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OK, show of hands, how many thought the Rangers would get three points out of this home-and-home series against the prematurely-crowned Stanley Cup champions? Two points? None? Seriously, if I had told you on Wednesday afternoon when everybody was nuts over the Marian Gaborik trade that they’d get three points, you’d have ordered me to take a breathalyzer.


1) I thought in this game, despite the stupid breakaway contest, the Rangers were better than they were in the 6-1 win at the Garden Wednesday because I thought the Penguins were a lot better, and because Marc-Andre Fleury was fabulous. At 0-0 and at 1-0 Penguins, I thought it was the best game by far this year in which the Rangers hadn’t scored.

2) A bunch of superlatives, actually. I thought the Rangers carried the play as much as they have all season. And I thought this was probably the Rangers’ nastiest game of the season too. Just like that, you add Ryane Clowe – playing the part of Brandon Prust, and probably a much better player than Prust – and Arron Asham gets back into the lineup, and all of a sudden the Rangers aren’t the gooey-soft team they’d been.

3) You know, when Michael Del Zotto knocked James Neal out of the game with one of those probable upper-body concussions, and Pacqual Dupuis took a run at Del Zotto, and when Matt Cooke, that piece of cooke, started to run around like an idiot as usual and slashed Henrik Lundqvist, I said in the comments that last year’s Rangers would find a way to get it tied up and get points. Last year’s team ramped it up when things got confrontational, and played their best in those games. And boom, the Rangers got it tied.

4) Del Zotto’s probably going to get a spin on Brendan Shanahan’s wheel of random justice for the blind elbow to Neal’s chin. Two things about that. I have no idea how Shanahan is going to figure Del Zotto purposely elbowed somebody behind him (but I don’t know what they figure at NHL HQ). But Neal spent the better part of both games running Rangers defensemen, especially, for some reason, Dan Girardi; many of them high, dangerous hits. So Del Zotto braced himself for another one and tried turn the tables on Neal.

5) Del Zotto later put Evgeni Malkin on his back for a whack he took at Lundqvist. Good for Del Zotto.

6) During the Clowe-Deryk Engelland fight, MSG’s cameras appeared to be near the line for the men’s room. And nice job by MSG or Optimum or whomever was at fault for missing the first 30 seconds of play several times because it was in those high-quality local commercials.

7) Lundqvist was so good early. Fleury had to be even better, especially late, especially on that save on Derek Stepan (who had another big game). This is a big stretch for MAF, too … because last season’s complete meltdown has to be in his head going into the playoffs. At one point, Fleury lost his glove and one of the referees retrieved it, and I’m thinking, why in holy hell are on-ice officials undoing a natural disadvantage that happens in a game. How is that allowed?

8) Douglas Murray=Monster. Of the three big acquisitions, the Pens made, he looks a lot better than Jarome Iginla or Brenden Morrow. Iginla looks like he’s older than Chris Chelios. Of course, the fourth acquisition, Jussi Jokinen follows the recent NHL script of being heroic (regulation goal, shootout winner) in his debut with his new team.

9) If you’re looking for a little bad news, other than the possibility that Del Zotto could be suspended, well, the Rangers had trouble scoring again – they now have one legit first-line player, who happened to score their only goal. And Brad Richards, after such a good game Wednesday, I thought regressed. Stepan stunk on faceoffs – though he sure won a couple of big ones late, including the one that led immediately to the tying goal.

10) The Breakaway Contest After the Hockey Game Ends (BCATHGE). My God, if there ever was a screaming advertisement for what a ridiculous way it is to decide a great, great hockey game – a game played the way hockey was meant to be played – this was it. So the Rangers got three of a possible four points, the Penguins got two of a possible four points. That’s five. That’s awful.

11) Anybody thinking that Rangers-Penguins in the first round might now be worth watching? And if ya boys take care of business in Raleigh tonight, that upcoming home-and-home with Toronto is pretty interesting, no?

12) Rangers are undefeated (in regulation) with the new blog format.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Derek Stepan.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:

W.C. Fields – “Pittsburgh … I spent a week there one day!”
1. MDZ — #1 at clearing the crease the right way.
2. Henrik – steals the point.
3. Nash – abets Mr. Lundqvist with the theft.
HM – Solid team effort and we should have taken the OT … but 3 of 4 from the Pens – a solid effort.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:

1. Henrik Lundqvist (22.97%).
2. Michael Del Zotto (16.22%).
3. Rick Nash (12.16%).

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  1. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on


    God I hated having to watch the penguin feed but The NHL (America who?) Network did its best to make it worse. They kept putting graphics up that showed their upcoming schedule over video replays and when the penguins had stats up they’d put up another schedule over it. Watching the away team’s feed ids bad enough, no need to bastardize it, nitwits.

  2. The hit on neal was the highlight of the game.

    Del Zotto hauling down Malkin was good too.

    I am finally see some emotion out there. I like it tremendously.

  3. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    #3 I felt that the Rangers were a different team after the Penguins’ goal than they had been before it. The Penguins rampant dirty physicality pulled the Rangers back into it. Thanks Cooke and Dupuis.

    #4 Neal was slightly hunched over too. I thought it was an elbow to begin with, even before the replays. . But there’s no way in hell that Del Zotto consciously purposely aimed that elbow at Neal’s head.

    #7 When I watch with my pops I’m usually the one yelling at the screen and especially at the refs. When they “graciously” cough* illegal* cough brought Fleury his glove back he was livid.

    Am I the only one that’s noticed Nash’s stick handling has gone down a notch in the last few games, his goal notwithstanding? Opposing players have been having an easier time separating him from the puck and he hasn’t been using his body as well in protecting the puck. He’s also not had his usually confident shootout swagger. He looks like he’s unsure about what he wants to do until it’s too late.

