It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Penguins


The Rangers, coming off two consecutive wins (1-0 since the trade deadline deals) take on the Penguins, who have lost two in a row (including Wednesday’s 6-1 decision at the Garden) after winning 15 in a row.

The Rangers start a three-game trip, that includes stops in Carolina Saturday and Toronto Monday.
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Game 37.
Rangers at Penguins.

The Rangers dropped to eighth place when the Islanders gained a Bettman Bonus Point for losing Thursday night. Ya boys are tied with the Devils with 39 points but have a game in hand and two more regulation/OT wins, the first tiebreaker. They also have two games in hand on the Islanders, who are one point ahead, and one on Toronto, which is five up.

Same lineup tonight, which means Henrik Lundqvist in goal, newcomers Ryane Clowe, Derick Brassard and John Moore in, and J.T. Miller (wrist) out. Matt Gilroy and Roman Hamrlik are prucha’d

Marc Staal (eye) made the trip with the team to see his family in Carolina — MSG Network might mention tonight that he has some brothers — but the plan is for him to not accompany the team to Toronto.

The Penguins are without some guy, I forget his name, wears a high number, whines a lot …


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  1. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Let’s go boyssssssss! Listening at work on a Friday night. Woohooo

  2. I had to cheat and it look it up on hockeydb, oleo, but I won’t spoil the fun. Don’t even remember the guy.

  3. ZzZz GREG L. on

    IT IS TIME!!!!!


    lets gog gog go gog go gog og gogo!!!



  4. ZzZz GREG L. on


    lets go glets go let s go lets go letsa go!!!!!!!

  5. My guess was Alexandre Daigle … then I followed with this:

    that could have been an answer to oleo’s question or the one about the dog to my right … but I wouldn’t insult the dog like that.

  6. The sinking feeling you get when you realise the game is on TV rather than GCL, meaning you are 97% certain to have to endure Steigerwald and Errey…

  7. Carp, that’s funny, but it would be funnier if “from” replaced “by” in the subheading.

  8. ZzZz GREG L. on

    BIG GAME FOLKs!!!!

    SUPER-PUMPED MR.Carp!!!!!

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Ranger gametime!!!!!

    lets go lest go lest go lets go lets go lets go!!!!!

  9. ZzZz GREG L. on

    Sorry Lw3h , I dunno how to makey picture on the side eh.


  10. ZzZz GREG L. on

    ahhhhhhhhhhh I see it now Carp , thanks!!!


  11. I heard on the car radio that Target is being sued by some oversized (fat) person because they had a size label on a big garment that said ‘manatee’!


  12. Czechthemout!!! on

    I just watched some of Dorsett’s fights and some of his goals. Really good figh but he can also play!

  13. A win would be great but what I want to see most is the same attack as last game. LGR

  14. Meant to give the answer before the start, but

    The last Quebecois to play C for the NYR (before Brassard) was Benoit Dusablon in 2003

  15. Why are Sam and Joe talk about the Pen()s none freaking stop?! I feel like I’m watching Pissburgh broadcast

  16. Olga Folkyerself on

    Where did those other Rangers go?

    Tortarella didn’t do any coaching, did he?


  17. Man, Neil hits Girardi as hard as he can every chance he gets … must be something to that … maybe because Girardi roughed up Skid in previous games?

  18. You have to wonder what the knock on Brassard was. Effort level maybe?

    Seems like an extremely talented player so far

  19. Sam and Joe are terrible tonight. Talking about JT Miller for 3 minutes as the biggest hits of the game are taking place

  20. “as well”….”as well”……. “as well”. stfu Joe

    Too bad we are playing Pittsburgh or I’d listen to the visitor’s feed.

  21. tomb, the pittsburgh broadcasters are very fair. talking highly about the rangers. its refreshing to not be stuck listening to mich

  22. Thought the rangers were better in the 2nd half of the period. Good even period. They seem to be playing with more poise and confidence.

  23. Czechthemout!!! on

    Good first period. Had some chances. Have to continue to press the attack.

  24. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Two bonehead comments of the night:

    Michelletti: Alot of offers for Boyle. yeah right and we won’t trade him?
    Rosen: not sure miller plays when he returns. Like boyle,powe,pyatt tearing it up.

    Keep drinking the kool-aid Sam and Joe. Kreider and Miller deserve to be playing especially when miller is healthy!!!

