Rangers get Ryane Clowe (updated)


Now confirmed that the Rangers completed a trade for tough winger Ryane Clowe from San Jose for a second- and a third-round pick in 2013, and a 2014 conditional second-rounder if the Rangers re-sign Clowe, who will be an unrestricted free agent this summer, or if they win two playoff rounds. If not, the conditional pick is a fifth-rounder.

Clowe had to sign a waiver on his no-trade clause for the deal to become official, which he reportedly did this evening. He is believed to be headed for New York, hoping to play tomorrow night against Pittsburgh.

Clowe, 30, hasn’t scored a goal all season — so he’ll fit right in there — but the team desperately needs some grit and toughness and he will surely bring that. He had 11 assists and 77 penalty minutes this season. His career highs were 24 goals and 62 points in 2010-11.

That said, don’t you have to ask why a team in a playoff position in the West would trade Clowe for draft picks?

On the bright side, the Rangers don’t really have to go to the draft.


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  1. You underestimate the organization, Doodie. They made a Hugh Jessiman like blunder in a similar draft, didn’t they?

  2. carp,
    according to McKenzie it’s a 2nd and 3rd with another conditional 3rd round pick.

  3. Lyova-trademarked- on

    LOLOL 4 months of whining about no grit and now you get a player like Ryan Clowe for picks and it’s BRUTAL.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, McIlrath is nowhere near Jessiman level mistake. McIlrath was a case of picking the wrong guy when there was on obvious choice. Jessiman they could have put the next 20 guys drafted on a dart board and hit a better player.

  5. Czechthemout!!! on

    So basically, Sather negotiated against himself.


    Kudos for that question re Clowe. However, maybe a change of scenery will help him.he is a tough guy though who is still young enough to be a nice part of this team.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Lyova, I’m not whining about lack of grit. I’m whining about lack of goals. Clowe doesn’t address that.

  7. The picks were tweeted by McKenzie, who is pretty much always right …

    On the bright side, the Rangers don’t really have to go to the draft.

  8. Doodie Machetto,
    sorry, I wish it was Doodie, Darth Sather strikes again, hence why I was nervous all day, new this dope would do something stupid.

  9. Not saying im jumping up and down but it could have been much worse. And Im fully expecting more minor deals tomorrow that will get us picks that we just traded away

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    But I was going to go! Now it’s just not as fun. Maybe I’ll just go and get drunk and rowdy enough to be escorted off the premises.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    tommy, MacKenzie said the return was actually a 2nd, 3rd, and conditional 2nd. I thought you were making a joke about Carp’s tweet that MacKenzie said it was a 2nd, 3rd, an conditional second.

  12. @TSNBobMcKenzie

    IF all goes as expected, Clowe likely to be NYR. Expected price to be 2nd round pick, 3rd-round pick and conditional 2nd if he re-signs.

  13. I really didn’t think this was happening. Surprised Dan Boyle isn’t part of the deal though.
    What will be most entertaining is the response some knuckleheads around these parts will give if he scores a goal before the End of the season

  14. He’s put up around 20 goals give or take a few each year for past 4 years, 52, 57, 62, 45 points in those years. Obviously this is a down year. Dont think he’s done. For what he brings i think it’s a good deal.

  15. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I heard a couple of reports saying it was a situation similar to iggy where, in this case, clowe got to pick the team after multiple deals were sent to the sharks organization.

    If this is the case, you have a player that wanted to be here, says a lot to me.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    That’s what worries me. I’m not crazy about the price for him as a rental, but I hate it as an extension and am afraid of the contract he would get.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Wick, Drury wanted to be here. Richards wanted to be here. Everybody wants to be here. It’s effing New York. Doesn’t mean they play well.

  18. nelson rockefeller on

    but seriously, the rangers just got a lot tougher. he is as good a fighter as there is in the league, but he can also play the game. he was just in a scoring funk, but he will get one and then hopefully get back to his normal 15 to 20 goal pace.

  19. already with the cute nicknames “Slowe”… maybe they should get Enver Lisin back, now he was fast.

  20. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I understand your point, but I like it when a player chooses us as a destination especially when we are t exactly in first in the conference. Makes me think he believed he can help us

  21. Sioux-per-man on

    Hmmmm that probably why Sather is doing all the free agent signing lately.

    Pretend they are the draft picks, he just traded away.

  22. Given that Sather can’t draft, this could be a steal. Or we get someone else’s drafts later for one of our non-goal-scorers. And no mas Pyatt on the 3rd, I hope!

  23. maybe Darth Sather has a trade for picks in the pipe line. I did read earlier there were interest in Brian Boyle, maybe we can get one of those picks back.

  24. Well if thiis us where he sees himself as a good fit maybe we’ll get lucky. I see it more like the Antropov deadline deal a few years ago. He’s a rental they won’t accommodate w a big contract unless he really makes a difference that can be significant to the team going forward from this year

  25. Best case, he’s great and we can recoup a pick trading his rights in the offseason.

  26. And now on to the next move — who do we bring in to kill Clowe’s penalties?

  27. @rangersreport

    Micheal (Haley), Arron (Asham), Darroll (Powe), now Ryane (Clowe). Rangers have a thing for guys who spell their names differently?

