Rangers-Canadiens in review



1) Bleak, bleaker, bleakest? With Winnipeg coming for a critical game Monday, the trade deadline Wednesday and then a home-and-home with Pittsburgh, this could get worse before it gets better. Seriously.

2) That said, I don’t think there’s a move or a player available, or a single need that if filled makes this team better on Wednesday. This is a reconstruction project – with a good core for starters – that has to be addressed in the off-season.

3) Not to get a jump start on that off-season, but there was really a lot of miscalculation when this team was remade before and after the Rick Nash trade last summer. A lot. Yes, that’s a second-guess, because at the time I thought a lot of the guys they brought in were upgrades, and none of them were.

4) I’m not suggesting that the Rangers wave the white flag, because A) they won’t and B) they are still in eighth place and the team in front of them and the teams behind them ain’t exactly the ’84 Oilers. I still think (takes cover) there’s a good chance they make the playoffs.

5) Martin Biron played as scheduled, we’re told, and I believe that. But in Canada there’s been plenty of chatter about Henrik Lundqvist being checked for concussion symptons after the Dan Girardi elbow and the Mike Ribeiro shot off the mask last week, and his complaints of not feeling well and headaches. And if he is hurt, Oh My God.

6) The Rangers were much better in Montreal than they were in Ottawa (and definitely better than the Florida, Buffalo or Winnipeg losses). But they couldn’t afford that first goal so quickly, and as fluky as it was, there was a severe lack of awareness by Biron, Steve Eminger and J.T. Miller, probably among others.

7) Miller had another tough night in spots, again, but also had the Rangers’ three best scoring chances.

8) I’ve said it before, this team is soft. Wow. Could you imagine how ugly or nasty, or at least confrontational, that game would have gotten at 3-0 last year? Even before that, you take a finesse team like Montreal and challenge it to fight for pucks. The Rangers don’t do that much anymore. They have had 12 fights, none since Micheal Haley on March 12 (Haley the only two Rangers fights this month). Seven of those fights were by players no longer here. There were two players in the lineup last night who have had fights — Brian Boyle (1) and Kris Newbury (1).

9) The lack of skill continues to be the No. 1 glaring weakness of this team, and not to beat it to death, but, I repeat, if Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik were playing like first-liners, or even second-liners, the Rangers’ record would be many points better. By the way, where have Rick Nash, Carl Hagelin and Derek Stepan gone since Philly?

10) There were some unbelievable moments in this game, even for a team struggling. For example, the Brian Boyle drop pass between his skates inside the blue line. Makes you scratch your head.

11) Mats Zuccarello looked fine. The one power play looked better with him on it. The PP still stuck a zero on the board, but better.

12) The penalty kill, on the other hand, continues to stink it up. These Rangers really get killed in coverage around the front of their own net.

13) They played so well in the first period, yet showed so little finish, wore out Carey Price’s logo, and left down 1-0. And you knew if the Habs scored again, it was over. And it was.

14) How about Sean Avery’s tweet last night? “Fire this CLOWN, his players hate him and won’t play for his BS …” I don’t know what’s funnier, that guy mocking somebody, or people going “Yeah, Sean’s telling the truth” as if he doesn’t have an axe to grind. And as if they don’t. And how about those who crawled out of the woodwork last night? I mean, I respect the ones who’ve been clamoring for the coach’s dismissal all year long, even though I know their motives. I have no respect for people who hope their team goes down in flames so they can justify their (pro-Avery/anti-Tortorella) feelings.

15) And I will say this, honestly, I thought Avery should have been on the team ahead of the Erik Christensens and the Wojtek Wolskis and others last season, and if he hadn’t been a jackass, he could sure have played on the third or fourth lines this year and be better than what they have there. But most of his teammates didn’t want him around. It wasn’t just the coach, and it wasn’t just this coach or these teammates who felt that way through his career.

16) Got bad news for those who still hold out hope. The coach isn’t getting fired around .500 and in a playoff spot. It will have to get a lot worse first. It could happen. It won’t happen now or soon.

17) Happy Easter.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1.  J.T. Miller.
2. Mats Zuccarello
3. Michael Del Zotto.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. I See Dead People..
2. Houston we have a problem.
3. Reggie Dunlop, “Let ’em know you’re there! Get that stick in their side, let them know you are there. Put some #!*@ lumber in their teeth, let them know you are there!”
Happy Easter … Happy Passover.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist (20.19 %).
2. Mats Zuccarello (19.23 %).
3. Martin Biron (8.65 %).

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  1. mixed thought bag on Avery:

    1) Obviously he’s been wanting to say this since last year, and it had to crush his soul to see the team do so well in his absence last season

    2) It clear he still has ties to the team, strongest probably to #30. I hate to admit it, but I wonder what kind of stuff gets into his ears at times.

    3) I’ve always trusted in Torts for the most part and had no real problem with SA being cut especially with how well the team did….but yeah…this team could really use some Sean Avery right now.

  2. I think they need to fire torts now and allow gabby and Richards to audition for jobs with a new offense minded game plan to finish the season

  3. I agree with Torts…if the Rangers keep playing this way, they will start to score eventually. Good game plan, needs some practice for execution, and no time for that this year. Torts is a methodical coach in some respects, and his system requires practice and discipline. And as I’ve noted in past posts, it requires the team building exercises he has instilled in past pre-season training sessions. I’m not ready to write off the season, but I agree with Carp’s assessment that we have the core assets necessary to create a winning team next season.

  4. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Avery has a closer relationship with some of the key veterans in the Rangers room than any of us. He’s probably right that they’re fed up with Torts’ less than imaginative approach and toxic, unprofessional demeanor. Remember, Torts wore out his welcome in Tampa too.

    We can try this little thought experiment: If the most important, experienced Rangers do hate Torts and his approach, how would we find out? They can’t tell Sam or Joe or Trautwig or Fischler or Brooks on the record or they’re finished with the boss. So, friends like Avery who have a (legitimate) ax to grind with the coach are precisely who we would expect to spill the beans first.

    Cally, Step and Rammer won’t say nothin’ but the company line.

  5. 4generations 4 cups on

    its just really disappointing how much i looked forward to this season vs. how i feel at this very moment. the rangers are in trouble.

  6. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    I am sooooooo looking forward to booing Gotham’s “Turds On Ice” next month when they come here to play the Panthers. Even if they look good and/or are winning I’m still going to boo them as much as possible. And I’ll be doing it all while I am wearing my Ranger jersey. Why, do you ask? Because I want them to know just how pissed off I am for stealing time from my life that I can never get back. And, lordy lordy, do I want that wasted time back. And since I only have one opportunity this season to let them know how I feel in person, you can be damn sure I’m going to seize it. Can’t wait to see what the Panther fans sitting near me think when they turn to find the fan booing the opposition the most is a fan of that same team.
    I’m still trying to figure out what the cadence is for chanting “Fire Tortorella”. If I can’t figure it out I’m going to have to settle for “Fire Sather”. Any ideas?

  7. Agree with Carp, the core is here. Looking forward to off-season for some changes. Next season should be better. No expectations.

  8. Good morning, boneheads!

    I guess it was Avery tweeting after all. Very surprised. Because even though class was never one of his strongests trends, neither was stupidity. Well, guess what? That is one of the reasons, right there, why not a single team in the league wanted a player who had some decent hockey skills left to offer on their roster, even for a small fraction of his contract. Stay classy, Sean.

  9. Onecupin73yearsand counting on

    they need 6 out of 10 points this week which means beating Pitts , its possible but Probable?

    And #14 by crash and burn I take that as getting a real #1 pick overall and a new coach and a new beginning.. we can dream can’t we ?

    I doubt if there is an NHL team that fears the Rangers ..

  10. Czechthemout!!! on


    As classy as when Torts cut Avery and said the following ” I hate to dump on Sean but I guess I just did” smiling when he said it.

  11. wth? A cogent thought from Salty? well done sir.

    I agree about Avery, he is an idiot though.

    now to read Carps hard work.

  12. bull dog line on

    on number 3 Carp,
    I seem to remember you thinking most of the guys they brought in were not upgrades. you were on that from the beginning. I remember this because, as usual I did not agree with you.

  13. All I know if Sather does something stupid, like give up prospect, draft picks to bring in a clowe or Boyle, I will have had it with this organization. I’ve already had it with the mets, jets, knicks. What’s one more going to matter at this point for me.

  14. Carp your worst fear is that Avery is right in his tweet. Truth told, he may very well be.

    No motivation to get up for games vs lowly Fla and Wash and they get 1 pt out of 4. Big rival Philly, not much motivation needed, they win. Then against two tough Canadian teams the shd def compete with, and they lay eggs.

    Somewhere the team doesn’t want to win the battles or fight for the key spots on the ice. It’s partially on the players, but equally (at least) on Torts.

    The PP, they have talent. They have no cohesive game plan in those situations. Can’t see how that is more on the players than the coaches.

    PK and coverage in the zone, again, will of the players is AS important as the skill. So I am not so convinced, given the soft lackluster efforts of this team, that this is ALL about the players.

    Lastly Carp, you have ranted about Torts pressers and general attitude, what makes you think he doesn’t treat his players similarly?

    You are prob rIght that the Blueshirts are too mediocre, right on the cusp for Torts to get booted. But I would say he is 50-50 to be here in 2014. Feels like the players are not motivated to play for him.

    This past offseason I had the chance via a business oppt’y to become friendly w a recent ex-Ranger. Day 1 of the season he said there was a chance they would not make the playoffs given the loss of grit. Damn was he 110% right. Meanwhile one of his closest buddies is Avery. So tell me, a bunch of reporters and bloggers are going to know better than a guy like Avery who is still pretty tight w Hank and others? Players and ex-players are way more in the inside than the outsiders like reporters and the like.

    Everyone can have their own opinions. There is only one set of facts though.

  15. Czechthemout!!! on

    I am one of those that has been here all year, all decade actually. I was a big Torts supporter up until this month. I am sick and tired of his “system”, the double standard that exists for some players but not others. His stubborn refusal to adapt to his players strengths. His inability to make adjustments during a game. His inability to create a respectable powerplay. His saying that the staff doesn’t coach offense is unforgivable in my book. But hey the results of that brilliant admission are obvious. They are last in the league in offense. An embarrassment when you consider the amount of talent on the top six. The notion that they are less skilled than last year is laughable! The bottom six sucked last year just as much as they do this year. I will admit though that At least Prust brought alot of grit that is truly missing. Dubi and AA played top six way more than they played bottom six. Well at least AA did. The bottom line is last year they couldn’t score enough especially in the playoffs and this year it is even worse. That is on the coach and the worst GM in the league. But the bottom line is that the GM is not going anywhere and this team on paper at least is better than last year. Therefore the coach has to be held accountable for this disgrace of a performance this year. By the way, for a man who preaches responsibility and accountability, I challenge anyone to find a single time that he has not blamed the players for a loss. It is always the players. Never ever will he say that he should have done this or that differently. Never!

  16. I thought all the new guys were very weak. Sather, Messier, Schonfeld must have had similar thoughts?

    I honestly thought all the signings were ****.

    The brain trust must have had a plan. All I can honestly give them credit for is expecting it all to happen next year. I knew early on, this team wasn’t going far. The experts must have known before the season even started.

  17. New Newman, I seriously don’t care if Avery is right or wrong or if Tortorella stays or goes.

    I have reasons to believe he doesn’t, to the one question you ask.

    But I am not going to get into it with the Fire Torts crowd again. Not.

    At least you guys are bringing some reasonable arguments to the table, and not “he’s lost this team” and the other garbage.

    And, Czech, when he said he doesn’t coach offense, which you constantly harp on, he meant that he doesn’t try to affect their creativity. You can argue that he does stifle them, but you are misinterpreting the quote.

    Happy Easter everybody.

  18. thank you, bull dog. I think, really, I was kind of unsure about Halpern, Pyatt, etc. and pretty sure about Asham and Haley. I thought Halpern was finished in Washington last year, and I wasn’t a big Mitchell fan any way (in retrospect, I am). I was convinced by people in the organization that Pyatt was an upgrade on Fedotenko.

    Good morning, Sally!

  19. Czechthemout!!! on


    I am not misinterpreting anything. It is clear when you watch them play offense that they are in fact taught to do certain things and that is to dump the puck into the corners and grind it out along the boards and behind the net to create chances. That is all they do first and foremost. If he sees that they cannot generate any or even enough offense to win games, how is it possible that he wouldn’t come up with a tactical solution to change the attack? Is that not what a coach is supposed to do? He gets paid seven figures to come up with solutions to offense and defense so that they win games.

    On the NHL network last night one of the analysts said that something is very wrong in New York given the roster that they have. It is not the first time I have heard this.

    Happy easter to you as well Carp!

  20. Czech, I completely agree with the “given the roster they have” thing … but to me it’s not complicated. It’s that they have three legitimate first-line players, and two of them have played like crap.

