Official announcement of Kris Newbury’s recall


For those joining late … Jeff Halpern was claimed off waivers by Montreal, and the Rangers also put Stu Bickel on waivers. Also, J.T. Miller left practice with a left wrist injury he suffered Thursday against Florida, and Arron Asham (back) declared himslf good to go for Sunday’s game against Washington


From the NYR:


NEW YORK, March 23, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has recalled forward Kris Newbury from the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL).
Newbury, 31, has tallied an assist in each of the last three contests, and has recorded one goal and nine assists in nine March games. He has registered 18 goals and 38 assists for 56 points, along with 116 penalty minutes in 62 games with the Whale this season. He leads the team in assists and points, is tied for first in goals, and ranks second in penalty minutes. Newbury’s 56 points are tied for sixth in the AHL, while his 38 assists are tied for fourth in the league. He also leads the team and is tied for fifth in the league in power play assists (17), ranks first on the team in shots on goal (148), second in power play goals (six), and is tied for second in shorthanded goals (two). Newbury has posted 15 multi-point performances, including five, three-point efforts.
The 5-11, 205-pounder returns to the Rangers, where he has tallied one assist and 66 penalty minutes in 19 career regular season games over three seasons. He has skated in one game with the Blueshirts this season, making his season debut on January 24 at Philadelphia. Newbury has registered four goals and four assists for eight points, along with 130 penalty minutes in 67 career NHL contests over seven seasons with the Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Detroit Red Wings.
The Brampton, Ontario native was acquired by the Rangers from Detroit in exchange for Jordan Owens on March 3, 2010. He was originally selected by the San Jose Sharks as a fifth round choice, 139th overall, in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. Could have saved some hassle and started the season with Newbury. At least he’s a familiar face for the kids. Good leader for them and knows them well. Bet he plays 3rd line.

  2. Cross Check Charlie on

    Glen Sather announced this? Only a day or two after they operated on his cojones?

  3. Sharks beat writer:

    David Pollak ?@PollakOnSharks 8m
    What I would have noted before: Scouts in building, no big deal. GM and top scout? Hmmm. PHL has both here in Paul Holmgren and Mark Howe.

  4. I am not expecting much out of Newbury except that maybe he can finally show something at this level. He is probably playing the best hockley of his career right now, leading the CT Whale in points…

  5. >>Jeff Halpern was claimed off waivers by Montreal

    Watch him light it up for the Canadiens now.

  6. >>get Prust off the widget!

    I say get rid of those widgets entirely. They only slow down page loading.

  7. I’m guessing more moves are coming. As bad as we’ve been- some pretty brutal efforts – we DO still have time to right the ship. Perhaps Newbury can add some of the JAM and GRIT this year’s team has sorely lacked.

  8. I think the rangers gave me agita this week. Or walking pneumonia. How does one tell the difference.

  9. Remember earlier in the year when people were coming around here saying the Ottawa Senators were awful. That turned out to be not true.

  10. On the speculation front, Drew Stafford is expected to be a healthy scratch to iChat for the Sabres.

  11. And OCHO CINCO is back in the NHL for Mike Smith who I guess is injured after being an idiot and getting run over.

  12. At one point 10 guys were up there from Binghamton. You would think Ottawa would be in big trouble,but since they played together so long and won a Calder cup together it didn’t take them long to gel.

  13. That’s cool Chinkowski. I didn’t know that. Thanks! I’m hoping Newbury can gel with Kreider and Miller like that.

  14. Crap! That stinks Chinkowski. On the plus side though Chad Johnson has at least one shutout. Might not be a bad pickup. Although I suck at fantasy hockey.

  15. They don’t have to dominate but even 3-5 goals a month would be a huge improvement.

  16. It always seems Newbury should do well, but he’s not so great. I hope he plays with JT and The Kreider and that line is great. I have my doubts but I’ll keep hope alive!

    When’s McIrath coming up?

    What’s the news on MZA? Why aren’t they talking with Phasin (Sp?) or Valetenko? They need a spot of sandpaper on the back end.

  17. I think Reimer is available. I picked him up for a couple weeks when dough boy was on injured reserve.

  18. What the crap is with the Canucks third jerseys!? Those maroon pieces of junk with the bedazzled V on the chest. Wow. They look like Harvard throwbacks.

  19. Reimer seems like a good pickup. He should be starting more now too, right? Scribbles has tailed off lately.

    I think something is going to happen. They need toughness for sure. I hope that something isn’t Dan Boyle. I hope it’s Clowe or Stafford or something in that vein.