  25. Czechthemout!!! on

    That is the thing. Boyle is not a third line player no matter what, Torts still continues to try and stick him there.

    Dorsett Boyle and Powe/ Asham/Pyatt.

  26. Site much improved since yesterday thanks carp and company. Happy with that period but sick knowing NO penalties will be called on the pengwhines at home ..

  27. boxcareddiehospodar on


    Kreider’s knowledge of the game far surpasses Boyle. Kreider can score and he hits. Boyle is a soft 4th line player at best.

  28. serious, carpaccio! last time i enjoyed a rangers game was watching on nesn, bostons network.

    boyle seems to be coming around, maybe he needed a change of scenery aka new teammates, after losing prust.

  29. “Kreider’s knowledge of the game far surpasses Boyle….”

    Thanks for the chuckle

  30. Olga Folkyerself on

    Bud light commercial where Monk teaches guy how to pour beer.

    “Pour down middle to release carbonation and aroma!”


  31. Irrelevant, yet interesting (to me, anyway)…Brassard wearing Boyle’s gloves. Boyle’s name was visble on cuff when they showed Brassard on bench before. Must be nice to have Bauer, etc…send you custome gloves, If not, why would he use someone else’s ?

  32. there hasnt been a minor penalty called all game. there have been penalties committed, but nothing egregious. if games were called like this more often, itd be better for hockey.

  33. _Did I tell you I saw Murray coming out of the shower today, Sam?_

    Sam: Yes, you did. I was in the shower with him.

  34. i wasnt asking for a power play. i was noting that ive enjoyed this game the way its been refereed.

    pitts hasnt gotten one real scoring chance all game, to my recollection… until just now.

  35. Czechthemout!!! on

    Nd he follows that brilliant move with a terrible match up of his fourth line against the Pens second.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Just as I said to everyone to temper their enthusiasm because it was only one game, I will likewise say to everyone to remain calm that this is only game two.

    My expectation was that the team would play closer to this game after the trade, and that Gaborik would play closer to his first game in Columbus. And if it stays that way, the trade will be a disaster.

    But it’s still early and I can only hope that I am wrong.

  37. Anyone know where the Rangers feed is? I keep hearing “Rangers got away with one” from these guys named Sam and Joe. Are they employed by Penguins?

  38. Umm Doodie what game are you watching? Or are you just looking up the score and seeing 0-0 meaning we havent played well?

  39. Effort tonight resembles that of the other night and that of last year. Beautiful sight compared to first 30 games this year.

  40. Well gentlemen if it was an 82 game season those teams you mentioned would make the playoffs

  41. TTorts in practice yesterday ” enough of the six goal BS- we go back to all defense tomorrow and hope they kick one into their own net damnitall!!!

  42. freaking nerves cant take these type of games. i better not feel heartbreak later.

    get a pt at least

  43. You can definitely say that this game looks a lot closer to ones they played last year.

  44. Might well still get shutout in this one, but I don’t have much of a problem with how many chances they’ve created so far.

  45. Czechthemout!!! on


    I stand corrected. I caught that MDZ shift and thought it was a benching.

  46. There’s a rumour that the home team gets last change which makes it harder to play your third pair as much as you might like too, Carp.

  47. ThisYearsModel on

    This is a very good effort following up the last game. Good competitive game. If Fleury was playing like he usually does against us, we would be ahead by a few.

  48. Ralph fron N.M. on

    Moore with only 3 shifts this period . here comes the Torts thumb. Torts coaching again

  49. leetchhalloffame on

    Looks like Torts has instilled his no scoring rule on the new guys. Reign ’em in Torts, reign ’em in.

  50. Seriously, Bill Pidto reminds me of Scrappy Doo – he’s short (at least he looks it on TV), he’s got an annoying voice, and NOBODY likes him!

  51. “That’s the problem. When you lose the faceoff, you lose control of the puck.”

    – Albert Einstein Duguay

  52. There’s a rumor that both teams are permitted to change lines during game-play in order to get the third pair on the ice.

  53. Wasn’t actually being one for once there, Czech. Only linked to the shift chart.

    Second comment was in response to Carp’s, not aimed at anyone.

  54. unbelievable, it’s all tortorella’s fault, ridiculous. Rangers have had the better scoring opportunities, fluery is playing much better than the other night.

