A new-look Rangers Report is coming … soon


We’re getting a significant facelift in the next couple of weeks, so I just wanted to throw this out there because I want feedback.

The No. 1 best thing about the new look Rangers Report will be that it will be much, much, much better to access and view and use on your mobile device.

I am promised not much else will change, other than the appearance. We will be able to post video and audio and still do all our polls, and have our widgets and links, and everything else we’re doing now. It is also supposed to be more social friendly.

The rollout of our other new-look LoHud blogs has begun. The last two will be our Yankees blog and our Rangers blog — I begged them to hold out as long as possible, and they agreed that they don’t want to be putting in new stuff at and around the trade deadline which, you know, tends to be a busy day here.

So sometime after April 3 will be the changover. And until then, I’m open to suggestions (complaints, not so much, lol). Better to address concerns before than after.

Here’s a link to one of our new-look blogs, the LoHud food blog, Small Bites. When you get a chance, look at it and let me know what you think. Also check it out on your phone or tablet, and let me know what you think about that, too.


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  1. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    We didn’t get the look from bettman like you did your old MacBook did we?

    This deserves a repost

    Clowe is 6’2 225lbs and the past 4 full NHL seasons has averaged 20 goals 54 points and 94 PIMs.

    He can play on any line and he is a Newfie.

    Hell yes trade for this guy!’n

  2. I actually thought the new post was about the” new look” rangers. You know, the five goal a night look…

  3. eddie eddie eddie on

    Torts “Is it possible that the pictures in the new look make me appear taller?”

  4. Does anyone remember Mama’s Paws and Claws blog? It was good. I remember Olga decided to visit it one day, but since it was a family friendly blog he couldn’t use his, ummm… last name. So he came up with Olga Feedthecat, lol…..

  5. The hope is that the audio, as I do it now, will work on the phone and tablet. No guarantees from me. If it doesn’t, though, I’m sure we will fix it so it does. And the video element could be cool.

  6. Why can’t we have pictures so we can see what everyone looks like? Aaaaargh!
    I want to see Rod in color!

  7. Essential for me as 95 percent of my reading, laughing and poor commentary is done by phone

  8. Czechthemout!!! on


    I like Clowe alot as well. What would you trade for him? What they are asking for him us insane. If he is worth what they are asking for him, what is Gabby worth?

  9. eddie eddie eddie on

    i want a real time chat room where i can speak about being chained up by the man…held back from the american dream

    I must be free….unshackle me

  10. Carp, has Walter’s ever been reviewed on that upper crust Westchester foody blog? Would it help that lady if we all started commenting over there?

  11. Notice Richie, with his feet moving, was creating a bit of open ice for himself last night, or was that just a dream I had along with the one about Meriwether Lewis fighting with the Sioux?

  12. a) your life would be very very boring if you didnt have us commenting ;)
    b) so would ours
    c) LMTortorellaO @Feedthecat
    d) Iginla about to become a Bruin. Probably played his last game in Calgary :(
    e) Does the Prust love carry over to the new-look blog?

  13. eric, you know that’s Sally’s decision, not mine.

    Hank, yes, Walter’s has been reviewed. Probably one of the first. And it would be nice if you would go there and comment, but only if you do so nicely.

    Maybe we’ll do a weekly Walter’s review here this summer. Damn, should have thought about that during the lockout.

  14. I don’t think I could go on living without you guys, Lev.

    Prust goes wherever Sally says he goes, with his love.

  15. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – of course…when the sun is really bright, and torts is strapped in….he needs protection from the sun

  16. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    A lot would depend on if he would resign here. I would give up a 2nd for him in a heartbeat.

    If he would sign an extension I would probably add a bit more

  17. Get rid of Prust already! Really… you wanna follow him do so on your own time! sally doesnt even come here anymore!

  18. Leetchhalloffame on

    Boston gets Iginla. They’re already tough enough to play against. What are we doing to improve, especially toughness-wise?

  19. FLASH FROM NEW FOOD/HOCKEY BLOG: Ovechkin spotted at Walter’s Hot Dog Stand asking for extra mustard.

  20. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Yep, great pick up for them especially if he resigns.

    I think Pitt did a great job as well with morrow and Murray.

    Those teams understand playable grit is a must.

    Makes me think the price for clowe went up, rangers better get him

  21. JAGR makes February visit to Walter’s, wolfs down record 24 dogs, removes glove, salutes.

  22. so do we even want to make playoffs. i mean we finish 8th we get pittsburgh lose in 5. we pass devs for 7th we get mont/boston

    if we play montreal we never win there and if we play boston with iginla they would pound us physically.

    only one shot we have finish 6th but as of now we trail toronto by 5 pts with 2 games in hand

  23. Czechthemout!!! on


    Would do a second as well. Would also add a third if he signs or even a Thomas.

    Gabby to Phoenix for Keith Yandle anyone?

  24. Ideal situation would be for Carolina to end their 6 game losing streak and sneak back into 3rd and we end up in 6th.

  25. Water’s announces price increases due to new-found popularity. Ranger fans fly in from Monterey, Iowa, Florida. Carp negotiates lifetime free lunch deal.

  26. Shouldn’t have started the season…Gabby’s shoulder would get more rest. Richards wouldn’t have to deal with no camp. Hamrlik would…Never mind.

  27. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Anyone watching the Montreal Boston game? These two teams are SO much stronger, tougher, bigger than we are it’s silly. No way we can withstand a 7 game series with Boston, without Iginla. With him, worse. We would definitely be called the Black and Blueshirts.

