Canadiens 3, Rangers 0: Post-game notes


from the Rangers:

March 30, 2013 (Game 34, Away Game 16)
Bell Centre – Montreal, QC
Canadiens 3, Rangers 0

Team Notes:

–      The Rangers were defeated by the Montreal Canadiens, 3-0, tonight at Bell Centre, to complete their three-game road trip with a 1-2-0 record.

–      The Blueshirts are now 16-15-3 (35 pts) overall, including a 6-9-1 mark on the road this season.

–      Only two of the Rangers and Canadiens last eight meetings have been decided by fewer than three goals – a 5-3 win for the Blueshirts on Nov. 5, 2011 at MSG, and a 3-1 loss on Feb. 19, 2013 a MSG.

–      The Rangers out-shot the Canadiens, 34-26, including a 17-10 advantage in the first period.

–      The Blueshirts out-hit the Canadiens, 42-23, including 12 players who were credited with two or more hits in the contest.

Player Notes:

–      Martin Biron made 23 saves and is now 2-2-1 overall, including a 2-2-0 mark on the road this season.

–      Ryan Callahan tied for the game-high with five shots and was credited with five hits in 16:49 of ice time.

–      Mats Zuccarello led all skaters with a career-high, six hits, and was credited with two blocked shots in 18:16 of ice time while making his season debut with the Rangers after signing as a free agent on Thursday.

–      Taylor Pyatt and Brian Boyle were credited with five hits apiece.

–      Steve Eminger registered a team-high, three blocked shots, along with three shots on goal and two hits in 18:53 of ice time.

–      Derek Stepan won a team-high, 11-19 faceoffs (58%), registered three shots on goal, and was credited with four hits in 16:54 of ice time.

Team Schedule:

–      The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, Mar. 31, is 12:00 p.m. at MSG Training Center.

–      The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Winnipeg Jets on Monday, Apr. 1, at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m. – TV: MSG Network; Radio: ESPN 98.7).


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  1. RePost to understand CCCP’s comment:

    I can just imagine a lot of fathers on “Beginnings” who certainly are all avid fans and hockey knowledgeable, asking their sons, “Where’s the Mustard,” and each one of them replying to dad: “We’re not built that way.”

  2. I was Carped right before my post:

    I’m sick and tired of all the reasons/excuses for why the Rangers are so bad this year. Yes, they had no training camp and so called Torts bonding sessions (this isn’t summer sleep away camp) to build on, but these guys are pros, and they make tons of money. There’s no excuse not to be ready for this year. They can all afford trainers or whatever they needed to do to get in shape in the offseason.
    Maybe it’s not about being in shape as much as a “lack of skill” which always seems to be the common theme with this team. Can we stop praising Gordie Clark for his drafts over the last 6-7 years? It’s an embarrassment that they have no depth in the AHL to being up an NHL ready defenseman when Staal went down. How is there no one to bring up when they’ve supposedly been drafting better? Hamrlik is slow, out of shape, and old, and they should release him by the trade deadline. Let Bickel play. At least he plays with some emotion.
    They can’t buy out Richards fast enough. I never wanted this guy here, and they sign him for 9 years? Are you kidding me?? They are really an embarrassment when it comes right down to it. They trade for another big name, Nash, whose been very good, but not great IMO, and they are LAST in the league in goals. Where do they go from here? They have no first round draft pick and the way it’s looking, Columbus may get a lottery pick out of it….just ridiculous.
    Lastly for now, Lundqvist had to start this game, unless they were resting him for precautionary reasons for getting drilled in the head a few games back. I’m not saying they would have won with Lundqvist, but he makes a ton of money, and there’s no reason to sit him in the dire straits this team is in right now. He’s supposedly the toughest competitor on the team, so I just find it odd that Torts would tell him he’s not starting in a critical game.

  3. Yeah I told ’em…too much huh? :) Have to vent sometimes after I watch this team. There’s no time for joking at 1:27 a.m. Haha

  4. Gmen11, your point regarding the Rangers’ scouting skills cannot be emphasizes often enough, most people here worry about the cap, but the quality of scouting seriously affects the cap as well.

  5. Solid As An Evrock on

    Anyone know of a good drug for nausea? I need something. The alcohol’s not cutting it.

  6. Getreal – you realize Ruff plays just as defensive as Torts, right?

    And it’s not too late for this team to tank and draft Seth Jones…

  7. I guess Tim Erixon was the only ready D they had as depth in the system. Since they traded him, that left them with no one. Montreal had a rookie 20 yr old D in the lineup tonight playing over 17 min. Where’s that guy for us? He’s Hamrlik.

  8. Jonny he didn’t play as defensive with past lineups. He adapted very well imo to the roster he had.

  9. Solid As An Evrock on

    People wonder why Gaborik doesn’t get a chance in the shootout. At least 3 breakaways and a penalty shot recently should suffice to shut those people up. Not to mention two 2 on 1’s with Brad “The Bum” Richards since his last goal. Ironically, I think this was actually one of his best games this season.

  10. Solid As An Evrock on

    Ummm, I didn’t read prior to your last post, Jonny, but the Rangers don’t have a pick in the first round in the upcoming draft.

  11. allsaidlastyearyoucanlookitup on

    tsk-tsk, at 11:13…gonna be throwin’ them awesome
    belles-lettre pinkies.

    Duck, dudes!!!!

  12. And Ruff won how many cups again?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of his and loved those post lockout Sabres teams, but he isn’t fixing this team. That team had great offensive talent from top to bottom (Drury was scoring 30 a year as their 2nd line center, Roy was a 3rd line center getting a PPG). This Rangers roster does not.

