Rangers-Panthers in review



1) I’m not talking anybody off ledges today. I’m just not. Because, though I still think the Rangers will make the playoffs, there’s not a lot to like about this team big picture.

2) Last year’s team wouldn’t have many starts like that, and if it did, Brandon Prust would start a fight, or somebody would clobber somebody with a big hit, or something would happen and they’d be all over the opponent the rest of the night. That team would let an opponent like Florida know it was in for a long night,  and sometimes that opponent would see that and not be really interested in competing at that level.

3) This team, not so much. This team’s not nasty at all. Not difficult at all. Not saying this team’s terrible, or even bad, or doomed. Just that this team is so not last season’s team. Not even close.

4) Chris Kreider. Did some nice things. Didn’t accomplish much. His line with J.T. Miller and Brian Boyle played some good minutes. Nice little dirty play there late second, cross-checking Skille into the goalie. Would like to see more of that from the kid.

5) These Rangers sure make nothing out of something so often, whether it means Marian Gaborik trying to stick-handle through three opponents at the blue line, or Brad Richards making a blind wish pass, or somebody trying to make a pass in an obvious shooting situation, or somebody not shooting and instead throwing the puck to the corner, or somebody forcing a shot into shinpads (like Gaborik at the end).

6) I’m putting this one on the Big Line. Or the Little Line. Nash lost a battle that led to the second goal. He threw a big hit and made a nice play to Gaborik for the late goal. But that line has to do a lot more. A lot. I’ve said it before, if Richards and Gaborik were playing up to their levels, this team wouldn’t be where it is. And this team is still in a decent spot despite what those two have, or haven’t, given them. But mostly, if those two don’t produce, nothing else matters. They’re done.

7) Any time the Panthers felt even a little pressure, they’d just ice the puck, the Rangers would send out Richards, Nash and Gaborik against the gassed Panthers, and they would epically fail to make Florida pay.

8) Richards’ quote, for those who missed it last night: “I don’t have much to say … confused and lost.” Not sure if he was talking about the team or himself. But I imagine it was himself.

9) No excuse here, but the Rangers are really, really missing Marc Staal. And the more minutes their bottom three guys play, the more apparent it becomes how much they miss Staal. Plus he’s probably the best at knowing when to join the play, and the offense, when it’s sputtering along the wall and behind the net, needs somebody jumping in.

10) Speaking of what the Rangers need, I had a chat with The Little Ball of Hate (Pat Verbeek) between periods. He was telling me how in his first NHL game he started a brawl by running Dave Maloney, and he was gleefully telling me that he had just told Maloney that.

11) John Tortorella pregame pretty much said that the Rangers need a power-play point man. Trade deadline April 3. I don’t think that’s the only need, or that the Rangers could possibly make moves that will fix all their flaws.

12) Martin Brodeur scored a goal, thus was tied with, or ahead of, seven of the Rangers in last night’s lineup. Seven. Insert your own punchline.

13) Nice game to follow up the season ticket-holders’ notification of playoff ticket prices.

14) To go back to points 2, 3 and 10 … loyal blog reader ddebened noted last night that missing from the current roster  are those responsible for 49 of the 65 fighting majors last season, and of the 12 fighting majors this season, only one of those was in last night’s lineup, Brian Boyle.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Dan Girardi.
3. Marian Gaborik.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. MDZ.
2. Henrik.
3. Cally.
Hon Mention: Sid Farkas.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Marian Gaborik (15.09 %).
2. Henrik Lundqvist (13.21 %).
3. Ryan Callahan (12.26 %)

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  1. Carp you must fun writing these up sometimes.

    good job as usual. i just watched a few minutes of the game again. Will comment later I guess.

    well… we sure stunk up the ice out there.

    we need a PP QB? how do we draw penalties dumping and chasing?

  2. Excellent, CARP.

    Wasn’t sure if you’d own up to the disgrace of this team, but you did.

    #5 I particularly liked and found relevant.

    Put a fork in them. This is a team of mercenaries.

  3. I think Gabby having to be 110% sure his shot is not blocked…says everything you need to know about his ability at this point of the season to be an effective player on this team…like Richards, too many of his shots and passes have the word “wished” attached. Richards will be known as the Bobby Bonilla of the Rangers…a mistake we’ll be writing checks to for the next century!

  4. Great write up. Regarding 11 it seems Torts is prepping us for Gaby for DBoyle. Which is a shame. Trading an asset at bottom of his value. If we’re trading a 40 goal scorer the goal should be to get a no1 pick or a promising young player/prospect. Not a declining soft defenseman who will help get us into 8th place.

  5. Before we throw in the towel on Gaby I’d give him and Nash a chance to build on the couple of great pass connections between them last night. They need a line mate who will complement and not be a liability. I’d try Hags or Cally with them to fetch on boards and go to the net. Nash playmaking skills are underrated, try him at center on that line. Sit Richards.

  6. Not by any means saying he’s the entire answer but does anyone still seriously think it was smart to let Prust walk over a few hundred thousand and an extra year? Or to let him even get to free agency? Easily replaceable right?

  7. AGross says that Kovalev finally/officially announced his retirement last night

    RW Alex Kovalev, who had been the last active member of the Rangers’ 1994 Stanley Cup championship team, quietly announced his retirement on Thursday.

    Good bye 1994!!!

  8. Marian the Friendly Ghost on

    Prust was a beast Matteau, Mr. Intangible.

    The longer this season goes on the more I realize how special last year was. I think we were all a bit spoiled. This is way more like the Rangers I know and love than last years workmanlike #1 seed. What’s truly heartbreaking though is that they are wasting Hanky’s best years.

    They will probably make a minor trade for some garbage enforcer to add some “grit” i don’t think gaborik is going anywhere. hopefully they are too smart to trade him at this point. season aint over yet but when you lose to a powerhouse like the panthers..well it’s just really disturbing

  9. Staal wart, there’s nothing left after last summer when we decimated team for 1 shiny toy who made us “instantly” better.

  10. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    This team has been soft all year…. there’s no bite to their game. no venom , they never make the other team pay physically or goal wise.
    And if they make the playoffs then what ?

  11. Another great write up, Carp. I couldn’t watch last night (nonprofit board meeting) but glad my volunteer work took my away from another effort like the one described here. INteresting that I now find your blog articles much more interesting than writeups in other media/articles. I still assert that the Rangers’ resurgence can be linked to their teambuilding exercises in the pre-season…it started at West Point, and they had an unexpected stellar year. I think they should stand pat until they have a full season/pre-season to try this approach again. It brought about an all for one, one for all mentality that is lacking this year with all the new faces. That and the gruelling training routines. It may seem silly to most of you, but that teambuilding work had immediate results and tangibly reinforced Tort’s methods in terms of the “mental toughness”.

  12. Carp,

    I tweeted last night a similar point to your #5. The passing on this team is horrendous. They get into good positions and the next pass is behind the player or in his skates. They don’t even break out of their zone effectively because of poor passing. Wether it’s a stupid behind the back pass or just plain bad it is awful.

    Is it nerves? Squeezing the stick too tightly? I have never seen NHL caliber players pass so poorly. Frustrating!!!

    That said, is there anyone who can potentially help this? We all know who weak they are at center but can they make a move for someone or do they just ride it out until summer and then overhaul the whole thing?

  13. Rob in Beantown on

    I missed last night’s game because of night classes (first Rangers game I’ve missed in its entirety this season– sounds like I picked a good one). People were saying Nash might get a Shanaban for a hit in the third period. Anybody have video of that hit somewhere?

  14. Paul in sunrise on

    I know gabby shot there ill advised based On formation. But at least he wanted to try to make a difference in score goal in that situation getting pucks in front of the net is ideal based on outnumbered manpower in front of the net. At least he wanted to shoot.

  15. Great points Carp. This team is not difficult to play against like last year’s, not at all. We are one dimensional, and basically have one mode of play. Half thenleague has figured that out, and we just don’t seem to have anything to counter it. Torts’ system is wrong for this roster, and offenssively we generally look lost almost like we don’t know what to evn do with the puck when we do have it. We telegraph nearly all of our passes, esp last nght. Torts has lost them. it’s 92-93, and we need a change. Great win by the AHL over the NHL

  16. Admiral Akbar on

    I’d dump Richards before Gaborik, for sure.

    Richards has about no value left on this team. And if I have to see that stupid Beginnings commercial where he says he mentored Sidney Crosby, I will puke up last night’s Chinese food!

  17. NYR13 – Good points about the passing issue. I think it is a lack of understanding of how to play together. In a system you need to know where guys are going to be at all times and which hand they shoot with, it seems this team has problems with this.

    Lack of familiarity with the system, limited time in their minor league systems, too many new players, leads to inconsistency and in the end frustration, we are seeing that night after night.

    This team was certainly hurt by not having a training camp to allow new players to familiarize themselves with the system Torts wants to play. That being said, Torts’ system is flat out boring in my eyes. I can barely stand to watch them play.

    How can the world most famous arena house a boring team like this?

  18. Rob in Beantown on

    Doesn’t look good. High hit, left his feet, led with the elbow. Might get a game or two

  19. Admiral Akbar on

    I think Nash is a good guy – very rarely do we see a hockey player checking up on another player he just clobbered immediately after a hit. Also notice how none of the Panther players went after Nash following the play immediately or thereafter.

  20. They simply cant score and have absolutely no magic. They may have exhausted all the magic they had last year. Fans can talk about Fire Torts, This line combo stinks, but the reality is these guys cant put the puck in the net.

    I know it may sound treally simplistic but it Boyles down to that. They cant score. Torts talks about the PP point but constantly put Dan Girardi on it who is putrid offensively.

    But even with that corrected, they just cant score. You cant have 8 forwards on a team who you cant imagine getting a goal in game in your lineup night after night.

    I’m surprised that they are even looking at a playoff spot right now.

    I got a chance to talk to Carp On my show Blueshirt Underground radio and as usual had a total blast. if you want to here Carp impart his wisdom on the show.

    Go to http://www.blueshirtunderground.com

  21. Cross Check Charlie on

    “reverting to the mean”

    Just another way of saying mired in mediocrity.

  22. Can’t play Richards, Gaborik and Nash together…not one of them provides any forecheck. Stralman needs to see more time on powerplay

  23. The thing is, we could WIN with this style. We don’t HAVE to be a grit and muck team like last year. Our team is NOT that way anymore. Adding one enforcer is not going to change that when you lost 4 or 5 guys who were that last year. This is a SKILL team now with speed. The problem is, we aren’t showing our skill. I’m not sure if it’s the coaching staff still sticking to what this team was last year, or our forwards pressing, but we have 40+ shots last night, and with that many shots we should win most nights. Really, I don’t think we played THAT poorly. The problem to me is that we have NO breakout game right now, so we ease up into the zone and do one of two things, take a weak point shot that either is easy for the goalie to save or miss the net entirely, or, we try and make that perfect pass which often leads to loss of puck possession and a breakout for the other team. The team needs to develop chemistry and I like that Torts has been keeping the lines together for a few games to let them gell. And I agree with Carp, we need Staal, the only D-man who knows how to play the breakout game, with maybe MDZ. Torts won a cup with a team that was not very gritty but was fast. It could be done. So when we look for a D-man at the trade deadline we need a puck rusher who could QB the PP. Is Bobby Orr available? How about Nick Lindstrom? Brian Leetch?

  24. Admiral Akbar on

    Leetch could probably play more effective minutes than HamrTime, even if only on the pp.

  25. I think you have to look ahead to next year and build around Nash. And we have not had a #1 offensive defenseman since Leetch. If they think Dan Boyle has 1-2 more seasons left in him they could do a lot worse then him. Byfuglien should be seriously looked at too.

  26. How many YEARS now is it that the Rangers have been unable to execute on the PP? It’s sickening!

  27. Sioux-per-man on

    The hockey gods are evil!

    Rangers lose to the worst team in the league.

    Sioux out shoot CC 2-1, out hit them, dominate three periods of hockey, and lose in over time.

    I think I’ll saddle up with Custer. . . And ride off to little big horn.

  28. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    WHEN this team misses the playoffs by a point or two, they don’t need to look any further than last night’s game. What a lifeless, mediocre mess.

    The 28th-ranked power play struggling against the 30th-ranked penalty kill. Getting beaten by the likes of Scotty Upshall. Listening to excuses for why they start the game in second gear, and have given up the first goal 19 out of 30 times.

    They’re not even fun to watch anymore. It’s like watching the Jets play the Arizona Cardinals in Week 15. Except we won’t get the draft pick when we go 3-13.

  29. Making nothing out of something, I like that. Sums up not only the game but the season. Break into the zone with speed and then slam the brakes on and throw it to the middle, turn over. Shot from the point, into opposing forwards shin pads, turn over. Control the puck behind the net, try a wrap around for the seven hundredth time, turnover.

    I hate myself for loving this team.

  30. Ok. It’s not that the team isn’t working (At least most guys). It’s not that the team isn’t playing “the right way” it’s just that they are losing so many puck battles.

    On the forecheck they (Rangers) can’t have two guys battling one defenseman and losing. They need one guy to go along the boards and win the puck battle to pop the puck out to our guys. Instead they always get numbers on the puck, sometimes three guys with a D-Man about 12 feet away pinching, and then lose the puck battle. Thus, they are getting very bad shooting opportunities because they can’t get control of the puck high enough in the offensive zone to take a quality shot.

    Take the same idea and reverse it in the Defensive zone. That battle Nash lost that led to the second goal was atrocious. Nash loses the battle and then Del Zaster, Nash and someone else end up chasing one guy off the boards and that guy cuts directly to the net, no one gets in between that guy and the goalie and a scramble ensues with two of their guys vs four Rangers and the boys lose the battle in the front.

