Rangers deal Marian Gaborik to the Blue Jackets (updated)


The Rangers have traded Marian Gaborik to Columbus for Derek Dorsett (who is out for the season with a broken collarbone), John Moore and Derick Brassard and a sixth-round draft pick.

Brassard, 25, is a center with some skill; Dorsett is a little but very tough winger, and Moore, 20,  is a big, mobile defenseman.

Gaborik will enter the final season of his contract next year, at $7.5 million.

More as it comes.

Quick thought: This is a really bad deal for the Rangers who now are back to one legitimate first-line forward (unless you believe Brad Richards will bounce back at some point before being bought out).


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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    honestly, I feel sick. this is one of the worst trades I have ever, EVER seen.

  2. @Russostrib@ #mnwild has acquired Jason Pominville. Larsson and Hackett going the other way. Hear this trade could include high draft picks, too

  3. it’s terrible only based on who we THINK Gabby should be,

    but not based on the Gabby we now have, at the cost we now have, in the system we know have (even though it’s the system itself that may be flawed)…

    the team has turned into the 76ers

  4. WTF. This is seriously happening? Worst move ever. WHY? And now I gotta stare at Dorsett’s ugly mug all season. Eff this, I am rooting for Columbus from now on.

  5. No Grabby. No picks. We got depth and traded Gaborik. Who will now score a million goals against us. And probably win a cup in Columbus.

  6. like it.

    moore is 22 and a first round pick and a d man, dorsett and brassard young, tough, and brassard a center with some skill.

    call me crazy I like it, save money, get more depth, and have upside…

  7. _it’s terrible only based on who we THINK Gabby should be_

    We think he should be a 40 goal guy. He’s been a 40 goal guy twice in his four years with us.

  8. wait for the confirmation – it’s not official yet – sometimes the details get partially leaked

  9. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Columbus has three first round picks and we didn’t get one? Sad.

    I agree with Carp. I don’t care how many goals Gaborik had this year. He is a scorer, and 40-goal guys don’t fall from trees.

    I just feel sad.

  10. Moore could be good guys. Solid prospect that is definitely NHL ready. He can replace Hamrlik on Friday.

  11. Gaborik is well out of this mess. Good for him. Can’t believe I just watched the destruction of this team in the space of mere hours.

  12. I love Dorsett but I don’t love giving up an actual scorer for him. Man. Wow.

  13. ?@@KatieStrangESPN@Dorsett is injured (collarbone) but is expected to return by the last week of regular season or start of playoffs. Will add grit once back

  14. i live closer to columbus than ny now and might switch to rooting for them until sather is fired. next year gabby will put up 45 goals watch.

  15. Your boy Malik on

    Sickening…….now he’ll be with Dubi, Artie, etc…..the guy never had a chance with this current team….so glad I got rid of my season tix……..

  16. Dorsett is a pretty good haul. Especially with Moore being a capable D-Man for 3rd pair. Especially if he comes back. This is just like getting a few 2nd round picks but instead of picks it’s NHL ready bottom 6 guys.

  17. Lloyd Braun April 3rd, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    yeah so anyone that says Tortorella didn’t have it in for Gaborik

    amen brother

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    This is the worst trade Sather has made as GM of the Rangers. This is the anti-Gomez to Montreal deal.

  19. Braunschweiger on

    Nick Cotsonika ? @cotsonika
    If Gaborik has agreed to waive his no-trade to go to Columbus, I think we know why. #torts

  20. 4generations 4 cups on

    this is seriously like the worst dream ever. last year we make it right to the brim and the guy who scores a 3OT goal is out of the locker room. completely gutted of all its heart and soul the rangers are just a shell again. this seriously is the biggest joke ever and its embarrassing that we were considered contenders.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    He couldn’t get something better than this!? That’s the most mind-boggling part.

    Holy Jeez I would have killed for Gaborik for Dan Boyle over this lousy ass return.

  22. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I wouldn’t have mind if they traded hank , staal, callahan and everyone for a fresh start and salary dumps for a ton of #1’s . but this is oil and water.. sather is stoned ..

    agree with Lloyd B.. torts hated gaborik..
    and he hates the kid too #20

  23. 4generations 4 cups on

    like seriously dorsett moore and brassard? brassard had a good start to his year like 4 years ago and has never amounted to anything. we traded our sniper for that. wow. wow. wow. talk about losing firepower.

  24. Moore is a 6th defensemanif the Rangers had any scoring depth, this trade would be fine. But they’ve got 1 other goal scorer and added three very average pieces.

    White flag, meet the 2013 NY Rangers season

  25. Great point The Doctor. Great point.

    Johnny – I thought that too but it appears he will be back end of April. Hopefully with Staal.

  26. When people advance this stupid “Gaborik is soft” narrative, remember last year’s playoffs.

  27. Sioux-per-man on

    Who’s on the other foot?

    $7.5 Million is going to be who …………………

  28. @stevezipay@ Derick Brassard is a center, Dorsett a tough guy, Moore a young, good skating D. But betting Gaborik will have 30-40 goals next yr for CBJ

  29. i like dorsett manny. thats the only good thing about this trade. brassard is a semibust so far is he not? only thing of moore i know is from nhl 13. ha. FIRE SATHER!!!!! oh wait, we got a 6th rounder back, oops. cancel that request

  30. Tortorella wins, fans lose. I’ll check back to this site once he’s fired. It’s been fun.

    Go, New York Jamsters.

  31. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Why do I think Tortorella has a smirk on his face right now?

    I know he wants to win, but his “my-way-or-the highway” is getting very old.

  32. ORR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, worst part of this deal: clearing Gaborik’s cap hit tells me they intend on keeping Richards.


  34. Is Sather on crack too? Or did he just feel left out of making the horrific deals that Holmgren and Yzerman did?

  35. Could be a decent trade for the future, but I don’t really see how this helps us much this season.

  36. I really thought this was an April fools post, seriously….this is a huge WTF for me

  37. Guys – I wish Gabby would score more and that he’d win a Cup here, but he is like a Porsche after a bad accident…in this system, at this price, with his current level of play, you get what you can get for him. I’m not happy that under these circumstances it was all we could get, but it’s not the 2012 Gabby we’re talking about.

  38. Too bad we didn’t get Boll. We traded Gaborik for Clowe and Brassard and Dorsett.

  39. Who’s gonna score goals for us? Not like Gaby was scoring but geez Richards couldn’t get a beach ball into a soccer net!

  40. agree, Lloyd. Not only that, but how are they going to negotiate an 82-game season next year with all these 0-12 goal scorers?

  41. Can we just dump Pyatt now please? Can Brassard and Moore get here TONIGHT so I don’t have to watch Hamrlik?

  42. wow i dont think we got nearly enough. i am ok for trading gabby but we needed more here.

  43. This will either be the worst or greatest trade of all time. Sather = Milbury or Neil Smith.

  44. Not-so-minor-point: If this has really been in the works for a few days, why not do it yesterday? Seriously hurts our roster tonight and we sort of need these points.

  45. 4generations 4 cups on

    rick nash, derrick brassard, john moore, derek dorsett, 6th round pick for brandon dubinsky, artem anisimov, marian gaborik, tim erixon.

    i wouldn’t. sorry. i just wouldn’t.

  46. torontonyrfan on

    i hope everyone who wanted gaborik gone enjoys the 20 points these trash players will put up next season. i hope they enjoy the grinders that eep getting added to this team for Tortorella, i hope they enjoy the continuous babying of brad richards for the next 9 years.

  47. the rangers will never admit this but i think they have thrown in the towel this year. think about a year ago we are two games away and what this roster looks like now

  48. It’s not _that_ bad though. We lost Gaborik, who was seriously struggling, and we got back a good D Prospect who can play 3rd pair over Hamrlik. So that experiment can end. We shed some salary so we can make a run at someone huge (after we buyout Richards) and we got a lot of bottom 6 Jam/Grit/Scram/pizazz/etc.

  49. Carp,

    If they also manage to dump Richards, which means they are officially pulling the plug on the season, I could get behind this move simply for the sake of freeing up salary. But given what they took back in order to move Gaborik, this move alone isn’t enough to give them enough room to land the scoring forwards they desperately need.

    hate to say it but this moves smacks to me of Tortorella

  50. Not happy – in my eyes, that was a huge mistake. The thought was to have MULTIPLE elite scorers and candidly, I still view Marian as just that. He’s always been streaky and we just traded him for the lowest value possible. Doesn’t really seem to fit in a “plan” per se but I dont view us as being any closer to a cup after that move – in fact, further from it. Maybe it makes sense if Kreider or Miller are ready. Maybe it makes sense if Richie is on fire and some of the younger guys were cranking. Under these pretenses, taking an injured player and two role players for a superstar seems about as smart as Bloomberg focusing his attention on soda size.

    Sucks – I was feeling the Clowe move!

  51. _How do you not get Jack Johnson and a first rounder for Gabby?_

    Oh. _That’s_ how it could have been worse.

  52. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    I think brassard is a 20 goal guy and clowe is a 20 goal guy (guessing) so you add 2 guys that contribute in all 3 zones and score similar number of goals to gabby…theoretically

  53. ThisYearsModel on

    John Tortorella has finally rid himself of Marian Gaborik. Congrats John. When you get fired this summer and Gabby scores 40 next season in Columbus, we will remember you fondly.

  54. Eric, I was just thinking that. Do you think this is possibly setting something up for the summer and tackling it next yeat?

  55. Game plan for a team that cant score goals: trade your best natural goal scorer and acquire a guy with 0 goals on the season…

    They cut salary and got bigger/younger..that much I like. Unless they have a plan to do something else now or in July I dont know what to think of this though.
    Can’t go by this blog since you guys despise everyone.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    Gaborik will get to show us how dumb we were when he terrorizes us in our division next year.


  57. I guess Clowe was wrong thinking he was going to play with Gaborik and Richards …. LOL

  58. I didn’t know Sather’s prostate was in his brain. Hopefully Gaborik will veto the trade.

  59. Rangers are packed to the brim with guys who have 7.5 and C probability of success on hockeysfuture.com

  60. As usual lots of short-sighted only look at goal totals reactions on here. This is a terrific trade considering what has gone on the past week. They were never re-signing Gabby especially when they have raises to give out to a majority of their young guys. As seen, rentals bring back meaningless draft picks. While Iginla, Morrow, Jagr went for nothing, they actually got 3 NHL assets for Gabby. That’s a good trade any day of the week.

  61. This isn’t as bad as everyone is thinking. Maybe we couldn’t have gotten more. Gaborik is coming off MAJOR shoulder surgery. He has had a down year. Really down.

    We need grit. We got it. Our support staff just got a lot better and after we buyout Richards we can keep our team together (RFA’s).

    Brassard is on the phone on Sportsnet.

  62. brassard is signed through next season at $3.2 million.
    Derek Dorsett is signed for three more seasons at $1.6 million.
    John Moore is on an entry-level deal for two more seasons.

    how do we not a 1 of columbus 3 first rounders

  63. Sather Must Go! on

    okay, take Johnson out… just a first rounder and Moore…Brassard isn’t very good and adds zero grit..and Dorsett is out..

  64. they could not have possibly dealt Richards — who, even if there was a really dumb GM out there, wouldn’t waive his NMC — He will have to be bought out, though I’m guessing it’s at the end of next season. Is there any UFA out there to replace some of what Gaborik might produce next season?

  65. I can’t even imagine how much barf will exit my body if Clowe gets a 5Y/$25MM deal or something like that.

  66. Trade proves this much…Torts and Gaby do not see eye to eye. Especially if Gaby agreed to go to that swill pit for a year just to get away from him

  67. Norm,, the fans won this one.
    Wait til Dorsett becomes a fan favorite, he will be more popular than Prust.

  68. If Torts hated Butt-Chin so much, don’t you think he would have traded him two seasons ago? Lame excuse.

    I wasn’t against trading him. He doesn’t have much years left on his contract, so at least they got something. Could have been more though.

  69. And before all the “We don’t score enough now” talk.

    A. Gabby hasn’t scored much this year.
    B. Moore is a big improvement on defense over Hamr and Eminger
    C. They were not going anywhere anyway.
    D. Oh well – Guess Nash maybe should score more and earn that 6th highest contract in NHL

  70. @TSNBobMcKenzie@ As per @Real_ESPNLeBrun, SJ acquires Raffi Torres for 3rd rounder in 2013. #tradecentre

  71. Lloyd, Carp: where’s the scoring going to come from not only this year but next? Unless Sather is positioning himself for another move this year or in the offseason (though d***ed if I know what it is).

  72. was Sather in the hospital when realignment was confirmed and thus didn’t know about it

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" BRRRing on the Penguins!!!"...says Greg L. on

    ok ok ok …on paper this deal sucks. We lose Gaborik , wow Gaborik for nothing. Rangers do not mess around. Gaborik had no impact on our rooster as of late so he goes. Could be a great deal but on paper it looks like we got hosed.

  74. If Richards is bought out, I’m alright with this. Step might be a number 1 center if he continues to develop like he has this year, brassard could be number 2, but more importantly…we will have cap room to sign the young guys to extensions (step, mcd, mdz) in addition with cally and hank up in a year or two.

  75. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    This is probably one of the worst NYR hockey trades. how much cap room is cleared? and for whom?

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    I hate you, Glen Sather. And you, Jeff Gorton. And most of all, I curse you, James Dolan.

