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From the Rangers:


Send Two Draft Picks and a Conditional Pick to San Jose

NEW YORK, April 2, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has acquired forward Ryane Clowe from San Jose in exchange for a second round pick in 2013, a third round pick in 2013 (originally Florida’s), and a conditional pick in 2014.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to acquire Ryane,” stated Sather. “He is a unique combination of size, skill and toughness. His strong leadership and character make him a tremendous addition to our organization on and off the ice.”

Clowe, 30, has skated in 423 career regular season contests over eight seasons with San Jose, registering 101 goals and 170 assists for 271 points, along with 567 penalty minutes. He surpassed the 50-point plateau in three consecutive seasons from 2008-09 to 2010-11, and has eclipsed the 20-goal mark twice (2008-09 and 2010-11). Clowe established career-highs in goals (24), points (62), and plus/minus rating (plus-13), and tied his career-high in assists (38) during the 2010-11 season. He ranked fourth on San Jose in goals, fifth in points, and tied for fourth in assists that season. In 2008-09, he tied for the team-high with a career-best, 11 power play goals, and established career-highs in power play assists (13) and power play points (24).

In post-season play, Clowe has registered 18 goals and 27 assists for 45 points, along with 97 penalty minutes in 68 career playoff contests with San Jose. He established playoff career-highs in games played (17), goals (six), assists (nine), points (15), plus/minus rating (plus-five), penalty minutes (32), and power play goals (three) during the 2011 playoffs. Clowe ranked third on the team in assists and points, fourth in assists, and tied for first in power play goals that year.

Last season, Clowe tied for second in the NHL with four game-deciding goals in the shootout. He finished the season ranked sixth on the Sharks in assists (28) and points (45), fifth in goals (17), third in hits (109), first in penalty minutes (97), and tied for fifth in power play goals (four). Clowe posted nine multi-point performances, including two, three-point efforts. On April 5, he recorded his third career Gordie Howe Hat Trick with a goal, assist and two fighting majors at Los Angeles. In addition, Clowe tied for the team lead in playoff assists (three) and third in playoff points (three), while skating in five postseason contests.

The 6-2, 225-pounder has tallied 11 assists and 79 penalty minutes in 28 games this season. He is tied for third on San Jose in assists, and ranks second in hits (69) and fighting majors (three). He has recorded five assists in his last eight games.

The Mount Pear, Newfoundland native was originally selected by San Jose as a sixth round choice, 175th overall, in the 2001 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. unrelated, but did you guys see the Matt Martin-Kostopolous fight last night. Yikes. Kostopoulos knocked out cold defending a teammate for a clean hit.

  2. I actually like this move by the Rangers. All season I’ve been complaining about how soft they are. Perhaps Clowe can bring some toughness that Prust took with him. Or maybe Boyle has found a new bromance.

  3. Carp, can you slip a few Walter dogs to the linesmen to ensure they don’t break the two up? And offer them some extras to incentivize joining the fray if they stop?

  4. Actually Carp, it was Ham and cheese again. And she forgot the fancy mustard. I love that fancy mustard. You could put that fancy mustard on a shoe and it would taste pretty good to me!

  5. bull dog line on

    somewhat surprised by the negative reaction to this trade. no prospect was touched. no core player was touched. its a couple of picks in the 2nd, and 3rd round. I think that this is going to end up being a steal.

  6. freaking isles have magic going this year. it may come down to devs and rangers with caps passing jets and hurricanes to win southeast

  7. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    I’m stoked, and I hope he signs an extension soon

    I also hope slats isn’t done

  8. I hate when people rip Oreos apart and scrape off the filling with their bottom teeth protruding, a la Prust.

  9. The trip to Pittsburgh on Friday just got a little more interesting. It would be nice to see Clowe beat the Carcillo out of somebody. I think the trade has potential, but it seems to be pricey.

