It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Flyers


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Game 32.
Rangers at Flyers.

Light up the Empire State Building in Orange and Black!

The Rangers have lost two in a row, albeit one of those in a random non-hockey-related contest after the hockey game ended in a tie. They are 2-1-1 in their last four, which means five out of eight points, leaving them in the eighth spot in the Eastern standings. I’m sure you saw that both Eastern games last night went to skills competitions — points for everybody!

The Rangers begin a three-game road trip, and a finishing stretch of 11 of the final 17 on the road.

In case you missed it, the Rangers signed Mats Zuccarello to a one-year, $700,000 pro-rated contract for the remainder of this season. They are expecting Zuccarello and Jesper Fast, whom they signed last spring, to join the team in the next few days.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal. J.T. Miller (wrist) is a game-time decision. If he plays, somebody has to come out (Kris Newbury, Darroll Powe, Taylor Pyatt or Arron Asham (not likely) being the candidates. Matt Gilroy will be prucha’d

The Flyers’ Danny Briere is out with another concussion.


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  1. Gravy, You Know You Want It Marty on

    LGR! Looks like Torts threw names in a hat to make the lines tonight.

  2. Since someone will ask….

    @stevezipay@ NYR line rushes: Hagelin-Stepan-Nash, Gaborik-Miller-Callahan, Kreider-Richards-Boyle, Pyatt-Newbury-Asham. Hmmm.

  3. A MUST win game, despite of FATIQUE, to gain a MOMENTUM.
    Will need a great CONCENTRATION from King and a real JAM from the rest of the team.
    …and don’t let MiamiPimps’s superstitious jokes about this team become a true reality.

  4. And the Russians take gold and silver!!!!

    Ria, what did I miss…Congrats!!!! (but for what??)

  5. Have a feeling, that our new effective sniper(6min. TOI – 1 goal) – Aarroonn will bail out both, Gaby and Brich tonight…

  6. LGR!!! I’m ever hopeful…especially with gabby and Richards separated . Release the Kreider !! Newbury will be exchanging pleasantries with the Phlyers for sure…

  7. Olga Folkyerself on

    There is no Ranger team so bad that beating the flyers wouldn’t cheer me up for a day…

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  8. poor Kreider, Torts really must hate him. with Boyle and Richards. Tortorella should just send him to Hartford already.


  9. Gravy, You Know You Want It Marty on

    I guess special teams don’t mean much for the Phlyers. 6th in PP 7th in PK…out of playoffs.

  10. NBC: Where we delay the start of the game you tuned in to see to show highlights of games that you didn’t tune in to see.

  11. I’m happy for Timonen, but can we move on please….and yes, this wouldn’t bother be if it was a Rangers ceremony.

  12. The first main task is not to let’em score in starting 10 min. Second – establish physical presents and to involve Philties in it. Than DESROY them!

  13. Hey, when Carp and I used to do live chats live on (web) air, we were sponsored by an air conditioning company, of all things…I had to say their name on cue every few minutes….remember that Carp?

  14. “I can cut my hatred by rusted scalpel!”

    oh, I’m writing that down to remember 4ever…..that is a keeper!!!

  15. Fat Guy in Cali on

    The billy Martin lineup is actually when you drnk puke INTO the hat, and *then* pull out the names

  16. carp, if Bryzgalov played last year like he has played this year, the flyers might have gone to the cup finals.

  17. Sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve been swamped at work (just leaving now) and also the Rangers are depressing. I miss y’all though.

  18. _NBC: Where we delay the start of the game you tuned in to see to show highlights of games that you didn’t tune in to see._

    Sheer idiocy, or is that sarcasm?

  19. not a single post about Hagelin missing a breakaway? Imagine if that was Gaborik or Richards…

  20. Dave, I love love love you….but if you cite Hartnell one more time I’m going to hartnelling delete my picture of you, me and Fozzy from FB…how’s that!

  21. I thought we are judging players by whether the puck goes in or not. Or is that argument only used when it’s most convenient?

  22. Olga Folkyerself on

    No sorrier than me Lev. I had to watch the whole thing.

    Calgary later tonight, maybe a sneak pre-view of future Hawk Iginla?

  23. I really think Del Zotto sometimes defers to the older guys, and when Nash calls for the puck, he passes it to him whether it’s there or not … OR it’s just Del Zotto being Del Zotto.

  24. Wouldnt be surprising if Iginla is traded to Hawks minutes after tonights game. Though I think he will look pretty bad in that uniform. Not sure how he fits in.

  25. McGuire didn’t get the memo about McDonagh being behind 15 others as a candidate for the US Olympic team.

    [Footnote for Thom: The above comment is a non-serious reference to a recurring joke on here about various projected US Olympic team rosters. This in no way suggests I have seen any such memo, or that I have knowledge that such a memo even exists, or that if such a memo exists, that I would know whether Pierre McGuire of NBC Sports had access to that memo or would divulge that fact on a national television broadcast. And I’m a sheer idiot.]

  26. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    nice Miller time to The Kreider. This lineup is much better than the $21M line and no balance. Much more balanced

  27. Big whole in the universe and we score first for once!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Nash!!!!

  28. Game over, season over, fire/trade everyone on the Flyers’ blogs …

    of course, those aren’t the worst blogs in the internets.