  31. Yea, Nash is a good guy. He stopped to make sure the guy was OK. But he also took his frustrated aggression out on the back of another players head. Which will result in at least a phone call and a hit to the pocket book. I don’t think it’s “his style” or whatever so hopefully just a fine. Because the team can’t afford to continue to lose.

  32. I had no idea that more than a dozen times now a goalie has gotten credit for a goal. While most of those times the goals were scored after a team put the puck into its own empty net after it was last touched by the other teams goalie, about 7 times a goalie has actually shot it himself. I remember when Billy Smith scored the first goalie goal ever – of course it was an Islander, in an era when they did everything right.
    Access nice montage of all goalie goals here (first watch Brodeur scoring last night; on the right side of the screen is the link to the montage): http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=35&id=225326&navid=nhl:topheads

  33. Carp,

    If you were a rooting fan instead of an objective sports writer covering a local team, I would surmise from your recap that you are ready to join the “ledge dwellers”. :)

  34. Re#6 (Woywitka)

    Obviously, they still have to be waaaay better, but I thought Richards and Gaborik were more visible and dangerous offensively than Stepan and Hagelin for the first time in what seems like a long time.

    Nash is very lucky that Kopecky wasn’t (yet?) injured. Still wouldn’t surprise me to see a suspension, but Shanahan seems to give enough rope to players to do that so long as the victim isn’t paralysed or has their brain coming out their nose.

  35. Sioux-per-man on

    Nashty. Nash left his feet, to hit in the back of the head, with an elbow. Hmmm I’m thinking this hit was way worse than the two hits we talked about yesterday. 2 Games or if we base it of Hags games last year might be the max 5.

    This team will fall out of the playoffs early if it doesn’t fall into them at all.

    While the CBJ are pressing to get in. AND they have our 1st rounder. Pruster well he is on a team that went worst to first this year. They are the Rangers of last year, playing as a team with solid goaltending. Say what you want about his contract. He’s earned it this year.

    #12 above speaks volumes!

  36. I hope the rangers don’t make any stupid trades and mortgage there future or trade Gaborik for garbage because it won’t make a difference.

  37. Carp,

    On Rangers lack of scoring:

    Why do so many Rangers either shoot at the goalie’s midsection or his glove??

    Why can’t MDZ hit the net??

  38. Rob in Beantown on

    Imagine Lundqvist skating with the puck and shooting it down ice. Actually, don’t.

  39. Anyone ever notice that every single game this year’s Rangers play looks like THE MOST DIFFICULT GAME OF THEIR CAREERS? They skate up-hill wearing 90lb packs each direction for a whole 60 minutes, hoping to bumble their way to a 1 goal win.

    There is nothing fun about watching them. I keep doing it out of habit. I imagine most of us are in the same boat.

  40. I’d like to see next game:

    Hags / Step /. Nash
    Cally / Miller / Gabby
    Kreider Chris / Richards / Boyle
    Haley / Halpern / Thomas

  41. was at a work dinner last night so i had manny keep me up to date. got home last night and watched entire game knowing the score and if anyone on here today has the nerve to defend this pathetic group you are just plain old stupid. i have never seen a bunch of guys that can come out flat repeatedly and then shoot puck after puck at the logo of the opposing goalie. yes markstrom made some good saves but lets not make all 45 of them be great. there pp is a disgrace and just because gabby scores doesnt me squat. the top line cant defend just look at the second goal.

    this team deserves to miss the playoffs for what they put us through night in and night out. the nerve of them to send out playoff invoices 4 hours before this loss to a beaten down panther team who the league has feasted on this year.


  42. Rob in Beantown on

    Nash – Richards – Gaborik is a terrible line. It’s a waste of Nash to stick him with those two

  43. As for Nash. It almost looked as if he left his feet to protect his legs from an awkward collision.

  44. Nash probably won’t be joining us on Sunday vs the Caps. He left his feet, and he elbowed a player’s head from behind. Def more than a fine, esp sicne the guys in Toronto always give it to the NYR by the book. Oh, and Torts will be gone this season. Has lost this team.

  45. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    I didn’t get to see last night’s game. So pleased I don’t have that foul aroma following me like those of you that did. My sympathies.

    Carpy, right on. No jam last night. Amazing how a GM of over 35 years should get the fact that when you achieve team chemistry to the level we had it last year…DON”T MESS WITH IT. The Nash trade HAD to be made. Stop there.

    Instead, we see this meltdown mess. Very sad. We were so close and could have been closer had Sather acted as an experienced GM should. Halpern, Pyatt, Ass-em…combined personality of a park bench. They really add a lot.

  46. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    we will make the playoffs. That, to me is not in question. What is also clear is that we are like last year’s Panthers……and easy beat first round. Sad considering where we were.

  47. Here, watch this video. It’s got some interesting analysis for what I think is an ongoing issue with this team: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmiWZq34gw0

    You can see Kreider floating high in the zone in place of a D-Man. Richards floating in the middle and overloading strong side.

    Maybe we were too busy winning last year to notice the issues with Richards backchecking abilities.

    Only Hagelin has his eyes on the ICE instead of the puck. But he just can’t get there fast enough.

  48. It hasnt been fun watching this team at all. The system isnt exciting. This team will be drastically different in the next 10 days

  49. Rangers need to stop fighting, actually, and I refer to their battles with the puck. I understand the Neanderthal reaction to frustration—hey, I know, let’s fight more and then we’ll win… or we can at least be entertained in a different way—but this roster was not put together to be that sort of team. If they want to reassemble as that version next season, fine, but for now they need to work on poise in front of the net: How to Score 101. 1,000 Beaney drills a day to remind them how to pull a puck out of the scrum and shoot rather than wacking at the thing like it’s going to travel through the goalie’s pads.

  50. The talk about coming out flat and needing to change that comes down to this: how many times last year did JT start with his bangers/energy guys? A lot. How many times did he deploy them after a few flat shifts. Plenty. Including one of those against Bufallo when he couldn’t find one of his wingers because “I guess he (Prust) wanted to fight”. You need to have guys who know when to stir up things in order to jump start your team. Doesn’t have to be a fight. Hard hit, glove in the face. They don’t seem to have people who would feel their team’s pulse and act accordingly.

  51. 1. Team is not as talented as advertised and/or

    2. coaching is holding back talented team and/or

    3. Somewhere in-between 1 & 2 (check)

  52. Lev, I hope they don’t do anything silly. For what? Any deep playoff run looks like fairy tail anyway. Just so they make the playoffs? They can make it as it is. I’d rather they stay out, or make a minor trade and see what they can do over the summer. Get Staal back.

  53. Stranger Nation on

    On the second goal –
    Nash loses 1v1 board battle, though at least down to support
    Stralman is ahead of the play with man, attempts to support with a half-hearted stick check
    MDZ, in front of net, watches player skate in from corner and tries another ineffective stick check
    Hank saves initial shot and puck pops in front of net (Danger Will Robinson, Danger!)
    OK – get a man, lift sticks, muscle out of crease…

    so far not very good:
    Panthers attack goal, Gabby, to his credit, comes in for support

    Here is where it gets bad:
    Gabby skating right next to eventual goal scorer gives a weak lift check right before the puck is chipped in the net by that player…

    But upon further review, there is 3rd player on their line who is nowhere to be seen until the goal is scored when he glides harmlessly in toward the goal…

    Is he lost? confused? Does he care?
    Will he really bust it on D? Is he really a Capt?
    He has an ‘A’ on his chest, but I can think of a few A words to describe his performance

    All five are blame worthy but this play is indicative of why Richards on any line is a defensive liability and capt tart is going down with his first mate Richie unless he sits him NOW!

  54. They cant be waiting for Asham to get healthy…he wasnt the answer when they signed him nor will he be when he returns…neither is Halpern/Pyatt…oh what i would do to have guys like Mitchell, Fedotenko and Prust back…as great a GM sather can be (I wish him nothing but the best in his recovery) he totally and completed undervalued the aforementioned players.

  55. Say what you want about Gaborik at the very least you can see him making efforts last night. Maybe they aren’t what some of you would deem worthy of acknowledgement because of this image of a supreme hockey being/ NY Ranger you have in your heads but if they’re gonna roll over and die this season it’s going to be because of the overall lack of effort and passion that’s been obvious on way too many nights against way too many teams they’re better than. And believe me, if there is “dead weight” to be cut from the roster it doesn’t start with Gaborik. Sit here and analyze numbers that we ultimately know nothing about if it makes you feel like it strengthens your argument but they have bigger problems then a guy who is at least trying to fight through what’s been a wretched season.

    Not sure if Tortorella has lost these guys somewhere along the line or if they’re waiting for their alleged star players to kick it into a gear that doesn’t seem to exist anymore or what. But mark my words you’re going to see major friggin turn over on this roster after this season. Doesn’t matter if they finish 6th or 15th.

  56. just FYI, Dubinsky and Fedotenko are very much on the trading block, so kindly limit this talk of how irreplaceable those guys are. Prust wasnt resigned because of $$. Simple as that. A terrible team like Montreal could afford him, good for them. We didnt and by no means should have. John Mitchell? Really?

  57. Asham is only the answer to one question: “who is one of the players they need to send packing this summer?”

    These guys are more an assembly of players rather than a team. Probably more so than any roster constructed since the one in 04 that Sather tore down before the lock out. You can see it most nights. There something that I can’t put my finger on that’s missing. Their identity doesn’t seem to be in tact.

  58. And I strongly believe Haley should be back, Lev. He can easily replace at least 3 out of 6 bottom guys and be more effective. Sometimes you need someone who has a little smart clown in him. I’m not sure Asham will be effective after sitting out so long with back injury.

  59. Dubinsky is on the block because of that pathetic contract and because by some outofthisworldcoincidence he continues to have terrible starts to the year. You know, starts that last over half a year, those kind.

    And Fedotenko apparently has got nothing left. Maybe even worse than Halpern from what Ive read on the worst Flyers blogs on the internets

  60. This team is going nowhere with Richards as first line center anyway, so before I trade Gabby for garbage I experiment with this for 2-3 games

    Hagelin Nash Gabby
    Kreider Stepan Cally
    Boyle Richards Miller
    whocares whocares whocares

    Will never happen, will hurt Richy’s feelings

  61. Nash gets a game, no thanks to D.boyle, ride Gabby out, cut Richards, play Kreider the rest of the yr with Nash and see how it goes.

  62. Yep, Haley needs to be back. Out of Dan Boyle and Brian Campbell, two guys with very large contracts, I go after Campbell. Florida is willing to pretty much trade anybody, so may be worth looking into. Dude has a shot, and can play.

  63. Exactly Ilb and that’s what I mean by identity. It’s not Prust or Dubinsky specifically. It’s having guys willing to stir the pot a little even BEFORE someone takes liberties. It’s having guys that make everyone else buy into that concept and play with that edge. Guys that only know how to play that way and therefore bring it every game they play.

  64. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Not much good to say about the game, so I have a strategic question.

    This might be a hindsight is 20/20 thing, but I have often wondered if it makes more sense to wait a bit before pulling the goalie down by one if you are a man up in the late stages of a game. Have the goalie hang near the in the middle of the zone to move the puck back up quickly should it be shot down the ice. I know if you out man the opponent by two, you should have a better chance of retrieiving the puck in the offsensive zone, but you know, for arguments sake.

  65. Stranger Nation on

    Talent is there but too early for some and too late for one…

    Cally – can play effectively on all three lines
    Nash – can play effectively on first two lines
    Gabby – 1st line sniper but defensive liability and not strong on boards
    Richards – declining 2nd line center skills, defensive liability, and not strong on boards
    Step – solid #2 center
    Hags – solid contributor, eventually more of a 3rd line winger with some offensive up side
    Boyle – inconsistent 3rd line center – no offense, good D, good along boards
    Miller – emerging second line center, inconsistent 3rd line winger – too early
    Kreider – emerging second line winger, defensive liability and not consistent at all

    we have 3 of our current top 9 forwards who cannot/will not play defense

    you cannot put richards and gabby on same line – you just can’t unless Hags is there to cover up for them, but hard for him to both get puck behind goal and back check and cover on rush

  66. ILB completely agree. Haley should have stayed considering what he brings ( not the fisticuffs) compared with Pyatt, Halpern and Powe. Bad decision by management/ coaching staff.

  67. Again, Asham is irrelevant. Much like Rupp-the 25 year old version of him would be just fine. But no one watches their ass out on the ice because there’s a worn out 30-something enforcer who isn’t 100% every night out on the ice for 8 minutes a game.

  68. Those were replaceable guys who weren’t properly replaced. If Sather could extend Prust before he hit an open market, he should’ve. But Prust made it clear he wanted to test the market. If you remember, very early Sather said:”I don’t think we’re gonna get this one done” regarding Prust. It could’ve been that his price was too high already, or he knew Prust wasn’t that committed to signing in NY. Either way, he’s gone. He’s missed, but we need to let that one go.

  69. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Lev, agree about the players they let go from a statistical standpoint. The only guys that have played on the same level are Prust and Mitchell. But, there is not enough consistent fight and battle on this team with the bottom six as constructed.

    From a salary cap perspective, you cannot overpay for the production you were getting from Dubinsky.

  70. ilb2001. Exactly. Let him go.

    But we do have some massive chokes/jokers on this team. And they need to be let go as well.

    Bring Haley back, absolutely.

  71. Hags is great at puck possession, especially along the end boards and half boards. I don’t understand how it doesn’t translate into more scoring opportunities.

    Maybe because of his shiftiness, the other forwards find it difficult to read or anticipate his moves and therefore, hesitate in getting to their spots????

  72. I’ve been saying it for a few weeks now, this is a flawed team. This team needs a major shakeup. This team as constructed today WILL NOT make the playoffs. The way I see it, this team is done, put a fork in them, there done.

