It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Maple Leaves


Remember this about the NHL’s three-point game: If the Rangers get three of a possible four points in these two games, that means the Leaves get at least two, or possibly three. Makes no sense? Of course it doesn’t. The Rangers can gain significant ground only by winning both games in regulation.

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Game 39.
Rangers at Maple Leaves.

The Rangers are sort-of undefeated in four (3-0-1 with that tiddly-winks contest deciding a tied game in Pittsburgh) and have a chance to climb in the standings with this home-and-home series against fifth-place Toronto.

The Rangers go with the same lineup they’ve used in the past three games, which means Henrik Lundqvist in goal. Marc Staal (eye), J.T. Miller (wrist) and Derek Dorsett (broken clavicle) are out. Roman Hamrlik and Matt Gilroy are prucha’d.


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(that’s the 1926-27 Maple Leafs logo up top).


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  1. re-post:

    Here we go boneheads. Tonight’s game against the leafs is going to be a good barometer because the leafs as I see it is probably the 4th best team this year in the eastern conference. Lets see if the rangers are contenders or pretenders.

  2. Warren, the twitter widget is still there … did it disappear today?

    Miami is obviously the biggest clown … or should I say two-bit, amateur-hour, no-talent, bush-league clown?


  3. Sioux-per-man on

    Go Time – Time to get out of the Oil Can and head for the homested!!!!

    Big Game Tonight!!!

    Leafs are going to fall tonight!!

    I’m hoping that Clowe take a piece out of Phanuef just for Sauer’s sake!!!

  4. damn pos computer!!!
    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

    and someone decapitate MR Potato Head phanuef

  5. alright bush-league punks and clowns! this one is a must win, season over trade everyone type of game! so lets get 2 points and get outta there!

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©"Don't stepan the logo,Clowe!!"...says Greg L. on

    LETSSSSSSSSS gog ogg og gog og gogogoog!!!



    3 periods of non stop rock’em sock’em hockey!!!!!

    Colton ORR …watch out for that goon!!

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©"Don't stepan the logo,Clowe!!"...says Greg L. on




    gametime gametime gametime!!!!!!

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©"Don't stepan the logo,Clowe!!"...says Greg L. on

    The Toronto Maple Laughs , what a joke .

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boys lets make some NOISE!!!


  9. The League should take another look at that play. But, of course, they won’t…since it’s Steve Eminger and there was a minor called…

  10. Richards and Girardi shouldn’t be on the point. I’m sorry, Torts. I don’t like that…

  11. Czechthemout!!! on

    Nash needs to get his head out of his assen tonight because he seems way off so far.

  12. GGirardi playing like he’s overly concerned with upcoming Twitter questions…or maybe he shouldn’t be there on the pp

  13. wow!! hockey gods on Toronto’s side, 2 post for the rangers and than a Toronto goal.

  14. Czechthemout!!! on

    Not a very good first period so far. Two scoring chances, hit posts but still not what they were doing two games ago.

    Sam and Joe are happy that they limited the Leafs scoring chances, look again boys, they have more scoring chances than we do. Limiting chances is not enough of a standard for me. Need to step up the scoring chances.

  15. Nash has his head up his Aasen because Dr Carlyle told him it would reduce the temperature around his brain.

  16. Czechthemout!!! on

    What are you babbling about Joe? They have created virtually zero offense this period you buffoon!

  17. There were only four Rangers chasing or watching the puck in the corner on that goal. Is that too many?

  18. The Rangers simply aren’t used to playing on bad ice in a building full of empty or silent corporate seats in the lower level.

  19. Czechthemout!!! on

    This is the third poor period out of the last four that they’ve played.

  20. Czechthemout!!! on

    So far not the way I was hoping they would come out to play.

    Joe M is sealing money from Dolan. Just awful!

  21. HHope coach threatens them with one of his pit bulls between periods…they look like they had a late night ” team building ” exercise yesterday.

  22. ThisYearsModel on

    Perhaps I should go watch the washing machine cycle. It is about as exciting as the Rangers endless cycling.

  23. Good evening all! Skating in late due to work (hartnell)…..there’s still 40 minutes left…..

  24. How does somebody in the advertising business think that Heineken ad is going to, you know, make people want to buy Heineken?

  25. Czechthemout!!! on

    Let me be the first to start with the MSG talking points just in case they lose tonight.

    Third game in four nights.

    Two in the last three.

    Not enough practice time ( thank god )

    Blah blah blah

  26. to me the rangers look exhausted especially nash in 1st per. 4th game in 6 nights. too bad everyone else does it too fight through it. nash looked like he was going half speed

  27. ‘Survey Sez’ drives me to the 7-11 to load up on tickets between periods. not.

