Rangers-Senators in review; Live Chat Friday at noon


REMINDER: Live Chat Friday at noon. Be there. Should be, um, interesting.


1) At 0-0, it was a decent road game. At 1-0 a bunch of you guys said it was over and I didn’t believe you. But, holy cow. As it transpired, could it have gotten any worse? … Can this team possibly have more games like this when their offensive players just continually let them down, and when their secondary players contribute their usual zero?

2) And I still believe it will have to get a lot worse than mediocrity for coach John Tortorella to be in trouble, and these Rangers are mediocre and still have as good a shot as any of the mediocre teams bunched up in the middle of the East to make the playoffs. But a lot of this has to be on him, especially now that the special teams have nose-dived. I thought the PP’s failures last night were more execution than plan, because Ottawa’s PK didn’t even allow them to set up. But the power play and the penalty kill cost them a game here, big time.

3) Tortorella has to take a lot of the blame here, not just for the special teams … for players saying the effort wasn’t good enough at this stage, especially. Personally – and I really try to not coach, a lesson learned long ago from one of the great writers ever, Mr. Red Smith – I think the players leaving their feet to block passes or shots is creating a ton of opposition chances and not preventing nearly an equal amount. The Senators PK was unbelievably good, pressuring all over the ice, while remaining on their skates.

4) The style the Rangers play, trying to win wall battles, worked last year. It doesn’t work this year because this team’s forwards are softer. They are.

5) I really, really wish I could uncover what’s going on in Henrik Lundqvist’s head, because he’s clearly angry, annoyed, frustrated and disappointed. And he is their best player, their fiercest competitor, and one of their top leaders. And I’m sure he will let his teammates know it. But I don’t think he’ll do it publicly.

6) That all said, their troubles are mostly personnel-related. It’s a flawed group, and will continue to be flawed if two of their top three offensive players can’t provide, you know, offense. And while a ton of that deservedly lies on Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik, the new No. 1 line played horribly in Ottawa. Terribly. Start to finish. All three of them.

7) I give J.T. Miller a lot of credit for playing with a bad wing. But the kid also had a couple of beauts in  terms of D-zone lapses.

8) Speaking of bad wings, Denis Potvin on Ottawa’s TV feed said he saw that Rick Nash had a wrist injury – remember that slash he took in Philly – that he (Potvin) wasn’t supposed to see.

9) Don’t know if it’s because he just got back from Russia, or if it was because he hadn’t practiced with the team, or why Mats Zuccarello was scratched. But after seeing those power plays, my goodness, he has to play now, right?

10) I know this is sacrilegious, maybe, but captain Ryan Callahan was pretty awful last night, too.

11) Good to see that the refs got the reminder that Chris Neil is not allowed to be called for anything. Seriously, though, the guy really beats the daylights out of the Rangers’ d-men and nobody – other than Del Zotto – ever does anything about it.

12) Can we stop making Paul MacLean out to be Scotty Bowman until his team finishes in the top four, or wins a playoff round, at least? I mean, it’s admirable that they’ve hung in with those injuries. They’re not the Penguins.

13) Why the hell, with an extended post-game show now, does MSG Network cut out on Tortorella’s press conference after two questions? Because we need more Bill Pidto and Ron Duguay?

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan McDonagh.
2. Dan Girardi.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik-Best Ranger…but 2nd Best Goalie tonight.
2. Derek Stepan-why not?
3. Nasher-hey, it feels like Columbus-right?
HM-Sam and Joe for trying to convince us they cared about Neal…really now!
Strahlman–those double runner skates are slowing you down!
My imagination..or does Neal look like Sean Avery on steroids?
MZA- after watching the game he headed back to Norway by boat!

Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist (18.09 %).
2. Martin Biron (15.96 %).
3. Kris Newbury (11.7 %).

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  1. Stranger Nation on

    Glad I missed this stinker.

    Red Smith Reader – pure art form – man was a genius

    What is there record against PO teams on road? Bad uninspired hockey.

    What’s with Miller and ‘bad wing’? Put Haley on line 3 (Did I just right that?)

  2. Awful team is done and that will be very apparent by this time next week.
    Truth is every single player is having a bad year. Dont know if its because too many guys did nothing during the lockkout or what but they are out of time ti find their stride.

  3. Stranger Nation on

    sorry bout typos…their not there….write not right

    Red Smith would not be proud of me…

  4. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    RE: points 2 and 3 .. I guess the logic is lets not change the coach or gm because we still have a chance to get into the playoffs instead of making a change which just may be the thing the players need and WANT and get into the playoffs..

    I wonder what Lou would do ?

