Rangers-Maple Leaves in review


Well, you guys really don’t need me to break down that 4-3 loss in T.O. because it was pretty self-explanatory.

Breakdowns, breakdowns, breakdowns. Big, glaring, smelly defensive breakdowns. One on each of the four Toronto goals.


1) Woe Canada. Your boys have not won in Canada this season. How is that possible?

2) I wish I had kept track of the number of goals the Rangers have allowed right around the crease this season, because it’s been a lot. Maybe more than they allowed in all 82 games last season.

3) Just a rough, rough night for Michael Del Zotto, who made at least two terrible reads that directly led to goals, and not much better for Dan Girardi, who was on the ice and somewhat responsible for all four Toronto goals. And definitely not a night to remember for Henrik Lundqvist, who was helpless on all four goals, but wasn’t sharp, and certainly wasn’t close to as good as he was in Carolina.

4) In fact, the Rangers were probably outplayed by a larger margin in Carolina, but in this one they were hideous at critical points in the game.

5) That first goal (I hope I have them in the proper order in my peabrain, because I’m too lazy and it’s too late to go back and check) … Dan Girardi hit the post (of course he did, the Rangers’ second of the period), there was a bad change, Rick Nash was late on the backcheck, Ryan Callahan even later. To complicated matters, Girardi chased the puck to the corner, as always, Michael Del Zotto chased Girardi chasing. That’s happened a lot this season, and when you struggle to score, you can’t give up easy goals like that.

6) To me it’s pretty simple. If the right D-man chases the puck, the left D-man has to man the front of the net.

7) Another bad play  on the second goal when the puck bounced past Del Zotto at center ice, Girardi did his slip-slide on the ice and failed to stop the 2-on-1 pass. Again, too easy.

8) And on goal No. 3, I don’t get it at all – the Rangers’ PK philosophy of ignoring the forward behind the D-men and in front of the goalie. No, he can’t cause any problems there.

9) The fourth, of course, was the killer, 39 seconds after the Rangers fought back from down 3-1 and Derek Stepan tied it short-handed. Four Rangers up ice by the left wall, including D-man Del Zotto and right wing Nash. Leaving Girardi all alone. He chased the puck, which got behind him, as did Phil Kessel. Ballgame.

10) So, three Toronto goals were: an uncontested second rebound shot, a 2-on-1 dunk, and a power-play tip by an unchecked forward in Lundqvist’s grill, and another uncontested rebound.

11) You know what’s really gotten annoying? MSG Network’s close-ups immediately after every whistle, so that we miss every post-whistle scrum, shove, facewash, or whatever. Guess the good thing is that this year the Rangers don’t get involved in nearly as many post-whistle scrums as they did last year … still …

12) Dion Phaneuf and James Van Riemsdyk=Monsters.

13) Nice pass by the kid John Moore on the second Nash goal. He really has looked like he might be something.

14) So now the home-and-home isn’t nearly as crucial in terms of the Rangers’ hopes of moving up to fifth. Sixth is more realistic, and you’d have to believe they’d be happy to finish seventh. I still think sixth is the best place to land in this, the final season of the current playoff format until that ridiculous realignment plan takes over next season.

15) And now the game on Long Island Saturday is looking massive.

My Three Rangers Stars:

1. Derek Stepan.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Mats Zuccarello.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
Well..Trade and MDZ Honeymoon officially over!!!
1. Rick Nash-monster.
2. Derek Stepan-important goal (for at least 30 odd seconds).
3. Henrik–musta felt a bit lonely out there (again) tonight!
HM-Torts’ faith in Stepan winning the “big” face off…and MZA.
Observation-my imagination-or does Stralman think his job is to take a beating every game?
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:

1. Rick Nash (26.32%).
2. Derek Stepan (21.05%).
3. Mats Zuccarello (15.79 %).

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  1. First? Yikes! Nice writeup, as usual, Carp. This year, the pattern is that the3y giveth and they taketh away…

  2. Big diff between this year and last year, they give up goals right away after scoring a breakthrough goal (e.g. Stepan’s short handed tally) The breakdowns come at bad times…again, I think it is a teamwork/team building issue that will be addressed in training camp next year. Don’t know if they will be able to correct this during the shortened season.

  3. Brutally honest Carp. Calls ’em likes he sees ’em.

    On a positive note, the offense is up. 2.29 GPG over the first 34 games, but 3.6 in the last five. Lets hope that continues.

    These Rangers better figure out a way to win in Canada with 3 of those teams, eh, in the standings ahead of them.

    I do not like facing Canadian teams in the playoffs. Let’s just pretend is definitely no desire/prefence/hope by the league to advance Canadian teams (or the Penguins) in the playoffs. However, the same can not be said for the media, which will make the viewing even more tedious.

  4. Good review Carp. 6 & 7 have been problems all season. Those slides MUST only be done to remove one option and most of the time i’d play the pass and bank on Hank to stop the shot, players must see Rangers D-men doing that so often they know to be patient and wait for the guy to take himself out of the play.

    The kids Moore looks a good pick-up. If we can get Staal back and healthy i feel good about our D, and if Sauer comes back next year – thats a hell of a group.

    Going to be make or break Saturday i fear with so few games left.

  5. Sioux-per-man on

    How did we forget forget HOW to play defense? And let’s leave Hank all alone so the leafs guy can have 4 chances to get the puck into the back of the net.

    Get the tape out Torts. Looks like Del Zotto will get shipped back to the 3 Pair. I would like to see Moore on the ice more. He could be the real deal.

    Take the mistakes away an this team is very beatable.

    Your right carp- honeymoon is over!

  6. Can’t possibly imagine Del Zotto will be shipped to the third pair, not with what’s behind him. Who’s moving up?

    Good morning, Salll!

    How about the guy overnight who asks if it’s better to miss the playoffs rather than lose in the first round? and whether they’d be better off taking advantage of a deep draft that way and … never mind.

  7. Hey all, found this blog yesterday looking for tix, been a ranger fan for 20+ years since I started playin hockey when I was 7 or so
    Anyway enough about me, D let us down last night, obviously! 3 goals is usually enough for hank to get a W. Although liked how we didn’t fold after goin down 2 like earlier in season, starting to see some will to win

  8. Sioux-per-man on

    Del Zaster sure lived up to his name. This room isn’t going to be brutal today!

    Leafs have a lot of talented kids coming up. They are going to be the real deal soon – I guess we could say the same thing about the Rangers!

  9. Thanks carp, can we get staal an eyepatch or something, he has two eyes, what is this soccer! Seriously I believe with him in line up we take care of them last night, any news on him returning?

