Rangers-Penguins & trade deadline in review



1) Those first three goals. Surreal, wasn’t it? Just ridiculously surreal. That most of us were thinking the only question in this home-and-home would be “by how many goals would Pittsburgh sweep?” and that most of us were absolutely killing the Marian Gaborik trade, and for that to happen … I am without speech. Probably the most roller-coaster day in the history of this blog.

2) Ryane Clowe=Monster. Holy Best Player in the Game. Give him Gaborik’s $7.5 M. Seriously? Gotta tell you, I don’t normally make snap judgments on people, but this guy is impressive. He seems to be a really cool guy, a leader, a gentleman (off the ice). Spoke forever, wearing his entire uniform (after doing the live radio postgame interview) and the Broadway Hat. Good guy. I also told him that the biggest upset of the night was that he didn’t get the Gordie Howe Hat Trick after getting a goal and an assist in the first period. He laughed and said he thought about it, “but it was 6-1 …” and he’s smart enough to fight those fights when they’re needed. And they will be and he will.

3) Because of that, and the return of Arron Asham (and maybe Derek Dorsett if they make the playoffs, or next season) for the first time this season, the Rangers resembled last season’s Rangers.

4) Seriously, you don’t judge much, if anything, by one performance … but it looks as if Brassard really passes the puck well, and isn’t afraid to make a blind pass (though I imagine that won’t look very good when those passes don’t connect). Good hands.

5) John Moore skated pretty well, shot it well, scored the goal (which shouldn’t sway your opinion of him either way). What I liked most was that he leveled that piece of cooke Matt Cooke, and later hit him again.

6) Of course all of this was happening as I was writing a column bashing the trade. You can read it here.

7) As much as I thought, big picture, that it was a bad deal, and the 82 games next season will tell a lot more than the remainder of this hacked-up season (and even John Tortorella admitted as much) in the short-term it really could be a boost. Because, let’s face it, the grinding worked pretty well last night, and this was the most grinding lineup they have iced since Adam Henrique’s goal sent them  home.

8) This really does look like a new team, with the three new faces, then you throw in Mats Zuccarello and the return of Arron Asham. But the most important, crucial player in the night’s events might have been Brad Richards, because he skated better than he’s skated in almost every game this season, and he looked like he did at his best last season. Now with Marian Gaborik gone, the Rangers desperately need more out of their top guys, and Richards needs to be one of those.

9) Wouldn’t hurt, too, if Brian Boyle starts kicking one in now and then. His game’s improved lately, though he’s still not the player he was at times last year. If he can give them strong minutes and a point here and there, that’s another piece they need.

10) Three best lines in the pressbox: Gaborik was the player to be named later in the Nash trade … Sather thought he was getting Brashear … Sather should go directly to the cigar store and buy a fistful of lottery tickets.

11) Asham drops the gloves with Glass (remember their staged fight opening night?) after Glass took a whack at Henrik Lundqvist. When was the last time that happened? March 12. Then the two of them made reservations to fight later on, and did so. Asham with an important win.

12) This win makes the Friday rematch a house-money game for the Rangers, who moved into seventh and, after Friday’s game, don’t really have a daunting schedule remaining.

13) Based on what I’ve seen of the Pens the last two nights, Skid Crosby must be the best player who ever lived.

14) Brassard wore No. 16, which reminds me, we haven’t heard much from Mr. Avery after the last few games. I’ll have to go back and check Twitter. Or maybe he meant Gaborik wouldn’t play for “this CLOWN.”

15) Tuesday was one of those days (well every day is, but Tuesday was especially so) when I really wished I got paid by the comment. I’d be picking out a new car today. I don’t say it nearly enough, but as crazy as you guys are, as Jekyll and Hyde as you can be, you really do rule!

16) Oh, with a few exceptions. For those who earned a banning yesterday, if you want to come back, email me at rcarpini@lohud.com and we can discuss. Otherwise, adios.

17) We’re rolling out the new blog design (mobile friendly) this afternoon.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryane Clowe.
2. Derick Brassard.
3. Brian Boyle.
The real Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryane Clowe.
2. Derick Brassard.
3. Brian Boyle.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:

As per Groucho…”it’s like living in Pittsburgh…if you call that living!”
1. Slats — always better on the rebound.
2. Stralman –for that great play on Malkin while wearing #5 (you had to be watching NB(I don’t)C Sports to appreciate.
3. All the new guys — you get the love just for wearing “our” jersey…but all those goals will spoil us!
Loved the moves before the game-don’t even ask me now how I feel! I know-one game … but Slats  replaced all the pieces…anybody see Hamrlik?
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:

1. Ryane Clowe (32.36 %).
2. Derick Brassard (28.96 %).
3. Brian Boyle (13.43 %).

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  1. Carp, you rule for staying up late and writing this review! What is your all time comment record?

  2. BS that I had to listen to an away Knicks game on “Rangers radio network” on one of their biggest wins of the season. Funny how in a week things seem to turn a complete 180.

  3. I was definitely excited about both the Gabby trade and the Clowe trade but I didn’t expect this. WOW!

    The best surprise is Brassard. He is pretty darn good. I did a little research on Clowe last night but what we gt today I didn’t know what to expect. This will definitely make the rest of the season a joy to watch, no matter the outcome.

  4. See Carp…didn’t I tell you to make room in your game reviews for another monster? ;)

    Great game! Super entertaining! Brassard is like Dubi few seasons ago when Dubi was putting up points…

  5. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp!

    JHW- LMGO @ your number 2 star! Doc was so adamant about it that he said Stralman instead of Girardi twice. I’m pretty sure Edzo knew, but he didn’t want to embarrass Doc.

  6. Didn’t like the trade yesterday. Still think they could’ve gotten more for Gaborik. But it shows one thing again: we are all amateurs. Those who make important decisions know much more than we do. By a wide margin. Trust the pros.

    I think Brassard could eventually become a centerpiece to that deal. He always had skills, and we just gave up skills that tough to find. But Brassard is an enigma, and he underachieved. Didn’t help that he had two shoulder injuries. But let’s hope that this is one of those cases where change of scenery does work. Who knows, maybe he is more mature, maybe playing for Torts helps. He is still very young. But you can’t deny, he has skills.

    Clowe as of now is exactly what was advertised.

    Hopefully we finally got ourselves a team.

  7. Went to my first Rangers game in 1968. Seen a lot of things, but that one is but last night was like a fairytale. I mean are you kidding me. When I read about the trade, I thought what the hell are these guys doing?????

    It is just one game, so I will temper enthusiasm! But man, Carp is right about Ryane Clowe!! No wonder so many people wanted him. He looks like the real deal. I feel confident saying that as he has a proven track record.

    As for the other guys, lets hope that they did their homework and got good input from Gordie Clarke. Can you imagine if they really do pan out to be excellent players/excellent role players?

    Loved Gabby and will always be grateful for what he did here. Especially that 3 OT goal. But, in the world of the Salary Cap, losing his hit gives the Rangers much needed flexibility with the important core of young guys who will need new deals!

    Carp, I loved your reveiw and I sure hope you are wrong in the long run about this trade. For one night at least, you sure were! ;-)

  8. Really looking forward to tomorrow…colonoscopy and ranger game…question is…am I a street fight away from a Reggie Fleming hat trick? Still savouring last night’s victory….haven’t enjoyed many of our wins ty…like the ot win in Boston…where we blew the 3-1 lead..big win…but something was missing. Not last night….and now my expectations have been raised…so a huge drop off in effort would be depressing…afterall…who would want to remember tomorrow’s high point being the colonoscopy…..capice?


    Brassard was the number 6 pick overall in his draft class. But, he has been in the league long enough that you would think that if he was going to be a really good player, it would have already happened. He sure did show some skill though last night, eh?

  10. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Yes we are amateurs ,but we do pay the bills..

    The trade was a 360 of opinions and rush to judgement.. But time will tell.
    Anyway , it was great to a real ranger team beat up and dominate instead the other way around . The new guys fit right in without a practice..

    but let’s wait until they’re” TORT Tured”.

  11. Thanks Ilb…apparently years of being a Ranger fan has taken it’s toll internally..benefit being I never can eat food at the garden outside of a $15 pretzel and a (bring your own cap) $12 bottle of water.

  12. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Emrick fooled the crap outta me and my pops. We had to rewind a few times just to make sure that our Alzheimer’s wasn’t as bad as his. My dad would love to fast forward from every whistle to the ensuing face-off (we always dvr the game). Last night I said “I want to hear what they have to say about” the trades and the amazing thing that we witnessed unfolding before us; What would become a full 60 minute, highly physical effort. He didn’t hesitate to say he wanted to listen to Jones/Milbury/The Other Guy and their analysis of the trades and the current game.
    I made a comment at one point that “these aren’t your daddy’s Rangers” to which my father replied “Nope. They’re last year’s Rangers”. You hit the nail on the head with #3. Now we just have to hope that the team took 5-Hour Energy and not Vivarin. I’d really rather they didn’t have that letdown crash.

  13. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Sorry to re-post this fellas but I was hoping to hear some of your opinions about this. I’m also still at a loss in figuring out anything about the “maximum of 50 signed players per team” thing. When they picked up Hamrsuck that’s one of the main things that was brought up, especially involving signing the Hobbit. From my calculations it seems like they should be over that number now but no one’s commenting.
    Last but not least….. did anyone see the universe’s duck to get out of the way of a puck that was shot at him. Hank used his head to make two stops last night while the breeze was worried about the safety of his noggin and all of the many wonders it contains (like “how am I still an NHL goalie?).

  14. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Aaaaaaand…. of course I forgot to actually include the re-post in my last post. Duh! Thanks in advance for not getting on my case about the long re-post.

    I would love to be the first one in line to eat crowe for the negative views I had on the trade earlier today. But I’m not passing any judgement for another couple of games or so. Hopefully the adrenaline rush and newly found physical game can transfer over into the final games of the regular season. If that happens I’ll bake the crowe myself!
    One thing on the Gabby trade I don’t understand though: Why were Delisle and Parlett included? On paper, before even hearing about the 2 other players going to Columbus with Gabby, the trade looked to be heavily in the Blue Jackets’ favor, so why the extra guys? They’re definitely not going to the HHOF anytime soon but if those extra guys go don’t you think we should’ve gotten ourselves a better draft pick?
    I’m sure it was some kind of business decision. We originally got Delisle in the Nash trade. He was a draft pick of the Blue Jackets and is a 6’6, 234 lb defenseman. If we sent their guy back from the other trade we should’ve tried to get Artie or Dubie back too! Instead we got ourselves a conditional 6th round (garbage) pick. I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand this trade. lol

  15. bull dog line on

    they attacked the front of the net last night. that was the difference. please no more generating offense from behind the net.

  16. Excellent review Carp, I don’t know which is more difficult, writing after a woeful Ranger shutout loss, or this 180 degree turnabout. It’s plain to see that you Carp, like most us, in shock. A happy, dumbfounded shock. But you soldiered through it and produced an honest, spot-on, excellent review.

    I tried to go into last night’s game with an open mind. I kept waiting for that inevitable endless cycle or not being able to clear the puck and Malkin or Kunitz or worse, Cooke, burying one or two, or three.

    Granted, this Pittsburgh team is down a few players, and some didn’t seem themselves (Malkin). Back in the Lemieux-jagr days, a lot Pittsburgh players seemed to have career years offensively from being on the ice with a Hall of Famer. (Kevin Stevens, Nedved, Tocchet). Makes me think Kunitz and Neal (did he even dress last night?) will be in that group someday.

    I went into last night thinking: Best case scenario, you take away 1.5 of their 2 offensive superstars and add to that a shot of adrenaline(Clowe) and maybe we could get a 3-2 or 4-2 with an empty netter, hard fought scrappy “Rangers hockey” win.

    What we got was a Dallas-Buffalo Super Bowl. So totally, but pleasantly, unexpected was this dominance you would have thought the records were reversed.

    What this team needed was depth. Done.
    Toughness. Done.
    Secondary scoring. Done.
    Power Play. Done.

    Slats, while you’re at it, can you do something about the acoustics in the building and the price of the beer?

    Can this last? I don’t think to this crazy level, but I was resigning myself a few days ago to this not being a playoff year. But if, and this as we all know is a HUGE if, they can bring that level of energy on Friday, and thereafter, this will be that hard team to play aGAINst that Torts covets to such a maniacal level. And that, coupled with Hank in goal (lost in the euphoria of last night was his great job of not getting caught watching and staying on his game) can be a very good position to be in come May, no matter who you play.

  17. Thanks for a great writeup, Carp. Loved your “best comments from the press box” item.

    I am temporarily not reading any Journal Newss articles due to new $168/yr subscription requirement, but they still allow access to your blog. It’s not the cost, but adds up when I subscribe to NY Times, then the Journal News, etc. so have to decide which ones I want to subscribe to. Like that this new publication model seems to be working, but was sudden and don’t like to simply start paying $168 per without looking at my budget. Wonder if this blog will be included in the $14/month after they update the GUI today…Absolutely one of the more interesting Ranger trades of the past decade, will be interesting to see how it turns out long term, as you note. We’ll be discussing it for years to come.

