It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Canadiens


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Game 34.
Rangers at Canadiens.

Ya boys have lost three of their last four (one of those in some random non-hockey related contest held after the game ended in a tie) and six of their last nine. They have scored five goals in those six losses, and 15 goals in the last nine games, with five coming in one game at Philly.

Critical game? Well, um, considering where they are (eighth), how many games remain (15), and what’s coming up immediately (Winnipeg Monday at MSG, the trade deadline Wednesday, then a home-and-home with the pre-ordained unbeatable Stanley Cup champion Penguins), this game (and Monday’s) are pretty critical.

But, of course, this is the Rangers’ hell building that changes names every five minutes, the Centre Something, which is almost as bad a place to visit as the Forum once was. The Rangers have lost seven in a row there, and are 0-9-1 in their last 10 visits (outscored 42-18).

Mats Zuccarello plays his first game since re-signing with the Rangers, and Martin Biron starts in goal vs. Carey Price for the Habs, who get Brandon Prust back from a shoulder injury. And then there’s Jeff Halpern …

Arron Asham (don’t know if he’s healthy or not), Darroll Powe and Matt Gilroy are prucha’d. Marian Gaborik is one step away from that, starting on the fourth line. Maybe.


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  1. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Pitt “helped” by beating the Isles but Carolina sucked it up and beat Winnipeg.

    Time to control our own destiny and win one up north.


  2. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Hobbit helps bring on the goals!! Who needs Iginla. Did he score today? I rest my case.

    We are on our way to running the table for our last games. Pitt’s streak looks like nothing compared to what we will do.

  3. Fat Guy still in Cali on

    We will get out talented tonight by a wide margin.

    Maybe not out worked or out-charactered or out toughed or out gut-checked or out any of those imaginary things that we think is the magical missing ingredient. We just don’t have as much talent as these good teams. We were all blinded by love and refused to believe she was cheating on us.

  4. I’m watching with you, finally! Enough of that DVR bull carcillo. Maybe that’ll help?

  5. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Hopefully we catch the Price from the Boston game and Marty put some cardboard or something in his five-hole.

  6. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Was that Coos or Fat Guy @ 6:52pm?

    Now, I’m confused. And where is Naomi?

  7. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Seriously, Hank has been getting a little emotional. If he’s not concussed, he needs to cool down. Great move by Torts. Great,that is, if Marty plays well. Not so good if he sucks.

  8. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    First of ten wins in a row…LGR!!

    Ok, going back to work so LGD!!

    If he’s healthy, would have played asham over pyatt

  9. I’m going to be positive for tonight’s ranger game. Final score, Canadiens 4, rangers 1, got the rangers scoring a goal, that’s positive.

  10. Hockey Night Live tonight, which means limited post-game but Buffalo highlights and Stan and Doogs and Jaffe.

  11. >>Coach has Gaborik on the fourth line, according to TSN. Idiocy.

    Well then, that ought to “get him going”.

  12. A win here will provide a big boost – overcoming an early deficit and doing it in Montreal

  13. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Maybe Richards needs glasses???? He keeps on missing the net. Oooooooooh, that’s just because he sucks.

  14. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Yes, Gabby you have to start scoring. And, to jump start you……….play on the fourth line.

  15. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    The ARE skating well, look a bit more desperate. And some of the guys are playing with some grit, including Boyle who has already had 3 big hits to start. We just need to score. Get some confidence.

  16. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    JR: “It’s hard to get a shutout when you give up a goal in the first 40 seconds.”

  17. i’m here. i just cant quit this team. yea we got scored on early. maybe its the best thing to happen right now. cuz they sure as hell cant sit back now n nurse a 0-0 lead at least

  18. why hasnt boyle been scratched again? what has he done since that 1 good game in washington? rather have haley or asham

  19. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Perhaps if they get a man or two in front of the net they can get it by Price?? Prust saying.

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Haley Asham Newbury make a gritty 4th line. Sit Boyle and Pyatt. Tho Pyatt playing a good game so far.

  21. we really need a puck moving d man to set up some good breakout passes. these d men cant pass for carcillo

  22. _why hasnt boyle been scratched again? what has he done since that 1 good game in washington? rather have haley or asham_

    He created one turnover thus far this match that led to a Stepan opportunity.

    That one turnover he created offsets the hundreds of turnovers he commits.

  23. Cross Check Charlie on

    The Rangers had so many guys behind the net they got in each other’s way.

  24. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    See Subban with the head fake his first point shot there? everyone does that with us, now.

  25. agree matty. i cant believe he was our 15th overall pick. hes a worker for sure, and i’m happy with his game besides the mistakes, but cmon bury a shot once in awhile

  26. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Nice effort by Gabby. Keep legs moving. good will happen. Hopefully, this year.

  27. Fat Guy Still in Cali on

    Normally our best chance of winning would be to start the free throw shooting contest as soon as the puck is dropped at 7pm..but in this case, it is Bow-Legged Biron in goal tonite

  28. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    C’mon now, he dropped it…just no one was there. Was a good drop, though.

  29. wow. he should never, ever, ever make a between-the-legs pass, but he should be shot when he does it at the blue line.

  30. Cross Check Charlie on

    They don’t make it difficult for Price. A bunch of shots from the distance with no screens. Easy pickins for most goalies.

  31. ‘2 straight games where Marty has allowed a goal on the first shot of the game”

    equals 2 straight games were he settled down nicely and got the win

  32. who scores the goal for us guys? nash? step or cally? hags maybe? hes due. i thnk it will zucc

  33. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    They may not have great direction but this is the best they’ve looked in a while.

  34. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Good looking PP. Too bad theyre not playing Tampa or Philly. They’d have a huge lead by now.

  35. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    These poor guys have to be so deflated. I feel for them. Tonight the effort is there.

  36. If they can play this way in front of Lundqvist, they’ll be fine. He’d have had that one.

  37. results guys. gabby doesnt score on a breakaway. plek does. thats what matters. but encouraged that we were able to have a good pp.

  38. Fat Guy Still in Cali on

    another tune up fight tonite by Glass Joe

    sing it with me everybody

    Will we ever score a goal?

  39. Lesson to be learned: Team can play well, but if they cannot finish, they will not win.

  40. Carp, do you think Girardi and co. are being coached to go down like that? If not, why aren’t the coaches correcting it?

  41. Or even further, what good do any of the defensemen possibly think can come out of sliding around like a maimed, helpless penguin?

  42. jpg's sister on

    they are playing with some fire to their game, outshooting, biron won not too long ago, first one fluke goal. but I detest opposing goals scoredin the last couple minutes of the period!

  43. Fat Guy Still in Cali on

    pp problem
    pk problem
    season chock full of early and late period goals = deadly

  44. I know Girardi’s always done it, but why hasn’t anyone told him to cut the crap, and if they have, why hasn’t he listened? It’s ridiculous.

    That’s always been my issue with Girardi. Great at many things, but some of his gaffes are egregious.

  45. They played well
    The best period of hockey they’ve played in Montreal in years
    They’re losing
    Any questions?

  46. Oh, c’mon, fellas, the Rangers played great that period. If they can sustain that effort — huge if — they’ll get a point at least.

  47. Latona, if I was Jim Schoenfeld I’d make them watch the snow-angel festival on the season-ending Henrique goal last spring over and over and over and tell them to stay on their skates.

  48. Onecupin73yearsand counting on

    Pk slew foot at it again

    somehow I think if the rangers had scored the 2nd goal , a candien wouldve dropped the gloves..

    Montreal players seem to enjoy playing , of course winning helps but how much is the coach’s doing ?

    Gaborik ? oy

  49. Not bad. Seams like its allowed to pass the puck to a teammate this game.
    To bad they don’t know what to do in their own zone, with or without the puck

  50. I don’t even mind the going down in front of shots … but the sliding to block passes does nothing but take you out of position and leave somebody wide open.

  51. have hockey night in canada oy.

    1st goal all birons fault terrible.

    2nd goal the flopping d men do there thing.

    newsflash canadiesn have points that can shoot they cannot collapse defensively.

    gabby with a nice deke on his breakaway…ooops my bad, he never dekes.

    they have had better chances they just are inept offensive players.. TOTALLY INEPT. outplayed the midgets in the 1st and down 2….

    our d cannot get a hard shot on goal to save our lives, the canadiens can.

    i especially liked the boyle drop pass between his legs, bTW it did not work, what a shocker……

  52. Czechthemout!!! on

    Completely dominated the period! This is the way they should play each and every game. Very few dump ins, defenseman pinched and they attacked in waves. This what I have been waiting to see all season. The Habs didnt know what hit them. If not for Eminger falling asleep after the lucky bounce and a bad second goal by Biron, and Price getting lucky with a post a making saves he didnt even see, we would be up by three after one.

    This is the first game that they trail by more than a goal that I feel they can win and still win big.

    Pvery impressive period!

  53. _I don’t even mind the going down in front of shots … but the sliding to block passes does nothing but take you out of position and leave somebody wide open._


  54. So the whole Gaborik on the 4th line rouse was done because? So teams couldn’t prepare for the actual set lines? As if they will stay together longer than one shift anyhow?

  55. Saturday night in Montreal = automatic Ranger loss. Just like this year will be automatic Penguina Cup win. Two of Bettman’s stipulations for ending the lockout!