  55. seriously Sam and Joe are disgusting tonight. Same yelled so loud I though Rangers scored

  56. Craptastic!! Better that it happened early, you have the whole period to get it back!

  57. Czechthemout!!! on

    So one team came out to win the game. The other came out to be cautious and not to beat them selves. Gee, I wonder which one?

  58. what? the rangers had the better opportunities in the beginning of the game and through the 1st period, fluery made good saves.

  59. the only problem I have is the usually garbage non calls by the refs because it’s the pens.

  60. I really think the rangers management should think very hard about Richards, like buy him out after this year is over.

  61. can somebody freaking finish. we had zero finish with gabby and zero finish without him.

  62. what unbelievable anticipation of the pass and remarkable save. this should be a tie game.

  63. Gift of GAB-orik-ohio-o-clowe on

    I know Eric… If they could finish they would have scored way more than 6 goals last game! :)

  64. also

    can we stop with this nonsense of 6th place talk and number two whoever thinks fluery isnt compitent goalie is a moron

  65. Fluery is the reason why the rangers haven’t scored. I think the rangers have had better shots at him tonight than the other night. Fluery has brought his A= game tonight, unfortunately for the rangers.

  66. We need one finish. We had six finishes on Wednesday. They are playing so hard. They are competing in every zone. This team will make the playoffs and will be a problem for anyone they play

  67. duckbill platypus on

    havent seen puck movement like this from rangers since jags-nylander-brom straka line

  68. Admiral Akbar on

    Fleury standing on his head tonight…

    Yet then he’ll lose to the Fishsticks in a shootout.

  69. CCCP, that is exactly what i just said to my son. Good save, but not to the extent that SalmonJoe are gushing.

  70. Is Gaborik benched again? He’s been invisible the entire game :)

    And of course….little push by Boyle and he’s called for penalty…pucking amazing

  71. gift

    last game was a fluke. put the pom pom down and realize we are dead last in goals per game. the trade has definitely made them compete harder but they are not a better offensive team with or without the trade

  72. Gift of GAB-orik-ohio-o-clowe on

    Was there a scratch and sniff sticker on that side board? Kunitz was all over it

  73. Tough here they really deserve to win this . Good news is even if they don’t win here the other teams they play after tonight won’t be as tough.

  74. double that suspension because it was a Ranger against a Penguins, Lyova. If Cooke had done the same thing to Del Zotto, no suspension.

  75. thats the perfect way to concuss opponents. perfect. we ought to do that more often, eliminate the opposition one by one. cant infer intent on that either.

  76. Dz will get nothing his back was turned to Neal . Meanwhile Hank is being outplayed

  77. carpaccio, ive never been one to believe in conspiracies (hahaha), but i agree w you. :)

    yeah!!!!! look at our team united!!!! cally defending nash!!!! kill cooke!!!! stick him 6 feet under!!!!

  78. even if the rangers do/don’t make the playoffs this year I already have come to the conclusion that this is a fluke season. I want to see this team with a full Tortorella’s camp and 82 game season. I truly feel because of the shortened season there are teams in the east that have benefitted from the shortened season.

  79. yesssssssssssssssss get a pt nowwwwwwwwwwwww

    play def for 4 mins and get to ot dont take a freaking chance

  80. nashhhhhhhhhbbhhbbbbbbbbbb!!!! take that coooooooke!!!!!!

    u were right, carp. they scored.

  81. Richards the Friendly Ghost on

    is this the pittsburgh home feed on the NHL network? holy cow.

  82. like I said before the game, losing in regulation is not an option. Get the one point than work on the other point, LGR’s

  83. Richards the Friendly Ghost on

    yes, we take point but I think they get 2 tonight carp.

    Boyle is tough to watch

  84. Are you freaking kidding me not the save the play from brassard!!!! No way Boyle finishes there

  85. Admiral Akbar on

    Fleury standing on his head… Still.

    I see us getting at least a point in this.

  86. Point not in the bank yet, but if somebody told you the Rangers would get three points in this home-and-home you’d have asked them where the crack pipe was.

  87. ThisYearsModel on

    Great game. Come out of it with a point and that is a very successful back to back.

  88. Gotta say, Carp – you’ve been right about this team all season – they were too soft and not nasty – just adding these two new forwards and putting Asham back in the lineup certainly makes them a tougher team.

  89. Admiral Akbar on

    Cooke whacks Henrik – referee right there, and no call.

    Ahh… Pittsburgh

  90. Love the Pens announcer literally screaming about how the puck should have been blown dead on the Nash goal because a Penguin touched it with his hand.

