Senators 3, Rangers 0: Post-game notes


From the Rangers:

March 28, 2013 (Game 33, Away Game 15)
Scotiabank Place – Ottawa, ON
Senators 3, Rangers 0

Team Notes:

–      The Rangers were defeated by the Ottawa Senators, 3-0, tonight at Scotiabank Place, and are now 1-1-0 on their current three-game road trip.

–      The Blueshirts are now 16-14-3 (35 pts) overall, including a 6-8-1 mark on the road this season.

–      Henrik Lundqvist has appeared in 29 of the Rangers’ last 30 meetings with Ottawa, dating back to Dec. 26, 2005.

Player Notes:

–      Henrik Lundqvist stopped 26 of 28 shots faced and is now 14-13-2 overall, including a 4-7-1 mark on the road this season. He has now held opponents to three goals or fewer in each of his last 14 games (7-6-1, 1.98 GAA, .929 Sv%).

–      Brian Boyle was credited with a team-high, four hits, and won 6-10 faceoffs (60%) in 17:02 of ice time, while skating in his 300th career NHL contest.

–      Chris Kreider registered a game-high, four shots on goal in 12:58 of ice time.

–      J.T. Miller tied for the game-high with three blocked shots and was credited with two hits in 17:22 of ice time.

–      Roman Hamrlik tied for the game-high with three blocked shots and logged 12:46 of ice time.

Team Schedule:

–      The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, Mar. 29, is 12:00 pm at The Ice House (Carleton University), located at University Drive, Ottawa, ON K1S5B6.

–      The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday, Mar. 30, at Bell Centre (7:00 p.m. – TV: MSG Network; Radio: ESPN 98.7), to complete their three-game road trip.




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  1. compared to other sites there arent a lot of trolls here. The Prust thing really is annoying. He has no business being in there. I dont give a rat’s behind about his boys if they arent our boys. Maybe when Montreal beats us on Saturday he will tweet “Nothing like beating the rags. Suck it” or something of the like and Sally will change her mind?

  2. I dont think the problem is that the young kids are buying into Torts and his system. I like that he teaches them to be responsible defensively. It’s just absurd to hear him “i dont teach or practice offense”. How long did it take them to finally start practicing the PP? And after a while it becomes “what have you done for me lately” kind of business.

  3. Feels like the Rangers will be lucky to win one of the next four. Why not bring up a bunch of yuts from Hartford and just let them play? Too pessimistic? Too Eeyore?

  4. Admiral Akbar on

    Carp –

    If you police this site of trolls, I implore you to ask your friend Sally to dump Prust as fast he dumped us for Montreal!!!

  5. Admiral Akbar on

    Carp – if you police this site for trolls, you’ve done a great job.

    Now can we lose Prust on the twitter feed, just like he dumped us for Montreal?? :)

  6. Carp: OMG, 1/2 the team gave up weeks ago. Or the coach did. It’s a giant mess that shows zero signs of turning around.

    Glen Sather really really sucks.

  7. want them to do something come the deadline. Not to just sit back and hope Richards and Gaborik start carrying the team and that Boyle goes back to scoring 15-20. At least get 2-3 3rd-4th liners or go for Derek Roy. Or maybe go the opposite way and call up the kids and go with that. It hasnt been working for 2/3rd of the year why expect anything to change?

  8. Carp, I appreciate the job you do, but this Prust nonsense is annoying. I liked the guy and wish him well, but he is the enemy now. There is no GOOD reason to leave his tweets on there. By the way, if the new format does not allow for bringing the most recent post to the top of the page, on a mobile device, it is really a waste of time and money for your company.

  9. Every player interviewed says they need “better efforts”, and “are disgusted” with their play, but few provide. How long have they been saying this? If you know this, provide it or admit you’re incapable.

  10. Speaking of good coaching, did anyone notice the Sens waiting out all those Rangers’ block attempts? Certainly on the power play shooting gallery they scored on, and definitely on the second when Girardi went to one knee—the shooter simply held the puck until Girardi had slid off to the side. Lundqvist will want that one back, true, but where was the D 101 of keeping the shooter wide, playing the pass and letting Lund. have the shot?

  11. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The season cannot be judged until their final game is played – ya just never know.

  12. Way to make me feel like a crybaby wuss, Carp. Maybe. This is a short weird season. Why not not make any trades and get some of the youngsters ready for the real deal? But of course if they turn things around and win a round or two, I’ll be complaining that they should have made a trade.

  13. Admiral Akbar on

    Carp – good job policing the trolls, btw…

    Horrible game tonight. I don’t know what to say, but I don’t think Zuccarello is the answer to what ills this team at all.

  14. What was callahan doing on the first power play goal against? Lost his stick and seemed to be hurt or something. He was standing at least 30 feet away from the point man when he shot that puck. Not sure what that was about, maybe he was gassed by then cause he wasnt moving anymore.

  15. Some people here do not want to read posts, but just post them. They get a letter to the editor published in the local paper, they think they won a Pulitzer, and they throw a cocktail party to read it to everyone.

  16. Why does everyone fail to recognize that even at our best the Senators are a horrendous matchup. Horrendous. Bishop was very good when he had to be. Their defense is great all around. They clog lanes. Block shots. Force the puck to the outside. Have speed on the breakaway and really great Karma despite Neil (who everyone would kill to have on this team).

    Senators are NUMBER 1 in goals allowed. #1. They play the Rangers game only better.

    They lost. It sucks. They shoudl have come out harder. They should have made Bishop the storm trooper work harder. They didn’t. Onward and upward.

    Just get in. At best we win a cup and at worst our young core gets some great experience.