  56. Biron isn’t why they are losing. Montreal is miles better than this Rangers team. I’m glad everyone is finally starting to see that.

    I bet you Columbus finishes the season with a better record.

    Next year will be better though, hopefully, if we can bring back Step and McD at a good price and save some cap space.

  57. If you’re going to go down at all, it should be on one knee – perfectly acceptable for shot blocking like you said. But leaving your skates entirely is amateur-hour and renders you incapable of recovering in any way.

  58. I’ve been a Rangers’ fan for 50 years. I’ve never been so frustrated given the talent level. They just cannot score. Think of it–a team with Rick Nash, Ryan Callahan, Marion Gaborik and Brad Richards simply cannot score. I am also way tired of the MSG broadcasters making every opposing goalie into the next coming of Jacques Plante. Price’s save on Miller wasn’t a great save–Miller shot the puck straight into him. The only way the puck goes in is if Price has a hole in his abdomen.

  59. Jeremy Roenick ?@Jeremy_Roenick 28m
    Zuccarello… how can you not like this guy. Watching him play for Norway in 2010 Olympics caught my eye #GreatMitts #hockeysense

  60. rangers do not make playoffs Nash will have made them once in his career. he should look in the mirror and try to figure things out.

    again all the spectacular plays mean jack……………..

  61. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We need Clowe. This team needs a physical leader. Cally tries but is too small.

  62. Problem with the second goal was a foward. Mcdonough pinched and should have been covered by a foward. They look like automons, doing the same thing over and over with bad results.

  63. “Biron isn’t why they are losing. Montreal is miles better than this Rangers team. I’m glad everyone is finally starting to see that.”

    The Rangers were the better team that period. They just put the puck in the goalies chest, whereas Montreal puts in where the goalie isn’t…

  64. Can’t stand watching this crap anymore TORTS REALLY HAS TO GO. Kreider playing better than 8 other players on this team. Why is he playing on the 4ht line. Give me a break. And why start Biron. You need Henrik in a game like this. This coach freeken over coaches and mismanages this team. Bottom line is they are better than thay’re playing and you can’t replace the whole team. STOP CNANGING LINE COMBINATIONS. Torts isn’t being heard. THEY REALLY NEED A NEW LEADER

  65. Czechthemout!!! on

    I repeat, if Torts lets them play this way without the tighten up crap they will win many games. They still have time. It is a process. Even if they lose tonight, there is enough time.

    One thing, Girardi must play quicker and Eminger is a mistake machine.

    Who ever said the Habs have point men who can shoot, dead on! Makes a world of difference.

    I dont mind that Boyle made that pass. Maybe not right at the blue line but at least he is trying to be creative. That should never be condemed.

  66. i said the canadiens d can shoot. the canadien network says it wvery 5 minutes.

    rangers cannot fall back and leave markov and slewfoot open

  67. CARP YOU STILL THINK TORTS LIKES KREIDER. Give me a break. This coaches ego is freeken up this team big time

  68. _rangers do not make playoffs Nash will have made them once in his career. he should look in the mirror and try to figure things out._


  69. Oleo – That proves Montreal is more talented. Rangers can’t pick corners, Habs players can. Rangers are not good

  70. Even if Torts is heard. His style of play is being exposed, and he’s not adapting. Trying something new isn’t switching line combinations. Plus when you do that you prevent players from picking up eachothers habits and working well together.

  71. Czechthemout!!! on

    Anyone who watched the third period and thought that Montreal played better doesnt understand anything about hockey.

    If Hank is in net, and Price doesnt get help from a post and makes saves he didnt even see, we are up 3-4 to 0!

    They had more quality scoring chances in the first period than in the last five games including Philly.

  72. Also for all those Torts defenders. Give one good reason why he’s doing well as a coach. Just one. Instead of just saying nonsense and putting down people who are actually bringing good arguments.

  73. All year I’ve been waiting for this team to play hockey. Worth the wait, and the goals will come if they keep it up.

  74. Czechthemout!!! on

    You guys are missing the point, they are not playing Torts dumb system this game so far, that is why thy are playing better.

  75. “Give one good reason why he’s doing well as a coach. Just one.”

    Last season’s record…

  76. I would really like to see this team play a completely wide open style. They have such great speed and the best goalie in the world.

    No reason why they should play dump and chase hockey now that the grinders are gone…

  77. Cross Check Charlie on

    Czech – they’re playing better, big deal. What do they have to show for it. No goals. Two given up. They don’t need style points they need goals!

  78. a) they don’t play dump-and-chase hockey. They dump it when there’s nothing there. Crosby and Tavares did the same thing today. b) you need some skill to play completely wide open. They have almost none.

  79. Hey CARP, I’m back … first time commenting tonight. (Lantona wasn’t impersonating).

  80. Czechthemout!!! on

    Carp total nonsense. They most certainly play dump and chase hockey. And they have more skill on the top six than they have had in years.

  81. So many blind passes with no players support. They don’t support eachother correctly thats why there are so many turnovers.

  82. >>when was the last time the Rangers had a fight?

    They fight every match…to score a goal.

  83. yes, but two of the six are miserable, horrible. Two of them are second-liners playing first line. One of them, the captain, is not having a good year. And, no, I don’t believe it’s total nonsense. The gameplan isn’t to dump-and-chase. You can believe that if you want, but it’s not.

  84. Not as good as the first, but the Canadiens have had something to do with that. They know they’re being attacked tonight and have responded better.

  85. Why was eminger and mcdonough right next to each other. Terrible communication and on ice awareness.

  86. Very rude of the Habs to almost score during Sam and Joe’s lengthy discussion about Kris Letang, who isn’t playing in this game.

  87. going back … only two players in tonight’s lineup have had a fight tonight. One each. Boyle and Newbury. Don’t believe either one was close to a victory.

  88. Admiral Akbar on

    I don’t get that call on Nash?

    Is that a knee jerk by the ref to call Nash for bumping Carey price?

  89. Cross Check Charlie on

    This is tough to watch. Totally outclassed. Can they do like in European soccer and relegate them to the AHL?

  90. Hope they save Dupius and Cooke discussion for the third period. Then maybe Billy Jaffe can tell us about Orpik during HNL.

  91. Serious question……When was the last time this team had a clean shot off a rebound?

  92. Carp

    Is it time to send down Miller? Kid’s done nothing offensively except that one game. Maybe he can get his scoring touch back in HFD?

  93. Czechthemout!!! on

    They just need to play quicker. Decision making is too long.

    And once again they are not going to the net.

  94. Problem is msg network was selling Miller like crazy, and don’t you dare say anything against msg lol.

  95. Admiral Akbar on

    See how fast Habs get puck to net — something the power play coach of the Smurfs should teach.

  96. Czechthemout!!! on

    See, thats the difference, the Habs just go to the net hard whether it be a small player ir a bigger player. We are coached to go behind the net and cycle, cycle ,cycle.

  97. Kreider’s kicked pass was about 50% more accurate than our usual passes with the stick.

  98. it’s ironic that nash couldn’t get his team in the playoffs for many years in Columbus so he wanted to go to the rangers and now the rangers won’t make the playoffs and Columbus will make the playoffs, can’t make this stuff up.

  99. nice penalty by RIcky boy.

    leads the team in penalties.. he is a soft player.. deke, bull.. another stupid minor…

    ricky boy you never make the playoffs, ever think maybe part of the r eason is I am a moron!!!!!!!!!!1

    what a shock a midget goes in front of the goal looking for a rebound, complicated hockey.

    by the way what is gone on with Hagelin and not shooting the friggin puck………

  100. Brooklyn Bridge Manager on

    We are getting reports on numerous splashes occurring directly under the Bridge.

  101. This team has no balls. Boyle or Callahan should have just went apes*it and just started decking these clowns. We’re gonna lose anyway, might as well brawl and make it a hard game on them

  102. if your season was on the line, at 3-0 don’t you think you’d see some nastiness?

    do you think if this was 2012 this game would be getting nasty?

    just asking. I know the answer.

  103. Lets remember that LA barely made the playoffs last year. Very frustrating watching these guys win 2 and fumble around for 2. Still time to get HOT and get it going into the playoffs. Although, they;ve never done that before.

  104. This is ugly. The most frustrating thing about this team is they seem to be content to just go through the motions. Whatever they are doing is not working, so why not try to throw a big hit, fight, run Price, etc. Anything to change it up.

  105. djk. gabby to boston, that is a go in my book.

    adios. i will help him pack.. 3 bodies, 2 players and a 1st….

    go for it…

  106. Cross Check Charlie on

    22figure8 – quit hallucinating. Whenever this team plays a good team they look totally outclassed.

  107. Werent having the Price > Fleury debate on Thursday when Bruins poured it on him from all angles.

  108. Czechthemout!!! on


    Not on the PP. At even strength hey most certainly are. On the PP I don’t think what they do qualifies as an outcome of coaching Stu.

  109. Rhode Island Ranger on

    OK, trivia time:

    When was the last time the frito bandito outcoached anyone… besides Sully, that is?

    Time for the evil dwarf to go. At least Schoeny has a solid track record of yelling funny stuff at the zebras. This team needs some yucks.

