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  1. Not sure what the excitement is around here at being “1st”…. doesn’t feel any different… Let it be known, as 1st poster, I hereby decree, a win tonight.

  2. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on


    Looks like they tried to reverse the Nash deal, but with worse players. I do think Nash will be more productive than Gaborik over the next five years.

  3. Hopefully SalmonJoe will stop yakking tonight about the Staal family and Pittsburgh during changes long enough to tell us who’s on the ice with all these new names.

  4. Just watched a Brian Duff interview with Regier. Man, Duff was about the only person I could tolerate on the NHL Network. I miss him.


  5. Tortorella feels they filled out the middle of the lineup by adding guys with some grind and skill and then admits to not really knowing anything about the guys they added


  6. hey Carp, who was it that read the Tortorella quote about Kreider “being here to stay” that Tortorella denied ever having said

  7. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Manny! Orr! Carp!

    Um… I don’t know where to begin. Interesting day.

    Gaborik salary shed, more $ available for McMonster, Step, Hags so ok.
    Richards has to go.
    We got back some youth and grit.
    Always the optimist, I’ll give it time to shake out.

    Losing doesn’t endear a fire coach like Torts to the players. Winning hides problems. Now that the team is average, cracks in the foundation show. Gaborik was mentally tired of Torts. I worry about Kreider and Miller. Torts has young guys playing scared, while Zuke takes 3 penalties and doesn’t get benched.
    He is wildly inconsistent and seems to hold grudges. God forbid he teaches and lets them play.

  8. Who’s the reporter who read Torts (alleged) quote back to him regarding Kreider, and Torts responded with “I never said that” ?

  9. wait so he said Dorsett is also in? How is that possible?
    and LOL about that quote.

  10. Time will tell…seem be be lots of prognosticators around here…and for those who thought I was Commnsnse in disguise, you now know that is untrue. Personally, I think we will miss Gaborik, and will be interesting to see if Sather’s deal works out for the Rangers. Could free up room for the three RFAs they need to sign next year. Players of Gaborik’s ability do not come along often.

  11. Ye, i know he does, but Torts was asked if Dorsett is also playing and he said “they’re all playing”

  12. Well, Richards was brought in to feed Gaborik….wonder what Sather has in mind for his future here, or there.

  13. what I can find on the internet is this:

    Mar 19, 2013
    “We don’t want to keep on knee jerking him back and forth, we want to make sure if we do (call him up), we feel he’s ready to play,” Tortorella said.”

  14. Think we have all missed out on the silver lining to this trade. At least after tonight’s loss the Rangers can resume using the “We need time to gel” excuse.

  15. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Wow who will be Torts’s scapegoat now?
    Hope Gaborik scores 50 goals and shoves right up tort’s arse!!!

  16. where exactly did you hear him say that?

    maybe you’re the guy who heard Tortorella say the thing about Kreider that Tortorella said never happened

  17. Torts was correct, he never said he was here to “stay”, which is what he took umbrage over.

    But, the do seems to keep knee-jerking the kid back and forth (in addition to ice/no-ice).

  18. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on


    I don’t really know who the heck he is but Steve Delisle was traded from the Rangers to….. any guesses….. c’mon, you can figure it out……. that’s right, Columbus!! Are we Columbus’ AHL team? This is way too many transactions between the same 2 teams, especially considering they’re in our division next year. Delisle was obviously a minor league transaction but, still, c’mon…. Columbus again?
    So Kreider AND Miller were sent down to make room for these chumps? Bush League Patheticism (my new favorite word that could be interchanged with Rangercism or Rangercide).

  19. don’t know his name, Lloyd, or who he works for, but he’s at almost every home game. He told me he was going to ask that question and I was looking forward to the answer. Haha.

  20. do you recall the quote in question? I give the guy credit for actually going back at Tortorella on it but have no idea if what he was attributing to Tortorella was accurate.

  21. Lloyd, you aren’t asking me right?

    I was asking the same thing you were (who asked the question in the pre-game presser), and then I searched a little and found the quote on NBC ProHockeyTalk and Andrew’s blog.

    FWIW, they ARE jerking the kid around – but he definitely didn’t use the word “stay”. (although one could imply that based on the who knee-jerking the kid back and forth comment!)

    Lloyd Braun April 3rd, 2013 at 6:43 pm

    where exactly did you hear him say that?

  22. at 1:30 of presser

    Reporter: Are they all available tonight other than Dorsett?
    Torts: They’re ALL available and theyre all going to play.

  23. MattLear:

    dunno but considering I posted my question before you did, it’s a safe bet I was asking Carp

  24. TheRealMikeyNJ on

    Someone please call me when we hire Lindy ruff.

    Cause I really can’t stand rat face anymore.

  25. _don’t know his name, or who he works for, but he’s at almost every home game_

    Is that Tort talking about Kreider?

  26. Carp, did you don your bullet proof vest before he asked the question in case you get hit with any secondary shrapnel?

  27. Lyvoa:

    He was talking about the three guys who were acquired in the last 48 hours and don’t have broken collarbones

  28. Marian Gaborik ? @MGaborik10

    Wanted to thank Rangers,my teammates and great fans in NY for almost 4years in NYC. Had an awesome time.. New challenge ahead of me in CBJ!

  29. Lloyd – no worries, I think we are on the same page here! :)

    Also, LOL at LW3H

  30. Wonder when the video of torts throwing hockey pucks at gabby in practice will come out? :-)

  31. Rangers, with awesome new additions, block 54 shots tonight. Have significantly more jam, grind, process, and balls as big as buildings.

    Lose 2-0 (1 PP, 1 EN).