  73. Papa Bear- how’s the weather in Staten Island? Should I be looking forward to coming back tomorrow?

  74. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Haley was a numbers game. I suspect he will be back if/when a spot opens up after the deadline.

  75. A generation ago, Sather experienced TGO and other superstars depart Edmonton. Unfortunately, he’s callous and long past sweating the Prust’s type moving on. Perhaps if he were coaching, different story.


  77. what I mean by major shakeup to replace the dead wood on this team with gritty players, buyout Richards and replace him with a younger player and trade Gaborik for prospects, 1st round pick. Unfortunately you can’t do this in the middle of a season. This has to be done in the off season.

  78. Stranger Nation on

    John Mitchell was not going to see the ice on this team, do we get that???!!1??

    He was a fourth line center who played some times on the pp last year and that resulted in how many goals?
    5 goals – 0 on pp

    This season he has proven to offensive upside when given 2nd line center minutes on a bad team. but he was not seeing the ice here, capice?

  79. Thanks, Papa. I knew I should’ve asked whether Trattoria Romana is still serving penne vodka instead :-)

  80. Ilb2001
    (moderation preview) 1 min ago
    Thanks, Papa. I knew I should’ve asked whether Trattoria Romana is still serving penne vod.ka instead :-)

  81. Stranger Nation on

    Slats completely mismanaged this roster from start to finish. No more evidence than the Hamr signing which is atrocious given $$ and roster space involved.

    This guy is better than bickel, really?

  82. The personnel Flaws (IMO)

    1. Center Ice position (other than Stepan) pathetic effort/production.
    2. lack of power play quarterback (wow, same old, same old),
    3. lack of grittiness / scoring capability of bottom six forwards (very poor off season player acquisitions)
    4. lack of nastiness on the blue line ( opposing forwards do not pay enough of a price )

  83. Number 4 has been an issue for too many years now. Just ask wicky. He’s been saying it for at least 4 years here. And he is right.

  84. At this point, continuing to compare this season’s neverending slop is like endlessly comparing your wife to your first high school girlfriend.

    Every poster can and does nail 50 things that could be improved, but it’s not gonna happen this year. Sather doesn’t have the magical fairy dust to make it all better. We’re playing like a mediocre team because we lack the things that mediocre teams normally lack. Still walking and talking like a duck, and I think last night proved it scientifically, once and for all. SOG stats mean squat…tell me when we get a bunch from 5 feet or less

  85. The PP quarterback thing has literally been an issue since Leetch left. Like I’m convinced 100% that Leetch at his current age and in his current shape could play for this team on the power play and be better than anyone they’ve had back there in the last 2 years.

  86. ilb2001,
    that is what it’s going to take to change the makeup of this team because the way this team is built today will not scare anybody and most likely not make the playoffs and if for some reason they did make the playoffs they would be 1 and done.

  87. I get that our top players are not producing (and that is the major issue here), but something has to be said about a coach that can’t adjust his system to the players he has. I watch the games and the Rangers cycle involves skating in circles in one corner of the offensive zone and losing the puck after 30 seconds of possession without creating any solid scoring opportunities. Torts has guys like Richards, Gaborik, Hagelin, Kreider, Miller, Nash, and Stepan, who while soft on the boards, are creative hockey players that look like they are either thinking too much or are just weighed down by a system that is probably as boring to play as it is to watch. Admittedly this team needs to be nastier. No one is fighting or throwing big hits and Lundquist has been pushed around with no retribution. However, if torts can figure out a way to let loose the reigns and let these guys play, I can see the team improving. I don’t see it happening because torts is too stubborn but he should. This is a different team, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. They have a lot more skill and a good coach would find a way to change his style to his personnel.

  88. like I said, this needs to be done in the off season and if they don’t than nothing will change.

  89. FAt Guy you don’t need magic fairy dust to improve this team. It’s called addition by subtraction. I would rather see them struggle with guys like Hrivik and Kreider and Miller playing every night rather than juggling around trash like Halpern Asham and Gilroy.

  90. ilb2001,
    if the rangers are not willing to make serious changes to this team than the only other option is to replace the coach. To me, it’s one or the other. I’m not saying they should replace the coach but you can’t take crap and turn it to gold by doing the same things over and over again. That becomes insanity.

  91. Czechthemout!!! on

    No to Dan Boyle! Not for Gabby and not at age 36 and 6.25 million.

    I dont mind moving Gabby but not for scraps. A player like Gabby has to bring a player of Big Buffs quality and nothing less.

    They need to shake up the lines. Richards is the biggest problem on the offens eright now. His presence makes two line worse!

    The ” system” is a big problem. One of the biggest that they have. They are better than what they show night in and night out.

    The coaching is a big problem. He doesnt coach offense? LOL! And he cannot motivate them to play harder when they are not. He has lost the team. There isnt much doubt about that to me.
    You guys that dont think so are deluding yourself.

    They guys coaching the power play is a huge problem because he claims to coach the power play.
    I would reunite the Hags,Step,Nash line. Best line all year. Cally,JT Miller and the Kreider. Boyle,Richards and Gabby, not a line I am happy with. Would rather put in Jasper Fasth. He is Hagelin with more offense. I know, “he needs more time”brigade bell has just been rung ! He might indeed but we dont have time left this season. This just isnt morking the way it is now.

    The team is in serious trouble if left the way they are now, lines in tact and all.

  92. Stranger Nation on

    I do not throw this team’s performance completely at Tort’s feet, but his buddy Richards will be his undoing. the roster just doesn’t make sense unless Kreider and JT start lighting the lamp in abundance.

    I do think some line changes will create more balance and not overload the team too many one sided players on a line

  93. As for the bottom 6 forwards, there were a significant amount of UFA’s available last summer who were passed on that would’ve fit Torts and the teams Identity much better than those they chose to sign.

    The teams we played in the playoffs, eastern conference teams who played eastern conference style hockey, all had players relatively cheap for the picking.

  94. Stranger Nation on

    Kreider/Step/Nash – the kid will score with two good players around him

    Cally/Richards/Gabby – need to put Richards somewhere – hate this line, but oh well…sorry cally

    hags/boyle/miller – this line will pin opponent’s best line in D zone

  95. Those who say we need to move on from Prust are missing the point. The point is about management decision making and there is no way to move on from that. Well maybe there is but out of respect for his health issues we’ll leave that alone for now.

  96. Papa Bear’s wish list lineup looks great. Carp is spot-on with all his points. #2 jumped out at me. 5 minutes into a game like this last year Prust would have dropped the gloves and picked up his team. There is none of that this year. Cally’s all-out effort every night is not rubbing off. Maybe Callly should pick a spot and drop ’em. If that doesn’t wake this team up, I can’t imagine what will.

  97. I seriously doubt Torts is pulling tightly on the reigns of his veteran “superstar” forwards, especially considering the dearth off scoring right now (more so perhaps on the younger players). I believe he is looking for more creativity, not less. They have failed to deliver.

  98. What management decision making? It was a GOOD decision at the time not to overpay for a 3rd line player. Because that’s what he is. (He’s actually on the 4th line in Montreal…) We all know what kind of player he was on this team but taking into account his style of play, where he is at in his career, where he was before he became a Ranger, and the market value for guys like him, it was a GOOD decision. Hind sight is 20/20.

  99. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, it’s too bad that this loss wasn’t on a Tuesday or Wednesday so you could have held a Charp today. Would be a record-breaking Charp, I’m sure.

  100. Papa – while I would agree that he wants creativity, I think his style of coaching has even his veteran forwards spooked and wondering if they will ride the pine if they don’t play his system. I think it’s a problem when you coach too much to one extreme like torts does; it’s hard to reverse course especially mid-season

  101. Sioux-per-man on

    Fasth an optiong now for the Rangers.

    Could this team use another Hagelin?

    He’s already signed by the Rangers. We have the 2.27 goals per game, so we beat 1 team – Columbus. We need scoring, plain and simple.

    Stranger – I like you lines.

    Who knows if Richards will ever come out of his shell this season. He is really bringing this team down this year. Not that Gaborik couldn’t do better, but he did make a play to make a goal last night. To little to late, but effort was there.

  102. The Rangers are not hardnosed. They are easy to play against.

    Most of their shots come from outside the slot. Many of them are from outside the faceoff dots nearly on the half boards at no angle. The ones they manage to launch from the slot hit the goalie in the midsection. You are not putting a lot of pucks in the pot with those types of shots. Also, do the Rangers have something against shin pads? They keep slapping all their shots into the opponents’ shin pads. Don’t they know that to score you need to get the puck TO the net, not just throw it TOWARDS the net on a prayer.

    There is no grit on this team. Outside of Cally and then Boyle every 3rd or 5th game, very few players hit anyone. I guess some D-men do, but we have no gritty forecheck.

    We can’t score in regular season games against the worst in the conference, what the heck do we expect come playoff time? I mean we could be on the outside looking in, so does it even matter?

    Does anyone think that Torts is losing control? It seems to me they are not that motivated to play for him this year. Maybe its the composition of the team, I am not sure. But there is no urgency. No one out there seems to be too concerned about the repercussions of losing. This behavior reminds me of teams that quit on coaches.

    Also, losing Dubi and Artie (not huge pts this year btw, but gritty and size) and Prust hurt the team. But I think we also forget Fedotenko. Notice how crappy our 3rd and 4th lines are. Boyle is lost out there without his friends.

    I would still traded Gabby before Richards, but both of them seem to be playing out their contracts now. And I wonder if either of those two resent Nash a bit?

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    I unfortunately (perhaps fortunately?) had to miss this game. It does not appear they played well.

    Also, once Nash gets suspended, they can pencil in a few more losses.

  104. Time and space.

    That’s what the entire game is, and that’s what the Rangers are unable to make. There are always 3 or 4 guys between them and the goal. They throw the puck into the corner and shoot it along the walls around the boards and the other team just clogs the middle and lets them have that all day long. Until these guys start moving around and moving the puck around, they will have no time and space and no good scoring chances. That’s what determines whether the PP works or not – not who is on the point, but whether guys move and the puck moves quickly to open up seams in the defense.

    Time and space.

  105. Sioux-per-man on

    7 players on the ice last night with 1 goal or less – FOR THE WHOLE YEAR!

    We aren’t a grit and grind team. Far from it.

    How Fast can Fasth get here?

  106. Stranger Nation on

    Peter – spot on and you cannot create time and space unless you are moving your feet and richards, surprisingly, stands still way, way too much in O zone.

    Admittedly, I never saw him play much over the last 5 seasons given Dallas in West but I cannot image he had success in his career standing in the corner with the puck and waiting for someone to get open.

    There is a very simple solution to his challenges; simplify your game, keep moving your feet ALL the time and back check like your life depends on it. If he does those things, good results will follow for him and his line mates.

    Does he care? Does he really care?

    Words and deeds

    words and deeds…

  107. Lev, other than counting $ profit or losses, wouldn’t you agree that using hindsight is the fairest and most objective way to measure the performance of the management and coaching staff??

  108. Hindsight. Management is judged on results. “Good decisions at the time” which don’t work are ultimately bad decisions.

  109. Didn’t see what precipitated the Kaleta beat down by Colton Orr, but it was enjoyable to watch. Way to go Colton!

  110. Think about how many great to very good players we have:

    Nash, Callahan, Stepan, Hagelin, Lundqvist, Staal, Girardi, and McDonough.

    Top to bottom, I wouldn’t say a team like Montreal has this much talent, and look at the turnaround for them from last year.

    I am just extremely surprised that this season is so mediocre.

  111. Lev you’re just wrong. The point is it was never a good decision. You can rationalize all the decisions on an idividual basis but collectively the team’s identity was gutted, when it should not have gone beyond the Nash trade. It was reckless and stupid. What you see now is not hindsight it’s just evidence of what was obvious at the time. I can’t believe the wisdom is still being debated.

  112. Ralph from N.M. on

    someone said Brian Cambell is coming . Yeah , and tort’s will put him in the black hole telling him he’s a defensive liability ! no ice time for you if all you want to do is play offense .

    put Richards on third line now ! Tort’s quite giving him ice time & acting like you don’t see the mistake after mistake . Gabby is either benched or oved to 3rd line in a heartbeat .
    Quite with your favorites , coach the team.

  113. Can I say something CRAZY? In most cases, the NHL is not about pure “talent”. Plenty of guys can go light it up in the Olympics, on huge ice, without fighting, and come here and be shutdown. The Talent in the NHL is called FINDING SPACE. If you are a player that is able to get the puck and shoot the puck in space then you have talent. Some guys in the NHL are crazy good at this (Crosby, Stamkos, Ovechkin 40% of the time). But a pure talent guy, Christensen, etc., are not what will excel in the NHL. The NHL is about being tough and playing as a cohesive team.

    Especially now that almost every team in the NHL plays an aggressive forecheck. There is less and less space on the ice (some of which is taken up by a pointless 4th Zebra).

  114. LMAO @ Campbell being on this team. And people want to buy out Richards. Jesus. Campbell’s cap hit ($7.2) is EXCESSIVE.

  115. Lev & Matteu!: I am somewhere in the middle. We could not re-sign Prust (one of my favorite athletes EVER) because of the years. Not so much the money but the years. The Nash trade is a trade you *have* to make. The problem is the tertiary guys that we lost in Fedotenko and Mitchell who are better than the garbage we have now.

    But who knows, maybe the guys we have learn the system in a few years and we are right back to over achieving.

  116. Skill and talent are not the same attribute. They may be related , but are definitely independent variables in performance

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    When I was 17, I drank some very good beer.
    I drank some very good beer I purchased with a fake ID.
    My name was Brian McGee.
    I stayed up listening to Queen, when I was 17.

  118. Sioux-per-man on

    #5 Quote of the Year.

    “These Rangers sure make nothing out of something so often”

    How many more eggs can they lay before Easter?

