Rangers-Hurricanes in review


Funny how perception works. The Rangers romped over Pittsburgh 6-1 Wednesday. Then they lost in a post-game tiddly-winks contest, 2-1, in Pittsburgh on Friday. Then they beat Carolina 4-1 last night.

And yet I would argue that the best game that they played was the loss. Honestly, I think it was.


1) All season long we’ve all said and heard (ad nauseum in some cases) that Henrik Lundqvist hadn’t stolen games for the Rangers this season. Well, he swiped one last night. Although, IMO, the Hurricanes weren’t that much better than the Rangers, but they were somewhat better over the first and third periods. If you switch goalies, put Lundqvist in Carolina’s net and Dan Ellis in the Rangers net, though, that game was probably 6-2 for the Canes. Am I right?

2) Nobody wants to win more than this guy. Nobody. I also think it’s a little over-the-top to say that Lundqvist never played that well before. Short memories, maybe? How about the way he played when the Rangers went up three games to one on Washington that one year?

3) Are there really only 10 games remaining? With the two Pittsburgh games out of the way, the Rangers’ remaining schedule isn’t bad at all. On the downside, the teams chasing them or just ahead of them will all get their shots at the Rangers. The home-and-home with Toronto Monday and Wednesday are going to be telling for both teams.

4) Lundqvist was the best player in the game, but the Rangers’ next best player – their one legit first-line player, Rick Nash – sure had a couple of strong games on consecutive nights. Guy can be streaky, as we’ve already seen. Great sign for NYR if he’s hitting one of those streaks right about now.

5) The Hurricanes were very physical and skated strongly, as expected. They were angry after losing 10 of 11. And they played that way. Frankly, I didn’t think the Rangers handled all of that particularly well. But they got the win, whatever it looked like. At this point, that’s all that matters.

6) Derek Stepan is not just a terrific two-way player having a really solid season. He has also become a really good penalty killer, especially lately.

7) Dan Girardi=Block Ness Monster.

8) That pass Brad Richards made on the PPG by Stepan … that’s why I don’t mind him on the PP … UP  FRONT, not on the point.  Richards had jump Wednesday, didn’t appear to have any Friday, had some last night. If he brings it every other game, well, that’s better than the percentage he had it for the first two thirds of the season.

9) Ryan Callahan took a beating in this game and got clobbered to get the puck deep on the play on which Rick Nash stole the puck from Ellis and set up Callahan for the 2-0 goal. He made so many good plays – as usual – that you lost count (also as usual).

10) The power play, 5 for its last 10. The main reason it’s percolating, IMO, is Mats Zuccarello, who – other than his three penalties the other night – has been an all-around force. I like his edge, obviously he has more skill than a lot of their forwards and great vision and patience with the puck. Do they sign him (for a lot more money) next season?

11) Not sure where I heard this famous quote, but I’ll repeat it anyway: “Fire this CLOWN, his players hate him and won’t play for his BS.”

12) Rangers 1-0-1 with the new blog format.

My Three Rangers Stars:
(Same as last night)
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Derek Stepan.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
Trade Honeymoon Continues!
1. The King Lives-Long Live the King! I think he steals points here again.
2. Cally-gonna need some ice after this one!
3. Stepan-Keep on Truckin’.
HM-D-Men…all of ’em! + Mr. Nash
Kenny Albert’s (the real one) Three Rangers Stars:

1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Michael Del Zotto.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:

1. Henrik Lundqvist (31.37%).
2. Rick Nash (20.26 %).
3. Derek Stepan (11.76 %).

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  1. Great review as always Carp. Best part after a win is comming here and reading your stuff. It was Vezina Henrik last night! So many great saves it was beyond belief.

    Some thoughts:

    1. Zucc, that little guy, is playing with so much more heart and confidence this year. He is a really good hockey player and although diminutive; an excellent addition to the team especially on the PP!

    2. John Moore: So far I am very impressed. I know, small sample size, but his skating is world class and his positioning for a young guy seems pretty good.

    3. There were complaints about giving up 2nd and 3rd round picks for Ryane Clowe? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? What a steal. He was exactly what we needed.

    4. If Brassard can find consistency to his game, he will end up being a great addition too.

    5. Marc Staal. Please, please get back here for the playoffs. If staal is here and we have Moore on the third pair with Strallman; this defensive corp is very, very solid.

    6. Pinch me! This is starting to remind me of last years team in terms of attitude and will to win. I know we need to see consistency; but the signs are good….

  2. Nice review, Carp, we’re getting spoiled here on the blog! What amazed the world of hockey last year during the Rangers’ run to #1 position in the Eastern Conference is their paucity of legit first-line players…it was their swarming, lunch bucket style and team effort (yeah, I’m always harping on those team building exercises before training camp, but that was the year they started playing beyond the expectations) When they didn’t play well as a team (like last night) Henrik bailed them out…seems closer to last year’s team chemistry right now, which is a good thing. The talent level is higher overall (if we leave out the loss of Gaborik).

    I liked ZA’s contribution last year, and had a premonition that his playmaking and energy would help the team cause…despite Sather’s emphasis on size. I think Glenn must have really swallowed his pride to sign ZA. Torts must have asked for him with memories of Marty St Louis fresh in his mind.

    The key leaders are putting out, and that carries the rest of the crew. This captain puts out day in and day out, an amazing player in all categories, hope he stays healthy and keeps those blocks on his pads…I hope he doesn’t take a clue from Henrik and tries to pull off a header!

    Sorry, but I would rather ignore “the jerk’s” comments about Torts…they are better relegated to ignominy.

  3. How did you guys upload avatars? When I followed the link, I was prompted to sign up for homesite.com, or some web hosting site…I am proficient with hoto editing software, but not sure how to upload to this blog…also, plenty of sites when you google “avatar creation”

  4. OK, just signed onto wordpress.com…just really wary of sites that load tracking cookies on my computer. The first time I signed onto Lohud.com, must have rejected close to 20 advertiser tracking cookies permanently (I always set my browser to prompt for third party cookies.) Will see if it works later this morning, after I finish daily computer maintenance.

  5. 4 points out of 5th with a home and home against the 5th place team this week. Talk about a roller coaster season.

  6. Rangers in 6 on

    Sean Avery – Genius. Once again the old #16 fires up the Rangers, this time via a strategically timed tweet. Rangers 3-0-1 since the tweet.
    Lundqvist truly the Great One last night.

  7. Weakest game since deadline….hope it was just the back to back.Long live the King! Next 2 games will tell a big story.

  8. Once again, excellent points Carp. I agree 100% that the game in Pittsburjh was the Rangers best all around game P.G. (Post Gaborik). Especially the team defense. Imagine if all the skilled finishers in the Iron City were allowed 48 shots?

    A bit of that all too familiar sense that something bad was going to happen last night as the Rangers fell back into that a-step-too-slow, can’t-clear- the-puck, please-save-us-Hank, defense that we have seen way too much of this year.

    In the end, a good road win when on might expect a let down. Off to T’ronto to rake some Leafs.

  9. i tend to look back not forward

    2 pts ahead of winnipeg 2 games in hand
    3 pts ahead of devils.

    i want distance btwn 9th and 10th before i worry about 6th which we all want to finish in.

    that said this home and home with toronto makes thme in play. i would take 3 pts to there 1 and pull within 2 of leafs.

    remember we would lose tiebreaker to leafs because they 21 ROW WINS WE HAVE 16

  10. SufferingSince79 on

    Great review as always Carp. Larry Brooks wrote this AM of Derek Stepan’s face off woes…”Going into last night, Stepan was fourth in the league with 384 lost faceoffs, drawing at a 47.1-percent success rate. The only first-line center worse was the Islanders’ John Tavares, drawing at 46.5 percent.” I guess Brooksie considers him our first line center.

