since if you lose the shootout you only get 33% of the points you would have gotten if you had won in regulation, instead of 50%.

  131. Sioux-per-man on

    Shoot out is here to stay, but I like the 3 pt version of Robs. Better than playing for a tie, in overtime, that giving one point just for getting there.

  132. Rob in Beantown on

    And it solves the biggest problem with the current system (beyond the shootout being a horrible perversion) which is that some games are worth 3 points and others are worth 2. This way, all games are worth 3.

  133. I just wish they played MORE OT (at least). Maybe two 5 minutes periods of 4-on-4. I am not a supporter of 3-on-3.

    The Shootout is just SUCH a waste of a point. It’s literally absurd to hand out a point that way in every single game.

    The NHL only changed from the tie to the shootout because the NHL thought it would make Hockey more popular with the average fan/non-fan. They assumed ties turned people off from the game.

    I’m not saying the shootout isn’t fun to watch or whatever. It’s just completely stupid and has almost nothing to do with hockey aside from being on the same surface and with the same instruments. It’s essentially just letting a fistfight determine the game. Fighting is as much a part of the game as breakaways.

  134. Rob in Beantown on

    And the fans still leave feeling like they watched a sister kisser since no team got 3 points (the NHL might think this is a bad thing)

  135. Rob in Beantown on

    I agree Manny. If I could choose my ideal solution I’d say 10 minutes of 4-on-4 and call it a tie after that.

  136. It’s working 5’0″

    Yea! 10 Minutes of 4-on-4. Long enough for no team to just sit back and wait for a shootout. Also, the 5 minute period really shortens the bench.

  137. Oh. So you have to go to Gravatar and make sure it’s associated with the e-mail address. Usually I delete the old image. Also, it takes 5-10 minutes.

  138. fivefootzero on

    Its working now… “Looks like somebody we know.
    Without the beard! It’s him!”

  139. To Respond to this Manny:
    Manny: Hockey is a team sport. It’s also a very physical game. The Shootout combines 0 of those qualities.

    While I agree to an extent, that does not mean that you cant incorporate it into your team concept in terms of personel. If its the offseason and your a GM, you can sign the best 3 shootout players if you wanted to. Not saying that is a good idea, but it is part of the game now. Also, basketball is a team sport, does that mean players shouldnt be able to shoot free throws? Its not a part of the game and people enjoy it. Just need to fix the point system to 3,2,1.

  140. 3 points for regulation win can be more fair, but it could be a large gap between the first and the last teams.
    Also, to use fighting instead of shooting, will not be easy to decide who won or invite boxing judges.

  141. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Just heard from the league office, if the game is tied after OT, for next year, they are thinking about doing a:

    1. bean toss
    2. some form of darts

    BUT, the more likely candidate is what we saw between periods last night at MSG:

    3. put the players in huge beach balls and have them run
    around some type of flags in a race

    Now, that’d be Bettman-ific!!!

  142. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Any chance the Rangers sign Clowe to an extension before the season is over?

  143. Doodis Machetto on

    When I watch Richards play, all I can think is “OK, who brought the dog?”


  144. I have another news from the league office, if the game is tied after OT, for next year, lets fans from Rangers.lohudblogs decide who win.

  145. bull dog, i didn’t see a shred of evidence that they played not to lose.

    warren, the players hate losing games like that and fans hate losing those even more. people love it until it’s over. & if NYR lost in that tiddly-winks contest last night it would have felt disastrous. IMO.

  146. Manny, while not getting ahead of ourselves, the Rangers have a chance to beat the Isles Sat, I would not consider it a “huge if.”

  147. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I would agree with you and say he probably has 4-5 good years left.

    FOV’ re clowe and the stupid worthless shoot out

  148. Rob in Beantown on

    Brian Boyle ?@BriBrows22 2m
    Great win last night! Sleeping better now. Had allergic reaction last week. Thanks for the concern, though! #blownoutofproportion

  149. Carp, do you think they should consider going back to 4-on-4 five minute OT and if nobody scores, then a tie? I prefered 0 pts for loss, 1 pt for a tie and 2 pts for a reg/ot win

  150. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – looks like you get twice the traffic after a loss, what’s up with that? Can’t imagine if it was a lose last night.