    Poor Penguins always on the short end of the stick when it comes to the officials not calling penalties on them.

  91. That guy looks like Hagelin. Remember him?

    Wish you had Gaborik for OT? One of the best 4-on-4 players in the game.

  92. Admiral Akbar on


    3 points from pittsburgh — bwahahahahaaaaa!!!!!

    Rangers showing grit and jam — woah baby

  93. okay found a way for a pt. lets be honest they were the better team tonight.. they deserve two. will the hockey gods allow it.

    i need another beer

  94. Czechthemout!!! on

    Big point! Now lets get another one!

    With the exception of he first shift, that was a great period!

  95. ThisYearsModel on

    Very good third period. We deserve to win this game. Sure wish someone would take care of Cooke.

  96. Clowe is supposed to have a sick shootout move, that could be interesting ;). BCATHGE.

  97. Gift of GAB-orik-Ohio-o-clowe on

    I haven’t seen Stralman make any good plays wearing #5 tonight. Weird.

  98. Admiral Akbar on

    Where’s Gabby tonight??

    If they didnt trade Gabby, they would never have made it to overtime!

  99. Since Maf has stoned the guy all nite time for Stepan time!!!!

    Goo ooooooooorangers zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t Stepan the logo

  100. I’ve been flipping back and forth, so far, gaborik has been invisible, AA with the Columbus goal.

  101. I think what I meant to say is Gaborik has been invisible tonight for Columbus, it’s Tortorella’s fault.

  102. I think shero got fleeced in that Iginal deal, haven’t noticed him at all, is he playing?

  103. Good idea, but I thought Stepan should have looked at Cally and shot it. Easy to say I know.

  104. Liking the new team’s balanced effort, but Gabby’s absence still bothers me. If he had 2 functional shoulders last season, we advance to the Cup Finals. After that, who knows.

    Oh well, looks like we’re dumping Richards sooner than later and resigning Clowe at around 4M per.

  105. carp

    if this ranger team makes the playoffs it will on final day or regular season vs devs in a shootout. that how you may win the bet

  106. That’s what I want to know Carp. Weren’t you on coats at Mayo’s party?

  107. eric,
    I think this team is now better than last years team, they got there grit back and a good young promising center and defensemen. I think this team is going on a point streak the rest of the season and end up in the sixth seed.

  108. No problem! 3 points in 2 games! Great job boys! SO is Byfuglien stupid. Bite me Bettman!

  109. What a performance by Fleury. Rangers dominated although he let one slip on the Nash goal so 1 point is still nice.

  110. for as horrible as fleury was wednesday, he outplayed lundqvist tonight and stole this game. its ok, we got 1 point. hope lundqvist isnt injured

  111. It’s also time to take Callahan out of the shootout just like with Richards. Give Brassard or Clowe a shot.

  112. Buttman and his 3 point games to help the weaker teams and have parity in the league, bush league.

  113. Czechthemout!!! on

    Got a point. Should have taken both. Boyle had three point blank chances hat he whiffed on. He is nothing mor than a fourth line player. That where he needs to play!

    That said, it is not why they list. Fleury just stood on his head tonight.

  114. I will blame the happiness in here on the new blog format.

    See youse tomorrow when we smash the Staalicanes!

  115. Yep 3 out of 4 points against those guys is fantastic. The effort these 2 games was incredible.

  116. Penguins goal came off the cycle and Duguay makes a big deal of it (he’s right). Guess Bylsma was playing not to win there.

  117. Boyle played well. Of course if Nash were with Brassard he would have had 4 goals tonight.

    Hank has to pitch a shutout there, he has to eventually. The Pens really only had a few good chances and their best one went in. Totally outplayed by MAF tonight and he knew it. Hope he isnt hurt.


  119. Is everyone ready for a Hamerlik-Eminger pairing tomorrow after MDZ gets a 2 game suspension?

  120. they are starting to gel…do miss Gaborik’s speed and sniping ability, but nice overall effort. Nash played his superstar role with the tying goal. Fleury had a great game.

  121. Those Devils games are gonna be pretty big down the stretch..we’re gonna take it to you

  122. Czechthemout!!! on

    CT Whale win 4-3. Kreider with two assists, Fast with the game winner and his first goal.

  123. ThisYearsModel on

    We significantly outplayed them. Fleury had a good night. Good think Cooke has rehabilitated himself, otherwise I would have had to be angry that he slashed Lundqvist and speared Brassard right in front of referees. Very nice shot by Del Zotto on Neal.