  28. Sioux-per-man on

    Why not ship one of Boyle or Pyatt, take a contract/NHL player back?

    SJ – is smarter than the Rangers. If they get 3 picks out of a Rental that wasn’t scoring, and isn’t going to resign.

    But how often are 2nd & 3rd rounds picks help the club, and how many years down the road would they show up 3 – 4 years? Maybe Clowe can bring the GRIT thes team is lacking.

    We shall see……

    Personally I would have been more excited to have Jagr back, at least he can score goals.

  29. 4generations 4 cups on

    i think that sather thinks that clowe can be the prust replacement we need. lets hope hes right

  30. Katie Strang @KatieStrangESPN

    #NYR Can confirm that Clowe was ultimately given choice between Vancouver and Rangers. Chose Rangers. Trade call not yet done

    he chose to go to a team that is doing worse than Vancouver and at the moment looks to have less chance to compete for Cup. And to move to the other coast. That says something.

  31. You forgot heimerlicker carp!! Doodie, that GM does exist …unfortunately he runs our club…

  32. Carp, can you take yourself out of Waseka? You post all your tweets in the thread anyway.

  33. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    @Real_ESPNLeBrun: Ryane Clowe has told the Sharks he’s waiving his NTC to go to the New York Rangers. Sharks need to complete deal now

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    Lyova, it could just say that he hates Vancouver/doesn’t want to play in Canada/wants to live in NY

  35. nelson rockefeller on

    he chose Rangers because the Sharks hate vancouver, they have had a rivalry with them in recent years.

  36. Sioux-per-man on

    Now maybe Miller can go down and get some goals in the AHL, perhaps take the KREIDER with him!!!

  37. 2 second rounders if he resigns and a third round pick thats a lot to give up. way too much.

    so we have no 1st 2nd and and lose one of the 3 third rounders we have this 2013 draft

  38. Clowe at least has 11 assists, so hes already scored more than our bottom 6! Cant see us re-signing him at that price though

  39. Sioux-per-man on

    We Could have FAST-MILLER-HAGS for a fast line

    and a

    Pyatt-Boyle-Clowe for the Slow line.

    Who scores more?

  40. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    As I said before, no matter what we give up for clowe, if he is not re-signed it is a bad deal

  41. Sioux-per-man on

    Boy’s – the rabbit doesn’t always win the Race……. Clowe and slow steady as we go!!!

  42. yea, waiting to read stuart’s rants, at least it will be different than the same old rants about boyle, gaborik and Richards.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    Clowe at the rabbit. and the tortoise. and Pyatt and Hamrlik’s Big Macs and fries.

  44. Well, if he’s really here, I’d put him with Richards and Gaborik, open up some ice for those two, perhaps. If it worked, plenty of flex for the other lines, might actually get three going…

  45. a few thougths assume the ywill trade or try to trade boyle or pyatt or others for picks.

    better hope nieves, thomas, lindberg, fasth, and others can play or can play in the next year or 2..

    the trade is not horrible especially if guys exiting like boyle, pyatt, asham, etc get some picks back.. clowe was worth 3 picks, boyle in other direction should be worth a 3rd!!!pyatt a 5th or 6th. etc..

  46. love how Clowe who you say sucks, playing on the 3rd line with the Sharks, has had better seasons than Derek Stepan who you called a first line center

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    Norm, yeah, exactly. Might as well make the Brad Isbister comparison totally complete by playing Clowe on the top line.

  48. nelson rockefeller on

    don’t worry, he’ll get a goal. it may not be this year, but he’ll get one.

    but seriously, he is a good playoff player. tough grinder who will create space for the finesse guys on the team. And he is a pretty good passer.

    But, if you play him with 3rd line cement hands, then he will not get very many assists either.

  49. Agree, Wicky. You have to resign the guy before July 1. Otherwise, you just wasted draft picks. Pretty sure that is the Rangers thinking and Clowe’s thinking…

  50. Gravy, You Know You Want It Marty on

    WBM (c)

    0) Boyle
    1) Clowe
    2) Richards
    3) Gaborik
    4) Hamrlik
    5) Pyatt

  51. Yes that rivalry must be so intense that they were going to send their best agitator to their fierce rivals.

  52. Carp, on serious note … it seems that the price of the deadline rentals has gone wayyyyy up over the years. Are the teams realizing that draft is a total crap shoot and are discounting the value of draft picks for immediate help?

  53. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I agree with you on line placement.

    Not to mention he is a lw, which we are not deep ar

  54. Nick Kypreos ? @RealKyper

    Look for #Rangers to dump some $ before 3pm. The plan is 2 extend Clowe at some pt and parameters r understood for a new deal. #TradeTracker

    exactly, theyll get their picks back. Boyle is probably a goner. In combination with some AHLers probably

  55. clowe does have 45 points in 58 career playoff games as a positive. i still think what they resign him for will determine how much i think of deal. he was making 3.6 so he better not get 4 mil from us

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    Lyova, I’ve never said Stepan is a first line center. I’ve said all along that I think he projects to a good 2nd line center. I’ve said he’s definitely been our best center and has shown flashes of 1C potential, but in reality, he’s just going to be a solid #2.

    All that said, saying Clowe sucks means that he sucks this year. Just like saying Richards sucks, because he does suck. He didn’t always suck, but he sucks now. Likewise for Clower.

