It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Hurricanes


Coming off their emotional home-and-home series with the Penguins, the Rangers go to Raleigh to play the lowly-but-rested Hurricanes in a game that has as much meaning, maybe more, than the two against Pittsburgh.

Two points tonight puts them in good shape heading into a home-and-home with Toronto Monday and Wednesday.

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Game 38.
Rangers at Hurricanes.

Ya boys are sort-of undefeated in three (2-0-1) because of the unrelated breakaway contest loss in Pittsburgh. If you count those as losses, though, the Rangers have a grand total of six goals in their last eight losses.

Not sure if you guys know this or not. Marc Staal — who is on the trip but not close to playing — has a couple of brothers who also play hockey. Maybe MSG can shed some light on that tonight.

Looks like the same lineup for the third game in a row, with Henrik Lundqvist in net against Dan Ellis. Michael Del Zotto did not even have a hearing about his elbow that knocked James Neal out of Friday’s game in Pitt.

Staal (eye), J.T. Miller (wrist) and Derek Dorsett (broken clavicle) remain out. Roman Hamrlik and Matt Gilroy are prucha’d.

The Canes have lost 10 of their last 11, getting a point in only one of those losses (at MSG March 18).


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  1. I see where Yankees fans are calling for Joe Girardi’s head now … WHAT IS UP WITH YOU PEOPLE????!!!

  2. Pimp: GO HERE:

    Just register, add the email you use on this site, add an avatar, wait 5-10 minutes. BOOM. Clown/Mickey Mouse

  3. That’s funny, Carp. I never liked Girardi but I couldn’t imagine blaming anything occurring with the Yankees on Girardi. Unless he made A-Rod ruin his body with ‘roids, brok Tex’s arm, broke Granderson’s Arm, Broke Jeter’s Ankle, injured the majority of his pitching staff. And still, I wouldn’t really blame him. Well not for the A-Rod injury.

  4. Girardi hates A-Rod, and his system is holding back the Yankees offense. He only coaches defense and he’s lost his team. He also mishandles all young players & hates Avery. ;)

  5. lets go rangers!! kim jong un ready to brast us into obrivion!! go rangers! and go amurica!! and those pansy your a peeins!! lets git him boys!

  6. Carp, not every Ranger fan is a Yankee fan. Some of us root for the team with the winning record that plays in Queens.

  7. ok, maybe 2 goals is too pessimistic. make it 3-1 rangers with zuke,dz and cally with the gwg, of course eric stoll with the canes goal

  8. Glad to see that Hank is playing. I hope he is not lying to the training staff. He did not look good last night after the game.

  9. Richards looked like he was holding his stick on the wrong end. He had a pretty open net.

  10. I try not to get on Boyle for his lack of production offensively, but he does take his fair share of minors it seems.

  11. Penalties are part of the game. That’s why having guys that can kill penalties is really important.

  12. it will be interesting to see how the rangers evaluate Richards in the off season. Do they buy him out after this season or the next season.

  13. Penalties are a violation of the rules and should not be permitted in the game.

  14. dan girardi, a defenseman, playing 25 mins a night, only had about 20 pim last season, it was a stupid penalty, no matter the culprit.

  15. It’s about time they went after Eric “I wear a Visor because Mommy said so” Staal.

  16. agreed, eddie. serena won the mixed singles match today w venus at the family circle cup :)

  17. THAT PLAY is the epitome of Dan Girardi. Amazing block and then takes a completely unnecessary icing. D’oh!

  18. eddie eddie eddie on

    rangers/ducks would be a great final as I would get to go to some games…but Rangers/Blackhawks would be kool beans

  19. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – you laugh but if EC were on this ranger team…we win the cup

  20. That’s just Bobby Sanguinetti, CCCP. He makes a sweet espresso.

    (I am so upset that I can no longer make your name RED!)

  21. eddie eddie eddie on

    ricardo – i am almost psychic…..and i had a vision…….Rangers go deep

  22. Isn’t if funny how McDonagh spoke in pre-game about how “clean” their breakouts had become? They can’t get the puck into the Neutral Zone cleanly tonight.

  23. _I am so upset that I can no longer make your name RED!_

    Me too, Manny…me too… just feels so wrong!

  24. eddie eddie eddie on

    when the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, peace will guide the planets and Ranger wins will fill the stars….