    As for Mcllrath. He can’t get here soon enough. When he’s ready we finally have a TOUGH, take the body type D-Man.

  20. Maybe we can get an injured Leo Komarov off the Make Believes hands. He is exactly what we are looking for.

  21. I would be happy with Dubi and Tyutin for Gabby if the cap hit between the two of them wasn’t so gosh dang high.

    Is it too unreasonable to think they could get Clowe, little Joe and Murray from the sharks for Gabby, Boyle and Fast/St. Croix/Yogan etc?

  22. Maybe Tomb. I was thinking its like a security blanket for Kreider since Newbury is his set up Center in Hartford. Then Boyle can replace Halpern on the 4th line.

  23. kris newbury wake me up when we recall someone with talent. newbury sucks seen enough of him.

    prediction jeff halpern 1st of the season comes next sat vs rangers in the house of horrors the bell center

  24. Obviously my opinion doesn’t matter but since Mrs. Manny is cooking for our dinner party tonight I will put it out there. I don’t think we’re getting much for Yogan right now. He needs to put on weight.

  25. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    That would be nice, Manny. I sure hope he’s fast enough to stay at the NHL level, McIlrath.

    The would not be putting two guys (Halpern, Bickel) out on waivers unless something’s about to pop. Question is when and who.

    I agree. As much as we need a point man, dear lord, NO DAN BOYLE. No 5.11″, 190 lbs. soaking wet, 36 year old, over $6M, huge wasted contract Dan Boyle.

  26. I think the Rangers would be better off getting some more Brandon power back. Nash>Gabby. Trade Gabby for some mid level talent with jam/grit/tenacity and they’ll be better off. Not great but better off. Buyout 19 this summer and sign somebody. That is, if there’s somebody to sugn. I have no idea who’s available this summer.

  27. UFA list this summer is not as good as 2014. I’m fine with buying out Richards this summer and letting a kid try to do it at this point. What do we have to lose?

    What I don’t get about Richards is his lack of Defensive responsibility. The hallmark of an aggressive forechecking system and the hallmark of Tort.

  28. Agree something is brewing…where is Rod when we need a some fireworks here?!;>))D

  29. We forgot to complain about losing Weiss. He’s banging bodies around in Vancouver. Could have traded him but instead got nothing. He would be good on our 4th line.

  30. As it stands now the Rangers are one of the softest teams in the NHL. The Rangers need to get more toughness in the lineup i think the Rangers are gearing up to make a trade with Calgary for Jerome Iginla And some more toughness

  31. I think anyone who wants to trade Gaborik is out of their mind (sorry) He ws going to be the savior, then we needed a center and overpaid for Richards to set him up, then we needed the final piece, a dominating power forward Nash…we’re making progress, but progress comes in slow steps. You can’t improve a team overnight by adding and subtracting players. We had a shortened season that didn’t play into the importance of Tort’s pre-season work and successful teambuilding exercises. Give me a break. Yes, I expected the world when we acquired Nash…no it does not work like magic. It required hard work and this lockout hurt tremendously. Yes, some of the 3-4th line did not pan out, but we didn’t over pay them…

  32. Fun idea RangersWest. I still like Ryan. Problem is the Ducks are a clear contender for the Cup. My pick for the West. They will need something big for Ryan. Maybe Gaborik. Good American boy that Bobby Ryan.

    Get on the horn to Bobby Murray. Stat.

  33. Thanks, Carp. That makes trading him a little less reasonable. However, if we could get a good deal in return such as Ryan from the Ducks or Pavelski and Clowe from the Sharks, it makes sense, no?

  34. Ecklund seems to think Iginla is headed to LA probably. Who knows…

    Again. There are very few things that would make me ok trading Gaborik. He’s nearly irreplaceable. But I doubt we re-sign him after 2014

  35. trading Gaborik IS the answer.

    either that or fire Tortorella.

    You know what the team really needs? They need to sit together in a room, look around at themselves and each other, recognize they’re not getting it done, and commit to one another. Then they need to pick up their cajones, go out on the ice and play theirs Assens off. That is the one and only thing that will make this season worthwhile for the Rangers. Big trades, or changing coaches, or benching guys, will do nothing unless that is the only way to motivate them to get out there and play hard.

    Honestly that is all that needs to happen and when it does they have the talent to be a real good team. And maybe some of these moves are moves they think will help the room. But it starts and ends there.