  29. I feel like MSG Network’s slogan should be “we love the Knicks but sometimes we talk hockey”

  30. They actually look like a decent hockey team tonight with puck control decent passing and a goalie who is all business. Can Fran comment on the passing?

  31. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Gabby again with the setup. The balance here is mucho better. Ice is tilted. Just finish, boys. Finish.

  32. McDonagh’s decisions have made me scratch my head more than a few times this season. Very strange, indeed.

  33. Lw- funniest flipping post I’ve seen in a long time …or at least since the night crew let loose this afternoon.

  34. Speaking of McDonagh, I wonder A) if any of this is from the Pacioretty assault … and B) if anybody pays Pacioretty a visit once it gets to 5-1 Habs Saturday.

  35. Flyers I’d take: Simmonds, Coburn, Giroux, Hartnell, Voracek, Timmonen, both Schenns and whats-his-name the D-man who’s out tonight?

  36. Taking it to the middle of the ice, high slot, rather than behind the net. Yes, yes, yes!

  37. Hagelin talking about trading chances at the beginning of the game as a good start, a good thing. Good sign!

  38. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Eddie, you ok with Richards getting 4th line minutes as 4th line center? What I want to know is why Torts continues to weigh down the PP with him?

  39. bull dog line on

    very different look to the Rangers with Miller in the middle. they seem faster.
    my brother is at the game (lives right outside Philly) sitting next to mr snider in a suite. I told him to give mr Snider our regards.

  40. carp,
    IMO, I noticed a change in Mcdonagh’s game when he came back from the Pacioretty hit.

  41. Ria, you are being too silent, but I finally found the reason for your congrats…..CONGRATS to the (not so) little Ria!!!

  42. Mcdonagh was gold, solid, no mistakes with/without puck. After that hit he has been a little leaky.

  43. Not bad at all for our rookie team. Except, I have damn strange feeling that Gabby don’t want to play much of his guts out for this coach.

  44. richards doesnt get benched like gabby. north american pansy. hes gotta take the tap-pansy bridge to get to connecticut. oh yea we cant bury mercenaries there anymore. damn

  45. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Nothing stupid here, boys. The whistle’s gonna turn against us if we look at ’em the wrong way in this ‘even up the calls’ league. no penalties please.

  46. Choose: “Maximum achievement with a maximum efforts”, Max achievement with a minimum efforts” and “Some achievement with a minimum efforts”. We have players for all this.

  47. What Carp said about Leetch….YES!!!

    he started awkward, but now kicks aasens……

  48. LW…”I don’t think Duguay embarrasses easily, somehow.”

    Nope…and I kind of love him for that….:) why should he be….

  49. Darntwinblades on

    Ryan Mac has had these holes in his game all along.
    Folks got in a fog about him ’cause he does so many things so well
    so young, and is not…
    Drury/Gomez, about whom some of us yelled loud ‘n’ clear at the beginning,
    when so many were gushing Cup, that y’don’t generally win that prize,
    in a cap system, by paying A+ money to B+ players with lotsa tread wear.

    Head Snidely: you’re supposed to be impartial, not a Supreme donating
    critical elections to your golf buddies. Straighten up!

  50. Good puck movement, good patience by Del Z, nice shot Richards! Who are these guys?

    Also nice job by ol’ Fedotenko.

  51. Of course. The one guy (ok Fedotenko too) I don’t want to see hurt takes a puck in the face.

  52. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Slats is considering extending Richards’ contract after tonight’s goal.

  53. latona dont u dare! i’ll byfuglien kill something if we blow this. im in a very fragile mental state right now;)

  54. 3-0?! Who IS this team?!

    If this is how it’ll go we won’t have anything to complain about! Totally unacceptable!

  55. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’d like to punch that red-headed chick on the Wendy’s commercial right in the mush.

  56. Nash / Stepan / Hagelin.

    Been -saying- screaming since Richards came back from his injury, why did Torts break that line up?

  57. grabby, you mean other than the brain cells you lose by tuning in to their pathetic displays?

  58. Olga Folkyerself on

    Anyone else see the old crone behind the glass? I bet she was hot the last time the flyers won the Cup!

  59. phlyers are getting chances now. cannot let them score even 1. at least until the 1 minute mark left in the 3rd

  60. Torts has to tell cally to steer clear of Talbot so max doesn’t rip off his arm like a Mr potato head doll tonight.

  61. Rangers gotta be careful– they haven’t taken a penalty all night. Boyle on cue takes an offensive zone penalty.

  62. Our PK is really terrible this year and first we waive our best Pker and then bench our 2nd best Pker

  63. Olga Folkyerself on

    Eddie Eddie Eddie March 26th, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    I saw a kicking motion

    Wait until Hagelin gets back to the bench… you’ll see another one.

  64. I don’t know if it was the Neil hit, losing Prust, or both, but this Brian Boyle is not helping this team in many ways presently..

  65. I know its fun to hate on Boyle (and that was a pretty weak call) but really leading up to it the Rangers play dipped considerably and they weren’t doing much of anything in the offensive zone, or even getting in it much.