  5. Still waiting to get “instantly” better with that Nash trade. How long should I wait until I can get inpatient? ‘Cause there’s an army of people who stacked their hockey expertise on the sheer greatness of that trade. #saltyusuck

  6. 4generations 4 cups on

    last night was a totally undeniable confirmation that this team cant get it done. watched all game expecting the outcome.

  7. Stranger Nation on

    Re #4 – the forwards are softer – the only change in top 6 is Nash for Artie – so one could argue they got stronger there, though neither are bangers. Richards getting weaker was not counted on, but Kreider is starting to throw his weight around.

    on bottom 6 much more drastic changes and much worse results – Sather completely mismanaged the bottom 6. Bring up haley, play asham – those guys can skate and hit.

    Also their D is not very physically tough in a nasty way, more gentlemanly tough – who many penalties for roughing or other ‘physical ‘penalties’ do we have from our D?

    . When an opposing forward doesn’t have to worry about being crushed flying down the ice, they play twice their size. Our D is too worried about playing goalie…

  8. carp,
    I’ve been posting on here for weeks that this team is a flawed team. Welcome to the dark side.

  9. Outside of Gaborik and Richards, the major problem is the combination of Boyle and Pyatt have brought us nothing and as much as everyone raves about J.T. Miller, he’s produced absolutely nothing up here. Like Boyle, he’s only scored in one game this season.

    Last season the Rangers 3rd and 4th lines would win games for them. Now they give us nothing.

    Take Boyle off the 3rd line and bring Zuccarello into the lineup. Give the kid a chance to show what he can do…

  10. I do think part of the problem is there still trying to play the system they played last year but it doesn’t work because of the type of players they have this year.

  11. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Disagreed Stranger. The forwards ARE softer. Perhaps you talk of top two. THen we lost:
    Feds, Prust, Mitchell, Dubie, as well as Artie.

    Explain to me what, just what, our GM replaced them with????

    Hint: we already put one of them on waivers (Halpern) and one is a healthy scratch (Powe)

    But, supposedly, ‘role’ players are easy to replace and not worth big salaries, right?

    How about this: overbloated contracts to non-performing non-stars pull apart team chemistry? And how about overbloated contracts to non-performing non-stars that are favored and never see the coach’s ire, while others make one mistake and get benched can also pull apart team chemistry, now can’t it?? How about add that in, too.

  12. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    It’s clear as a blue sky, Oleo, that tinkering with team chemistry is what our GM did when he let an army of ‘the fearless’ go. And when we lost Prust, Boyle’s heart sank and left, until it is repaired, so in essence, he left, too.

    THen, that whole check ‘anything that moves’ group is replaced by Pyatt, Powe, Halpern, etc., etc.
    Uh..oh….we don’t check as a team anymore. Add in JT, CK (and I have no problem with good kids learning) but that jus changes the mix, now doesn’t it?)

    And, obviously we are going in another direction, but I will also give Mr. Sather a hint. If you are thinking that MAZ can turn this around and start blocking shots and checking with purpose….his 5’7″ , 165 pound frame, might not be able to do that. Just a hint, Mr. Sather.

  13. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Miami, you bush leaguer, jam is what is needed. Solidarity is needed. Too much jam has left our boys. But, wait, Zucc’s is here!!. He will fix it!!!

  14. Nice writeup, but I have to admit Paul McClain is looking a lot like Torts did last year in how he handles the call-ups. Perhaps it is their minor league farm team coaches…last year, the Rangers won those games with call-ups. This year, not so much. I turned the game off after the second period, had to get back to work. Had a feeling it would end this way. Too bad…Lundquist put everything into it and played brilliantly trying to inspire his troops. Will be interesting to see whether Z-A can make a difference.

  15. I’ve already have given up on this season. Chalk it up as a wasted season because of the lockout. I hope Darth Sather fixes this mess in the off season.

  16. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    read a report that Ottowa has draft picks playing all over the place. mostly 2nd to 7th rounders. I am not saying we are void of some young kids, but no way our farm system is as deep as teams like Ottowa with a ton of kids ready for prime time.

    How did Pitt. have so many possible NHL draftees ready for trade and such a deep system with what have been, for the last 5 years, lower picks than us??

    Oops, yet another blaring problem with our GM. Starting to see a bit of a pattern here, no?

  17. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    while I would rather save the playoff ticket money as a season ticket holder, we will probably get in somehow. from there, depends who we play, but it could be really ugly.