    On another note, it’s likely unreal what Carp puts up with to keep this amazing haven available for us 24/7, 365 and we should all respect that a bit more.

  17. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    zuccarello is NOT the answer?? Now there’s someone who knows nothing about hockey.

  18. Prust on the twitter is runner up to having him on the team. Maybe the team sees his tweets and remembers who they are.

  19. Olga Folkyerself on

    Right-O Norm. This blocking the shots policy was a loser from the start. They got hurt stopping what a well protected Lundqvist could stop. They block the goalies view if they miss blocking the shot. They put themselves down and out of the play. And now, other teams expect it, and just out wait or move past the prone defender.

  20. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Manny, I agree with how much I appreciate what Carp does here. It’s a great place and I don’t thank him enough. Thank you again, Carpy!

  21. Coos, I’m 0 for 4 in letters to the editor. that’s why I spend so much time here. I press submit…I’m published. Cha-ching!

  22. So long as we don’t score anyway, let’s start the fourth line with Asham at wing, then send on the third line with Haley and at least set a tone so that when Richie and Gabby go on, they have something to compare themselves to.

  23. Looked like the same old bad Rangers to me. I’m not sure what to say. They can’t play 60 minutes of inspired, good hockey, and their PK has really let them down this year. They seem to have a PK in the top 10 of the league year in year out, and this year’s PK just magnifies their lack of goal scoring when they are giving up power play goals in 7 of their last 8 games.
    Lundqvist is always pissed after a loss, especially tonight. He can’t let up more than 1 goal a game on this team right now. Who thinks he wants out after his contract is up and on a team that can score, and relieve the pressure he is facing now on a nightly basis?

  24. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    COos, I can’t speak for Gabby, but I must say Ass-em and Haley have more energy than Richards. Did you see the look on his face when he scored Tuesday night? Like he won the lottery. Dumbfounded. “I did what?????”

  25. Ditto re: Carp. We’ve had a few disagreements, but civil. Are we not humans? Are we not hominids? Are we not semi savantish?

  26. Olga Folkyerself on

    I think the moment has passed Papa. You don’t really want to raise a weird (%-%) anymore, do you?

  27. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So instead of dropping to the ice to attempt to block a shot, they stayed on their feet and took the body on the opposing player, that would eliminate second chance shots (and the sens 2nd goal)).

    If the d men cleared the opposing player out from in front of hank instead of just stacking behind him and adding to the screen (this would eliminate the sens 1st goal)

    We need physical D badly

    And some playable toughness forwards

  28. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – but we can’t score against teams like buffalo, Florida , and Winnipeg either….and I’m not expecting great shakes against the Habs.

  29. Admiral Akbar on

    Matty —

    I appreciate you recognizing my genius! ;)

    Carp —

    I too appreciate all the work you put in to this site, it informative.

    Often, I come to read your review as well as the posts to get a real “feel” of a game I may have missed watching.

  30. Our best and closest shot on goal tonight was from a defenseman who probably played 30 minutes.

  31. Admiral Akbar on

    Sally always gets a special ‘good morning’ from Carp every day, in addition to having power over the twitter feed of ex-rangers

  32. Yeah, Miss Folk., I hated all that flop-blocking last year, but it was exciting and they got away with it more often than not. A lot of teams are doing it these days, and it does work for some, but not all teams do it, and the old-fashioned ones still get counterattacks using the classic go-at-the-shooter, knees-together, stand-up technique.

  33. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I’m a little stronger on that. Give him a night or two off. He is weighing down the whole team. Perhaps a few days off at the stable will make ole’ horse teeth wake up. Even if it doesn’t , we’ve watched him do nothing long enough. Step aside and let people that want to play and that are not bloated get in there and, at least, hustle.

    I say bench him now.

  34. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    wonder if Nash was a little hacked up from the two slashes on one play vs. Filly Tuesday. Cally looked unable to hold onto the puck, too.

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    And his misuse of line combinations – he certainly not the greatest tactician to stand behind the bench

  36. One night he’ll take a crunching hit against the boards and we’ll be paying him forever with dollars that have to go elsewhere.

  37. Aide to Slats: “Boss, we don’t need our scouts, lets fire them. no really………… there’s this “Bonehead” blog I’ve been visiting on the web……., lots of experts….we could make our personnel decisions straight from the blog. They have a ton of great ideas, lots of experts…… we can improve the team AND save enough money to sign Hank with next year.”

  38. Torts: “Come on, boys, we’re still in this thing.”

    Player: “He flew all the way to Ottowa just to say THAT again?”

  39. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    i think a pivotal loss for the Rangers came 7-10 years ago when JD left and could have replaced Slather. He has proven he knows talent in St. Louis. And, now watch Columbus.

    Then again, most anything’s better than Slather.

  40. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    You know, Eddie. Cut him some slack, sure. But at this point, guys have to be bumming. He just sucks and is taking up roster space. Then Torts is all over other guys? Doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe some of the guys are feeling it a bit. Who knows.

    We beat Montreal Saturday. That’s what I’m talking about.

  41. Olga Folkyerself on

    What would have happened if Sather DID fire his coaches in 2000 and just picked whatever player was listed next on the Central Scouting list?

    I am almost certain he would have been much better off.

  42. Ironic when your three most energetic and involved players are two Swedes and a Metis Aboriginal.

  43. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I thought he tested the $21M line enough and the right way. In some respects, you have to feel for the coach, too. THis is what he was given. That’s $21M there. And 2 of the 3 aren’t playing too good. Not at all. For a whole season with no let up.

    That’s a little tough for a coach, don’t you think?

