Schedule update: April 21 vs. Devils now a 3 p.m. start


From the Rangers:


NEW YORK, April 5, 2013 – The start time for the game between the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils on Sunday, April 21, at Madison Square Garden has been set for 3:00 p.m. The contest will be nationally televised as the NBC Game of the Week.


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  1. Having to scroll ALL THE WAY UP to go to the new post is less than smart, if you ask me… and makes Manny’s job way to complicated.

  2. Jeff in South Dakota on

    And there shall be much pitchforking and waffleboarding to be seen…

  3. Does having an Avatar make me a techie nerd? (I always wanted to be a techie nerd)

  4. If we win tonight by 3 or more goals, I believe we will win the Cup this year. I got a feeling.

  5. Jeff in South Dakota on

    And the LORD did grin and the people did feast upon the lambs and sloths and carp and anchovies and orangutans and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats and large chu…

  6. too bad you cant make the exact same comment twice… like, wtf? what if i wanna say the same thing i said before? so what?

  7. Does anyone know what’s the situation with Dorsett’s broken clavicle? How much longer?

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    Go here:

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  9. Pajama Pants are gone! Yay!

    Ilb – from what I saw about Dorsett (when I was looking) he is *not* out for the season (officially). He wants to come back ASAP and supposedly could be back last week of regular season or playoffs.

  10. This site is slowly coming together….

    Now we just need shading for comments and Bold names.

  11. See. I’m getting stuff done. (well, actually I’m asking people to get stuff done and they’re getting it done).

  12. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    hello boneheads!! anyone watching the game tonight, please leave descript posts on here. I will be travelling with no radio tv. withdrawal symptoms right now.

    hoping to catch up with the game on this blog.

    thanks!!!! LGR!!!

  13. Bet TR would’ve completed all new changes yesterday. Did they hire Roman Hamrlik to work on it? :-)

  14. you have to announce start times 14-16 days in advance.

    so now i need help from you guys.

    the rangers have not played an afternoon home game all year long at home until this start time at 3 pm on sunday april 21st.

    my wife has said to me if one of the last two home games that were TBD start times end up being in afternoon we HAVE TO take our 2 year old.

    being the importance of that game probably I wont be zoned in like normal. do i take my 2 year old to a game of that importance

  15. Blogmama

    make sure your email here matches your login email at gravatar…i’ve learned it the hard way

  16. By the way, if you use a pic from your own collection, as opposed to a generic one from the Internet, the impostors would have a very hard time doing their stuff, eh? Unless of course they can find a picture of my dog Casey sleeping on my pillow, for example

  17. Carp, way to pull the blog father card and have these guys doing your dirty deeds!

  18. Thought Pyatt played one of his better games of the season Weds. A few more like that and he may move off the WBM.

  19. …and the your two year-old will the 10:00 minute mark of the third period in a tie game when one team is on the PP to need be bored or need to go to the bathroom…

  20. Over / Under regarding the Gordie Howe hat trick for a certain Clowe on the roster?

  21. we took him when he was a year old to an early reg season game and he loved all the noise. with playoffs on the line i dont have time to walk around the garden all game lol.

    my wife better be prepared

  22. be lukcy to score a goal tonight. i fully expect to be trailing by two or more entering 3rd tonight.

    as long as we win tom takes place

  23. I think you should take him. Don’t listen to Latona, he is still using Atari computer from 70s.

  24. Papa Bear,, “If we win by three goals tonight we will win the Cup, I’ve got a feeling”.

    Try GasX!

  25. Just a thought – but everyone in that locker room knows the importance of tonight. Lose and it’s a fluke – win and it’s potentially the start of something special. It’s that cut & dry. Winner’s get to write history and I’d be SHOCKED if we came out with anything less than a full head of steam. As a result, we get the W in a much closer game than the other night.

  26. What was that, ilb? I couldn’t make it out with the poor sentence structure and the lack of articles. And don’t blame it on auto-correct.

  27. Dudley, your avatar should REALLY be the kid from different strokes…that played Dudley..

  28. Interesting stuff on Dorsett from SNY——

    Derek Dorsett, the third player that the Rangers acquired for Marian Gaborik, is on injured reserve and expected to miss the rest of the season with a fractured clavicle.

    He suffered the injury on March 7th after being hit around the goal by Vancouver’s Andrew Alberts.

