Rangers-Capitals in review



1) Not going to rail about the shootout, but with an all intra-conference schedule and a 48-game season, three-point games, and points for losing hockey games, are going to greatly impact the standings. There are piles of three-point games every night. And if you’re not in the party, getting points for losses, you’re lagging behind. So the Rangers got a point.

2) This was one of their better games recently. I thought the first seven minutes they were fine. Then they collapsed with some colossal mistakes. Then they came back and competed and created chances and did a lot of the things they sure hadn’t been doing enough.

3) That said, when you get a goal from the fourth line (not just the fourth line, but from a fighter who had just missed 15 games, assisted by a guy just recalled from the minors), and when you come back from 0-2, and when you score on the 5-on-3 and kill a 5-on-3 … you pretty much have to win that  game, right?

4) Back to the Breakaway Contest After the Hockey Game Ends (BCATHGE): What a joke it is when a guy with a camera is on a mat with a guy behind him holding a wire … on the ice during the competition. That, to me, kinda tells me that the hockey portion of the program has ended.

5) How about that shift where Roman Hamrlik was stuck on the ice, out of gas, and going against a fresh Alex Ovechkin? Not what you’re looking for.

6) Speaking of the Great Eight, he looked like he wanted to play this game. He doesn’t always.

7) The guy who’s usually in charge of handling him, Dan Girardi, sure had a tough night. His guy accidentally deflected the first goal on the power play. Then Girardi chased the puck toward the blue line, allowing Ovechkin to get in all alone behind him to deflect home the second goal. Then he flung a puck into the seats during the penalty kill.

8) His partner, Ryan McDonagh, was very solid. He went knee-on-knee or knee-on-thigh with Ovechkin and missed a few shifts in second. John  Tortorella said it was a skate. Whatever it was, exhale.

9) Speaking of McDonagh: Third period, Washington 2-on-1 as they trade chances. McDonagh stays on his skates, takes away the pass, leaves the shooter (Marcus Johansson I think?) for Henrik Lundqvist. Johansson shot wide. It’s going to take a pretty good shot to beat Lundqvist from deep in the circle if he doesn’t have to worry about the pass. Well played.

10) Brad Richards, who can’t skate sometimes and doesn’t skate sometimes, had nothing during the 4-on-4 after Carl Hagelin’s diving penalty (good call, IMO). Richards was out there with Rick Nash, instead of Gaborik, who is a great 4-on-4 player.

11) Then in OT, Gaborik started with Callahan, stayed on the ice for a really long shift and didn’t get back out there. Nash played with Hagelin, but Richards had to go out to take a draw. Richards got two shifts in the 4-on-4 and did create a chance. Why he’s out there in the shootout instead of Gaborik? I can’t answer that.

12) With Wojtek Wolski a healthy scratch (in the hot tub?), and Ovechkin back to playing, the Caps were down to one dog: Jay Beagle.

13) Apparently we were hooked up to the New Orleans Superdome power system last night, so sorry about the outage.

14) Happy Passover.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Michael Del Zotto.
2. Derek Stepan.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Aaron Asham-important goal
2. Hank-another solid effort
3. Cally-never lets up
HM-the guy who had to count the Ranger hits!
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist (20.91 %).
2. Arron Asham (18.18 %).
3. Derek Stepan (13.64 %).

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  1. Marian the Friendly Ghost on

    “I’m not thinking about playoffs; I’m not even thinking about loss — I’m thinking about points,” Coach John Tortorella said. “We got a point.”

    yes..as in ONE point out of FOUR against two of the east’s bottom dwellers at home..finding positives in mediocrity

  2. Arghhh….Carp’s comments right on again. I thought they played competively after I had turned off the TV and given up on them (after 2nd goal by Caps) Turned it back on and at least they competed…but they should have won. Agree with your BACATG…ridiculous way to decide a game. Pleasantly surprised by Kreider, he seems to have found a groove while in Hartford, and Newbury added some much-needed grit. Also thought Boyle had an effective game last night. And, yes, they had better earning those extra points Fasth.

  3. Sioux-per-man on

    Top 8. And back in the playoff picture!!!

    Take all the points we can get!!!

    They are going to get harded to get with more games on the road.

  4. Admiral Akbar on

    Maybe MLB will decide games after the 12th inning with a home run hitting contest, due to the great success of the Bettman Breakaway Skillz Competition.

    You get a riveting overtime for 5 minutes, and then settle the score with a breakaway contest. Garbage. I would rather see ties after OT than this crap. Especially in a 48 game season, truncated by greed.

  5. Sioux-per-man on

    When was the last time Richards and Pyatt helped this team win a game?

    I’m dazed and confused?

  6. Cross Check Charlie on

    Just pondering the posts on here lately about the team not being tough enough, not having enough grit, not having any fighters. Then, saying they need Zuccarello or Fast. I don’t get it.

  7. “4) Back to the Breakaway Contest After the Hockey Game Ends (BCATHGE): What a joke it is when a guy with a camera is on a mat with a guy behind him holding a wire … on the ice during the competition. That, to me, kinda tells me that the hockey portion of the program has ended.”

    Thank you.

  8. they need to consider Zucorello and Fast because thier poweplay is horrible and they can’t score

  9. I do remember Zucc giving somewhat of a lift to the team and PP last year before he broke his wrist. He does help with the shootout too.

    Who sits if they dress Zucc? Pyatt? Boyle? Powe? Richards? Plus Miller should be back soon.

    Torts, if another point is what you want, please don’t use Richards (1 for 12 as a Ranger) in the shootout.

  10. Interesting note about shootouts. I was unable to find any shootout stats on one of my favorite websites Hockey-Reference.com. I could be wrong, but I looked fairly extensively.

    A website devoted to nothing but Hockey info, numbers and facts, leaving out shootout stats tells me it not an oversight but a statement by them saying they don’t really consider it part of the game.

  11. All praise The ^Hobbit Wizard for he is Lord of the Rink^

    We finally have a guy who can pass! And he gets us Bettman Bonus points. It’s a largely understated signing but it will be a big improvement.

    See ya Pyatt. I really thought you would work out.

  12. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    i guess there are some bright spots:

    1. Carpy’s spot on review.

    2. Ass-em’s goal and som production from anyone other than Callie, Step or Nash. Yay!!

    3. The Kreider’s play: He was good enough to stay up here. He is totally lost on ‘d’, has to stay up high and we all have to pray he doesn’t hurt us too much. but, “his feet were moving” and he was better than his last stint. Could he learn how not to give ‘love taps’ and check hard like a big boy should????

    4. no injuries, I think

    5. MDZ, for all his haters, had a brilliant, if not floppy, segment on the 5 on 3. I counted 5, yes 5 times with one of the world’s best offensive players on the ice, that he deflected or stopped the puck as well as clearing. It was a great display of what this kid can offer over time. He also joined the play nicely a number of times, didn’t finish, but he showed some brilliance, to this observer, last night.

    6. Gabby was apparent on the ice. Torts really tried to get him started. Sure he didn’t finish on the break away he was spring for. That puck was as lively as it could be and just wouldn’t settle. He was too deep, blah, blah, blah. Right wing??? Wow, after playing a whole career on that side, being an elite scorer, he gets to go back to it? Speak of getting into someone’s head and destroying his confidence? Oh, and BTW, since I am putting you back into the position you have only played for a decade and are totally used to, I will put you with some ‘elite’ line mates. Great, with the best set up men in hockey, Boyle and Pyatt!!!!!

    7. “Mr. Clutch”, “Richie Rich”, whatever, that is the anchor, the dead weight, on this team still was pathetic. Slow, silly passes (wasn’t he known for good ones at one point???), and just awful in his own zone. Love Torts, but sorry, I TOTALLY disagree with him on this. BENCH him. Waive him. He is KILLING team morale at this point. In OT, Nash plays with HIM??? Mail it in, why don’t ya?

    8 Finally, in the silly skills competition, there were so many choices other than Richards. WTF??? Why ‘reward’ him with anything? At this point he should pay us. Step or Kreider was the obvious 3rd to me. If not, Hags (who was ok last night, not brilliant), I’d like to see MDZ or MacD try over Richards, too. It’s time to face facts on him. It was a mistake.

  13. Jack Klompus on

    The hockey portion of the game was over when the BACTHGE started. And it was really over when Richards number got called.

  14. Rangers record with Asham in the lineup 7-4-2, without 8-9-1. Not overwhelming but interesting.

  15. It is painfully obvious that Torts holds Richards in much higher regard than he does Gabby! That sucks because, altho he is a streaky scorer, Gabby does present the better chance of scoring a goal than Richards is in setting one up,much less scoring himself. If you watch Richards on each shift, he does seem a step or two slower than the game!!! It really sucks because he was so good for our team last year but this year, man is he bad!!

  16. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp.

    Some positives, for sure, Matty summed it up well. I thought MDZ played very well, as he is really showing what he can do. That pass he made to Gaborik for breakaway was brilliant. Too bad Gaborik didn’t score.

    Maybe JT now has a legit 4th line of bangers/energy guys who he can deploy like he did last year when his team seemed flat. Let’s all hope. Let’s also hope they can show some degree of consistency. Because it’s all about points now. It looks like they may have to go between 4 and 6 games over .500 all the way to get in.

    Looking at Richards, I can only come up with one explanation: there must be something physically wrong with him. He really holds back anyone he plays with, most of the time. I suspect the reason Torts keeps playing him is because he knows if Richards doesn’t get back to his level of play, his team has no chance.

  17. They played as always not terrible, not great simply average.

    Average is what “allows” an organization to pick in the middle of the draft.

    Average is what you get in a franchise lifetime.

    Average is why you do not contend annually.

    Average in MSG terms with every seat filled is what you get with complacent fans paying top dollar for……average sport’s entertainment!

    Actually this phenomenon is not uncommon, check out how many people you know who continue to patronize mediocre restaurants with high prices.

    Average is in!

  18. Some good points Comnsnse about these “average” Rangers. Particularly about selecting in the middle of the draft.

    However, every seat at the World’s Most Famous Mausoleum is not filled, too many seats are sold but stay empty and sit in some corporate officer’s desk.

  19. I was thinking we might see Marty in Philly. Hank has started seven in a row, has been getting banged around some lately and is probably due for a rest.

    But he is the reason they got one point last night and not zero.

  20. Agree that from Asham’s goal onwards, they actually played fairly well, but as Eric will no doubt confirm for us, TWO POINTS IS ALL THAT MATTERS at this point, so doing OK and still only scoring two goals isn’t really a hugely positive development.

  21. Jimmie James Dolan on

    I am not a Torts lover by any means, but to set the record straight, he did put Step in the 3rd spot in the shoot out ahead of Richards. And then Step made that great move to the backhand for a goal.

  22. Matty @ 8:07 AM. Well said, my friend. I agree with pretty much everything (except ruining Gabby).

    You guys wanted a new bottom 6 well we’re getting an entirely new, shiny bottom 6. No one knows how good Jesper Fast can be. We know the ^Hobbit Wizard^ who brings an entirely lacking element to our team (passing) and, I think, will be a HUGE help on point in the PP. Why not call up Hrivik while we’re at it? We can waive Pyatt and Pow!, find someone to kill penalties in place of POW!, keep Newbury and BOOM. Brand new bottom 6.

  23. Does anyone have any details on MZA’s contract? He, reportedly, wanted a one-way, 2-year deal. I’d be surprised if he didn’t get it. It’s all about points now. Remember how good he is in SO? If he were in the lineup last night, they may have gotten 2 points after all.

  24. I’m sure that is what he got, ilb. He’s a perfect addition to this team and I’m glad they went ahead and gave it to him.

  25. Well, if you add an offensive player, I’d rather have MZA than Dan Boyle. Please, I hope they are not really thinking about adding that cap killing contract ($6.66M through next season). At the moment, they still have close to $8M to add at deadline, excluding MZA’s contract, plus Sauer’s LTIR exception, if they go all the way up to the cap limit.

  26. Ilb – question. Do you think, excluding the fact that no one would probably pick him up, it’s _possible_ (rule-wise) for the Rangers to waive Brad Richards?

  27. B-Rich’s NMC says no, Månnu. No massive cap benefit of being able to waive him now the Redden rule is in place anyway.

  28. Richards has a full NMC, Manny. He has to waive it before they do anything. Because of that new deadly Cap Benefit Recapture rule, his only plausible destination is to be bought out after this or next season.

  29. Cross Check Charlie on

    There have been 16 games where we would have been joyous if they would have won instead of losing.

  30. Stranger Nation on

    Sorry to digress, but the lack of information on Stawwll is beyond obnnoxious – that we have to get info from his brother or some third party source proves this Hockey Operation at MSG is as rinky dink as it gets and treats its fans like garbage.

    Have I missed any info other than Salmon Joe talking about how he is ‘progressing’ and ‘they want him back soon’?

    Really hate Dolan and his lackeys

  31. Actually, Stranger, saw a tweet this morning that Staal is progressing and should be back in April.

    I was REALLY shocked to hear, on Behind the Bench of all places, that Marc had reconstructive plastic surgery on his face following the incident. Get the guy a full cage and get him out there.

  32. I’m sorry, but it’s really time to take off the rose colored glass. I live in DC and hardly take the time to watch the Ranger much any more because I don’t feel like forking over any money o the Center Ice package, and I can get good hockey on NBC and NHL Network most nights.

    So from the perspective of someone who watches other teams throughout the league play and then turn on the Rangers last night, I can tell you the Rangers are just bad. They have maybe a few stretches throughout the game where they get the puck in deep or have some transition, but overall they are a poor team. And if Guy Boucher is going to get canned it is time for both Sather and Torts to leave.

    This team doesn’t hustle, they get beat to the puck constantly, and they have not one defenseman who is interested in throwing an open ice hit.

    I can not believe there are that many people in NYC that show up to MSG and watch this team play, because it’s a poor product. If this team was in Phoenix or Florida, the stands would be half filled.

    I switched to the Pens/Flyers game to watch a real hockey game. Caps/Rangers was JV.

    Gaborik and Richards shouldn’t see the ice ever again. And Torts is happy to get a point, meanwhile in Tampa they fired their coach. The Rangers organization is like some fat and happy government agency that gets funded every year and nobody gets fired.

  33. Rob in Beantown on

    _The Rangers organization is like some fat and happy government agency that gets funded every year and nobody gets fired._


    Frowning because of the truthiness of this statement

  34. Vogs, agree 100 percent. However, let’s not prop up the Flyers who are 5 points behind the Rangers in the standings.

  35. Was at the game last night and other than a few stretches this team is terrible in every way.

  36. It’s confirmed (NHL Radio) that Iginla will not approve a trade to the Rangers. Only four teams have his love: Penguins, Bruins, Kings, and Blackhawks.

  37. Stranger Nation on

    Thanks Manny – Phantom of the Opera look?

    Reconstructive face surgery and hockey don’t mix well in the short term

    Miller bank, MZA coming but who sits?? Miller can play 3rd or 4th line, but not MZA – more of a first two lines skills guy so who sits????

    If Fast comes…another top 6 guy, not a banger —- who sits?

    Push Hags down to line 3, he is great at playing fetch but not a great offensive player – luv the guy to death, and is our solution now out of default not by design…

  38. And a radio guy in Nashville is saying that “Gaborik is available but Nashville isn’t interested” so I guess Gaborik has been shopped. Probably extensively if it got all the way down to Nashville.

  39. Haha. Thanks, Vogs. I like to think of myself as an unsung hero. Maybe a PRUST of the place.

    You got it, Stranger. Phantom of the Opera would be an epically intimidating look. Half a Jason mask?