  11. Gravatar.com

    Go there and sing up for gravatar. Not WordPress. Use the email you use here and upload the picture. Wait 5-10 minutes. Post here.

  12. Really happy with the present roster- wishing for Staal to return and make us even better. Thought we weren’t mentally involved last night, but the king carried us to two points and now they get a much needed day off. Let’s grab another two tomorrow and create some space!

  13. _Not sure where I heard this famous quote, but I’ll repeat it anyway: “Fire this CLOWN, his players hate him and won’t play for his BS.”_

    lets be honest here for a minute, OK? They BARELY squeaked by a team that lost 10 of 11 games… so yeah… let’s hold off the parade for now, shall we?

  14. carp, point #11, it’s amazing. I read on a Columbus bluejacket blog yesterday a ranger fan post that he is routing for the jackets and won’t be a ranger fan anymore until tortorella is gone. it’s amazing how many ranger fans hate tortorella, jackwagons.

  15. I felt so bad for Hank that he couldn’t get a shutout last night. If ever a guy deserved a shutout for the way he played, it was last night.

    I know we say that Nash is the only legit 1st liner, but if he’s there yet, Stepan is close. He has been the most consistent Ranger forward after the first few games.

  16. They play hard in spite of Torts and not for Torts :P

    their assens are against the wall here…crunch time! battling for the last playoff spot with 10 games to go in the season…nothing new here under Torts’ regime…up to par ;)

  17. This team is getting to be more like the team I enjoyed watching last year. Caught the last 13 minutes of the game after getting home from my company function and was thrilled to see them up 3-0.

    Now, I’ll go to Raleigh to play in our league games today wearing all my Ranger gear and tick everybody off. :)

    “7) Dan Girardi=Block Ness Monster. ”
    Yes, but he’s also the snow angel king. He may have prevented the lone goal if he didn’t spawl on the ice and was in front of the net to intercept the pass from Skinner.

    I like the way Brassard plays. I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a clue about this guy before the trade. He’s got some skill and not afraid to crash the net.

    So, who would have thought that you give up your 40-goal scorer and the team starts scoring more goals?

  18. Was also the 3rd game in 4 nights, with the Friday night Pitt game being one of the rougher games I have seen the Rangers play all season.

    I’ll say this, as I said to my wife while watching the game, the Rangers looked like the old Rangers Friday night. They outskated Pittsburgh and took the game to them and pushed back and gave as much as they got.

    I have been impressed with Eminger and Stralman pinching at the points.

    We need some third line scoring against Toronto these next two games.

  19. I’m just worried about the next game, not any specific playoff position. If the Rangers continue the way they have over the last 4 (IMO playing well enough to make the playoffs in all 4, and well enough to advance in the playoffs in 3 of those 4 games) That’s all we can really ask for given how things have unfolded since January.

  20. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Great review!! Am I right that, sad as it may appear, many of us ‘live’ for them??? Thanks!

    Yes to all your points. Need to put my two cents in on a few:

    1. This team is moving towards what we had last year in that they are now, post-trade, finding a way to win. This was not a ‘DaVinci’. They were not great for 60, but they won. When I question why, amongst all, two reasons pop up:

    a. the added confidence the ‘jam’ that came in 4 days ago, lets so many of these guys feel ‘comfortable’ to do what they always did. In their own way…Hank, Boyle, MDZ, Girardi, Nash, etc. It’s huge (and should never have been taken away in the first place).

    b. we are seeing right before our very eyes, the Vezina Trophy winner from last year arise from his ashes. He has had a few really good games now, not all season. Is he happy his crease can now be cleared out a bit? What have the trades meant to him? We can score now. Less close scoring games? Stay healthy, Hank. Stay healthy.

    It is unfortunate that Torts can’t get along with some players and they have to be moved, ultimately, like Gabby. An elite player, to boot. What a shame.

    BUT IF ANYONE thinks the problem we had earlier this year was anything but the wrong mix given to the coach; a poor job from the GM; you need to reassess your thoughts on hockey. I am so sure Torts had to lay it out for Sather and tell him what to bring in at deadline. I am so sure that losing some of the ‘heart and soul’ was not Tort’s idea to begin with over the summer.

    For all those that have thought this coach is awful with the mediocrity this team showed for most of the season, I ask:

    Was it the coach or the GM?

  21. If this is the Lundqvist who was definitely leaking information on the team’s discontent with the coach to Avery to sabotage the team, I can’t wait to see how well he plays when he’s fully focused on winning.

  22. Admiral Akbar on

    Miss the game last night – but got a great sense of what happened via Carp’s review, as well as boneheads. Love waking up to coffee and reading about a Rangers win on Sunday — thanks, you guys!

  23. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Vogs, I’ll go along with your point that they deserved to be tired, 3rd game in 4. Also, just off a double emotional high they were…..newly acquired players AND home and home with the beast team in the east.

    BUT, earlier this season, they are mediocre and lose this game. Last sea on, they find a way. Last night they found a way.

    Nice pattern evolving.

  24. so if Torts is laying it out for Sather and telling him what to bring in at deadline, who was laying it out for Sather during the off-season? Not Torts? Right…

    So when things go well its because of Torts and when they dont its not Torts’ fault… makes sense.

  25. CCCP – you don’t like Tort? I thought you just loved Avery. I’m learning a lot about you, Dragonfly.

  26. Lolol love it. Sather brings in 3 non superstar players for gaborik and he is a moron and imbecile blah blah. Those guys have 3 pretty good games and torts is a genius and sather gets absolutely no credit. Sounds like a personal vendetta to me, Carp.

  27. Stranger Nation on

    The idea of not buying out Richards this summer is absolutely ridic – this guy really seems done, caput.

    For our sake, he snaps out of it and finds his legs, especially in POs this year which may only further showcase his decline when play gets more physical

    Hope to be proved wrong!!

  28. ah…dragonfly…yes…You still have much to learn, grasshopper ;)

    I didnt say i dont like Torts…with you (Manny)and many others on here Torts can do no wrong no matter what… i just like to look at things from both sides…

  29. There are more possibilties other than you dont like the coach and want him fired or you will jump through rings of fire to defend any and all of his degrading and immature actions

  30. Tort can do wrong. When he does something stupid, like continually put Richards on the point of the PP, I bring it up. I just don’t complain about the stuff that I really don’t know. Especially not on here.

    You like my Dragonfly reference? That means that I actually perused your photographs that you posted. I’m a really, really nice guy.

  31. Bring some muscle in and suddenly the rangers stop clutching their pearls and start skating – and most importantly – hitting. Words can’t describe the hockey giddiness of the last few days. #TheyreBack. And GOD FORBID Dorsett heals in time to be included on playoff roster. He’s going to be a Ranger for the next 8 years.

  32. Manny

    Thanks for perusing my photographs. You are a nice guy…a bit too positive for a Ranger fan but a good guy, no doubt.

    as for Torts… well… he is who he is and i just dont like it when people totally absolve him from any responsibilities when it comes to this team… i will say this again… every season but ONE they fight for the last spot pretty much to the last day of the season under Torts… bad coaching? wrong group of players? not sure but facts are facts.

  33. Czechthemout!!! on

    Good to get the win. But lets not kid ourselves. If not for the King, we lose and we lose big! They played a pretty bad first and third periods. This game was similar to how they played most of this season. The only difference is they were a bit more physical. Maybe it was 3 in 4 nights. Another thing that was different is the PP that did zero earlier in the season,produced.this did not happen earlier in the season.

