It’s Go Time! … Capitals at Rangers


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Game 31.
Capitals at Rangers.

Ya boys have lost one in a row, four of six, five of eight.

Hey, remember that game where they scored more than one goal, in Newark? That was the only such time they’ve hit the two-goal mark in the last six. They have scored four goals, total, in the other five games.

J.T. Miller (left wrist) is out. Kris Newbury replaces him in the lineup. Arron Asham returns. Matt Gilroy is prucha’d.

Henrik Lundqvist in goal.

For those who missed it earlier, Stu Bickel cleared waivers and was assigned to Connecticut (AHL).

The Rangers entered the day in ninth place on a tiebreaker, behind Carolina, which has the same record but more regulation/OT wins. Buffalo is two points behind the Rangers, with the Capitals and Islanders one each behind the Sabres.

By the way, these would be the actual Eastern teams’ records if OT/skills competition losses counted as losses, since , you know, OT/skills competition wins count as wins.

(entering today’s games; *-Weak Southeast leader):

1. Pitt 24-8.
2. Montreal 20-11.
3*-Winnipeg 16-16.
4. Boston 20-10.
5. Ottawa 17-15.
6. Toronto 17-15.
7. Carolina 15-15.
8. Rangers 15-15.
9. Devils 15-17.
10. Washington 14-17.
11. Philly 13-17.
12. Islanders 13-18.
13. Tampa Bay 13-18.
14. Buffalo 13-19.
15. Florida 9-23.

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  1. jpg's sister on


    Nothing to do with the game. What I heard at Mass. Cellphone rings. “Hello. I’m at Mass.”

  2. Just met a bunch of Boneheads: Peter and his son and his buddy Dave C (from the chats), CCCP and his nephew. (CCCP claimed he is wearing Ovechkin No. 8 underwear; I declined to see it).

  3. jpg’s sister…holy hartnell!!

    dang, knew I’d miss first

    but happy to lose it to Olga

  4. Uncle Brucie, Murray the K, and Wolfman Jack for Richie Rich and future considerations.

  5. Corned Beef Nash on

    Feeling Nash….knows he is playing with house money after that hit/attempt. Just hope the wonder twins can help him tonight.

  6. jpg's sister on

    LET’S GO RANGERS got to go meet jpg, he is on way home from picking up a friend who had surgery later all

  7. Olga Folkyerself on

    Not feeling good about NY. I think they are lucky to still be tied at the start of the game.

  8. LW3H March 24th, 2013 at 6:31 pm
    Penguins have got four or five similar D prospects though (in terms of age and cost rather than necessarily type), right CTB?


    Still a steep price for a guy that fits in as a 3rd liner on that team. But Morrow means less Kennedy?

  9. Wait, same guys. Collapsing in-zone runaround, here we go! How long until the first not-blocked, screened, tipped shot from the point? Optimism waning…

  10. I think if JR is just to your right, you are obliged to make some questionable xenophobic remarks and pull off a few franchise-wrecking trades.

  11. Gotta chase the game hard again, hope it works better tonight. Nope! Who was that who skated by the [bad] pass in his skates, did NOT stop to get it, break the other way, goal, awful.

  12. Thanks, DDE. For some reason I’m nauseous at the moment. Must be something I ate there last night.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Game over, season over.

    Even I’m starting to wonder whether Torts is on the hot seat. These are ugly losses.

  14. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Another slow start.. not that I’m blaming hank… but I would sit Hank to fire up the team …

  15. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    But this is the team sather gives tortorella.. and says win it all

  16. God almighty this team sucks. I’m sorry, but it’s on the coach to have his team mentally prepared to play. Somebody should let the Rangers know this game has started already

  17. Last year prust or dubi would have scrapped just to turn momentum and release frustration

  18. _I think this team has shown that an early deficit is not insurmountable._

    Yes. They have a great propensity for scoring goals.

  19. Marian the Friendly Ghost on

    wow i’m on honeymoon, now in porto. i promised myself i would take these 2 weeks as a respite from the frustration and aggravation of watching this team but i have obviously failed at that as badly as they have at scoring regularly.

    my wife keeps telling me to stop checking the scores and tuning into the radio broadcast online. probably time i start listening to her!

  20. _Anyone still worried about opening it up? How about playing some defense?_

    Neither goal was the result of opening it up. The first goal was on a power play. The second goal was on a 3-on-4 and a missed defensive assignment.

  21. lots of us said Asham would work!!!!! Thank you! and Newbury…where is everyone else!!!