    Oh, and just who do we have to stand up to them if they run…uh…Nash…or Henrik? Ass-em? Bring back John Scott, I guess.

    Boston and Pitt are lightyears ahead of us. Lightyears. What a great job by their front offices.

  28. We got 4 points against Boston this year, while giving up 3. With Hank in goal, I’ll take my chances.

  29. Bruins PP looked magnificent. Have come back from down 2-0 to take lead 3-2. They play some exciting hockey

  30. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Well, Lev, we agree on something. Great PP. And Halpern was on the ice the whole time!! Wow, are they stacked.

  31. only hope is finish 6th play winnipeg or 7th play montreal and hope we could win a game there hold serve at home and hope mont cant deal with playoff pressure since they havent been in in awhile

  32. I thought Montreal did everything they could on the PK, the Bruins just kept moving their feet and making crisp passes. Then when one guy got opened he shot. Bruins also got lucky that puck didnt come out of the zone but the movement was beautiful to watch

  33. If Riche is for real and Gabby comes out of his funk and Hank plays up to expectations, I’ll take my chances with any of them.

  34. _That’s Thom, pronounce the h._

    That is correct.

    Penguins acquiring upgrades. Bruins attempting to acquire upgrades. The Rangers of last year did nothing to upgrade team and deserved their fate.

    I am excited about the new look blog. Change is a good thing.

  35. no one does it publicly. no one tells the players. no one tells the press. not even vocally discussed internally except in fanciful musing. things happen. doesn’t happen often. plausible deniability reigns.

  36. Bruins scored 4 in the 2nd. That’s usually a week’s worth of goals for you know who. That dwarf Marchand was all over the place!

  37. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Thom, I denote sarcasm.

    I’ll have you know the Rangers ARE acquiring players. Zuccarello and Fast. We looked at Iginla, Murray, and Morrow. Not talented enough.

    So there.

  38. small bites? i havent read the above comments but im going to wager eddie or cooz has already made a torts joke out of it

  39. Last campaign when the Rangers were in position to win the whole kitty, they made no beneficial acquisitions.

  40. “The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”

  41. how bout them bruins? and getting iginla?for what? 30th overall draft pick? what next? penguins get clowe for 7th rounder? habs get halpern for nothing???

    wait, eddie’s sending me a vision. ok, got it. looks like we will see boyle in a ranger jersey come the trade deadline! yea boyee

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pierre pulls up to a red light. Sees torts’ car in the next lane. Notices torts in the back, of course, in his car seat….

    Pierre – “coach, is that a car seat”

    Torts – “don’t look at me”

  43. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    To be honest, I’d rather face the bruins. Montreal is the rangers jinx. They will never beat that team in a playoff series. A royal hex.

  44. You have a company on the skids. Your CEO and your brand are floundering. All you have to do, without risking going to jail, is come in with a semi- bad fourth quarter and you can have Jack Welch at the helm, and you’re golden for the next decade. Decisions, decisions.

  45. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So on NHL Radio today on Sirius, they’re talking about the Pens and Bruins, saying they have made great moves (expecting Iginla to Boston). Then, ‘Scottie’ says “well, the other pillar of strength in the east is the Rangers”.

    I almost drove off the road…

    Then he says, “I wonder what they are going to do to keep up?”

    Hmmm……is there more than Fast and Zuccarello??

  46. “True hope is swift, and flies with swallow’s wings: Kings it makes gods, and meaner creatures kings.”

  47. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – one name, other than Dirk Diggler, shines bright. He wears #28. And I’m serious.

  48. run rabbit… run. dig that hole. forget the sun baby. yea brotha, keep on diggin ya dig?

  49. i know we can be better. we can all make this great if we keep on rocki n rollin so i’m goin keep on

  50. “and little Dougie Hamilton….” was nowhere near the play but old Emrick just wanted to say his name.

  51. And if the band your in starts playing different tunes,
    I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon

  52. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dirk – you hungry

    Jesse st. Vincent – starving

    Dirk – then feast on this

  53. It was interesting to hear Dave Maloney talk about Newbury last night.

    He was saying it must be tough for a guy like Newbury, 31, to stay in shape during the lockout. As a career minor league’r, he had almost no incentive to work hard and stay in shape, not like he was getting called up or anything. Newbs actually admitted he was in terrible shape when he came up to the NYR early in the season and is in much better shape now, lost some weight.

    Solid 4th line guy…as long as he doesn’t take dumb penalties…

  54. Joe: “You can’t say enough about the Staal family, the uncles, aunts, pets, all of them wonderful, wonderful people, Sam. The family patriarch tells a story about all the brothers and the sons in the backyard for a cookout and the younger ones are helping out just like all the parents, and…”

    Sam: “Goal!. Go on, Joe.

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Salmon Joe aren’t even in the arena…. Not like they can describe the action in fron of them.

  56. “Zucc, I got a Sealy Posturpedic. Great springs, a liitle guy like you can really get airborn!”

  57. Zucc: “This is a very small room.”

    Torts: “When I close the door, the doorknob gets in bed with me.”

  58. Im watching these 2 teams and Im thinking why does this look so familiar to me?

    This was us and our compete level just last year. A year of magic. Was fun…

  59. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Subban and Markov.

    Dream on PP point men.

    We got Richards and Strahlman. What’s wrong with this picture??

  60. Doogie: “Honey, Henrik gave me a tie for saying nice things about him.
    What am I going to do with it?”

    “Donate it to the Garden of Dreams.”

  61. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Nice tip by Zdeno. Not as good as Voracek’s thryroid shot last night, though.