    Boyle is not a third line player yet is still getting thid line time and failing to score on at least three more good chances last night. His turnover at center ice also led to the Canes goal.

    Really, some of yoos need to get over your delusional Avery hate and move on already.

  34. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp! Finally someone gave MZA a credit for what he’s done since joining the team. They need to consider resigning him. No coincidence that their PP improved so much. He and Clowe added two totally different dimensions to their PP, and it started to click. MZA also does a lot of other things ( strong on the boards, plays with snarl) that make me think he wants to fit in Torts system.

    Returning back to NY soon. Talk to you all later!

  35. Carp, here are a couple of my posts last night on Stepan similar to number 6 above:

    Lately, you and I seem to be Vibin more frequently,,,,I presume that may worry you some :)

    Papa Bear @ 11:07 PM:

    As for Stepan, nobody was harder on him than I was for the first 10 or so games of the season. I was really down on him, especially after I thought he was invisible for a large part of the playoffs last year. He has won me over with his play from about the 15th game on. I guess he was woefully out of shape at the start of the season. I hope he continues to play like he’s playing now.

    Papa Bear @11:27 PM:

    Steps got 10G in his last 20 games. Not too shabby. Very steady on the PK as well.

  36. Check, I have some news for you…..Boyle, on this team, is a 3rd line player.

    If he continues to play wing, is strong on the boards in the d-zone, goes to the net in the o-zone, why not?.

  37. Pretty sure Richards cannot be bought out until next year. There is one amnesty buyout per year beginning on July 3 of 2013. Redden would have been our buyout for 2013, as would Gomez have been for Montreal. But because both teams would have sent those repsective players home to sit rather than risk them getting injured and thus not being allowed to be bought out, the NHL made an exception and allowed those teams to use their buyout for next year earlier. Doubt they will make another such exception for Richards and no way the Rangers would send him home to avoid injury anyway. So Richards can and probably will be bought out after 7/1/14.

  38. Czechthemout!!! on

    Papa bear

    Because he cant score. The other things he is doing is commendable but he needs to score goals as well, or he can do those things on the fourth line . Please recall how much we all complained about the lack of bottom six production earlier this season. We cannot all of a sudden be satisfied without getting third line production just because we won a few games, can we?

  39. early season problems were because the GM did not have the right mix on the team. but I think sathers off season moves made sense on paper.

    not signing Prust was simply economics, they liked Prust but a undersized clowe is not worth what he got for 4 years… the other moves should have worked; Halpern, pyatt, asham, etc… the good news is Sather realized the mistake and changed things.

    good news is they have more skill in reserve; miller, kreider, etc… things are looking up, keep it going they are not out of the woods yet…

  40. Lyova, I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I have consistently said that I believe the Gaborik deal will be one that haunts them next year. Vendetta? Don’t think so, especially since I wrote that the deal had the coach’s fingerprints all over it.

    Yes, 1-0-1 with the new format … went into effect the day after the deadline and the MSG Pittsburgh game.

    Scary, Papa.

    Good morning, Salll!

  41. Peter, they can use one more amnesty buy out (2/3 of contract, spread over twice the length without any cap hit) either this summer or next. I don’t remember anything suggesting one per year only.

  42. Check, call me nuts, but I think Boyle will chip in the odd goal here and there. Why? Because he’s been getting some chances lately.

    Hope I’m right.

  43. I learned something interesting, but not surprising … that the NHLPA didn’t want to allow the initial round of Redden Buyouts until the summer, was adamantly against it until the teams decided to send the Reddens and Gomezes home for the season. Then the NHLPA came begging the NHL to allow the buyouts then and there.

  44. Thanks for the tip, Manny…they forced me to sign in with a WordPress account, but did it anyway. My black bear (a 500 pounder) avatar is not as ferocious-looking as Pspa’s, but it’s a photo taken right outside my door…nifty software.

  45. Czechthemout!!! on

    Personally, I would like to see Dorsett on the third line when he comes back. He skates well, faster than Boyle, can score some( 12 g ) last year. Already has more goals and points than Boyle this year in a lot less games.

    Boyle would an excellent fourth line player. He along with Powe and Asham can provide alot of grit and forcheck pressure for us.

  46. For the record, I too believe they’ll buy Richards out after the 2013-2014 season. But not because they can’t, but because they want to give him another year with full camp and 82 game schedule. Unless he totally disappears this offseason.

  47. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Personally, I’d like to see Dorsett. Period! Then the coach will figure out what to do with him. Period.

  48. Czechthemout!!! on


    I agree. Richards is not going anywhere until after next season. In fact, I also think that he gets bought out no matter what type of season he has next year. His contract is an albatross around the neck of the franchise given his age and declining production. Furthermore, I think that Malkin may become a Ranger after next season.

  49. As usual, this team was bush-league and should have lost.

    Henrik looked completely lost. He’s pure amateur-hour.

  50. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    What does it say that the first two buyouts are…..Redden and Gomez?

    What does it say that one of the next ones will be Richards?

    What does it say the one would have been Drury, too?

    (Of course, there will be others, too, like Bryz, from other GM’s…but this is quite a poor record, nest-ce-pas?)

  51. Another thing to consider. Call me crazy because i keep repeating it, but I believe that Brassard could eventually become the best player coming back for Gaborik. Can’t teach skills and creativity, still young. He is a third line center as of now. But maybe there is some hope that he becomes much better than that under Torts. Then they’ll have 2 solid 2nd line centers, and having Richards simply becomes obsolete. Let Btassard play under Torts another year before we pronounce him a career third line center. Just an opinion.

  52. Lots of speculation on Richards…..my two cents, Ranger brass doesn’t know yet how it will play out. Big variable depends on whether or not they can acquire a legitimate 1st or 2nd line center through FA or in a trade. If they can upgrade this summer, why wouldn’t they?

  53. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    The categorization that some of us, if that includes me, don’t see ANYTHING wrong with our coach is pure HOGWASH. I see a lot. I also see there is really nothing better out there and that he is suitable.

    To the downside: the fact he can’t get along with certain players (as Prospal said about his Tort’s problems with Gabby); the fact that the system can’t be changed to accommodate to the players and that there is a system that the players need to accommodate to themselves; the fact that he has certain ‘favorite’ players that are not held accountable (Richards);that he obviously misuses players (Richards on the PP point) over and over again;the constant line changes (players must wonder what line they’re on this period?);his sometimes silly pressers;

    Oh, there’s a lot.

    BUT, he also has some very positive qualities which you may want to use some Windex on your one sided always foggy (when looking at the coach) glasses. And, you can’t believe for a moment that last year’s run was ALL Henrique, or even slightly because of the ‘balance’ of the team on paper. No, those guys were amped up. Amped up. That came from somewhere, didn’t it?

    Before you write…think just a little bit. Open your eyes….

  54. Is that supposed to say all Henrik, Matty? Maybe you should have thought just a little bit before you wrote.. :)

  55. Carp, Yep, he’s wild…this particular guy had 2 DEC tags, which means he was relocated twice. I’m not a snitch, so didn’t do what many in my community do, they call the police to have him ticketed for berry picking without a license! I did warn my neighbors with young kids. This bear didn’t show up until I went on a business trip last year…one day away from my office, and this 500 pound bear shows up to take down all my 5 of my bird feeders, and to run away with my suet feeder. One of my employees took this photo on his iPhone. Warning: This is Westchester…bears are on their way. First summer I have had bears in my yard since I moved in almost 22 years ago. One showed up on my birthday last summer, then was stage struck and couldn’t sing happy birthday as planned, so ran off when I met him 10′ away as I walked out the door. They are migrating down from Massachussets and Connecticut. Beware; Bear!