  119. I was basing that list on overall performance during the season. Gaborik and Richards have been absolutely terrible, so even though they have obvious talent, I wouldn’t consider them valued players at this point.

  120. Sioux-per-man on

    Rangers have played 30 games.

    They have 5 players that have more than 5 goals.

    No quick fix here.

  121. Nash deserved at least a game for that hit. That was a cheap hit. Can’t be hitting guys in the back of the head like that.

  122. Sioux-per-man on

    sb1 – that’s probably why one is going to be traded, and the other bought out.

  123. Folks – calm down. So they lost one game – it’s not the end of the world. Look, there was roster turnover in the offseason and some new faces. The team needs time to gel. Richards had the flu, hence his slow start; he is an elite playmaker and will get back to his 2004 form once he has a few more games under his belt. Gaborik – he’s always been a streaky player and he is in a very minor slump right now. Sure, Nash is not scoring as much as we had hoped, but he is getting tons of chances so it is only a matter of time before he leads the league in goals. No reason to freak out. Rangers are going to be fine.

  124. Sioux-per-man on

    JonnyD – no kidding.

    Leave your feet, to elbow a player in the back of the head, after the shot has gone off.

    Totally not the type of play he is.

    Who got 2 games the day before?

  125. At $7.14M cap hit through 2015-2016 season, Brian Campbell would hit the WBM number one spot faster than Hagelin skates to negate the icing.

  126. Lupul got two games for a head shot. They’ll give him a warning probably, but he should get a game minimum, or two.

  127. Matty”MonsterNash”Boy March 22nd, 2013 at 9:26 am
    we will make the playoffs. That, to me is not in question. What is also clear is that we are like last year’s Panthers……and easy beat first round. Sad considering where we were.


    What makes this team making the playoff a “no question” to you???

    and Panthers were an easy beat last year in playoff? Game 7 into DOUBLE overtime? vs THE TEAM THAT WENT TO THE FINALS?

    use your head

  128. Weird, the guy who was sitting in the press box for an inferior team last year and goes out on the ice for us to, at very best, come back even, has hit waivers. Halpern seems like a great guy (he likes donuts), but this is long overdue.

  129. Sioux-per-man on

    Does Miller move to Center the 3rd, Boyle move down to the 4th?

    Did Zucc get a call?

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    Don’t they have to clear a spot for Asham to return or do they already have an extra open spot?

  131. Sioux-per-man on

    So what do you think of Kreider – Miller – Fasth.

    Let them fly by the seats of their pants, or either Cally or Hags with them to cover the D side of things.

    We need GOALS. To win.

  132. Sioux-per-man on

    Halpern leaving because they need his contract. Fasth already has one.

    Maybe Zucc is on his way back.

  133. Stranger Nation on

    I’m lost in the ozone again.
    I’m lost in the ozone again.
    Tell me about it now…
    One drink of wine, two drinks of gin…
    and I’m lost in the ozone again.

  134. Good afternoon, Sally!

    I came here expecting to read some absolute stupidity, but only a few of you have failed to disappoint. Those who provided said stupidity did so at an enormous rate.

    As for Nash, I didn’t even mention it because every time I go back and forth with the alleged department of player safety they tell me that the initial point of contact has to be the head for a hit to be considered a head shot. Nash clearly hit the player in the back and his arm rode up to the head. Me? I would suspend anybody who did that. The NHL does not. Obviously. Was it intentional? Probably. No penalty, no injury. I think he might get fined.

    Oh, and Ralph, you got yourself a language warning this morning. That’s strike two.

  135. Sioux-per-man on

    I’m thinking Newbury will be brought up. With 18-37 – 55pts could out perform Halpren.

    Kreider and Newbury were clicking in Hartford.

    Kreider-Newbury-Miller for the 3rd line. Grit, scoring, speed.

    Asham-Boyle- Powe/Pyatt

    My best guess.

    Make ALOT of sense to me

  136. Ralph from N.M. on

    Sorry Carp , totally unintentional , got rambling to fast.

    What & when was my first?

  137. Referring to Erik Christensen as a pure talent is the craziest thing I have ever read or heard.

  138. no ill will but Halpern was horrible.

    about time. should have done 10 games ago.

    you have to try to fix things 1 way or another….

    enjoy retirement Jeff. Nice long career.

  139. The NHL is not about being tough. It is about scoring goals and preventing goals. The Rangers do not have the scoring, while they do possess the goaltending.

  140. _Referring to Erik Christensen as a pure talent is the craziest thing I have ever read or heard._

    Christensen’s talent was more than enough to play in the league, it was everything else that held him back.

  141. Rob in Beantown on

    Stuart, thanks for clarifying your opinion of Halpern for us. I wasn’t entirely sure what you thought of him :)

  142. Thanks The Doctor. Pretty sure Christensen is a good example of someone with all the _talent_ necessary but none of the other necessary skills/tools to accompany it. When no one was on the ice he was sick!

  143. Carp no need to talk me of the ledge, but they will be lucky to make the playoffs. I think they’re going to end up pretty much where they are now. This team has no cujones, they flat out stink and their big payroll guys don’t deserve what they get paid. My two biggest beefs are they are the worst passing Ranger’s team I can remember and no of the can hit the barn even if they were in it!

  144. Sioux-per-man March 22nd, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    So what do you think of Kreider – Miller – Fasth.


    Sounds like a Defensive NIGHTMARE

  145. Sioux-per-man on

    Newbury 55pts > Halpern 1

    Kreider – Newbury could have more chemistry than Richards – Gaborik.

    Boyle play the 4th. Asham-Boyle-Powe – right in the kisser!!!

  146. I’m fine with Newbury being brought up. I have always said about that guy that he can take faceoffs and kill penalties at an NHL level. He even might provide some familiar leadership for Kreider. I know he’s a 31 year old career AHL player but I think he provides a similar game to Halpern.

  147. _Christensen’s talent was more than enough to play in the league, it was everything else that held him back._

    Christensen is and always had borderline NHL talent. Anyone that thinks otherwise is delusional.

    _Thom94 if your not tough in the NHL your scoring is not at it’s peak._

    Gaborik is not tough. He is a premium goal scorer in the NHL. Gaborik is pure talent. Not Erik Christensen. Erik Christensen is little talent.

  148. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    I don’t think any trade would help more than 2013 Richards and Gaborik for 2012 Richard and Gaborik.

  149. Sioux-per-man on


    My gut tells me this works. This makes sense. They were scoring goals together, why not give it a shot.

    Losing Halpren, and to the worst team in the league last night.

    What do you have to lose?

  150. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    There was a comment above about the lack of a pre-season, team building, etc., happening with this team and that being the cause of the lack of cohesiveness so many of us see with this version of the Rangers (the Strangers?).

    I think that’s only a part of the issue. Yes, last year, the 24/7 and trip to Europe clearly bonded the two teams that went. But you have to have the chemistry to begin with. For example, I couldn’t imagine being a ‘finesse’ player in this league playing against a Lucic/Chara/Thornton team and not having anyone on your team stand up for you, knowing you can’t stand up for yourself, either. This year, it’s almost ‘every man for himself’. Last year was ‘if you check one of us it’s all of us’.

    Is that coaching? Perhaps. Maybe Torts didn’t have the time in the pre-season to get some team building done.

    But my real issue is that a coach has to have the pieces. He doesn’t seem to this year.

    Lesson learned. If you are in a lockout type season, don’t make major changes in the off before.


  151. I am still strugglng with the decision to ship Haley back to Hartford.

    Is he a saviour? Of course not.

    Is he the answer to the bottom 6 scoring ineptitude? Of course not.

    Is one of the Rangers problems a lack of spunk/grit/passion/call it what the phuck you want? Yes.

    Can Haley help address that issue? Yes.

    Is Haley the only person when he was up who tried to address that issue? Yes.

    Was Haley, while he was up, a detriment to the team defensively? No.

    Was there someone in the pressbox who could bring more value to the Rangers in his stead? No.

    So WTF is with his demotion? It makes no sense, just like putting the big 3 together makes no sense, just like continually sending Brad – freakin’ – Richards over the boards makes no sense.

    Haley’s demotion is for me another indication of how the coach is lost.

  152. how the hell do the Devils acquire Matt D’agostini for a 4th rounder. I just dont get it.

  153. who will center the 4th line. are there any natural centers now. what asham will play center

  154. POW! can play Center. Or they will call up Newbury, eric. Or, there is a trade coming.

  155. @rangersreport

    NHL, Shanahan have made it clear that only “initial point of contact” is suspendable re: headshots. Nash initial contact was upper back.

    ?@rangersreport 4m

    I completely disagree & would suspend Nash & others, but that’s NHL book rule, and precedent has been set. Won’t eliminate headshots ever.

  156. Sioux-per-man on

    Kreider-Newbury-Miller have 94 pts playing together for the Whale, at differnt times of the year.

    It’s not like the 3rd line has set the bar to high for them.

    You have experience, speed, skill, and a little playoff grit with Newbury if needed.

  157. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – I thought Hags hit on Alfie last year started lower and went up to the head. Poor Hags got 3 games – in the playoffs.

  158. wonder if there is a big deal in the works with the Sharks. Something like Gaborik + Boyle + a bunch of others for Boyle + Thornton or Marleau + one or two others

  159. Sioux-per-man on

    So Nash stays. Well there’s 2 games we are not going to lose….. unless we play Buffalo or Florida.

  160. _You have experience, speed, skill, and a little playoff grit with Newbury if needed._

    How did you manufacture that false idea?

  161. I think it was D’Agostini and a seventh for a fifth, Lev.

    And if the Rangers got him, we’d all be saying “why the byfuglien do they give up a draft pick for another fourth-liner?”

  162. It’s a conditional 4th or 5th in 2015 for a depth player who’s had one good season, Lev.

    Not sure it’s the most lopsided deal I’ve ever seen.

  163. Cross Check Charlie on

    I’m so disgusted with this team. We were talking in the office about going to the Hurricanes game in Raleigh, but now I think I’m to back out. The game will be on TV and I don’t really want to spend the money to go to the PNC Arena and watch the Rangers stink it up.

  164. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    I honestly hope a trade is coming and NOT for d bag dan boyle or soupy campbell. Both are overpaid and over valued!!

    So do the rangers have to clear a spot (IE send halpern down) to get asham in the line up or not?

  165. I think there is enough roster space, if I’m not mistaken. Only healthy scratches last game were Bickel and Gilroy, right? That’s 22. Minus Halpern, now 21. That’s two short of the 23-man limit.

  166. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    The thing that bothers me is that clowe is “mentioned” going to several teams incl boston, philly, the sens, and so on, but never the rangers…how the hell can we not be in on that guy?

  167. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    ok, thanks, so could be adding a contract/player in a trade perhaps?

  168. if kris newbury is the center coming up i am going to ledge and not thinking 2x about jumping

  169. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – are the Rangers still at 49 contracts? If Halpren gets claimed, we have 2.

    Maybe one for Zucc, or a trade coming up before April 3rd.

  170. Sioux-per-man on

    Eric I’ll bet you dogs that Newbury playing with Kreider, will have more points at the end of the year than Halpren did all year. If he gets the call up.

  171. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    I have nothing against newbury, but I don’t see how he helps in any way. His AHL stats have been good, he really hasn’t done much any time he has been called up.

    Would he be better than halpern or powe, sure, but I really don’t think it changes a single thing. I’d rather see Haley or Mashinter back first.

  172. You’ll enjoy this NHL-friendly Penguin-centric puff piece, Carp:


    * Out-of-context Crosby deification (plus an unqualified statement that he was injured by a “blindside hit” in the Winter Classic)

    * Matt Cooke praise

    * An unqualified, patently untrue statement that “the league has outlawed shots to the head entirely”

    * An unqualified statement that Malkin was recently injured by a clean hit, “unlike the hit that sent Crosby’s career into crisis”

  173. If Prust were on waivers today, I bet we’d claim him at his full contract in less than a second. If he got to us.

  174. Sioux-per-man on

    Eric – I’ll send you a Grinder from the Red Pepper.

    It made the list for a top 10 sandwich, for a late night snack.

    I get Walters doggie kit.

  175. My pop is the only guy that makes complete sense here. You guys, Sather and Torts should stop all your yacking and start listening to him.

  176. Lev, maybe it should be a sliding bet, or just a final-season bet. But the bet initially — which was too easy, and thus I abandoned my “no bet with the readers” policy — was that they would never see eighth place again after the losing streak last week. I’d be willing to make the same bet again, that they will see eighth place multiple times the rest of the way.

  177. Carp – await FEDEX. from eric – a Walter’s gift certificate and obituary notice.

  178. Baby Bear – Good for you in sticking up for Papa, but take notice that in the wee hours, he may be drinking away your inheritance.

  179. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – how many of those dogs could you eat or would there be a single double or double-double parlay on the wager?

  180. Stranger Nation on

    Bring Haley and Newbury both back up, play Bicks over Hamr, sit Powe-Powe and Pie Hat – both haven’t dropped the mitts once – no respect…

    Play Nash on pk – probably score more on pk than even strength with Buck 2Buck 2 as his center

  181. Wicky, who can the Rangers trade?
    There is absolutely deal they can make that will get us anything of value.
    Who could we trade that will get us any needed parts?

  182. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    I eat at walter’s like twice a week..my neighbor walter always grills and I usually stop by

  183. Papa says I’m not allowed to talk to Strangers,, or is it strange people? Anyway I have to go now.

  184. Carp – Would one day be honored to join Walter’s convocation, burp fest. All those strangers wandering through the “dining room” only adds to the conviviality.