  25. Well, Semin isn’t playing so Nash had to do his best impression of an _Enigma_ (not the band)

  26. Richards must have been absent from PeeWee clinic the night they taught that blind backhand passes were a no-no.

  27. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Richards is The Human Spike Strip.

    He deflates the tires of everyone he plays with.

  28. It’s really polite to not test a struggling goalie early. Very classy move by the Rangers.

  29. eddie eddie eddie on

    someone on this blog is right handed

    one of you has a name that has letters in it…

  30. so far the canes look like the bigger more physical team. I realize it’s the rangers 2nd game back to back. Hopefully lundqvist keeps it o-o, rangers find there game, score first and take over the game.

  31. ddebened

    Hags is a pure goal scorer


    WTF? I just don’t get that WTF?

    April 6th, 2013 at 7:35 PM


    what you mean?

  32. eddie eddie eddie on

    If he gets a breakaway, Skinner needs to do a double toe, triple lutz, sits-pin, double axle before shooting….

  33. We’re are getting out intended 2-1 and Salmon Joe likes it! He is the anti-homer!

  34. Yea. If he took that opportunity and left his man open I wouldn’t have said it. But man he got back to the defensive zone quickly.

  35. “dan girardi, a defenseman, playing 25 mins a night, only had about 20 pim last season”

    Tiki – Girardi played 26:14 per game last year WTF??

  36. Stranger Nation on

    Did Cally really have to block that – would be a bummer to get injured on a play like that…

  37. wow!! rangers lucky to get out of that period 0-0, they better pick there game up or else this will be a long night.

  38. haha. No. I meant “Crap” as in. There goes our Captain getting injured in yet another season.

  39. Horrible horrible period.

    Richards in quicksand.

    boyle is such a lug. who moves slower with the puck boyle or asham…

    pathetic work…

  40. I missed the first period. So, are we back to the low scoring team that can grind an opponent into submission, now, or is the jury still out?

  41. John Giannone’s questions are so dumb that he always seems to confuse the person he’s interviewing. But I’ll let it slide due to the puck-to-face incident.

  42. I hope they buy Richards out at the end of the year. Why bother paying a guy 6m+ that does nothing when you could get a young guy making little money doing the same thing.

  43. IMO, they give him one more year, tommy, hoping he works out all summer, has a good camp, and plays as if his career is on the line … because it is. He has so much more upside than anybody who will replace him. If he’s a complete bum again, send him home, buy him out next summer.

  44. Latona. 7:49 strongly agree. Some idiotic questions game after game. Some players look at him like “WTF are you talking about?”

  45. ok, ddeb. so he plays over 26 minutes a night. even better. i didnt look up the stats.

  46. That Kronwall hit was a bit tame by his standards. Only looked spectacular because he was slightly off and toppled over McGinn.

  47. ThisYearsModel on

    I think the team is overcoached. The longer the new guys are here, the worse they get.

  48. Interesting stories SalmonJoe were rambling on about during a one on one and ensuing rush. Not.

  49. What does Duguay do during the actual hockey game? Is he in the back room with some dancing girls (not Jeff Skinner)?

  50. And today he asked Nash if it was about X’s and O’s or being firm? What does that even mean?

  51. Boyle and Pyatt have 1 more year on there contracts. I like to see the rangers moved both of them in the off season. Get a draft pick for each of them. Pyatt maybe a five and boyle a 3 or a 4.

  52. Carp, do you know who the specific person is at MSG Network that decided to put PeeDoe and Sassy Cassy on the air? He/she should be fired and shunned!!

  53. eddie eddie eddie on

    Building is on fire……………

    JoeM – look at the thighs on that firefighter
    Sam – Pretty impressive

    Fire inches closer………….

    JoeM – its really getting warm in here Sam, isnt it?
    Sam – yup

  54. Tiki, I think it’s less siblings than that. You should really look up stats before posting them.


  55. Me too, Tiki. The (S) means Sarcasm. I was just making the joke in an effort to support you from your Girardi comment. More making fun of whoever corrected you to 26 Minutes.

  56. eddie eddie eddie on

    papa – bears can smell food on a trail 20 hrs later…and if the wind is right…20 mile radius of smell

    very impressive animal

  57. Joe M reminds me of John Sterling who I once heard say to Suzyn, “Now, Suzyn, I have seen Kyle Farnsworth in the locker room and I can tell you from experience he is muscles on top of muscles.”

  58. power play looking better this period, hopefully this will get the rangers going in the right direction.