  21. For the record, I do not personally dislike Avery. In fact, I always thought, and still think he was very good for this team during his first arrival. I met him in person a couple of times and did not have any negative feelings left after. But I will say this: I have a son who is a few years younger than Sean. I would be very disappointed and embarrassed if my son was capable of denigrating a woman he used to date. In general, let alone on national TV. I would be very disappointed, and would ask myself what I did wrong, if my son was mocking his younger teammate for having a speech impediment, and for marrying a woman who isn’t as glamorous as “hockey players’ wives should be”. Or were Dustin Brown and his wife still dating then?

    Happy Easter, everyone!

  22. bull dog line on

    are you covering high school baseball this spring? if so try to let me know if you happen to be at a Pearl River game.

  23. Czechthemout!!! on

    Totally agree that Gabby and Richards have played like crap. You can also add Cally to that. He was limited to only about 3 minutes in the third yesterday. I guess for ineffective play. My question is this. Is thier poor play all on them? Or is it that they are not put in a position to succeed enough by Torts? And that is the question the worst GM in the league gets to evaluate in the off season becuase I also dont believe Torts gets canned at least until after the season.

  24. Cross Check Charlie on

    “I knew early on, this team wasn’t going far. The experts must have known before the season even started”
    Weren’t many of the so-called experts picking the Rangers to win the Cup?

    I think the biggest problem with this team is Sather. He gutted the bottom six when he really didn’t have to. Many people say that giving Prust a big contract would have been foolish. Do you think Montreal thinks it’s foolish? Prust did a lot of things and except for fighting majors won’t show up in a box score. Why wasn’t he worth what he was asking? Did they really need to get rid of Fedotenko? Not that he was all-world or anything, but he was a steady veteran player that brought grit.

    Now take a look at the youngsters. Sather thought Kreider was going to come right out of college and be a star. The hype was more than the production. They were forced to bring up Miller to play second line minutes when he was projected as a third liner when they drafted him. Who’s in Hartford that’s ready to contribute? Anybody?

    Yeah, yeah, I know he has Dolan by the balls, but Sather is the one that needs to go first so that somebody can come in and construct a decent roster.

  25. I will be doing some, bull dog. I’ll try to remember to let you know.

    See, Czech, we CAN have a conversation :) … I was wondering if Callahan was hurt, because in one of those scrums he looked like he was wincing. (body language warning). And I have said multiple times that I think Gaborik should have been returned to RW as soon as it became apparent he struggled on the left. I would have put him with Callahan and Stepan and let Callahan try the left. FWIW.

    Don’t disagree one bit with your assessment of the GM.

  26. bull dog line on

    I agree with most of your points on Torts. he has has a brutal year behind the bench, and deserves as much blame as the players he has been benching. I do not think he is going to be fired after the season, nor do I think he should be fired after the season. I think they should just chalk this up to the lockout, and as Carp and others have said, fix the bottom 6.

  27. I also believe that, other than Richards, Kreider was the one whose season was hit hardest by not having a training camp.

  28. Onecupin73yearsand counting on

    Softness affects the offense.. You can hammer gaborik ,Hagelin and Richards without retribution.
    Torts doesn’t have to teach guys how to play offense these guys should know they just can’t finish.
    JT and Kreider are big kids but play like kids I know they’re young but you have to be tough, Callahan throws his body around BUT some big guys just aren’t comfy hitting.

  29. Great report as always, though I’m surprised there was no bullet point on that first period, by far and away the best I’ve seen them play this year, though I haven’t seen every minute. If we don’t see that again, then I will actually join the coaching-change brigade. There will be the temptation to say, Well, look what happens, we’re down 2-0, but the scoreboard doesn’t always reflect things well. Montreal must have gone into the locker room laughing nervously, having basically stolen the points while back on their heels, counterattacking in their own building. Had Lundqvist been in the nets, who knows.

    If Lundqvist is concussed, though, then there’s no point fighting for eighth, and it’s an opportunity to unload the dreck, play the kids, and decide what kind of team they want to be next year and think about bringing in a more dynamic coach like Keith Allain or someone.

    As to the urge to see some fights, while I’m surprised the Canadiens didn’t take a shot after Nash ran Price, I think that has more to do with fan frustration than the forwards’ (and defenders’) inability to see net—they’re seeing the goalie’s chest very well right now. The toughness I’d like to see is more taking the hit to make the play and more teeth in front of the net, a Ranger on his back with a smile on his face and his stick in the air.

  30. Czechthemout!!! on


    Sather does need to go but it just isn’t happening. I hate that this is our gm for the next several years as well. I cannot believe that this owner is so blind to the fact that Sather is inept.

  31. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    While I completely agree with you on a personal level, on the competitive front this team lacks that exact sandpaper that guys like Avery and Prust bring to the game. The culture of hockey distinctly discourages the behavior of Avery, but frankly if he was on this team I think they would be winning a lot more. We all know that winning forgives all sins.

    Last night was the first time that I began doubting Torts ability to coach this team. It’s not a shot-blocking, board-grinding core. It’s a little more of a skill and transition team (or at least that’s the composition, the ability to execute remains to be seen). I wonder if Avery speaks for Lundqvist at all, that’s probably the most interesting thought to take away from the tweet.

  32. Onecupin73yearsand counting on

    Its funny how the shot blocking thing seems to have taken a back seat this season.

  33. Czechthemout!!! on


    We always have a good conversation even when we spar a bit!


    Without question, they have to bottle that first period and play that way each and every game. It maybe too late anyway but this is the way this team should be playing.

  34. Avery could have had a very successful NHL career were it not for them demons of his. The guy could actually skate, pass and shoot with the big boys. His 15-goal year with the Kings came with 200 plus penalty minutes — I like to think he could have made the decision then to emphasize the former and become a tough contributor rather than goon-clown, but no.

  35. Czechthemout!!! on


    he had a couple of nice seasons with us as well. Put up 18 g 30 a the year Sather brought him in. Some of those were with the Kings. Than had 33 pts in 57 games the following season. I thought he had a real strong year than as well. He sure brought a lot of grit here and helped them make the playoffs. Plus he was very entertaining as well. Drove Kovalchuk crazy in the Atlanta series. Broduer as well. Could still be playing and helping this team if he kept his mouth shut.

  36. Carp what’s the coach’s responsibility in getting his top 3-4 stars to score, especially on the PP? He’s made a short story season into Moby Dick, plus War and Peace. It’s his system, either they aren’t doing it , or it doesn’t lead to success. It’s one or the other, but they both fall back on him. Instead he tells the press, nicely this time….go ask them….that’s a cop out….

  37. Carp, while I agree that Torts is probably safe if the mediocrity continues, IMO, one player’s support who he cant afford to “lose” is the goaltender. Based on the Hank’s frustration level going up (as evidenced by his recent Postgame interviews and on ice body language) is there a chance this could wind up similar to the Messier / Neilson situation in 92/93?

    Also, regarding Avery’s alledged tweet, are Avery and Lundquist still close friends?

  38. Do we both buy and sell at the deadline? Buy if its younger piece and consider selling a star considering we’re on the cusp of the playoffs without those stars playing well anyway?

  39. Cross Check Charlie on

    Mister D, I agree with Carp. I don’t see where bringing in one player is going to transform this team into a contender. All Dan Boyle would do is mess up the salary cap situation. Ryan Clowe? Don’t they have enough players that don’t score? Who else is out there?

    I think if you can get something substantial for Richards then you do it. Then they still have a buyout to use on one of the other underperformers. I don’t know who would want to take on Richards contract though. Isn’t Bob Gainey a GM somewhere?

  40. Carp, once again an outstanding analysis on each and every point.

    As always the key is to identify exactly what players are the core and reconstruct everything around them.

    Repetitious but accurate, this is and has been a soft team so the immediate need either in FA, trades, draft or prospects must be size and toughness with speed being the other component. This is especially true on D where even McDonagh who is listed at 6’1″ and 220 does not play that way

    The dilemma of course is they do not appear to have these commodities in their system and at the risk of beating the dead horse, this GM and staff have no idea and no discernible plan to address these issues.

    I for one do not believe that the coaching is the issue,it’s simply an excuse by some to vent. The primary issue is and will always be the 13 yr. reign of error by this has been GM and his lackeys!

  41. With respect to scoring our Mr. Boyle is the classic case of what is not done, i.e. get in front of the net and stay there. A 6’6″ pansy, Krieder must also do this and even Nash seems to be more of a floater.

    How do you coach courage? Maybe a video of Cally taking his lumps?

    Gaborik on the breakaway did it again firing an easily deflected shot into the goalie as he has done numerous times in shootouts. Does he ever try to put the puck upstairs?

  42. _I don’t see where bringing in one player is going to transform this team into a contender._

    Right, I agree. I’m saying no rentals, but if you can get a young guy you like and would control beyond 2012-13, you make the deal. A Stastny or someone like that.

  43. Papa Bear, re: losing Lundqvist’s “support”.

    What exactly should the coach do when highly paid alleged scorers don’t score ,when there is no legitimate PP QB and when the overrated D has no real muscle?

    How do you coach these things at the highest professional level?

    The misdirected feeding frenzy to fire the coach is typical of micro minded fans looking for knee jerk answers to systemic problems and the failure of our “beloved” FA’s to perform as advertised!

  44. nyrmessier011 on

    Sometimes it takes a fresh season to get better. The season is probably lost, just be fortunate it’s a short one.

  45. Who gives two Easter bunny pellets about what Sean Avery has to say? He faded away like dust in the wind and isn’t even an nhL player anymore. Shows his commitment to the sport eh?

    I mean Samuel L Jackson could tweet something deragatory about this team and some of you would stand by
    They absolutely need to regroup in the offseason and reconstruct. But maybe it should be by removing the dead weight and ineffectual players that have caused them to pull a 180 from the previosu 3 years of progress

  46. Carp what’s the coach’s responsibility in getting his top 3-4 stars to score, especially on the PP? He’s made a short story season into Moby D’k, plus War and Peace. It’s his system, either they aren’t doing it , or it doesn’t lead to success. It’s one or the other, but they both fall back on him. Instead he tells the press, nicely this time….go ask them….that’s a cop out….

  47. There are two opinions I place absolutely zero value in. Sean Avery and Cmnsense. Not necessarily in that order.

  48. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Comnsnse, I have to apologize. About 3 weeks ago I started off a comment by stating that I rarely agree with you. I had you confused with someone else that needed to buy a vowel. It was not you. I am sorry.

    Actually, all you say is sadly, true. Both your multiple comments above are dead on and, in fact the two of us have been saying the same things for months.

    The problem with it all is that I don’t trust Sather has learned anything from this mess with the exception of continued need for better self-preservation. Can this old dog learn a new trick when this year is typical of what he has done every other year he has been here? His tinkering caused this mess. You have to start with the players. Is the lack of grit Torts’ fault? Is the lack of players willing to drive to the net Torts’ fault? Is the lack of one or two defenseman, as we saw how important it as the last two games, that can efficiently play the point and put STRONG, ACCURATE shots on net Torts’ fault? Is the lack of a booming “you are not going near my goalie” defenseman, or two, Torts’ fault? Is the lack of set up men Torts’ fault?

    You can blame him for some. He has tried to get the poorly put together group he was handed to play as a team. It’s just not there.

    Do I have confidence next year will be better? Absolutely not. This is the pattern. THe moron makes moves that don’t work. We go backwards a number of rungs. THen he spends years ‘addressing’ the teams flaws and preserving his job. It works for Dolan. Not on the ice.

    He has not plan, as you say. It is so obvious to us long tremors. It is so sad he has a job.

  49. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Bklyn, with respect to Gabby you may have a point. WIth respect to Nash, Torts has done a lot to get him to score.

    With respect to Richards??? LEt’s be seriousl At the risk of destroying team morale he has given him WAY too much rope and opportunity in every possible way. Do you realize how much PP time he has wasted with him?? How many points would a good player have with all those 5 on4/3 minutes?

    He benched him for a few shifts and he obviously did not come into this season ready to play. Period. At what he earns it is shameful.

  50. What are the guys on the team SUPPOSED to say in response to Avery’s tweet?
    “Ya, he’s right, the coach has lost us”?

    I’m sure there are guys that hated him in the locker room. I’m sure there are guys that liked him.

    Forgetting Avery for a second, I don’t understand why it is so crazy to think that he has lost the team, or at least a few of the key guys. It may not be spite or hatred, but the message isn’t sinking in.

    How can Kreider be affected by a lack of training camp? Wasn’t he playing all season in the AHL prior to the lock out? Doesn’t Ken Gernander run the same kind of system as Torts to prepare the minor league guys for the big club?

  51. How can you blame the coach when they had so much success last year? I have two names for you: Richards and Gaborik. Also, this Defense loves to scramble and panic. They avoided that last year and went far. I think they need to bring in somebody to specifically work with the D-men about floundering, leaving their feet and such.

  52. Funny how Rich Nash arrives and this team suddenly looks like the Blue Jackets of the past decade. Maybe Nash is he cursed one. After all they seemed to chase coaches out of Columbus faster than anywhere. I would love to know how the chemistry is and if it was anything like what happened in Columbus the past few years. After all Jeff Carter could not stand to be in the locker room in Columbus and said he culture there was horrendous.

  53. It is difficult to fathom how EVERYONE on the team is having a bad year. Either the worst luck ever or something else is wrong there.