  62. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    You watch these teams and you have to wonder where Sather learned his trade. Give Montreal credit for their fight against a stacked team.

    Seriously, point men that can really fire it or see pass lines. Forwards that finish and crisp pass. And goalies that cost a heck of a lot less than Hank that play…well…pretty darn well. Right wings that play right wing…..man, this is a treat.

  63. What better way to end this amazing team hockey game than with an individual skills challenge? BCATHGE!!

  64. one hell of a game to get the casual fan interested thats for sure. still will never understand why this sport just doesnt catch on here. i moved from ny to iowa and it was bad in ny but man, nobody watches hockey out here.

  65. Perfect example why NHL needs to get rid of shootout. Embarrassing to have a skills contest after a game like this

  66. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    would imagine that Bergeron and Marchand have broken their noses once or twice or twenty times.

  67. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    gonna be a very tough first round if we do make the playoffs…….a….when we do.

  68. Not a bad matchup, eddie. Especially if we’d have to face MTL in the next round; might get us used to playing in a loud building..

  69. Holy crap. Is that the origin of your name, eddie?

    If so, Stranger’s post just brought me to this epiphany. Thank you, Stranger.

  70. I rather like the looks of the new blogs. Carp, can we get some good recipes going on this one too? I’ve got a great one for ribs.

  71. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on



    (standing ovation once again in the house)

  72. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    well, we’ll have to see if we can find some other talent. Is there a Papa in the house? Papa as in Bear????

  73. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Joe: “you know the Stepan’s are just wonderful people. His mother, sister, father. Wow. I mean you have to meet them to understand the quality of individual we are talking about……..”

    Sam: “Joe, we’re 25 seconds into overtime, any other thoughts…??”

    Joe: ” well, just trying to say….”

  74. Good evening all! Been off the grid for a bit…and must go niters…..Carp, as for new look….I’m sure you have no choice so good luck…glad they listened to you about timing of roll out….some will beetach I’m sure, but we’ll all figure it out and stay, regardless…Great smart post :)

  75. TSNBobMcKenzie .@aaronward_nhl is reporting Jarome Iginla to BOS is done.

    end of an era. Ive always admired Iggy. Dont know how ill be able to hate him now

  76. Feaster is a moron and should have done this a while ago when Iggy’s value was higher. Iggy always said he would have accepted a trade if it helped the organization Calgary build.

    Prospects and a draft pick for a 500 goal scorer?

  77. Khokhlachev was 40th overall pick in 2011 draft by Boston. Dont know how good he is. Bartkowski was on their team right now I think. I believe 5th or 6th dman. May be wrong. Fleeced may be an understatement.

  78. what next? penguins sign oleg the russian bear taktarov to skate next to skidney so nobody checks him?

  79. Ye he has only played 2 games for them this year. Not much promise from what I see. Was a 7th round pick in 2008. Oh Feaster…

  80. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lets hope Boston loses in the first round. Do you believe in Miracles? Yessssssssssss

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’d root for Boston against the pens. Can you imagine Iggy pounding on Crosby all series long? Iggy is known as the toughest “great” player in the league.

  82. LOL @ ‘Crowe’

    I think Boston and Pittsburgh are stacked…and if the Rangers have any hope of Lord Stanley’s chalice they’ll have to go through at least one of those teams…

  83. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers 5 pts. behind the leaves with 2 games in hand. It is there for the taking.

  84. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    April 8th and 10th. Home and home with Toe Ron Toe. That will be huge. Some big games remaining with NJ too.

  85. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I get the feeling I’m alone on this one. Only 697 to go. Just made a killer Bloody Mary. Now to talk to myself.

  86. “Sam, the 1927-28 Bruins team had a line consisting of Harry Oliver, Dutch Gainor, and Percy Galbraith and they combined for 27 goals and 14 assists. How they got all those assists I don’t know, but just before the 28-29 season…”

    Sam: “Goal!” Sorry, Joe.

    “That’s okay, Sam, as I was saying… all these fine men are now deceased and we all owe them an enormous debt of gratitude, especially Dutch Gainor, who…

    Sam: “Another goal! Well, that was quick. Sorry to interrupt, Joe.”

    “That’s okay, Sam. As I was saying, Dutch…”

  87. Iginla to the Pens for prospects and a firsty apparently. How are they under the cap?

    All this means is Malkin is gone after next season. If I’m the Rangers I do nothing and throw everything at Malkin on July 1, 2014, selling him on playing with Nash and being the biggest star in the biggest city with a major Russian population under nobody’s shadow.

  88. CraigWeather on

    We’re not trading Gaborik to an Eastern Conference team….. C’mon now. The only way he moves is for a Kings Ransom from a Western Conference team and I highly doubt the Rangers have given up on him yet. Lets be realistic. Highly doubt we make any major moves to gear up for the playoffs. What you see is what you get and most of the retooling (fixing the bottom 6) will be done so in the offseason….

    Penguins are stacked. Can’t see how they don’t win it all…

  89. If Boston gives us Horton and a 1st they can have Gaborik.

    Penguins are gunning for it now because Malkin is not re-signing with them.

  90. CraigWeather on

    Glencross is exactly what this team needs…. But they’re not trading him and we don’t have anything they’d want for him. Gabby’s cap hit is WAY too big to take on…

  91. Horton is a UFA this offseason. If we don’t get him at the deadline we can always sign him. He’s a Tortorella type player.

  92. Gaborik is 99% gonna sign with the Bruins anyway after his contract is up so they may as well get him now.

  93. Hi Carp-
    Just checked out the “Small Bites” blog. I’m not a big fan of having to click the “Read More” button to… well… read more. Other than that, I think it looks pretty good.