  59. I’m told that this team is fragile so we can expect them to collapse slowly like a flan in the cupboard now.

  60. There you go, now you can see why the canes have lost 9 out of 10, keep the pressure on boys.

  61. 3 Carolina players moved behind the net there – wow – how do you over-commit like that on the PK???

  62. Stranger Nation on

    Nash not only steals it but lays it out for an easy slam dunk –

    How is Dubi doing??

  63. Gift of GAB-orik-Ohio-o-clowe on

    That’s the type of puck luck the Rangers didn’t have early this season

  64. Yea. Good point Gift-of-Gab. We will probably have to bail the Hurricanes out of WWII also.

  65. kaching!!,!! Fighting against final four on tv where I am, but Rangers fans are holding our own……Steppers!! .Cally!!

  66. Everytime they say a pass, “missed connection” I want to go onto Craigslist and write a missed connection for it.

  67. Eddie 8:04 – LOL…. only you can throw a little National Geographic into the blog and get away with it!!!!

  68. Rangers haven’t lost since March 8 when scoring more than one goal, that was like 14 or 15 games ago in Ottawa.

  69. Thankfully Boyle can’t find the back of the net or he would have scored on Hank there

  70. Zucc reminds me of Mark Pavelich the way he scoots around with the puck in traffic. Doesn’t score like him though.

  71. I think Mike Mottau was the next Brian Leetch, and Sanguinetti must therefore have been the next Mike Mottau.

  72. Sorry, he’s back. Really like Moore. Man. He can skate and he really is smart in the offensive zone.

  73. I think Joe Mich lost his train of thought on Dorsett as soon as he realised he was going to lose 10lbs of *MAN*

  74. Gift of GAB-orik-Ohio-o-clowe on

    Are the Rangers still not practicing the power play? All of a sudden they are on fiyaaaaaaaa

  75. Nash scores because they don’t want to do the work and take the body – all I saw was attempted poke checks on him – he’s too good to defend like that!

  76. Their PP got better for two reason. On, and most importantly, ZUCC. Second reason…BRASSARD.

    As Carp said before, Richards is WAY better passing from down low.

  77. Boyle playing like he found his hockey gene again. ……not his scoring gene……his hockey gene.

  78. Every pre-trade-deadline NHL scouting on the rangers has now been tossed out the window. With that goal, Playoff bound teams just reassigned their top scouts to cover us the rest of the year

  79. eddie eddie eddie on

    doodie is not going to be happy with the rangers playing so well…But its just THREE GAMES

  80. Manny – who is that avatar picture?

    The highlander, the evil guy in the ghostbusters’ painting or woodsy harrelson from natural born killers?

  81. Gift of GAB-orik-Ohio-o-clowe on

    Skinner has a mean triple sow cow. Or however the hell you spell it.

  82. great period the last 5 mins hank stopped any momentum.

    my one negative continues to be brian boyle. i have zero patience left for him

  83. The greatest New York captain of all time? They need a show on MSG to debate this?

    It’s a insult to Drury.

  84. If he can’t get a shutout after that last canes flurry, then I’m only gonna bet the don’t pass line for the rest of my life

  85. How much does anybody want to bet that the best coach/manager and captain will be from the last 20 years, because only twenty-somethings vote … and because by and large to the younger media members nothing ever happened before the 1990s.

  86. i would be posting more but my wife is actually watching tonight. quality time together

  87. Gift of GAB-orik-Ohio-o-clowe on

    Other than his last shift, Gaborik has played well tonight.
    He’s really gelling with Clowe. He’s been playing a lot better since he switched his number to 61.

  88. I had that fight with Mrs. Manny, Carp. She says Messier, hands down, no contest. I brought up Gehrig. She said that was too old.

  89. Torts definitely gonna pressure flight attendants to join him in the mile high club tonight…what happens in the bathroom at LaGuardia stays in the bathrooms at LaGuardia

  90. Also brought up Munson. Mrs. Manny again made your point, that he’s too old and no one will vote for him.

    Her argument against Jeter was that he always needed Hip-Hip-Jorge to scream at the guys and do the heavy lifting. Jeter just leads by example.

  91. IMO, Munson should be on the short list for best captain. Stump Merril not so much for best manager.

  92. Richie Rich has to wind himself up for twenty seconds before every slap shot like a pre-war Stiefel teddy bear. On the other hand, the ‘young lad’ is improving.

  93. ThisYearsModel on

    I am going to vote for Jean-Guy Talbot as best coach. Loved the sweatsuit behind the bench.