  10. welcome ub

    it gets ugly around here.

    that said can some of you wake up and realize WE HAVE LIMITED FINISH ABILITY. nash and step(who will never get 30-35 in a season) are it right now. if gabby was here WE STILL WOULDNT HAVE ENOUGH. WITHOUT HIM WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH FINISHERS. IT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED.

    anyone notice brassard last night.

    for all you zucc lovers can he score for once around the net

  11. Can’t be too much down on Del Z today (some will i’m sure) the kid has been our best D-man for the most part of this year (ask any neutral observer or read any columns on ESPN or TSN). Its a bad game defensively for the whole team, we have to be better over the next 2 games otherwise we might have to start studying those scouting reports rather than discussing potential match-ups

  12. Thanks Eric, after seeing that snipe from step I think he could be a 30+ guy, maybe I’m just hoping he can be
    we have been averaging over 3 goals a game since trade, now it’s the d that looks shaky, especially last 2, hopefully the boys will tighten it up

  13. Cross Check Charlie on

    @”To me it’s pretty simple. If the right D-man chases the puck, the left D-man has to man the front of the net.”

    That’s just Defense 101. I don’t understand how professionals can let go of the basics like that.

    I don’t think you can fault Girardi on the last goal. He was covering his man in the slot. Kessel was Del Zotto’s man and he wasn’t even in the same zip code.

    Oh well. Maybe they get 2 points at home@

  14. Just call up Mcllrath and tell him not to leave the crease area. Stay at home D-Man fixes the problem of D-Men chasing D-Men.

  15. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Nothing makes a tough loss better than another in a string of great reviews. Whats that? Carpy is39-0? Amazing!!!

    Look, I don’t want to be needlessly harsh on Hank. There were more than 4 breakdowns in this game and he made many good saves, some could have been game savers, but it ended up they were not.

    And he is a GREAT goalie. The 4 breakdowns that lead to goals were amateurish, and it wasn’t just the defenseman.

    WHat has happened to our all-star, Girardi? MDZ, I just love the kid, but he has a lot to learn. MacD and Stralman were more steady. But, really, is this a ‘d’ that will bring us the cup?

    In his presser, Hank laid it on the line saying he needs to be ‘quicker’ and stop one or two of those. He alluded to the weak shot/rebound by Kessel, the 4th, as tough to play, but a ‘should have had’.

    I agreed last night. I do, now.

    If he gets paid what he does, he is paid as one of the best. One of the best leads the team. Like one of the best, Nash, wins games with clutch goals (let’s not talk about his multiple defensive lapses, and one that lead to a goal last night). Yep, there were some awful breakdowns on each goal. Sorry to be hard, the responsibility goes around to the entire team. Really. They shouldn’t happen.

    But he could steal one or two, too. Just my honest opinion.

  16. I noticed Brassard. He had the single best chance to tie it up at 4-4. Great move on the forecheck to steal a puck near the crease. Sadly, Reimer stopped it.

    Reimer has been a lot better this season. I can’t believe they were talking about Kiprusoff or Luongo when try have Reimer and Scribbles.

  17. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    When does Clowe get signed to the longer term, 3 year deal? Is he just a rental? Is our GM going to let him go to FA and ‘challenge’ him, like he does so often?

    If we wasted 3 low picks for a rental, ‘thinking’ he is a piece good enough to ‘rent’ to get us to the ‘cup’ finals, someone needs new glasses. Like this team is ‘that’ good?

    Surely, there is a longer term signing to be announced shortly? Surely, the talk that they all but had a deal is true, isn’t it?

    If not, this rental goes down as one of Sather’s dumbest mistakes. Sign him for 3, please. Now.

  18. Wonder if Clowe would sign for three, when he will get four, maybe five, as a UFA (the one dumb owner theory).

  19. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Manny, I think you have to be careful there, my friend. Reimer was there to be had. The puck, in most cases went at him. He made the great right pad save in the 3rd, but I thought he was flailing and lucky there.

    But it brings up the age old question. Is it essential to pay a ton (money that could be spent on a great offensive player) on a goalie, OR pay less, understand you will be beat in the net, but increase your offensive abilities? This team, especially with Lupul, is offensively loaded.

    It’s age old. I kind of think a great goalie is the way to go. At the very end of the playoff string, when you need that huge save, you can get it. The odds are with you.

    You know, Roy, Brodeur, and most certainly, that Ranger named Richter did that! I look forward to Hank entering that elite strata soon!!

  20. Good morning all! Carp, this seems like a great day for you take a meeting with Mr. T.

    I don’t want to talk about last night :(

  21. Didn’t get to watch the game, but based on After Action Reviews, wasn’t the 2nd Dman chasing the other into the corner what got Malik, and Rosival shipped out of town ?
    Oh and not being able to clear the crease?
    Staal will certainly help, but we have needed a mean stay at home guy for years. Especially come playoffs and the book being to get traffic in front of Hank…

  22. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Great review carp!!

    What is this crease clearing stay at home D man you speak of? I have never heard of this.

    Has anyone ever seen Toronto’s 1926-27 logo?

  23. as far as I am concerned if the rangers lose to Toronto in regulation tomorrow than it will be apparent that nothing has changed with this team. I already have chalked up this year to a off year mainly because of the lockout and shortened season. I will turn my focus on other things and not be into the rangers as much as usual.

  24. Good morning, boneheads!

    Welcome, UB.

    Scrolled through last night’s thread, a lot of Hank blaming. He wasn’t at his best, and admitted as much, but sometimes we are asking too much. Those defensive mistakes are worrisome to me because they happened when this team enters the most important stretch of this season. McD was the only D-man who didn’t do anything dumb, and Moore was steady. His pass to Nash made me smile. Could that be another steal by our GM?

    Positives? MDZ was their best player, imo, on both ends of the ice. He created, defended, was physical, and skated well. If he could only score one.
    Stepan is being used in every possible game situation, and he is successful in every one of them. Still 22.

    Ryan Clowe. His foot speed is starting to worry me. I do not recall him being that slow last year, haven’t seen him play this year in SJ. Anyone?

  25. for years the rangers haven’t had a stay home physical defensemen or a puck carrying, offensive defensemen. it’s amazing they haven’t been able to draft and develop those 2 position.

  26. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – be careful out there today – plenty of sun screen

    Think Danny G is reverting to the mean this year and paired with Del Z in stead of McD, he gets way more exposed. He CANNOT let the pass through on the 2 on1 – that is basic mite hockey sorry, but that was the game in a way and it is happening again and again.

    1st goal – 3 on2 and both MDZ and DG go to block pass in corner

    2nd Goal – bouncing puck chipped out to center right to MDZ, he misplays it, 3 on 2 b/c no center backcheck (bros-hard) and Girardi plays neither pass nor man slip sliding away and O’Byrne buries it

    3rd Goal – no forward pressure on best player on PP wing, no marking man in front of goalie (McD on far post??). PK looked slow all night (insert Boyle comment here…)

    4th goal all three forward and 1 Dman on puck, well two were engaged and one was sort of watching, waiting, hoping, ‘anticipating’, looking, observing, etc., etc., etc…. Puck passed out leaving only DG back (oh no) – he plays pass and of course misses and Kessel gets three wacks, though King was fooled on first as he semi-whiffed on chance and it came back to him.

    Leads to two questions:

    1. Who do you think that forward was watching the play?

    2. Why wasn’t McD out with DG to play against the one line Toronto has?

  27. ilb2001,
    carp made a great point about Clowe. Why would SJ sharks trade clowe while they are in the playoff picture? That is a red flag and I noticed him last night and not in a good way, another slow skater.