  44. It’s been said here Neil wont drop them with the big boys…… says otherwise. The guy can fight.

  45. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – the trio has shown zero chemistry – and wore yet – zero results playing together – I can see that from my couch.

  46. I just hope they don’t make any reactionary moves to the Penguin’s trades. That would be another sin.
    I read today that they lack organizational depth at defense (a surprise?!), and are looking to sign a FA defenseman out of college, but I forget his name. I guess they can’t trade from any strength with defensive prospects, since they have few, if at all.
    I’m also tired of reading about them interested in a puck-moving d-man, and a big shot from the point. Boyle is an old man, and the Sharks are going to want a ton for him, if they do trade him – unsure why they would except for salary, because they will most likely make the playoffs.
    How about teaching the defenseman to work on their shot? Ohh wait, they don’t teach offense, I forgot…Staal would help, because he has a pretty good shot. Girardi offers little to nothing at the point, so that probably won’t develop since he’s 28. Del Zotto needs to shoot more, because he has one of their hardest shots from the point. I think I expected more offense from McDonaugh this year, but hopefully that will still develop, plus he had their best scoring chance tonight.

  47. All this Richards/Gaborik bashing is entertaining, no doubt, but this team rises and falls in large part on their efforts. Perhaps they’re both done, but I somehow doubt that. Richards, maybe, has slowed to beyond retrieving himself, but in neither case will benching them help — they’re not kids any more, and they both have to figure it out on their own as proven veterans. A change of scenery might help Gaborik, but it won’t help the Rangers.

  48. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Gravy’s a pretty humble guy. Not sure he fits the coaching mold. But he is a great guy, for sure.

  49. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Norm, I think Gabby might be revivable. Problem is he is signed till end of next year. He had some good passes last game and tonight. Just pretty unlucky. I think it will come for him.

    Richards legs aren’t working too well. Nor is his brain. The creativity has moved somewhere else.

  50. Hvrlik puts 350 pounds of wet clothes under his blanket and sneaks out for a dozen brewskies and a lap dance.

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – Richards and gabby are to blame for this season. 15 million should you more than what those two are giving you….

  52. If Carp gets rid of the widgets, how we going to know what movies MDZ is going to this summer??

  53. Czechthemout!!!

    I don’t have an agenda about the coach. You do. You come on year and blast John Tortorella all the time. There is nothing wrong with that. Don’t deny it, just byfuglien admit it.

    By the way, Dustin Byfuglien is enormous.

  54. Torts and wife in bed:

    Wife: – “Johnny, what’s wrong? Its not the way it used to be”

    Torts: “I thought i had some good looks”

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NYR fan – torts benches gabby but not Richards?????? Great coaches don’t pull that. Just sayin

  56. Torts’ wife: “I often wonder what you would look like if you unbuckled that car seat from your…”

  57. I kept thinking until 2nd goal that they would tie it. Thought they hung in for quite some time.

  58. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts’ handling of Richards alone is a reason to dump him – Richards needs to be benched.

  59. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I’m telling you…. It’s Sather. All your complaints, the missed opportunities, the bad UFA’s, the poor draft picks, the bad coaches, the lousy scouts, even the shill announcers. Sather. The President. The General Manager. Interim coach. HMFIC.

    The Puck stops there.

  60. torts to wife: “when you park the car, why don’t you join me back here,,,,in my……car seat.”

  61. Love all these “BrokeRichard” (original appellation awaiting moderation) American banks taking billions from the taxpayers and then paying sports franchises millions of our dollars to put their names on stadiums.

  62. I don’t think it is wise to blame the coach for Gaborik’s or Richards’ respective struggles…

    Richards looks like his best days are behind him…he’ll get bought out…

    Gaborik is coming off major shoulder surgery. I think in time he will return to form. He is getting chances but they aren’t going in. It’s only a matter of time. Believe me, there isn’t another player out there worth getting for him right now. His value is at a low now, obviously…

  63. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Nah, I still think they make the playoffs. BUT, if they’re not able to turn it up a notch at this point, they don’t really have it. Whether iit’s key players not producing, coaching, having glaring issues with correct personnel (directly attributable to an inept GM), not having grit, poor chemistry…..whatever. By this point in time, or within the next few games, if they are going anywhere we will see it.

    A rare team plays possum all year, then wakes up. LA Kings of 2012 we ain’t.

  64. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    E3, there’s something that’s not here that was here last year and it could be the clue….just thought of it…

  65. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hey! Good Friday everybody. Gotta go. Going fishing tomorrow. That’s what makes it a Good Friday. :)

    Let the gripes continue. I’ll catch up.

  66. Rangers have scored the third fewest goals in the League. Isn’t that more on the players than the coach?

  67. Randy Butternubs on

    There may be a lot of players slumping on this roster, but if you think it’s as bad as the rosters of Edmonton, Columbus and Florida, the three teams with whom the Rangers are constantly jockeying with for worst offense in the league, then you might as well be Tortorella’s mother that’s such a desperate excuse. For years he’s preached and presided over “defense first” Ranger teams and some people don’t think this is HIS little science project that’s exploding right now? Come on. Tortorella’s defense first team concept worked one time, the year his goalie won a Vezina and they were able to get away with this 2-1 stuff. Every other season they ended up in 8th or 9th place.

  68. Torts and wife in bed. Torts is trying to get some.

    Wife – “Not tonight, Tortie. I have a headache.”

    Torts: – “Dammit! What do i have to do to _score_ around here?!”

  69. _I don’t think it is wise to blame the coach for Gaborik’s or Richards’ respective struggles_

    Fair enough. Do you blame the coach for continuing to run Richards out at the power play point?