  36. The Rangers won’t go far in the playoffs this year. But if they don’t trade Gabby and correct their bottom six this summer, they could be a much better team next season. Although I don’t see this happening, just imagine if Sauer is able to play next season. Staal, Girardi, MDZ, McIlrath, Sauer, McD…could be a pretty great defense.

  37. I like the meat of what you’re saying Peter. After the trade Gaborik and Fire Tort part.

  38. So we’ve been extensively scouting the Kings and Canucks.

    Sedins to NYR for Pyatt, Boyle, Bickel, Gilroy

  39. bull dog line on

    i’m not giving up Bickel and Gilroy for those guys. what have they ever done?

  40. Yes Manny well obviously that was a bit tongue in cheek.

    How did the AHL thing happen? Because their 3rd and 4th lines could not possibly have been any worse, and at least the AHL guys are on the other ends of their careers and can probably score goals.

    Not to mention, we keep getting beaten by teams loaded with AHLers like Florida, Buffalo and Ottawa. If the Whale did well against their respective AHL teams during the lockout, why the hell not try it? If ya’ can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

  41. Cross Check Charlie on

    ” i think the Rangers are gearing up to make a trade with Calgary for Jerome Iginla ”

    Based on what? Have not read or heard anything that Iginla was on the market or that the Rangers are interested in him.

  42. CCC, you havent read or head anything about Iginla being on the market? Have you been in Fiji or the Galapogos for the past 2 months?

  43. based on at least 73 times each year someone starts up the Iginla to Rangers rumors.

    But dont look at me I didnt start it.

    There is no huge trade coming that is not the answer. The answer is in the room and they just need a little more balance, a little more depth, and a heckuva lot more committment. It’s the only answer and it will either happen or it won’t. There is no lack of talent as this roster has played as badly as possible to this point and is still tied for 8th.

  44. I think he means there is nothing to indicate Iginla coming to NY specifically. The only link I have read is that the Rangers are not on his approve list of teams.

  45. My idea of the answer is: winning puck battles on the forecheck without sending all three men below the line after the puck. Thus, when you win a puck battle you have someone in the slot position ready to create a quality offensive chance. Set up an offensive triangle and take some quality opportunities.

    Also, learn how to break out of your own zone properly.

    Finally, stop looking for a QB and huge shot on the PP. Just set up an umbrella with Boyle and Callahan in front and bang home rebounds. Simplify. Maybe stop shooting pucks into the defender standing in front of you. Get the puck down low with a numbers advantage around the cage and pop one in.

    But that’s only my worthless opinion.

  46. Not worthless Manny, tweaks are bound to help. But the two real keys are WINNING the puck battles all over the ice like these guys used to do, committing to one shift at a time, and on the PP MOVE and MOVE THE PUCK. The tweaks you speak of will only help if the team is committed. That’s why everyone hated them right now, because its clear they are not.

  47. Iginla being at a) the end of his contract and b) end of his career combined with c) his reputation and d) his skill makes him an obvious trade candidate. 29 teams would love to take him from Calgary right now. He, deservedly so, controls his own faith. I can easily see him be traded but also have a verbal agreement that he will return to Calgary and end his career there.

  48. Good evening all! Carp, belated kudos on excellent prior post. Not a lot of news is making me happy on the team front lately…..

    And fyi all, Sally will NEVER agree to taking Prust off widget. So settle in and enjoy it.

  49. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The thing that bothers me most about all of this is the guys you would hope we would be in on for a trade clowe, Murray, iggy, morrow…you never hear them linked to us in rumours. It’s always Philly, Boston, Toronto etc.

    They are trying to get tougher and more versatile and we continue to get softer.

  50. Duckbill platypus on

    Cajones=drawers …. Do you want this team to pick up it’s furniture cabinets?

    Kindly regarding,

  51. Re: Coors Light commercials.

    If it takes so much effort, like climbing a dangerous mountain, to get it to the consumer then why is it so cheap?

  52. prediction time

    devs and isles beat panthers combined score of 8-2 over the next two nights and we will be the ones to lose to that garbage team

  53. Richards is not being bought out this summer. It’s the summer of 2014 where he will be bought out…

    With the Rangers in dire need of help on the PP and secondary scoring, Zuccarello should be on the next flight to NY and should be playing the RW with Kreider and Miller as our 3rd line.

  54. “Why not trade Gaborik?”

    Because he was 3rd in the NHL is goals last season and for a team struggling to score, trading one of the best offensive threats in the game is crazy talk unless we are getting a players of equal talent in return.

  55. Why was Halpern put on waivers? He wasn’t the problem. He’s useful for taking faceoffs and penalty killing, and he doesn’t cost much. What am I missing here? I know he’s 36 and doesn’t score but he wasn’t brought here for his offense.

