NHL needs to get serious about head shots … but won’t


See, the NHL’s governors and GMs (and I dare say players union) care a lot less about safety than about keeping players in their lineups.

Because if they really wanted to get rid of head shots, it would be this simple. Tell Brendan Shanahan that all shoulders, elbows, forearms to the head should result in suspensions, and not these little pansy one- or two-game suspensions.

That when a clown like Joffrey Lupul does what he does, that’s five or eight or 10 games. Not two. And when Rick Nash does what he did, that’s a bunch of games, too. And the same for Chris Neil against Brian Boyle, or Milan Lucic on Nash.

But the league has tied Shanahan’s hands with this silly, ridiculous edict that a head shot is only one in which the head is the initial point of contact. So you can ride up a player’s shoulder or back or chest, then get a free shot at his head, right Alex Ovechkin? No probem. No suspension. No discipline. Nash’s point of contact on Tomas Kopecky Thursday night was his upper back or shoulders. Then he drilled Kopecky in the back of the head.

Sorry, to me that’s a suspension if you really are the department of player safety, if you really are more concerned about player who was attacked rather than the player who did the attacking, if you really are aware of the concussion epidemic in the sport.

And from what I understand, the league doesn’t want Shanahan handing out long suspensions.

To me, if you’re going to hire a guy like Shanahan, who was a non-nonsense player, and who after retiring came to the league with all these ideas for improving the game, if you’re going to tell him to head up the department of player safety, then you can’t neuter him with all these guidelines.

I’d be willing to bet that if Shanahan had free reign, and if the edict was to rid the game of head shots, well, he’d find a way to get it done.

But the way this whole thing is drawn up now, with Shanahan only able to punish the most ghastly offenses, and even then, only for a game or two at a time, he has no chance of getting rid of head shots. None.

The league, you can conclude, has no desire to do so. And never will.

The NHL deserves the concussion epidemic it has. It’s sad.


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  1. Czechthemout!!! on

    Wow! I just stopped laughing long enough to post after reading that John super scrub Mitchell is a better and more talented player than JT Miller. You cant make this stuff up! The same John Mitchell who could not secure a permanent job on a brutal Leafs team for seven seasons! Than I read that a scouting report written by someone who clearly never watched Miller play is the basis for the comparison. Apparently that ” scout” never watched Miller stickhandle or make deft passes because he does that on a nightly basis. How many times have we already heard Sam Rosen and Joe M say ” how about that move or that pass from Miller? ” and now Mitchell is a scorer too. Seriously?

    And I wil only say this once more and than will o longer say it. If any of the Penguin players played for Torts, all of their stats would be dramatically lower. There is no way that you can produce good offensive numbers playing in this system . The fact that Gabby scored 40+ goals playing for Torts is a testament to his scoring ability. His biggest issue is consistancy from season to season.

    I repeat Nash would score 50 in pittsburgh with his eyes closed. Hags would get 30. Cally 35+ Stepan 25-30. Gabby 40-50. Richards would get 80-90 points. Miller would get 20+ and Kreider 30+.

    The great Brandon Sutter would be lucky to get 10 here. Kunitz was traded for a mid round draft choice and a prospect. Virtually given away by the Ducks who deemed him finished. Playing here with Torts would have finished him. James Neal is a good player who would crack 20 goals here but barely. He scores 40 there because of the system he plays in and the players he plays with on his line. I wont even mention Dupuis.

    It is no different than so many of the Devils players who look good playing in that system but do nothing when they go to other teams. Perhaps Gionta is one exception.

    Anyway, I wont debate this topic again against someone who thinks John Mitchell is a scorer based on this season and the fact that he scored 34 points in a season. LOL!!!!

  2. We have no offensive plan per the coaches own words.

    I have watched Mitchell play in Colorado. 9G, 6A and he is better than all of his free agent replacements.

    I don’t watch enough to compare the two, but of course Miller is better.

