Official announcement of the Marian Gaborik trade


From the NYR:


Send Marian Gaborik, Steven Delisle and Blake Parlett to Columbus

NEW YORK, April 3, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has acquired forwards Derick Brassard and Derek Dorsett, defenseman John Moore, and a sixth round pick in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft from Columbus in exchange for forward Marian Gaborik, and defensemen Steven Delisle and Blake Parlett.

Brassard, 25, has registered seven goals and 11 assists for 18 points, along with 16 penalty minutes in 34 games this season. He currently ranks third on Columbus in points, is tied for second in assists and fourth in goals. He also leads the team with six power play assists, and is tied for the team lead with seven power play points. Brassard tallied an assist while skating in his 300th career NHL game on March 12 against Vancouver.

The 6-1, 205-pounder has skated in 309 career regular season contests over six seasons with Columbus, registering 58 goals and 111 assists for 169 points, along with 184 penalty minutes. He established career-highs in goals (17), assists (30), points (47), penalty minutes (55), power play goals (six), power play points (16), and shots on goal (183) during the 2010-11 season. Brassard made his NHL debut on January 11, 2008, against St. Louis, and recorded his first career point with an assist on January 20, 2008, at Columbus.

The Hull, Quebec native was originally selected by Columbus as a first round choice, sixth overall, in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.

Dorsett, 26, has registered three goals and six assists for nine points, along with 53 penalty minutes in 24 games this season. He has missed the last 12 games with a broken clavicle suffered on March 7 against Vancouver. Dorsett currently ranks second on Columbus in penalty minutes (53) and fighting majors (five), and is tied for fourth in hits (55). He posted his first career Gordie Howe Hat Trick with a goal, assist and fighting major on February 21 at Detroit.

The 6-0, 195-pounder has skated in 280 career regular season contests over five seasons with Columbus, registering 27 goals and 38 assists for 65 points, along with 727 penalty minutes. Last season, he established career-highs in games played (77), goals (12), points (20), penalty minutes (235), hits (199), power play goals (two), power play points (three), and shots on goal (137). Dorsett made his NHL debut on October 11, 2008, at Phoenix, and registered his first career point with a goal on October 21, 2008, against Vancouver.

The Kindersley, Saskatchewan native was originally selected by Columbus as a seventh round choice, 189th overall, in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.

Moore, 22, has registered two goals and six assists for eight points, along with 10 penalty minutes in 86 career regular season games with Columbus. He has tallied one assist in 17 games this season. The 6-3, 205-pounder established career-highs in games played (67), goals (two), assists (five), points (seven), hits (47), blocked shots (70), and shots on goal (64) as a rookie last season. Moore made his NHL debut on February 5, 2011, against Edmonton, and recorded his first career point with a goal on October 25, 2011, against Detroit.

The Winnetka, Illinois native was originally selected by Columbus as a first round choice, 21st overall, in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

Gaborik, 31, has registered nine goals and 10 assists for 19 points, along with eight penalty minutes in 35 games this season. He signed with the Rangers as a free agent on July 1, 2009.

Delisle, 22, has split the season between the Connecticut Whale on the American Hockey League (AHL) and the Greenville Road Warriors of the ECHL. He has tallied two assists in four games with Connecticut this season. In Greenville, Delisle has recorded four goals and 16 assists for 20 points, along with 85 penalty minutes and a plus-23 rating in 61 games. He was acquired by the Rangers from Columbus, along with Rick Nash, in exchange for Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov, Tim Erixon, and a first round pick in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft on July 23, 2012.

Parlett, 23, has registered six goals and 22 assists for 28 points, along with 85 penalty minutes in 67 games with the Connecticut Whale (AHL) this season. He signed with the Rangers as an undrafted free agent on June 2, 2011.



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  1. @JimCerny@ Derick Brassard & John Moore on way to NYC, hoping to play tonight…we’ll see if they get here in time..Derek Dorsett is injured, of course

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, the Rangers continued their trend of adding oddly spelled names with Derick Brassard.

  3. Paul in sunrise on

    Gotta say. Not real happy. He will score. He will score a lot and not for NYR. But whatever these are my New York rangers. Cheer for the name on the front not the back. Also why I never buy a jersey. My brother in law now has two closeted ones. Jagr and gabby.

  4. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Carp: Ranger Organ-eye-zation; Jackwagons throwing in the towel or better positioned for the playoffs?

  5. Paul in sunrise on

    My kids make me shave … Every day.