    Manny – funny how we haven’t heard from Eric or Pimp today :( blogs not the same without the banter.

  151. Doodis Machetto on

    I’m not happy with the team last night. They played a lousy first half, and then coughed up a third period lead. I don’t care how good the rest of the second half was for them, those first two facts remain unchanged and are exactly why this team is sitting in 8th place, and is just cannon-fodder come playoff time.

  152. for as boring as golf is, listening to Mike Francesa talk about Masters coverage somehow makes the sport even duller

  153. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – don’t you think the shootout is to the Rangers advantage? I’ve always thought Hank is going to win more than he is going to lose.

  154. doodie:

    that wasn’t a great performance last night by any means but two points at this stage of the season are a big two points. I don’t think the Rangers look like a deep playoff threat right now but if they get in, anything can happen.

  155. Lloyd, you mean he did not preface is monologue by stating he never has watched golf yet this year?

  156. sioux

    is this better for you. this team was lethargic for the first half of the game and the huge pk kill down 1-0 was the turning point. once hags scored they got life.

    i do need to work somewhat you know.

    isles 5-1 saturday if we play the first 25 mins like we did last night.

    still say we miss the playoffs. been singing that tune all year long. something will go wrong it always does.

  157. this guy acts like anyone under the age of 65 gives a crap about golf and spent 30 minutes the other day talking about the tv schedule for the masters, acting like it was the most important thing in the world. force him to talk about hockey for 5 minutes and he’ll be dismissive of it for every second until he can shift the talk back to college sports or whatever he thinks matters more.

  158. Doodis Machetto on

    “something will go wrong it always does.”

    No phrase has ever been more eric than this one.

  159. Sioux-per-man on

    Master Week – sign of spring :)

    Not in ND, 2″ of freezing rain / 6-10″ snow to the south, wife called she just wrecked the Benz.

    Thank God the Rangers won last night, could be the only good thing that happened all ….

  160. Sioux-per-man on

    Big E – your back. Just checking :)

    Didn’t want to get to positive, without you pulling me back down to earth.

    I agree on the score 5-1 Rangers. Saturday. Book it!!!

  161. i just started to daze at work before and though of olli jokinen in phil taking last shot 3 years ago instead of gabby. what the hell was torts thinking?

  162. likelihood of florida beating winnipeg tonght= 4 percent
    carolina beating caps 2 percent

  163. I think 5-3 is realistic for the remaining games and those 10 points should guarantee them a playoff spot. At this point it’s looking like those two games against Pittsburgh last week will turn out to be the two most important games of the year.

  164. Sioux-per-man on

    She’s ok, it’s insured, 2nd time this year :(

    It is a skating rink outside today. This weather is almost depressing, more snow, cars wrecked, Eric’s not happy with the win, …..but hey the Rangers WON!!!

    So life is good!!!

  165. Sioux-per-man on

    I don’t think Gaby was ever good at shootouts? Maybe that’s just me. But you’re right Eric, $7.5M a year, the game should be put on your shoulders to win it!

  166. Sioux-per-man on

    Florida beat the Rangers, and I didn’t give them 1% chance. I’ll give them a 50/50 chance.

  167. it seems like there are some guys who irrespective of skill level just suck at shootouts. I mean, Kessel is the best scorer on Toronto and he was passed up last night for Nazem Kadri who doesn’t have a shootout goal this year

  168. agree, Lloyd. I’d even say that during this 4-1-1 streak, the shootout loss in Pitt was their best game. Maybe of the year.

  169. Carp,

    And that they came away with 3 points when all of us thought they’d get 0 was huge. Playing the god-awful Carolina Hurricanes meant they’d most likely tack 2 more onto whatever they got against Pitt but 3 out of 4 (at least right now) was the most important streak they’ve had.

  170. Rob in Beantown on

    Speaking of not good at shootouts, Nash looked automatic in the first few shootouts and pretty lackluster in the last three. Callahan too. Yes we have Lundqvist, but we need those guys to score or else we lose to Ben Bishop in 7 rounds.