  18. Ralph from N.M. on

    why is Powe made to watch the game from upstairs and Pyatt can watch the game while on the ice ? And Tort’s adopted son Boyle [ although he has been hitting more as a wing ] needs to be a healthy scratch . bring up Haley . Ottawa totally undressed Torts last night . they showed the fans that he is totally inept . yeah ! the old protector ” that he has won the cup ONCE ” . yeah and he was fired once too . I don’t believe that the Sens are that much better than our guys , they just play together and thats on the coach

  19. I hate to say it because I’m a huge Tortorella supporter, love the work ethic he has instilled into this organization, but geez, he needs a different strategey to impart on this team, because like Carp said the style we’re playing now is just not working with the personnel we have, atleast not against teams like Ottawa. %&^#^^*&^!!!!()&&%!%$!!!…there i feel better.

  20. Assuming 51 points is enough to get in (which might be a bit low), the equivalent of 8 wins from the last 15 games are needed.

    Based on the crude pattern of the Rangers mostly losing to current playoff teams and slightly less mostly winning against the rest…they have 8 games remaining against current playoff teams (including the next four straight and six of hhe next seven). So they’ll have to pull out an unexpected win or two somewhere, while not slipping up against anyone else.

    Can’t see any problem in winning in Montreal or against the Penguinlas twice over the next week…

  21. czechthemout!!! on


    Great review! Could not hsve said it better myself.

    Well done.


    Have been saying that for a month.

  22. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    those last two home games vs. the Derbils could have some playoff implications, no, LW?

  23. Matty that’s how it was going to play out as soon as the schedule was printed on paper. That’s just how the hockey gods of the tri state are (they have jurisdictions these days) work..and guess what? the Rangers will fold. and discuss effort in the locker room afterwards..

  24. Not arguing the Rangers are comparatively deep in prospects, Matty, but in their recent moves, only giving up J. Morrow has much to do with their prospect depth.

    They only gave up picks and two players who sound like long shots to be productive NHLers in the Murray and Iginla deals.

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Matty – please reread my post and let me know what you said that I didn’t?

    Bottom 6 is much weaker, Sather mismanaged roster, no difference makes came in and some left.

    All the players you referenace are Bottom 6 including Dubi.

    In fact, one can argue they should not have brought ANY of those players back, but younstill need to find more than adequate replacements, especially with the D first, cycle-cycle, grind and jam Torts playbook.

  26. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I don’t think we are as deep as Ranger fans are led to believe. We are the ready to step in players from down below? Ottowa, at one point brought up 6-8,no? Imagine what’d be here if that were needed.

  27. Obviously, having prospect depth makes trading picks easier to do too, but I think the Pens are happy enough to be depleted a bit in the future to stack up now -knowing they can tank again in a few years to restock-

  28. MacLean, loved him as a Jet, love him as a new coach. No Bowman at all, no test of time, but a terrific start to his NHL career, good to see him take quick advantage of his chance.

  29. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    So far the the rangers pipeline of draft choices..seem to disappoint or are stuck in the minors..

    So even if sather gave up a #1 pick we as fans lose nothing.

  30. Nice to see Newbury and Biron finally get some credit.

    Three times I never expect to win:

    1.) Penguins
    2.) Senators
    3.) Habs in Montreal

  31. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    The stat keepers should think about adding an asterisk column to many of the stats. For instance, the Rangers are tied for 6th in faceoff percentage. The asterisk column would list the faceoff percentage relating to important key draws in the game. There’s no way we’re anywhere among the top half of the teams in the league in that category, much less 6th.
    How about hits? I’m guessing that the Rangers are probably somewhere among the top 10 or possibly top 5 teams in hits (no site seems to keep this stat). The asterisk column would list the number of meaningful hits. For instance a hit that knocked a guy off the puck and caused a turnover would be considered a good or meaningful hit while a hit that was basically a bump on a guy that had passed the puck a good 2 or 3 seconds earlier wouldn’t even be a blip on the radar. Then again the fact that no site lists this stat shows what a worthless statistic it is to begin with. I mean, c’mon, who here actually thinks Boyle is really 4th in the league among forwards in hits?

  32. In theory, the final 11 games aren’t all that scary:

    Leafs x2
    Canes x2
    Devils x2
    Panthers x2

    Hasn’t exactly been any point on the schedule (or any opponents) to date that the Rangers have breezed through though. And not a stretch to think they could be four points out of 8th before they even get to that point.

  33. the ledge is getting crowded today!

    this team is shot for this year… it would be great if they missed the playoffs and got a higher draft pick but with our luck they will make it as an 8 for the right to be crushed by pittsburgh.

    i’m a huge torts fan but really, i think you can pin a lot of this as the system not changing to support a different lineup. granted that there wasn’t a full camp to figure that out and make adjustments, but here we are almost through 40 games and still no changes to put the players he has in better positions to be successful.

    i think torts gets next year with the full camp and a re-do on the bottom of the lineup to see if he can adjust… but if we’re an 8-10 place team mid-way through next year, i’ll have no problem seeing that trigger getting pulled.