  56. Gmen11, they waived halpern because they need to reduce the # of contracts they have in the organization. Only had room to add one more player…each team has a max of 50 contracts

    Now they have space for mza or fasth or a fa out of college

  57. AdamRotter Buzz: Glen Sather Is Apparently “Itching” To Bring In An Impact Player and Dan Boyle Could Be It


    _impact_ player?? he hasnt been one in years! i’m gonna puke! this has wade redden written all over it!

  58. Yeah, it’s sadly real. I can’t bring myself to watch the video, because I’ve got a horrible feeling it won’t be a string of people just saying the word “no” into camera.

  59. I don’t wish harm to anybody but I was hoping that Sather was going to step down because of health problems and now he is itching to make a trade. That scares me even though sather’s track record in trades is pretty good. The only one that wasn’t good was lisin for Korpikoski. I don’t like the dan boyle rumors though, that scares me to death.

  60. I think they should just cut Richards and give a big refund to the poor fans who have to watch that in person.

    Have Brad mail $100 checks to every season ticket holder.

    Gaborik got a lot of money for being injured, he should mail $150 checks.

  61. that wasn’t the only one that wasn’t good, tommy, but yes, his trades generally have been better than his signings and his drafts.

    how about a draft pick for John Scott last year?

  62. that’s true, that was a give away 5th rounder, total waste but than again, 5th rounder, sather can’t even get his 1st rounders right.

  63. Can someone explain why an experimental run and gun change of philosophy would be detrimental to THIS team as it stands? Just curious. Still think that teams have figured us out and that could shake things up a bit. Track meet hockey could be just what someone like Gabs would need to get going.

  64. I can’t picture Richards playing a run and gun style, he would be left in the dust.

  65. Okay outside of Richie Rich, I can see Miller, Kreider, Gaborik, Nash Stepan, Hagelin, filling those roles. No?

  66. Have you seen this team pass, they can’t even make one good pass, gaborik needs somebody to set him up for a one timer, Gaborik would be brutal in that type of style.

  67. Uh have you seen Pie hat skate ? Eminger?? I thought there was mud on the ice last game ! Run and gun equals over and done with this group

  68. Hahaha at least more goals would be scored. We already lose at a lesser ratio. Instead of 3-1, it would be 6-3.

  69. ps, you guys do realize that most of the goals they’ve scored this year are on the rush, and that the forwards all have the green light to go if it’s there. The only thing the coaches don’t want them to do is to carry it into traffic or make a risky play at the blue line. If nothing’s there, they want the puck dumped in.

    and whether it’s run and gun or not, they still have to be able to play the “half court” game and cycle the puck and have possession time for when there is nothing there. Or are they supposed to go for the home run every time, then back up and wait for another home run? Yeah, that’ll work. It’ll be 3-on-1s the other way all night, Girardi and McDonagh sliding on the ice and failing to stop the pass.


  70. Got news for you, too. While Stepan and Hagelin and Callahan can play off the rush, they’re better players for the wall game, all of them. Richards is better stationary in the offensive zone (though not as stationary as he’s been).

  71. No risky plays at the blue line???? What does torts do just rewind the ole Brad Richards2013 season to show them what NOT to do ?

  72. yea, true, the 80’s oilers was a great team. I remember a game against the rangers at msg. the rangers came out flying. I think they scored 4 goals and took a 4-1 lead at the end of the 1st period. That was the highlight of the night because the oilers came out in the 2nd period and blew the rangers away. I don’t remember the exact score but it was something like 8-4.

  73. big picture after tonight assuming leafs and devils hold onto there leads

    leafs in 6th 37 pts
    devs in 7th 36 pts
    carolina 8th 32 pts

    rangers 9th 32 pts

    2 games in hand on leafs and devs we would need to win both otherwise its 8th or bust

  74. “I like the meat of what you’re saying Peter. After the trade Gaborik and Fire Tort part.”

    wow, thanks for not making me have to labor over how to say exactly that

  75. bull dog line on

    Carp, I understand (don’t agree) with what you are saying about the Rangers opening up a little on offense. here is my question for you (and others who feel the same way), is what they are doing now working?

  76. buffalo is winning 2-0 against montreal, if buffalo wins, they will be 2 points behind the rangers.