  56. Check, I have a similar feeling about Malkin. Don’t know why, can’t put my finger on it, but I watch him play and think that this guy would love to play under the bright lights of the Big Apple, going head to head with Crosby, in the same division.

  57. eddie eddie eddie on

    I disagree about the gabby deal hurting them next year….this team is way more improved….gabby had to go….he wasnt happy, wasnt scoring, and Torts didnt like him….the three we got for him balance us out and make us grittier – once Tony Dorsett heals…albeit if its next year….i make that trade 100/100 times…Brassard needs more love…smooth and patient….

  58. ilb, I always call you crazy. You don’t have to ask …

    Brassard, yes the jury’s out. For right now he’s a third-line center with probably way more skill than a prototypical third-line center. Has upside, though.

    I think Dorsett will be a really valuable player next season. And that could turn the tables on the trade … maybe … because IMO they will still struggle to score goals while Gaborik’s getting his 40 in Columbus.

    I also think there’s going to be a dilemma about Clowe, because they’re already falling in love with him (why not?) but he’s going to want an awful lot of money to stay, and if he hits UFA there will be some big bids for him. Only if he walks will the picks they gave up for him turn out to have been insane.

  59. carp just finished my yearly Ranger survey as a season tix holder.I made sure to tell them I go to Rangers Report daily to get my Rangers info.Sure they must love that.

  60. Stranger Nation on

    Re Richards –

    Really hope he rounds into form, but he has been atrocious this season

    He is looking a little better on offensive side of the ice, but still horrendous on D, absolutely horrendous

    Brassard should be given #2 center role next season – better skater and player right NOW over Richards

    That being said – Ranger Brass prob follow ‘with full camp – hope we can garner anything out of this stiff’ thinking.

    A move to wing from center is in order if they keep him , because he physically can’t mark any center he plays against.

  61. Wild places, my first Avatar was Dancing Bear from Capt. Kangaroo. Had to change it because I felt he wasn’t getting the job done, didn’t play with enough jam.

    Thus, For Dancing Bear and two picks, I acquired ferocious Grizzly and so far, I am happy with the results. Since the change, I definitely added more grit to my posts and fellow posters are now giving me more space to express myself.

  62. Czechthemout!!! on


    Dont think they will let Clowe walk. He is still good and probably has about three more quality seasons in him. He wants a seven year, 4 million per year deal according to some reports I’ve seen. I think because our window for a shot at the Cup is about 3-4 years after this one, they will offer him a 5 year, 22 million dollar deal and call it a day.

  63. Carp, If the Boston B’s show as much snarl as the bruin that showed up on my birthday last summer, they should be easy pickings during the playoffs…

  64. I have no problem with that Czech … but if he wants to test the market he might want and get more than that.

  65. It is an impressive snarling avatar, Papa…definitely an image-maker fit for the bright lights of Broadway. For a minute I thought you were really Jeremiah Johnson…you shouldn’t spoil your image by letting us know you are not the photographer! Without a doubt, a great trade, although snarling polar bears will be more difficult to come by in the future due to loss of their arctic ice to global warming, might be easier for the competition to find a griz.

  66. Unm carp my comment was absolutely not directed towards you but rather towards matty who quickly had a few choice words for sather after the deal. Now that the guys have had pretty good games to start their rangers careers torts gets all the credit and sather none. Doodie here was convincing us that torts wanted gaborik out but that he had nothing to do with the players that returned. So which is it? Cant have it both ways. Thus my personal vendetta comment towards sather in regards to his perception of sather

  67. Dunno, Carp…have never heard that Lucic would try to sing happy birthday to a Rangers fan.

  68. Ye i can see that too. But judging on the past 3 years while torts has been in control, he has had the players that he wanted to be on the team. If youre going to blame sather for the shortcomings of the team it’s only fair to blame the guy who shares the duty.

  69. Something tells me that Sather has been making much less decisions lately than we give him credit/bash him for. And that “lately” may include more than this year only.

  70. Unless of course the relationship between torts and sather isnt as smooth as torts promised it would be when he first got here. And by the looks of it it appears it’s a pretty good relationship.

  71. Oh ok whew so we can finally put to rest it is Sathers fault Prust isnt on this years team argument ilb?

  72. Always a pleasure reading your blog! Go Rangers! Hey Carp, Boyle is big … buit what else?

  73. Stranger Nation on

    Loose Cheeks? Dude just wrecked someone in the Montreal game who came up to check him and they guy went right to dressing room

  74. Sather’s record is still atrocious. He is good only at cleaning up his own messes. As much improved (meaning close to last year) as they are, they will lose a good part of it next year when they lose Clowe to FA. Or will Sather do something like give him 5m out of a cap-decreased payroll just so people don’t start talking about Prust again and how he could have had a similar player for 2.5? Anyone who says they’d rather have Clowe for 5 than Prust for 2.5 does not understand the meaning of salary cap.

  75. Morning Carp & All!
    I don’t count these BS Bettman Horseshoe Contest losses as losses. They are ties. A loss is when the other team outscores you at the end of playing actual hockey and you get nothing for it in the standings. If you win a point, it is a net gain in the standings, not a net loss! I laugh out loud everytime I hear some sports reporter say: “Tonight the Rangers lost to the Penguins in a shoot- out. They now have a ___game losing streak.” It’s an absolute joke!

  76. I have liked a lot what I have seen from Brassard. He is calm with the puck, makes good passes and seems to have good hockey sense. I am tempering my enthusiasm for him because we have only seen a small sample so far and he is 25 years old already. Stepan is only 22. I am hoping that Brassard has been held back by his shoulder injuries and is only now blossoming into his full potential. I am anxious to see how he does.

  77. eddie eddie eddie on

    matteau – i like brassard a lot…and step is only 22…..these two could provide the #1, #2, center ice men for the near future…

  78. We should be treasuring Henrik Lundqvist and his time as a Ranger. He is among the greatest Rangers of all time, up there with Brian Leetch, maybe one day we’ll say the best of all time. Hopefully it’s years away but it is sad to think one day we will look at the Ranger goal and not see him there, they guy we know can give us a chance to win every night. And they guy who wants it as badly as we do. Sather should be approaching him this offseason to extend, not let him hit the market.

  79. Again, the last 3 years were promised to be different. That is what torts came in saying. He wasnt happy with the relation between sather and renney. So either he has achieved that and he is equally to blame for everything you blame sather for in past 3 years or you can start your list of torts shortcomings with broken promise to repair relationship of coach/gm and by no means do i think that is the case.

  80. Im loving Clowe’s addition to the team but he shouldnt be even considered to be signed for anywhere near 8 years at 50 million. Im hoping Dorsett is a similar kind of player that will both reduce Clowes value and maybe even make him expendable. But the guy is awesome. And we know that if we dont resign him he is going to Philly. No doubt about it.

  81. Matty – well said regarding coach. No he’s not perfect…far from it but his team by and large plays hard for him and we now are in position for a possible good playoff run again. Not sure who else would improve us immediately if they took over…

  82. I hate to say this but I would not expect Staal back this year. I suspect his injury is very serious.

  83. I agree. Torts has had a tremendous amount of say in the roster, to the good and to the detriment of the team. On the good side, he is enormously behind adding young guys and speed at every chance (but the young guys have to be NHL ready). On the bad side: See Gaborik and Richards. Prust, I would guess, was an organizational decision based solely on the money and Prust’s intention to test the market (and maybe to go to a big Canadian team). If all things were equal, Tortorella would have loved to have kept him.

    so, yeah, he has earned the credit and the blame for the decisions made the last four years.