  22. _Yes. They have a great propensity for scoring goals._

    I think this poster has shown that the task of recognising sarcasm is insurmountable.

  23. iDoodie Machetto on

    I should walk my dog for the entire game. The last time I walked him during play was the Ottawa comeback.

  24. Here you go, e3:

    @Jeremy_Roenick 45s

    Wash looks like they want this game more than the rangers Wash speed is noticeably faster

  25. Thom94 I agree, but apparently opening it up would be detrimental to this team-like they even have a plan at all. Defense my tookis. Seriously, anything should be considered at this point. I would even consider playing the whole game with no goalie (sarcasm.)

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Kris Newbury playing with Gaborik? Must be trying to channel Erik Christensen magic.

  27. Am I the only person who isn’t *down* on Kris Newbury? The guy is better than anything we have on our 4th line already. He’s good at faceoffs and has JAM.

  28. Marian the Friendly Ghost on

    the wife’s asleep! let’s go rangers! i never doubted this team!

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    I love when they try and make Ice Cube look gangster. Once you’ve made “Are We There Yet?,” the gangster ship has sailed.

  30. _Er, like I was saying about insurmountable deficits…_

    First, it was sarcasm. Then, it was not sarcasm.

  31. That’s right, Carp. Hop on board the Newbury train. He’s like Halpern but with better hands, fighting ability and a relationship with our youngsters.

  32. Marian – hopefully YOU scored before wife fell asleep! I shouldn’t talk was following86 Mets on my honeymoon. They never lost while I was gone

  33. Marian the Friendly Ghost on

    dc62- nice! and yes! unlike the rangers, that hasn’t been a problem..yet!

  34. I think you’re getting Boom Boom confused with at least five other people on the blog, Carp.

  35. I tend to visit the opposing team’s blog during every game and Ive come to the conclusion that no fan base whines more about penalties than that of the Washington Capitals. They are questioning the Nash penalty and how that was embellishing. I dont even know what to say…

  36. manny

    RELAX with newbury for christ sake. he is a journeyman whos been around it seems forever.

    were prob still lose 5-2 lol

    as much as i love this team i hate them as well.

  37. Game in a season or season in a game. The game ends as the season ends. Take it to the bank. (In Cyprus)

  38. Boom boom also had theories on westernl and southern Asian immigrants in Sweden.

  39. _First, it was sarcasm. Then, it was not sarcasm._

    Or looking at it another way, first it was not recognising sarcasm. Then it was not recognising a joke at my own expense about the subject of said sarcastic remark potentially coming true.

    Always enjoy these conversations though.

  40. did the penguins trade for stamkos yet. who they give up. derek england and 2018 6th rounder

  41. Can’t believe Wolski hasn’t hit 700 points with the Capitals yet.

    [The above comment is probably sarcastic.]

  42. I gotta get up at dawn for work…Long hartnelling day….LGR!!!!! must watch and not post…sorry carp…..

  43. what the hell happened

    did gabby lame attempt on breakaway cause a blackout here.


  44. All I’m saying, Eric, is that Newbury is as fine a 4th line choice as any of Our other options and he has a relationship with the youngsters.

  45. Whew. Sorry about the tech difficulties. Not sure why I’m apologizing since I don’t have a clue what happened, but sorry.

  46. *Thom94* March 24th, 2013 at 7:33 pm
    Anyone still worried about opening it up? How about playing some defense?

    Neither goal was the result of opening it up. The first goal was on a power play. The second goal was on a 3-on-4 and a missed defensive assignment.


    Dear Thom, the genius (sarcasm), my point was that the fans can stop worrying about trying to beg the Rangers to “open it up” because the Rangers have a more pressing concern called DEFENSE.

    In your eagerness to embarrass me you once again embarrassed yourself.

  47. eloquent guy that JR.

    I wonder if his book has pullouts you can hang on your refrigerator when you are finished coloring them.

  48. Carp — back from brain surgery — you are right that the start was good (I’m not sure about the 7 minutes, but the first shifts, yes, and thus my “who are these guys”) but the start after the start is nothing the coaches will want to defend, and once again the 0-1 requirement to chase and expend energy doing it. Hope they have some left in the 3rd.

    The increasing emphasis on stretch passing, though, is a great tactic that is working, working, and matches the roster, in particular Del Zotto… and I’m sure others have commented on the 4th line getting us 2 goals, one directly. Girardi must be thinking he owes his team a couple of plays after his two awful mistakes. He is my third goal candidate.