  110. I can’t believe this team hasn’t started getting nasty. I’ve never been this frustrated watching a team.

    They are just flaccid.

    They were better when Richards was out.

  111. I think that is why your 4th line has to be more than just a soft checking line.

    At least Avery would have started some crap with the other team to try and get his guys going!

  112. Carp so many times I see teams down several goals get nasty. These wimps don’t. And let’s not forget that not only are they down 3-0 tonight, they got blown out last game in Montreal, where McD got concussed and where their manhood was basically questioned by everyone, and still nothing.

  113. Admiral Akbar on

    Del Zaster best d-man since Staal went down?

    That’s how much Girardi and McDonagh have dropped off

  114. I agree with you, Carp and 22, but I don’t think that excuses these other guys for not stepping up.

  115. I rescind my last post.

    Bell Centre organist playing Yankee Doodle as Joe spews his laughable commentary. THAT sums up our season.

  116. Richards, Hagelin, Stepan, Nash, Hagelin, Gabrik, Kreider, Callahan, Miller, Boyle, Pyatt, Zuccarello … who’s throwing hands?

  117. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Remember February 19, 2008? Rangers vs. Canadiens in Montreal? A 5-0 lead ended with 6-5 overtime loss.

    Wrote the Daily News’ John Dellapina, “Sixteen days after mounting their most stirring rally of the season, the Rangers committed the greatest collapse in their franchise’s eight-decade history on the very same sheet of ice.”

    No stirring rallies this year, just more losses at the Bell Centre and vows to move their feet, play with desperation, and “do better”.

  118. lets face it ranger fans, this team has no real talent. The rangers young players are nothing special. I realize now I’ve been drinking the Kool Aide. Rangers have 1 more year before blowing this sinking ship up in smokes.

  119. Admiral Akbar on


    Amateur Hour at the House of Horrors

  120. Czechthemout!!! on

    Did you see that sequence, no one in front of the damn net, everyone on the side or in the corner.

  121. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Nice move by Richards at the end there. What’s he think it’s 2002??????

  122. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    The home and home against Pittsburgh should be awesome!!!!!!! Will we score……once???????

  123. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    22figure8 – No, Hank played that one.

    Michael Ryder scored twice.

    Kovalev tied it up.

    By the end of the game, Hank’s head was about 150 PSI.

  124. Czechthemout!!! March 30th, 2013 at 8:01 pm

    Completely dominated the period! This is the way they should play each and every game. Very few dump ins, defenseman pinched and they attacked in waves. This what I have been waiting to see all season. The Habs didnt know what hit them. If not for Eminger falling asleep after the lucky bounce and a bad second goal by Biron, and Price getting lucky with a post a making saves he didnt even see, we would be up by three after one.

    This is the first game that they trail by more than a goal that I feel they can win and still win big.

    Pvery impressive period!


  125. Rhode Island Ranger on

    As terrible as the Rangers are playing, at least Avery hasn’t done anything feisty or entertaining.

    Torts has the monopoly of personality that he’s always dreamed of. His hostages are more afraid of getting screamed at by the bantam rooster than getting humiliated by the other real men on the ice. Mission accomplished.

  126. It’s really disappointing to see Richards on the ice so much.

    I feel terrible that Biron keeps getting thrown to the wolves in MTL.

  127. God Almighty, fire him already. What are we waiting for? Change is necessary. Get me somebody, anybody, and get me somebody while I’m waiting. PLEASE!

  128. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mdz with a slight wave there on the third goal as Gallagher battled in front o put it home.

  129. I agree, Papa. I’m just saying, tough teams don’t get embarrassed like this and take it. It wouldn’t make a bit of difference tonight. Over a season it would.

  130. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Nothing like rubbing it in while Gallagher smirks and talks about how talented his linemates (and “Pricer”) are.

    Way to go, MSG.

  131. It’s not really about fighting, it’s about having some kind of pushback. That can take many forms…trash talking, a big hit, giving Price a snow shower (or scoring a goal, but if these guys could score we wouldn’t be having this conversation). If you look at the good teams they all have players who will say “enough is enough” and go out and try to change momentum.

  132. Biron should think about playing forward. He might be able to get to a rebound once in a while.

  133. Czechthemout!!! on


    Laugh all you want but they did dominate the first. In the second, their battle level dropped. Especially after the third goal.

  134. Not nearly as intense as the first, though not mailing it in yet. But let me get this straight — nobody in this room thought they had a chance tonight, and they’re losing as predicted. So how they played in the first DOESN’T matter? Sure, it would have been great if they had been rewarded for their up-tempo play, but at least we know they can actually play that way. If they don’t do it for Lundqvist, though, then it really won’t count.

  135. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, guys, how hard is our defense to play against? And how important is it to have a couple of booming point men? What about having a guy that can clear the front of the net?

    Who is responsible for putting this mess together?

  136. braunschweiger on

    Crosby update.
    dentist said his big lips saved him from losing more than a couple teeth.

  137. I wonder what Sather has up his sleeve Wednesday. … seriously though, there is no one player who can make a difference here.

  138. it doesn’t matter how good/bad the rangers look. If you cannot score goals you will not win games. It’s that simple, everything else doesn’t matter.

  139. SO Carp, we should just sit here and suffer watching this disgusting hockey and not do anything about it?

  140. the reason for the ranger demise from the blogging braintrust goes from having no skill to having no fighters..

    you think if asham or rupp were in the lineup is humorous.

    if they had 2 tough guys who can play that is the best case sceanrio, they do not.

    czchthemout, you infered the rangers cycle on the PP, my point simply was that is untrue.

    we understand your constant complaint they cycle to much and often do not have someone in front but not on the PP. the PP sucks because they are inept.

    the person who noticed richards fail at the blueline with some backhand thing, is right on. richards has failed to get the puck in deep and turned it over near the blueline at least 100+ times on the season.

    btw if they come in 8th and make the playoffs you think this wreck is beating the cindies!!!!!that would make the Mets miracle in 69 seeem like the favorite winning…

    trade gabby, amnesty richards after the season. sign mcdonagh, stepan,hagelin and others to reasonable deals, try to add guys like glencross, mattias, and others and forget the high priced signings, they never work.

    i have come to the conclusion, nash is very overrated, spectacular moves, less production, stupid plays, and zero grit…he is a larger canadien veryson af maryanne gaborik. he will never win…he has never won.. I forgot he won the olympics with the canadien team, you know that undertalented underdog, the canadien olympic hockey team…

  141. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I agree, Carpy. I hope he realizes that, dumb as he is. They need about 4 players and have too many contracts, too little cap space. Some genius!!!!!!!

    Calgary East, here we come.

  142. Id trade gabby and possibly krieder as well. We need a consistant piece and some more prospects.

  143. Carp – that’s the big ??
    Have to rebuild 3rd & 4th lines and hope goal scorers score.

    I think you have to try and more Gabby.

  144. Czechthemout!!! on

    Ok! I tried to be positive. Now I am back to normal.

    Fire Torts! They have tuned him out. It is that simple. No PP and now no PK either. Still not his fault right?

    Fire Sather! His dismissal has been eight years over due!

  145. Rhode Island Ranger on

    At this point in the disaster, if someone between periods kneels down on his loafers and does a hilarious impression of a screaming Torts, will Cally still tattle to the coach?

  146. stuart, I am assuming you meant me, though it’s hard to decipher sometimes … I did not say at all that they need fighters not scorers. But you can’t tell me this team isn’t woefully soft compared to last year’s team, and not as skilled.

  147. The way this season has gone, they’ll give away Gaborik for a draft pick, he’ll go to a team and score the Stanley Cup Winning goal.

  148. _Like Melo and the Knicks make MSG network any better_

    That team is owned by the Rangers owner and plays its home matches in the same stadium as the Rangers, no?

  149. Thanks, guys, for letting me know goals are important. The Canadiens seem to be aware of this also, thus their efforts to prevent them. Here we see the first signs of life from a team who has lost and looked like crap doing it. Baby steps, but they need to keep taking them.

  150. Enjoyed Pidto’s tortuous logic in reading out a tweet from the Leafs’ backup goalie about Easter eggs because he went to Cornell and Yale made the Frozen Four.

  151. the pain is just starting. Columbus will be getting 2 #1 picks, rangers pick could be a lottery. Columbus will be a up and coming team and they will be in the rangers division, yippee!!!

  152. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Stuart, that was me on Richards mistake, one of many. He’s useless.

    But, hold on there, son. Nash is a terrific player. He is not in the right system, nor with much talent. We have fallen prey to THINKING this team was good. They did overachieve last year. This is reality.

  153. The reason Nash never makes the playoffs is because Stuart is a moron? Did Stuart say that at 8:35?

  154. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Counting this ….Last 11 games in montreal – 5 shutouts. That’s impressive

  155. _Ok! I tried to be positive. Now I am back to normal._

    The same applies to myself. I attempted positivity. This squad easily thrashed that positivity.

  156. Czechthemout!!! on

    Good grief! Someone is already trading Kreider after 15 regular season games lmao!

  157. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Problem, Norm, is I agree with Torts. There’s little time to go backwards. If they just slip into the playoffs, the will get STEAMROLLED by Pittsburgh. STEAMROLLED.

    They not only need to win some, but get to 6th place to have a real series in the playoffs.