    We got a new top 6! Release Pyatt. Find someone to kill penalties not named Pow! Keep Newbury in place of Halpern. Asham is back!

    I mean, we wanted a new bottom 6 and we have essentially gotten our wish.

  40. Vogs, obviously agree with all comments relating to MSG franchise “averageness”!

    Do not compare with our government which despite our current dysfunctionality is still the world standard for economic, political and social stability.

    Just check a few of the acronyms for departments of government that do continue to function efficiently and definitely promote the common good.

    As to the Ranger/Knick/MSG follies…………….the fish rots from the head of the evil dwarf and associates!

  41. At the moment the problem is Richards. The last few games Gaborik has been much, much better. Yes he needs to finish but he is skating well, he is getting chances, it will come. I was there last night and I focused a bit on Richards and he is really just standing around, not moving his feet in either zone. He is awful. I honestly think he should sit a few games, maybe watch, maybe collect himself, get his legs back. Let him off the train for a few days. If Miller can play slot him in a little higher, hell even give Boyle a shot.

    Also spent a lot of time watching The Kreider last night – moved his feet like crazy, hunted down pucks, and made numerous strong defensive plays as well – looked like a different player and really used both his speed and size. He looked great on a line with Nash and I think if he continues to play on that line you’ll see more from him.

  42. can i ask some of you a question who continue to look at the posiitves like this team says after every stinking postgame which is becoming unwatchable with the bull crap that comes out of there mouths.

    come april 28th the sunday after the final regular season game will i still hear on here the positives when we are on the outside looking in. some of you and i dont want to name names need to wake the hell up and look at reality. this team is flawed and will continue to play like this. it’s just as infuriating for me to come on here and see the savior this that and all the other nonsense about were fine. WERE NOT.

    yes i am the most negative person and i understand that and it doesnt mean i wouldnt give up many things to see a championship but some of you need to put the pom poms down take off the jersey and just watch with your eyes that WE SUCK. DID I MENTION GABBY SUCKS TOO

    i am taking a leave of absence till deadline day april 3rd

  43. Stranger Nation on

    and bring Haley back up


  44. MZA’s arrival means the end of Pyatt? Ive been rooting for the kid all year but he is really really slow, up there with Hamrlik, and hasnt even been close to netting one. If he is waived i have no doubt some team will pick him up. Maybe they just carry him as an extra forward?

  45. Sioux-per-man on

    Sure could have used Zucc last night.

    Carp – do you feel the lack of a shoot out win is what prompted Zucc’s signing? With the shoot out & power play needing an upgrade. Sather signs Zucc before we let to many extra points “get away”.

    I have a feeling this year is going to come down to the last 3 games. Win and in, or miss an extra point and you are golfing.

  46. MZA on a line with Newbury and Haley. Yep, that’s exactly what he is leaving Russia for to come here.

  47. given how he was treated last time, it must be nice for Zucc to see how desperate the Rangers are to get him now. Torts better freaking play the kid… no excuses this time!

  48. You can name my name, eric. I will always stay positive. Sad sometimes. Let down sometimes. But always looking forward to tomorrow.

    I am under the impression that this team will continue to grow and learn to play together. We are getting some improvement with ^Hobbit Wizard^ and some improvement with Asham back (he’s an upgrade over Haley/Bickel). Jesper Fast should be here soon and who knows what he brings but he will bring speed and was always projected to be NHL ready in 2013. We also have what appears to be REAL The Kreider back now (he was definitely better last night). I think these are all positive things.

    I think everyone tends to forget that if we hadn’t had a lockout we would be talking about Gaborik just coming back from Shoulder Surgery. He’s rounding into form. It’s not fair to pile on the guy just because there was a lockout and we forgot he would miss half the season.

    There are negatives. Richards is completely lost. By his own admission. Kreider took a huge step back and left us without a legit top 6 scorer for half the season. Miller’s wrist hurting can’t be good. Staal being out is brutal. Sauer still not back is Brutal. Mcllrath isn’t ready yet. These are all negatives. Along with the fact that they aren’t winning puck battles enough, continuing to be scrambly divers on Defense without taking the man near the crease is a negative. The fact that Ovechkin was left ALONE in front of the net last night for a tip is a NEGATIVE.

    But overall, I see a team that is continuing to grow, beginning to show some snarl, jam, grit or whatever you want to call it and getting ready to make a bit of a run against weaker teams.

  49. Lev – with Pyatts $1.5M cap hit I would waive him and let him go play with his younger brother in Tampa.

  50. Rangers play the Flyers, Sens, Habs, and Jets before the deadline. The Pens game is on the 3rd but in the evening so doesnt count. 2-2-1?

  51. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    MZA doesn’t bring JAM. Maybe he can bring ZAM, but that’s about it.

  52. Sioux-per-man on

    Has Asham got enough love today.

    1’st game back, and he scores a goal. What a breath of fresh air.

    Newbury also looked great, 2 games, 2 points. I still wanted to see him play with Kreider, since they were a great combo for the Whale.

  53. Sioux-per-man on

    3C – I would rather ship Pie-hat over Boyle.

    When’s the last time you seen Pie-hat through a hard check.

    Something tells me this game is to fast for him. I would like to see Haley take his spot on the 4th line.

    Asham-Boyle-Powe/Haley would be the perfect 4th line.

  54. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    I know taking positives are like horseshoes and hand grenades, or drinking half a glass of water or something, but it was good to see Kreider play more like he belonged.

  55. Cross Check Charlie on

    “But overall, I see a team that is continuing to grow, beginning to show some snarl, jam, grit or whatever you want to call it and getting ready to make a bit of a run against weaker teams.”

    No offense Manny, but how in the world do you come up with that conclusion after only getting one point out of four possible against two teams with losing records?

  56. Aside to all the Zucc enthusiasts.

    Does anyone remember he was a non factor when he played here originally?

    He is small, average speed not a grinder or banger and MUST to be effective be on a line with size to work his supposed stick magic.

    In essence he’s another finesse player on a team that needs size,speed and toughness in addition to natural scoring ability.

    Finally, he is not a good defensive player which is a must on this team that does not score much.

  57. I wonder what Newbury/Kreider/Nash would look like?

    Kreider, and I said this before, was great last night. If he can continue that he will be a tremendously tremendous player in this league.

    Also PP unit #2 did have both Newbury and Kreider out there.

  58. Zuccarello was not a non-factor. he had 28 point in 44 games. If that isn’t top six on our team it is definitely better than anyone in the bottom six by about 20-something points. Not a non-factor. Definitely not the savior of the season unless he’s going to come in and somehow get Brad Richards to either learn how to play hockey again or benched. but couldn’t hurt.

  59. I might have thought that before I saw Pyatt play everyday, @CCCP@ but Boyle is leagues better than Pyatt.

  60. Don’t worry about that Jackwagon, Peter. We all know the ^Hobbit Wizard^ is a welcome addition. He was always a factor on the team because he can PASS and no one else can.

    I, for one, am a fan of Newbury being here. He’s a big mentor type for Kreider and it’s great to have him around for that reason. Newbury is not worse than Pow! or Halpern or anyone else they gave a shot. And he can fight. I like him on the PP, too. And I like the idea of your line with The Kreider and Whip-Nash.

    Cross Check: Because I am not going to focus only on the result of the game. I am talking about their in game play and their ability to effectively work the system in which they are playing. I see improvements all around.

  61. _Does anyone remember he was a non factor when he played here originally?_

    Cool, I thought I was the only one. 6’0 MZA with the same production isn’t nearly the blog darling the mini version is.

  62. They were brutal against Florida, but I thought they played better last night. The Caps are a good team. They started off horrible, but they’ve been hot lately.

    That being said, I still don’t think this Rangers team is all that good.

  63. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Manny, undying love for Boyle + 3CP undying hatred based on point totals = balance in the Bryzgalov.

  64. T-Py is slow, no doubt, but he’s our 3rd leading hitter among forwards so I’m not sure swapping him out for MZA does much towards making us tougher to play against. A 4th line of Pyatt-Boyle-Powe is more than good enough.

  65. lol Gravy

    no… not hatred based on points… i just dont see HOW Boyle is LEAGUES better than Pie-hat… they are both pretty crappy players but Boyle is NOT better than Pie-hat. Boyle can barely stay on his skates! And he’s a hockey player!

  66. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    For the Boyle-haters, I don’t know what he was credited with last night, but I saw 5 serious checks. Just nice to see him throwing his weight around like that. He had some snarl for a change.

    Yes, that penalty was a dumb one and he got caught because he is slow. I don’t care if he puts the puck in the net. PK, hard hits, be a grinder, I’m ok. Really.

  67. Gravy – it’s not undying love for Boyle. It’s just that Boyle can be an effective 3rd line player. He showed it last night when he was steamrolling people at the blue line and taking the puck. He’s also a MUCH better skater than Pyatt. I think those make him more valuable.

    I know that often times he doesn’t fill his potential and is thus a decent 4th line LW but come on, at his best he has some valuable NHL skill.

    Anyone see him dominate on faceoffs last night?

  68. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    I must be like the few others that remember version 1 of Zuccarello. Isn’t he, soaking wet, 170 lbs and 5’7″??????

    First of all, who drafts these kind of guys? Oh, yea, that’s right. Forgot who our waste of a GM is.

    But, really, was this guy THAT good? My memory seems not to jive with most of you. Someone called him a ‘great set up man’? Huh? Really?

  69. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Mannu, we’re vibin’ on Boyle, but I think it’s funny how the comments are perceived on both sides. He’s been much grittier over the past few games, and is one of the few forwards who will shove and face-wash guys in front of the net.

  70. From Hockeys Future:

    *Talent Analysis*

    Zuccarello has speed and vision, combined with excellent hands and an eagerness to take the body.

  71. Boyle hits more, blocks more shots, takes faceoffs and kills penalties. That’s why he’s better than Pyatt. That was easy.

  72. Exactly, Gravy. Boyle actually mixed it up last night when people got in too close on Hank. When Perreault was doing pullups on the goal like it was a set of monkey bars, no one (and the 4th line was out) did anything.

  73. _Zuccarello has speed and vision, combined with excellent hands and an eagerness to take the body._

    … and should excel next year on the varsi… wait? He’s how old? Oh. Wow.

  74. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    And, Peter? Which game were you watching. Kreider a ‘great’ game? Huh?

    Look, I want him to be an awesome player. A great rookie. But, ‘great’??? He was good offensively and I like that Torts ‘rewarded’ him by moving him up. I kind of think he was doing everything except light an actual fire (logs and everything) under Richards and Gabby and thought, what the heck?

    But, if you were there and watch our zone and even the last minute of regulation, Kreider had NO idea where to position himself. He was just as lost as he was a month ago. But, yes, his feet were moving the entire time.

    Look, I like him and WANT him to succeed. But call a spade a spade with clear glasses, dude!

  75. have a parade for Asham he has 2 goals on the season , whiptydoo.

    Bring Haley up because they have too much offense on the big club!!!!!!!

    the rangers should have looked into the Halpern waive, bickell waive, and the newburry pickup weeks ago…

    mza comes trade boyle or sit powe or boyle…..

  76. hagelin, callahan, stepan, and miller can kill penalties if powe sits…nash can also kill penalties on occassion even gabby can.

    the team cannot score Manny in case you have not noticed….

    they can still defend even without Staal who is a big loss.

  77. Staal was/is a huge loss. The defense has not been that great, stuart. Ovechkin was COMPLETELY ALONE about 3 feet in front of the crease. That can’t happen. Someone has to take the body on that guy.

    Stepan, Hagelin and Callahan already kill penalties Stuart. You need to pick NEW people to replace Boyle and Pow! who do the majority of the PK. Who is going to replace Boyle on face offs since he’s our best face off guy?

    I would like to see Nash on the PK. I think a teams best player should be on the ice as much as possible. Especially when the scoring opportunities on the PK are mostly breakaway or odd man rushes.

  78. _Who kills penalties if Boyle and Pow sit, Stuart?_

    And if the answer is “Callahan and Hagelin and Stepan”, please rethink what that means.

  79. Sioux-per-man on

    Boyle > Pyatt

    Points aren’t everything, when it comes to a 4th line player. Pyatt started out with a bang, but really when was the last time he made a difference?

  80. bottom line is in a 2-2 game in 3rd period we play a system that doesnt warrant us to win games. we played for the point nearly got burned at end of regaulation and took our shot in shootout and it back fired.

    this team has put us in a positon that one point still feels like a true loss.

  81. Looks like I posted what “I” already posted. And I see we aren’t doing the vowel thing anymore.

    (I have an excuse, I’m a La Salle alum. The Rangers are secondary right now.)

  82. Just to update the stats on trade (not to say it should’ve been done or not been done):

    Nash, Asham, Pyatt, Miller, Halpern, Powe: $13.31 mil, 143 GP, 18 g, 20 a, 28 p, +5. Nash makes up for 56% of G, 75% of A, and 65% of P.

    Prust, Fedotenko, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Mitchell: $11.43 mil, 129 GP, 23 g, 29 a, 52p, +13. Pretty balanced, Mitchell with 39% of G and 31% of P, Dubi with 28% of A.

    Not saying the trade should’ve been done or not, but it’s further proof that we traded depth for top line scoring, and when that top line isn’t going, we’re in for a ton of trouble.

  83. _Pyatt started out with a bang, but really when was the last time he made a difference?_

    and when was the last time Boyle made a diff.? LOL


  84. Sioux-per-man on

    Asham – solid Grit, can score, tons of experience, needed for Atlantic conference teams
    Boyle – Good penalty killer, hits hard, wins faceoffs
    Powe – Great speed, good penalty killer, blocks alot of shots

    This should be our 4th line.

    Pyatt – getting slower, doesn’t hit, hasn’t scored enough to stay, good depth to have on the bench
    Haley – Good speed, plays tough, loves to hit, can score, lots of Grit. Should be the buble boy for the 4th line.

  85. Jony – If you really want to compare that trade, you should just stop at Nash, Dubi and Artie. John Mitchell. Feds, and Prust had nothing to do with that trade those were separate bonehead decisions

  86. Sioux-per-man on

    3C – Boyle was hitting like truck yesterday. Kreider stole the show on his line, and got moved up to the top line before the game was over.

    Boyle > Pyatt. Granted they are alot alike. Big guys with experience. Both getting slower. But Boyle can win a faceoff, and play the PK, and HITS twice as hard as Pyatt.

    I’ll have to watch the game again, but did Pyatt finish any checks yesterday?

  87. _Jony – If you really want to compare that trade, you should just stop at Nash, Dubi and Artie. John Mitchell. Feds, and Prust had nothing to do with that trade those were separate bonehead decisions_

    You can atleast argue the decision not to pay Prust and bringing on Nash’s cap hit were related. Mitchell and Fedo were hockey decisions, agreed.

  88. Sioux-per-man on

    Looks like Zucc and Fasth will be in the system before the year is done.

    Whale should get Fasth going asap. Get him playing in games, so he has time to adjust to the speed of the game on the smaller sheet of ice. He has tons of speed, and can score.
    Looks like another Hagelin.

  89. Jonny how do those numbers look if we just traded dubi and artie for nash and kept prust, feds, mitchell? Called up JT to even out the 2 for 1. And don’t sign asham, pyatt, halpern, powe.

    How would that come out?

  90. Honestly Im with CCCP. Ive seen enough of Boyle this year. If we are keeping either of the two Ill keep Pyatt. Boyle’s been benched 2 times and really hasnt made much of a difference. Pyatt, earlier in the year, was one of our better players. Boyle seems like a great guy to catch a beer with or just be friends with but he is not tough at all. You see all the opposing players laugh in his face when he’s tried to get tough the past 2 weeks?

