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  1. joefrohlinger on

    They’ve stopped listening to Torts. The vets have given him the middle finger. Gabby is now skating with Newbury and Pyatt. Way to go Torts, they hate your guts.

  2. guess im going to have to change my screen name not to get confused with the other Lev who only shows up for ticket contests (and loses) and the rare charp.

  3. Zuccarello has great offensive instincts but couldn’t crack the lineup last night uh huh

  4. Lloyd, Zucca just got off a flight from Europe. Do you think maybe he was at all jet lagged? Do you think maybe he should practice with the team once?

  5. Here’s an upgrade idea for the blog- If our comments have to stay in que for 35 minutes maybe it should show the time they were sent? This way comments that pertain to conversation #40 do not pop up during coversation 100 and seem completely out of place

  6. Carp I dont know what they’d use Jags for but it certainly wouldn’t be to improve the power play ; )

    Thanks for 2 hours of your life you’ll never get back!

  7. I realized two things sitting through my first full chat:

    1) People really are just full of anger and frustration and want to try ANYthing to improve the team..ANYthing..

    2) I can’t be as sarcastic as I want to be because so many people say similar things and are actually serious that I could be mistaken for one of them.

  8. Czechthemout!!! on

    So what did we learn from the live chat today?

    Torts is the most awsomenest , tactition,motivator,master strategist to ever step behind the bench. We are lucky to have him and with just a little patience, we will win the cup.

  9. the usual one that has a vendetta against the coach and that beat the other Lev in the ticket contest :) the only other time he showed up.

  10. we also learned that some people — not naming names — think this is the 1980s Edmonton Oilers who should just run and gun and have John Muckler coaching instead. Oh, and Avery should be here.

  11. Country Club Atmosphere on

    I think it’s pretty apparent the issues on this team lie deeper than Torts. No, he is not doing himself any favors with the PP, line juggling, etc.

    But I don’t think a new coach will magically make Richards find his legs or help Gaborik become more engaged and utilize his speed on a more consistent basis. I’m hoping it’s just lack of conditioning/preparation from the lockout that’s causing them to play so poorly, and that they will bounce back next year, but it may be more than that. I’m assuming Richards gets bought out next year, but then who replaces him, another free agent? The cycle continues…

  12. anyone hear anything about this according to ny daily news the rangers will monitor hank for possible consussion symptons because of head and neck soreness. this was an update on nhl radio.

  13. Hank probably did have a concussion, given he was still complaining of headaches from the Girardi hit a week later. But now that it is obvious these guys ain’t figuring it out or going anywhere, he sure isnt gonna play hurt if they are hanging him out to dry. Usually you’d say why risk it but this year, REALLY, why risk anything?

  14. Rangers never have a high enough first round pick to draft a truly offensively gifted superstar and so free agency is the only route they have to the first line. Either that or they never use their first round picks on guys like that. Like Pacioretty for example.

  15. Ralph from N.M. on

    I heard during the chat that Torts is a great coach . and all thats going wrong is the players faults . what exactly is the coach doing to turn things around [ by the way that is his job ] oh I know he baby sits his favorites . plays Pyatt , who can’t get out of his own way , over Powe who is faster & grittier & good @ the PK. Some one , please tell me what make him so good . I know he won the cup once . again he also got fired once

  16. mark lee right now on hockey night in canada radio whos calling the game for cbc tom night say the rangers as well are keeping an eye on hank for concussion because of neck issues. says biron will most likely start.

    hank complained of head and neck pain. possible lingering effects from girardi running into him and the slap shot he took from ribiero last sunday and be run into a few times last night

  17. prust making his return to lineup tom night after being out for a few weeks with price in goal.

    no hank prust returns price who owns rangers= 4-0 montreal game over season over next year over too

  18. Carp – meant to ask you in the chat but is there any talk of bringing in Michael St. Croix for a look next year? I know he signed an entry level deal, but he’s been lighting it up in juniors. Pretty much a Christian Thomas clone in regards to size and speed, but more of a playmaker than scorer. I could see those two complementing each other with their speed and offensive gifts if they can get used to the bigger sized players in the NHL.

  19. Ralph from N.M. on

    Carp – Thats my point . what is this great coach doing to turn things around . again that is his job

  20. is there no middle ground between holding the coach responsible for the team’s state and wanting him fired?