  18. “2. Stralman—for that great play on Malkin while wearing #5 (you had to be watching NB(I don’t)C Sports to appreciate.” – Great quote…I don’t mind Emrick…but he definitely messed that one up. We all knew that was Girardi and not Stralman. No one on the air corrected him though. lol

  19. You had a team coming off a loss after the high of a 15 game win streak v a team running on high emotions w 3 new players who were running on pure adrenaline and this was the result.
    But at least there was proof that there is still some breath in their lungs.
    as I said yesterday this move addresses needs they’ve had all season and gives the some guys capable of playing within the system the coach wants them to play- and the one they’ve failed to be successful at most of the year. So lets see what happens. I’m sticking to my no worse than 8-5 prediction and I called Clowes first of the year. it was his second of the year that shocked me lol

  20. _Based on what I’ve seen of the Pens the last two nights, Skid Crosby must be the best player who ever lived._

    Best pro athlete who ever lived, Carp. Get it right.

  21. I said they would win last night a few days ago, and this would be the start of our run. But, I didn’t expect all the trade deadline stuff in the middle of that. Think there’s some people in SJ wondering where those goals were all season? So we’ve reverted back to last season. Torts kinda team. Does that mean we won’t score in the playoffs again? We’ll see. I agree about Friday, it’s house money. As long as we play a competitive game, I’m ok, even if we lose. If we get blown out, then it might be right back where we started.

    I’m still not sold on the Gabby trade, not after one game, but I could see where long term this might be a good move. If you could bring in someone next year to help score (and it might even be Kreider or Miller, who knows, then you’ve added the grit and can score more goals. But we’ll see.

  22. Hi Carp! Sorry I haven’t posted much. I can’t keep up with all the posts! LOL
    Impressive win last night. If only they could play like that everynight. ( :

  23. Torts wanted Gabby out after the playoffs and was frustrated by the surgery because he became untradeable.

    Under the circumstances, for this Ranger team, getting Brassard, who it would seem has more upside than Stepan, on top of “no Gaborik” as he diminishes further in value, was not a great deal but it was the right deal. Add in Dorsett and Moore and overall not bad. If nothing else Nash is an upgrade over Gabby as the go to player on a gritty team. I do not think Gabby had the value, real or perceived, to command much more than what we got.

    Clowe seems like a great add, though I’d still rather have Prust and the draft picks. And the cap space which Clowe’s inevitable new deal will cost. I will say Sather has a way of cleaning up his messes.

  24. Stranger Nation on

    We did get 2 #1 picks for Gabby – lucky for us they are on the ice and not ‘learning’ in Hartford!!!

  25. Cross Check Charlie on

    Just one question: Can the Rangers trade for 3 more guys for Friday’s game?

  26. Carp

    Any word on why Iginla and Malkin didn’t play last night. Will they be playing Friday?

  27. fivefootzero on

    First and probably last time I’ll ever say this, but Millberry was hysterical last night. Talking about the Universe and how he ducked the shot, and then showing Lundqvist taking a header. OMG hysterical. Even funnier was hearing the crew in the background cracking up too.

    Dare I say it…I love this team? They really showed up last night…hopefully, it doesn’t come crashing down tomorrow.

  28. Cross Check Charlie on

    Not only did the three newbies look good, but Richards looked like a player again and a hockey player took over Boyle’s body. He hasn’t looked that good since the Ottawa series last year.

  29. New design? New players? Cats and dogs living together! Mass hysteria!

    Last night was the most fun I have had since…well…last season. It’s why I always try to stay positive with these guys (players and front office). Because man that is fun and when stuff like last night happens (like you just get a brand new shiny team). It makes you realize just how great life can be.

  30. Cross Check Charlie on

    The only negative thing that I can think of is that the new guys played great because Torts didn’t have time to screw them up. Let’s see what happens after a couple of practices and Torts them…No, no, no…you don’t attack the net…you play it behind the net… cycle the puck then go play defense…(s)

  31. This team is still a circus-show replete with no-talent clow(e)ns … and I love it.

  32. I was ready to throw in the towel. But on trades…SATHER = GENIUS. These guys actually made Boyle look good.

  33. …and now we have $15m to give to McDonagh, Stepan, Hagelin and possibly Zucc and Clowe. Not sure how that will play out under new CBA rules but McMonster deserves Girardi/Staal money and Step should be looking at DelZ money or more. Hagelin may have played his way out of a huge raise in recent weeks but should still be worth $1.5-2m per in this next contract.

    Clowe – small sample size but no reason not to give him $4m per for a few years.

    Given Dorsett’s acquisition and the emergence of JT Miller this year then Pyatt and Asham, possibly Powe and Boyle could be on their way this summer to bring in a few lower round draft picks to replenish what was lost in the Clowe deal

  34. Brrrr. I’ve got a big meeting with Mr. T this morning, but that forecast high of low-50s today apparently isn’t happening until much later. Dammit.

  35. Rob in Beantown on

    This is the most excited I’ve been about the New York Rangers since January 19th. I woke up this morning and the euphoria was _still_ lingering from last night. Carp is right about House Money for Friday. Win or lose, two points against Pittsburgh is something any of us would have gladly accepted yesterday afternoon, the rest is bonus as far as I’m concerned. Excited to see Clowe close out the season and hopefully be back in blue next season.

  36. And for the hattie … may I just say that Boyle has played some games like that this year (not nearly enough) where he hasn’t gotten points. But everybody just focuses on points. Yes, he needs to get a couple once in a while. No, that’s not what he’s all about. I don’t think his game was that much different last night.

  37. Burning up his Bits on

    What happens when a week or so has passed and Torts start to tweak these kids like he does every other player. Do we see regression, do they start to look like all the rest of the zombies question their moves on the ice.
    Those 3 kids played their game last what occurs when they play Torts game may present some challenges. Just Saying.

  38. and of course, when these decent players fail to score one night, it will be the coach/system’s fault.

  39. Ryan Clowe: Really shows us what we have been missing and what we always thought a guy like Boyle _could_ be on the PP and around the cage. Size + Hands = 30 goals. We always covet a guy like Clarkson, well a guy named Ryan Clowe is better than David Clarkson. Has many more aspects to his game and really can shoot the puck quickly for a big guy.

    Derek Brassard: Been a long time since we had someone with such a thick Canadian accent, eh? The guy looks like a legit Center. Really passes the puck well and has some hands to put that backhander on the top shelf (where momma hides the cookies).

    John Moore: Huge upgrade over Hamrlik/Gilroy/Bickel (Sorry Stu!). He skates really well and really moves the puck well to his Forwards. Great vision or whatever they say for that stuff. The goal means nothing. That said, really good of him to rip a shot when he had the lane open. I like that idea since he, ya know, hit the net.

    Hobbit Wizard: This guy really does look like an even better player than last season. I can’t believe that he was in the KHL all season. How badly have we been missing a guy that can skate, handle a stick that well, release the puck quickly and just flat out pass. And now we have TWO guys that can pass!?

    Brad Richards: Don’t know who we traded him for yesterday but whoever that guy is was playing really well. Interesting that he wore #19 also.

  40. Pittsburgh Penguins: Didn’t they trade for Iginla, Murray (a young D upgrade) and Morrow (a gritty forward)? Didn’t really see any of those guys do anything worth while last night. Didn’t see the team play much defense. They really gave up the middle of the ice, eh? Really didn’t get gritty on the forecheck or cycle the puck well. Lots of guys not moving there feet.

    What’s wrong with Malkin?

    Flower still an “elite” goalie guys? Because that was pitiful.

  41. Hey guys! I haven’t posted in a while, but am on here every day. Few things…”Stalman’s play comment” was hilarious! He didn’t even try to correct himself & #5 could be seen clear as day! Also losing Gabby hurt my heart. However, I was positively stunned lastnight. I would have never imagined a game lastnight! I even growled when I told my hubby who we were playing that night. He just smiled & watched the game w me. (Grant it I got home late & he already knew what was going on bc he checks score–knows better than to say anything haha–thank you dvr & center ice in Texas!) but I was left breathless, excited, & stunned. Kept screaming “R u kidding me?!?” & this time it wasn’t bc of horrid plays & missed opportunities. My night would have been more perfect if Nash would have scored on those gorgeous opportunities, but damn he is NASHty! I never imagined loving him so much. As for new guys…welcome to NY & damn! What an entrance! Congrats to King Henrik! I am just overall stunned. I really really hope they continue this play. It was a glimpse of last year & more!

  42. For the Twidget, Carp:

    @JimCerny@ Brassard=@dbrassard16; Moore=@johnmoore_4; Dorsett= @twigy15 RT: @JimCerny do any of the new rangers have twitter ?

  43. Evrock- on your questions. As of yesterday morning if you looked at capgeek. They had 51 players, however Michael St. Croix, while listed on their roster didn’t count because he is 19 and is playing in WHL. Hence, they had 50 contracts. In Gaborik deal they sent one player while getting three back. Makes it 52 contracts. That’s why they had to send two players back. They are now at 50 contracts.

  44. Evrock – I am guessing that Parlett and Delisle were dealt to open spots on the 50-man roster, as well as opening up spots with the Whale for Conor Allen and Tommy Hughes.

  45. Sioux-per-man on

    WOW! Great review Carp!

    What a pure JOY to watch old time Ranger Hockey!!!

    I’m the first to admit I was angry when the trade was announced. I didn’t have a clue who these guys were, and why would we. Who watches Columbus blue jacket hockey? Before the monster trades. Never…. now I check the box score to see how the 7 count them rangers are playing!

    WOW is all I can say. New guys = 9 pts. Gabby can’t do that on his best day as a Ranger.

    Wife: You lost your favorite player on your favorite team, but you got your team back! Your going to want to watch ever second of this game. Why isn’t Cindy playing?

    True story!!

  46. Sioux-per-man on

    Have a SIOUXper day Boys!!

    It’s going to be a fun day rehashing everything that happened yesterday!

  47. Awesome review, Carp!

    ilb, you’re right. Even the most knowledgeable fans here are amateurs! I’m one of them…but this deal certainly made Slats look like a genius last night…

    Vibin’ with Manny 8:42! All great points! Could not have articulated better myself!

  48. LW, you get it right: he is simply the greatest human being that ever lived.

    Reaction at the Garden last night: Who are these guys and what have they done with the Rangers? Nah, never mind, we don’t care.

  49. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Your column is right on target about the Gabby trade and what it means to the ogan-eye-zation. The jury’s out on this team and only time will tell.

  50. Good Morning! What a day and game yesterday was. Anyone heard that brassard interview after the game with Pierre? Seems like he’s thrilled to be here. Let’s give these guys a chance. Yesterday was just genuinely a fun game with players that absolutely fit. So excited!

  51. Great review as always Carp! Huge win and big statement from our boys! I imagine we’ll see a better Penguins team tomorrow so let’s hope we keep up the strong play.

    Carp – I’m looking forward to the new blog format, as I often access the site from my phone. I don’t know if the new format will affect your RSS feed but I really like that your entire posts come through in RSS, as opposed to just the first paragraph as is the case with some other sites, so if possible I know myself and other RSS users would appreciate that continuing. Thanks!

  52. Great review Carp. I’m a happy man this morning, but if this season has taught me anything, it’s that I should not get my hopes up over one commanding win.

  53. It follows that after perhaps the greatest NYR game of this shortened season, Carp pens the best write-up summary this season. Love #1, and #6-I was certainly right there with you bashing the trade at work in a frenzy of anxiety and woe. Right on Carp!

  54. Eventually they’ll still have to find someone to score 30+ at least. Maybe it could be Kreider. And it’d better be because those guys aren’t available very often.

  55. What do you mean by “house-money game” in #12? Sorry, maybe I need more coffee this morning.

  56. Aaron Portzline, the Columbus beat guy, says that Dorsett may be the key in the trade. Columbus fans loved him. He plays with energy and will fight anybody.

    I am pretty excited. As long as the goals come from somewhere, we may be in business.

  57. now that i had a night to sleep on it i still think we should have gotten a 1st rounder out of the deal as well. one game wont change my tune we didnt get enough and you see this a lot in sports that a trade like this ignites a team short term but will it A) be enough to get them into playoffs and B) how will this play out over 82 games next year.

    i still think we need another scorer to compliment nash.

    it kind of feels like we traded gaborik for nash. still in awe of last 30 mins of deadline day

  58. Also Torts said in his post game presser that Dorsett is dying to be on the ice, thrilled to be here and you can see his energy.

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    I had the first two stars the same but Richards over Boyle in the 3 spot.

    I’m excited by how well the team played last night, but let’s see them do it for a couple of games and against a team that didn’t get blown out by Buffalo in their last game.

    Speaking of the Penguins, I’ll repeat what I said after the Iginla trade: Does he play defense? Does he play goaltender? No? Got it.

  60. Btw- I cannot put into words how sick milbury and Keith jones along w that lil twerp on NBC make me. I mean I could actual taste bile.

    Future mrs G didn’t understand why I was screaming “go reproduce with yourself” at the TV. I explained how Milbury is a goon not even worthy of coaching/ managing the worst franchise in the NHL and jones is a scrub analyst whose best quality as a player was his mullet.

    Not only do they worship Pitsburgh shamelessly, but they use their positions on TV as their own little ranger hater club house. Jones actually stated before the game that had his Caps team not upset the Pens in 94 then things probably would have been much different for the Rangers as in no Cup. I mean really? Disrespect at its finest. Consider the source I suppose but it really is shockingly ridiculous when u listen to them. I’d rather mute the tv and sing the theme song to the Beverly hillbillies during the game

  61. dont put too much stock in penguins right now. they are bored stiff and are waiting for playoffs. can they turn it back on once these 12 games end. one can hope they are bored tom night but i doubt it

    would gladly take a point tom and run the hell out of there if possible

  62. eric,
    I read the rangers were shopping Gaborik around and nobody was interested because of the cap hit as the cap will go down next year. I think Sather did the best he could because of the circumstances. If Sather waited in the off season he probably would have gotten less for gaborik.