  28. Stranger Nation on

    Crease clearer? Em? Hamr?

    Do you mean Murray (Pitt) or O’Byrne (Tor) – those players came over to our Conf recently somewhat cheap.

  29. I also remember reading before the trade dead line that the rangers were only interested in clowe as a rental. if that is true than sather is a moron for giving up a 2 and a 3 in this years draft that is predicted to be a deep draft but than again ranger fans already know that Sather is a moron.

  30. TommyG- I think he is a great player all around, and I think he will be a tremendous asset come playoffs. But I’m more worried about his future contract. They need to be very careful, especially if they believe his skating ability diminished that much. If it’s health related, and fixable, no issues. I don’t think he’s ever been a Marleau type of skater, but I do not remember him skating that slow.

  31. Stranger Nation on

    Please reserve judgement on any player on the same line as Richards. Not saying he is fast, but Clowe is playing with a shell of a former player known as Brad Richards.

    Would put Clowe with Bros-hard and Cally on line 2 and move Zucc up to line 1 with Step/Nash.

    Richards needs to sit or play with Boyle and Hags on line 3

  32. The Rangers’ “defense” on the first and fourth goals were absolutely baffling. Other than that, I thought they played strong.

    Clowe played just fine last night, maybe a little reserved, but nothing troubling to me.

    I see the Rangers coming back strong on Wednesday and evening out this home-at-home. Can everybody just step back from the cliff please?

  33. Richards needs to be bought out. I doubt very much a full training camp next year is going change anything, Why? because last year in the beginning of the season the first thing I had noticed about Richards was his slow skating. ! year later and he is worse, there is a trend here with Richards and not a good trend.

  34. IManny, I like your 7:56. We could tether McIrath to the goal post with a 7 foot bungy chord! When he starts to roam away from the front of the net, he’ll get whipped back into position.

  35. yergs,
    the rangers have been consistently inconsistent all year. They are what they are a mediocre team as far as I am concerned.

  36. I didn’t vote for Nash as #1, by the way. I didn’t like his very first play of the game. He was avoiding physical contact with Phaneuf from that moment on. He got better later on, but both goals were scored by him when Phaneuf wasn’t on the ice, I believe. I’m sure Torts let him know.

  37. Very, very true Matty. The Make Believes are an offensive juggernaut at times. They score a ton of goals.

    My point was that Reimer took that head/neck injury and was really not the same last season. This season he has been a lot better. Yes, both of their goalies are pretty scrambly, but Reimer is definitely better than Kiprusoff and he’s about equal with Luongo right now.

    Just saying. Not really relating it to last night’s game. He just isn’t as timid and loopy as he was last season.

  38. That sounds perfect, Papa. Tie him up like a junkyard dog! Make him think that opposing players are raw steak and let him go nuts.

  39. Ilb – Clowe does look slow. The thing is, he shouldn’t have to use his speed. With that size and those hands I don’t really want him that far from the cage. He spent a lot of last nights game really high in the offensive zone. I want him down near the cage ready to fight for pucks and bang home rebounds. And, that would solve the speed issue.

  40. Sioux-per-man on

    Great review Carp spot on. 39-0 sounds about right!!!

    #1 – is NOT a good stat! That’s crazy. Are we saving our best for the playoffs.

  41. _He spent a lot of last nights game really high in the offensive zone_

    Sure looks like he’s been coached well in NY so far ;)

  42. Sioux-per-man on

    I really like Zucc’s game last night,he was all over the place. Nice close up as he is cussing himself out!!!

  43. Ralph from N.M. on

    When Gabby disappeared for a game , everybody was all over him . Clowe & brassard have gone somewhere for 2 games & nobody is saying a thing . Richards & Boyle are the Chosen ones never to be touched, chastised or talked about . no matter how bad they play .

  44. Reimer was lucky last night..he just just butterflies and hopes for the best…think he will have trouble in playoffs. Positive is that Rangers are generating alot more offense that just was not happening prior to the trades…hopefully we will get Staal back to settle down defense

  45. Stranger Nation on

    Nash scores two goals to give then any chance what so ever in the game. My main gripe is he has to play his size and start pounding the D as well as taking it. those were goals no one else on this team sores or on many teams.

    MZA is a pistol out there – impressed with his board work and physical play

  46. Sioux- that was my dog sleeping on my pillow.

    I’m going to use this avatar when trolls are around :-)

  47. Stranger Nation on

    tommyG – 1000% – cannot imagine having to watch him for another full season.

  48. LMAO @ ilb’s new avatar!

    “Now this kid, this kid was great. They, they used to call him Spitshine Tommy.”

  49. definitely a nightmare for girardi and DZ… and i’m sure i’ll need to take cover for this, but i agree that playing with staal and then mcdonut helps girardi tremendously. he’s really gotta stop that diving on the 2-1 because whether it’s the right play or not, he’s not very good at it and it never works.

    the little italian kid from norway has definitely helped but it would be really great if he buried one last night.

    also didn’t love how hagelin was out of the rotation there towards the end… i think he could have helped with his wheels getting in on pucks

    wasn’t a terrible game though, just 4 terrible breakdowns that ended up in the back of the net. i think they clean it up and win in regulation wednesday night.


  50. Hey, Tommy, if I was gonna break your balls, I’d tell you to go home and get your shine box.

  51. Relax, will ya? Ya flip right out, what’s got into you? I’m breaking your balls a little bit, that’s all. I’m only kidding with ya…

  52. don’t even 4-year old girls on the soccer field learn to hold their position instead of all going to the ball at once?

  53. I’m only kidding with you, we’re having a party, I just came home and I haven’t seen you in a long time and I’m breaking your balls, and you’re getting byfuglien fresh. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    Can we all agree that for the first 30 minutes of the game, Rick Nash was nothing but terrible? Just a turnover machine.

    Torts responded by double-shifting him until he got going. And it worked.

    Marian Gaborik, if he was even half as bad as Nash was for even half as long, would have found himself on the bench twice as fast.

    And now that Gaborik has departed, Nash is playing the left wing. But when Nash was here, Torts NEVER played Nash and Gaborik on a line with Nash on the left and Gaborik on the right.

    I simply do not understand the double standard. It just makes me hate the Gaborik trade even more.

  55. Sioux-per-man on

    9 games left sitting in a dead tie with the fishes.

    We didn’t want the 5th spot anyway….. did we?

    Let’s just hope the boys can figure it out before they are out!

    After 39 games, they can’t blame it on training camp…can they?

  56. Gaborik = europansy

    Torts doesn’t like those…

    but then again…who does Torts like?

    Answer: Brian Boyle!

  57. nash scores in pitt on friday

    nash and step on saturday(cally goal a fluke)

    nash and step last night

    as nash goes this team goes.

    no finish ability from others. hags is a waste playing with boyle. needs to be back with nash and step.

    zucc i dont see the love affair with this guy. has hockey iq but zero finish ability.

    the 4th line is what it is.

    richards and clowe always look a step slow on the skates.

    brassard- after the mirage of last wednesday where you been

    the defense is still making th same bad reads this late in season.

    i hated the gabby trade but if we didnt make it it still would be the same right now.

    i sound like a broken record but until we get another skilled FINISHER besides nash this team is flawed offensively.

    hank was exhausted last night 4th game in 6 nights 3 in 4. it showed.

    how bout most of you worry about getting in to the playoffs rather then this pipe dream of 5th i was hearing about all day yesterday. if you think there going 7-2 down the strecth wake up. schedule may look easier on paper but means squat for this team which is flawed just as much now as they were a week ago.