    John Tortorella said on Wednesday night that Dorsett was “ways away” from returning to the lineup.

    On the day he was traded, Dorsett said on HNIC Radio that he just got out of his sling and was beginning to rehab and work as hard as he can to get it strong.

    Tortorella also said that when he met Dorsett he noticed that he was thrilled to be a Ranger and was full of energy.

    Aaron Portzline said in the Columbus Dispatch that Dorsett was the toughest player for Columbus to give up. He called Dorsett, inspirational.

    He described Dorsett as “an undersized firebrand who led the NHL in penalty minutes last season and is a tough and tireless worker.”

    Columbus GM Jarmo Kekalainen said that it was hard to move Dorsett because of the impact he has in the dressing room, but since the team has been doing well while he has been injured, he became expendable.

    When asked about Dorsett, his former captain Rick Nash told the NY Post he is a “heart-and-soul guy, what you see is what you get. I’m happy he’s on our side, if you know what I mean.”

  29. What’s an article, Latona? Is that the small thingy sitting right next to clavicle?

  30. No, it’s on the grocery store shelf next to the pickle. Not to be confused with the Entenmann’s display case at the end of the asile.

  31. Man, my typing is poor today. That should read “aisle”. It’s okay, though. Apple software would have changed “asile” into “antidisestablishmentarianism.”

  32. Lol, Latona. Pleasure as always. Newcomers would really think we hate each other. I think little lady needs a nap. And I need to start packing for tonight. Later.

  33. Nice to see everyone getting Avatars. Really adds some personality. If you haven’t gotten one yet:

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  34. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Check me if I’m wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers, they’re gonna lock me up and throw away the key…

  35. Dorsett sounds like he’s going to to a really good fit here. Reminds me of the rep Prust came over with. He was playing 15 minutes a night in Columbus. We needed high energy and someone who will throw down that isn’t 60 years old or made of stone. High energy = thumbs up.

  36. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Oh, don’t worry. I’m not going into that cavity. That nerve’s already dying. A live, freshly-cut nerve is infinitely more sensitive. So I’ll just drill into a healthy tooth until I reach the pulp. That is unless, of course, you can tell me that it’s safe.

  37. Sioux-per-man on

    Dorsett will be a MSG Fan Favorite when he is healthy!! Sounds like he will make it back for the playoffs.

  38. Sioux-per-man on

    Thumbs up Manny!!

    Nothing better, than skating with speed and a hard hit!!!

  39. Cross Check Charlie on

    I haven’t seen Dorsett. After all, how many times have the Blue Jackets been on national TV? I hope what I read here is accurate. Sounds to me that he is the type of guy they’ve been missing. Does he kill penalties?

  40. Sioux-per-man on

    Charlie – He’s a great penalty killer, skates fast, and will FIGHT anyone. Asham and Dorsett with either Boyle or Powe will be one of the best 4th lines in the NHL.

  41. So if he’s back for the post season (provided they make it) here’s our depth chart at it’s best..





    Del Zotto

    Not terrible..

  42. Sioux-per-man on

    So what’s the over/under on the new guys on the block in th point catagory tonight?

  43. As of right now, the Rangers have 17 players signed for next season. That doesn’t include Chris Kreider, but does include JT Miller.

    Cap Geek says that as of now, the Rangers have $14.1 million in cap space for next season when the cap will shrink to $64.3 million.

    The three forwards with the lowest cap hits, Derek Stepan, Carl Hagelin and Mats Zuccarello, will become RFAs this summer.

    Ryane Clowe will be a UFA.

    Ryan McDonagh will be an RFA as will Michael Sauer. Roman Hamrlik, Matt Gilroy and Steve Eminger will all be UFAs.

    Newly signed defenseman Conor Allen has a cap hit of $1.7 million.

  44. Sioux-per-man on

    JG – That’s a good looking playoff team!!!

    Just imagine if they crank out more “Penguin Games”!!!

    Lots of Hope & Hype waiting for this game!!!