  91. Sioux-per-man on

    Thanks D – I just don’t notice him as much. I think Zucc, Haley, Miller would be an upgrade over Pyatt.

  92. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Kreider did make a handful of nice defensive plays. On one shift, in particular, he backchecked hard and prevented a 2 on 1, then deflected a pass in front of the net, and stayed with his man in front. He at least seemed to be showing some more awareness than he had earlier in the season.

  93. Artie, dubi for nash continues to be no-brainer. Sather should have realized cannot afford more tinkering with chemistry and needed to keep everyone else in place, even at a cost. Yes even Prust with one extra year which bythe way only became necessary since Sather blew it by failing to sign him before he hit FA.

  94. Peter – I can do that, but I was figuring like Mister D said, with the cap hit of Nash (added almost 2 mil more in salary, that was money that could’ve been spent on keeping the other guys. I was also just showing how much more top heavy the team is now rather than before.

    If I take those 3 out though, it’s even more miserable. Same cost essentially (actually a bit more because of Miller’s call-up), 6 G less, 14 A less, 20 P less, and a difference in +/- of 29.

  95. Pyatt’s hits are more like love taps. His hits are the result of him playing on a checking line and primarily being the forward that attacks the puck first or comes in for support. Boyle at least bowls over the puck carrier in open ice situations.

  96. Sioux-per-man on

    Trading Powe for Rupper. Much needed speed. Still a good trade.

    Pruster was offered a nice raise and $6M. He went for 4 years $10M, seriously that on paper was way too much to pay. Newbury,Haley,Ashem can all fill the role for less.

  97. Powe isn’t getting enough love. Kills penalties well, fore checks well, draws penalties well, hits, quick. I think he’s one of the most consistent bottom six guys, game in, game out. Sure he isn’t going to hit the net when he shoots but neither is Richards. That line changed me from laying on the couch crying to, hey, this looks like we have a shot. That Stepan PP goal ? Powe should get the credit.

  98. Vibe with me Sioux. It’s some sort of vibe that only you would appreciate. Like Sioux-per-Vibe or something.

  99. Matteau, we couldn’t keep Prust once Nash was brought on. I think that was the issue. Sather had a Nash deal in place and knew he couldn’t spend $2 mil + on Prust if he made the trade. Plus Mitch and Feds wanted upgrades from last year since they were key pieces to our bottom 6 at the end of the year.

    I personally hated the Nash trade because I knew that was going to happen and they were going to have to weaken the bottom 6 (I’m one of the few) and I can’t even deny that Nash has been better than I thought so far considering his price tag is way overpriced. But it has proven that it’s all on the top 2 lines this year to step up and score, otherwise it’s going to be a long night for the team.

    I will say that even though I didn’t want the Nash trade and wanted to keep last year team intact, it’s hard to play the way that team did for an extended period of time. It might work for one year, maybe 2, but after that the bodies eventually break down from all the fights/blocked shots (which we’ve actually seen with the Prust and Dubi injuries this year). So it was a tough decision.

  100. They have only given up more then 3 goals in a game 3 times this year and once it was in a SO with the Isles . You need to win more games then they have with that in mind .Just think about it if they score 3 goals in a game they win most of them

  101. Manny – that’s the point of throwing a hit in hockey. It’s not to destroy the guy who has the puck, it’s to knock him off it. Sure as a fan it’s more fun to see the big punishing hits, but what Pyatt does is actually more effective than a huge hit because it doesn’t take him out of position as much.

    That being said, I still don’t get all the Boyle hate on here.

  102. Kreider was ok, hope for the future but don’t expect much any time soon.

    Pyatt is useless his hits are meaningless. Some people pay way too much attention to meaningless stats instead of watching the game. No huge fan of Boyle but when he hits like last night he is fine as a 3rd line center and overall brings much more than Pyatt.

    Richards needs to sit (actually waived but it will never happen) and Zuc being just ok would be a minor upgrade in that spot.

    Two of our 6 defensemen would not play in the top 6 on most teams in this league.

  103. Again, Gaborik is coming off major shoulder surgery. If there is no lockout we watch the team struggle without him and say, “Hey guys. Gaborik will be back soon!” But he comes back just before the season. He’s really been visible the last few games and I think that means he’s feeling more comfortable.

    Don’t underestimate the effect of having your shoulder reconstructed.

  104. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Among the Cent-r-ers left on the roster:

    Stepan 48% FO
    Richards 51 %
    Miller 53%
    Boyle *58%*

  105. Ye umm Brandon Prust signed on July 1st.
    Rick Nash trade was on July 23rd.

    The trade was Dubinsky, Anisimov, Erixon, and a 1st for Nash.
    Fedotenko signed with Flyers before the trade.
    Prust signed with Montreal before the trade.
    Mitchell signed with Colorado before the trade.

    catching my drift?

  106. Totally understand, Jonny. Good points for sure. I just don’t see Pyatt moving men off the puck. I see him sidling up along side a defensive player, initiating a puck battle, one in which he needs support, getting that support, losing the puck battle, allowing a strong side pass to the D-Man (usually Left) which allows the opposing team to shift the offensive to the right side with a quick D to D pass. Then Pyatt is on his heels and trying to recover as the offensive team sets up a triangle and gets a decent opportunity.

  107. That was the 4th road game in 6 nights for the Caps…no excuse to let it go to OT…NO EXCUSE!!!

    We didnt get a point, we lost 3 on the Caps….

    Bunch of garbage…stop sugar coating it…that was crap…

  108. Mitchell and Feds didnt want any upgrades. Rangers had as much interest in bringing back Mitchell as they did in hiring me.

    Fedotenko too was not going to be brought back. At the time I didnt like not bringing him back because he is a Tortorella player. Now it seems like a good move because he looks completely done in Philly.

  109. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Lev, thanks for bringing some timeline clarity into the conversation. Not only did no one in the organization want Mitchell back, but no one here was crying either.

  110. boyle is horrible. he is a 4th liner end the story.

    manny is worried about PK and how they will handle the loss of Powe… That is like the Knicks worrying about losing Marcus Camby, not a nissue….

  111. Lev – Sather had that Nash deal lined up since the Trade Deadline last year. The deal was most likely essentially done, they were just working out the details (Erixon getting included over Miller or other prospects). I do think the Prust move was because he just wanted too much money though. Also I don’t think Feds is done, he’s been playing pretty well for them. On pace for his usual 20 points, doing all the things defensively he usually does. He was never flashy, but he got the job done.

    Manny – I will agree that Pyatt is pretty damn slow. He used to be more effective when he was younger, but he’s slow as molasses now. Still can be an effective player if the right players are around him, but we don’t have those guys.

  112. Good post by Carp but Richards last night was worse than you indicated. He made a bunch of awful passes last nigh in the offensive zone that went back the other way.

    I think this league has become more of a young man’s game with all the speed today. This game has just flew past Richards who looks painfully slow (and also Piatt). The same thing happened to Drury as it’s happeneing with Richards. This game has gotten too fast for them!!

  113. Stuart – I think you fail to see the whole picture of a hockey game. I think that when you look at the ice you see a net and a puck. If the puck isn’t going in the net you see chaos.

    One of the reasons we went so far last season is that our PK was one of the *best* in the league. It didn’t kill us to take penalties. This year, way more penalties look like BAD penalties because we can’t kill them off as effectively.

    Playing good hockey is a summation of many smaller events that, when combined, provide a balanced approach that can adapt to any situation on the ice and can make opportunities out of nothing.

  114. Sioux-per-man on

    Mitchell made bank in Colorado. No way the Rangers were matching that.

    It’s like this, someone has to play on the ice, someone has to the power play time. Which is going to lead to goals. Mitchell is getting a better opportunity to play, with BETTER players, of course he is going to get more points.

    Looking back he would have been an upgrade over Pyatt. But he got $10M. Perhaps the Rangers should have made his an offer sooner. Not sure on this one.

  115. Bank? He got a much deserved raise from $650K to $1.1M per year for 2 years.

    I think you’re confusing Prust with Mitchell or vice versa.

  116. Sioux-per-man on

    Lobster – it sure looks that way doesn’t it. How long until Torts gives up on “his” guy?

    $7M for a dazed and confused “Top Line” center, is the contract to worry about the most.

  117. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    It appears after his stint in CT (I thought he should have been down there longer) kreider looks completely different. He was actually playing physical with emotion and in people’s faces.

    If we add mza and fast, we may have more skill, but we still haven’t addressed the blue line or playable toughness which is what will make the difference in the playoffs.

  118. I would have paid Mitchell what he got. Easily. I’m sure when he left the reaction here (the sane one) was that we lost a guy that was good at faceoffs, had JAM and could provide a much needed 4th line presence. I’m also sure we thought he was replaceable.

    We were blinded by NA$H at the time!

  119. Brooklyn, NY, Sioux. Although I hail from the one and only Nutmeg Stat a/k/a The Constitution State, State Bug The Praying Mantis, State Bird the Robin, Connecticut!

    RIP Hartford Whalers.

  120. Sioux-per-man on

    I’m thinking Zucc is coming to replace Miller.

    Miller wan’t scoring, and now he has a sore wrist, that’s not going to help matters.

    Zucc on the left, Gabby can to back to the right side. Boyle might center this line. Gabby & Zucc have the speed and skill to run with each other, Boyle will cover the defensive side.

    This could could help the 3rd line scoring. Also Miller could center it, when he is healthy, and Boyle could drop down to the 4th.

  121. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Torts has no choice but to send Richards out there (at least for this season) and hope he breaks out of it. They aren’t going anywhere without him.

  122. I cant believe we have Richards for so long….Gomez #2……

    Any chance of early retirement?

  123. Sioux-per-man on

    I still favor our blue line (with Staal coming back) vs tading Gaborik for Dan Boyle.

    OUR blueline lacks toughness, but has more skill to make plays.

    Del Zotto made alot of plays yesterday. Hamrlik might just have enough, I still can’t say. I would like to see him get a few more shots on net.

  124. We would also be joyous if we won that skills competition.

    This is the crux of the stupidity because it is completely accurate. If they’d won the silly gimmick contest there’d be joy in Mudville. They essentially played a tie game with a surging team, created a lot of offense, had some bad stretches, too. If you think this was one of the bad games, that’s frightening.

    but this stupidity over Boyle continues … his game last night (other than, you know, not scoring again) was prototypical of what you want from a third-line center.

  125. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – July 1st, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    Prust won’t be irrelevant if he ends up in the East.

    Words of wisdom!!!

    Pruster takes his team worst to 1’st. They have a new coach as well right?

  126. Hey Carp –

    Was great meeting up with you last night, thanks for hanging! My son took your advice in every way – got the traditional blue McDonagh. Thought they played much better than they have and could have won, except Richards who looks more confused every minute he’s out there.

  127. … one more thing before I leave the insanity (and I believe that most of you guys are knowledgeable, passionate fans) … those who post the same complaints day after day after day, win or lose, regardless of what happens in the game, you sound like you really don’t understand what you’re watching.

  128. and of course it would be a much better outcome if the Rangers had won the shootout: two points at this stage of the season mean a whole lot more than one.

  129. My pleasure, Peter. Can’t go wrong with the McDonagh jersey. He should be around longer than anyone on the roster.

    Yes, Richards has no idea.

  130. Sioux-per-man on

    Boyle is a valuable player for this team. Just win the faceoff, Hit them hard, and don’t let them score. He’s done his job, much better after sitting a few games.

  131. _those who post the same complaints day after day after day, win or lose, regardless of what happens in the game, you sound like you really don’t understand what you’re watching._

    Yes. There is not much to complain about a team hovering around the 8-10 spot.

  132. _Brian Boyle has been on the ice for three goals this season_

    Yet Manny is already waving goodbye to Pyatt of the 4 goals and 2 assists.

  133. Sioux- I think I’d argue that having back healthy Andrei Markov, unexpected level of play by Lars Eller, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, reemergence of Max Pacioretty and a few other players have much more to do with Montreal being #1 at the moment than the addition of Prust.

  134. have to say those initial 65 minutes (which is a very liberal estimate btw) don’t mean a whole lot anymore unless they result in points. Rangers could have been dominated for 68 minutes, losing 1-0 and come back to tie and lose the shootout and it would mean no less than last night’s game did. the moral victory phase of the season is over, they just need points. doesn’t matter how they get them anymore.

  135. _but this stupidity over Boyle continues … his game last night (other than, you know, not scoring again) was prototypical of what you want from a third-line center._

    No. Nate Thompson (6g 4a) of the Tampa Bay Lightning, with a cap hit of $1.6mm, is what you want of a 3rd line center. Brian Boyle (1g 1a) with a cap hit of $1.7mm, is what you want of a 4th line player.

  136. Thom – I am not saying Boyle is amazing or Pyatt is horrible. I waive Pyatt because someone will pick him up and we get a tiny but of 7 figure cap relief. All I am saying is that, we have some guys coming in (Hobbit Wizard and Fast(h)) and someone has to go.

    I choose Pyatt (to waive) because he doesn’t kill penalties or take face offs. Therefore, Boyle is a more valuable all around player.

    But again, you are like Stuart. You see a puck and a net and all you care about is the one going into the other. Some of us are concerned about how we actually make that happen.

  137. Sioux-per-man on

    I can say out of all the blogs out there that cover hockey that I enjoy to read. This has to be in the top 3, and I’m not sure how to rank the other two.

    There are more educated fans HERE with a sense of humor here than anywhere else.

    Yes there are certain names and comments you don’t read, because they have a “troll smell” to them, that are ONLY here to create conflict. But most here bleed blue, some have that salt water Islander blue about them.

  138. _so Pyatt, because of his four goals and two assists is a better player?_

    Yes. That and the facts Boyle cannot stay upright on the ice, pass a puck, receive a puck, or shoot a puck.

  139. If you guys (Lloyd, Stuart, Thom, etc.) don’t care about the actual game and only care about the point result then why do you come to a hockey blog where you know people will talk about the intricacies of the actual GAME aspect of it?

    Why don’t you just start a blog that focuses on talking about the standings only? Then all your comments can be about points. Like, “Hey Team X needs more points. If they get more points they will advance in the standings”

  140. Brian Boyle and Nate Thompson played exactly the same amount of games in NHL (298 vs 296). Boyle has 79 points, Thompson 64. Comparable?

  141. _Some of us are concerned about how we actually make that happen._

    If you are concerned about how the Rangers put the puck in the net, you would not want Brian Boyle on the ice.

  142. Well, Thom, I am also concerned with keeping the puck out of our net. A thin Boyle does better, and more often, than other players since he, ya know, kills penalties and all.

    In putting the puck in the net the first part is winning a faceoff, which Boyle does better than anyone else on our team.

  143. Manny, that was a rather poor argument and you know it. Rangers need about 20 more points and they have 17 games to do it. Is it nice when they play well for stretches, sure, but they’re at the point now where they need points. If you want to see them play competitively for the next 17 games and come away with 14 points, that’s fine, but it’s not terribly satisfying to those of us who’d like to see this team move past where they were a year ago.

  144. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Let’s be honest, Pyatt scored 3 goals in his first 4 games, and the 2 assists came in one game. He has no points in the last 13. Using the Gaborik Law of Point Compounding, he has -5 points.

  145. _Brian Boyle and Nate Thompson played exactly the same amount of games in NHL (298 vs 296). Boyle has 79 points, Thompson 64. Comparable?_

    Brian Boyle has what’s called an outlier season in the season 2010-11. Would you care for me to explain what an outlier season is?