  58. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Re clowe
    Never to be confused with pavel bure, he admitted being a bit out of shape this lockout shortened season.

    That being said, he is a plugger and has always been a plugger.

    As far as the sharks letting him go, most there thought he was leaving as a free agent anyhow so smart move by the sharks to get something for him. Clearly it is still an element of physicality they wanted on their team though as they traded for Torres right before the deadline.

    Re the lack of D
    I’ve been saying it for several years now, our D is vanilla. Not a single D man that excels at any particular aspect of playing d, no crease clearer, no offencive guy, no big hitter, no tough fighter…just vanilla. Most of our guys are closer to being offencive guys than they are to being crease clearers or big hitters which will really come back to bite us in the playoffs.

    As far as girardi, he is quickly returning to OPG form IMHO, which he had finally moved away from last season.

  59. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I also move brassard up and Richards down. Cally with clowe and brassard and mza with Nash and step

    Basically what stranger said

  60. Sioux-per-man on

    Win and we are in!!!


    9 Games left, 18 points on the table, 2 points behind Ottawa. That’s the spot we want!!!

  61. My favorite scene and daydream from all those mob movies was the one in Casino where Pesci is introduced to the showgirl in the club and, like it was nuttin, walked her right out to the front seat of his car in the parking lot…talking about cooking all the way. She was a 10+, by the way, if you are talented with Google you can judge for yourselves

  62. Nash is a bit of an “enigma” (without being Russian of course, although I haven’t checked his Ancestry.Com recently). He does disappear for long stretches in the game. Sure. And defensively, wow. He can have some weird thoughts. But overall he’s a very effective two-way player.

    Vibin’ Wicky. Brassard up and Richards down PLEASE.

    D is soft as pudding. Mcllrath chained to the goal post please.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    That was easily the worst game MDZ has had since he was sent down to CT two years ago. It was probably Girardi’s worst in that time as well. Just brutal. Especially MDZ.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh and Ron Duguay and Bill Pidto have to be the worst studio team in the history of hockey.

  65. Agree, defensive toughness was not addressed and that is necessary in the playoffs. Also, Brassard needs someone to pass to…love Hags, don’t hate Boyle, but neither have hands (hopefully Hags will develop). Call up Kreider and put him on 3rd with Hags and Brassard. Sit Pyatt and drop Boyle to 4th line…..and let the 4th line play a little (45 – 22 – 8).

  66. just fyi I now hate Walter White after seeing the second to last episode of BB and will be changing my avatar shortly.

    Avatar suggestions from the peanut gallery?

  67. How badly does Scott Stevens want to leap off the bench and line-up Nash for a clean, career-altering hit ?

  68. Doodie, you’re leaving out Duguay’s clothing- arguably the loudest thing on the broadcast…

  69. Sioux-per-man on

    Where’s Brian Leetch on MSG when you need him!!!

    Perhaps MSG should put him behind the bench???

  70. Sioux-per-man on

    Who would have thought after 39 games, the RANGERS would be tied with the Islanders, and the Devils are just two points behind us.

    You add Nash to this team, and take off Parise from the Devils and we are 2 points apart, with 9 games to go.


  71. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – any way the team can spin the Phanuef hit on Sauer, shown during the 1’st period break, as extra motivation to beat them into a pulp on Wednesday?

  72. Rob in Beantown on

    Man it’s awful they showed the Phanuef hit on Sauer to get the crowd going. It makes _me_ mad they did it. Just really low class

  73. in years 4 5 and 6 of a clowe deal he will be a fossil. the man foot speed is slow as crap. i like him on a short term deal long term phil could have him

  74. If that’s the price, James, then they can go ahead and enjoy their 6 years of Clowe and no goaltending.

  75. I may be fat, but I was already half way off my couch when Step was about to pot that easy one timer at the end…HOLY CHEESE AND CRACKERS

  76. I thought you were just making a joke, Rob. It was actually funny. I would have left it alone. Saying tonight (a non game night) is a must win is definitely a great tongue in cheek critique of the attitude around here following a loss.

  77. czechthemout!!! on


    Agree on Mcilrath. Been saying it for a month. Bring him up, put an eletric shock colar on him that zings him anytime he skates past the defensive blue line.

    Boyle cannot pkay the minutes he is being given. He must be on the fourth line and canni

  78. UKRanger: en.gravatar.com

    Go there and sign up. Super easy and in 5-10 minutes you will not only LOOK cooler but the blog will be easier to read for everyone.

  79. The loss stung a whole lot more because of the tie they had for 39 seconds. Torts should have called a timeout after Stepan’s goal! I always cringe for the first couple of minutes after a goal and had a bad feeling last night too.

    My vote for the most useless trio on this team – Boyle, Pyatt and Richards.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    @I thought Duguay was Jon Bon Jovi when i first watched an intermission@

    I would have rather watched Bon Jovi. At least he would have an excuse for being a know-nothing asshat.

    @They didn’t give up 3 draft picks on a rental.@

    That’s correct. If he is a rental then they only gave up two picks. The third pick is conditional on him resigning. He could skate anchor on the Hamrlik-Pyatt-Clowe relay team. Actually, on second thought, he is an anchor.

  81. Manny – Don;t be insulted…my computer at the office blocks certain sites, and that avatar link is one of them. I’ll take care of it at home…you’re a real friend to be thinking of how the world views me as a fat man in 2013 America

  82. So the 7 little dwarves had a limited partnership in a small mining operation. And one day a beautiful princess came to live with them. And they bartered housekeeping services for room and board, which was a real good deal for them because they didn’t have to withhold social security or income tax or nothin’, which you’re really not supposed to do, you see, but for the purpose of the story, I think it’s okay.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    My guys are still under a judicial mistrangement order; that blue thing I got from her! They could be exposing themselves!

  84. I’m going bring this up with the Tenant’s Association. You’re not supposed to have pets in the building.

  85. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    WBM (c)

    0) Boyle
    1) MDZ
    2) Richards
    3) Girardi
    4) MZA
    5) Clowe

    Clowe is slow, but so was Andreychuk. And, yes, I know, different era and he’s not in the same tier as Andreychuk, but the point is that slower guys with good hands can still score.

  86. In hindsight, the timeout would have bee a great idea. But in reality, what coach would call a timeout after the tying goal, when your own team thinks it has all the momentum ?

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    I agree Fat Guy. There’s no chance a coach would call a timeout in that situation. He shouldn’t have to. That play was dreadful, starting with MDZ’s gift of a turnover to JVR.

  88. I mean. Once word gets around that you’re big and really good with your hands and patient, you can score at will.

  89. Doodie Machetto on

    that html fail was supposed to be making it bold.