  70. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    After seeing hanks interview I get the feeling he wants to go all Patrick Roy on someone

  71. Stranger Nation on

    Missed Flyer game and this one, so call it even

    Read Hank yelled at Kreider for clearing crease??? Why does everyone dog The Kreider?

    Senator Coach Teddy Roosevelt has that team ready to play, need to get lead on thi
    ose guys

    2ng Goal looked soft

  72. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Thom, I think he is trying to get him started. THe pull cord just isn’t working.

  73. Anyone on this team other than Nash have a snapping wrist shot? Tired of seeing all the wild windups like Nolan Ryan with no direction, no results, not even on net!

  74. darntwinblades on

    Carp: thanks for what you do (most of the time).

    No thanks for when you’re channeling Butthead, and playin’ favs.

    And, havin’ failed in my promise to keep my eyes out for any passage
    by the Late Night Doctor-Denton Gang, many sincere thanks to
    Cooscoos, boy of a thousand bleats, sometimes in a single night,
    expert at after-letters-to-the-editor shenanigans, for havin’ the
    sheer gall to compare their daily self-absorbed garglin’, the benighted
    search for pearls in a bed of clams, with a bunch of paragraphs, sometimes
    weeks in the waiting, struck after reading the honest posters who come
    here simply for hockey, and not grand pinky-from-the-teacup lessons
    in belles lettres.

    I humbly apologize for breakin’ my long and regular silences, and affrontin’
    the quick and glib with actual sentences, occasionally leadin’ (goodgollymissjolly!!!)
    to paras.
    I am congenitally so malformed, and so my long silences….

  75. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Stranger, to be fair to Hank, he made some good saves throughout the night. And, he does have a ton of pressure with this team that can’t shoot straight in front of him not scoring.

    But, yes, some goals have gone in, like Tuesday, that were unlucky, both of them. The first tonight was a bonafide goal.

    That second one, was off a turnover, but it was one to have back. Maybe the pressure’s getting to him. Who knows.

  76. Stranger Nation on

    coos – Nash, Gabby, Kreider and Asham are only ones who can snap a wicked wrister

  77. darntwinblades on


    I occasionally peak, ’cause you occasionally do hockey, and I pick somethin’ up.

    Cracked at the Teddy Roosevelt…..:-).

  78. Whomever bombs darntwinblades and/or his other pseudonyms gets put on the short list for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  79. I know Ottawa’s offense is not great, but if they can win and play this well without Spezza,
    Michalik, ( spelled wrong?), Karslon, and Anderson, this just shows me that Ottawa has drafted, traded, and signed FAs with some good success. How many young players and/or rookies did they have out there tonight? I think Silfverberg was a 2nd rounder if I’m not mistaken.
    Where would the Rangers be right now if they were playing without Nash, Staal, Lundqvist, and either Gaborik or Richards? I know on the last two, both of them could be gone right now and it wouldn’t make a difference.

  80. Stranger Nation on

    Matty – understood, all good in the hood.

    Hank does not get much goal support but he gets a ton of defensive support and the whole teams mission seems geared around him.

    Lets put it this way…no Vezina this season but still very effective. And to your eRlier post, NO, I dont pay a goalie $8M per

  81. I got your pinky in a teacup, twinnie, or whoever you are. Maybe we’ll meet up at Walter’s some sunny day and I’ll read you some poems.

  82. _Thom, I think he is trying to get him started. THe pull cord just isn’t working._

    At some point long ago, Tortorella should have recognized it was not working and shifted away from it. For a coach that changes lines with such frequency, his insistence on slotting Richards as the power play point continues to amaze me.

  83. Stranger Nation on

    coos – Ash has been limited viewing but both goals this year he came down on 2on1s and snapped the wrister by without even thinking twice about passing.

    When you have a clear shot on goal from the circles, let it rip. Too many times we try to make the pass…

  84. Richie won a Cup with Torts… that’s all you need to know Thom. Forever Cup Brothers. Extra Slack Extended.

  85. What in hell can Boyle and Pyatt do that Haley and Ash can’t? faceoffs maybe, from Boyler, but what else? We have nothing else, play them!

  86. Stranger Nation on

    papa- Capt Torts maybe be going down with the SS NYRanger as the anchor around Richards neck is weighing this team down something awful.

  87. And, as an additional benefit, the next guy who slashes Nash or Miller or roughs up Kreider or Hags can get a face full of knucks.

  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NYR fan – the rangers have out severely flat – that is on torts – motivation starts at the top

  89. Pyatt was on the 4th line. Did he do anything particularly well with Phoenix? He’s looked like another waste of a FA move by Sather. How many years did Sather give him?

  90. Stranger Nation on

    Richards, Gabby, Cally, Step, Hags, Kreider, Miller, Pyatt, Boyle, McD, Girardi, Stralman, MDZ

    Any of these guys scare you? Any of them make you worried about a scrum or an after the play face wash or an “unintended” elbow along the boards?

  91. Papa – all of them are automatic losses the way things have gone this year.

    Gaborik is the best player still available at the deadline and its up to Sather to get a bundle for a guy that our coach dislikes, assuming our coach survives this season.

  92. Who would want that floater with his contractual anchor? AND give up something valuable? Fageetttt about it.

  93. DJK, is there a GM in his right mind who is gonna pay a bundle for Gaborik????? and if there is, that may be the ultimate indictment on Torts coaching to date.

  94. Stranger Nation on

    OBrien, Greening, Neil, Smith – those guys will take a run at you. Hit you a second or five late. meet at the crease for some friendly face washing.