  84. Next season Clowe will be gone (along with the draft picks we gave up for him), Dorsett will be his replacement.

  85. unless the rangers make some trades in the off season and dump more salary, I don’t see how they can sign clowe and all the rfa’s that will be up for new contracts.

  86. Dorsett not close to the size of Clowe, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, in the jam/intimidation game, size does matter

  87. Agree Dorsett not as good as Clowe, not even as good as Prust. Just stating the reality that Clowe is going to want an amount that will not work in the Ranger payroll and we may as well get used to the fact that Dorsett will be the guy replacing him.

  88. if clowe wants more then 4 years adios. not committing 5 years or more to a grinder with some more upside on offense though then prust

  89. Thanks, DC! Vibin’
    Latona, I didn’t say it was all Henrique. I guess you haven’t seen my posts this year. In a nutshell, he has been above average but not the game changer he was much of last year. Now that the crease stands a better chance of being cleared and front of net traffic lessened he is looking better. Last few have been good but he is one of the highest paid NHL goalies so he should be.

  90. If Sather brought Clowe in as a rental for 3 draft picks (despite the fact he probably would misuse them, anyway) then he’s a bigger moron than even I thought. Given that Pitt and Boston, when healthy, as well Montreal, are better than we are was the thought process with Clowe we win the cup? That’s beyond a reach and a silly rental.

    The play is to resign him now, during the remaining part ofthe season, before he hits FA. Clowe said he wants that, too.

    Let’s see if the stubborn, arrogant one can handle that. If Clowe goes to FA, he is gone.

  91. Sean Avery is a clown who now has nothing to do with hockey or the NHL. John Tortorella on the other hand, is a clown who has a fairly prestigious position in the league.

  92. Matty we generally vibe, especially on Sather, but I can’t agree on Hank. We can talk about identity, scoring, all we want, but there is one thing that is consistent in this team year to year and allows the Rangers to be in the conversation about the leagues most competitive teams and that’s having a world class goalie who gives them a chance to win every single night. Even when he is not at his bes the still makes numerous saves that would have resulted in the team losing even worse if it had most other goalies. I would venture to say Hank is the most irreplaceable player on any team in the NHL.

  93. Agree we should try signing Clowe now but hard to see an offer being made that will make him not want to test FA. Would think 3.5 max for 3. Just don’t think that’s going to keep him from testing. This is his last shot for a big contract.

  94. Matty, I was employing a play on words because Henrique ended our season in overtime. I understand your point.

  95. Czechthemout!!! on


    I love some lf these comments comparing Clowe to Prust. Are some of you guys on crack?

    Clowe is ten times the player Prust is! Prust is a 3/4 line grinder who can score 20 points in a sason. Clowe is a 2/3 line winger who can score 20+ goals and 30+ assists in a season. He is better fighter than Prust as well. And yes he is a year older than Prust but still has alot of good hockey in him.

    Clowe is not getting 5 million per year from anyone because he is looking in the 4 million a year range according to reports. According to Kypreos, Sather and Clowe have already agreed to paramaters on a contract. It will not be for more than a five year 20-23 million dollar deal. Oh and I would not be happy about giving Clowe a five year deal either but the window to win a Cup is only about 3-4 seasons and we dont have anyone anywhere near the type of player that Clowe is.

    Dorsett is not a replacement for Clowe. He is however a replacement for Prust. In fact, he will produce more offensivley here also. His offensive game is really starting to develop. Look at last year and how this year started for him before the injury.


    If you believe that Prust at 3 million per year is better than Clowe at 4.5 than you dont understand anything about hockey. No offense meant.

  96. Carp,
    Do you think the Rangers better play of late can be attributed to
    Avery’s tweetering ways, kind of a big team “byfuglin you” to Avery?

  97. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – if he wants more than 12 yrs. @$72M….i would go as high as 16 yrs. @ $100M…..no more than that….

  98. eddie eddie eddie on

    i could see the rangers win out this season…enter the playoffs on a jelly roll….and win the cup……..it could happen……

  99. Prust 29
    Dorsett 27

    Last year, Prust 5 goals, 12 assists, 160 PIM
    Last year, Dorsett, 12 goals, 20 assists, 235 PIM

  100. Czech any time you want to compare hockey knowledge lets have a go. Let’s pull up all our prior posts and take the conversation off line so we don’t bore everyone.

    Regarding Clowe vs Prust I have said Clowe is better. But not by that much so that it makes sense or pay him 5 while Prust could have been 2.5 or less. Not when you have to think about a declining cap. You continue to mock and diminish Prust and his contribution, despite how obvious it was they missed him before they made all thesemmoves to replace him. And your views pit you against pretty much every professiioal hockey observer and analyst which has noted how much he has meant to the Habs. And you often forget that the season before last he scored 13 and this season is on a pace for 15. Your anti Prust mocking ad rantings are tiresome and frankly stupid. No offense meant of course.

  101. Totally agree with Carp, ilb, and others…

    Zucc has been a tremendous addition. He will be a RFA in the summer. Should make the decision for the Rangers to sign him easy. I’ve said it a few times with Zucc, he loves to play here. He wants to be here. And, he has shown he is not only a legit NHL player but is capable of top-6 NHL minutes…There is no reason why the Rangers shouldn’t bring him back…

    And, eric said..

    “if clowe wants more then 4 years adios. not committing 5 years or more to a grinder with some more upside on offense though then prust”

    Then, I guess he will be on the Flyers? Because he wants a deal and the Flyers will give it to him…
    Rangers had to be aware that he is seeking a long term deal…

  102. Stranger Nation on

    With Avery’s impressive motivational skills, should he be added as the new asst coach and be on the bench?

  103. Another game to point to would be the game Hank nabbed in Vancouver early last year. THAT was probably the best game he ever played, though last night’s was definitely up there.

  104. cooscoos

    Prust 29
    Dorsett 27

    Last year, Prust 5 goals, 12 assists, 160 PIM
    Last year, Dorsett, 12 goals, 20 assists, 235 PIM


    Thank you! This mighty god Prust convo needs to end already!

  105. If the Flyers want to give Clowe 5m be my guest, it will just ensure another few years of a flyer mediocrity.

  106. the flyers should worry about their duck duck goose goaltending instead of signing another grit guy.

  107. Carp I assume no update on Staal? Is he practicing? I don’t have a good feeling about his situation.

  108. :-P tomb.. had no idea it changed! Is there an ignore feature yet? LOL and how do i get a nifty avatar??

  109. Cccp I like Dorsett and think he will be a good add, but before he scored 12 last year he scored 4 in each of the prior 3 years.

  110. he will end up with the flyers if the rangers don’t lock him up before free agency, bet on it.

  111. Lin!!!!! depends on your definition of “safe” … there are still a few folks who bang the same drum day after day after day, quite rudely sometimes, like broken records.

    Most of the natives are actual fans who would rather their team win than their opinions turn out to be right.

    Speaking of whom, can you be a little more civil in your maniacal, repetitive rantings (if the shoe fits)?

    If Clowe goes to UFA, somebody will go to a fifth year.

  112. lol tomb… staying au natural eh?

    as for the team: I like the changes we’ve seen over the last few games. no longer a feeling of dread, and they actually look more relaxed and energetic. I think the tension from the dynamic of the Gabby Torts relationship was wearing down the team. They look very different since Wednesday. Nice time to put the pieces together!