  94. Does Malkin not want to resign with Pitt. or can they not afford him? Pitt must have some major prospects to be making all these trades.
    I wouldn’t get rid of Gaborik either unless they get a ton for him. I don’t want to see him play for someone else and score a ton of goals. How can he get going anyway when Torts switches starting lines almost every night? I’m not making an excuse for him, but I wouldn’t give up on him yet either. Richards is the guy I’d want gone with that albatross of a contract. 3 goals in last 25 games right?

  95. Richards is gone via amnesty buyout either this offseason or next. He burned himself out in the playoffs last year and never recovered.

    Malkin won’t re-sign in Pittsburgh. He has his ring (soon to be 2) and wants to go somewhere where he isn’t in the Skid’s shadow when he hits UFA in 2014.

    The Rangers will offer him a max deal without question.

  96. Remember what Tortorella said: “There is NOTHING that can compare to winning the Cup in NYC”.

  97. New look blog!!!??? What wrong with the old one ? Geeezeeee!!!!

    Rangers sure could use the old Richards back …

  98. here’s a suggestion Carp
    allow actual cursing on the board
    right now
    with the news of iginla going to the pens
    i just want to let out a torrent of words that could
    make Quentin Tarantino shocked.

    i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo byfuglien angry
    and disgusted right now.
    as i said in the past
    for anyone who’s now familiar with me
    i HATE the pens more than
    the isles/devils/flyers put together
    times infinity

    here’s to hoping that…..(fill in the blank)

  99. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JPG – totally agree. I hate the pens almost as much as I love the rangers.

  100. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Can someone explain how the pens got Murray, morrow, and Iggy? How is that even possible? They will have 3 top lines. Their 4th line is better than some first lines….


  101. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The path of the righteous is beset on all sides by the inequities of the tyranny and evil men….

  102. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Got to give ray Shero credit.. and sather a new fiddle to play..

    Change usually sucks , the new yahoo is awful
    BMW car club the roundel change the look of their magazine and its awful too

    awful means less people

  103. Meh – Fleury will have a bad week and they’ll get bounced in the first round. Letang is hurt too. Rangers just starting to come togther. Expect a win tonight without a doubt, they are due to beat the Sens, then hope for a point in Montreal Satrday and we’re set.

  104. E3, all that offense didn’t help them in the playoffs last year, they averaged 4.5 GPG but gave up 5.0.

    My expectations so high last year, going into the post season, of hearing the Pope of Sixth Avenue utter those seven words we all want to hear. Those expectations aren’t there this April, so I will have to settle for seeing a dejected, and poorly mustached, Crybaby Crosby shaking hands and skating off to the golf course. Stranger things have happened (LA last year, Giants in XLII), but that will, most likely, be extent of my celebrating this spring.

  105. This Iginla deal is a little like bringing the great Gretsky to NY…and it didn’t include a Stanley Cup. Will be interesting to see how it plays out. They have brought in a bunch of talented veteran help over the past week, but it does not guarantee a cup.

  106. I took at look at “Small Bites”…uninspired, formulaic rehash to allow easier use for mobile users….eh, nothing special or appealing in the design, but more functional for those who access the blog on their mobile device(s) Interestingly, I find it less attractive than the current blog site. The price of keeping up with the Shero’s.

  107. CARP,

    Regarding the new blog design:

    I don’t get it. From a mobile user perspective (iPhone), it’s just a worse overal experience. The key to mobile is stripping away everything and anything that makes te experience slower and messier to the user. This current version isn’t as pretty, but it does mobile better. And that’s concerning.

    On your blog, you be focuses on two things: 1) people reading your entry, 2) people commenting … and commenting often. And this should actually be in reverse order. That I find commenting to be more difficult on the new design is not great news. For me, personally, it may mean fewer posts because I’ll find it too much of a hassle. and the new blog design SHOULD cater to mobile more than any other channel because that’s the growing one. I guarantee you that a large and growing part of the comments are made from “second screen” experiences, so the focus needs to be on catering the user experience to those users in order to increase traffic.

    The new design is more pleasant to the eye with it’s light font, but it’s also way too cluttered (makes the comments section disappear) and doesn’t seem mobile optimizes (I.e. Why am I able to scroll to the right and see empty space vs. this one that keeps me bound to the screen size … which is a great thing). Also, I never understood why the new comments don’t appear on the top … both the new and this design force mobile users to incessantly scroll to the bottom to post, which dissuades them from engaging right away.

    The new design is way too busy, with way too many sections, too many pics and links not related to the actual blog.

    Not trying to be negative, I just think I have a good gut instinct about user experience. Please don’t take harshly … I absolutely love this blog and would continue reading / commenting no matter what it looks like. Just my two cents. Please email me if you want more feedback.


  108. BTW, I hope the Gannett people don’t start including this blog in their subscription to the online news. This week, I started to hit a request for $14/month to read the news linked to the front page of lohud.com This seems to be something new(s) Ifr I have to choose between Lohud and the NY Times, it will be the NY Times…I suspect online news outlets will now start charging admission, which means we have reached another milestone in the demise of the printed word. I am all for it, but how it impacts subscription income and pricing will start to find equilibirum as as the market demand evolves. I don’t see how a Lohud can claim a higher subscription rate than a NY Times or Washington Post…just saying…

  109. Oh, and another BTW, I refuse to pay more for a subscription service than I contribute monthly to National Public Radio, which brings me more interesting news and more accurate reporting every day than my online browsing of the NY Times. So there…

  110. Currently, trying to post a comment through my phone while watching the game is difficult. Hopefully this makes that easier. There is the extent of my technical input.