  63. I think the injuries to Letang and Martin are the reason the pens are now struggling, the guys on the blue line last night looked slow and confused and those two guys are there best 2 defensemen.

  64. I think MAF gets another shot on Friday. Vokoun was pulled after 2 periods in the game vs Buffalo. Kind of interesting that MAF was left out there for the entire game yesterday but I guess it’d be weird if they pulled him.

  65. It was only one game but it’s now or never, can I finally see the rangers get hot and start a winning streak.

  66. Yea, Lev. Dorsett could be awesome. Brassard will be here for a few years and John Moore hopefully can remain solid enough to be our 6th guy even when Eminger comes back.

    We got our old team back! We’re likable again!

  67. >>Cross Check Charlie April 4th, 2013 at 8:10 am
    The only negative thing that I can think of is that the new guys played great because Torts didn’t have time to screw them up. Let’s see what happens after a couple of practices and Torts them…No, no, no…you don’t attack the net…you play it behind the net… cycle the puck then go play defense…(s)<<

    You beat me to this. It was exactly what I was telling my friends during the game. Especially on Clowe's goal when he was lurking behind Stepan.

  68. also pretty damn awesome how on his very first shift Clowe made an impact. That hit on Engelland set the tone. And he is STRONG. Stayed on his feet while sending Engelland down to the ice.

  69. Hopefully next year we see Dylan McGrath playing for the rangers and hopefully they can sign Clowe to a reasonable contract.

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    Wait until they sign up Clowe for $5 million a season and give away a 2nd round pick for the right to do so. Vomit.

  71. Sather Must Go! on

    tommy Re: Desilie fight – it wasn’t that that guy won the fight, its just that anything close to a rugged dman, shld try and be kept in the system, hopefully to develop, into a legit player..Columbus wanted him back, so he may have some value.. Sather got a SIXTH round pick thrown in

  72. If you have 21 Players on the big club and the cap is $65M. You can pretty much sign each player for an average of $3.1M/Season. This is obviously a rough number here because there are other contracts to take into account and IR and other garbage. But generally, $3.1M per player per season. So when Asham takes $900K, you can give Clowe $4M and still be OK. So we don’t have to worry only about Clowe getting $5M as long as we have two other Minimum guys on the active roster.

  73. We have one “Sather Must Go!”. His name is Dylan Mcllrath. He’s a rugged, crease clearing, glove dropping D-Man.

  74. Maybe the Penguins will match their impressive winning streak with an equally impressive losing streak.

  75. Cant see Asham being a Ranger much longer when Dorsett comes back and with Clowe on the roster. Apparently Brassard was a recommendation from Nash too.

  76. Yeah, we can Manny. How pressure will Montreal have in the opening round? A tremendous amount. This team is a bit grittier and tougher to play against. The only team I would absolutely fear in a Round 1 match-up would be the Pens.

  77. Great win last night but I’ll wait to see how this plays out before I admit I was wrong about this trade. I keep thinking about the last Flyer game and what happened afterwards. For all the Rangers did well, the Penguins played very poorly.

  78. If the parameters of an extension had already been discussed with Clowe’s agent you can bet that will get announced soon enough – hopefully nothing longer than 4 years and in the $4m range rather than $5m

  79. Let’s not get too carried away after one game. There’s more mood swings here than in a Joe Pesci movie :)

  80. Torts seems to really like Asham. Dont think Dorsett spells the end of Asham’s days. Asham on the 4th line isnt terrible.

  81. I think we can get Clowe for 3 years at about $3.4M. But I am the only person assuming he will actually take a pro-rated pay cut accordingly pro-rated to the decrease of the cap (from last season to next season).

  82. 2 days ago people were complaining about the conditional pick in Clowe deal now we’re giving him a $5 million extension :)

  83. Pittsburgh got older and slower at the trade deadline. It’s not always about what it looks like on paper, it’s about how all the pieces fit. At least for one night they sure fit well for the Rangers. Remember, last year at the trade dedaline the Rangers ended up standing pat because they really liked the makeup of the room and while they didnt win the Cup they did win 2 rounds. Pittsburgh decided despite a 15 game winning streak to change it up.

  84. Amen, Lev. Asham is CHEAP also. He’s almost a league minimum guy. Which as I was saying above, allows us to overpay guys like Clowe and all our RFA’s.

  85. Clowe’s not going to take a pay cut if he finishes well this year, there’s always some GM that will overpay. Best to sign him to an extension sooner than later.

  86. Joe Beningo thinks that Tortarella doesn’t want the Defenseman to be active in the zone?

    And some idiot caller wants Kreider up over Asham.

  87. The EPA is concerned that all the crows are missing today. Did someone eat them?

    Is there any truth to the rumor that Buttman is going to award Pittsburgh two additional first round picks as compensation for having to play without Cyndi?

  88. steveknj

    agreed. BUT, thank goodness last night unfolded the way it did as oppossed to a 3-0 shutout against and a lacking effort…

    One game does not a season make; but it looks like this squad might have “jam” (which I don’t think is a technical term)

  89. Pittsburgh did a pre-cap era Rangers and signed star names. On paper it looks great but while Cindy is having dinner through a straw those mediocre wingers no longer have an all-world center to play with and will have to make do with Jussi Jokinen or Brandon Sutter

  90. I was listening to eric on wfan yesterday (until it got disconnected), francesa was asking people if they thought rangers would make playoffs. Some idiot said that Tortorella called Gaborik a homopobic slur 2 weeks ago and that was the end of their relationship. I hate people sometimes.

  91. Doodie Machetto on

    “2 days ago people were complaining about the conditional pick in Clowe deal now we’re giving him a $5 million extension :)”

    I’m complaining about both. And he will get it. 4.5 million to 5 million for five years. Watch.

  92. Wow, Lev. I hate Evan Roberts the most. Beningo is making me really mad right now talking about the Rangers (who aren’t even his team). Francesa and hockey is MADDENING. But yea, the callers, except eric of course, are complete jackwagons.

  93. Great points, eric. I still disagree that Kreider should be up here “just playing.” But good point, man. Good to hear some rationality on WFAN.

    Kreider has not excelled at the AHL level yet. I don’t get why he was benched after what I thought were his 2 best efforts all season but I get why he’s down there playing 20 minutes instead of here playing 8.

  94. Richards the Friendly Ghost on

    LOL at Doodie griping over the 2nd round pick and $5 million contract

  95. I blew it, guys.

    Yea, eric. I know. That’s you. This is why I said we balance each other out. I live in a bubble of positivity and belief.

  96. I know because beningo and myself both root for the same teams, jets, mets, knicks, rangers.

  97. Rob in Beantown on

    The future Mrs. was glad her fave Brian Boyle played like a beast again, but was sad Gaborik (aka the Christmas tree guy) has to live in Columbus now.

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    “beningo is my kind of ranger fan expect the worst all the time pray for the best.”

    I never listen to the Fan, but he sounds like you and me, eric.

  99. Several comments one already expressed by Carp in #4, it is only one game.

    The second point will take longer to evaluate i.e., was this the best return on investment for Gaborik another star from another team as Sappy continues his wasteful spending ways?

    Lastly, can we view this as an admission that our alleged prospects are still suspects and what does this say for the future?

    On a personnel note, Hagelin is not a fourth liner and will be buried there. He has something that can’t be taught, speed. He also understands you have to shoot to score and isn’t a bad checker for his size.

    Final thought, this is the type of team Torts wants especially when Dorsett is healthy, so uneasy lies the crown. Failure to make the playoffs could result in his dismissal!

    Even though Sappy should be equally judged. Is it my imagination or did sappy look like he was a little sappy in the booth?

  100. The big issue for Gáborík is finding a wife. There are plenty of Eastern European beauties tending bar across the TriBeCa area. Even Mrs. Manny has suggested to some of them that they find and meet Mr. Gáborík because he’s a catch. Columbus, Ohio will not provide the same pool of wife candidates for poor old Marián Gáborík.

  101. It’s SFW, ANF. But you really get the entirety of the point from the link itself. _Res Ipsa Loquitur_ as they say.

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    Well according to idiot rumors, Torts seems to think Gaborik isn’t into the ladies.

  103. Yes, I do. Also, an overly used phrase that along with Rule of Perpetuity was never the right answer on the bar exam.

  104. Totally correct. I don’t think it appeared on my bar exam. I spent way more time on Commercial garbage. Man….I nailed those essays.

  105. Yea. I am just joking around because my MBE score was really bad. And I’m an idiot. But I passed. And according to BARBRI grading system I was knocking out 7-8 points per essay. It was the only time in life I was mad I wasn’t receiving a grade for something.

    I also hand wrote the bar exam. Sweet choices I make in life.

    That’s right, Doodie!

  106. Two years ago, after an afternoon Rangers game my brother and I were making our way to some Irish bar a block or two from the Garden. We saw Boyle signing autographs (his height is hard to miss). As we walked past we also saw Wolski and then Gaborik, and Gabby had this completely hot woman on his arm, the kind of woman on his arm you would expect an NHL player, a very well paid NHL player, to have. He sure seemed into that lady to me.

    Wolski also had an attractive woman with him, but much like the disparity in their respective hockey skills, there was a wide separation between the women Wolski and Gaborik attracted.

  107. Agreed. I never got my score, not did I care. As long as I passed. Now whether doing lawschool was worth it, that is a totally different conversation

  108. Last night finally answers the question:
    “How many Penguin injuries would it take for the Rangers to beat them?”

    Just kidding…injuries are no excuse, and we have our own important ones (OK, so maybe ours aren’t like Crabby and Orange Tang).

    The fact is we played tough and somehow managed to wrinkle the twine a few times…Fleury seemed jet lagged, but we did force the action, jam the net and possess the puck more than any of us could have dreamed after the trade went down.

  109. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This team finall grew some balls. Deeper, grittier, tougher, and more physical. Much more skill now as well….Love both trades. Big game on Friday. Building momentum. Have we channeled the LA Kings from last season?

    I don’t care who we play in the first round. The pens disrupted a very good team with aging all stars. They may be worse after their deals. Boston lost Bergeron. Not even the Habs scare me now..

    Happy days are hear again

  110. Crosby and LeTang got a lot of mentions last night, but they are really missing Paul Martin, badly.

  111. Comnsense –

    Yes it is only one game, agreed.

    Not sure what you mean about trading gabby for another team’s stars, we got depth guys.

    Haglein will not be on the fourth line, he is a third line player but with Brassard and Boyle last night that line sure looked good.

    Lastly, ideally the team would have played many more games like last night’s and that would have afforded Kreioder and Miller the luxury of making a few rookie mistakes without costing us games. Instead, with the top guys being so unproductive this year, those guys were being relied on to supply goals and not make any mistakes. That is not at all a good way for young guys to develop. I dont think this trade and their being sent down says one iota about them other than maybe they’re not quite ready just the way Cally and Girardi and McD were not immediately ready.

  112. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Not sure if anyone pointed this out, but asham went after glass because he put the puck in the net after the whistle.

    Great write up as well!!

  113. in complete agreement with doodie. can we sustain this over final 12 games and 82 games next year playing a mucking and grinding game without a complimentary scorer to play with nash?

    listen they miss playoffs this year last night means SQUAT

  114. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Good morning/afternoon boneheads. Nice win!! More comments than normal here after a win.

    Can we trade for 4 more guys before Friday, then?

  115. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I am in the same camp. Once game. Let’s see the last 12.

    All of us skeptics, however, have to understand that that was a pretty dominant win. It wasn’t a 3-2 SO, it was a blowout.

    Would love to see more. LGR!!

  116. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    The piece that was most positive was that it was not just the 3 added (one in the wings), it was the fact that Richards woke up some and Boyle scored (I have been saying for weeks he has been hitting and playing better, just not scoring).

    In essence, we got 5 (add in revived Richards and Boyle), not 3, with another 1 on his way in a month.

  117. Actually, the piece that was most positive is that the Journal News gave Carp a raise based on the increased blog traffic…just think of what the traffic and Carp’s next raise will be like when Sather is fired

  118. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I’ll guarantee a personal best, 1000 blog hits myself if that happens, FG!!!!!

  119. Is Sather a genius?? I doubt it, but this deal had to be made. It provides us with much more depth at the forward position, More grit, hopefully more secondary scoring and puts Hamrilik in the pressbox. Now we need Staal to return and we can put Emminger in the pressbox also.

    Should really help next year as well with the lower cap numbers as some of the youngsters are coming due for big pay raises. Stepan, Mcdonagh, Haglin and Zucs. We really need to keep Zucs.

    Hopefully we dump Richards and use his money to add a quality scorer to compliment Nash. Could also use real help with another quality D man. Emminger, Hamrilik and Gilroy are not the answers I want to see as our 3rd pair dedensemen. Although I would like to see Gilroy turned into a forward.

  120. ANF – Law School is the decision I regret more than anything in my life. Understood.

  121. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    John, he is not a genius. He is good at covering his mistakes, which have been many. A bit lucky, too, what with MacD for no Gomez because that all could have blown up in his face. Let’s not forget the many FA mistakes, too numerous and painful to rehash. Drury? Holik? Gomez? Now, Richards.

