Post-game interview audio: Tortorella, Lundqvist, Zuccarello, Hagelin, McDonagh


I hear that Al Trautwig, Brian Leetch and Dave Maloney had some yucks at my expense with me getting some TV time standing behind Carl Hagelin during the post-game lockerroom scrum.

Well, I will have my vengeance on them. :)

Here’s some post-game audio:

John Tortorella:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Mats Zuccarello:


Carl Hagelin:


Ryan McDonagh:



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  1. Lol I was laughing. I’m like “babe look i think that’s Carp. Where are my glasses?!”

  2. just watched the 3rd period…

    2nd goal girardi and ashams fault.. boyle did play well but the guy could not score if there was no goalie in the net.

    still not enough guys contributing offensively….

    brassard has to shoot.

    i love the ranger PP when they had the puck for about 45 seconds in the offensive zone and did not take 1 shot… beutiful meaningless passing….

    take the 2 points and run, they need staal SOON…

    still think either kreider or miller should be in the lineup…….

  3. Czechthemout!!! on

    Hey, maybe Clowe should also have gotten a star. After all, he tried hard too. What a joke giving someone a star because they tried hard? What a joke!

    News flash, McD and Hags always try hard. They also produce like they did tonight.

    Hey, wy dont we give a star to Pyatt. He also ties hard.

    Anyway, good night!

  4. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Just got done watching the game finally, at least we got 2 pts.

    I didn’t like the starting lines at all.

    I’d rather see step Nash hags or mza

    Clowe brass cally

    My 3 stars hank, mza, clowe

    Clowe with a last years team type game changing momentum fight

    Good night

  5. ThisYearsModel on

    Anyone see the flying elbow on Marchand by Volchenkov? How about the 3 shorties allowed by NJ?

  6. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Post-game lockerroom scrum?
    Hagelin should’ve gotten the first star. Lundqvist got the 1st star because of the shootout. First goal was his fault. Not entirely, but more than any other single player could take credit for. He left the entire left side of the net open. I hate when a goalie sees a teammate has the puck and lackadaisically sets up in the net figuring they can take time getting square to the shooter since the puck is on a teammate’s stick and therefore there is no shooter (in their mind). That’s just lazy. Thankfully, after that, he made up for it with some fantastic saves, keeping his team in it.
    When I played goal I would come upon times when I’d play the angle on the puck when the puck was deep in my team’s offensive zone. You can’t leave that much net open on the side that the puck is residing in.
    How is it a team pretty much owns the ice for almost 20 straight minutes and makes one gaffe and turns the game around right then and there? Beats me, but I’m betting the Rangers defense knows the answer. Luckily Henrik was there to cover up the majority of the defensive lapses. Another pathetic defensive game other than Lundqvist. That’s 2 in a row. If Lundqvist had played like he did in the game prior in Toronto, this was a loss, plain and simple.

  7. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    What’s with Nash and Callahan on the shootout? Earlier in the season you’d be safe penciling them both in for goals. Now? Not so much. Callahan’s shot has been off 3 times since but at least he looks like he’s making an effort by trying to change it up. Nash? Almost the same move he’s made every time he hasn’t scored in the shootout. You’re not Mariano Rivera, you need to switch it up. He also hasn’t been very aggressive on his shootout opportunities for a while. By aggressive I mean taking ownership of the shot attempt by skating like you know you can’t miss. Nash’s last two attempts were horrible. On both he looked like he didn’t really know what he was doing and had only one plan of attack and when the opposing goalie shut the door on that plan he had a brain fart, having no possible alternative in mind.
    Can you tell I’m a “glass half-empty” kinda guy? Criticism just comes easy to me. It’s easy to be the guy that praises all the good things and barely mentions the bad. I’m the polar opposite of that guy. I’m the devil’s advocate. So suck it. lmao

  8. I already typed “don’t use Cally in the shootout”, but then he was picked so I didn’t want to jinx him. Nash and Zuccarello are always going to shoot.

    I don’t see how Hank can be blamed for either goal. The second one, McDonagh could have played the pass better but Hank had no chance.

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