  3. I don’t understand why this editorial tries to suggest that Shanahan is somehow handcuffed by the NHL. Has he ever indicated that he wishes he could do more? Not that I’ve ever heard.

    Shanahan is a multi-millionaire, not some wage-slave who is dependent on the NHL to live. If he truly cared about making a difference, he’d do it. Then things would either start getting better or he’d get fired and be living proof that the NHL is not actually serious about doing anything.

    Instead he’s a company man who’s only interested in putting on his safety theater. He cares far more about his power trip than he does protecting anyone.

  4. what Nash did won’t cause brain injuries. I am good with the decision.

    Even if that was my brother. I’ve seen so much worse. He vaulted over the guy, he didn’t try to kill him.

  5. we didn’t wave back..

    you misspelled his name. -1 Ranger Reports bonus points.

    and a definite NO on the Christmas invite.

  6. The Rangers have money to burn……….

    None of my money. I am spending it all on big gulps.

    1.0 million for Asham

    1.5 million for Pyatt.

    1.0 million for Powe

    3.5 million for Hamrlik

    0.65 million for Bickel

    0.75 million for Gilroy

  7. none of those people are busy.

    they are asleep.we fans have to stay up for them and concentrate on wins….

    for the team……………..

  8. Czech you took the words right out of my mouth! The much maligned Gaborik would pot 50 goals in a regular season on a team like Pittsburgh, which makes me think that it is the system. Torts is making a player that is an elite level shooter play a style that doesn’t suit him.

  9. Ecklund is reporting that the Hawks and Habs are fighting over Brenden Morrow. Also, Kings trying to trade for Iginla.

    Take it for what it’s worth.

    And, for the record, I’m with ya, Carp. National Hypocrisy League.

  10. Tomb I woke up w cotton mouth and now the thoughts of a big gulp are racing through my head like Kaleta on his way to deliver an elbow to the head of one of the leagues best players

  11. 94- does that mean that A- Gaby shouldn’t have to play within the team concept? Or B- The Rangers should play like Pittsburgh who have 20x the scoring power and raw skill?
    Gaborik scored 40 in this system last season. It’s not that cut and dry

  12. Cross Check Charlie on

    Despite what Torts said about not teaching offense I find it interesting that everybody on the team does the same thing on offense. That is, dump the puck in. Send at least two players behind the goal line. Cycle. On the power play, it’s the same thing. Dump the puck in. If you get control then put 3 players above the circle.

    Same offense every time by every player. I have a hard time believing that everybody plays the same way, but that there has been no instruction to play that way.

  13. Cross Check Charlie on

    The only thing I can imagine is that Gernander is teaching the system with the Whale to block shots and play defense. Torts has the same system. He doesn’t want to change the system now even though he doesn’t have the players to play that system.

  14. Paul in sunrise on

    In the games I have watched I have seen more failed carries over the blue line than in years past. I think they are trying to possess into the zone rather than dump it in. Especially gabby and Nash and Richards. Execution is not there. While I don’t want a trade info junk something will happen. Shake things up and potentially right the ship. They will make the playoffs.

  15. Paul in sunrise on

    Stupid iphone. Info junk? I think = info junk. Which in this case is accurate.

  16. Czechthemout!!! on

    Fast is coming! Maybe by Wed.

    RRblog reaction= not ready,seasoning in CT,bigger ice surface( not true in many cases) , NHL too physical,blah,blah,blah. Play the kid!! This is a slightly slower,more skilled and more tenacious version of Hagelin. A little bigger and grittier too.

    Trade for Buyfglien Slats! Get it done!

  17. Amen brother Carp, AMEN!!!
    I’m sick of it as well, every day I check headlines to see which player suffered a headshot next.
    Who will it be today?
    Freakin’ idiots!

  18. Thanks Carp! the league has a long way to go with this. Hate seeing players get hit in the head. In hockey, which demands lightning-fast decisions followed by coordinated action, any little loss of brain power is going to hurt.

    btw that’s “free rein” – like a horse.