  57. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Going to hear Daniel Ruettiger “Rudy” tonite think it might be good?

  58. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Said that all along, you have to re-sign him or no matter what, it isn’t worth it.

    I think both sides want an extension

  59. nelson rockefeller on

    or more likely Wilson was just using the vancouver pretense to drive up the Ranger’s price.

  60. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    THe fact that Sather has now traded so many draft picks, can he give Gord Clark the summer off and save the team some donero?

    Seriously, the way teams get better is wisely through the draft. Our wonderful GM is creating a volcano sized hole that will take years to overcome.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    Wait, I thought we were already at 50 contracts. How could we add Clowe without losing a contract?

  62. Peter, this teams needs scoring, a better power play, a better pk, Staal back, and Hamrlik gone. That guy that went to boston today would have helped us with the scoring and power play. At 41 years old. At 51 years old. At 61 years old. While we are out getting another guy that cant score, they targeted 2 future hall of famers and got 1, because they value talent.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    nelson, there are multiple confirmed reports that Clowe was given the choice between Rangers and Vancouver. San Jose can’t go to him with that choice if Vancouver hasn’t made a serious offer.

  64. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    There was a comment earlier in the morning about one of our regulars noticing that our defense is really weak beyond MacD, Girardi and MDZ. Strahlman, fourth. I more than agree and most ardent fans don’t realize, but I am sure other teams do. Not only are we small, but we are untalented.

    Anyone that wants us out of the playoffs just has to hammer those 3 guys. We are stupidly thin on ‘d’. Like the kind of thin that cannot sustain a run, even if we were to get in and go a round.

    To me, that makes any deal silly and just window dressing.

  65. REALLY? Feel free to google all the threads from last year’s playoffs. While you were trashing Gaborik and his play through a separated shoulder (and he was putting up points and winning games), you were here defending Stepan’s pathetic play during the time by saying he is our first-line center as Richards was scoring all the clutch goals but not playing like a first-line center should.

  66. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    SO, Carpy, what do you think of this trade????

  67. …and for a 2nd rounder, 3rd rounder, and a potential 2nd rounder. usually, Sather wins trades, not sure what his thinking was for this trade.

  68. nelson rockefeller on

    you misunderstand my post. Yes, Vancouver made a offer, but Wilson knew that Clowe wanted to go to NYR. and Clowe had a NTC..Thus, he pretended that Vanc was still in the hunt to drive up the Ranger price.

  69. To avoid the love/hate Internet tendency, I like Clowe on the roster, fear the ultimate cost. That’s fair, right?

  70. That’s a lot of picks for a grinder who hasn’t scored all season, who doesn’t want to go anywhere but NYR! The buffoon from Banff strikes again!

  71. Ha. With guys like Kreider, Gaborik, McD, and Hagelin and then guys like Richards, Pyatt, Boyle, Hamrlik and Clowe, the Rangers are a team with average speed.

  72. ding-ding-ding. we have a winner. bingo has been called … dc62 with the comment of the evening at 6:35.

  73. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Tiki, I totally agree. For a rental???? Telling you he knows he sucks at drafting.

  74. …from a San Jose blog:

    “Best of luck to Ryane…good guy, and I really do like his grit. Just fading too fast for me. It’s so refreshing to see the overall TEAM SPEED we have displayed the last few games given that Zeus, Murray and Clowe aren’t clogging things.”

    So he has grit, but, ah! does he have JAM?

    Groan. The Clogmeister is in town.

  75. End of the day we got toughness, grit, jam, and every other synonym that Torts loves to use that was lacking from this year’s team. Plus he can put up around 20 goals. Wont be going 0-fer the rest of the way. Didnt give up any of our young players. Looks like a good trade.

  76. Matty, I pretty much said it … it has to be an upgrade on the bottom six, no doubt. But the question remains, why would San Jose, in the playoff picture out West, trade him?

    and I really think the Rangers are soft. So he helps. But …

  77. “Clowe hasn’t scored a goal all season—so he’ll fit right in there”

    Great line. Perfect fit.

    Would love to see Hags, Miller and Kreider skate together. Talk about a line with some jump. (and I’ll admit a lot of rookie mistakes). But the potential is awesome.

    Now we need to get a D man who can hit and teach the rest of the softies how to clear the crease.

  78. 6:35 outstanding, indeed! How long before Clowe gets to meet Dolan? Will he be here long enough? Clowe, I mean.

  79. Wait so Gordie gets the credit when there’s a good pick but Sather gets blamed when there’s a bad pick. Seems fair.

  80. Definitely not that bad. Go ahead and sign him to a 3 year $2.3M extension and let’s move forward with life. Guy would be a huge lift to the bottom six.

    Furthermore, Sather will never, ever have to fly to the Draft again since we won’t ever have any picks.

  81. Paul in sunrise on

    The third rounder is the one from Florida so it’s the best of the three thirds owned. Basically a late second (#61). So if Clowe resigns its three second round picks.

  82. I’m going to convince myself for now that sather will make other trades either now or in the off season to recoup draft picks for this years draft, serenity now!!!!

  83. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Yep. It will be nice to have someone, anyone, that can at least stand up for our finesse players. That may make a guy like Gabby feel a bit more comfortable out there. Yet, 3 draft picks for either a rental or a $5M a year player that doesn’t produce and we are told is “fading fast”?