  185. seriously what havent we seen with newbury already.. i have seen enough to know he belongs as a career minor leaguer

  186. carp

    next home game is trade deadline day april 3rd for me. thats when you collect. maybe sather can trade me as this team makes me sick

  187. I don’t know about the Nash hit. Nash has Tomas Fleischmann backing into him. He has to bring his stick across his body to clear Fleischmann (his upper body is twisted in one direction) then their skates make contact (causing his lower body to lag a bit). To whatever extent Nash leaves his feet, it’s AFTER initial contact and as I think Manny said, is probably more to prevent his legs from getting taken out. Also, as Carp said it looks as if initial contact was not to the head. At the same time as Kopecky follows through with his shot, the spot where his shoulder was becomes his back/shoulder blade. I know we all like black and white but this might be closer to gray if you watch it a few times. Gray goes to the guy with no history..

  188. Wicky©This team is too soft...bring back the Rupp! on

    It really is a good question. To be honest, I’m not sure. If I go by what people say on here about who has value in our system I trade thomas in a heartbeat and depending on the deal I might trade kreider or MDZ.

    I also might trade a healthy staal (not you) although I like him a lot. I would trade gabby in a deal as long as we got a consistent 30 goal scorer back.

    I don’t know what teams covet so…

    I might trade staal to the staalicanes for gleason and ruutu (other parts might be necessary as well obviously)

    I might trade gabby to the ducks for ryan

    I would try like hell to get clowe and murray from SJ. I wouldn’t have too much of an issue trading whatever for them (as long as they were both going to resign here)

    There are a lot of guys I wouldn’t mind seeing on our team to improve it (just like everyone else here), but only if the deal makes sense and too many out there to speculate on.

    Not sure if this response helped or not

  189. I think Gorton is empowered to make deals. Not sure they can do anything significant without gutting the future and throwing the team into cap hell next year.

    eric, deadline might be tough for me to take a break … also you might be in no mood to see me after the deadline.

    stranger, I can eat as many as they can make. Seriously, six or so no problem.

  190. i don’t go for the doubles or the fries or anything. Just old-school singles with Walter’s special mustard. Nothing else.

  191. Sioux-per-man on

    So we have 18 games left, only 7 games with teams below the Rangers.

    11 games on the road.

    No easy hill here boys. When we can beat the Panthers, Buffalo, & Jets in our league.

  192. Want more ineptitude proof of the Rangers bottom 6: Last ten games, JT Miller has 0 points and 17 shots in about 14 minutes of icetime per game. BB’s stats over the past 20 (TWENTY) games is 1 goal, no assists and 20 shots in a little less icetime per game than Miller. Pyatt in the past 10 games has 0 points and 12 shots and averaging 13 minutes of icetime a game. GEEESH.

    This is the 3rd freakin line boys and girls – the THIRD LINE. The fourth sucks even worse.

    No wonder this team is out of the POs right now.

  193. and those stats, horrible as they are, would be almost OK, Jim, if No. 19 and No. 10 were playing anywhere near the back of their bubblegum cards.

  194. No team chemistry? Hey, we have Tortsie, Sully, Staalzie, Pysie, Gabby, Cally, Richie, Powie, Stralie, Nashie, Millerie, Hamrlee, Bickee, Gllie, Haylee and Ashie. To say nothing of Dolie and Sathie.

  195. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Time for Torts to grow some Huizinga’s and bench Richards.

  196. Stranger Nation on

    Jim – werd to that brutha

    Carp – must have a strong, ahem, constitution

    Wicky – ’13 Rangers for the ’75 Flyers

  197. Steve – When they let you hammer a huge sign onto a telephone pole, you know you’re a landmark.

  198. I disagree Carp – I don’t think any team can be a serious cup contender with a bottom 6 that offensively anemic.

    I do concur, of course, that the Rangers would likely be sitting in a PO position right now if those 2 high-priced mercenaries were delivering, but their PO run wouldn’t/won’t be deep if that bottom 6 forward scoring issue isn’t addressed – a round or 2 max and they’ll be gone.

    Remember the 2 PO finishes during the JJ regime? Similar problems (although at least back then the bottom 6 played with passion) that helped sink them.

    I agree with you on the still making the Nash trade, but what’s gone unexpected and to date unaddressed is what Dubi and oftentimes AA (when he wasn’t playing wing on the one of the top 2 lines) brought from an offensive standpoint to the bottom 6. They weren’t juggernauts of course, but they did better than what we’re seeing for the current 3rd line….

  199. In the playoffs, everyone starts playing much more shutdown D and the big names get loads of focus. It then becomes the job for the “accesory scoring” to handle if you will. Any team struggling to score and only getting by on their goalie’s studliness is in for majot trouble when the playoffs start if they even get there. But these guys won’t, so not to worry.

  200. Sioux-per-man on

    Jim- Maybe the chemistry between Kreider-Newbury can carry over to the varsity.

    It’s worth a shot, don’t you think?

  201. And if no deal is imminent I’m okay with the notion of recalling Newbury and slotting him in between the rookies. That would put BB back to the 4th line where he truly belongs.

    That said, the coach has shown very little patience with Newbury and I suspect if the team gets behind, rather than break up that silly first line, he’ll put BB back on the 3rd line and slide Newbury to the 4th. Then after the game Newbury will be demoted again.

  202. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Katie Strang trying to find a story, saying the Rangers interest in Boyle is reported.

    Perhaps Sather or Torts like that move. To this fan, another 5’ll” 190 lb, soaking wet defenseman, even with puckhandling skills, is not what we need. We have some that may not be as good as him, but their cap hits are half and they are 10 years younger.

  203. Jim, in case you skimmed over what I said, I was agreeing with you.

    But the bigger problem is two of the three legit first-line players.

    You’re never going to get this bottom six (now bottom four, minus Haley and Halpern and plus Kreider and Miller) to score goals, ever.

  204. Disagree. Miller and Kreider Chris will score some . Never is a little strong. Lest we forget, Kreider Chris scored 5 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

  205. Carp, for all the free pub. you’re getting them you should sign a personal services contract with Walter’s. You should at least send them copies of these threads. Maybe you could at least score a couple of free doggies. My Mom was in the rehab hospital down the street a couple of years ago. I have eaten a lot of Walter’s dogs.

  206. Every year I think that this deadline will be quieter than the last. Dont know what to expect this year. How many teams will actually be sellers in this short season? Does the short season factor matter? Hard to imagine that teams like Flyers, Panthers, Sabres, Flames, Stars, etc wont be willing to deal just about anything.

  207. Yea, Lev. So many teams are on the cusp of making the playoffs. Hard to think a lot of them would be sellers. At least we have irreplaceable assets we are willing to move though. That might help. I’m sure we can move anything we want if we are willing to get ripped off.

  208. Im sure It’s been brought up before, but would you guys do Iginla for Gaborik straight up? I keep hearing we lack depth on defense and grit up front and lack of scoring. Iginla is a responsible forward with scoring touch, who is gritty as hell. He covers most of the bases the Rangers are lacking. In all honesty the Rangers can get by with their defense, which really hasnt been the main issue…up front toughness and lack of scoring has, which Ignila could plug up. Granted not sure that’s a trade Calgary would make or that Gaborik would even allow.

  209. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Manny, interesting point on Richards. Perhaps he is BEGGING to be benched.

    In a world where athletes are held accountable for their salaries (we all know they are not), he’s benched with no pay. Or, give his salary to a charity, just not to him.

  210. TSNBobMcKenzie NYR and FLA have been told by NHL there will be no supplementary discipline for Rick Nash’s hit on Tomas Kopecky.

    dodged a bullet

  211. Remember that time Markus Naslund chose the unpopular route and retired thus helping the team out? Good times.

  212. The fact that Nash was solicitous after the hit and that there was absolutely no retaliation, not even jawing by Fla tells you all you have to know. Should certainly have been an in-game penalty, though.

  213. stranger nation on


    take the Ginger over Bucky all day and twice on Tuesday

  214. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Smalls, Iginla is another very high priced underachiever (anyone see a pattern here???). He earns $7m and needs to be resigned.

    Gabby, another very high priced underachiever (anyone see a pattern here???), earns $7.5M through next year.

    I am beginning to feel only one or two of these hyped and overpaid players is enough. I’d almost rather see a lesser quality two players back in return, but no matter what I’d let Richards out the back door.

  215. stranger nation on

    what would it take to get Nash to plaster guys?

    Imagine if he and Kreider said, “screw it, lets just play the body until they puke”

    The Garden roof would pop off with roars of delight…

  216. Richards can become a Board Member for Garden of Dreams and donate his salary. Actually, he could retire, so we have Cap Space and then receive a small salary to act as Director.

  217. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    before richards and or gaborik are moved .. you have to ask yourself who will fill their shoes ? and you expect sather to admit he made a mistake and torts can’t motivate these guys or have them play within his system..

  218. I would trade Gaborik for Iginla straight up because I think Iginla fits our system really well and I think Gaborik would enjoy playing with the high flying Flames and their youngsters.

  219. Well thats kind of why I bring Iginla up. Yeah his contract is almost identical to Gaborik’s, but heh would be gone after the season should the Rangers not choose to resign him, wheras Gaborik stays another year for that massive hit.

  220. Im not saying Iginla is the answer that will bring us the promise land, but if a shake up that actually makes sense is what this team is looking for, I honestly believe Iginla for Gaborik actually makes a ton of sense. We don’t need Dan Boyle, as much as people might hate to admit around here, our defense is actuallt pretty good, even our 5th and 6th guys, Stralman and Eminger (once Staal is back)

  221. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Ok, can anyone name 10 guys with huge NHL contracts that actually EARN what they are making?

    Crosby, yeah.
    Malkin, yeah.
    Kovie, I think so.
    Nash, probably.
    Kopita, yeah.

    Who else? Vanek ($7.5…ha!!), Tyler Myers ($5.5…ha!), DiPietro (ha!), Eric Staal (@$8.25? don’t think so), Bryzgalov, Briere, Timmonen (all Flyer flunkies)……………..

  222. And forgot about Hamr, who hasnt been horrible (but is obviously a band aid for the team right now).

  223. Don’t forget about Pronger and Getzlaf and Perry.

    Getzlaf played through the flu which was awesome.

  224. RIP Ray Williams – real NYC basketball from the ’80s and earlier is slowly disappearing

  225. Yes. Richards is begging to be benched. That is what he is doing. The insanity continues.

  226. Remember in the summer of 2011 when at least half a dozen teams camped out at Richards’ agent’s office in Ontario for the right to bid on his services……

  227. Richie, Don’t Lose That Lumber

    We hear you’re leaving, that’s OK
    I thought our little wild time had just begun
    I guess you kind of scared yourself, you turn and run
    But if you have a change of heart,
    Richie, don’t lose that lumber.
    You might use it if you feel better
    When you get home.

  228. Oh, Thom. You didn’t get the sarcasm? It must be that Sarcasm is a purely American thing. Even though the word Sarcasm comes from Ancient Greek…

  229. Manny, and what if Iginla walks next year. Any pure goal scorers on the horizon?

    Matty- underachievers? How about this one: Dan Boyle. 4 goals, 9 assists. Signed through 2013-2014 at $6.7M cap hit. Gosh, I hope they aren’t serious about him.

  230. ilb – I know. That’s why I said he would re-sign for the right price because the chance to win the cup is here (on paper). I have said a million times that Gaborik is essentially irreplaceable on the open market for anything close to what he is paid right now. I only trade him for the right player and the right circumstance. Iginla for a few months obviously isn’t that. But Iginla for 3 years at a reasonable price is.

  231. Confusing are the posts which say Rangers aren’t good enough, but don’t trade Gaborik and don’t trade any youth. Well, then you are asking for continued mediocrity, continued frustrating meltdowns vs ahl florida cats.

    The question is, are they going to try to win it this year? if not, if they admit that they can’t get there with this group, and I don’t see how they can,then the vets should be on the block and the youth should be kept. If they are going all out, if they think the window is closing on the vets, if they believe that their coach is right in knowing what they need most, then bringing in Boyle is necessary.

  232. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Smalls, the one concern is Gabby is 31 (but chronically gets hurt), and Iginla is 35. They are different types of players, so that is interesting.

    On our defense, it is pretty good, but it is fairly one dimensional. I think our GM thinks/thought that MDZ will become a PP point player. He is still a kid, so one could argue that ‘may’ happen. But, how many MDZ, MacD, Staal, Girardi, non-huge ‘d-men’ does a team need. Bottom line we don’t/haven’t for years had a PP point quarterback OR a Beukeboom style stay at home, Scott Stevens-type, “I’ll flatten ya if you come near me” type player.

    We NEED a presence on the door step. Ask Henrique.

  233. Lets be serious the core of this team is Callahan Stepan Hagelin Nash Miller Kreider Mac, Girardi Staal Del Zotto Hank…everyone else is expendable I do Gaborik for Iginla in an instant if that was even a possibilty, because it ain’t workin now with what we got. And Richards is not being moved.

  234. Mcllrath will eventually be a physical presence on our D-Squad. Not much potential for the PP but probably a decent PK guy and a good 4th-6th D-Man.

  235. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    IlB, seems to me Dan Boyle fits perfectly into Sather’s scheme. Overpriced, and underachieving.


    Only thing that seems strange is that we do have Nash and he’s got size. Boyle is perfect for Sathers Rangers. He’s 5’11” and 36. He can really clear out the front of the net. Just what we need.

  236. It’s too bad Richards is so lost because the way his deal was structured was genius for trading him in the last three years of his contract to a team like the Islanders that is desperate to reach the cap floor without spending a penny.

  237. Matty”Sather should have known better”Boy March 22nd, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    _Perhaps he is BEGGING to be benched._

    This is the post which I was responding to.

  238. Every team would love a huge D man that clobbers people…good luck finding one though.

  239. Boyle is a PP quarterback. That is what Torts says the team needs. He did not say they needed a Beukeboom, he said they need a PP quarterback.