    Funny how we have all these bits of imagery in our language that date from agricultural times.

  19. _Cutting Hamrlik won’t get rid of his cap hit unless somebody else wants him._

    Your eagerness to correct czechthemout had you fail to recognize the punctuation mark following the first of his/her two separate thoughts.

  20. _Your eagerness to correct czechthemout had you fail to recognize the punctuation mark following the first of his/her two separate thoughts._

    Your eagerness to make an incorrect assumption that I was eager to make a correction had you fail to recognise that you are assuming they were two separate thought, punctuation or otherwise, and that my eager thought could just as easily be assumed to be an entirely independent thought.

    Thanks for another hockey opinion rather than the snarky retorts that I always offer.

  21. You’re eagerness to say something pointless meant to embarrass LW had you fail to make sense.

  22. James, I actually do think that they should play more like Pittsburgh, because at this stage of the season , playing .500 hockey, it can’t get any worse. And we do have talent on this team, I think we tend to forget how people have been touting this team as being able to take the next step with the roster we have. Most teams would be thrilled to have the roster we have currently- minus a few acquisitions ( not Nash.) I just believe that teams (ie. Florida included) have figured us out to be a weak, pushover team. No grit, and not offensively frightening. Think about it, when we stack that top line that by virtue of itself should open up scoring because two defenders need to make decisions based upon who to cover. Which should open up scoring opportunities. But it doesn’t. That part boggles my mind. Under optimal conditions, our top line is almost as dangerous as the Pens top line.

  23. _Your eagerness to make an incorrect assumption that I was eager to make a correction had you fail to recognise that you are assuming they were two separate thought, punctuation or otherwise, and that my eager thought could just as easily be assumed to be an entirely independent thought._

    Your eagerness to embarrass yourself further is duly noted.

  24. _You’re eagerness to say something pointless meant to embarrass LW had you fail to make sense._

    Your eagerness to come to the aid of another has you lost as usual.

  25. Thom: can’t you find another place to go muck things up? If you’re going to hang around here then talk about hockey or at leat contribute to the g(j)ibberish. Sitting around attacking people, or one person, is not enjoyable for anyone.

  26. Carp: Yep – totally agree. 3 additional thoughts:

    1) It’s gonna take a quadriplegia accident or worse, a death, on the ice to get the attention of these buffoons.

    2) Shanahan is indeed handcuffed (surprised he even took the job) because owners, especially the American ones, are convinced that if you take out the violence, their American viewers will stay away. It’s wrong of course and really and insult to the intelligence of the average American fan – I mean are you guys that stupid? That hockey ignorant? Of course not…

    3) This ridiculous over the top violence, not to mention the fighting, help keep the overall image of the NHL in the US where it is: A bushlike sport played by a bunch of toothless neanderthals with an average IQ of a doorknob.

  27. If Fasth is on his way I guess that means he’s right on track with his development. Good to see. And another Right Handed shot.

  28. _Your eagerness to embarrass yourself further is duly noted_

    I’m embarrassed about my bad teeth, big ears, complete lack of credibility, my middle name of Felicity, not getting Rod’s approval, having no opinions whatsoever and my all-around weeky meakness, despite the arrogant dirtbag façade.

    The propensity for an innocent statement about Hamrlik’s contract/cap status being interpreted as something else and turned into a two-way cut-paste-snark frenzy? Not so much.

  29. ThisYearsModel on

    This article needed to be written. Thanks CARP. I find it hard to process the neanderthal attitude of the NHL owners. Recall that, when questioned about the latest brain truma research, Bettman said it was inconclusive and further research was necessary before any conclusions were drawn. Shanahan did very well when first hired, until the ownders neutered him. There is a “head contact” penalty in youth hockey that, here in CA carries a 2:00 minor and automatic 10:00 misconduct. THAT is the way to get head shots out of the game. When someone ends up paralyzed or in a coma, maybe the NHL will get serious.