  54. Papa Bear the man with numerous names. Try addressing facts instead of trying and mostly failing to be a blog humorist.

    As for the anti coach crowd, losers blame other people!

  55. Matty, thanks for the plug. Carps, comments do not seem to be resonating with the “experts”!

    As fans we sometimes look at the obvious or the micro view and forget to examine the bigger picture.

  56. havent been around since friday night was moving my mother in law all day yesterday and watched game on dvr at midnight last night.

    let m just say this the turning point once again was the inability of gabby to finish and then get caught up when mac d pinches right before they make it 2-0. gabby scores on breakway there and its a brand new type of game the rest of the way. they played a good first but still trail 2-0 and it was over from there.

    one of the four questions for passover was WHY IS THIS NIGHT DIFFERENT THEN ANY OTHER NIGHT. answer is it wasnt. we still cant score and we still cant win or score a goal in the house of horrors the bell center in montreal.

    think about this outscored 25-3 last 7 games there. hard to believe

  57. by the way here comes washington again and carolina wins a big one. 4 teams for one spot with isles. i dont like our chances and i havent all season.

  58. Dan Shea March 31st, 2013 at 9:52 am
    How can you blame the coach when they had so much success last year?

    Same can be said for the 92-93 Rangers. They win the president’s trophy in 91-92, and the next year, with the same core guys, go in the tank. Leetch got hurt, Messier tuned out Neilson… you think the entire team quit on Neilsen, or just a few key guys?

  59. Tend to believe somewhere between 1% and 5% of “reports” about internal team chemistry, but there seems to be enough out there to suggest it was Carter who showed up with the bad attitude in Columbus after his disappointment at being traded there (not to mention his rep in Philadelphia), while Nash (accurately or otherwise) doesn’t ever seem to have been painted as a bad teammate. Not like he made a massive scene about his trade request, either.

  60. Country Club Atmosphere on

    It looked like the team was headed in the right direction last year and I don’t know what was going through Sather and Co’s mind when they decided to make drastic changes to the roster. Yes, last year’s team overachieved, but they played as one unit and were all on the same page. The Bruins won a cup playing with a similar mindset and style that the Rangers of last year possessed.

    When the Rangers were eliminated by the Devils, Messier said that the Rangers were going to focus on acquiring more depth in the offseason. Torts emphasized the need for defensive depth so he didn’t have to ride his top defensemen so hard. Instead, none of those needs were addressed. The team has less depth than they did last year, and the bottom pairing defenseman that that this team has needed for some time was never acquired.

    It’s insanely frustrating because it seemed like the front office recognized what the team needed and then changed the game plan for Nash. Gorton said earlier this week that they knew having less depth was one of the potential drawbacks of making that trade. It was a gamble that thus far has not paid off.

    Granted, I don’t think anyone in the organization anticipated that Richards and Gabby would play so poorly this year. But if they stuck to their initial game plan, at least this team would have a little more depth to possibly compensate for the failures of Richards and Gabby. At the very least, this team would still have some backbone if the likes of Dubi and Prust were around.

  61. Dan Shea so the coach is the reason for success last year. This year it’s the players’ fault….got it…..the check is in the mail from the coach, if he survives meeting Avery at the bus stop. But he probably won’t show, he’s all talk. So you’ll get your check if he doesn’t forget to send it, like he forgot what he did last season. Or just can’t get it done. It’s not his fault.

  62. So Kreider playing in the AHL means he was out of shape and didn’t understand “the system”? Again, isn’t that on the AHL coaching staff, and don’t they try and play a similar style to the big club to groom the guys for call ups?

    Sorry, I don’t buy it.

  63. _It is difficult to fathom how EVERYONE on the team is having a bad year. Either the worst luck ever or something else is wrong there._

    I think its more that this is a sum-of-its-parts roster (or system?) where one or two players can submarine far more than just their piece.

  64. Paul in sunrise on

    I think Miller and Kreider would best be served in Hartford getting big minutes and playing in all situations in a chance to thrive. While I think they can contribute to the Rangers now it’s more important that they develop properly.

  65. Paul in sunrise on

    That would also put asham and powe back in the lineup which would provide more grits and snarl Plus another penalty killer

  66. Paul in sunrise on

    Plus fast is supposed to join the team this week allegedly for which a space needs to be made for him to play.

  67. will finishing 9th right behind the Devils and Islanders get the coach fired?

    key point from that post i linked above was that the team looks more hesitant to even block shots right now. Isnt that a key part of this system? Isnt that tuning out the coach? Oh and you want “jam” or grittiness, isnt that where your captain should lead by example? Havent seen any of that really.

  68. The problem with firing Torts is who would replace him?

    Who are the coaches out there that would get more out of these guys?

    Guy Boucher – took an undermanned Tampa Bay team to the conference finals 2 years ago, missed playoffs last year, recently fired this year.
    Jacques Martin – made conf finals twice in 17 years of coaching
    Lindy Ruff – 4x conf finalist, 1x stanley cup finalist, in 15 years. However I would classify him as a defensive minded coach.

    If they hired from within:
    Mike Sullivan – No, please, no. Don’t think he would do it anyways.
    Schoenfeld – I don’t think he wants to be a head coach, and would only be a finish out the season guy.
    Gernander – No idea how this would pan out.

    I just don’t see a lot of options out there.

  69. Rob in Beantown on

    If Lundqvist is concussed (ugh) do the Rangers have a goaltender in the system to call up as backup for Biron?

  70. Carp said it right a little while ago, when Torts goes we will wind up with a worse coach. Couldn’t agree more. Happy Easter

  71. What a bunch of nonsense. Tortorella is all knowing, all powerful and in fact the best coach in the history of coaches. How he has had 1 cup run is beyond anyone’s comprehension.

  72. Avery’s teammates hated him so much that they couldn’t stop hanging out with him…please! Find another excuse to hate on Avery because this one has worn out already.

  73. It’s more likely that Tort gets a second Asst. Coach than he gets fired. I for one would love to see Leetch in that spot. I know it won’t happen. But in my head it sounds fun.

  74. Going to try not to get angry over a hockey team on today of all days.. they may frustrate me to no end but I cannot revoke my fandom, so what’s the point?

  75. You guys who love Sean Waivery are aware that Tort is not the only coach to take umbrage with his attitude and behavior, right? Seem to remember the NHL front office having that issue. Also the Dallas Stars. And I remember 29 GM’s passing on him when he was on the waiver wire at a fraction of his salary. Maybe he hates all 30 franchises. Because they all have the same opinion of him.

    And I like the guy. But the evidence is clear that he’s a problem. And not just from the Rangers.

  76. imanny it’s not about avery , it’s about the coach, and the job he’s not getting done for a variety of reasons and excuses…….it’s the results….you are what your record says you are……

  77. I like Torts, and I like Avery. But above all, I love the Rangers. I want my TEAM to succeed, regardless of who wears the sweater. The goal is to win a Stanley Cup, and if moving players or coaches is what needs to happen to do it, then so be it.

    The lack of sandpaper on this team is alarming. Last year, win or lose, the Rangers were a tough team to play against. And to be totally honest, I can’t think of a singe game last season that was out of reach. Not this year. Hit anyone without fear of retribution, dominate the Rangers at will. There will be no push-back.

    The time to move Gaborik is upon us. He has a year left on his deal and it’s painfully obvious that he’s not part of the solution. He would fetch a nice score at the deadline. The same may go for Richards, or come in the form of a compliance buyout. He’s getting older and his numbers will continue to decline, but his contract won’t. Time to go.

    Tort’s system with focus on dump and chase and win puck battles on the boards is stifling the creativity of offensively gifted players like Kreider, Miller, Nash, and Stepan. The only guys who can really play that board-battle game are Hagelin because of his skating ability and Callahan because of his strength. This team looks lost when they aren’t just dumping the puck in. The PP is a microcosm of that, where they can’t even gain the zone and set up. Watch teams like Detroit or Vancouver, or especially LA. The passing is quick and crisp, and even a team like LA without a lot of player footspeed, moves like lightning through the neutral zone with crisp passing. The Rangers lumber through the neutral zone with a single puck carrier, fight off a check until the red line and dump. Sorry, that’s on the coach.

  78. Czechthemout!!! on


    The money quote from the article you linked from Zucc should put an end to the argument the Torts defenders constantly make. Like Zucc said, Torts system does not maximize the talent on the team. It IS a dump and chase style that stifles offensive creativity and talent. Of course Torts kool aide drinkers can’t be silly enough to now argue that Zucc does not know what he is talking about, would they?

    Case closed!

  79. Stranger Nation on

    Paul – agree on putting kids (Kreider, Miller) back in AHL so their confidence does not get destroyed. Put more speed, grit and grime in re Haley, Asham, Powe.

    Keep Frodo and play Fasth when he comes over

    Sit Pie-hat as he is as slow as Rupp but with no willingness to get nasty or drop the gloves.

  80. Stranger Nation on

    Matt – those are not the only coaching options to consider if making a change. not that I am condoning a change behindbench.

    Ultimately, giving Richards an ‘A’ and watching with him physically diminish before our eyes with zero accountability, moving Gabby to LW and watching production suffer with Coach putting goat horns on him, and the lack of Kreider development and production led to a weaker top 6 than projected and placed more burden for production on bottom 6 which is thin and soft

    that and Hammer Time!

  81. ThisYearsModel on

    Make the playoffs? Probably. Win a round? No way. Enjoy Henrik while we have him.

  82. Let’ see today’s “logic”.

    A player not on ANY roster issues another self serving proclamation about a coach and posters bow to his absurd comments.

    Mr. Zuccarello late of a foreign league makes more foolish comments having accomplished zero in the world’s best league and posters acclaim his judgement!

    I believe this is what’s called “reaching”?

  83. Kreider was playing through an ankle injury, so he was in shape. And there is a huge difference between playing in an AHL camp and an NHL one.

    And not to hate on Nash since most of the year he’s been pretty good, but is it any coincidence that the guy makes so much money, yet every team he’s on is mediocre?

  84. CCCP – I’m a huge Avery fan, but he did that to himself. Dubinsky hated the guys guts. Many other of the young guys did too. Henke is his close friend and he and Richards get along since he was the only guy who liked him in Dallas, but there were many who didn’t really care if he stayed around or not.

  85. Stranger nation, is it possible that the coach is/has been trying to find the proper chemistry for this dysfunctional roster handed to him by the front office, and when combined with the season long failure of those expensive FA’s handed to him by the front office can not work miracles?

    Might it also be possible that our alleged prospects are either not ready for prime time or simply not that good?

    Finally, is it possible that last season was a “fairy dust” season with an over achieving group and a heroic goalie, and that basically this is the same AVERAGE franchise it’s been historically?

  86. None of the opinions of MZA, Avery, MZA’s Norwegian coach (who actually knows how to use him and probably knows a thing or two about hockey to describe this system as “stone age”) matter. In fact no opinion matters other than his highness. Will there be a vigil held by some when he is let go?

  87. Czechthemout!!! on

    So lets trash Zucc now. A professional hockey player playing for the Rangers who has played in this ” system” makes a comment about it and the koolaide drinkers are questioning his accomplishments as a hockey player! Wow! A 5 7″, 170lbs kid from that hockey power nation called Norway is playing in the NHL and he too is not qualified to make a statement against the all knowing and wise Tortorella. In your desperate attempt to defend this lunatic coach, you berate Zucc?

    You have no common sense.

  88. CCCP, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but what makes you think their opinions are not biased based on their personal dealings with this coach?

    Then it does mean their opinions should be treated as only opinions and perhaps they should have been as strong with their play as their opinions!

    PS, I am an Avery fan and believe he could still contribute but please don’t discount his failure to act in a professional manner as well as play good hockey.

    The guy is a born self promoter and doesn’t seem to know when to keep his mouth shut and let his performance speak for itself. The only people who get away with this kind of conduct are superstars,he is a decent third liner.

  89. Again… All but one year (last year) we either fought for the last playoff spot till the last game of the season or did not get into playoffs at all under Torts. So this year is no different… we are fighting for our lives again with the season on the line… up to par…

  90. Czech, one who has accomplished zero in the NHL has no business bad mouthing his coach in a public forum. He should be dumped immediately by the front office as a malcontent and troublemaker voiding his contract.

    Just like your boss would do if you acted in such an unprofessional manner!

    Have you ever heard Jeter, Pujols, Verlander et al embarrass their Mgrs. or coaches in a like manner.

    You don’t seem to get the philosophy that you let your work product speak for itself and allow the front office to make judgements on personnel.

    Who the hell is Matts Zuccarello to comment on anything to do with this franchise having done nothing at the NHL level or for this franchise while playing in lesser leagues!

  91. Czechthemout!!! on

    Here you go!

    Jam,grind,wall,hard,boards,jam,grind,wall,chip,wall,throw,bad angels,jam,grind,Rupper,jam,boards,ask them,right way,jam,right way,stupid,dumb,jam,grind,dumb,stupid,dump,chase,grind,battle,block shots,grind,rightway,balls,rightway,jam,dont practice offense,jam,rightway,jam,stupidly,jam,grind,right way,battle,block shots,dump,stupidly,grind,jam,Boyler,Ritchie,jam,balls,jam,grind,Rupper gives good room,jam!