  28. So Google tells us Ryan Bozak is a former NHL linesman, who retired in 1994. Guess that explains Sam’s slip, but he’s been doing it for three years with nobody correcting him.

  29. Czechthemout!!! on


    Thanks for reminding me .

    More talking points.

    Fourth game in six nights

    How about 39 game in 82 nights.

  30. nash’s team growing up is the maple leafs, nash is taking it easy on the leafs (s)

  31. we had the edge in scoring chances. DZ vacated the crease and chased the puck at the wrong time.

  32. Admiral Akbar on

    Carp – There have not been enough quality shots on Reimer for us to ordain him as today’s Patrick Roy. Leafs have kept the Rangers to the outside all night.

  33. Czechthemout!!! on

    Once again they are all behind the net cycling aimlessly. Several times they are winning the puck battles only to go right back and battle because no one is going to the front of the net.

  34. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    It’s so quiet in there you would think they are paying in the world’s most overrated arena

  35. Admiral Akbar on

    Czech —

    All this Rangers endless cycling without a producing a decent scoring chance is called “spinning your ones’s wheels”… This is what a team is forced to do when there aren’t great shooting options from the point men.

  36. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    Clowe could compete in a race with Hamrlik and Pyatt.

  37. maybe Nash didn’t like getting roughed up a bit early … normally that doesn’t get him off his game.

  38. Czechthemout!!! on

    Turn out the lights the party is over as MDZ brain cramps.

    They are playing tonight like they have been coached.

  39. they don’t have any more 40-goal scorers to trade for grinders, eric.

    shocker that Girardi went down and didn’t stop the pass across.

  40. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    I find it hilarious that Torts is doubleshifting Nash to get him going, but he wouldn’t hesitate to bench Gaborik.

  41. when will they learn that with the crappy PP that they have there is NO ROOM to be CUTE with the PUCK!!

  42. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    MZA is having a great defensive game. I really like what he’s brought to the table this season.

  43. Admiral Akbar on

    Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer
    I find it hilarious that Torts is doubleshifting Nash to get him going, but he wouldn’t hesitate to bench Gaborik.

    April 8th, 2013 at 8:26 PM

    >>looks like the doubleshifting is working.

  44. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Their ‘d’ is the weakest part of their team. Drive on, boys, drive on.

  45. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    That wasn’t even a good move by Nash. Sloppy, but lucky.

  46. and I was just about to comment that Nash is playing like he’s sluggish and hungover….

  47. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    He’s having a great game. He should’ve scored there. He totally deserves a goal.

  48. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    Also can’t figure out why Nash is being played on the left side now that Gaborik is gone, but not while Gaborik was here.

  49. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    Richards should start skating now for his next shift so that he might be in position by then.

  50. Don Cherry must be relieved that a good Canadian boy finally scored after goals from the Dutch guy and the Irishman.

  51. Zucc shoulda planted himself in front of the net there.. fly by took him too close into Reimer I thought.. he’s having a great game though

  52. That was grammatically a penalty. I want him to score well. I very badly want him to score :)

  53. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Didn’t get him enough, Cally. Sauer appreciates the attempt, though.

  54. Oh look at that Phaneuf looks like he is dying 20 seconds later he’s out to start the PP

  55. Callahan gets called for holding Phaneuf?! LMFAO!

    Cally…dont you know that holding Phaneuf is not good! let it out, man!

  56. Yep O’byrne was the guy people wanted on deadline day. Till they found out he stole a purse.

  57. Czechthemout!!! on

    You should never shoot the puck on the PP. only pass it around all the time.

  58. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Some impressive puck movement on this PP, and some good finishing. They have a pretty developed offense.

  59. Can’t win em all. Leaves shooting 20 percent. Don’t have what doc bull frog would call that little something special tonight

  60. JVR wasn’t touched – how do not make him pay the price for planting himself in front of Henrik???? WEAK!!

  61. Rob in Beantown on

    I’m not watching the game. Does Lundqvist look sharp? Biron in the 3rd period?

  62. Uncontested second rebound, 2-on-1, and a PPG with the forward completely ignored in Lundqvist’s grill. So, no, Rob.

  63. Czechthemout!!! on

    Riggggghhhhhhttttttt , that was Henriks fault that a 6 5″ guy screened him in front of the net without being touched.

  64. Just when we think they can make a move up the standings the same old Rangers show up!

  65. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Mcilrath can’t get here soon enough.

