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1) This was a really big win, or more exactly a game the Rangers really couldn’t afford to lose. Could have been a death blow, really. Now if they even get one point out of the home-and-home with the NHL Penguins, then beat Carolina, they’ll be in decent shape. The schedule really isn’t bad after that. Two points out of four with the Crosby-less birds would be over-the-top successful. And snapping their winning streak before they tie or break the record, well, that’s wildest fantasy type of stuff.

2) I have learned the hard way (even harder, I’m sure for you guys) to not get too crazy about one good game with this team. You need to see it again, and again, and again. And maybe again still, before you believe it.

3) New York your long wait is over … after six scoreless periods, Rick Nash to Ryan Callahan to Derek Stepan. That euphoria didn’t last a lifetime, or a full minute.

4) How is it possible for five teammates to go into the corner and not recognize that something’s wrong, especially the weak-side defenseman (Steve Eminger) and the center (Brian Boyle)?

5) The Rangers showed a little push-back in this game. Just a little.

6) Mats Zuccarello’s two high-sticking penalties. Is that even possible? The Little Italian kid from Norway was impressive the few minutes he spent outside the penalty box, wasn’t he?

7) Ryan McDonagh had a really good bounceback game, I thought. Really good. Vintage McMonster.

8) So the power play starts with Brad Richards on the point, and Boyle in front of the net. Of course, Richards hit Boyle with a shot. Of course he does.

9) That said, I thought Richards and Marian Gaborik were moving their feet better and creating a bit, and involved. Again, let’s see it a few more times.

10) I don’t get Kreider on the fourth line and getting so few shifts. But … what the hell do I know?

11) All the trades going down yesterday and last night, I am actually surprised. I figured this deadline might finally be a quiet one, but I guess there are almost enough sellers, and there sure are a ton of buyers … and then you have a lot of teams willing to deal contracts with the cap going down next season, and teams who believe in dealing guys before they walk for nothing. So maybe there will be a flurry on Wednesday.

12) That said, I think the Rangers really, really, really need to be careful here. If they can trade some of their bottom six for draft picks, so be it. They’re mostly replacable (I’m not talking Kreider or J.T. Miller). But I’d be really careful if there’s a contender who wants Marian Gaborik – it would take a pretty good haul, if I were Glen Sather. And I’d be extremely cautious in dealing anything of future value for a rental. As I’ve said, and you’ve said, there’s not one player, or one position that is going to fix all the flaws this team has. It would be good for this team, though, to have just a little bit of nasty. Now there’s almost zero.

13) OK, I accept my mocking. Ryan Callahan made a play early in the game — I don’t even remember what it was, but it was after the Jets had tied it at 1-1 and they were taking over. I said something in the comments like, “You know it’s bad when you say, what the heck is Callahan doing?” And then he goes on to have a night like that. Kid’s got ’em, big as the building.

14) Didn’t see an twits from Sean Avery after the game. Just like I didn’t see any last season. And I don’t think his jackass remarks Saturday or Callahan’s rebuttal had anything to do with what happened last night. But it didn’t exactly look like a team that’s quitting.

15) Great to see Jim Craig in the house last night. Always get a chill when I see him or Mike Eruzione. Especially since Herb Brooks left us.

16) Condolences to the Maloney boys, Dave and Don, on they loss of their dad, Steve. I’ve always liked the Maloneys, good, honest guys and real gentlemen. Best to their families.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan.
2. Derek Stepan.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
Kenny Albert’s (really) Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan.
2. Derek Stepan.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
This is much better:
Usual Suspects!
1) Henrik
2) Cally
3) Stepan
HM-solid team effort all around.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derek Stepan (27.72 %).
2. Ryan Callahan (27.02 %).
3. Henrik Lundqvist (22.11 %).

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  1. I don’t know what Kreider did wrong but I agreed with sitting Miller. He hasn’t scored and the rest of his game really hasn’t developed. Better three reliable guys on the third line and some toughness on the fourth line, particularly against Toronto. Whether Miller needs some instruction time at Hartford I don’t know. Zuc seems to round out the second line. If he is not a mirage then we finally have a balanced attack. You can’t tell with this team.

  2. Been watching Kreider, the few shifts he has been playing. Since he came back, he has been very responsible in the D zone. I read in the Post today that Torts was talking about “all the mistakes” the rookies are making. Honestly, I haven’t seen it from K. He actually has surprised me—so drastic is the turnaround. He has even improved his board play. He just got lumped in with Miller, who has been brain dead lately. And it looked like a 3 line game last night–for the most part. I just wish Torts would not make sweeping remarks like that. He talks about screwing with young guys development. Well, how about making accurate, and not self-serving remarks about their play? That can screw with their development, too.

  3. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s got that knotted feeling in their gut regarding what stupidity Slather might command by the trade deadline. Man, I hope he doesn’t do anything big.
    The one thing I noticed about Zuccs was that even after taking those 3 (count ’em, 3!) penalties, Torts pretty much put him right back out on the ice and never seemed to bolt his butt to the pine. That’s in stark contrast to his handling of the Hobbit last season. If I remember correctly, Zuccs took a bad boarding penalty in the opening minutes of the very first game of the season that eventually led to the NHL fining him. After that Torts barely played him. Not just in that game but even after that, resulting in Zuccs’ quick demotion to the Whale. Way to finally get something right Torts.
    Speaking of Torts getting something right, I didn’t notice that he had put Richards back at the point again, running the power play. Way to keep getting it wrong, Torts! The time for giving him back his confidence shouldn’t be at the expense of the rest of the team. He had his chance and stunk up the Garden. Torts needs to stop beating that dead horse and figure something out, hopefully by the time Richards’ contract expires in 3030. Once again, the clueless coach shows he doesn’t know the meaning of “insanity”. Of course I could be way off base and Richards only played a very short time at the point. Either way, as far as I’m concerned (and this is probably why I’m not an NHL coach) he needs to stop putting circular blocks into square pegs.
    In regards to the win, I think we’ve learned as recently as Saturday that a real good win isn’t necessarily the start of a new streak. I’ll get off the ledge if they show something against the Crysby Jawbreakers. No matter how this home and home shakes out, I’m thinking anything less than 2 points gained is a horrible outcome. I don’t care if they lose both games in shootouts (though I’d rather they didn’t), I’m looking for 2 points.
    ‘Nuff said. I’m out.

  4. The benching of The Kreider was inexplicable given the way Torts uses players like VW parts, with some very favorite parts of course. McMonster’s play on the 5 on 3 that sprang Cally and Zuke was the turning point, and was a thing of beauty.

  5. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Oh yeah, forgot something (even after that novel I just posted). I thought Lundqvist had a tough start. Though the first goal he gave up wasn’t fully his responsibility (Antropov should never have been allowed to camp in front of the net to begin with) that puck should never have gotten past him. He never should’ve opened that five-hole the way he did. And since that’s what he did, his stick should’ve been on the ice blocking that opening. Hank’s legs opened up so wide that the puck got a little air. The only way that puck should have a chance at getting through the goalie is along the ice.
    That being said, Wow, did he ever settle in to his familiar role. That first goal was probably a little rust that needed shaking off. He did some Marty Biron flopping on the ice in the beginning too, including the Stepan leg save. But after getting out of that tense opening he was the Hank of old, once again allowing 2 goals or less.

  6. In defense of Zuc, I think the first high-sticking penantly along the boards was actually Stepan’s stick that got the Jet player … and of course Sam and Joe missed it on the replay. And good for Torts that he didn’t stick Zuc on the end of the bench because of the penalties. … agree on Krieder. I think he should be playing more, but with Zuc here someone has to be demoted. Miller is struggling. Too many mistakes. Should probably be back in CT.

  7. I think they need a counterpart to Zucs who clicks with his creative passing..could be someone currentlyi on the team, but needs practice to gel. Nice to see a much-needed win last night and the turnaround. Three cheers for Cpt Callahan, Cpt Callahan, Cpt Callahan!

  8. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Man, either I need to get a life or I have to admit I live for your reviews, Carp. Great job.Will miss them over the summer. Perhaps you can review other things then? Just not baseball, please!

    Some good things did happen. Liked Nash’s icer. We haven’t had anyone could do that in years.

    I have been down on him this year, but Hank played a helluva game. We don’t have him in the nets, we lose. Period. That Little save is one for the ages in a non key moment. Still huge. And there were many more.

    The Gabby Richard pairing was good. Feet were moving. Best, it stops them from polluting 2 lines. They just don’t score on 1. Gabby seems like it’s coming. Hope it’s this year. Richards plain sucks.

    The Kreider. I don’t understand.

  9. Last night was a game the team absolutely had to win and frankly Tortorella really could not risk a rookie mistake out there. It’s one thing to play guys through those mistakes as he has mostly done with Miller but last night was a bit of an exception. I do, however, think that Kreider has shown himslef to be responsible enough that he’d do better on that third line than Pyatt, certainly. Miller has tremendous upside but he is young and still learning. It’s not as though Torts hasn’t given him a chance to put up some points.

  10. bull dog line on

    it seems as if the top 6 has been decided. with Hagelin being bumped out. now they need 4 more guys for the bottom 6. they have Powe, and Hagelin to me that are worthy. I know Torts thinks Boyle and Pyatt are his main checkers, but boy have they stunk it up this year.

  11. Hank seemed to be fighting the puck again last night, especially early. I don’t know if it’s the ice, or jitters or something, but he has stretches like that. Still, a great overall game. I reiterate what I said yesterday, Look around the league and go team by team and tell me which goalies you’d feel more confident in going into the playoffs. If there’s more than 4 or 5, I’d be surprised.

    On Kreider. I thought he’s been fine since he came back and he was fine last night. If you aren’t going to play him, put him back in Hartford and let him continue his education. Same with Miller. I get the team needs wins, but what they are doing to these guys is not teaching them but hurting their confidence. Ever hear of teach by doing? You can tell a player he’s doing something wrong, but if he’s sitting on the bench, how is he going to get the opportunity to do it better? That said, there really isn’t a better option anywhere to replace these guys. And I think Miller should sit and Kreider play. I think Miller has hit the “wall” now and he needs to be sent down. Perhaps there’s help in the form of a trade coming.

    Cally….wow…he always seems to lift his game when the team needs it most. And Stepan…you know, he’s closest this team has to an MVP this season. I am really enjoying watching him play. You can see why he was the USA Junior captain a few years ago. That line was a great move by Torts, but how soon before he breaks it up.

    Gabby…I really thought he had one of his better games in awhile. His legs were moving and he just needs some confidence in his shot. He seems to be shooting and not aiming. It’ll come in a flurry, like it always does with him.

    Nash seemed to find it last night. Back to dominating with the puck

    Still, it’s one game against a mediocre team. Lets see them play decent against Pittsburgh and I’ll feel better about things.

  12. bull dog line on

    I think they should rotate the wingers on Stepan’s line. this way nobody goes into long slumps. Richards line is where wingers go to die.

  13. BTW…on the Kreider / Miller point, this has been the Rangers way for a good part of my time watching the team (since the last 60s). They get some really good young talent, don’t play them and let them wallow on the bench, trade them away for a fringe player or aging star and the player goes on to be if not always a great player, a very good one. Middleton, Ridley, Miller, Amonte, Weight, Tinordi, and I’m sure there’s quite a few more that I’m not thinking about. Could Dubi and AA become the next two?

  14. bull dog line on

    Dave Gagner, Marc Tinordi, Terry Carkner, are just a few more I can think of steven.

  15. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    That Step-Nash-Cally line BETTER be in it for the long haul. As much as I don’t believe other than the great Nash these guys are historical first liners, on this average team, they are.

    It is only one game. We have so little to be optimistic going into this home and home. I sold my tickets (nice price, too!). I hope they win. Man, even if it only means 8th place and a first round sweep….gosh, I hope they can win 1 of 2 vs. the Pens. A point….anything’s a victory!!

  16. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Gotta find a way….find a way….find a way….to get into 6th place. A passport to the second round. how much does that division suck?

  17. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I still think the Devils ‘engineered’ a 6th place finish last year. It worked nicely. Florida was some non-opponant last year first round.

  18. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    GLENN….oh….GLENN…….nothing stupid. Do you read Carp? Perhaps you should…..oh GLEN….oh GLEN…….minor deals….this team isn’t good enough……you’re wasting your time…..little that it matters….oh GLENN….oh…GLENN……dont mortgage the future…..OH GLENN….OH GLENN……….are you even thinking hockey at this point in the year….OH GLENN…OH GLENN…..the fishing’s warming up north….oh GLENN…oh GLENN……trout anyone….OH GLENN…OH GLENN….13 years of awful work all because you were nice to junior Dolan in a skating camp when he was a kid and he says he remembers how kind you were and he will never fire you….OH GLENN….OH GLENN…you are a lucky, no talent, uninformed, made your reputation on moves that any goon could make and let others do the work GM…So lucky to create a career with so little ability….oh GLENN…oh…GLENN

  19. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    absolutely, Bull. They got confidence from it and moved on to a match up that worked for them against a thoroughly exhausted team in Philly. We were better than them. They had a very easy road to the cup.