    Print this out and start your Tortorella Alter to worship.

  92. “Like Zucc said, Torts system does not maximize the talent on the team.”

    Zuccarello never said anything like that…but don’t let facts get in the way of making your argument!

  93. I liked Avery. Until he started to SUCK at hockey. He used to be a damn good player and could score. Call me a hater if you must but he couldn’t hack it with this team. I don’t miss the dumb penalties, icings, or offside calls. Then, he got waived. Then, he came back. Then, he got waived again. Then, he retired.

  94. CCCP, I don’t understand your last comments about personal opinions except to say as a fan you can say anything that pops into your head and it’s simply a fan’s take on a particular situation.

    However as an employee whether in government,business, military or sports the employee that bad mouths his employer is generally unemployed sooner rather than later.

    The worker bees only have clout when they band together so I suppose if 75% of the roster went to the lame GM to complain?

    Frankly I think it’sgutless!

  95. Czechthemout!!! on


    Zucc was not bad mouthing him. He was asked a question and answered it. You dont seem to like the answer because it doesnt fit your opinion of Torts and his ” system” . No reason to trash him.

    26 points in 52 games playing limited minutes. Maybe a little more accomplished than you think?
    Perhaps if given more ice time than say Brian 2 points Boyle, Zucc may have had better stats? Maybe?

  96. CZECH, you’re becoming irrational so, how about telling us how you would coach this roster and what immediate changes you would make…………..since Torts is not doing the job you approve of?

  97. CZECH, more rational but….if Zucchini were such a great addition or had done something to warrant being here.

    Then why was he playing in Europe?

    More to my point regardless of how, when where he said whatever he said, do you believe an employee should comment negatively about his employer publically?

    As I said would you do it?

  98. I didn’t mean to imply that those were the only coaches available. Those were the first few that popped into my head, although I honestly don’t know who else is “out there” in terms of coaching talent.

  99. Spot on review, I especially concur with 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 11 & 12.

    Regarding #3, was the bigger miscalculation in misjudging the talent level of some of the guys (Nash not included) or thinking these guys could/would be able to grasp Torts’ chosen style of play and more importantly, could they get to, or even near, the level of comfort last year’s group had with playing “Ranger Hockey”, version Torts.0

    Regarding #8, it’s a technicality but I think Callahan might have a had fighting major while getting his shoulder separated by Max Talbot.

    Regarding #11, this was my only true concern coming into the season (aside from Bettman’s 100 day party). But as bad as the PK has been, I never thought the PP would be worse.

  100. comnsnse again it’s not about mza, the article was about the nyr, and the author was agreeing with mza on dump and chase, then talked about the talent. buy you can try to make it about mza if it makes you feel good. ….but that’s changing the subject……

  101. Zuccarello had some good looks considering he hadn’t played in the NHL in a over a year….

    The passing and shiftyness along the wall was noticable…he’ll be even better…

    The thing with him is that he has to stay healthy and keep getting minutes to be an impact player….

  102. You don’t fire coaches of playoff teams this late in a season?
    March 23, 2000 – Devils have best record in East and third best overall, but are slumping…
    Ftorek gets canned…Robinson takes over…
    It has happened before…It should happen now because this team is NOT going anywhere with Torts as the coach…His welcome is worn out…

  103. MATTLEAR, I missed your coaching suggestions, please repeat and are you suggesting a coaching change is the primary issue with this organization?

    I mean we have had 6 including that guy in the front office……..in 13 years!

  104. Czechthemout!!! on


    As irrational as trashing a player and his major accomplishment of making it to the NHL and expressing an opinion you don’t share?

    But since you asked. Ok

    Turn on the first period of last nights game for starters. They broke down the Habs trap with ease by carrying he puck into the zone or making quick passes to the open man. When in the zone, have the dmen pinch in the offensive zone but make sure if they do that a forward is covering for him if needed. Go strong to the net and not send three forwards behind the goal to cycle aimlessly without ever generating a scoring chance. If circumstances call for a cycle, makes sure there is at least someone always in front of the goal looking to get open for a pass kr bang in a rebound on a shot from the point or o set a screen. Have the dmen move the puck faster than they do now. They take way too long to make an outlet pass. Use the center of the ice more. Every play out of the zone is almost always whipped around the defensive boards. Teams like Ottawa and Pittsburgh have already figured that out long ago. Dont believe me, turn on the Ottawa tape when JohnG quoted Mclean saying to his players late in the first to stop playing along the boards against us. Go to the middle when exiting the zone. How is that for starters?


    How about playing Asham Boyle and Haley on the fourth line. This team is soft as butter. To that end, how about permanently sitting Hamerlik and bringing up Mcilrath. He is a better player now than Hamerlik and can kick some assen in front of the net. He also would not allow Neil and Lucic to take liberties with two of our most important players. I would also love to bring in Steve Ott. He is Brandon Prust with more skill,speed,talent and fighting ability. Plus the Sabers would love o Dump his salary. Trade them Hamerlik(ufa) a conditional third round pick,Thomas.

    Trade Gabby Strahlman and Boyle to the Canucks for Alex Edler and their 1st round pick. Let Fast play and see what he can bring.

  105. I’m sure there’s more than a little media management that has gone into it, but this statement from Callahan goes a bit beyond “well he would say that” territory, no?

  106. trade for clowe. good move he has as many goals as Boyle is a FA after the season and is going to cost a lot.


    i take edler for gabby and stralman, sign me up…

    edler is not great but he does have a big shot…..

  107. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If gabby and richie are playing how they should be, we are in 5th or 6th in the east right now and still have grit/toughness/crease clearing/pk issues.

    I still say we address those issues in the next few days and we are better off either way. If gabby/richie don’t sort themselves out by playoff time well….

    I also thought pyatt was an upgrade

    No one is an upgrade over prust, that is just silly ;)

    But…if you get the right deal for gabby by the deadline, you move him? Right?

  108. nash is not great. he is a very good player but not a elite player who can carry a team.

    his penalties are ridiculous and shows either he lack of knowledge or selfishness to take stupid penatlies, often lazy plays in the offensive zone.

    nash is not ever going to be what people think he is, he dominates for periods, not games or weeks or seasons….

  109. vancouver cannot score either….they have plenty of d men and they need forwards who have skill.

  110. Czechthemout!!! on


    Their coach just yesterday after the loss to the Oilers questioned their lack of scoring.

  111. Quick check on Clowe — yep, still zero goals. Put a blue shirt on him, though, and watch the explosion! 6th-place San Jose is grinding out games successfully now, so what could they possibly get from the Rangers org. that would interest them? Goal-scoring? Better grinders? The Rangers would get no goals and a heavy-hitting grinder who would… do what exactly? Oh, right, fight someone and help the PK get more practice! Sather should find out which minor-leaguer San Jose wants for Clowe, if such a player exists, and promote him immediately to Pyatt’s spot.

  112. Czechthemout!!! on

    Nice msg propaganda statement there. Maybe Cally should rally his team against other teams and not against ex teammates.

  113. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I like edler a lot, but if its gabby you are trading you have to get bieksa back.

    You are undervaluing clowe badly.

    I have also repeatedly said you have have to have assurances he will resign before you make the clowe deal or you make the picks conditional on his resigning here

    Last 4 full NHL seasons clowe averages 20 plus goals, 50 plus points, and 90 plus PIMs.

    Not a dime a dozen player or anywhere close to it.

    Can anyone name 10 other NHL forwards that averaged those numbers over the last 4 full NHL seasons?

  114. CZECH, Your passionate defense of an employee nor withstanding, you did not answer my question.

    Do you think negative comments by employees made publically should be condoned and would you or have you done it?

    Like any protest against the establishment, you have the right to do/say it if you’re prepared for the consequences.

    You think Zucchini might have said to Sather that “I’m sorry I just can’t play in his system”?

    Before he took the money?

    Asham washed up and punchy, Haley couldn’t stick with the Fishsticks and Boyle whom you just traded to the Canucks?

    Are you working in the Ranger front office, seriously my friend if you had suggested this fourth line in the preseason you must be a Sather apprentice! ;)

    PS, I believe you are a passionate and solid Ranger fan but you must see that this organization’s problems are systemic and lie at the feet of “Cigar Man” and his benefactor!

  115. iWicky

    I want Clowe, too. He would definitely help. I think there are a bunch of us here, Carp included, who think it would be a good addition. I don’t think we have the 1st rounder they are looking for…

    Is there a way to get Clowe without trading Gaborik?

    Would the Sharks do Clowe and Pavelski for Gaborik and Pyatt? I don’t think they would…I still think we lose a 40 goal scorer….

  116. Stuart A, “Nash is a very good not great player and can’t carry a team”?

    Ovie can’t either and he is a great player, nor can Sid or Malkin or Bobby Orr or any other individual. Maurice Richard could not carry a team by himself.

    It’s a team game needing many parts, accept the fact the Rangers do not have all the parts and haven’t very often in their entire history!

  117. If we’re trading Gaborik for Clowe there better be something else terrific in that deal.

  118. CCCP

    If they had just ignored Avery entirely, or released a statement from the organisation (rather than naming Callahan) basically saying they have no comment, I could agree.

    But don’t you think this goes a bit further than that?

    (And doesn’t the whole “well he would say that” argument apply to Avery himself? Because well, he would say that…)

  119. iWicke Clowe (I assume he’s your brother), the 4-year average is impressive, as are last season and this. I was hoping the days of Catch a Sinking Star were over with this franchise.

  120. Czechthemout!!! on


    I dont agree with the premise of your question. Zucc was asked a question and he answered it. It was not a shot at Torts or his system. It was an assesment of it.

    And yes i agree that alot if not most of the problems of this franchise are a direct result of the inept GM.

    What did you think of some of my solutions? You asked, I answered. I welcome your feed back.

  121. the organization should not make any trades before or at the dead line. The correct way to fix the rangers situation is in the off season but I will add I have no faith that Darth Sather has the competency to fix anything, he will just make it worse. Play out the season and where ever the rangers end up so be it.

  122. Comnsnse,

    Are you referring to Zuccarello’s interview about coming back to North America, and the differences between the KHL and the NHL?

    I’m trying to find the quote, but if I remember correctly, he didn’t specifically say the Rangers dump and chase, he said the NHL is more physical and there is more dump and chase due to the smaller rink size.

    I really think you are taking an interview comment completely out of context and trying to make a point with Zuccarello that is not really applicable here.

    Also here is the *repost* of the coaching comment
    The problem with firing Torts is who would replace him?

    Who are the coaches out there that would get more out of these guys?

    Guy Boucher – took an undermanned Tampa Bay team to the conference finals 2 years ago, missed playoffs last year, recently fired this year.
    Jacques Martin – made conf finals twice in 17 years of coaching
    Lindy Ruff – 4x conf finalist, 1x stanley cup finalist, in 15 years. However I would classify him as a defensive minded coach.

    If they hired from within:
    Mike Sullivan – No, please, no. Don’t think he would do it anyways.
    Schoenfeld – I don’t think he wants to be a head coach, and would only be a finish out the season guy.
    Gernander – No idea how this would pan out.

    I just don’t see a lot of options out there.

    I’ll see if I can dig up the interview…

  123. Czechthemout!!! on


    I gave you a solution without a trade.

    With some trades and what type of game I woould want them to play.

  124. Keith Allain, former NHL ass’t. who has taken a nothing program at Yale and made it a national power. Innovator.

  125. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Thanks for the vid of Zucc’s beating Hank. Shows Zucc’s upbeat personality. BOY, do we need that right now. It also shows how down Hank is. Confidence is a huge issue for this team. It starts with Hank.

    Anyone worried about that ‘fake’ concussion report can now exhale. Nice to see Hank at practice.

  126. Ok, here it was from Pat @ the Daily News
    “It’s probably more puck possession over there,” Zuccarello continued about the difference between the KHL and NHL games. “Here it’s a little more dump and chase and get your forecheck going. But I’m sure it’s not gonna take too long to get back to this game. I played here for two years, this kind of game, so I’m sure it’s gonna come quickly.”

    I think he’s talking about the KHL vs the NHL, not the KHL vs the RANGERS.

  127. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    While I appreciate your attempted familial linkage, clowe is a newfie and I’m québécois, so close but no slats cigar!’

    I don’t think late 20s is a sinking star.

    He has a skill set that is not only missing from our current roster but our minor/prospect system as well.

    This lockout shortened season is an aberration IMHO.

    Again, if he isn’t a unique player find 10 other guys in the NHL right now with those averages over the last 4 full seasons. Perry and lucic probably, Simmonds and Hartnell perhaps. Iggy? Burrows? E-kane?

    I’m just guessing on those guys, but impressive list nonetheless and almost everyone here would want any of those guys on our team, so yes I think people are undervaluing him and his skill-set especially on our play-doh soft team.

    It’s about playable toughness my friend, playable toughness!

  128. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    tommyG vibin :)

    Sadly, we can’t count on our GM. Don’t do anything stupid at the deadline that will have long lasting effect.