    I’d rather have obrein than obyrne, better skater

  66. _Just when we think they can make a move up the standings the same old Rangers show up!_

    same old coaching ;)

  67. as carp pointed out and i agreed what will this team look like next year for 82 games. throw away the 6 goal fairy tale last wednesday the last few games they lack the FINISH ABILITY. they will another skill guy to go with nash again. gabby failed this year but this roster isnt good enough to score regularly

  68. Phew! I was afraid we wouldn’t get a Knicks update…

    LMAO at the little hair flirter next to Doogs…

  69. too many of you got excited about the 6 goals that was a mirage. you cant muck and grind for 60 min all the time

  70. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    they are allergic to covering the front of the goal

  71. Game isn’t over and we’ve hit two posts and MZA is having a great game…still a chance to get 2 points here…

  72. I’m convinced the little girl who thinks her dad is an alien is Bill pidto daughter He wears weird glasses,looks Way different and gives basketball updates during RANGERS games!!

  73. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Obyrne carrying on this years trade deadline tradition of first game with new team goal scoring

  74. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    Carp, I’ll buy you a MSG hot dog if you ask Torts why he’s playing Nash on the left now with Callahan but wouldn’t do it with Gaborik.

    Just let me contact my lender to see if I can take out the mortgage on my home to afford the hot dog.

  75. Duguay: “You should never have a 2-on-1 when you’re playing 5-on-5.” This guy actually played the game.

  76. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    He really is the worst studio analyst in the business.

    He’s closer to an anal cyst.

  77. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on


  78. Admiral Akbar on

    Rangers fail to put players in front of the net – offensively or defensively.

  79. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Lol nyr I thought it was a schooner!!

    Oh wait, there’s the analyst…nope never mind that is just the 1926-27 Toronto logo

  80. except for the PPG, I think every goal in this game was preceded by a good scoring chance in the other end.

  81. If Dr Carlyle is such a line matcher, he might want to match someone other than Fraser and Franson against Nash.

  82. It would be nice if the other big contract on the roster would help Nash with the scoring.

  83. Admiral – Moore has played every shift Eminger has. It just takes Eminger 10 seconds longer to get to the bench.

  84. what would have to happen for somebody to want to watch that cars show they keep promoting on the History Channel.

  85. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    What’s wrong ORR!? Not a fan of Sixpence None the Richer?

  86. Admiral Akbar on

    Of course– the obligatory 3rd period momentum killing penalty….

    Del Zasterous.

  87. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    Man, Carolina is done. Done done done. Good thing they locked up Semin for half a decade.

  88. If they can kill this penalty I actually have a good feeling for a comeback in this game. Haven’t felt that way since last season.

  89. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    Kessel is too soft to have played in the 80s. He would’ve needed a Semenko on his line to keep from getting killed.

  90. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    He’s turning into some player.

    Carp, I’m still with you on the #2C ceiling for him, but man, imagine if he kept this up?

  91. stupid play by Toronto. A two on one with Stepan and Powe, he has to go to Stepan and make Powe beat them.

  92. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    This is MDZ’s worst game of the season and probably his worst since he got sent down to CT two years ago.

  93. Lundqvist has been terrible tonight. Four goals against. Two posts. One critical stick handling error and subsequent save by his defenseman.


  95. so now it’s two uncontested rebounds, a clean 2-on-1, and a PP deflection by an unchecked forward right in front.

  96. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Man, it must be tough to look up and see it’s just you and Kessel. Perhaps a poke check? I dunno. But it should not happen a few times a game.

  97. i can count at least 10 times this year they give up a goal within a minute of tying it.

    all this work to fight back for nothing

  98. I finally got the courage to look down and there are people down there yelling: “Jump and put yourself out of your misery!”

  99. On the ledge, off the ledge, on the ledge, off the ledge, on the ledge, off the ledge……………
    I’m stayin off, I still got a good feeling about the outcome. LETS GO RANGERS!!!

  100. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    I can’t believe MDZ got another shift after that one.

    But Gaborik and Kreider get benched immediately for anything.

  101. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Their blue line is almost as bad as ours. They are just bigger. Soooo slowwww…..

  102. Leaves got *FOUR* coaches/assistants behind the bench! Rangers have two… one coach and one guy with neat haircut

  103. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Is Richards playing for Toronto or our team tonight? His passes to Toronto are excellent, even if he doesn’t mean to do it, or does he?

  104. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ledge refreshments CCCP? I’ll have a zombie.

    I thought I saw Muckler out there!!!!

  105. Did Pyatt’s first 5 games of the season really buy him this much playing time?

  106. I’m calling Gadzuccs with the tying goal, little Italian kid from Norway deserves one.

  107. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the Meketrex Supplicants they chose a new form for him… that of a Giant Sloar! many Girardis and Del Zottos knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Sloar that day I can tell you.