  171. Sioux-per-man on

    I don’t know Carp that 6-1 beating over Pitt sure was a fun game to watch :)

  172. just heard Francesa summarize the placing of Japanese-Americans in internment camps as “not treating (them) very well.” unreal how this man has a job.

  173. The shootout even though detested by the purists have given us another 3-4 points in the playoff race. Rob in Beantown. You’re right I think every goaltender is on to their particular dekes. Well we had two scorers now we have one. At the Iglo (Frozen Garden) last nite with the Mrs. She’s 6-0 so far. Carp was it that cold in the press area. That’s what happens when you morph two contruction designs; don’t spent money in updating the AC System. Let all the peasants free their freeken asses off. The new Moore looks like he could become a keeper. Carp, will Dorsett manage to play this year and do you think Kreider or Miller will up or down from the whale.

  174. Eric @ 3:46 – forget 3 season ago, Here is one from last night:

    last shift of overtime, Richards on the ice. Rest of team to Torts: “Do you really want us to win, Coach Torts?”

  175. I like Parcheesi or the puck race (where players wear absurd sumo-style costumes while running on the ice).

  176. Rob – Nash pulls those funky moves that are a 50-50 shot at best. I think goalies have just started to see enough tape of him trying to get around guys with the long reach in the BCATGHE.

    As for Callahan he’s never been that good at them. It was fortunate that he scored with the big wrist shot a while back and just pure luck when it hit it in consecutive shootouts.

    It’s funny I remember when the Rangers were an automatic win in the SO 95% of the time. They had Nylander, Prospal, Straka (who didnt go often but was good)..Gaby and Jags were never effective as the above names. Nylander was Joikinen-esque

  177. loneranger that stat is totally irrelevant if the entire league doesn’t record points in the shootout. 10 min overtime with a split of two points at the end if tied would be fine be me and plenty of others.

  178. Clowe and Brassard haven’t shined the way they did since their debut but this team is much better since the deadline deals. 3-1-1 which could have easily been 1-4 or 0-4-1 with the way they were playing prior to moving Gaborik. I said before they wont go worse than 8-5 to finish. But of all those games the 2 points Saturday against the Islanders are the biggest of the season up for grabs. Islanders already get pumped to play us. Hoping Lundqvist is in the zone

  179. would be happy with ties, too. eliminating ties hasn’t resulted in a massive surge in the popularity of the sport so just do away with the gimmicky crap.

  180. Doodis Machetto on

    Leastern teams adjusted for Bettman bonus points and shootout points in order of current standings:

    Penguins: 57
    Boston: 48
    Washington: 39
    Montreal: 47
    Toronto: 44
    Ottawa: 34
    NYI: 37
    NYR: 36
    Winnipeg: 39
    NJD: 28
    Buffalo: 27
    Philly: 34
    Tampa: 33
    Carolina: 32
    Florida: 23

  181. Doodis Machetto on

    I can adjust numbers like that because I’m a good accountant. Who does your taxes?

  182. Agreed Lloyd. Considering two lockouts (one a full season) in 8 years, the league, revenue and ratings wise is not doing badly. Also, teams like Boston, Pitt, Chicago, LA and NYR doing well have also helped. The league (despite ESPNBA’s constirnation is moving in the right direction).

  183. ‘And I don’t want my xy?/bczr! diaper changed in an Exxon Station. Rent a hotel room!’

  184. I agree James (that the team is better off). And here’s why: the system that the Rangers play is not about pure talent. It’s about a certain type of hockey intelligence combined with good work and a bit of puck luck.

  185. Doodis Machetto on


    Chicago: 53
    Anaheim: 48
    Vancouver: 42
    LA: 44
    San Jose: 34
    STL: 41
    Minnesota: 40
    Detroit: 36
    Phoenix: 33
    Dallas: 36
    Columbus: 30
    Edmonton: 27
    Nashville: 28
    Calgary: 28
    Colorado: 25

  186. On a mountain of skulls, in the castle of pain, I sat on a throne of blood! What was will be! What is will be no more! Now is the season of evil!