    If our cap hadn’t been mismanaged, it might be ok to land an FA…but, oops!! that, too has been played incorrectly. We are boxed into a corner. Just gotta let the chips fall and hope to not look even dumber than we already do by not making the playoffs and giving Columbus a much better 1st rounder than they expected in the Nash trade.

    NHL radio about 30 minutes ago, Todd on Hockey Unfiltered was laughing, literally laughing about the team from New York and their lack of production and winning. The lack of grit. Killing us. Thanks, Glen!!

  129. Little easier to control the puck on the rush and not dump if you play on that big rink.

  130. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Clowe is a good example of a guy that needs a change. Gabby may be that way, too.

    I will go on record as saying he is what we need. There are not many guys in the league like him. Unfortunately, everyone else wants him, too.

    Goals and stats are nice but don’t show the whole picture of what a guy contributes. We once had a guy named Prust……….

  131. eddie eddie eddie on

    agree with cccp 12:39 and czech 12:44

    Avery had plenty of time to say what was on his mind…curious that it is timed with Hank’s uber frustration giving Sean and Hank’s relationship….

    Bottom line – whatever help the rangers win is what I am for…….win with torts….I’m happy….get rid of torts and they win…I’m happy…..

  132. eddie eddie eddie on

    Some unbelievable chess being played in rd 13 in London…..Watching Raja vs Carlsen and Vlad vs Boris

  133. Vlad’s Pawns: “Vlad does not employ us in the proper system. We want to play for someone who understands our importance.”

  134. I like him a lot, but I’d rather just sign Clowe in the offseason for less money if possible. Doesn’t seem like anything will make a great difference this year, and the price may be too steep via trade.

  135. eddie eddie eddie on

    torts certainly deserves blame for continuing to trot Ritchie out on the PP….and his poor choice of line combos and line assignments……Can’t just blame the players…

  136. Ok…as unhappy as I am with the results..efforts like last night will produce some points…unfotunately…last year’s effort will not be repeated and the jam is gone…now is not the time to throw the baby out with the bath water…last year we were a team of 3rd and 4th liners…just goes to show you where the real value of a team lies…not sure we areproperly developing our talent….seems we add them to the lineup as saviors…as Carp says….its a rebuilding….not the time for panic moves..only one team will win it all…and those that miss will regret it as coming close one year may mean nothing the next one!

  137. eddie eddie eddie on

    kooz – the ranger season just turned worse…if that is even possible……rumblings from Avery are not the howling of some lone wolf…..agree? or not?

  138. Im reposting this from the previous post-

    Can we stop with the Torts isnt to blame nonsense? I know it is prototypical NY sports to blame the coach but I think something has to change there first before personnel.

    Seriously Since taking over in 2009 this teams top Goals For is 233 under Tortorella. Slightly above average, mind you with a lot of 4-1 5-1 etc smack down on lowly Islander teams and Maple Leaf teams thrown in the past few years.

    This year we are last in the NHL with 78 GF, it will be almost impossible at this point for the rangers to not finish in the bottom 5 of GF. WITH THE ADDITION OF RICK NASH.

    This team has a wonderful breakout but the system is absolute garbage once inside of the zone. Something has to change here, you are going to tell me that top to bottom that there are more gifted scorers on some of these teams that are top of charts in GF?

    Pittsburgh, Chicago and Tampa aside, who else in the top 10 would you say has a better top 6 forward group in terms of talent available to them than the Rangers? (Nash,Gaborik,Richards,Callahan,Stepan,Hagelin). Some might have a 1 or two you can argue is a better scorer than Nash but how can you tell me that that group shouldn’t be putting up 3 a night between them???

    Go down through the list I dare you to find a team aside from Pitt/Chi/Tampa that has a top 6 on paper that you can say is 100% certainly better on paper. Tell me with the Top 6 we can put out that they should be this dysfunctional 5on5 and on the powerplay.

    Torts has to go, it should be before they play Monday.

  139. eddie eddie eddie on

    If the rangers haven’t stopped playing for torts, imagine how bad they would be if they did….they’d never score…..

  140. E3, definitely some players are unhappy with Torts. Gaborik, for one, and sure there are others who look outside themselves for their poor play. Human nature. I liked Avery’s energy and his entertainment value, but his big mouth is the reason NO ONE wanted him even at a discount. Ironically, the inexplicable lack of offensive production has Torts now trying to get the defensemen more and more involved with the rush, causing even more defensive havoc for Henrik. If Henrik spoke, which he won’t, I would say his problem is with Sather moreso than the coach.

  141. Latona is probably right. Nothing is going to make a big difference. Not this season. Let’s just not lose big assets and try to regroup

    It is *not* going well for the Red Wings right now.

  142. When Clowe joins the Rangers, and the Newfie jokes begin to fly, I will defend him as a loyal fan and hope for the best. Just hope I don’t have to.

  143. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ranger Fans- start picking your playoff teams. You’ll need something to do after the regular season ends.

  144. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers have as much chance of reaching the finals as a sheep does of killing the butcher.

  145. However, considering what he’s stuck with, Torts playing the likes Pyatt over Ash or Haley makes me wonder. He’s got Cally, Hags, Gabby, Richards, Miller, Kreider and Nash having to stick up for themselves in situations where they obviously need a Prust or a Haley/Ash/Bickel. We are beginning to see the Nash frustration erupt. Not good.

  146. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Sather is the rotten apple that has spoiled the whole barrel. Whatever ones you remove and discard, he is still there ruining the rest of them..

  147. Montreal had a guy who would fit really well on our roster in terms of giving us some bottom 6 toughness plus penalty killing. Only paying him $2.5MM per too.

  148. Have to go to an Easter late brunch get together. People there will say, ‘why so glum?’ and I will say ‘no power play, no grit,’ and they’ll smile and walk away holding their cocktails, worrying about my mental health. See y’all later. Discuss.

  149. Eddie 3x, don’t waver stand up and be counted consistently like your namesake Edward III! ;)

    Only three teams have a more talented top six than the Rangers?

    But it takes more than the top six which you apparently haven’t been watching this year.

    Oops, I forgot it’s the coaching!

    Last year like former reputations are in the past, we are average!

    Coos, so we should start a few brawls and our PK will sustain this strategy?

    In this case the fault does lie in our stars! Or our mighty top six, uh talent not performance wise.

    But again it must be the coaching! lol

  150. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Darren Langdon was a newfie, I don’t remember anyone making newfie jokes

  151. eddie eddie eddie on

    common sense – this team defies logic…..all i know is that when they fall behind, its hopeless….and when they are ahead….the shoe can drop any moment…..

    they are just not a good team….

    always next year……its a miracle we were given ’94

  152. Olga Folkyerself on

    You people argue amongst yourselves that it must be coaching, or Richards, or the power play or Gaborik, or trading Prust, or acquiring Nash, or the penalty killing, or…

    As if THAT must be the one thing that is holding the Rangers back. Well, Surprise! It is all of these. And more. This team (and that includes coaches, GM, etc.) just isn’t very good. Stinks, in fact. Can’t beat the teams they should, can’t beat the teams just behind them in the standings. Can’t beat the teams just ahead of them in the standings.

    It is not this thing, or that. It’s the sum of it’s parts. And the parts aren’t working together right.

  153. eddie eddie eddie on

    what’s with the newfie jokes?…..tell clowe to his face a newfie joke and i will count your teeth as they come spilling out

  154. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you offered Gaborik right now to Detroit, they will look at you like you just held out your shoe and said “Smell this.”

  155. eddie eddie eddie on

    Newbury shouldnt be sent down…..Richards should be sent down for a conditioning stint

  156. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    “Franzen and kronwall is a trade I would make”

    Now you just have to find a GM in Detroit stupider than Sather.

  157. Sather’s arrogance, stubborness and paying for past bad decisions destroyed the identity of this team. I actually feel bad for Torts since he worked hard to build that identity over the last 3 years.

    It wasn’t just last year, this team started to show something good was happening the year they lost that last game to Philly. There was grit, standing up for each other, and you could sense something good building with this team. I remember when they brought in Prust and he played with Artie and Shelley, and they grinded, fought, and created opportunities. Remember thinking wow I don’t recall a Ranger team like this in the 40+ years I’ve been a fan.

    It only got better the last couple of years. I give credit to Torts for that. Torts referred to Prust as part of the core. I bet he was not happy that Msg didnt think fit to scrounge up the couch change to sign him. I dont believe that the personnel he has now is what he had in mind. He just wanted a scorer, just one, to take pressure of Hank and the defense to win every game 2-1. Not a wholesale revamp of the core of the team he worked so hard to build.

    Sadly though we are where we are and it is a legitimate question to ask whether Torts still has confidence of the team. I dont buy that we are required to believe Cally or Step’s quotes as representing the whole team.

    I actually hope Torts hasnt lost the key guys because he has been good for this organization, knows how to field a team and culture that makes us proud. If in fact he lost people like Hank then it has to be over for Torts but that can be addressed in the offseason.

    On the other hand if what Cally said applies to all 23 then Torts deserves to continue his program. The real organizational problem is at the management and ownersip level.

  158. speculation in pittsburgh crosby broken jaw done for reg season likely back for playoffs. too bad this week they still have 10 other all stars.

  159. playoffs start tuesday april 30th so thats one month from this tuesday. would be surprised if skid missed game 1 of playoffs

  160. eddie eddie eddie on

    matteau – i have to believe Torts was in on all trades/deals…..at least tacitly

  161. eddie eddie eddie on

    its called karma Rob….the universe (not the flyers goalie) gives you back the energy you put out…..

  162. I think the only move this deadline is to deal Gaborik to a desperate “contender” (Boston or SJ)

  163. Rob in Beantown on

    Watch Gaborik will score 30+ goals next season. Is the person we get back going to do that?

  164. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you can find someone to give you something good for Gaborik, throw in Richards for free.

  165. eddie eddie eddie on

    rob – on the other side of that coin, watch gabby score 8 goals next year and get hurt missing 40 games….

  166. E3 I am sure he supported the Nash trade. Which was still the right thing to do. People are having a romanticized recollection of Artie he was as soft as they come and Nash is a huge upgrade there. Dubi and his salary were the cost of that trade. Sather needed to backfill the loss of Dubi energy and grit. Instead he got rid of more by letting Prust go. I highly doubt Torts supported the loss of Prust, he loved him. Torts also seemed to love Feds and Mitchell.

  167. E it is depressing and sad. What a great team the last 3 years. Even if they didn’t win they always made us proud.

  168. Sioux-per-man on

    Happy Easter fella’s!!

    I’m trapped in a new house with no TV – no hockey. Lots of screaming kids that need naps.

    The Sioux lose, the Rangers seem to be in a tail spin, and I really don’t see a player or a deal out there that makes this team better by Wednesday.

    In Torts we trust! I feel some have lost that trust. But I feel he is the perfect coach for New York Hockey. Keep the faith! It is Easter after all.

    Wishing all of you the happiest of holidays, and better hockey on Monday!!!

  169. Another depressing thing: I still come back to Richards tweeting about his golf game while we’re reeling and Devils playing for the cup. Told me a lot about him, his priorities and judgment. As did seeing him about town all the time. Putting this team’s fortunes in his hands was always a risky proposition.

  170. Rob in Beantown on

    Glad you’re not on a ledge somewhere Sioux. For what its worth I’m rooting for UMass-Lowell from here on out because of a minor personal connection to somebody associated with the hockey program there.

  171. Carp, as one of the people arguing that Torts has “lost the team” last night, I take exception to your comment earlier this morning that that is a “garbage” argument. Members of the media use that term all the time – even if it is cliche – to describe a team that is not practicing what their coach preaches, and it is at least reasonable to ask whether that is happening here after our repeated poor efforts when staring down the barrell of missing the playoffs. Even if you think the problems are caused by poor performance and a bad roster, the lack of effort is still alarming and it makes total sense to question the coach’s role in this.

    As for Avery, regardless of his off-ice antics (which were often overblown in the conformist hockey world) he brought something valuable to the game in his on-ice play and something that the Rangers are sorely lacking. Look at our opponents: Clarkson, Ott, Kaletta, Marchand, Lucic, Subban, Hartnell, Martin, Neil, the entire Penguins team. These are all players who the opposition does not like, and who can take the opposition off of their game and inject some emotion into his teammates. We don’t have anyone like that. I think the Avery ship has sailed, but we really need someone like him. (And yes, I know this is just one of many things missing with this team.)

  172. Olga Folkyerself on

    Good thing fishing season starts today. I will need something else to do after the regular season…

  173. Paul Martin out 4-6 weeks for Pittsburgh as well. That could hurt. Wonder if they go after Dan Boyle now.

  174. Look at the team with the best record in the league, the fewest goals allowed in their conference, and the most scored, the Chicago Blackhawks. They do not have big tough crease clearing dmen, and their forwards don’t dive in front of, or block a lot of shots….they have puck moving dmen.

    Most importantly, They do NOT dump and chase a lot, their coach Joel Q allows them to use their skill and they use a puck possession game as their best defense. But a lot of us would not be surprised if Torts was coaching them that he would demand that Patrick Kane dump the puck in and be diving in front of shots.