  146. Last year, game #64 – a 4-3 win at the Garden against Boston was the turning point for this coaching staff and team…
    It was that afternoon that I felt that the Bruins had totally figured out the Rangers’ system – of how they are stuck in one pattern of trying to break out of their own zone…how the forwards drop too deep in the defensive zone and leave the opposing point men wide open…how we almost always refuse to carry the puck into the offensive zone and continuously dump and dump it in…etc…etc…etc..
    And, the league – as all pro leagues are, being a copy cat league, all adopted the same system to break us down…
    Since then, this team is 34-32-3 – including the playoffs…
    This system begs for a .500 hockey team – and that is what Torts has gotten…This system allows you to stay in every game…it will give you the occasional win against a superior foe, but, at the same time, allows weaker teams to stay in games with you and beat you just as often…
    We can say on here all we want that this guy is terrible and that guy stinks…But, when you break down the roster, this team has more talent than a .500 team has…
    When you look at it like that, the fingers have to point at the coaching staff for not allowing this team to play the game the way they are built to play it…
    This team has more skill players than grinders – think round peg and square hole….
    This season is not lost -yet…
    But, the way to save it is to make a change behind the bench and let it fly the rest of the way…
    One thing we can all be sure of – if Torts stays and the system stays, it will be a one round and done post-season…If they even get there.

  147. Sioux-per-man on

    ilb – agreed. But they had No GRIT last year. How many times would PRUST get the crowd into the game by dropping the gloves and waking up the building and his bench. They didn’t have that at all last year. The Candians have more fans in their stands, than MSG. Prust makes a big difference. (MSG has more suits – and I sat next to them – not sure they were ready for the Sioux-per fan experience)

  148. People seem to forget that in the playoffs, Mitchell was a beast. He didn’t necessarily put up great numbers in regards to stats (just 1 assist, although he setup a lot of offense for the 1st line by getting pucks deep and holding them there for line changes), but for faceoffs and controlling the puck, he did wonders on that 4th line. He became our go-to faceoff guy since the other 3 couldn’t win one to save their lives. Add in the fact that he could hold the puck and was fairly creative and he deserved that upgrade.

    Halpern was supposed to be the cheaper upgrade for him and now he’s not even on the team anymore.

  149. list for me all these skill players, please, Maven. then take into account the miserable seasons being had by two of the top three of those.

  150. _In putting the puck in the net the first part is winning a faceoff, which Boyle does better than anyone else on our team._

    This is untrue. Faceoff wins do not often lead directly to goals. Possession of the puck leads to goals – something Boyle is incapable of. However, using your logic, how many Brian Boyle faceoffs won have led directly to goals? He has been on the ice for 3 goals all season.

  151. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    _Brian Boyle has what’s called an outlier season in the season 2010-11. Would you care for me to explain what an outlier season is?_

    Is 2 points in 27 games when a player has averaged 30 the previous 2 an outlier?

  152. Also, the fact that we are even discussing the importance of 3rd/4th line guys is sad and proves that this team isn’t all that good. If the top line guys of Nash/Richards/Gaborik were playing well and consistent, this wouldn’t even be a discussion. But all three can’t seem to get it together at the same time (more so Richards and Gaborik), so it makes us talk about how bad the 3rd and 4th lines are since they aren’t scoring.

  153. But, Lloyd, my point is that you only care if they get the points. They can play VERY well and lose in a shootout to the Penguins or another GREAT team and you don’t care. They didn’t get the points! Waaaah. That’s the thing.

  154. Boyle also had another “outlier” season when he only scored 6 points. Thompson best goal output was 10, Boyle had 11 and 21. I keep Boyle, you can hold on to Thompson.

  155. Alright, Thom. You’re an idiot. For the sake of Carp and his blog I’m done engaging you.

  156. Manny,

    So you’ll be content if they play competitively for the next 17 games but miss the playoffs?

  157. Gaborik, Nash, Richards, Hagelin, Miller, Kreider – all are more designed for a skill game…
    So, is Stepan…
    Callahan, while a grinder, is skilled enough to play that type of game and would excel in either…
    That’s eight already – one short of the nine you need for your top three lines…

  158. _Alright, Thom. You’re an idiot._

    Of all the people to call me an idiot, I find it ironic it is you.

  159. Yes, Lloyd. I enjoy watching a team play good hockey. I also enjoy watching their development as a team. I like watching the young kids come up and fit in. If we have to build this year and make a run next year so be it. I will be sad and mad after the losses but it is what it is. Life, including hockey life, goes on.

    You’re not always going to win (especially the Rangers and especially teams in the NHL) and that’s OK. Maybe it’s because I grew up watching the Hartford Whalers and have since watched the Rangers fail to win. Maybe I’m used to it.

    I just LOVE hockey. Love everything about it. Win or lose.

  160. _Is 2 points in 27 games when a player has averaged 30 the previous 2 an outlier?_

    No. His average of 30 points the previous 2 seasons included the 21g 35p season.

    _Boyle also had another “outlier” season when he only scored 6 points. Thompson best goal output was 10, Boyle had 11 and 21. I keep Boyle, you can hold on to Thompson._

    No. 6 points is more reflective of his actual skill, rather than the skill the posters on this website imbue him with.

  161. would agree that Boyle’s 21 goal season was a complete anomaly and I would hope most folks disabused themselves of the notion that the guy was a 20-goal scorer a year ago. still, I think he’s better 2 points per year. a 15-point 4th liner who can kill penalties and win a faceoff is Brian Boyle’s m.o. he’d play better if he wasn’t shoehorned into a 3rd-line role.

  162. Maven – I respectfully disagree. This team is not that talented.

    If Torts could let them open it up, he would. But with how this team is constructed, there isn’t enough skill to do that. Most teams who open it up get destroyed at some point anyway. Tampa and Calgary are probably the 2 best examples. Pittsburgh plays that way because they hold the puck for 70% of the game. Even when they don’t, they adjust and shut it down and play just like the Rangers do. They have so much more skill though.

    And the .500 hockey thing from last year has more to do with the fact that Ottawa and Washington were tough teams (I think Manny said it during the playoffs too). Ottawa was a different team after the ASG and Washington was always dangerous. Just because the Rangers were a 1 seed doesn’t mean they were guaranteed anything. I mean the Kings were an 8 (mostly because they underachieved) and they steamrolled the President Trophy winner and top cup contending Vancouver Canucks. Not to mention that the Caps knocked out another “cup contending” team in the Bruins to even get to play the Rangers.

    The system isn’t the problem. It’s the fact that the team isn’t that talented.

  163. Are you sure about that, Thom? Second opinion, perhaps? It sounds like it’s your own conclusion. Because he had more seasons with much better production.

  164. Guys, please don’t make it personal.

    Maven, so two rookies who are barely ready for NHL minutes, and two veterans having about the worst seasons of their careers. Hagelin and Stepan are both hybrids, I’d say. There is grind in their game.

    Again, for the 149th time, if Richards and Gaborik don’t play like the back of their bubblegum cards, this team has no chance whatever style they play.

  165. Nobody is calling Boyle a PPG player here. The argument was that Nate Thompson is better suited for a third line center than Boyle is from a point if view of productivity. The numbers actually say otherwise.

  166. So are the Penguins (hybrid’s I mean). They can fly but they can also grind it out with the best of them. Their entire cup run will depend on Goaltending and defense during that small amount of time during which they don’t have the puck.

  167. what I am saying is that Boyle has stunk it up most of this season, beyond stink for some of it. But last night he was a prototypical third-line center, playing on a legit third line, and if today that’s the crux of the problem of a team still in eighth place despite such a rotten-to-mediocre season, then things are really bad, or there is a grand misunderstanding of what happens in a hockey game.

  168. And Miller and Hagelin are 3rd line players. I’m a huge fan of them and think they are quality pieces for the team, but Hagelin is a puck chasing forward and Miller is the future 2-way 3rd line center of this team. They both can chip in on offense and play sound defense, but they aren’t lighting up the scoreboard. Even Cally is probably better suited for a 3rd line role, but because he can deflect pucks and score in front of the net, playing a 2nd line role is better for him.

    Last year when the 1st line struggled, the 3rd and 4th chipped in with goals. With the “upgrade” in 1st line talent with Nash, that took away from the 3rd and 4th line scoring. The hope was that we’d get more scoring up top that would surpass the depth scoring lost. Just like Carp said, Gaborik and Richards haven’t stepped up and looked like 1st line forwards, so that’s thrown a wrench into the whole thing.

  169. A big giant stinking monkey wrench, Jonny. By far the biggest factor of any for the season to date. More than the bottom six, or the system, or the injuries or anything else.

  170. Hockey maven on

    I agree that Gaborik and Richards need to step it up…
    And, remember when you open it up, you still need to have some “grind” in a player’s game – like you said with Hagelin and Stepan…But, looking at their skill set, they are made more for a “possession” type of offense than a dump-and-chase…
    I believe that the system has hindered and hamstrung this team…
    If we look at last year’s .500 or close to that level teams, can we honestly say that this year’s Rangers’ team does not list on their roster more talent than last year’s Winnipeg, Calgary, Buffalo, Colorado, Tampa Bay, etc.

  171. I personally can’t fathom how on this very knowledgeable board Richards gets off so scot-free. People go on and on about Boyle, and trade Gaborik, but really Richards is far and away playing the worst. Next time you are at a game, or watching on TV, just watch him. Not the puck, watch Richards.

  172. _Nobody is calling Boyle a PPG player here. The argument was that Nate Thompson is better suited for a third line center than Boyle is from a point if view of productivity. The numbers actually say otherwise._

    If you truly believe that Boyle’s 21 goal season was not an anomaly, there is not anything left to say.

    _But last night he was a prototypical third-line center, playing on a legit third line, and if today that’s the crux of the problem of a team still in eighth place despite such a rotten-to-mediocre season, then things are really bad, or there is a grand misunderstanding of what happens in a hockey game._

    Boyle is not the crux of the Rangers problems. He is a substantial part of the problem. A prototypical 3rd line player produces points.

  173. We all want so terribly much for the Rangers to be an elite team. It’s just not there. Even with Staal, NY struggles way too too hard to score. An elite level team routinely wins games 4-1 or 5-2. The Rangers can’t. Richards reminds me of George Foster AFTER he came to the Mets. I’m just waiting for Callahan to block a shot with his hand and NY says adios for the playoffs. Tortorella is a good coach but, as happens even with the best of coaches, it seems that no one is listening anymore. There’s a lot of very good hockey being played in the NHL, too bad it’s not on view at MSG.

  174. Penguins acquired Douglas Murray. So many words I want to use right now….none of them very nice.

  175. Maven – Tampa has much more offensive minded talent than the Rangers do. Buffalo too and Calgary. Winnipeg not so much, same with Colorado.

    The Rangers don’t have a player anywhere near close to the offensive skills of either Stamkos or St. Louis. Nash is a star offensive player, but those two are superstar talents, Stamkos especially. Buffalo has so many good young offensive players to assist Vanek and Pominville, like Foligno, Hodgson, Ennis, and Gerbe. And Calgary has Iginla, Tanguay, Cammalleri, and Hudler to go with their offensive minded d-men like the overrated and overpaid Bouwmeester, Wideman, and Giordano (who is actually solid defensively).

    The only D-man the Rangers have who are truly offensive minded are Del Zotto and Stralman. The only players that I’d trust to run a possession offensive game are Nash and maybe Stepan or Kreider. Gaborik is a horrific puck handler, Callahan is a grind it out by the net kind of guy, Hagelin is all about his speed in the corners (open ice with the puck he’s essentially useless), and Richards is playing some of the worst hockey of his career by far.

    That’s not a recipe for a run and gun team.

  176. um, last night was about as open as a game could get, Maven. Boyle is not a substantial part of the problem, Thom. And you are right, Peter. One of the reasons Richards gets off so scot-free here is people worry so much about the third and fourth line.

  177. When you’re playing great hockey everyone on your roster looks great and you’re dealing from strength. That’s how Pitt does it.

  178. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Richards has been about as consistent a member of the WBM (c) as anyone…if that’s not an indictment, I don’t know what is.

  179. doesn’t hurt to have the two best players in the world and so much depth from finishing dead last for a whole bunch of years.

  180. Honestly, the WBM should start with Richards and end with Gaborik, and everybody else should be off the list.

  181. Peter – agree completely. The sad part is that Richards knows he’s been awful and doesn’t know how to fix it. Mind you he didn’t do much in the offseason to keep himself in game shape, but I’d think he’d be better than he’s been playing.

    Byram – You act like Boyle is the only person on the 3rd line who isn’t getting points. EVERYONE on the 3rd line isn’t getting points. Boy savior JT Miller has a whopping 4 points, and 3 of those are from his first 10 games. He hasn’t registered a point in his last 11.

  182. The whole problem in Tampa is that they have no goaltending as Yzerman tried to implement the Red Wings policy on goalies. Run and gun was definitely not the issue…

  183. And like Carp said, how did Run and Gun work for those teams? Notice that All 5 of those teams are out of the playoffs (or should be in Winnipeg’s case). Run and Gun doesn’t work in a league that is so structured due to the small ice and lack of space.

  184. Boyle being on the 3rd line is a substantial part of the Rangers problem. They have difficulty putting pucks in the net. Boyle playing 3rd line minutes does not assist in their quest to score goals. It evidences the Rangers scoring difficulties.

  185. MZA, Kreider, Miller, Nash, Gaborik, Stepan, Callahan, Fast…. that’s some pretty freaking fast players.. With Hank in net and a pretty darn good overall D you dont need to sit back and wait for a mistake.

  186. Lev – Lindback is a pretty decent goaltender. He was quality for Nashville. The problem is they spent all their money on offensive minded players and their defense is terrible. Slow guys with big shots but nobody who can shut down anyone. Even their 3rd and 4th line forwards are all offensive minded (young guys too). They had more success when they had guys like Moore and Hall who were focused on blocking shots and playing in the defensive end.

  187. _I don’t think my phrase said that, Thom._

    That is what you said. You discussed productivity of Boyle and Thompson, and included the anomaly season of 2010-11 in with Boyle’s productivity.

  188. Thom – Boyle would be the 4th line center if Anisimov and Dubinsky weren’t traded. Just pointing that out. There is nobody else (except Miller maybe who like the wing more anyway) to play there, unless you think Newbury is the answer.

  189. Carp, do you view the Rangers as sellers or buyers at next week’s deadline. Given how screwy the season has gone, perhaps they should not take on any more contracts (unless UFA after season)? Even if they make the playoffs, their best shot to advance would be to finish 6th and face the SE division winner and 6th is slowly becoming out of reach

  190. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Thom, you are entering stuart broken-record territory. Richards and Gaborik are, by far, bigger problems right now than Boyle. And it’s not even close.

  191. also, four points out of sixth with a game in hand and 34 points still on the table doesn’t seem out of reach to me.

  192. Hockey maven on

    Not asking us to become the Gretzky Oilers…
    Just give the guys a chance to play some offense and put some pressure on the other team…
    At least last night we had a pair of breakaways and an odd man rush or two..
    There was a while earlier this month that it seemed like we were going games without an odd man opportunity…

  193. _There is nobody else (except Miller maybe who like the wing more anyway) to play there,_

    This is correct. That is a problem.

    _Doesn’t matter how many goals you score if you can’t defend_

    To an extent, I agree. The penalty killing this year has been statistically worse than what we have become accustomed to, and Lundqvist has not been as sharp as previous seasons.

  194. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Pens are a top team (if not the top team in the East), but how do they stack up against Boston in a physical series?

  195. Yes Lindback was decent for Nashville behind Rinne, that is why Tampa brought him in. He is ranked 56/79 out of all goalies in the NHL this year and the guys behind him are all backups. He is a starter. Kind of an issue there.