  111. Sioux-per-man on

    I agree with pimp!

    Comments disappear but it did post my Facebook pic and name. You may lose traffic and or jack wagons if you know their real name.

    Best of luck!

  112. Wow. Went to bed with Iginla a Bruins and woke up with him a Pen. Wonder if he gets an “A”.

  113. Rob in Beantown on

    I too went to bed knowing Iginla was a Bruin and woke up to an iPhone notification that he was a Penguin

  114. iDoodie Machetto on


    On the mobile site, when we refresh, refresh, refresh, the comments start at the top every time, unlike the full site, where it refreshes to our last posted comment. Please make the mobile site match the full site in that regard.

  115. Wow can you guys imagine how much deeper up Pissburgh’s assen NBC and all NHL homers will be now?! The new “feel good” story of the Pissburgh Penguins! All the bull we will be subjected to? Iginla looking for his first cup! Iginla the all time good guy and quest for the cup! Iginla and Crosby – two guys one cup! BARF!

    I hate Iginla already

  116. Would rather him go to Pittsburgh than the Bruins to be honest.

    Pittsburgh is gonna beat us anyway because they always do, same with Montreal. However, a Rangers-Bruins series, we have a much better shot and Iginla could have put that out of reach.

    While I still expect us to be the #6 seed, Im hoping Washington winds up playing Pitt in the first round. They can beat anyone when they’re on form…

  117. Cross Check Charlie on

    What Pimp is trying to say is that the new design is a Mickey Mouse design by some no talent clowns. True amateur hour stuff.


    I find the new blog to be basically what Pimp said. It may be more picturesque, but functionally lacking. I also agree that having to scroll through 500 posts or more is rather tiresome. The latest posts should be at the top.

    Oh, and did the Penguins get significantly better or did they just get older? That is the question.

  118. iDoodie Machetto on

    Wow. Can’t believe the return on Iginla was so little!

    Two options:

    1) dubi, anisimov, erixon, and 1st for Nash; or

    2) Michael St. Croix, Steve fogarty, and a 1st for Iginla

    #2 probably brings us closer to a cup this year and next.

  119. Clowe has no goals. Repeat, zero goals. 20 minus 20 goals. Is this 20-goal pedigree something anyone really wants to gamble on? Is he due? Dinged? Done?

  120. *Carp* – So I checked out this other blog that already got plastic surgery. Too bad it’s not nearly as popular as this place so I can’t really tell how the comments section will look. I guess it’s more “tech” and cleaner for the modern age or whatever.

    Maybe more people can join us here: http://food.lohudblogs.com/2013/03/27/the-bitter-truth-cocktail-recipe-from-the-tapp/#comments

    I’m going to test out the comments thread there. But not to be a jerk I will keep the comments to blog design and COCKTAILS!

  121. I know, Norm. Which is why I think Clowe should be cheap. So many of our bottom 6 guys are not nearly the player Clowe is and they have no goals too.

  122. Doodie’s suggestion at 8:15 AM is the *BEST* suggestion. It’s an absolute necessity. I am going to throw my thumbs out and be unable to blog one day (gasp!) because of all the scrolling to the bottom while lying in bed at night.

  123. Stranger Nation on

    While the pay walls are starting to go up and raise higher, this is a futile attempt to prevent the rise of syndication and a last desperate hope to survive in the 24/7 always-on world of news content.

  124. Cross Check Charlie on

    “2) Michael St. Croix, Steve fogarty, and a 1st for Iginla

    #2 probably brings us closer to a cup this year and next.”

    That would have been good except the Rangers don’t have a first this year.

  125. If Iginla cost 2 fringe prospects and a late 1st rounder, how can Clowe get anything more than a 2nd round pick?

  126. In absolute shock that iginla is a penguin. Poor decision on his part. Way more animosity towards him now. I guess this is why the bruins were so persuasive in saying they have not traded fot iginla even though every major sports reporter, even eklund, reported it as done

  127. Neither of the players Calgary acquired for Iginla were in the Penguins’ top 10 prospect list according to The Hockey News, for what it’s worth.

    Good job, good effort, Jay Feaster.

  128. Stranger Nation on

    Morrow – 34 yrs old – 30 games – 11 pts – (-8); 2 pts., -8 in last 10 games

    Murray – 35 yrs old – 29 games – 3 assists – (-8); 1 pt., -5 last 10 games

    Iginla – 35 yrs old – 31 games – 22 pts (-7); 3 pts., -7 last 10 games

    Really like all three of these players, and they MAY be the kind of players that put Pens over the hump, but NONE are in their prime and NONE are playing well and ALL are in the last year or two of productivity.

    This are the type of deals we would celebrate when announced and then bemoan when having to look at the results game after game.

    Stay the course…steady as she goes….

  129. i have nothing bus dislike hatred and utter hope that the pens fall flat on there face. someone anyone explain to me how they have all this cap space for just this year to accomodate on these players. i know iginla is a ufa and so is morrow but for now how i mean it is just sickening to watch this team get every player they desire.

    and if i am the bruins fans i boo iginla every time he comes there because if you dont think for one second iginla told feaster i am only going to pitt or staying you are gladly mistaken.

    no trade no move makes things like this happen. i bet boston deal was much better.

    if someone says to me the rangers will miss playoffs but the pens wont win a cup where do i sign.

    i freaking hate that team as my 1 1a and 1b in terms of who you hate the most from yesterday

  130. Feaster was really over a barrel since Iginla said he was not re-signing with Calgary next year. It was a use him or lose him scenario. It could mean either that Iginla was allowed to make the choice (and he made a Lebron style choice) or that the offer from Pittsburgh was actually _better_ than the Bruins offer.