    This seems to be a big problem. I think that the skill guys get confused playing for Torts, they are creative instinctively, but when you start hesitating and thinking, rather than just reacting and letting your natural talent flow, then you look slow and hesitant and the opponents beat you to loose pucks and game over.

    Torts needs to let the skill guys play their game, and let the bottom six grinders play HIS game. Then, they will have the best of both worlds, and should be a more competitive team more consistently. Especially if Sather would do a better job of providing better grinders.

    They won’t be winning the cup, but at least they will be a team that has a better chance to be competitive more often.

  175. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Happy Easter everybody!!

    Is this the one where Jesus comes out of his tomb after 3 days, and if he sees his shadow we will have six more weeks of winter?

  176. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    The difference is the Black Hawks are a team, and the Rangers are a bunch of guys that dress alike…

  177. Lev, you mean, if SJS now call Ray Shero and ask him if they want Dan Boyle for a conditional 7th rounder.

  178. Yet again I ask, is it any coincidence that Nash has had a top 5 contract in the league, hasn’t put up top 30 production in the last 4 seasons, and he’s only been to the playoffs once?

    If he was a superstar that could carry a team, I’m sure he’d have more success. But that contract is going to kill us when we can’t find cheap depth scoring that can be effective, especially as the cap goes down.

    So I won’t necessarily blame him for why the team has struggled, but his contract is going to kill us. Just like Richards contract for a guy who isn’t even playing 3rd line hockey right now is going to kill us too.

  179. A kid like Saad develops because Q lets him use his skill and does not try to make him a grinder. Kreider looked a lot better when he first came up in the playoffs and was just playing natural, when it was flowing, and before he was put into the “learn this way and that way” mill.

  180. NYRBlue2 – The Hawks don’t dump and chase because they have this little something called “skill”. They are fast and have great puck handlers, the Rangers don’t have guys who can possess the puck. They DO however dump and chase when they don’t have anything.

    I’m getting a good laugh of people here that think the Rangers play dump and chase hockey because Torts tells them to. They play dump and chase hockey because they aren’t that good and need to get the puck deep without turning it over. They gave up 2 of the 3 goals last night because they tried to carry it when there wasn’t any room to skate it in, turned it over, and the Habs took the puck back and buried it in the net on odd man rushes.

    Before you start discussing dump and chase, please learn why players do it and that it’s not a coaching strategy. No coach wants their team to dump and chase if they don’t have to, even Torts.

  181. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    The Rangers dump and chase because they can rarely complete two passes in a row. And besides that, they are spending so much time in their own zone that they dump it all the time just to change players.

  182. Exactly, CCCP. I said in my post that the grinders should play Torts game, but that the skill guys are not being given the freedom to play their way.

  183. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Rangers dump the puck because they are practicing “protecting the lead”. Even though they never have one.

  184. “No coach wants their team to dump and chase if they don’t have to, even Torts.”

    Please, EVERY time they ask a player or coach of any team what needs to be done the next period, they say “we’ve got to get the puck deep” and “we’ve got to keep it simple”. That is coachspeak, not creative player speak

  185. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    There’s a difference between getting the puck deep (and controlling it), and dumping it in the corner and throwing it up for grabs. Rangers do the latter.

  186. The only superstar that could carry a team would be a goalie. But it still doesn’t happen. It’s not a _real_ thing.

  187. Dump and chase could work if your name is Carl Hagelin. If it’s Taylor Pyatt- not so much.

  188. giantsnyrangers on

    I really hope the rangers are seller come wed and no buyers…..we r not even close to contending for anything. And if Buffalo could get a #1 and a #4 for Paul Gaustad how much could we get for Gabby?

  189. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Rangers are closer to cellar than sellers. We’re back to the same old story- pray for eighth place and a miracle playoffs after gassing the team by shortening the bench and riding the goalie just to squeak into a playoff spot.

    It’s the Sather Way.

  190. What does it mean to be sellers? Trade away Stepan, Callahan, Hagelin for picks? Because trading Pyatt, Boyle, Powe, and Asham isnt considered selling…if you would even find someone to take them at all.

  191. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    This is the first year I’ve ever hoped the Rangers would tank and hit rock bottom. Then I remembered our 1st pick is M.I.A. Ugh.

  192. Stranger Nation on

    Watching replay and how can you not like Nash knocking over Price – Price was out of crease – only person within 3ft of crease all period

  193. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Sather never sells. He drafts poorly, gives huge and long contracts for past prime UFA’s, then releases his younger players when new contracts are due.

  194. Carp, I almost always agree with your analysis, but boy did Gaborik have a golden moment in the first period on the breakaway, down 1-0. Had he scored that would’ve been huge. And I’m with you, Torts isn’t going anywhere – nor should he. Finally, i can’t believe the Rangers organization. We no zilch about Staal and Sauer. But Sid the Kid breaks his jaw and there’s no Cone of Silence erected around him. (Any of you boneheads recognize that reference?). HAPPY EASTER everyone. Or belated Happy Passover. Better days are ahead for the Rangers. Who knows, maybe even beginning tomorrow.

  195. Stranger Nation on

    “Never seen Callahan so frustrated…” play with Boyle some shifts and you get frustrated

  196. Stranger I don’t like it because it was a dumb move that will be called every time and it led to a goal that took away any hope of a comeback.

  197. Stranger Nation on

    Nessier – any hope of a come back – man you are a REAL fan. Did you really feel there was a come back in the works?


    Seriously – team hasn’t scored since St Patty’s Day and he comes charging across crease and levels the goalie and we give up a goal because we have MDZ unable to clear out a man in front…ahem..again.

    THAT being said… did not think they looked that bad in 2nd period.

    3 different times we had pucks passed to open man in slot with time/space – once Step tried to pass to Hags ???, once Boyle fell over doing did his human tripod impersonation and the other time somneone shot it five feet wide.

  198. Stranger Nation on

    and Frodo looked good, thought Richards was skating harder, but is so WEAK on the puck and Gabby was getting drilled but kept going

    like chemistry with Miller and Kreider – they should go work on that in Hartford

    Our D is a mess, Hamr and Em is a pairing for the ages…

  199. Stranger Nation on

    Cone of Silence – hmmm – let me call Larabee on my shoe phone and see what Chief and 99 think about that one…

  200. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    Game in Ottawa: No one gets revenge on Neil for anything he’s done in the past. Not even when they needed the boost that it would hopefully have given the team’s play.

    Game in Montreal: No one gets revenge on Punkioretty for the laughably non-suspension hit on McDonagh in their last matchup. A Montreal player lightly slashed Biron’s glove after one of his saves (that the announcers in Montreal missed as well) and no one even acknowledged it on the Rangers.

    ‘Nuff said.

  201. Four teams from the East with the deepest run last year are either completely out of the playoff picture this year or barely holding onto playoff spot. Coincidence?

  202. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    Zuccs was the best player on the ice for the Rags. I didn’t see him make a single error to be honest (as opposed to be lying). He made a couple of Richards passes but, unlike Richards, they actually reached their intended targets unhampered. I don’t know what anyone else saw, but didn’t it at some points look like Zuccs was the PP quarterback?

  203. Dont think it’s a coincidence. Devils are where they were expected to be. Losing Parise and not even attempting to replace him. Then they lost Brodeur for how long? If not for Clarkson’s hot start they’d be even worse. But this was expected even by their own fans. (all 6 of them)

    Flyers lost Jagr who got Giroux going. Briere has pulled a Richards this year. Couturier is in a major major sophomore slump. And theyve had a ridiculous amount of injuries to guys like Hartnell, Simmonds and basically all of their D.

    Washington as always underwent a bunch of changes, primarily losing their coach and Semin. Were they even expected to make the playoffs?

    Rangers are far and away the biggest disappointment this year.

    And blaming Gaborik and Richards for everything is quickly becoming like blaming Bush. Or is that term going to be effective only when Gaborik is traded and Richards is bought out?

  204. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Even the announcers on NHL made a comment when Emelin hit gabby along the boards and even though it was a clean hit, there should have at least been a confrontation reaction letting them know it was not acceptable and we did nothing

    This team is like the character from the wizard of oz (the lion I think) with no courage.

    I said it last night after I watched the dvr’d game that the 03-04 rangers was one of my favorite ranger teams even though they missed the playoffs, they fought, scrapped, and got nasty while they were losing and went down fighting.

    Which is a lot more than I can say about this team!

  205. Stranger Nation on

    ilb – are you presuming a long PO run combined with a 100 day Buttman lag to start of season has impacted team performance?

  206. Stranger Nation on

    like Zuc playing with Step and Nash – Hags for all his good qualities is not a good passer in open ice.

  207. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Zuc was their best player last night…. But after a few more shutouts he will say “what’s the point” and turn into a Pyatt.

  208. Good evening all! And a happy Easter to those who celebrate….

    I, for one, am not on the ledge…but I am kind of in my room with the door closed and the lights dimmed and…..just not wanting to talk…..oy vey.

    And just for nothing, I liked Zucca…..

  209. Crosby’s luck started when Pittsburgh “won” that draft lottery and not Columbus or Minnesota.

  210. CZECH, re: your personnel moves post, I believe were the Rangers to make a deal of any consequence now it would be a desperation deal to make the playoffs and redundant I know, distract the fan base from the obvious systemic problems this franchise has. Sather of course would screw the pooch as he’s done repeatedly.

    As to hockey strategy I rarely comment on it because I believe the coach knows more than the fans,writers etc.

    You hire good people based on their track records/creds and move out of the way and let them do their job.

    Of course this is why Sather should have been fired long ago!

    Hire a new front office, clean the staff house and steal the best scouts from other organizations. That’s the way it’s done in corporate America.

    Like a stock you never fall in love with a plan that’s not working!

    Were MSG not a money machine Junior would be playing his instrument on a corner with the case open!

  211. I saw Clarkson’s name up there. UFA in a few months. I know the Rangers have had bad luck signing Devils free agents. But what’s not to like about Clarkson.

  212. Eddie, your post earlier was on the money and if your a season ticket holder I’m glad it’s your money.

    The Ranger fan base if this blog is any indicator is among the most knowledgeable and passionate anywhere.

    That of course is part of the problem in that they do not view it as a business.

    In which case ownership would never put up with average in the sport’s mecca of the planet.

    Without change I’m still predicting that the Wangsters are in the finals before the MSG ice follies group!

  213. Old college QB at the brunch today said what worked best in college was what worked best in sandlot: “Play action, freeze the linebackers, tight end slips in behind frozen linebackers, other guy goes long. No Einsteinian equations.

  214. Stranger Nation on

    on 2nd thought – 2 goals in last 20 games – Clarkson would be perfect fit – put him on a line with Holik and Gomez with the back line of Driver and Malakov

  215. Rangers fan base is passionate, but we have a lot of idiots that follow, so I wouldn’t say we are the most knowledgable.

    Hell, when I used to have season tickets, people around me thought Graves was #2 when they were retiring Leetch’s number…

  216. “what’s not to like about clarkson?”

    The knowledge that this system will cripple any offense he can create and the probable fact that he is overachieving?

  217. Anyone remember the golfer David Duval? From #1 in the world to trying to break 80, and younger than Richards when the steep decline began. Happens. Luckily, you don’t have him tied into a long term contract.

  218. Chris, you’re right about the system. Maybe that system will not be in place come September. I know the 30 was a career year. I just like the toughness Clarkson brings along with 15-20 goals.

  219. The Rangers need some tougher players, plain and simple. Regardless of who the coach is next year.

  220. Stranger Nation on

    Clarkson plays RW – right now we have three RWs under contract for next year – Nash, Cally and Gabby – but one of them is now playing out of position and having a horrible season

  221. Reginald Dunlop on

    Anybody read Mike Babcocks postgame comments???refreshing……….that there is a coach

  222. Sigh…..I’m outta here…Got the Wizard of Oz….must deal with lions and tigers and bears….oh my!

  223. CCCP, not this year although given how the Ice capades are playing and the terrible coaching ,who knows.

    Coos, an interesting idea,”frozen linebackers” a new summer treat?

    Seriously, many linebackers have t8ight end speed these days particularly from the SEC. Hopefully the Giants will draft Oglethorpe.

    No Civil War jokes please!

  224. Wow. Some people really don’t know what they’re watching. Fortunately for them baseball is coming tomorrow. Anybody can understand that sport.

  225. Anyone CAN understand baseball. Anyone, that is, except the large contingent who come to the major leagues unable to bunt, unable to properly run the bases, unable to hit the outside pitch to right because they want homers, unable to hit the cut off man or throw to the correct base, unable to ….

  226. AdamRotter Buzz: Tampa Bay Has Been Following The Rangers on.sny.tv/123Kh6G

    Stamkos is coming.

  227. Maybe the Rangers are just trying to trade for Garon to replace Hank since there is a lot of speculation he has a head injury.

  228. Yzerman has said repeatedly over the last few days that St. Louis isn’t going to be moved. So let’s hope that is true and that we aren’t giving up whatever boat load of players it would take to get him. I would go ahead and ask for Hedman though.