  124. watched the cindies broadcast out here in Calif. Painful to watch and listen to..

    rangers played well, outplayed them.. had about 3 or 4 primo opptys. to score but did not.

    more depth, brassard is a good player….

    did not see the minutes yet, Moore did not seem to get a lot of time in the 3rd.

    like the murray late hit no call, or the zucc getting slashed on the PP…

    mdz not sure what will happen with the neal hit, neal is a cheapshot jackwagon so could not happen to a better candidate unless crooke got hit…

  125. Hopefully no let up against the Canes tomorrow. Those guys have really struggled lately but after being shutout 5-0 at home against Tampa on 45 shots, they will go all out as well.

  126. Yea, Carp. What happened to Hagelin? He’s really disappeared since the re-emergence of the Hobbit Wizard.

  127. Murray’s hit was hard and clean. Not late.He is one ugly son of a female dog though. Not quite at Malkin’s level but right up there with pigface (did he play?) Tyler Kennedy

  128. Czechthemout!!! on

    Woopti damn doo! Boyle a played hard. Give him a medal! So did Powe! So did Asham.what’s your point? Hagelin did not play badly at all. helped set up Boyle twice.He cant score, that is the bottom line. He needs to play on the fourth Line.

  129. Hagelin should have had an assist tonight but Bricklayer boyle did not score.

    Hagelin with a great between the legs drop pass but the bricklayer missed, what a shocker…

  130. Oh. We’re killing Boyle again. I forgot to get on board. I thought he played a pretty hard game. Love the edge being back in his game and love the chemistry he has developed on that third line.

  131. czech, will you admit that Boyle has had 2 games (it’s been a few more than that) that have been considerably better than those of 3 weeks ago?

  132. Hags did make a great pass to Boyle. He was pretty good on the forecheck too I thought. Just his speed alone occupies the opponent.

  133. Enjoying watching hockey again. After weeks of just hoping the Rangers showed up. Talk about a 180.

  134. That Fleury save on Boyle, after the drop pass from Hagelin, was a pretty darn good stick save on a wide open 5 hole.

  135. Boyle did play hard and pretty good but you know he has to score on occassion…please

  136. Good game by the Rangers. Fleury saved the Pens from another blowout imo. 3 out of a possible 4 points agains’t pitt, ill take it. Eek a few turnovers by brassard. Possibly from maybe learning the new system.

  137. hopefully when Shanahan spins the wheel of fortune on his office wall it will point to zero games.

  138. Wow. Cool link, LW. I like the simplicity of the site. I don’t really get advanced stats but I assume the Penguins having all negatives and the Rangers all positives is a good thing (for the Rangers). So thanks.

  139. Czechthemout!!! on


    Without question! He has played well the last two games. I am not questioning his compete level. Much better than before.

    But the fact is he cant score. Why is that so hard to accept. He is a fourth line player. We have just spent an entire season talking about a lack of production in the bottom six. Boyle had the game on his stick and took an awful whiff at the puck.

  140. Rangers played a good road game. they trapped early, got the Pens slowed up, then in the 3rd the Rangers poured it on, and only some key saves kept them from winning. If they play like that the rest of the way on the road, they will make a playoff spot.

  141. Think of it as +/- but with shot attempts while a player is on the ice (at ES) instead of goals, Månnu.

    So the Rangers had 30 more ES shots attempted (including missed nets and blocked shots) than the Penguins (i.e. Lundqvist’s Corsi number), a difference of 24 while McDonagh was on the ice, for example.

  142. Czechthemout!!! on

    Right, some people see what they want to see.

    And some people keep hoping for things that will never be. Boyle scoring goals will never be.

  143. 9 of the last 11 games will be against teams now below them in the standings. Only 2 against Toronto; otherwise its Florida x 2, Carolina x 2, Devils x 2, Isles, Philly, Buffalo.

    I think that the bottom 4 of the bracket will not look a whole lot like it does right now anyway. I think Ottawa and the Isles fade, Toronto might as well, and I think the Rangers could finish as high as 5th. I also think Philly could make it.

    Anyway, totally different team out there, no way they dont get in and make some noise.

    Over a longer season teams that just have good or bad stretches go away and the better teams wind up making it.