  77. This trade is just stupid. This team cant score to begin with. So we trade a 40 goal guy for absolutely nothing. We give up a 2nd and 3rd round pick and a conditional 2nd for a guy without a goal this year, and get a 6th round pick and nobodies for Marian Gaborik, one of the best scorers in the league. It’s time for Sather to go. We add grit, and lose scoring (something we already struggle to do). If youre going to trade Gaborik, you have to get something of value in return. He has another year on his contract, it’s not like he’s an expiring contract. Ridiculous

  78. This trade is not that bad guys. Just think about what we just did. We got some good NHL players signed to reasonable contracts. Moore is still ELC and he’s definitely better than Eminger, Gilroy and Hamrlik.

    Gaborik was never coming back to NYC. He was out next season.

  79. Remember that one time when there were Gaborik for Dustin Brown rumors? Man, those sure were cool, even before Dustin Brown became DUSTIN BROWN CHAMPION CAPTAIN ™.

  80. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – I’m on the ledge……please tell me how this HELPS the Rangers right NOW!

  81. Unless they’re making cap room for Brian Leetch after a trip to the Fountain of Youth this trade is an abomination.

  82. Yup. That’s right, Wicky. That’s what I was saying. It’s like getting draft picks but the guys were already drafted for us. Moore is YOUNG and signed to a reasonable deal and a definite 3rd pair upgrade.

  83. Now Gabby’s been part of the best and worst trades. This is pathetic. Gabby is a huge talent. Never fully unleashed.

  84. Carp, not next year. But I hear the year after Marian Gaborik is going to be a UFA. That may be their only option.

  85. _Gaborik was never coming back to NYC. He was out next season._

    Its not losing Gaborik that I don’t like, I can handle it because I know he didn’t fit the style, but he wasn’t replaced. We somehow walk out of these last 24 hours with even less ability to score.

  86. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    if dorsett comes back healthy and brassard can get 20 goals, it’s a good deal

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" BRRRing on the Penguins!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Gaborik’s greatest goal was when he scored with Minnesota . He did have that one
    ” top corner ” shot …man was everyone sold on him…then he faultered. Torts screaming at him on the bench ” Arn’t you gonna doing anything!!?? , Score a #$#% goal !!”

  88. Sather Must Go! on

    Sather hated Dustin Brown – so much so, that he drafted Big Hugh, right before him just to make him feel bad!

  89. They couldn’t even get a 2nd rounder out of Columbus? This makes the Clowe deal look even worse!

  90. But we moved Gaborik as part of getting Clowe. So basically:

    We got: Nash, Clowe, Brassard, Dorsett and Moore and a 6th round pick (Datsyuk) and the ability to re-sign our RFA’s

    We Gave: Anisimov, Dubinsky, Gaborik, Erixon and a 1st

    Think big picture

  91. Manny, take off your company man glasses for a sec

    The Rangers have basically no scoring and a surfeit of bottom 6 forwards. They just traded their 2nd best forward for a mediocre (underachieving) center, a 3rd-4th line grinder and a defenseman to replace a 38-year old 6th dman with a bloated salary who wouldn’t be on the team past May.

  92. Dorsett may become a fan favorite, but not this fan. I love hockey, not the WWF — hockey like the Bruins and Senators played last night, speed and skill. I’ll wait until the JamGritWall era is over, soon I hope — in the meantime, I’ll be over on the Columbus blog, if there is one, rooting for the Rangers.

  93. Sioux-per-man on

    I would be very surprised if the rangers haven’t finalized something else. Remember, deals can be announced later

    Who comes in. Rangers must have a PP Quarterback with a bomb comeing in….. right?

  94. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Carp – what do you think?

    I would feel a little better if we had gotten high draft picks instead of average jam players.

  95. a franchise destined for mediocrity… fans content with mediocrity.. content with prusts and boyles. referring to boyle as mediocrity, though, is an insult to mediocrity.

  96. What did you guys expect to get back for a guy with one year left considering the market set by the Iginla, Morrow and Jagr trades? They actually got 3 rostered NHL players for him. Would you rather a 2nd, 3rd and 2 never to make the NHL prospects next year. Go look at NHL draft history. If 4 of 30 2nd rounders become top NHLers that’s alot.

  97. stuart a

    I totally agree, like the deal, got younger, got rid of some salary. long term signing of clowe?

  98. I understand Lloyd but, as Wicky is saying, if Dorsett comes back healthy and nets 20 and Clowe does the same, we got those guys and a 3rd Pair D upgrade.

    This was going to happen regardless. At least we got 3 NHL ready players.

  99. Braunschweiger on

    The bonus we get to hear Milbury during the game tonight and 500 Crosby updates. Fun night

  100. _Think big picture_

    Thinking big picture requires thought. Thought is something you are incapable of.

  101. Malkin is a UFA in 2014 and the Rangers will clear the deck for him.

    Gaborik was never going to win us anything

  102. They could have just saved the 9 months in between and traded Gaby Dubinsky Anisimov and a first rounder for these 3 and Nash…

  103. I like Clowe a lot

    but if you dumped Gaborik for the sole purpose of signing Ryane Clowe to a long-term deal, this trade was a total failure

  104. I’d like to hear what the team has to say about it. Especially how they are planning to address the goalscoring issue. Now, and in the nearest future.

  105. Doodie Machetto April 3rd, 2013 at 2:53 pm
    Oh, worst part of this deal: clearing Gaborik’s cap hit tells me they intend on keeping Richards.


    That’s pretty much the writing on the wall, right? Atrocious.

  106. I get that Rangers need grit, depth. But getting nothing out of Gaborik and trading him when you need scoring is a big-picture loss.

  107. Manny,

    Dorsett has cracked 4 goals once in his life. Suddenly he’s going to net 20?

  108. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    wasn’t someone complaining we were getting old, well we just got younger

  109. That 2nd round pick stat doesn’t pass the sniff test. Is it like “in the last 10 years, including the last few years which logically wouldn’t have produced many NHL players YET” or something?

  110. Full credit to NYR and CBJ. Told discussions on the Gaborik trade have been going on for days. #tradecentre according to dreger

  111. Eric, totally agreed. I can see how these guys are more of what Torts wanted but where do they intend to get goals from? They don’t have one player capable of more than maybe 23-25 goals on this team.

  112. Dorsett can replace Prust’s 5 goals avg. He might win a fight once in a while, though.

  113. Nice job trading a guy at the absolute, rock-bottom value of his entire career. You have to get more than that for Gaborik. Geez! They have to buy out Bambi Richards this summer. I cannot watch that money pit for another year!!

  114. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    I didn’t mean dorsett score 20, I meant brassard. if brassard scores 20 and clowe scores 20 then we make up the goals and become a better overall team.

  115. Sioux-per-man on

    John Giannone:
    And DO REMEMBER something else about Gaborik trade—-he had the right of first AND last refusal on this or any trade. And he opted to choose Columbus Blue Jackets over NYR at this moment.

  116. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Derek Dorsett is on the phone with TSN…..doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be on the DL with a broken collarbone

  117. Dump Gaborik who isn’t scoring and has defensive lapses. Torts would have him on the bench anyway. 7.5 million gone now which will give breathing room for signing our key RFA’s and maybe Clowe this summer?

    Got a haul of guys on the young side with some experience. Moore could develop as a former 1st rounder and then you’ll all love it.

    You can’t really judge this because I doubt many of you have seen any of these guys play. You’re just overreacting to the name GABORIK.

  118. One of those trades largely dictated by a head coach than anything else…didn’t know Torts would have that power, but things must have been really bad for this to go down. It’s also a sign of the team throwing in the towel on this year

  119. Two thoughts:
    1- I’m not worried about the lack of scoring based on personnel, because on paper the Rangers should have been an offensive juggernaut this season and instead are dead-last in the league in scoring. Brassard and Dorsett are decent players who show up, something the Rangers have had a real lack of lately, including from Gaborik.

    2 – If Gaborik goes to CBJ and starts lighting the lamp, and the Rangers continue to struggle to score goals, then we know the problem is not with the players, it lies within the coach and the system.

  120. look, the bottom line is that Gaborik was moved because Tortorella doesn’t want him, so the coach got his wish and the lazy goalscorer is gone. I don’t even think the pieces they got back mattered nearly as much as getting Gaborik out.

  121. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    This is JD’s chance at revenge for not getting the NYR GM job in the first place.

    Play Sather like a fiddle.

  122. One thing though Gaborik has 1 more point than Brassard does this season. Moore is a top prospect who will start immediately over Hamrlik and Dorsett is Prust.

    I don’t mind moving Gaborik, but Brassard has been underwhelming in his career. Would have liked to see someone better

  123. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    of course if gabby scored 20 by now, he probably wouldn’t have been traded

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    jshim, I’ve seen Dorsett and Brassard. Brassard is a crybaby who thinks he is much better than he actually is. Dorsett is a nice fighter, but you don’t trade Gaborik for an enforcer. Mike Rupp is an enforcer and we got Darroll Powe for him. Columbus gets Gaborik!?

    And as for the defensive prospect, he is the worst of Columbus’ deep defensive prospect pool.

  125. Rangers have fallen the point where they move one of their best forwards to land a Brandon Prust clone

    holy crap

  126. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    well, there goes another star. Whisp him in. Whisp him out. They grow on trees, kind of like Prust-type players.

  127. Dorsett is now our Prust. But signed for length and value that is appropriate. I won’t love him as much but that’s the role he’s coming here for.

  128. Has anyone watched Gaborik this year? He is awful. What could we have possibly gotten for him at $7.5 million due to him next year? He is soft, loses pucks all the time and is awful defensively. We shed his salary and Richards will be gone in the offseason and we can hopefully sign guys who can play this style. Gaborik can’t even score on breakaways or penalty shots anymore. Moore was also a first round pick with upside.

  129. why is this not an insanely stupid terrible trade? i’m sure the gabby haters are happy and now they can just turn their uninformed vitriol onto nash or clowe but wtf?

    this was columbus payback

    and i really hope the suggestions that Torts pushed for this are completely wrong

    why not just trade him in the off season if need be…this is ridiculous…a lot of people are having off years…its not like this guy never did anything for the rangers….i guarantee he scores five vs hank next time we play columbus

  130. From “The Cannon” blog in Columbus:

    “Moore was obviously the odd man out. He’s been scratched even when healthy in favor of Tim Erixon and Dalton Prout. Not to mention Ryan Murray on his way next season…

    Brassard needed to go, if not for a change of scenery, just to dump his salary. That’s a lot of bodies to move, and there’s some leadership lost with Dorsett, but I feel good about it all around.”

  131. After adding Clowe, all we had to do at this deadline was grab a tough #6 Dman, which would have cost basically nothing. Then, we see what happens in the playoffs (team is a longshot for the Cup anyway), and trade Gabby at the draft to get a decent return. I don’t see the point of such a major shakeup. Really, the return on Gaborik should have been much, much better. A new low.

  132. @stevezipay@ Dorsett has broken collarbone, just told TSN that he is flying in tonight to be checked by NY docs. Said he received welcome text from Nash

  133. CARP, this is just like “Opposite George” episode of Seinfeld: last year, the Blue Jackets (George) were down and the Rangers (Elaine) were up. Now, Blue Jackets are up and the Rangers are down. Even Steven!

    “Don’t you see what’s happened? I’m George. I’M GEORGE!” “Don’t say that!”

  134. Why is everyone so sure that Gaborik trajectory is going to bend upwards? Has anyone watched him this year. When he’s good he’s in traffic; this year he was timid and he seems to have lost that dynamic first step. I’m not sure with that salary you were going to do any better.

  135. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    I do not think dorsett is like prust or a prust clone. he is a better hitter than prust and will fight less.

    I would honestly say a bigger version of cally, but not with the scoring touch

  136. They actually added points in this deal. Brassard had 1 less point than Gabby this year and Dorsett had 9 points before getting hurt.

    But I know how it works here. We judge multiple player trades for one guy as
    if it’s one guy for the other one guy.

  137. Rangers also sent two minor league defensemen to Columbus in the Gaborik trade

  138. I fully understand this means Gaborik wasn’t going to be resigned. As well as we all understand that they got some young depth players in return ( actually Brassard has some skills at center) and some grit. Do not know much about Moore. I’d have 2 questions for the management: who is replacing Gaborik’s scoring during the upcoming playoffs? But most importantly, what is the plan for next year in this department? Unless they do not feel they won’t be ready next year either.

  139. I hope Henrik leaves after next season and goes to a real franchise, like the Red Wings. He deserves a real team that builds around him with talent capable of winning.

  140. If we didn’t get Clowe yesterday, this trade would have been a lot tougher to digest…

    And, any hope of a Richards buyout (even in 2014) is probably gone, right?

  141. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    When somebody wants you and somebody wants to trade you, it’s good that somebody wants you.”

    Marian Gaborik — April 3, 2013

  142. Not that it matters to the world but, if this was pushed by Torts, then I will change my position 180 degrees and jump on the “Fire Torts” bandwagon – as ridiculous as those people sound.

    now, let’s hear from all those that have been wishing for gabby’s departure since he got here on how this is going to make us better?

  143. So we trade a guy with 40 goal potential to get spare parts and a guy who has no goals on the season. I bet these new guys are great at blocking shots though!!!!