  94. eddie eddie eddie on

    John Gia-pet on radio – “What specifically just happened that period?”

  95. Lightning tie it up. Matt Carle. Nabokov without a stick and the Ref did *not* hand it to him.

  96. TB just scored off a BLATANT interference penalty on Pouliot in the slot. I’ll take it.

  97. “The difference over the past 3 games has been Richards improved play.”

    – DuGay

    Bahahahahahha! He made a nice pass to Stepan, but come on. I wish they would read the tweets that say that DuGay’s shirt color is leprechaun puke green.

  98. I can’t see, Latona. It’s in Standard Definition here. Relegated to “Game 2” on TWC.

  99. Torts bragging to Sully that he’s going to give the stewardess his “Foxwoods final five” in row 27

  100. ThisYearsModel on

    Award fortop pronunciation among MSG announcers gors to Bill Chadwick for Larry SachaRACK and BERnie Larocque.

  101. If you guys think Torts quotes are funny you should follow this @condescendingtorts guy on Twitter. Pretty OK.

  102. There was a guy chasing Stamkos as he circled back into the slot and Pouliot just moved right in his way. Stamkos got the shot off and Carle slotted home the rebound.

  103. that was a spectacular save.

    how many time is he gonna do that. used to have migraines, one day is gonna end up with a concussion.

  104. i wish we could play dan ellis every night, if he was still in there, richards would have made it 4-0

  105. Crawled back into their shells, Carp. Turtling.

    Pow! must be totally overcoached to take all these icings.

  106. You know, Carp. If Bickel ever gets back up here, his nickname could actually be “Hot Stu Saturday”

  107. Boyle drew a penalty? Isnt it supposed to be the other way around… the world is off its axis.

  108. You think Brassard wearing 16 has made the Avery Lovers appeased at all? They really seem to have disappeared.

  109. Gift of GAB-orik-Ohio-o-clowe on

    Boyle got the secondary assist on that Carolina goal. Weird.

  110. I know you are, eddie. How do you feel about Brassard wearing 16? Because I know when Pow! wore #8, as a The Prust lover, I was pist.

    Stuart is working on his in depth 2nd period analysis:

    stuart a

    boyle is garbage

    torts couldnt coach his way out of a paper bag

    hagelin stinks

  111. haha, Good point, Latona. I couldn’t even think of a misspelling to fit one in there. Sorry.

  112. eddie eddie eddie on

    Pat Hickey, Mark Pavelich, Rod Seiling, Brassard, Avery….some of my favorite 16’s

  113. Whitey Ford, Frank Hiller, Herb Crompton, Mel Queen, Joe Page, *Tuck Stainback* , Jimmy DeShong, Monte Pearson…

  114. Youre on a loser team. Dont you want your brother to make the playoffs, considering you injured him last year, you piece of cooke..

  115. It’s like that spam skit on Monty Python: Staal, Staal, Staal, Staal, Staal, Staal, Staal!

  116. Can we vote for Callahan’s stick to be a star? It has really stayed in his hand tonight.

  117. Leafs look just as sloppy as us, and the Devils aren’t taking advantage. Less than two minutes to go, come on Leafs!

  118. Sometimes those offensive zone tripping penalties while flat on the ice are ones you just have to take.

  119. >>…Less than two minutes to go…

    As most hockey announcers would say, “Less than two minutes left to go.”

  120. where’s doodie, he missed lundqvist stealing a game, without the king tonight this is a 5-3 canes win.

  121. Richards takes a terrible offensive zone penalty so you put him out there with less than a minute to go? WTB?

  122. Boil dunks!

    Tremendous game by Hank. Good team 2nd night road win after a hard fought game last night.

  123. Get out of Carolina quickly, before TSA confiscates the two points at the airport.

  124. Gift of GAB-orik-Ohio-o-clowe on

    Man…. Carolina’s goalie played that shot by Boyle terribly. He was way out of position on that one

  125. Intense finish here with 56 seconds left at the Bell Centre (still called that?). Bruins down 1 and on the PP.

  126. i just cant believe how horrible gaborik obviously was in the room… he was a modern day avery

  127. not enough shooting there by the bruins. i wouldve staked my left penis that they were going to tie the game on that cheap penalty.

  128. Evening all,

    This is what #30 gets paid $7 plus million a year to do.

    Felt bad that he didn’t get the shutout. But he’s in playoff mode – and has been for awhile now.