  95. Unless you’re a super star, you have to take those things personally. And if you are a super star, it’s up to management to have protection for you.

  96. Neil plays the game like Chris Nilan,,,,pre Ranger Nilan…… we’ll probably sign Neil when he is post Ottawa Neil.

  97. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    When busted up in the face face washed ritche the other day – no one did anything

  98. Stranger Nation on

    Reality is a team cannot win with only ONE effective playmaker in the pivot (Step) and only one very young and inconsistent Dman (MDZ) who can start and break out of zone.

  99. Stranger Nation on

    This is why we need “playable toughness” to quote Wicky on your top 6 O AND top 4 D

  100. IswearIgetthevaporsfromCooscoosBoyofaThousandBleatsandiWackyandtheSelfappointedexpertonJackwagons on

    PB: No. I am old everywhere, includin’ here.

    Once upon a time I woulda taken some time to
    ‘splain, but Cub Scout Cooscoos (the same pack
    as Baby Bear?) won’t let me use any more of those
    annoyin’ word’thingies – says they might turn into
    a sentence, and he’s already servin’ hard time…

    Ask Eddie (I’d Make THAT Trade Three Times Out of a Hundred).

  101. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    When Simmonds face washed Richards – no one did anything but stand and watch.

  102. Torts is resigned to mediocrity, thus he no longer singles anyone out or rants. He knows he needs major help from Sather or a miracle of the fishes, the fishes being Gaborik and Richards and some others.

  103. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S.nation – yes.

    Tonight has been pure gold. Lines in the sand being drawn. Hysterical musings.

  104. Stranger Nation on

    Teams know players like Gabby get you to POs and players like Iggy are needed in POs.

    Very curious what the market for Gabby is now. We are still at least 2 years away from the Cup IMO.

  105. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think darntwin likes me. I can’t tell. My reading comprehension isn’t too good tonight.

  106. Stranger Nation on

    E3 – seemed like Deja voodoo in reviewing posts. Some dudes just LOVE to rant!

  107. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    More than 2 years away. This season has been a big step backwards. Torts has had one season in which his rangers have won a series…. This year won’t change that.

  108. 180 were challenged by Travis to die
    By a line that he drew with his sword
    As the battle drew nigh
    A man that crossed over the line was for glory
    And he that was left better fly
    And over the line crossed 179,
    So the rest of Texas would know
    And remember the Alamo.

  109. Stranger Nation on

    With no Staawwll, Torts D first strategy and harder to execute…that and Hammer Time!

  110. IswearIgetthevaporsfromCooscoosBoyofaThousandBleatsandiWackyandtheSelfappointedexpertonJackwagons on


    I was referrin’ to that long ago trade in which you scored two more versions of
    your sadly insufficient original self:-). Trade of the Millennium (or maybe even

    Gotta go. Got Ann Landers on my Geek Line. Hot…

  111. Stranger Nation on

    E3 – actually 2 series last year, but very excruciating to watch. Most games felt like passing a kidney stone.

  112. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dartwin – don’t speak in tongues. You are not the riddler for fuggin sakes. What are you trying to say. I don’t mind the insults. Just speak plain English.

  113. IswearIgetthevaporsfromCooscoosBoyofaThousandBleatsandiWackyandtheSelfappointedexpertonJackwagons on

    No, I’m a friend of kennedy stones, and they, my stranger, were no kennedy stones.

  114. Before we jump off for good I’d like to see the team’s best playmaker get a game as first line center. That would be Nash. Put Gabby on his right and have Hagelin chase on the left. Hags and Nash combined to set up Step in front but he whiffed. And Nash and Gabby actually had some good pass connections when they last played together against the Panthers. Gabby been awful but I’m convinced it’s more Richy than anyone else that held the others back. Give it a shot.

  115. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Am I sadly original or not sufficiently original enough?

    S.nation. – right – but last year was the first time torts won a series – 2 in fact. Either they missed or first rd. out

  116. IswearIgetthevaporsfromCooscoosBoyofaThousandBleatsandiWackyandtheSelfappointedexpertonJackwagons on

    Eddie two-and-a-slice: to lads of a certain age (lovers of Ann Landers and everything Pure),
    my English is high-noon plain, yours the dense fogs of Newfoundland dawns.

    And that’s Darntwin!!!!

  117. Stranger Nation on

    Matteau, Matteua, Matteau!!!

    in theory what you say makes a ton of sense. D responsibilities for center much more taxing, not that Richards performs them now at all however…

    Nash skill set is perfect for center as his passing is probably better than his shooting.

  118. Gabby is Mike Gartner. Best we’d get is a couple of 3rd line 30 year olds like noonan and Matteau. A trade you can make only when you still have a messier, leetch, graves, larmer, zubov, kovalev. Current team in no position to do this kind of trade.

  119. IswearIgetthevaporsfromCooscoosBoyofaThousandBleatsandiWackyandtheSelfappointedexpertonJackwagons on

    Eddie: 107

    In Cooscoos code: Yes. And, let me add: precisely!

  120. for better of for worse Richards is an albatross right now and should be kept away from Nash and Gaborik for a game or two. in truth, Richards probably could have been a healthy scratch for at least one game at any time during the past few weeks but since Tortorella refuses to give him a night off, let him play a couple of games centering the bottom six.

  121. Stranger Nation on

    Tru that, my brutha. I’m 50-50 on Torts. Dont think the personnel is there, however he does not have any offensive plan. That to me is strange.

  122. Stranger his playmaking skills are very underrated. It’s true more defense needed at center and it could be why he’s never played there. But may as well,try something.