    The good news, we didn’t lose a current player off our roster. THe bad news, we are relatively stripped of developing youth in the organization this year via draft.

    Adding a big salary? Means Richards is probably gone. I still am shaking my head on this one.

    Perhaps it’s Dolan. Perhaps. Don’t get it at all.

  84. @TSNBobMcKenzie 21m

    As per @Real_ESPNLeBrun, it’s SJ’s 2nd, FLA’s 3rd and conditional 2nd (on re-signing or winning two playoff series). If not, it becomes 5th.

  85. Sioux-per-man on

    Sounds like his speed will fit right in with Boyle & Pyatt!!!

    Now we have a line that has 3 Players that can’t score a goal – this year. Hands of steel.

    Perhaps a change will help….. to bad we couldn’t ship Richards in the deal.

  86. Clowe is better than a lot of you think. Yes, I know, 0 goals. But, he plays the right way…and is so much better than anyone in the bottom 6 right now…

  87. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    So, the question to me is this. Clowe, on paper, may be better than Prust. And, Prust is hurt and could get hurt more over time with his 4 year contract.

    Sather made such a big stink of signing a player of this ilk for the $2.5M for 4 years Prust got, now he accepts this guy and $3.625 as a UFA and gives up 3 draft picks???

    Is there any logic here?

    (Oh, and I believe Prust still adds something to the offense on his team, no?)

  88. Sioux, there is nobody in the Rangers organization stupid enough to put out a line of Clowe-Boyle-Pyatt. I’d like to see it just once, though, kind of like going to one of those monster-truck things, watching them run into each other. Slow jam.

  89. _Definitely not that bad. Go ahead and sign him to a 3 year $2.3M extension and let’s move forward with life. Guy would be a huge lift to the bottom six._

    Projected closer to double, no?

  90. Randy Butternubs on

    There’s really no better symbol of how far this team has disappeared up its own ass than having the worst offense in the NHL and trading for a player who’s scored no goals on the season.

  91. Sioux-per-man on

    Matty we have alot of youth playing, or near playing with FAST, Miller, Kreider, Step, McD, Del Zotto, Staal, Hags.

    The Grit is needed we all know that. So give it a chance.

    Do the Rangers have to move any salary to fit him in?

  92. “The good news, we didn’t lose a current player off our roster. THe bad news…..”

    The bad news is that we didn’t lose any players off our current roster…..

    Line of Boyle, Pyatt and CLowe: Hands and Feet of Stone

  93. Yea, What NYR, said. The guy will be good. I haven’t heard that he’s “fading fast” or anything like that. Just that he isn’t skating as well as he was. He’s 30 and big and has a history of being good. Hopefully we got him cheap and he will re-sign for something reasonable off a down year and this works out.

  94. _Clowe is better than a lot of you think. Yes, I know, 0 goals. But, he plays the right way…and is so much better than anyone in the bottom 6 right now… _

    Absolutely on all this. We would have loved Clowe in an offseason trade.

  95. You really can’t put Clowe and Prust in the same sentence. Sorry, I like Prust, but Clowe is much more of an offensive player…

  96. he made 3.6 per in his last deal. the question is what the rangers resign him for. better not be close to 3.6 he was making

  97. Sioux-per-man on

    Norm – Just imagine them going up the ice on a “rush” …. Plowing everything that gets in front of them :)

  98. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    NYR, was it worth it to blow up team chemistry and hold strongly on NOT resigning Prust when Torts called him a ‘heart and soul’ guy…that wanted $2.5M?? Now, gives CLowe and additional $1.1M plus 2-3 draft picks?

    Might I suggest to Mr. Arrogance, it may have been smarter to swallow hard and save the draft picks and resign Prust for that ‘highway robbery that he just went beyond by $1.1M.

    Am I thinking incorrectly here?

  99. @MensHumor 1m

    “The thing about quotes on the internet is you can’t confirm their validity.” -Abraham Lincoln

  100. he has a tendency of playing his best hockey in playoffs so what happens when we dont make it

  101. Double? Why? His cap hit is currently $3.6M and he’s 30 and coming off a down year. thus, he needs to take a pay cut and he should be happy to get the years. He’s a middle class NHL player. The guys that get totally screwed under the new CBA.

  102. Wow, Matty, that is an absolutely awesome point. How come some of us (me) can’t think like that when stuff is happening all around us (me)?

  103. After reading around other fans post in different blogs, the rangers have become the joke of the day, congratulations Sather, your a idiot.

  104. Matty, No. But, Sather played hard ball with Pruster and lost. Can’t cry aboot it now. Have to look forward. We traded for 2 PREMIER power fowards in Clower and Nasher and I’m pretty sure those guys wanted to be RANGERS more than anything else. Pruster….not so much…

  105. But also, Matty. I love Prust and if they gave him 4 years I would be standing around demanding that it was ABSOLUTELY the right move. BEcause I think he’s in a class of his own (for what he is). But Prust never scored 24 goals. He’s only scored more than 10 once (and 5 or 6 were shorties).

  106. nelson rockefeller on

    You asked why Carp. The answer is that the sharks wanted to get more speed in their lineup and they wanted to rebuild their prospect-weak farm system. So Wilson traded Murray, Handzus, and Clowe for draft picks. That is the reason why.