  10. Wonder if Walter’s rivals any of my preferred hot dog joints here in Jersey.. what kind of dogs do they serve Carp?

  11. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    After reading about Walter’s hot dogs and spicy chicken, I clicked on the link (on the right) for Tahnee McKee’s twitter account. She appears to me Brandon Mashinter’s wife — and one angry vegan.

  12. Carp as you know I was a Harrison boy turned Scarsdale resident (yuck). Had no idea there were other boneheads that were from so nearby

  13. i like clowe i just hate what we paid for him. too pricey and no guarantee of a playoff spot and he will want at least 3.6 per with new deal

  14. 30 yrs. old essentially a third line forward ,”but he brings toughness”?

    A little late on the season for that ,no?

    Possibly 2 #2’s and a 3 and why is this a good deal, well perversely because the Ranger scouts and the GM suck at the draft table!

    Now if he doesn’t resign Sappy has given up 3 picks for toughness?

    Oh, and in Sappy’s mind, he’s “unique” and accordingly will be overpaid to resign!

  15. watching evander kane vs us he is all over the place vs the isles you dont even notice him

  16. Lant it’s a one of a kind place. Not similar to the places with a billion gimmicks and toppings. The dogs are actually like a beef and pork mix or something like that they’re sliced down the middle and grilled on a flat grill (so are the buns) you can get them w mustard ketchup or their signature mustard/relish mix. Curly fries, potato puffs regular or sweet potato fries are the only sides. Legendary to westchester – ites

  17. Ok ready? Clowe, Powe and Boyle. You gotta kill one marry one and sign one for ten years. Annnnd go!

  18. bull dog line on

    within a few games Clowe will be on the left of Richards and gabby. he won’t be a 3rd liner for long, if at all.

  19. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    This is the list I am talking about and why Clowe is a unique player despite his current slump

    Since the start of the 2008-2009 season, Clowe is one of seven players (Corey Perry, Alex Burrows, Scott Hartnell, David Backes, Milan Lucic and David Clarkson are the others) to register both at least 80 goals and 400 penalty minutes, a period of time during which Clowe has racked up 40 fighting major penalties.

  20. Marian the Friendly Ghost on

    The more i read about Clowe the more I like this move. This team needs this kind of guy.

  21. Marian the Friendly Ghost on

    Still want Glennie to dump Boyle somehow..Richards would be asking too much, Gotta hang on to maryanne

  22. the islanders are in 8th even worse then missing playoffs would be too losing 8th to them

  23. Clowe brings the flow, he’s a real pro, I give him my bow, you rip what you sow, we’ll get mo’ than what we had before…fo’sho!

  24. ThisYearsModel on

    Well, the McBain deal might be over. Pitkanen just wrecked on an icing chase and left on stretcher. Wonder if it is a knee injury or a broken keg. Why they don’t just adopt international icing……keep the game exciting. Seeing a guy go off on a stretcher………had me at the edge of my seat. Morons.

  25. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    Rangers need to win games in hand on fishies and devils

  26. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    Does everyone think slats is done or is there more to come?

  27. Did someone mention that one of the picks is SJ’s 2nd round pick that we are giving back to them, or did I read that wrong?
    Either way, they gave up too much, IMO, for a guy who is about past his prime. I hope they don’t resign him, because I want to see this team get younger and talented, not older and slower, even if Clowe does add some grit. But he sure does fit in, with 0 goals. Like someone said, you can’t make this stuff up.

  28. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Anyone have any info on Clowe’s concussion and injury last year? How long was he out? How’d it happen?

    Nice fights sent in last post. Unlike Prust, seems like he actually wins fights.

  29. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Pascal Dupuis ….. real or fake? I say fake. No Cindy, no career year.

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Excellent trade. We are soft no longer. Let Clowe play with Kreider and miller – he will protect both of them. This guy is a man beast and a clutch performer…

  31. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    His playoff record looks nice, Eddie. If he’s clutch, he’ll fit in well with Richards.