    Do you see that? Do you see this team going far in the playoffs?

  158. Carp if they don’t have him tuned out. What is going on then? They are not playing with the passion and smarts like last year.

  159. Some of the players on this team should have their annual physical at the Gynecology clinic. No b|s.

  160. carp.. the only grit they lost that matters is prust. the rest of the losses are garbage, true replaced by garbage.

    no 1 here calling for mithcell and feds anymore since they have turned into who they are….

    boyle should be that grit, since he cannot score and is 245 pound the guy should hit etc. he is up there in hits but has not won a fight since brad park played for the rangers…

    nash move has hurt there depth and makeup of the team, bottom line. incredible the rangers are the only team in sports that when they get the best player in a trade it actually makes them worse.

    btw erixon is doing fine on columbus also…

    they need to not panic and trade young guys, they need to trade guys like gabby and add more bodies…

  161. That definitely is not happening, Slatsko. Jimmy D still has that deal with him when he wins the Cup. In either of their lifetimes.

  162. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    If you have Eminger on your defense, you are playing with minor league talent.

  163. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Sam – “Pacioretty has only had one goal in the last 11.”

    So have we.

  164. bull dog line on

    I have not seen much if game tonight. can someone tell me what Kreider did to end up on 4th line?

  165. stuart, you’re the guy who can’t see beyond goals. So the other guys they lost all scored at least once in a while from the third and fourth lines. Right?

    or do I continue to waste my typing time?

  166. i have left the nash is great world. call me a fool.

    14 minors, soft. etc.

    he is a spectacular 30 goal scorer.

    problem is they need him to be more.. 28, 9 years in the league, 4 playoff games after this season for ricky boy…..

  167. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Boy, Stuart, I see a totally different game than you do. Your analysis is interesting.

  168. _So we’ve established that Nash wins on good teams and loses on bad teams._

    Sarcasm? Nash is one player on a squad comprised of 20 players.

  169. the only guys the rangers miss are prust, dubi, and AA. dubi has been hurt and terrible so far… AA has been good, he is like Korpedo a good not great 2 way player…

    they had to trade something for Nash…..

    the problem is the pyatt, halpern, powe trades have been zeros…asham stinks also btw regardless if he has 2 goals….

  170. Most of these Rangers guys can’t even receive a hard pass; the power play will never work.

  171. matty we will jsut have to disagree. no problemwith that we both want the rangers to win but see things differently.

    zucc is a good signing. guy has some skill, cheap, and plays hard…and young..

    need about 5 more of those…

  172. Wish there was some way I could find out stuff about the Western Conference given I can’t watch Hockey Night Live…

  173. I agree jBytes. Passing on this team is terrible along with recieving passes, but I do believe this has to do with player support. Good teams always support the puck holder so they have a buch of options. Rangers don’t execute this correctly. Only support they get is from the D that is why they always retreat.

  174. bull dog line on

    no matter what happens this season, I do not think they should rebuild. if trades are made, I don’t want them to be for prospects. NHL players for NHL players. also do not want Torts fired. he has had a lousy year, but I think he is still a real good coach.

  175. they will need to reconstruct their bottom six, and figure how to replace Richards next year or the year after.

  176. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    That puck might as well have been a Nerf with Girardi’s candy ass wrister.

  177. To respond, I do not see the Rangers going anywhere in the playoffs playing as they have done before tonight. They would need that first period every game for all three periods, but clearly they have not been capable of trusting themselves to put in that effort with any consistency. That’s what it will take. That and, as Carp points out, some skill and execution, especially in front of the dang net.

  178. So the playoff run REALLY begins when we are done with the Pens home and home. That’s when the rest of our season is against teams close to our level, around is in the standings.

    The way we started thus game we can play against those teams. It would be nice if we could score first.

  179. richards should be bought out after this year, 120 plus games as a rangers, going to be 33. HORRIBLE SIGNING..

    he stinks.. if he had a halpern contract they would waive him tomorrow…

    girardi 40 feet away no 1 in his way zilch……

    pyatt sits next game he is awful…he is a forward Hamrlik…Slower then john scott.

  180. I’m not blaming Nash at all, it’s ironic he wanted out of Columbus because they couldn’t make the playoffs so he forces Columbus to trade him to the rangers and now Columbus will make the playoffs and the rangers won’t.

  181. bull dog line on

    they need to figure out what they want there bottom 6 to be about, then reconstruct. they also need to change there style of play to fit what the team has. this team is not built to play last years style.

  182. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    You better take cover. Either that, or it’s time for your pill, dear.

  183. Czechthemout!!! on

    Well it looks like they have given up with a whole period still to play. Yup, they have not tuned out this great coach.

  184. nash has 14 minors. 1 PP goal… the bar has been set real low if you thin he has remotely earned his pay….

  185. Carp – these guys are thinking with their hearts, not their minds. It’s why I do love this place most of the time, but when the team struggles everyone loses their mind and blames it on the coach/GM/owner.

    Fact is not even Scotty Bowman or Herb Brooks could save this team.

    I said it last summer and ill say it again, the day they traded for Nash, they ruined everything this team was building towards. Maybe next year will be different, with a full camp, but they have no identity and so far that’s been true since the first game of the year.

  186. I don’t think there tuning out the coach, there giving up because they know that have trouble scoring, 3-0 is like 10-0

  187. Yes, absolutely, Admiral. They might give him next season, hoping that he gets in shape over the summer and with a training camp he can be a useful player again, and that he will be motivated because his career will be on the line. But after that they have to buy him out and get away from that noxious contract.

  188. bull dog line on

    Nash is a real good player. he has not played nearly as well as people are giving him credit for. and I still say he plays to much of an individual game.

  189. And for the “need to play wide open” fans, tonight is exactly what happens when they play wide open hockey. They have little skill overall and good teams like Montreal will run them out of the building.

  190. Quite possibly the worst team moving through the neutral zone. No creativity. The book on the Rangers is to challenge the puck carrier in the neutral zone, hard.

  191. Carp, at least someone from Montreal (the troll) is being challenged tonight!! Good job.

  192. stuart a March 30th, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    nice penalty by RIcky boy.

    leads the team in penalties.. he is a soft player.. deke, bull.. another stupid minor…

    ricky boy you never make the playoffs, ever think maybe part of the r eason is I am a moron!!!!!!!!!!1

    hold on stuart, am i reading this right? u actually called yourself a moron ?

  193. 2 straight games of being shutout. Cant even get the defensive part of the game right and that is the part the coach actually works on. It’s always someone else’s fault.

  194. Rhode Island Ranger on

    The problem isn’t that they’ve tuned Torts out. It’s that they’re still tuned in to his noisy, predictable station.

  195. And here they are your New York pansies. Has anybody even breathed on pacioretty to this point? Gaborik squished prone into the boards. Nothing. Newberry hit from behind into the net. Nothing. What an embarrassing team.

  196. we suck. end of story.

    only Sather can take a potential cup team and turn it into a crap show like this one

  197. >>richards should be bought out after this year…

    Can he be bought after tonight’s match?

  198. Cross Check Charlie on

    “but when the team struggles everyone loses their mind and blames it on the coach/GM/owner.

    I said it last summer and ill say it again, the day they traded for Nash, they ruined everything this team was building towards. ”

    So, who did that? Somebody in the sky? It was the GM, president, cigar chomper. Sather is the one that constructed this mess. How can you not place blame on him?

  199. Bull Dog – I agree completely. That’s why I didn’t want Nash. Don’t get me wrong, he has played better than I thought, but they gutted the identity. They might not have been first place, but they would’ve been much better than this just due to the fact that they were familiar with each other.

    Trading for Nash changed that completely. And I also think its no coincidence that when he makes as much money as he does, his teams aren’t as good, mostly because they can’t spend money to put the players he needs around him to be successful. He isn’t Crosby or Malkin or Kovalchuk or Ovechkin, so that 7.8 mil cap hit for 30 goals and 60 points hurts the team more than helps it.

  200. Trade this entire blog to Mets. It hopelessly tied itself to cheering wildly for disastrous Nash trade, and now collectively can’t admit a huge error in judgment. Trade it to the Mets.

  201. I said it last summer and ill say it again, the day they traded for Nash, they ruined everything this team was building towards. ”

    Oh ok so it wasnt July 1st when Prust, Fedotenko, and Mitchell left? Could get confused with the number of times people’s excuses change.

  202. Crosby Update: they’re warming up his baby formula; solid food will be out of the question for a while.

  203. The problem starts with ownership, if Dolan had half a clue sather would have been fired years ago.

  204. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Everyone should go to their fridge right now. Grab a beer….or some ice cream. Salvage something from this night.

  205. >>Price’s been good… very good actually…

    Good teams find ways to beat good goalies; bad teams make every goalie seem unbeatable.

  206. Nathan Horton will be a great offseason acquisition if we don’t get him as part of a package for Gaborik now.

  207. P_Wow….Post and a crossbar for Miller tonight…_

    actually, Price make a blocker save on the last Miller’s chance

  208. Charlie – that’s a fair point. But all the people blaming him praised him when he made the trade. Now they got the team they wanted and are mad because they aren’t this Stanley Cup contender that they thought they would be.