    He’ll cover for this one, too. But, shouldn’t a GM do a better job in knowing his FA talent and where there development will be 2 years after signing?

    If this does turn out to be a good deadline two deals, trust me, he had help. He is incapable of doing this hiimself.

  122. Exactly, Matty which is why we view it as:

    Traded: Gaborik, Blake Parlett, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Erixon and a 1st
    Received: Clowe, Dorsett, Brassard, John Moore, Nash and a 6th

    Delisle cancels himself out.

  123. Rob in Beantown on

    I chose business school over law school, even though law school was always “the plan.” I think it’s because the NYT loves running stories about the plight of law school grads– after reading enough of them I finally got the message. I don’t regret the decision yet.

  124. That’s a great decision, Rob. You can eventually work the front office of an NHL club.

  125. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s okay, as a lawyer you can be league commissioner and preside over a handful of lockouts :)

  126. Rob I am a lawyer and you definitely made the right choice in not going to law school (unless you could’ve gotten into an elite school, in which case it is debatable)!

  127. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The changing personality of the team was evident from the first shift. This is a dramatically different team. Balanced skill, snarl, and an urgency missing all season is what I saw. We will win at least 2 rounds. Bank on it.

  128. great win last night, but, man, temper the accolades a bit….I want to see this comment section ten games from now. The complexion of the team has certainly changed, but let’s see what happens tomorrow night. Remember JT Miller scoring those two goals that night? What happened since then? Some bright moments, but eventually he started playing to his level. Same thing will happen to these new guys.

  129. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Much better careers in mathematics and engineering. However, it requires a certain skill set that most don’t own….

  130. I have tried to get those positions Manny, but…oh well. There was a news report from channel 2 yesterday regarding a class action suit against NYLS for “misrepresentation” of post-grad employment.

  131. Still cant get over last night. You guys see that Clowe/Boyle hug after Clowe’s goal?

  132. Doodie Machetto on

    “The changing personality of the team was evident from the first shift. This is a dramatically different team. Balanced skill, snarl, and an urgency missing all season is what I saw. We will win at least 2 rounds. Bank on it.”

    *ONE GAME!*

    I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

  133. Sioux-per-man on

    3E – missed ya late last night. I had to help to push Go Time over a 1,000 :)

  134. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’ve had quite a few former engineering students make their way into patent law and they’re all doing well….. Good combo: mechanical engineering/law

  135. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie as someone who was crying in your beer and vomiting all over yourself – maybe you need those crazy pills

  136. Sioux-per-man on

    Doodie – Doodie – Doodie – we are going ALL THE WAY. I’ll be your Banker :)

  137. I’m a lawyer too. I don’t recommend anyone go to law school unless you can either pay for it 100% yourself, or don’t have to pay at all, or you get into a top 10 school. Otherwise when you get out, you’re the equivalent of a 7th round pick- could be Henrik Lundqvist, but most likely not.

  138. Doodie Machetto on

    Let’s see how you’re all doing when the team comes back to earth.

    Good I need a few slices of *RUM HAM* right about now.

  139. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – one game a season doesn’t make, but you’d have be blind to not notice the team is different.

  140. Sioux-per-man on

    #5 – Was MY favorite part of the game last night. Young kid, just coming in, about to be hit, and BAMMMMMMM!!!! Knocks Cooke back about 2′, I must have watched that 3 times, over and over and over, and just sat there and Giggled like a little kid. Crazy good!!

  141. Face it, Puck. This was the WORST possible result for you, what with your portends of doom and your lamentations over the trade.

  142. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – let’s all see what happens as they continue to play better, fight for each other, and drive to the net. You are starting to sound like Eric minus the upper case frothing.

  143. Sioux-per-man on

    One swing in a round of golf doesn’t make your game. But that one game, last night, will keep you coming back for more!!!

    Pure Joy to watch!!!

  144. Doodie Machetto on

    Eddie, it was ONE GAME. They played an equally great 40 minutes against the Jets two nights earlier.

  145. It’s just one game but the Rangers looked very much different than they have all year. And very much similar to last year’s team. This tells you one thing – Tortorella is a man with a system that will forego his roster in order to get what he wants. He was unwilling to change his strategy according to the personnel he was working with.

    Now that he has more of what he wants he will be better able to lead this team to a more successful season. It was Gaborik and what he represented vs. Torts and what he represents. Torts won. Now let’s see if the team can get back on track.

  146. Doodie Machetto on

    Latona, if the deal works out, I’d be happier than a pig in feces. I just don’t buy it because they played one good game.

  147. Sioux-per-man on

    #4 – Brassard? Holy Canoli, can he pass and play. Here I thought he was a 3rd/4th line player?

  148. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Columbus “I’m going to explore the new world – be back later”

    Doodie “the earth is flat, you’re not coming back”

    Much later

    Columbus “hi doodie”

    Doodie “oops, guess I was wrong”

  149. Peter, “another star from another team” refers to the signing of Gaborik as another FA mistake of which Sappy has made many.

    Not to the return from this trade.

  150. If Moore (22) progresses, he is a sorely needed gift, especially going into the playoffs (fingers crossed) at that position. Clowe is a talented wing with a gritty, lunchpail attitude. Brassard, so far so good. Dorsett when healthy, replaces Prust. Ash, believe it or not, is 35 this month. Nice spike in attitude all around.

  151. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – their win against jets pales in comparison to last night. The rangers beat down the pens, the supposed best team in hockey, like they were a minor league team. I’m not ready to give the rangers the cup, but my hopes for the post season have grown exponentially.

  152. Sioux-per-man on

    Torts knows what TYPE of team its going to take to win a Championship TODAY!

    It takes a solid defense, good goal tending, forecheck, and snarl that can score. Play hard and wear the other team down.

    Last night even Pittsburgh coach commented, we need to engage in this game. Rangers are forceing the play, winning the battles, and out forechecking us right now.

    Kings had talented, tuff players up and down their line up. Blues, Boston, Pittsburgh all the same type of HARD teams to play against.

    We needed to get tougher, but balanced with skill that CAN SCORE.

  153. According to reports out of Vancouver, via Puck Daddy, when talking with the Vancouver Canucks, Ryane Clowe asked for a new contract that runs eight years and is worth $34 million.

    Larry Brooks wrote in the NY Post today that the Rangers and Clowe’s agents have discussed parameters that would keep Clowe a Ranger.

    Brooks said that Glen Sather should be careful about entering into an extension with a 31-year old power forward who will likely ask for between $4 and $5 million.

    Clowe has said that he wants to stay a Ranger.

    According to Robin Short, of the St. John Telegram, where Clowe is from, the Flyers and Clowe had worked out an extension that was eight years and around $30 million, but the players going to San Jose couldn’t be agreed upon.

    Renaud Lavoie tweeted three days ago that Clowe is looking for an extension of 7-8 years.


  154. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – I imagine had Brassard and Moore sucked you would not have said “it’s just one game” – but screamed “I told you so” from the highest mountain.

  155. Doodie Machetto on

    Just like if Gaborik lights it up in his first couple of Games for columbus, I won’t care as much there, either.

  156. I especially liked Brassard. He’s a guy that everyone said would be good for years but he kept getting hurt.

  157. Doodie Machetto on

    It was a promising start. I hope they can keep it up. But in the end, I’m confident that the Rangers will regret this trade, both in the short and long term.

  158. Eddie3x, your comment about mechanical engineering was interesting in that from what I’ve read and seen that particular engineering discipline is not exactly a job haven these days.

    Haven’t many of the opportunities in mech eng. like architecture been outsourced?

    As for lawyers the way things are going with the huge surplus we may soon see the newest fad, lawyer/barista!

    What we need are doctors especially front line ones like GP’s/Internists, huge shortages!

    BTW, from your posts I take it that in addition to your science backround you also have a good liberal arts ed. which is seriously neglected in favor of the “vocationally directed” approach in vogue.

  159. Here’s the thing – before last night, this team had not played a single game that reinforced the notion that they could potentially be one of the better or best teams in the East. Last night, they finally showed everybody what they can do.

    That does not mean anything is more than one game, but now we all know that yes, in fact, this team is capable of playing some excellent hockey. Before last night we didnt know.

  160. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I hope for gabby’s sake he does light it up. He was a great ranger. This year, however, he sucked. And was getting worse in terms of finishing. When an elite goal scorer fumbles a puck on a penalty shot and can’t even get a shot on goal…. Better days lay in the past…..

  161. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s even worse than I said for Clowe! I predicted 5 years, 4.5-5 million. 8 years for a grinder?

  162. Engineers and lawyers are educated in disciplined thinking, a valuable and somewhat rare accomplishment in life even if they go into other fields. I am neither one, so I have no axe to grind.

  163. Rob in Beantown on

    We’re definitely a more balanced team today than we were yesterday. We don’t have the top line scoring (who wasn’t scoring anyway), but we have more guys who can score on the second and third lines, and are tougher and grittier all around. Depth was one of our biggest problems and it’s way better now– there isn’t as huge a gap between the first and seconds lines and the third line. I know it is just one game but I am cautiously optimistic that this team is turning a corner and will be a tough out in the playoffs, maybe more.

    Doodie, I can’t see us regretting the trade in the short run because in the short run Gabby was producing zilch.

  164. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Common sense – the engineering field is doing quite well. Employment not a problem.

  165. @AdamRotter@ RT @Aportzline: #CBJ Marian Gaborik skating with C Artem Anisimov and RW Vinny Prospal.


  166. One thing to be said about our new team, it promises to be ENTERTAINING, win, lose, (or draw?)

  167. Doodie Machetto on

    Makes sense. Although Anisimov and Prospal played the same role for Gaborik. I imagine it’ll be Anisimov at center, playing the Christensen/Stepan role.

  168. How long Clowe’s contract is depends on how much of a cap hit you want. 8 years/$30 million would actually not be a raise in salary for him, it would keep his cap hit at about $3.75/year. That would leave them with $11+ million to sign Stepan, Hags, McD, Zuke and Eminger. If you wanted Clowe around for a shorter period of time you could certainly pay him more per year.

    I’ve seen the guy play one game here, not sure what he is worth but I am sure the parameters have been set and the Rangers know what they are going to do. No way they’d give up 3 picks for a short rental.

  169. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Common sense – these days students in most majors are ushered in and out as fast as possible. As a result, you can’t take extra classes in other fields. My undergrad is EE, but I took a lot of history and economic classes….plus about 5 graduate classes in literature….my graduate degree is applied math and that was all math and nothing but the math….

  170. AdamRotter RT @Aportzline: #CBJ Marian Gaborik skating with C Artem Anisimov and RW Vinny Prospal.

    Haha – so Columbus is putting Gbby at LW too.

  171. gabby prospal arty and dubi.

    manny i want to personally invite you to attend the first columbus rangers game with me next year at the garden.

    gabby with 2 arty and dubi goal and assist columbus wins 5-2. brassard a minus 4.

  172. I don’t want Clowe on this roster when he’s 38. He can have 8 years only if he signs for $1M a year.

  173. Here are Clowe’s options:

    8 years, $1M/per
    7 Years, $2M/Per
    6 Years, $2.5M/Per
    5 Years, $3M/Per
    4 Years, $3.5M/Per
    3 Years, $4M/Per
    2 Years, $4.5M/Per

  174. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob, see, I think in the short term it could hurt us also. I read that Gaborik had scored on only 2 of his last 70 shots (I don’t know if this was before or after Jets game). That’s a 2.85 shooting percentage for a guy whose entire career has been between 8.2 and 14.9. That shooting percentage is going to go up. He’s going to score goal in bunches. Even if it just goes up to hi current season average of 8%, he would have scored 3 or 4 more goals than he did in those 70 shots. If he had 13 goals, he’d be on pace for 30 goals this year.

    Gaborik, Dorsett, Clowe, and Moore will all return to closer to their average levels of production, over time.

  175. @Herman_NYRBlog@ Seven players currently on the Blue Jackets’ roster were Rangers’ property at one point. That’s incredible.

  176. Clowe returning to his average level of production is a good thing for us, though, no?

  177. I will take Clowe producing at his historic levels over three unproven 2nd/3rd round picks any day. The goal is to WIN. Not have a mediocre, competitive team for years to come.

  178. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP–your game recaps continue to be head and shoulders above anyone else’s. They are so balanced. Thanks. As for last night……..best game of the year to date. The chllenge is to build on it. My concern is that the team played so well with less coaching. What happens when Torts gets his hooks into these new players? Kreider made a big impact, and eventually shrunk to nothing. We have seen this with several new additions over the years. The team seemed to have a rare offensive freedom last night that looked a lot more like “safe is death” than it did the Torts system of the past couple years. The defensemen were very aggressive joining the play. There was a lot more carrying over the blue line and a lot less dump and chase. Wonder where this will end up. Sure was entertaining. And the Pens were horrid in their own zone for the entire game.

  179. who would have thought next year columbus/rangers is a must watch game. throw in the fact same division for minimum next three years with realignment all these ex rangers can stick it to us.

    “expect the worst pray for the best”

    lunch time be back later

  180. It was nice to see Pruster last night, fighting Rinaldo. Prust had Rinaldo’s sweater over the head, punching away.

  181. That is how much you should believe those reports- neither Vancouver or Philadelphia can give him 8 year contract by new CBA. 7-year max, unless it’s your drafted player.

  182. Doodie Machetto on

    Rangers 2nd rounders from 2008-2004: Stepan, Anisimov, Sauer, Dubinsky.

