John Tortorella pre-game press conference audio


Rangers coach John Tortorella spoke pre-game about J.T. Miller’s development, about the games of Anton Stralman and Mats Zuccarello, and said that he would reunite Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh on defense tonight. He also spoke about the mistakes the team made defensively in Toronto Monday.

Tortorella had a couple of beauts. He stood there for about 10 seconds before the first question — nobody wants to ask the first question because it always gets shot down (maybe somebody should ask him what’s his favorite mustard or where he buys his ties). So when the presser was over and he did answer questions, he said it’s nice to finally get some questions.

Then, on his way out the door — and sadly after my recorder was turned off — he caught the eye of Darren Pang in the back of the room. Tortorella had not answered Pang’s question very well earlier. So on the way out, he jokingly said “Bleep off, Panger.”

John Tortorella:



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  1. Sioux-per-man on

    Coyotes got close last year with the lowest payroll.

    Has it EVER been done before. Lowest payroll and win the Cup in the same year?

  2. I called for reuniting Mcd and Girardi this morning. At least he isn’t waiting 3 weeks like he did with Stepsn & Nash

  3. Re-Post


    my friend called me to brag about his islanders and thinks they will be a elite team in a few years when they move to Brooklyn. I told him to take it easy, playoff contenders, yes, elite, not so much.

  4. In a perfect world, anyone can play with anyone. In fairness to Torts, his motivation must be too balance the team throughout the lineup. Just hasn’t worked. Glad he changed back fairly quickly this time.

  5. I was born in Brooklyn. Does that mean I have to route for the Isles when they move.

  6. Yes, Jeff. They sure have a lot of momentum coming off that game in T.O.

    Tommy, they have the best player of any of the players on the Rangers and Islanders, but other than Hamonic possibly, what young D could break into the Rangers’ top four? And aside from Moulson, how many forwards could be in the Rangers’ top six. And let’s remember, the Rangers’ top six ain’t exactly Pittsburgh’s.

  7. also, when they move to Brooklyn will wang spend the money to bring in top free agency players or will he still keep payroll low and continue to use them as a tax write off.

  8. Sioux-per-man on

    Gotta head for the hills Boys.

    Have a Sioux-per night!!!

    Rangers win BIG, HUGE!!!

  9. funny, after the gaborik trade I went onto the bluejackets blog to see the fans opinion and they were upset that Moore and Dorsett were traded but didn’t care at all that brassard was in the trade.

  10. Sioux-per-man on

    Brassard great glue guy don’t you think?

    He will need alot more hall of fame games, before he walks into the Hall in Toronto, but I’m thinking he could make the WALL of fame in the poker room :)

  11. Sioux-per-man on

    Dorsett was the one guy the fans would miss the most.

    I was still on tilt, until I read Commadore’s tweet. WHEN Dorsett is healthy, he will be a fan FAVORITE at MSG. Now comming from Commy that says alot.

  12. LOL Press conference and no one wants to ask first question. Tortorella…WINNING! (at least off the ice)

  13. Got to let McD join the rush, Girardi hang back, and wings pick up their checks. We need some goals!

  14. Carp Don’t. Be too sure about the Isles they re on a run and don’t really know they re not that good

  15. The day Slats signed Albatross Richie, I said to my Bushmill Black bush “here we go again”

  16. Rangers gamenight has Staal interview. Is there any reason why he’s not wearing a pirate patch? He should 100% have eye patch on and play with it.

  17. An albatross is three under par, just about right for richie rich, (on ice, not on links.)

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