  240. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    I wouldn’t call Gaborik a mercenary. Too many just write off the two 40G seasons, as well as the Rangers not sniffing the ECF without him.

  241. Btw, Hamrlik has a pretty good shot from the point. The problem is, you can’t use him on PP because if the puck goes behind him, by the time he is done pivoting the goal scorer is hugging his teammates on the bench. What I’m trying to say is- gosh, I miss CABER!

  242. zamboni…I think this teams problem is we have too many “quarterbacks” on the PP, and not enough guys that will just hit the damn net and put give some net presence on the PP.

  243. Thom – pretty sure that was a joke as well. See later where he refers to donating his salary?

  244. Smalls – we have one. He’s in Hartford recovering from a Knee injury, growing in to an adult and getting ready for the NHL.

  245. well then you better call for a new coach if you don’t want to believe what he says the team needs.

  246. Right, Calgary wouldn’t do it, and Gaborik wouldn’t allow it. So enough.

    and Ray Williams, Mount Vernon guy. RIP.

  247. Hey fans, let’s play an MSG game. It’s called, the present blows chunks so let’s re-hash whatever scraps we can of the past. Here are your choices, fans:

    1. Alexei Kovalev just retired, making him the last of YOUR 1994 STANLEY CUP CHAMPION RANGERS (pause for loud roars) to do so. What was your favorite Kovalev moment and while you’re at it, why don’t we pull up all the highlights from that year, from the jersey retirement ceremonies, and get a picture of Alex with his troll mascot up on the diamond vision.


    2. Last year, YOUR FIRST PLACE REGULAR SEASON EASTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPION NEW YORK RANGERS had one heckuva year. Travel back in time, and simply pretend it’s one year ago. What were you doing? Who was the team playing? Did you have any idea they’d be as good as they were?

    Fans, this moment in time travel (also known as “look-over-here-not-at-the-man0-behind-the-curtain) has been brought to you by MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, the world”s most notorious arena.

  248. zamboni, could it be that they are trying like hell to get into the playoffs because anything can happen if you get in, and nothing can happen if you don’t? could it be that the organization hasn’t given up on the season just because some angry fans have?

  249. What was your favorite Kovalev moment


    When he cried on the bench after scoring a goal and getting out of a slump

    and when he was interviewed about taking his visor on and off and in his broken englih said something about “the lights…sometimes they make my eyes bleed”

  250. Good afternoon all! Was too tired to post last night, and oy, what an aggravating and depressing game. I think we’ll make the playoffs too. But my hopes past that are slim….Great review Carp. When Richards was being interviewed after the first, I thought he was on Ambien…..

  251. I guess Iginla’s desire to come to NY would be reduced if he had the pleasure of watching our loss last night or the one to the Sabres.

  252. According to reports, James Dolan footed the bill for Ray Williams to be treated for his cancer at Sloan because Williams had fallen on hard times.

  253. Carp, I’ll meet you at Walter’s any time….but I go for the doubles….you buying?

  254. Understood Manny, but you’d order a double at Walter’s too….and go for the chocolate shake…bring Jim with you….

  255. Chocolate Jim Beam Milkshake!? I’m in!

    I do *LOVE* Hot Dogs. It’s like the 2011-2012 NY Rangers and Hot Dogs and Mrs. Manny. Those are my favorite things.

  256. Carp, I agree with you that the org has not given up. That is why I believe they will follow the advice of their coach and go after a PP quarterback.

  257. bull dog line on

    its time for Torts to take the sweater away from Richards. I know there is a lot of blame to go around for what is happening, but nobody deserves more blame than Richards. he is at the point where he is dragging down his line mates. any body remember how Nash was playing while Richards was hurt? Richards comes back. gets Nash on his line, Nash disappears.

  258. Kovalev is my all-time favorite player. (Close second is Graves).

    Favorite moment: He scored twice (as did Gretzky) vs the Panthers in a game I attended at the Garden … at some point in the late 90s.

    Ps. Kovalev was a BEAST in NHL ’95

  259. don’t disagree, bull dog … but this team’s ONLY hope is that Richards and Gaborik figure it out. If they don’t, GAME OVER.

  260. Never meaning Halpern, Haley, Powe, Boyle, Asham, Bickel, Newbury, Rupp, Pyatt … that never.

    Carp you just gave me a brilliant idea for a package of players that we could trade to Tampa for Hedberg and Stamkos!

    Did you go to Walter’s btw? That would have been a great lunch idea. Im Starving and having a rough day. a double with mustard woulda fixed both!

  261. I can’t wait for him to be ready, Wicky. He’s all about the MAN and no the PUCK. He just has to learn better positioning so he doesn’t end up taking a million penalties. My advice, just play him DEEP in the zone so he’s always in between the puck carrier and the goalie. Success.

  262. bull dog line on

    my favorite Kovalev moment was game 6 in 94 against the Devs. Meesier got all the credit (well deserved), but Kovalev was the guy in that game.

  263. Manny- Kovalev’s game stats from last Saturdays fun day afternoon playing NHL ’96: 10 games 24 goals 13 assists. lol

  264. bull dog line on

    Gabby doesn’t need Richards, and I think of the 2, the one likely to figure it out would be Gabby.

  265. bull dog line on

    yeah they had a little something to do with it Carp. to me though, that was Kovalev shining moment.

  266. Dang, had no idea Beuk was with the Whale (getting out from under rock now)….now I gotta get to Hartford :) Met him once….awesome amazing guy.

  267. Gaborik played a decent game last night, and has played quite a few decent games lately. Obviously needs to score a lot more.

    You’d better fear the Drury 2.0 factor that I predicted the day before Richards signed … though I didn’t think he’d be Drury 2.0 in the second year of the contract.

  268. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I put the “big 3” on 3 different lines

    I’d trade Brian Boyle straight up for max lapierre

  269. James – how do you play NHL ’96? I want to get a Sega for this sole purpose. I suck at modern video game systems. HELP

  270. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Speaking of Brian Boyle, if you trade the mad bomber you have to trade him too because he has already lost prust and would be a basket case.

  271. A thought….just a farging thought so don’t get all nuts on me…but, what if we hadn’t made all those trades for Nash….or someone else had been part of the deal…..I’m seriously curious on (intelligent) thoughts, because this team, and was expected of it, is befuddling me.

  272. With you, Wick. I like the idea of splitting those guys up. Also, I don’t put them on the ice with Eminger and Del Zaster.

  273. Carp, I LOVE the good years, I enjoy most years. I’m just making fun of the WMFA’s tendency to trot out the few great ones whenever things don’t look so hot. If we more consistently had good years, there wouldn’t be such a tendency.

  274. eddie edddie eddie on

    In chess, you resign when its looking grim……maybe we ask for a draw….

  275. bull dog line on

    I have been a hold out on criticizing Richards, probably because I felt if they were going to do anything he was going to have to be part of it. but now, I don’t think he can be part of the solution. his game is so bad right now that having him in the line up hurts the team.

  276. Also, in regards to McIlrath, the guy fights a bunch so he wastes himself in the box. 90 PIMs already in 32 games. Our top d-man this year so far in PIMs is DZ with 12 (I’m not counting Bickel). Still can’t believe we wasted a 1st round pick on an immobile d-man who can only hit and fight.

  277. Yeah, I know, Peter. They tend to overdo it … like the MSG 366 thing that circles the main concourse. They couldn’t find enough legit things to fill it. My birthday: some roller derby championship in the 1950s. So many concerts, as if those were all memorable. When they did the top 50 all-time show, they had a tough time coming up with 50. This is the World’s Most Famous Arena that, until 2008, wasn’t even the most famous arena in New York.

  278. bull dog line on

    have the Rangers called anybody up to replace Haplern? or is Asham ready so they don’t need to.

  279. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Compliance buyout this summer at this rate.

    If step isn’t going to be a number 1 centre I’d rather have two #2 centers than an ineffective high priced #1.

    Step and antropov top 2 centers

  280. … and the most famous house where the NBA team hasn’t won in 40+ years and the NHL team has won once in 73.

  281. no recalls yet … not sure Halpern will definitely go down. Maybe they just needed him to clear waivers for some paper transaction or potential transaction later. … I don’t know what the new CBA looks like in those regards.

    So, is it McIlBust now? Already?

  282. Mama, like who? Dubinsky had to be part of the deal for $$ purposes. Erixon was a nonfactor. Out of Anisimov, Hagelin, Kreider, and Stepan I think they made the right choice. Couldnt have done it any better.

  283. James – I like that Mcllrath fights. I love the idea of a D-Man that can drop the gloves. That’s the guy that can protect Hank when people get in his crease since no one on our squad seems to care. I love that he takes the man and not the puck. I worry about him taking a lot of minor penalties (interference primarily) up here because he tends to play high in the zone and if any forward gets behind him I think he will quickly get called for a penalty when he knocks them on their tuchas.

    When Mcllrath is ready and when he gets up here it will be a VERY welcome addition to our D-Squad who loves to slide on the ground and stick check.

  284. And this sounds funny but I always wonder how much we as fans are responsible for the mediocrity with the Knicks and Rangers because it is accepted. You can bet your bottom dollar that Lou Lam knows if the Devils stink and become irrelevant, that team will never survive and so he finds a way. The Rangers seem to be able to sell everything out easily regardless because they’ve been around so long and have such deep roots. That make sense?

  285. Carp – Yup. I hated that draft pick when it happened. Wanted Fowler or Tinordi if we were taking a D-man, or either Bjugstad or Tarasenko (he was pretty damn impressive in the WJCs). McIlrath wasn’t even supposed to go in the 1st round anyway (although Tinordi wasn’t either).

  286. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I grew up outside Syracuse NY. Have you ever eaten a hoffman hot dog? Grandma Brown’s baked beans or Hinerwadel’s salt potatoes?

  287. bull dog line on

    Johnny D,
    by all accounts, McIlrath was going to go in the next couple of picks if the Rangers did not take him.

  288. According to the pre-draft scouting report, he was 27th overall for NA skaters. The TSN guys had him going 15th, but they still passed on Fowler (who to be fair is pretty awful defensively and the Ducks have killed his growth) and Brandon Gormley, both of which were supposed to be top 10. Tarasenko was passed too and he was the 2nd highest Euro skater on the scouting report as well.

    Either way, from what I’ve seen from McIlrath in juniors and even the little bit that i’ve seen him in the AHL, he can’t skate and his positioning sucks. If he isn’t scoring goals (which he won’t), he damn better well be good defensively. That’s not something you can necessarily teach and improve that much, especially when the guy hits so much and takes himself out of position a lot.

  289. First chance in a few days to catch up on the posts and it’s good to see that there are less every loss is Torts fault nonsense is not as bad. You know because the coach tells them not score. But anyway.

    You should ALL know where I am headed with my comments on last night. You pay a guy $7.8 mil, trade away 4 assests to get him, including 2 home grown core members of a winning team, and HE’s BEATEN off the boards by a guys almost 1/2 his size. He’s superstar alright! Please if his name was Radek Nashev and not Rick Nash – the talk on him would be much different. I’m sorry but at his size he needs to be more Milan Lucic and A LOT less Jagr. They need him to make an impact not stand at center ice looking for breakaways which is what he’s been doing a lot lately which by the way has led to goals against. But hey, keep defending him and that trade while Columbus is getting better and we no show another home game!

  290. It was nice to see Jeff Halpern waived today. I guess when they woke up and realized he has less goals than Martin Brodeur it might have been time.

  291. Sorry if I run off a bunch of comments in a row. Trying to give some thoughts to what has been posted over the last few days.

    As for Kreider. I thought he was average at best last night. There is a big jump from college hockey to the NHL and he’s clearly not there yet.

  292. hwirth – Jagr never got beat on the boards when he had the puck. Yeah he wasn’t going to hit anybody, but he didn’t lose the puck on the boards.

  293. Peter – Your comments about MSG are 100% true and I’ll take it one step further. The Garden would rather bring in a name value player, no matter how he fits the team, that can sell merchandize and be promoted around town than Win.

  294. This was a defensive play he let Skille win the puck in the corner in the defensive zone and made it worse by standing while he drove to the net and didnt bother to maybe clear out the players waiting for the rebound

  295. Obviously late to this post but absolutely excellent synopsis of the game, the roster the season!

    Nice job!

  296. Manny cant argue on Mcillrath. Tho I dont remember making any comment about him lol

    NHL 96 on Super NES. My buddy upstate still has it in perfect condition and that’s how we celebrated getting two new remotes off ebay. That and MK2 lol

  297. Sorry Manny but I havent exactly felt the loss of Erixon and his 4 points on the season.

  298. Lev, as I said….just asking for thoughts.

    You all been keeping up with what may or may not happen with the Garden? Thoughts on that?

  299. Next cut Pyatt? Another hard worker like Halpern who’s unfortunately not getting anything done besides minutes killed. Might suggest some accountability from the GM, some hope that he will try to find someone better. 2-year deal, though.

  300. Exactly what physical presence? Steve Eminger in 5 less games played has 9 more hits than him. And 4 less blocked shots.

  301. Carp: I concur and wonder if the solution is to move Gaborik for a legitimate 3rd line center with offensive upside…

    I know he’s not moveable now, but for example, Ryan O’Reilly, I think, would be a huge upgrade as a 3rd line center…

  302. He would be leading the Rangers D-men in penalties though, minors that is. If we really need that we can just put Bickel in the lineup.

  303. The New York Rangers are an example of a team that tries to suffocate opponents and are themselves slowing dying of asphyxiation. One might argue that the Rangers controlling coach, John Tortorella, is blazing a trail to his own firing with his focus on defensive hockey.

    In Rick Nash, the Rangers acquired one of the biggest and best offensive players in the league. And what is the Rangers obsession? Blocking shots. Defensive zone coverage. Bunker hockey.