    They are struggling right now, for sure :))))

  20. The idea scenario for the Rangers now, is to find a way into 6th, and hope that whoever plays Montreal or Pittsburgh can knock them off in the first round. Not out of the question considering that we play a lot of these teams going forward. Two against TO and two against NJ, especially.

    Even if you should lose the next two games we HAVE to at least be competitive for 3 periods and not be down early, and then by the third period Pittsburgh scores a couple to ice it.

  21. Stranger Nation on

    So Torts puts there 3 most productive forwards for the season on one line and WHAMO they all score and the team nets 4. HMMMM

    Hags back with 3rd line where he should be with Zucc playing on an offensive line with Gabby and Richards – offensive meaning painful to watch, not offensive meaning scoring goals

    Neet to win this next one – not the same Pens without Cindy.

  22. bull dog line on

    I am going to get pounded here for saying this, but, I want the Rangers to play Montreal in the 1st round. Montreal is going to under so much pressure to win I think they will wilt under the pressure. the Rangers would be the veteran team, and would know how to take advantage of Montreal’s nerves.

  23. bull dog line on

    aside from Montreal, Winnipeg would be a good match up. Carolina would worry me if Ward were healthy.

  24. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    yes, Stranger. It was an ’emotional’ must win. and they did. good for them. there may be playoffs ahead.

    of course, it too all hank could offer to hold them back. there were some high quality shots on him. and our offense barely came through.

    but we won. YAY.

  25. Stranger Nation on

    For those counting at home – Nash outscoring all three players he was traded for 30 pts to 29.

    Do the haters only come out after losses?

    Erixon the offensive D man – 5 assists in 26 games…

  26. Woke up this morning bothered by Tortorella’s Zuch. comments, which means:

    A) I really need to get a life

    B) Since that’s not in the cards, what was he thinking saying that? How is remotely not the coaching staff’s job not to update a player coming in from a different league, and how easy would it have been to laugh it off in the other direction, as in, “Oops, that one was on me—glad we got away with it!” Even when he’s being funny, it’s at the player’s expense, not his own. Sort of like saying, “What, lifting the goalie with four seconds left and a faceoff in their end—that’s MY job?” Little things.

  27. I didnt think Miller was that bad early on – he missed a good chance and was at fault for not closing down the shooter on the 2nd goal, but he was physical and involved and for a 3rd line center/RW how many goals would we expect this season? 5 or 6? Not sure why Kreider was benched either.
    I thought Stepan was phenomenal last night, he seemed to be everywhere and Cally was just as omnipresent. Nash seemed quieter but, took great advantage of Cally’s drive to the net/screen to seal the deal. I’m expecting him to get 20 goals before the end of the reg. season and Step to be close behind.

  28. It looks like (and if the season ended today) the Rangers as the 8 and the Pens as the 1. I know it could be a Pens sweep the way Rangers have played aGAINst Sid Chicklets and Chosen Ones, but Fleury has given up goals in bunches in the playoffs and they have all the pressure.

    Ray Shero is pulling a Jim Fassell and pushing his chips to the center of the table. Maybe Torts can do a Tom Coughlin and sell these guys on an ‘us against the world’ mindset and take down the Patriots, I mean Penguins.

  29. Carp (or anyone else): Can you explain to me why those 2 kids aren’t farmed out where they can play 20+ minutes a night in all situations and in their place on the 4th line are AA and Haley (and whoever)?

    Doing that does the following:

    1) Puts the 20 year old and 21 old Miller and Kreider in a better situation for their development (and they both need developing)
    2) Means giving the 4th line an average of 6 minutes of icetime isn’t risking retarding the development of the only 2 true forward line prospects
    3) Adds some snarl to the Ranger lineup
    4) Makes sense

    I truly don’t get some of the decisions this coach makes and the fact that he’s allowed to make them.

    And leave the kids in Hartford for the remainder of the season no matter how well they perform – hell, they might even help the Whale go for a deep PO run….

  30. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good review, Carp. Number 12 will tell us plenty about this organization’s philosophy. I’d be fine if they do nothing. As opposed to go the old way route and trade away young talent. Unfortunately Sather has to answer to his boss if they do not make the playoffs, but I still believe, based on what was done the last couple of years, they won’t do anything stupid. Clowe would be a nice addition, for sure. The Rangers do not have what Wicky call “playable toughness”. He brings that. So did Dwight King and Jordan Nolan last year in LA. I have a feeling someone will overpay for Clowe. Hope it’s not NY.

  31. Cross Check Charlie on

    “For those counting at home – Nash outscoring all three players he was traded for 30 pts to 29. ”

    That’s why it’s so dumb to trash the Nash trade. Now think of this. The Rangers traded two players on the roster – Dubi and Artie. So, Nash has 30 pts and there has to be another player to take a roster spot. I would probably say that person has been Miller or Kreider. If either of them put up any kind of numbers. Let’s say they put up 15 points. Then you’d have 45 points for the 29. In my math, that’s a good trade.

    The problem is that the person that took the other roster spot hasn’t come through. Well, that, and Richards and Gaborik not playing up to past performance either. But, the thinking that the Nash trade screwed up the team is totally ridiculous.

  32. Hey! We won! It was even an important game. Try to remember this epic day of 2 points when we are getting demolished by the Penguins in back-to-back games.

  33. Just to agree, don’t get Kreider on the 4th line. Don’t get Kreider benched. Not one bit.

  34. Regarding #11. I’m not surprised that there are plenty of trades. Many teams are still in the hunt. But also, in terms of Cap. First of all, for all “intensive care purposes”, cap isn’t going down next year. It’s going up, actually. This year’s cap is set at $60M ( midpoint $52M, lower limit $44M). NHL transition rules allow teams to spend up $70.2M. Semantics, I know. But most importantly, the Cap is *set* next year. Doesn’t matter what this year’s revenue is (the latest I looked, it was very promising), the Cap next year is set at $64.3M ( $44 lower, $54.1M midcap). It’s not like GMs do not know what to expect. They see exactly what they can and can not do.

  35. Miller has been guilty of countless, bonehead, rookie giveaways that it’s head-scratching that Torts continues to play this kid. And now he’s saying how he’s worried about him (and Kreider)? They both should be back in Hartford. Can’t afford to live with Miller’s constant giveaways without getting any goals in return. Torts lives with Miller and keeps sending him out there because he has “jam”? Double standard vs other players!!

  36. That slap shot by Richards at the end of the game was hilarious. I wish i could read lips to know what Big Buf had to say.

  37. I’m just happy we won. Hamrlik and Eminger seem like they are on the ice for every goal. I think you keep Kreider up, but putting him on the 4th line seems like a waste. Would rather see Asham there. Zucs also stays. He makes plays. Miller is more of a liability, has zero goals and is a minus 7 since it was decided to keep him up. That’s not good enough.

  38. Great review Carp.

    Why Torts sits The Kreider, un-real.

    For The Kreiders sake, please trade him to a team that will play him so he can develop into a power forward. Something tells me its not going to happen under this coaching staff.

    I see him in a few years as a 35-40 goal scorer, but not as a Ranger.

  39. I think Kreider and Miller are doing fine up here. To my surprise Kreider has looked, to my untrained eye, to be more defensively responsible and he’s really flying out there. And being a much needed pest. Also, I don’t think Miller being knocked down to 10 minutes a game for a one game is going to be a big destruction of his development. Just let them both move in with the big club. Tell them they both are not getting sent down. Tell them to get apartments and prepare to be NHL’ers for life. Let them work, let them live.

  40. Stranger Nation on

    Jim April 2nd, 2013 at 8:40 am
    Carp (or anyone else): Can you explain to me why those 2 kids aren’t farmed out where they can play 20+ minutes a night in all situations and in their place on the 4th line are AA and Haley (and whoever)?


    Agree 1000% for what they are being asked to do, doesn’t make sense at this point and the stakes are just getting higher. Kreider on 4th line – WTB?

  41. Zubov – Asham being scratched means either: A.) He’s getting traded; or B.) his back injury is flaring up.

    No way he’s sitting (instead of Pyatt or Pow!) if he’s ready to go.

  42. I think the experience Kreider and Miller are getting by playing through a playoff battle is unmatched. Miller already played without a leash for quite a while. Now he’s learning what the role of a 19 year old is going to be down the stretch. Very important. He’s here to stay.

  43. They are not trading Kreider. The team needs points, can’t afford rookie mistakes, understandable. Stiil, Kreider, after he came back, was a much more defensively responsible, and much more confident player. Admittedly, he didn’t create much offensively. Can’t do it playing on the 4th line, for sure.

  44. Stranger Nation on

    Bring up Newbury and Haley – send down the kids so they can play top line minutes!!

    BTW – Jesper Fast is not a 3/4 line guy – 165 lbs soaking wet – do we have the market cornered on undersized Swedish forwards?

  45. Stranger Nation on

    Yes, Miller playing with Boyle is a tremendous learning experience. You can’t replicate that anywhere…seriously, you can’t. Brian Boyle 2013 – role model for our young guns!!!

  46. after watching last nights game I realized a few things. After Girardi, Mcdonaugh and Del Z, the rangers defensemen are not very good. Tortorella doesn’t trust Miller and more so Kreider because of the defensive side of there game and the bottom 6 are not good. Miller and kreider should be playing in Hartford but they can’t because the rangers don’t have the players to replace them in the line up. This is a big problem and unfortunately there isn’t much the rangers can do at this time. I really hope Darth Sather doesn’t do something desperate and stupid. I’m really nervous that Darth Sather is going to do something really stupid.

  47. leetchhalloffame on

    Hey Torts – Newsflash. You ain’t winning the Cup this year. Take the crazy glue off the butts of Kreider & Miller & just let them play. Now’s the time to get them some experience. They’ll be stars around here well after you’re gone.

  48. tommyG: There’s no defending, IMO, giving Kreider 3 minutes and Miller 7 minutes of icetime in a game when you have AA and Haley available to reward/punish similarly. None of the former 2 are scoring, or fighting/banging/playing with obvious grit or are any better defensively than the latter pair.

    And more importantly, the latter don’t require further development.

    Having those kids play 5 minutes in a game does zero for their development and ensures they accomplish zero when they do get on the ice.

    At least, in their 5 minutes, Haley and AA would try to accomplish something physical.

    It’s just plain stupid decision making IMO…

  49. I really think you guys are nuts. This is the playoff stretch. Very important, non comparable, experience that Kreider and Miller are getting here.

  50. Stranger Nation on

    BJ’s have 3 #1 picks this year – their own, the Kings’ (Carter deal) and ours. Want top line scoring…

    Gabby and Stralman for #1, Artie Party, Darn Tyutin, and no Dubi

  51. Manny: It’s the PO stretch in the AHL, too. They can learn similar pressure there, except at the same time, also learn what it feels like to help their team in that stretch. Being a difference maker for a team in that situation can be a HUGE growth experience.

    For crying out loud, Miller isn’t even a full year removed from junior (and could still be playing there) and Kreider isn’t a full year out of collegiate hockey yet.

    There is ample time for them to learn what it’s like to be in an NHL PO run – like the next 15 flippin’ years.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    This is the caption for the photo on Brooks’ article today:

    “GREAT START: Greg Stepan beats Jets goaltender Ondrej Pavelec 19 seconds into the game during the Rangers’ eventual 4-2 triumph last night at the Garden.”

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    I had the 3 stars the way that Kenny Albert had them. But seriously honorable mentions to Gaborik, Boyle (who had a great final 30 minutes to go with his rotten first 30), and Anton Stralman, who I thought was really good throughout the game.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    oh, and HM for that Italian kid from Norway. When he got the first high-sticking penalty, someone from the top yelled out “THAT’S BULL[CARCILLO]! HE CAN’T EVEN REACH!”

  55. AHL is not the same as the NHL. Come on, Jim.

    Greg Stepan! Awesome new nickname. Thanks, Doodie.

  56. That stick to the face of Clitsome (from his own teammate) was pretty horrendous looking. Hope he’s ok because his name is awesomely epic.

  57. Greg Stepan really had a rebound game. Good to see. The kid has a serious future as a #2 center. I still believe he can get slightly better and become a #1 but only time will tell.

    Honestly, Miller might have more of the #1 Center skill set. Too bad we never traded for Nazem Kadri, eh?

  58. I personally think Kreider and Miller should both be in Hartford for this season since it’s a wash. They need to play and develop since they can be key players next season for this team. Miller especially has been making more mistakes (mostly because he’s trying more stuff, which I’m fine with) and if he’s going to learn, it’s better for him to learn it at the AHL level.

    Only problem is that this team doesn’t have much to bring up outside of Haley, Ferriero, Mash, and Segal. They’d fill the role though of 3rd/4th liner for now.

    And I’m fully expecting this team to get run out of the building against Pittsburgh.

  59. coach Jim, I think he might have a better idea on developing players and how much they can handle than we do. More than I do, I guarantee you. Plus he sees them in practice and they break down film together.

    He might not just be doing it to piss you off.