  66. Seriously wondering if Laviolette facing same heat as tortorella regarding employment with his team out of the playoffs at this point.

  67. i know i shouldnt complain but if they got the pp goal any earlier this game just as easily could be tied. we always get comfortable in games like this. gotta stop letting them get back in it. another nailbiter coming up

  68. “Good stuff as long as they don’t revert to Rangers hockey in the third!”

    Already reverted to it in the second, content to dump in and chase every time, and then scramble around our own zone like chickens without heads. Better get back to playing aggressive hockey like the first 30 minutes of the game.

  69. also, its my god given right as a ranger fan to have the freedom to complain no matter what.

  70. Laviolette has been on the hot seat for much longer than Torts this year. The Flyers have had way more injuries though. And before his concussion Briere was as disappointing as Richards. If not more.

  71. Coaches love the prevent defense — usually it works, but I think it’s more important that the Rangers grab this new attacking, chance-trading identity with both fists and make sure the Flyers have to worry about who’s behind them all period. A sagging 3-2 win or a 3-3 point would be valuable, no complaints, but they should stick to an identity that gives them some sense of confidence they might do something in the playoffs — otherwise why bother making them?

  72. Rangers Report @rangersreport
    Brian Leetch is only about 1,000,000 times better than any other studio analyst MSG Network has.


    Brian Leetch is only 1,000,000 times better than any other studio analyst MSG Network, NBC, or NHLN has.


  73. grabby!!!! save your nails….I feel positive….

    ilb get rid of everyone….your choice how

  74. No reason to sit back. Flyers look awful in their zone. And Bryzgalov doesn’t look that great either. What else is new

  75. don’t think they changed a lot in the latter half of the second. You’re never going to be perfect for 60 minutes, especially after team opens it up like the Flyers had to do.

    it wasn’t “prevent” defense.

  76. Could you imagine if the Pens make all these moves and are stuck with Vokoun and whoever is in Hershey?

  77. ddeb…mama love….I was on the phone with him a moment ago, and he loves RR love….that’s a lot of love but whatever….

    is hartnell playing?

  78. Agree it was flat, not prevent, to end the third. First fifth of this period has not been prevent either. Good work so far.

  79. grabby…..:”also, its my god given right as a ranger fan to have the freedom to complain no matter what”

    excellent point…:)

  80. And sometimes you have to dump it in to make sure you get a smart change with short shifts. It sometimes looks like prevent.

  81. _Footnote for Thom: The above comment is a non-serious reference to a recurring joke on here about various projected US Olympic team rosters. This in no way suggests I have seen any such memo, or that I have knowledge that such a memo even exists, or that if such a memo exists, that I would know whether Pierre McGuire of NBC Sports had access to that memo or would divulge that fact on a national television broadcast. And I’m a sheer idiot._

    _And I’m a sheer idiot_


  82. Kreider looks like a totally different player since he came back from AHL. Assertive and physical. The goals will come.

  83. somebody must have clipped Simmonds in the nose to get him that angry. Guessing it was Richards. No replay, of course.

  84. _Kreider looks like a totally different player since he came back from AHL. Assertive and physical. The goals will come._

    What type of logic is this? The Rangers are near the bottom of the league in goals scored. Are you suggesting that the other Rangers have not scored have not been assertive and physical? Boyle leads the team in hits. Where are his goals?

  85. His nose’s been sore after he are the puck back in the first period. Doesn’t take much.

  86. in a game like this where gabby hasnt played bad at all,but if he not scoring he still should be doing more though. hes had an ok game but get the extra gear going and if he just did the little things better we wouldnt jump on him for not scoring as much.

  87. Who was the moron that took the intentional offsides that led to that faceoff? No replay shown

  88. Fat Guy in Cali on

    For us to be manhandling anyone right now, boy Philly must be awful this year

  89. what is a worse insult: to be called a piece of Hartnell, a piece of Cooke or a piece of Clarke?

  90. Mike Sullivan: “We cant sit back on the lead and get the Flyers back into it”

    3-2 just like that.

  91. I used to play games with someone, who, when he are we blew a chance, said we’d carcillo’d the bed….ugh

  92. Grinder goal! Hagelin must want to eat his head off — he can’t buy a wraparound. Maybe he’s happy though.

  93. i did not say they did. theyve played their grinding game against a team that hasnt looked interested

  94. The whining about the second Flyers goal is unreal. The Rangers lost a faceoff, which you’re actually allowed to do from time to time. It WENT OFF HIS NECK. Jeez. Faceoffs are good overall tonight.

  95. na i do miss those guys but anybody says we shouldnt have made the trade should be smacked in the back of the head

  96. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    “Yea, Carl, I mean, really, we’re playing with HIM tonight.”

    “Uh, Step, you mean???”

    “Yes, Carl, The NashMonster”

  97. Like these line combos…btw anybody, especially Manny, hear Sam mention CHEMISTRY (dont know how to make it bold so caps will have to suffice)….LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    “Just, really, Carl. Use your speed. Go to the boards”

    “Step, you mean he’ll do the rest??”

    “Well, Carl, he can. But you can shoot, too, sometimes”

  99. _It’s disgraceful that this game is even close right now_

    Overreact much?