  144. Sioux-per-man on

    I feel like we got Nash potatos out of this deal.

    I have 2 worthless jersey’s now :(

  145. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    Gabby high on the WBM for a ton of people here and everyone says overpaid and sucks, we trade him for 3 good young players and all of a sudden he is this tremendous asset that should ahve brought a huge return???

    Which is it folks?

  146. the blue jackets were terrible last year, so we’re bringing in as many players from them as possible.

  147. I just wonder if anyone is seeing this deal as anything more than pulling the plug on the 2013 season

    strikes me a few of you think the Rangers are actually gearing up for a playoff run by landing a middle of the road center, a 6th defenseman and a guy out with a broken clavicle until May.

  148. Nick Cotsonika@cotsonikaGaborik on TSN: “It’s good that somebody actually wants you on the team.”

    That about says it.

  149. Pat Leonard @NYDNRangers

    Gaborik on TSN: “When somebody wants you and somebody tries to trade you, it’s good that somebody actually wants you on their team.”

  150. Just wondering, Lloyd. I saw some tweets that Dorsett and Nash were close. Maybe Nash was upset that no one here defends him…

  151. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Wade Redden to the Bruins?

    No feel good ending in St. Louis?

    No way.

  152. Doesn’t matter how many goals Gaborik scores next year, he would not have scored them here. If he is healthy, he is what he is and there isn’t a chance in hell he would be part of a legitimate Cup run in a Ranger uniform. He was gone at this time next year anyway. Time to be thinking 2013-2014-2015…..

  153. czechthemout!!! on

    This is an indefensible trade. So the rat face coach gets his way. A bunch of no talent scrubs, lumbering around the ice to no end. Wow! I bet Clowe and Nash would want another chance to not waive thier no trade clause.

    Fire these two buffoons!!!

    Jam grind wall rim hard jam grind wall

    Ef U!!

  154. It’s anger, Wicky. Anger at anything. At first I wanted to puke. Because moving Gaborik pretty much seems like giving up this season (and maybe next season too). But overall I think this is a decent move. Got a first round D prospect who is NHL ready. Got some grit guys and got Clowe.

  155. Glen why the trade of Gaborik? “well fellas, he bumped into Jimmy Dolan in the hallway the other night and didn’t recognize him. Had to go”

  156. ———
    AdamApril 3rd, 2013 at 3:19 pm
    Do you guys think we could have gotten more if we traded Gaborik in the summer?


    Adam, you better start thinking about more immediate future, say, a month from now, when we have no play-offs and no Gaborik.

  157. I hate Torres, but knowing we could have just added Torres for a 3rd and O’Byrne for a 4th rather than Gaborik and 2 or 3 2nds for Clowe and a lot of Blue Jackets … man oh man. Man. Oh man.



    Hi Manny.

  158. So in a very big game tonight are these guys gonna get here in time?

    Is one of Kreider or Miller staying for the game or are we going to have to play Gilroy as a forward

  159. Thanks, Lloyd. Parlett and Delisle, eh…Didn’t we get Delisle when we got Nash?

  160. Sioux-per-man on

    John Giannone:
    Gaborik quoted on TSN says “It’s good that somebody actually wants you on their team.” Reference to him being on trade block? Being on fourth line recently? Both? I;ll say the latter.

  161. I think it’s a good trade for the future. I think it’s apparent that management doesn’t think the team is going to win this year. And perhaps, in a strange way, this is a vote of confidence for guys like Kreider and Miller. Hopefully they get a fair shake now and next year.

    BTW, who’s going to be a UFA next year?

  162. _I just wonder if anyone is seeing this deal as anything more than pulling the plug on the 2013 season_

    Right … but we gave up our top 2 picks just yesterday. I can’t understand anything right now.

  163. Yea. We got Delisle in the Nash deal. And now Columbus is taking him back. Did we miss something there?

  164. yup, Delisle goes right back to Columbus after being in the Ranger system for a few months

  165. Luongo is really hysterical. He was asked why he didn’t move and he said, “My Contract Sucks.”

  166. Mister D:

    True, which makes this move seem that much more like an attempt to free cap space (about $2 million) for Ryane Clowe? I don’t understand it.

  167. Thought there was something funny the other night about Duguay saying that maybe Gaborik would be happier once he got out of town- kind of infering that it was Gaborik that wanted out (considering I’ve never heard Duguay say anything even remotely insightful). I figured then and there that he was relaying something he’d heard rather than deduced. You know, Gabby could have gone thumbs down on the trade, if he wanted to stay- maybe he did and the Ranger brass threatened to bodycheck him- after which he meekly complied.

  168. sheesh…in no season, basically ever in his pro/junior career has Moore ever been a + player…


  169. Sioux-per-man on

    Gaborik quoted on TSN says “It’s good that somebody actually wants you on their team.” Reference to him being on trade block?

  170. Bruins get Wayne Redden. They should start making a place for the SC Banner now :)

  171. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    this should also tell you torts haters how the organization feels about torts, they are giving him players for HIS style

  172. Rob in Beantown on

    _Is one of Kreider or Miller staying for the game or are we going to have to play Gilroy as a forward_

    My question exactly

  173. I do think fans will love having Clowe and Dorsett around, but how are they going to grind out 82 1-0 games?

  174. I just saw a car with NY plates make a u-turn on I-84 just south of Hartford. Was that Miller or Kreider?

  175. Well, Torts got what he wanted. When they don’t make the playoffs can we expect him to be fired?

  176. O byrne to leafs for a 4th rounder…RANGERS COULDNT MAKE THAT TRADE? Btw they wanted top 4 RH DMAN and traded for a no name LEFT HANDED DMAN…fantastic job!

  177. The same people that have been killing Gabby all year are now upset when they traded him early (unlike Feaster) to make sure they got back NHL assets and not college level scrubs back? He was not coming back. They also needed the Money and Cap Space to give raises to guys like MCD, Stepan, Hagelin. Or would you have happier moving those guys instead. The Cap is the Cap and it’s going down.

  178. _True, which makes this move seem that much more like an attempt to free cap space (about $2 million) for Ryane Clowe? I don’t understand it._

    If we agree, you know something is going really, really wrong.

  179. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I need a new screen name.

    GAB spelled backwards is Bag. As in Gab’s bags are packed. Weird!

    Oh high oh. Gabby is gone. To Ohio.

  180. Carp April 3rd, 2013 at 3:30 pm

    I do think fans will love having Clowe and Dorsett around, but how are they going to grind out 82 1-0 games?

    That’s what the shootout is for.

  181. It’s a garbage trade, when Gaborik is healthy and going good he makes a difference. None of these guys will.

  182. I too was confused about this trade but just had a bit of a revelation.

    Last year, we were 2 wins away from the Stanley Cup Finals with a team that featured Richards and Gaborik with some great role players who bought into the system Torts has in place. Sather then let some of those important cogs go in free agency and via trade to get Nash.

    Sather realized that Richards/Gaborik/Nash and guys who don’t play Torts’ style was not getting the job done. So Sather decides to unload Gaborik, who I believe is still hurt and way overpaid, to free up salary to sign VERY important RFA’s next year and also gets guys in return that appear to fit the mold that Torts seeks. Add to that bringing in Ryan Clowe who also appears to be a grinder, and what you get is a team with a very similar make-up that, I believe, will be motivated during this stretch run. Instead of Richards/Gaborik plus grinders, we now seem to have Richards/Nash plus grinders.

    This was a complete fever dream in my confusion about this trade. Maybe it comes true, who knows.


  183. what’s so head-scratching about these moves is that if you throw out the (very real) likelihood that Gaborik was moved just to move him, the Rangers are making the kind of trades that deep teams make to get deeper. the Rangers aren’t a deep team.

  184. Why the hell should we re-sign Clowe? He’s a more expensive Prust at this point in his career, and he’s 2 years older. Should’ve just kept Prust and avoided all this.

    Devils just got Sullivan for a 7th rounder. Great move for them to help them until they get their top guys back.

  185. Sather Must Go! on

    John Moore 7 points; minus 23 and EIGHT PIMs in 67 games with Columbus in 2011-2..not exactly an enforcer/cease clearer

  186. ABindy, please do not infer that Duguay had any knowledge of this or any other move or anything else going on with the organization. He probably couldn’t pick Gaborik out of a lineup.

  187. The Rangers clearly are not punting 2013. This move is all about 2013 (and 2014) actually.

    The Rangers feel that the only way they can compete is through grit and toughness and addressed that in spades. They felt Gaborik was no longer capable of being a 30+ goal scorer here and traded him for “glue guys” and a young d-man with potential.

    This trade is all about the playoffs. It might not work out, but there logic these past two days is absolutely clear.

  188. what was the rangers record in 1 goal games last year, including games in which an empty net goal was involved in a 2 goal game?

  189. Richards was brought here specifically because of Tortorella. How can you now say he doesn’t fit Tortorella’s system?

  190. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp is this like the 94 trade? Send our top scorer for 3 grit guys?

    Tort’s better win the cup!!!

    Or this will go down as one of SATHER’s worst trades EVER!!!

  191. wow – trades now fast and furious.

    Thanks and props to whoever pointed out that livestream Sportsnet Canada website

  192. What chance in terms of percentage did we have to win the Cup this year prior to this idiotic trade? I would say 3-5%. What about now? It’s ZERO.

    Rangers = mediocrity. Disgusting..

  193. that the Rangers landed a 3rd-line center and a 6th defenseman in exchange for their 2nd best forward in order to make the playoffs is the funniest thing I’ve heard since the trade was announced

  194. Oh, they got deeper and younger for many years after Gaborik’s departure, Wicky, no doubt. I’d like to see them address goal scoring now and next season, at least.

  195. we had one good year, and people celebrated like it was 1994. last year was our very real chance to win it all, and we came up 6 games short. now we’re back in the septic tank.

  196. It well past time for Slats AND Torts to go! This is really the final straw. Is there ANY plan at all?

  197. how many 10-14 goal scores can one team have.



  198. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    This will take a few years to recover from , especially since Sather and Torts are on the downside of being here. I HOPE !! .then when a new GM and coach come in, it starts all over again.

  199. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" BRRRing on the Penguins!!!"...says Greg L. on


    kaputtttt , no more ,, Gaborik scoressssss!!!! I liked him , he was quiet and modest . He was all class in my books. His speed was really starting to come back after his surgery . I kinda feel sick to my stomach but my heart says its gonna be ok . Our team lost a great player and a good guy but today may have been his highest trade value , Sather saw this and ask Marion if he wanted to go . Taking off his New York Ranger jersey for the last time …number 10 wallks away looking at what could have been.

  200. maybe we go all in for Malkin in 2014. the penguins may not be able to afford him. hes already won at least 1 cup with penguins. maybe he’ll want to experience being out from underneath sidney’s shadow

  201. Guys, I have had to ban three of you idiots for vulgar language, and I’m on the verge of banning another for his constant harassment of one of our regulars.


    thank you.

  202. feels more and more like this deal had everything to do with getting Gaborik out of here and just getting (any)bodies back for him

  203. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp who wins this trade this year?

    Columbus getting Gabby?

    Minnesota getting Pominville?

    Boston getting Jagr & Redden LOL.

    Pittsburg getting Iginla, Morrow, Murry, & Jokinen

    Ranger getting Clowe & bag of pucks?

  204. yeah the “adding depth line” just sounds like the kind of nonsense we’ll hear from Rosen and Micheletti in a few hours

  205. oleosmirf

    I’d think that about this year, but guys are hurt they are getting back. I think this is about next year and beyond. I think maybe they see that the young guys can take up the slack.

  206. The Rangers are still 3 players over the 50-man limit, no?

    Another move has to be made, no?

  207. Agree wicky. Much, much deeper. Not relying on one guy to net 40 off a shoulder injury works. More goals from more people.

  208. a big middle finger to Torts. big big big one. We got some value. For our 3rd line. What happened to our first and second? But nooo it’s never personal with the coach. Of course i just have a vendetta towards him. EMBARRASSING

  209. Onccup, if anything, this deal makes me think the GM and coach aren’t going anywhere for a long time.

  210. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Revised WBM (c)

    0) Boyle
    1) Richards
    2) Clowe
    3) Brassard
    4) Dorsett
    5) Moore

  211. still sitting here on the parade route…someone please call my mom to let her know I’m OK

  212. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Carp , thats the sad part … the league must be laughing at the NYR from Dolan on down..

  213. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    I would too. Most of us said here that if you trade gabby you have to get goal scoring back.

    brassard is a 15 goal guy IMHO and clowe avgs around 20 so they are replacing gabby with 35 theoretical goals (yes, I know theoretical).

    If and its a big IF kreider is the big goal scoring forward that many here say he is (i’m skeptical at this point) then the goal scoring “should” be fine

    again, just speculative opinion on my part

  214. I love it here. Gabby went from being the guy that was killing us this season to now being irreplaceable for nobodies (even though that nobody has the same point total).

  215. Columbus looks so much better going forward than the Rangers. Three first round picks, two second rounders this year, solid young D (not even including Murphy), can roll four lines, quality goaltending. Plus if the Rangers tank, the Jackets get a top 5 pick…

  216. agreed, lloyd. you cant add depth or a depth line if you dont already have some skill. we’ve got nash and stepan, and callahan.