  4. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    Yeah tomb, same here. It’s been much more exciting watching the new makeover Rangers than the one prior to the deadline.

  5. could not believe the ref handed his glove back, would be nice if the refs made the effort to give cally his sticks back that he drops on the PK.

    side note: cally needs a glove with the stick glue firmly into the top hand

    real note: I’d like to see guys use different sticks in certain scenarios. The touch/response/feel/weight/flex of these things is just absurd right now…PKers might benefit from sturdier (dare I say, WOOD?) sticks when kiling? Wood sticks don’t “explode” like the new joints do…

    GREAT GAME. Agree, probably better effort than weds.

    How are we feeling about Clowe? He’s great…but whats he worth ($3.5), whats he gonna get ($4.25 rest of his days)….

    I want him around….but again…the writing is on the wall with this guy.

  6. Great review as always Carp.
    The difference in this game when it came to the lack of scoring was MAF, not the the Rangers missing legit 1st line players. MAF stole this game hands down. Leta face it, the Pens are loaded with tons of legit 1st liners and they also only scored 1 in 3 periods – so that didn’t come into play in this game at least. Rangers starting to really play like last years team, especially effort wise thru all the lines and if they can keep it up and regain their swagger – they might actually make the playoffs AND make it an interesting one at that.

  7. Obviously Neal is concussed. If they try to say otherwise they will simply prolong his recovery and make it worse for him by putting him back in too soon.

    Guy had been coming in high on everyone for the last 2 days. MDZ couldn’t tell he was going to hit him in the head and if Neal had pulled his usual coming in up high DZ’s elbow would have hit him in the hands or stick. Not a chance he gets a suspension.

  8. Peter- there’s always a chance when Shanny spins the wheel. 0, 1, 5, 20 – where will it stop? Nobody knows.

    Honestly, if the boys give an effort like they did last night for the rest of the season I’d be perfectly happy and they will be fine. They were hitting, they were shooting (MAF was a beast), they were grinding. Keep it up and we’ll have an interesting run…

  9. PS Carp- I like the new blog (a lot) on mobile. I do like the web site too, it’s an improvement, but I can’t keep it open at work with the bright blue pajama pant ™ background.

  10. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    What’s going on with Callahan and the shootout. He’s kinda like Mariano Rivera in that he’s kind of a one trick (pitch) pony. He’s got that great leg kick fake and that great finishing shot. Er,uh, at least he did. Last two shootouts he’s missed the net; last night he was at least a couple feet off goal.
    I kind of got the feeling that the Rangers weren’t quite prepared for this shootout. Jokinen also is mostly known for a signature- type move. Hank goes for the poke check and takes himself right or of the play. I’m absolutely not blaming him for the loss…. not by a long-shot. Especially after making that 3rd save after tweaking his groin/ hammy.
    Also it didn’t look like Nash and Zuccs had all the Intel on MAF or else they would’ve known that he’s great with that leg pad split and it’s extremely difficult to beat him on the ice in shootout/breakaway situations; you’ve got to go high on him.

  11. Good morning, boneheads!
    Nice review, Carp. LMGO @ #6.

    Loved the game. Different team. Totally different mindset. And probably the first time all year long when they showed the same level of intensity, if not higher, two games in a row. I realize the Pens are without Crosby and without 2 of their better D-men. But if Staal is back, I’ll take my chances against them with Hank in net. Let’s get in, boys!

  12. Penguin fans whining that the rangers played dirty tonight. Hello Matt Cooke????? Big two points in Carolina. Have to grab two!!!!

  13. Cross Check Charlie on

    When the Penguins traded for Morrow and Iginla everybody was saying how the rich got richer. I said that it appears to me that the rich got older. Morrow and Iginla didn’t impress me one bit. In fact, they both stunk.

    And to think that people have been trying to get rid of Del Zotto since he’s been with the team. He’s developed into d darned good d-man.

    I also said that I was afraid that the Rangers used up their allotment of goals this week. I was almost right. I’m glad they were allowed the one that tied the game.

    Have I mentioned how much I dislike the shootout?

    They need to get two tonight against the reeling Hurricanes. Wish I could be there, but I will be there when they return to Raleigh later this month.

  14. what makes it even worse is reading pen fans on tsn complaining how dirty the rangers were and how they got away with it, un freaking believable, like pen announcers, like pen fans, idiots, not to mention as usual the refereeing was horrible and letting the pens get away with garbage. I now hate the pens more than the flyers and that’s saying allot.

  15. Chris from Albany on

    Carp, I said the same thing about the refs giving fleury back his glove. I understand when a goalies mask breaks or comes off to stop play but his glove? Thats part of the game. Oh what am I saying. Quantum physics is more understandable then NHL officiating.

    Probably the most satisfying “loss” all season though.

  16. If the rangers can stay healthy for the remainder of the season and hopefully get Marc Staal back sooner than later, I truly believe this team is set to go on a point streak and end up in the #6 seed.

  17. We need Staawhl back…

    Great game last night! Lots of chances…MAF played outta his mind and def. stole this one from us.

  18. Carp: What a great review! Right on target.

    This team looks like a completely different animal. they are playing with snarl and nastiness and creating offensive chances. Yes, I hated giving up a 40 goal scorer who was a good guy; but man, maybe this organ-eye-zation actually knows what it is doing?

    Can’t wait for the game tonight!

    MDZ was one mean junk yard dog last night. I loved it!!!

  19. Agree that it’s hard to make the case that MDZ deliberately targeted Neal’s head, but he has to know if he flings his arm back in that situation, he has a decent chance of making contact. Wouldn’t surprise me if he got a game. But then it wouldn’t surprise me if he got 150 games.