  30. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    A star player hit an insignificant player. No injury resulted from the play. By definition, this is non suspendable. I’ve seen in at least 20 times (ref: malkin tomahawk staal). Considering Nash’s clean history he could prob be rewarded for avoiding the head shot.

    I say this in jest, but if there would have been a suspension it would not have made sense given the history of how similar plays are considered non-suspendable.

  31. And I can’t control what Månnu or anyone else says, but I really don’t care if I’m “attacked” via the medium of slightly negative comments on the worst internets blog or not. Fire away…

  32. As Shanahan said the Nash hit should’ve been a penalty, maybe a major, I presume the refs who completely missed the call will get punished in some way, like they always do?

  33. donald downer on

    Back in the House!!

    This team has enough speed and talent to play a completely different type of game. And with lunny in net he should be able to bail em out more than the other goalie.

    Torts needs to go ASAP.

    He serious with that goatee? get him some barbasol.

  34. Great post, Carp, especially the part about the league weirdly caring more about the offender (and his paycheck) than the victim.

  35. Not an attack or a correction, I promise, but that’s honestly the first time I’ve ever seen #30 referred to as “lunny”.

  36. i hope Fasth enjoys cycling the puck, blocking shots, and clogging up the neutral zone. If that is what i will see from the speedster line of miller, kreider and fasth i will be completely done with torts.

  37. Last second flight cancellation at Newark this morning

    They rebooked me for a flight from JFK

    Back in the car, thru -sespool- Staten Island and out to Lido Beach to kill time. Beautiful but cold and no reason to dwell on the boys in blue

  38. Czech, while both appreciating and agreeing with much of what you say your initial post claiming Pens players offensive totals would be dramatically lower were Torts coaching is over the top based on a few simple facts.

    1- please identify players of creative scoring ability to compare with Crosby,Malkin,Kunitz,Neal as well as a few decent secondary role players?

    Then identify D men wiith shots that either are on net or help create scoring chances for forwards like Letang or Paul Martin.”? Do you see a trend,i.e. the Pens are a balanced team!

    Did Torts stifle Vinny,St. Louis,Richards when he won a cup in Tampa?

    The difference in these organizations is from the top,Ray Shero traded young D scouted and drafted by a superior staff enabling him to then trade them for two proven scorers to compliment Sid and Evgeni.

    Mainly I believe you agree with this as do others I’m seeing acknowledging and posting similar views lately on this blog.

    I am equally sure that the writer would agree but not with the same fervor as posters since he still requires access to earn a living and is no doubt as tired of noting differences in organizations like the Bruins,Pens etc. who have turned their franchises around and are considered annual contenders.

    The 13 yr. reign of error perpetrated by Sather and company is the reason our team is where it is and will remain.

    In other words the “business” plan sucks and will as long as the organization is run by a man whose time has passed hockey wise!

    Your final question is, exactly who should be brought in to replace Torts and were you the GM how would you reverse “average” and make this organization a consistent contender? Thank you

  39. Manny, that 9:58 post is outright plagiarizing!

    I’m reporting you to both the Helen Reddy and Donna Summers fan clubs! lol

  40. What i don’t get is all these so called national hockey pundits like allan muir, bob mckenzie, scott burnside, etc. coming out of the wood work and screaming about the injustice the nash hit non-call is…standing on their sanctimonious soap boxes as if that putz-shanny has never gotten a supplementary discipline call wrong before. blows my mind – the way i see it at the very least is that its – a make up call. with all the other cheap shots delivered to rangers in recent times that have gone uncalled or didn’t receive extra decision making by the aforementioned putz-shanny, we were due some kind of bone. either shut up or call a spade a spade consistently.

    as far as the league goes and all this head shot business; shanny has the power to affect real change just as the players do. there has always been a code for pro players and some of them need to be introduced to it.

