Post-game interviews: Tortorella, Callahan, Stepan, Nash, Lundqvist, Girardi


John Tortorella:


Ryan Callahan:


Derek Stepan:


Rick Nash:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Dan Girardi:



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  1. looked at the + – for the rangers. boyle, gabby and miller leading on the negative …

    i know it is not the best indicator but in this case probably pretty accurate. after all boyle has been on the ice when about 6 ranger goals scored in total so his stats are going to be real bad.

    i think they should keep kreider and miller and play them more when they are playing well etc..moving kreider down again I am against at this time….

  2. Speaking of Leetch, I don’t think he will ever work for the Sather administration…even as an assistant coach….I think it would take a new GM…

  3. ILB…High Crime??? I had my iPhone lifted in The NYC Subway system……cops wouldn’t take a report. Said I must have lost it at work.

  4. So which of the no-talents are we trading?

    It better be at least a couple, ’cause these amateur-hour circus-clowns aren’t going anywhere with this bottom-feeding rooster-roster.

    Even after this “win”, I can smell the bush-league as far down as moron-replete Miami.

  5. Great, coach. Wall, grind, wall, grind, can’t trust the kids. Just when I think he’s beginning to see the useful ice his players are seeing, it’s back to this love affair with the wall. But the players, at least, are showing the occasional interest in action away from the wall and in front of the net.

  6. ‘Shortie’ takes two high sticking penalties. Carp: “How is that even possible?”

  7. Paul in sunrise on

    Said it a couple of days ago and it means nothing but pretty sure both miller and Kreider need to go to the whale and play big minutes in all situations And play better. They will develop. The rangers will be better of they develop.

    Fast and asham can be plugged in lineup.

    My opinion is worthless tho

  8. @AGrossRecord@ Torts: “No one told him. We’re dying on the vine, I’m not going to go running to Zucc, ‘Remember, you can’t put your hand on the puck.”

  9. I have been following your recent posts, Papa, and you certainly (and justifiably) lost your sense of humor for a short period. Getting your iPhone swiped doesn’t help. Welcome back, Kotta!

  10. Andrew Gross ?@AGrossRecord 50m
    Zuccarello, on 2 on 1 shorthanded rush on Cally’s goal, said he told Cally afterward: “Don’t mind me, do it yourself. It’s better that way.”

    LOL! Love it!

  11. I’m not a Torts basher, but anyone who comes up to the big club has to be made aware of any new rule changes since he left. “I’m not going to go running to Zucc” is lame verbiology. Send a minion to “run to him.”

  12. carp thanks for telling the coach’s my ideas. much appreciated…

    torts has it under control, his handling of the lines is scotty bowman like or al arbour. his ability to pull the right strings is legendary.

    afterall he has the ranger offense running on all cylinders they have only scored 5 less goals then the blue jackets. after the offensive outburst tonight they still have scored the least amount of goals in hockey by 5 or more on every team….the panthers have more goals scored…

    i think right now torts is drawing up a play for the line on weds of powe, asham, and gilroy… he says he likes the chemistry….

    kreider has done nothing to be sent down, miller that is another story….

    tort knows defense offense I do not see it. btw Stepan not a 1st line center maybe not for most teams but for this team without him they would be toast. he has been the best forward period for the season. no 1 has been better, not callahan not miss nash no 1… nash can score but he stinks in his own zone, count the times he cannot get the puck out it is amazing how inept he is, maryanne had a few shots on goal tonight he may be out celebrating….the richards wiff on the doorstep open net was classic, michellettis excuse was even more amazing, LUCK>>> or bad luck.. give me a break..

  13. The Camden Aquarium is surprisingly nice, Manny. Although, viewing the rare breed of society outside the aquarium is more interesting and free, but extremely dangerous.

  14. Here’s eddie’s chessboard:

    King – Henrik
    Queen – Richie
    Knights – Cally, Nash
    Bishops – Steps, Hags
    Rooks – McD, Staal
    Pawns – fill in the blanks

  15. Inspector Clouseau's on

    Mr Coos, I’ve been on holiday for a few. Hope all is well with your beloved Rangers. Maybe we can spend some time at the beloved Walters when I visit in the the summer.