  131. Czechthemout!!! on

    The reason Iginla seems so cheap to some of you guys is that you are still reacting to the name and not the player today. He is not te player he once was. He is still pretty decent but is 35 and is an UFA next year. We as fans tend to overvalue other teams players and undervalue our own.

    If Sather trades Gabby it will be for good haul. In act a better one than Cgy got for Iggy.

    That said, how about that masterful job by Shero in maneuvering the Cap this season. Very impressive.

  132. Sioux-per-man on

    Stranger – Nice post.

    So the Penguins get older and slower.

    Maybe that’s just what the Rangers need to beat them.

    Ranger’s are going with YOUTH & SPEED. And keep thier top prospects and picks. (Well Nash in his Prime is worth a 1’st rounder every year, and twice on leap year)

    If the Rangers are going to beat the Penguins, they have to play like they did on Tuesday. Let’s see how we stack up next Wednesday.

    Now you know how important is it to finish 7th or higher, 8th I’m affraid would be one and done.

  133. Sioux-per-man on

    Doodie – New York was NEVER in it. Boston, Pittsburgh, LA where the only 3 on the list. Looks like New York isn’t a cup contender in the East.

    We shall see about that….

  134. Czechthemout!!! on

    Since Feaster is in a giving mood, how about Gabby to the Flames for Mark Giordano, Curtis Glenncross and Pens first?

  135. “Since Feaster is in a giving mood, how about Gabby to the Flames for Mark Giordano, Curtis Glenncross and Pens first?”

    How would that make us better though?

  136. Looks like Iginla did at the last moment say he doesnt want to go to Boston and this forced feaster to send him to pittsburgh, neither deal was very good but this return from pittsburgh is laughable. I really respect iggy but no way i can root for him now even if we are out.

    Anyone know if Pens are in trouble capwise going forward?

  137. Czechthemout!!! on


    Gives us in the words of Wicki playable grit and toughness. Glencross can score some too and Giordano is a good PP pointman.

    Than trade our second with a B level prospect for Clowe. We can go toe to toe with Boston,Pittsburgh on toughness and scoring.

  138. Stranger Nation on

    Pens problem is D and goalie (see POs v. Filth 2012). they didn’t really address those needs – would have been better served getting a solid top 4 D man than Murray/Morrow.

    Love, absolutely love, Murray’s game….in 2008, not in 2013.

  139. Lev – it’s because Morrow, Murray and Iginla are close to $14M coming off the books at the end of the season along with DuPuis and Cooke and some minor players.

  140. Gotcha. Ughhh. Oh and Stranger you dont think getting Vokoun addresses their goalir issues? One of the best goalir tandems in the league. Defense is questionable especially with Letang hurt. Still better than most of the league.

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    “That would have been good except the Rangers don’t have a first this year.”

    That’s my point. If we hadn’t made the Nash deal, we would have been in a position to move for Iginla.

    Sioux, if we hadn’t made the Nash deal, our record to this point is probably better than it is now and perhaps we could have been on the list. Or maybe Feaster told Iginla NY wasn’t an option because we didn’t have the pick and so they weren’t an option for Iginla’s list.

  142. Doodie Machetto on

    And who knows whether such a list even existed because Boston was supposedly on that list, and Iginla apparently told them no.

  143. Doodie Machetto on

    How does Feaster still have a job? He should’ve been fired after the O’Reilly fiasco.

  144. Vokoun showed, last season, that he can play very poorly for stretches. He has, this season, a record of 8-3 with a .907 Save Percentage (25th) and a 2.8 GAA (28th). The Pens tend to score 3+ so it’s OK but he’s now being asked to be the starter. And his numbers are not great.

  145. “We can go toe to toe with Boston,Pittsburgh on toughness and scoring.”

    So trading Gaborik and replacing him with Curtis Glencross will help our scoring woes? Thanks for the early morning laugh!

  146. Stranger Nation on

    Lev – in theory yes, but…

    Vokoun – 36 yrs old – 3 PO wins in career – last PO win was in 2007

    Nothing about him reads ‘clutch’ PO shut down Goalie, not that they need one, but he is not an elite goalie now

  147. Sioux-per-man on

    Iggy has 13 seasons for a team that well hasn’t been a playoff team for a long time.

    He’s a class act, as a player and a person.

    Reminds me of Bourque – wanting to put his name on the cup.

    Kind of stains the idea of putting it on as a Penguin – doesn’t it?

  148. Doodie Machetto on

    Which would you prefer, awarding Pittsburgh the Cup now, or making them play for it? If we just award them the Cup now, sure, they win the Cup, but they won’t be able to gloat as much because they didn’t earn it through the playoffs. If we make them play for it, sure, there’s the chance that they lose, but if and when they do win, they will be that much more intolerable because they went and legitimately earned it.

  149. There are at least 3 goalie tandems that have been way better, Lev. Probably More. Here is a list of the ones that, I think, are better than the Pens (when Flower is healthy)

    Maple Leafs

  150. They are on the fringe of my list, Doodie. I don’t think either have performed up to their ability this year.

  151. The only thing that’s mickey-mouse and amateur-hour and complete-bush-league is this NYRangers “squad” of no-talent clowns.