    Plenty of busts, too: LaFleur, Cliche, Olver, Byers, Graham.

    But almost 50% rate for a player I would prefer over Clowe.

  183. Some good hockey talk from the start; nice review.

    Good to see some folks are gonna wait two or three games to
    “judge” this trade.
    Me, I’ll stick with the fogies who are gonna wait two or three
    years, just like with 3/8 monster Nash. Doodie is right to be
    skeptical. This GM has taught lessons in Advanced Hockey Skepticism.
    (And no, ILB, they don’t necessarily “know” more about putting a team
    together; they have more facts, and more sources for useful info).
    Too often, they can’t see forests (well-functioning systems) for
    trees (individual stars with gaudy stats – a la “40 goals” – that don’t
    mean as much as many think.)
    I will agree that the Lost Gm looked as found as any in any sport for
    any single post-trade game I can remember, in six decades of payin’
    way too much attention:-). Good for him…
    For the folks who were weepin’ and gnashin’ yesterday: even if Gabby
    had been scorin’ in his usual bunches, he is so invisible when NOT
    scoring – the majority of his games – that he was a luxury on a roster
    with so many holes, struggling as a group for even simple possession
    (and Gabby, along with Ranger passing on the whole, was a part of
    the possession problems, not solutions), let alone key goals.
    With a 7.5 million hit post-surgery, a rep for showing up some seasons
    and not others, a documented injury history, AND a shrinking cap,
    the posters who mentioned this was probably as much as
    they were gonna get were PROBABLY right.

    No, I didn’t ever say “trade Gabby for Simmonds.” Flyers love Simmonds,
    for good reasons. Against those who said you had to get “A” scorer for
    Gabby, I said the Philly model of trading Richards for two young contributors
    with promise (Simmonds and Schenn) was a good one.
    And if this kid center plays anything like he did last night consistently, then
    maybe Glen did even better then I thought he could.

    The grit is real, and that is good (hate fighting, love full, safe, celebratory
    contact). Whether they will play with confidence and can-I-say-it-around-
    John T- JOY in the offensive end like last night, remains to be seen over
    the next year or two.

    Carp: a suggestion from other sports blogs: a setup where you can respond to
    a particular post, over the course of the day, right in the same general
    space (see the way the Star Ledger does at least some of its Giants’ stuff).

    Aside to the kid in Beantown, from a post the other day: NO! You do not sign
    ANY player, ANY time, at ANY cost, in a cap system. If Hank wants and
    thinks he can get 7-8 million, it’s good luck, God bless, thanks for the huge
    contributions, and we have your possible heir (see Bruins and Task) waiting
    in the wings, and are willin’ to go thru a tough transition with him.

    Last: “house money” is a suspect concept in gambling. Trust me, I know.
    Friday night is not house money, IMO. It is a chance to get another point
    or two, continue to regain some confidence and focus. Gotta play at least
    as well as last night and take advantage of Pens’ relative weakness (down
    from streak’s ending, BIG injuries, and roster turmoil – and I like what
    posters are sayin’ about those “star” moves, though Pens might have enough
    especially if/when Letang and Crosby get back, at their reliable core, to make
    these “maybe” guys a good fit. Will be interesting to watch that narrative…

    Thanks for so much good stuff this AM….chow for now.

    PS: Rangers took on real and potential cost$ yesterday. They did not “clear”
    7.5 million in the aggregate.

  184. Just saying that Clowe is proven and I think we have a window (that closes when Hank isn’t Hank anymore) and we have to win before that or we are stuck in a rebuild. So win in the next 3-4 years please.

  185. if the team would play the way it did last night, I’d love to see an opening round, seven game tilt against the Prusters

  186. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, he does not have to be your drafted player. Just a resigning player. So if Vancouver traded for Clowe and he became their player, they could then resign him to an 8 year deal.

  187. Doodie – Can you photograph your draft board for us before the next draft? Maybe a bunch of us can get together and watch the draft in suits like we’re part of the front office!

  188. Doodie Machetto on

    Latona, after the first round, I don’t have a board. As a layperson, I can’t learn enough about players that deep.

  189. That’s correct, Doodie. He isn’t an UFA if he signs te extension before his current contract expires.

  190. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, it’s usually a list of names I make and post on the blog. That’s my “draft board”

  191. Hmmm. Can we increase that this year? Maybe back each name in velcro and then make a board? Then get together with excessive amounts of coffee, suits and some phones. Really ham it up.

  192. Rob in Beantown on

    Lundqvist has zero shutouts but I think rumors of his “decline” are way overblown. He got off to a rough start (no preseason, remember), but over his last 20 games played his save percentage is .930 and GAA is 2.00. He would have had a shutout last night but he was out of position on a single play. I’m not concerned about him

  193. Resigning a guy who struggled all season and may be breaking down due to his play style to an 8 year extension after only one game is as Rangers of a thing to do as trading for a guy with no goals when you’re the league’s worst offensive team.

  194. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m planning on going to the draft this year, and since the Rangers are without a pick in the first 2 rounds (and did we have to give them FLORIDA’s 3rd, which is basically another 2nd?), I plan on having several adult beverages and being escorted off the premises.

  195. Rob in Beantown on

    Wow!!– I am not aware we have Lundqvist’s successor anywhere in the system

  196. I’m definitely the last one who thought last night would happen (so many goals), but I was impressed. I’ll be even more impressed if they do it again. I just get the feeling last night was an outlier.

  197. Doodie Machetto on

    Latona, percentages game. They have been pretty good about drafting in the 2nd round. I don’t know that I would prefer either guy (in 2013 or 2014) over Clowe, but I do know that there’s a good chance that I would.

    Since 2008, they’ve grabbed Ethan Werek, Christian Thomas, and Boo Nieves. Werek kinda sucks, but I like Thomas and what I’ve read about Nieves.

  198. Look at Clowe’s style of play. Look where he scores most of his goals. Within 5 feet of the goal line, in high traffic. Even if he stops fighting, his shelf life isn’t nowhere near 7-8 years. Love the guy from what I saw in *one* game, but careful signing him to a long term deal.

  199. Rob in Beantown on

    Right, Wow!! made it sound like we have a Rask/Thomas situation, which is ridiculous

  200. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, exactly. Leave it to the non-lawyer to talk sense into us stupid lawyers.

  201. Especially since we lost Ocho Cinco to the Coyotes (who has an NHL shutout this Season).

  202. Oh good Christ almighty. Here goes the blog. Hey tech guys, if you’re reading this CHANGE IT BACK.

  203. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp! This does not look good! Need some coloring, lines, or something to separate comments.

  204. Doodie Machetto on

    OK, just a guess here, but things are being changed gradually. Waseka is gone too.

  205. Doodie Machetto on

    In which case, I’m off until they clean it up. I’ve got actual work to do today. Stupid trade deadline couldn’t have come last week?

  206. Let’s give them some chance to work on it. In other words, do not show a freaking lawyer work that is only half completed :-)

  207. HAHA. NHL Network just said….Rangers have finalized an 8 year deal with……and then finally said Elvis Andrus worth $120M.

    I thought it was us an Clowe.

  208. not digging the next font, computer nerds…please reverse the spin on your propellers and change it back

  209. I’m impressed
    With my attorney Bernie
    I’m impressed
    With his influential friends

    He’s got very big connections
    And I follow his directions
    Bernie knows his way around
    And so I always do what Bernie recommends

    I am blessed
    With my attorney Bernie
    I’m impressed
    With the way he runs the store

    He’s got Ranger season boxes
    And an office full of foxes
    It’s amazing all the different things
    Your average guy might need a lawyer for

    Bernie tells me what to do
    Bernie lays it on the line
    Bernie says, we sue, we sue
    Bernie says, we sign, we sign

  210. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Carp, nice that your comments get a shading…would it be possible to bold the poster name….little hard to read through, IMO.

  211. anyone ever see the funny video of Bernie (as in Weekend at) throwing out the first pitch at the A’s game last September?

  212. I have a bad feeling Clowe is going to sign with the flyers in the off season, book it.

  213. Rob in Beantown on

    This Rangers logo background is going to make it impossible to discretely post at work…

  214. Let’s hope we get our blog back soon. I feel like this is a forum for commenting on high heels and purses.

  215. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Manny, I think we’re vibin’, but I can’t make out your comments.

  216. if you squint, you can see Carp’s hidden subliminal messages between the lines of our posts

    “Carp is Dead”
    “Carp is Dead”

  217. Yup, Rob. This new format is going to get this blog filtered at my job. That background is awful.

    Thanks tech morons.

  218. Stranger Nation April 4th, 2013 at 7:55 am
    We did get 2 #1 picks for Gabby – lucky for us they are on the ice and not ‘learning’ in Hartford!!!


    excellent post. that is what is overlooked.

    also, during the season, at the deadline, with only a few suitors because of the cap hit, trading Gaborik with little leverage, the Rangers got back plenty for a player in a slump.

    and the Columbus fans who were upset that they gave up too much? well they were right, because wait until Dorsett plays. he is a bit more skilled, faster skating version of Prust

  219. Is one of these guys the alliterative African-American ambulance attendant from “The Checks?” Only thing I can reckon is that Witchy Woman came on Q104.3 and he got distracted..

  220. Was this page layout part of the Columbus deal? BTW–I found Waldo–but Hamrlik is still missing! BTW again..Guess what Bryzgalov is having for dinner…DUCK!

  221. I don’t like change. I’m so uncomfortable right now that I think I have to move back in with my parents – to the familiar confines of my old bedroom

  222. Rob in Beantown on

    New blog is worse on the iPhone too. The left margin is too wide so the column of text is too thin. Makes the page longer too, which is good if you want to work out those thumb muscles I guess.

  223. Wow–this page is so good-it posted an “Add Your Comment” comment all by itself!

  224. I don’t like this new format, I guess it will take a little time to get use to it.

  225. Doctor, my eyes, tell me what is wrong
    Was I unwise to leave them open for so long?

  226. I do like the new format except for the background. Makes it a little too obvious at what I’m looking at while working. :)

  227. Doodie why would you prefer Duci, Anisimov pr Sauer over Clowe? The only one of those second rounders I would prefer is Step.

  228. Removing the background Rangers logos would certainly help me still view the comments while at work w/o it looking like i’m not working…

    oh well

  229. Interesting site design. I like it but its a bit weird in the comments section.

    Anyways love clowe he kind of reminds me of graves to an extent. The other columubs guys all looked solid, and I always believe that relying on two players to score 40 goals is better than just one player. The Rangers are a lot better now imo.

    Gaborik honestly looked like he was on the downturn of his career. He looked afraid to make body contact and you can’t get anywhere like that. there are a lot of physical western conference teams so we will see how well he does with that.

  230. Doodie Machetto on

    That border that is sometimes on the side. Someone described it as pajama pants (it’s impossible for me to tell thanks to layout problems). I have a pair of pajama pants that is literally almost identical.

  231. “News and insight about the New York Rangers by Rick Carpiniello”

    Wouldn’t that sound better with “from” replacing “by”?

  232. what do you bet that Engelland will try to get Clowe into a fight in the first few minutes tomorrow, to get him off the ice, and to try to fire up the crowd, after they have been blown out twice in a row, 4-1 and 6-1.

  233. This format makes our comments seem less significant. Not a good idea when you’re dealing with incipient megalomaniacs. :)

  234. Stay on the small stuff, Latona. Don’t be deterred. I am going to have to organize a takeover here.

    The logger post is ruined as well.

  235. Was the good format traded to Columbus? Am I one of the first 10 to make that joke?

  236. Is the Journal News going to print the names and addresses of all posters who own hockey sticks?

  237. Barry Melrose just completely rips the Rangers in the ESPN trade deadline special obviously taped before last night’s games. Rips them. “This team is never going to beat anybody now because they can’t score, they’ll lose to the better teams, and now they’ll lose to the lesser teams like Columbus as well.”

  238. Is Barry Melrose responsible for this, along with the alliterative African-American ambulance attendant?

  239. So how do we organize and force LoHud to allow Carp to have a NORMAL looking blog again?

  240. Peter, I watched that as well. I’ll go out on a limb and say that was recorded late yesterday afternoon. The salt-and-pepper mullet will be yet another crow chomper today, so I can give him a little slack. Can’t cut him any slack on saying that Columbus beat the Rangers this year.

  241. Doodie Machetto on

    And the delineation between comments. And the twitter widgets. And the people.

  242. April 4th, 2013 at 1:37 PM
    Is the Journal News going to print the names and addresses of all posters who own hockey sticks?


    LMAO !

    comment of the day

  243. Doodie Machetto on

    *People who disagree with me, ever, because they should all DIE LIKE PIGS IN HELL.

  244. Doodie Machetto on

    ha, I missed that comment by coos (due to the layout). But yes, it wins the post contest for the day.

  245. So do we have the option of having the most recent comments in ascending order, or is it still descending? If so, my Kindle Fire is going to cry. If the border was the Penguin’s logo it would look like Bettman’s pajamas and his binky.

  246. Should have made the change yesterday when we were all stuck here no matter what happened.

  247. Doodie Machetto on

    So clearly, the tech guys are still working on this.

    I wonder if they are reading the comments.

    Hey tech guy: NERD!

  248. my baby brother had his first child last night!!!!!! welcome to the world, Mark Messier Leetch Richter Graves Surname!!!!