  187. True Lloyd. And what’s more the gimmicky crap was supposed to add “excitement” to the game. Bettman probably envisioned all the franchise forwards winning games in dramatic fashion when in reality it’s usually 3rd liners with decent hands and goalies that make the difference. And team playing to get to the shootout on top of that. It’s a failed experiment.

  188. Vigo the Carpathian. Born 1505, died 1610. He didn’t die of old age, either. He was poisoned, stabbed, shot, hung, stretched, disembowled, drawn and quartered. No, not exactly a man of the people. Also known as Vigo the Cruel, Vigo the Torturer, Vigo the Despised, and Vigo the Unholy. And dig this, there was a prophecy. Just before his head died, his last words were “Death is but a door. Time is but a window. I’ll be back.”

  189. Lloyd, not only does he have a job, he just got a new contract for $5M per. My God.

    lone, wasn’t unusually cold where I was, but it tends to be frigid there on warm days as they attempt (and fail) to keep the ice decent. No idea about Dorsett, though I know he wants to play in the regular season. I think Kreider or Miller only come back if there’s an injury, or if one of them plays his butt off in Hartford.

    And I apologize if I said all of this earlier, because I thought I did but might have not hit the comment button.

  190. Manny, after Ray gave Vigo’s DOB and DOD, didn’t Venkman say “he hung in there”?

  191. Here is the entire interaction:

    Egon: Vigo the Carpathian. Born 1505, died 1610.

    Peter Venkman: 105 years old, he hung in there, didn’t he?

    Ray: He didn’t die of old age, either. He was poisoned, stabbed, shot, hung, stretched, disembowled, drawn and quartered.

    Peter Venkman: Ouch.

    Winston: Guess he wasn’t too popular at the end, huh?

    Egon: No, not exactly a man of the people. Also known as Vigo the Cruel, Vigo the Torturer, Vigo the Despised, and Vigo the Unholy.

    Peter Venkman: Wasn’t he also Vigo the Butch?

    Ray: And dig this, there was a prophecy. Just before his head died, his last words were “Death is but a door. Time is but a window. I’ll be back.”

  192. James:

    Yeah, the shootout concept is a massive failure. Excitement comes from end-to-end hockey. The start-and-stop aspects of the game is where the excitement diminishes; shootouts are the epitome of start-and-stop hockey. No flow, and as you pointed out, it’s more often than not a showcase of lesser players. The 4-on-4 is where the excitement comes from as the open us means end-to-end, back-and-forth hockey with less defense and more offense. It’s like the shootout exist to completely slam on the brakes.

    The thing is, the for as exciting as 4-on-4 (usually) is, will the league be smart enough to leave that alone if they eliminate the shootout?

  193. Tyler Bozak is the *only* Maple Leaf to score in a shootout all season. The only one. They are 0-5. That means 15 attempts. Tyler Bozak scored. Once. Ouch.

  194. Lloyd I’d hope they would keep it 4 on 4 in OT especially if they still feel the need for “a decisive winner”. I have no issue with teams having to adapt to 4-4 play in OT in order to be successful. the shootout you have your entire team on the bench aside from your goalie and whatever guy showed quick hands in practice that morning

  195. Two consecutive 5 minute periods of 4-on-4. Don’t allow teams to completely shorten their bench without exhausting their top guys.

  196. Bozak has scored three times and the others are 0-for-21, moron.


  197. Carp, I heard Dave Maloney give you a shout-out on the MSG radio network before the shootout. Pretty cool.

  198. I don’t like the 3 points either if the OT win idea; in that case it’s actually of benefit to a team not to win in regulation. If the teams are tied after 60, each should be given a point and let them do a 4-on-4 OT for the additional point and if no one’s scored after 5 minutes, the game ends in a tie. Teams would have nothing to lose in OT and we don’t need the goofy shootout.

  199. Sioux-per-man on

    I would be up for 4 on 4 hockey for 10 minutes, and 3 on 3 hockey over a shoot out.

    Bettman will never take the shoot out or the current point system away. It keeps teams in the hunt for the playoffs longer than the old system. I think the NHL likes 6 to 8 team fighting it out for the last 3 spots.

  200. fully expect Bettman to push an additional 4 teams from each conference to get into the playoffs with the Stanley Cup decided two weeks before preseason.