  34. Pretty sure NHL.com records hits, Evrock. But without any objectivity or consistency in recording it, you’re right, it doesn’t mean a whole lot beyond showing which teams don’t have the puck much at team level.

  35. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    “Fire Sather” is easy to chant. What would a “Fire Tortorella” chant sound like? Better figure it out quick.

  36. what what what?! Carp’s finally pointing his finger at the coach?! i dont believe my eyes! welcome to the dark side, Carpy!

    How great would it be injecting Avery into this line up right now? He turned 06-07 season around…

  37. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    I went to NHL.com and couldn’t find an actual “hits” stat per team. Same thing with TSN.

  38. Carp – point #4 Zucc is not going to help out that situation. I am not on the ledge and don’t post much but this team looks like it has given up on the coach and ready to move on to golf.

    I also agree with Onecup….WWLD? What would Lou Do?

  39. For what it’s worth, the Rangers are 4th in total hits and 7th in total hits on the road (less prone to scoring bias, but the Rangers have also played fewer road games than most).

  40. Subtractions:

    Dan Cleary
    Pascal Dupuis
    Robyn Regehr

  41. Great point about Hank after every bad loss like last night’s he looks ready to explode as he has the best view in the house on how inept his teammates are.

    Shocked that Zuccarello was not in the lineup last night, he’s been playing alot so he’s ready to go when Hamerlik joined the team after sitting in a press box all season he was put in the lineup and was sucking air after every shift.

    agree on NY Ranger post game it’s awful and Pido and Dugay give the Rangers fans nothing

  42. Cross Check Charlie on

    Well, that was surely a big buzz-kill after the euphoria after the Philly game.

    Let me get this straight. Richards has a good game playing on the wing with Boyle. So, Torts puts him back at center for the next game. Why? I just don’t understand.

    How much do you want to bet that after the rest of this season Zuccarello changes his name to Prucha? After his comments earlier in the week and now not using him and saying he may not play against Montreal, I have a feeling that getting Zuccarello was all Sather’s idea and Torts isn’t exactly all giddy about it.

  43. tf,
    rangers don’t have a 1st round pick this year, Columbus owns it from the Nash trade.

  44. I’ll ask my same question once again to the “Fire Torts!” people….AND REPLACE HIM WITH WHO, EXACTLY?

  45. Hits aren’t the problem. Overall team defense is the problem. Falling on their stomachs in front of the goalie is the problem. Not being able to kill penalties the way they did for the last 6 years is the problem. Not scoring to the point that you know in your heart a game is over when the opponent goes up 1-0 in the third is a problem. Agree or we’re gonna have a problem : P

  46. RE: Hamrlik. Picking him up off waivers may have been the most desperate move they Rangers have made in 5 years. I’ve seen players look crisper on defense while playing pick up hockey at Murray’s in Yonkers 1 o’clock in the morning. Seriously

  47. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    Holy crizzap, LW! I’ve been going to that site like crazy whenever I need to get stats that help back-up my arguments with dimwits on hockey blogs. Why the heck did those sneaky bastiches hide that?

  48. Stranger Nation on

    Remember Hits is a defensive stat – the fact a 2nd line winger (Cally) is leading in hits is not a good sign – means we don’t have puck.

    Puck possession is the teams’ biggest problem, IMO. Last year the D was making better passes in own zone to begin rush and wingers were in better position to push the play forward.

    And for all the Prust love – he is ABSOLUTELY horrible getting puck out of zone.

  49. Stranger Nation on

    On Richards from the Dept of Nitpicking:

    Can he not glide to bench for every line change – after watching him NOT bust his tail for an entire shift, the inability to get off the ice more quickly is poor, poor leadership.

  50. We could replace Torts with this guy I know. His name is John Tort. Great guy. Good tan. Cropped Goatee. Very gruff.

  51. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    Replace Torts with a bag of used pucks. Who cares if they do or don’t have anyone in mind to replace him. This team needs shaking up. If a team needs a kick in the arse during a game, get in a fight. It doesn’t matter who it’s with because it’s a clear statement that something’s wrong with the way the team was playing in that game and they needed a shot in the arm.
    Or fire Sather. This sham of a team is his making. He’s had way too many years to right this ship and other than the (obviously) fluke of a season that last year was, they’ve basically stunk like a big ball of shiitake during his reign.
    Hell, fire ’em both! Who cares at this point.