    Some similarities with the hit Stepan put on Mike Green a couple of years ago (though more arm than shoulder)?

    I’m a long way from wanting to see opponents get injured, but I do have slightly less sympathy for Neal, given the way he was dishing out far more intentional head shots at the end of the Flyers-Penguins series last year.

  20. I would be shocked if Delzotto got suspended because he had his back to Neal and didn’t purposely raise his elbow at Neal’s head but than again this is the nhl and Shanahan where talking about, nobody can figure these clowns out when deciding who gets suspended and who doesn’t get suspended.

  21. And given the league’s crazy insistence on tying suspensions to how much they think the victim might be injured, why would the Penguins say anything about Neal’s condition until they have to?

  22. Can’t get a link at the moment, but there are some similarities to the example hits in the latest educational video the Department of Player “Safety” put out, on Defensive Contact to the Head, which are said to be non-suspendable unless part of a pattern of similar hits by the same player, or are especially predatorial.

    I think MDZ on Neal was a bit more predatorial than some of the examples, but the argument that he was in a defensive posture rather than going after a player in a vulnerable position might be the one that saves him from a suspension.

  23. Stranger Nation on

    Neal and Morrow were real toughies all game – I think they were going after Stralman, Hags and Zucc

    Can’t wait to Dorset is in the line-up with Asham and Clowe and Bickel – just kidding on the last one…

  24. *raising my hand*

    I actually thought, before the trade, that they would get at least 2 of the 4 points, winning at home (but not a blowout) and losing a close one on the road, and this would set them up for the stretch run. Of course I had no idea that the team chemistry would change so dramatically and that would be a reason why. MAF – that’s the thing with this guy, he could absolutely steal games like that, and just suck, as he did the previous game. He’s just too inconsistent for my tastes. That’s why I like Hank, who rarely has a terrible game, and we just complain when he doesn’t STEAL a game.

    Wouldn’t handing MAF the glove = giving him his stick back, which I thought was illegal for the officials to do? It didn’t affect the game but I was sure pissed about it. MDZ, good for him. Yeah, it was an elbow, but when dangerous players like Cooke are running at your team all night, you got to do something. MDZ is becoming one of my favorites. His game gets better and better.

    A win tonight I will think we are a pretty safe bet for doing something in the playoffs

  25. Stranger Nation on

    How many great set ups in the slot yesterday or on the goal mouth with Step playing catch with LaFlower

    Hank had a nice save on Iginla on a quick wrister from the slot, but other than that, didn’t notice the ol man too much save for when he and Malkinstein tripped over each other’s skates.

    Pitt different team when they are over playing their 3-6 D-men because of LeTang/Martin out and have to play their 7/8 pair as 5/6 – believe we all can relate to that !!

    Salmon Joe had probably their worse game ever, which is saying a lot these days. Joe M has taken on the role of a more boring Fran Healey and Sam thinks he is auditioning for the Today Show or NHL Studio gig. Just a painful listen.

  26. I thought Fleury put on a clinic last night and the pre deadline day Rangers have been shut out by goalies who have been 1/2 as good. So I won’t worry about goals just yet. They keep playing the way they did in this home and home and goals will be a byproduct. Richards I agree on. Buy outs a comin. But maybe we can have Stepan move in w Mark Messier and practice face offs during breakfast this summer?

    More concerning to me was Lundqvist after he stopped Malkin. Looked like he pulled a groin or twisted a knee. That’s the last thing

  27. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    My review or your review: Five stars, as always!

    Didn’t get to see this one. Boarded a plane from the midwest when the game started.

    So, I buy ‘wifi’ on the plane. Plug in to the bonehead blog, and I’m watching comments (thank you, all!) and also tracking with NYRangers.com game track as well.

    Yes, I admit I am a hockey addict. But, man, quickest and most enjoyable flight….EVER!!!

  28. Stranger Nation on

    Players like MDZ and Boyle need the protection in the lineup

    cannot believe we did not land Murray – he and Moore would have been a perfect pairing

  29. Great game. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen Fleury play as well. He certainly answered after having played so poorly on Wednesday. He won the game.

    Loved how the Rangers responded when they were down. Stepan continues to impress and Brassard is such a gifted passer.

    Penguins fans are annoying. Similar to Habs, Leafs and Sens fans in the fact that if there’s hard contact they’re vocal in their displeasure if a penalty’s not called.

    Don’t know if it was covered in a previous thread, but did anyone else notice the Penguins fans banging on the glass throughout the game, especially late? It got to be annoying – the Steel City’s answer to the vuvuzela?

  30. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Can’t comment on the game except to say the team grit, jam, toughness issue seems to have ben cared for. There are players that just need to have it around them to feel more comfortable. A bit of grit makes the team play like a team and better.

    Perhaps it will take some gelling time, but he may not be better, I still feel Prust added more ‘team mentality’ with the big smile, his high five with Boyle, MDZ at the end of the game, etc. BUT, I am not going to be so stubborn as to say:

    1. Let’s see where this goes over the last 11
    2. Let’s see how this team comes together

    Even I, a ‘Sather-hater’ have to admit the ‘feel’ is better. The resiliency shown last night, for that game, was what you like to see in a team.

    Let’s see. Let’s see. On to tonight!! Can’t wait!! LGR!!!!

  31. Cross Check Charlie on

    Question: Would you start Biron tonight against Carolina in case Henrik got injured in the shootout last night?