  113. CARPY!!!!!!!!!! ILBZO!!!!!!!!!

    ya jazzed up the site but STILL have no block or ignore feature! LOL SLOWLY and in time!! C3 finally wore me down!

  114. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Linda Lou – how be you? Is it true? Are you due…. To make more posts, eating pot roast, remember Danny Most?


  115. looking at the flyers cap situation, it’s a mess but I see them either buying out Brzgalov or Briere in the off season. If they sign Clowe that won’t fix there problems.

  116. The Flyers don’t try to fix their problems, tommy. They try the same old recipe year after year, since 1975 :)

  117. Clowe doesn’t play defense or goaltender last I checked. You never know with Flyers.

  118. holy cow it’s almost 1~ will catch up with youse guys later! gotta go food shopping and enjoy the 70 degree temps!


  119. Stranger Nation,

    If Avery was behind the bench with Torts, we’d never get to see the game; the camera would be on them the whole time…

  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers soaring at a time the devils and flyers will miss the playoffs…. Someone pinch me….

  121. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Can you imagine Avery and torts behind the bench…. The camera zooms in on them and they are making out – man love style….

  122. what i cant understand about the avery haters that are also torts defenders… torts is no better than avery was. torts is unnecessarily belligerent, especially to the media… it reflects poorly on the organization. he had a problem with avery taking stupid penalties, but there’s at least one guy on this team that takes stupid penalties each game, and tort himself was suspended for a playoff game for spraying fans with water.

  123. Check, regarding your 1:02:

    I’m not on crack…..but I do have plumbers butt occasionally.

  124. Yes, Holmhren/Smyder got some issues down the Pike, for sure!

    Matteau, bud, we are still vibin’. I must not have communicated well. Hank is vital to our success. I just don’t feel he had a Bezina Trophy beginning this year. Part of it could be the ‘d’, both team and on the blue line. Perhaps he’s more comfortable now with the new ‘jam’ guys.

    He is on of our 3 over $6m players. He is a key ingredient. And I hope our GM is quietly I’m talks NOW, unlike his usual “let’s wait till you’re an FA” policy. Resign him and secure the future.

  125. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers win tomorrow and the Garden will be rocking…. At least in the old days it would….

  126. E3

    Torts in the backseat:
    “Give me my @#$%^&* bottle! I’m %$^&*@ thirsty!!”

  127. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I guarantee that if the rangers sweep the home and home with Toronto – Torts will go unstrapped in his car seat to celebrate….

  128. Tiki – lol @ me regarding your Girardi post last night. I wasn’t nitpicking, I totally misread it, my bad.

  129. Carp

    i’ll see what i can do about BANJ and CTB but it’ll cost ya… :D

    btw, CTB still posts here occasionally… if the convo is about stats and stuff

  130. E3, no doubt, we go 10-12 year @$5m for Clowe and Brassard, and we have a great core to build on. By then, we bring back what’s left of Prust. Lure Avery back. What a future !

  131. Vibin, my brutha E3.

    “Pull the $%^& over!!! I have to $%^&* use the %^&* potty”

  132. Avery would want to bring his Mom behind the bench with him. That would be a deal- breaker for Torts.

  133. e^3^ That kills me. I keep picturing Torts as that “little bit of luck” guy in the lottery commercial

  134. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “open up the ******* sunroof, I want some ******* fresh air”

  135. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “turn that ******* radio up louder, I love this ******* song”

  136. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “sully, slide me over closer to the window, I can’t ******* see anything”

  137. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “pull the **** over under that ******* tree in the ******* shade, I want to take a ******* nap”

  138. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    Clowe seems like an honest guy. It was reported (take that for what it is worth) that part of the reason he waived his NTC was twofold…he chose where he wanted to go (obviously, he had a NTC) and that it was NOT as a rental and the parameters for his re-sign/extension were agreed upon prior to him waiving the NTC

    If we take clowe at his word, which I would, he wanted to be here and he absolutely wants to and will re-sign here.

    4-5 years for 4-5 mil is perfectly acceptable on both fronts for me

  139. LOL…I was cracking up …hehe, that joke is too funny and never gets old…even as someone who loves Torts, I think that is hyterical…

    But, in all seriousness, Torts’ totalitarian persona is what makes him a good hockey mind, IMO. And, the best thing about him is that he ISN’T a complete arrogant tool, even though he comes off that way to the media most of the time. He will admit when he’s wrong. Still my favorite Ranger coach ever, despite the Gaby trade…

  140. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wick – this ranger team is very easy to like right now… Extend Clowe… C Dorsett and Staal heal…. McI, miller, and Kreider join the big club …and we will be serious contenders…

  141. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    Hopefully dorsett will be here for a long time in addition to clowe!!

    The thing I wonder about is what if weiss is available as an UFA this summer? do you buy out richards and sign him? contract and performance wise, it might be a better option.

    I am also perfectly fine with stepan and brassard being my top 2 centres

  142. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on


    Eddie x 3

    think about it…

    clowe, hags, mza, cally, brassard, dorsett, asham, nash, stepan, miller, boyle, (richards or weiss if you go that route), kreider as forwards

    mcilrath, staal, mcdonut, girardi, moore, mdz and ??? as D men

    hank and biron/???

    That is one balanced and deep team IMHO

  143. are we still using alternate terms for cursing??

    Wicky, i love your most recent post!!! I wish that the dman ??? would be filled by whiskeySauer, but that does not seem to be the case.

  144. Oh, how I miss Mike Sauer Power. I am hopeful that he will come back and play someday…

  145. Torts – “No mommy…dont want to go to that pucking playground… some kids named Avery and Gaborik are always picking on me there… whhaa whaaa whee whaaa”

  146. CT whale has a game in 12 minutes.

    I guess I will watch that. See if Fast is back from his injury. See if kreider keeps on a roll. etc, etc, as well, as well, as well.

  147. TIKI!!!!!!! xo!!
    dde!! e3!!!

    someone bring up me to new blog protocol since i’ve been away for so long.

  148. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    I just hope sauer makes a full recovery from all his symptoms. Playing again is just a extra (and far less important) bonus

  149. THE GREATONE on

    He is a clown this success is not related to anything he has done. The first game after the trade those players won the game because he hadn’t corrupted them. The second was a goalie duo, and the third game was all Lundqvuist.
    Coach Turds has to go. Still haven’t beaten a team with a better record, yes they beat Penguins a team who had a streak just broken and are playing with one of the best Players in the game, and their top two defense man. They gave up 50 shots last night were was the clown with his system for that.

  150. Hags/Stepan/Nash
    Kreider/Miller/Fast or Thomas
    Dorsett/Boyle/Asham, Mashinter or Powe
    (Does this forward group allow them to buy out Richards? Smart idea? Dumb?)

    Stralman or Eminger as Black Ace

    And just imagine is Sauer can come back and play well. Man next Season could be really good. Wonder if we can keep all of the important RFA’s and UFA’s this summer?

  151. The Knicks succeeding puts more money in the pockets of Owner Dolan. That means more money to spend on the Rangers and more money that Owner Dolan is willing to eat, such as the contract of Richards through an amnesty buyout.

  152. Goood afternoon all! Carp, I coming dangerously close to posting a picture that would most certainly cause displeasure, except for me….right Linda!!!!

  153. czechthemout!!! on


    What I have forgotten about hockey, you and 80% of the posters on this blog have not even learned. Your continued worship of a quasi goon and a fourth line scrub is proof.

  154. Carp, whos an athlete with a 2 letter first name, last name is


  155. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    It sure looks like a balanced line up, all right. It will be interesting to see where we go on certain issues, like Richie Rich,etc.