    So it’s Columbus v. Penguins on versus tonight.

  6. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    Even though Gabby wasn’t scoring, I hate the idea of making these kinds of drastic personnel decisions during a shortened season like this. A key component of the plan from the coaching staff is laying the groundwork in training camp, which they didn’t have. It just seems counterintuitive that they trade one of their (supposedly) best offensive players in the middle of such an offensive slump.

  7. dunno but that was a terrible trade

    though if Sather made a move like that to land Martin Erat we’d have people on here telling us how much grit Erat has

  8. when the Rangers had to land a defenseman, it wasn’t a 6th-defenseman who may very well be an AHLer

  9. Looks like John Moore can really skate. Kind of a blend between Del Zaster and McBust. Hopefully those guys can help mentor him.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, what’s done is done. Hopefully Brassard reaches the potential he seemingly never will reach, Moore will turn into more(no pun intended) than what he appears to be, and Dorsett is back with some meaningful amount of time before the playoffs.

    Oh, and that Gaborik doesn’t spend the next 5 years torching us in Columbus.

  11. Doodie Machetto April 3rd, 2013 at 5:36 pm
    “bull dog, it was stunning that it was Columbus *and how lousy the return was*”

    Doodies, , not stunned by Columbus,,,,but couldn’t agree more on the “lousy return.”

  12. manny, you’re cracking me up over here

    John Moore is a cross between Del Zotto and Ryan McDonagh, I wonder if the Stanley Cup was included with the Gaborik trade

  13. Wonder who will be a better Center for us this season and next: Richards or Brassard

  14. some of you guys could very well start doing color commentary for the Devils and I’m not sure anyone would notice the differece

  15. I’m just trying to find something to grab onto here, Lloyd. It appears that Moore has offensive upside (Del Zaster) and can skate (McBust).

  16. Sather and company dropped the ball this summer. Thought the FO did a good job in not giving up Stepan or DZ in the Nash trade, hated losing Arti. Got arrogant again in their hockey decision making. They should have brought back Mitchell, Fedotenko, and Roscival.

    They were in panic mode now.

    No doubt about that

    The players brought in could help reestablish the identity lost. But with so much of that identity lost, and this team currently being the complete opposite of the 11-12 team, will this group know what it takes to get back there. We’ll see if this combination of players can do it.

    Need goal scoring again.

    And the team I grew to love is no more. 11 months after getting knocked out of the ECF, in game 6, in OT. Even worse, less then 30 games later.

    Im howling at the moon cuz I lost my dogs man. Gabby, I’ll miss that guy.

  17. Manny you might as well just compare John Moore to Paul Coffey and be done with it

  18. you know in looking at Derek Dorsett’s game, I’m thinking he can be Gordie Howe but with a bit more jam

  19. Didn’t Clowe say he was looking forward to playing on a line with Gabby? Guess everyone got their signals crossed.

    Moore is 22 and was a first rounder. Got to be something there; don’t it gotta be?

  20. Touche, Martin. Vibin’. Surprisingly, I think Stepan could be a #1 Center on this team.

    Similar, Lloyd. But he’s a bit more finesse around the crease.

  21. Steve Eminger was the 12th pick in the 2002 draft

    still waiting for him to take flight

  22. nothing to hold onto manny we suck and will miss playoffs. figure this mess of a del zaster team in off season

  23. So Sather/Torts are really not having a conference call about this? Says all you need to know.

  24. Paul in sunrise on

    Brassard dares to wear the fan retired number 16 as it is pulled from the blue seats not the rafters for him to wear in tonight’s game

  25. dang autocorrect just changed “gaborik” to “I’m so glad Torts won’t be spitting on me while telling me to block shots anymore”

  26. bull dog line on

    Lyova,what does it say? all the leaders of the Gabby is to soft, and can’t score in the playoffs club have changed there tune now that he has been traded.

  27. New York Rangers ? @NYRangers

    On behalf of #NYR, thank you @MGaborik10 for your time spent in NY. Velastastia, Vsetko najlepsie!

    im assuming Torts didnt come up with this

  28. There’s a conference call for pretty much every trade that Sather makes. When you give up on a star like Gaborik, for reasons that start directly with the coach, and dont have any accountability, it says something.

  29. so Brassard playing center, Moore goes on for Hamrlik. hopefully we’ve seen the last of him

  30. MDZ is not a great skater. His lateral mobility and turns are weak, especially during back skating. He consistently gets beat to the the outside.