  201. Anyone who really loves hockey HATES the shootout- the reasons are alomst too numerous to mention: but the total lack of competence shown by the shooters is my personal favorite. The fact that teams still send out guys who are primarily dekers rather than shooters against Hank is testament to how little coaches prepare to try and get this extra point. Personally, I’d prefer the tie- but them I’m old school(so old that I remember when coming in alone on a goalie and having the puck roll off your stick harmlessly was a one way ticket to the minors). The shootout however is a reality and will probably dictate the final playoff positions- so you do need to strategize for it- I figured Zuccarello might be good for three points when he returned- one down two to go. Could we at least get a new shootout stat: attempts-goals-stopped-missed the whole goddamn net!

  202. Like the 4 on 4, if you get down to 3 on 3 you’re not much better than the skills comp. you are now forced to have more euros on your team..lol

  203. Jeff in South Dakota on

    So the 7 little dwarves had a limited partnership in a small mining operation. And one day a beautiful princess came to live with them. And they bartered housekeeping services for room and board, which was a real good deal for them because they didn’t have to withhold social security or income tax or nothin’, which you’re really not supposed to do, you see, but for the purpose of the story, I think it’s okay.

  204. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The reason Toronto is so bad in the shootout is because everyone thinks clowe should skate like pavel bure.

  205. Cross Check Charlie on

    “if you get down to 3 on 3 you’re not much better than the skills comp”

    I agree with that. I don’t see where playing 3 on 3 is any better.

  206. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Regulation or OT win = 3 points
    Shootout win = 2 points
    Shootout lose = 1 point
    Regulation or OT loss = 0 points

    Every game is 3 points. Shootout or not, every game should be worth the same amount of points.

  207. islanders well on the way to a playoff spot. relentless around the puck. playing with passion emotion and nabakov is unreal these days

  208. Admiral Akbar on

    Those pesky Fishsticks!

    I have to say I guaranteed they were making the playoffs this season, usually I am wrong about these things, but unfortunately it looks like I am going to be very right.

  209. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Sorry, the Boston effort is not there tonight. Are they tired from last night? Does the loss of Marchand hurt them THIS much? Do they want to see the Islanders get into the playoffs and not a team, like, let’s say…the Rangers?

  210. isles win and at the same time ottawa scores with 5 mins to go to take lead


  211. bost 3rd game in 4 nights no bergeron and no marchand but most importantly THEY ARENT DESPERATE LIKE THE ISLES.


  212. Quinnipac 2 periods away from all CT final…..up against rangers/ice mets Saturday night….interesting!!!!!

  213. I’m sure he smells like one too, Latona…

    I just want to say that I am so proud of our Little Italian Kid from Norway. Yes, he is known for the shootout. But, that gimmick shouldn’t define him. And, still, that was an awesome shootout goal. He has an arsenal of hockey moves and ideas. He is a damn smart and responsible player and Torts has recognized that.

    Mats – Rick – Derek (our new first line)

    All I have to say is I am still LMGO at Mouth’s nickname for Richards…

    Bucky Beaver!!

  214. “isles good young team with talent coming aroud and a goalie finally.”

    What about the coach and GM and the owner. Don’t they get any credit? ;)

  215. I will be at niece’s sweet sixteen in massapequa Saturday night at 7pm. Do I dare ask the tv to be tuned to THE GAME?!?!

  216. Stranger Nation on

    All CT NCAA final? Try All New Haven final.

    Like Pepe’s v. Sals.

    Personally, I’ll take Modern

  217. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers need to come out strong. We need an effort like we saw against the penguins.

  218. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers can make a big statement by winning. Controlling the puck, moving their feet, getting to the net, and throwing the body – we win…

  219. And there’s Flyers in the Center
    Bryzgalov’s in the net,
    Pucks going in
    Is this nightmare over yet?

  220. NYR_FAN

    _What about the coach and GM and the owner. Don’t they get any credit?_

    Not if you are a frequent visitor of this board :P

    here, it’s all about the players… coaching is not important at all, according to many on here

  221. Torts: “I told McD to stop doing that little move he does out there.”

    “You mean the one he made to score that goal?”