  32. that Tortorella is talking about cap flexibility should all but guarantee he’s got no worries about job security

  33. torts hockey!! dump and jam!! sticks and sticks and sticks!!! JAM

    remember how we made fun of renney and his love of jam?

  34. I do not recall him saying that Kreider is here to stay, and in fact he seemed to go out of his way to sway reporters from going all-in on Kreider staying …

    but then again, I don’t recall where my car is.

  35. with Lindy Ruff you make the playoffs every other year. on every other other year, you stink.

  36. bull dog line on

    Torts said something to the effect of, when they bring him back they want him ready so he would be here to stay.

  37. Forgot no MSG. Thanx for the reminder, Carp.

    LW3H 6:51 literally laughing out loud.

  38. I don’t know much about these guys the rangers got in the gaborik trade but what is really funny is after reading the bluejackets blog, there fans are not thrilled with the trade either. They feel Columbus gave up to much.

  39. Cross Check Charlie on

    So, do these trades make the Rangers a contender this year? I don’t think so. It’s probably more like arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    It’s not that I was enamored with Gaborik, but he did score 40 goals twice while with the Rangers. And, since this is his down season next one should be another 40 goal season. Who did they pick up that’s going to even make you think they can score half of that?

  40. Know what I miss in what is now an avalanche of Fire Torts rhetoric? The original firetorts. He was a true pioneer and visionary, it turns out.

  41. I remember the discussion by Torts that he didnt want to be jerking Kreider around, but that reports from the Whale was good things about what Kreider was doing. Then a day later they called him up. Pretty sure that Torts would not have said that Kreider was up here to stay, but I think its an implication that if he is brought up it would be to stay, ie, not jerking him around. Why did they even bother bringing him back up two weeks ago?

    Starting to believe that Kreider will not be able to develop as he should under Torts.

  42. Gaborik did not go through the process. His balls were significantly smaller than a building. Jam = none. Grind = less than adequate. Let’s not even get into shot blocking, that most essential part of winning hockey games. 40 goals + 0 blocked shots = enjoy your exile to Ohio, buddy. Until that team makes the playoffs…

  43. What Torts said:

    Mar 19, 2013
    “We don’t want to keep on knee jerking him back and forth, we want to make sure if we do (call him up), we feel he’s ready to play,” Tortorella said.”

  44. Torts keeps saying he’s trying to develop Kreider properly. To me he’s ruining him!

  45. GardenOfReams on

    Tonight’s game: “Skates Off a Plane” — starring Brassard and Moore

  46. Tobin Wright @agentwright

    Classy move by the Bluejackets Execs to fly to Nyc and pic up @MGaborik10 and take him to Nashville to meet his new team mates. #CBJ #NHL

    Classy? what does that mean?

  47. just glad that no matter what roster moves the Rangers make, Brian Boyle never moves lower than the 3rd-line

  48. Clowe-Richards-Zucc, Nash-Step-Call, Hag-Brassard-Boyle, Pyatt-Powe-Asham. DelZ-Girardi, McD-Stral, Moore-Eminger.

  49. Gift of GAB-orik on

    JD flies to pick up Gaborik.

    I’m hearing Torts gave Kreider an EZ Pass so he didn’t have to wait in line at the toll booths on his way to CT.

    Stay Classy San Diego

  50. Cross Check Charlie on

    So, what do you think they showed all the new players once they arrived in New York? The Statue of Liberty? Their locker at MSG? How about showing them where the opponent’s net is?

  51. I dunno, maybe it’s just me, maybe he’s just tired and in a mood, but Torts doesn’t sound very convinced or energetic about this deal.

  52. And Dudley, it’s always exciting to be first, but you have to say first! Only a Bettman bonus point for you for saying wow :)

  53. It’s not about me Latona!
    I guess you think what he’s doing is good for Kreider.
    And how many NHL have you developed? What, are we not entitled to an opinion?

  54. it’s on the Outdoor Life channel, aka Versus, aka NBC sportsnetwork, aka the Pierre McGuire channel

  55. Brassard scores three tonight, Powe and Pyatt dump in a pair a piece

    Rangers lose 21-7

  56. cub, I’m just a troublemaker around here. Came across a little harsh, I apologize. I have developed none though. And I have no idea whether or not what he’s doing is good for Kreider.

  57. At least Davidson doesn’t have to worry about Gabby elbowing and muscling him to get the window seat.

  58. Czechthemout!!! on

    Other than Step’s line, who else can score?

    By the way, Milbury and Jones were ripping Torts. Jones went so far as to say that Torts got what he wanted. Grit,jam,etc. if they don’t make the playoffs, he will not be back next year as coach.

  59. Carp, you don’t think Torts is in danger of being fired if he misses the playoffs?

  60. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Gabby had a breakaway to the bathroom, Got stopped by the door and missed the toilet.

  61. this team is making personnel moves according to the wishes of the coach

    so either Sather is giving him one last chance to prove his worth (which is unlikely) or Tortorella isn’t going anywhere anytime soon

  62. Fair enough Latona – As you can tell I’m a litte angry today:(
    Slats has made me crazy!
    I have developed a bad atittude toward Ranger management :)

  63. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Coos, I’d like to see you deny someone a job when they hold you at shoepoint.

  64. I have a bad attitude toward Sather and Dolan cub – I think it’s the other pieces keeping them afloat..

  65. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    The trade wasn’t too bad, except for the players they got and including Gaborik.

  66. Latona,
    Do you think they’ll make the playoffs?
    I don’t see it. All these moves seem so counterproductive. Seems like they have no plan.
    Your thoughts?

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