    My point was that Clowe does not have good hands, and he should never, ever be mentioned in the same sentence as Dave “all time leader in PP goals” Andreychuk.

  90. Doodie – Come to think of it, that gift was awfully nice of MDZ? He sure knows how to win over guys’ hearts…

  91. What I don’t understand about this year is that the defense has looked so weak in front of the net. This is pretty much the same defensive as last year, including an injured Staal). They didn’t let in these soft goals last year. People didn’t get 1-2-3 swipes at a puck in the crease. Del Zotto is all over the place. Girardi looks tired. Maybe he’s playing hurt? Are the forwards not doing enough in the defensive zone to ALLOW the d-men to protect the net?

  92. Well said, Tony. That’s a humungous, glaring problem with the defense. Very soft and very weak. Too many guys chasing other guys chasing the puck, flopping on the ice and preferring to stick check rather than just take the man out of the play and let Hank cover the puck up.

  93. That video is awesome and adorable until she sings. I don’t like when children act like grown ups.

  94. >>Pidto and Duguay are watchable. You just have to mute the

    My TV is on Mute quite often when watching MSG these days. Every time I hear this Pidto guy, I get nightmares about being at a used car dealership.

  95. As much as I do like the additions the Rangers made at the deadline (Gaborik was just playing for the wrong guy here), Sather missed out on getting a big d-man. They need that guy, that presence, that, well, JEFF BEUKEBOOM, in front of the net. The opposition needs to be leery when they go to the net. As is it they coast right in and sit there, unharmed. And I know getting a big d-man that can qb the PP is a rare commodity these days but I’m sure SOMEONE could have been had.

    I never thought I’d say this but I actually miss the days when the Rangers went out and got big d-men (Beck, Huber, Laidlaw, etc, etc, and so on). I know these guys are easy to laugh at but at least they played with some THUMP.

  96. The ratfaced jerk had already used his timeout in the first period, no?

    (I might be thinking of another game.)

  97. Yea. Sully was diagramming some perfect face off play. It was genius. Win the face off straight back, fire left for Nash, goal. It would have worked, had Stepan won the face off.

  98. Instead of diagramming a play, Sully actually scribbles “HELP ME. THIS MAN IS KEEPING ME PRISONER.” on the whiteboard each time.

  99. We typically speculate how a particular offensive juggernaut would look in a NYR uniform and how it might change the team. Imagine someone like Letang on the Rangers? Or Weber? Having that kind of a presence, calm, shot, etc. would be such a tremendous affect on this team both defensively and offensively. If the Rangers do one thing this offseason I hope it’s to bring in someone like that. I’d be willing to part ways with a couple of these softees that they currently have on D.

  100. Alternative Sully whiteboard messages:






  101. LW3H – that is hilarious…Sully with a silent call for help during each timeout & play stoppage. If he pulls open his dress shirt, you’d probably see the letters H-E-L-P bubble up on his belly

  102. “Rick Carpiniello, 26 … began working in The Journal News’ sports department … in October of 1977.” Wow — you have more super powers then we even imagined! Also, Carp, the new alignment might be ‘ridiculous’ but everybody’s a critic. What we have now is good? And where are all these non-ridiculous ideas to make a perfect plan for 30 teams scattered unevenly all over North America?

  103. Stranger Nation on

    Put Tarts and Sully on the WBM to make it truly accurate reflection of blog feelings.

    How is Pie-hat not a given on that as well.

    Wicky – vibn bro-sef

    Oh yeah – BRING UP MONGO!!

  104. True Blue Mike on

    Stepan is playing his way onto the 2014 Olympic team and if I read another post about leaving him off it, well you get the point…

    That being said, I hope he doesn’t demand an outrageous contract because of how amazing he is playing right now. My favorite Ranger at the moment.

  105. And Carp was against dealing Gabby, but wonders why SJ would trade Clowe? So … if Carp thought Gabby was valuable, and we dealt him, what if SJ did the same thing dealing off Clowe? Carp is being inconsistent here.

  106. Stranger Nation on

    Ryan O’Byrne for 4th round pick

    Doug Murray for 2014 second round pick – couldn’t have bundled in with clowe trade with a player going their way – Asham or Pie-hat??

  107. Those are pretty good, LW. You might want to start a Twitter @cagedsully or something.

  108. Tangerine Tangerine
    Living reflection from a dream
    I was her love she was my queen
    And now a thousand years between

  109. My personal moment of the game was uncontrollably yelling, “Don’t pass! Powe sucks!” at Stepan when he tied the game. I was a bit surprised at my honesty there.

  110. Great work, Tangerine. It’s a real benefit to have you around to point this stuff out.





    Those are my personal favorites so far.

  112. No way, dude…I love the Giannone one. Imagine if Giannone was shadowing YOU all day and eavesdropping on YOUR g(j)ibberish all the time. What about:




  113. Doodie Machetto on

    Tangerine, a non-ridiculous plan:

    1) Move Winnipeg to the Northwest.
    2) Move Vancouver the the Pacific
    3) Move Dallas to the Central
    4) Move Nashville to the Southeast.

    Keep everything else the same. WOW! Now Florida isn’t in a division with half of Canada!

  114. Rob in Beantown on

    WTBU Sports Radio @WTBUSports
    Just two Terriers have won the Hobey Baker Award. Matt Gilroy was one, but who was the other and when did he win? #TriviaTuesday #BUHockey

    Another Rangers fave

  115. fivefootzero on

    Manny, stealing your Islanders/Philly comment for my FaceBook status…that is SO how I feel. Maybe they can beat the snot out of each other tonight and have nobody left to play on Saturday.

  116. Doodie Machetto on

    It was Drury. Who cares when he won. It was sometime after he won the Little League World Series and sometime before he bought a pizzeria.

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    Just as an aside on Drury; he had an absolutely EPIC collegiate career. I’m not big into div 1 history, but I have to think that his career is in the top 10 all-time.

  118. Doodie, good plan, but passing it past 30 “I built this” millionaires with axes to grind, complaints to make and butts to be kissed by the Commish might be problematic. As for ‘Manny,’ if you’re snarking me, whatever. Teams trade valuable players all the time. Maybe a Columbus bizarro-version of Carp is complaining about GETTING Gabby because why would the NYR trade him in a playoff race?

  119. Doodie Machetto on

    The difference between Carp’s questioning of San Jose jettisoning Clowe and bizzaro-Carp’s (I guess that would be Aaron Portzline?) hypothetical questioning of the Rangers dumping Gaborik is that with Clow, San Jose didn’t ask for a player in return. They dumped a player from their roster and got no immediate help in return. At least with Gaborik they added a defenseman and some depth down the middle, and potentially Derek Dorsett, if he plays this season. It was much more of a hockey deal than Clowe was.

  120. Late to the thread but the obvious issues already pointed out and in my case made all season.

    The defense is small modest upper body strength and at this point tired.
    Apparently this long time issue has gone undetected by the Ranger lack of brain trust.
    McDonagh is a good D but does anyone think he plays to 6’1″ and 220lbs.?
    As an aside I believe the Moore might be the sleeper in the trades if they get him on a program to improve his upper body strength.