  49. The directions on each page also state that coloring between the lines is optional, tomb.

  50. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “when you finish the second period tied, you pretty much start the third also tied”

  51. Del Zotto actually having a good game – but Gabby scores the game winner causing Eric to leap

  52. Gaborik and Pyatt? Can’t say I’m close to understanding that one. Perhaps it will make sense soon, but Gab. is going too well tonight to passing to Pyatt on a rush.

  53. Question I would ask at the Lightning post-game presser tonight: “Why do you only have zero head coaches on the bench?”

  54. The Bruins-Lightning Game 7 wasn’t won in OT. Not the first time I’ve heard a broadcaster say otherwise. Just seems a bit odd.

  55. Maybe Hank and Beeron are so good in practice at stopping the first shot our forwards are conditioned to look pass first, shoot as a last resort when they have no angle left.

  56. Shocked McBust didn’t dive there. Girardi is always going to have a rough night against Ovechkin.

  57. Gaborik, Boyle, Pyatt. Anyone? There has to be a good reason. What’s supposed to happen?

  58. Gravy, You Know You Want It Marty on

    Gaborik has to go somewhere if Kreider is on the top line.

  59. Well…That point is a victory of some sort. Even though we need to beat these teams we’re battling with in regulation. Definitely some positives here.


  61. Lundqvist! Rangers should embrace this point with both hands. 2 would be nice. 0 would have been disastrous.

  62. @rangersreport

    Thus ends the hockey portion of tonight’s program. Onto the skills gimmick contest they have after the hockey game is over

  63. Great hockey game — it won’t feel like it to whoever loses the coin flip, but good battle by both teams.

  64. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    So good game, or game over/season over. Let the BCATHGE decide!

  65. Laid down last night, lord, I could not take my rest;
    My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.

  66. Quite enjoyed the shift where Mike Green got bowled over at the offensive blue line by Boyle then almost go beaten by a Steven E. Minger spin move.

  67. Poor Hank. Plenty of positives taken from this game against a surging Capitals team. Until the ‘Morrow boneheads.

  68. Good point, but need to treat first period at Philly like a Cup series overtime.

  69. there was no reason to put Richards or Gaborik out there knowing how bad theyve been on breakaways in general this year. Kreider should have been the choice.

  70. I definitely put Asham ahead of Richards.

    oh well. Torts keeps putting Richards out there.

  71. a pt wont cut it at home when the next three are away and tough. all the optimistic people do what you always do try and find positives. RESULTS IS WHAT MATTERS

  72. Ledge Landlord on

    Manny, if you can take positives from this game, I hope I’m standing next to you when the Armageddon comet is about to strike Mother Earth!!!!

  73. Did miss something? Did Kreider commit some egregious error that kept him nailed to bench the the overtime and shootout?

  74. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    WBM (c)

    0) Boyle
    1) Richards
    2) Gaborik
    3) Girardi
    4) Pyatt
    5) Hamrlik

  75. Getting a point out of this game wouldn’t be so bad if you hadn’t lost to the Panthers at home the game before. Anyone know Richards shootout numbers as a Ranger? I’m guessing around 1 for 15.

  76. Ranger Dangerfield on

    :SIGH: This team reminds me of a real old Genesis Song. The lamb lies down on Broadway…

  77. Still can’t score 3 goals…..if Richards is not goin to score just scratch him …defensive liability

  78. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Words cant describe how big Hank was tonight. Furious at MDZ down the stretch, but his stops were the reason this team got a point. Save on Ovi and Brouwer – my lord.

  79. Bottom line: They had another poor start and did not play well enough to win this game. Something is seriously wrong with this team

  80. They should trade Kreider-he’s a legit sniper with speed and size but apparently this team is not in need of that-bet some 10 year grinder whose never scored more than 10 goals in a season is available

  81. two home games and you get 1 of 4 pts. UNACCEPTABLE.

    i may be taking a leave of absence from the blog. its bad enough the team gets my blood pressure high but on here some of you i am just dumb founded in what positives you see all the time. maybe im the moron then

  82. Holy Olli Jokkenen, Torts pulls one out of a** by going with Stepan (1 for 9) then he undoes it by picking Richards over Kreider.

    Did Kreider even have a shift in the OT? Why the heck would you want a skater like The Kreider out there with all that open ice?

  83. Fat guy in Cali on

    Dear lord in this Paasover and Easter seaon please put these schmohawks out of their misery gently so we can live to root another year without lingering venom and disenchantment

  84. -Richards- In waning minutes and in shootout, I’d prefer Kreider or even Ash. Is there any end to this insanity?

  85. Sioux-per-man on

    So many chances to win this game!!!