    I’m mad because he ruined a good thing (and overachieving good thing, but still a good thing), for one of the most overrated players in the league who has never played in an important game in the NHL. It was such a typical 98-04 Rangers thing to do instead of continuing to build around key young players that are home grown.

    Say what you will about Dubinsky and Anisimov, but they got the system and played all out for 60. They won puck battles, possessed it on the boards, and were defensively responsible. I’d much rather have them back then Nash trying to skate though 4 guys and be a single highlight reel and turning it over.

  209. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Dolan’s a moron. Sather is the supposed Hockey Genius that is running this team. Dolan’s contribution is stupidity. Sather’s is criminal.

  210. >>Crossbar. They are inching closer.

    That’s for sure…closer to the protective net.

  211. Looking good to finish the game. Easy to take positives out of a game like this in the first month. Much harder now, but they need to anyway.

  212. the other argument is that we’d all be killing Dubinsky and his contract/production if he were still here. you know that. (well, maybe not Sally).

  213. David Carlson on

    You know…….had a few good chances there with the score 1~0……put it in a whole new game…… a lot of good people in the room…….its all part of the process…….stand back and let them use their creativity in the offensive zone……….SICK of hearing the SOS

  214. Olga Folkyerself on

    “From the Department of Small Consolations: Hamrlik has looked kind of OK tonight.”

    Didn’t the actors look good tonight, Mrs. Lincoln?

  215. Lyova – they were all in for Nash once the draft rolled around. So letting those guys go was because they knew he was coming (plus Prust got way overpaid and I wouldn’t have even given him that crazy deal).

    But either way, Dubi and Arty were more key to this team than people think.

  216. How about trading gaborik to columbus straight for 1 round puck we sent for Nash the Monster? Could be valuable now, no? Would that make us instantly better?

  217. Sam and salmon Joe: worried about job security. Last time the team looked this bad , they fired Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick

  218. Carp – that’s because people like Stan Fischler said Dubi was the next Lecavalier when he’s really a 40-50 point center who can play wing as well. I’d rather have 50 points for 4.5 mil than 65 for 7.8 mil any day of the week.

  219. People tend to forget how long Torts did terrible in Tampa. Journalists just scared of him at this point. Can’t even be critical towards him.

  220. Czechthemout!!! on

    Again,why is Hamerlik the soft statue playing while Mcilrath who is at least tough is not?

  221. I wouldn’t have expected them to win this game last season, so, I don’t know how harshly I can criticize them tonight.

  222. Cross Check Charlie on

    Jonny D – I think getting Nash was a good trade. But, first he said that we place blame on the GM (among others) then he says that the trade ruined the team. Well, that’s pretty goofy if you ask me because somebody had to make that trade that “ruined the team.”

    The GM got a bunch of bums for the third and fourth lines. They’ve got nobody in the farm system. He expected Kreider to come in and be a scoring machine. The GM put this team together and they’ve got Nash and then not much up front.

  223. TortsProbablyNeedsToGo on

    We win 5 2 in Philly W/ the 3 fools on 3 seperate lines. Torts decides its a great idea to not do that havent scored in 2 games

  224. and through everything, they’d be fine if Richards and Gaborik played like first-line players. Or even second-line players.

  225. Retire Brad Park

    “Everyone should go to their fridge right now. Grab a beer….or some ice cream. Salvage something from this night.”

    I’ve been drinking this whole time. Can you blame me?

  226. Czechthemout!!! on

    Gallagher is smaller than every Ranger except Zucc, but tougher then all of them!

  227. Man, if I were Pyatt right there, I would have just cross checked that Canadien in front of me for no particular reason.

  228. Carp, how about gabotik AND Nash for that 1 round pick? That should make us instantly better for sure.

  229. 4 straight shutouts for Carey Price at Bell Centre…this is what happens when you actually have real fans, not numbers of untold “soft” tickets.

  230. Czechthemout!!! on


    But he is healthy. At least he is tough. Who knows, maybe he can bring something. He cant be worse that Hamerlik.

  231. No, he’s not worse than Hamrlik (or Eminger or Gilroy). But they’re being careful with him, and they should be.

  232. Well, at least we won’t have to watch Pyatt any more. Right? Right? Please? God is he slow.

  233. bull dog line on

    a little addition by subtraction there Kovie? I can think of quite a few players that would fit into that category.

  234. Is this from your perspective Carp? because Ive seen plenty of good arguments. If you can’t see there is a huge issue here with the way the team is playing I don’t know what to say. It’s not my fault if you can’t see it. We can’t score, our defense is out of sync, zero grit, heart. I can go on and on.

    Now who’s to blame here. Management, or players? At this point I will say both, but you can’t just say no its all the players fault and give management a free pass. The players aren’t improving, and in some cases getting worse. You think the Rangers can go on like this and get anywhere? I sure don’t.

  235. Trautwig: “Traveling to Montreal for the Rangers is like visiting a Haunted House.”


  236. Olga Folkyerself on

    FIRE SATHER first. Then trade everybody. I wouldn’t trust Sather with making the trades…

  237. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Just got an invite to the ledge party. Is there a velvet rope? And is there a smoking section?

  238. There is just a lot of bad luck this season…and, there was a lot of good luck last season…

    2 great chances for Miller…Gaborik had the breakaway….this game could have been a lot closer…

  239. I see that Toronto Leaves are having their way with that much vaunted Ottawa Senators defensive system?

  240. Torts isn’t going to be fired. He should be, but whoever comes in is going to have the same lack of success since this team is crap.

    I wish Torts would just be honest with everyone and admit that this team just isn’t good.

    Czech – McIlrath will be as useful as a pylon when he gets to the NHL level.

  241. I’m not giving management a free pass, Getreal. They messed up this team’s bottom six royally, and No. 10 and No. 19 sabotaged what should have been a good top six.

    but Sather’s not going to fire the coach with a .500 record and in a playoff position after all the good stuff that happened to this franchise last year and leading up to last year.

    And I still don’t see your argument there. Can’t score. Duh. Zero grit, I agree. Defense out of synch. Yup. Heart, I disagree completely.

  242. Stranger Nation on

    Dubi has ONE goal this year!!!! Last yr he had 10!!!

    Enough with Nash Blame game BS

    This team is thin and soft – Pyatt needs to start jacking people or sit upstairs.

    Someone needs to grow a pair quick

    Bring Haley back, what was the record with him in lineup?

  243. Jonny, what does he accomplish by saying that now? They’re not giving up, they still have a very good chance to make the playoffs in this crap conference.

  244. Stranger Nation on

    That and Richards should forfeit his salary this season.

    Professional embarrassment

  245. ThisYearsModel on

    Well, that was fun. At least they waited until the 3rd period before they surrendered. Zuccarello looked good out there. In fact, he was one of our most physical players. Brian Boyle managed another 20:00 of futility. I have seen and been around hockey players my entire life. Are rhese guys on Zanax? Does their frustration not lead to at least some push back? When the game is 3-0 going to the third, can’t they punish Pacioretty for the hit on McD? Can’t they do SOMETHING? This is the softest Rangers team we havce seen in a very long time. They are playing a lot like they did before getting Renney fired.

  246. Czechthemout!!! on

    Call up Haley, put Pyatt in street clothes and call up Mcilrath and dump Hamerlik! Play Asham as well. At least they will be tougher, no?

  247. Onecupin73yearsand counting on

    Boyle is like Primo Carnera on skates..
    The team is officially broken thanks to sather and torts
    And like i mentioned this AM my son and his gf drove to Montreal to this game.. AHHHH LOVE !!

    I bet he scores

  248. One game before the deadline. How they’re still in the 8th spit is a testament to the weakness if the teams below than this year. I hope they don’t do anything stupid, like trading young guys, just to save this season.

  249. Czechthemout!!! March 30th, 2013 at 9:50 pm
    Call up Haley, put Pyatt in street clothes and call up Mcilrath and dump Hamerlik! Play Asham as well. At least they will be tougher, no?

    THIS x1000!!!

  250. Carp – sorry that was an awful attempt as sarcasm. I was hinting that he should say that to keep the fans here a bit more realistic of the team. Or make them lower expectations so when they get the 8 seed, everyone is happily surprised haha

  251. I wonder what the chemistry is like in the locker room. I bet there are some people that are not too friendly right about now….

  252. To all the girls I’ve loved before
    Who traveled in and out my door
    I’m glad they came along
    I dedicate this song
    To all the girls I’ve loved before

    To all the girls I once caressed
    And may I say I’ve held the best
    For helping me to grow
    I owe a lot I know
    To all the girls I’ve loved

  253. Onecupin73yearsand counting on

    so i guess making the playoffs and going a round or two is the goal..
    another game of No fight,taged or otherwise. Hags gets bounced and boyle stands there like a zombie . lack of toughness won’t get them far

  254. Czechthemout!!! on


    But at least Mcilrath can kick some assen!

    But what you said is an indictment on this inept organization. You draft a guy who cant skate with the tenth overall pick in a good draft.

  255. So then Carp. You acknowledge that management made mistakes, and you see the glaring problems in the Rangers play. So whats the next logical step?

    Trading isn’t going to instantly make us instantly better and competitive. Ive seen new coaches come into worse situations and make worse teams instantly better.

  256. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – me and you will split the Richards salary and treat everyone to Walters

  257. Carp, really taken aback by Gabby’s futility. What’s really going on with him? Fear of trade, injury?

  258. Olga Folkyerself on

    Wait ’til next year.