  229. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    Every time the crappESPN and NHL apps on my phone sends me an alert I immediately jump on it praying that it’s announcing the firing of Torts or Slather or, hell, even Dolan selling the damn team to someone that doesn’t have his you know what up the GM’s you know what else.

  230. Evrock, I had to endure the Hockey Night in Canada feed. Complete with some horrible Monday Night Football like intro song. Also Don Cherry, who’s starting to look more and more like Elton John and a clueless female rink side reporter who would interrupt the play-by-play announcer to basically say the exact same thing he just said.

  231. Stranger Nation on

    JD and the Not-so-straight shots…How to Kill a Garden Party…

    After winning the Stanley Cup in 1994, the Rangers saw a decline in performance in the wake of Jim Dolan’s increased role in managing the team and failed to make the playoffs from the 1997-1998 season until the 2004–05 NHL lockout, despite leading the league in payroll in most of those years. This was the longest playoff drought in the franchise’s history, in part due to questionable, expensive free-agent signings. Despite fan and media calls for the team’s general manager Glen Sather to be fired for the organization’s shortcomings, Sather was retained.

    Like the Rangers, the Knicks performed abysmally in the early 2000s and have yet to recover, which fans mostly blame on Dolan’s management missteps. Although the Knicks made the NBA Finals in 1999, they have not posted a winning season until the 2010-2011 season . Numerous media and informal fan polls, including a Sports Illustrated poll, have ranked Dolan the worst owner in the NBA

  232. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    looks like Ovechkin changed the size of his car seat. looks smaller tonight.

  233. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    dont look now but the caps are doubling the flyers. they are breathing up our butts, now.

  234. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Romeo, I actually enjoyed watching the HNIC feed. At least the in-game part of it. I always dvr the games and watch them later to skip through the commercials and, after seeing enough HNIC shows I’ve learned to utilize the fast forward option between periods.
    I don’t remember who they were, but the announcing and color guys were both incredibly empathetic to the plight of the fans of New York Strangers. Usually they talk more about Montreal (or whatever the Canadian flavor of the night is) and how great they are and the great things that they do, specifically in that game. But they talked throughout the broadcast about what the Rangers need to do to get better in the long run as well as the errors they made last night. I recall a few times that Hagelin dumped the puck in the offensive zone on a line change and it barely made it 10 feet before a Montreal player scooped it up and headed down ice. They kept saying “Hagelin’s really got to get that puck deeper.” They also used video more to unravel the mystery of why the Strangers suck so hard than to highlight what great plays the Canadiens made.
    It was great insight from an objective point of view. Funny thing is that they pretty much agree with what the majority of fans already know needs to be done and that the only people that really have no understanding of how to fix it are the Torts and Slather. Because of those two the team keeps doing what never works for them, over and over and over, ad infinitum (and ad nauseum to the fans), expecting it to eventually work. The very definition of insanity.

  235. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Wow. The Hawks upended the Wings in Detroit by a whopper of a score: 7-1.

  236. Slatsko, perceptive and humorous posts!

    Coos, nice take on Le Ranger les Miserables!

  237. A big fat NO! to Dan Boyle.

    Maybe I would have wanted him 5 or 6 years ago but the guy is SOFT and is 35+!


  238. Carp, “anyone can understand baseball”?

    Perhaps you would care to enlighten us with your baseball expertise which we might then compare to your well known hockey intelligence?

    I’m sure you don’t believe that baseball has nuance which without playing the game or understanding its nuance people would think it’s just a pastoral fixation and picnicking experience? Try comparing the intricacies of baseball with hockey

    He shoots he scores,fall down and let the puck hit you,fight other players trying to dominate with brutality instead of strategy. Vicarious living for the fan base?

  239. flyers tie caps with 9 sec left. another 3 pt game. caps will tie for 8th should they win this. flyers win 2 pts back. rangers losing these last two allowed more teams to creep back in

  240. fedetenko in overtime flyers win 5-4 come from behind last 10 mins down 2.

    rangers 35
    isles 35
    carolina 34
    wash 34
    flyers 33

    buckle up

  241. FYI, I spoke with someone with the Rangers tonight … the team calls the chatter about Henrik Lundqvist being checked for a concussion “100 percent inaccurate and false.”

    So there you have it.

  242. At least the person with the Rangers didn’t say “I’m not a doctor so I can’t tell you if it’s a concussion.”

  243. Some interesting speculation by the pundits at Sportsnet, one a former player, and one formerly a league exec——-

    On Sportsnet, Jeff Marek, John Shannon and Brad May did a segment on whether Marian Gaborik is in play at the trade deadline.

    Marek asked Shannon if he thought Gaborik was in play and Shannon said “no…..next question. Listen….$7.5 million, that is the reason. The other thing is that I know they aren’t scoring any goals in NY and I know that Marian Gaborik has under performed, but remember, this is a defense first team with John Tortorella running it and there is a lot more pressure on Gaborik, Brad Richards and Rick Nash to score goals. I don’t blame Gaborik at all for anything that has happened there, in fact what they should try to do is let him loose and let him go into the offensive zone.”

    May said “This is a player with great offensive instincts that you can’t teach. When you are playing defense and that is your first mandate when back in the offensive zone, you are a lot slower. You are not anticipating, you are not cheating to those openings. When you are focusing on defense first you are not as quick going the other way.”

    Shannon responded and said “remember, this guy learned the game in a Jacques Lemaire system so it’s not as if it is foreign to him. He can do the job on the defensive side, but this is a 40 goal scorer. That is talent that you can’t get rid of and they love it at Madison Square Garden. I just don’t see him going anywhere.”

    May said “there is only one place, and I am making this up, the San Jose Sharks because of the rumors that Ryan Clowe, who would fit great with the Rangers, and Dan Boyle. If he did that it would be a package trade. If I was a GM I would want Marian Gaborik, but I would want a defenseman coming with him. Boyle and Clowe to NY.”

    Shannon said “in the cap world that is dollar for dollar and actually makes some sense.”

  244. Look, the Flyers have looked better since getting crushed by the Rangers, Carolina is waking up, the Caps have become a decent team. I think pretty clearly Florida cannot catch the Rangers, and I think it would also be tough for Tampa Bay. But the Rangers could easily – EASILY – wind up behind everyone else, especially since it honestly looks like they are not getting out of this.

    I just cannot believe how bad they are. I mean pick it apart all you want, this team is no Pittsburgh, but beyond that, they should be better than Winnipeg and the Devils and Isles and Caps and Canes and Sabres and Senators and Leafs. I mean come on, none of those teams have any more talent than the Rangers do, and I am not even sure how much more talented Montreal and Boston are. They are just playing so badly it is almost impossible to fathom.

  245. The best golfers in the world look like shmoes and finish way down the board when putts don’t drop. Then, putts start dropping, they look like world beaters. Fine line. No one cares how many fairways you miss if you’re birdying. The Rangers ain’t dead yet.

  246. IWackyPeanutGalleryPunchEmWitYourPinkiesGroupieJohnDamienWagonJunior on

    Nice try, whoever you are at 1:39, tryin’ that imposter-wash at


    Mi-Mi Tu-Tu TskTsk would never give REAL hockey fans seven torturous
    sentences of loopy swill to slog thru. (I actually liked the beginning, but,
    o’course, I was a lot younger then.)

    Oh! I got another of my pieces published in the Watertown Wipe!!!!
    Just a want ad, but I’m wayyyy proud of it. Havin’ 1500 of my closest
    over Next Friday. Nope, sorry, TskTsk.

  247. Copy your 9:52 Junior. Congratulations on your publication. Say hello to your 1500 closet friends. No, not a misspelling.

  248. Oh, and also be careful of those little black things in your Easter basket that look like jelly beans. And urinal blocks are not large after dinner mints. Try to cut down on them. Bon appetit.

  249. IWackyPeanutGalleryPunchEmWitYourPinkiesGroupieJohnDamienWagonJunior on

    Bring back the Real master of the neat-bleat, you foul charlatan.

    I miss my Lambie:-(

  250. IWackyPeanutGalleryPunchEmWitYourPinkiesGroupieJohnDamienWagonJunior on

    And my wing three/quarters can IWacky your QB,
    strangely-cast diigits and all….

  251. HockeyIllogic101 on

    …or, even a Blind Squirrel from Saskatchewan….

    Let’s see: we’ve got, among a barrel of other monkeys, Drury/Gomez, Redden,
    and now 3/8ths Genuine Monster Nash to show for Glen’s organizational genius
    when rested in the off-season.

    So, by all means, tie his hands now, when other blind squirrels are legion on
    the trading pitch, so he doesn’t make things worse, and he’ll be at his complex team-
    building best this summer.

  252. HockeyIllogic101 on

    The time to trade is ANY TIME you can improve your club, with a built-in
    preference for LONG TERM (one of the many arguments for 100 outta 100
    AGAINST $8 million Anchorman Nash was that this club was not close
    to being one player away from a cup, but, as many here know, five of six
    younger mid-range pieces, with various skills now almost absent from the

  253. HockeyIllogic101 on

    As such, trading deadlines are a GREAT TIME to trade, for the guys who are artists,
    and even, occasionally, for squirrels from Saskatchewan.

    We’re pretty sure he won’t be good. But he HAS been lucky, once in a while.

  254. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Dx @ 9:33 that would be bothersome were it to happen.

    No Gabby + Defenseman for Boyle and Clowe.

    I don’t like the idea of getting rid of an elite goal scorer. They don’t grow on trees. Try to resign him first. THe idea of losing a defenseman, too? Not one of our four ‘studs’. Not for an aging 36 year old that is playing well now, but at 5.11. and 190 lbs. is relatively small for his position. Clowe is a good fit.

    Don’t like this and hope the GM can tie his hands.

  255. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Watch LouLam make a nice quiet couple of deals for unknown guys that bolster his team.My fear is moronic Slather will go for the big splash for trash once again.

  256. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    I hate to say it, but after seeing the Panthers come back to steal 2 points from the devs the other night and fight for 2 against buffalo the game before, if the Rangers keep playing the way they are, it’s not entirely impossible for the Panthers to catch the Rangers. Obviously meaning that both of them are out of the playoffs of course.
    The only trade the Rangers should make is one that gets them a 1st rounder in this year’s draft from a non-playoff team. And that’s not gonna happen.

  257. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    And anyone who wants to give Slather a pass for the lockout-shortened season needs their head examined.

  258. HockeyIllogic101 on

    None of us know, even insiders, just how much Torts wanted Brad,
    how much cap anchor he would have risked, if he were signing checks,
    to get him.

    But unless he spoke strongly against the move in FO meetings, he can’t
    be defended, in key part, with Richie’s bad play. As I saw, and others here
    have testified, he had a great start on predictable decline while still,
    heavy with irony, a “Star.” And Torts wouldn’t/couldn’t see it.
    Brad was lucky and good at key moments last year, and a piece of the
    “whole-is-greater” magic. He did not have a season approaching his pay.
    In a cap system, he was a net drag.
    This year was wholly foreseeable. That, and his whole anchor contract,
    is a reason for losing Torts, not keeping him.

  259. HockeyIllogic101 on

    Fearing that Glen will stumble and bumble is legit. They might even
    give you odds in Vegas.

    Wanting to tie his hands ’til postseason is a Sarasota Fan College special..

  260. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Eddie, I have it from 3 sources that the boys will score tomorrow night. Hank will have a shutout.

  261. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – perhaps, but they’d get shutout the two games following the Jets’ game.

  262. John Damien Wagon Jr. on

    More proof of imposture.

    Tsk-tsk is often unfunny. Often. And shallow. And glib. A regular,
    qualified apprentice for the Butthead crew.

    And wide of the mark about crucial context regarding his enemies.
    But crude?

    Never crude. Not the real tsk-tsk.

    So good luck to you, imposter. Done.

  263. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This ranger team reminds me of a few of the other non- playoff Sather teams. Amazing this guy is still employed.

  264. John Damien Wagon Jr. on

    Eddie: 11:12.

    I’d wanna see some tape of both of them recently,

    But I would think about it.

  265. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3 – You’d think Slats has some pretty randy pics or info on JD, but sadly, no…

  266. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    John Damien – it would easier if you didnt envelope your all too clever text in code.

  267. Stranger Nation on

    We win tomorrow and dancing in the streets. Funny how this can all change quickly. Beat the pens as well and, oh, sorry, was I getting too positive?

  268. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S.Nation – I wouldn’t be surprised.

    John Damien – Clowe is exactly what is missing from the team’s DNA. Their Boyle can move the puck up and out of the zone better than any of our current D. He is old in the tooth, sure. But their #1 coming back could be a gem.

  269. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S.nation – I think it’s futile at this point. Something is lacking big time.

  270. Stranger Nation on

    We can harp on all the replacement parts not doing their job, but name The players from lasy season performing at a higher level this year and the list is very short…

    Stralman in first 20 games

    thats it…

  271. John Damien Wagon Jr. on

    Eddie: y’make about a half-dozen assumptions, which are not valid.

    I appreciate it’s done with good will.

    You’d have to know a helluva lot more about agenda and context
    before even trying it.