  196. I think it’s execution more than system that allowed it to open up a bit last night, and didn’t allow for any offense during the previous six games. They are always looking to counter, and always want their d-men involved in the rush.

  197. Only question now is how bad will the Bruins fleece the Flames. If they steal Iginla that will be an epic series Boston-Pittsburgh. If not then Pittsburgh has a direct route to the finals by the looks of it.

  198. saw your fave again last night, Wick … the Little Ball.

    Or is Ulf your fave? Or Beukeboom? One of those, right?

  199. Pitt has the best team … as long as MAF can stop a beachball once in a while, unlike last year’s first round.

  200. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Loved all 3, probably liked verbeek and ulfie the best (along with graves).

    We could use what they all brought on this team…badly

  201. Agreed Carp and Wicky, Pitt is the best team in the East. I was wondering, how fast thwy would consider going with Vokoun if things got a little hairy in the opening round. Vokoun has not played badly

  202. System, shmystem. Its all about the players. Are you telling me Gaborik would be going right through everyone and scoring goals left and right if Torts would just unleash him? That he’s not allowed? I think there are combinations of players a coach comes up with, and acknowledgments of tendencies, plus the ability to motivate guys to commit, unite, and work together. And yeah there is always a system but the Rangers arent playing a neutral zone trap here.

    I dont think Boston figured out “our system” last year, I think Boston figured out things that our team didn’t do very well and exploited those, and now other teams do the same thing.

    I also don’t know how much Boucher is to blame for Tampa’s predicament. They obviously have no trouble generating offense, so is the problem that Boucher does not know how to coach defense or that quite simply he has a weak defense corps and, most importantly, no goaltending?

    Last night the fourth line saved our bacon. How? They moved their feet and got in there and raised the intensity level a notch higher. It was palpable, not just Asham’s goal, but theuir next shift when they drew a penallty, they were relentless in moving their feet, gettting to loose pucks and creating chances for themselves to score. There is no system there. It is effort and heart and making the opposition’s life harder.

    That is also why Stepan’s line works, and what makes Cally a great player. He’s not faster, or more skilled than everyone else. But no matter how hard the other team pushes, he pushes harder. And the truth is, that’s what wins hockey games. Yes, skill is an important part of it, but Brad Richards needs to SHOW UP. He needs to move his feet, and hit people, and win races for the puck or make someone pay for beating him to the puck. If our skill guys getting 20 minutes a game can’t do that they wont win.

    You want to know what is missing from last year – that’s what’s missing. Between the start in Europe and NHL 24/7 and the Winter Classic, the Rangers were a team galvanized, united, committed and motivated, and it all came together for about 4 months. I would argue that if that whole process had started 2 months later, that same team would have ROLLED to a Cup. But nothing like that is sustainable for so long and I think they were mostly worn down after peaking too early. And maybe that whole group should have been left alone to try again, or maybe that same group would never again be anywhere near more than their sum.

  203. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    1000% correct on pitt’s physicality.

    Just look at their ace offencive d man letsng, hits and will drop them!

  204. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – when the Rangers sign Zucc. How long do they have to wait till they can trade him?

  205. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    FWIW, my 10 favorite rangers in no particular order


  206. Sioux-per-man on

    Can a team sign a player like Zucc, then package him in a trade.

    Not saying this would happen, it sounds like his contract is only for the rest of this year.

  207. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    If the price for Murray is two 2nd rounders, then I don’t see the Rangers being able to get much without Kreider or Miller going the other way.

  208. See the Pens are ona 12 game win streak, have the best record in the league, and they are STILL trying to add parts to improve. Last year the Rangers chemistry was “too delicate” to do that and then in the offseason they just blew it up anyway.

    The types of deals the Pens are making are exactly the kind you want to be making around the deadline. Not “my team isnt playing as well as I like so lets panic and trade everyone so at least I can watch different people stink.” You want to give up minor assets like a pick, a midlevel prospect, and get back a small part who maybe scores you that extra goal that gives you a 4-3 lead on New Jersey in Game 6, or who plays out of his mind one night and helps you knock off Ottawa in 5 instead of 7. Not the broadway neon ‘GABORIK, RICHARDS AND NASH TRADED FOR BOYLE AND THORNTON; CUP IS NOW OURS, COME IN OFF THE LEDGE.”

    Continue to try to fortify the bottom six, add some depth on the blueline if you can, and go from there…

  209. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    did anyone at the game last night see the quick flash up of Jasper Fast(h)’s stats????? Meant to mention it earlier. Was for about 10-15 seconds. Like they were setting it up….then realized…uh…he’s not here yet.

    Pertty funny!!

  210. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Peter, now, that I agree with!! Adding Morrow was akin to handing them the east finals. Boston is probable final matchup for them to emerge from the east. Now, really, they have been doing most of this without Malkin. Now add Morrow. And they are not done yet. Their d is a bit suspect, but really? Are we any match for them?

  211. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Re my list
    Leetch was a great player obviously, but I thought he was a bad captain and I don’t like dipsy do style players/finesse players.

    I didn’t hate the guy or anything and of course I cheered for him like any ranger, just not one of my faves.

    As far as hank goes, I like him a lot, just not one of my 10 faves, but he would be in the top 12 or so ;)

  212. Peter – I agree, but the Rangers problems can’t be solved right now by adding a 3rd/4th line player for a mid level pick. This isn’t going to help the identity that guys like Avery and Prust (or hurt when they traded Nieminen) did for the team.

    Also, I think you mentioned Lundqvist not being as good as last year. He’s had great numbers still, however a lot of that has to do with the fact that the team defensively in front of him isn’t as good. Last year all 4 lines were blocking shots and played great defense. This year its only 2 lines doing that. Last year the D had it easier because of that forward help, this year they are getting exposed more. That’s really the only difference.

  213. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Great post.

    Watch Boston push like hell for clowe or iggy now!!

    We need to get clowe (if I haven’t mentioned that before ;))

  214. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    ?Pitt still has cap space. that is a good gm. won’t comment on ours. i have done so enough. but the type of deals we can afford are truly related to poor fiscal and player management. Shero is doing a nice job.

  215. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Last night, for the steadiest period of time this year, there were guys rolling on the ice blocking shots. perhaps torts is now unleashing the ‘shot blockers’ a bit more

  216. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Anyone have espn insider?

    What does the craig custance article from today say about the rangers?

  217. Matty – Anybody would look like a great GM when you get lottery picks 4 years in a row.

    2003 – 1 overall, MAF
    2004 – 2 overall, Malkin
    2005 – 1 overall, Crosby
    2006 – 2 overall, J. Staal (traded for Sutter)

  218. So I step away for 48 hour and the Pens pick up Morrow and Doug Murray…Shoulda stayed in bed today

  219. Pretty much Custance said to get a PP QB, make a coaching change, or stand pat. Options were Boyle, Yandle, Byfuglien, and White.

    He literally offered no actual trade insight in regards to who should be given up. But I don’t think getting any of those guys helps this team at all.

  220. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If they got 2 second round picks for Murray (one a conditional) it wouldn’t shock me to see that or a third as the asking price for clowe. Or some player equivalent

  221. Stranger Nation on


    Not only was moved, but into our division, on the pens, for picks?????

    with Slats on the mend, now is the time for someone to pull an Al Haig and make some moves.

    If they get Iginla, there needs to be an investigation!!

  222. Cross Check Charlie on

    I guarantee the Rangers aren’t going through all this trouble with Zuccarello just to trade him.

    I don’t know if you can make anything out of Torts statements today about Zuccarello, but it sounds to me that’s it either one of two things.

    1. He’s not thrilled with getting Zuccarello back. It’s all Sather’s doing.
    2. He’s not really all that satisfied with the 1 point he got and he’s a bit ticked off.

    Wait it could be #3.

    3. He’s just a jerk.

  223. Anyone thinking the way I am, time to roll four lines, skate ultra-short shifts, get the—pardon my French—goldarn tempo up with this team until they get their confidence back? Yeah, me, too. Here’s for coaches’ consideration, free of charge. Seriously, they can use this master plan of mine free of charge:

    Each line gets a speedster, Hagelin, Gaborik, Kreider and Nash (OK, maybe he’s not as fast but he can take a stretcher and go in alone). Pair each with a center and you get:
    Hagelin – Stepan
    Gaborik – Richards
    Kreider – Newbury
    Nash – Boyle

    Throw in the other wing and it’s:
    Hagelin – Stepan – Asham (the latter will have to get in shape quick)
    Gaborik – Richards – Callahan (will either dare coast alongside the captain?)
    Kreider – Newbury – Powe (at least two have played together)
    Nash – Boyle – Pyatt (well, they’re big, Boyle can win you a faceoff)

    Leave Del Zotto out there for another 25+, and every shift the other team has to worry about stretch and speed. Again, this superb outside-the-box plan comes gratis.

  224. Say what you want about Pittsuburgh’s draft pick opportunities but here’s the talent pool the Rangers overlooked those same years:

    2003: Getzlaf,Brown, Parise
    2004: Mike Green, Zajac, Drew Stafford
    2005 (picked Staal no complaints)
    2006 Claude Giroux

  225. Carp, where do you see Zuc playing? I know it is a little early, but who would come out of the line-up?

  226. Someone has to remind me exactly what MAZ did when he was here to make me excited about having him back in a season where we clearly need bigger more physical top 6 forwards.

  227. 12:46 – “not sure (the suits) were ready for the Sioux-per man experience.” lol

  228. OK, I’ll bite — not getting the repeated Clowe jokes yet. Injured shoulder, can’t score… we’re mocking Gaborik, I assume?

  229. Stranger Natio on

    Newbury auditioning for 3rd line center? Boyle is a very good 4th line center (PK, FO) with no offensive upside.



  230. I remember Murray when he played for Apple Core and Portledge. Young Swedish beast.

  231. does anyone know if the penguins operate under the same CBA has the rest of the league. what a freaking joke. so if your the rangers lets try and finish 8th and get beat in 5 games by the pens.

    seriously if anyone on here makes a case for rangers to beat pens in a series you are just plain old STUPID. keep me in mind we havent beaten the pens in last 8 meetings and NEVER beat the pens in a playoff series and this year would be a complete mismatch. better off missing the playoffs buying out richy dump gabby and fire torts.

  232. Eric, as positive as I am, I don’t think the Rangers even get a game against Pitt. I think the first two games in Pitt would be a horror show.

  233. did i mention the savior the hobbit wizard is coming right he SUCKS too.

    on edge today and some people on here are just lost.

  234. bull dog line on

    while he is not 6 ft 4, MZA is an NHL quality player. for a team like the Rangers, with no depth to speak of, MZA will be a welcome addition. same with Fast. the Rangers need some new bodies.

  235. bull dog line on

    someone mentioned how Richards seems to treated differently than Gabby. that may be so, but the one that gets me is Nash was given preferential treatment at the expense of Gabby. here is Gabby, who has scored 40 for the Rangers, being asked to move to left wing so Nash can play on the right. why? Nash had not done anything for the Rangers yet. he should have been the one to move to the left. Nash has not produced like Gabby did on the right, and Gabby has struggled on the left. a bad decision for sure.

  236. Peter, bingo on the move your feet. Hardest thing to coach in hockey — you want to jump the boards, grab them, and move them yourself. Richards the prime example of a guy who has forgotten the 17 reasons you keep them moving all the time — getting to a puck as early as you can to win it or make a decision about it ahead of time; making your deke work with your entire body, not only your hands; driving laterally to get to the net, draw penalties; getting to the bench as fast as you can so that… pick your favorite, there’s never a reason to lock your feet, and pros do it all the time.

  237. Sioux-per-man on

    Krider-Richards-Nash might be worth a look to start a game, if Kreider uses his speed to chase down pucks – like Hags. If Kreider plays the as agressive as he against the Capitals, this will free up Gaborik for another line.

    If Torts would play Zucc-Boyle-Gaborik, this line becomes a scoring threat, and not just a checking line. Zucc has creative skills and speed to go with Gaborik.

    4th line becomes the energy checking line. With Ashem,Newbury/Miller, Power/Haley. With players moving if needed in the flow of the game.

    We need more pucks to the net, snipe them or bang them, it really doesn’t matter how they get there. Rangers need to find a way to score more.

    Kreider > Halpern is going to help.

    Zucc could be the player to play with Gaborik. If not you can always sub with Hagelin – he makes every line better.

  238. James – 2004 the Rangers needed a goaltender since nobody knew that Lundqvist was anything special so they took Montoya, the best goalie in the draft. Plus a lot of other people passed on Green. The Korpi pick was questionable though.

    In 06, they were looking for an offensive d-man, so they took Sanguinetti. Plus not many people thought Giroux would turn into what he would since he was small (kind of like Briere).

    Point is the picks look stupid now (wasn’t a fan of the Sanguinetti pick myself since I knew people who played with him and he wasn’t that good), but back then they weren’t that terrible. The only one that was a joke was the Jessiman pick.

  239. i like that Torts gave Richards a shot during shootout or as Maloney said – a chance to “go from outhouse to the penthouse”

  240. Sioux-per-man on

    bull – Gabby tried the left, isn’t working. But he’s a professional, they should all be able to adapt.

    Zucc on the left – Gabby on the right. If they click it, anyone can play the center.

  241. Sioux-per-man on

    Mox – so he’s still in the $hitter. Dazed and Confused. Don’t forget the paper :)

  242. BTW, the Pens have a ton of UFAs and RFAs after this year. Plus Letang is a UFA after next year. So they are going all in because they might have to blow up their team next year or the year after.

  243. Sioux-per-man on

    Pens are so deep, they will refill with youth. The scoring core will reamain.

    We need to find a defense that can shut them down.

  244. Sioux-per-man on

    James – When did Gordie come on board for the Rangers? It’s been ALOT better since. Wow just think if the Rangers had Parise & Stafford. Not one but two Siouxper additions. Rangers would have a cup already :)

  245. _Penguins are making out like bandits with these trades_

    Given their apparent intention of reducing team speed, maybe Pyatt is a logical target.

  246. Sioux – on defense they’ll actually be better with Samuelsson and Dumoulin. They don’t have as many top prospects up top though, but I’m sure they’ll keep guys like Dupuis, Cooke, and a few others for cheap. You are right though, the scoring core is remaining.

  247. Sioux-per-man on

    Rangers need to get to 6th or 7th. If they finish 8th and get a 1’st round with the Penguins this will not be good.

    They are 12-0, hottest team in the league. One point behind Chicago.

    And they just made 2 trades to make them even deeper.

    Perhaps we should just give them the cup now????????


    Richards & Gaborik find their scoring ways – Ranger can beat them. But they will have to score first, get up on them, hit Crosby in the mouth, and have Hank shut them down. It could happen.

  248. sioux

    you one of the people i think may be lost. come on get a grip we cant beat the freaking florida panthers now you think we could beat pens 4 times out of 7 a team we lost 8 straight till. come on wake up

  249. Solid As An Evrock on

    IMO the most telling part of the Rangers woes isn’t just the Asham goal, it’s the fact that he’s the only player on the team that seems to be able to convert an oddman rush on this team. They’ve had breakaways, partial breakaways, 2 on 1’s, 4 on 2’s and 3 on 1’s where the best the team’s between able to muster are either shots directly to the opposing goalie’s chest, shots that miss the net entirely, no shot at all or flubbed passes that led to no shot.
    It wouldn’t be so bad if the large majority of those chances came from the fourth line but they mostly come from the best players on the team. Gabby had a breakaway and penalty shot (probably didn’t really deserve it either) in the same game. Nash has had numerous breakaways and partial breakaways. Richards, Gabby and Nash had a 3 on 1 and didn’t get a shot off. Last night Kreider shot directly into Holtby’s chest on a 3 on 1. A 3 on 1 that developed so early that it was almost a sin not to pass it at all.
    And don’t even get me started on the shootout shots that seem to miss the net entirely (or just get the post) on the regular.