  52. good Morn Carp….its John From Airmont Eats. Its def been awhile and I wish I was back under better circumstances but it is what it is……I personally think the Rangers should be sellers and NOT buyers at this point. They simply don’t hae what it takes at all to compete for the cup and we should try to unload some of these bad contracts……Gabby and if there is any way possible Richards too…..thoughts?

  53. Strange…agree somewhat on puck possession. But that stat might be skewed because of the time we “posses” the puck while cycling. Major Problem: Our cycle game in the “O” zone rarely leads to quality shots on goal from high % scoring areas.

  54. I’m just sittin here watching the wheels go round and round. I’d really love to watch them roll.

  55. As Carp is probably just about to say, the Rangers’ “puck possession” numbers, i.e. Corsi/Fenwick-type stuff, are actually a fair bit better than last year (or they were recently, at least).

    Sign that last year’s relative good luck has just run out in a short season or that these things don’t mean squat? Discuss.

  56. LW – do you use that site HockeyAsbtrast.com ? I am currently trying to figure it out. Not succeeding. I need your exceptional monarchy-like sense of intelligence.

  57. I can’t be on the chat later so i want to bring this up now. Can i suggest that our forwards especially Cally use wooden sticks that dont shatter when on the PK? Only seems to make sense. Really dont need space age materials to shoot the puck the length of the ice.

  58. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    last year lots of boneheads wanted Vinny or Nash well they got Nash..
    The blame should rest uopn sather and the cap guru (Mike Tanenbaum from the Jets maybe)?
    for the lack of a support cast.
    The point is when you sign someone , anyone you should look at the downside if this player doesn’t produce and how it dominoes into failure..

    They can’t dump guys and bring guys in because too few make too much $$$ ie Gaborik and Richards.
    They still need a slugger from Orr to Aasham.

    And an Unhappy Hank means trouble next contract..

  59. LW – puck possession prevents the other team from scoring ….. that’s a good thing.

    Cycling needs too result in better scoring opportunities: *quality shots on goal from high percentage scoring areas*

  60. No fights, no scrums, no push back. Team lost its balls when Prust took his with him to Montreal…

  61. Only on occasion, Månnu. I’m not actually a massive follower of advanced stats (unlike that geek CTB).

    Have been meaning to play around with the Player Usage Charts on there though. They’re pretty good and accessible to non-geeks too.

  62. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Looking at the Rangers’ remaining opponents reminds me of the SNY team talking about the Jets’ final eight games last year, and how they were all winnable. The others teams thought the very same thing. The Jets were a joke and a gimme on the schedule.

    Toronto, Florida, and the Devils are licking their chops to whack these underachievers.

  63. Yea. CT is _such_ a dork. Can’t even deal with him. I am exploring player usage charts. Trying to pull up Prucha…

  64. Czechthemout!!! on

    Replace Torts with Schoenfeld. The players respect him and he can bridge what is left of this disapointing season to the next coach. Heck, I would fire Sather and Torts and give the reins over to Schonny.

    Hank is visibly angry at this mess. He is this close to losing it. There is no way he resigns here if he thinks we have no shot at the Cup.

    Doing nothing is not an option. You are either a buyer or a seller with this team. Remember, they were picked as one of the Cup favorites by many people. Somethig is clearly wrong. I think it is the system being espoused by a coach that is being tuned out by many of his players. Een Cally has not been the same player he was the last several years.

    Moves have got to be made. This is unacceptable!

  65. I’m not sure this is Tort’s doing.
    Last summer all the toughness went out the door and was replaced with
    the opposite of toughness…europansiness. Tort’s team last year was tough, gritty, mean.

  66. Time for Sather to go….the Nash deal you make anytime…but he clearly had no idea what he lost with fedotenko, mitchell, and PRUST…Your team was one step away from winning the cup and you blow it up…is that a smart GM?? don’t think so

  67. Rob in Beantown on

    I really feel for Hank after games like last night. He _does_ look ready to explode when he gives his team a chance to win and they give him a goose egg. And it happens so often. I wish I could be a fly on the wall after the game and see what he says to his teammates.

    I don’t know what’s going to happen when he’s a free agent. If I’m the GM I try to resign him at any cost. He loves New York no doubt, and I think he wants to stay here, but for the people suggesting he’ll take a discount to stay, I can’t watch a game like last night’s (of which there have been so many over his career), and think a guy as competitive as he is will take a huge discount to continue to be the only guy on the team who does his job. It will be interesting.