  108. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    As usual, you’re right, Carpy. All the more reason why it is hard for me to understand why the Rangers didn’t go after a defenseman that ended up on Toronto at the trade deadline, for what a fourth rounder? We throw those away when we sneeze. We get one more injury on ‘d’, we are an AHL defense.

  109. I think Pyatt fits into the Torts grind mentality, but other than that, I don’t think he’s earned squat.

  110. Come on guys! Hank stole one last game and now that he’s having a rough game, its up to the rest of the guys to bail him out!

  111. Doodinz Clortho, KeyMachetto of Gozer on

    The only thing Pyatt grinds is meat in making his own sausages….he’s fat.

  112. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I see Clowe is learning from Richards. Great pass to the TO defenseman

  113. I’ll deny ever having said this, but at this point I would settle for a BCATHGE

  114. Hanks had some help tonight – just not by the guys in white sweaters. Gotta love the pipes.

  115. The BCATHGE would be good, given the performance … but it won’t help in the chase for fifth. The point would be really important in the battle for 6-7-8-9 though.

  116. Reimer should play the lottery tonight..he just drops to his knees and hopes for the best

  117. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Stupid shot by Nash, but an even worse net miss by…guess who……Richie Rich

  118. wouldn’t you think some of these guys would think about a different stick company when their sticks keep breaking?

  119. And good niters all…..long day and deflated even more now…..til tomorrow…..TA!

  120. Pin this result on Lundqvist and move on to the next game. Thanks to Stepan and Nash, the Rangers still had a chance to win this contest.

  121. I listened to this awful Toronto announcer all night…screw the ledge I’m just slitting my throat

  122. If the Rangers could hit the net more, they would score more goals…..I think.

  123. can’r believe the king gave up 4 goals after standing on his head the last game. Hope he isn’t nursing a injury that he isn’t letting anyone know about.

  124. The top teams look so much more practiced and cleaner than us. How many defensive breakdowns and sloppy clearing attempts this year? Isn’t some of this stuff as automatic as pitchers covering first?

  125. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Papa, it is amazing how inept their point shots are. Either wide or hit the opponent’s defensemen

  126. leetchhalloffame on

    Henrik giveth & Henrik taketh away. He came up small tonight. Trade him while we can still get some value.

  127. tough tough loss. took advantage 3 times of the Rangers overloading the d zone.

    not sure if it was MDZ or what but the usual chase the puck overload and boom.

    TOUGH loss.


  128. I’m gonna bid for duguay a shirt even if its not up for auction then ill burn it on a stick on 7th ave

  129. shocker, stuart … but if you can possibly find a way to blame this one on Boyle, you’re delusional.

  130. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Trouble with his cream rinse conditioner today? The hair is looking frizzy. No gel, Ronny???

  131. Czechthemout!!! on

    Did not come to play in the first= loss! You have to plat for 60 minutes.

    Zero secondary scoing! Third line brouht nothing tonight. No surprise, only two players on that line can actually play an offensive game.

  132. the hobbit did well on turnovers bad really bad on doing anything with those tunrnovers..

    the supposed 3rd line of hagelin, bum(boyle) and brassard not doing much.

    richards win any board battles ever???????????/

  133. No, it is not tough. One Kessel goal in particular was a weak rebound on a whiffed shot.

  134. I wonder what our defense first coach will say about the last two games? He’s really got our boys doing a hellava job on defense in these playoff like games!

  135. Love how Lundqvist and Boyle get the blame for Del Zotto and Girardi pinching…

  136. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    And how fake is that brown color that is his hair? Red-brown? Only his hairdresser knows for sure…..

  137. The play in the d-zone was horrendous tonight, except for McDonuts and Eminger.

  138. brassard said he likes playing with hagelin per the telecast did not mention that about the BUM..

    boykle is a friggin bum.. he cannot handle the puck let alone have a nice offensive move.

    carp yep boyle is a nice guy and all that crap but he sucks…..SUCKS…

  139. We are in a good position believe it or not. Team is competing,couple of posts, grinding style now works. Hank after being so good got unlucky.

  140. To steal a line from my favorite NHL personality, Doc Emrick, he left a lot of juicy rebounds out there tonight, while also committing a couple of unusual miscues.

  141. There is the in depth analysis we have come to expect from Stuart. Czech is back too. Love how a loss brings everybody back in force.

  142. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Mothman, I’ll agree with that one. A poke check might of been nice there. But, Henrique was looking up all night at 2 on1’s or guys alone in front. The ‘d’ failed him big time, on 3 of the 4 goals.