  45. Player 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
    Forwards (14)
    Nash, Rick »
    $7,800,000 $7,800,000 $7,800,000 $7,800,000 $7,800,000 $7,800,000

    Richards, Brad »
    $6,666,667 $6,666,667 $6,666,667 $6,666,667 $6,666,667 $6,666,667 $6,666,667
    Callahan, Ryan » $4,275,000 $4,275,000

    Clowe, Ryane »

    Brassard, Derick » $3,200,000 $3,200,000

    Boyle, Brian » $1,700,000 $1,700,000

    Dorsett, Derek » $1,633,333 $1,633,333 $1,633,333

    Pyatt, Taylor » $1,550,000 $1,550,000

    Miller, J.T. » EL SR $1,244,167

    Powe, Darroll » $1,066,667 $1,066,667

    Asham, Arron » $1,000,000 $1,000,000

    Stepan, Derek » EL $875,000

    Hagelin, Carl » EL

    Zuccarello, Mats » $700,000

  46. Defensemen (10)
    Staal, Marc » $3,975,000 $3,975,000 $3,975,000

    Hamrlik, Roman » 35+ $3,500,000

    Girardi, Dan » $3,325,000 $3,325,000

    Del Zotto, M. » $2,550,000 $2,550,000

    Stralman, Anton » $1,700,000 $1,700,000

    McDonagh, Ryan » EL

    Sauer, Michael » $1,250,000

    Moore, John » EL

    Eminger, Steve » $750,000

    Gilroy, Matt » $650,000

  47. After next year the rangers will have to definitely buy out Richards and possibly make some moves so they will be able to resign Callahan, Lundqvist, kreider, moore and Brassard.

  48. Goaltenders (2)
    Lundqvist, Henrik » $6,875,000 $6,875,000

    Biron, Martin » $1,300,000 $1,300,000

  49. thanks Tommy. couldnt figure out why I only had 23 with Miller AND Kreider listed.

  50. How did Brassard, a RFA, get signed to such a massively high contract amount? Was he a hold out?

  51. Cross Check Charlie on

    I wonder how many times a team traded for 3 players and all 3 scored a goal in their first game with the team. If they have any stats on that, I would doubt that it happened very often.

    Tonight Brassard gets two goals and Clowe only gets one. :)

  52. In the post-game notes right here at Rangers Report (shameful plug) Wednesday night, it said, “According to Elias Sports Bureau, tonight’s contest marks the first time in franchise history that three players tallied a goal while making their Rangers debut in the same game.”

  53. I really hope the rangers resign clowe, because if they don’t, you know he will end up on the flyers.

  54. Do you guys remember Dorsett fighting Scott (huge size disadvantage) just before the Rangers got Scott last season?

  55. So they should have just under 10 million once Asham, Powe, Pyatt & Hamr take a walk. that should be enough to take care of this year.

  56. Cross Check Charlie on

    “In the post-game notes right here at Rangers Report (shameful plug)”

    Sorry Carp, but I never read the pre and post game notes, especially if I watched the game.

  57. Carp, I couldn’t tell you what Dorsett looks like if my life depended on it. I should look him up.

  58. Manny, HAHA!!! yea, sorry again, nothing personnel, my brain sometimes thinks one way and my fingers another.

  59. The Rangers said he was 6-foot, 195 when they announced the trade. He looked like Mats Zuccarello next to Big John. The Chicago announcers were pretty funny during and after the fight.

  60. not even close to Must Win tonight, eric. Tonight is house money. Saturday and Monday much more important.

  61. Carp
    In the post-game notes right here at Rangers Report (shameful plug) Wednesday night, it said, “According to Elias Sports Bureau, tonight’s contest marks the first time in franchise history that three players tallied a goal while making their Rangers debut in the same game.”

    April 5th, 2013 at 4:25 PM

    That’s why you are at the forefront Carp!

  62. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Rangers need goals tonight, why haven’t they traded anyone yet?

  63. Manny, Holgren has been trying to get clowe for a few years now so if the rangers don’t sign him Holmgren will sign him. That would be brutal as far as I am concerned.

  64. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Can we remind eric that he said tonight is not a must win if/when they lose tonight?

  65. Cross Check Charlie on

    Since they scored 6 goals Wednesday, I’m afraid they may have used up their allotment for the week.

  66. enough is enough, the rangers need to go on a winning streak, there is no more excuses now. The way I see it, the team was flawed and they fixed the issues. There is no excuses now, just win baby, win.

  67. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Would be nice IF they could win the next four games and jump up into 6th place with a little cushion. Have to start distancing themselves from the pack.

  68. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Tomorrow is a big day…NYR @ Car, Phi @ WPG, Tor @ NJD, TB @ NYI. Lots of 3 point games, Carp?