  41. Good point on the goatee though. Seem to be very few bearded Stanley Cup winning coaches, though moustaches fare better.

    Were Torts and Pat Burns bearded in 2004 and 2003 respectively?

  42. To answer my own question, Pat Burns appears to have been clean shaven (presumably under orders from his hairophobic GM), while Tortorella was more fully bearded.

    Perhaps no goateed Cup winners ever? Muckler in 1990?

  43. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Anyone get claimed on waivers?

    Anyone think we might try and deal for Shea Wweber after his year is up?

  44. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Just wading into this convo before work, we must also remember that we have never had a high pick like the pens to select a Sid or Gino .

    They are balanced though, especially on the blue line. Our blue line is just vanilla.

  45. this Rangers team would have a worse record if it tried to open it up with the lack of talent it has 1 thru 12 or 16.

    and has anybody noticed that Gaborik & Richards & Nash & Stepan & Hagelin HAVE the freedom to carry the puck in when it’s there or that most of their goals have come off the rush?

    But of course, only those with personal dislike for the coach believe the system should be changed.

    And now I’m done with this topic.

    Also, can you guys try to play nice, please? Thank you.

  46. this season just keep getting better. It appears miller hurt himself in practice today colliding with Lundqvist. The injuries just keep on coming.

  47. Our blue line definitely needs toughness. Badly. Mcllrath, Wick?

    On another note, I’m sick of hearing about a “bomb from the point” or some sort of PP QB. We have the tools. Stop trying to draw out defenseman and set up a damn umbrella, put Boyle and Callahan in front of the net and score some effing goals.

    Just stop shooting into the opposing teams shinpads. That’s step 1. Stop giving up odd man rushes on the PP. McDonagh can point one PP and Stralman the other.

  48. Miller probably left the ice to get yelled at along with Girardi about the importance of not hurting our own goaltender.

  49. probably Miller’s hand is still hurting from the last game. Or maybe he’s emotionally scarred from someone labeling John Mitchell a more talented player than him.

  50. Maybe Miller will be back for the second session of practice? At least Tort is finally making these guys work harder in relation to their worse play.

  51. @AGrossRecord@ #NYR PP work – 1st unit: Del Zotto-Richards Nash-Callahan-Stepan; 2nd unit: Girardi-Stralman Hagelin-Kreider-Gaborik

  52. the PA announcer up in Montreal will have a tough time making Jeff Halpern’s name sound French

  53. Wow….WTB? I really hope they are trying to add a player we LIKE such as Zuccarello or big old Ryan Clowe…

    Has Halpern really been that bad?

  54. Bickel will get claimed and bring some toughness and versatility to someone’s lineup. In two years he will be a legit 3rd pair D-Man playing 15 Minutes a night, dropping the gloves and clearing creases.

    That sucks. I like Stu.

  55. Sorry for the Rangers style stick-check defense there, Lev.

    Speaking of Yids in Montreal, didn’t Saul Bellow write a lot of stories about Jews in Montreal? I think they are shorts.

  56. That’s right, NYR. As I was saying before, a bomb from the point on the PP is a phantom need. The ^Hobbit Wizard^ can handle the puck, pass exceptionally well, make decisions and hit the net. Seems like a perfect Point player for an Umbrella or Hybrid system!

  57. I don’t know if we have the passing ability for run and gun but we can certainly allow a bit more freedom on more than two lines.

  58. Carp, disagree with you. I’ll be shocked if anyone does claim Bickel. Certainly wont be a team that has any chance of making the playoffs.

  59. I’m always a fan of bringing up Newbury. At least we can guarantee a fight. But the guy is a solid leader for the young kids, a familiar face and good on faceoffs. He’s not any worse than our 4th line guys.

  60. Carp, by the way, I agree 100% with your take on headshots. The game is in a crisis right now and nobody wants to deal it. They just pay lip service to it with these soft rules and video explanations but NOTHING gets safer or makes the game better….