  143. I don’t recall last year Girardi taking himself out of the play by sliding on the ice like he does so often this year. Very frustrating to watch.

  144. I’d love to blame LQ on the Kessel goal but you really can’t…only reason that went is because he fluffed his initial shot

    still disgusting

  145. A goalie allows four goals, he cannot be let off the hook entirely. This is not the free flowing offensive explosion of the 1980’s in which goaltenders were lucky if they gave up four goals.

  146. Put the blame where it belongs. Del Zotto made an awful read in the neutral zone that led to a goal. Forwards got behind the NYR defense.

    What in holy hell does that have to do with Lundqvist?

  147. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Well, Carpy, you’d have to agree with the Richie Rich thing. What, just what, does he provide at this point?

  148. Czechthemout!!! on


    No way the king could have stopped any of those. Totally agree

    You cant blame the loss on Boyle, I dont think Stuart is. He is making a correct observation on Boyle. He does nothing on offense and therefore should only play on the fourth line and the PK. Powe does nothing most games and should be the odd man out for Boyle. Either Kreider or Miller when healthy should be on the third line.

  149. Once Stepan scored, I asked myself how soon a Ranger mitake will give back the goal…they were putting the puck on Toronto sticks for the next few minutes, as though they wanted to give the game away. Great power moves by Nash and nice play by Stepan. The captain seemed tired tonight…he’s entitled to an off night now and then…don’t know wny player who puts out 200% the way he does night in and night out.

  150. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    twice Nash got behind the slow, lugging defensemen that TO calls NHL caliber. I hope he learned something for Wednesday. These guys are begging to get beat. This team, with Lupul, must be very sleek offensively. Their defense, aside from Phaneuf an G-man, to a degree, stinks. Watch the tapes Torts. Let your guys pick up steam. They can’t keep up.

  151. Man. You guys should spend less time complaining and more time getting avatars. Take advantage of all this site has to offer.

  152. summing up the comments, if only Biron was in net, if only Boyle was lanced, and if only Del Zotto was not blotto, they woulda won.

  153. “The top teams look so much more practiced and cleaner than us.”

    I think our team looks about 50% cleaner since the trades and brining in MZA. If we’d had this squad all year, I think we’d be wheeling.

    Offensive zone passing seems to be working and obviously the PP is quite literally ~50% better than it was.

  154. again, watch the goals, mothman. not all goals are equal. Two uncontested rebounds, a clean 2-on-1, and an unchecked big guy deflecting a power play shot from the edge of the crease. You tell me which one he should have stopped.

  155. Hey as “bad” as they played they are a Stepan snapped stick from an ot Hattie from Nash. Watch em win 7-1 on wednesday

  156. I listened to the leaf announcers all night and thought they were pretty fair, especially to Nash. Better than Boston, NJ, Pitt and Buff just to name a few.

  157. You negative nancies are something. The Rangers completely outplayed those guys tonight in every way. Unfortunately that also included making the 2 or 3 biggest boneheaded mistakes with the only guys on the other team who can actually play on the ice. I mean, on at least 3 of those 4 goals the Ranger defensive coverage was just putrid, so bad that even Hank couldnt mop up.

    This team will beat the Leafs handily at home Weds and then the rest of the schedule is all against teams below them in the standings. They will get in, seeding not terribly important at this point, and be playing their best hockey when the playoffs start.

  158. The facts: Our D is kind of soft without Staal. Girardi does nothing physically. Stralman rarely does something positive in the dirty areas. McD is a solid but usually has to bail his partner out. Eminger should be in CT. Del Z is probably our toughest d-man.

  159. Swap that piece of pricey crap out with Brassard. At least Brassard will work the corners.

  160. Czechthemout!!! on

    No one can point out that teflon Boyle brings nothing to the table on offense ion this blog, it’s sacralige! This despite playing second or third line minutes each and every game.

  161. that’s fine cup, but after every loss?

    Peter, I don’t think you should insult the Boneheads like that :)

  162. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    if our defense was deep, MDZ might have to worry about being benched. not a problem this year.

  163. I can. Teflon Boyle brings nothing to the table on offense. I can’t even count the number of times it’s been said here. But to blame him for this game is kinda a stretch.

  164. Well put, PBR.

    I’m predicting an avatar for you. It’s round, 12oz and made of aluminum.

  165. I think at this point in season every loss is a crucial loss…so right now is actually a good time to complain

  166. Carp, I need to hear it from you so I can calm down and believe. I’m too negative! But hey, isn’t that what being a Ranger fan is all about?

  167. The captain seemed tired tonight


    I didn’t think so…great work along the boards as usual. Guy is totally impressive, most underrated hands in the league.