    “Yeah. Guess I was wrong about that.”

  222. I think a lot of the Rangers players just have low hockey IQs, CCCP. I don’t agree with everything Torts does but I think the team is coached pretty well.

  223. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Seeing Richards tripping over his own stick and falling down without being hit is sad. I think there isn’t something wrong – physically…..

  224. Yes. I think the Rangers are a well coached team. They are disciplined. They play a system. They don’t rely on 1 guy to do everything.

    Everyone on this blog wanted to give Torts the Jack Adams 2 years ago. This was when the Avery decline started. Remember?

  225. exactly cooscoos… Torts tells his players NOT to be creative! He admitted that himself last night.


    So the Wanglanders have full team of hockey geniuses then since they are winning games with a 37 year old goalie, no name defense and one legit star.

  226. did Torts win Adams award? No.

    They don’t rely on one player? Hhmm..last time i checked Lundqvist has been carrying this franchise for years now.

    System? What system? Does it work? I don’t know…

    One win lose one… give up first goal, dont show up for 45+ minutes of the game, give up late leads… this has been the trend for more than a year now… is this the system you’re talking about?

  227. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3 – agree – Richards looks like there is something seriously wrong with his motor reflexes – not trying to be a wise acre, but something is very amiss, hope he is OK.

    Maybe he should sit out some games and make sure all is OK. I know Boyle had a bad allergic reaction which caused him to not get so much night-night.

    Is Richards allergic to ice? Now I am trying to be a wise acre…

  228. again, sorry to repeat myself for the fifth time… this franchise has not been good under Torts… last year only they had a great season…that’s it… ONE YEAR!

    Look up the stats bro :)

  229. Look, Torts should be blamed for some things. He isn’t a saint. But, he’s a damn good coach and probably better than any coach I’ve seen with the Rangers…

    I look at the Gaborik trade as a result of Torts making the guy miserable. Why else would he give up playing in NY? Definitely a BIG mistake by Torts to let the relationship come to the point of Gaby being so unmotivated to play for NYR…

  230. Richards is noticeably slower in getting off his shot, when he does manage to get it off. Noticeably. Even his slapper is a slow motion affair.

  231. They rely on one player. Lundqvist. The “system” they play results in defensive breakdowns and difficulty scoring goals. They are not disciplined. All the too many men on the ice penalties = no discipline. The defensive breakdowns and hanging Lundqvist out to dry = no discipline. The stupid penalties = no discipline. There are good penalties to commit and there are bad penalties. This team mostly commits bad penalties.

    Last season, John did more with less talent. That was an example of good coaching.

  232. exactly… this is what Torts is… a jerk. Running the star outta town just because? Ruining Avery’s career…yes…ruining! God knows what else going on behind closed doors… i mean, he tells his player to NOT BE CREATIVE!

    ..and then we wonder…why the puck they can’t score?

  233. mothman, you basically made my point for me. The system they are taught would be very effective if they were disciplined and didn’t make such egregious gaffes, i.e. low hockey IQs. Can’t blame Torts for any of the things you said, other than the scoring difficult perhaps.

  234. Latona-

    My post was directed at NYR_Fan.

    What is the system they are taught, according to you? You are claiming that the players have low hockey IQs. Girardi. Del Zotto. Richards. Callahan. Do they have low hockey IQs? It is a cop out to claim that. The failure to maintain discipline is the fault of the coaching staff. Each of the players I listed commit undisciplined mistakes frequently. In my humble opinion, none of those players have a low hockey IQ.

  235. In the case that you are correct – that the players do have low hockey IQs, and that the “system” would be effective if the players were smarter – is it not the responsibility of the coach to adjust the “system” to the players on the team?

  236. Olga Folkyerself on

    again, sorry to repeat myself for the five hundred and fifty fifth time… this franchise has not been good under SATHER… last year only they had a great season…that’s it… ONE YEAR!

    13 years and counting… FIRE SATHER.

  237. “The failure to maintain discipline is the fault of the coaching staff.”

    You trying to tell us that Torts doesn’t discipline his players?