    The forwards, Boyle may be 6’6″ and 240 but plays like 5’9′ 190! Pyatt sucks as well!
    Let me be the first to say the Clowe deal is over rated.
    He is slow,not a natural scorer and on most teams is a third liner. Sappy overpaid!
    Brassard as noted previously needs size on his wings or he too will be pasted regularly.
    Ranger MVP’s Nash, Stepan,Callahan and as always Lundqvist.

    And once again at the risk of pointing out the obvious, if the dreaded Fishsticks had Henrik in goal they’d probably be the 5-6 seed in the playoffs.
    Their forwards are superior to the Rangers and their D is improving.

  121. Doodie Machetto on

    BTW, anyone else notice San Jose is 7-0-1 in their last 8 since they traded Douglas Murray, including 3-0-1 since scratching and then moving Clowe.

  122. Cross Check Charlie on

    “The defense is small modest upper body strength and at this point tired.”

    Not this baloney again. The Rangers have played the same amount of games in the same time frame as every other team. To say that they’re tired because they aren’t playing well is garbage analysis.

    “I believe the Moore might be the sleeper”

    Obviously, if they’re tired they’ll need more sleep.

  123. Doodie Machetto on

    I disagree about the Islanders, Lloyd. Their forwards, aside from Tavares, are garbage. All of them. I used to also exclude Moulson but he’s come down with a severe case of “the sucks.” In games where Tavares doesn’t have a point, they are 1-10-3. Pitiful.

    Also, I disagree that their D is improving. Their cast of waiver wire misfits is terrible, saved by some very good, albeit streaky, goaltending by Nabokov.

  124. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers @NYRangers
    Marc Staal skated before rest of team today…he will meet with media later today


  125. Rob in Beantown on

    OK, I’m probably reading way too much into this (and assuming the person who runs the Rangers’ twitter knows more than he/she actually does) but why would they make it a point to say Staal skated if he’s going to announce he’s done for the year?

  126. Sioux-per-man on

    We can jump over Ottawa for 6th.

    Boys need to buckle down on defense, and be hard to play against. Every point matters now. They are in it and control their playoff spot. They will get in, and could very easily take over Ottawa’s 6th spot. They have 6 tough games remaining out of the last 10, and don’t play very well on the road.

    Crazy finish, as long as we get in. Then it’s a whole new season.

  127. Sioux-per-man on

    I think Staal will be back for the playoffs! Give him two weeks to get in game shape and let his eye socket heal. He will be back with the visor.

    You would think he would be back before Crosby, right????

  128. ranger and isles both 19-16-4 16 ROW wins apiece for both

    next tiebreaker head to head points right now rangers have 5 pt to the isles 3 pts in the three games. a isle win in regulation on sat and they end tied.

    next tiebreaker goal differential right now today the

    rangers 96 goals scored 94 against plus 2
    isles 113 goals scored 119 against minus 6.

  129. flyers going with steve mason in goal snapping bryzgalov 23 straight games played. desperate times in phil

  130. rangers get at least a point at coliseum saturday clinch reg season series and 2nd tiebreaker vs isles assuming ROW WINS STAY THE SAME

  131. Sioux-per-man on

    I don’t see it this year.

    But I could see him as the 7th Man next year, with a chance to get in if there is an injury.

    Tought group when you add McIlrath, Clowe, Dorsett, & Asham. Along with the hits from Callahan & Boyle. Not sure where Pyatt ends up.

  132. Sioux-per-man on

    Islanders have a tougher schedule, AND finish 5 games on the road. I don’t see them jumping over the Rangers. Especially after the beat down on Saturday!!!

  133. sioux

    you are way too positve for my liking. trust me be nervous. put down the pom poms lol

  134. Sioux-per-man on

    Got to keep the faith Eric. LOL
    They let one get away last night, but I believe Hank will put up more Carolina performances, and the Strangers will start making a difference. This team can still ride a nice winning streak into the playoffs.

    The weaker schedule is going to work in our favor – you’ll see.

  135. Rob in Beantown on

    Sioux and Eric are like perfect analogs for how I feel about this team depending on what day it is and what happened the night before.

  136. Good news on Staal. baby steps to the ice…baby steps to the locker room…baby steps to the locker…baby steps to the ice..baby steps to the blue line!

  137. Buckfutter is MY real opinion Manny. Take it to the bank sign yourself to a 7 year deal and use a compliancy buyout on yourself. Know what I sayin?! neither do I.

  138. Man. What if I bought out myself? It’s like John Malkovich going inside his own head…

  139. Cell phone conversation:

    Marc Staal: “I’d give my right eye to be able to get back into the lineup”

    Bryan Berard: “I see what you’re saying..well, actually..”

  140. When Torts has finally had enough to Richards I want to hear him scream it from the bench “Enough Richy! go *** buy yourself out!”

  141. bull dog line on

    Brassard and Richards need to change places. or replace Boyle on the 3rd line with someone who can score. Boyle is now minus 11 on the season. so if he’s not scoring, and the other team scores when he is on the ice, what exactly is it that he does?

  142. bull dog line on

    and I know plus, minus is sometimes a meaning less STAT, but if you look at the Rangers players plus, minus, it is very telling.

  143. He rocks the “A” and argues with Refs for us.

    Agree. Would love to see Brassard higher up and Richards less higher up.

  144. Maybe it’s time to take the “A” away from Richards. Maybe send a message to him. I might give Richards “A” to Nash.

  145. bull dog line on

    its time for the playoff push Torts cannot continue with this Richards, and Boyle crap. Boyle needs to be on 4th line playing 8 to 10 minutes a game. Richards should really be a healthy scratch at this point, but I will settle for being bumped to 3rd line.

  146. Rob in Beantown on

    I can’t imagine Nash isn’t an “A” next season and that “A” needs to come from somewhere. It’s probably just a matter of time.

  147. Sioux-per-man on

    Good Staal video from the locker room.

    Looks like he could be back for the playoffs. IF he is ready who comes out? Emiger or Moore?

  148. Cross Check Charlie on

    bull dog – There are four other players out there beside Boyle which is why +/- is such a lousy stat. If he did his job and somebody else doesn’t then he still gets a minus when they get scored on.

    Conversely, if you’re out there with a Stamkos or Crosby that scores a lot then you’ll get a plus even if you were out there just watching them play.

    Lousy, lousy stat. And, who on Boyle’s line has picked up the slack? Nobody on that line has scored, so to single out Boyle for a bad +/- is just scapegoating.

  149. bull dog line on

    look at more than just Boyle with the plus minus, Charlie. and those other 4 guys out there with him, they are not minus 11. in this case, the plus minus is meaningful.

  150. Boyle’s been a borderline NHL player this year. regardless of the hype job done by the coach whenever he manages to pin a puck for three seconds, he’s not been good for the vast majority of the season and has been forced onto lines he’s got no buisness playing on. 4th line and penalty kill, fine. anywhere else, no.