  217. oleo- they sent 2 defensemen back. And they were at 50 contracts, not 51. You counted Micheal St. Croix, who is 19 and is playing in WHL. Even though he is listed on capgeek, he doesn’t count against 50.

  218. Gaborik probably will get 40 goals next year in Columbus. But that would translate to under 20 here in NY under Torts next year. (if that)

  219. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    this trade and NYR roster kind of reminds me of the current NY Yankee line up

  220. I don’t get this “we’re deeper!” thing. Isn’t trading depth for 1st liner star power exactly what this past offseason was about?

  221. Carp,

    Think you may be right about that one. This feels more and more like Tortorella getting exactly what he wants – and if the organization will move one of its top 2 forwards to appease the coach, why would the coach be in danger of losing his job any time soon

  222. Ok so Gaborik is traded. Why are Kreider and Miller in hartford right now? At least go with the rookies.

  223. I’m with Manny – this move ain’t that bad.
    With the turnover from last year and the roster as it was, the lines were simply not working. I think they added more to the team depth as opposed to losing one really good player having an off year. Columbus has been playing like the Rangers of last year, so these guys know how to compete. Gabby was not finding his game (or the back of the net) this year and he was not going to be here beyond next season. This team as is/or was were not going beyond a 1st round exit at best this season. With the cap going down (and hopefully buying out Richards) this trade gives us much better depth on the bottom 6 while giving them much needed cap space to add an FA and resign our RFAs. IMO
    It’s a done deal so trying to look at the potential possitives

    But on the other hand – I’ve been very wrong before.

  224. Wicky – Remember when you trade 1 guys for multiple guys you are not allowed to combine their points because someone it’s a 1 for 1 trade even though it’s not.

  225. Mister D:

    That’s the company line. Any move the Rangers make is naturally the right move because the Rangers make nothing but the right moves. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence for that in reality but it seems to make some people tick.

  226. Sioux-per-man on

    John Davidson is flying to pick up Gaborik personally tonight. He will be in the Blue Jackets’ lineup tomorrow.

    Now that’s class.

    That’s how you treat a Player.

    Just imagine, if Columbus makes the playoffs and a deep run in the West!!! And the Rangers miss it by a point.

    I will get ugly!

  227. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Doodie Machetto April 3rd, 2013 at 3:46 pm
    God I hate that I was born in NY.

    thats funny it should be a RANGER FAN

  228. Seems just like old (bad) times around the Rangers these days. Oh wait, those bad times never went away!

  229. Oh ye there’s no way Torts is going anywhere any time soon after this trade. It’s a joke. Nash switched cities but didnt switch teams.

  230. Speaking to folks inside today, they think this is a good deal because they didn’t believe Gaborik would come out of it, and they gained some youth and grit, and they weren’t going to sign Gaborik after next year. So, no, I don’t think they think they’re throwing in the towel.

    I do.

  231. Just because I need to see this on paper …

    Gaborik, Torres, O’Byrne, 2nd, 2nd


    Clowe, Brassard, Dorsett, Moore, 4th, 6th

  232. So basically traded:
    Gaborik for Nash
    Anisomov for Brassard
    Dubinsky for Dorsett
    Erixon for Moore
    1st rounder for a 6th rounder

    Not that great when you look at it like that.

  233. Leetchhalloffame on

    Torts & Rex Ryan running the show and running both teams into the ground. Nice job.

  234. The bottom six might be better but the top six just got worse. Only the Rangers, as the lowest ranked offensive team, trade away a 40 goal scorer for spare parts and a guy who has no goals this year. Only the Rangers.

  235. hwirth:

    I did combine their points, homer. Brassard is a 14-goal scorer. Dorsett 3-4 goals. Moore is 1-2 goals. So you’re looking at between 18-20 goals added. Yahoo!!!

  236. Im not against a Gaborik trade (even though ive been his biggest supporter here, wtf am i supposed to do with his jersey now), but what are the kids doing in hartford right now? We got some value for him, not enough in my opinion but im not as upset about that as i am about other things. His quotes though kind of say all that needs to be said. he was run out of town.

  237. _the Rangers added about 18 goals with that trade in exchange for 40_

    Quit wasting your time attempting to explain it.

  238. I would love to have been here 1 year from now when Gabby went for a 2nd and 2 guys that will never play NHL hockey.

  239. _That’s the company line. Any move the Rangers make is naturally the right move because the Rangers make nothing but the right moves._

    I’ve liked a lot more than I haven’t in the past 3-4 years, and the ones I haven’t have been mostly minor (Prust, perhaps, excepted) … but this one … man … I’m reeling and its been an hour.

  240. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – now that half the CBJ team where RAngers, can you imagine playing them next year, and they are going to be in the same conference. WOW!!!

    Watch Gabby light up Henrik for 3 goals again, and laugh all the way to the bank!!!

  241. HUH? Dorsett scored 12 last year and got hurt this year. Kinda hard to score when hurt. But I know injuries are his fault. GEEZ.

  242. hwirth, oh so you’re one of those guys who thinks an average is equal to an outlier.

  243. Sidney Crosby’s Ego ?@SidneyCrosbyEgo 4h

    Trade Alert: Sidney Crosby trades his blue straw and soup for a red straw and milkshake.

  244. Rexx,

    Actually when you look at it that way, it’s really not that horrible. Almost a wash. But not what we expected to happen when we got Nash.

  245. Sioux-per-man on

    I’m out of here, I’ll have to follow ou on the road.

    Traveling back from the oil can.

    After this trade, I kind of feel like I’ve been swimming in it :(

  246. hwirth, that was certainly a possibility … but the fact remains that this team’s only hope of having legit first-line players next year depended on Gaborik and Richards figuring it out. Now they’re banking on offense from Richards?

    They have to find another top-line forward somewhere.

  247. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" BRRRing on the Penguins!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rangers getting Clowe and a bag of pucks is my answer!!!!

    Gift of Gaborik was a goood name but too bad everyone in Columbus has it now.

    This trade is kind of a tease for the Columbus fans . Really it is. They lose Nash to get Gaborik? Last I saw Nash dominates control of the puck where Gaborik loses the puck alot . He loses the puck ALL THE TIME . Lately hes been great but for 200 million a season and him being a free agent in another season…

    Why live in a Gaborik fairy tale? The fox channel says ” The Flyers are facing the high powered Rangers with Marion Gaborik’s speed leading the way!!” WATCH OUT!!! ummm …yeahh ok.

    Chapter 2

    Start winning ..alot . Beat Penguins .

  248. if nothing else, the trade’s been GREAT for Carp’s blog traffic

    someone call the Journal News and tell them to check us out and pay Carp per post

  249. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    IF they rangers couldve added gaborik today for those 3 players it wouldve been a steal.

    BUT… Columbus got better , gabrik is happy ,happy = goals

  250. As someone said earlier, this team now looks exactly like the team we had last season just Nash instead of Gaborik.

    Prust –> Dorsett
    Dubinsky –> Clowe
    Gaborik –> Nash
    Anisimov –> Brassard
    Fedotenko –> Powe
    Erixon –> Moore
    Mitchell –> Pyatt

    Which side do you prefer?

  251. I agree 100% Carp. They are absolutely throwing in the towel! What a bunch of clowns. Didn’t they say a few years ago that they were building the organization the “right way” from now on? How do you do that without draft picks? Especially high ones from missing the playoffs!

  252. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" BRRRing on the Penguins!!!"...says Greg L. on

    So basically traded:
    Gaborik for Nash
    Anisomov for Brassard
    Dubinsky for Dorsett
    Erixon for Moore
    1st rounder for a 6th rounder
    Gaborik was free

    great when you look at it like that.

  253. Gabby was a free condiment in the overall trade package…boy are we nice to our customers

  254. The can’t spell list grows: Micheal (Haley), Darroll (Powe), Arron (Asham), Ryane (Clowe), Derick (Broussard).

  255. MisterD- ditto here. Liked most of their moves lately. This one- not at all. Hope they prove us wrong.

  256. Like this Greg ZzzZZZzzz

    We got: Nash, Clowe, Brassard, Dorsett and Moore and a 6th round pick (Datsyuk) and the ability to re-sign our RFA’s

    We Gave: Anisimov, Dubinsky, Gaborik, Erixon and a 1st

  257. that right column has a combined 27 goals btw and one of them won’t be playing

  258. Carp – They need a bounce back year from Richards no question. But let’s be honest this is now chasing the tail from the not as good as they thought Nash trade. They basically tried to recreate the Nash trade. Clowe like Prust. 3 players for 1. All they really did was trade Nash/Richards instead of Gabby/Richards.

  259. This year’s 2nd is gone
    The extra 3rd this year is gone
    Most likely next year’s 2nd is gone

    Don’t you think we could have stared there and maybe gotten Ryan O’Reilly rather then all of these spare parts? If you’re gonna do something, at least bring back somoene worthwhile.

  260. Manny,

    There’s not a chance in hell you uttered the name “John Moore” in your life before an hour ago. Now he’s a vital piece. Oy vey.

  261. sorry to disagree with you guys,but I like this deal…gabby sucked this year and next year he’ll be 32…no guarantee he’ll rebound to form…we got good young d-mam,45-50 pt. 3rd line center,pushing boyle to 4th(where he belongs),and prust-like winger….22,24,26 years old….next year we should expect better from miller,kreider,steps,hags….you’ll be thanking slats….we’re younger and will be better

  262. Doodie Machetto on

    The banhammer is in full effect today.

    Not going to lie, it took a lot of effort and editing to make sure no foul language made it to the blog.


    where is the top line player to play with nash next year.

  264. Simply stated Tortorella is destroying this team. You don’t give up a proven scorer. Guaranteed he scores 35-40 goals next year for Columbus. May even start to route for them. Awful trade Sather.

  265. The only positive thing I can think of right now is how upset I was when we got rid of Mike Gartner, Tony Amonte… and got some guys I didn’t know much about…

    This is like that, right? Right? Someone please just say yes (even though I know it’s not).

  266. Doodie Machetto on

    “Gaborik for Nash
    Anisomov for Brassard
    Dubinsky for Dorsett
    Erixon for Moore
    1st rounder for a 6th rounder”

    Nash> Gaborik

  267. GardenOfReams on

    Gabby–“It’s good that somebody actually wants you on the team.” So what was that about how universally liked Torts was?

  268. El Taser has extra primo cojones today…beware all who cross his banworthy border

  269. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I can’t wait to hear the rosey picture of the trade by the KOOL AID KIDS -sam rosen and crew

  270. Dan Rosen @drosennhl

    John Davidson is flying to pick up Gaborik personally tonight. He will be in the Blue Jackets’ lineup tomorrow.

    how’s that for respect?

  271. The sad part is now you have to PRAY Richards bounces back next year. Because if he doesnt and or they buy him out our depth chart is about as riddled with question marks as it was after they hosted the fire sale back in 04..

  272. How is trading a 1st rounder for a 6th rounder ever a good trade? And Anisimov is better than Brassard, who has essentially been a 1st round bust so far.

    I just love how Nash wanted to get away from the Blue Jackets and now the Rangers have turned into them.

  273. Sioux-per-man on

    Mike CommodoreVerified account?@commie22
    Here is an easy prediction…Once healthy, Derek Dorsett will be a huge hit at MSG.

    Ok boys. I might change my mind after this statement from Commie. At least I will wash the puke taste out of my mouth.

    Mike is a great guy, and has played with him, and a Fighting Sioux Stanley Cup Champion – so I might give this a 2nd thought if and when I see them play.

    Knowing we need McD, Step, Hags all on this team, and need to be resigned.

    Not sure about how tuff we are with the CBJ’s or if this helps us become the team we were last year. I STILL think we could have got ALOT more for Gaborik, at least a 1’st rounder coming back. (CBJ win in this trade – Hands down)

  274. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" BRRRing on the Penguins!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Manny , I was repeating what rexxxy said.

    Rexxx , Gaborik signed as a free agent so yes he was free, free, free, free!!!!

    Nash was a FIRST ROUND guy that Columbus had to scrape scum off the NHL bottom to get him. Gaborik fell on our doorstep for freeeeeee!!!


  275. Is Jeff Gorton flying to Ohio right now to pick up Brassard, Dorsett and Moore?

    Here is a question: When a guy like Clowe gets traded last night and gets here this morning, does he check into a hotel until he finds a place or do the Rangers find him an apt?

  276. Wasnt the whole point of bringing Nash here was to get him to play with another superstar? Now who will that be? Who has a chance of hitting free agency this offseason?

  277. And by the way now everyone loves the BlueJackets on here when all season they have been saying the Jackets suck got nothing for Nash. Would make that trade 100% of the time. Now they are better than us.

    You guys are real consistent.

  278. Rangers traded Gartner when they had Mark Messier, Adam Graves and Alexei Kovalev and brought back established role players to win the Stanley Cup

    Rangers have Rick Nash and brought in middle-of-the-road talent and may not even make the playoffs. Like I said, if this trade wasn’t made simply to run Gaborik out of town on a rail, it feels like the Rangers organization of a completely deluded idea of what and where their team is this year.

  279. In a sufficiently related point, the Rangers will no longer have any Eastern Europeans on the team..

  280. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    depth down the middle was addressed and all of you who wanted boyle as 4th line ctr have your wish, has to slot behind step, brassard, richards right??

  281. I like the move. again see it play out. Brassard plays center, ie Boyle moves down a line.

    a d man who replaces Hamrlik to start.

    gabby was giving them nothing. Dorsett is a much better Asham type when he comes back.