  32. Czechthemout!!! on

    Clowe is ten times the player Prust . I think it is rediculous to even speak their name in the same sentence. Look for Clowe to have the Gordie Howe hatrick tomorrow as we give the dirty whinning birds a beat down and stop their winning streak!

    The delusional Prust lovers need to understand that he is nothing more than a gritty and couragous 4 line player. That is it. He also does a decent job killing penalties. Is he worth 3 million a year? HELL NO!!!

    The Rangers are not as good this year because Gabby and Richards have played like sh!!t all year long. If they matched last seasons production and the coach allowed them to open the game up more to fit the roster that he has, they would be in the top 3 in the conference.

    Just remember one thing, all you fans pinning for all of last years scrubs. They all chose to leave! They all left before the Nash trade. The Rangers had more or about the same cap space not less
    after the Nash trade.

    There , rant over. Now dump Boyle and get me Steve Ott and lets kill the dirty birds!

  33. My sister-in-law’s friend used to do sex with Koustapolus and they all speak well of him so he must be a solid guy. Hopefully more stunned and less devastated.

  34. Czechthemout!!! on


    Still soft on defense. Would love to see McKILLrath for the game tomorrow. I want to see this kid on the ice against Glass,Cooke, Morrow and others!

  35. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Bergeron ran into Greening’s elbow…looks dazed and has a history of concussions.

  36. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Czech – agreed … Sit hammer and play mcI – wrath…..he cannot be worse that hammer – period.

  37. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We will all be happy with this trade!!! I have watched a ton of sharks’ games and I have the deepest respect for Clowe.

  38. In minority but I’m on the record of liking it. Dump Boyle and buy out Richie Rich, play the heck out of the Kreider with some talent. Extend Torts.

  39. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    Wait until the one year anniversary of the wweber contract and I trade kreider and gabby to nashville in the offseason for wweber and hornqvist

  40. Easy, Czech. I want Mcllrath up here as badly as anyone. He’s physical first. Which we really need. But he can easily, and I mean easily, get burned by it in the NHL. He takes the man way too high in the defensive zone for the NHL. But he will be great one day.

  41. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    I am also on record saying I wanted the deal and glad we made it (just needs to be re-signed)

  42. Czech – so much of what you ranted about I agree with. Wow. Steve OTT. Yes. Please. Rangers suck because Gaborik (coming off major Shoulder Surgery) and Richards weren’t good.

    Not all of it but so much of it. I still LOVE Prust but wouldn’t give him 4 years.

    Happy to agree with you for once.

  43. And yes, Eddie. Clowe is an absolute gift for Miller and Kreider. That would be a great third line. Let Boyle play 4th line and Pyatt ride the bench.

    Marek Hriviki anyone?

  44. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    I wonder if we try for russell or cole from the blues if they are available?

  45. Last I saw the Blues had *9* D-Men on their active roster. Gotta think they will move a few.

  46. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    lol, slats will trade for redden from the blues

  47. Honestly, I am really getting in the mind set that I hope they get Glencross. He’s a legit player signed at a totally reasonable deal ($2.5M through 2015). If Stepan can be a #1…….

  48. Czechthemout!!! on


    Your coming around. Thats all it is. My hockey knowledge can do that to people. Welcome aboard!!!

  49. Don’t understand the negativity surrounding this trade. Clowe is only 30 and has averaged 54 points and 95 PIM over the past 4 seasons. He is exactly what this team needs: jam with a bit of a scoring touch.

    At the very least, our bottom-6 just improved considerably. At best, you put him on the ice with Gaborik and see if he can create some space on the forecheck.

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – as someone that loved Prust – you will triple love Clowe – I like the way he tries to rip his opponent’s shoulder out of the socket when he fights…

  51. Czechthemout!!! on

    Look, I too think they gave up a lot of picks. Probably one too many but Clowe is just 30 and can play on any of the top 3 lines. He can kick some major assen and comes to play every night, particularly in the playoffs. We did not trade any of our assets so that is a bonus.

