Post-game interviews: Tortorella, Clowe, Brassard, Richards, Lundqvist


The Rangers defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins, 6-1, tonight at Madison Square Garden, for their second straight win. New York has now recorded a point in seven of their last nine home games (6-2-1).

John Tortorella:


Ryane Clowe:


Derick Brassard:


Brad Richards:


Henrik Lundqvist:



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  1. again, would strongly recommend tempering enthusiasm until this time on Friday night but the team looked a whole lot better tonight

  2. Czechthemout!!! on

    I agree with the sentiment that Boyle should have been one of the three stars!

    I bet many of yoos never thought I would type those words huh?

  3. LOVE this Clowe quote: “I’ve always wanted to wear that hat ever since I saw it on 24/7”.

    ilb, how’s that phone working out for you?

  4. Carp busily re-writing his trade evaluation? Maybe hang on to the old one ’til Friday. Hope not. :)

  5. Carp, it seems signing Zucc, adding Clowe and three (two) more guys for now for Gabby gave us some instant depth, as these are NHLers it would seem. Brassard is decent and can put up Artie numbers; Clowe we can hope isnt done at 30 given his style, Moore is a good skater and worlds ahead of BickHamRoy. And maybe Dorsett is a Prust. I’m being positive here for once.

  6. did not see game yet. will watch in a few. bottom line we will know if the trade was good or not mid next year or later.

    no idea if it will turn out good or bad but bottom line they got some talent back..

    again my belief is they need more bodies that can play period. they carried a bunch of dead weight on the roster.. hamrliks sits that eliminates 1 bum, dorsett when back will allow them to sit pyat or powe, etc..

    i assume brassard has some skill, we will see over time….

    bottom line they were not wiping out Pittsburgh a week ago….

  7. Nobody wanted Clowe more than Wicky. That guy has been clamor ing for Clowe for MONTHS. I’m glad we got Clowe just to shut him up.

  8. Lloyd, Latona, and eddie were in the forefront of the Clowe talk. eddie3X saw him a lot in Cal and is probably the best judge of all.

  9. Sioux-per-man on


    Just got home from being on the road!!!!

    Can’t wait to read Carps review!!!!

    WOW! What a hockey game by the new boys!!!

    4 goals -4 assist. And a power play that goes 3 for 3! HaHaHaHa I’m still laughing, almost in disbelief!!!

    Nice to see OLD TIME RANGER hockey again!

    Boys where’d GABBY GO?

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