    I like it….Call me a fool… they got younger, tougher, and saved $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    THey are the worst scoring team in the league with Maryanne in the lineup already. Reputation does not score you goals….

  282. I wish I had waited before purchasing my playoff tix, just gave Dolan an interest free loan.

  283. Wade Redden to NYR – That’s what I would expect today! I’m surprised Slats didn’t bring him back!

  284. I don’t understand the point of lining up those trades (and adding Prust). We thought we won picking up Nash because we added elite talent and in this instance we gave it back, right? So we might net out to slightly better than last year, but the goal wasn’t to net out to slightly better than last year, it was to take a core and add a star.

  285. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" BRRRing on the Penguins!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Love Gaborikkkk , love him .


    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!! The powerplay is gonna be greatttttt tonight. Gaboriks gone!!! He ruined the POWERPLAY. He always screwed up . Tonight we will hand the Penguins there 2nd straight loss.

  286. When I first saw this I thought: April fools!!! Haha thanks Carp. Unfortunately it’s April 3rd.

  287. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    With Gaborik, Miller, and Krieder leaving the roster, John Amirante will be getting some fourth line and PK minutes tonight.

  288. Gaborik our 2nd best forward? Certainly NOT this year. Callahan and Step have been way better this year.

  289. there is a group of rangers fans that will like anyone, as long as that anybody provides grit. that group of rangers fans is content with mediocrity. we didnt even get a quality draft pick in return.

  290. This had nothing to do with Gaborik’s contract and all to do with his play.Say what you want, but for a player who’s game is 100% about goal scoring he has 9 goals and 10 assists on the season was killing this team, even more than Richards.

    I’m sure he would have gotten better, but when it comes to trades, Sather is the man. Now catch that 6 seed…

  291. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    not to mention weiss and berglund “might” be available this summer if we buy richards out and still have money to get a D upgrade perhaps or address a scoring winger in the offseason

  292. Doodie Machetto on

    “fyi, and you’ll all like this, the GM of the NYR hasn’t decided yet if he will address the media.”


  293. Really Carp? He won’t come out and face the media? He’s so damn smug it makes me sick!

  294. Boston Bonehead on

    Well. This should be interesting. Reserving judgement until it plays out a bit, but initial reaction? Not good

  295. And I did not forget Hamrlik. I doubt he’ll play another game once Moore gets here…

  296. ?@BMonzoWFAN@ at first glance, John Moore has Ryan McDonagh like qualities. Columbus has Murray and Erixon, so they could move a defenseman.

  297. Here is the NY Rangers pro team right now

    Top 6 forwards

    Nash, Richards, Stepan, Callahan, Clowe, Hagelin (?)

    Everybody else:

    Brassard, Dorsett, Pyatt, Powe, Boyle, Asham, Zuccarello

    And oleo, if you think Gaborik was a bigger liability this year than Brad Richards, I’d have to question whether you actually watched a game in 2013.

  298. good poiints Lyova. Welcome to the site. nash only has stepan and Callahan, or an old, dead Richards.

  299. I think the Rangers are better today than two days ago.

    With the cap situation improvement, the Rangers are set-up to retain their core. I liked Gabby but, something had to go. Now lets see how Richards is dealt with.

  300. Are we back to blaming all of this on Sather? Unbelievable how Tortorella continues to get off the hook.

  301. Coming from a guy who probably has never watched a single Blue Jackets game yet knows that Brassard is a bum and Dorsett is a bum and a 22 year former high 1st rounder is a bum. Right!

  302. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, I disagree that Richards is one of our top 6 forwards. He may get played there, but he is not among the 6 best.

  303. i nominate doodie and ctblueshirt for rangers general manager and ilb2001 as cap expert.

  304. Tiki, im Lev, just been using this name for past week since another Lev supposively arrived.

  305. _Was this worse than sending Amonte for Noonan and Matteau?_

    And there’s our bright side. No, this isn’t worse than Amonte.

  306. Doodie Machetto on

    Lyova, Torts might be why they dealt Gaborik and why Gabby agreed to waive his NTC. But Sather is the one who put together such a rotten deal. There’s no way that this was the best return he could get for Gaborik. None.

  307. Big game coming up vs. Nashville. Got a few teams to push past, but it’s possible. Gaborik, Prospal, Tyutin, Anisimov, Erixon, Dubinsky need to come through for us.

  308. doodie:

    I tried to do that without editorializing. On paper, he’s among the three best forwards on the team and he’s having a terrible year. I’m not convinced he’s finished and you need him to be the top line center with that contract. For what it’s worth, I think Carl Hagelin is a third-line forward but I put him in the top 6 because he’s played better than anyone in the bottom 6.

  309. I know the Jackets fans really liked Dorsett so we got that going for us. I wouldnt be surprised if Nash had some input on the guys coming back in this deal.

  310. And by the way Stepan is putting up similar numbers to Brassard so I guess Stepan isn’t a top 6 forward either. They both have been putting up between 15-20 goals. Both just below 50 points.

  311. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    if richards is bought out, we could have about 22 mil..I think available in the summer but have to resign hags, mcdonut, step, and clowe…maybe mza and sauer

  312. Moore will play 8 mins a night until he makes a bad pass or something then will be nailed to the bench.

  313. Mike Francesa pontificating about the Rangers season within moments of saying, “I haven’t watched a game this year; I don’t watch regular-season hockey.”

  314. Doodie Machetto on

    Everyone always likes the tough guys. That’s why everyone is still hung up over Prust. Sure, Dorsett will be well-liked. Being well-liked and being swapped for Marian Gaborik are entirely different things.

  315. You know, if there were ever a time to make a 3 team deal, this was it. Have that Columbus package go to some other team looking to add some mid-level depth and take on a Gaborik-esque player. Like I said before, I don’t mind losing Gaborik, but I mind not replacing him. A lot.

  316. Sather Must Go! on

    Trade was somewhat the result of the bad off-season “depth” moves – Halpern, Pyatt, Asham (also Rupp for Powe) .. I like Gabby, but trading him wasn’t the worst thing – the return just wasn’t good – Col has THREE 1st rounders; how do u not get one?

  317. Gaborik has not fully recovered from his shoulder injury. His shots have no zip and he has yet to shoot from anywhere near the blue line.

  318. We don’t _have_ to resign Clowe. He’s 30. At $4MM+ or whatever he’ll command, he’s just not worth it.

  319. Biffbubbadale on


    Pens get Ingila
    Bruins get Jagr
    We get a guy who forgot how to score and and sn assortment of nobodies, lose draft picks and Gabby.

    Plus the Yankees suck this year. Might as well wait for football to start again.

  320. there werent that many options where to deal gaborik and we wouldve received less at the draft or next year.

  321. Carp, if you really did get paid per post I have a feeling you’d be making enough to buy a VW Jetta by the time this blog entry is through.

  322. Doodie Machetto on

    Sather, that’s what I’m saying. It’s not that Gaborik was traded, it’s what the return for Gaborik was. That return is simply unacceptable.

  323. agree with Doodie and Sather

    problem is not moving Gaborik but moving Gaborik simply to appease the coach

  324. i wasnt talking about you manny or wicky. im speaking in general. every fan base has them.

  325. Really? Brassard in 11-12 41 pts 10-11 47 pts
    Stepan 11-12 51 pts 10-11 45 pts

    Ok. Try agan.

  326. Or would u like to argue over 8 pts like how Nash only scored 4 more goals than Dubi and Artie combined.

  327. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, I don’t think that’s why they moved Gaborik, at all. But even if it was, the return was completely, totally unacceptable.

  328. _And by the way Stepan is putting up similar numbers to Brassard so I guess Stepan isn’t a top 6 forward either._

    Stepan has like 50% more points than Brassard this season on a team that scores slightly less per game.

  329. Love the acquisition of Dorsett. the other 2? Brassard, while he has some skill he occasionally uses, does not fit the Torts style, does not have enough “jam”, and Moore , a good skater, is not as physical as I’d like to see in a dman.

  330. Doodie Machetto on

    hwirth, what about in 12-13? Or what about controlling for age and experience, since those stats are Stepan’s first two seasons, also showing an increase, while those are Brassard’s fifth and sixth seasons, showing a decline?

  331. next you’ll tell me Brian Boyle is a 20-goal scorer because he scored 20-goals two seasons ago

  332. Mister D – OK and has 1 less than pt than Gabby at a 1/4 the salary if you want to play that game.

  333. The reason why the Rangers didn’t go after draft picks was because draft picks wouldn’t help the Rangers win this season or next…

    They wanted gritty players capable of putting the puck in the net and they got three of them for a streaker 40 goal scorer, currently on pace for 22, plus a young d-man with potential to be big piece of the future.

    It could be a disaster or it could be brilliant. Who knows…

  334. Sather Must Go! on

    Doodie – at least they helped out JD, the only player they (prob) wanted to keep was Dorsett (at 1.6mil thru 2015), Brassard was done there and Moore was not in the plans.. rather keep Gabby and hope he found his game..

  335. hwirth, if nash has scored 4 more goals combined than dubie/artie, that means 1 player has scored 4 more goals than a combined 2 players. we dont miss dubie/artie. people want to say we miss prust, fine. he did some things well, even put the puck in the net occasionally.

  336. Convenient to ignore you’re comparing Stepan’s 1-3 seasons to Brassard’s 3-5 too.

  337. Doodie Machetto on

    Brassard is going to get along with Torts like Frolov or Wolski. It’s a complete effin disaster.

  338. Welcome back, ORR. And that’s my feeling – Sather is a total moron when it comes to free agency but his trading is usually top notch. That’s why I’m holding out the hope that he knows something we don’t..

  339. Biggest question is why are Boyle and Pyatt still here. I was sure one of them would be gone for at least some pick. Maybe Pyatt will be waived when Dorsett is ready to play

  340. jagr was a dump by the capitals, orr. he was a “cancer” there and they eliminated half his contract. but yes, it was a very good trade by sather.

  341. Doodie Machetto on

    “The reason why the Rangers didn’t go after draft picks was because draft picks wouldn’t help the Rangers win this season or next…”

    Nor would trading Gaborik for Columbus’ spare parts.

  342. Uh oh, Wicky/eric. I just heard that the Caps wanted to move Hendricks. He didn’t end up here…

  343. Another sappy distraction move.

    A finesse D which we are loaded with, a center who has been disappointing and a tanner Glass type or dare I say it a “Pruster!

    Let us not forget that with these questionable moves this GM as essentially admitted he was wrong in the construction of this roster and the in house youth movement is once again on hold!

    Bashing the bum from Banff should be the order of the day!

  344. Sather Must Go! on

    ..btw, with all the lost draft picks and lack of depth in the organization; the salary cap will bite them again in the upcoming years…hope, beyond hope that Slats isn’t here to deal with that!

  345. If Miller would just score on a few of those glorious chances he has almost every game, Torts would keep him around. Seems to me he trusts Miller a lot more than Kreider.

  346. Richards the Friendly Ghost on

    you gotta think the NYR could have gotten more back here.. maybe Gaborik’s shoulder is done though

  347. He went from 47 to 41 that’s a decline? Seriously? He went from 25, 36, 47, 41 has 18 in 34 which is what in a full season 36 pts again with 10 or so to go. It’s not a decline sorry.

  348. Doodie Machetto on

    Joe will have plenty of kool aid for everyone to drink.

    “Gaborik just isn’t a good player anymore. Brassard is going to be a star…”

  349. You can’t deem this a screw up before you even see what kind of on ice product you get. I don’t agree with trading Gaborik but sometimes strange things happen in this sport.
    Yes Gaborik was the purest goal scorer on the team but the team itself hasn’t been good enough to compete with ANY of the legit teams or some of the worst for that matter (see Buffalo and Florida)

    There’s 13 games left. If they win 8 or 9 of them some of you will be calling him a genius. Not saying I know a damn thing but neither do the rest of you. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors with players or management. This may have very well been a good thing. Or maybe it’s going to make them the laughing stock of the NHL again. BUT If this works out for the best I wouldn’t be 100% shocked..

  350. Marian Gaborik was the most exciting, successful free agent signing in the franchise’s history. He brought back dignity to an organization suffering from a series of inept free agent acquisitions which were originally championed by its GM and fans. Last year, he lead this team to within 1 game of the Stanley Cup Finals, scoring over 40 regular season goals, playing through the playoffs with a torn labrum (taking fan/media criticism the whole time), and scoring one of the most dramatic goals in franchise history. This season he has fought back from one of the most difficult athletic off season surgeries (torn shoulder labrum, not hard to look it up), again taking fan/media criticism the whole time. Most Ranger fans would not be able to type their nonsensical blog posts with a torn labrum. It is good to see Marian Gaborik free from this nonsense.

    This is a good day for Marian Gaborik. It is just another meaningless day for a Ranger fan.

  351. _Sportsnet says the Rangers are much better off after this trade._

    I heard that too. Because Gaborik is “a dog”. A dog who played in the playoffs with a separated shoulder that needed surgery. That opinion was worthless (and I think you sort of know that).

  352. someone needs to explain hwirth what an average is and also add in something about how the Rangers don’t do everything right just because he’s a Ranger fan

  353. Doodie Machetto on

    hwirth, seriously, are you daft?