  77. even thoug i lost my bet to carp that rangers would never crack top 8 again after falling to 9th after they lost to winnipeg i still will go record and say this team is missing the playoffs. this team is flawed and they look like there a beaten team. now i still think they are a better team then say the leafs but the the leafs have some swagger to there game they look like a team that smells a playoff spot we on the other hand look DEAD HALF THE TIME

  78. doesn’t matter, bull dog. that’s like saying, well they’re not winning with Lundqvist and Nash, so trade them.

  79. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    They make the playoffs this season

    The trades they do or don’t make determine how far they go in the playoffs

  80. Apparently, with the Devils win tonight, Brodeur set a record for being the only goaltender to win 100 games in two arenas. Surely Patrick Roy won 100 games at both the Forum and either McNichols or the Pepsi Center?

  81. Man Eric, you’re just talking about this week. Could be much better, could be much worse and especially in a short season just get in.

    Again, it is up to the players. They have to commit, they have to come out and play hard and win games. There is no lack of talent, nor is the change in talent from last year so dramatic. Taylor Pyatt can score, as can Kreider and Miller. As can Asham. We all know all about the top six.

    Either they will decide to do it and make the playoffs easily and do pretty well, or they won’t be able to pull that together, and then it is on the coach as well not because of the system but because it needs to be explained why nobody seems to buy in.

  82. I think Halpern’s fate was sealed with that last PK
    fair or not, perhaps trying to do too much

  83. Doing some quick math, Roy won 163 games at McNichols and 180 at the Pepsi Center. Hasek won 184 games at Buffalo Baby Buffaloes Always New Name Arena and 142 games at the Joe. I don’t know how to find out where those wins were had, but I’d reckon that there’s a good shot Roy got 100 at the Pepsi Center and Hasek got 100 in Buffalo.

  84. EJ Hradek: “You can’t do better than hitting two posts except hitting the third post on the way out.”

    How about actually scoring?

  85. Erm, I should have said he won that number of games while his team played at those arenas.

  86. Czechthemout!!! on

    Ah, Newberry called up. Wow! Great player! 31 yearold journeyman who has zero talent at this level. Boy, that should fix them.

    The Rangers dont have the freedom to go at all. Watch the games and tell me where you see that.
    The few times where they opened things up, what you heard was Sully saying in between periods to JohnG ” we have to tighten things up” it has happened on each and every occasion that the team opened things up. Scary thing is, they were the better team and had the lead in all those games, yet the two brilliant coaches couldnt see it.

  87. Re: the Nash type play, let me ask — How would you feel about this game if you saw the Ovechkin non-hit on Stepan a dozen times per game?
    Because that is what you’d see if these guys become apprehensive. Please believe me I want no one hurt. And Yes there are hits that fall into a a different category and should be deakt with severely.

  88. Czech -sometimes I’m like woah this guy is pretty sharp, but more often I’m like this guy has his own agenda

  89. Thuffering Thuccotash on

    Look for a big trade between SJ and Philly. Holmgren was in Minnesota today to watch the Sharks.

  90. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Watch Philly add clowe and or Murray and get tougher and better as we get softer

  91. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    On the other hand maybe they will do another dumb move and be the stupid team that adds the dumb Boyle contract

  92. Czechthemout!!! on

    Carp ddebened

    You disagreeing with my critique of the Rangers is something That I have come to expect. In fact I think we rarely agree on anything Rangers related. But thats ok. I bet you probably didnt think Renney should have been canned either. Just so you know because you were not around when it came down but I wanted Torts to coach this team and was thrilled when he was picked. I thought that finally Renney and his awfull boring in effective coaching was over. But instead of safe is death, I got Renney redux with the only exception being that Torts does give the kids a chance to play.

    I only have one agenda, it is for the Rangers to win the Cup! They will not win with Torts coaching them with this style of play. My alligiance is not to the back of the jersey or who is behind the bench,but to the front. First and foremost. You should try it. Lets you see things much more clearly.

    When I defend players or coaches it is because of gratitude for what they may have accomplished in helping the Rangers get there in the past, or in the future.

    Torts time has come and gone in my opinion. They will not win the Cup with him as coach in my opinion.
    He is playing a system that does not fit the players on his team. Nor does he ever make adjustments during the game to change things up. Most of the league has figured him out,that is obvious. I believe he has lost the team. A change needs to be made for this team to go forward. I dont think the first thing that should be that change is Gabby. I think it should be Torts.

    You two defend him all the time. In your mind he has done nothing wrong. One could question your agenda as well? Or maybe that you two just dont understand the game as much as you think you do?

  93. Czechthemout!!! on


    And another thing, just because you dont think I am correct doesnt make it so. You know that, right?

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