    Then the next…

    Then the next…

    Then the next…

    Then the next…

    Until Sather dies.

  259. Plan: Buy out Richards.

    Ok. Then, what? we still need 1st line talent for the long term…

  260. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Last year was a ton of fun. This year we aren’t getting any of that. No chance for any game 7’s this year.

  261. this team’s not getting instantly better no matter what change is made.

    This team needs to have a real plan for the summer to rebuild the bottom six and figure out how to fix the top six. I can’t say this enough times, I guess.

    it will have to be a lot worse than this for a coaching change to happen. and odds are the next coach will be worse.

  262. Even Tortorella’s post-match conferences are now lifeless. He’s taken all the fun out of losing.

  263. To all the girls who shared my life
    Who now are someone else’s wives
    I’m glad they came along
    I dedicate this song
    To all the girls I’ve loved before

    To all the girls who cared for me
    Who filled my nights with ecstasy
    They live within my heart
    I’ll always be a part
    Of all the girls I’ve loved

  264. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sather has bigger fish to fry than the rangers….. Like when does have to go tinkle again….

  265. Sean Avery ?@imseanavery 15m
    Fire this CLOWN, his players hate him and wont play for his BS…. @imseanavery is #winning

  266. Czechthemout!!! on

    I maybe totally nuts, by I predict that we will end the Penguins winning streak at 16 games on Wed. Book it! No one expects it but we will shock the world.

  267. I have no idea, 2Leetch. None. It’s astonishing. … though I do believe he should be playing RW, and should have been since very early on.

    Stranger, are you a Walter’s guy?

    Absolutely right NYR.

  268. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Ironic. A team who needs more scoring, but also needs Grit, Toughness and some Cahonays, or however you spell it.

    Whats done is done, but does anyone wish now that the trade for Nash never happened??

  269. bull dog line on

    I agree Carp, Gabby should be playing right wing, and I think this is big part of the reason he is struggling. having said that, he is a pro, and should be able to produce anyway.

  270. Actually I agree with you there. Completely but I will add we need some more depth everywhere. Its a big problem this year. Rangers seemed to benifit when competing for roster spots. Yea no insant fix, but I think Torts’s effort on the bench is on par with gabby’s play this year.

  271. I’d still make it every time, Kenny. Lyova/lev makes the great point that Prust, Mitchell, and Fedotenko all left before the Nash trade; to me, that’s the real problem if we’re discussing organizational moves. They were not adequately replaced by any means. The real problem is the across-the-board underperformance, though.

  272. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – have been to the Pagoda on Palmer many times, best to get there early or late to beat the lines.

  273. Let me say this one more time … If Richards and Gaborik are playing near the way they should, the depth doesn’t look so bad, especially now with Kreier, Miller and Zuccarello in the bottom six.

    it’s just so obvious to me that that’s where it all fell apart.

  274. Olga Folkyerself on

    “I predict that we will end the Penguins winning streak”

    While losing to Winnipeg, then Pittsburgh, Carolina and Toronto.

  275. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Avery, no doubt, knows more about what the Rangers really think about Torts’ tired act than any of us here.

    And he’s got every right to throw the classless bum under the bus!

  276. ThisYearsModel on

    Avery jumping in. Priceless. Not an Avery fan, but Torts has gotten away with trashing people and bullying people for a long time. Nice to see somoen other than Brooks finally push back.

  277. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    RIR – hey hey….. Avery has spoken. There has to be truth is his and your words….

  278. Onecupin73yearsand counting on

    they’re not supposed to be this awful.. I have to blame torts and his system and sather with his roster..

    Dolan should seek a second opinion of the team find a gm to critique the roster and organization so what if sather finds out..

  279. Czechthemout!!! on


    Avery still has several friends on the team including the most important player. He isnt speaking without some insight on this.

  280. Sather has the best job in the world. He seems to have total job security and unwarranted high salary.

    It does make me wonder the type of businessman that Jim Dolan is though. I mean if Sather is not terminated for wasting money on Holik, Redden, Richards (when he’s bought out), and the other countless financial blunders, then nothing will ever get Sather fired.

    I understand that Dolan is loaded and he is making money, but that does not seem business savvy. He should maximize his profit or at least care a little about pretending like he wants the team to win. I guess that’s why there is so much disdain for him. Makes you wonder the type of CEO he is with Cablevision. I can’t imagine he’d get away with continual waste of money and gross mismanagement without recourse. I’m sure the shareholders wouldnt be too happy.

  281. As bad as things have been. As bad as this team has played for long periods of time, they are still the 8th seed.

  282. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This is not an easy league. Me and 20 of you could also play and get shutout twice in a row.

  283. Serious question, because I don’t follow him: Has Avery said/tweeted anything about the team since his departure until now?

  284. Every time Gabby touches the puck, he can’t wait to get rid of it, even on breakaways.

  285. _Avery still has several friends on the team including the most important player. He isnt speaking without some insight on this._

    I know.

  286. of course avery is going to say that about tortorella but before Avery came to the rangers I read the Kings locker room couldn’t stand him, than it was obvious at the end of the year seeing avery at the end of the ranger bench by himself while other ranger players were celebrating. The Dallas star players couldn’t stand him either so lets stop the aver y love fest, people are reaching now, stop it.

  287. Czechthemout!!! on

    Avery was despised by most of his teammates not named


  288. Rhode Island Ranger on


    It’s worth remembering that Aves was forced out because he played with personality and Torts couldn’t abide that. Now the little jerk has his cringing drones and they hate him worse than losing! Karma. Delicious.

  289. I wasnt a big fan of Avery’s and he wasnt liked by many people for good reason but he was liked by the players that matter most on the team and that probably should count for something

  290. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    RIR – of course I remember. Torts, whether you like him or not, certainly plays the role of little Napolean.

  291. Czech I never heard Avery being hated in the NYR locker room. And I saw him hanging out with Boyle and MDZ at his bar so I would add them to your list.

  292. Czechthemout!!! on


    You know, I was going o mention Voros but he was so unimportant that I figured, who cares.

  293. Czechthemout!!! on


    I know. I spent some time their as well. Saw a bunch of the players hanging with him.

    There were a few players on the team that did not like him. That is true. But they were a small minority.

  294. 1-I’m glad I didn’t watch even 2 seconds of this game.

    2- I’m so down for a summer Walter’s get together. We can take over the whole picnic area provided we don’t get destroyed by the usual swarm of angry bees that roam the area!

  295. Czechthemout!!! on

    At the end of the day, Avery does not matter any more. But I still love that he said what he said. And there is no doubt that he is saying something that is coming from some very important people on the team.

  296. _Czech I never heard Avery being hated in the NYR locker room_

    It is what people say to justify their irrational hatred of him.

  297. _Thom…what about the irrational love for him?_

    I have no love for him. However, I do acknowledge the positive impact he had in his first go-around with the Rangers.

  298. It doesn’t matter what Avery says, after this road trip Torts has to be worried about his job. If he’s not there are bigger problems than we know. I thought tonights loss looked worse than the one in Ottawa. This is not a great team, but they should be better than they played tonight. The Rangers kept turning the puck over all game long. They applied little pressure, and recieved lots. They got lots of shots, that Price saw all the way. All that said they had some point blank shots that just hit Price, that could have just as easy have gone in. That is just plain luck, and that will change for them. I hope.

  299. Looking to Mama for second consecutive date night. No such luck. May have to watch Rangers in 60…..oh the humanity.

  300. hockeymon, I assure you, he’s concerned about the team and the standings and the next game, and not about his job. Tonight was not worse than Ottawa, it was just most recent. It wasn’t worse than Buffalo or Florida or Winnipeg.

  301. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nyr fan – we all have our favorite players. Your tingle for the hobbit wizard no exception…

  302. Carp at some point, after game after game of the same carcillo, the question of whether Torts has lost the team has to be asked, no? I think Torts will finish the season, but if this was two and a half months in to a full season I’d say Torts may get the hook.

  303. Czechthemout!!! on

    Robyn Regher and Keith Yandle would be great to get. Problem is no cap space and not enough draft picks or assets to trade for them.

  304. possibly, but doubtful.

    How do you judge when he has lost the team? How does anybody? Until they quit playing or stop caring, it’s a cliche. They sure don’t look as if they’ve stopped playing or caring. They just can’t score.

  305. If we schedule Walter’s Frankfest during early playoff round, we can have some of our stars join us after their round at Winged Foot West as they begin their Spring Tour.

  306. That’s what I was wondering, NYR_FAN. Debatable how much anyone should really care if he does, but Avery is as entitled to say whatever he likes about the team and coach as anyone else. Just now it seems to jar a little with his “I’m done with hockey entirely” image.

  307. Yea Gabby and Richards performance this year does affect the look of our depth, but at the same time our bottom 6 isn’t as good this year as last year. Have you seen Torts sit players this year as much as last. He hasn’t because he has no other chance at success. Last year he could play the 3rd and 4th line because they didn’t give up goals and at some points poduced.

    Also, lets try something different especially on the PP. Lack of a point shot does hurt, but just getting the puck to the net and driving doesn’t mean you need a great shot. Have to get back to the basics. Especially with passing. Nothing happens if passing sucks.