  250. Sioux-per-man on

    Eric – I’m a fan. I’m not putting Sidney’s name on it today. That’s all.

    I said IF- and it’s a BIG IF – Gaborik and Richards would come out of there shell, and find a way to play like they did last year – scoring the goals they did.

    If Torts can find a way to get three line clicking yes. He hasn’t yet and we are in 8th place.

    17 games to go 34 points on the table.

    There’s still time. Maybe it’s Kreider, or Zucc getting a 2nd chance, or Newbury with Kreider. I’m not sure, but there is still enough time to get the pieces to fit.

    Now – If Gaborik can’t find it, and Richards remains Dazed and Confused, yes we are done in the 1’st round.

  251. Solid As An Evrock on

    The team needs to start docking Richards’ pay for every giveaway (double for blind behind the back “passes”). It won’t help them with the cap but maybe it’ll enable them to bring down the price of the prime rib sangwich.

  252. Bulldog, I agree 100% that they need depth and that he’s good. I just question whether he will fit into the picture here with Tortorella at the helm and an already smallish roster. 52 games 8 goals 18 assists in the NHL. Not saying it’s a waste just saying I have to be skeptical at this point in time

  253. eric, I didn’t know “i am taking a leave of absence till deadline day april 3rd” meant avoiding posting for one hour and two minutes.

  254. Perhaps my blind optimism obfuscates the clandestine and deceitful nature of your post.

  255. Solid As An Evrock on

    And now, while the pens are adding proven depth, we’re giving prospects and inconsistent former players (though I still live Zuccs either way) an opportunity.

  256. Sioux-per-man on

    Solid – I think Kreider was looking pass the whole way, but the defense took it away. He had to shoot with the speed they had coming in. Too bad the shot got up on him, but it would have been a good idea going low and away, for a rebound shot. But the puck wasn’t flat on the ice either.

  257. Afternoon all,


    Don’t give the Cup to anyone right now.

    Penguins went into the ’93 playoffs with something like a 15 game winning streak – only to lose to the Islanders in game 7 at the Igloo – in overtime!

    Marc Andre Fleury is not the goalie he once was – and at some point – he will be called upon to win a game or games for that team – who just may run into a very tough opponent with a hot goalie.

    Yes – Morrow and Murray give the Pens more depth and grit – but its the Flower that needs to bloom again, in order for the Crosbys to win it all.

  258. Sioux – If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas.

    You know what I mean haha

  259. Sioux-per-man on

    Ev – they can’t doc his pay. But boy would it be something to send Richards upstairs to watch a game in a suit.

    How would that go over Carp?

  260. Shero does it again acquiring a gritty forward for a DRAFTED defenseman as he’s done with both Neal and Kunitz.

    That’s what a plan looks like Junior! Lundqvist& Miller to the Bruins for Rask,Seguin,Lucic and a #1? Any takers?

  261. Sioux-per-man on

    Jonny be good – just get your popcorn ready!!!

    When the Rangers make it into the playoffs, and they will.

    It’s a whole new SEASON!!!

  262. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    sioux, I am with you, but I will add to it. There are 2 elite teams in the east. We had hoped to be a third one, but our bungling GM lost our mojo for us for reasons explained. Calgary wants to move Iginla to the east. There are only 2 east teams he will go to. One of those two just made smart moves to beef up BIG TIME, and they are clearly a top choice for the CUP. Their GM left cap space, because he is a smart thinking GM, so they could make some end of season moves, if needed, to help areas perceived to be weak. The additions of Morrow and Murray (exactly what we need on D, and he would help immensely) were the right moves. Wow. Nice to be well managed.

    So, the ‘other’ team on Iginla’s list is Boston. Guess where he’s likely going??

    In the meantime, we are ‘tinkering’ with midget MZA, who Murray, if we play them, will PLASTER like a flyswatter killing a but. Let’s see. 245 lbs. vs. 170. 6’4″ vs. 5’7″. I almost feel sorry for him that he agreed to come here.

    Fast(h)? Well, he fits under our cap. Of course, we have a GM that doesn’t know how to manage anything, including finances, so…oops…we have almost nothing left. I guess we are where we are for a reason. And so is Pittsburgh….so is Boston…….

  263. Re: Richards, why would anyone depreciate an asset if you’re trying to trade him?

    Author, whom do you believe might challenge the Pens for the Cup?

    I’d rate them as favorites now , and with the sustained offense the Pens muster Fleury will be less pressured.

  264. Thornton/Boyle? This is a plan?

    No it’s the same desperation year after year as we grab other teams players and don’t develop our own!

  265. Neither, paul. Only players on SJS I can really say I’d love to have are Pavelski and Dougie Murray.

  266. I’m not saying I’m envious of the Pens or that they’re going to win The Cup (although they have a great shot at it). The thing that I shake my head at is how well they’re run as it pertains to the team they’ve assembled. Obviously the draft has been kind to them but look at the entire roster. Solid mix of skilled forwards and physical players. strong guys 3rd and 4th line. veterans all over the place, physical dmen, smart dmen, guys that can shoot the puck a really good goalie and a solid back up. If they want depth or a veteran rental for a playoff push they arent afraid to go out and get it. Guys like Morrow, Hossa, Recchi, Guerin..They’ve been able to get their hands on those guys year after year and not deplete their future to do it.

  267. Comnsense, but aren’t we supposed to trade a drafted player who we are currently developing (Miller) and a goaltender we developed (Lundqvist) for another team’s players (Rask, Seguin, Lucic)?

    I think break is over; time to head back to the deep fryers at Long John Silver’s.

  268. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    ffThe Pen’s are now like the Miami Heat is to basketball. I went to the last Heat v. Knicks game. The Knicks had a 15 point lead at the half. Everyone in the building…EVERYONE…knew who was going to win that game. It took Miami 6 minutes to catch up, then play with them like a cat that grabs an insect. There was laughing on the bench throughout. They know they are the league’s best.

    Pittsburgh, because it’s hockey, can lose here or there. However, they are now light years better than most teams in the east.

  269. Paul, if San Jose clears the deck I want Ryan Clowe (I know he hasn’t scored this season). Clowe > Thornton/Boyle

  270. Sioux-per-man on

    Matty I agree. But our trade was NASH. He’s the player that has to make the difference from a 2 goal game to a 3rd goal. That said we still need Gaborik and Richards to show up, and SCORE.

    It is what it is. Zucc brings more skill, I’m not sure where he fits, but I really like watching him play.

    He reminds me of Grimaldi for the Sioux. He is so fast, so small, and yet when he’s on the ice – he’s the one making everything happen. It just might be what this team is missing. We shall see.

  271. Sioux-per-man on

    It’s all in the Meds :)

    Tort’s just needs to find the right Prescription!!!

  272. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    I haven’t read any post yet cause i’m excited over the news I just heard on espn radio that the Rangers have signed Zucc can anyone confirm this for me?

  273. You looking to go over the falls in a barrel, Sioux? It doesn’t work. I know from experience.

  274. “There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today
    I don’t know what it is
    Something’s wrong with our eyes

    We’re seeing things in a different way
    And God knows it ain’t His
    It sure ain’t no surprise

    We’re livin’ on the (l)edge”

  275. My favorite Ranger is……………..George McPhee!

    Pound for pound every bit as tough taking on all comers as Jonathan,Howatt ,Tiger and every short stuff! I see him now battering Gary Dornhoffer!

    My least favorite Rangers are, every GM who has ever screwed up the organization an a special award to Juniorb Dolan the worst owner in professional sport’s.

    He should gag on his instrument!!!

  276. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Sioux, I am with you. I am not a MZA fan. I would love to be surprised!! Open mind!!

    And Nash was a huge deal for us, I agree, if only the other two highly paid players played to their paycheck.

    Finally, there are some guys that wear our uniform that we drafted and I am really PROUD of. Step has become a terrific player. He is two way and a really smart thinker out there. He’s a stud and better be a core player long term. So is home grown Callie, Hags, Hank. We have had some good drafts and drafted some good players. All is not horrible.

    If we had brought in a Murray-type, a Beuke-type, we would be balanced and really good on d. As I said earlier, MDZ had a really good game yesterday and is still developing. Staal was just coming around. Girardi has not been an all-star this year but is very solid. All home grown. And, what can you say about MacD? It’s just we need a GM that recognized the same type of player over and over again doesn’t round out your ‘d’. Balance needed.

  277. Franklin of CA on

    Thanks Carp for helping my sanity. And thanks to all of you folks who have so much to say. This site helps me cope. Watching Brad Richards this year (55-year fan) is like watching Manny Ramirez (Dodger fan since ’47.) My wife (56-year Ranger fan) and I feel like we did a few years ago when the Rangers lost in OT on the last day. We were sure Sather would be fired. We were hopeful. We are hoping again.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  278. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Taken off of Sports.yahoo.com:

    “Good stuff from Custance on the New York Rangers, including a chilling quote on Brad Richards: “He’s not playing well,” said an Eastern Conference scout. “His legs have left him.” [E$PN]”

  279. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny – the Sioux play Niagara in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

    I was looking for a fan of Niagara, somewhere out there in New York?

  280. In addition to his world class puck skills and vision, Zuccarello is tough and plays with more snarl than most of the current NYR roster…

  281. I can read up on them and argue with you, Sioux. If that’s what you’re looking for.

    Zuccarello is a huge addition. You can’t underestimate what it will be like to have someone who can PASS on the team. Also, if we’re going to be in Shootouts every night we might want someone good at them. He’s also good along the boards and uses the largest stick allowed in the NHL.

  282. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny – remember the pass between his legs from the boards, right on Gabby’s stick?

    A Sioux-per star play out of nothing….. just one per game, that leads to a goal.

    That’s all we need out of him.

    But now that you brought it up. What’s with all the passes behind a player or in his skates lately. It’s like the Rangers have a tough time with just the basics?

  283. This team is done. If any of you loveable-clowns thinks that The Hobbit is The Answer, I pray for you.

    Nonetheless, I don’t think this team is far away from being able to do some damage in the playoffs (that is, IF we make it).

    What we have to look forward to:
    – Hobbit is an addition (he’s better than half the forward-clowns on this team).
    – Staal will return
    – Richards can only improve from his currently-comatose state
    – Gaborik will likely find his streaky scoring
    – The Kreider will likely add some scoring

    What we need in spite of the above:
    – FW w/ grit
    – Crease-clearing defenseman and/or PP QB

    Eh, who am I kidding trying to do some real analysis … the fact is that this team is a complete amateur-hour, bush-league farce that is not even going to come close to making the playoffs.

  284. Sioux-per-man on

    keep pimp’n. This team makes the playoffs, and you know it.

    Not buy much, but they will make it.

  285. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Mets executive vice president, Dave Howard, named president of MSG sports?? REALLY???

    Speak of taking from a losing organization. What are we thinking?????

  286. Sioux-per-man on

    Depend who they can buy :)

    I’m not sure the Hobbit is the answer, but they could use him on the Power play and in the shootout.

  287. James G – we had that team last year. We had a solid 3rd and 4th line. We traded it in to get more top line talent like the Pens have. That’s pretty much been the difference this year. Attacking with 1 line (or sometimes two, if Gaby-Richards-Nash shows up). You aren’t going to win too many games when your second line outplays your 1st one and you get nothing from the 3rd an 4th.

    Right now this is a 1 line team and that line is Hags-Stepan-Cally.

  288. Paul in sunrise on

    I agree. MZA passing skills needed. I jut figured jumbo soft shelled crab Thornton to play with Nash might be ok.

  289. bull dog line on

    so what you be willing to give up for Louie Erickson. still has 3 years left on contract. I think at around 4 mil. is only 26.

  290. Paul in sunrise on

    Think they need to take Richards away from Nash. Swap out Stepan and Richards. Hags will get Nash going. Cally can get Richards going. Put Kreider there. Play miller mza and gabby on the third line. Whatever. I am bored waiting for my eye appointment that is now 25 minutes behind schedule.

  291. BTW, in the last 7 games, Nash/Richards/Gaborik have combined for a whopping 2G, 3A, and are combined -12. That’s not going to cut it when your top 3 players are eating up 30% of your cap hit and only producing numbers like that.

  292. bull dog line on

    Hagelin, Stepan, and Nash.
    Kreider, Richards, Cally.
    MZA, Miller, Gabby.
    Powe, Boyle, Fast.
    just for fun.

  293. What would I give up for Eriksson or what would the Stars want? Eriksson has put up Nash (and better) production the past number of seasons and has a much better cap hit. The Rangers would have to back the truck up for him.

  294. bull dog line on

    I agree CT,
    but what do think will be in that truck.
    I think the Rangers are gearing up for something.

  295. I see we’ve scheduled the Pens coronation today. Who gets fired if they don’t win?

  296. Common Sense,

    Once the playoffs begin, its anybody’s Cup.

    Kings proved that last year.

    There is no home ice advantage. Home teams lose game 7. Boston did last year, to the Caps.

    Never know who is going to go on a run.

    I’m just not sold on MAF in goal for the Pens. And Vokoun is no saving grace, either – pardon the pun.

    Just saying that anyone can beat anyone.

  297. In that truck would probably be Kreider/Miller and McDonagh. Any GM dealing with the Rangers knowing that they’re looking for scoring is going to take them to the cleaners.

  298. Sioux-per-man on

    Bull dog – Thats the recipe. Not sure on Fast, but he is another Hag’s type player, all speed.

  299. Paul in sunrise on

    CTB. Who are you married to on the roster? Kreider? Miller? Eriksson I presume is worth the price but don’t see stars moving him.

  300. CTB – Should we trade Nash for him? Frees up some cap space to help out the 3rd and 4th line…

    authorben – The Kings were a good team though. That’s the difference. They underachieved in the early part of the year and then got rolling. They showed signs of being a dominant team, they just didn’t really start playing until Sutter came in and they got Carter. Plus you could see the talent they had. Also, they started playing the exact way the Rangers play. Defend well and use the counterattack to score.

    They had way more talent than the Rangers do this year, so there is no chance for the Rangers to beat the Pens in the playoffs. They haven’t shown anything this year to make me think that they are a good team.

  301. I’d trade Kreider or Miller for Eriksson. But they’re going to ask for a lot more than him, probably to the point where it reaches diminishing returns for the Rangers.

  302. CTB, Bylsma will be fired if they dont win. Just like he was on the hot seat when they werent playing up to expectations to start this year.

  303. Paul in sunrise on

    Rangers don’t have a d-man available for package. Stars just got one from Pens. Think two high level prospects like Kreider and miller plus a major league prospect get it done for Ericsson.

    Stars would never do it. I would.

    But I don’t expect sather to trade any young talent. He will move some older pieces to make room for young guys. So I think Boyle and Pyatt are moveable. Boyle would be missed for intangibles.

  304. bull dog line on

    Sather does not get taken to the cleaners with trades. McDonagh is not going to get traded. how about, Kreider, or Miller, Boo Neives, and Boyle. probably not enough I know. he will cost some assets. he could be worth it. Thomas has 17 goals on the season. Dallas, if I recall correctly, had big interest in McIlrath.

  305. So after so many years of trading for big contracts and not keeping young home grown players and in turn not making the playoffs for 8 straight years, we’re going to go back to trading young home grown players for big contracts in hopes of improving on an 8th place team in the cap world?