  144. Boyle does lots of things well and has been much better of late. I think that line looks great. And he didnt whiff or whack weakly, he tried to go 5 hole and Fleury made a great play with his stick.

  145. Where are they doing this Tort’s interview, in the boiler room of a U-boat? Das Boot!

  146. Toronto does look ripe for the picking with Lupul out with a, shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, concussion.

  147. The referee who stood there and looked right at that POS Cooke slash Hank is #19 Gord Dwyer. If Shananigan wants to suspend someone he should start with him. He’s either grossly incompetent, or wearing a secret Cindy Crosby decoder ring. One, or the other!

  148. Stranger Nation on

    thought Hags had a very solid game – used his speed in neutral zone to back check and slow that top line down.

    He is where he should be – 3rd line with some opportune goal scoring.

  149. Czechthemout!!! on

    You can believe whatever you want. The was a weak attempt at a shot. Again, I am not blaming Boyle for the loss. Fleury beat us tonight, period!

    By the way,Ritchie reverted back to his great play so far this season tonight.

    It is a good thing Cooke has turned over a new leaf. I wonder if he will try to pull this type of sh!!t when Dorsett gets into the lineup?

  150. This is what playoff hockey is all about. Rough, tough, few calls. Our additions give us a shot. Great trades!

  151. Orr, thanks for that. I do feel better. I like how the announcer says: “I hope Matt Cooke is OK.” and I immediately say no we don’t!

  152. Great quote from Pete Vecsey, the guy that got beat up by, the guy that got beat up by the guy on the bus stop.

  153. Stranger Nation on

    Rangers have 2 fights in 2 games since trades and have 3pts

    Pie-hat is just horrible – he skates like he has rubber bands tied around his knees.

  154. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Very good game. Finally showed some fight back as a team, played nasty. Classic Messier-esque elbow by Del Zaster. Rangers had a lot of chances, but Fleury made up for his 6 goal game. Cooke that piece of Cooke.

    WBM (c)
    0) Boyle

  155. Carp
    CCCP, that’s twice in two days with the language. Cut it out.

    April 5th, 2013 at 9:51 PM



  156. When someone comments, like Carp’s 10:57, you can do us all a favor by listing the time of the post you’re referring to, so we know what’s what with cryptic response posts. Thank you for your time and attention. :)

  157. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Win in Carolina solidifies the 3 points they earned. Losing, especially in regulation, would be a disaster against a team that’s lost 9 of 10.

  158. PAP has always been projected as a good player but as it always happens Rangers organ-eye-zation never have him (and dozen others) a fair chance…so he went somewhere else and got his chance

  159. no, thank you, coos, 11:07.

    C3, you dropped an f-bomb that was blocked yesterday, and an s-bomb that was blocked tonight. the end.

  160. Good as PAP may be doing since he’s departed, he’s not someone I look at and regret losing.

  161. Stranger Nation on

    The WBM or more appropriately, Whipping Post should have one, and only one player tied and bound these days and it is King Richard the turd – ‘my kingdom for a horse-tooth’

    He is barely skating out there – is this is cruel joke or something – looks like he is playing in a over 40 beer league game at the Ice Hutch.

  162. Copy your ll:13, Carp. This conversation is being recorded. Who in hell is Tarpo Gigio, a white wine?

  163. Sorry Carp…I was pissed tonight because that piece of cooke Cooke was running wild unpunished!

    Don’t remember dropping one last night, tho…

  164. Oh Bo!!! Lundqvist said he felt a tug to his hamstring in the shootout, that’s scary, hamstrings can be a big problem and last a while. I’m holding my breath on this one, lose lundqvist and you can kiss this season goodbye.

  165. Stranger Nation on

    tommyG – I hear ya on that – maybe get your Beer-on for manana noche so hank doesn’t get any nagging injury or worse

  166. I think you will see Biron in Carolina. Hank seemed to be wincing a bit during his interview. He may have been passing gas, but I think it was his other hammy.

  167. Winger’s Lament: I’ve been through a scoring desert with a horse with no game
    He never passed into my lane.

  168. Pinot Grigio? Tarpo Gigio? Abe Vigoda’s Uncle Tessio? Many thanks for the clarification. re: my 11:18, your 11:07, 10:57. Copy that.