  60. I agree completely bull dog. I’d give them a shot against Montreal in a first round pressure cooker … if they have a little offense going at the end of the season. Of course, if they don’t, they won’t be playing anybody (but golf). Winnipeg isn’t good at all.

  61. Oh and the ship is fully righted now Carp? One win and you’re ready to sing the glories of the coach and all things Rangers again?

    Why? Will they revoke your dressing room pass if you don’t drink the koolaid?


  62. Had a good time at the game last night. My first in over two years.

    Some random notes:

    – Potvin sucks whistle every 2 minutes is a bit excessive.
    – Jets fans behind me broke out into a Lets Go Oilers chant for some reason’
    – Daily burger is good but ive had better. Better than paying 2 times as much for the prime rib though.
    – some Einstein fans yelling “kill him” or “shoooot” all the time made me want to cry
    – thought Gaborik was flying along with Stepan and Cally
    – interesting how the Jets fans added “sucks” after each Ranger was introduced to start the game. Didnt include it after Lundqvist’s name was called.

  63. Cross Check Charlie on

    “He might not just be doing it to piss you off.”

    Damn you, I just spit coffee all over my monitor. LMAO.

  64. Agreed he might Carp; then again, he might not be able to see the forest for the trees.

    That does happen you know, especially when a person is as stubborn as Tortorella obviously is.

    Besides, erring on the side of caution when it comes to developing kids is always the right way to go.

  65. And of course your minions will find your sarcasm humourous Carp….

    PS: Are you ever wrong? Err, let me rephrase that: Do you ever think you’re not right?

  66. I admitted I don’t have the answer. But I don’t just assume it’s the answer you want, that Kreider and Miller are being held down.

  67. And honestly, is that really what you think I’m about, because I do have opinions, but I almost always say they are opinions and I don’t believe to have claimed I am all-knowing.

  68. Stranger Nation on

    OK then…on a lighter note…Richards actually HIT someone last night – in fact, he did it more than once!!

  69. Don’t get involved in that crap, Carp. Most of us know that you have opinions like any other person that watches the games.

    Like my opinion that the experience Miller and Kreider are getting right now is more valuable then AHL playoffs and that Kreider should probably be on the 3rd line over PYATT (is that real?) or even Boyle at this point. And that Miller will continue to remain up here even if he’s playing 10 Minutes.

  70. LOL…fair enough.

    Look, I don’t blame the coach for reducing their icetime. I think Miller has done some good things (I like his jam, his willingness to forecheck and buy into the system preached by his coach) but sure has brain-farts with the puck all over the ice at least 2 to 3 times a game. They are, I assume, due to his age/inexperience (I do question his decision making with the puck in the offensive zone, but again he hopefully will grow out of that).

    Kreider is more of a conundrum to me. He looks good for a shift or 2, then disappears. It’s what happened before he got sent down and is happening again (after he seemed to more consistent immediately after his recall).

    It doesn’t help either than there’s minimal offensive skill on the bottom 6 to work with – it’s almost like the inability to generate offensive chances by that group is a contagious disease.

    Sooo, if the coach feels compelled to bench them because he feels they will bring more harm than good, it’s understandable. But they are 20 and 21 – they should be playing 20+ minutes a night. Anyone who doesn’t see that doesn’t understand the keys to developing youth (IMO).

    If this is going to continue, send them down and dress guys who are more suited to being short shifted and equally importantly, may be capable of producing at least a little value to the club in their brief shifts.


  71. Doodie Machetto on

    Pyatt and Powe were awful 5 on 5. Powe was pretty good on the OK. Pyatt is useless. The fact that Kreider saw so little ice was a shame.

  72. It is, Doodie. Why the heck is Pyatt playing on the 3rd line instead of Kreider or Miller? If Miller makes mistakes then just move him to the wing or something. I mean, Pyatt really is playing like garbage.

  73. And you guys who want Haley and Newbury back up here, it will probably happen at midnight tonight when the rosters expand.

  74. Stranger Nation on

    Yes, it does seem Kreider tends to disappear at times – probably because he played 3 mins last night.

  75. Carp : Miller/Kreider :: Mister D : Mister D’s daughter

    I know she needs to fall and learn how to fall and what not to do to avoid falling because falling will be good for her in the long run … and yet I can’t just let her go when its fall time. Also, I have a beard.

  76. much more sensible :)

    seriously, i think (IMO) Kreider lacks a bit of confidence and takes a lot of responsibility on himself when he screws up (plus he’s smart enough to know when he does).

    and maybe that is why they protect him and not give him what he can’t handle in a crucial game.

    Miller is just the opposite, IMO again. His mistakes are more like Del Zotto’s early on, that he believes he can make any pass. And i think he has really struggled away from the puck lately.

    i forget who argued earlier that they aren’t winning the Cup anyway so just play the kids. Pro sports teams don’t think that way when they have a chance … a chance to win games, make the playoffs, go as far as they can go. they won’t quit on a season.

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, I doubt either of them come back when the rosters expand. We are already healthy scratching a forward and defenseman every game. Those two, along with Bickel, will be left in the AHL through the Whale’s (expectedly brief) playoff run.

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh and by the way, it bears repeating: Hamrlik is brutal. I can’t believe they couldn’t Campoli a tryout but are still sending Hamrlik over the boards every game. I’d like to send him over a cliff.

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, yes, unless they trade some guys. But either way, it won’t be at midnight tonight.

  80. It was probably me, Carp. If we don’t make the playoffs or it looks like we have no shot, why not bring up Mcllrath and let him get a taste of the NHL along with the other youngsters.

  81. Sioux-per-man on

    Jim – I agree. Miller isn’t producing enough at a Pro level this year. 4 points in 25 games, and he had a 2 goal 1’st game. Great start, but not alot since. I know he’s getting 25 games, and getting used to the system, and its going to help down the road …..

    Part of me thinks he would have been better off as a 19 -20 year old playing in all situations, getting stronger, winning championships for the Sioux next to Grimaldi. But that’s just me.
    Torts always preaches not hurting the development of a young player, but I just don’t see how Miller producing 2 goals & 2 assists is helping the Rangers RIGHT NOW, when every game means so much.

    Am I wrong?

  82. @Real_ESPNLeBrun@ Blues now have 9 d-men on their NHL roster. Ian Cole and Kris Russell will generate calls from other teams and 1 could move before deadline

  83. read most of you guys earlier posts. some of you who want us to finish 6th you do realize we are still 7 pts back of toronto and ottawa. yes i know we play leafs 2x next week but come on guys lets be realistic here we win hockey game last night and all of sudden we are shooting for 6th when a playoff spot is 50/50 at best right now.

    keep in mind we all will be rooting for leafs come saturday when they play the devils so best case scenario is we get in and finish 7th have boston beat out montreal(since we cant score or god forbid win a game there).

    at least with boston we could be in the game and low scoring and have a shot. although they physical style would wear us down on defense with girardi and mac d burnt out by game 5/6.

    take the 2 pts last night and get a split the next two and see where we stand heading into carolina which is a playoff game (4 pt game)

  84. talk about awful what was brian boyle doing on those first 2 goals. leaves antropov open and then loses draw cleanly.

    if we could get a draft pick tomorrow and shed his 1.7 mil for next year i would take it.

    as for tomorrow. i would like to see a draft pick or two moved for another d man. other then that what else could we possibly do if we arent trading kids for rentals.

    gabby wont go we all know it

  85. You may have your wish, eric. Seems like there might be some interest in Boyle.

    Personally, I think you have to keep him. Especially because trading him now is trading him at his lowest value possible. And he’s the last “core” guy from the year we were good.

  86. Rob in Beantown on

    Gabby’s overdue to get hot and we saw some glimpses last night. He’s going to turn it on during the homestretch and scores 8 or 10 goals… I feel it in my bones, this _will_ happen!

  87. Agreed play them regularly, but also concur if/when you’re battling for a PO spot and you don’t trust them, their icetime will be reduced.

    If/when they are mathmetically eliminated, for sure play them regularly. And bring up McIlrath. And Thomas.

    Thing is they likely will be in the race until the last week.

    Anyways, I maintain my belief that an organization is better served to have their 2 top propects playing bountiful meaningful minutes at a lower competitive level vs watching from the bench. If the coach (understandably) cannot trust them to play, then farm them out.

    The next 2 games aren’t gonna get any better in terms of pressure…

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, Boyle’s value hasn’t ever been much higher, outside of that 20 goal season. I’d say dump him if we can get anything of value in return. And we still have plenty of “core” guys. Did you mean from the bottom 6? Then yes, he is the last. But that whole bottom 6 needs to be redone, and he hasn’t really been good enough to warrant some kind of special preference.

  89. _talk about awful what was brian boyle doing on those first 2 goals. leaves antropov open and then loses draw cleanly._

    Ha. The guy is 57% on faceoffs, loses one clean and a 5 on 5 shot from the point goes in and that’s Boyle’s fault. Of course it is. You know, if he’d just shown some awareness, left his man and stood behind Henrik, Winnipeg doesn’t score and its a better 4-1 win. Narrative, narrative, narrative.

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    Jim, I actually think the next 2 are much better with pressure. We’re playing with house money. Penguins are supposed to cruise to the Cup Final. Everyone is expecting two losses. It’s easy to play when nobody expects you to win.

    Now, the 2 against the Leafs? Lots of pressure in those games.

  91. Boyle is our best face off guy. An area we are not very strong in. I know he lost a face off that led to a goal last night. I know. But overall he was 9-10 last night on faceoffs. Nearly 50%.

    I am not a big fan of trading him but everyone can think what they want.

  92. I swear if half the people here were baseball fans, they would have hated Ozzie Smith because he didn’t hit 20+ HRs each year.

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, you can’t lose cleanly in your own zone, but I agree, that one wasn’t as bad for him as the first one.

    And I think Carp was wrong about Eminger. I think that was Hamrlik’s man. Hamrlik was on far left and followed his man to the goal, going further right than Eminger, who then switched off to go left while Hamrlik was right. Hamrlik, who should have recognized this, strayed from the goal to go back left, leaving absolutely nobody by the goal. Likewise for Boyle.

  94. Doodie Machetto on

    I thought Boyle played a really strong final 30 minutes. But the first 30, outside of the shot block on the PK in the 1st, were just brutal.

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, and he belongs nowhere near the PP. The big man in front only works if A) a strong wind wouldn’t knock him off of his skates; and B) he doesn’t have hands of cement. Boyle doesn’t qualify in either respect.

  96. It’s the same garbage over and over. Boyle sucks, trade him. Gaborik sucks, trade him. Pow stinks, sit him.

    Everyone is very quick to forget about the PK and how last year, having a phenomenal PK was a big part of our success (5th in the NHL). But we let all those guys go and now we have a weaker PK and a worse record. We are 17th on the PK and trading Boyle and waiving Pow! will only make that worse. Boyle is our best face off guy. Best. He’s one of our best PK guys. These are crucial parts of the game that simply cannot be overlooked.

  97. Yes, Doodie. It was Hamrlik’s man. Eminger was out wide already following his guy and Hamrlik inexplicably floated out wide also.

  98. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    This point in the season is not the time to “develop the kids”. They need to win games, and if Tort feels they are not helping, then they are not going to play.

  99. “We aren’t doing the little things like last year! We’ve lost our grit! Also, dump that guy who is 8th in the NHL in faceoff percentage and 6th among forwards in hits, he doesn’t score enough goals.”

  100. If Boyle gets sent packing alotta guys are going to be complaining about his absence without even realizing it.

    “they can’t win faceoffs”….”there’s no one in front of the net on the pp”….”no one plays physical on the boards aside from Cally…”we are too small down the middle”…

  101. Stranger – Boyle and Cally were on the PK together a lot last year. This year they had to be split because of a huge lack of PK skill.

    YES JAMES! Join the Vibe!

  102. Doodie, agreed on hands of stone. Unfortunately at present date there are few people on the roster that plant themselves there. Kreider could but I don’t think it’s possible from the bench.

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, the hits stat? really? that’s what you need to defend Boyle? Also, how many of Boyle’s hits have turned into quality chances or won puck battles along the boards?

    The guy turns in a quality 2nd half of a game last night and all of a sudden we have the second coming of Bob Gainey on our hands.

    You want to keep Boyle to play the 4th line and kill penalties? I’m all for it. But this guy is a liability at even strength.

    If on balance, to get him away from offensive situations I have to remove him from defensive ones as well, I’m willing to take that risk if we can get a good return for him, like a right-handed defenseman that can play more than 10 minutes a night.

  104. Doodie, I don’t know about that first ‘Peg goal … Eminger is the right D. But you may be right. They could have switched if Eminger was first toward the corner. I have no idea.

    James, you not say Ukraine weak.

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    ”there’s no one in front of the net on the pp”

    I’d rather there be nobody than Boyle.

    And like I said, for all of his “physical” play along the boards, exactly how many times have you said to yourself “man, Boyle plastered that guy!” or “look at the turnover Boyle forced with his hit!”

  106. A few times, Doodie. Boyle is one of the few guys on this team capable of an open ice hit in which he skates away with the puck.