  68. Can’t beat Ottawa…..Can’t Beat Pittsburg…….Can’t beat Montreal……..blow a 3 goal in Boston in the final period….

  69. whats alarming is the little offense we generate through 1st two periods. bishop didnt get tested until midway through 3rd. hank needs to stop the second goal but without his other saves it still isnt 1-0. bottom line is we are flawed our bottom six boyle pyatt dont do anything and gaborik is just completely useless.

    so tom we return to the house of horrors the bell center in montreal and i expect biron to get the call. its prob a game the rangers had scheduled for him and hank needs a mental break because if he doesnt get one he may ask for a trade (lol).

    other than that WE SUCK AND I HATE THE PENGUINS

  70. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    The sad part with this organization is that there seems nothing in the pipeline. from hartford on down .. Yikes

  71. In 33 games to date we’ve scored 2 goals or less 18 times, 1 goal or less 11 times.

  72. Some players are better suited to play off the rush,

    Some players are better suited to play in the cycle / forecheck game,

    Few players are good at doing both. (Crosby, Parise, etc)

    Rangers have mostly rush players.

  73. Rob in Beantown on

    For the first time all season I don’t think this team is going to make the playoffs

  74. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Delusional. They have the personel to win games. What they lack is the heart. Why should they have that killer instinct? They were all brought over here showered with rose pedals and jewels. I think these guys went from drinking black coffee to sipping macchiato on game days. Torts protects them too much. Hank is noticeably the only one angry. Everyone else sounds like a taped recording “didn’t play good enought to win” “effort has to be better” etc..

    They have the team, just not the heart. You get a group as talented as this one pissed off enough, and you’ll see what I mean.

    I’ll say it. In not ashamed (not true) but when Pittsburgh is in a slump, Crosby gets angry. Must have something to do with players living in NYC. They lose, they go clubbing or shopping or perhaps a museum. In Pittsburgh, you lose and do what? Nothing.

  75. Carp, another outstanding analysis, too bad writers can’t pose these questions and analyses to Sappy and friends!

  76. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Hank has one year left? If this team is still soft next year, he’ll be moved at the trade deadline. He hardly seems happy. Last years run was all him. He knows it. He could’ve taken Hartford to the conference finals if he wanted. He’s gonna want out.

  77. It’s clear the coach has to go…beware of his replacement, however, because the man making the decision is Glen Sather.

  78. Czechthemout!!! on

    Oh and everyone is complaining about the lack of toughness in front of Hank. Why isn’t Mcilrath up here? He is not worse than Hamerlik at this point and maybe, just maybe he will step up his game even more at this level. At least he wouldnt allow Neil to crash the net without any consequences.

    Let the kid play! This team needs some grit on defense!

  79. Czechthemout!!! on


    That is the one fear I have when I call for Torts to be replaced. Sather should be canned as well.

  80. Gents, where is the consistency? One minute posters are blaming the coach, next it’s the underperforming players and finally more and more understand the primary issue is the GM and scouting staff who have produced little to speak of from the minor league team,draft and trades. This 13 year reign of error has produced average!

    The problems always begin at the top with a business plan first and foremost.

    The ongoing business plan as to personnel here has been expensive FA’s and draft guesswork. It has not worked and what normally should happen is removal of the “planner” and a new direction.

    Two things prevent that at MSG, a complacent fan base which continues to fill their coffers, and an obstinate spoiled child given the reins of the sport’s franchises by a successful but indulgent father!

    How to change it? Put your hands in their pockets instead of your own! Stage several walkouts in protest ,what are you really missing more average!

  81. The reason players/vets like Hamerlik are here is because of the desperation level of the organization to simply make the playoffs.

    The MSG suits understand this will as it usually does pacify the fan base and distract as usual the fan base from the systemic issues of the franchise.

    Viola, use a vet who will not run around taking dumb penalties to establish his creds and hope.

    The Yankees are taking the same approach this year and crossing their fingers!

  82. it is a flawed roster plain and simple…

    gabby and richards have been horrible and the depth is young and growing.

    depth on d for 5th and 6th d men is also lacking.

    the montreal house of horrors on saturday…henrik cannot will this band of baffoons into the playoffs…

    cally is a good player but that is it…15 points on the season on this team that is not bad on a good team that is ok….

  83. Country Club Atmosphere on

    Glad to see that there are still plenty of Rangers fans who realize that Sather/management is a major problem, because there are some fans elsewhere on the internet who believe that Sather is doing a “great” job and deserves a free pass.

    I’m not sure how much of this year’s failure has to do with Torts, or if a coaching change is the answer. But it just sickens me that Sather may have the opportunity to hire a 6th coach in his 13 years here. Enough is enough already.

  84. Pens are gonna run the East table unless they get clowned and implode like last year. They got Morrow, Murrau, and Iginla to prevent that from happening.

    If Boston is willing to give us a haul for Gaborik, you do it. Richards is an amnesty buyout, let him go play for the Leafs like Lindros did when we dumped him.