  13. Solid As An Evrock on

    Torts after the game: This is part of learning. This is how you get better as a team.

    Everyone that watches the Rangers: It’s game #34 of 48 ! The time for learning is wayyyyy passed, ya ba$tard!

  14. Winning a Stanley Cup doesn’t automatically make you a better coach that hasn’t. I don’t see the Rangers being fixed in 1 or maybe even 2 years, but in my opinion he would be better for the future of the franchise. Torts seems better for a team on the verge of winning a cup, but not a rebuilding process.

  15. Solid – yet another bad attempt at sarcasm. It’s really hard to show my sarcasm on here through text haha

  16. I forgot to mention in my rant that Zuccarello looked very good. Let’s hope he doesn’t get shafted with 7 minutes next game. Gaborik actually skated better than I’ve seen in awhile, but couldn’t finish again. If only he could be set up more or create space to use his good wrist shot more often.

  17. Solid As An Evrock on

    Oddly enough, we didn’t have the worst night tonight. Edmonton scored on their first 3 shots, leads than 3 minutes into the game, the first at:16.
    Schneider gave up the first two and Luongo gave up the third, 38 seconds after he came into the game.
    Unlike the Rangers though, Vancouver can afford to lose a bunch of those.

  18. Solid As An Evrock on

    Thanks for the correction J.
    How are the Rangers expected to start a fight to shake things up in a game when the front office won’t shake things up with their personnel. Way to lead by example James Dumblan and Glen $h!++3r.

  19. Jonny, sarcasms are the toughest meal for the fans, but seriously now, the season ends with the Christians being fed to the lions, no ?

  20. I preferred the team having been owned by the Gulf+Western, they were not as cagey in those days as they are today,

  21. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    Fun Facts:
    1. Biron hasn’t beaten the Canadiens in Canada since 2008.
    2. The Rangers haven’t beaten the Canadiens in Canada since 2009.
    3. Mats Zuccarello led the team in hits.
    4. Mats Zuccarello is the only Ranger whose attributed hits were all actual hits and not bumps.
    5. Mats Zuccarello upended a Canadiens defender, that was twice his size, behind the net.
    6. The Rangers are pathetic.

  22. Marian the Friendly Ghost on

    Man I thought last year’s ECF run was the beginning of something, maybe a couple years of *dominant* hockey.. turns out that was the peak and they are now going downhill and fast.

  23. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    They could still turn it around…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………in the next decade or so……..

  24. Can we stop with the Torts isnt to blame nonsense? I know it is prototypical NY sports to blame the coach but I think something has to change there first before personnel.

    Seriously Since taking over in 2009 this teams top Goals For is 233 under Tortorella. Slightly above average, mind you with a lot of 4-1 5-1 etc smack down on lowly Islander teams and Maple Leaf teams thrown in the past few years.

    This year we are last in the NHL with 78 GF, it will be almost impossible at this point for the rangers to not finish in the bottom 5 of GF. WITH THE ADDITION OF RICK NASH.

    This team has a wonderful breakout but the system is absolute garbage once inside of the zone. Something has to change here, you are going to tell me that top to bottom that there are more gifted scorers on some of these teams that are top of charts in GF?

    Pittsburgh, Chicago and Tampa aside, who else in the top 10 would you say has a better top 6 forward group in terms of talent available to them than the Rangers? (Nash,Gaborik,Richards,Callahan,Stepan,Hagelin). Some might have a 1 or two you can argue is a better scorer than Nash but how can you tell me that that group shouldn’t be putting up 3 a night between them???

    Go down through the list I dare you to find a team aside from Pitt/Chi/Tampa that has a top 6 on paper that you can say is 100% certainly better on paper. Tell me with the Top 6 we can put out that they should be this dysfunctional 5on5 and on the powerplay.

    Torts has to go, it should be before they play Monday.

  25. Ralph from N.M. on

    I’m not saying Ruff would be a better coach , I don’t know. But, to say he wouldn’t be better because he hasn’t won the cup is a pretty dumb statement . Having won 1 cup doesn’t make one a legend . Tort’s got fired because he wasn’t getting anywhere near another one. He wasn’t doing a good job & he’s not doing a good job here. you can’t get rid of the roster , so you change the coach [ thats how it is in all sports ] & you change the mentality of the team & hopeflly thier play

  26. Great report as always, though I’m surprised there was no bullet point on that first period, by far and away the best I’ve seen them play this year, though I haven’t seen every minute. If we don’t see that again, then I will actually join the coaching-change brigade. There will be the temptation to say, Well, look what happens, we’re down 2-0, but the scoreboard doesn’t always reflect things well. Montreal must have gone into the locker room laughing nervously, having basically stolen the points while back on their heels, counterattacking in their own building. Had Lundqvist been in the nets, who knows.

    If Lundqvist is concussed, though, then there’s no point fighting for eighth, and it’s an opportunity to unload the dreck, play the kids, and decide what kind of team they want to be next year and think about bringing in a more dynamic coach like Keith Allain or someone.

    As to the urge to see some fights, while I’m surprised the Canadiens didn’t take a shot after Nash ran Price, I think that has more to do with fan frustration than the forwards’ (and defenders’) inability to see net — they’re seeing the goalie’s chest very well right now. The toughness I’d like to see is more taking the hit to make the play and more teeth in front of the net, a Ranger on his back with a smile on his face and his stick in the air.

  27. No need to worry about the Fish Sticks ever winning another cup in this lifetime. Where are you gonna get a Bossy, Trottier,Nystrom, Westphal, Bourne, ….and POTVIN……
    and a coach like Al Arbour??

  28. Yeah….I had Gillies mentioned in my first draft and then posted without proofing it. Even I go stale.

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