  32. Cooke is a -insert generic 4-letter word here- they all fit. It’s pathetic how this guy works. No code no honor no respect. Clowe gets in his face so he goes after Zuccarello. Then slashes Lundqvist? If you’re gonna be scummy at least be a man about it. If this guy played in the old NHL amongst guys like Kocur, Probert even Messier in his prime he’d be in a wheel chair ad rightfully ao

  33. Great review Carp, #3 is right on the money. I am not as concerned with the lack of offensive production last night. Fleury was amazing.

    Regarding #4, Neal does hunch down a little low on the play putting his head near elbow height.

    Regarding #8, I thought while Murray’s hit on Boyle was clean from the all important initial point of contact, Boyle was not expecting it. His shot was away and Murray doesn’t really start going towards Boyle until after the shot was away. If anything it should have been interference. Boyle’s toughness is often maligned because he doesn’t fight but he is used to contact, giving and receiving. The fact that he seemed to not be expecting the hit tells me it was late. Plus he was lucky Murray’s skate didn’t clip him.

    Not to downplay the overwhelmingly feelgood mood of the last 72 hours but getting the adrenaline boost from the trades and getting up for a first place team that has had your number for a while could almost seem a given. Playing in Carolina should be a good barometer to see if this team’s new, grittier, mindset truly has changed.


  34. I think Shanahan is giving MDZ at least game, based on reviewing the replay in slow motion. Before MDZ turns completely he clearly sees Neal coming at him an then throws his arms back. I certainly don’t think MDZ went for a high hit for Neals head, put he saw him coming and had his elbow up – I’d say it was unfortunate head contact (or luck depending how you might see it). I think in the situation with the refs allowing them to play, you also have to give players a chance to defend themselves from a nasty hit, especially from behind going towards the boards. MDZ braced himself for the hit from behind – while throwing his arms back to make Neal pay a lttile for the “potential” Nasty hit. Connecting with Neals head appeared accidental and not his target. I don’t think he should get anything from the league, but will be surprised if he doesn’t get something – remeber it was a Penguin player that got hurt, and we know how much the league loves them.
    There was a play early in the game (1st period I think) were the play was going into the corner, right at the camera. With the Ranger players head down, the Penguin player clearly lifted his arms towards the head of the Ranger – driving him into the boards along the dasher. Was clear as day on TV and could not of been more evident from the camera angle of the high hit intention. No call, no injury so no review – the intent of that play was far worse then in the MDZ/Neal play.

  35. Rob in Beantown on

    Carp, do you think Biron plays tonight, especially if Hank is hurt? Under normal circumstances I say Hank starts, but he said he tweaked something during the BCATHGE. Do you risk starting him again less than 24 hours later?

  36. Carp, I was thinking the same thing about #10. We got 3 of 4 points but the Pens got 2. It doesn’t add up…lol.


  37. Good morning all! Have I mentioned before that Cooke is a huge stinking pile of carcillo/cooke. Argh!!!!

    You’ll hear my scream if MDZ gets suspended for 5 more minutes.

    LOL at #12 Carp!

    I’ll be out tonight watching game, but will be here in spirit. LGR!!!!!

  38. James G,
    Lundqvist felt a tug in his hamstring after making a save on malkin in the shootout. Hamstrings are a tricky injury, not good, hopefully it was more of a cramp than a actual hamstring pull because if lundqvist is injured you can kiss the season goodbye.

  39. >>The hit on neal was the highlight of the game.

    Ditto! Those guys were “finishing their checks” on Rangers defencemen five seconds after the puck had gone. I’m glad MDZ didn’t throw himself into the boards trying to draw a penalty.

  40. Rob in Beantown on

    I’m going to stand out on the ledge until somebody proves to me Lundqvist’s hamstring is okay!

  41. Matty- when on plane, download the tunein radio app. You can at least listen to Kenny and Maloney at 30 thousand.

    MAF player like he wanted revenge from last game.

    Boyle HAS to go high and burry that chance he has all alone in front of net with minute or so remaining.

    Bottom line: if we make playoffs, and I think we will, we’re going to see goalies play like this and we have to shoot for corners. Enough easy way out five hole crap.

  42. In my world, MDZ gets atleast a game but who knows with Shanahan. Hard to argue intent and reckless isn’t usually suspended but the result looked bad *and* it was a star *and* that star is a Penguin. I’ll guess 2 games and a similar incident in the next week will go unpunished.

    (Also, how about Dupuis? Dude was so obvious with his intent he got a penalty for zero contact. Could have been devastating.)

  43. Two comments, 1- the Rangers played another spirited game although given the absences of several key Pens and those missed shots in the first period by the Pens the talent disparity is still evident.

    2- It is apparent that the “Thou shalt not call penalties on the Pens in home games” must be a league wide directive to the officials.

    Cooke should have been thrown out of the game with a match penalty for his assault on Lundqvist as an attempt to injure!

  44. Cross Check Charlie on

    How Cooke does not even get penalties called on him is ridiculous. How do the refs not do anything for him going to the Rangers bench and confronting Nash? Even after Callahan pushed him away more than once, where were the refs to get Cooke to back off? If I was Torts I’d complain to league officials about that!

  45. I thought Cooke’s spear to Moore’s midsection (or was it Brassard’s?) was worse than his slash on Lundqvist. But you guys have obviously forgotten that he’s changed. He doesn’t do that stuff anymore. Just ask the Pittsburgh media — who still think Adam Graves is Satan himself.

    As for Lundqvist, if I’m the coach and he can play, he plays. That’s my plan the rest of the way, until clinching or mathematical elimination. He plays all of them. Why not? Now, if Jim Ramsay says he can’t play or there’s a risk of further injury, then Biron plays. That’s my opinion. I’m not the coach (obviously).

  46. Oh. Hey, how come people don’t have dip for dinner? Why is it only a snack, why can’t it be a meal, you know? I don’t understand stuff like that.