  169. I’ll call this one Winger’s Sorrow, in response to coos at 11:34..

    My linemates groaned! My goalie wept
    Into a most goalless world I lept
    Helpless, skated, piping loud
    Like a fiend hid in a cloud

    Struggling in my coach’s hands
    Striving against my booing fans
    Bound and weary I thought best
    To lay a shoulder into a chest

  170. FlaRanger

    “9 out of 10 times Boyle misses that”

    So how many times does Gabby or the player of your choice score there?

  171. If Gabby had one fourth of Boyle’s tenacity, he’d lead the world in scoring. If Boyle had one fourth of Gabby’s speed and shot, he, too, would…well, maybe not.

  172. The word ‘fiend’ has fallen out of use, regrettably. It is so often apt especially in hockey and politics.

  173. coos, we should team up with eddie and duckbill and request to handle NYR’s press releases. We’d certainly enhance the quality of the language, and we’re funny. We could disclose placing players on waivers in Petrarchan sonnets..

  174. We could do baseball, too, as in Fingers Waived. Or, “Wright Moved to Left.” “Piazza Needs To Deliver.”

  175. Not much of a baseball guy, but I could suggest phrasing and enjambment and whatnot.

    Did you know that there’s a Tennyson playing for SJS?

  176. posting from mobile…

    HOW IS THIS supposed to be better??

    great game though…best loss on the year, moral victory for sure.

  177. “Tennyson with a poetic move.” Lats, can you imagine Emrick doing play-by-play after Tennyson is stuffed by the goalie on a breakaway: “And ask ye why these sad tears stream!”

  178. You think Doc is that tasteful, coos? I was imagining something more like: “OHHHH AND IT WOULD. NOT. GO!”

  179. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’ll take one point…. Wish it were two….but rangers played a good game.

  180. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    DDe – tonight certainly had a playoff vibe to it… Rangers outplayed the pens….. I loved MDZ elbow to Neal’s jaw.

  181. These are the kinds of games they can expect in the playoffs. They had a soft team, and that’s been in a large part, corrected.

  182. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We are soft no longer. I love this team. #16 is special. And my feelings on #29 are known.

  183. I really like what I saw from the team again tonight. Definitely one of the better efforts this season…take the point and keep moving forward…

    Del Z had a monster game…

    Zuccarello’s skating has improved so much in just a couple of seasons. He is an exciting player, with so much skill. Not that it matter or anybody cares, but his Corsi numbers are excellent since joining NYR a few weeks ago…

    I just wonder why he wasn’t on the ice in the 4-4 OT? Wouldn’t it make sense to have him out there when there is more space? Is he a liability on d? I don’t think so.

    I tend to hate the skills competition! Tonight, no exception.

  184. Stranger Nation on

    MDZ’s elbow and then take down of Malkinstein is the reason you get Clowe. Just wait till Dorsett plays. He makes Prust seem like Woolski

  185. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have done a 180 on the hobbit. That lil guy is smooth as silk. Zuc and brassard are sweet passers.

  186. Stranger Nation on

    Most impressive team improvement is passing. So many great looks in the slot.

    Cycling may prevent goals but quality passing leads to goals…

  187. eddie, if you had posted that differential equation about an hour ago, I would have sat down and solved it. I’m too tired to attempt it now.

  188. Zuccs is a little bulldog. So far, so good. I’m waiting for Richie to get braver now that he has some muscle nearby to step in for him.

  189. Stranger Nation on

    16 not afraid to hit in the corners either. Carried puck in zone on PP like it was taped to his stick.

  190. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Snation – I’m on an iPad and I don’t like it…. Even worse on an iphone

  191. Stranger Nation on

    all those guys in Columbus can play, just a bad mix here.

    Reminds me of the 70s when Yanks treated Indians like another farm team.

  192. Stranger Nation on

    cant do phone – Not enough room on screen

    ipad’s ok, tis bright on the eyes for after midnight

  193. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – it’s better if I give you the initial conditions – then it’s z=y’. And z’=y” where y'(o) = z(o)

  194. Stranger Nation on

    Hobbit also not afraid to check, drives the net, ..and has mad passing skills

  195. Yeah, eddie, Brassard is smooth. Perfect adjective for him Solid all-around skills…

  196. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I had to do a nasty one today

    Y” + y = 3 secant squared 3t = 3sec^2 (3t)

  197. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – :) I appreciate your efforts…

    Are you going for sin^2 (x) + cos^2(x) = 1. ???

  198. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – try this one… If 1.5 hens can lay 1.5 eggs in 1.5 days, how many eggs can 9 hens lay in 9 days?

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