    _#30 too busy focusing on which tie to wear later to anticipate shots coming off opponents’ faces_

    How could you possibly rationalize blaming Lundqvist for that goal?

  100. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Hank has come up with some good saves tonight. I would bet he’s seeing stars looking at the ‘4’ up on the scoreboard.

  101. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ledge Landlord? Cancel my reservation for tonight… thanks anyway.

    Bartender! Shot and a beer!

  102. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Don’t forget who had the first assist, anyone. “The nicest passing play of the year”

  103. GREAT play by Miller on that shift. Hustled back into defensive position, cleaned up a mess, and then made a great breakout pass to Gaborik.

  104. Big score — you could forget the first star is probably Lundqvist, as always. What had to happen for their goals reminds you that if he sees an undeflected shot, he saves it and usually eats it. Great game for him.

  105. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts will be yapping about that non call on Nash the ride back to the hotel tonight… Are there car seats in taxis?

  106. _um, Thom, I just don’t think you get LW._

    I’m surprised anyone gets LW…his British humor hasn’t been lost in translation at all :)

  107. I am especially grateful that the Empire State Building is lit in orange and black for Kimmo Timmonen’s 1000th NHL game tonight…

  108. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, Richards won’t be one of the three stars of the game will he? That would be a first.

  109. while were celebrating this hard earned win, those damn philthys are probably gonna sink low enough for a lottery pick. rewarded for sucking

  110. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, now we can put our fighters on the ice. If Philly starts getting tough…..uh…Aaron…yes, Aaron…please go on the ice…

  111. Milestone Night

    Tort = 400 Wins
    Nash = 300 Goals
    Richards = 250 Goals
    Richards = 550 Assists
    Richards = 800 Points
    The Kreider = 2 Goals

  112. Newbury, Asham and Pyatt on the PP? Tort has lost the plot.

    [This may or may not be completely misunderstood by assorted readers.]

  113. Very nice effort (for 50 minutes) against a team that looked more interested in march madness than in competing for the playoffs. Talk to y’all tomorrow,

  114. That was so funny, Olga, that I told Mrs. Manny. Including the part about the blonde (who Mrs. Manny had never seen before either)

  115. bull dog line on

    MDZ has been playing some great hockey. team is different with Miller and Kreider in lineup. deeper and better balanced. is ok to call Stepan the number 1 center now?

  116. No, he has a big boy haircut now, LW.

    Wanna bet that Torts says “It’s not about me” when he’s asked about 400?

  117. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Well, the experiment with the $21M line seems to have reached an end. Here at 10:24 on Tuesday, March 26th. That’s the night the Ranger’s lineup became well balanced.


  118. bull dog line on

    I think MZA goes to left of Richards, and Kreider. Boyle centers 4th line, and Newbury goes back to the Whale.

  119. I don’t know what you can take from this game which, let’s face it, was played against a really bad Flyers team. The Flyers at no point deserved to win this thing and it was justice that within 90 seconds of cutting it to 3-2 they went back down by 2 again. But at this stage of the season 2 points is 2 points. And you got a good game out of Richards (???) and Kreider managed to find the back of the net again. We’ll have to see what happens against Ottawa to know if this was anything more than the Rangers beating up on a crappy team, though.

  120. Stepan is the No. 1 center right now … but I don’t think long-term he is seen as a legit NHL No. 1 center. We’ll see.

  121. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Manny, good point. You can see this team evolving to be Step’s a first line center team. Hard to believe. He is just so smart out there. Not a killer passer. But, positionally he is good. He is also ok on face-offs.

    Plus, of course, our other centers have not been playing all that well……

  122. bull dog line on

    Stepan is having some year Carp. maybe people ought to think a little different about him long term.

  123. this game was basically what a few of us were talking about the Rangers being unable to do this season: running up the score against a lousy team. you’re supposed to do what the Rangers did tonight if you’re an upper level team in the NHL so from that standpoint this was a good performance.

  124. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I think though, the post game talk that dominates is “The Thyroid Shot” by Voracek. Man, when things aren’t going well, ‘stick your neck out’, why don’t ya??? And, Richars with not one, but TWO points. Wow. Second time this season. Holy Cow!!

  125. USA! USA!

    Wish hockey had a socceresque international schedule, PBR. Although it’ll never happen.

  126. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Nash: “Given I have played all my career on Columbus, it was nice to have two linemates that can skate a bit”

  127. Best post-game comment;

    “but all the money in the world can’t undo Olga’s vertical smile, Romeo.”

    Did USA soccer also win? Then yay!!!!!

  128. Did Torts put that 4th line out there on the final PP to reward them or to have Asham handy to deter any more cheap shots?

  129. Nash has a home- next to Stepan and Hags. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Hobbit sit on Thursday.

  130. SalmonJoe didn’t even realize there was a power play about to take place amidst all their extraneous yakking. Then they noticed it was the fourth line.