  21. In hindsight, I really think the Rangers should have kept vets like Prospal and Fedotenko around…

  22. I’m not sure that is even close to being grounds for firing a coach…most people here thought they were done, too…

  23. If that mean’s we’re going to include Skjei in a trade in which an underachieving laughingstock of a veteran departs our team and we receive one of the best young defense prospects in the league in return, I’ll take it, LW.

  24. Ralph from N.M. on

    lets put being fired aside . as a team coach who’s team is in a funk , what is this coach doing or has done to pull this team out of its funk .

  25. Great recap Carp. Couldn’t agree more with just about everything you said. Just wondering when Torts is going to be held accountable for this underachieving team. Still don’t understand( Not sure if I ever will) why he juggles the lines so quickly. He doesn’t give these lines any time to get it together. Seems he is very impatient. Onto the defense. I do believe that with Staal healthy the Rangers have a real solid top 4. However, I strongly think that the 3rd pair is probably the worst in the NHL. Those guys are horrible. When O when will a defenseman clear the front of the crease. People talk about the forwards being soft, how about our stick check defense??? Lastly, back to Torts. He seems really unflexable to changing the way he wants this team to play. I believe a good coach is able to make changes to his philosphy to adapt to the personality of his team. Think you said it in your last post. This team can not play along the boards like last years team and he does not seem to realize it. And why O why was Zus not in the lineup? He can’t do any worse that Boyle and would for sure help the PP.

  26. Cross Check Charlie on

    Ralph, unless you watched practices or attended the meetings how would you know exactly what is being done? Oh yeah, he can change lines (yawn) or bench this guy or that guy, but maybe he has tried to do something and it didn’t work.

  27. Lloyd, I sure wish there could be and there definitely should be.

    And, BTW (not meant for Lloyd) I have come up with a few reasons why he could be fired, and I still don’t think he will be unless it gets a lot worse. I have no horse in the race. I don’t care if they win or lose (traffic is better after losses, my mental health is better after wins), and my job was infinitely easier and more pleasant during the Renney days … and even in the Low days and the few Keenan days, so I have no reason to defend Tortorella. I just don’t see the “he’s lost the team” or “he should open it up” as legit reasons whatsoever.

  28. John,

    Obviously Zuccarello didn’t play because he was jetlagged and without the benefit of a practice he obviously would have been a bigger liability than the 4 or 5 forwards Tortorella dressed last night who’ve combined for 2 points in the last month

  29. and Zuccarello playing shortly after getting off a plane from Russia, or not playing, is really small potatoes.

  30. I like Zuccarello but this team is pretty far removed from him being a difference maker

  31. exactly. Can he help? Sure he could. Does it matter of Nash, Hagelin, Stepan, Richards, Gaborik, Callahan play like that? Nope.

  32. I’d be curious to know what reasons you’ve got in mind for Tortorella being fired – seems like it would take an even bigger collapse this season and partway through next season for that to even be a valid consideration

  33. Ralph from N.M. on

    Cross Check Charlie
    I agree, I don’t see practice nor am I in the meetings. Carp is at some practice times , does he see something being tried and if something is being tried . what is it have you seen anything different game to game . And if he has [ past tense ] tried to do somthing and it didn’t [ past tense ] work. he needs to keep trying to change the players mindset . He’s the coach that’s his job . what have you or anyone seen different . other than line changes

  34. Great job as always, Carp. I often wonder if after a poor effort like last night you think to yourself “Well…tomorrow is gonna be fun” in reference to this blog. Which is still my go-to place for Rangers news, even if I don’t post all that often (usually from lack of time)

    As for this team, the continual poor effort is what troubles me most. The Rangers are a mediocre team with some players playing bad enough to make one question their professional integrity…but the lack of effort, of hustle (which had been a benchmark for the past few seasons) is what’s extremely disappointing.

    My own gut feeling is that the team knows it has zero shot this year. They talk a good game, but haven’t backed it up for a single moment. They have a look of “I quit” as soon as the chips are down. Hell, from the opening faceoff.