    There are a few decent if unspectacular UFAs available this summer (Horton, Ribeiro, Ryder, Boyes, Dupuis) that we can replace those 2 burnouts with.

  85. I’d start Lundquist tomorrow night. Face your fear. Reap the benefits of success as opposed to avoiding failure.

  86. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on


    Stage a walkout? Won’t work. The only fans who care that much are in the rafters. The ones down low are mostly out of town clients who would probably be snapping photos of us rather than joining. They’ll go back home to wherever the hell it is and say “hey guys, darla and I were in (with bulging eyes) New. York. City! And we went to some game where guys wore ice skates and fought a lot, and then we looked up at the roof and saw a nj ch of people wearing the same uniforms as the ones with the ice skates on, and they all just left. Must have been part of the show. Really cool. Then the next day darla and I went to the MOMA. That museum was definitely the greatest. There was a painting by Picasso…..”

    That’s what a walkout will accomplish. Another Fire Sather rally might actually help. It’ll embarrass directly the management. The real culprits.

  87. Rob in Beantown on

    I just did some spreadsheet analysis.

    This season the Rangers’ Goals/Game is *2.27*
    Goals Against/Game is *2.36*

    Last season Gaborik scored 0.50 goals per game and Richards scored 0.30 goals per game.

    Through 33 games, if Gabby and Richards were scoring at the same pace as last season they’d have 17 and 10 goals respectively, instead of 9 and 5. The Rangers would have 13 more team goals.

    If Gaborik and Richards were scoring as many goals as last season the Rangers’ Goals/Game would be *2.65* (as opposed to 2.27).

    Think about what our record would be and how we’d feel about this team if our G/G was *2.65* and GA/G was *2.36* instead of what it is now.

  88. this blog never changes, the get rid of sather crowd. it is true they should get rid of sather the problem is they will not so why waste your energy over something that will not happen.

    mza should play tomorrow sit 1 of the burners; pyatt, boyle, nebury, or asham.

    richards gets a season pass on sitting and then gets bought out at end of season.

    i trade gabby for anything, i can’t stand to see his act…they can get 2 or 3 players.. 2 decent nhl forwards if they do…

  89. rob, great analysis the problem is they are not. richards looks shot and gabby looks mentally shot…

    as carp has said a 100 times when your big boys are playing like this you are screwed..

  90. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I have a request. Can we have three options to vote for in the poll that are…
    No ranger deserved the first star
    No ranger deserved the second star
    No ranger deserved the third star

    That way at least we are calling a spade a spade in the voting process instead if guys that didn’t play getting votes

  91. When you have people arguing over if Boyle and Pyatt should be replaced by Haley and Powe, that’s how you know the team has issues way bigger than those 4.

  92. And I don’t get it. Last year the team is in first, everyone likes Sather. He trades for the “BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE”, Rick Nash, everyone is ready to throw the guy a parade for stealing him from Columbus.

    Now the team is having a year that most didn’t expect and they want Sather fired for doing what the fans wanted and having it not work out? Almost everyone except for myself and maybe 2 other people here wanted him to trade for Nash as long as it didn’t include DZ or McD. He did that. But now he’s a bad GM?

  93. Wick, I wonder if my tech guys could set it up so that voting can’t be done until the end of the game, then, if the Rangers lose, we can have you guys vote for the three worst players in the game; if they win, we do three stars.

    That might be fun.

  94. Stranger Nation on

    If this team is realistically 2 or 3 years away and this season is a pipe dream at most, you need to see what the market is for Gabby. He is gone after next season, which is another pipe dream as long as King Richard is here – we “traded our kingdom for his horse-teeth” (UFA signing – but you get the idea)

    He is now an under performing potential injury risk at 32 yrs old. I still think he can play good hockey, but we are not able to fully leverage his skill set. Realize Gabby goals per game over the last 3 seasons (200 or so games)…blah, blah, blah.

    Let’s get two up and comers in the minors who are 2 years away from helping their big club – solid 2 way center, LW banger with up side to score, or offensive D man.

    Are there ‘legit’ players on level below we can deal for in Det. or Minny or Van.?

  95. They aren’t getting anything of value back for Gaborik. This year he’s struggling and coming off shoulder surgery so his trade value sucks. Next year he’s a pending UFA so nobody wants to give up anything of real value (Similar to the Iginla deal). So unfortunately were stuck with him and have to hope his shoulder continues to heal and he gets his game back.

  96. The best possibility of the Rangers having a 40-goal scorer, or even a legitimate first-line winger other than Nash next season is still Gaborik figuring it out.

    Otherwise, you have more second/third-line guys and it’s worse over an 82-game season than it’s been for these 33. Somebody suggested Gaborik for Simmonds … if only.