    The real shame is this squad is learning on the fly in a sticky playoff race…ugly situation, I think this team could have been killer with more time to gel.

  168. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Ya think? (s)

    Seriously, he does so many things away from the puck. I know that’s not stats, but he does.

  169. ANd FWIW I am on the don’t blame the King side. Look at that first goal – the first save on JVR was lights out, then JVR gets to bat away at the rebound and the only player close to him was another Leaf.

    MDZ busy chasing the already covered Kessel and I’ve got no idea where the centre was.

    On the 3rd goal (think it was the 3rd), MDZ was way up the side boards, 20 feet out of position, waving at his posse (remember, he’s a Toronto area boy) while 3 Leafs converged on the King.

    Hardly his fault….

  170. Peter, Outplaying is a subjective opinion which means zero. The final score is the only outcome which matters. Too late in the season for moral victories. We need points.

  171. Why did the flyers trade JVR..stupid. Hank was more unlucky than shaky, though Stralman bailed his awful stick handling. I feel like they played hard n didn’t get the bounces. We are Ok in fact after tonight I feel that we are more than OK weird. Looking for a pretty good run, we are jelling

  172. Of course they miss Staal he was argueably their best d man before he got hurt.

    mdz had a rough rough game tonight.

    3rd line did zilch and richards did not win 1 battle the whole game….

  173. Seriously though, we just can’t beat the top teams consistently enough. And don’t get me started on big games against the future brooklyn boys!

  174. Boy, I wish I was having a Live Chat tomorrow instead of playing golf … um, no, I don’t really.

    Live chat Friday, though. Heading into that MUST WIN vs. Islanders, should be fun.

  175. Czechthemout!!! on


    And I am not blaming him for this loss, I dont think Stuart is either. The point I am making is that he is playing way too many minutes in a role he has no business playing. This is a team that suffers from secondary scoring, playing him over Miller or Kreider is just stupid. It is not an agenda, it is just fact.

  176. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I don’t think you guys understand, no one here is saying Boyle is the solution, but he isn’t the problem either.

    No way you can put any part of this loss on Boyle, pretty much all on one d pair

  177. 4th goal was because kessel got zilch on the shot so it moved 6 inches off henriks pads.

    the coverage breakdowns kill……

    the leaves love the diagonal pass to the weakside, the rangers were not prepared for that???

  178. I think the rangers are going to make the palyoffs but why do I have this bad feeling the islanders will finish ahead of the rangers.

  179. That’s fine, Czech. He played I think 13 minutes tonight. He kills penalties, so that drives up his minutes. He goes out to take draws sometimes. That adds to his minutes. And the options after him are Powe and Asham, so …

  180. Injuries to Staal and Sauer have left this d corps thin and thus there is little internal competition or pressure, and it makes it difficult bench guys who are having a poor game.

    That was evident tonight

  181. amen czechthemout.. boyle can play on the 4th line and give them nothing.

    the guy is on the 2nd PP unit.

    he does nothing…..

    i cannot believe stepans goal, why would the leaves even cover powe, the guy is worse offensively the bum boyle….

  182. I can’t understand how MSG can’t hire someone better that Duguay for this show. It’ really is embarrassing Carp, what about you?

  183. I was early on the Boyle criticism calling him a 4th liner rather than 3 rd to start some of these debates. However tonight is no way on him. I would have shopped him heavy and still would. BTW Sather did somewhat dangle him out there not many takers at this time.

  184. What do I think about Duguay, what do I think about MSG’s decision, or do I think I could do the job better than Duguay?

  185. MDZ plays in the d-zone some games like its his first game in the big leagues. It’s amazing how at this stage of his career he continues to make the wrong choice on d-zone coverages.

    When he is having an off night, it’s usually noticeable.

  186. I have a much bigger problem with Giradi on the PP than Boyle. At least there is a logical reason for Boyle being out there. I honestly can’t figure out why Tort likes to use Danny G on the PP!

  187. again, I hate defending the guy because I think he’s a shadow of the player he was last year — when he could be assigned to play against opponent’s top lines — but I still think the Rangers’ depth is questionable and Boyle is better than Powe, Asham and Pyatt. Next year Miller and Kreider will fix some of that.

  188. great point, Papa. I think Del Zotto’s made a lot of progress defensively, but when he has a stinker, it’s a stinker all night.

  189. Czechthemout!!! on


    Any time Boyle plays more than 8-10 minutes including pk, he is playing too much. Plus he took a regular shift on the third line, not where he belongs on a team starving for secondary scoring.

    That said, blaming him for this loss is dumb as blaming Lundquist. Defensive coverage broke down too many times, that is why they lost.