  31. Gaborik checking out trailer parks in Columbus. Another delightful town to tell everyone about back in Trencin.

  32. I am confused with how this system kills him to the extent people are talking about. Does the system stop him from scoring on breakaways and penalty shots?? The Devils play the same “system” and it doesn’t effect Kovalchuk. He is not a presence on the ice at all and gets the puck taken from him all the time. How much can you expect to get for a soft player coming off shoulder surgery who is playing the worst hockey of his career and makes $7.5 million a year? We need to resign guys like Stepan and McD and make better free agent decisions.

  33. no argument with any of that. getting a 6th round pick and a bunch of role players for him, though? that’s a lousy deal

  34. Brassard is like Arty, talented and enigmatic. Dorsett loves to get beat up, so thats always fun to watch. I know less about Moore o_O

  35. When teams take a ton of your salary, they aren’t giving you back much other than guys who might become good – especially with the cap shrinking next year. He isn’t elite anymore.

  36. from Gross: Torts warns not to interpret Gaborik trade as a commentary on his relationship with Gaborik. “I like the guy,” Torts says.


  37. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    This one has me confused. Even with Gaborik’s lack of scoring, he was still tied for the team in game winning goals this year and had a bunch of OT goals the last few years (including the 3 OT game against Washington). Those that claimed he wasn’t clutch have short memories.

  38. Unmentioned has been that the NYR get a sixth round 2014 pick, too, if that means anything, and probably doesn’t.

  39. If they had gotten a #1 pick, instead of Moore and the #6 , I think more people would be happy with it. agree?

  40. Czechthemout!!! on

    I always say that I root for the front of the jersey and not the back so I will be there again in front of my tv watching this mess of a team and hoping that this turns out to be a good move. Can John Moore shoot the damn puck? Anyone know?

    Oh and you can expect a heavy dose of Ritchie and Girardi on the point again tonight Carp.

  41. Wow Brassard and Moore both playing tonight. Everyone will actually get to watch these guys play instead of automatically assuming they suck! But, I will miss gabby. Yes, having a terrible year, but a guy who scores 40 goals two out of the three full years he was here was doing something right. And scored that triple OT goal with a bum shoulder!

    That being said, this year has been such a bummer after such an amazing ride last year. I have been watching this team since I was a little boy in the late 1960’s. In 1994 when I was a season ticket holder and at game 7 against vancouver, I am sure I am not alone (when it was 3-2 in the third period) when I say that I prayed to god and said, please let them win this just once in my lifetime! I promise I will never ask for them to win again….


  42. matt rizzi, no rationale comments please.

    they love the old Gabby who may never be back and at $7.5 he is stealing money.

  43. maybe nobody wanted Gaborik.

    maybe Gabby had to go.

    nobody on the team seems that upset. he didn’t produce much offense this year. Won’t affect our production at all I bet. the new center probably produces……something.

  44. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Looks like they tried to reverse the Nash deal, but with worse players. I do think Nash will be more productive than Gaborik over the next five years.

  45. Nash—-Gaborik
    3rd in ’13—-1st in ’13
    6th in ’14—-2 ECHL players

  46. Stuart A – maybe we are the only ones seeing this clearly. No GM in their right mind would give a first rounder for him.

  47. Don’t like this trade. Talk about selling low. This is a panic move in a shortened season – there’s no reason not to think the Rangers won’t be competitive again next season, and that Gaborik won’t be scoring again. Didn’t he score only 23 goals the year before last? This is just who he is. The worst thing you can do is trade him when he’s not scoring, because he’ll just start scoring again.

    Also – “The 6-3, 205-pounder established career-highs in games played (67), goals (two), assists (five), points (seven), hits (47), blocked shots (70), and shots on goal (64) AS A ROOKIE last season.”

    Good job NYR – yes, I’m sure he did achieve career highs in every category as a rookie.

  48. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Wow good thing gaborik was traded. He was really holding this team back.
    we should now send down kreider and miller.
    paging lindsay ruff.
    torts is a disaster

  49. Gaborik
    18 Goals 17 Assists 35 Pts in 54 career playoff games

    .65 ppg

    Ryane Clowe
    18 Goals 27 Assists 45 Pts in 68 career playoff games

    .66 ppg

  50. don’t know his name, Lloyd, or who he works for, but he’s at almost every home game. He told me he was going to ask that question and I was looking forward to the answer. Haha.

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