  272. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Shortened season needs to end shortly. McD is prolly hurt. Cally doesn’t look right. Hank’s head hurts. Girardi’s ankle must be sore. Staal’s eye needs to heal. Gabby’s shoulder….. Anyone else?

  273. John Damien Wagon Jr. on


    Agree, except that Hags is only marginallly better, and his inability to finish,
    still at the same level, IMO, hurts even more on a team with so many like him.

  274. see … i was NOT wrong!

    per hockey news:

    BREAKING NEWS: The Rangers have traded forwards JT Miller, Marian Gaborik, Brad Richards, and two 1st round draft pics In exchange for The Tampa Bay lightning Forward, Steven Stamkos. The Tampa Bay Lightning have called this a “dramatic change” on their roster as it will bring depth, and more youth to fill Stammer’s spot. As the Rangers are bringing in a beloved player throughout the NHL, They are again, losing a “boat load” of talent and depth as they did with the Nash trade. Glen Sather, GM of the New York Rangers explains that “This is a huge step in the much needed offense that had to be brought to New York, Stammer is a player of class, offering grit, offensive talent, and teamwork”. Rick Nash, of the New York Rangers can now be on a much more dangerous team with Stamkos on the same line. He told TSN insiders that he knew that the Rangers had given up much of their talent just to get him and that he understands the process, as much as he wants to win the cup, he may not have what he needs with Stamkos. There will be drama in New York with the leaving of Gaborik, Richards, and Miller. THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED BY TSN AND ESPN! Will New York Get what they wanted/needed? Or are they now a step back from gaining a Stanley cup worthy team? Comment your opinion on the trade below!


  275. Stranger Nation on

    Pyatt’s hammies seem tight

    Richards skates need sharpening

    Boyles balance needs restoration

  276. Stranger Nation on

    3CPO – is Stamkos part cyborg? Reptilian relatives perhaps? The man has an odd look but blue is his color!

  277. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    They have lost their edge, grit, urgency, and, dare I say, heart. No fight or pushback in this team.

  278. Stranger Nation on

    WTched Habs replay and Hamr was skating back for icing touch up and they went for commercial break

  279. Stranger Nation on

    E3 – they actually got as Nasty as they could in 3rd period last night. I believe Gabby cursed in Slovakian under his breath and Richards told Gallagher to stop it now…or else!

  280. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Look at the picture at the top of Carl’s report. They look like the keystone cops…. Bumbling and stumbling.

  281. Stranger Nation on

    Tru but always darkest before the dawn.

    they got to plY Kreider more or send him back down

  282. Wonder what April Fools story Carp has in store for us tomorrow. Last year was pretty good.

  283. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3 – was thinking the same thing re pic above! Carp is a sly ol dog with his visual kidney shots.

    ironically Boyle is the only one standing. probably contemplating another drop pass…

  284. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kreider on the PP replacing Richards. How Richards hasnt been benched yet makes the least sense to me.

  285. John Damien Wagon Jr. on


    Another place and time.

    Thanks for the try:-).

    Stranger: you’re almost as funny as tsk-tsk. Get a hold of your
    strange-pinky self, and end the sufferin’ of others, yeah?

    Gotta change my oxygen. Bye for now (Eric kinda goodbye).

  286. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    That drop pass to no one was genius.

    THNIC broadcast “Boyle crosses the line…. Drop pass… To no one”

  287. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Step, with the puck standing still, had a great pass from the side of the net to a Habs’ player behind his own net and no ranger in sight.

  288. Stranger Nation on

    Bickel has toughness, solid puck handling, but can be beat wide, just like all the ancient mariners we bring back.

    dont get it, and the daytimers hate on him!

  289. Stranger Nation on

    Was Boyle’s drop pass intended for Hamr or Piehat? if so, would explain a lot.

  290. Stranger Nation on

    Torts goal is mistake free defensive hockey with Mr Vezina in net, but hard to generate offensive playing D all game.

  291. McD has better puck handling skills and evasive maneuvers than most of the forwards, matter of fact all but one right now, the way I seeze it.

  292. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    McD can rush the puck but at some point right as he enters the zone – he panics and forgets what to do…

  293. He does panic, mainly because no one else has found open ice and he knows he has to get back because some other jackwagon who has the responsiblity doesn’t understand he have to cover for him on a rush to prevent odd man responses.

  294. ‘April is the cruelest month
    Breeding lilacs out of the dead land,
    Mixing memory and desire,
    Stirring dull roots with Spring rain.’

  295. Marian the Friendly Ghost on

    Finally back in the good old USA.. looking forward to sitting down and watching this team tomorrow night after a couple weeks. hopefully they don’t lay another egg

  296. If they pepper the net, their luck will change. Impossible to go on like this. Moreso than great saves, they’re hitting pads.

  297. Marian the Friendly Ghost on

    Was not aware of any Henrik head issues. If he does indeed have a c-word, the NYR are Byfugliened

  298. Marian the Friendly Ghost on

    i feel like it’s become a mental thing with Richards..kinda reminds me of Fleury and his woes back in the F-L-Y line days. At least that little guy showed emotion, break sticks etc. B Rich has always struck me as the kind of player who was even keeled and smart but maybe he should smash a couple sticks next time he poops the bed

  299. Marian the Friendly Ghost on

    and seriously, how can Hamrlik be better option than one of the kids? This isn’t NHL 98 on the PS1

  300. rangers deny any probs with Henrik. Think he needed a day off to regenerate mentally.

  301. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    The best part about the Rangers’ season is that I live in Florida.

  302. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers are finished. Kaput. Toast. Dead. Done like dinner. Buzzard bait. Dispatched. Finis. Lifeless. Packed it in. Rigor Mortis. Smoked. Snuffed out. Taken a dirt nap. T*ts up. Worm food.

  303. damn I missed a lot of excitement – none of which occurred in that god awful game last night

  304. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hank doesn’t win in Montreal. Doesn’t matter who is in net if you can’t score.

  305. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Not that anyone needs to be told.

    Crosby broke his jaw…. It will be tough to whine to the refs with it wired shut.

  306. glad Carp thought the Rangers were “much better” last night than against Ottawa. that sure says something when the team’s standards are so low that not having scored in over two full games and having last scored in that arena more than four games ago still allows for turning lemons into lemonade

  307. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Doesn’t matter who’s in net in Montreal. The Rangers haven’t won there since 2009. 2008 if you only include Biron’s play there. Yuck.

  308. 2 of those 3 goals Biron allowed were complete crap but yeah, doesn’t really matter whether its Martin Biron or Jacques Plante in goal when your team can’t score

  309. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp trying to be positive. Can’t fault him. They did play better. But our standards are so low that by not scoring, yet again, we showed marked improvement.

  310. so Newbury goes down, presumably so Asham can get back in the lineup I guess?

    interesting that all these personnel moves are made with guys coming up, looking ok for a few games and then being promptly jettisoned and no matter what happens Taylor Pyatt, who hasn’t had a point in 16 games and has 1 point in the last 26, his spot in the lineup is rock solid. I’m a fan of the guy and have defended him since he was signed but his contribution has been basically nil since the calendar hit February.

  311. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    In the past, whenever I went to a Panthers game and they lost I could always rag on whoever beat them, proclaiming my loyalty to my real team, the Rags.
    After the Panthers beat the debs on saturday, I stopped at a store to pick up something to drink. Inside amidst the people in there was a guy wearing a debs jersey. I pointed at him and said “Sorry” and he basically alluded to last year’s playoffs and said they wanted to make the Panthers feel good or something alike. I was about to say “Well I’m really a Rangers fan”, when I realized that, unlike previous years, that would only embarrass me further…..

  312. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    I only thought the 3rd goal was Biron’s fault. Mostly because he was doing his all too frequent seal impression, flopping around all over the ice and never recovering.

  313. square to the shooter on the first goal, flukey bounce or not. he followed the puck off the odd carom and was set – got faked out of his pads and had the puck go through his legs; slow reaction time as per usual with him on anything in close. second goal, 2 on 1, but again, square to the shooter, set, and has a slapshot from the top of the circle go through his legs. third goal he decided to take a seat and watch the puck end up in the net.

    yeah, guy didn’t have a great night.

  314. JohJacobJingleWagonSchmidt on

    I think, to defend the relatively indefensible,
    the hope in both Pyatt and Hamrlick’s cases is that
    they’ll step up with the extra adrenaline of those games
    and give what they gave in the playoffs last year, which
    was pretty good stuff.

  315. JohnJacobJingleWagonSchmidt on

    At the beginning of January, I doped the Ranger race
    this way, not being a great believer in fantasy hockey
    GMs or blog fans (read: 3/8 Monster Rick Nash) this way:

    2 in 5 chances, Broadways don’t make playoffs, due to
    fewer (absolutely necessary change for long-range health
    of kids) blocked shots, less-than-Vezina performance from
    Henrik, poorer production from new lower-six due in part
    to cap squeeze from Nice Guy All-World Less than 10%
    Aim for the Breadbasket Rick, and a failure of luck to shine
    on them the way it did lotsa times last year.
    1 in 5 they are #8: coach’s body of work against the grain
    of this marginal Marvin of a GM, overestimating talent and
    readiness of youngsters makes this more logical than a repeat
    of last year (which had them finish @ .500 last few months
    including matches against 8, 7, 6 in East (no Bruins; no Pens).
    1 in 5 they secure 5,6,7: skeptical, with so many changes to
    genuine “whole is better than sum of parts small miracle squad”
    the change of which requires GM mastery but gets Glen fantasies
    instead, is good. But maybe I’ve been too skeptical (Rangers, no
    cups since ’40, IF Oilers are not big sellers that era), so this is
    not impossible.
    1-in 5 they actually come close to last year’s commitment, grit,
    cohesiveness and good fortune, and finish close to top (2,3,4).
    Short playoff run (many teams will be improved – see how long it
    took last year’s woeful Habs?).
    Carp’s early guaranteed playoffs are now “they have as good a shot
    as any of the dreck in the middle of the Eastern pack” I agree.
    One or two hot goaltenders may decide.
    In short, I never believed that was a typical ECF roster; never have
    believed this was a new Sather/Clark incarnation of organizational
    talent and depth; just more mediocrity, to add to decades, whoever
    owned, whoever scouted, whoever coached, whoever played.
    Two weeks after the playoffs, I posted the number of teams in the East
    who showed in the finals the next year since ’94. Of 36, IIRC, 5.
    Another reason to ignore some of the experts, the glib-machines of the hockey
    press that it was on to Stanley Cup with Rick, who was, for $8 measly
    mils, gonna play offense and defense, score two a game (since no one else
    was, especially the returning injured 40-goal guy who had to move to accomodate
    him), clear villains from within twenty feet of his new best friend the guitarist,
    and occasionally put on the mask when Hank was ordinary. And lead
    his team, for the first time ever, at 28, with huge hockey miles on him,
    past the first round for the first time in his career, with all the help a declining-
    for-three-years B player, a coach (and Fan:-) favorite, at center number 1,
    could possibly give him. On a team without a power play, and without a new
    idea. Yeah….call ME JackWagon:-):-):-)!!!!!

  316. JohnJacobJingleWagonSchmidt on

    Eddie: if y’like, have Carp give you my e-mail, so
    you can send me yours, and, somewhere down the
    lane, on a good day, I’ll ‘splain.

  317. JohnJacobJingleWagonSchmidt on

    5:13 is short and sweet, almost like
    an earthling’s telegram….doncha think, Doctor Denton
    Gang of Four? Bleat! Bleat!

    My fav’rite Little Lambikins?

    And whenever I go out,
    ALL the people ALWAYS shout
    Hey, John Jacob JingleWagon Schmidt!!!!!!

    (This is known as baiting the bear; ask LW about it.)

    Hey, Tomb. Always good to hear from Alaska.

  318. JohnJacobJingleWagonSchmidt on

    Like most big deals, no sound judgment,
    (even John Jacob’s) about the Nash deal
    can be made for a few years.

    He is a nice piece (no points), world class AND entertaining (no points).
    He CAN pass creatively (he is TOO creative for present mates – few finished points).
    He tries, once in a while, in the “D” end (no points).
    Commits occasional VERY dumb penalties) (some points, other side).
    Tempts clueless coach to move relatively long-term Ranger and
    last year’s 40-goals-in-spirts guy to off side (WAYYY fewer goals, fewer points).
    Gives lessons to kids how to make those million-dollar moves (no points).

    He can occasionally take his eyes off his two fav targets (1 – opposing
    breadbaskets, and 2 – the whole Ranger team’s very own, that one
    about three feet to the right of the cage – from goalie’s perspective –
    the one Ranger scouts have potential draftees hit 90 of a 100 to be
    considered NHL bound) and score GOALS. (Some points – but not
    nearly eight million bucks worth).

    He is a target of nasty, unreined opposing “D”, and is an “old” 28. (many hockey
    He has little Clark Gillies/Adam Graves help from present squad (Glen: it’s called

    I remain skeptical. But a miracle or two has plenty of time to appear.

  319. Where were Avery and his tweets last season when the Rangers were one of the best teams in the league? Looking at how he couldn’t even make it in Hartford, he’s not one to point out anyone else’s struggles.

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