  123. and keep in mind Gartner had put up roughly 30 goals, 50 points when he was traded for Glenn Anderson. I’m not sure Marion Gaborik’s taken 50 shots this year.

  124. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Iswear – thank you. I enjoy interacting with all my followers. I am humbled by your kind words :)

  125. IswearIgetthevaporsfromCooscoosBoyofaThousandBleatsandiWackyandtheSelfappointedexpertonJackwagons on

    I like the Nash at center talk.

    Pure hockey stuff.

    Whoulda thunk it, on a hockey blog?

    Two-year old Day H-J:

    Jack: You wanna know hockey? (During Badger game).
    I show you. See, this guy here? He takes this thing and hocks it
    over there. Then that guy hocks it to tjhat other guy.
    Lotsa hocking. And that’s hockey!!!!

    (Maybe a little too complicated for Torts’ offense?)

  126. Stranger Nation on

    Matteau – I would trade him for some studs on the farm. I can get the mid level 30 yr olds free agency

  127. As I recall, Gartner could fly like the wind. Like Hags, but he could find the net.

  128. Believe he played a few games at center in Columbus but it didn’t stick. Don’t know why. Maybe defense. But this team needs something. Give it a shot, let him and Gabby build something without Richy screwing them up. Have Hags chase for them.

  129. Stranger Nation on

    coos – Gartner had wings and also had great ability to get open in slot and get off deadly ‘snap’ shots

  130. Stranger exactly my point. I don’t think a team is giving those prospects for Gabby because he is Gartner- a scorer but not a winner. Best we get are the 3rd liners. I’m sure sharks offering clowe straight up, maybe a 2nd round pick as well.

  131. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gabby had no shots through 2 periods. Missed a breakaway. 7 million should buy you clutch performances.

  132. Stranger Nation on

    Never liked Glavine…felt like signing a former Devil…and we know how those worked out

  133. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    Where are all the lawyers on here? How do I go about suing the Rangers for the wasted hours they’ve stolen from me with this drivel?

  134. Lloyd you’re right it was actually Anderson they got for Gartner. N/M was for Amonte.

  135. Stranger Nation on

    was Gabby back with Richards or was Richards still with Boyle and Kreider tonite?

  136. Stralman was clearly overmatched on that penalty leading to the first goal.

    Richards is clearly overmatched in almost every physical battle. he gets his stick lifted and puck taken regularly. Torts is totally to blame here for playing him so much. After 8 years, he needs more playing time to figure it out? I doubt it’s happening.

    McDonagh needs to play more physical.

    Hagelin is still creating offense. I don’t see why Carp said he played as bad as Richards, not even close.

  137. e, that’s what happens when you combine a congenital idiot with a fifth of Jim Beam.

  138. The thing is, if this team had any scoring depth, I’d do Gaborik for Clowe in a second. But the harsh reality is that a guy who’s done next to nothing this season is third on the team in scoring and a guy who’s done nothing this season is fourth in scoring.

  139. Gartner was a great scorer and was absolutely as fast as Hags. He also used to win those speed contests.

  140. IswearIgetthevaporsfromCooscoosBoyofaThousandBleatsandiWackyandtheSelfappointedexpertonJackwagons on

    I said that earlier this eve: Gabby for something like the Simmonds/Schenn (at leat that kind of idea – pretty sure Gabby is less valued, especially now).

    Said that last trade deadline: this team did not have enough quality depth to trade for another
    “star.” So far, I got aces….but I’m willin’ to give this rebuildin’ another year, though little hope
    Glen will stumble in the right directions.

  141. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards played with Boyle and Kreider – but lines were juggled a bit throughout the game

  142. IswearIgetthevaporsfromCooscoosBoyofaThousandBleatsandiWackyandtheSelfappointedexpertonJackwagons on


  143. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    Seriously? 1 shot on 4 power plays? Someone’s gotta pay. How about John “My Boss Is In Love With Me So I Can’t Do Any Wrong” Tortorella? Whether it’s his fault or not, that kind of shake-up is exactly what this team needs. Unfortunately the entire organization, from top to bottom, has no clue. It’s the same damn reason you get chippy or start a fight when your team needs a shot in the arse. Too bad no one knows how to do that either.

  144. Yep thats the point. 94 team could afford to trade Gartner for Anderson and Amonte for Nootteau because of the great depth they had.

  145. Stranger:

    Started Richards with Boyle and Kreider and then I’m pretty sure he paired him with Gaborik later on

  146. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    I’m so glad I went to the Panthers game tonight or I’d really be pissed off. How many times does anyone hear that statement? How about too often?

  147. I think the Rangers didn’t like Gartner because he floated. How ironic. He’d fit right in. Gimme the goals, I let you float.

  148. You liked John Wayne Gacy and JW Booth. You see things. Like redeeming qualities. I like the death penalty.

  149. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gartner floated but put the puck in the net every year – not just every other year.

  150. torts to sully: “lets get the hell out of here”

    sully to torts: “where we going?”

    torts to sully: “Montreal, you idiot”

  151. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    No – I think John Wayne Gacy should been reamed hourly with a broomstick.

  152. my teammate says, ‘coos, he keeps hitting me with that stick’, coos says, ‘sit here, I’ll be right back.’

  153. Why not….

    Hags Nash Gabby
    Zuc Step Cally
    Kreider Richy Miller
    Newbury Boyle Asham

  154. and for what it’s worth, Gartner had built a much more impressive body of work by the time the Rangers traded for him, like 15 years as a top forward where he hardly missed a game – he was right around 70 or more points for 12 of the 14 seasons before he joined the Rangers. Gaborik’s cracked 70 points three times in his career and twice were after he became a Ranger.