    Makes sense…

  306. Sioux-per-man on

    Kings turnaround was all in the Sutter sytem. He brought the defense in to keep the games close, and won just enough to get into the playoffs.

    They had talent of every line, with a goalie playing out of his mind.

    If Lundqvist starts playing shutout hockey, this team can be tough to beat.

  307. Johnny,

    Never said the Rangers could or would beat the Pens in a playoff series.

    However, if that becomes a matchup and #30 plays like #30 – all bets are off.

  308. I do t believe Dallas is looking to move Erikkson. Why would they? With his production and friendly cap hit?

  309. Sioux,

    You’re right about the Kings.

    4 lines deep, stingy D and outstanding goaltending.

    That’s the formula.

  310. _So after so many years of trading for big contracts and not keeping young home grown players and in turn not making the playoffs for 8 straight years, we’re going to go back to trading young home grown players for big contracts in hopes of improving on an 8th place team in the cap world?

    Makes sense…_

    As my 18 month old daughter would say after licking her hand but before rubbing it all over my face, THIS!!!

  311. Kings borrowed from the Bruins model of 2011, as the Rangers should. No sense in trying to build like the Pens, the Rangers never draft that high and the generational talent has to be there as well. You think the Pens would be quite as good if they drafted Taylor Hall and RNH (good players in their own respect) instead of Crosby and Malkin?

  312. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – any legs to the Nassau Coliseum getting sued for asbestos. Really?

    That’s got to be great news to get the fans to come and visit. LOL. When do they start playing in Brooklyn?

  313. Although is it too much to ask that they draft at least one guy that can score 30 a couple of times while wearing a Rangers jersey? If memory serves, the Rangers haven’t had a homegrown guy have multiple 30 goal seasons as a Ranger since Amonte.

  314. Sioux-per-man on

    CT – Makes you wonder what they are trying to build, when they are shopping Gaborik everywhere.

  315. I don’t want to trade McIlrath at this point unless he’s part of a great package which will have long term and positive implications for the Rangers. No swaps for rentals. It’d be nice to have a defenseman like him around, and the pick has come under such scrutiny that I’d rather just see it out, and hopefully for the better.

  316. CTBlueshirt March 25th, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    I see we’ve scheduled the Pens coronation today. Who gets fired if they don’t win?



  317. Lundqvist is the least of our problems. There’s absolutely no need to have him play shutout hockey with the quality of players we have here. There’s no reason this team should be this bad offensively.

  318. If they can land that youngish player that’s already proven they can put up 30+ then I’m all for it, thinking someone like Evander Kane. Yet that would be a Neil Smith post-Cup type trade for the other team.

  319. Why are we trading Mcllrath!? He’s our only physical D prospect. Sheesh. Guys, we need him. I would rather not make the playoffs this year than lose him and make the playoffs but not win the cup.

  320. I just realized that Pittsburgh got Dougie Murray. Some of the deals that franchise pulls off are quite suspicious.. and what’s with all the other teams in the league gleefully sending them players?

  321. Well Morrow for Morrow was probably a better trade for the Stars in the long run. Honestly, does B. Morrow add that much to the Pens? Unless he’s an insurance policy against MAF potentially turning into a sieve like last year’s playoffs, I can’t really say it was the best use of a well regarded D prospect.

    Murray might end up being the more effective deal for them given that it doesn’t seem that Disco Dan is all that in love with his D other than Letang.

  322. Latona, i know right? First the Stars basically gave away Neal and then Morrow and now the Sharks just lay down for them. But they’re active and good for them.

  323. bull dog line on

    Kovalev would have scored 30 for the Rangers, except every time he sneezed, Campbell benched him.

  324. Well the Pens do have about 10 D prospects, one of them was to become expendable especially in a run for the cup. Morrow on their 3rd line is not too shabby.

  325. Kovalev never scored 30 in a Rangers uniform. Came close a couple of times but certainly had most of his better years outside of NY than in NY. Although he had his best playoff performance as a Ranger.

  326. CTB – the Rangers DID follow that model last year. That’s the thing. We went for the Pens route with the Nash trade.

    People forget that the Rangers and Kings were essentially the same team last year. The Kings had a little better upfront scoring in the playoffs with Williams and Kopitar (and Carter and Brown too), but overall they were the same team. On D they were solid, with Doughty being the offensive guy (like DZ) and the rest being two way and able to block shots and clear the net.

    They had a ton of depth on the 3rd and 4th line so they could just roll them and not worry too much about matchups and their goaltending was solid (helped by the solid defensive team). They beat the hell out of teams on the boards until they gave up and ran with that until the cup. I honestly think they steamrolled the Devils mostly due to the fact that the Rangers beat the crap out of them first. Not that I think the Devils were better (they weren’t), but they didn’t have a chance after having to play 2 tough series like that in a row.

    Instead of keeping that going since it was successful, they went for the Pens model. Become top heavy and fill in the role spots with cheaper players. That’s great and works when you have two amazing talents like Malkin and Crosby. It doesn’t work when you have star players like Gaborik and Nash who can’t carry teams and don’t get 100 points a season.

    Can this team still have some success and make the playoffs? Sure. But this isn’t anywhere near a cup winning team and won’t be.

  327. Seems to me that in 19 seasons Kovalev played for more coaches than just Campbell, and with all that ungodly ability, scored 30+ four times. Or more exactly, failed to score 30 15 times.

  328. I wasn’t particularly talking about the Morrow for Morrow trade, CTB. That one’s pretty even as far as I’m concerned. The Hossa trade, even though he lasted but half a season in Pittsburgh, is still an outrageous steal. Dupuis is better than anyone Atlanta got in return; Armstrong’s the only one in the NHL, I think. The trade for Neal and Niskanen worked out very, very nicely. The trade for Dougie Murray, who I find very underrated, seems like it’ll be a steal.

  329. The Stars gave up on Neal, I guess they figured go with Benn and Eriksson. At the same time they completely overvalued Goligoski.

    The Sharks did well to get some decent picks for a guy that’s an expiring contract.

  330. I’d say the Hossa trade (and afterwards the Kovalchuk trade) are prime evidence of the Thrashers front office not knowing what the hell they were doing more so than the brilliance of Shero and LouLam.

  331. I bet there are creepy ceremonies held in Lemieux’s basement every fortnight. Something involving incantations, stir-fried caribou, and Gary Bettman. We should send Haley down there.. we know how much the Pittsburgh organization loves him.

  332. Kovalev realized he didn’t have to do that much work when he was in Pittsburgh so he mailed it in. He could just sit there by the circles and get the puck from Jagr/Francis/Lemieux/etc and have an open shot. That kind of killed his career I think since he went elsewhere and tried doing that and it didn’t work. He had a ton of speed his first time around with the Rangers and after that he just didn’t use it.

  333. Certainly a great deal of ineptitude displayed by the Atlanta organization with that trade, but credit to Shero for even proposing it. I’m sure plenty of GMs could/would have assembled better packages for Hossa had they known what those fools would accept.

  334. Not sure why you say that considering the fact that those were expiring contracts and there was a better chance of the world ending than of either of them resigning in Atlanta. The Thrashers had to get at least something for them. They went to teams that were going for it all those years. No reason to give up much for them knowing they would be fully available otherwise in a few months.

  335. He didn’t have the blazing speed as Bure or the quick release as Mogilny but there’s no reason Kovalev shouldn’t have hit 40 only once.

  336. Plus Pittsburgh didn’t win with Hossa anyway. They got there but lost and then he left. He played for 12 games and playoffs and then left town.

  337. EJHradek_NHL Sidney Crosby AND Alex Ovechkin will join us on today’s edition of Cisco @NHLLive, 5-7 pm ET on NHL Network!

  338. At what point do you suppose that an announcement will be made by ‘Rangers front office that Tortorella has been relieve of his duties?

    It has already happened to several Coaches, who had teams no worse than the displays that Rangers have recently put on, and it would seem okaying with the blessing of the coach, no matter how
    iil advised.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”,don’t ask for whom the Bell tolls……………..it tolls for thee.”

  339. He had the strength on the puck that Jagr has, had the best hands I’ve ever seen, a great shot, scored 40 once in 19 seasons.

  340. Actually, LW, Christensen is lighting it up in my NHL2K11 for iPhone league. I picked up Ilya Kovalchuk early in the season and he’s been a great pairing with Gaborik on the RW and Prospal in the Center.

  341. Ok, swinging and missing on one deal (Hossa) is not really excusable but sometimes the market never materializes.

    Trading basically the best proven goal scorer outside of Ovechkin (at the time, Stamkos was just having his 1st breakout season) and not getting a bona fide top 4 D or top 6 forward is still a bad return.

  342. “Sid, by how much would you say you are the best pro athlete ever?”

    “Alex, by how much would you say Sidney Crosby the best pro athlete ever?”

  343. Kovalev is the reason that the stereotypical phrase “lazy Euro” exists within the world of hockey since the early 90s. I remember when they signed Gretzky everyone thought he was going to score 60+ goals. Campbell started training camp with the two together and Nemchinov on the other side and I don’t think it lasted more than a month.

    It was nothing more than an effort issue with him. When his teams struggled he could care less and didn’t want to be “the guy” except at times in his Montreal stint.
    He was always a good guy and very talented on many levels but apparently saw no reason to shift it into high gear through most of his career.

  344. You’d figured a guy like Forsberg or Datsyuk would dispel the lazy Euro notion.

  345. Tyler Kennedy for Toews, Derek Engelland for Chara and I think Shero calls it a day.

  346. Agreed CT. You don’t hear the phrase much anymore but back then if you heard it, the name Kovalev was usually mentioned in the conversation at least once.

  347. Not even laziness as much as cluelessness. Never figured out, as Neil Smith said, that the object of the game is to put the puck in the net. But he did coast, too.

  348. I watched Kovalev destroy an offensive opportunity when he and Richard Zednik had an odd man rush for Montreal and Kovalev decided to fix his glove during the rush. He just started veering over towards Zednik and eventually knocked his teammate over while fixing his own glove. Genius play.

  349. It was also the way Kovy would handle the media. Sometimes he’d get asked why he wasn’t playing well and he’d come up with some crap like “well the coaches only want me here to play well. but I’m here to do other things as well!”

  350. Careful, Carp. That comment quoting Neil Smith is starting to sound like some of the people who comment on here.

  351. bull dog line on

    I said what I said about Kovalev and Cambell to tweek Carp. know we are calling Kovalev lazy? he was a lot of things on the ice, but lazy wasn’t one of them. liked to stickhandle through the opposition a couple of times before the he went to the net, wasn’t real good in his own end, but he loved to play. calling him lazy is a bit much.

  352. The several minute long shift story though is one of the better memories from the early Kovalev days.

    Another one was during I think his rookie year he scored a hat trick, was getting interviewed for the post game and showed up with a huge mustard stain on his jersey from eating hot dogs.

  353. Carp, I try to tread lightly when it comes to Kovalev I know you know/like the guy. I just think it’s nauseating that so few people get blessed with the talent and opportunities that the guy had in this life and he just never put it to the best use possible. I know he’s done a million other things like flying helicopters and planes and probably has a PHD but regarldess of all that he could have been a very special player.
    Like De Niro said in a Bronx Tale: “The Saddest thing in life is wasted talent”

  354. Bulldog you’re trying to argue a moot point. He could shoot he could pass he could skate end to end and fake out an entire bench of players. you’re right. Lazy isn’t the correct word.

    How bout this. He just didn’t care?

  355. Oh if the Rangers could draft a player with anywhere close to Kovalev’s skill the blog would explode. Then explode many times over if he failed to exploit that skill as much as Kovalev did in his Ranger days.

  356. Not caring probably hits it on the head. He retired with 599 assists. One shy of 600. ONE

  357. Pretty fitting Manny..I’m sure if he was asked about it he’d say he didn’t really care.

  358. Custance is really down on Tortarella: http://tinyurl.com/bslc249

    Roenick on NHL radio just said that it’s not Tort, it’s the players. They are soft. He named Gaborik, in particular, as playing scared and questioning himself because he doesn’t like a touh coach. Roenick thinks the team is not where it should be. Team is not responding to the level of play that they are capable of.

  359. You’re ridiculous Bull. Change your user name to Mr “I know it all because I’ve been watching hockey for 70 years’ and then lets hear the “correct” analysis of Kovalev. What’s the proper way to critique him? You know…since the rest of us only come here for your insight on things. Explain to me since I’ve only been watching the sport for 28 years as opposed to your 70 exactly what I missed while watching Kovalev throughout his entire career. If you would please.

  360. Also, Briere (Age 35) is out indefinitely with a concussion. One less guy we have to hate on Tuesday.

  361. mr I know it all because I have been watching hockey for 70 years on

    Kovalev was a player who did not fulfill his potential. no argument there. but it wasn’t about being lazy, or not caring. he just never figured it out. never figured out how to be great all the time.

  362. LMAO, Bull. That made my afternoon. Fair enough. now back to relevant players and the 2013 season.

  363. someone remind me again who Boyle was skating with most of the time when he put 21 goals

  364. wouldeveryprayerbeginand end with just your name on

    In every sport, maybe once in a generation, comes a guy with great talent
    matched with unusually strong insight: that grown men putting on funny
    pants and pretending they are still boys is one of the all-time silliest and
    inclusive human charades, a circus for the masses of the hopelessly
    “lost and confused” (I have been lost and confused for six-and-a-half
    decades, and resent Johnny-come-latelies like Brad Richards, and Head
    Snidely, and Eric).
    So, yeah, you can say he didn’t care – or you could say that he was
    man enough to resist marching with the deluded…and honored the beat
    of his own drum.

  365. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “why do I have to sit in the %%#}\|~%}< grocery cart every ;()(;( time we go shopping"

  366. Barb Underhill was Boyle’s skating coach. Man, that joke was hilarious and it was totally wasted.

  367. “someone remind me again who Boyle was skating with most of the time when he put 21 goals”

    Fedotenko and Prust.

  368. So it was Barb Underhill that taught Boyle how to fall all over the ice. Thanks Ms Underhill.

    Can Ms. Underhill teach Boyle and some of his teammates how to pass the puck, receive the puck, and possess the puck?

  369. Thanks and good point as always, NYR.

    Actually, Barb Underhill was hired on retainer by the Maple Leafs after her success with Boyle. She has also consulted with the Ducks and the Lightning.

  370. So the success of the Ducks and the lack of success of the Lightning and Boyle can be attributed to Ms. Underhill? Terrific perspective.

  371. Neil Smith ?@nycneil 6m
    Place your bets…Does Alexander Semin keep playing the way has this year or go back to the model of inconsistency he showed with @washcaps

    Haha! Weren’t we just discussing Smith’s position on enigmatic Russians?

  372. @TH2NSTATSGUY@: Semin: signs $7 M / year contract. He’s one of 3 forwards averaging exactly a point per game this season (Toews – $6.3 M and Parenteau $4 M)

  373. ok so we can assume that Prust’s toughness was the primary reason Boyle ever had time to score more than 3 or 4 goals in a season.

  374. _ok so we can assume that Prust’s toughness was the primary reason Boyle ever had time to score more than 3 or 4 goals in a season._

    Lunacy. While you are at it, would you care to attribute the Kings Stanley Cup to Prust’s toughness?

  375. Mommy Tortorella: “Little Johnny is sure getting big. Look how high he sits in his car seat!”

    Poppa Torts: “He’s got a load in his diaper.”

  376. Kovalev was a BEAST in the 94 playoffs. I always felt he was one of those guys who kind of didn’t put it together in the regular season, and then started to play to his potential when it mattered.