    I have always supported Boyle. I think the Doctor has too.

  107. You know who else was on the PK last year? Prust and Dubinsky and Fedo and Artie. Four bottom six guys who could effectively play important minutes (each > 1:00 per game) then let the top six come out post-kill. This year, Callahan and Stepan are both up almost a full minute, Nash and Hagelin are both out there. The PK is worse and its wasting more ice time for better players.

  108. @Real_ESPNLeBrun@ Told the Dallas Stars have decided to trade Jaromir Jagr. My sense is Boston leads the list of front-runners

  109. Remember last year, The Doctor, when people were screaming that “Any AHL player is capable of killing penalties at the NHL level!”

    Turned out to not be true, eh?

  110. bad as Boyle’s been, and I’d say he’s been awful (based on what I thought he was last year) … he does have some relative usefulness in those areas. I’d rather have him playing fourth-line minutes than Powe or Pyatt or Asham or … That said, if they can get something of value for him, by all means.

    but who is then the d-zone faceoff guy for Stepan and Richards?

  111. Stranger Nation on

    1st goal – Boyle leaves front of net to go play man in corner already being pursued by Em leaving Hamr between man he had been marking and Andropov in front. Chalk that one up to the pairing of the ages – Hamr/Em with a Boyle brain f@rt thrown in the mix.

    2nd goal – Miller needs to get higher to pressure point, he was stuck in No Mans Land. While Boyle was beaten clean, it happens but Miller needs to anticipate play to. Good teaching point I guess…

  112. Newbury, Carp? Because if you trade Boyle you’re not getting a 3rd line Center in exchange. So you have to get what you can and then call up someone who can handle the faceoffs.

  113. I don’t understand why people are blaming boyle for the first goal. If you watch the replay Hamrlik was on a island all by himself while boyle went towards the boards where the jet player had the puck. Antropov was Hamrlik’s responsibility in front of the net. Why do you think Tortorella didn’t play him much after that goal.

  114. Stranger Nation on

    PK hurt by Stawl’s absence as MDZ, Stralman, Hamr, Em are not effective PK Dmen so you can have Jan Erixon and Sergei Nemchinov, but you also need two mobile, smart Defensemen.

    Sauer update??

  115. _Remember last year, The Doctor, when people were screaming that “Any AHL player is capable of killing penalties at the NHL level!”

    Turned out to not be true, eh?_

    “Just use Segal in place of Prust, he’ll fight and kill penalties because why not? Take the puck and clear it! So easy!”

    But weird, huh? Some non-scoreboard skills actually are skills, not just matters of assignment.

  116. DarrenDreger Bergeron to Carolina for A. Hall and a 7th round pick. #tradecentre

    So Tampa placed Hall on waiver 3 weeks ago. Carolina picked him up. Now Tampa trades for Hall. What the byfuglien?? What was the point of all that?

    Are we doing the same with Halpern?

  117. does anybody know where to get real faceoff leaders for the season? on NHL.com they list everybody who’s taken a faceoff, so Fedor Tyutin and Sheldon Souray are tied with many others at 100 percent.

    I want to see if anybody, a real center, has a great faceoff pct., or if it really is around 57-60 percent leading the league.

  118. Exactly. It turns out that while the end goal in hockey is a bifurcated goal of putting the puck in the other net / keeping it out of your own net, there is an entire truckload of skills and systems that go into achieving that end goal.


  119. _Manny, Boyle’s value hasn’t ever been much higher, outside of that 20 goal season. I’d say dump him if we can get anything of value in return. And we still have plenty of “core” guys. Did you mean from the bottom 6?_

    Doodie – do not attempt to reason with the lunacy. The bloke must be putting us on. He knows that a fourth liner – his only talent is winning faceoffs – has little value and is not considered one of a core group.


  121. Doodie Machetto on


    Feel free to watch for yourself. Hamrlik tracks his man (Antropov) to the goal, forcing Eminger to switch off to the guy on the left boards. There were two men behind Eminger. One behind the goal, and one in front (Antropov). Hamrlik, being the lower man, had the choice of either continuing to guard the front of the net unless and until the man behind the goal got the puck, or go to that man immediately and let Boyle defend Antropov one on one. Boyle, however, makes the first mistake by chasing the same guy Eminger is going after. Woof. Hamrlik compounds this mistake by choosing to go after the man behind the goal, after being able to see that Boyle is no longer in front of the goal. WOOF!

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    ” Some non-scoreboard skills actually are skills”

    Yes, like skating. Segal and Mashinter lacked that skill.

  123. Vibin’ Manny!

    Think about the PK guys we’ve lost over the last few years. It’s not rocket science as to why the PK finally stinks. I’ll even go back as far as Betts and Sjostrom

  124. bull dog line on

    some trade thoughts.
    I think Boyle probably has more trade value than given credit for here.
    the question that is always asked when the thought trading Gabby comes up is, how are they going to replace his 40 goals. maybe you trade him for two 20 goal scorers. I know its a bit different, but that what the Rangers did with Amonte. traded a 30 goal scorer for two 15 goal scorer’s.

  125. Doodie Machetto on

    James, Betts and Sjostrom are the perfect example of why these guys are expendable. We lost Betts and Sjostrom and our PK didn’t miss a beat because they just brought in new guys to kill penalties. If Boyle goes out, you bring in new guys like Miller and teach them how to kill penalties. We taught Prust and Boyle how to do it, just like we taught Sjostrom. Other guys can learn to do it, believe it or not.

  126. thanks. so only two guys in the whole league are over 60 pct. and barely … just shows what a coin flip it is. If really good is 57 percent, and really bad is what, 43 pct.?

  127. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    I posted a few games back, Boyle leads the team at 58% faceoffs, most of which are defensive. Richards, somehow, was a little over 51% and Stepan is 48%. Miller is a bit over 50%, but I don’t think he’d be taking many defensive zone draws in big games. So, you can trade Boyle, but you need someone to be able to pick that up.

  128. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, long term, that Amonte deal was an absolute disaster. And if it wasn’t for the two Matteau goals, it would have been a disaster in the short term as well.

  129. These guys are *not* expendable. Those guys were replaced with guys that could handle it. You can’t expend those guys unless you replace them with adequate replacements. Which isn’t as easy as it seems. Boyle has two skills: PK and Face Offs. He’s also humungous. Those are three things that are very valuable. You only trade him if you have someone with those qualities in your AHL/ECHL system that can replace it. The closest we have is Mashinter.

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    Boyle has only won 199 faceoffs. So let’s not start pretending like he’s out there for every big draw. That’s third on the team and 60th in the league.

  131. According to Twitter, Dubinsky has now joined the crew of visor wearing NHL players.

    ?@BlueJacketsNHL@ RT @RobMixer@ : Brandon Dubinsky, who has returned to #CBJ practice today, is doing so while wearing a visor. #CBJ

  132. Bad news on the Willie Mitchell becoming a Ranger front, LW.

    @TSNBobMcKenzie@ There had been hope in LA Willie Mitchell might return but it’s a no go. Had his knee scoped. @Real_ESPNLeBrun@ reports he’s done for year.

  133. _Exactly. It turns out that while the end goal in hockey is a bifurcated goal of putting the puck in the other net / keeping it out of your own net, there is an entire truckload of skills and systems that go into achieving that end goal. Weird_

    You have not yet provided a single rational thought. Weird…

  134. bull dog line on

    just using that as an example. Amonte was younger than Gabby, so it was a short term move for the Rangers. Gabby is gone after next season. he is going to leave, or they will trade him before that. are you going to get a 40 goal guy for him? doubt it. but maybe you get 2 guys who can pop in 15 to 20 each. gives team a lot more balance. I do not want to trade Gabby by the way. I just think its going to happen.

  135. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, don’t give me Boyle’s size. He’s 6’7″ tall but he routinely is outmuscled by much smaller players. I could probably knock him off of the puck.

    As far as killing penalties, you can teach new guys how to do it if you put them out there in practice and let them do it. I bet Newbury could more than adequately fill Boyle’s role. Guy has two shg in the AHL so he clearly kills penalties there.

  136. You don’t need to sell me on Newbury. I’m the idiot clamoring for him to be a regular member of the 4th line.

  137. bull dog line on

    the best penalty killer on the team has to be the goalie. most forwards can kill penalties.

  138. _Boyle has only won 199 faceoffs. So let’s not start pretending like he’s out there for every big draw. That’s third on the team and 60th in the league_


    _James, Betts and Sjostrom are the perfect example of why these guys are expendable._


    Doodie – You are nailing it today.

  139. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, I just can’t get behind the 3 dimes for a quarter argument, philosophically. It RARELY works out for the team getting the dimes.

  140. Trade Boyle to an oblivious Western Conference team for a high pick. Otherwise, no deals.

  141. _the best penalty killer on the team has to be the goalie. most forwards can kill penalties._


  142. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    If killing penalties is so easy to teach, then why is the PK worse this year after they changing 3-4 players that did it last year?

  143. bull dog line on

    I agree Doodie. the team that gets the best player usually wins the trade. I just think they are going to move Gabby. I don’t want to trade him for prospects, and doubt they could get a big scorer in return.

  144. it was hamilik and boyle repsonsible for first goal. but why is boyle as the center leaving the middle to go over to the wall with the 2 dman.

    bergeron has a bomb of a shot. too bad thats it.

    i would take jagr back as a rental in a heartbeat.

  145. Cross Check Charlie on

    “Hamrlik compounds this mistake by choosing to go after the man behind the goal, after being able to see that Boyle is no longer in front of the goal. WOOF!”

    I keep telling people on our team to never leave the front of the net unguarded. If you have to make a decision to cover one of two people to pick the one that’s in front because he’s the most dangerous.

    I should play that goal to my team members to emphasize my point.

  146. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, no training camp/practice time to bring in new guys and show them the system.

  147. bull dog line on

    answer to that question is, the goalie last year was the best in the NHL. this year has not been as good.

  148. _I’m the idiot clamoring for him to be a regular member of the 4th line._

    All you need to know about this bloke…

  149. Sioux-per-man on

    I’m thinking Jagr would be an upgrade over Pyatt on the 3rd line!!!

    Can we get him, Can we get him, PLEEEEEEEASE!!!! He should retire a Ranger, and hang a banner at the end of the year. That would be one H#LL of a RIDE to go out on top with the Rangers!!!!

  150. I don’t get the point of listing Sjostrom and Betts and Moore. All were good PK guys as well and all were bottom six forwards which was atleast my point on why last year was much better than this year. Better PK and guys you’d rather see out on the PK.

  151. If he doesn’t go to the Rangers, Sioux, do you think you could arrange a trade to the Sioux?

  152. bull dog line on

    there is already an overload on the right side. Jagr does not fit. they need a goal scoring left wing.

  153. Doodie Machetto on

    Honestly, I think that if they couldWhen we traded for Prust, I said almost verbatim: Hey, if we can teach this guy to kill penalties, he will be really valuable. And guess what? They did! No reason that they couldn’t have done that again this year with a guy like Haley if there was actually a training camp and time to practice during the season.

  154. Lol, eric, I just about said the same thing the other day. Isn’t that how it seems it’s been going?

  155. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, no way would Pittsburgh ever trade for Jagr, and his price will be MUUUUUUUCH higher than that.

  156. Thom- have you considered instead of, ahem, approving or disapproving someone’s thought, and attacking people personally for their thoughts, coming up with your own single opinion? Let alone anything cogent?

  157. @NYDNRangers@ Jesper Fast is on the ice today with the Rangers for practice at MSG Training Center, wearing No. 12 #NYR #NHL

  158. Rob in Beantown on

    I like Jagr as a rental too though I dont know what we’d need to give up to get him

  159. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    _Because our defensemen and best penalty killer (Lundqvist) are worse_

    .930 save % and 1.97 GAA last year versus .922 and 2.19 this year. Not as good, but not much worse.

    And you have to take into account the trickle down effect of having your offensive players killing penalties, which is more tiring. If any forward could do it, shouldn’t Pyatt and Asham be out there instead of Callahan or Hagelin? You need forwards who are quick and get position themselves quickly.

  160. Doodie Machetto on

    Jagr isn’t a good fit here. Not to mention we don’t really have anything to give up for him.

  161. Thom, there’s a whole list of blogs over on the right side of the page. May we help you find one where you might like someone, and vice versa?

  162. I can’t, Latona. I just can’t. It would be very, very “undude” of me to do so.

  163. Sioux-per-man on

    Ranger should do a deal with the Habs, and get Kristo from them, they will play him in the AHL. The Kid is the real deal! He will be the next Parise / Toews type player coming out of the Sioux factory!!!

  164. Mister D I’ll be specific on last season even though my point was that the organization doesn’t put too much value into PK “specialists”..They seem to feel more like the bottom 6 within this system are all that you need.

    Missing from last season after big roles on the pk in previous years are all the bottom 6 guys that they undervalued and misjudged in trying to replace:


    All 5 of them had important PK minutes at some point in time. There’s a few short handed goals in that list too fwiw

  165. Jagr isn’t going to help if Richards and Gaborik do not find their game. If they do, the team needs a sandpaper kinda guy instead. And I think they need a D-man. Time to concede Hamrlik was a desperation move that didn’t work.