    My biggest concern is Hank. He’s the best player on this team (BY FAR), the most competitive, and the single solitary reason why anyone ever considered the Rangers to be Cup Contenders this season (thanks again to all the experts)

    He’s had to suffer for quite some time now with virtually no offensive support. He’s got a first row view of just how inept this team is offensively. He also knows deep down that if he gives up more than two goals that this team likely has zero shot to win the game.

    I’m not gonna call Hank out to be a prima-donna or anything. And his play this season hasn’t been as stellar as last year.

    But Henrik Lundqvist is the reason the Rangers have been successful. Case closed. While Brad Richard$, Brian (I miss my Prust) Boyle, Marian (when is the next Isles game) Gaborik, and countless others on this team have embarrassed themselves and the jersey…what happens if Hank finally hits a point where he lashes out at his teammates and his coach?

    I’m not saying calling them out in public (Hank’s got too much class to pull a Tortorella), but I’d like to think that behind closed doors Hank is seething at his teammates who continually put in poor effort after poor effort and then stare blankly at the cameras after the game saying “Not sure why the effort wasn’t there tonight”

    I just got a feeling that things are gonna get alot worse before they get better. The schedule ahead looks like a nail in the coffin.

    BTW, as good as Nash is (and he’s looked beyond awesome at times), isn’t it troubling how he can go through long stretches in a game looking completely ineffective and get easily knocked off the puck?

  35. Nash is the one guy on this team that I’d hold less responsible for the Rangers poor performance than anyone else (including Lundqvist)

  36. Not pointing any fingers at Nash, Lloyd. Just pointing out that being surrounded by players giving sub-par performances can rub off on even our best players.

  37. Sorry to have missed the chat. Awoke late, then had to square away a few things. Will now peruse and see what yiz had to say.

  38. I think it’s more noticeable because he’s the only guy with a superlative skill set on the roster

  39. Ralph from N.M. on

    thanks for the live chat today . great reteric [ Ithink thats the correct spelling ] keeps one from brainwashing ones self

  40. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Someone in here earlier said the Rangers never get a pick high enough to get an elite offensive talent, like a Paccioretti, I believe? I’m not too sure what that meant, but there is no doubt we have not had a 1-5 in quite some time. We did have a 6 in 2004 and our GM settled on a wasted pick.

    Moreover, some teams that do pick deep into the draft have much better ability to recognize talent worldwide. Part of being a GM is building an organization that can find and develop talent. Check out Ottowa, NJ Devils, St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago, and there are teams out there that DO draft well deep. We just happen to be fans of a team that..uh..has struggled in that department.

    2004 overall #6 pick Al Montoya
    2005 overall #12 pick Mark Staal
    2006 overall #21 pick Bobby Sanguinetti
    2007 overall #18 pick Alex Chereponov
    2008 overall #20 MDZ
    2009 0verall #19 The Kreider
    2010 overall #10 Dylan McIlrath
    2011 overall #15 JT Miller

    Especially since Sather has stopped being in charge of this, we have been better (McIlrath unknown, as yet). But his lack of building a true base of players through rounds 1-4 is deplorable, 13 years in.

    It’d be nice if he could have done the wheeling and dealing Shero just did. But we don’t have enough good draft picks (not first rounders, good picks!) for him to do that.

    Sad, but true.

  41. Norm Einstein on

    Taking a break from working through this General Theory of Relativity of mine to chime in on Tortorella and his troubles. This guy sees him flexing his flexibility muscles a bit of late, allowing a bit more chance-trading than that with which he may be comfortable, though I’d like to see the flop-blocking become something up with which he shall no longer put. What he really needs, still, is one of those two-thumb remotes one sees in living rooms across America, such that he can operate the Richards from the bench, speed his hands and feet up.

    I’ve seen some behind-the-back passes recently that were not followed up by bench-side summary executions, and I’m hopeful it means the coaches are now OK with players not staying permanently in their lanes and getting their wood chopped by grateful defenders. I think I recently saw, though I wouldn’t swear to it, a Ranger forward skate into the zone, crisscross with a fellow forward and — sorry, pausing to wipe a tear from eye, Messier’s drop to Zubov leading to THE GOAL just flashed before my eyes — where was I? Oh, right, forwards creating in open ice rather than constantly playing the boards like members of the percussion section. Varying the program, as it were.