    The players need to change. The rules need to change. The NHL hockey operations people need to make this happen…but they don’t care…

  61. Philly would be a perfect place for Bickel. They had Tostitoes in their lineup. Bickel is better than that.

  62. Lev, those are usually the teams that deal for an extra set of fists at the deadline … and young, inexpensive fighters will always have a home in the NHL.

  63. If he (Bickel) does clear waivers the CT Whale will have the brutal D-Pairing of Bickel-Mcllrath as an option.

  64. Philly is trying to cut dead weight (Briere for example) not add guys that cant play actual hockey. They have more than enough fighters on that team. No need for 2 Rinaldos there.

    Devils I just dont see playing that kind of game. They saw how well (useless) Janssen and Boulton are, why bring in Bickel.

    Islanders…maybe….No one really willingly wants to sign there so I guess they need to fill out spots somehow.. but again they are fighting for that 8th spot and having him and Carkner together isnt very smart.

    I say he either clears waivers and goes down or he goes somewhere on the west coast.

  65. I’d hate to say this….but the “emergence” of Haley probably makes Stu dead weight. Haley is a better skater and just as tough….

  66. he will go to Minnesota, open up a Church with Rupp, and skate on the first D-pair with Ryan Suter

  67. really hoping for a Panthers win over the Devils today so the embarrassment will decrease somewhat

  68. I am starting to think that some people are making Kunitz an Neal elite level athletes. Until they arrived in Pitt, they were netting no more than 30 goals per season. That same logic would portray Cally as elite. Although, I must admit throwing Crosby on this team would certainly make a difference despite what people think of Torts and his “system.”

  69. Good point, TOmmy.

    Does anyone know if the Rangers get anything (a pick maybe?) from the Habs since they claimed Halpern?

  70. Hats off to Alex Kovalev… his career, in which his numbers didn’t tell the whole story, was filled with many amazing plays and moments. The guy could have been one of the all timers…

  71. Thanks, Tommy for the actual answer. So if Halpern cleared and went to Hartford he stays on our cap and if he gets claimed we get a tiny bit of relief. Let’s waive Gilroy too.

  72. it’s ridiculous to compare the rangers to the pens. The pens as usual every decade seem to tank, get lottery picks, (malkin, Crosby) (Lemieux, jagr) and other high draft picks. Malking and Crosby are the 2 best players in the game. There is no comparison.

  73. ?@AGrossRecord@
    J.T. Miller not hurt in collision with Lundqvist. Jammed his left wrist against Panthers, dealing with some tendon issues. Day to day.

  74. I was listening to a lot of NHL Network radio this past week when I was on vacation.

    Phil Esposito was one of the hosts for a few days last week on Scott Laughlin’s show.

    To paraphrase: Espo was saying that you should never break up a great line. When a great line works, it’s special, and shouldn’t be broken up. Even line combos that look better on paper shouldn’t be made when you a line like Pittsburgh’s top line. Chris Kunitz was always pretty good player in his own right but the line he plays on is now something special. If you slotted Malkin, in place of Kunitz, for example, it’s not automatically a better line.

  75. Kunitz is out of his mind. And since he’s on my fantasy team, please don’t break up the line and please let him keep cherry picking on the PP.

    Sorry, Tomy.

  76. Dear Mr. Richards,

    You know Brad, there are a whole bunch of us out there, in the stands, who pay an awful lot of money to watch hockey, and our guys took a whole lot of that money and gave it to you to play hockey. And we see this lack of moving your feet, and just bad decisions all over the ice, and what really looks to be a lack of effort. So if you feel confused, imagine how confused all of us must be.

    Just think back – when you were in juniors, or Bantams, or wherever, certainly you had stretches of really uninspired play. Surely, the coach gave you a nice kick in the rump and you somehow became much less “lost and confused.” Maybe it’s time someone did that around here – it’s called tough love, Brad.