  47. _That’s my opinion. I’m not the coach (obviously)_

    No, but you do sound like you stayed at Holiday Inn Express last night.

  48. czechthemout!!! on

    You guys csn rant and rave all you want. You are wasting your time! The NHL/Penguins league will allways side with Crosby’s and Mario’s boys. Cooke should have been given a misconduct penalty for his actions at our bench. And I know its not his thing but Nash should have asked into the game and went right after Cooke. Nash would have taken care of himself quite well and would have also fired up his team even more. I would like to see Cooke try that if Dorsett was in the game. I bet he would be too scared. Little punk!

    Was not concerned with lack of goals because they generated a lot of good chances. Fleury stood on his head. 9/10 we win games like last night.

    Boyle has to score if he is getting so much playing time and chances.

    Mdz played like a beast last night. If he would just learn how to get his shot to the net, he would be approaching top pairing status.

    Anyway, big game tonight. If they win, I am sure they can finish 5 or 6.

  49. Loved the effort in the loss last night. Best game they lost all year. Really excited by the number of quality shots taken, between the dots, high traffic areas not from the top of the circles like against Ottawa and so many others earlier in the year. Fluery was great, no doubt but at least we got a point and as was said many times 3 out of 4 is pretty good. Hope they follow up tonight with the same effort/energy if so, I have to think they will be fine!

  50. Oh and forgot to mention, love this blog, thank you for providing it and thanks to all those who make comments! Most of you anyway.

  51. great summary carp. I mentioned last night how old and slow Morrow looked and you are probably right on Iginla. another reputation trade for the espn types.

    mdz should not get suspended, look at the play I believe him about bracing for the hit…

    as I stated last night Richards looked slow and tired last night, what does he look like today. if he is a anchor for his line today they need to limit his minutes.

  52. I have to say that I think teams purposely play low scoring games with the Rangers. I’d be worried if teams we’re blowing us out with 4-1, 5-1 finals, but the games have been close. I think teams have adapted and know the best way to beat henrik and our system of play. So when a golie plays up to par with henrik its a tough win. Fleury was the difference imo, and hank did that to so many teams last year.

  53. If Del Zaster gets suspended that is 100% pansification. There is nothing to be done there. He braced to be hit and a bad luck incident occurred.

  54. Morning Carp & all. Thanks for the review. I agree with #8. Murray is a monster. Iginla looked like Bill Cosby skating around looking for Jello pudding. He may have caught something from Richards because he looks awful. Looking forward to keeping this train going forward tonight. See you all in the game thread. Enjoy this nice Saturday weather here in the Northeast!

  55. CCCP, please grow up with that damning with faint praise crap.

    You and anyone else are free to dispute or disagree with my comments, but try to use facts and some minor measure of logic.
    I always “make sense” ,it’s that some people have no acquaintance with the concept, it should be called “Uncommon Sense”!

    Enjoy tonight’s game and think kind thoughts ……except for Sappy!

  56. Looks like this team is interested in a spot. Hopefully we finish like we did in ’06’-’07 and get in.

  57. Lmao@ Carp stayed at a Holiday Inn express CCCP!

    Carp, The fact that they continue to allow Cooke to play in this league is a perfect example of how there will never be proper justice for cheap shots that cause injury.

    As I said- I’d like to see Cooke try to play his game in the late 80s or early 90s. Let’s see him play against the Red wings back in like 88 and cheap shot Yzerman with Kocur and Probert coming off the bench next shift…Hell, let’s see him play against the Nordiques in the early 90s against St Louis and take a whack at Brett Hull while Tony Twist was standing 20 feet away. He’d be drinking wheaties through a straw while Crosby’s face starred at him from the box that his Jamaican home care giver left on the table..

  58. Great review except for the standard silly bitch about the shootout. When are you going to get over it? It’s part of the game and a heck of a lot better than any tie. Plus I know you can’t back up your statements about the standings or jobs with any sort of analysis or facts. Accept it, the shootout is here to stay.

  59. CCCP, is that you with the CCCP sweater on?

    Very dangerous the Immigration people are on the lookout for subversive types and you might be “exported”!

    The blog would be less without your pithy comments! :)

  60. Comnsnse

    No, that’s my grandma with the CCCP sweater on.

    Relax, man…people who can’t laugh at themselves leave the job to others ;)

  61. ThisYearsModel on

    Cooke’s spear of Brassard in a goal area scrum was so blatant and obviousit is incomprehensible that there was no call. Except that it was done by a guy who has changed and that wears a Penguin uniform. The Rangers compete level was excellent. The goal needs to be to get to the 6 seed in the conference.

  62. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    On the replay, it’s clearly Neal elbow hunting MDZ…. Neal will get a few games off…. Karma is a bee otch

  63. Not a must game tonight, 3rd in 4 nights. If they lose the sky will fall here but big games (they’re all big from here on out) this week. If they take a breather after the last two but are back on board Monday I’m good with that.

  64. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    After Neal got uo you could see the canaries flying around his head koo koo.. Koo koo… Koo koo

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The playoffs began last week against the jets…. No game 7’s yet but every game from here on is a game 2 – huge effort is needed…

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ranger’s passing the puck now better than any time in a long long time…

  67. Stranger Nation on

    Neal saw tweety and sylvester in the second row…karma marma

    Tonite there are 2 brothers who play for Canes in the pivot that could give Richie problems.

    Stawlsey update?

    Sauer update?

  68. Great game ..team looks totally different since trades….think we lost since Duguay was working….can,t we get Leetch or Keenan every game? Cooke is garbage…so much for being rehabilitated…he wanted no part of Clowe

  69. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3-tape to tape, skaters in open ice, Dmen joining rush – well McD and MDZ anyway – Zucc playing hard on puck with with Clowe Encounters of the First kind.