  151. bull dog line on

    there come a point where you can no longer defend a player’s performance. as a Dubi fan, I reached it late last season. I could no longer defend his play. I am there now with Boyle as well. you just cannot defend his play anymore. it is a brutal season, and the coach is making it a worse season for him by putting him in positions that are hurting the team. Boyle trying to play with Brassard, and Hagelin has not been pretty.

  152. just saw Dubinsky is out again (this time with an illness)

    dude has 1 goal and has missed nearly half his team’s games. Sather has to be champing at the bit to get him back.

  153. Cross Check Charlie on

    BTW, I wasn’t defending Boyle, only the stat.

    I agree that Boyle has sucked this year and seeing Torts put him out there with the 2nd power play unit was just laughable.

    I just don’t think you can back up an arguement with a +/- stat. After all, Marek Malik had a career +/- in the plus and nobody except probably his agent ever brought that up to defend his performance.

  154. czechthemout!!! Post @ 11:27

    “Agree on Mcilrath. Been saying it for a month. Bring him up, put an eletric shock colar on him that zings him anytime he skates past the defensive blue line.”

    Czech, , any chance you played BB at Rutgers under Coach Rice????

  155. Crosscheck, too many games in too short a period will obviously tire any D out. However the Ranger D is average sized and with a lack of serious size and mean.

    Has this not been a problem for years and do technically good D with size and a little mean have to sacrifice their bodies flopping like trout?

    Doodie, your comments about the Islanders lack serious probity because in the event you missed it they and our team who was supposed to be a Cup contender are tied at the moment and any serious review of prospects for the future indicates the Sticks are at the very least comparable.

    Finally in the event you missed my caveat, I said and have said that with a Lundqvist on the Sticks we would not be having this dialogue.

    PS, And FYI I am and have been a Ranger fan longer than anyone on this blog so let’s not digress in that direction!

  156. German soccer team. Losing 2-1 in the quarterfinals with four minutes to go, and scored two goals to win 3-2.

  157. here’s a largely meaningless but nonetheless amusing stat:

    Mike Rupp’s been on Minnesota for 26 games. He’s got the same number of points in that span as Brian Boyle.

  158. bull dog line on

    if the Rangers miss the playoffs, it is going to on Richards awful play, and the coach’s insistence on playing Richards, and Boyle over other players.

  159. if the Rangers miss the playoffs, it’s on Sather and Tortorella first, then Richards.

  160. Gents, how about some dialogue on what we have seen so far of Clowe?

    Did Sappy get hosed especially if he’s a rental? And exactly how much would you pay and for how many years for a guy whom seems a third liner?

    And please no “he’s great in the locker room and brings grit to the “ice capades”!

    And what would the Panthers pick be this year if we held on to it?

  161. So for the record Lloyd and Bulldog, exactly what do you think Torts should have or should do now with Richards?

    If you want to coach do it!

  162. Ryane Clowe is a very good player and a definite upgrade. He’ll be better the longer he’s here and for my money is already the third or fourth best forward on the team. I’ve wanted the guy for a long time and I have no problem with what they gave up for him. Still think they didn’t get enough for Gaborik, though.

  163. bull dog line on

    at best Richards should be bumped to the 3rd line, with his important minutes limited. at worst, take his sweater away. I think Clowe has been good. added an element of physical play, and has more skill than I thought.

  164. Comnsense,

    Not sure if you’re trolling or what but I was singing Clowe’s praises since January and have called for Tortorella to scratch Richards for at least the last 6 weeks.

  165. Clearly a rather obvious counterpoint to the controversial “put Lundqvist on the Islanders and they are better” argument was not as obvious as I thought.

    I’m glad humorous remarks about Rupp’s performance on the Wild are now OK though, Lloyd. Somebody (I forget who) got all bent out of shape when I did similar recently…

  166. bull dog line on

    Nabakov has had a real good season. so while it would be an upgrade, its not as big an upgrade this season. while Taveras in his sleep would be better than Richards and Boyle together.

  167. I feel like about 90% of the time LW3H has nothing to say and the other 10% I have no idea what he’s talking about

  168. Percentages might be a little off, but I think you’ve nailed it. Just think of me as the blog’s Brian Boyle.

    Why it seems to bother you so intensely is a mystery, but that’s not my problem. You’ll be glad to know I have literally nothing to say for at least the next 12 hours.

  169. Czechthemout!!! on

    Papa Bear

    I taught Rice everything he knows:)

    Torts likes Boyle where he is because he gives good wall, and rims the puck hard around!

  170. LLyod, I wasn’t criticizing your “loyalty” to Clowe, I was merely asking if you or anyone though we got hosed as I view him as a third line player which we have in abundance.

    Neither you or the Dog responded to my question of how would you view the deal if he’s only a rental and from a cost pov, how many years and at what dollar amount would you give to keep him at his age?

    Uh guys “and Taveres in his sleep would be better than Richards and Boyle”,really? And you think those two comparisons are comparable?

    Lunqvist could and would have made the Sticks much better while Taveres would be the number 1 center for most NHL teams but could never keep his team in the game or win as many games as Lundqvist.

    Why do you think the Rangers made the playoffs last and may this year?

  171. bull dog line on

    it was a deal that needed to be done. I have no problem with trading for Clowe, even if he turns out to be a rental.

  172. Lloyd, what’s with the trolling comment?

    Why is a simple disagreement on a hockey blog trolling?

    Are you a troll when folks don’t agree with what you have to say or do you simply disagree without making it personal?

    I assure you I don’t live under a bridge! ;)

  173. Man, have times changed…… What Rice did to his players pales in comparison to the “discipline” that was doled out by the Nuns who taught me in my grade school…… Not even close.

  174. Jeff in South Dakota on

    The guy’s name was Pickles; I kid you not – meanest SOB on the island.

  175. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – that performance by Rice was like a bad out take from Django, no place in this world for that behavior.

    Would you want your child coached by him?

  176. Stranger, in all seriousness. Rice has some issues, and no, definitely would not want him near my children.

  177. Jeff, wasn’t in the Corp, but I love the drill Sergeant in Full Metal Jacket.

  178. “Just think of me as the blog’s Brian Boyle.”

    You should be on the fourth line, LW. Then we wouldn’t have a problem with you.

  179. ‘You never give me your money
    You only give me your funny paper
    And in the middle of negotiations,
    You break down.’

  180. tangerine has that same sort of rambling, non-sequitur prose as a couple other pseudonym posters. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who it is. Not that anyone cares.

  181. Ha! That’s good…I guess…

    Such an awesome day…wish I could have gotten out to play

  182. so get this. i pay for the center ice package and it is on the same channels as the mlb package from channels 414-428 tonight there are too many games to be shown so what two games aren’t being shown to later on replays at 11pm and 1130 the ottawa tampa game and the buff and winnipeg game yet every mlb game is shown but i pat for center ice

  183. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    In the 70’s here – temp, not round of golf…. Tho I did shoot a 65 the other day at St. Andrews …

  184. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eric – that blows…. Hockey rules… Baseball in April is like a third elbow….completely useless.

  185. Just musing but…

    How about Zucc on Stepan and Nash’s line? I’d like to see it…those 3 guys are our most creative forwards.