  97. ” I know this is sacrilegious, maybe, but captain Ryan Callahan was pretty awful last night, too.”

    And, he knows it. It’s too bad he puts so much pressure on himself. Largely due to the fact that our “elite” players suck…

  98. Any time Melrose ranks players it’s a reminder of why he’ll never ever be a coach in the NHL again. ever. again.

  99. Carp – Henrik is PO’d because his team stinks.

    Watched the Habs vs. Bruins the other night. WOW! That was a hockey game, just wow.

  100. Czechthemout!!! on


    Gabby still has a lot of trade value. Teams know that and will bid for him if we are truly looking to move him. He is being misused and good gm’s know it. While we may mot get optimum value for him, we will certainly get more for him than what Cgy got for a 35 year old Iginla. If Gabby was worth optimum value, we would not be trading him because he would be leading us in goal scoring. Gabby is being asked to play along the boards, thats mot his game. Last year he had Hags getting him the puck with Richards so he scored. This year it is not happening.

  101. Carp- if Tortorella survives this season, and Tortorella dislikes Gaborik, why keep Gaborik if Boston wants him bad enough to overpay?

  102. probably gabbys shoulder is fine he just scuks.. soft player, who turns it on occassionaly.

    he has trade value, he is locked up for next year the last year of his contract so the pansie will have incentive to produce…

    they can win with a bunch of 3rd liners if they are real 3rd liners guys who can score 15 + goals..

    ranger 3rd liners score 5 goals a season.

    can they trade boyle for a 7th rounder and a bag of pucks please…I say trade all non core for whatever you can get and rebuild on the fly.

  103. Thanks for the laugh about the 3 stars 1) Hank 2) Biron 3) Newbury. Otherwise not much to smile about. Not going to state my thoughts re: Torts again. Do think if he is let go it is only fair that Sather is let go at the same time. Probably not happening 5 days before trade deadline. It is fair to blame Torts as much as Sather though because the past 2-3 years the team has been made up of players that Torts wants here. It has been his call of when/who is up from CT Whale. And he did promise more communication with the GM than we saw in previous “regime”. So either that was all a lie or he is equally as responsible if not more so for not getting more out of his players. Guess I just did state my thoughts re: Torts…

  104. Carp and friends, I was thinking about this all morning and after giving some consideration to what’s in the system where they stand in the draft at the moment and who will be available via free agency, I’m beginning to think maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing if they tried to get something for Gaborik next season. The reason? Not because I don’t think he’ll bounce back but because there’s just no help coming at the No 1 center position anytime soon unless Richards has a major turn around. Not much has changed since they went after Richards 2 years ago and we looked down the line to say well, there arent many other options that would be worth it.
    In fact, to be more specific I think they should hang on to him hope he bounces back next year to be at least on pace for 30 goals and then try to move him as part of some kind of package for someone capable of doing what Richards was brought in to do.

  105. ThisYearsModel on

    Torts’ shelf life has expired. This season is lost unless you consider a first round playoff exit anything different. We should go forward with this in mind approaching the deadline.

  106. Czechthemout!!! on


    Can you please tell me where you heard about the B’s interest in Gabby? I was away for about a week and did not read anything about it. I also saw this at a few other sites.


  107. Need a 30 goal/60+ point guy if you’re unloading Gaborik. Otherwise we’ll be saying next season that we wish somebody else other than Nash is putting up decent offense.

  108. ThisYears, that’s a cliche. There will need to be a better reason than that for a change. I don’t think one is coming unless there’s a real downward spiral the rest of the way.

  109. DJK, if Boston is willing to overpay for Gaborik, then by all means the Rangers will do it. But you don’t do it for draft picks or middling prospects like Calgary got for Iginla. First-rounder plus? Maybe.

  110. maybe they are shopping him and maybe therefore they’re going to scratch him, so they want to see the other lines?

  111. Of course Lundqvist is fed up. This is what he’s had to see the majority of his career here. Only difference is that he’s not playing to the level of a Vezina candidate for the first time..well, ever..Maybe he should have some say on what players fill out the blueline in front of him?

  112. Mentally pretty weak. A glaring lack of team toughness. Fans growing frustrated by the coach/system and the team seems to be tuning him out. Oh, and the all-world goalie is pissed off. Yeesh….

  113. Carp – Hank is a competitor, he needs a team in front of him that wants to compete as well.

  114. Sioux-per-man on

    Hey Boys Busy moving daughter into her first house today!!

    Just wanted to wish you all a happy EASTER!!!

    Don’t forget to check out the Fighting Sioux at 4:30 on ESPN. The Road to the frozen four starts today!

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