    If only they could play with a good 2way center…

    may consider Brassard move up to #2 center, Boyle as #3 and Miller at #4 with Richie sitting out with lower body injury – his legs no longer work!

  70. Stranger Nation on

    Cally: Cooke, get back you %^%#}{ carcillo head

    Cooke: oh yeah, who is going to try you #}{]{#^*==*#

    Clowe skates over…

    Clowe: I am going to rip off that brain bucket, punch your face in and drag you around the ice by your skates

    Cooke: sorry…

  71. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    If available after this season as a free agent, murray would be a nice add.

    So I absolutely loved the nash slashing of cooke from the bench and clowe skating over after and grabbing cooke with the big bear paw.

    I hate to say it but I watched the ranger feed later and the NHL network/Pens feed first and the NHL/Pens had far better views and replay.


    How great would this game have been with dorsett and/or mcilrath in the lineup?

    maybe switch brassard and brich?

  72. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    Anyone hve a vid link of the actual nash slash from the bench? The pens feed picked up right after it!

    Anyone else think this team came together a lot last night?

  73. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    SNation – Brassard is so patient with the puck – holds it, holds it,,,,,soft pass…..until recently, the rangers treated the puck like a hot potato – even with time and space – no one wanted it on their stick – there was too much passing to no one just to be rid of it…. That has changed

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard studied tapes of TGO… Not saying he is the second coming – but #16 is smoother than my 17 yr. old scotch

  75. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tonight Mr. Crowe scores two big goals with the hobbit getting the assists …. Rangers win 2-0

  76. Glad to hear MDZ warrants a no hearing on the spin-o-Rama wheel. Looked to me like he had some magnet-pull towards MDZ’s elbow. These guys are pro’s but it sure looked like MDZ put his elbow up and Neal moved towards it.

    In the meantime, this kid is maturing. On a team void of toughness, he’s being asked too much. But, as an accompaniment, along with good offensive and defensive skills, he’s doing just fine.
    It would hurt us to have him out.

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – not sure – but it’s not Kansas

    On an unrelated note, Pens’ goal was changed and given to Crosby – jussi j. Primary assist

  78. E3 – “clearly, Neal elbow-hunting MDZ.” As in he was looking to draw the elbow. Classic.

  79. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – glad you saw it the same way…. Neal need not be suspended until the little birdies stop doing laps ’round his head…

  80. Mario: “Gary? This isn’t our deal. One of my players got hurt.”

    Buttman: “Sorry, Sir. Just waiting for the playoffs”‘

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – Brassard has wonderfully soft hands. I hope gabby does great with CBJ, but I think we fleeced them in that trade. The Clowe stare down on Cooke in the third was classic as well….

  82. Could you imagine Hagelin fighting Cooke? He’d prob zoom around the ice, skate in for a quick pop to the jaw, slither back out, and then move back in for a quick one-two. He’d never let Cooke get a hold of him.

  83. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    Yes, you knew cooke wasn’t going to try a thing with Clowe.

    As much as I would have rather seen Clowe just grab him and beat the “CCCP banned word” out of him, smart by Clowe not to.

  84. In other related news, New York Ranger GM, Glen Sather, has announced he will have a press conference on the trade deadline deal that sent Marion Gaborik, Rangers elite scorer, to the Columbus Blue Jackets 3 days ago. According to the near 70 year old, “since the team is playing well, I can come out of my lead reinforced underground combined bomb and media shelter”. Sather added, “if the fans are nice to me, I may update them on the health of Staal and Sauer. Then again, I may not”.

  85. Officials in la la land last night. Ref staring directly at Henrik being slashed probably the most egregious. I think we made changes just in time. Old team would have been post toasties in “let’em play” playoffs. Win, lose, or draw, we will not look like soggy Rice Krispies.

  86. Lats, ‘A Shropshire Lad’ Housman, or “Here’s a dime, call your mother and tell her you will not be a lawyer,” Houseman? :)

  87. eddie eddie eddie on

    next time maybe neal tones down his own head hunting and high hits…..cooke will get his…..whenever i need a boost, I replay Evander kane’s TKO on that piece of cooke, cooke…

  88. Re: Cooke’s relentless and fiendish taunting and bogarting, Nash said “That’s what he’s paid to do.” About time we had some Delta Force guys who tell him there’s a price.

  89. coos at 12:49, nice to see “fiendish” make an appearance but twelve hours or so later.. good work.

  90. It’s true, eddie. The addition of the Hobbit Wizard and Brassard has done wonders for their ability to pass the puck.

  91. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – and the rangers are certainly grittier and nasier to boot….love this team as comprised

  92. Eddie + Manny + NYR = Vibin’

    These Rangers can pass the puck alright…

    And, don’t forget Clowe….The guy knows how to pass as well! Yet, maybe not the silkly smooth passes of Zucc and Brass…

  93. “They finally got you, Hart. They sucked all that Midwestern charm right out of you. You’re going to pass because you’re the kind this law school wants.”

  94. Me too, Eddie. Way more likable. Instantly. Not that I didn’t like Gaborik. I wish he was still here. But some silly moves in the off season cost us a top flight forward in exchange for patching holes.

  95. eddie eddie eddie on

    i like that we are all on the same page with this team….not many conflicts among fan/blog base…..we are WAY improved….

  96. So the cosmetic face lift of the team…is that Sather’s way of admitting his off season mistake?

    How does Sather still have the job? Amazing…

  97. Sioux-per-man on

    Great review Carp.