  166. Rob in Beantown on

    The difference between .930 and .922 save percentage, over an 82 game season with 30 shots per game is 20 goals. Not all that insignficant especially in a close race.

  167. Doodie Machetto on

    Yes, you need to be a good skater. They did not sign the right guys to replace the ones who departed. Nobody is denying that. If they had brought in the right guys, then we wouldn’t be battling for 8th place. But Boyle isn’t something special that can’t be replaced by guys already on the team and in the system. He’s not. And that goes double for next year when they will have a training camp and actual time to practice.

  168. Sioux-per-man on

    bull dog – Jagr can play either. He’s a PRO’s PRO.

    Look at his stats, he is right there with Nash!!!

    He helps this team, THIS year. He would be the perfect Rental for the Rangers.

  169. bull dog line on

    I know the plus minus stat is usually an overrated stat, but if you look at the Rangers plus minus, it is very telling this season.

  170. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Rob, I get your point, but not all of those shots are coming on the PK.

  171. Hard to say that Kreider and Miller aren’t getting enough ice time. Miller is getting 13:31/game and Kreider 10:41/game.

    If you look at the stats for forwards born between ’91-’94 they’re averaging 12:40/game, which would suggest they’re inline with their peers.

  172. Bulldog: “they need a goal scoring left wing.”

    Me: Like Nash could have been if they put Gaborik back on the right side?

    …wonder if Sather/Gordon have put in a call to Marty Rucinsky’s agent..

  173. bull dog line on

    they finally moved Nash to left wing last night. should have been there the whole season, instead of messing up Gabby.

  174. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Doodie, I think if there guys that could replace Boyle, they would also be in there more frequently for Stepan, Nash, etc. And, I agree with you to an extent that a forward on the PK may be one of the more teachable things you can do in hockey. But, I don’t think the players you speak of exist in the organization right now.

  175. I think they will use Hagelin more on PK from now on. He was there yesterday. Adding MZA to top 6 decreased Hageln’s ice time. There is something to say about a player with his speed killing penalties. Keeps the opposition honest. They have to think twice about patty cake passes along the blueline, and have to make sure the shot goes through.

  176. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    _So Tampa placed Hall on waiver 3 weeks ago. Carolina picked him up. Now Tampa trades for Hall. What the byfuglien?? What was the point of all that?_

    And TB just placed Hall on waivers.

  177. doodie it was sarcasm. the penguins always get what they want and for there price. so who knows what there next move is

  178. Doodie Machetto on

    Gravy, those players exist in Hagelin, Miller, Kreider, and to lesser extents, Newbury and Haley. But without a training camp or any meaningful time to practice, those guys can’t get the experience they need to play that meaningful role. That’s why we had to trade for Powe instead of trying new guys out on the PK.

  179. ilb2001,
    funny you posted that because I was thinking the same thing was getting irritated about it but I wasn’t going to post because I’m not going there for anybody.

  180. Sioux-per-man on

    Jagr – has 14 goals this year. MORE than EVERY player on this team.

    We need GOALS!!!

    The old man still has the skills!!!

    He would be an upgrade over EVERY PLAYER on the 3rd line, Miller and Kreider included.

    Rangers have the cap space – Make a deal!!!

    Besides who wouldn’t want to see his smiley face after a Ranger win!

  181. Good crackish of noon, Carl!

    Saturday, April 27 is the last game of the season. A home game against the Devils. Also, HAMBONE’S COMING TO TOWN. Clear your schedules, ya knuckleheads.

  182. That’s pretty hilarious re: Hall. Watch Carolina pick him up. (is that even allowed?)

  183. Not funny, Doodie. That Nedved camp invite was a close one!

    Bulldog- The ironic part was that if they made that switch (or let common sense prevail) we could have had a much needed improvement on both sides offensively

  184. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – IF you put Fast on a line with Boyle & Pyatt, does that make them faster :)

  185. You’re finally calling her by her real name, eh ilb?


  186. prediction time again

    so i am fairly confident in that the rangers move tom will be Kurtis Foster off waivers from phil. i just see him as the d man we bring in that gets a pp look.

    do i like it no but see it happening

  187. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, possibly, but considering that he’s so bad that even Philly doesn’t want him, I’m not so sure it happens.

  188. Wouldn’t be a bad move, eric. Expiring contract, can shoot. Not great defensively, but would certainly be an upgrade over Hamrlik. And nothing to give up. I suspect someone else will pick him up though.

  189. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Kreider has to work on 5 on 5 D before I’d trust him on the PK. But, I’d rather have him playing 2nd line minutes and on the PP as he develops. Miller will need to work on faceoffs to become a viable PK option, but I can see him being there down the road. That’s why Betts was valuable as a PK.

  190. But seriously if Hagelin is dealt Ill feel bad for the Swedish family that sat in front of me last night. They came all the way here to watch a game where Hagelin, Stralman, and Lundqvist were playing, cheering like crazy for them. Aside from being jealous of the beautiful set of hair all of the guys in that family had, they were great folks and contributed to the MSG economy last night with at least $500 worth of food, gear, and foam fingers.

  191. they’re saying maintenance day for Hagelin.

    Not that he’s untouchable, or that I wouldn’t trade him for the right player, but I don’t think he’s going anywhere.

  192. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I would think if the rangers do minor to no deals up to the deadline what they would do is add a d man with some grit. One of the O’s from Colorado perhaps?

    If you are trying to make the playoffs, why not try to improve your team?

  193. Stranger Nation on

    all this talk about PK forwards brings up back to Pie-hat who is bring less than zero to the party over for some time. Need to get a replacement part

    Most be VERY defensively responsible so Torts ‘trusts’ him with TOI

  194. Stupidly small sample sizes and “eye test” aside, Lundqvist’s even-strength SV% so far this year is actually a tick higher than last year, so it’s a drop in his shorthanded SV% (which is subject to a lot of random variation for all goalies year to year) from .905 to .863 which is responsible for his fall in total SV%.

  195. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Maybe I’m overvaluing Hagelin, but I wouldn’t trade him straight up for Clowe, let alone add in players.

  196. Rob in Beantown on

    If Lundqvist surpasses Richter in wins but never gets a Cup (I really hope he does and it’s in a Rangers uniform) does he get his number retired automatically or no?

  197. _Thom have you considered instead of, ahem, approving or disapproving someone’s thought, and attacking people personally for their thoughts_

    That is the standard conduct of this blog, no?

  198. Breaking news about to be confiremd

    derek roy from dallas to vancouver for 2nd round pick and prospect

  199. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh boy.

    @JSportsnet #Sharks F @ryaneclowe29 traded to #NYR for F Carl Hagelin and 2nd round pick #TradeTracker

  200. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    LW, thank for the stats. And we can probably argue this to death, but it is also possible that the quality of opponent chances could be higher this year as well. My “eye test” is that Hank hasn’t let in many that he should have stopped this year.

  201. I missed this, but Doodie, the center shouldn’t be in front of the net covering that guy. That’s on Hamrlik 100%. When you send two guys into the corner on defense, it’s the centers responsibility to help the d-man fighting for the puck on the boards. One d-man should always stay in front of the net. If anything, Boyle should’ve dropped down a bit lower to protect the guy behind the net, but realistically you don’t even care about that guy.

    The way that should’ve gone down is Eminger and Boyle double team the guy on the boards, the guy behind the net is left open, Hamrlik pressures him if he tries to go around the net and the winger up top drops down to support until Boyle or Eminger come back (and leaves that pass to the point open since it’s a 75 footer), then they get back into shape once everyone is back in position.

    You can blame Boyle for a lot of things, but that goal isn’t one of them.

  202. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    _Oh boy.

    @JSportsnet #Sharks F @ryaneclowe29 traded to #NYR for F Carl Hagelin and 2nd round pick #TradeTracker_

    April fools?

  203. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I wouldn’t either. As much as I like clowe. The only way I trade for clowe is if he resigns or does a sign and trade.

    Reports I’ve seen said part of the hold up on him getting traded somewhere is clowe wants to sign an extension wherever he gets traded to.

    If that is the case, then I would consider moving assets for him, just preferably not Hagar

  204. Doodie Machetto on

    I disagree Jonny. Boyle was in no position to challenge along boards. He was tied up with Antropov in front. No reason to leave that position, especially chasing a guy he was nowhere near or ever going to catch.

  205. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I really don’t want stafford, he is like dubi version 2.0

    Glencross would be ok though

  206. Doodie Machetto on

    Sally, will you be in attendance at that last game or just in town? Are any other boneheads going to be at that game?

  207. Doodie – that’s fine, I’m just saying in most defensive strategies, the center takes the boards as support 99.9% of the time. This way when they do win the puck battle on the boards, he can cut up ice as the 3rd man high, specifically on an odd-man rush. In ideal situations, you always want the d-man in front of the net, even if it means switching off.

    Really all 3 guys can be put to blame there because Eminger switched sides immediately off the draw, Boyle switched without letting Hamrlik know (even though he should’ve anyway), and Hamrlik decided to go for a guy who wasn’t a goal threat since he was behind the net. Either way I put most of that on Hamr.

  208. I would love to know what management saw in Hamerlik. Can we give him to a team for free? There’s probably a pee-wee team in Hackensack that could use him.

  209. Lol, Yergs. I used to skate at The Ice House all the time. I don’t even think they could use him..

  210. by the way nhl network tom at 8am through 6pm has TSN coverage of trade deadline day. who will be left for them to talk about for 7 hours through 3pm deadline especially if jagr got moved today.

    jagr and clowe the headliners tom

  211. Doodie Machetto on

    Jonny, I agree. Most of the blame rests on Hamr. But I think Boyle definitely should not have chased that guy along the boards.

    Also, a little bit more advanced, he should’ve recognized it was Hamrlik in front, and just pretended like Hamrlik wasn’t there and played the situation that way.

  212. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, a lot of guys with contracts could still get moved in actual hockey deals instead of deadline rentals.

    And don’t forget about Luongo.

  213. bull dog line on

    strangely the only part of that trade that bothered me was the 2nd round pick.

  214. Doodie Machetto on

    Jonny, I just read over what I originally wrote. Mixed up who should do what. Should have said Boyle had the option of staying in front or going for guy behind net, not Hamr. But then Boyle chases guy on far boards that he has no chance of reaching (woof), and Hamr goes for guy behind boards after Boyle leaves front of goal (WOOF).

  215. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, I want to see Fast play a game before I trade away Hagelin. We still need his speed.

    And say what you will about Boyle’s “size,” Hagelin is 10X more effective along the boards.

  216. jagr would be the perfect fit playing with plekanec who has played with olympics for montreal

  217. Glencross has an NMC. LOL, there are some real lunatics at the helm in Calgary. I’d take him though, depending on what it takes.

  218. _I’d take him though, depending on what it takes._

    What are the Rangers giving up for him?

  219. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I have a friend that attends every ranger game dressed as an empty seat and he knows a guy who has a sister that is dating a guy who has his dog groomed by a girl who also grooms hanks dog and she said slats just went to the ranger practice facility and told everyone except Nash, cally, hank, step, mza, mcdonut, girardi, and Biron to leave the ice because they all needed a “maintainence day” (cough cough trade potential).

    Just got an update that mza and Biron were supposed to take a maintainence day as well but torts protested so much that he wanted to be taller than someone so mza gets to stay and Biron was talking when the announcement was made…and he is still talking

  220. I’d like to see some trades where team retains a part of player’s contract this year. This new CBA rule hasn’t been used yet, has it?

  221. Doodie Machetto on

    “Pyatt and Hamrlik for a Big Mac, fries, and a coke.”

    It seems like they have been for that several times this season.

  222. I’d be ok trading Hagelin in the right deal. Clowe is very much not the right deal.

  223. LOL at the thought of Jagr playing for Tort. It certainly would be entertaining…

    Great win last night…Gaborik looks as good as he can without scoring…some very good chances…Zucc is getting him space…

    Obviously, the turning point of the game was Zuccarello coming out of the box taking a pass from McD and chipping it to Cally for the 2 on 1….

    Absolute Beauty.

  224. The Rangers did not upgrade their squad at the 2012 deadline – when they were in position to make a deep playoff run. There is little likelihood the Rangers upgrade their squad at this deadline.

  225. Doodie Machetto on

    Callahan made the same move on the Jets defender that he made on the OT 2 on 1 against Pittsburgh a couple of years ago. Just perfect little toe drag to make is a 2 on 0. Last time he shuffled it across to Dubi for the goal, but this time he faked Pavelec out of his jock.

  226. Anybody else agree that Zuccarello looks ten times better than Richard$?

    Jagr playing for Torts is a non-starter…No way would they co-exist. No chance at all.

    If there’s a taker for Boyle, I’d do it. Guy has shown time and again that he’s simply not willing or able to use his size to his advantage. Other than that short spurt last season.