  308. they cant score because of how this coach coaches them… they cant score because they always play behind opp. net and not in front of it…they never crush the net…you never see any deflection goals…they are boring and lost…

  309. Rhode Island Ranger on

    The little judo master will turn Avery’s cowardly attack on the floundering team (ie. Torts) into a rallying cry that will galvanize the lads. Strategy! Leadership!! Love!!!

  310. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    All that’s missing is 13 year old Orr screaming “delusional Avery lovers”

  311. Richie: “I must have left my wallet in the WF locker room. I’ll just not eat, unless some fans insist.”

  312. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Last year, IMHO, there was a huge difference between the top teams and the bottom ones…oh what a difference a year makes

  313. Onecupin73yearsand counting on

    Carp when you write the game recap do you use the previous years games and just change the names and date? It free up lots of time

  314. Signature on napkin: Brad Richards, 19. Carp jokes, “is that your points or your number?”

  315. delusional Avery haters…. (;

    cant really blame him for speaking his mind tho… everyone knows this team blows and Avery is one of the only people who is in position to shine some light on Torts since Avery isnt connected to NHL any longer…

  316. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Anyone who is a fan of the rangers should care to some degree what Avery is saying. I’m sure Hank and Avery have talked recently. The timing of his words is curious at best…..

  317. @VOROS@ is a great teammate. It’s too bad he isn’t here right now to get Gaby out of his funk! Gaby scored 40 with Voros on his line!

  318. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Anyone realize that if JT bangs his point blank one in, in the first, instead of into Price’s gut AND the post and crossbar shots go in, we’re tied? Hank plays instead of Biron?

    This game was NOT a ledge game. They played well for this version of the team, this year.

  319. Yeah, LW. It does. All of a sudden he seems to care. I’m not surprised at all by the way it’s been received by many fans here…

  320. What a hartnell show.

    Why choose tonight to play the fourth line so much in the third? Because Kreider was on it?

    Was Gaborik on the fourth line for one shift some sort of trick for the Canadiens or did the plan die when the Rangers were losing by one? Great job mixing lines up all game.

    Someone needs to smack Joe talking about how great the Rangers looked at the start of the game, in the first period. Thank goodness Sam said something in the third: they were losing by one within a minute!

    Callahan, Girardi, McDonagh, Boyle…there should be enough character left over from last season, there is just no finish right now.

    MZA looked great. I’m sure he will go back to his six minutes per night soon.

    Avery, lol.

  321. Carp I agree “lost the team” is kind of cliche and it is hard to tell when that happens, especially from a fan’s vantage point. If they were scoring their inability to take it to that next gear to grind out a win wouldn’t be so glaring, but as is, I think an 80% effort is a good example of SOMETHING being wrong, and I think when something is wrong we have to point the finger at the coach for not being able to make it right. That isn’t giving a pass to the underperforming players, but a coach has to be able to get the most out of his squad.

  322. Torts’ new demeanor is tacit admission he doesn’t have the horses. He won’t tell you that, of course, neither would I. These guys are all playing for paychecks and glory and they give all they can, IMO.

  323. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Nessier, can’t help but think what would be if we had a real GM, not just an old hack who was lucky to get an undeserved reputation. If we only had:

    *1or 2 power play point men like Markov and Subban
    *a crease clearing big defenseman
    *more grit (yes, the kind the moron let go after last year’s great success)
    *perhaps another set up man or two

    You’d be talking about what an amazing coach Torts is. You see, to be a coach, you have to have the ‘guns’. This guy doesn’t have the guns.

  324. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    by his actions on and off the ice, Avery himself could be called ‘Bozo’.

  325. Matty yeah there are some glaring personnel issues with this team, but I don’t see Sather ever getting fired so I feel like it’d be futile to call for that.

  326. As much as it is or isn’t Torts’s fault. I think the peak at which he reached with this team is over. Also, I think its always glaringly obvious what our teams issues are when Lundqvist isn’t in net. I think its in the players minds as well when he’s not playing.

  327. Ovechkin’s wide car seat sticking out again. Can someone give him a uniform violation, please?

  328. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Yea, feels pretty hopeless, actually. In my mind, a thought or two about retaining the season tickets for next year. This seems to be the possible beginning of a down cycle. The type, under this GM, we have every 2 years that lasts for about 6.

    I am not sure I have it in me to deal with another purge of what should have been a deep into the playoffs team this year. It gets moronic after a while.

  329. Watching that CCCP clip, I don’t even know the people involved, but if I were involved, he’d be lisping through another chipped tooth.

  330. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    CCCP, great vid. Don’t know why we all don’t fall in line and call him our spiritual leader.

  331. Matty stop cheering me up I already sent my playoff money in this wk.And rolled the credit over for next yr.

  332. Fat Guy still in Cali on

    I have been away for so long that I don’t care about this years team anymore…the 92 Mets at least gave Carp some headlines

  333. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    You know, the funny thing is, there were many who thought we had one of the better defenses in the league coming into this year. Staal’s loss hurts, but could we have more of the same type player than we have? Yes, Girardi’s gam is a bit different than the others, but, really? I think MDZ could become a good player. So could MacD. When you look at Montreals balance between size, strength, power play point shot and finesse, how does our defense really compare?

    Hank has to be drooling. Seriously.

  334. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Get real – I agree totally with your comment about the rangers having reached the apex under torts. What i was getting at had to with it matters not who is in goal as to what is in the others’ heads….

  335. eddie, that only tells me they stink. It’s management’s job to evaluate personalities as well as talent and make them synch. When we have Richards and the captain as our latest scrummers after whistles, we are in bad shape.

  336. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    sorry, NYR. How long have you been a season tix holder? I have been 26 now.

  337. Yea the passing is terrible. We need better passing and puck support. There is so many turnovers because when we get the puck there is minimal puck support so we just throw it away. When we are playing well this is one of the big differences.

  338. Ah ok I get it eddie. Btw Im glad it’s civil in here. Talking hockey is fun when we don’t feel like the world is ending.

  339. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Just how important to the power play were Subban and Markov? Like game changers?? And how long has Subban been playing?

    I rest my case.

  340. 2nd year full season. 2yrs before that half’s.Sec221,now. I think you got me by a few years.

  341. And, SalmonJoe, I don’t need to hear nine times, three a period, how many points Subban has.

  342. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Coos, I used to think so. But, we are not vibin with this. Size and strength is not there. Sauer was bigger, but not enough. And Staal has size, but he is not as vicious as needed.

    Staal, MacD, MDZ and Girardi are a start, but even in this, our ‘vaunted’ defense, we are lacking. Just rething what Montreal has. Re thing how feared the point play and shots are of their two defensemen. Rethink how tough it is to get in front of their net.

    We have the easiest defense to play against. Minimal checking and can’t clear the crease. It must drive Hank crazy.

  343. Matty does Montreal not have size and strength on D. Subban is decent size but I wouldn’t say he’s bigger than Staal, and Markov is average at best, and they have good defense. Maybe the team defense concept is lost a bit with Rangers.

  344. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Ah, sit tight, my friend, NYR. Those of us that have been around for years have seen this pitiful cycle happen before your very eyes. It’s like watching the stock market. I think we may have hit a ‘bear’ market in MSG for a bit, unless the moron remembers what balance between lines is and something called team chemistry. They usually last a few years. When it’s good, like last year, it’s a blast. And worth holding on for a while.

    It is just sad that in less than a year, Sather has done it again. This could have been a great year.

  345. We have our top pair playing almost half a game, Matty, and they’re being pushed to join the “rush” and help create, and then get back because someone always misreads his assignment to cover. I do know what you’re saying. A McIlrath type or two, if healthy, might make it all work. At lease the D part of the game.

  346. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It is strange that they have taken so many steps backwards. It isn’t just that gabby and Richards have severely underperformed. Their D can’t clear the crease, can’t clear the zone, can’t get good shots on net, and can’t lead a rush.

  347. I agree coos. Can anyone tell me another coach that coaches like this? Possibly why the PP stuggles as well, because the stars that are playing good are burned out.

  348. The San Jose Sharks asked Ryane Clowe to waive his no-trade clause and could trade him out of town as soon as Sunday, according to

    The report lists the Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers as the top contenders for the 30-year-old power forward. While the Habs shut out the Rangers on Saturday, the other two teams lost in frustrating ways, perhaps making a swap more desirable.

  349. There’ll be blue, blue birds over
    The White Cliffs of Dover
    Just wait and see…

  350. Czechthemout!!! on

    I have a question. It is a given that Sather is an awfull GM. No one can argue that. Is there anything that Torts has done this year as coach that any of his defenders would criticize him for?
    I ask this as a former supporter of his.

  351. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Get, they have balance on D. They have two excellent point men for the PP. Subban and Markov can boom it and score. They also see the ice. Which of our defensemen have shots and vision like they have? THey have serious toughness in Subban, and Emelin. And they have speed.

    Our d is similar sized, not tough with some offensive abilities.

  352. They’ll be better next year. It’s a short season. They see what needs to change for next year. McIlrath might be ready and Staal will be back. This was just an off year.

  353. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Czech, I am a fan of Torts. I like the way he evaluates his players. He knows what they are feeling and doing.