  107. Tortorella also called Erik Christensen something along the lines of one of the most skilled guys on the team at one point. How dare he be traded by Sather to Minnesota?

  108. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Well, if Sather resigns him for a sizable raise, I, for one, will be very pissed off. Not at the expense of 2-3 picks and blowing up team chemistry by letting heart and sould go. Even if Prust’s offense wasn’t as good, he did many other things with PK (which has been not so good this year) and defensively.

    So, now, in the off season, we resign for 3.5? 3.8 and 3 years? Still, given that we lost Prust for this year and didn’t get CLowe till now, it’s either:

    3 years Clowe + 2-3 draft picks @ about $11M


    4 years Prust + keep the picks @ $10M

    Sorry, I’d rather have the picks and save the $$. Clowe better be MUCH better than Prust for this loss. Still shaking my head, I am.

  109. Brian Boyle earlier today: “(This) usually is my favorite time to play and usually my best hockey. Hopefully I’m doing it for the Rangers.”

    this guy drunk or what?

  110. Christensen is incredibly talented. He just doesn’t have any of the other skills required for the NHL. But put him on the ice without anyone else, and man.

  111. Sioux-per-man on

    Clowe did have 62 pts 2 years ago, actually 54 point avg the last 4 years. Prust had only 18 pt avg. the last 3. (This year not counting) So he can’t be all that bad if we are looking for JAM that can play the right way!!!

    Picks – eh who needs them.

    Clowe – Zucc – Fast not all at once but could help this team over all before the end of April.

    Most importantly we didn’t lose any of our top prospects that’s a win, by not trading them away for any rentals …… RIGHT!?!

  112. Now we can move Gaborik for a couple picks in the off season and everyone will be happy with the balance we have!


  113. Some times it’s not the medicine, it’s the doctor. Il like the deal at picks and reasonable resign. Stoked we still have gabby…for now.

  114. Papa, I have been pounding the NoClowe drum harder than anyone else here, and for a while now. What makes me an idiot (I’d like to be a Bonehead but need to put in the service time) is that Clowe is now my guy because he’s a Ranger. Sorry, but if the first Ranger game you ever see is a triple-overtime game 6 against the Chi-hawks, on a school night, you get it bad and it doesn’t fade.

  115. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Ok, I respect your comments, NYR and Manny. I hope to be proven wrong.

    Obviously I appreciated Prusts work and efforts to provide team chemistry, a commodity that has been sorely lacking this year. And, I think Sather is a moron. Hence, it is a no brainer for me to find this non-sensical.

    I will return to the sidelines. Thanks!!

  116. Randy Butternubs on

    Almost every SJ fan thinks Clowe is just broken now after a tough, physical career and his facial fracture and concussion last season, and barely resembles the player he used to be. There is a too large contingent of this fanbase who thinks grit is the answer to everything, and Clowe isn’t even that gritty anymore. They have the worst offense in the NHL! I’m going to go out on a crazy limb here and suggest THAT is their problem!

  117. the boards sya it was a bad move wow they are always right.

    nash trade, rangers fleeced CBJ. Tell me if that is the case in 3 years.

    the bloggers on other sites are as misinformed as the bloggers here.

    they will trade a few guys to get back picks and we will see what happens in the off season. they did not trade the next henrik or datsyuk for clowe.

    also the ydo not make the playoffs it is a 5th rounder….

  118. No Matty! You’re a huge and terrific addition to this blog. Never hide in the sidelines.

  119. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Lloyd, I don’t know if you noticed, but Boyle, who made a couple of costly mistakes and did not score, of course, did deliver some booming hits last night. I was happy to see that.

  120. Gravy, You Know You Want It Marty on

    If 0 goals is worth a 2nd and 3rd, then 1 must surely be worth a 1st and 2nd.

  121. if you guys who are bemoaning this trade can find anybody in the 2nd or 3rd round of this year’s draft will be a 50+ point forward with 100+ hits and PIMs before the 2016-17 season, feel free to list names

  122. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Dudley, I agree. Very happy to have Gabby, still. Hope he ignites!! If Clowe is worthwhile at 0 goals, then Gabby is totally worth it as a risk, too!!

    He is Elite.

  123. Sioux-per-man on

    More Bangers and Mash for EVERYONE!!!

    Let’s play Hockey!!!

    Later Boys….. have a good night!!!

  124. and you guys who are crying about Clowe’s down year, you must think Brian Boyle belongs in the AHL, right

  125. Czechthemout!!! on

    Boyle and Pyatt both need to be jettisoned tomorrow! They both suck and would save us around 3 million. Boyle should bring a 3-4, Pyatt a 5th.

    The one thing that is troubling is that this is a great draft and we dont have any high picks!

  126. Still with Prust. Guy’s been hampered with injuries this season, he wont make it past next season.

  127. yeah, I think this move means Gaborik stays. I mean … why would you deal for a guy for a stretch drive, then get rid of a guy who might/could/potentially get hot?

  128. Gravy, You Know You Want It Marty on

    If Clowe doesn’t score in his 1st game, I may have to put him on perma-WBM (c)

  129. This is 98-2003 all over again. What a dumb move. I like Clowe, but now we might as well just skip this years draft (which is relatively deep).