  249. ThisYearsModel on

    So this is the new look. Not bad, and it appears to be working. One suggestion: can the poster’s names be bolded or in CAPS or something to differentiate them from the actual posts? That would improve the readability of the blog.

  250. We just got A LOT tougher to play against. That is #1. No two ways about it.

    On Gabby: He had an incident last season where he got in Torts’ face (or vice-versa) and the end result was Gabs saying to Torts, “GFY!” This I heard from insiders whom I know and trust, so it’s not BS. (Carp verify?) So it goes without saying, once you are in Torts’ doghouse, you are not getting out. So I do think to a degree that removing that bad vibe from the locker room was important. There were grumblings of Gabby being a prima donna. That doesn’t jibe with Torts.

    Face it, Nash has the hands and the physicality. Gabs had the hands only. Torts prefers N over G…for now!

    Brian Boyle: So who thinks part of his lack of performance had to do with (a) no real role or support in his physicality and (b) fear of getting traded away? Both of those items are gone now and he performed. He has played well past few days actually. But how could he not get one of the stars last night? He had a career night in points and was a force.

    The new kids….talk about adrenalin. We walked into MSG last night saying, “WTF, why why why?” We left MSG saying, “Canyon of Heroes, sign me up!” Was the most exciting day of the year at MSG. Seriously the team is fun to watch again. And as someone above said, we are all amateur blog coaches and armchair GMs. We don’t know squat about the inner workings for the most part.

    Torts summed it up well though: (Paraphrasing) You guys are much more excited about this than I am. It’s a nice win. But we have a lot of work to do.

    Lastly, Torts is not going anywhere this year or next. Here’s why: They picked up Dorsett who most likely won’t see the ice until 2014. This means Torts already shaping his team for next season. Asham, Clowe, Dorsett…it looks a lot more like Prust, Dubi, Anisimov now doesn’t it?

    Tomorrow is big. Let’s see how tough and consistent we are. But I will say, it appeared to me last night that the guys were buying-in to the new players, the new image of the team.

    Let’s see how it goes. LGR!

  251. Latona

    Latona spelt Doodie Machetto’s handle incorrectly. Sorry Doodie.

    Doodie Machetto

  252. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh god thats the most ocnfusing thing I’ve ever seen.

    I’m going to get lunch. Enough of this.

  253. Rob in Beantown on

    Needs to be delineation between posts and names. It’s all just a constant stream of g(j)ibberish

  254. Manny



    eddie, eddie, eddie

    Doodie Machetto







  255. Love the new layout Carp. It woulda been nice to have the most recent comments at the top though : /

  256. @BUT UNFORTUNATELY YOU CAN ONLY DO IT ONCE, OTHERWISE YOUR GET THIS STUPID MSG “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”@


  257. Nice facelift for the blog, Carp! And I can still access it without paying the $14/month subecription to LoHud.com…I thought you had asked the coders for the most recent posts up top? Didn’t come through that way…

  258. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers @NYRangers@
    Changes from last night 1) 1st goal is credited to Richards assists to Brass & Girardi. 2) 5th goal is Clowe assisted by Brass & Brad. #NYR


  259. Really don’t need or want the Twitter feeds and all the links and tags at the bottom of the mobile site.

  260. Sooo Columbus isn’t a good team even with the addition of Gaborik, Barry? There’s a reason no one will ever considering letting you and your so called expertise near an NHL team again Barry..But thanks for the second rate opinion.

  261. How do you do that box thingy? That at least sets the verbiage apart from the name, date and time.

  262. By the way- if Bradley Cooper and Steve Rucchin had a kid and that kid slept with Shane Churla, THEIR offspring would look exactly like Clowe.

  263. btw, why is there a huge black dot next to Carp’s comments and why are his comments separated like the old blog had?

  264. @What happens if you put @ in front and back of your name? Does it box it in? This is only a test.@

  265. Carp’s eventual comment: “Ah, some of youse guys would complain if I came over and shoveled your snow for yiz.”

  266. I think Carp might actually be with us on this one, coos. But that statement is still correct.

  267. One thing that Carp says that Torts never would: “I’ll entertain your suggestions.”

  268. It’s funny too because the Mobile aspect is why they forced poor Carp to undergo this trade.

  269. Doodie Machetto on

    Another thing Carp says that Torts never would “Hi, my name is Rick Carpiniello.”

  270. I used to have those stupid stretched earrings, Coos. Then my ear got messed up and now I have a disgusting scar on one earlobe. As I said, I am an idiot.

  271. Rob in Beantown on

    That reminds me, what did Torts say when Pee-air said “I know you love doing these” during the game? I thought it sounded like he said “I hate this” but not even Torts is that much of a d*** right? Right?

  272. OMG – you can’t open the Mobile version while keeping the comments section closed!?

  273. TSN has a poll on their site:

    Which Deadline Day pickup will have the biggest impact on their new team?

    Jason Pomenville – MIN
    Marian Gabork – CBJ
    Ben Bishop – TAM
    Jussi Jokinen – PIT
    Scott Hannan – SJ


  274. We need to beat the Leafs twice so we can hop into 6th. Then we get to play the 3 seed a/k/a Southeast Division winner.

  275. APB: Defining Characteristic: scar on earlobe, large Tarantula tattoo on back of neck, knuckles that say ‘LOVE,’ ‘HATE.’

  276. I guess the players to be named later in the Nash deal were Gabby and our blog. I hope Columbus enjoys our old blog layout beter than we ever did. I guess we took it for granted – you don’t know what you got until it’s gone.

  277. Yea. Our blog got traded to Columbus and we got this, trashy, impossible to decipher piece of modernity.

  278. I cant go back and read the 500 comments at the moment … so please, if there’s something that you specifically don’t like, email me at rcarpini@lohud.com and I will try to find out if it can be changed/fixed/reversed. Please don’t be too nit-picky.

  279. I am excited that other teams will once again stop looking forward to playing us because of the beating they’re about to take

  280. Wonder if there are any new words we can’t use, like -Broad- Wide Street Bullies?

  281. Carp – Can I e-mail you my optometrist’s bill?

    I feel like I’ve been wearing those pinched-in glasses that Steve Martin invented in the Jerk.

  282. Nice Earrings, Hank. You look like this girl I used to know from Long Island…she was eye-talian. like Zuccarello.

  283. Carp, seriously this format is not an improvement.

    What do you think about Doodie’s suggestion to have a reply to a specific post?

    Too much tech gives one a headache!

  284. This blog is Carp’s fault. he’s trying to fit us into his system and it just doesn’t work. Fire him, fire the tech guy, and fire Josh Thompson, 26!!!

    Oh just wait til Barry Melrose sees this!

  285. Brassard and Moore got there just 15 minutes before warmups, introducing themselves. Clowe took the red eye and had only the morning skate.

    Yet they were game changers, had tremendous impact on the game.

    When asked about their performance after the game and how they were able to come in with an immediate impact, John Tortorella said on ESPN Radio, “it throws coaching right out the window. Sometimes we do too much of it. All of them played very well.”

    No kidding !!

  286. Leave a message at the beep:

    Carp! this is James G. Hank is nekkid, Gaby got traded George is dead. call me back.

  287. ” On a mountain of skulls, in the castle of pain, I sat on a throne of blood! What was will be! What is will be no more! Now is the season of evil!”

  288. Manny, looks like the guy who came alive from the painting in second Ghostbusters :) but it only shows up on mobile version…

  289. Rob in Beantown on

    Oh wow if you post your post goes to the top. But then if you want to post again you still need to scroll to the bottom…

  290. New comments on top is totally retarded! Now you have to scroll all the way down to post and then scroll all the way up to read lol


  291. It would be better if the comment box wasn’t on the bottom. Carp, can we get the old blog back please?

  292. and how come my early post shows avatar and the recent ones dont? LOL

    ok i give up… see ya when this thing is fixed or something

  293. I don’t know what sucks more: Having to scroll to the bottom of the blog to post or that stupid Rangers background.

  294. Which is why having the last comment be last is better, I think…at least you don’t have to follow the thread backward.

    The look is also very different on regular computer v mobile device (at least on iPad) … Regular computer version is blech. A least on ipad you can marginally differentiate between posters more easily.

  295. @Carp, thanks! That is great. Now, if you can get them to put another “Leave a Commment” box at the top of the blog, so you don’t have to page all the way down, it would be fantastic!@

  296. Good call, Mama!

    Old Blog!
    Old Blog!
    Old Blog!
    Old Blog!
    Old Blog!
    Old Blog!
    Old Blog!
    Old Blog!
    Old Blog!
    Old Blog!
    Old Blog!
    Old Blog!

  297. Just let me know when I annoy you, Carp. I will give it some time for the kinks to be worked out. For now I will do some work…

  298. Been an entertaining 2 days on the blog between the post-trade pre-game and post-game posts. The emotion is great, and even the paranoia is understood even if it was slightly misplaced. A few comments:
    – TIKI and MANNY for their cautious optimism before game as well as graciousness and civility afterwards
    – CARP for pointing out that Torts is going nowhere. That’s significant because management either a) got him his type of players or b) got rid of players he didn’t want. Also, beyond his consistent ability to provide insightful and thoughtful recaps, his self-deprecation for ‘potentially’ writing an negative trade article.
    – THE RANGERS . . Gab-bye-bye was not going to make it happen this year. . . ch-ch-chemistry??. Anything of value for him was/is going to be a positive. For that matter after the Moore for Hamrlik trade-ff, everything is a steal.
    – WHALE- Instantly better now with JT and Kreider, who may this time finally get what it takes to play for Torts (aka, ‘he who IS staying’).
    – SLATS & SUPPORT TEAM – Mayor Bloomberg presented Sather with official NYC sunglasses . . . because the future’s so bright he has to wear shades. No way he does this by himself

    With all that said I would like to see this level of play continue, especially against teams with full rosters and whose passion isn’t lying at the bottom of the Allegheny River.
    I can almost imagine Staal and Dorsett in the lineup . . .

    THE END OF THE AVERY ERA, FINALLY !!! – I was a big fan at one point, but, enough is enough . . .Do you think that the Rangers traded for someone who wore #16 by chance??? Supposedly Brussard wanted to change his number and the Rangers slipped him some extra spending cash to keep it.

  299. Oh Carp, I think I have an idea, and know it’s not your fault. Nobody blames you. See if you can pass on today’s complaints to the deaf ears….:(

  300. like the idea of having the newest posts at the top of the thread but having to scroll down to the bottom of the thread to make a new post is pretty dumb

  301. I really feel like George in Jerry’s apartment after he got the new cabinets installed

  302. Sioux-per-man on

    I’m with Lloyd!!! Why have the new ones on top then scroll all the way down to post?

    A like dislike section would be nice for comment. Agree?

  303. @For a minute there, I had the Rangers pajama background covering the entire screen. Did anyone else get that?@

  304. time will tell. again look at my posts before the game after the trade I liked the trades. they are not as good as they played last night but I am hoping for a 7th seed with some real luck a 6th seed best case sceanrio and go from there.

    clowe does not deserve $4 mill for multiple, if that is the case I am going to be pissed. they added more bodies that can play and now have sat down in the last 6 weeks or so; hamrlik, bickell, gilroy, halpern,gabby(only loss), and let the young guys do there thing and added; clowe, zucc, brassard, dorsett, moore, and moved boyle down in the lineup and seem a more balanced team. brassard is not cindy but he help at center where they aere dieing… 3 weeks ago there centers where; stepan, richards, boyle and halpern, yech…..now the correct order should be stepans, richards or brassard, and then boyle…That is a lot better.

  305. Rob in Beantown on

    Being able to Like comments would be cool. I am against a “Dislike” option– this place is too negative already

  306. WOW!!! what’s going on, now comments are on top but to add comment is on the bottom, talk about upside down all around.

  307. unfortunately, if Brandon Prust is worth $2.5 million per, Ryane Clowe is worth considerably more is that

  308. WOW. I can’t keep this page open … the background blue is just too electric. Carp, show the IT guys the comments and the’ll change the format of this page.

  309. if the rangers don’t sign Clowe, mark my words, he will end up a flyer and that would be brutal.

  310. Also, I don’t think $2.5M/yr is too much to pay for Pruster. You can save $1M on some other player. That guys was the heart and soul of the team. Considering Pyatt is getting $1.55M and has 6 points on the season.

  311. I know you did, Carp. And now I can completely see why. All my fears are realized. As I was saying when we checked out the food blog, this format just c an’t handle our volume or in depth discussion. It seems more for “Hey those shoes look great, girlfriend!” or “I love your purse but would pair it with orange pumps!”

    Ya know? More of a Sean Avery type blog.

  312. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Me no likey new format ))-: Put newer post back on top thank you very much Geez my eyes are hurting me !!!

  313. Hank, wasn’t trying to deflect any attention from your great application of it, but I figured the one time I’ve said something humorous I need to take advantage of it!

  314. also if Crosby has a concussion he might be done for the playoffs also, so much for pens gliding through the east to the stanely cup. It’s amazing how fast things change. Pens looked unstoppable and the rangers looked done. Crosby takes slap shot to jaw and pens lose next two games, rangers make 2 trades and look like world beaters.

  315. Regarding Crosby …. WOW. He got Iginla to go to Pitts instead of Boston and he gets this. WOW.

  316. @Latona…and I wasn’t trying to steal your line, but it was such an accurate description!@

  317. It must have been an invisible Boston Leprachaun that deflected Orbik’s slap shot into Sid’s jaw for his role in the Iginla fiasco. WOWZERS.