    I look forward to tomorrow night. Another big test for our team. TO has to know they are playing a team starting to roll. And if that team really gets moving, they could be displaced lower.

    Man, if we had Sauer….

  156. its a game im playing. like wheel of fortune. athlete

    2 letter first name

    8 letter last name. first letter is S. 5th letter is T.

    ed and al are not options for the first name.

    i need this round for the win

  157. CCCP:

    Doh!!! How could I forget Cally?! Good catch and scary omission on my part. Man just makes the group that much better. Of course he’s on one of the top two lines.

  158. hey Carp
    been a headache-y kind of few days
    so not much presence here.
    going back a bit
    since i watch a fair amount of Sharks games
    i was pleased to get Clowe
    was just a matter of what we gave up
    as usual
    shouldn’t do a comparison but
    can you explain how pens ALWAYS GIVE A PILE
    in exchange for a top 6 player?
    latest example — jukkinen
    or however you spell his name

  159. A friend of mine quit a FB Rangers group cause she couldn’t stand all the “experts” dissing the supposed dodos….so glad we don’t have that here!!!

  160. as far as Bluejackets players
    i believe i sent you a tweet from
    Tom Reed of the Plain Dealer
    formerly of Columbus Dispatch
    who covered the team
    and he felt it was a good for both sides.
    Tom is a big Rangers (with a couple other teams of interest…)
    we met and became friends because our local cable system
    didn’t carry NHL so we ended up at the same sports bar
    that had satellite and carried MSG.
    (throwing that in there if you have words with him in the present or future)

  161. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    I think the biggest roster question to me is IF we buy out richards, do we sign weiss (or another FA centre), go with the other centres we have (miller, boyle, brassard, step), does kreider make the big club?

    I think maybe one or two spots available (powe and pyatt) other than richard’s if he is bought out and that is it IMHO.

    2 spots on d available until staal comes back and then 0 IMHO when mcilrath is here.

  162. Also, is it just me or does it seem that there are enough decent prospects in the Rangers pool (Sans a goalie) to keep them afloat that the loss of picks over the past two seasons shouldn’t hurt them too bad as long as they refrain from giving up more?

  163. I actually know nothing, hate hockey, hate the Rangers…I just come here for the g(j)ibberish and the lunch contests :) At first I thought this was a Texas Rangers blog…..

  164. I was also one of the know nothings who cheered the return of the Wegian! Wegians rule!!!!

  165. btw
    nice to see guys fitting in…so far.
    hope it continues and the “system” doesn’t get in the way
    glad to see more creativity, forecheck and action in the offensive zone.
    much nicer to watch a game and think that we have a chance to win it than the previous lackluster play
    made it seem it look as if they’d given up on themselves (not the coach)

  166. The good news is that the Rangers will bring back Wolski, Christensen, Redden and Lisin next season and trade Miller and Kreider to Boston for a 6th and 7th round pick in 2045.

  167. also Carp
    i know that there’s been some controversy
    as far as what’s on the twitter widgets
    at the very least (if you haven’t already)
    how about adding
    @Twigy15 (Derek Dorsett)
    i follow Bob Crawford (play by play voice for the Whale)

    would be nice to get some Whale info here and there.
    in fact i read that Fast was injured in 3rd period of his first game as a Whale.
    Bob answered that it is “lower body”
    hope it’s nothing…just a sprain/tweak

  168. thanks Carp
    i’m having a pretty good day.
    just a little bit of pressure
    but nothing where i’m battling against it.

    i like to think that the pens are owned by some mafia (pick your country) and that’s how they’re able to do what they do. just (sickeningly) amazing!!!

  169. hey Mama!!!
    was just thinking of you!!!
    downloading a Bruce show from ’81

    if i can balance my work, life schedule better
    i will get my act together and send you some of the goods i’ve downloaded over the past year.

  170. yeah,
    i’ve been disgusted by the know-it-alls as well.
    usually skip as much of the insanity as i can

  171. the new guys are in the widget, jpg. does crawford do play by play on twitter? that’s why I had to take out the other whale writers. Insufferable number of updates during Whale games.

  172. Great minds thinking alike….LOL Carp!

    jpg! Thanks buddy! I would love that!!! Do you like my avatar? :)

  173. i LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. no Carp
    doesn’t look like Crawford puts much up there other than lineup and final score
    and answers questions

    follow him on twitter a bit if you wanna check him out
    before putting him on here.

    just nice to get some Whale info. apparanetly Yoga is injured too and Hrivik is back from concussion. 3rd game today, i believe.

  175. lastly
    before i get to some serious work
    were there any write ups/updates
    via Staal brothers on Marc?

    surprised nothing has come out from the visit.

  176. Latona, as I said, I’m here just for lunch contests, so you’re OK by me :)

    jpg, knew you would! it’s my FB page pic too :)

    wicky, LMAO!!!!

  177. jpg, if there was, I missed it….all I know…the brothers are now wearing visors. Probably due to Mama Staal :) “Boys, I’m not going through this again! Get a hartnelling visor on!”

  178. i know it’s your fb page Mama.
    just didn’t want to out ya to all your fans
    that you’re on there!

  179. Ranger West,
    last year I herd cue ball (Pierre McGuire)on wfan talk about the rangers and he said that the rangers had a good deep farm system and had players coming up in the pipe line. I understand this is Pierre McGuire where talking about but it remains to be seen.

  180. oh ok. Just got back from walking dogs, showering. so missed a whole bunch of comments.

  181. This kid the Bruins gave up in the Jagr deal has scored a goal in all three games he’s played. B’s better hope Jagr was worth it.

    Stars are still in the race. How funny would it be if they made the playoffs, even after trading Ryder, Roy, Jagr & Morrow??

  182. Redundant yes, but were Lundqvist on certain other teams he would assure them of a playoff spot, he’s that good!

    Again redundant but deserved praise for the Carp analysis.

    Finally let’s hear no more about the Nash deal, he is the only pure scorer on this team and with better linemates and the 2-3 lines to distract from concentrating on his will be a 40 goal scorer. He’s also that good!

  183. Carp, *e-mail*….:)

    I love the avatar addition, but it’s hard to tell lots of them, so small….though I did get Viggo :)

  184. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “shut those ******* windows. I’m ******* freezing back here”

  185. LIN!!! thank god you’re back! I’ve had no one to “Ching Ching!” With while Steps having such a solid season:)

    Did Torts get you back on here?
    “Get Linda on the **** phone. I want her back on the *** blog”

  186. Laurel, the blog would crash if you posted that pic! And OMG James!!!!!!!!!!!! I have missed our chinging and blinging!!

  187. hahahahahahha…..:) No comments yet….I think I drove everyone away :)

    mama love, gotta go…TA!

  188. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mama san – Pie is irrational, transcendental, and quite delicious…

    I will get me an AV soon enough…

  189. Our buddy Kaleta scored, E3. Wonder if Clowe will try to fight him.. not that Kaleta would answer the call.

  190. Thank you czech!!

    Latona you are not freakin kiddin about that kaketa Kaleta

  191. Daddy Torts: “Play with your Brad bobblehead. He’s right there on your lap.”

    Torts: “He’s no fun anymore.”

  192. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – sabres goal was a beautiful play off a turnover. Marty had no chance. The fact that his back was to the play and he was eating a turkey drumstick had no bearing on the play….

  193. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “ok, I’m ******* awake. Now drive me the **** home!!!”

  194. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Is there any team in the league that hires penalty box supervisors under the age of 90?