  16. I’d really prefer us not to make any moves unless it involves dumping Bradley/Boyle for a first round pick or something of that nature.

  17. Isn’t there some sort of horrific cap punishment if Richards gets traded then retires before 2020 or whenever this insane deal ends?

  18. Inspector, sounds good. Don’t wear the Lt. Columbo raincoat unless it’s raining.

  19. Wonder what Fedotenko’s cheeks look like in Kiev at 20 below with a -50 wind chill.

  20. I think I’ve shared this before, but my daughter around 5 months looked just like Fedo, crazy red cheeks and all. (She was and remains a better passer.)

  21. I was in the Camden County Courthouse today. It’s OK over there but I wouldn’t go elsewhere other than the Aquarium (on Christmas Day when nobody’s around).

  22. Rob in Beantown on

    I knew the rules about closing your hand on the puck before the season started and I don’t play in the league. Maybe Zucc should have learned them too. Not knowing the rule is a bonehead excuse. Just saying.

  23. good two points and more nice stuff from Stepan

    hopefully they can manage to keep the game somewhat close on Wednesday

  24. For one thing, you can Smelt it a mile away. I got hooked into a conversation there by some Sucker who was Perched on an outdoor Haddock who said he was a Sturgeon. Next thing, he’s starts to sing some show Tunas from Porgy and Bass. I got tired of Herring it. Telling you all this just for the Halibut. Not hockey related, hope Carp doesn’t get all Jack Dempsey on me.

  25. Stranger Nation on

    So they put their best 3 offensive players this season on one line and presto! – that line accounts for all the goals.

    Zuc looks good – always moving his feet and charging the net

    Hamr and Em is a pairing for the ages….Stone Age that is

  26. Stranger Nation on

    Richards feeble attempt at the one timer from a great pass from Zuc was…well…painful to watch.

  27. Quick question :
    Why are some people on here lying and then later they have to explain it was a joke ? A Sarcasm?

  28. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Of course I miss the talk about Stevens and East St. Louis! I had a friend I worked with when I lived in St. Louis that I had to give a ride home to in East St. Louis. The only time the car doors weren’t locked was when he was getting out.
    ‘Bout time we got a good game out of these knobs. Hopefully it’s not one of those “yank the rug out from underneath us” wins like the philthy win. I seriously don’t want to go down in the record books as the final team the Crysbys beat on their way to tying and/or beating the consecutive wins stat.

  29. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    BTW, please tell me that there was a lot of making fun of Richards and his dumbass attempt at being selfless and trying to pass his empty net attempt before embarassing the crap out of himself. That guy literally can’t buy a goal even if he gave the other team and/or goalie his entire ridiculous contract.

  30. ThisYearsModel on

    Another addition of “Jerk Around our Prospects Night” starring John Tortorella. In tonight’s episode, John relegates Chris Kreider to the 4th line, then benches him for the remainder of the game after 7 minutes of the second peiriod. This was undoubtedly so he could cntinue to trot Brian Boyletano out there for nearly 18 minutes despite his losing a face off leading directly to a goal against. Additionally, sitting JT Miller for the entire 3rd period while we got to watch the Boyle-Pyatt-Hagelin extravaganza. Send the kids to Hartford before they have zero confidence in their games.

  31. Woke up this morning bothered by Tortorella’s Zuch. comments, which means:

    A) I really need to get a life

    B) Since that’s not in the cards, what was he thinking saying that? How is remotely not the coaching staff’s job not to update a player coming in from a different league, and how easy would it have been to laugh it off in the other direction, as in, “Oops, that one was on me — glad we got away with it!” Even when he’s being funny, it’s at the player’s expense, not his own. Sort of like saying, “What, lifting the goalie with four seconds left and a faceoff in their end — that’s MY job?” Little things.

  32. Minor deal, but did anyone notice that TB traded for Adam Hall (CAR)- whom they had just released a few weeks back. Am I getting that right?

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