    The motivation program, however, seems still to be sputtering. Montreal should make them try to skate for all three periods. Anyway, back to the integrals and such…

  42. Hank- 7th round, Callahan-4th round, Hagelin- 4th round, Girardi- wasn’t drafted at all.

  43. Well put, Norm. Even I understood some of that. Especially enjoyed the grammatical calisthenics to organize the prepositions:

    “… become something up with which he shall no longer put.”

    lmfgo, actually.

    Thank you, Ralph. It’s rhetoric, but I appreciate the sentiment.

    Lloyd, in my mind I’m forming a “Why he should be” and “Why he shouldn’t be” column for a later date, maybe if we ever get another two-day break between games or if I can somehow extricate myself from my “other job” and the seven-day work weeks it creates, or perhaps if somebody can figure a way to inject an eighth day into the week.

  44. Those are fair balances, too, ilb. But I think you really have to hit a couple of home runs in the first round at some point. Matty was kind in that he didn’t include ’00, ’01, ’02, ’03. I don’t know those off-hand, but I’m guessing they didn’t get a franchise player in those first rounds, either.

  45. *Inject?* I do it every day, all day…Not sure that’s what you have in mind though :-)

  46. Actually, that draft pick list doesn’t look so bad — one of them fellas died, as I recall, so hard to say how that would have worked out. Montoya not so much. Would need to see other teams’ similar lists.

  47. Number 1-4 D-man is either drafted by NY, or here because Slats was dealing with a brain dead GM.

  48. Jeez, Rob, no opinion with that score update?

    Anyway, I was thisclose to offering my middle ground (shock!) position on the coach, that being that while there are very few positives to come out of the direction of the team so far this year and he is obviously responsible for a more than decent share of that (but probably equal to that of the GMs failure to restock the forward depth adequately and the top forwards’ failure to restock their points totals adequately), he deserves the chance to turn things around. Not sure I’m entirely convinced as Carp that he’s safe barring complete disaster, but nor do I think the swathe of knee-jerk, occasionally irrational voices that have been waiting for a more concrete reason than one or two (OK, one) unpopular personnel decisions to justify a firing are on the mark.

    But I won’t bother, so I’ll return to my facetious, Tort-acolyte, sucking-up, opinion-less corner.

  49. This team isn’t in a funk or underacheiving. This is who they are. A mediocre, inconsistent team. That doesn’t have all that much to do with Torts coaching as much as it has to do with the fact that the team isn’t all that talented.

    It’s even less talented when two of its most expensive players are playing horribly.

  50. that you have to go back to 1991 to find a proven 1st round home run for the Rangers is hugely depressing. Kreider could turn out to be as good of a player as Kovalev but that’s obviously years off. Rangers have obviously done much better in later rounds (Stepan, Callahan) but that there’s simply not been the ability to locate a star forward with that initial pick for the better part of two decades puts so much more emphasis on free agency and trades, both of which have proven to be more miss than hits for the Rangers front office.

    it’s the Rangers lackluster first round picks that give me few qualms about trading the 2014 pick for Clowe

  51. Ilb- I can’t resist- Girardi was undrafted but still acquired by Slats ; )
    in seriousness, great point.

  52. opening segement of nhl live on nhl network

    hank being watched by rangers for concussion

  53. 2000 — (No first-rounder) Filip Novak in second round.
    2001 — Dan Blackburn (looked as if he’d be a good one before his freak injury).
    2002 — (No first-rounder) Lee Falardeau in second round.
    2003 — Do I really have to go here? … Hugh know who.

  54. What was left on the draft table when they selected in 06-12? I totally fault them for passing over the Parises and Getzlafs in the early 2000s but Im not sure they had better options since they didn’t pick top 10 aside from Mcilrath who may be just what we need once he’s ready

  55. bull dog line on

    the easy way out. BLAME GABBY! time for Torts to look in the mirror. its the system they are playing that is causing the goal scoring problem. do we think when Sather signed Richards, and traded for Nash, that he felt they should grind? of course not. he envisioned goals. lots of them. I am not on the fire Torts band wagon, but he has had an awful year behind the bench.

  56. what do you supposed Richards envisioned when he took the king’s ransom and re-upped with Tortorella? What do you think Nash expected when he forced his way out of Columbus?

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