    I think Clowe and Cally would make a good combo with Richards…Definitely a tough line to play against…

    I’m definitely not ready to move Brassard up yet. I like what I see but he is fine where he is.

  186. “Definitely a tough line to play against…”

    Aside from Richards of course…

  187. Hatty!

    Is it crazy to think that the Rangers have NOT 2 but *3* legit first line players on this team?

  188. Jack Nicklaus started golf at age ten and first outing shot a 51 on 9 holes. At 13, he shot a 69. Hole in one in tournament play at 14. (I STILL haven’t scared one of those.) At 16, he shot a 64 to win the Ohio Open, playing against professionals. Not fair.

  189. I think Zucc can hang with him but I wouldn’t call him a first liner.. his playmaking would fit nicely with Nash’s finishing ability and Stepan’s versatility..

  190. My thoughts, exactly. Nash and Zucc seem to have good chemistry on the PP as well…

  191. this isnt the islander team of old. they are playing with tons of confidence and seem to be embracing this race.

    maybe the rangers can show the same intensity they do

  192. Gaby with another goal tonight. Columbus up 4-0 over Sharks (who are 8-1-1 in their last 10)

  193. I would try:
    Nash Steph Zucc
    Cally brassard Hags
    Clowe Richards Pyatt
    Powe Boyle Asham

  194. I can’t watch….is it true the Fishsticks are winning? this is a horrible night….

  195. oh cripes….I see now by reading….never mind….this is gonna be a long couple weeks…..

  196. Stranger Nation on

    Isles getting production from line 2 these days

    Zucc withStep, Nash.

    clowe, Richards, Cally

    Hags, Bros-hard, Boyle

    assham, powe, piehat

    cant have Richards on checking line 3, two bangers may give him some additional room to stand still more…

  197. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Probably better that Isles won to keep separation from the teams on the outside. At least not a 3 point game.

  198. not a good night for rangers as of now

    ottawa tied at moment
    caps up 3-1
    winnipeg 3-0
    isles win

    sabres and flyers appear to be done

  199. Good and bad . Sabres, flyers, panthers, canes appear done. Rangers have 5 games against those teams. Isles, 2 against devils and Toronto.

    If they don’t make it they REALLY don’t deserve to.

  200. well… if the rangers took care of their business we wouldnt have to worry and keep our fingers crossed…

    they suck. end of story. season over. fire carp.

  201. Rangers CANNOT beat decent teams this season…how the hell are they gonna compete in the postseason if they get in? Out bubble gum defense won’t take us far…

  202. let me see the rangers play with half the emotion tom the isles played with tonight. they wont

  203. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Need to take care of business tomorrow and hopefully get some help from Boston…get a little breathing room.

  204. i wont be on the thread during next three game be at garden tom coiliseum sat in phil on tuesday night

  205. Rob in Beantown on

    Eric, if you have one of those newfangled Apple TV thingamajigs or a similar device you should really get the GameCenter package instead of Center Ice. You get all the games in HD and you can watch them on a phone or tablet if you want. No channels shared with baseball or anything like that.

  206. Sure Eddie . I ll star in a porn flick b4 the Rangers win the cup
    What are you smoking

  207. Good news is the Mrs is going to the game with me tomorrow nite. They never lose when she goes. Serious

  208. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I see Gaborik scored. Assist from AA.

    Sather should be getting guys like that!

  209. AA I would want on this team.

    Gaborik, not so much. He barely forechecked, even less of a backcheck, and won a very low percentage of physical battles.

    He made open space and did well with it most of the time, but near the end he couldn’t even score on a breakaway. Good luck in the future, but I feel we are a better team today.

  210. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Gaborik and AA were old posters on this blog. I think they are now Tangerine and David Puddy.

  211. Stranger Nation on

    AA would be good 3rd line center, but charmin soft

    Agree with Haley up over Pie-hat

    more Moore please, esp when we go pp

    Feel good about tomorrow night, Hank at home after a day of rest

  212. There is an interview with Moore on the team website. He is very well spoken. I was impressed. no cliches, no “obviously”s, “um”s, “like”s, etc.

    He seems like a good person to have as a teammate. I hope he continues to improve and sticks with the Rangers.

  213. Carp — No sir! I thought the age 26 thing was funny. As for the inconsistency, I figure if SJ dumped Clowe because he was suspect, maybe the NYR did the same thing with Gabby, but you liked Gabby and felt dealing him would be bad. Doodie M. made the good point that we got current players back for No. 10 while SJ did not; I get that. But I don’t believe Clowe is suspect because SJ dealt him; maybe they figured now is better rather than getting nothing when he walked. On realignment I don’t beleive any non-stupid plan is possible given the 30 raging egos that own the teams.

  214. CCCP,
    that video is hilarious remake of the “Taxi Driver”, like Torts into werewolf to scare some of his “female” players… Will it work?

  215. stranger Nation – you’re strange Artem was the most underated player that we gave up to get Nash. Carp – Great pass to Johanson and super pass from Artem for Gaborik’s 2nd point. He’s lighting up Columbus. I’m happy for him and JD. I wonder if Todd Richards would cut off his nose to spite his face like Tort’s did in debasing this star by sitting him for periods at a time. He’s finally free and I hope Columbus makes it. The Jets and the Isles may knock us out of the playoffs. How freeken poetic the Ranger Nation watching the Whale defeat the Springfield Falcons and Columbus in the Playoffs

  216. loneranger,

    thoroughly agree, Torts has shown his arrogance with Gaborik, the press should have called him out on it, IMO.
    The GM should have stepped in, not by trading the player but rather by talking the Coach down a bit. But the GM has larger problems – namely the quality of the scouting, don’t you think ?

  217. Newbear I Believe the entire Ranger Organization needs restructuring From Sather, Anger management “Torts” right down to the scouting system. I’d give some Leeway to Gernander up at the Whale who’s done a commendable job

  218. loneranger,
    something similar to what happened in Chicago a few years ago, but wasn’t the restructuring possible only because someone significant (owner) died?
    This org has a stubborn history of a Byzantine behavior, remember when the owner was the Gulf+Western Corp.? Same junk was going on then as it is traded down to the next generation of ownership now.
    I trust you know more about Mr. Genander, wish we would hear more about him and Whale, reliably.

  219. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Is there a time deadline when a player is or isn’t eligible for the playoffs in the minors?

  220. Wicky,
    I myself have no idea about these technical thingies, I can only judge what is going on on the surface visible to the public (the fans). Even if I knew all the intricacies, what would happen in reality ?
    I just don’t want to play the fantasy league that so many people on this blog enjoy so much, or the vicarious coaching etc.

  221. CCCP,

    I could not agree more, this team has been mismanaged, from the GM and the coaching aspect, that the players chosen by the Scouts are the veritable sitting ducks. You can criticize Boyle, but someone in the org said, get Boyle, he’s a good guy, and so on down the line.

    Are they scouting properly or what…

  222. Boyle isn’t the problem… bubble gum defense is…oh and lack of top young talent in the organization for ages

  223. Just saw bettman and cherry having lunch w a fat guy in a midtown restaurant. There was still food on the table so pretty sure it wasnt marty. Prust sayin.

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