    Thi is a guy who in his 7th NHL season is on a 43 point pace. We traded a guy who has scored 40 goals TWICE in the past three seasons.

    Wait a minute, I figured it out. You’re Jeff Gorton, aren’t you?

  354. And for what it’s worth- those of you who agree with Carps comment about Clowe:
    “you have to wonder why a playoff team would trade him”

    well…maybe you also have to wonder why a team that won the Atlantic division last year would trade Gaborik while fighting to keep the 8th spot in the playoff bracket instead of just acting like the coach you praised as a savior/jack adams award cadidate is now the anti christ.

  355. this team doesnt score, they dont play defense well like last year, and even henrik may be a touch less effective than last year. theres no chance to win this year unless… maybe staal can come back, and these new guys can play excellent defense and we can win 2-1 or 1-0 games. i dont think we’ll score more than 3 in a game the rest of this season.

  356. we needed another goal scorer to play with gabby. we bring in nash. we trade gabby who for whatever reason couldnt score this year. so he is the goal scorer next year to play with nash. these three today arent the guys

  357. Michael, hear, hear, and great last comment for me to read on this great blog. See all you boneheads next year, I hope!

  358. Oh yeah, I am one who thinks they do everything right? I am the only one who realized this whole mess started with a bad trade for Nash that they are now chasing.

  359. Lloyd not arguing but I think the other 50% of the problem around here is that people seem to think that the Rangers DO EVERYTHING WRONG if they do not do what what THEY want them to do.

  360. Nash trade = Gaborik trade + Clowe trade
    Squaring the circle. Sather has NEVER valued draft picks.
    Now have the same team, just different names as last year

    Last year was Lundqvist catching lightening in a bottle. Without that and with a coach who absolutely prohibits his players from using 90% of the ice, this team will never be more than a mediocrity.

    Of course it would be worse if Tortorella goes, Sather still gets to pick a new coach.

  361. Pretty impressive how Clowe who arrived on a red-eye and Brassard who was traded 4 hours before game time are both going to play.

  362. What is this Caps deal???? If it was ovechkin there should be some rumors about it no?

  363. Doodie – Do you understand that this trade was about getting assests NOW for Gabby so they get burnt like Feaster did? They got back NHL calibre players and not 2 guys that have no chance of making the NHL.

  364. James:

    Oh definitely. I thought the Clowe trade was the right move even with the potential three picks. But this Gaborik move is just lousy and there’s no defense for it apart from unloading a big contract.

  365. Doodie Machetto on

    hwirth, Feaster got nothing for Iginla because Iginla said “I want to play for Pittsburgh, only.” Gaborik didn’t go to Sather and say “Columbus or bust!”

    Furthermore, I’m not saying he shouldn’t have been traded. It’s fine if they wanted to trade him. But the return they got was absolutely garbage. Garbage. There is no defending the return of this trade. It’s just delusion if you try.

  366. Oh great…we traded our only legitimate sniper… who hasn’t been a sniper this season at all…

    this trade is 100% Torts talking… less skill more grit and more GOOD LOOKS! Prepare yourselves for more dump and chase boring hockey, rangers fans.

  367. Way too secretive to be for Fedotenko. Maybe punchingworthyfaceRibiero got moved? Or Mike Green?

  368. embarrasedfan on

    what a disgusting, embarrasing day to be a ranger fan

    trading the only pure goal scorer on the team who has been one of the most, if not the most exciting players over the past few years, and a fan fave for NOTHING and no reason other than the egomaniacal ratface coach doesnt like him

    I have been a Ranger fan since 1970, I will be rooting against them starting tonight, until I see a reason why i should be a Ranger fan again.

    Its the ultimate Seinfeld comment about rooting for laundry

    Ratface wins again!!

  369. you’re dying to see a guy you never gave a thought to before 3 o’clock today?

  370. read the posts after the Nash trade, we just won the cup.

    now the reverse occurs on this trade…

    all the gabby apologists… WOW… 9 goals, top line minutes, goals in 6 games for the season..

  371. @Jeremy_Roenick@ Wow I guess gaborik wore out his no scoring welcome w torts!! Watch gabby start lighting it up for jackets and they make playoffs

  372. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Pathetic. Am I allowed to puke now or do I have to wait until they look absolutely pathetic during a full season next year?
    Isn’t Dorsett hurt? Aren’t you unable to trade injured players or is that just players on the IR? And if he’s not on the IR with a broken friggin’ clavicle then someone made a major boo-boo on this one…. cough*Slather*cough

  373. NYR56, that’s because Minnesota approached Buffalo about Pominville. This was the reverse.

  374. stuart, he’s probably still playing with effects from his shoulder injury last season.

  375. Here is one source, Lev: @TheBroadwayHat@ Ah, gotcha RT @Emoneyy_95: @TheBroadwayHat brassard says he’s playing

  376. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    I’m assuming none of these guys gets in town soon enough to play tonight so why did the Rags send Kreider AND Miller down? Especially when the “haul” they brought back for Gabby isn’t markedly better… especially in Kreider’s case?

  377. Totally agree, Tiki. I have been saying this all season. The lockout made us forget about his massive shoulder reconstruction.

  378. What’s weird is that it seemed like Gabby played a more physical game on Monday.

  379. Doodie Machetto on

    I completely expect that before Gaborik’s current contract expires, he will score at least 40 goals.

  380. Sportsnet is saying that last week there was a shouting match between Gaborik and Tort during practice. Tort then started Gaborik on the 4th line. Total breakdown.

  381. whining in full force today.

    wow, think gabby is 1st team all nhl.

    i had labrum surgery. gabby should have been fine a few months ago…

  382. Doodie Machetto on

    Total goals. Could be some this season, some in the playoffs (which Columbus will make) and the balance next year. But at least 40.

    I will also say that in the same timespan, Clowe, Brassard, and Dorsett will not score as many goals as Gaborik.

  383. If the haul had of included a first rounder we could say its fair but even though 2 of the guys included were former 1st round picks they’ve had a few years to develop into mediocrity so can’t say it’s a great trade for us.

    Clowe will really need to find his scoring touch now! (And Richards, Hagelin, Callahan, Boyle etc…)

  384. Yes, Manny, the animated conversation between Gaborik and Tortorella during practice was reported as it happened. They had a long, long conversation, and neither would talk about it. Then Gaborik started on the fourth line for about two shifts.

  385. Richards the Friendly Ghost on

    Michelleti calling Richard’s play this season a “slump” love it

  386. Good to know you’re functioning at the level of an elite, all-world talent, stuart.

  387. Sather Must Go! on

    Evrock – good point on IR/clavicle, I guess JD wanted to keep that trade chip available (maybe b/c of short season?) – still seems strange.

  388. The Rangers are a better team now than they were 2 days ago. Cry all you want, but it’s true.

    What bothers me is that the Rangers could have addressed this “grit” in the offseason and should not have had to get rid of Gabork to do so. Gritty players aren’t that hard to get…

    Gaborik should have been traded for good young talent and not to address the mistakes made in the offseason.

  389. Francesa offering advice on the Rangers woes despite admitting earlier he hasn’t watched a game this season

  390. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Can’t wait til next year when Gabby gets back to his “40 goals every other year” pattern. I’m seriously nauseous. I’m done yelling about “fire Tortorella” and back in the “fire Slather” camp. Even though I’ve no idea how this will pan out for the rest of the season or next year as well, I still think this was a massive mistake. No first round pick from the “A&E’s NHL Draft Pick Hoarders”? Now that’s the most pathetic part of it. Slather’s a numbskull. Too bad the Rangers don’t have the same top brass as Columbus. At least they knew when to fire a guy for not doing his job.

  391. Richards the Friendly Ghost on

    Thanks carp..optimistic about tonight. Hank’s gonna win another one for NYR

  392. Carp
    I sent a message the other day, coming up 3 hrs to have dinner with Mr Sather so if he doesn’t come see u soon ill ask him what’s up. Lol
    First home game all yr. could be a long way home, but hey good seats atleast

  393. oleo:

    Rangers have more players than they had 2 days ago. if your idea of “better” is defined by the number of players on the roster, then yes, they’re absolutely better now.

  394. bull dog line on

    Gabby was leaving after next season. I guess they could had let him go for nothing, or traded him in the off season. to me trading him was inevitable. did they get equal value, doubtful. they had a need a center, a need for more toughness, and a need for a young Dman. got all 3 for Gabby.

  395. Torts is done on

    Horrible. This is the beginning of the end for Torts. This is his trade. Garden will certainly let him know that he’s the unwanted now. Such a knee jerk trade. Booooooo

    Hello baseball season!

  396. TSN panel dishing on Torts and his coaching style. Neil Smith saying Torts very demanding and will not play you unless you play how he demands.

  397. Sather Must Go! on

    ..and they just re-upped on Francesa.. maybe Sather making moves for FAN, as well

  398. The team is debating where to assign John Moore? With Hamrlik and Eminger on 3rd pair and Gilroy sitting in the press box. Get the kid to the NHL. He’s been in the NHL for three seasons (2 games, 62 games, 17 games).

  399. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Which chip are you talking about SMG? The bone chip in Dorsett’s clavicle?

  400. _The Rangers are a better team now than they were 2 days ago. Cry all you want, but it’s true._

    If we traded 7 1st round picks for David Clarkson we’d be a better team too. That doesn’t mean the franchise or outlook improved. Quite the opposite, I’d argue.

  401. Micheletti just emphatically said Lundqvist has been great this year

    love Lundqvist but I don’t agree

  402. One of theories floated….Wash has trades Filip Forsberg. If that’s the case…return must be huge. #tradecentre according to dreger

  403. @KatieStrangESPN@ #NYR Told there is a possibility that Brassard makes it in time for game tonight. En route to NYC

  404. John Tortorella is a cancer in this organization. There are many good coaches in this league. There are only a few awful, completely miserable human beings like a John Tortorella on this planet. Every childish Tortorella tantrum during a press conference is an additional embarrassment to the fans and players. Tortorella is a disgrace and he needs to go regardless of the team’s record.

  405. agreed, mannu. anyone is better than hamrlik. he’s like a corpse out there. get this new guy in there, see what he can do. get up mcilrath, enough with this bull carcillo of throwing out a waste like hamrlik.

  406. Carp – Does it get harder and harder following and rooting for this team with moves like this?
    I just don’t get why they’d trade their only legit goal scorer for more depth and grit. What a shame this is…terrible.

  407. Doodie – blog’s drama queen lol

    c’mon bro…relax! maybe it’ll work out! Gotta let these guys play first!

  408. Carp,

    Don’t ever question the Sports Pope…despite the fact he only knows 5 NHL players.

  409. Doodie Machetto on

    CCCP. I think it’s my time of the month.

    To the blog and the Rangers: I wish I could quit you

  410. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Hey Carp! Nothing like trading Gabby to get traffic up eh? That’s lots of quarters…are the drinks on you?

  411. Gaborik shmaborik! We got Clowe and Nash! I think we more of a complete hockey club than we were few days ago… Thanks Gaby it was nice knowing you but you’re just way to soft

  412. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    So we trade for Nash and give up some grit but get back scoring. We let Prust go and give up some more grit. We trade Gaborik and lose scoring and get back some (only some) more grit. Doesn’t that just come out about even?
    With all the trades between the two teams and us probably getting fleeced with this one, I think it’s fair to call New York “Little Columbus” rather than Columbus as “Little New York”.

  413. Doodie Machetto on

    The D men had to be moved to balance out the 50 contracts. Parlett was interesting to me last training camp, but he looked to have taken a step backwards this season.

  414. Columbus Blue Jackets (esp with John Davidson running the show) are the “Rangers West.” Davidson is gutsy…

  415. I’m a Gabby apologists – if that’s how you need to generalize my opinion on his value as a player. But i have come around to the popular thinking that Gabby is completely done….will never score more than a few goals and will retire after next season realizing he is totally washed up. Gabby is the only NHL player that is playing way below expectations this year and he’s only scored 40 goals in 2 of the past 4 seasons — that’s mediocrity if I’ve ever seen it.

    Besides, I think he’s over 30 which means he’s completely useless. Hopefully the GMs adopt the proposed rule change that prohibits teams from having more than 1 player over 30 given that years of statistics prove that unproven, unseasoned “kids” are always a better option than a 30+ yr old. The league is also proposing lowering the entry level age to 7 with the hopes that the median age of NHL teams in 3 years will be 13 yrs old.

    So good riddance Gabby…you were terrible for the Rangers and your struggles this season which are unlike any other player in the NHL, proves that you will never score another goal again — especially when facing Hank and the Rangers who you have never produced against.

    Brilliant trade! No just dump all the other old guys — all we need is Kreider, Miller, Hank, Cally, and Prust — why roll 4 lines when you can win it all with one?

  416. Admiral Akbar on

    So this is:

    Gaborik, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Erixon, 1st round pick for….

    Nash, Dorsett, Brassard, Moore, 6th round pick.

    Winner: Blue Jackets.

  417. I watched CBJ a lot over the years (I’m a big Zherdev fan). Brassard and Dorsett will be fan favorites because they are physical (and oft injured). Moore is a quality young d-man, but not sure how he’ll fit in.

    Fact is Columbus has completely gotten rid of the old regime. Their last 10 years of 1st round picks have all been traded and let go. We have 3 of them and their team has stunk for over a decade. I don’t see how that can make any fan happy.