  130. Norm. I understand and share the depth of love for this team that you have and I too will root for Clowe to do well. Don’t like the trade. Three 2nd Rounders?? Sheesh!!

  131. BY the way, I think this trade officially makes San Jose the softest team in the League. Murray and Clowe were the only guys that really played with bite on that squad…

    Wonder what Jumbo Soft Shell Crab Thornton thinks about this?

  132. Sioux-per-man on

    Perhaps we get our Picks back for Boyle and or Pyatt tomorrow?

    Never know.

    Prust for $10M over 4 years. He won’t even make it that long, he’s missing every other game the way it is right now. Great Guy. But we can get the same for alot less money, and with the cap going down next year it’s a good thing we didn’t sign him.

    And it wasn’t like the Rangers didn’t offer him a $1M dollar raise for every year for 3 years, because they did. He got a bigger offer from Montreal. Can’t blame the guy, but you also can’t say the Rangers didn’t want him back, because they didn’t match the offer. It was to much. Period.

  133. this trade comes down really to what his next contract is. how much and how long.

    carolina 1-0 over wash

  134. Gravy, You Know You Want It Marty on

    Carp, you know better…only goals matter.

    Lloyd, I hope you’re right. But, if it stands to reason that Clowe is having an off year, can’t the same be said for Boyle?

  135. Gabby gets hot – he’s always been streaky. Keep him and allow it to happen or quit on it with near no upside? Easy call. Clowe is an improvement over plenty of wings on our team this year – Pyatt for one. Stoked. Little new blood can’t hurt and I like his style : throwback

  136. “This is 98-2003 all over again. What a dumb move. I like Clowe, but now we might as well just skip this years draft (which is relatively deep).”

    I see Sather getting picks back. He isn’t done trading, IMO.

  137. _Double? Why? His cap hit is currently $3.6M and he’s 30 and coming off a down year._

    Yeah, I meant double on the $2.3MM I believe you suggested. Gentleman’s bet that he gets over $3.45MM per (probably for a longer term than we’ll like)?

  138. Sioux-per-man on

    Will Clowe get here in time to play the Penguins?

    I can see the headline already, “CLOWE brings CLUBS, knocks Penguins OUT”!!!

    Perhaps he’ll use the Hamr on this team, and take them to the woodshed.

    Good trade. He will help this year!!!

  139. Czechthemout!!! on

    I also think this is part of a plan for the next two seasons to go for the Cup. I expect them to trade some of our vaunted prospects for a few more vet pieces to go for the Cup. This is as much a signal to the King and to other players like DannyG, Cally and Staal among others that they are going all out for the Cup next season. I think the 2014 first round pick is also going to be traded at some point in the off season or the next trade deadline. Sather is almost done and probably wants one more crack at the big prize. So get ready folks! It will either be futility for many years to come if they fail, or a Stanley Cup!

    Hold me, I am scared!

  140. The Doctor: give me a number and ill take the under and you can have the over. It’s per year. Loser buys hot dogs at Walters.


  141. exactly, eric

    Guys are going to have to be dumped….Richie buyout maybe this summer….

  142. Gravy,

    Possibly, but watching Brian Boyle on a nightly basis there’s nothing about the guy that says 21 goals was anything but one big fluke. Clowe has been a consistent performer who’s having a down year. Maybe he’s finished (like Richards) so who knows. If that’s the case, this trade is a total bust and we can all call for Sather’s head again. but if he’s just having an off year the guy is really a good player who will be a huge bump to the Rangers and a major upgrade over all but maybe 4 forwards on the team.

  143. after watching that fight between Clowe and Prust…………Prust is probably lucky no punches were landed. As usual, I am excited about the new toy Papa Sather has brought us. I hope this feeling lasts longer than usual.

    …”Sather, your a idiot.” I’m still laughing about that one.

  144. I think someone impartial should decide the value for the bet, Manny. Also known as me. Mister D takes “over” and Manny takes “under” $5.

  145. Now that my initial anger has been vented, I guess in fairness, maybe Sather has some other moves he’s working on which will even things out by tomorrow???

  146. $5.00? That is pretty crappy for me. What do you get out of it? How many hot dogs? I will buy.

  147. Boyle and Pyatt out for picks makes sense to me now that Clowe is here. Love how hard they try, but they have proven their non-worth over a long haul of games, all important ones in a shortened season, and I just don’t think they’re good enough any more. They could find 4th-line roles on more established teams, but talk about “not fitting into our future plans”!

  148. If it goes over $5MM, I’m keeping the hot dogs and attempting to choke on them.

  149. So that means the Rangers will be sending both Kreider and Miller down?

    Well with a poor season, luckily the Rangers could be able to resign him relatively cheap. Not sure why he’s sucking so much this season, but he’s been their Callahan so to speak for the past couple of seasons.

  150. From SBNation:

    “Clowe has been having a disappointing year offensively this season, and has the dubious distinction of being the player with the most shots in the league who has yet to score a goal.”

    So, of course, Slatz, gets him. At least the GM is consistent. You really can’t make this stuff up!

  151. Czechthemout!!! on

    Prust was pretty much hanging on for dear life in that fight against Clowe. At the very least, he can stand up against Lucic.