    I agree that Hags and even Zucc are stronger on the boards than Boyle. And Boyle ought to be ashamed of himself that it’s a fact.

  227. There still is that whole, Hagelin isn’t at practice and Fast(h) is suited up thing though….


  228. By the way, I was wrong about Byfuglien and his conditioning before. He was logging big minutes last night, including almost whole PP, and was very mobile. He is probably a bit of a loose cannon for Torts’ liking, but boy would I love him on our team!

  229. Sioux-per-man on

    “Pyatt and Hamrlik for a Big Mac, fries, and a coke.”

    Sounds good about RIGHT NOW!!!

    And to think that’s $5M a year. Do you think we could send them to Dallas for Jagr, and a bag of cash?

  230. Sioux-per-man on

    JD – Fast is Hagelin 2.0 with an upgrade on scoring!!! Kid can bury the puck.

  231. Rob in Beantown on

    Jagr seems like he’s mellowed out a bit as he’s aged. I don’t know if he and Tortorella would be as bad as you say

  232. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Some talking head on twitter said clowe is the domino that everyone is waiting to fall

  233. _By the way, I was wrong about Byfuglien and his conditioning before._

    You were wrong? I am shocked. [sarcasm]

    _He is probably a bit of a loose cannon for Torts’ liking_

    No evidence to suggest that.

    _but boy would I love him on our team!_

    The Jets are going to trade the Rangers Byfuglien in exchange for Powe because you would love him on the Rangers.

  234. Sioux-per-man on

    Larry Brooks ?@NYP_Brooksie
    A shame circumstances aren’t aligned so that Jagr could return to New York.

    See – Even Brooksie agree’s with me.

    Jagr should be given a blueshirt, and have the chance to raise the cup one last time!!!

  235. HAHA. Right after I say bank on Montreal…

    @MikeHeika@ Jaromir Jagr to Boston. I’m hearing two prospects and a draft pick.

  236. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Are you ok? I mean people are just musing in conversation here, you understand that right?

  237. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    _You were wrong? I am shocked. [sarcasm]_

    Jackwagon comment. I am shocked.

  238. Let me ask you this- why is a team that is holding on to a 6 playoff spot in the West trading a player that is becoming such a hot commodity elsewhere? I understand Clowe has an expiring contract, but do not they think he can help them in PO?

  239. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    ilb, I think the seller’s market is so good right now, that everyone has to consider it.

  240. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny – we are usually on the same page. I sure hope not! He just makes that team harder to beat at home!

    Rumor has it, as the Bruins!!!

  241. Doodie Machetto on

    You could argue they made it worse by adding John Scott.

    And Thom, past history actually shows this is a year they are more likely to make a move. When the team has been on the playoff bubble is when Sather has been most active in/around the deadline. Two years ago it was McCabe. Three years ago Jokinen/Prust (although you could argue that was more about dumping Kotalik’s contract). Four years ago it was Antropov and Morris. Five years ago was Sjostrom and Backman. Six years ago was Avery and Mara. Seven years ago was Sykora and Ozolinsh. Eight years ago there was no hockey, nine years was the fire sale, 10 years was Dunham, Kovalev, and Anson Carter. 11 Years was Poti. I can’t remember beyond that.

  242. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    When else is a guy with 0 goals (yes, I know what he did the past 5 years) going to bring back (most likely) a 1st and a prospect, or a really good prospect?

  243. SJS have one of the worst prospect groups in the league, ilb. So I think they’re trying to replenish a bit with a good player they consider a little more expendable than one of their scorers.

  244. Sioux-per-man on

    Jagr – is a good fit for the Bruins.

    Too Bad Rangers didn’t have this set up sooner.

  245. Ilb: I made that same comment to the Flyers fan I referenced yesterday who was in a panic over them being Clowe’s frontrunner. Like I can get cashing a guy in you think you can live without, but that has to be factored into the return, right?

  246. ilb – I agree with what you’re saying. Heard that opinion on NHL Network Radio and it kind of made me think. Clowe has 0 goals.

    But I haven’t watched him play this year and therefore don’t know what is going on with him.

  247. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Lmao, the guy that kept chara from signing with us is now his teammate…lol

  248. I told ilb last week, solely because of me, Jagr would go to boston. That piece of scum loser sac of worthless crap, I hope he rots in hell. I knew it in my heart, he’d be traded to them. And he’ll finally win his 3rd Cup. Piece of crap Jagr.

  249. Sioux-per-man on

    We have FAST and ZUCC. Looks like we are going to skate around them, with speed, but can we bury enough pucks to WIN?

  250. Latona- then SJ is clearly looking for someone to overpay for him. It’d better not be NY.

  251. hagelin for clowe would be a joke. hagelin 24 under contract and cheap clowe 30 and a FA.

    btw hagelin is better today so why would the yever make that trade…

    I love Glencross, would be a huge get.. good not great player, low 20’s goal scorer. nasty, and good skater….

    jagr would be a great get also, at 40 he can still play..

  252. Doodie Machetto on

    wicky, the guy that kept us from Chara was Perry Pearn, telling management to get Redden instead.

  253. On Kreider and Miller – the thing is, if they are not playing, they need to play, send them down. But if they are here, play them. They have more skill than a lot of guys getting more minutes. We forget they are young and they need experience. I say give them a regular 3rd line shift and let them go. Put hags on the line with them. That line would be really fast. But really, they aren’t a big problem as far as the team goes one way or the other. For them I’m more concerned about their growth. As for playoff chase pressure, Kreider has already been there last year, and did fine mostly, and they’ve both been key guys on various Junior or college teams and got that kind of pressure. Keeping him here for the experience is a waste.

    As for Boyle, I’m torn. He’s our best FO guy, but he seems to lose big ones quite often. He’s our best PK perhaps, but our PK stinks. But, who’s replacing him in either of those spots? So I say, let him play, and hope he gets on a run like he did during the playoffs last year. It’s really too late to start training other guys in that role. Put him on the 4th line perhaps and just use him killing penalties and taking key faceoffs, like Halperin was supposed to do.

    I also thought it was Hammer’s mistake that led to goal 1. They miss Staal on SO many levels. I agree with whoever said that after Giardi, McD and MDZ their defense stinks. Hammer is a 7th defenseman now, Eminger always was, but he can be good for short stretches. He’s playing too many minutes now. As has Stralman, who’s better than those others, but he’s not a #4 defenseman. He’s fine on your 3rd pair getting 15 minutes a game. I also thought they should make a run at Campoli but I wonder if his pro-union stuff black listed him. Is there any word on when Staal could be back? Maybe for the last 5 of the season?

  254. Sioux-per-man on

    Tiki – I think Jagr will help the Bruins win another cup. If they can get past the Jawbreakers.
    Personally I would rather see the Bruins win over the Penguins, if the RANGERS are out of it.

  255. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Playoff push is not the time to “get experience”.

  256. _That piece of scum loser sac of worthless crap, I hope he rots in hell._

    This is the most insane comment I have ever read. Have you visited a psychiatrist?

  257. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Glencross is signed for another 2 years at an affordable $2.55M. It’s going to take a lot to get him.

  258. Sioux-per-man on

    Perry Pern where is that Power Play specialist? Has he been Prucha’d to the KHL?

  259. Yes, they are, ilb. Which is why I’d rather sign him to a Prustesque contract in the offseason if possible.

  260. The way it’s going today, we might be left with a few minor league trades tomorrow.

  261. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    George Malik tweeted this lmgo

    @georgemalik: Jagr trade delayed because it’s $20-a-hand at the casino? Wonderful player…But he’s become the Charlie Sheen of hockey.

  262. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The answer would be about 1.5 of actual playing

    I could see the flames wanting Hagar for glencross

  263. looks like tomorrow will be boring with all the guys that were expected to be moved being moved today.

  264. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp I would say the over and under number would be 10.

    Just enough to keep enough gas in the tank for the cup run, don’t want him to run out the last 7 games.

  265. @AGrossRecord@ : Torts was asked what he’s gotten from Carl Hagelin recently. “Not much.”

  266. that would make glencross even a better pickup…

    great roi… he is only 29 or 30 also.

  267. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny if the Rangers trade Hagelin im in a barrel and over the Falls!!! – swimming with the fishes.

  268. I don’t believe they want to trade Hagelin … again, he’s not untouchable, but they would only do it for a very high return.

  269. does anybody have a guess as to what would have to go the other way for Clowe or Glencross, because I imagine it would be a lot.

  270. Sioux- I’m pretty sure we all rooted for the Bruins when they won it. Hockey =/= Baseball.

  271. Hagelin’s been one of their best players all season. He hits a slump (probably because it’s contagious among the alleged top 6 forwards on this team) and now he’s trade bait? That would be worse than York for Poti back in the day..

  272. Carp- for any other team to get those guys in the NHL it’d be a prospect and 2nd rounders. For the Rangers it would be McD, Stepan, Hagelin, and one of Miller/Kreider plus the ’14 First rounder.

  273. Carp, if you’re NYR, they’d want McDonagh, Kreider, and a first round pick. If you’re PIT, they’d want a conditional 6th round pick in 2021.

  274. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    It seems when there’s trade rumors Sather holds still.. I know the man just had surgery but I think he’ll make a move.

  275. This love affair with Clowe is a great mystery to me. I could understand trying to get him for nothing and hoping against hope that the zero-goals/injured-shoulder business straightens itself out, and immediately, but the idea of trading for him as though he were a healthy, hard-hitting 20-goal scorer is borderline crazy. I can understand San Jose trying to bilk someone — I just hope it’s not the Rangers.

  276. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I think you trade according to need… what does NY need ?

    Some salary dump would have to be included.. aging star, prospect and pick.. prospect includes hagelin on down.. possible
    McDonagh and other D men would be semi block buster..doubtful

  277. I think the timing of a maintenance day the day before the deadline is causing all this silliness re: Hagelin.

  278. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    All things -Players traded- being equal, how could you not want Glencross more than Clowe? Same type of player, same age, but Glencross is signed for 2 more years and has actually, you know, scored this year.

  279. Hagelin changed the team last year, according to Tortorella, and I agree with him. So, yeah, let’s trade away the fastest skater in the league and watch someone else develop his shooting and passing skills. The stuff [others’] dreams are made of.

  280. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, not a single reporter has a direct line to Hagelin to find out why he wasn’t at practice?

  281. I think Brian Boyle has been moping ever since his bromance companion Prust left town. I could see him being traded by tomorrow.

    Don’t know who else.

  282. I was certainly one of the Clowe “someone”s. It’s making me nuts. Please stop making me nuts. Make me a milkshake instead — no trades, let the Nash trade straighten itself out first, see where Miller and Kreider fit in, get Staal back…

  283. Not if he wasn’t there, Doodie. I don’t know. But a maintenance day means he’s banged up or tired (or they’re hiding a Girardi/Nash injury).

  284. Hammy: 3.5 mil
    McD, Step, Hags – total 2.4 mil

    Won’t last long, but wow!

    And anyone who didn’t give McD a star last night – well, that wasn’t very nice.

  285. Mhister Dhee on

    _They start where everyone starts, McDonagh, Kreider and some picks, etc._

    Wow, another constructive post by Manny.

  286. back from lunch and jagr gets moved. didnt take long. bruins were afraid pens would swoop in last min lol. well if we finish 7th we may play the bruins as the 2 seed.

  287. Coach, how much will you miss Hags now that he’s been traded in poor taste for an overhyped player with a bigger salary?

    “not much”…

  288. Torts doesn’t personally like Kreider and Miller, so he glues them to bench, knowing full well that they will lead this team to the playoffs, and in doing so forfeits his legacy and his Broadway job for spite. Not.

  289. twice now, I’ve looked at the name Vanek and read it as Verbeek…*not 1995 any more!*

  290. heard this on nhl network. clowe has 45 points in 58 career playoff games. hes the ideal playoff type player on the walls that brings sandpaper and plays his best hockey in playoffs

  291. Manny, I wouldn’t trade the removed cancerous section of Sather’s colon for that kind of cap hit!

  292. @AdamRotter@ Buzz: The Rangers Are Big Fans Of Curtis Glencross http://on.sny.tv/Z4n3g3


    Does Rotter just read this blog and then post stuff based on what WE are all saying? Are WE the Rangers?

  293. eric,
    I don’t think it matters who the rangers play, there not getting to the cup finals, never mind winning the cup with the way this team is constructed this year. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Darth Sather should not do any deals that include prospects or high picks, stay the course and let the chips fall where they fall and fix this mess in the off season.

  294. I just LMAO at this:

    Report: James Dolan Fires — Then Re-Hires — Employee For Not Recognizing Him.

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – James Dolan’s temper flared up at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, and the result was an ugly scene, the New York Post reported.

    The President and CEO of Cablevision Systems Corporation and executive chairman of The Madison Square Garden Company fired a security guard on the spot for not knowing who he was during the Knicks’ contest with the Celtics, according to the newspaper.

    Dolan was attempting to enter the Delta Sky 360 Club when security guard Fiordaliza Hernandez asked to see some identification, according to the Post.