  418. some idiot caller just told Francesa that Torts called Gaborik a homophobic slur a few weeks back…

  419. Vibin Lant!

    and is it impossible to wonder if maybe just maybe with a big young Dman to play in front of Lundqvist instead of the crap omelette consisting of Hamr Gilroy and Eminger and with a couple bigger guys that may be able to *laughs to himself* actually win some battles along the boards (you know, that strategy you loved last year when they won 50 games but despise the coach for now?) perhaps they may improve even just a bit?

  420. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Gonna wait and see if this all works out for the better; that’s what it means to be a fan… I think?

  421. Admiral Akbar on

    Malt O”meal:

    Didnt Gaborik score 5 goals against the Rangers in one game?? Are you kidding??

  422. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    I thought we only had one more spot among the 50 maximum players signed per franchise left. We picked up Clowe, Brassard, Moore, Dorsett and give up Gabby. Something doesn’t quite work out there.
    The one (And Only 1) positive behind this trade is that it opens up a few million for the off-season signing of our RFAs.

  423. Francesa: “I don’t know a good hockey coach from a bad hockey coach.” that’s an exact quote from 90 seconds ago

  424. Sather Must Go! on

    jonny – is brassard that physical?…I haven’t watched a whole lot of him.. I know he dosen’t drop gloves

  425. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Hey C3, Clowe & Nash… sounds like a horrible buddy cop drama.

  426. I’m willing to be patient and wait to see how the team looks with all these new guys……I’ll give ’em one period

  427. Jeff in South Dakota on

    No more training do you require. Already know you, that which you need.

  428. “Francesa shouldn’t even be talking about the sports he does watch.”

    Yeah, he should talk aboot something he knows aboot. Like cheeseburgers :)

  429. Pierre LeBrun@Real_ESPNLeBrun Miller and Ennis and John Scott to Wash for Overchkin. Waiting for confirmation.

  430. Greg L., disagree that Gaborik was free. There’s an opportunity cost that comes with him, he was an asset, an elite goal scoring asset having a down year coming off of major shoulder surgery. I believe he would have been much better next year.

    He would have helped this team next year, the guys they got back won’t help this year(one guys injured) or next year.

  431. Admiral….sarcasm my friend….basically everything but my first sentence

    Just like every other ex-Ranger….I bet my money that Gabby makes Hank and the rest of the boys look absolutely silly the next time he plays us

  432. James – Moore is big, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He can skate but he’s not a physical player.

  433. Yeah, Malt, but that would have happened no matter who we traded him to or what for.

  434. ok, so putting the histrionics aside Rangers have subtracted Gaborik and added Brassard and Clowe for the stretch run. this is a team in desperate need of points that doesn’t score goals. does the team make the playoffs because of Clowe and Brassard?

  435. Carp, oh snap! I forgot about the realignment. Rangers vs. Rangers next year. Sweet!

  436. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    I was going to say that, Carp. lol Couldn’t we at least have traded him to a team we wouldn’t have to face so much of in the future?

  437. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    I can’t wait to hear carp’s assessment of the overall last couple of days.

    So now we are calling people we get soft, when until the clowe addition this whole team was soft?

  438. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    When the Blue Jackets play the Rags next year, do you think the fans will find it difficult to know which team to root for? They’ve got very similar colors and they both have half of the other team’s players!

  439. bull dog line on

    Rangers need goals. Gabby was not scoring any. the moves in the last 2 days have toughened, and balanced the team. 2 things that have been mentioned here many times. the team needs more toughness, and the team needs better balance.

  440. will definitely be a different dynamic, Lloyd. I don’t think I’m ready to say this can’t work over the short term against some lousy opponents (after the next two), but I sure have my doubts.

  441. Sather shmuck should have just traded Gabby for Nash last summer and call it a day. Tortaturd really wants Richards to stay and now he got his wish. They have the cap to sign our RFA’s Clowe and don’t have to buy out Richards. Mickey Mouse organization.

  442. well,
    I couldn’t wait until the trade dead line was up and held my breath that Sather wouldn’t do anything stupid. I was driving home on the LIE listening to the wfan when I heard the news, I almost ran the car off the road. Sather destroyed everything all in one swoop.

  443. Braunschweiger on

    Next behind the bench Keenan and Torts can talk about how they traded away two time 40 goal scorers.

  444. richards could not be moved. he is untradeable. if they could they would have.

    he has zero value…

  445. Latona…agreed. Rangers seem to have that “curse”…not sure how often it happens with other teams but I’m dying to see the statistics on players who once played for the Rangers and their production vs NYR since leaving…..I’m convinced NYR leads the league in goals scored by former players against them. I’d also love to see the statistic of AHL players and backup goalies production vs NYR compared to the rest of the league. And while I’m ranting….I’d like to see the number of “1st career goals” and “1st career shutouts” that players have vs the NYR compared to the rest of the league’s teams. Bet NYR leads every category.

    This is a bad trade no matter what else is said here….if Torts pushed this, then he is, in fact, a complete #$%#@ and the GM is an even bigger $#R%$#% for letting him influence that but that’s a big “if” cuz i’ll never know. And again, I know I’ll get flamed because I would suggest this blog’s readers are ageists when it comes to evaluating hockey players but….ah fuggit, I have outrage fatigue at this point.

  446. Carp,

    Definitely on the money that this team is all in on Tortorella. What could be a bigger show of support for Tortorella than dumping the team’s 2nd best forward (who the coach hated) for role players?

    The thing is, I don’t think this schedule is as easy as some folks would like to believe it is. Carolina has been lousy, definitely. Toronto has been playing well, however. Philly has been better. Islanders have been strong. So to me, there’s a very real possibility of the Rangers getting only 5 or 6 points in the next 7 games.

  447. and has anyone checked on Bob aka Tortaturd etc. over on Rants or is he here under a different alias? I gotta imagine his posts today are even more insightful and classic than normal.

    Ok, i need to take a walk around the block….someday I hope to hear the real story of what on behind the scenes and led to this……it does seem like Torts simply decided he was gonna run Gabby out of town one way or the other…though i hope that’s complete nonsense

  448. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Malt, I’ve commented to my father for years when we watch Rags games together that everyone seems to score their “1st NHL goal” or their “100th point” or their whatever type of milestone the other team has the ability to reach.

  449. This is on the coach, no doubt about it, but I still think it’s silly to make it personal. He didn’t like the way the guy plays, they weren’t going to sign him, so they dealt him and, IMO, didn’t get nearly enough in return. It’s purely business, Sonny.

  450. Richards the Friendly Ghost on

    tonight will be interesting and fun to watch..not writing these guys off just yet.

  451. Doodie Machetto on

    When I heard Gaborik was going to Columbus, I racked my brain for who I would want in return, and I couldn’t come up with a package I would like, but every single idea started with a 1st round pick. How we didn’t get that blows my mind.

  452. Ready for Gaborik to break his record and score 6 in one game against the NYR next season?

  453. Richards the Friendly Ghost on

    So Carp you would agree that Gabby’s failures are largely on Torts?

  454. Doodie Machetto on

    “This is on the coach, no doubt about it, but I still think it’s silly to make it personal. He didn’t like the way the guy plays, they weren’t going to sign him, so they dealt him and, IMO, didn’t get nearly enough in return.”

    This. A million times, this.

  455. Ridiculous. Gaborik was coming off of Off-season shoulder surgery… and with lack of camp, etc… not sure how ready he really was (these things take time to heal, and even if it is structurally sound, that doesn’t mean it’s high performance ready).

    Add to that he was playing out of position for 1/2 the season, and somehow he becomes the scapegoat for offensive woes and such. Never mind the POWERPLAY HAS BEEN DREADFUL SINCE RENNEY WAS HERE, AND WAS NEVER FIXED BY TORTS, it’s all Gaborik’s fault.

    Just dumb. Even if they weren’t going to sign him, they could have traded him NEXT year at the deadline as a pure rental player.

    He put up 42, 22, and 41 in 3 full seasons. Sure, he is having a bad season, but it’s not all because “he sucks”. I think Gaborik gets 30 next year, even playing for Columbus.

    Who becomes the new focal point for the team’s offensive woes? Is Torts going to single out Richards, or will he find someone else to be the new whipping boy.

  456. I’m going out on a limb and saying they go no worse than 8-5 the rest of the way

  457. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    The Rangers top brass is exactly what the police are down here in South Florida…. a boys club. They’re both known for sticking up for each other when it comes to doing horrendous (and many illegal) things that everyone in the universe can see and getting away with it.

  458. Carp,

    I really don’t know what Tortorella’s personal relationship was with Gaborik but regardless of his reasoning, he wanted Gaborik off the team. And regardless of the thinking behind his agenda, dumping the guy for very minimal returns just seems impulsive (unless the Rangers are throwing in the towel for the 2013 season).

  459. Well, Gaborik’s two 40-goal seasons were on the coach, too, then? I don’t know. I hate to coach, but I wouldn’t have put him on LW, and if I did I would have quickly moved him back. Gaborik didn’t bust it every night, so I’m not absolving him completely, either. I still think it’s a mistake to trade him for what they got.

  460. Carp do we have enough players for tonight’s game? P.S A few days ago, during your boneheads live chat almost everyone wanted Gaborik gone and now that he’s gone a change of heart?

  461. Couldn’t they find a more talent-rich roster than the Blue a jackets to trade with?? I don’t get it. Is this more of an indictment on Sather and Torts or did teams really think Gaborik was done and couldnt be an elite goal scorer anymore? It’s not like they traded a rental, he has another year left.
    I still can’t believe reading this trade.

  462. Richards the Friendly Ghost on

    This trade will hopefully wake up NYR, the boys will hopefully be hungry and take advantage of the Crysob-less penguins tonight who will probably coast the rest of the way

  463. barring some big turnaround, which is anyone’s guess with the new personnel, I think the Rangers will come away with a max of 12 points the rest of the way

  464. doodie

    especially when columbus has three first round picks one of them being ours. how we didnt get one back is disturbing

  465. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    This is the second year in a row that one of the top rookies was traded at the deadline. Last year it was Cody Hodgson and this year it’s Cory Conacher.

  466. bull dog line on

    having a hard time working up the anger most are showing. I like the players they got in return. filled 3 needs for a player having a lousy year, and was going to leave in a year. Dorsett is hurt, but I suspect he will be a fan favorite here by next season.

  467. I have to go work for a while … ps, the guys ages in the original post might be wrong. checked the internet, and of course got some questionable info. Shocker.

  468. Shoulda got Jagr if we knew we were ditching Gaborik!

    In retrospect, Bouwmeester might have been a better return for Gabby.

    Or Gabby, Biron and DelZotto for Shattenkirk.

    Or Bones, Spock and O’houra for CaptnKirk.

    Torts needs to loosen up. Let them play.

  469. So the Caps traded an all world prospect for Martin Erat and his huge contract and 4 goals. Ouch.

  470. Lloyd,

    The Rangers traded Mike Gartner for Glenn Anderson, because even though Gartner was a perennial 30+ (40+?) goal scorer, he historically did not play well in the post season. Oh, and I don’t think Keenan really cared for him either. (and Anderson was another ex-oiler).

    Really not the same thing as this trade IMO, since Anderson wasn’t a “role player” like the Tony Amonte for Noonan/Matteau trade.

    Lloyd Braun April 3rd, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    Rangers traded Gartner when they had Mark Messier, Adam Graves and Alexei Kovalev and brought back established role players to win the Stanley Cup

  471. Doodie Machetto on

    exactly. I thought maybe it would be Wisniewski, so I guess we dodged a bullet there.

  472. Bulldog I do not disagree. I really think most people are going to be surprised when all is said and done. Wasn’t everyone saying Dubinsky would score 30 goals for Columbus this year? No doubt Gaborik is going to light it up at some point but this was coach v player and the player lost. If this team is going to be successful it’s going to be with everyone all in on the coach’s philosophy and system.

  473. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    The Columbus Blue Jackets and even the Rangers to some degree remind me of last year’s Florida Panthers. Dale Tallon did a complete overhaul of the team and they went on to win their division. This year it would be difficult to say that didn’t carry over to this season because around 8 starting players were injured for the majority of the year. Hopefully it’ll work out for us…. and not Columbus.

  474. MattLear:

    I don’t think the trades were the same at all – was refuting what a few people claimed by when they said this move was comparable to what the Rangers did in ’94 (though I would say that by 1994, Glenn Anderson was nothing more than a role player). the ’94 moves were understandable because that team was loaded with depth but needed those pieces to win a Cup. the 2013 team isn’t within a country mile of a Stanley Cup.

  475. Ralph fron N.M. on

    Richards will not be benched , Richards will not be bought out . Boyle will stay on the third line . Because they are Tort’s boys . Torts is not a good coach , if he over looks mistakes of a few & hammers others for less [ which is exactly what he does ] . I’m glad Gabby is traded , now maybe he can enjoy hockey again . WATCH HIM BREAK OUT OF THE SLUMP

  476. Czechthemout!!! on

    To me. It isnt even so much that they traded Gabby, it is that they got a fairly soft dman who does not have a very good offensive game, something we desperatly need. We got a somewhat gritty center who takes way too many nights off and will not be here very long. Perhaps only through the rest of this season. And a third line/fourth line Prust clone. To trade Gabby, a proven 40 goal scorer and not get back at least a first round pick or a high end prospect is indefensible.