  131. Of course to prevent cheap shots, coos. Sam suggested it was to reward them for their good play. Yeah, right.

  132. Rosen and Micheletti seemed pretty hung up on that discussion after the Voracek goal

  133. In all seriousness about Stepan. And without seeming like I’m in a win daze.. This is now the third season we’ve watched him be pretty damn good most the time and said “well he’s not the no 1 center. Not long term”. Richards came in last season, played well last year has fought it all year this year and Stepan has just gone about his business consistently and quietly matching the numbers of Hall out in Edmonton who went number 1 in the draft. even after struggling a bit to start this year hes been a
    Gem. So for the foreseeable future I think it needs to be said that he IS the No 1 center on this team. Don’t really see who they’re going to get their hands on that will come in be as consistent while playing so well with first Gaborik and now Nash. Maybe they’ll find someone bigger or more skilled but I’m starting to doubt they’ll find a way to acquire a better overall center.regardless of size or skill.

  134. yeah I’m not buying those guys played as a reward for their hard work or whatever cliched nonsense spewed from Micheletti’s mouth

  135. I don’t disagree, James. Let’s see him put up a few 70+ point seasons before we say he’s a legit No. 1 in the NHL, and not just a nice half a season. And I’m not knocking him at all. After Nash, he’s been their best forward all season.

  136. Olga Folkyerself on

    Salmon Joe sounds like some grizzled old mountain man that takes you way back in the wilderness on a fishing trip. Then rapes you, kills you, and sells all your equipment on E-Bay.

    (I don’t think I’m too far off here. Don’t go fishing with those guys.)

  137. Fat Guy in Cali on

    This Pacific Heights in SF is no joke – some mighty fine real estate. Plus, all the mommies were out today. Tarnations that’s some good chow

  138. And bull dog, considering Stepan’s age, I wouldn’t be surprised if he can actually be a legit #1 at some point. He already did this year more than some people expected him to. And good point on Torts, Carp.

  139. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Yea, I like the Richards, Kreider and Boyle line. Takes 3 kind of struggling guys and got them going a bit tonight. Hope Torts stays with some of these. Let’s see what happens against a good team before we get giddy.

  140. I mean, if he did everything exactly as he did, but maybe that one puck doesn’t go in. You know what I’m talking about, Matty.

  141. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    remember, ILB, he got off to a slow start, too. Everyone was wondering what happened to his game the first 8-10. He has come on in a big way lately. Hard working kid he is. Gotta like him a lot.

  142. who cares what Bill Pidto has to say about anything, though

    Rosen and Micheletti, to their credit, were fairly vocal about Kreider’s game tonight long before he put a puck in the net

  143. Carp, why are you calling me Matty? And if he did everything exactly as he did, he would have scored. So I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  144. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    not as funny as “the vertical smile’, but pret-t-t-t-ty funny, Carpy!

  145. Fat Guy in Cali on

    Lets recall what mr wolf said in pulp fiction -“before we all start suckin each….”

    Hey wins are fun but let’s not be fooled into thinking the mirage is a life saving oasis

  146. Fat Guy:

    Correct – although I did post the same thing about 15 minutes ago.

    This was a win against a very bad team. Come out on Thursday and beat a much better team.

  147. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, If MAF is hurt for a while it will be interesting how Voukoun handles it. That team is so stacked that their backup goalie could start on most teams. Man……..

  148. Stepan still seems a bit soft to me and that permeates several areas of his game, but he’s a very engaged player and that counts for something. I think, ideally, you want him as your line 2 guy, at least until he proves he’s an outright top center.

  149. Meet Gordon Lish of Knopf years ago. He said that he wrote Raymond Carver’s first three books. Then I saw a first edition of ‘Deliverance’ on his wall shelf and I said, ‘You edited James Dickey’s novel?’ He said, “I wrote that, too.” Sorry for the divergence, just a ‘Deliverance’ memory.

  150. *Carp* March 26th, 2013 at 10:27 pm

    I might keep Newbury and scratch Pyatt, who makes Boyle look like Hagelin.


    Vibin’ Carp. Love the Newbury Love. Way more versatile 4th liner than Pyatt.

  151. Atta boy, Carp. Newbury can kill penalties, play PP, play 4th line, take face offs (well) and drop mitts. Way more valuable than Pyatt (and even more so than Pow!) if I do say so myself.

    But I digress…….

  152. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Torts: “Guys, get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow’s mandatory practice we’re gonna be practicing ‘Voracek Thyroid Goals’. “

  153. Not saying Newbury’s anything great. Just saying that Pyatt and Powe don’t really provide much more, if any more.

  154. Stepan, Mac’s road roommate, said McD falls asleep 5 minutes after he puts the movie in the machine. Any wonder?

  155. Year after year I ask for Newbury to be our 4th line Center. Every year we try someone new that isn’t him. He’s serviceable and versatile and affordable. Really don’t see the problem there.

    Don’t worry about defense, Carp. I’m with you (if not light years ahead of you).

  156. Carp, I agree with what you’re saying. Manny, on the other hand, sounds delirious.

  157. Carp I understand what you’re saying and you are not wrong. I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t see them getting their hands on a 70-80 point center man anytime soon unless Richards is going to be a come back player of the year candidate next fall.. So yeah Stepans capable of 50. But he’s no 1 by default..and you could definitely do worse. And given the current state of the team, by the time they are in position to acquire a 70-80 point center Step willhave had plenty of time to improve lol

  158. And don’t underestimate Newbury’s veteran influence with the familiar faces of Kreider and Miller. I’m sure Chris looks up to Kris since they played together. I’m sure Kris helps Chris out on a daily basis.