    The one big negative is that it is a very deep draft,perhaps 4 rounds deep so not having a bunch of picks does hurt.

  52. If the Rangers want to go places then J.T. Miller is likely going to be off the roster. He’s very young and still learning, but he hasn’t been productive and is too raw to be trusted in a playoff series.

    It’s hard to go into the playoffs with him in the lineup when he has scored in 1 out of the 26 games he’s played in this season. Boyle has been just as unproductive, but he kills penalties, blocks shots, wins faceoffs and hits people.

    He should be sent down to refine his game…

  53. Did anyone mention that Sharks fans have been calling him Clowe-fer for his ability (or lack there of) to put the puck in the net?

  54. Hagelin – Stepan – Nash

    Zuccarello – Richards- Gaborik

    Clowe – Boyle -Callahan

    Kreider – Miller – Asham

  55. I, personally, just don’t see why Miller would make it this far and only NOW get sent down. Kid is here to stay.

  56. I love your spunk, Manny. Even if I win the hot dog bet and I’m really sad, I’ll buy you a hot dog.

  57. By the way, I know Jagr isn’t the same guy as 1999 Jagr but he instantly makes Boston better. The power play instantly improves when you have Jagr…

  58. ugly injury to Pitkanen from Carolina. out for the season. Any predictions for tomorrow? Who will be gone from our roster?

  59. NYR, I’d rather see..


    I feel like you can totally roll those four lines..

  60. Latona, after second thought….I really like your lines…Vibin’!

    No reason why Callahan can’t play the left…Clowe also plays both right and left….

  61. If we trade Boyle, we will miss Boyle, and it’ll be in ways the anti-Boylers will be able to pretend its unrelated to Boyle. Other teams’ best lines will hurt us more, Step will waste even more time on the PK, all stuff like that.

  62. Well, the idea is that if we’re rolling four lines, which is the condition I provided, the playing time will be balanced, Emmanuel..

  63. On paper and given how soft they were you have to like getting a player like Clowe. But Carp has a great point, why would a playoff team let him go?

  64. Matteau, here’s part of a statement from Wilson that might help answer your question. Considering he also traded Murray and Handzus, who are both useful players, I’ll take his word that he was really just trying to get value for his players. He must have known they weren’t going to sign new contracts in SJS.

    “These deals involving players who have spent a substantial amount of time in and contributed much to San Jose are difficult but it’s also important for us to get value for a player who is set to be an unrestricted free agent.”

    The rest of the article is here:|SJS|home

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Clowe was a huge fan favorite in SJ. Sticks up for his mates and will go with anyone. He has been unlucky in the goals scored column – but I have a hunch he scores tomorrow – hope is able to fly in get settled and play….

  66. Clowe is a better player than prust imo. He had great success with the Sharks for a while now. Accept for this year. He will fit into Torts system just fine and probably become a favorite. 3 picks if we resign though. Seems like a lot.

  67. puzzlement- can’t lose draft picks. He’d better have the spark to kick start this team. Maybe the leader we need. NO GOALS . Scored a lot of empty net goals in his highlite reel- really fun to watch – just what we need since we’re never in a position to score empty net goals. The Isles are watching us from their rear view mirror using a lot of youngsters who make mistakes but continue to get bettter. ummh.

  68. I love Prust and was/remain near the front of the bandwagon and I accept that Clowe is, objectively, a better player. But it’s not really a one for one deal.

  69. Thanks Latona and Lev, good reads. If he can play third line and contribute offense then he is a great add.

  70. CCCP in saying Clowe is better than Prust- which pure talent wise id say is debatable- are you factoring in that Prust is 1m less and would not have cost 3 high draft picks?

  71. _you accept that Clowe is objectively better than Prust? LOL C’mon man! There’s no competition!_

    That was the point. I’m an uber-cheerleader and still concede it.