    The team just looked like it ran out of gas in the third – not surprising after last night’s tilt.

    A much-needed day off before the two-game stint with the Leafs.

    Only 2 points out of 6th. And 4 points out of fifth.

    Every one of these games can’t be a Rembrandt – except for The King.

  129. Boston just had 6-on-4 for about the last 45 seconds down a goal and spend the whole time passing the puck around without taking a shot. Bizarre.

  130. eddie eddie eddie on

    Sean Avery deserves all of the credit for this roll…..and those great trades….

  131. Cross Check Charlie on

    I was going to say how come the Rangers never get an empty netter and then Boyle gets one with less than half a second to go.

  132. eddie eddie eddie on

    If the Islander play the Pens in rd. 1, is it wrong to hope malkin, cooke, et al., get nailed in the face??? No disrespect…..

  133. eddie eddie eddie on

    Ben – I love the trades… this team…..we are going to make a nice lil run…..and your thoughts?

  134. My imagination, or are da boys talking to each other much more on ice than they did earlier in the ‘year’?

  135. SufferingSince79 on

    First time on new blog. Don’t want to complain but I think we should be allowed to vote for same player 3 times. Lundqvist…vintage. Need him to play like this through June. I can dream, can’t I?

  136. Rangers’ remaining opponents:

    Leafs x2
    Devils x2
    Panthers x2

    Islanders’ remaining opponents:

    Flyers x2

    Devils’ remaining opponents:

    Rangers x2

    The Devils appear to have the toughest run-in on paper.

  137. That’s kinda what I’ve been saying, LW … get by the Pitt home and home, and it’s not bad the rest of the way.

  138. devils are in trouble. Looking at the remaining games the devils have the tougher schedule.

  139. The team sure seems interested in competing now, don’t they? Gaborik for No Gaborik looks as good as Gomez for No Gomez thus far…

  140. I actually hope the islanders make the playoffs and the devils don’t. It would be good for New York having 2 teams in the playoffs.

  141. Henry Lungfist on

    Grreat goaltending and timely scoring. The big line delivered 3 goals, and the debbies lost. all good.

  142. I like the flyers to get the 8th spot so I can enjoy watching the flyers and pens beat the carcillo-cooke out of each other.

  143. I’d say the Rangers will have to play more like they did in “defeat” last night than they did in victory tonight over the rest of their games to maximise their chances.

  144. Eddie,

    Definitely a big change since the deals. Clowe is a super dependable player who’ll drop the mitts when needed. And that was much needed. Like Brassard a lot. He has lots of skill. Plus, John Moore is going to be a player for them. He’ll greatly benefit from Camp Tortorella next Fall. Superb skater.

    Seems as though the mix is closer to where it needs to be. Would be even better if Staal and Dorsett were in the lineup. They’d be really tough to play against at that point. Perhaps both players can return for the playoffs.

  145. Dumbo question of the decade, Sam to Torts: “What kind of competitor is Lundqvist? No wonder Torts is sometimes so curt.

  146. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ben – can you imagine how gritty and nasty they will be once Staal and Dorsett do come back? This year or next!!!

  147. not our best effort, take the points and run.

    boyle stinks, that is the only way he can score…

  148. PB – Heave rest us, I’m not asbestos.
    And that’s why I won’t dance.
    Why should I?

  149. Listening to his brother interviewed, doesn’t sound like Staal has any eagerness to get back this year. The usual pap is “He can’t wait to get back.”

  150. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    who is to blame for this horrendous power play? 2 ppg’s tonight. not acceptable

  151. Eddie,

    For sure.

    Toughness is an integral part of the game. Gives everyone on the team a certain swagger.

    And with regard to toughness, let’s not forget about Dylan McIlrath, who I’m sure will get a long look at Camp Tortorella. Perhaps he and Moore can be the third pairing on the back line next season. Nice balance between the puck mover and the policeman.

  152. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – I think it’s best Staal wait till next season… The smart thing to do….

  153. If you really think about it, it would be pretty disappointing if the Rangers finish lower than 6th.

    With such an easy schedule and the team finally playing well, the Rangers should overtake at least one of the Ontario teams, if not both.

    The real question is whether the Flyers can sneak into the 8th spot do us a favor and take out PITT again…

  154. Duguay said Hall is the reason Edmonton is going to the playoffs. Somebody should tell him that only 16 teams make it.