    Gaborik needs to make one of those break aways!!!

    But I guess they are lucky to get a point with the start they had.

    How do we not use Gaborik or Kreider in the shoot out?

  86. Just moved into 8th place. That is actually a good thing, huge point, especially after lousy Fla. game and another slow start.

  87. This shootout was a micrcosm of the season there.

    Hank standing on his head, Stepan scoring, Torts putting Richards in positions to fail, and Brad obliging. The shootout loss is there’s to share.

  88. The Richards buyout can’t come fast enough. Was brought here to take the team to the next level, fix the powerplay, and provide leadership. Has failed on all accounts. His one moment was the tying goal in Game 5 last year which I will give him credit for (even though it was a lucky bounce).

  89. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Eddie – c’mon…..

    I love Brian Leetch, but Brad Park is swinging in the wind, not the rafters

  90. “So many chances to win this game”……we were playing the 12th place team in the east .

  91. If Flyers/Rangers tie, no shootout, suggest center ice fistfight between Holmgren and Schoenfeld with the 2 pts. going to the last man standing.

  92. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – do you think Lindy Ruff will be the next coach for Tampa Bay!!!

    He would be a good fit. Olympic head coach, nobody has a bigger Rusume at a winner.

  93. Come on baby… Don’t fear the Reaper
    Baby take my hand… Don’t fear the Reaper
    We’ll be able to fly… Don’t fear the Reaper
    Baby I’m your man…

  94. Olga Folkyerself March 24th, 2013 at 9:54 pm
    Look on the bright side, it took them a lot longer to lose this time.

    You made my Mom laugh out loud. jpg and my parents are NYR fans too

  95. TroutWig “And they’re going into another desperate building Tuesday night.”

    Doogie: “Yeah, good luck with that!”

    What’s he trying to say?

    Go away, cabana boy!

  96. e3, Ratelle’s #19 should be up there too. Might as well be, Richards isn’t really getting much out of his sweater.

  97. this game was two teams going in different directions from the last time they met so the Capitals standings aren’t the best indicator of what went. that said, I don’t think the Rangers looked particularly good, especially toward the end when they seemed to be playing for the shootout with about 8 minutes left in regulation

    Rangers may still make the playoffs but they’re really starting to cut it close

  98. I Doogie had any gonads, he’d let his hair go silver like Eddie Giacomin. What’s that shade, Henna Bon Jovi?

  99. eddie eddie eddie on

    love love love
    love love love
    love love love

    new gold dream, she’s the one in front of me
    silence and the ecstasy….


  100. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Sather is the one that got us here… if he is plotting the future, we won’t have one.

  101. Torts to Rosen: “What’s you point?”

    “No, it’s your point.”

    “We’ll take it and move on.”

  102. Olga Folkyerself on

    Pens-rangers in first rd. ………Pens in 2. Rangers won’t even get a home game.

  103. eddie eddie eddie on

    you try running a franchise when your bladder feels like it’s ready to explode

  104. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Seems fitting it was a prostrate operation, Slats has been laying down on the job since he got here.

  105. eddie eddie eddie on

    RD 1…rangers beat pens in 6

    RD 2…rangers beat bruins in 7

    Rd 3…rangers beat habs in 6

    Final Rangers beat hawks in 7…stemkowski scores cup winner in triple OT

  106. and we’re now past the point of the season where rebounding from a deficit but still not winning means anything. they did manage to get the point tonight which is good but at this stage of the season the Rangers basically need at least 1 point per game to make the playoffs.

  107. Newbury outplayed Richie by a ton. When that kind of thing happens, you have to reevaluate your direction.

  108. eddie eddie eddie on

    Lloyd on the radio feed…Dave Maloney think low to mid 50’s makes it….

    Now, we have 33 pts with 17 to play…..need to go 11-6….then the fun begins

  109. Torts to Rosen: “What’s you point?”

    “No, it’s your point.”

    “We’ll take it and move on.”

    insert rimshot sound effect

  110. eddie:

    based on years past, 52-54 would be needed for them to get in. is this team going 11-6 the rest of the way? doesn’t seem like a snowball’s chance in hell that happens. but they’re able to get points from OT losses so that makes things slightly better for them – which still puts them at better than 1 point per game even without going 11-6. like I said, time is running out rapidly.

  111. The stupid Bettman Bonus Point for losing a skills competition is really going to skew the standings in a conference-only short season.

  112. I love my brutha’s who spend time here…..we all love the Blueshirts……..but it hit me tonight between the eyes watching the 3rd period…………if this is the best a desperate team can do……we are toast.

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