  159. Newbie will come in handy in the playoffs. (Playoffs?) Haley might, too, depending on the game and circumstances. Some teams will surely try to bully Hags, Kreider, and Richards.

  160. Thanks, Lloyd. I know, I know. I argue the little points. I just think that Newbury is more useful to have around than Halpern, Pyatt and Pow! Seems to me like he has plenty of value as a 4th line Center. That’s all. It’s not that huge of a deal and really doesn’t matter in the overall scheme of things. Just something I personally like since I like to root for the underdog and the unsung hero guys.

  161. Right, James. I’m not knocking Stepan or what he’s done. I just don’t know that he’s that elite center that you need. He’s the best the Rangers have. If he’s not more than this, then they still need a No. 1 after the compliance buyout.

  162. Leetch to Pidto “I literally have hockey socks with more knowledge of the NHL than you”

  163. Stepan is the current #1 Center on the team. He will be so after Richards is bought out provided Richards isn’t replaced with something better. Does that make him an elite #1 NHL center? No. But he might be in 3 years.

  164. Also, btw, anyone who still wants Del Zotto traded is insane! Our top 4 (when healthy) is best in league and ALL YOUNG…would be even better with Sauer bc stralman sauer would make our 6D very solid….i dont wanna trade him and if they do they better get somethin pretty significant back

  165. Carp the Richards buy out may be the most logical move for them. and speaking of the compliance buy out (can’t believe I’m gonna ask publicly but it was food for thought) could you see them trying to bring Dubinsky back at a discount next year?

  166. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Let MZA play with Newbury and Asham. The Boyle Richards Kreider line played well together.

  167. Richie actually kept control of the puck a few times with patience. Sad can’t say the same about Gabby.

  168. I don’t see a Dubinsky return or a Columbus buyout. Plus, I don’t know this (CBA experts? ilb?) doesn’t a compliance buyout contract have to be a certain figure? I don’t think it was designed so that you can just buy out anybody.

  169. “Tell me about Aunt Baby.”

    “She’s deceased.”

    “Yeah. Why did she die so young?”

    “She had problems. Internal.”

  170. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I don’t mean this to ridicule, but to add an air of expectation. Leetchie is falling all over Hank tonight saying his role in tonight’s game is huge.

    We all have expectations about what Gabby and Richie are or are not doing. Well, Hank gets paid $6.875M a year. If we chose to spend less on a goalie, we would have more to spend on offense. But, we have Hank. One would expect he makes some big saves.

    He had a good game. He kept us in it with some timely saves. We should, at this point, expect that of him like we expect it of Gabby, Richards, and Nash. So far only Nash, and to a lesser degree, Hank, are earning their salary.

    Leetchie played with a guy who was a great, clutch goalie. He knows what a great goalie is all about. That goalie won a cup. I hope this one does, for us, too!

  171. If a puck bounced off Pyatt’s hat and bounced into the net, 30 people would vote him the first star.

  172. If Stepan plays one whole season with Nash, don’t you see him getting 70+ points? Will that itself make him a 1st line center? To me, he is still lacking the creativity of a true first line center. And speed, which is much better than it was when he first started to play. Whether he becomes more creative will determine if he can become a true #1 center.

  173. Wait, what? We can’t ever let Hank go, Matty. Agreed. Hank is our life. Jasson Missaein looks like a decent NHL backup at one point but Hank is our Cup. He’s our shot.

  174. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Agreed, ILB. Playing devil’s advocate, Nash, too, needs to be paired with the right center or he will not score. He just spent 3 games with Richards and did squat.

    But, yes, Step, Hags, and Nash have a chemistry and they could score a lot of points if together for a season.

  175. I would literally be in favor of giving the hat a chance to play 4th line before allowing Pyatt to play again, Coos

  176. So if Stepan gets 70 points with Nash, and Nash is scoring 40, that means that Stepan is only scoring 30 points?

  177. Sam” Congratulations, coach, on number 300.”

    “Sam, I couldn’t have done it without all the little people whose shoulders I stood on. A lot of people don’t know it, but I started out in a car seat in the back of a ’59 Ford Fairlane in Concord, Massachusetts. It’s been a long ride.”

  178. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Manny, do you think Sather waits till Hanks contract runs out to make an offer a la Prust? Or, does he go about his business and resign him well before his contract is up a la LouLam with Zajac?

  179. Eddie Eddie Eddie March 26th, 2013 at 11:14 pm

    Hank prolly wearing 3 ties tonight.



  180. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Step scores 25 goals and assists on Hags’ 20 goals and Nash’s 40.. ….85 pts on the season.

  181. The thing about Stepan is he gets better and better. He has “Datsyukian” instincts with the puck and is a very good passer…

    I agree that his skating has dramtically improved since he was a rookie. I think he will become a legit #1 center.

    He already is one in my book…

    He is just a notch below the elite talent of the League. But, that alone doesn’t make him illegitimate.

  182. Ill leave you guys with this comment for the night..I wish Leetch could do the play by play, be assistant coach and play the point on our power play all at once. And given the opportunity in his prime he’d prob come pretty close to pulling it off.