  238. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Speaking of the jack Adams trophy, who wins it this year?

    Torts is probably my second favorite rangers coach that has been here longer than one season!

  239. I would say that Girardi and MDZ have low hockey IQs. Callahan gets by more on hustle and determination than brains, and Richards is done. I don’t understand how Tortorella has any control of a tripping or hooking call.

  240. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you don’t like Tortorella, you probably didn’t like Trottier… or Low… or Renney, or Sather when he coached.

    Who freaking picks these guys for coach?

  241. Stranger Nation on

    Olga – are you suggesting we bring back Slats to coach? Thought he was on IR…

  242. Stranger Nation on

    Torts System; safe is work as in rely on Hank, get puck deep, cycle on boards, demand 100% compliance.

  243. DeBoer is responsible for Volchenkov elbowing Marchand, then, yes? He wasn’t disciplining him enough!

  244. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather had the worst record of all of them. I wouldn’t bring him back as a doorstop.

  245. Disciplining players for mistakes – as John does – is different than teaching players discipline.

    Latona –
    I do not agree with that. Girardi would not have made it this far from being an undrafted free agent without hockey knowledge. Callahan as well. Richards is done physically, but he once was among the game’s best physically – due to his talent and hockey IQ.

  246. Tom Renney is a good guy to have a cup of tea with and talk about Hockey Canada.

    Torts is a good guy to have a Sam Adams with and talk Celtics! Aha, aha!

  247. A sentence I typed was a mistake.

    Richards once was among the game’s best – due to his physical talent and hockey IQ.

  248. Richards was once a very smart player. Callahan is also a smart player, but I wouldn’t consider him to be among the brightest on the team even. Girardi makes way too many pee-wee mistakes to go along with his otherwise high level play. I think pairing MDZ and Girardi together and watching their meltdowns reveals more of their true nature. When those two are paired with McDonagh and Staal, they are very effective.

  249. _Disciplining players for mistakes – as John does – is different than teaching players discipline._

    Excellent line!

    LOL @ Olga and his tireless “Fire Sather!” crusade! I’m with you, man!

  250. McDonagh has a very high hockey IQ in my opinion, maybe the highest on the team, and Staal’s is decent enough. Stepan and Zuccarello are very bright players too..

  251. “Torts disciplines his players and they do not respond positively”

    I could say the same for you. Excellent line.


    When Girardi repeatedly dives on the ice in an attempt to break up opposing two on one breaks, whose fault is that? After enough times getting burned doing it, would you not think the coach would step in and teach him a different way to defend opposing two on one breaks?

  252. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    It’s clowe’s fault because everyone thinks he should skate like hagelin

  253. With a Latin bend : Agnus Dei Qui Tolles Pecatta Mundi, Amen.
    The hockey IQ does not exist, it’s all speed. The Shoot out is what it is. The Ranger scouting quality is a “sacred cow”, not to be mentioned on this blog.
    Thank you for ignoring this.

  254. I always thought that is where the Rangers could use their financial advantage. There is no salary cap for scouting staff. I feel they have come a long ways in recent years too.

  255. the only problem is, you still only have those same amount of picks.

    Gorton has done well. That European scout has found some hidden talent. Anyone can draft the Tavares, Crosby’s etc. its the late picks where they pay off.

  256. Tomb, I agree, but they could do much better, compared to the Devils, the Chicago and even the Winnipeg. I had this feeling for a couple of years now.

  257. Tomb, I know it is just you and me and it’s late at night, but it is something to be discussed at this blog, hopefully Carp can also add some insight, the paucity of the NYR scouting is not easily explained.

  258. I don’t follow closely enough to make more than general observations and trust other people’s opinions, but I think that it was such a weak part of the team back in the Malhotra, Jessiman, Brendl days.

    It has gotten way better. I have seen good things with our last few drafts. we just haven’t had many picks and Sather keeps trading them away.

  259. Kreider, Miller, McIlrath (I still think he may develop), Thomas, Bourque. they could all be NHLers. That is a big improvement I think.

  260. freakin’ freezing at Nassau … traffic brutal as always, even on a Saturday. so far both sides well behaved during warmups.

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