    I have to admit, I am wavering. I think he’s lost some of them. Only those in the room know why and if it’s true. But, his undying decision not to bench Richards bothers me. He plays favorites, plain and simple. His treatment of certain players seems cruel.

    As to his system? I think some version of it has to be used because he realizes this team lacks talent.

  354. I definitely get you’re point Matty.I was feeling like the man last year & the beginning of this year.Not so much the last month or so now.Had a good wk though sold 2 games & made some money back.Where do you sit anyway?

  355. And so far as the Nash criticism goes, in terms of him being a one man band, if his linemates would find some open ice once in a blue moon, he’d feed them all day.

  356. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Wicky, he may be of help. I just can’t see Boston not going all out for him and us not having the will or the chips needed. The ‘rumors’ are that there are many teams interested.

  357. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Czech – torts is a poor tactician…..He mismanages the line combinations and his powerplay sucks regardless of who is on or what season it is…..

  358. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I moved up this year, NYR to 222. Right next to press box. Low down in section. Much softer on the pocketbook than the $170 that I would have been paying had I stayed put.

  359. Matt is it seeing the ice or the fact that the D-men for montreal have options. Maybe a mix of the two. Although I am highly critical of Delzitti. I still think he’s a strong passer and has good vision. Though your right we are missing a decent point shot.

  360. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Yea, OMG, Eddie. THe PP mess is ludicrous. Although, I thought it looked more mobile tonight. Still, watch the Devils, Pitt, Boston. Again, we don’t have the players. The right mix.

  361. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    … And he plays favorites….. Did you see him in kreider’s face in the second ????? Nary a peep EVER to Richards.

  362. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I did not see Kreider’s face. But, given the silly things his boy, Richards has been doing all year, with no accountability, that’s ridiculous. And unfair.

  363. These guys play hockey from the time they’re three years old. They’ve made it to the apex, the acme. Why, as in baseball, does a 22 year old come up to the Major Leagues and STILL doesn’t know how to run the bases, bunt, or to not try to pull the outside fastball? It boggles my mind.

  364. Czechthemout!!! on


    Totally agree with your points. It is of two or three reasons why he lost me as a supporter.

    I think he has a double standard for his favorite players and he has them, Boyle, Richards etc..

    He is stubborn and will not adjust to his players strenghts.

    He has failed to fix a PP for almost 4 years now.

    And I still cant get over the ” we dont coach offense, only defense” comment.

  365. Yea for sure he plays favorites. An element of losing a team. You get to comfortable or close with players and it could affect the accountability of both player and coach.

  366. Bill Parcells played favorites. Not saying it’s nice. But, then again, he got the best out of his favorites.

  367. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I know, NYR. I wont be there Monday or Wednesday (sold em…seats are selling so much better since I moved upstairs), but next time I go, will try to remember to mention it here. That becomes an important game. I hope you can stir up the section!

  368. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I buy out Richards and try to get either berglund or Weiss to be one of my top 2 centers along with Stepan. 2 solid number 2 centers at worse case scenario.

    I move gabby for a better than avg d man and a consistent 20-30 goal guy.

    I try to get a 4th line guy like boll from Columbus .

    You can’t just rebuild due to hank and Nash. I mean Nash wanted to come here and here only so you don’t just blow the whole thing up after a mediocre lockout shortened season.

    You can’t just go with draft picks in trades because of those guys. You have to get 2-7 spot NHL forwards and 2-6 spot NHL d men back at a minimum in any player trades.

    Just my opinion though!

  369. Czechthemout!!! on


    I agree on the tactician comment. That implies that he is a good motivator. However, that perceived strength may have come to an end with this bunch because they come out flat as a pancake on a nightly basis. Like when Renney was at his end here.

  370. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I hear ya, Czech. I do think if he had the right pieces he’s be able to do a better job. And last year, let us not forget, this team WAY overachieved. No way they were as good, on paper, as they played. He got every ounce out of each one of them and more. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

    THen, the bumbling moron in the front office kicks the legs out from under all the structure Torts tried to piece together. I’d love to hear from his mouth what this year has felt like with the crap Sather thought he could play with for the 3rd and 4th lines. Only thing is we will never know.

  371. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Re clowe, I agree. Several contenders will be in on him certainly, but he is a rare find in a player as far as skill set, and I would give up quite a bit to get him (as long as we had assurances he would sign an extension with us)

  372. Thankfully its been easy to get rid of some games even during a bad stretch such as this.Will do my part with crowd Matty you can count on me bro.

  373. Monday Night: Torts: “Come on boys, let’s win this one for the Gipper.”

    Richie to Ash: “Who’s the effing Gipper?”

  374. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    good night all. always interesting. look forward to the ‘review’. always great reading!

  375. Czechthemout!!! on


    They definately over achieved here. But most of that I think was the stellar play of Hank. They were a .500 team for most of the second half and the playoffs last year.

  376. Sather to Torts: “I got new skates for Richards and Pyatt.”

    Torts: “Good trade.”

  377. Czechthemout!!! on


    And Sather has been a disaster and a cancer for this organization. The problem is Dolan will never fire him or at least relieve him of the day to day hockey operations. Like I said in another post, Sather gets credit for good trades but most of those are to clean up the mess he creates with the UFA signings.

  378. You know, Montreal is a funny place. Hotel Francophiles could be putting ex lax in the NYR room water pitchers. Wouldn’t put it past them.

  379. Maybe if Sather takes liberties with a Knick dancer and costs Dolan ten million, and NOW ladies pickets the Garden, he might decide to buy him out. Other than that…

  380. Czechthemout!!! on

    Interesting stat tonight was that the leader in hits tonight with six was none oter than the smallest guy on the team, the Italian kid from Norway.

  381. Sean’s latest tweet……………

    Sean Avery ?@imseanavery
    1632 new awesome users just followed me

    Thanks to hockey night in Canada, and New York Rangers fans

  382. did not see the postgame, probably quite a bit of we have to much talent, blah blah blah.

    gabby goals in 6 games out of 35+… give him a raise.

    avery showing real class with the Torts pile on… he is a dope…

    looks like stepan the 23 year old is the leader on and off the ice.. nash, gabby, and richards a $20 + mill pile of crap….

    worse offense in the NHL, according to Czechthemout, because they dump and chase!!!!!!!!!

    absolutley boyle, powe, asham, pyatt, and hamrlik would be lighting up the scoreboard if they just opened it up…what a farce…..

  383. I watched HNIC tonight. They were lighting up the Rangers pretty good.

    I can’t say I disagreed with much.

  384. this team has no balls someome …someone…..anyone….. should have went after Pavioretti….just sad

  385. The only thing GM has in common with Gabby and Richie is that they’re all getting bailouts.

  386. Country Club Atmosphere on

    Avery being a distraction and trying to be the center of attention even after he’s retired, what a surprise.

    I used to like Avery but my patience finally wore out last season when he broke team rules by bringing family members to the locker room after a game. He should have been on his best behavior after he was called up but instead he let his ego get in the way.

  387. gabby and richards make about $14 mill. combined.

    they have about 13 goals for the season and a paltry # of assists…

    they stink defensivly, hit no one, cannot kill penalties, and have been shutout in the bettman point, besides those issues they have been stellar players…

  388. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The 03-04 rangers were one of my favorite ranger teams. They didn’t win nearly enough games, but at least they fought and mixed it up when they lost. A lot they acted like they cared!

    This team, not so much!

  389. Czechthemout!!! on


    Do you honestly believe that they generate enough offense? If you do than you should be calling for Sather to dump every forward on the team except for Cally.

  390. I can just imagine a lot of fathers on “Beginnings” who certainly are all avid fans and hockey knowledgeable, asking their sons, “Where’s the Mustard,” and each one of them replying to dad: “We’re not built that way.”

  391. I’m sick and tired of all the reasons/excuses for why the Rangers are so bad this year. Yes, they had no training camp and so called Torts bonding sessions (this isn’t summer sleep away camp) to build on, but these guys are pros, and they make tons of money. There’s no excuse not to be ready for this year. They can all afford trainers or whatever they needed to do to get in shape in the offseason.
    Maybe it’s not about being in shape as much as a “lack of skill” which always seems to be the common theme with this team. Can we stop praising Gordie Clark for his drafts over the last 6-7 years? It’s an embarrassment that they have no depth in the AHL to being up an NHL ready defenseman when Staal went down. How is there no one to bring up when they’ve supposedly been drafting better? Hamrlik is slow, out of shape, and old, and they should release him by the trade deadline. Let Bickel play. At least he plays with some emotion.
    They can’t buy out Richards fast enough. I never wanted this guy here, and they sign him for 9 years? Are you kidding me?? They are really an embarrassment when it comes right down to it. They trade for another big name, Nash, whose been very good, but not great IMO, and they are LAST in the league in goals. Where do they go from here? They have no first round draft pick and the way it’s looking, Columbus may get a lottery pick out of it….just ridiculous.
    Lastly for now, Lundqvist had to start this game, unless they were resting him for precautionary reasons for getting drilled in the head a few games back. I’m not saying they would have won with Lundqvist, but he makes a ton of money, and there’s no reason to sit him in the dire straits this team is in right now. He’s supposedly the toughest competitor on the team, so I just find it odd that Torts would tell him he’s not starting in a critical game.

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