  195. devs tie it after spending 5 mins in buff zone during 5 on 5 that leads to a pp. buff sucks. depleted team now

  196. pay attention

    florida just scores on pp to go up 2-1 on ottawa 9 mins to play this is huge for us.

    come on panthers

  197. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Imagine tiny dweeb Liam interviewing torts, for NHL Channel, as they are both in back seat car seats…

  198. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Liam – “these are pretty comfy”

    Torts – “what is your ******* question?”

  199. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Liam – “you aren’t strapped in”

    Torts – ” I’m going ******* freestyle tonight”

  200. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Liam “I’m a little cold”

    Torts (yelling to the front) – “hey turn the ******* heat on for little ******* Liam”

  201. Dang, Washington tied Tampa. Still a lot of time left, for better or worse. Go Tampa!

  202. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eric – have no fear. The rangers will finish 5th. And then win the cup.

  203. pbr

    i am looking back. i just want more teams involved so instead of 6th 7th 8th up for grabs. give us better chance of getting in.

    3-2 caps now

  204. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hi Bernie – many of your colleagues around the league are really really old…

  205. I think I bothered Bernie for a puck during a playoff game. I had seats in between the boxes (once in a lifetime). He wouldn’t give me one!

  206. the devs are dominating 5 on 5 play buff cant get out of there own end for periods of time

  207. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sabres finally playing tough around their net after Satans swarmed for about 90 seconds.

  208. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    You are all morons. There are things I have never even known I’d forgotten that you would never understand…even if you could, you couldn’t.

  209. Little Johnny: “Whose bright idea was the Leggos? I told you I wanted an Uzi!”

  210. eddie, it was Game 4 of the 2009 series between NYR and WSH. Within seconds of the opening faceoff, Ovechkin NAILED Avery, I think it was, into the glass directly in front of me. I almost cooke’d my pants. If you have the opportunity, do it, pretty cool. But I never need to do it again.

  211. And Brian Engblom talking about Marty’s attempted save on the Ott goal was pathetic. If he wasn’t flopping around like a pig in the mud, it would have hit him in the chest.

  212. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – I can’t get the audio feed of the ny sports exchange on my iPad.

  213. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – I would love to have those seats…. Best seats I ever had were low orange just above the reds – just off center ice facing the benches… The Milbury shoe game – 12/23/79….

    I snuck down to the reds in many a third period tho….

  214. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I went to sportsradiony dot com – the show you are on is ny sports weekly but I can’t get the audio feed – I could if I were on my laptop or desktop but I be on the iPad.

  215. NHL Network putting all the pressure for Columbus to get into the playoffs on Gaborik immediately.

  216. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Poor gabby – he just can’t win. It seems the room is more relaxed with him gone. I bet torts rode his assen like it was the Derby…

  217. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Czech – Clowe is very good. Dorsett better than Prust in every facet.. … And I was a huge Prust fan.

  218. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sabres are playing hard. The Satans are a desperate team. Buffalo can still win this…

  219. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nice no call on cross checking by the Satans but now tripping on the sabres cats

  220. I had to spend my day listening to a Caps fan go on and on about Ovechkin and how great he is. Blech

  221. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – use ipad to read books – works great – prefer audio books – let some one read to me

    Kindle maybe better in sun re ads but my family has gone through 5 kindles in 3 years and we have same 2 ipads working over same time with no problems.

    having lots of teens is expensive!!!

  222. Stranger Nation on

    did everyone catch Roy’s slash on back of a Satan player on last pp – that’s some nasty stuff – love him as our #3 center

  223. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The caps had their team a few years ago. I think we beat them if it’s 3 seed vs 6 seed.

  224. stranger, just got an iPad … found that the first three books I wanted, only one was available through iTunes and it wasn’t cheap … and they didn’t have either of the first two movies I wanted.


  225. if buffalo thinks they have shot at playoffs someone wake them up and stop dreaming there done not jmuping 5 teams with 10 games.

    get the win ot please

  226. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – you can get Kindle app for ipad – also check out google books or whatever they call it – tons of free books.

    There is even a way to check out e-books from your local library for FREE! They have limited copies of recent books – best deal going obviously.

    Movies are a different story – Amazon/Apple don’t play nice together so iTunes is your only option I believe

  227. Carp: Suggestion – download the Kindle app and hit up the FREE books in the Kindle Store in Amazon. Thousands of classics that are now free. Pretty decent. Plenty of poetry that Latona would like.

  228. Carp – join netflix, get the netflix app, and stream your tuckus off. As for the books, if kindle has them you can download a kindle app to the ipad, set up an account with amazon and download that way.

  229. Weeeeee! Only one point for the Gerbils. Better than two, for sure.

    Don’t understand why Ott just shot it into Brodeur, though. Seems like whenever a netminder challenges like that the player always shoots it into them.. why not deftly flip it over the sprawling crease guardian?

  230. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I prefer hard copies of books as opposed to kindle… My eyes take enough of a computer beating due to this blog…

  231. Well, bring on the Make Believes. We really could use 4 points out of a possible 4(5)(6). It’s hard to tell with the Bettman Bonus.

  232. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Liam – “if you were a tree, what kind would you be?”

    Torts – “are you ******* serious?”

  233. Thanks for the help, kids. much appreciated. (not sarcasm).

    JBytes, don’t blame me. Every game in the East this year is a three-point game, except for most of the Rangers games.

  234. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    You’d all laugh if the rangers went 27-0 beginning yesterday. I feel it.

  235. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    2 years ago after their game 5 loss to the Caps, I predicted EC finals, then the cup……I was right last year and I stand by a cup win this year.

  236. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    After that horrid loss to the pens a few weeks ago, I had the rangers dead in the ground…Now I have spun a 180.

  237. No Hagelin Pasta Dinner Recipe

    1/2 box Tortorella
    Small pot of Zuccarello sauce
    Bring 4 qts. water to Boyle
    Add Tortorella until re-Boyling
    Add three minced Clowes
    A Nash of margarine
    1 and 1/2 cups ground Hamrlik
    Remove from heat, Sather until tender
    Squeeze in one large Lindqvist
    6 cold Millers on the side
    And, Powe!
    Feeds a family of Moore.

    Dessert: Py att McDonut’s Ashram.

  238. lmao, coos.

    you weren’t alone, eddie. not to mention after the back-to-back shutouts in Ottawa and Montreal.

  239. coos, in regards to your dessert. How many Dorsett feed? And do we still have Biron the side?

  240. Duguay/Jagr mullet brulee washed down with 8 oz longstem wine glass of Head and Shoulders Dandruff shampoo.

  241. You get hit square by a heavyweight, that’s what happens. Don’t care for Kane’s second punch, though, when Cooke was down. Kane had a situation a week ago swinging a helmet at someone.

  242. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    She’s Stalin reincarnate and he’s more pink than red…kind of like cccp here lol.

    It is a good show though

  243. Carp Your remarks are sometimes out of context. Aves was referring to the existing team, not the new players. I hope we make the playoffs before they also can’t take Tort’s BS. Also, how many of our bottom 4 or 5 players are better than Kreider. Seems like he may be the new Dubi or Aves.

  244. Funny, I hadn’t really been thinking this way, but Hank is #2 in save pct, #6 in GAA and #6 in wins but there are ties above him. If you really look at the goalie stats, and obviously what happens down the stretch here makes a difference, but for the Vezina it really is Hank and Rask, with maybe Bobrovsky. Think the nod would have to go to Hank in that situation.

    Maybe because of the lack of shutouts or the lack of scoring but it just didn’t seem like he was having as great a year as he actually is.

  245. leetchhalloffame on

    Didn’t take long for the real Rangers to return after a few Torts practice sessions screw up the new guys.

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