  190. Carps doghouse=Duguay,Richards,Muckler
    Carps anti doghouse=titleist, until he hits it……enjoy

  191. All of the above. But I was actually thinking that YOU should be next to Pidto. At least you know who’s on the team!
    And can someone please tell him to stop saying “New York Rangers” instead of just “Rangers”!!!!!!

  192. Torts is right “I don’t think we were that bad” he is right, just a little unlucky


  194. lmao, Salty.

    cub, thank you. I would LOVE to try that job. (and keep doing this blog, of course). I know I couldn’t be that bad or ill-informed (I don’t think he’s been in the lockerroom or at a practice all season).

  195. Czechthemout!!! on


    He is better than the three scrubs on the fourth line which is why he should be playing there instead of one of them. Pick one, anyone it does not matter. What is more important is to get some speed and scoring potential on to the third line. Miller or Kreider can do that now. No need to wait for next year.

  196. that’s why I didn’t like the trade, eric. I’m with you. Next year it will be 82 games with one first-liner (two if you count Stepan, but he’s never going to score 40).

  197. When you have five (5) total points as a center/forward, after 38 games, you ARE part of the problem. When you (Richards) have 23 points and never contest for the puck, you are also a problem. Not even going to bring up #14.

  198. don’t disagree at all, czech, but wondering what it would do to one of those kids if they cost the team a game at this point in the season. especially Kreider, who obviously was lacking in confidence.

  199. Its pretty amazing how Nash can be almost invisible and than……bang, he’ll score and start to take control of the play. He has some world class moves with the puck.

  200. I think there is a belief within the organization that Kreider will be the other sniper scoring 30-40 goals in the seasons ahead.

    The Rangers will be lucky if a 40 goal scorer ever hits the market again…

  201. It’s a bad reflection on the organization that they can’t do any better than him. Daneko, Jaffe and Kennan are so much better.Even old Butchie Goring was better. Just hire Keenan full time! Not that any of this matters tonight. I just need something else to complain about. If I write about this game I will smash my keyboard!!!!!!

  202. According to Lundqvist, he was fighting it all night. He was slow, he made bad decisions, he was not sharp, and he did not read plays well.

  203. I think the best thing would be for Brian Leetch to do that job full-time … he has so much more insight and opinion, it’s ridiculous. But I don’t think Leetch wants to be away from his family much, certainly not 82 nights a season.

  204. and the organization could do better … the guy on radio is the best they’ve got. Put him in the studio. Or in the booth.

  205. Czechthemout!!! on


    No doubt. But Kreider “cost” them that playoff game against the Caps last season and then went out and played great because the coach left him alone and did a what a coach should do. Teach and correct. He needs to do that now. Bring him up and let him play. He played fine in his last stint here. Miller too. The mistakes we saw tonight from MDZ and Girardi were as bad as any rookie would make but they are still allowed to play through them.

  206. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Yes, NYR and Carp, and for that reason, the Columbus deadline deal was tough to swallow. That was an elite scorer going the other way. Off year or not.

    To be fair, Sather got value for Gabby AND probably made his coach happy at the same time.

    Calgary was in a slightly more advanced position this year and didn’t get much for their FA-to-be, Iginla. True, Gabby has 1 year left, but if Slather waited, he’d get diminished value next year.

    It’s rare, I will agree with him just on that one point.

  207. Gaborik is a total one way player and gives you nada outside the offensive blue line. If you’re stacked with talent, you can put up with him. Not only that, but the speedy 22 yr old kid defenceman might be worth the trade one for one eventually. Comparing Gabby NOW to Nash is laughable.

  208. “Its pretty amazing how Nash can be almost invisible and than……bang, he’ll score and start to take control of the play. He has some world class moves with the puck.

    April 8th, 2013 at 10:24 PM”

    We used to say the same aboot Gaby, Papa…

  209. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I agree, Coos. THere is no comparison In essence if you look at the trades with Columbus as Nash coming our way and Gabby theirs, we win big. Would much rather have Nasher. No comp.

  210. kreider made many less faux paus then miller in there last stints up here.

    i thought Kreider was playing well…

    good news when dorsett gets in the lineup, asham or powe sit, another nothing out of the lineup..

    if boyle was on the 4th line no issue with him being in the lineup from me.

    hagelin should be on the 2nd PK unit over BOyle….

  211. Not sure…. but did the Kings have a 40 goal scorer last year? In fact, I don’t t
    believe they had a 30 goal scorer. But……..They did win the Stanlry Cup.