  318. Comedy gold Latona, comedy gold….my apologies…missed the first reference…..Last comments should be last!!!!!

  319. Doodie Machetto on

    Did new comments on top really win that last poll? I liked being able to just hit the “end” key to add in my two cents.

  320. I confirm that I am Vigo, the Scourge of Carpathia, the Sorrow of Moldavia. Death is but a doorway, time is but a window, I’ll be back.

  321. I like the new look for the most part, But DO NOT LIKE that the newest comments are on top. For someone like myself that is on and off the blog a half a dozen times a day for anywere from a minute to a half hr a sitting. It just seems too confusing locating were I left off. Maybe I just don’t like change, but I would rather scroll past things I already read, then keep reading comments that I’m lost about until I find myself back into the conversation.
    The color scheme for the test does seem to be trying on the eyes.
    Thats my 2cents worth

  322. Here we go again with guys saying that a game changer, a key addition, a key performer, a team spark, does not deserve a big contract.

    Who does, Powe? Pyatt? Stralman?

    No, the guy who is a game changer will get market value. iow, Clowe could get that big contract on the FA market, so I want the Rangers to sign him, not pull another Prust situation where they say later after the fact, “oh, we really miss what he brought to the team, now we have to go out and replace it and pay more in the long run in assets traded and cap space”

    Sign Clowe to a market deal because it sure ain’t Richards who is going to be a game changer like Clowe

  323. I think people thought they were voting for it on the mobile site, Doodie. Because it certainly sucks here.

  324. @The problem with having new comments on the bottom is that there is no ‘end’ key on a mobile device (phone, Kindle Fire etc) and you have to manually page down to the bottom of a long thread. On a desktop/laptop it doesn’t matter.@

  325. I think each new post should be added in a neverending circular spiral around the page, towards a smaller and smaller center..then we can all be hypnotized into Manchurian Candidates, so we can do Carp’s bidding every time he needs someone eliminated

  326. That Viggo rules, Mama. He lives in Stonington, CT (town over from my hometown) and he loves horses. Also of awesome note, he’s married to the Female Singer of the amazing Punk band The X.

  327. Doodie Machetto on

    At the very least, if new comments will be at the top, the comment box has to be there as well.

  328. I’m really not digging this “latest comment first” up top…we comment too fast and steady around here for that…its going to be terrible…

    Is this a work in progress? I may be permanently resigning if these looks and changes are here to stay…..jeez. Pretty bad.

  329. Right Doodie.

    I think the consensus was that the Comments would be ideally at the top on a mobile device and at the bottom on the computer. If only….

  330. Doodie Machetto on

    My friend is having a farm-themed birthday party for his kid’s first birthday. I want to dress as a farmer, but not a common farmer, but rather like a type of farmer they aren’t thinking of.

    I can’t think of any such type of farmer. Please help.

  331. Doodie Machetto on

    Ant farming and drug farming are the only such types of farms I can think of.

  332. Manny: It’s actually not very difficult to do. All they have to do is tell the website to display a certain way on mobile device and another way on non-mobile. Ask any web developer, it’s a cinch to do. Carp ask your IT folks.

  333. just so you know, what Howard Eskin posted about Crosby is most likely complete Carcillo

  334. So now the comments come out on the top, but we still have to scroll to the bottom of the page to comment. Does anyone else think the “Leave a Comment” window should be up top as well?

    Oh and Manny, you were great in Eastern Promises.

  335. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve set the bar too high for myself with the past birthdays of his older son.

    How do you top giving a kid books like “I Wish Daddy didn’t Drink So Much” and “The Incredible Voyage of Mr. Poop/El Gran Viaje del Senor Caca,” a bilingual children’s book on pooping?

  336. No problem Hank.

    Manny, I need that address!!!!! Plus, please e-mail as requested…..

  337. I heard Melrose on ESPN say that the rangers can’t score and won’t make the playoffs. Melrose is the most clueless hockey analyst in the business and every thing he predicts never come to fruition. I’m now 100% convinced rangers are making the playoffs and going on a deep run because Melrose predicted the rangers aren’t going anywhere.

  338. RIP Roger Ebert

    This blog works so slow on my computer now that I’m not sure I have the patience to post during the day anymore

    Is Carp really 26 as he wrote in his above bio? Shouldn’t that 2 handle be at least a 5?

  339. Rangers get a new look……Blog gets a new look….. Maybe when I walk thru the door tonight Mama Bear will have a new Kate Upton look…

  340. mama it doesn’t count. i didn’t see your post in the midst of the new layout:p

  341. With these moves the Rangers are down to 9 skaters who were on the opening day roster last season.

    Funny how they are more like last year’s team now.

  342. The comments need to be on the bottom. What the hell happened here. We win a game and we blow up the blog.

    I’m dizzy from this setup.

  343. if the Rangers come out tomorrow night and play well, and by that I mean we get any semblance of last night’s effort again, I’ll start to believe things have changed and that those trades were a wake-up call. but until that point, all this talk about suddenly being last year’s team is extraordinarily premature.

  344. I feel like Gaborik was set up for failure this year. Shortened season, no camp, coming off shoulder surgery. As soon as they get Nash this is Nash’s team, regardless of the seasons Gaborik gave. Tortorella’s mandate that elite injury-prone goal scorers should throw themselves in front of Chara slapshots. The demotions and benchings (didn’t see Richards get that kind of treatment and he’s been so much worse). I really don’t think that was any way to treat him. And now he’s gone and we are the Blue Jackets. This momentum from the trade might last a while. But they still have one legit first liner, back to square one. I really can’t see how this works out, or how they are a better team. And for the record, it’s gonna be really funny if Columbus gets in and Nash gets to go golfing again.

  345. Jeff in South Dakota on

    newest comments at the top but place to type comments at the bottom? Me no like.

  346. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Why the blog changed its layout:
    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned individuals can change the world. Indeed, it’s how we got stuck with the IRS, the Federal Reserve and the Mafia.

  347. C now I know why the food blog gets no comments people are too dizzy to comment about food by the time they figure out how!!arp- I’m begging you to reverse the comments begging!!

  348. Just got dizzy trying to read my comment way way above must go have ice cold beer and get better…

  349. I’m guessing Carp isn’t around because he’s in the LoHud headquarter banging his fists on tables and flipping over file cabinets to get our old blog back.

  350. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    For dc: Dear ranger blog – I never thought I’d be writing this. It began one summer eve…..

  351. So how do all the new-comment-at-top advocates do the read-down-but-scroll-up thing that my human eyes really don’t want to cooperate with?

  352. Stranger Nation on

    joel r.
    Brassard and Moore got there just 15 minutes before warmups, introducing themselves. Clowe took the red eye and had only the morning skate.

    Yet they were game changers, had tremendous impact on the game.

    When asked about their performance after the game and how they were able to come in with an immediate impact, John Tortorella said on ESPN Radio, *“it throws coaching right out the window. Sometimes we do too much of it. All of them played very well.”*

    No kidding !!
    Post of the day

  353. Stranger Nation on

    Should allow posts to specific posts which would allow some ‘heads to argue (discuss) with each other as long as they want without polluting the blog

    Another option is to ‘tag’ posts to allow posts on specific topics to have their own place and folks can focus on particular subject matter if they choose to.

  354. I think it all depends on the player. For certain kinds of players, Tortorella’s endless brow-beating works, for others it will be a colossal impediment. Sadly, he seems willfully indifferent to all of this most of the time.

  355. This new blog format is going to kill traffic. I hope it doesn’t kill Carp’s ego. Maybe we should get him flowers.

  356. John Moore on his learning curve: “I think you’re going to have to find a balance between getting on the same page as a team but not letting your head swim in terms of thinking too much. It’s the same game, it’s the same black puck we’re chasing. I compete as much as I can, I know mistakes are going to happen, it’s part of the game. I just try not to think too much.”

    poor kid all but packed his bags to Hartford with that statement

  357. @When asked about their performance after the game and how they were able to come in with an immediate impact, John Tortorella said on ESPN Radio, *“it throws coaching right out the window. Sometimes we do too much of it. All of them played very well.@

    expect them to be slow, uncreative, carry the puck behind the opp. net and miss the net by a wide margin, and go into a scoring slumps right after practicing with Torts.

  358. it terrifies me that Tortorella’s assessment of Clowe contained the phrase, “you can see what he does on the wall.”

  359. seriously is there any way to go back to the way it was? there are like 5 major annoying things with this layout. 1) back ground 2) comment box on bottom 3) comments listed in different order than before 4) no separation between posts 5) this is rangers games against montreal kind of ugly

  360. I don’t know how we see *new posts* on here so I don’t think I will be able to retain my position as *new post* guy on this blog.

  361. Cross Check Charlie on

    My quote this morning:

    “The only negative thing that I can think of is that the new guys played great because Torts didn’t have time to screw them up. Let’s see what happens after a couple of practices and Torts them…No, no, no…you don’t attack the net…you play it behind the net… cycle the puck then go play defense…(s)”

    CCCP this afternoon:
    “expect them to be slow, uncreative, carry the puck behind the opp. net and miss the net by a wide margin, and go into a scoring slumps right after practicing with Torts.”

    Great minds think alike?

  362. Cross Check Charlie on

    If you’re going to have the latest comments at the top why in holy hell would you have the comment box at the bottom so that you still have to scroll through all the damn comments?

  363. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I’ll buy you some Walter’s if you can change it back. I’ll also buy it for the people at LoHud that made the change decision to reverse their decision.


  364. Rob in Beantown on

    The new blog seems a lot slower than the old one. Somebody said earlier it wouldn’t hold up under normal RR level of comments and I think that is the case so far. Just another reason the new blog stinks

  365. I’m going to put it back to the last comment on the bottom while they try to figure out if they can put the comment box at the top too. OK?

  366. Of course, you guys will say the same things unless Brassard and Clowe score in every single game, right? (s)

  367. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    One cup clicking his red high heeled shoes “we’re not in Kansas anymore Tootoo we’re not in kansas WTF now I need a microscope to read ? PULEASE

  368. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    One cup clicking his red high heeled shoes “we’re not in Kansas anymore Tootoo we’re not in kansas WTF now I need a microscope to read ? PULEASE

    good bye Gang

  369. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    this thing is so dumb it repeats itself Great work Joker news your ship is shinking

  370. What a bunch of crybabies.

    Carp. You the landlord. Raise the rent? If we want to stay, we pay the increase.

  371. Leave last and comment box at the bottom. If necessary, put a comment box on top, too, for egomaniacs who don’t read any others’ posts, but just expatiate ex cathedra.

  372. How do we get our photos over

    <————————– there??? I have a mug shot I'd like to add to my posts.

  373. I hope the Inspector has a photo hidden away somewhere in the Surete that he can submit so that we know it is the genuine Clouseau speaking.

  374. Can we go to black and white???? The additional color in the graphics are a drain on my iPhone battery.

  375. duckbill platypus on


    This duck would like to offer that we are here because of you, and the site design is ancillary to the wonderful lily pad of a community that you foster.

    Dear regards,
    Le Duckbill

  376. definitely needs to be at bottom..


  377. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Carp i’m with you I so dislike change. As you get older its harder to accept it but i’m trying .PLEASE leave it with newer comments on the bottom or else i’m going to need bifocals real soon LOL.

  378. CCCP, pick out anything in the room and I’ll lift it up over my head … see my new avatar with my sister-in-law’s dog … who hated me until I gave him vanilla ice cream, and as you can see, we are now the absolute best of friends. Like Callahan and Avery.

  379. Carp, please start another blog topic,how about your favorite meal, book, movie, music anything but please change the script!

    This format is like War And Peace……..in small print!

  380. Pick up The Surete at CVS? No, but you can pick up herpes from the girl in the back.

  381. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Thanks carp!

    Personally I hate doing the finger scroll on my iPhone through the 500+ posts on threads to get to the most current one. That being said, if that is the worse thing that happens, I’m all good, so put it where the majority wants it!’

  382. I just explained that, Papa.

    Comnsnse, on your computer you can hit control+ to make it appear larger.(waits for the immature comment from the peanut gallery).

  383. been trying since morning, Carp (pap?)

    nothing! i am upset and i am about to start issuing coat-checking exercises!

  384. i love the avatar option! now let’s separate comments so this place can be readable again and we’re good!

  385. you want everything, CCCP? We’re working on the PJs, hoping to incorporate the logo and/or the banner from the “old blog” … you know, the one you liked.

    Should we take bets on how long Orr will be banned once he comes in with one.

  386. I feel like my whole world has been turned upside down…literally!

    Gaborik gets traded(to Columbus! wow!) and we don’t get a 1st rounder

    Clowe comes here and scores 2 goals in a 6-1 rout of the best team in the League.

    We get avatars!

    There aren’t any trolls!


  387. So I told Mrs. Manny that the blog got a makeover and she goes, “does it limit your daily posts to 20?” I say, “No. It doesn’t.” She says, “I hate it then.”

  388. ok, need islanders, devils to lose in regulation and a flyers win in regulation. I feel the Hockey Gods are on the rangers side.

  389. by the way, you guys complaining about every little thing, I am not seeing any suggestions in my email box … also, you think you have it tough? I have to figure out how in holy hell I can cobble a post for the morning, then for Go Time! and post-game. Because I have no freakin’ idea how it works yet.