    This trade is as much about Torts getting rid of a player he doesnt like as it is anything else. Today was a bad day to be a Rangers fan.

    Sather and his rat face coach need to go!!!

  477. Sad day. Sad year.

    JD, Arti, Gabby, Dubi, Toots, Vinny, Jan’s son. Tickets starting at $15. 3 hours away from my sister in pitt, 3 hours from bloomington, IN. Huge public university. Always look at the bright side of things

  478. Patrice Bergeron is a big big loss for Boston. Isnt that his like 6th concussion, give or take a few?

  479. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Didn’t we have the need for either a puck-moving defenseman or a bruising, physical one? Or at least someone with a decent pedigree to keep Hamrsuck on the pine? I don’t quite see how that has changed.

  480. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, I agree with everything you said until you connected the return to Torts. Torts has nothing to do with the return.

  481. go penguins!! on

    Why get out of here Carp?

    should i blindly root for the ranger uniform no matter what?

    this is an inexcusable move with aboslutely no return for a superstar player in a market where money doesnt matter

    give me one reason for this move other than the coach-with-too-much-power wanted him gone

  482. going to say for the millionth time that I have no issue with dealing Gaborik

    my issue is with bringing back a third liner, a fourth liner and a 6th-defenseman for a 1st liner when you’re supposedly gearing up for the stretch run. if the Rangers were writing off the 2013 season and just wanted to start dumping salary, I’d have been fine with shipping off Gaborik for draft picks. as it stands, they added marginal talent to a marginally talented team for what they’re claiming is a playoff push. eh

  483. To be clear I mentioned the Gartner trade as ONLY a point of comparison to my OWN personal disappointment; which obviously went away with the Cup.

    This is only like that in the sense that it’s disappointing, but keeping it positive- I was wrong then, and hopefully would like to be proven wrong about this being a bad deal.

  484. Davidson is personally picking up Gabby!! Wow! What else is there to do in Columbus?

    And no, we did not get a big defenseman. We got another smallish, non-ckecking, “puck moving” defenseman.

  485. Doodie Machetto on

    Rangers now have 3 of Columbus’ 1st round picks in Nash (2002), Brassard (2006), and Moore (2009). Plus they used to have Zherdev (2003). How exactly did Columbus do? Good thing we took all of their guys.

  486. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Pat Loeonard was just on Daily News Live…..

    “The Rangers shouldn’t have made this move. It was stunning to Gaborik, and me.”

    Don’t try to be a G.M., Pat.

  487. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Torts is a coach that listens to his players needs. Gabby told Torts that it was time to move him back to the right wing. Torts said he’d make it happen. Welcome to Columbus Marian Gaborik!

  488. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    I’m surprised they let Leonard bring the subject up at all. They talked about Rutgers basketball and Derek Jeter’s knee for 29:30.

  489. carp, you win the line of the night about francesca !! i’m certainly in the minority… but support the deal. We all saw gabby with an indifferent attitude this year, and wether it was due to torts-certainly- at this point it was doing neither them or us any good having gabby remain. that said i liked gabby.. will always remember the ot goal…and him carrying the xmas tree thru the streeets of new york on 24/7. LGR TONIGHT!!!!!

  490. just read Leonard’s piece on the Gaborik trade and given what a colossal company man he usually is, it was about as critical a piece as I’ve seen from him

  491. bull dog line on

    if it was stunning to anybody the Rangers traded Gaborik, then they have not been paying attention.

  492. I’ve been pretty sick about this for the last two hours. Had enough of Tortorella’s ego already. From the playing favorites with players, publicly humiliating players in the media, disrespecting the media during press conferences, disrepecting the fans who tune into the press conferences to get more insight into the team, not being able to learn about injuries to the players, this ranger organization has turned into a prickly caricature of its coach. Well, at least we got some “jam”, we cant score goals, but we got us some “jam.”

    Amonte for Noonan and Mattau looks real good when you have Grave’s potting 50 and Messier in command. But now we have Nash potting 20 and Callahan in command.

  493. I don’t think anyone was surprised Gaborik was moved given how little Tortorella likes him; the borderline players they got back for him is the surprise.

  494. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    I agree wholeheartedly Lloyd. The return on Gaborik is mind-blowing and absolutely indefensible. Thank god we got Columbus’ 6th round pick. Slather must be feeling lucky and sure that he’ll draft another Lundqvist with it.

  495. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, it was stunning that it was Columbus and how lousy the return was.

  496. Sather and company dropped the ball this summer. Thought the FO did a good job in not giving up Stepan or DZ in the Nash trade, hated losing Arti. Got arrogant again in their hockey decision making. They should have brought back Mitchell, Fedotenko, and Roscival.

    They were in panic mode now.

    No doubt about that

    The players brought in could help reestablish the identity lost. But with so much of that identity lost, and this team currently being the complete opposite of the 11-12 team, will this group know what it takes to get back there. We’ll see if this combination of players can do it.

    Need goal scoring again.

    And the team I grew to love is no more. 11 months after getting knocked out of the ECF, in game 6, in OT. Even worse, less then 30 games later.

    Im howling at the moon cuz I lost my dogs man. Gabby, I’ll miss that guy.

  497. GardenOfReams on

    Reading the comments here are so insightful. I never would have known that you win the game by scoring more grit than the other team. Or that it’s possible to know that a player has completely recovered from an injury and is washed up by only watching him play from the opposite side that he’s played his entire career.

    It’s re-assuring to know that you experts, although no longer guaranteeing a playoff spot like you did at the beginning of the season, still feel good about our chances. Thanks!

  498. I’m sure it’s been mentioned; but will the two healthy Columbus guys be in NY in time for tonight?

  499. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    I’m going to have a difficult time uploading the inevitable new rosters in NHL13…..

  500. Doodie – as I said, the last 10 years of 1st round picks for Columbus have all been traded or released. Yet we go and try to bring in as many of them as possible.

    Clearly trying to turn into the Blue Jackets.

  501. Maybe they feel they can work with Moore to be something good. He was 21st overall pick in 2009 draft

  502. bull dog line on

    I’m sure there is a guy with 7 goals out there. Gabby is a guy who was bashed on this blog constantly. blasted for his playoff performance. blasted for being to soft. now he has been traded, and its like they traded the greatest Ranger of all time.

  503. Doodie Machetto on

    I was happy about what our roster would be on NHL 13 after the Clowe deal. But after the Gaborik one, not so much.

  504. Blue Jackets have not traded or released their last 10 years worth of 1st round picks btw.

  505. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Are the recent trades the Rangers idea of pushing for a playoff spot, a long playoff run, the future or all of these? If it’s for a playoff spot, it’s pathetic. If it’s for a long playoff run, it’s delusional. And if it’s for the future, then it’s ridiculous.

  506. bull dog line on

    what return do you guys think they should have gotten? you wanted draft picks? 3rd line center was a big weakness. Brassard. young Dman. Moore. toughness, Dorsett. I think they did well.

  507. Read that Moore, Dorsett, and Brassard boarded a private plane and are en route to NY with Brassard and Moore expected to play.

  508. Czechthemout!!! on


    I think Torts has a lot more input on who they bring in than you think. Sather only does buisness with who he knows. Therefore the trade with the Jackets and JD. It was the easy path to take. Torts wanted Gabby gone asap. Now he is. Torts is a damn jerk who prejudges players and than plays them according to this. See Boyle.

    Kreider will never be successful here as long as Torts is here. You can make fun of me for saying it all you want but you will see.

  509. so you swapped a 1st line forward for a 3rd line center and 6th defenseman

    do you feel the latter two are more important?

  510. Cross Check Charlie on

    I think they cut out some of Sather’s brains when they operated on his pecker.

  511. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    If he somehow stays with the team in the future, Zuccs will be one of the longest tenured Rangers before you know it.

  512. Marian Gaborik –> 35 games 9 goals 10 assists (Last 10 games –> 1 goal 1 assist)
    Derick Brassard –> 34 games 7 goals 11 assists (Last 10 games –> 3 goals 2 assists)

    Now obviously Gaborik has a far better track record and is likely to bounce back at some point, but for this season you can make a very strong argument that Brassard has been the better player)

  513. For the record Pat Leonard has zero credibility as did the two amateurs before him Spector and Obernauer. Anyone still posting on that site must know that when John Dellpina was writing the blog attracted the kind of attention and passion that Carp’s does. Many times posts in the hundreds with several over one thousand.

    The Daily News made their bed and has hopefully lost ad support because of their short sightedness.

    Of course it’s only fair to mention that when I was banned the site went in the dumper!!! ;)

  514. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Lloyd – as you can tell, I share your disappointment in today’s return for Gaborik. But if Columbus held on to their first round pick for the last 10 years, their scouting staff should be burned at the stake.

    Other than Nash, they were known more for drafting the likes of Rostislav Klesla (#4 overall), Nik Zherdev (#4), Alexandre Picard (#8), Gilbert Brule (#6), and Nikita Filatov (#6).

  515. Agreed bull dog. I think they did well. Better than they would have done next season when Gaborik is a rental.

  516. Czech, I think I’m _just_ naive enough to think Tortorella and Gaborik didn’t always get along perfectly… (s) (s) (s)

    But gone ASAP? It took almost four years.

  517. Holy hartnell! Good evening all! I almost drove off the road when I heard this on the radio.

  518. Bull dog
    “Greatest Ranger of all time”???

    Not even close. I’m hoping that was a tongue in cheek comment.

    While I do think we got the short end of the stick in this trade I believe Gabby had to get traded. He was never going to fit into Torts system. He is basically a one dimensional player. Albeit that one dimension is scoring goals. Unfortunately that was not the case this year.

    This trade seems to point to the fact that Torts is not going anywhere.

    WHile this is not a good trade for this season it should open up a ton of cap space next year once the Rangers buy out Richards. ( They gotta lose him). Hopefully Sather uses this cap $$$$ wisely and doesn’t sign a fist full of Boyles and Pyatts.

  519. right now gabby is not a superstar scorer unless you have not watched him this season.

    goals in 6 games, 9 total goals. again bottom line.

    give the trade some time, all star break next year and then decide….

  520. Czech, I agree with your statement that Torts influences who they bring in (see Richards, Prospal, Fedotenko, etc.) but I don’t really know how much of an influence he could have been with this particular return. He probably didn’t go anywhere with it other than saying to get Gaborik out of NY.

  521. #2 Zherdev another Sappy import!

    May a giant sinkhole be present when he sleeps! At his desk……..counting his ill gotten gains.

    May his HOF plaque be galvanized and rusted like his brain!

  522. Yeah, it should be the Jackets’ first ten first rounders they’ve lost, not the most recent ten, Lloyd.

  523. Is it me or did San Jose receive more value for Clowe than NYR received for Gaborik????

    Could it be that most league GM’s don’t view Gaborik as an elite sniper / 1st line player????

  524. Manny, one can always count on your eternal optimism.

    Are you free for a Middle East diplomatic mission?

  525. valid point that with the exception of Nash and Voracek the Blue Jackets have had some brutal first round picks

  526. Kekalainen isn’t Howser M.D. that’s for sure.

    Where was Rod today anyway? Big Rangers/Jackets trade, so I assume he was all over it -tomorrow-

  527. Lloyd – they don’t have any of their 1st round picks from the last 10 years left. They just said it on TSN.

  528. Doodie Machetto on

    Papa, it’s you. Say what you will about Brassard, Dorsett, and Moore, but they are definitely worth more than a 2nd, a 3rd, and a conditional 2nd.

  529. Latona

    This trade has Tortorella’s hands all over it. He didn’t believe this team was capable of winning and demanded that they trade their struggling scorer for “glue guys”

    Sather gave Torts his wish and now the Rangers are the EXACT team Tortorella wants. No kids who aren’t ready, no Europansies, no softies. This team is going to look exactly like the team we had last year, although it might be a little too late to catch the 6th seed and avoid a potential first round exit.

    This current team, when healthy, will now be able to outwork its opponent, something the Rangers couldn’t do at all this season, but now has Nash who is a far better player than Gaborik…

  530. I am confused with how this system kills him to the extent people are talking about. Does the system stop him from scoring on breakaways and penalty shots?? The Devils play the same “system” and it doesn’t effect Kovalchuk. He is not a presence on the ice at all and gets the puck taken from him all the time. How much can you expect to get for a soft player coming off shoulder surgery who is playing the worst hockey of his career and makes $7.5 million a year? We need to resign guys like Stepan and McD and make better free agent decisions.

  531. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    I don’t really know who the heck he is but Steve Delisle was traded from the Rangers to….. any guesses….. c’mon, you can figure it out……. that’s right, Columbus!! Are we Columbus’ AHL team? This is way too many transactions between the same 2 teams, especially considering they’re in our division next year. Delisle was obviously a minor league transaction but, still, c’mon…. Columbus again?
    BTW Kreider AND Miller were sent down to make room for these chumps. Bush League Patheticism (my new favorite word).

  532. Richards the Friendly Ghost on

    Knowing Torts it wont last anyway so I guess we can expect the usual juggling act..

  533. Cap going down next year fellas. There are younger players coming off bridge deals that will have to be resigned with less $$$ to do it with.

    That Brassard guy got more goals against pittsburgh than Gabby did the list couple of tries.

    I like gabby and wish him the best but some salary had to go and at the trade deadline it comes off the books AND you get something for it…

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