  183. Oh dear lord, Matty. Don’t make me throw up at this hour. I would puke even thinking about it. Sather better re-negotiate with Hank AHORA (that means now in espanol). Although I think Hank enjoys NYC and that’s a plus for us.

  184. “You carry that car seat along with you on all the road trips, coach.”

    “Just a sentimental situation, Sam. I don’t need it anymore except on long rides.”

  185. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on



    (the crowd gives a 3 minute standing ovation)

  186. Leetch won’t take an assistant coach job while his kids are growing up. it’s why he only does the studio once in a while.

  187. bull dog line on

    Stepan was the number 1 center for a large part of his rookie season, he was the number 1 center for most of last season, and once again he is the number 1 center on the team. he deserves a lot of credit.

  188. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “hey can someone itch my leg? – I’m strapped in and can’t reach it”

  189. Leetch kid on phone to home: “Dad, I’ve been thrown out of college and I was arrested for trying to smuggle 20 Kilos of dope out of Buenos Aires, and I’m in a jail down here and…

    Leetch: “Calm down, son, (handing phone) here is your mother.”

  190. darntwinblades on

    I was down on DS last regular season, when many of you had him in the Ryan Mac
    Perennial All-Star fog.

    Then, when many of you were down on him in early playoffs (he was whatever-word-
    you-wanna-soothe-y’self-with that means EXHAUSTED), I found some encouragement
    from his game on a handful of nights – especially when he whacked (along with MDZ)
    Neil a coupla legal times.

    But he has been way better than I thought he would be (after woeful, outta-shape start,
    that rivaled BR in awfulness). So I join those who say he’s not a legit #1 just now, but
    also those who think he MAY have a higher ceiling.
    Whichever, it would be nice to have some young competition for that slot to point to
    on nights when we’re havin’ the “Who’s #!?” backnforth.

    And I’m with LLoyd, here. Save the entoosiasm for a string of these efforts against
    LEGIT NHL defenses. One night against Philly of Tampa or whomever tells you very
    little that’s useful. Fun, yeah. Useful? No way…

  191. “Latona, you know I can’t do math.

    Not to mention the car seat on the Amtrak to Philly.”

    I hope these comments are unrelated?

  192. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Darn, don’t want to start some late night hardball, and Step was excellent tonight. But he has played, aside from that wretched start, a number of top games this year. It hasn’t always been noticed by everyone. And he doesn’t always score. But he is a smart, two way center. Tonight he lit the lights so everyone sees it in the stat sheet. Other nights, he has still been quite noticeable.

    I am a Sather basher, but it is a source of pride that he, Hags, CK, Miller, MDZ, Staal, and a number of guys are here as developed draft picks.

  193. Doogie to hairdresser: “Get that part over there in the back on the right side a little fluffier.”

  194. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – does torts have a “lucky” car seat? Is he superstitious that way?

  195. And no one can justifiably complain about the McD, Nash trades. Imagine us without those two and with Gabby and Richie stumbling around all year?

  196. Stranger Nation on

    Step is crafty – goes where puck is going to be. Hustles, plays 2 way, always smiling, great passer – should shoot more unless he misses easy stuffs ;-)

  197. I have been reading these car seat “jokes” for about three days and I can honestly say that I find none of it funny in the least. Nada. None. Infantile.

  198. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers scored their 5 prettiest goals of the year tonight – their best passing

  199. Stranger Nation on

    Missed tonite’s game, but very glad to see the W- 2 pts!!

    Get to 6 seed to play Jets or even 5 for Debbies in round 1

    What a long strange trip it’s been…

  200. SufferingSince79 on

    Went to college with Pidto. San Diego guy. Learned his hockey from watching my friends and I play that old USA/Russia bubble hockey game. I’m not kidding. I don’t think he ever heard of the sport prior to that. Not a bad guy. First time I heard someone use the term “type A” to describe someone. He appears to have calmed down a bit since then. Hockey knowledge…about the same.

  201. ‘Type A.’ lol. Heard him rag publicly and seriously on Keenan for missing an interview during the last hurricane. Had a Flyers/Russia hockey game but you could only play it once because it destroyed itself after two periods.

  202. Stranger Nation on

    Did I scroll right and Bucky, Boyle, and the Boy Wonder on the same line?

    torts therapy line?

  203. Stepan was a key contributer for team USA winning jr’s a couple years back. He’s the real deal, just needs to build up his speed.

  204. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Steve Vickers scored in the first minute vs the Soviets way back when…. Then the rangers lost, like, 8-1

  205. Russia left the ice after the first period in Philly and refused to return unless the officials agreed to officiate. Remember?

  206. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Broad street bullies – I remember that game well…. It was after their game at the garden.

  207. Stranger Nation on

    Just watched highlights:

    Move Nash from Richards both Nash and richards score

    Kreider getting a little snarky and puts home extra insurance

    Phlyers D sucks

  208. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Yes, Stranger. That is right. And the line played well. Even had a really nice goal on ‘THe Kid’s’ goal. Richards and Kreider had one of their better games this year tonight. Yep.