    “Do you know who I am?” Dolan asked Hernandez.

    The guard said that she didn’t, which led Dolan to ask her how long she’s been an employee at MSG.

    Hernandez told Dolan that she’s been working at the Garden for three years, to which Dolan replied, “I’m your boss! I pay your salary!”

    But despite his rant, Hernandez didn’t allow the boss to enter the premises because he didn’t have any identification, the newspaper reported.

    “Give me your ID! You’re fired,” Dolan hollered, sources told the Post. “I have to get new security in this building! I have idiots working here!”


  295. You know as painful as it is I had to let a few people go over the years. Yogi Berra, Lou Pinella, Bucky Dent, Billy Martin, Dallas Green, Dick Houser, Bill Virdon, Billy Martin, Scott Marrow, Billy Martin, Bob Lemmon, Billy Martin, Gene Michael, Buck Showalter, … uh, tut!, . . .George, you didn’t hear that from me.

  296. Sir Walter Scott would lend some elegance to our back line. Plus, he makes a mean Rob Roy.

  297. Doodie, it’s way too minor and common a thing for a guy to have a maintenance day and for reporters to take it for anything but that. and if he is being traded (he’s probably not), what is the player or agent going to say at this point?

  298. wow!!! Dolan calling someone else a idiot, talk about the pot calling the Kettle Black.

  299. rotter got that article from what i wrote earlier about elliot friedman of 30 thoughts from cbc. he just reposted it.

  300. Dolan should be happy that someone is doing his/her job at MSG. Typical brahmin. SUNY New Paltz and drug re-hab. Hard to get into New Paltz when you’re a genius and your old man is a member of the Forbes 400. What a clown.

  301. Rob in Beantown on

    The MSG employee should win employee of the month for actually doing her job correctly.

    _Typical brahmin. SUNY New Paltz and drug re-hab. Hard to get into New Paltz when you’re a genius and your old man is a member of the Forbes 400._

    Yeah. I went to SUNY too so I have nothing against SUNY, but that sure says a lot.

  302. Sioux-per-man on

    The Delta 360 Club was amazing!!!

    First time I’ve had sushi at a hockey game …… not exactly on the Sioux menu :)

  303. Nothing whatsoever against SUNY, Rob, of course. Just that most sons of billionaires….

  304. If Dolan cared about the Rangers a fraction of what he cares about the Knicks we’d probably be in different shape.

  305. Isn’t it crazy that the Isles, now within striking distance of a playoff spot really for the first time in years, will consider trading their captain at the deadline if he doesn’t sign an extension? I mean sometimes you just have to take your lumps and lose the guy for nothing. Unless Streit will fetch a huge bounty out there. I definitely wanted him the year the Rangers signed Redden.

  306. Sioux, if you’re a sailor, do you know the Admiral on the Joint Chiefs in civilian clothes? And should you? When I was on a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, even the Executive Officer in uniform could not get into the propulsion area without presenting credentials.

  307. Never ceases to amaze that this crappy blog by this hack writer gets so many comments. No accounting for taste, as they way.

  308. Dolan a little tougher on an ill-paid security guard than on Latrell Sprewell, wot?

  309. Sioux-per-man on

    Coos – How do you not pick up a Program of the Rangers or Knicks? They are every where in the Delta 360 room. I get it that it’s New York and you don’t know everyone in the building. But you would think after 3 years . . . . it is kind of FUNNY don’t you think.

    She didn’t get fired, but she probably got a new door to work at :)

  310. Dear Alan,

    Please start your own non-crappy blog and let the rest of us enjoy ourselves here. Do drop us an invite, though, when your more erudite site takes off, and we’ll be sure to visit.

    Tastefully yours,


  311. next question is why are you here reading and posting on this blog if it is so crappy, jackwagon of the day.

  312. Not many Harvard PhDs working security, Sioux. :) Imagine if she had let someone who looked like Dolan in (he’s not exactly Johnny Depp) without asking for credentials? He’d fire her for that, too.

  313. Is that “Meh” Bergeron you’re talking about? Don’t we already have him in Eminger?

  314. Well, this PP could always use some help, so maybe. There’s one area, though, where good coaching absolutely makes a difference, designing something that will work with the talent available. I think the blue-line talent is here in DelZ, McDonagh, and Stralman, though in different ways. Overload with one unit, umbrella with another, etc.

  315. The only player I want from Calgary is Giordano. Wouldn’t touch Glencross with a 10 foot pole.

    Doodie – You mention Poti being the trade deadline guy from 10 years ago, but you also forgot the key piece, Pavel Bure.

  316. MAB, defensively, makes Hamrlik look like an instant Norris candidate, Carp. But he has a good shot from the point, though.

  317. Penguins acquire 3 upgrades. Bruins attempt to acquire Iginla, then acquire Jagr.

    Rangers acquire John Scott.

  318. The Rangers could acquire at least 3 HUGE upgrades if the real, actual Richards, Gaborik and Boyle would just show up and play like they used to.

  319. Leetchhalloffame on

    Carp & Torts seem to be the only ones in this town who know EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW about hockey. Can’t even promote a real discussion about the issues facing this team unless you consult with the “experts.” Been watching the Rangers since 1960 so give me a break Carp.

  320. giordano would be a very good pickup also.

    he is 28, would be our best offensive d man(not saying much) and is a 2nd pair d man defensively.

    who would help short and long term. allow them to site hamrlik and when staal comes back emminger. mdz, mcdonagh, girardi, giordano, stralman, and staal would be a great d corps…

    Bergevin has a great shot but is a huge defensive liability…i guess if you are only playing hamrlik 8 minutes a night it may have been an upgrade…..

    il like glencross not sure why Johnny D thinks differently.

    on a very good team glencross would be a good 3rd liner…

  321. LOL Carp!

    Leetch – what are your thoughts on Phil Esposito? He’s been watching hockey since the 60s too.

    stuart – not a big fan of Glencross for the fact that he isn’t all that good. Would he help? Sure, but I don’t see him fitting in here. Although he did technically end Chris Drury’s Ranger career, so I should like him I guess.

  322. leetch, how many times since the 1960s have you suggested the Rangers wave the white flag with a chance to make the playoffs?

  323. Glencross is a decent 3rd line Left winger who brings some sandpaper. But what’s the price?

  324. CraigWeather on

    I’m sure Jim Cerny is a SUPER nice guy….. but oof, I just cant watch him… he’s a bit too “Magoo” for me. Then again… I’m sure my viewers in South Florida have “wonderful” things to say about me as well…… ;)

  325. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Is Francois Hollande the names to them two countires in Europa or that sauce ya pour over them veggies?

  326. _Add healthy Staal to that list, Pter._

    You have inside information that none of us are aware of? I did not think so.

  327. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    _stuart – not a big fan of Glencross for the fact that he isn’t all that good. Would he help? Sure, but I don’t see him fitting in here. Although he did technically end Chris Drury’s Ranger career, so I should like him I guess_

    You mean help because he’d be third on the Rangers in scoring and first in goals, play with an edge, and only cost $2.55M a year?

  328. As it stands now, by Wednesday Phoenix Coyotes will be able to add over $81M worth of contracts. Which is around twice as much as some teams payroll.

  329. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Thom, do you know what an internet troll is?

    Never mind, I’m sure you know exactly what it is.

  330. Does anyone know by what age/grade should a student achieve an average reading comprehension?

  331. _Hey Tom, since we’re showing people the door, don’t let it hit you on the way out._

    That will not be necessary. I enjoy this website to an extent.

  332. 30 guys in NYC who look like Dolan should join the free cocktails Wednesday night at the Delta Sky 360 Club.

  333. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Now that is the way to celebrate April Fools Day! Ukraine, what a country…

  334. _Does anyone know by what age/grade should a student achieve an average reading comprehension?_

    Will you let us know when you achieve it?

  335. @KatieStrangESPN@ #NYR Rangers remain keenly interested in Ryane Clowe. Believed to be among the front-runners of teams interested.

  336. Jeff in South Dakota on

    [as they drive by an abandoned, half-destroyed apartment building]

    Jonathan: What is it?

    Alex: Soviets.

    Jonathan: What happened?

    Alex: [pause] Independence.

  337. Hold on, ilb. What’s the charge for extrapolation? I’m only covered so far. :)

  338. The only thing sadder than spending a lot of time here because you like it is spending a lot of time here because you don’t like it.

  339. CCCP in seriousness congrats. but don’t say the name H*ggins here. It’s a ban able offense :)

  340. Mister D, there isn’t another activity during my down time at work that could possible make the day go any faster than this blog does.

  341. Instead of an anesthesiologist, ilb., can I just hire someone for five bucks to read me their twelve paragraph solution to our power play and line suggestions to put me to sleep?

  342. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie
    Anything is still possible on SJ’s Ryane Clowe but it sure sounds like NYR, VAN and PHI are most likely landing spots, assuming he’s traded.

  343. Doodie, I doubt Mr Hambone & I will be able to afford tickets to the game, so we’ll probably be at the Flying Puck or something.

  344. PHI? Are they still seriously considering making the playoffs? Then what are we worrying about?

  345. _Mister D, there isn’t another activity during my down time at work that could possible make the day go any faster than this blog does._

    Oh, absolutely. Sad relative to people like doctors who are effecting real change during their work day, not relative to what else you and I would be doing.

  346. czechthemout!!! on

    Gabby and Boyle for Glenncross, Giordano and one of Calgary 1st round picks.

  347. “NYR Rangers remain keenly interested in Ryane Clowe. Believed to be among the front-runners of teams interested.”

    Interested in him joining some other team, we can assume this means? Scoring no goals for, say, New Jersey? Being injured for, say, the Islanders? Please, not the Rangers, please, no, please, no… heading out to shop for some gentlemen’s ledgewear, just in case.

  348. coos, make it $20 and i’ll type out a 3 page evaluation paper on the team like the one my English professor published in his college text book years back. : D

  349. since we dont have a first round pick this year i wouldnt be shocked to see hagelin included in a clowe deal instead.

  350. czechthemout!!! on

    Christian Thomas, a third this year and next for Steve Ott.

    Two trades make us tougher, add a legitimate pp point man and can allow us to Roll 4 lines.

  351. what’s with all the profanity here today? higgins..wolski…what’s next? Zherdev?! Rachunek?…KAMESKY?

  352. Elliot friedman on hockey night in Canada radio
    Thinks a team like the rangers may really want a guy like pominville who has one year left at 5.3 mil.

    High cap hit when we have to pay Mac hags stepan.

    We clearly need help in middle.

  353. czechthemout!!! on


    That would be a bad thing. Hags is one of the most effective grinders on the team. He is better along the boards than Torts’ son Boyle and is capable of 20 goals. But I would not be shocked if it happened.

    Carp asked a great question earlier, why would a team in 6th place trsde Clowe?

  354. Eric Nystrom

    The Sens and Devils and Rangers are looking into a deal with Dallas for Erik Nystrom. Draft pick. Conditional

    That was from eklund. He’s Jewish so he’s got that going for him..

  355. Clowe would be an upgrade over 1/2 this roster, and would help this team in the playoffs…..but only for the right price (not Hags or any kids). Boyle + makes the most sense (from SJ’s perspective, that is). In this scenario, I would have to do it, although Boyle actually brings some things to the table (PK, faceoffs, physically imposing though somewhat soft) that are hard to replace. Only Step, Cally and Powe are good on the PK, so if Boyle goes that could be (more of) a problem. It would take too much to get Glencross I think.

  356. Czech – I’d actually consider doing that, but Calgary isn’t trading their 1st round pick. Feaster can’t be that stupid, can he?

  357. Hard to understand people calling Boyle “soft.” Skill-challenged I can buy.

  358. czechthemout!!! on


    Sure he can. He still needs to sell tickets and Gabby would help that big time. He has 3 first round picks now I believe. So he can pull the trigger.

  359. If Boyle played anything like Cally or Prust, he’d be one of the most feared players in the league. He’s not Thom Poti soft, but for a guy his size….

  360. Why the hell would Calgary want Boyle, outside of the fact that Feaster is an idiot? They already have plenty of centers anyway.

  361. Only one of those that can’t be 3 pt game is Winn isles.

    Dane Byers traded to caps from oilers.

  362. Czech – Calgary doesn’t need to sell tickets. Their fan base is solid. Plus if he keeps his 1st round pick, he can draft a solid D-man like Seth Jones and might even get to pick Anthony Mantha late in the 1st. He wouldn’t have acquired that pick just to trade one of them away.

  363. Carp- Great post. Agree on all points particularly “10” Doesn’t quite make sense with what he’s doing with Kreider playing only 3 odd minutes. What has he really done wrong. He derserves more time. He’s big, exceptionally fast for his size and has a great shot. He’s not going to improve picking splinters from his butt. Don’t understand ???

  364. And whoops, I meant why would San Jose want Boyle? They want young kids since they don’t have many in the minors that are top level talent. I don’t think Clowe goes unless they get a high pick.