    With 2.27 goals per game on average, the mighty Rangers are 29th in scoring, ahead of only the Columbus Blue Jackets (2.13).

    While Nash is nearly a point per game player, he is hardly in his element, and Rangers fans might agree this a team few want to pay to see these days.

  304. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Fwiw, the optimum d man to get out of that draft was gudbranson, who we saw last night.

  305. Czechthemout!!! on

    It is all the Nash trade’s fault.

    Its the trade that has made the number one center play like he should contemplate retirement.

    Its the trade’s fault that the top goal scorer on the team has only score in 5 of the 30 games this year. Of course the fact that he plays like he could care less half the time is also the trade’s fault.

    Its the trade that caused Ryan Callahan to do next to squat offensively for 18-20 games this year.

    Its the trade that forces the coach to play a system ( if you call it that ) that is not appropriate for the type of players we have. ( actual talent ). A “system” predicated on the goalie having to stand on his head night after night, game after game defending the net against numerous, high quality scoring chances even though this ” system” is supposed to prevent them. A system that values blocked shots like goals and hits like assists. Of not understanding that the only reason you have a high number of both is because you never have the puck. Of course having a coach say that he never coaches or teaches offense is also the trade’s fault.

    It is the trade that has caused the power play to suck! Game after game, season after season, but the guy coaching it is still here.

    And once again I will repeat, the trade had zero impact on the cap or on the other few “players”who decided to leave on their own for more money. That includes future hall of famer Brandon Prust. The most overrated Ranger by some fans that I have ever heard. You do realize that had Richards, Gabby, Hank, and Callahan performed last year like this year that we would have been in te lottery, right? Core players, what a joke! And I was a big Dubi supporter.

  306. Cross Check Charlie on

    I don’t know what the solution is for this team, but the big problem is that it appears that management doesn’t know either.

  307. Czechthemout!!! on

    You may also want to blame the GM. He is the one who has not drafted enough players to come in and replace the ” players “that left the team. Not that they were that good nor difficult to replace them. Yet he still didn’t and actually found players that fit into a category that cannot be defined by a single descriptive word. “Scrubs” is too complimentary a term for them.

  308. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Lol @ Jonny re jagr lmgo

    It was just an option. Never said it was personal preference, and he doesn’t fit ;)

    Who are you talking about re “letting off the boards”?

  309. The 2nd goal was cause by Nash losing a board battle with little Jake Skille. Really no excuse for that.

  310. Not sure I want to blame the coach because I go back and forth on this an awful lot, but do you really think there isn’t a coach out there who could get better results from a lineup with Lundqvist in goal, Girardi/Staal/MDZ/McD/Stralman on D, and Nash/Gabby/Richards/Stepan/Hagelin/Callahan/Kreider/Miller?

    Why are so many players playing so badly?

    I’m just as confused as the rest of you but when a team comes out not ready to play every single night and has the kind of record the Rangers do, the blame goes to everyone. Put it this way – its the players, and it’s the coaching.

  311. Agreed, Peter. It’s just that so many who want the coach to be blamed have an axe to grind with the coach. and everybody knows it.

  312. Cross Check Charlie on

    Not true Carp. I thought Torts was coach of the year last year. I thought he got the most out of a group of middle of the road talents. This year is different. I think he’s got more talent on the team and is not getting much of anything from them.

    Maybe it’s just one of those years when everybody has an off year, but things like the power play have been a problem for a long time now.

  313. @NYIslanders@ Carkner and Nielsen get credited with the helpers. Carkner tallies his first point of the season. #Isles

  314. Been saying it all day HWirth. A team that plays this aggressively cannot afford to lose puck battles. Especially in their own end!

  315. Hello sport’s, fans, the coach can not coach scoring to professionsals, he can not coach team toughness unless he has willing students,he can not coach a finesse defense to hit harder, move the puck more quickly hit the net when they shoot the puck and he can definitely not coach the forwards to pass more effectively bang the opposition’s defense and stand in front not in back of the net!

    In fact he can not coach an inferior roster of overpaid stiffs and prospects to do what they seem incapable of doing!

    What he can do is coach and suggest that these stiffs act and play like they are more than a rag tag unit put in place by his useless GM!

  316. Can I ask a question of people that like to complain about Torts with “They have more talent this year”? Really. They have 1 player with more talent. They also have 5 players with much less playing regularly. Sorry, but not one Halpern, Pyatt, Asham, Powe, and even Miller is “more talented” than any of Fed, Prust, Artie, Dubi or Mitchell. It’s just not true.

  317. I agree with the part that says that there must be a coach that can get better results with the players we currently have. Sometimes the system isnt the best for the players. Sometimes the same message (voice) every day gets tuned out with time. It happens. There is no question though that the team as a whole, not just Gaborik and Richards, have been disappointing. Even the captain hasnt played at his level from last year. McD and Girardi have had tough moments. And of course injuries have been much more evident this year.

  318. Miller is less talented than John Mitchell? Well then we have more problems than we originally thought.

  319. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I agree Nash lost the battle on the boards, but I attribute the goal to one out of position d man and the other d man not taking the body as skille walked it towards the net

  320. If you think Miller is a better offensive player than Mitchell you need to actually research these players and not get excited because he happened to score 2 goals in his 1st game. The scouting report on Miller as mentioned several times during the WJHC through TSN and the NHL Network (certainly non biased reporters) was that he was slated to be a really solid 3rd line playmaker but wouldn’t be much of a finisher. And guess what. It’s exactly what he’s showing and that’s fine. Mitchell has always been a guy who has been able to shoot the puck well but has never put his whole game together until this year. And since according to this board, all that matters is goal scoring, Mitchell has more talent than Miller.

  321. I’d also argue that in this stage of their careers, Mitchell is a much more proven commodity than JT “I’ve played 20 NHL games” Miller. JT will be better than Mitch at some point, but not yet.

  322. Carp, link no work for some reason…but from what I’ve read, the excuse/explanation still makes no sense to me….make up your mind!!!! Can “rotten” even though refs didn’t call be penalty worthy? Oy vey…and this is my guy……

  323. Youre talking to the guy that thinks Kreider has been way overrated by most Rangers fans. But saying John Mitchell has more talent (different than more goal scoring ability) than JT Miller is pretty courageous i must say.

  324. This is the NHL Central Scouting report on Miller:

    Miller is a very strong, powerful skater and he uses his speed to help him both offensively and defensively. He’s an extremely hard worker and has the ability to get to loose pucks as well as separate the puck from the carrier seemingly at will. He’s not the most creative player on the ice but he does have the ability to make the easy play. Miller’s passing and shooting abilities are at the very least solid and consistent but he does show flashes at times of high end abilities in this regard. The knock on Miller was that when you saw him play and admired his skills, you wondered why he did not produce the numbers to match those skills. At times, Miller’s decision making with the puck was cause to question his hockey sense and offensive awareness. He seemed a safe bet to develop into a third line center who could match up against the opposition’s top line. A prospect for sure but the first round may have been a stretch.”

  325. He was bitching, but the question is legit…..from another place….

    “Maple Leafs forward Joffrey Lupul, who was suspended two games this week for a hit on Victor Hedman, tweeted in response, “If someone can explain the decisions on what warrants a suspension and what doesn’t, please let me and the rest of guys know.”

  326. ha…comment awaiting moderation….I bet I can fix that with one word

    He was “complaining” but the question is legit…..from another place….

    “Maple Leafs forward Joffrey Lupul, who was suspended two games this week for a hit on Victor Hedman, tweeted in response, “If someone can explain the decisions on what warrants a suspension and what doesn’t, please let me and the rest of guys know.”

  327. lol I liked Mitch anyone that blocks a shot with their noggin has my respect, he was also adept at handling the puck in tight spaces -it’s just that he had trouble ever seeing, finding, getting the puck to anyone while doing so. To compare him to a just turned 20 year old is silly. Leave him out and I agree with your general point.

  328. So Hwith – for the record, and I ask because you cite scouting reports as the basis for your argument and then change direction saying it’s according to the boards overemphasis on goal scoring – Who in your opinion is the more talented player?

  329. 1. You make the Nash trade every day of the week.
    2. I would play JT Miller and his potential in a nanosecond over Mitchell every time. That’s how you develop young assets.
    3. If you’re going to argue that the intangibles brought by Fedotenko and Prust are irreplaceable, fine. And I know they both have more points than our bottom guys but so does Marty Brodeur. Pyatt is not a bad replacement for Feds statistically – has fewer points but more goals.
    4. Brian Boyle was threatened with the AHL one year, went home and worked all summer on his skating, came back and the improvement it gave him was worth 20 goals, and illions of dollars. Obviously he is no longer working with a skating coach because he is never even in the play. Brian Boyle working with Barb Underhill = great asset. Brian Boyle not doing that = AHL. Unless it is still the concussion. Still, nobody could or would have expected this drastic a drop in production.
    5. Kreider – we expected him to chip in and he really hasnt been given a chance to. Most rookies are bad in their own zone, especially the ones known for offense. For some reason other teams find ways to use them productively. Our team makes him useless even though somehow in the playoffs last year that was NOT the case.
    6. McDonagh – having a down year
    7. Girardi – having a worse year. Banged up, awful, awful play on the Panthers first goal, that was on him 100%. And he’s not made a difference in apositive way at all.
    8. Staal – out.
    9. MDZ- no different than what anyone should expect of him all along. Not sure he is truly any different as player now than 2-3 years ago, just depends on what everyone else does.
    10. Gabby – get open, we’ll get you the puck so you can shoot. No, we know that’s your strength, but instead play along the walls and in traffic since you stink at that.
    11. Richards – must be using drugs, impossible to fathom how anyone could be this bad all of a sudden. “I’m confused?” Yeah man, we are too, you took like $40 million dollars to play hockey already and it looks like you’re trying out for the Ice Capades. Confused. That actually makes me PO’ed that he says that.
    12. Hank – nowhere near good enough but since the team never scores, off the hook as usual.

    It’s everything, guys. This team is not going to come around, there are not many games left. The system the coach has them playing, plus the way he deploys or doesnt deploy guys, plus the fact that everyone is having a bad year – it all is part of the same picture that doesn’t mesh or fit together. Last year everyone bought in. Obviously this year the newer guys like Asham, Powe, Pyatt, Hamrlik, have NOT done that, and the guys who supported the buy-in and were voices for the coach – Richards and Boyle – are playing so badly they have no credibility in the room, none. It’s a total disaster. It could easily be one even if you didnt make the Nash trade and kept everyone. EASILY.

  330. Who do I think is more talented? In terms of offense? Mitchell. Who is a better all around player? Miller. But the gripe was referring the lack of offense. I didn’t say I would take Mitchell over Miller. (obviously age plays a role as well) But in terms of offensive ability, Miller is not a bigger threat to score than Mitchell. Look at their careers. Mitchell has already a 30 point season in the NHL with the Leafs.

  331. I shouldnt have said that about Richards and drugs. Its just unexplainable. But that was wrong and if I could edit it out I would. Sorry.

  332. “I’m still confused….thoughts all?”

    You been hanging with BRich?
    What’s the fuss?

  333. Peter – You make the Nash trade everyday? You realize Artie has 7 goals already this year alone. So for 3 more goals, you give up a 1st round pick, along with Dubi and Erixon (who I admit I am not high on) but he’s still an asset. Not an automatic everyone thinks. In fact, there is zero chance JD would take Nash back for the 4 assets he got back. He’d laugh at the Rangers.

  334. hwirth – Yes I make that trade, and JD would never have given up Nash for what they actually got.

  335. And again the SYSTEM? What’s the system? Working hard along the boards? Using strong defense to create offense? Winning puck battles? Got bad news for everyone. That’s what all 30 NHL coaches want their players to do. The talent and creativity is up to the players at that point. And again please say open it up so I can answer with and which skilled puck carrying offensive d-men should back the defense up in order to “open it up” Last I checked, I didnt see an Erik Karlsson, Ducan Keith, Kris Letang on our roster.

  336. Mitchell is in his 5th NHL season and is 8 years older than JT. At Millers age Mitch was still in OHL.

  337. Cross Check, where, besides Nash, is there more talent? OK, now add in that with all his talent, Nash has 10 goals. And that the only other two first-line players on the team are having dreadful years. Where is there more talent?

    there’s less talent. That’s why they have to defend. They score fewer goals. And they don’t defend as well, and the defensemen are struggling and the goalie hasn’t been his usual Vezina self, and the bottom six stink. So where is there more talent?

  338. JD would never take that contract back EVER! AND he got a 1st round pick. Do you guys understand what the word balance means? The balanced teams win. Again, short of Crosby and Malkin and unless you buy the Wild as a contender, the top 20 current contracts (the Ducks dont start till next year lets see what happens) come from mostly losing teams.

  339. bull dog line on

    Columbus is looking to dump Dubi, and they will not tender a contract to Anisimov this summer. they will end up with a 1st round pick, and Erixon for Nash.

  340. This one is for the people who tried to tell me we have a better roster than the Pens. Sutter, you know the guy you wouldn’t want over our guys, has 9 goals now playing 3rd line center minutes. Maybe he should have agent talk to Shero about a 7.8 mil contract since he’s only got 1 less than Nash now. ON THEIR 3rd LINE!

  341. Why wouldn’t they tender Anisimov a contract? Hes going to be a double digit goal scorer for them?You guys need to watch other games besides the Rangers.

  342. As for Dubi on the block. 1 reporter says it so its true. Even though they immediately gave him an A this season.

  343. Anybody want to trade twenty year old Miller for Mitchell (28) even up? Man, this blog is turning into “silly season”. If he turns into a third line shut down center who can score a little- who cares about him being a first round pick?

  344. bull dog line on

    what is Anisimov going to ask for this summer? 4 mil? you think Columbus is going to go for that? for a guy with 9pts all season? he will be a free agent this summer because Columbus will walk away from him.