    There are lots of guys who were playoff performers… they would have very pedestrian regular seasons then get close to a point per game in the post season.

  377. Stranger Natio on

    As much as I would want Murray here…the sad reality is this team is flawed and not set up for a run so trading for any help would be wasteful.

    Understand most bottom 6 and 3rd pair are not NHL stars, but this team takes it down another level.

    for all the MZA fans – where does he play? he cannot play on the bottom six so who sits on the top 6??

  378. Torts to wife: “if Sather calls, tell him I’m out walking the dogs. I gotta lay low for awhile”

  379. Chris Christie sits on the top six, and then we don’t have anything to worry about anymore except to shovel the ice.

  380. If I was the coach:

    Hagelin – Stepan – Nash

    Kreider – Richards – Callahan

    Zuccarello – Boyle – Gaborik

    Asham – Newberry – Haley

  381. Boyle on ice for 3 Ranger goals the entire season – Larry Brooks…….shhhhhheeeeeeesssshhhhhh.

  382. Sather advertisement in Humane Society Monthly: Docile dog available to good family. Large teeth, but no bite. Once owned by relatively famous NHL coach. Silver Bowl available at extra cost.

  383. the majority of this board was clamoring for Murray a few days ago

    now he goes to Pittsburgh and suddenly he doesn’t fit the Rangers team concept anymore

    you guys…

  384. Stranger Nation on

    Lloyd – if you are referring to me as ‘one of those guys’, understand I have been clamoring for Murray for over the last 3 seasons and he would had really helped us.

    Love his game, but we are not going anywhere with on #1 center in need of an emotional rescue and Staal hurt

    Murray is no spring chicken and we never ‘fast’, but apathy has taken over enthusiasm…

  385. Bull dog edition at 4:28,

    You are correct ,I should have said Ron Harris whom that other idiot GM traded Curt Bennett for!

    McPhee is still the best little tough guy IMO.

  386. So Semin has less years and money than Nash yet more production for his career.

    No idea how that makes sense.

  387. Solid As An Evrock on

    James “I’m in man-love with my all of my team’s g.m.’s and coaches” Dolan will use the shortened season as an excuse to keep the Rangers management intact. I think he’s the only person in the world that’s more averse to change than I am. Pathetic.

  388. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Murray is a tank – a real mean crease clearer… Maybe clowe is next to be moved

  389. Wicky – I’m more so pointing out that it’s crazy that both players are making over $7 million and even more so that Columbus paid Nash $7.8 for a guy who put up 60 points a year for them.

  390. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – never in my life did I think Murray was available…. For the rangers not to have seized on him is pathetic GMing at its worst….we desperately could have used him… Solid rock of a man

  391. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Clearly there is a breakdown somewhere in the organization. I mean the coach always talks about jam and playing tough, yet we never add those type of players

  392. Evening all,


    Pittsburgh gave the Sharks two second round picks for Murray. IMO, that’s a lot for a third-pair backliner.

    With the Rangers not having a first round pick in the upcoming draft due to the Nash deal, they could ill afford to give up precious picks for a d-man who would not be part of the long-term solution.

    Just doesn’t make sense.

  393. jpg,

    Craig Patrick is not the Pens GM. Hasn’t been for years. That job belongs to Ray Shero.

  394. Actually, Wick.

    Clowe and Handzus are healthy scratches tonight for the Sharks.

    @SanJoseSharks@ : #SJSharks STARTERS: Marleau-Couture-Wingels, Stuart-Braun, Niemi | *OUT: Handzus, Clowe*

  395. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Author Ben – on the rangers, he’d play 2nd pair. Once Staal comes back, Murray could still be a great stay at home 2nd pair D man. He would be the perfect compliment on 3rd pair with MDZ, thereby balancing the TOI more equitably. Staal, Girardi, McD, MDZ, McI, and Murray are pretty good D lineup…

    It does make sense.

  396. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Author Ben – I live out here in Shark country and see plenty of Murray. The dude is a crease clearing monster. The kind of D man we’ve lacked since Boo-ka-boom

  397. Those posts were me and were FOR Wicky. Don’t know how my copy paste messed up there. No meaning to impersonate Wick.

  398. Eddie,

    Respectfully disagree.

    It all goes back to the draft picks.

    The second rounders are like gold now for the Rangers. A deal has to be a slam dunk for them to even consider parting with them.

    Get rid of enough draft picks and you’ll crash to the basement in no time.

  399. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ben – we could have dealt something other than picks… Maybe a larger trade as I mentioned just above where we get a pick coming back

  400. Twenty six miles across the sea
    Santa Catalina is a waitin’ for me
    Santa Catalina
    The island of

  401. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If you are going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…

  402. Eddie,

    In your trade scenario, Gabby is a goner. Not saying it can’t or won’t happen.

    But Clowe is not nearly a close to an adequate replacement for the 100+ goals that #10 has scored for the Rangers.

    With the team starved for goals as it is, that move would have been a tough one.

    Additionally, Doug Wilson, one of the better GMs in the league, would not take on Gaborik’s $7.5 million contract. Would ruin his flexibility to do something at the draft or during the summer.

    The haul for Gaborik has to include a player who can put the puck in the net.

  403. Peter Minuit purchased Manhattan from the Indians, 1626, $24.00
    He looked across river and said, do I have to look at New Jersey?
    The Chief said, what do you expect for twenty four dollars?

  404. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ben – gabby’s days of scoring 40 plus are over. Babe Ruth hit 714 HRs but I would trade him for something more current in a heartbeat.

  405. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gabby doesn’t score…It’d be nice to get a scorer coming back, but not essential. Much prefer someone who is tough, hits, and plays all 3 zones.

  406. ‘East coast girls are hip
    I really dig the clothes they wear
    And southern girls, with the way they talk,
    They knock me out when I’m down there.

  407. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gabby has scored goals in what 6 of their 33 games? Snake bitten or not…. He does little else on the ice to warrant keeping IMO.

  408. ‘If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air,
    Quaint little villages here and there,
    You’re sure to fall in love
    With Old Cape Cod.’

  409. Eddie,

    Not sure about your assessment of Gaborik.

    We agree to disagree. But that’s totally fine.

    Ultimately, we both want to the team to win. This has been a truly frustrating season. Certainly not what we wanted to see following last year.

    If any team missed the rigors and routine of training camp, its the Rangers. The coach uses that time to build the foundation for the season. Not an excuse, just reality. Other teams have excelled so far in the shortened campaign. Doesn’t guarantee them anything, however.

    Every team in the league has “flaws.” Some more than others. Rangers are the latter, for sure.

  410. ‘You’ll never know how great a kiss can feel
    When you stop at the top of a Ferris Wheel
    When you fall in love
    Down in Palisades Park.’

  411. funny about Clowe and Handzus being scratched because another Tweet has 2 NYR scouts in the buyilding tonight. Which would suggest the Rangers are after neither of those 2.

  412. Neil Smith’s saying about Kovalev was that he felt he needed to beat the same guy twice.

    McPhee’s best fight was against Nevin Markwardt. Look it up.

  413. Once saw McPhee in a bar, thinking around 1995, the TV in the bar was on for a playoff game and there was a fight. He walks over to get a closer look, very into it. I say to him that was ok but not as good as you and Langevin. Or you and Markwardt. His eyes lit up, he smiled, nodded his head and said “ahhhh you like that huh!?” Was awesome.

  414. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Clowe has been out a few games with a shoulder injury but should be ready to play….

  415. Saw Dave DeBusschere in a bar some years back, totally wasted. Friend sitting next to me whispers to the bartender, “I wouldn’t give big Dave any more to drink.” Bartender replies: “YOU tell him he can’t have any more to drink.”

  416. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I saw Lindsey Lohan at a baseball game…. She was snorting the 3rd base line.

  417. Torts likes to pump DelZ and Girardi, rarely says anything about McD. Maybe he thinks they need the boost and McD is needless of it. ?

  418. Lindsay was in a movie directed by the venerable Robert Altman, and in numerous interviews referred to him as Mister Alman. Not the brightest little bunny.

  419. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stewardess – “what can I bring ya lil fella?”

    Torts – “how bout some ]{}#%^*¥£€<<~ peanuts!!!"

  420. Eddie Eddie Eddie March 25th, 2013 at 10:20 pm

    Gabby for Clowe, Murray, and a # 2 would have fine by me

    so basically gabby for 2 turds and a good bowel movement? yea i’m with that. make that “crap” happen slatipuss

  421. MacTruck has some nifty stick handling abilities and usually put his infrequent slappper on net, at least available for a tip. Some of these other guys haven’t even hit a goalie in two years.

  422. and since were talkin turds, gabby would be the ghost turd. the kind that you can feel coming out, hear a splash, but theres nothing in the toilet.

  423. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nothing more wrong that pinching a loaf and feeling the splash…. It’s just not right.

  424. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    God forbid you offer a contrary opinion during the day… The hornets get all buzzy….

  425. Terrible coming in here on the night shift and having to clean up all the blood and the tossed pastries.

  426. douglas murray from sweden. big time irish swedish euro pansy sasquatch/water buffalo hybrid comin at ya knock the poop out of you

  427. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Built like a house of bricks.

    Kooz – read the stuff earlier today? Plenty of cocked sureness ……

  428. i’m just here guys. i dont know. i like night shift. i can be free and say what i want and be free of verbal beatings like JR

  429. i gotta go to walmart soon. in an hour n half. holy crap jagr has 14 goals already? wtf do we have anyone with 10 yet? nash is at 10 right?

  430. I think people that are getting their hopes up about Gaborik being traded are probably going to be very disappointed. Yeah, I’m sure the Rangers are listening to what the trade market price is for their 40 goal scorer. I’m not sure he’s going anywhere unless a king’s ransom is coming our way. And, I’m not sure what, if any, incentive the Rangers have to trade him.

  431. Murray, 0 goals, 4 assists, 31 PIMs in 60 games last year, and he’s looking for a ton of money.

  432. penguins fleece dallas for neal and morrow, and we get richards. mr 4 goals in 33 games. TP has 4 goals!!! thats taylor pyatt btw

  433. i dont want gabby traded nyrfan. we need goals, i know he hasnt done jack all year, but its on the coach to get the most out of his players. i really think gabby is trying hard, i think hes trying, honestly, but you know this guy is watching all his linemates screw up and not score and produce like they should, but who gets benched for it most of the time? the rookies or gaborik. i know the guy can do alot more and do some dirty work and play better d than he has but im not ready to give up on him yet.

  434. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gabby on pace for a 19+ goal season. If that deserves a king’s ransom – that is one lame kingdom.

  435. I think Gaborik being benched could also be John Tortorella’s way of trying to get other guys to step up…while trying to make Gaby want it more…

    I know, Grabby, all true…We need goals…And, he needs to start putting more pucks in the net. Period.

  436. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Grabby – I apologize for my rude comment….. I thought I was on Europe time for a minute…

  437. Richie’s 33, Gabby’s 31. All the teaching and motivating speeches are history. They do it or they don’t.

  438. well, were still in 8th place as of this moment, no more games on tonight, but i wanna see richards and gabby step up starting next game. no more fancy assen around.i want goals. thats it. no 3 guys behind the net, no weak backchecking, no dipsy doodles, no granny clitsomes, no waiting for bilbo the italian , dominick the norwegian donkey hobbit

  439. i just woke up since the sun went down, i just crawled out of my coffin. not fully awake yet. ;)

  440. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Make that 21+ goal season for gabby – I used 33 games not the correct 31…but still 7 million for that kind of productivity is horrid given what little else Gabby does…

  441. eddie- Jr is on tv right now. did u guys see him on that stupid show with michelle beatle and some dork? he almost was too touchy feeely and shes like”im getting a restraining order on you just so u know!!”

  442. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Grabby – not mad, no….But I re-read what I wrote and it didnt come out the way it was intended :)

  443. oh ccoz, i copied eddies post from before. i re posted it and then said the 2 turds and a number 2 thing after

  444. I don’t watch television unless there’s a plane crash, a threat of war, or a Ranger game.

  445. right on bro. i sometimes say things and they come out wrong. mostly trying to be funny sarcastic and it doesnt translate well so i look like im being a jerk when im really not. it happens. no prob.

  446. Eddie, no other Ranger in my lifetime or yours, except Mike Gartner, had more 40 goal seasons as a Ranger…

    I like the guy when he is scoring!!

  447. no problemo, grabby. eddie is still aggravated with some day shift know-it-alls who like to call each other nasty names and he takes it out on us, :)

  448. i get mad seeing those snarky comments too. its like everybodys pissed they have to be at work and that the team sucks and they envy us self employed millionaire vampire playboys;)

  449. Torts knows Gabby well and how he can produce. Unless he deems that he’s lost forever that necessary step at this level, he’ll be here, methinks. He’s got little choice but to play Richie, but soon it will be in a lesser capacity unless he orders and consumes a trailer load of high energy drink.

  450. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NYR fan – I hear ya…. But he isn’t scoring. That’s the problem. He has 8 goals. And, like, 1 since jan 23 if anyone other than Nabokov was Goalie.

  451. Very familiar with the Borgias from books. No see TV show. I hear Jeremy’s Iron plays the Pope.

  452. they wish they could be like us. i have no more marital problems, my kids doin awesome in school, shes already 7 and smarter than me. not joking. im free basically. do what i want, when i want, if i wanna tell my girlfriend shes no longer needed i send her back on a plane to bangkok or whatever back alley i found her in around town.im free!!!

  453. I think in the playoffs (?) we will need Ash and Haley and play that game, if we don’t make some move before early April.

  454. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Grabby – your child doing great is all that matters. We have some challenges with our lil one but she’s doing her best….

  455. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    LA beaches are the best…. But the traffic is brutal…..we get down to Laguna Beach every summer…

  456. cccps one of the original nosferatus around these dungeons.

    cooz- its an awesome show on showtime. yea jeremy irons plays pope alexander. they finally got season 2 out. its been out everywhere else in the world since last october i think, no idea why it took so long to release here and i’m goin to get it tonight. anyway, really cool show. u guys into history like i am u will like it.

  457. Meriwether Lewis was sent circa 1806 to report to Jefferson what in hell was out there past the Mississippi. Amazing when you think of it.

  458. thanks eddie. im very proud of her and yours too. it took a lot fo work to get her to participate in class. she was pretty shy. just like me at that age.

    anyway, im out to walmart. be back in a bit guys. i’ll bring bacl some cold brewskies and warm bodies!

  459. I have my golf friends, my Ranger friends, and I have my literary friends, with a few engineers thrown in. Usually don’t mix too well, but every now and then, a man for all seasons pops out.

  460. grabs is starting to sound very familiar. :) He, too, is widening his scope, or showing us a wider scope.

  461. e, Lewis suffered terrible bouts of genetic depression; Clark, I think, helped pull him through it on the mission. As I read Lewis, he would be today called manic/depressive. One day, ready to take on the world, the next day unable to lift a pencil. Interesting men, both.

  462. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I might have to give that a read…

    Cccp – if I were Iggy, don’t think New York, New York, is where I’d want to make it…

  463. I dont blame iginla for not wanting to come here… why would he leave one crappy team for another?

    now, if this was last year’s team…

  464. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cccp – werd….. Put Iggy on last year’s team and they win the cup I dare say…

  465. For all you pitiful ignoramuses out there, Gordie Howe was the first NHLer to tally 1000 points. Laughable that none of you probably know that. Fools!

  466. Solid As An Evrock on

    I played nhl13 today for the first time since the lockout ended. This team and this season have turned me off so much that my little cousins had to come over and get excited about playing it with me to get me to even put it in the ps3. ugh

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