  152. ThisYearsModel on

    Ryane Clowe? Is he good in the shootout Carp? How long before he gets benched by Torts for taking a dumb penalty? Can Kreider and Miller go back to CT and actually play hockey now?

  153. Prust can, and will, fight anyone. He doesn’t care. He knows how to take away and opponents advantages better than anyone. He’s awesome.

  154. Oleo, your pro-Clowe argument is also the counter-Clowe (or tentative-Clowe, maybe) argument. If Callahan gets a 3 as the first number in his age, goes goal-less for 30 games and the playoff bound Rangers actively shop him, aren’t you wondering why? And won’t you want to see something before extending him?

  155. So let me get this straight: 2 2nd and a third for a 3rd line winger who hasn’t scored and will be a free agent – CRAZY!!!! BTW, we had a better, younger player (Prust) that we let go and gave way 3 players for someone we might not resign. Great job Slats – 13 years with this man in charge!! When will the nightmare end?

  156. pierre mcguire mentioned he has played over 500 nhl game and with his style of play he may be wearing down and his foot speed isnt what it once was.

  157. Prust has a ceiling slightly lower than his protruding jaw regardless of how wildly overrated he is by some people here

  158. Absolutely Matty! I agree 100 percent! Terrible job by Sather and co. On Prust! We should have given him the money – now we give away 3 players for a lesser player just to fix the mistake. Slats AND Torts should be fired for not knowing how important Prust was. Awful mistake by these two boneheads

  159. Czechthemout!!! on

    So I watched two fights against Englland and Boll, two of the more tougher guys in the league and Clowe beat the crap out of Boll and battled Englland to a draw. Very impressive but something is not right with Clowe so far this season. Lets hope it is just a change of scenery the Clowe needs because he is not old by NHL standards.

    How about Kreider Miller and Clowe on the third line?

    If they dont get moved Boyle Pyatt and Powe on the fourth line?

    Torts can roll four lines than.

  160. The assist numbers are there…he’s having bad luck….like Marian Gaborik is…

  161. expect asham boyle pyatt one to be moved. miller kreider could be option to go down.

    ranger have another two moves to make tom minimum

  162. For once, Czech, we are in agreement. Love the idea of putting Clowe with the youngsters. Protection.

  163. Clowe – I think it’s a good trade in that I think they will re-sign him and they need his grit and toughness. However, Matty made a great point about Prust and his money and picks. Although, I will say Clowe is a better offensive player. I’d like to see Clowe under a full Torts training camp to see where he’s at physically.

  164. I still don’t see why the Rangers need to “clear cap space” unless they have another trade in the works.

    Miller and Kreider combine for 2.5 million which is more than enough room to acquire anyone else they please…

  165. I also agree with most here and think Boyle might be on the move tomorrow to replace some of the picks.

    As for Miller and Krieder. Both players have struggled with their defensive game. I like Miller’s aggressiveness but he needs to learn time and place for it. It’s easily worked with good video work and practice. Krieder needs to use his size more. I think this off-season will be important for him.

    With that said, I have to agree with Torts here. Them playing 16-20 mins. in the AHL is more valuable to them than playing 5-6 on a 4th line here.

  166. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Ryan”e”…kinda like that guy Grav”e”y that posts here once in awhile.

  167. Penguins gave up less for JEROME IGINLA! That is all you need to know about how bad this trade is!

  168. hwirth – you think we can pool our money to send Kreider out west to work with Gary Roberts?

  169. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    I’m surprised at how many deal have been completed before deadline day. I think it may lead to tomorrow being a busy day.

  170. “Penguins gave up less for JEROME IGINLA! That is all you need to know about how bad this trade is!”

    A first round pick and 2 marginal prospects is more valuable than a 2nd and 3rd. Also, had Iginla not forced their hand, Boston would have given up a better package…

  171. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    _Penguins gave up less for JEROME IGINLA! That is all you need to know about how bad this trade is!_

    Less how?

  172. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    I’d rather trade 2nd and 3rd rounders all day than prospects whose value is more tangible.

  173. I think it was a good move. We needed a tough gritty guy like this. Is he having a bad year offensively? YES! But, He has shown some decent skill during his career.

    I love this board, but it is beyond ridiculous sometimes. People here are complaining about Dylan McIlrath and calling him a bad pick and a bust? The guy hasn’t played 1 second in the NHL! Can we give him a chance before we decide that he sucks?

  174. I hate to be too negative, but it is getting increasingly harder to root for this team when they are trading draft picks like this. I know they have sucked at drafting for the most part, that’s why they need someone to come in who knows how to build through the draft. Hopefully Sather will recover from his surgery just fine, but how much longer does he really have left at GM?

  175. Good evening all….I hate that I missed today and will miss most of tomorrow….byfuglien work! If I ask, will someone give me cliff notes….heard about one trade today…oh boy! Now I double triple want the Bruins to lose…..

  176. If (and it could be a big if) Clowe regains his form of the past 5 years, this can be a steal.

    and another thing. Aren’t the Rangers now over the contract limit?

  177. Gotta LOVE the Hockey’s Future NY Rangers message board. Here is some BRILLIANT analysis of the Clowe deal:

    “So for now I am neutral on it. Has the potential to be a solid deal, has the potential to be a bad deal.”