  209. Nash mostly creates his own goals. Backchecks, physical. A wonder to watch on his best nights.

  210. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Man, can’t get how much more confident Kreider seems this time around. Hope it works out for him. And us. Bang bang bang play. We don’t get to see that stuff too often. Pleasant dreams……..

  211. Torts to Hanrik: “Can I borrow one of your extra ties? Cat keeps sticking his paw in the mouse hole.”

  212. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Yep, Gabby was, although he did back check some and had a few really good setups that weren’t finished. Stralman, Pyatt, did they play tonight? But most guys played pretty well.

  213. Torts on road to hotel manager: “I won’t be needing a room. Get me a teacup and a cocktail napkin.”

  214. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    You know darn well, if Hank bought them, they are fine imported silk ties for like, $300 each. Torts is looking for some Roger Nielsen (RIP) or Herb Brooks (RIP) ties. Walmart style.

  215. Sam: “Joe, did Gaborik just come out of that scrum with the puck, or am I seeing things?”

    “You’re seeing things, Sam.”

  216. Idk if its because phillthy just sucked on D or what, but tonight we seemed to get away from that stupid cycle and produce nothing show.

  217. “I only brought twelve ties, coach, but I can loan you a Brillo pad to fill up the hole.”

  218. Torts: “Gabby, net one for me out there tonight and there’s two crisp Jacksons in it for you.”

  219. Torts: “Sam, do you want to coach the team? Why don’t you coach, I’ll ask the questions”

  220. Torts to Sully: “What do we pay you to carry around that squeaky board and the magic marker?”

  221. Torts: “Sam, when was the last time you trimmed your nose hair. For Christ sakes , it looks like the Amazon Rain Forest up there Sam.”

  222. Torts to Sully: “I have to ask you to do me a solid.”

    Sully: “I got to go to the bathroom for you, too?”

  223. Torts on phone from MSG stall: “Sully, send someone in here to unroll some of this toilet paper. I can’t reach it.”

  224. Sully to Torts: “John, you have change of a 5.”

    Torts to Sully: “sorry Sully, I’m a little short”

  225. When Torts tries to get to the fifth floor of the Garden, he can only reach the 3 in the elevator and has to get off and walk up the next two.

  226. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    At a birthday party, a blindfolded torts tries to hit the piñata

    Torts – “is this some kind of sick #%^*{}# joke”

  227. SufferingSince79 on

    So based on who’s still on we’re looking at like 30 posts each. Think we need a bigger boat.

  228. Torts takes an empdty Starbucks coffee cup and a stirrer to wade across the puddles on 7th Avenue.

  229. Torts: “It’s wet back here and it smells like ammonia. I told you that six hours ago!”

  230. Torts to Haley: “God made me a short coach and he made you a normal sized goon.”

  231. Torts: If I carried a wallet like yours, I could sit down and my head would hit the ceiling.”

  232. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts’ grandma – “this little piggy went to market….”

    Torts “enough of }#%%#%^##%%>~#% little piggies”

  233. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – I want to be an astronaut strapped in my seat on the launch pad”

  234. To Hamrlik: “You in shape yet, beer belly, or you need another three years in the woods with Schonny?”

  235. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    From the second floor balcony looking down at torts – someone says

    “It feels like we are on top of the Empire State Building”

  236. Daddy T to mommy T: “He hasn’t grown in 55 years, but he’s got a mouth on him like Mighty Joe Young.

  237. SufferingSince79 on

    John Tortorella according to Wikipedia
    Born June 24, 1958 (age 54)
    Boston, MA, USA
    Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
    Weight 175 lb (79 kg; 12 st 7 lb)
    Position Right Wing
    Shot Left
    Played for Virginia Lancers
    Playing career 1982–1986

  238. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    In high school – torts voted most likely to always be the shortest person in the room

  239. Teacher: “There will be a short quiz, Johnny. Everyone else will have a long quiz.

  240. Richie’s father says, “who are you? Oh, that kid I sent away to hockey school at 8 years old. How you been, son?”

  241. Like to see Stepan smiling, as I before stated. He even got Nash with a grin on his face.

  242. SufferingSince79 on

    I vaguely remember there was a hockey game tonight. Guess I’m having a problem with my short term memory.

  243. Torts’ neighbor to other neighbor: “He’ some kind of a hockey coach, I think.”

    “What’s that, the thing with the sticks?”

  244. SufferingSince79 on

    How did I get involved in this? Coos called me back from the new post. Guess I’m in for the short haul.

  245. Chrsistie: “I’m having Byfuglien and Hamrlik for dinner.”

    Wife: Shall I set the table for three?”

    “No, just one plate, one fork.”

  246. I did it to you, sufferin’. You will get your button. Not many of us can say that.

  247. Christie: “I’ll eat Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island, too. It’s lovely walking through – the zoo.”

  248. SufferingSince79 on

    Now try that on the next post. Night all. It was fun. Let’s Go You Know Who!

  249. Newbear lurks in, seeks ring, playoff check, another button. OK by me. We needed those last three.

  250. Just woke up and checked the numbers, WTF, five goals in our favor, doesn’t sound right.

  251. SufferingSince79 on

    John McClane: “Nine million terrorists in the world and I gotta kill one with feet smaller than my sister.”

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