  155. Torts said tonight was the best game #30 has played since he’s been the coach.

    “Stole us one,” he said.

    Goalies do steal games at this time of year. MAF stole one from the Rangers last night, as a matter of fact.

    The real good ones steal more of them. And if the Rangers are to do anything in the Spring, we’ll have to see even more thievery by the King!

  156. well, dorsett hasn’t contributed much yet … Brassard is third-line center. Moore might turn out to be legit. but to say that they traded Gaborik because they needed grit just isn’t true at all.

  157. agreed, Carp. if they dont replace his scoring eventually, they will go nowhere. I think they might be making a run at Malkin in 2014

  158. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I didnt say they did…. I said the trades made them a grittier and nasty team…… Especially once Dorsett comes back….

  159. i cant see the Penguins being able to afford him. Also, he’s already won at least one Cup with them. He might want to play out from under Sidney’s shadow.. and who wouldnt want to play with Nash.

  160. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    And my eyes are seeing a better, tougher, team as a result of those trades

  161. “O chestnut-tree, great-rooted blossomer,
    Are you the leaf, the blossom or the bole?
    O body swayed to music, O brightening glance,
    How can we know the dancer from the dance?”

  162. People at Grand Central Station late are sooooo annoying..,,, right Carp? Of course, I don’t mean any heads….LGR !

  163. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I may be in the minority but I like Brassard… Didnt have a great game but he IS their best face off man and has skill…. Patient with the puck…. He has friggen Boyle on his line for Pete’s sake…. He has centered Nash in Columbus…

  164. SufferingSince79 on

    “Sure I’ve heard of grits. I just never actually seen a grit before.”

  165. Henry Lungfist on

    The Rangers performance has to be put into context. Carolina basically was in desperation mode. Their hopes were on fumes, and they had to put up a good relentless effort, it was their last gasp. Plus the Rangers were gassed after back to backs and travel. So Henry stoned them, and now the Canes are done.

  166. Going to be tough for Ray Shero to pay both Letang and Malkin after next season, as both will become UFA’s.

    Have to think that one or both will test the market.

    Either one would be a significant “get.”

  167. Papa,

    With you and Eddie on Brassard.

    The kid is a good player. Only 25 years old. Passes the puck with precision.

    Way too much negativity on this board. You could do a lot worse that having #16 as your third-line center.

  168. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ben/Papa – I see no reason once Richards is gone that Brassard cannot be a legit # 2 center….A Rock Solid # 3, at worst…

  169. Stats vs eye test and all that, I know, Eddie, but not sure about Brassard’s faceoff prowess (though not suggesting it’s of massive importance).

    48% this year and sub-47% each year of his career.

    Agree it’s good to have a bit more skill there (a few Gomezian turnovers aside).

  170. Ben, I like the way he holds onto the puck in the o-zone and looks for a high value play instead of just getting rid of it.

  171. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Boyle sure has found his courage and if you back and look at the tape, notice how tight a hug Boyle gave Clowe on his second goal…..

  172. Eddie,

    We’ll definitely find out more about Brassard in the next three weeks leading up to the playoffs – and how he performs if and when the Rangers get there.

    Could see him slotted in that 2 or 3 spot up the middle.

    Want to see him more on the power play with Zuke. Those two can really pass the puck.

  173. SufferingSince79 on

    So is the plan to replace Gaborik’s offense next year to wait until the following year?

  174. again, e3, I’m just saying that the MSG guys are barking that they had to trade Gaborik to get grittier. When, in fact, they didn’t.

    Mama, I’m hearing you.

  175. Papa,

    Brassard has skills, no doubt about it.

    Tough tests coming up this week. Want to see him chip in a goal or two and win key draws. Rangers have a chance to move as high as fifth with a big week. He needs to be a part of it.

  176. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    LW – the stats on Brassard’s FO’s are the best on the team since he got here,,..11/15 his first game, 75% last night, and led the team tonight….

  177. I frankly still see Stepan as a second-line center, and I don’t think Brassard will be as good as Stepan ever (that’s a guess, because I’ve only watched the guy for three games).

  178. Carp,

    Malkin has a no-trade/no movement clause.

    Could refuse any deal – just to get to July 1 and play for the team he wants to go to.

  179. Eddie,,,,,,Boyle looks better on wing. Less skating required and I agree, he has added some jam to his game. While He’ll never be a goal scorer like some here demand him to be, if he plays with snarl he can make his presence felt on the ice.