  155. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I liked Boyle Richards and Kreider too

    It’s all for naught anyhow as lines get changed shift to shift.

  156. only players I want to see Boyle centering at even strength are Asham and Powe/Pyatt/Newbury

  157. That may be another reason, E3, why so many passes go awry. Like a QB and a receiver, you have to be familiar with speed or not so speed.

  158. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    There is something going on with this team that we aren’t privy to… The lack of focus… Lack of passion… Flat to start so many games…. Consistently giving up the first goal…..very weird

  159. I would try these lines on Saturday:


    feel free to put either Powe or Newbury in place of Pyatt

  160. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers have not passed the puck well since 1997. That’s a fact. Torts juggling line certainly doesn’t help matters.

  161. Nash took a wicked crosscheck in the back that sent him sprawling and wasn’t called. I guess it all evens out, but when it’s blatant and violent, how about a call?

  162. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    I thought this was one of Miller’s worst games. At least he had company though.

  163. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    I kept yelling at the screen “Don’t Call It!” every time it looked like the Rangers might get a power(less) play.

  164. that first power play tonight, I think the Rangers had puck possession for under 15 seconds

  165. I’d rather a few errors of commission with energy rather than errors of omission with ennui.

  166. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I like Newbury. Haley too for that matter …. 4th line of Newbury Asham and Haley is the way to go.

  167. If you’re going to be pushed to the outside all night, prepare for it and take advantage of the weaknesses presented by ANY persistent methodology. There is weakness to be exploited in any consistent defensive strategy.

  168. yeah I dunno what’s going on here but considering the kind of nice that is frequently flagged as “awaiting moderation,” it’s embarrassing that the weird c–k is able to get through repeatedly

  169. Lloyd, that is allowed, but d…k is not. That’s why I can’t reference Butkus. :)

  170. E3, Nash and gabby had some chemistry the last game together, some great pass connections. Fluke or possible chemistry? Take Richy off the line and let’s see.

  171. eddie eddie eddie, I love that fourth line and I think we should OPEN with it! We don’t score anyway with the top line. Let them set the tone.

  172. yeah so my stupid auto-correct change “nonsense” to “nice”

    I blame Carp

    and Sally, whoever she is

  173. I think it’s Richards screwing up Nash and Gaborik. He’s been a giveaway machine all year. Last few games a little better, but not for HIS salary.

  174. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    “It’s nice when you get the win, especially against a good team like that” – Ben Bishop.
    He was making a joke, right?

  175. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matthau – yes – I see your point and your lines are good – same for Lloyd’s suggestion

  176. Guess the Ottawa goalie debunked the old saw that you cannot checkmate with only one Bishop.

  177. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    The Ottawa feed, which I was stuck watching thanks to Left of Center Ice, claimed 1 after 3 pp’s. That’s pretty much what I counted too. I got to hear potvin “sucks” talk about how much trouble the Rangers have had this year. He must be like a pig in spit this year.

  178. I told him to send his psychobabble to Ann Landers. Don’t you read my posts, either?

  179. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    I almost always watch the game taped on the dvr so I’m not able to shut off the opponent’s tv audio in favor of the Rangers’ radio one. Every game the Panthers play at home, the Rangers seem to have a game that night so I can’t watch those in real time no matter what.

  180. yeah that save Bishop made was good. it was also one of the only legitimate instances of pressure the Rangers applied the entire night. had to chuckle at Tortorella’s comment about not liking their 40 minutes. Rangers didn’t do a damn thing for about 55 minutes.

  181. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    PB, McDonagh waited wayyyyyy too long to shoot. And even when he finally did, he still had the majority of the bottom of the net open. If you watch it again, McDonagh hesitates on the shot and if he just smacked it at the net quickly it more than likely would’ve gone in. But, either way, it was still a helluva save. Fortunately for him, the players in front of him know how to play defense in front of him. Unlike McDonagh’s inability to clear Chris Neil from the crease and screening Lundqvist himself. That was pathetic. The Rangers had absolutely no desire or gumption in this game save for maybe a 3 or 4 minute period in the 3rd.
    More often than not this season they seem to take the night off. At least in last year’s playoffs when they took the first period off they at least tried to make a game of it during the rest of the game.

  182. What Sally says, goes….and making fun of people whose name happens to end in a funny word, i.e cock, is not funny…..Prust saying….some people can’t be faulted by their birth…right Carp!!! LMAO!!!!!

  183. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    After watching the Panthers tonight and then the Ranger game, I would’ve traded the entire team for the Panthers.

  184. Evrock you raise a good point. That was one thing about last year’s time: they almost always took a period off but nearly always closed like gangbusters. The 2013 team’s brand of gangbusters is generally one 3-4 minute stretch in whatever period they feel like playing for a few shifts.

  185. Errors that McD sometimes makes, he is far and away our best all around defenseman. He’s pretty strong, but needs more nasties.

  186. Blogmama, I think it was more his strange first name (Weird) that caught my attention :)

  187. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – I went back to this thread start point and didnt see the Ann landers comment

    Was it on the tail end of last thread after the new post indicator?

    Having reread Darntwin – I think he hates us.

  188. And even Father Pat will back me up on that. Matter of fact, he said it during Mass!

  189. You had to re-read it to come to that conclusion? I told him I’d meet him sometime this summer at Walter’s Hot Dog Stand and read him a little poetry.

  190. This blog changes so much, (necessarily so) that I don’t know if something was earlier today, yesterday, or last week.