  69. Sioux-per-man on

    Top to Bottom this is a better team, with Clowe, Moore, Brassard, then when you add in Dorsett, it becomes even tougher to play against.

    It looks like a win/win trade for both clubs!!

    Still, CAN’T believe Gaby signed off on it.

    Carp – was their relationship getting that bad??????

  70. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Manny, did you see what the “at” symbol did there?

  71. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Just saw that Boyle went back to being terrible since they took 2 points away.

  72. eric

    “we took him when he was a year old to an early reg season game and he loved all the noise.”

    good news is that you dont have to worry about noise at MSG this year. Probably will be very soothing for his nap time actually. Go!

  73. My perfect Fat Guy avatar won’t fit in the small square…naturally…I need an elastic waistband square

  74. anyone here NOT expecting Pitt to come out tonight spitting fire? We need the new guys to bring the ruckus big time tonight, off the opening tip.

  75. Fat Guy -I thought for sure we’d see a photo of Mike Francesca in your avatar circle.

  76. Czechthemout!!! on

    I just wanted to say how well MDZ has played in the last month. As one of his biggest criics on this blog, I have o give credit where it’s do. Well done!

  77. Man can’t use to this new format. Just thinking, good things may be happening at just the right time. ( Carp the point on the Training camp is well taken because we had to much of a change in player personnel to properly adjust in such a short time) Back to my point , with the new additions we may be getting into the proper groove at just the right time. I remember the trade in 94/95 that got us Matteau that kind of changed things around. Much more grit, attack style offence that Cloue may be giving us. Kind of a bigger Prust with the ability to score. Love Brassard and Moore has a great shot from the point and if Staal manages to come back we could make a statement. The perfect storm would be for us to come in 6th and play Wash or or the jets. Very interesting gertrude. However, we need to win tonite

  78. Czechthemout: What really has surprised me about MDZ is that he has some snarl to his game. He can be a nasty player and isn’t afraid of mixing it up. I agree and think he really has been playing well and picking his spots of when to join the rush.

  79. After just 1 game, Derick Brassard now has just as many points as Brian Boyle in 32 games, J.T. Miller in 26 games and has one more than Chris Kreider in 17 games.

    Speaking of Brassard, the Rangers have had very few Quebecois over the last few years. Martin Biron, P.A. Parenteau and Pascal Dupuis being the last three.

    Trivia Question: Who was the last Quebecois to play C for the NY Rangers?

  80. Just typed a long missive that I couldn’t add. Bring back the old format. Things coming together at the right time. Cloue, Brassard & Moore all look good and if Staal gets back we could make a statement. More grit and passion by far. Cloue a bigger version of Prust. Brassard is fast and Moore has a great shot form the point. Could be a perfect storm if we could make it to 6th place and play either the Jets or the Caps. But we need to win tonite. The Pens could be had again. Their hurting.

  81. just saw that Boyle lost 2 points. assuming he lost the assist on the 2nd Clowe goal, which I didn’t think he ever touched in the first place – but why did they take the goal away? I thought for sure he deflected it.

  82. Not seen the replay of the goal again, but I think Boyle said himself that he didn’t touch it. Either that or the official scoring is based on NBC’s version of events, meaning Strålman really did knock Malkin over too.

  83. Latona

    No, the last Quebecois to play C for the NY Rangers was not Giroux as the Rangers listed him as a LW for that game. (He was my initial guess)

  84. I expect the pens to come out with there A game tonight. That last game was the pens playing 2nd game in 2 nights after losing there long winning streak. I’m sure the pens are well rested physically and mentally. I would be a extremely happy as a ranger fan if the rangers come out of tonight’s game with a point. This time of year points are at a premium, especially when you are in 8th place fighting for a playoff spot. Losing in regulation is not a option.

  85. dunno but the now Richards goal looked like it changed directions from my seat. I was a bit more surprised by Boyle’s getting an assist on the Clowe goal since I never saw him come close to touching the puck but with the euphoria of blowing out the Penguins I just let it go.

  86. It was definitely a deflected shot, just presumably ended up being deflected by a Penguin rather than Boyle.

  87. that could have been an answer to oleo’s question or the one about the dog to my right … but I wouldn’t insult the dog like that.

  88. I had to cheat and it look it up on hockeydb, oleo, but I won’t spoil the fun. Don’t even remember the guy.

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