  212. CCCP, you must have some REALLY good stuff if you can’t remember Gaby stealing us games over the last few years…

  213. I still think it’s a very bad sign to not bring back any high draft picks in any of these deals. I’m mean really, not one pick in any of the first 3 rounds in any upcoming draft year. Awful.

  214. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Kopitar, Williams and Brown had 20-25 each. Kopitar is a two way moose. One of the most underrated in the game.

  215. this whole Gaborik thing is over rated. I rather have a bunch of 2 way 20 goal scorers than 1 30-40 goal scorer that when not scoring brings nothing else to the table.

  216. The trade got the Rangers two first round picks on the ice, not in a field of dreams.

  217. Coos,
    it’s never a good thing to not have ANY picks in the first two rounds of a draft, IMO.

  218. _tommy, do you think they got two 20-goal scorers in that trade? Or even one?_

    who’s to say that Gaborik will ever score 40 again?

  219. Stranger Nation on

    MDZ went out too late last night in Toronto

    Boyle has to get puck repellent off stick

    Richards should be out to rest up for next year

  220. Right you are Carp. An then there is this: Not only didn’t we get any 20 goal scorers, we also didn’t bring back any high round picks. No one seems to care that we don’t have a pick in the first two round this year!

  221. Re your earlier post and Ron Duguay. Anybody can do a better job than him particularly you. How did Pet do ever get thatjob. Very tedious watching him. Liked Brian Leach the best

  222. carp, no, maybe brassard but that’s it. I guess what I was trying to say was I rather have 20 goal 2 way players that would make more of a balance team than 1 guy who could/might score 30-40 goals when not scoring adds nothing else to the game. I truly believe though Sather did the best he could in the gaborik trade. If the rangers would have waited, probably they get less, mainly because of his age and contract.

  223. plus the rangers were going nowhere with the team as it was constructed and Gaborik was a sulking player who didn’t want to be there anymore. Sather had to make that trade.

  224. Czechthemout!!! on


    Those Brassard numbers you posted are assists, not goals. I think 17 is the most he has scored.

  225. this isnt about gaborik vs the others in the trade. the fact is we dont have enough offense with gabby and now without him. if gabby stayed we still would need more skill.

    u guys all love the zucc the hagelin can you count on them to score when needed the answer is no

  226. Tommy g: your 10:38 post. It’s a tough call, but seeing what Gaborik contributed to this team…. I have to agree with you.

    Although hedging somewhat, Carps point is valid, we probably didn’t get the type of player you and I would prefer in the deal for Gaborik. Time will tell.

  227. Czechthemout!!! on

    Brassard is a good 3 rd line center that can move up one line in case of injury. Thats it. He is good on the PP and can get 40-50 points, a nice number for a third line center.

    I agree with those who thought we did not get enough for Gabby in terms of draft picks. This is a very very deep draft with a number of top end offensive dman into the second round. We dont have one now.

  228. tommy g, we may not think much of it now but in 2 or 3 seasons it will matter. You need players. If they don’t look like much at least you can find a sucker like Slats and move them for a scorer :)

  229. hopefully next year miller and kreider can be 20 goal scorers for the rangers, remains to be seen.

  230. _hopefully next year miller and kreider can be 20 goal scorers for the rangers, remains to be seen._

    And if not we can always trade them to Columbus

  231. CCCP,
    good point, next year Columbus will be in the rangers division. I might get confused which team is the rangers.

  232. tommy g, I just wanted a 2nd rounder back. I didn’t hate it until I realized we weren’t getting any high picks. I was really wishing we’d get out 1st back. Daydreaming is more like it!

  233. The way Gabby played this year over a long look-see, he would have given us in a regular season 20 goals, 40 points and a glaring defensive liablity on top of it. He, himself, is the reason we didn’t get more in a trade. Sayonara and good luck. IMHO. Richards is next.

  234. Stranger Nation on

    that 6th round pick is HUGE

    Richards aka ‘Black Hole turnover machine’ will be the anvil around this team’s collective necks for as long as he is on the ice.

    If he was a horse, they would have to shoot him, but first take his teeth for horse dentistry.

  235. The best centers in our division: Crosby, Malkin, Giroux, Tavares. Who exactly do we have to match them? Oh that’s right, Richards. Lucky us!

  236. Stranger Nation on

    40-50 pts for a 3rd line center would probably be the leading 3rd line center in the league – more than ‘adequate’.

    But let’s us remember the 3rd line center’s job is to mark the opposing teams’ #1 center.

  237. Someone comes near Richards in any zone, he discards the puck ASAP and he turns flatfooted and lifts his stick in defense instead of keeping it on the ice. Like peewee hockey.

  238. Stranger Nation on

    Put bros-hard with Nash and he will get 20G/40A – book it.



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