  390. Carp, I sent you an e-mail with my suggestion and you didn’t respond or make the edit.

  391. We are all with you, Carp. Don’t tkae it personally. HOpe it’s not too bad for you. We shall overcome.

  392. well, if you come on here with a fake name and just say “sucks” then I don’t give a crap what you think.

  393. LOL! Manny, had to go with Zuccarello rookie Whale pic with the porn stash (he learned how to grow it from Redden)…

  394. I can’t wait for tomorrows game against the pens, really curious to see if yesterday was a 1 time deal or a start of a winning streak.

  395. it looks even worse on my home computer


    need lines separating the comments and needs to lose the LOUD NYR logo all over the page…

    Carp it may help your cause to the higher up to drive the point home that most people who spend a lot of time on this blog…are not supposed to be spending a lot of time on this blog, and anything that can be done to make it look like clean and simple will really keep traffic up…as it stands I think a lot of the regulars will no longer be able to kill their days hitting “refresh”.

  396. Damn…I still think we could have gotten more for Gaby…Just watching highlights from that awesome Bruins game earlier in the season…

    I am still in shock that he accepted the trade to Columbus…I guess he wants to play with his friends (ex-Rangers)…

    Anybody know where I could find a 40 goal scorer who can play through a torn labrum?

    I am also glad that we DON’T have Dan Boyle…

    Couldn’t be happier with Clowe. And, some people think he came to sign for only 2 or 3 years? No, he wants a long term deal with about a $4m cap hit and Slats will try his best to do it before July 1 (some other team will gladly give it to him if we don’t). We better sign the guy.

  397. Stranger Nation on

    Keep reading how we didnt get a #1 pick for Gabby, but we actually got 2, and #6 & #21 in first round, good news is there is no waiting as they are playing now!

  398. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Depending on the time of day Orr puts his avatar up I say ryane clowe minutes

  399. Sather did the best he could, rangers shopped gaborik around and nobody was interested because of the cap hit. If rangers would have waited in the off season they probably would have gotten less of a return.

  400. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3 – what it be, can you see, aint be lying, we got ryan, he doesnt blow, this stud named clowe, boyeeeeee

  401. I really hope they can sign clowe because if the rangers don’t sign clowe, the flyers will sign clowe and that would be brutal.

  402. Stranger…none of these guys have 40 goal potential…they fill other needs…

    Rangers still need a young sniper…

  403. @I am still in shock that he accepted the trade to Columbus…I guess he wants to play with his friends (ex-Rangers)@

    Gaborik couldn’t wait to escape Torts’ nazi ways… its so obvious…

  404. It’s a Gaborik jersey taped over with Brassard’s name. Looks cooler in person.

  405. I never was a big Gaborik fan, one dimensional player that is injury prone. I posted on here last week the rangers were a flawed team and needed to make trades to fix. I had no idea who to trade for but Gaborik was the obvious choice because of his play and cap hit. This trade filled needs that the rangers were lacking that made them a flawed team. I still think the defense is a little shaky, rangers need staal back as soon as possible.

  406. Wow!!!!

    Just a note about what a special gang this is:
    one of Carp’s shoe-shine boys returned yesterday
    to a fair amount of welcome (though I know more
    than a few posters see him as a Macbeth-like stain,
    name of damned spot)_ and within a bleat or two he
    was at his fav fetish: one member of the species
    lickin’ at the hindquarters of another. Pure class,
    Head Snidely snortin’ like a donkey in the background.

    And today, in a Newtown world (what’s the duration of
    the hardest memories for average hockey fans? Any longer than Tom Coughlin’s, who, a few short weeks after
    that massacre of little kids, with much publicity about the Giants reaching out to “heal” folks who can never be healed, said of the familiar pain of a disappointing season of little boys’ games, that it was “indescribable!”) one of the really special humans here
    said that an announcer so riles his Fan College senses
    that he should be “shot in the face” and, to make his essence crystal-clear, he had a follow-up, showin’ he’s missed the last couple thousand memos about the poisoned
    term “retarded” and how it enrages folks who are, who know, who love and respect beyond low-crawlin’ critters like himself humans held in that hard thrall.

    So, in a sorta Groucho Marx call, with a change of pronoun:
    wouldn’t wanna be a member of a club that would have
    those two as same….

  407. Stranger,

    Yes, Nash can score. Not the point. You want more than 1 bona fide sniper. But, I honestly think the Rangers are taking a gamble and are banking that Kreider will be a 30+ goal guy…because there is no one else in the organization aside from Nash, that can put up, or is projected to put up, those type of goal #s…

  408. Actually, they aren’t gambling anything. Poor choice of words on my part. They are just doing it the right way…It’s a process…

  409. NYR_FAN,
    hopefully between Clowe and Bassard who in the past are 15-20 goal scorers can make up for Gaborik’s production in goals.

  410. Not a fake name, Butthead. I don’t try to hide who I am
    any more than you do.

    And strangely, I was just respondin’ to fair criticism
    that I’m way too windy, so thought I would keep it short and sweet. “Sucks” is exactly what it does. “Sucks” is what the site often does, (and often doesn’t, to be fair) a reflection of the Ringmaster, as I’ve said before. Thought it looked like Kmart Leissure Pants soon as I saw it. Thought it dysfunctional compared to its predecessor.
    And did not think that (or pajamas) was anything near “comic genius.”

    Made a longer, and more particular comment earlier today.
    genuinely tryin’ to be helpful.

    Get over y’self, Snidely.

    And thanks for all the good work from your alterego, Carl….

    I know you’re busy, so I’ll Banff myself:-).

  411. 4generations 4 cups on

    woa! drastic change in looks! definitely digging it above 2004!!

    on another note, does anyone have some soreness about us making terrible offseason maneuvers (letting prust, feds, mitchell go) and for that we’ve had to give up a legit 1st liner for role players? im just worried its gonna be hard to replace natural goal scoring like gaborik (3OT goal, remember)

  412. Maybe this is too simple, but think about it:

    Who would you rather have on your team?

    Is Clowe, Brassard, Dorsett supposed to be upgrade from Dubinsky, Anismov, Prust …?

    And, is Nash supposed to be an upgrade from Gaborik?

  413. Stranger Nation on

    NYR – I believe Rangers have gotten better talent with those deals, especially combined with our backline and Hank.

    Gree they need a 40 Goal sniper or two, like every team.
    1. how many draft picks will pan out

    2. Gabby was no longer that guy and between cap hit and injury issues became more of a risk

  414. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Jagr looks pretty good in a Bruins uniform. Never, ever, rooted for the B’s, but may if the boys get knocked out.

  415. Stranger Nation on

    debbies and Ice Mets both losing – are the hockey gods on our side again?

  416. bull dog line on

    the Ranger logos on the sides of the page are very distracting. can we get rid of them?

  417. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    In a game that no one but relatives cares about, Tampa leads Carolina, 1-0

  418. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Read between these lines:

    “Gaborik was asked if he would miss Rangers coach John Tortorella, a legendary taskmaster. Gaborik took his time and answered carefully, but was conspicuous for what he did not say.

    “I had him for four years,” he said. “We had some good conversations. … I enjoyed playing there. That’s his style of coaching. I wish those guys only good luck. I enjoyed my time there and want to thank the organization and coaching staff and players and fans. They gave me the opportunity to play there.””

  419. The Ben Bishop debut in Carolina. I think Bishop > Holtby and that could have long term impact. F’realz.

  420. please, for me Matty, dont root for them. ill pay u not to.

    that hall of fame winger that got traded a couple days ago has already scored his 15th of the season in his debut there. he has more goals than any ranger

  421. Good news on the mobile aspect here.

    If you refresh the page, even without posting, it takes you back to the comment you were last on.

  422. not amazing to me at all. the rangers and many fans booted his ass out the door like he was a piece of trash. the rangers were happier to spend their $ elsewhere, and 5 years later, he’s still got the goods.

  423. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Not so sure he and Torts could be bedfellows. He is a good match for a very big Boston team. It would be great to see him and the B’s beat out the whiner and Mario.

    He must be so psyched for the opportunity.

  424. He said, “No, you’re gonna tell me something today, tough guy.” I said, “All right, I’ll tell you something: go puck your mother.”

  425. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    And, I am not done, with 12 games left, looking up at Toronto, especially, and Ottowa. We play really well, they could, possibly, maybe, be in reach. Maybe, possibly, hopefully.

  426. no joke these 3rd periods ahead for isles and devils are huge for us. these games arent ending 1-0

  427. torts is a good coach, but its disgusting that he cant be bedfellows with certain guys. i agree that guy on bruins wouldnt get along with him.

  428. I was at the game last night and it was like a garden party. It was nice to be able to have a lead and relax a little and enjoy the game. I know it was one game, but liked what the new guys brought to the team. I am sure, POSITIVE, that Pitts is not going to just forget last night’s game, and I fully expect them to be ready for us tomorrow night.

    My brother and I are now 10-0 in games we have attended together over the last 3 years. Ever since we started our tradition of having a lousy MSG bloody mary while we watch warms ups, they have not lost a game, and that is including playoff games. Basically what I am saying is, the nasty brothers are good luck charms. If you would all like, I will open a rangers account in my name and you can donate to assure my brother and I make it to all games from here on out and never lose again.

    Carp, Love the new look of the blog. Can’t wait to check it out on my phone.

  429. Gaborik, Dubinsky assist CBJ PP goal by Wisnewski. Anisimov set screen in front of Rinne.

  430. lets not count flyers out . big win in toronto now up to 37 pts 2 back rang game in hand

  431. With Toronto loosing, are we thinking that we can catch up to them or ottawa? 5 pts ahead, or should we be more worrieda bout philly winning?

  432. The rangers hsould just play well and win. Ottawa, despite beating the Rangers 3 times, is not that good and is starting to falter, and if the Rangers sweep the Leaves they could easily wind up in 5th. 3 point games stink but the Rangers are in control.

  433. peter

    WOULDNT say we are in control by any means. stop worrying about 5th/6th at moment until we get in.

    flyers are coming 4 in a row. two pts back

  434. Flyers are 4 points back and have played 1 more game than us. They lose their game against us and they basically are done. Please hold the negativity. Toronto has been struggling lately, 6th isnt out of the question. Not thinking about it yet though. Will start only if team looks same way it did last night (not the score, just the effort). Winnipeg looks done. Carolina too.

  435. Dubinsky outworked a Predator (even noted by Preds announcers) and gave a nice pass to Gaborik in front of net for easy goal.

  436. u cant even make this stuff up with these trades and guys contributing right away.

    gabby celebrated with the fist pump like he couldnt wait to get out of torts jail

  437. Stranger Nation on

    Gabby scored 1, but Clowe scored 2 and 2 assists – sorry but the bar was raised

  438. “marian gaborik with the go ahead goal in nashville assisted by dubinsky”

    Butt-Chin from Dublowsky puts the BJs ahead.

  439. lyova

    look at the standings again flyers are two back after win tonight. ranger game in hand in pitt tom

  440. Still not worried about them at all. Biggest joke is that Washingon with 38 points gets to be in 3rd place behind Pittsburgh with 56 points and Montreal with 53 points.

  441. Carp
    thinking about this New Look…

    –like the Rangers logos on the sides (a bit bright or is it just me?)

    –don’t like the idea that the It’s Go Time just shows the opponent’s logo. it would be nice if Rangers is there as well and placed as in Home or Away game type of thing
    (i.e. pens Rangers for last night’s game and then Rangers pens for friday’s rematch)

    –also, we’re still going with oldest comment first? i’d vote most recent comment at the top with comment there as well.

    — nice font and look

  442. I’d Ike to mention that in addition to having the most recent comment up top, the “Leave a Comment” also needs to be up top. I will definitely be posting less if the setup remains as-is (it’s just too much effort to scroll all the way down when the comments start to pile up)

  443. ok the novelty of a trade and that game last night has worn off now that Gabby and Dubinsky are lightin it up for the BJ’s. Still cant believe they traded Gaborik.

  444. Rob in Beantown on

    Rangers West are officially my western conference team for the rest of the season. Will be less fun when they are in our division next season…

  445. Wow wee wow!! Fancy,schmancy, Carp!!! I have to agree though, took me 20minutes to scroll down for a comment!! Other than that, nice work!!

  446. Good thinking, Manny. We’ll be seeing them play each other a whole lot in their new division/conference!

  447. Stranger Nation on

    I will enjoy watching Dubi play with the knowledge we are not over paying for wall work

  448. NO, sorry that was wrong……I was reading a FALSE assumption on Twitter. Richards became the coach of the BJs a month before Gaby became a Ranger, which was in the offseason…

  449. Who cares if Gaborik scored for CBJ? Bet he’d be skating in circles looking lost if he was still playing for us

  450. Another hostile Ukraninian, Lyova, the Stakhanovite progeny, can’t really get rid of GasPutin ass kissing, but feels free to mouth off in America.

  451. As long as the order remains the same, I am all for it, the last comments last, the I-phone people be put in their perspective. But, the majority reigns, as always…

  452. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Prospal after the CBJ win tonight:

    “Let’s put it this way: That is the only way that coach Tortorella knows how to coach,” Prospal said. “That’s the way he has been ever since I got to know him in Year 2000. He’s not going to change because of certain players. You either can play under or him or you can’t and sometimes you just go different ways but he’s a good teacher, he’s a good coach and I know, particularly in my game, he helped me quite a bit…

  453. gabby scored because dubi made the play.

    i hope gabby does well in CBJ and I hope his replacements do well also.

    need to get use to the new look on the site…

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