  191. I’m not being serious all…yeesh. And his name is Wiercioch….just fyi….and those know know me will get why I’m being sensitive….:)

  192. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I swear I didn’t know wtf he was saying. It was in tongues. Thought he was trying to be clever and joke – didnt get his serpent sting till I re read it

  193. That’s why he makes up names. I’m only guessing who, but you can surmise as well as I.

  194. If I were Torts, I would sing them that Alamo song before Sat. night’s game, drawing a line in the locker room with his car seat and see who steps over.

  195. like, I recognize the words he uses by in terms of syntax it seems as if he’s relaying coded messages to a sleeper cell

  196. I’m getting too sensitive. I can take a punch, but not gladly. He met his Joey Kocur tonight. See if he comes back for more.

  197. when I’m of clear mind, I am going to review the transcripts and unmask the villian

  198. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – I have translated your code

    Bench Richards – buy him out this summer

    Trade gabby for a 7th round pick

  199. Some athletes hit 32, they’re soft toast. He may be one. Richards, too. He’ll score 150 in the Czeck beer league.

  200. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    Coolest thing about the Panthers game: The refs called a penalty on a Buffalo player for staying in the Panthers zone and continually interfering with their ability to get it out of the zone on a delayed offsides even though the linesman’s arm was up (signaling the delay) and he kept telling him he was offsides.
    I’ve been waiting for a ref to finally have the balls to call an interference on an offsides player for doing this. There are too many instances of this that I’ve noticed this year. As a former ref I was happy as hell with this call. At the very least the linesmen should blow the play dead and call it an intentional offside and bring the face-off back to the offending team’s zone.

  201. Inspector Clouseau on

    I am here to offer my assistance in this matter, although I may not have jurisdiction.

  202. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lloyd – you think we speak nonsense – read the guy with the long name’s post

  203. oh you mean IswearIgetthevaporsfromCooscoosBoyofaThousandBleatsandiWackyandtheSelfappointedexpertonJackwagons? I was vibin’ with that dude.

  204. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    cooscoos March 29th, 2013 at 2:32 am

    Lloyd, you ever go to college?

    First time in months that I’ve understood him as well. lol

  205. e, it’s the same convoluted language, only drunken. Not saying yet that it’s he. I was waiting for a Sather slur.

  206. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    I honestly think I helped the call. (Ego) The place was almost silent and the Panther’s were trying to get the puck out of the zone and the buffalo guy wouldn’t leave them alone. I screamed out “What the Puck! That’s a friggin’ delay of game!” 2 seconds later the call was made. The other season seat holders around me were totally confused and I had to explain it to them. Then again, these are Florida Panthers season seat holders.

  207. Evrock, that’s why NY handicappers like to visit small, out of state tracks. They see things. :)

  208. to be honest I hadn’t even noticed the posts until you said “the guy with the long name” and I scrolled up to see it. I think when I saw that absurdly long name the first time through I just assumed it was a hitch with Firefox and ignored it.

  209. Inspector Clouseau on

    Mr. Coos. I will have my Forensic Computer team on this at once. I did not forget your generous referral of the restaurant in Queens for my summer trip.

  210. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    I still think that Gabby needs to stay. So what if we suck this year and so does he. He’s been a 40 goal scorer every other season for us. We should just be thankful that his current “off”season is a shortened one.

  211. Inspector, I do remember that you were entertaining a plumber on that festive occasion.

  212. Evrock of Gibraltar on

    E3, the beach? It has barely been in the 80’s this week. That ain’t beach weather. lmao

  213. eddie, not a prayer of 1000 tonight. Ite, Missa Est, and angels carry you to sleep, as well.

  214. Inspector Clouseau on

    I’ll have to check my notes Mr. Coos. May have been the Pipe and Flange in Flushing.

  215. Just back from Nicosia, Cyprus. Checked out the guy with the long name, some of us “vibing” with him, what a joy!!
    Also checked out the game on the DVR, as expected, the Sens have our number and so it goes.
    It is very hard to say something about the coaching, about the individual players, it is a sport, after all, and as such, it’s very unscrutable – what happens from a game to game is not for mere mortals to judge.
    Mercifully, it is a shortened season, so wait for a regular combat next year.

  216. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    I’m hurt. I feel as defeated as if I was playing on the ice myself (minus the millions of dollars) to the point of sadness. Something has to turn. Team has improved on paper since last year. Why is it that when the rangers improve players, they lose more games? Should’ve kept the team from last year. Shouldn’t have touched it!! Dare I say, Nash wasn’t worth Dubi and Anisimov! Last year was a better team.

    I blame everyone! Sather Dolan Torts and yes! I blame the entire defensive core. I don’t wanna hear about “oh but when Staalzy comes back…” SHUT UP! They play like a choose up street go key team.

  217. next year…

    We had way too much turnover to expect the cohesiveness of last years squad. Gaborik coming off major surgery, Staal out, Hank with the new baby? ….

    I think this team can challenge Bos. and Pitt. next year if they stay the course (no trades), stay healthy and the youth keeps improving and contributing.

    This year obviously isn’t going to deliver much happiness to those who want it all now. No way that’s happening. It is not the coach.

    I don’t see them taking that next step with Brad Richards. I was happy with his signing, but I have watched every minute of every game he has played for the Rangers. No miracles are coming. I expect improvement from a lot of people, not an 8 year veteran. If you made $7 million a year to be in shape, you think someone could lift your stick that easily? come on.

    I think this game brought me back to earth. Admittedly I was only on that cloud for two days, but woo hoo.

  218. Marian the Friendly Ghost on

    What could the NYR realistically get in return for a guy like Richards? I never dreamed he would be this washed up so fast. I guess getting rid of him would be it’s own reward

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