    I can’t say enough about Del Zotto he was the player of the game last night.

    Clowe sure looks like he belongs in New York. If Gaby’s salary is needed to lock this guy up for 4more years. Get it done.

    3 points LOL!!! House Money almost turned to 4. But we can’t get greedy . . . Can we :)

  98. Jokinen did very well on the draws last night but it sure seemed to me like his right leg was over the hash mark a few times..

  99. eddie eddie eddie on

    i really thought we were going to win going into last night..and felt eventually we would tie and win in the SO….Stepan had the greatest chance to tie but couldnt lift the puck…and then late…some dazzling passes tape to tape….but again, step couldnt finish…he didnt seem read to receive last pass…

  100. eddie eddie eddie on

    yeah, i also was giddy when MDZ gave Malkenstein that neck and throat throw down….and loved the Neal elbow to the button…..

  101. Del Z was beastly again last night…guy has been our BEST d-man all season

    26:08 min played last night

  102. Fleury is good at the splits and has a good glove hand.. I thought NYR should have tried to go five hole a few times.

  103. eddie eddie eddie on

    The rangers are much more patient with the puck…….Brassard is going to be a huge fan favorite me thinks….

  104. eddie eddie eddie on

    Instant team chemistry change….BOOM…..i like this team more than last year’s team…by a lot….

  105. just a heads up to you boneheads. if you are a cablevision subscriber since the mlb package is being shown for a free week preview and shares the same channels as nhl center ice you will also get free nhl hockey.

    channel 416 on cablevision today flyers/jets 3pm

  106. eddie eddie eddie on

    Re: faceoffs…..Stepan needs a tutorial this off season (tho he had a nice shot to sutter’s wrist on one drop)…Brassard 75%…the guy is a monster in the circle

  107. You’re Vibin’ with Mrs. Manny on that one, NYR. She loves Del Zaster. Thinks he’s our best guy and completely under appreciated.

  108. Eddie, I do agree that there is room for improvement in Step’s faceoff %…needs to be more consistent.

    But, absolutely huge faceoff win in the third period by Step for the Nasher goal…#clutchness #USA #Gold

  109. eddie eddie eddie on

    tiki – its a man baby, yeah….

    did you guys hear that moron Erry blabbering on about how the ref should have blown the whistle on the nasher goal cause Sutter touched the puck with his glove….

  110. yep eddie, they had been fair all game until that point. then they started babbling about the glove touching the puck, and there wasnt even any conclusive video evidence to prove that it did.

  111. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Eddie x3
    That part was cracking me up. Pens announcers please call a penalty on us so the goal doesn’t count lol

  112. eddie eddie eddie on

    the rangers definitely won the gurney count last night….sutter, neal, murray, and a few others were bent over on the bench at various points……neal still seeing twitty bird

  113. eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – and he went on and on and on and on…but his stick was in his the glove that touched the puck…so it was a good non call….i think that’s how the rule reads…

  114. I didn’t think Del Z was going to get suspended but you never know. It’s not Del Z’s fault Neal leaned over to look at Del Z’s elbow pad ;).

  115. Cross Check Charlie on

    “please call a penalty on us so the goal doesn’t count lol”

    Even if they did it would have been a delayed penalty and the goal would have counted. They didn’t even think about that.

  116. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Eddie x3
    Looked to me like sutter was off balance and fell forward a bit and steadied himself with his hands on the ice. Never ever looked like he had any intention of guiding or moving the pu k with his hands at all

  117. eddie eddie eddie on

    cross check – great point…..but when you are smoking the stuff Steigenwald and Erry have in that booth…easy to forget what’s going on….

  118. eddie eddie eddie on

    wick – exactly…he never covered the puck nor pushed it …he simply touched it…..erry should change his name to error…more fitting

  119. Not sure if it is a delayed penalty if they do make that call. Remember when Sutter got called for it giving the Rangers a 5-on-3 earlier this year, there was some discussion about why Sutter was allowed out of the box first when the Rangers scored – it was because the penalty was (had to be?) called as if no further time had expired.

  120. eddie eddie eddie on

    I dont have the rule in front of me…but doesnt the puck have to be covered or pushed with the glove?….and if the stick is in hand does that negate anything?

  121. Nice of the official to retrieve and return Fleury’s glove. Those random acts of kindness renew faith in our fellow man. As someone said, maybe he will also pick up the Captain’s stick and return it to him during play.

  122. If the penalty had actually been called (I don’t even know if what they were spouting is true) and Nash hadn’t scored those dumbaasens would have been complaining too, so it’s mostly irrelevant.

  123. eddie eddie eddie on

    well, it’s on to Charlotte and let’s win there (flashes peace sign)

  124. I am rewatching the game on MSG right now. They just showed the sequence where Fleury lost his glove. The puck was definitely still in play when the ref, #24 Stephen Walkom, picked up the glove and handed it back to Fluery. If there is not a rule that for says for the safety of the goalie the ref can do that, which I doubt, then it is absolute BS!!

  125. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “one game i dropped my brain on the ice and the ref picked it up for me….i have no problem with what happened last night irregarding MAF”

  126. _Both players facing-off are prohibited from batting the puck with their hand in an attempt to win the face-off. Any attempt by either center to win the face-off by batting the puck with their hand shall result in a minor penalty. This penalty shall be announced as “Minor Penalty for Delay of Game – Face-off Violation”. The two players involved in the actual face-off (the centers) are not permitted to play the puck with their hand without incurring a penalty under this rule until such time as a third player (from either team) has at least touched the puck. Once the face-off is deemed complete (and a winner of the face-off is clear) hand passes shall be enforced as per Rule 79._

    Doesn’t seem to say the hand has to be off the stick.