  152. Sioux-per-man on

    1’st rounder and two middle prospects that really don’t matter, isn’t alot to give up. Pittsburg doesn’t need it’s pick this year. It makes sence for them.

    Calgary might make something out of the 1’st rounder, never really know about the college kids until they grow up and turn pro – i.e. Hagelin, Kreider, McDonagh, Stepan. All good players for the Rangers, but Hagelin was a 6th rounder in ’07, and he has turned out to be a diamond in the ruff/deep rounds.

    The winner in the whole deal is Iginla, he can still resign as a Flame if he wants to retire as their Captain. I doubt if he will, but I wouldn’t blame him.

  153. I think Iginla said he has closed the door on his Flames career. He already said he wasn’t going to re-sign there, thus they had to trade him for spare parts.

  154. Paul in sunrise on

    Iggy traded for literally bag of pucks and first round pick. We think slats has pictures of some GM’s. Shero not only has pictures he has videos too.

  155. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, they are a hell of a lot better than the two poor excuses for shooter-tutors the Pens have put out there all year.

  156. LMGoalietandemO @ Shooter-Tutor. Classic.

    I’m just hoping Flower returns to action and returns to his classic playoff form giving up 6+ goals a game in the first round.

  157. Sioux-per-man on

    2 games in hand on Toronto 5 points behind. We win both games this week puts us only 1 point out of 6th!!!

    That’s the playoff spot we want to be in.

    Pitt. has our number lately, don’t want to face them in any round let alone the 1’st round.

    Will YOUTH & SPEED win over Crosby and Co.?

  158. Czechthemout!!! on


    Let me interupt your morning laugh.

    Gabby is not exactly lighting it up is he? Glencross, although not a big scorer can score 20 + and Giordano is a good dman who is very good on the PP. it will add scoring by committee and balance out the team further.

  159. Lmao. Glencross? Only on this blog can people put up tireless arguments about Stepan not being skilled or big enough to be our first line center and then want Glencross as a Ranger.

  160. “Gabby is not exactly lighting it up is he? Glencross, although not a big scorer can score 20+”

    No, but although Gabby has stuggled lately he’s a 40 goal scorer and you don’t trade them for a 2nd/3rd liner and a 2nd pair d-man.

  161. Doodie Machetto on

    Remind me, what was Pittsburgh’s problem last year in the playoffs? Was it not scoring enough goals? Oh right, it was their porous defense and goaltending. Iginla doesn’t address those. Screw Pittsburgh. Bastards are going down.

  162. Czechthemout!!! on


    Only on this blog can someone respond without ever looking things up. Glencross has scored 20 the last three years and is on pace to score 30+ this season. He plays a hard physical game and can drop the gloves when needed. Get a clue about a player before you respond. And of course you make no comment about Giordano because you probably never even heard of him. Ad when did I ever argue anything against Stepan? I love Stepan, always have.

    Yup, it took him until age 24 to become a regular. A little late butit also took Prust around the same time.

  163. I hope so, Doodie. Who’s the Phlyers of this year though that has the Pens number and takes them out in the first round?

  164. Wait, so people wish we had not made the Nash deal so that we would still have a first-rounder to trade for Iginla? That’s crazy. I recognize the Rangers did lose a chunk of their “middle lineup” but that was not all because of Nash. They easily could have re-signed Prust and Mitchell and Feds. And at the time, you assume there will be a full season and now here we are and Kreider – who really was lightning in a bottle during the playoffs last year but not really ready otherwise – is a rookie developing into his own as is Miller. Those two guys contributing quality minutes just completely changes the complexion of the team, and if we had a full 82 game season, my money says you would see this team go on another tear during the second half of the year. So maybe this year the tear is starting now and rides through the playoffs.

  165. the fact that the pens didnt have to give up olli matta scott harrrington simon depres beau bennett all A level prospects and players of the future they essentially gave up C level prospects and a couple of late round draft picks. 1st and 2nd is a joke.

    the list was small only three teams but in the end it is clear the only team iginla wanted to go to was the pens. the pens knew it and feaster was screwed and took what he could get.

    lesson learned dont give no trade no move clauses

  166. Czechthemout!!! on


    Just so you know, I am not really advocating a Gabby trade. I just think we are a bit thin on defense and very thin on grit and the PP. those two players address both. The number one pick would a recoup for the Nash trade. It is a very good draft this year.

  167. doodie

    you must not be getting sleep at night as tell how the rangers a team that has lost 8 straight to them can beat them in a 1-8 matchup and beat them 4 of 7. who could do our dirty work for us this year the devils should we pass them and get 7th. come on wake up.


  168. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, what do you think about the two options I posted earlier? The Nash trade or a similar Iginla trade. Which would you have chosen?

  169. Doodie Machetto on

    “you must not be getting sleep at night as tell how the rangers a team that has lost 8 straight to them can beat them in a 1-8 matchup and beat them 4 of 7. who could do our dirty work for us this year the devils should we pass them and get 7th. come on wake up.”

    I didn’t say it would be us.

  170. Sioux-per-man on

    The Hobbit returns!!! It’s official.

    The Lord of the Rink returns. #PenguinSlayer needed on the QUEST for the CUP!!!

  171. I am well aware who Curtis Glencross and Mark Giordano are. On this team Giordano is a 3rd pair d-man and Glencross is a 2nd line LW.

    I would much rather have Gaborik and Eminger, thank you very much…

  172. Giordano is not only a 3rd pair player on this squad, he would be our highest paid D-Man playing 3rd pair. His lack of offense would make everyone on this blog loathe him.