  180. Agree with eddie and Papa. If they didn’t trade Gaborik for grit, then they got it without realizing it, which is unlikely.

  181. ALERT to anyone who lives near Torts’ undefined property: He and his wife are planning to build a dog shelter.

  182. SufferingSince79 on

    Don’t you think Malkin will want to test the market? Gotta think a just turned 28 year old top 3 player will have a lot of cash thrown his way.

  183. Henry Lungfist on

    Carp, how can you see Stepan as a #2 C when he clearly is outplaying by a longshot most of the season the supposed #1 guy who gets all the money, BR ?

  184. Can only imagine the Brinks truck that the cigar chomper would back up to Malkin’s doorstep to make him a Blueshirt.

    Seems that buying out Mr. Richards is a formality at this point.

  185. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Go watch Dorsett’s highlights – that guy is a pit bull cubed – with some skill… Much better than Prust IMO

  186. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carpy, if you had told me the Rangers get 7 out of 8 points in last 4, I tell you, honestly, that you might be on something. You know?

  187. The biggest part of the deal, often overlooked, is the young, speedy defenseman which was a vital need.

  188. Carp…I have only watched Brassard the last 3 games as well. Doesn’t seem to be very physical but doesn’t shy away from contact either. So far, I like what I see.

    As for Stepan, nobody was harder on him than I was for the first 10 or so games of the season. I was really down on him, especially after I thought he was invisible for a large part of the playoffs last year. He has won me over with his play from about the 15th game on. I guess he was woefully out of shape at the start of the season. I hope he continues to play like he’s playing now.

  189. Coos,

    I think John Moore is going to be a good player for them.

    Can really skate and move the puck.

    He’ll undoubtedly benefit from being with the team from day one of Camp Tortorella next Fall.

  190. they wouldnt trade Malkin. They have 2 years to go for the Cup with both of them. It would have to be an unreal package to pry him away, or someone of equal value, like Kovalchuk or the like.

  191. Torts tells Pidto he much prefers the company of dogs to people.

    Even after the Gabby trade?

  192. Tiki,

    Malkin would have to waive his no trade/movement clause. Highly unlikely at this point.

    Why wouldn’t he test the market?

  193. Carp

    I know you’ve been hesitant to call Stepan a 1st line center, but over an 82 game season Stepan is now on pace for 28 goals and 38 assists

    66 points is a 1st line player, eh?

  194. Henry, Doesn’t matter how much he outplays Richards or anybody, and I’ve praised Stepan almost all season. I think he’s a very good player, getting better. I don’t think he projects as a legitimate No. 1 center, a 30-goal guy or a 70-point guy. We’ll see. Maybe be proves me wrong.

  195. Eddie, you were right on calling for the Clowe acquisition. Good tough hockey player , reminds me a little bit of Milan from Boston

  196. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Oleo – agreed. Stepan is their number 1 center. Carp, you can call him any number you want, but Step centers our top line.

  197. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – I wasn’t the only one crowing for Clowe……Latona and Wicky among others….

  198. Could sure stand to see John Moore a little more. Seven minutes seems light? Might save McD and Dan G from having to play 29 minutes a night. I mean he’s no Hamrlik but still

  199. So when Miller and Dorsett come back, both in? Niether? One of them? Who comes out?

    Trading Gabby could also really pay of next year. If they can keep their important RFA’s and sign Clowe that would be great. Clowe, Dorsett, McIlrath will add some jam. Hopefully Miller and Kreider will be a lot better next year. We could see 2012-2013 Rangers 2.0.

  200. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I would have taken Lucic for Gaborik…. In essence, Crowe, Brassard, Dorsett, and Moore for Gabby and a bunch of picks….

    Winner TKO – Glen Sather

  201. Let us not forget that Steps is 22 years old.
    And, authorben, yes – defensemen like McD and Moore who can join the rush and still have the speed and tenacity to somehow get back, are golden. Not ordaining Moore yet, but he has the tools.

  202. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – good point – once stepan learns to finish he will be a 30+ goal scorer…

  203. Steps got 10G in his last 20 games. Not too shabby. Very steady on the PK as well.

  204. Henry Lungfist on

    Carp, but there is a lot more to being the top center than points totals. He kills penalties, plays good defense, and most importantly of all, the coach calls his name in all the key, important, crucial game situations.

    To me, the #1 center is the guy the coach calls on when he needs his best guy on the ice to win him a game.

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