  178. I don’t know much about the contract situation, oleo, but are you accounting for Halpern being picked up by MTL? Only thing I can think of.

  179. Oleismirf: we gave up three picks (players) not two. This draft is universally thought of as very deep. Pens gave up three players for an all-star player. We have up 3 players for a 30 year old 3 liner with zero goals. You really believe the Pens have up more?

  180. Czechthemout!!! on


    That was a great defensive play by Clowe. Just what Torts likes to see.

  181. _I’d rather trade 2nd and 3rd rounders all day than prospects whose value is more tangible._

    Agree in theory, but did you read Jesse Spector’s recent post on quick turnaround trades of 1st rounders? Makes a lot of sense, if a guy isn’t panning out, the drafting team knows it first and can act.

  182. Hope Clowe didn’t choose 7thAvenue to be closer to Avery and the fashion industry.

  183. Paul in sunrise on

    Rangers at 50. Those two juniors are on next years roster not this year.

    Unless getting defenseman Boyle going no where this season. Rangers don’t have to move him a valuable asset even as a pk and fourth line checking center right now. If opportunity to move Pyatt is there i think they pull trigger. Expect him to go back to coyotes for pick. Figure one of sathers friends will make this kind of deal to give rangers some flexibility again. Kreider and miller need the ahl. So Pyatt may be staying put. Fast is going back to Europe most likely. I think the most telling stat on fast is 165 lbs. he needs 15 pounds before he can join rangers in playoff hunt. Rangers need a defenseman. Mcbain?

    Well these are my observations. So it means nothin. But this team will make the playoffs. They are better than the islanders and devils.

  184. Cub

    The Rangers gave up 2 picks. The Rangers only give up the additional 2nd rounder if the Rangers re-sign him.

  185. Blogmama:

    Same guy who wrote that BRILLIANT analysis posted his new line combinations(see below). Only a matter of time before he is an analyst on hockey night in Canada:

  186. I don’t just love my team cause they’re The Rangers, but for the boys on the team….and I will always reserve the right to love the Rangers but not love certain players…..Prust saying……

  187. My mistake. The Rangers will give up at least a 5th (who cares), but still a 1st is more valuable than a 2nd, 3rd and 5th.

    Although the Rangers seem to have a deal in place to sign him, so it will be a 2nd, 3rd and 2nd. A gamble, for sure, but this is the EXACT player Tortorella wants and could be a real asset in the playoffs.

  188. One post short of a borsalino I’m sure….got a pre-dawn work call tomorrrow….wish I could be here for Carp’s Pepto day….but no luck…..hartnell! Catch you all when I can later….TA!

  189. bull dog line on

    add Clowe without subtracting from the roster. I would say it is a good move. you can probably move Pyatt, and or Powe for draft picks if needed. they won’t be 2nd or 3rd rounders.

  190. On Clowe trade:


    Doug Wilson: “You can’t really allow three unrestricted free agents to leave and not get any assets in return.”

  191. Isn’t this a de-facto from Torts that this team is gritless? But if that’s so, where’s Haley and/or Ash? He thinks the goals will come, and they may. But, we can’t play Ham and Eggs and we still desperately need a competent right handed dman.

  192. Oleosmirf (BTW, you need to shorten your name):

    You know they are gonna sign him. And they will probably pay more for him than Prust, which I think would be terrible.
    I just don’t like giving up high round picks. Didn’t they tell the fans they weren’t doing things like that anymore. That they were building the organization the “right way”. I guess not.

  193. cant fall for it though because if we win tom back to 8th.

    but i will bet you double or nothing 4 dogs to none we miss playoffs at end

  194. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    What they say and what they mean….

    Torts on Fast(h):

    “There isn’t (a plan for Fast),” said Tortorella, who skated the youngster on a line with Brian Boyle and Taylor Pyatt seemingly to get a feel for what he could do. “We had a scheduled practice and it gave us an opportunity to take a look at him.”

    What Torts really means:

    “This kid is 165 lbs., soaking wet. Glenn, are you kidding me????? Book him on a flight out of here, I’m not using him”

  195. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, now Pen’s come into MSG pissed off. Oh, wait, Clowe will be here!!! Phew!!!

  196. Torts to Clowe: “first order of business, hunt down Avery and beat the snot out of him.”

  197. I’m with you Eric. I tried to tell you during the chat Carp. Anyone who’s been an observer or fan of this team for a decent amount if time knows they aren’t gonna make it. No shot! Oh and BTW, the 1st rounder WILL be a top 5 pick guaranteed!

  198. no shot, Cub? Seriously? I’ve kinda been an observer of this team for a decent amount of time, and I think they have a shot.

    Latona, Walter’s dogs are unique — split and grilled, with a special secret recipe mustard/relish. Now I’m hungry, dammit.

  199. Cub, now that i think of it, even the most pessimistic Rangers fans think they have “a shot” at making the playoffs. So for whom do you root?

  200. Carp, you need to be a Ranger fan who gets their heart broken ALL the time in order to know what I mean.

  201. You’ll see Carp. I’m sure you know the schedule. Look at the games coming up and then tell me they’re gonna make it. There’s no way. And BTW, I’m a NYR fan for 40 years! What about you? You supposedly aren’t a Rangers fan right?

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