  127. yea i didnt see alot of the game eddie. i saw the first and then had some ahem, “company” come over last night

  128. CCCP@11:24 touche’,but some folks beg for the opportunity to become the designated blog piñata!

    Say hello to Grams but she does look a little masculine,no?

    Now how about providing your analysis of the fight between Clowe and Eggy, I watched the entire game but went to make a cup of coffee when the action commenced.

  129. The Connecticut Whale defeated the Division Leading Springfield Falcons 4-3 last night with the line of Newbury, Kreider and Fast amassing 6 points. They were the three stars of the game in that order.

  130. or maybe next time Callahan breaks his stick on the PK, Walkom can skate over to the bench and get a new one for him, since, you know, he’s not really doing anything else.

  131. eddie eddie eddie on

    LW – the rule says nothing about touching the puck…sutter never played or battled the puck…he simply touched it…good non call

  132. eddie eddie eddie on

    …there was no “batting” of that puck…a simple touch occurred…

  133. oh were gonna lose 1-0 then carp ;)

    lone-yea and the whale were down 2-0 at one point in the game too, and pulled out a nice comeback

  134. Hagelin again! This guy has legit talent, is the fastest skater on the team ,shoots the puck whenever possible, does a good checking job, is creative and understands the game.

    He has to play with a strong forward and a creative center.

    I suggest Brassard and Clowe or Dorsett as the third line.

    If he doesn’t get time and have the right people on his line he will wither on the vine with the impatient coach.

    This roster needs one more power forward and a big D with a mean streak. I think Dorsett will help in this area when he returns, a Brendan Morrow type.

  135. Carp:

    Can you provide a status report on Dylan McIlrath? How’ s he progressing and any thoughts on when might he be ready for the Rangers blue line?

  136. Seem to remember a Nashville player (Gaustad?) got called for it when the puck just bounced up and hit his hand on the stick. Can’t believe the rule is intended to catch that.

    Maybe they can crack down on Popcorn Fart Jr and his winning of faceoffs with the butt-end of his stick that Chico was so taken with in the last Rangers-Devils game.

  137. eddie eddie eddie on

    the rangers are deep….all 4 lines have something to offer…..gotta love it…

  138. Drove my Pontiac Firebird down from Quinnipiac to Kissimmee to see the Indians/Braves preseason powwow. Nice chaps. Easy to find, just follow the arrows. Thought it was going to be Cree, but it cost me a few Mohicans. Very in tents.

  139. eddie eddie eddie on

    kooz – sounds like you and grabby did some “driving” last night…

  140. I don’t have any updates other than he’s been playing, playing well, playing tough. I think the organizational plan is to leave him in Hartford all season because of the knee injury, his youth, and the lack of experience at a tough position.

    I think he’ll have a very real shot in training camp in September (IMO).

  141. eddie- there was a good amount of physicality last night, went 0-6 on the pp, couldnt penetrate the zone till about the 3rd period, but after my holding and spearing penalties, i broke through her defenses finally. it was a great shot, i pulled it back, then deked her out her skirt, niped it 5 hole. needless to say, both sides were sore from all the punishing blows taken and we both recieved quite a pounding. she tied me up later in the 3rd with a great little move of her own. i backed her into the corner, but she slipped away and got one. then i snuck one by her and it went to the ot with neither of us ready to give in. she pounced on me from the get go but i poured it on her late and almost won it. of course it went to a shootout and thats when i exploded going 3-3. she deserved the extra point, and i think both of us came away feeling satisfied

  142. Joe M had another extended breathless moment last night describing thighs. Tonight we can find out how even more wonderful, wonderful all the Staal family has become .

  143. eddie eddie eddie on

    dear ranger blog – I never thought I’d be writing this letter……

  144. Rob in Beantown on

    Who do we want to win in regulation in PHI-WPG? WPG to stop the *momentum* I assume

  145. eddie eddie eddie on

    rob – even Islander/leaves game…i am torn….I think the rangers have a shot at 6th…

  146. I want Winnipeg for that reason and others, Rob. I think if we can sneak into sixth and the Jets win the division that would be great for us- not only do I think they’d be an easier out than the other top seeds, I think playing in the MTS Centre could bode well if we face MTL later in the playoffs. Another reason is that hopefully the NHL will consider relocation if they see non-traditional hockey markets sliding out of the playoff picutre and teams like Winnipeg and Toronto and Minnesota and Montreal getting back in.. but I’m not putting my money on it.

  147. eddie eddie eddie on

    i think about you night and day….I’ll get you in end, I will, Oh yeah, Oh yeah……..resign yourself to me, oh yeah……yes I will….Oh yeah, Oh yeah….

  148. eddie eddie eddie on

    …Of all the loves I have won or have lost…there’s one love i should have never crossed…..

  149. root for winnipeg in regulation

    rangers even in games with phil 3 pts ahead
    rangers 2 games in hand over winn 2 pts up.

    this is easy one on who to root for.

  150. i just hope my 2 year old whos napping right now lets me watch first per before he wakes up

  151. eddie eddie eddie on

    eric – just use earplugs…never hear any screaming that way….or….a couple of gallons of ice cream will keep him busy while the game is on….

  152. Don’t know about you guys, but both the old and new HNIC intros always got/get me so pumped to watch hockey.

  153. Cross Check Charlie on

    “Is the season over yet?”

    It will be if they don’t beat Carolina tonight.

  154. MDZ Twitter update: He now follows one of the Hurricanes “Storm Squad” (i.e. cheerleader)

    #30 needs to talk to him about pre-game focus.

  155. I’ll speak for my fellow boneheads who all too often have their priorities out of whack: Get well Glen Sather.

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