  72. I dont care how much he’s worth in dollars and i am sure Slats will get some picks back by 3pm today… and how can you say that talent wise is debatable?! Clowe has been a consistent 45+ point guy…plays a mean game…drops the gloves and is much bigger than Prust…

    on the other hand Prust only had ONE semi-productive season where he scored 29 points… but yeah he played hard…so what?! He isnt the only player in the league who plays hard.

    Just watch Clowe play.

  73. Ugh starting to get nervious. If we don’t resign him its a loss. If we do resign him it could be a bigger loss if he doesn’t pan out. I do think we need a clowe type on the team, but is it safe to say Slats was hustled on this one?

  74. I dont expect Clowe to be our savior or whatever… he is just a complimentary player…but he improves our team… no doubt

  75. Clowe is good, at least the pre2012 version, no one is debating that. Issue is the cost. In a salary cap league where salary and draft are essential you cant look at things in a vacuum. Could have had a player in the same mold as Clowe for 1m less and not cost 3 draft picks. Yes I’m glad we have Clowe. Sather is still a buffoon.

  76. the thing about Prust – who does have a modicum of skill – is that on a deeper squad, he’s a good piece to have. you get toughness and 15-20 points a year. but on this Ranger team, where Ryane Clowe automatically becomes the 4th best forward, he’d be an utter disaster.

  77. I think its a good pickup. He’s still young enough (I realize some of you probably think 30 is ancient) and he still has potential to be productive. While it seems a bit expensive in picks based on the other trades, at least we didn’t give up a valuable prospect and who knows if any of those picks amount to an NHL sure thing. Maybe Slats is planning a way to get those picks back (or better) by jettisoning some of the current dead weight.

    More importantly, he brings some grit and some leadership to a team that has inexplicably become soft – almost unrecognizable from the team they were last season when even in a loss the opponent regularly had to fight hard for every inch of ice — and no one seemed to turn away from finishing a check. I’m based in SF and I’ve seen plenty of Sharks games where Clowe has not been afraid to mix it up or standing up for his teammates – even if that means dropping the gloves.

    It could of been a lot worse…and hopefully he adds a bit of spark to the lineup…Go Rangers

  78. ….and Prust does not have nearly the offensive upside that Clowe does….love the guy….our team seems to miss him dearly…but yeah, no comparison…different type of player imho

  79. here’s a little something to mull over
    with so few draft picks
    it will give Slats
    more opportunity
    to work his magic
    in the UFA world

    chew on that piece of hard gristle!

  80. on the other hand
    it seems as if more teams
    are signing undrafted players
    out of college
    so maybe that’s where things are
    going in the future

    don’t bother with an 18 year old in the draft
    and pick up someone who is a bit more mature
    in their early 20s with some additional experience.

    just a thought…

  81. Randy Butternubs on

    Rangers have the worst offense in the NHL and people are saying Clowe and his zero goale total is just what we need! Do you watch a different sport than I do? The hockey I watch uses goals as its deciding factor, and no one in the league is worse at producing them than the Rangers.

  82. Do you expect an intelligent response?

    You sound like one of the brilliant hockey minds who post on ESPN. We may watch the same game but we obviously see it differently.

  83. You must be a baseball fan Randy? All you are doing is looking at stats.
    Go on, look on the Sharks fan sites – this guy can play, score, fight and fills a need on this team.

  84. Watched the Bruins-Senators third period last night. Rangers are not even close to playing with those teams’ speed, intensity and toughness. Different league.

    Do we know who’s made room on the roster yet?

  85. jpg's sister on

    Carp, I think it is a realy bad deal, too.

    So Gabby is traded just before home and home at Pittsburgh, Kreider and Miller to the Whale. One of them could have scored a goal on a sporadic goal scoring team.

    Plus isn’t Columbusin NYR division next year? Will see Gabby all the time.

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