  173. Czechthemout!!! on


    I like the Nash trade. I think we fleeced the Cbj. I also dont think that we were as good as our record was last year. We were a .500 team from Feb 1 to the playoffs. So I doubt that we would be in position to be compelling to Iginla as a Cup contender.

  174. eric –

    1. Stop kvetching about Iginla forcing the trade to the Pens. Nash did the exact same thing to get here. Pot, here is the kettle.

    2. It makes NO DIFFERENCE who beats who. What happens is what matters. It is also very possible that if Toronto hadn’t taken down Detroit in 1994 the Rangers would never have won in the Finals. Who cares. Are you telling me it isnt as legit? Are you telling me that when it happened you weren’t sitting there going “whew, we dont have to take on Detroit?” The Rangers earned the #1 seed, so they earned the right to play some weaker teams in the playoffs while Pitt, Philly, Boston and the Caps beat the hell out of one another. One could easily argue that Jersey lucked into an even easier draw and that’s why they beat the Rangers.

    I know you hate the Penguins, we all do, but them acquiring these guys, while it looks great on paper, does not mean they will win the Cup. Or even come out of the East for that matter.

  175. Also eric it did not matter whether Philly or Pitt came out of that series the Caps were seeded #7 so we were getting them no matter what. Jersey was getting the winner of the Pittsburgh/Philly series.

  176. Doodie Machetto on

    Peter, it was actually San Jose who took out Detroit in 1994. One of the largest upsets in recent playoff history.

  177. Eric, actually we would have played Wash in the second round as they were the 7th seed. NJ 6th seed would have played Pitt 4 seed. Though, I do agree that the Rangers would not have beaten the Pens if they played in the ECF last year

  178. “Boston has no choice but to overpay us for Gaborik now.”

    Not a chance. The Rangers are not sellers so prospects/picks wont matter and Boston is not going to give up players we would want in return (Marchand, Lucic, Kreici, Seguin, Hamilton) etc.

  179. Also dont know how the rumored trade of Lucic to Oilers for Whitney, Paajarvi (sp?), and a pick makes Bruins stronger

  180. Carp, will the new blog force us to sign in through gmail/facebook/msn or the like? No more Folkyerselfs or Feedthecats??

  181. don’t think so. i commented on the food blog the way i’d comment here.

    Gaborik for Glencross … LMFGlencrossO.

  182. Although I don’t comment a lot, I do read the blog every morning; I hope that I don’t have to click to a second page to read the entire Carp-commentary on the games. I really like it all appearing on the home page. Then, go on to the comments section when I have time to read some of those.

  183. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – it’s about the same. Didn’t really do alot from the iphone this morning. No time.

    Video’s would be interesting from the locker room.

    Are you going to compete with Jim and do 1-on-1 with players, and prospects? That would be the bomb if you would field questions from readers from the Blog?

    Manny wants to know …..
    Sally says……
    Tony from Az wants to say …..

    Just a thought.

  184. Carp – issue with the new blog. Bold, Red and italics don’t work! How can I poke fun at @CCCP@ ?

  185. Sioux-per-man on

    3C – She doesn’t have anyone commenting ….. funny but true.

    I think you tripled her traffic this morning!!!

  186. Sioux-per-man on

    Hey one cup – there’s a new recipe for your cup – did you check it out on the food blog?????

  187. Kids, I just put up a new poll ——–> over there. It asks a simple question: Would you prefer to have the latest comments at the top or the bottom of the comments page?

    Please think about it and answer.

  188. Carp, I am having a BAD morning, but you just made it a little better. Thanks for being the Awesomest.

    Eric, C3, & Hartford, go suck an egg!

  189. Sioux-per-man on

    I would go top then.

    It’s a pain on the iphone to scroll down a 1,000 messages to read your new one :)


  190. Any chance we can add a “like” button on the posts? And also have the option of having the comments sorted by oldest/newest/popularity/etc?

  191. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Manny, only a Carpathian would come back to life and choose New York.

  192. Sioux-per-man on

    CARP the “jump the shark” wasn’t mine.

    But I’m thinking I would rather try to jump a shark …. than trade Gaborik for and old Boyle!!!

    CARPani’s – I would like to buy a round for everyone!!!

  193. When the show Happy Days had truly completely hit bottom and run out of material, they had an episode where the Fonz jumped a shark on water skis.

  194. In that case, I guess I am hoping I haven’t jumped the shark. I doubt we’ll ever be out of material here, especially since traffic tends to go UP when things are at their WORST.

  195. It will be interesting to see how the Penguins handle the pressure of the expectations they’ve now heaped upon themselves. Especially on their goalies.

    Also, remember toward the end of last year when the Penguins went on that winning streak and we all handed them the Cup …?

  196. MZA is Ruotsalainen's love child on

    Had to jump in. Trading Gaborik would be a poor handling of our assets. He is coming off of shoulder surgery in the offseason. I have had that surgery, and it took quite a while to get back to full strength to be able to snap off a hard shot – which is how he scores. Combine that with the fact he was moved to the opposite wing from what he has played most of his career (to make room for Nash) and his struggles aren’t surprising and likely temporary. He’s been a good soldier as a Ranger, even with Tortorella’s focus on a defense first system. His value is the lowest it has ever been or likely will be, so we will not get a huge return for him, and he very well could return to form later this season or next. Find me a 30 goal scorer available in return, then that’s a fair trade, but not for some spare parts.

  197. The new blog is gonna look wonderful! I’d definitely like to see if they can get some upvote/downvote buttons in here.

  198. While you are updating, can you fix the twitter application for members of the new york rangers…its got a lot of old rangers on it

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