    The Faithful

  77. I think the Rangers “special” line over the last few years (not this season) was

    Feds/Dubi – Boyle – Prust

    And, it was broken up…and those 3/4 guys aren’t better off on their own….

  78. CCCP and Carp, I’ll be there too. Got some awesome seats…

    By the way, looks like the Ovechkie and the Caps are starting to score goals…

  79. Hey me and my son will be there too. Carp we sit right near where your brother was sitting recently, or so my neighbor told me. Pretty handsome fella!;)

  80. If Halpern had cleared and been sent down to CT, Månnu, they would’ve cleared his cap hit too. (Not a 35+ issue because its a one-year deal, I believe.)

    Hope I was sufficiently un-eager to make that comment and have checked your punctuation appropriately this time.

  81. That $700K will help us push over the $6M mark at the deadline though. That’s kind of helpful?

  82. Wonder if those two clear contracts are used on two young swedish players, Fasth and Lindberg?

    Any word on Hrivik?

  83. Too bad. I assumed it was the dawning of us making a trade for something big (cap-hit wise).

  84. Manny

    did you notice how i kicked your assen in fantasy the other week? 11-1! aha aha…

    right now LW and I are locked in epic battle of the europansys in wicky’s ESPN league! Who will be the victor-er and claim the VinceA cup for the softest europansy? Stay tuned!

  85. You know, I said that once a while ago, Manny. … that’s what I thought. But a few experts here jumped down my throat telling me I was wrong. And I don’t care nearly enough to read the CBA.

  86. I think Fast and Lindberg already count towards the contract limit.

    Hope Lindberg is on the team in time for VinceA Day.

  87. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    I assume Bickel will be claimed. Maybe Haley on his way back up?

  88. Leetchhalloffame on

    I’m all for bringing in Fast, but that does nothing to address the softness of this year’s team. Waiving Bickel makes the team even more pansy.

  89. I think Feds-Boyle Prust had a mutual trust that allowed them to anticipate and react quickly, they all worked hard and each knew when it was appropriate to take a defensive posture allowing the others to be aggressive, and they did so seamlessly

  90. NYR_FAN

    what section are you in? maybe we’ll meet up inside… i’m gonna be with my young nephew who’s taller than me and he’s only 16 years old!


    where do i find out at the Garden again?

  91. CCCP, Peter and NYR (and anybody else) … want to meet for warmups (6:30) at the top of the stairs inside Section 110?

  92. will say it again, I thought Halpern was finished in Washington last year … but I also thought he might be an upgrade on Mitchell.

  93. Actually nvm, i see he has always been a near point per game player in the AHL. Just has never made it consistently in the NHL. Too bad.

  94. Well, Newbury hasn’t been given a huge shot at this level exactly. And frankly if their plans are to have him center JT and Kreider, then either Boyle is our fourth line center or a deal is brewing and he is heading the other way.

    Makes sense to me, just start unloading the guys who don’t produce.

  95. Why not put Newbury on the top line and put Richard$ in the press box?

    Worst thing about Richard$ is his more than visible lack of effort and laziness on the ice. Slow footed, terrible back check, lazy hoping-for-a-miracle blind passes that he must have got from watching old footage of Gretzky

    Ugh, not fun being a Rangers fan these days. Is there an NHL team that is easier to play against?

  96. can’t be any worse than Halpern (*or Pyatt, Asham, Haley, Powe, Boyle, Mashinter, Segal, Ferreiro) and definitely has more edge (though he might take some dumb penalties).

  97. Cross Check Charlie on

    Newberry obviously has some scoring touch. He scores goals in the minors. If he scores just 2 goals he’ll move into the team’s top 5.

  98. I’m guessing more moves on the way. As bad as we’ve been – and some of the hockey has been brutal- we DO still have time to right the ship perhaps Newbury can add some of that JAM and GRIT that’s been sorely missing this season.

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