  365. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    As of right now, the only players on the rangers that have more assists than clowe are Nash, step, brich, and mdz. Not the reason I want him as an assist guy, but some of you goal only folks are quite amusing

  366. Czech – he traded Iginla because he’s cleaning house. Bringing in Gaborik defeats that purpose. Gaborik only has value to a team that is contending and looking for a final piece. Calgary is going younger.

  367. Speaking of Holland Days Sauce:

    France’s former budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac, who until two weeks ago was responsible for cracking down on tax evasion, admitted to having hidden funds in a secret Swiss bank. Judges have now placed Cahuzac under formal investigation

  368. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Trading any “major leaguer” for Clowe makes zero sense, Boyle or not. It defeats the whole purpose of the deal to trade Hagelin or Boyle for him.

  369. agree that Kreider on the 4th line makes no sense but if you had your druthers, Kreider should probably be in the NHL (along with Miller who absolutely belongs there right now)

    I’d trade Brian Boyle for Ryan Clowe in a heartbeat. Why San Jose would ever do that is anyone’s guess

  370. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Isn’t the whole purpose of trading for Clowe to bring in a gritty third liner -with no goals- that increases the team depth by moving Boyle down to the 4th line?

  371. Yes, Gravy. Exactly. If you ask me though, Boyle should be on the 4th line already and Kreider should be playing wing on the third line with Miller/Richards centering it. Boyle can center the 4th line in between whoever and the other guy (hopefully both can kill penalties).

  372. Pominville would be cool (and a good sign Richards is done after this season rather than next).

    Offer: Kris Newbury + a conditional 7th that becomes them sending us a 7th if Pominville can’t make Boyle stop not scoring so much I mean isn’t Boyle so annoying holy crap amiright?

  373. And Czech and the other guys here – I love the enthusiasm/discussion, but I don’t see why the teams listed would take our crap for someone who has actual trade value.

  374. It would be interesting to explore the differences in Tort’s handling of Miller and Kreider vs., say, MacLean’s of Silfverberg and Zibanejad. It may be apples and oranges, that those other two are simply better high drafts, that the Sens have had no choice but to play them, what have you, but there is a difference one way or the other.

  375. Stranger Nation on

    Hags for Clowe – smell it coming

    Slats wants only one undersized player from that scandanavian peninsula and with Zucc here…

  376. Pominville is a good ole American boy. So that’s nice. We would up the quotient of US Olympians on our team. And maybe Pominville could put in a good word for that McDonagh guy. $5.5M isn’t that bad since it’s only through next year (provided we buy out Richards). But we remove a Center and replace him with another RW. So we would need a Center to replace Richards still.

    But yea, Pominville can score.

  377. _But we remove a Center and replace him with another RW._

    Maybe our boy JT makes the jump? You can live without a #1 if you have two legit #2s.

  378. Rob in Beantown on

    Jonny D, the Rangers’ players are only garbage because they play Torts’ system. If you move Boyle to San Jose he’ll score 20 goals again.


  379. IMO, if all of your other players are completely responsible defensively in their own zone, and rarely make a mistake, then I could see Tort’s saying that he doesn’t know if he can trust Miller or Kreider. Unfortunately, nobody on this team fits that description and they bring a lot less to the table in other areas than those two young guys do. I don’t see RM & CK in practice, but at face value I think they are just as bad defensively as everyone else. At least they add speed and don’t fall down when they receive a pass. Plus, Torts is so worried about them making mistakes, yet he continues to trot Bambi on Skates (who is done, cooked, finito!) out to man the PP point time after time after bloody time! That is completely illogical!

  380. I like Erik Nystrom as a player, but, that last name in a Rangers sweater would probably reinstate the curse, as if it hasn’t already been in effect since ’94 anyway.

  381. @dstaples@ being told Whitney part of a package to Washington for D upgrade, possibly Mike Green #tradecenter

  382. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Carp, too bad you didn’t have a poll “to trade or not to trade “

  383. to the person who said Boyle would score 20 goals with San Jose , you meant points, right

  384. Sorry ?@SpectorsHockey@ Ignore that Gord Miller tweet about Whitney to Washington for Mike Green. It’s a fake. My apologies, folks!

    The Caps getting out from under that Green contract is a nightmare for me. Because I hate them.

  385. Sioux-per-man on

    Lloyd – I’m a Miller fan, but Absolutely BELONGS here right now…… ehh, not so sure he’s helping the Ranger win RIGHT now. 4pts ytd, coming down the stretch, every point is needed. Is he helping this team, then we need more goals, or a player like Clowe to come in here and take his spot.

    Miller has done one thing for himself this year, and that is to burn his 1’st year on his contract, and get some NHL game experience. He’s going to be a good player for us in the future. I’m thinking he would have had “better” minutes being the “NASH” player for the WHALE.

  386. Sad, looks like Torts is trying to unite his old Tampa team for a run at the seniors cup, with Clowe thrown in as an afterthought. What happened to the youth movement?

  387. I could do that, OneCup … suggestions for answer possibilities … obviously Do Nothing. Do something major. Do something minor. Rental. Trade Gaborik. Etc. … ?

  388. My God, that Blueshirt Buzz Face Paint Competition video is one of the most painful things I’ve ever seen – probably even more painful than watching the team on the power play.

  389. Im trying to come to terms with the bruins getting my former favorite player. I can only take one positive from it. He will finally be given the praise he deserves from the fans and media alike. With Pittsburgh, he was in Mario’s shadow, with the Capitals he was overpaid, with the Rangers he wasnt a good leader, in the KHL he left the NHL for more money, with the Flyers he was a mercenary, with the Stars he’s been irrelevant. Now, he’ll finally get the treatment he’s deserved his entire career. I will root against the bruins (and him) like i always do. But I will gain the satisfaction of knowing a former hero of mine is finally getting his just rewards.

  390. He’d better show up to play, though, Tiki. Especially in that city.

    Question: Would anybody think Clowe would not be an upgrade on the third line if they could get him cheaply?

    Though I don’t think he can be had cheaply.

  391. So Latona…you’re suggesting that our PP units paint their faces to intimidate the opposition? I like it.

  392. Carp – I just heard Pierre McGuire (who is insufferable) say that Clowe isn’t skating as well as he used to in the 8 million levels of hockey he has played in his life (Pierre named every team). That worries me when combined with his 0 goals. I hope he isn’t hurt. All that plus what ilb was suggesting, that if Clowe is going to help a team win a cup why wouldn’t it be the Sharks? They are in the playoffs.

    All that said, I am assuming he’s an upgrade over what we have going on (e.g. Pyatt)

  393. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    To me clowe is a combo of prust and anisimov. Can play on any line 20 goal guy and tough and can fight like prust.

    Big thing to me is if they can sign him to an extension.

  394. I much fear the Clowe trade, but not if it’s cheap, as in a change-of-scenery hope-trade for Boyle. No way the Sharks take that one, though. Boyle not nearly as likely as Clowe to start scoring again. Losing Hagelin (or Gaborik, as so many here seem to think is OK) would make no sense at all.

  395. (I should have prefaced that with “if the reported extension price is to be believed …”)

  396. We couldve gotten that guy that went to the bruins today to help our power play. Our pp sat at about 17-18% in the years we had him, and with zero nobodies around him like Nylander and Straka, and duds like Gomez and Drury. Imagine that guy with a combo of Rick Nash, Gaborik, Callahan around him instead of the dregs we surrounded him with.

  397. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie
    Ryane Clowe Sweepstakes down to NYR and VAN but all the smart money is being put down on the Rangers. Stay tuned.

  398. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    _Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie_
    _I would suspect SJ will get some draft picks, including additional or conditional pics, if Clowe re-signs with team that acquires him._

    Let’s just hope the market dried up.

  399. not a good sign that the flyers have dropped out, that means the asking price is High and if Darth Sather trades for Clowe and gives up what SJ are asking than Darth Sather is High, possibly on medication.

  400. My guess is we’re getting Clowe and Dan Boyle and Gaborik + who knows what else is going the other way.

  401. This is so difficult – Glen usually wins trades but he’s still a moron. What’s gonna happen?! Ahh!

  402. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    _Pierre LeBrun ?@Real_ESPNLeBrun_
    _Further to @TSNBobMcKenzie, Sharks now going to Clowe and asking him where he wants to go. Close to a resolution here._

    Anyone know the Jedi mind trick?

  403. Norm

    Agree that they’ve benefited from circumstance and likely a more forgiving coach, but Zibanejad and especially Silfverberg spent a decent chunk of time in the pros in Swedopånsyland before coming to the NHL, which is clearly different from Kreider and Miller’s background.

  404. sounds like now just draft picks that could be conditional depending on if clowe resigns or not. If it is just for draft picks, as long as it isn’t for #2, more like 3’s since the rangers have 3 #3 picks, than I don’t have a problem with the trade.

  405. Tiki, I loved Jagr too. But he is 41 years old. I’m sure he would help somewhat, but a 41-year old right wing scoring accessory who plays no defense is not at all what the Rangers need right now.

    I think Clowe could help, but who goes? Hearing they want Hagelin, Rangers are pushing Boyle and Zuke.

  406. Clowe would be a good addition if it weren’t for the cap hit and if he only costs a 2nd rounder and prospect

  407. Czechthemout!!! on

    I am ok with this trade if what is going back to the Sharks is Boyle or Pyatt, and third round pick. If Hags is traded for Clowe, it will be a disaster. In fact, if anyone under the age of 25 on this roster is traded for Clowe, it would be a disaster.

  408. Marian the Friendly Ghost on

    I’d be comfortable with letting Boyle go for Clowe for sure but why would the sharks take him?

  409. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    True, Latona.

    Tommy, think they can spare a 2nd with 3 3rds. It’s mostly a crapshoot after the 1st round.

  410. Sioux-per-man on

    Clowe for future draft picks, that could be upgraded with a deep run or a new contract signed in off season.

    Throw in a 2nd round pick like a Thomas type player. Maybe one of Pyatt/Boyle we don’t need both.

  411. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    I don’t see any mention of players going the other way, and Clowe for Hagelin, who is NHL useful and more valuable than Clowe, doesn’t make sense.

  412. there isn’t any players going the other way, looks like draft pics that could be conditional depending if clowe resigns with the team he has been traded to.

  413. Czechthemout!!! on

    Not in this draft. By most accounts it is a very deep draft. Many players from several countries world wide available into the fourth round.

    Countries like Denmark,Switzerland,Slovenia,Latvia,Norway,even and Italian may be drafted for the first time. Also 3-4 Germans between round 1-4 .

  414. Why would the Rangers want to give up part of their future for a rental player in Clowe, who hasn’t even scored a goal this year?
    Realistically, I hate to say it, but the Rangers are not winning a cup this year, and might not even get out of the first round if they make it.
    I just read its down to Vancouver and NY for Clowe, and I don’t see why 1) San Jose would trade him considering they are in the playoffs right now, and why the 2) Rangers would want a player whose not putting them over the top and give up future assets in the process.

  415. Gmen11,
    you realize this is the rangers where talking about who’s GM is Darth Sather.

  416. I agree, rangers should just do nothing because there not going to win a cup this year but what do I know.

  417. Doodie- if he’s part of a deal for Dan Boyle, someone we actually need and have nobody like him in the fold in the organization at least for now and next year, and we get rid of Gaborik, so be it.

  418. Marian the Friendly Ghost on

    only the rangers would try to improve their offense with a player who hasn’t scored yet. classic

  419. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Of course you hold out for sending the 3rd if you can, but I don’t let the difference between a 2nd or 3rd hold me up if there is a player that I really want.

  420. Sioux-per-man on

    Ryane “No Goals” Clowe should fit right in with the rest of the Rangers gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

    This kind of hits the spot!!!

  421. @TSNBobMcKenzie

    IF all goes as expected, Clowe likely to be NYR. Expected price to be 2nd round pick, 3rd-round pick and conditional 2nd if he re-signs.

  422. If anyone hockey related reads this blog, the only place Bryan Boyle could play hockey would be in distant areas of Peru where Internet is still a novelty.

  423. Czechthemout!!! on


    If they get Clowe, than I want them to go and get Ott from Buffulo for Hamerlik( cap space) and Thomas plus future pick or two. Than call up Mcilrath and they instantaniously become a very difficult team to play against vitually over night. Lucic, a possible playoff opponent cant run our skill guys anymore. Plus both of these guys can play big time.

  424. Doodie Machetto on

    Great. Finally having the draft close enough for me to go, and now we won’t have a pick in the first 3 rounds.

  425. Czechthemout!!! on


    He would not even lead the Peruvian extra liga in scoring. Boyle would have three goals instead of 4.

  426. Doodie, it’s not like they abide by the lists you create anyway, so you’d probably just be frustrated at who they chose with those early selections.

  427. True Blue Mike on

    Ryan Clowe a Ranger, i dont know how i feel about that. I think he is going to come here and not score…

  428. Doodie Machetto on

    Latona, based on this year’s draft class, it would be hard to be disappointed with their selection. It would have to be a Hugh Jessiman level blunder.

  429. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Going to hear Daniel Ruettiger “Rudy” tonite think it might be good?

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