  345. Ughh, People need to read the entire comment section before putting words in people’s mouth. All I said was the exact point you just made that they are not more talented and I even included Miller in that. The response of course was that Mitchell is not more talented than Miller. I pointed out that Mitchell is a proven goal scorer while the scouting report on Miller was that hes not likely to be a finisher. No one said anything about a straight up trade. GEEEZ!

  346. Bull Dog – Of course they are going to give him the money. He’s got 7 already and has been injured this year. The guy has been a double digit scorer every year of his career. He is versatile. A smart 2 way player. Yes they are keeping him.

  347. bull dog line on

    while I am not a big fan of Nash’s game, he is not the reason this team is struggling. the most blame for that falls on Richards.

  348. I didn’t hear you say Mitchell was proven goal scorer, you mean “Mitchell has already a 30 point season in the NHL with the Leafs.”. Prust sayin’ ..cause if you said goal scorer..
    34 goals in 250 games

  349. Can say what you want about the BJs, but they have been cruising lately (points in 10 straight). They play a lot like last years Rangers team without the top end skill.

    Fact is, I said when the trade was made that if the Rangers didn’t improve and get to the cup final, the trade for Nash was a huge waste. So far it looks that way because this team looks like an early first round exit when they do make it. I thought it’d be to the Pens in the second round, but I didn’t think guys would regress this much.

  350. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Too many players on the rangers that are minor leaguers on just about every other team.

  351. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    John Mitchell, the former attorney general under Richard M. Nixon, is on fire.

  352. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If you can’t beat the Sabres and the Panthers, you don’t deserve the post season.

  353. “Sally Field was a babe.”

    I think Marlo Thomas aka ‘That Girl’ was my first TV crush.
    Flying Nun ehh not so much

  354. Stranger Nation on

    Petticoat Junction babes
    Ginger and Mary Ann from Gilligans’
    Susan St. James from McMillian and Wife
    Angie – Police Woman
    Laurie Partridge
    Wonder Woman

    bring back the 70’s…

  355. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My brutha – I dreamt of Jeanie quite often…. Don’t forget about Marcia Marcia Marcia

  356. You do realize, if Miguel Cabrera doesn’t lead the league in HRs, RBIs and BA this year he won’t win the Triple Crown?!

    I will repeat if this is unclear.

    Lemme know …

    Back to my grinding wheel

  357. lol ’99’ (Barbara Feldon) could get me going just the way she would said “Maaaaax”

  358. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Muckler had that talk show for awhile before he dying – he then coached the rangers

  359. Stranger Nation on

    BC-BU on – think Kreider would score in this game?

    Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?

  360. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tennessee Tuxedo will never fail…. Right chumley?.. Uhhhhh gee right Tennessee

  361. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Apparently Joe D didn’t appreciate the shout out when asked … He said “what do mean where have I gone? I haven’t gone anywhere”

  362. PIX! , (Space Battle lasers fire), PIX! , (Space Battle lasers fire), PIX! , (Space Battle lasers fire)

  363. Stranger Nation on

    “Up and at ’em, Atom Ant”

    Dude had a computer in his lair in the late 60’s

  364. Wow. Petticoat Junction.

    “… and there’s Uncle Joe, he’s a movin’ kinda slow at the Junction — Petticoat Junction.”

  365. Bob Marley (Buffalo Soldier) ripped off the The Banana Splits theme song
    or maybe the other way around ;)

    oy oy oy , uh ya yoy yoy..

    fa la la ….

  366. Repost

    Richie, Don’t Lose That Lumber

    We hear you’re leaving, that’s OK
    I thought our little wild time had just begun
    I guess you kind of scared yourself, you turn and run
    But if you have a change of heart,
    Richie, don’t lose that lumber.
    You might use it if you feel better
    When you get home.

  367. Richie Rich ‘Engings’ Dad: “Don’t look so glum son, least you still have all your teeth (and 50 mil)

  368. So Gaborik is going for a top 4 D-Man and a 2nd line banger. Or is he staying and Torts going? Probably the former.

  369. And then their are the optimists……some who see minor league nobodies as potential saviors……..Pretty silly if you ask me.

  370. Oh my. For those of you not in the know “PIX” was when WPIX would call someone at home and have them play a video game over the phone where they’d watch the TV and when they wanted the laser cannon to fire, they’d say “PIX.”

    Oh, my nose! Oh, my nose!

    Something suddenly came up!

  371. Leave Gabby at the top of the defensive blue line for breakaways and hope for the best.

  372. Edited for the blog:

    My job is so unbelievable. I’ll try to sum it up by first telling you about the folks I work with:

    First, there is this supermodel wanna-be chick. Yeah, okay, she is pretty hot, but damn is she completely useless. The girl is constantly fixing her hair or putting on makeup. She is extremely self-centered and has never once considered the needs or wants of anyone but herself. She is as dumb as a box of rocks, and I still find it surprising that she has enough brain power to continue to breathe.

    The next chick is completely the opposite. She might even be one of the smartest people on the planet. Her career opportunities are endless, and yet she is here with us. She is a zero on a scale of 1 to 10. I’m not sure she even showers, much less shaves her “womanly” parts. I think she might be a lesbian, because every time we drive by the hardware store, she moans like a cat in heat.

    But the jewel of the crowd has got to be the stoner. And this guy is more than just your average pothead. In fact, he is baked before he comes to work, during work, and I’m sure after work. He probably hasn’t been sober anytime in the last ten years, and he’s only 22. He dresses like a beatnik throwback from the 1960’s, and to make things worse, he brings his big dog to work. Every freaking day I have to look at this huge Great Dane walk around half-stoned from the second-hand smoke. Hell, sometimes I even think it’s trying to talk with its constant bellowing. Also, both of them are constantly hungry, requiring multiple stops to McDonalds and Burger King, every single day.

    Anyway, I drive these idiots around in my van and we solve mysteries and whatnot.

  373. Stranger Nation on

    peter – the PIX had a delay of a second which invariably led to very poor games and unintended comedy.

  374. Hey, you jjoshing me with thos line combos?

    So Hrivik, who has all of 4 goals in Hartford, is the man? Ssssssshhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssshhhhhhhhh.

  375. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Counting flowers on the wall
    That don’t bother me at all
    Playing solitaire till dawn with a deck of 51
    Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo
    Now don’t tell me
    I’ve got nothing to do…

  376. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    And don’t forget late night on WOR with Joe Franklin …. Riveting television

  377. Torts lives in Short Hills, New Jersey. “Honey, would you take care of the paperboy, I’m a little short.”

  378. Imagine this place if we suffer a 7 year playoff drought like we did from 98 thru 2005?

  379. Biting satire is always better than physical force. On the other hand, with Nazis, physical force comes in handy.

  380. Real_ESPNLeBrun Not sure which fan base is more deflated right now. Flames or Jets?

    Guess he hasn’t popped in here today.

  381. Torts to Sully..

    When’s our next game? Do we have a chance, Sully or should I start to use my sick time before I lose it?

  382. Stranger Nation on

    I keep hearin’ your concern about my happiness
    But all that thought you’ve given me is, conscience I guess
    If I were walkin’ in your shoes, I wouldn’t worry none
    While you and your friends are worryin”bout me, I’m havin’ lots of fun

  383. oh wait until the Caps spank the Rangers on Sunday. Then we’ll be all the chit chat. And they will spank the Rangers.

  384. “Sully, we have to start getting serious around here. From now on, I’m calling you Sullivan!”

  385. Ledge landlord making mega bucks in this neck of the woods. Doubt he needs to travel Carp!

    We loose Sunday, Ledge Landlord set for life!

  386. thx Papa I just made that stuff up and he got me to post a lot today by making me have to feel more loyal :)
    seriously though I hope he double checked the numbers

  387. and just think if all had gone to the 2000 and something plan that Al Montoy would have been our starting goalie today. Maybe we wouldnt have such trouble scoring goals.

  388. eddie eddie eddie on

    Q: what did they find on the end of rock hudson’s unit when they did the autopsy?

  389. Mama Bear, who is agnostic all things Rangers, until post season rolls around …. asked me today if we’d be going to some playoff games again this year.. ….ay yay yay.

  390. “And, Richie, from now on you’re ‘Chucky the murderous doll.’ I want you to have more rocks than the Great Wall of China! We on the same page?”

  391. Stranger Nation on

    Rangers win next two they can be all alone in 7th – this thing won’t be over until Ollie misses in the SO

  392. Torts to Nash: “Good backside beatdown you put on that kid last night. If you repeat this conversation, I’ll tell them you’re lying.”

  393. e^3^ how’d you remember that? – I couldn’t even tell you if that was the right year but unfortunately I saw that

    By total chance I also saw Cal Ripkens last game of his streak at Camden Yards

    Was on the field when the Mets clinched in 86

    that’s about it

  394. Torts to Sully…”this one a double…..on the rocks”

    Sully to Torts: ….”.I’m not Gabby….make your own.”

  395. Stranger Nation on

    Better memory was Giants-Vikes 2000 NFC Championship – now that was a FUN game to be at!!

  396. Torts to Sully: “What are you drawing with that magic marker all year, Donald Duck cartoons?”

  397. Stranger Nation on

    If you had bet the money line on Florida Gulf Coast tonight, let me know your picks for Powerball tomorrow…

  398. eddie eddie eddie on

    dde – we had a late night chat discussing all things depressing and i mentioned that debacle…you mentioned you were there….that game bummed me out for 7 months

  399. Sully to Torts: John, I’m still not sure why we drop all our players below the face off dots in the defensive zone? Shouldn’t we cover the points with our wingers?

    Torts to Sully: (after the double on the rocks). …….next question Sam.

  400. Thanks Peter, but I keep asking for Daphne and this Jenny chick keeps gettin pissed at me!

  401. Sully: “Win the draw and slide it out to this guy, which I’ve designated with an X.”

  402. “Sam, who’s coaching this team, you or me?”

    “Why, you are, coach.”

    “That’s all I’m saying.”

  403. Stranger Nation on

    very happy the Ivies won a game, maybe two, who knows.

    The cesspool that is big time (TV money) college athletics can be entertaining, but there are thousand of stories of broken dreams and uneducated athletes that can mar the experience if you want to peer behind the veneer.

  404. Torts to Powe: “Powie, they tell me you went to Princeton.”

    “Right, coach.”

    “Well, after you shower, we’re going out for a few pops. I got a couple questions.”

  405. lmgo, e3. flowers on the wall.

    coos, it’s pysie, with an s. get it right.

    what was the iona score? I’m an alum. Well, sort of.

  406. “Oh, and bring Bickel. I run into some real wise guys out there in the real world.”

  407. Torts: after chasing his double with a fine merlot. “Argh…..Ugh….. Buuuuuuurrrrp…… Samsie

  408. Stranger Nation on

    In yahoo’s tourney Pickem there are only 4 entries that do not have a loss yet after only 28 out of 63 games…amazing

    I had Gtown and Whiskey in my Elite 8 so I’m toast, but also have Mich St and VMI in my final 4 so ya never know…

  409. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – Gaels played well but did not have the size to compete against the student-athletes from Columbus.

  410. Richie the bachelor must be a babe magnet with all that green and those big, shiny choppers.

  411. “Maybe you can get a shirt from Dugiie for me to wear….we are going downtown right?”

  412. eddie – one of the things I remember most is how in the week preceding the game Mike Francesa (WFAN NY sports talk radio) totally overlooked the Vikings and talked about played the Packers in the next round

  413. “He’s got that big body, Sam, hard to move. Like the Staal family. Nice people.”

    “Sure are Joe, none better. Oh… score! who was that?

  414. ” no! Don’t ask Dugie to come… He crock block us all night long with his hairy chest, gold chains and earrings. Yeah, that’s right….. the 70’s look is back again”

  415. Iona was up by 25 last year second half in NCAAs against Brigham Young and lost. And Francessa says the coach is a genius.

  416. Dugie would have fit right in on Gilligan’s Island if he didn’t have a speaking part.

  417. stranger nation on

    Well at least they cant take the 94 Cup away from us.

    This year is all about reverting to he mean and what a total crapshoot hockey is during the sevond season.

    Ya never know

  418. “Sweetheart, take the dogs out. I’m having a few pops with Powsie, Pysie, and the Tooth.”

  419. stranger nation on

    coos – will not listen to Fat Fran anymore. His ego ate the brain he never had.

  420. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Giligan’s island – llol….. The professor could make a radio out of a coconut yet they couldn’t build a boat…. Thurston Howell III was a hoot

  421. I really hope some of you watched the U.S. vs Costa Rica World Cup qualifier tonight … wow, absolutely-epic game played in blizzard conditions … incredible.

    Go Team USA!

  422. Dugie uses Elmer’s Glue to affix horsehair to his upper chest. Then sings, “That’s Amore.”

  423. How’d Dugie make it back? He was off the map for 20 years and all of a sudden poof, he’s doing Ranger post games?

  424. Hey, I was also at the game in Cleveland when Dan Marino snapped his Achilles’ tendon. I’m not sure if I remember that or was told that I was there – they served beer in popcorn buckets.

  425. Secretariat ‘married’ War Admiral and the foal was called -Urination- You’re A Nation.

  426. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I was at the niner – giants Monday night game in ’90 – niners won 7-3 and same season I was at NFC championship game in the luxury suite next to DeBartalo …. Giants won on last second FG then beat the bills in the SB

  427. Torts to Sully after tough loss: “sullsie, better keep Sam away from me or I’m gonna fist him through his nose”

  428. Dated a girl whose parents had (via their company) season passes to a double suite at Shea. Great shrimp, free scotch, lousy bball.)

  429. How friggin crazy is it that as much as we all love this team there is such a divergence of opinion over what is the proper course!?

  430. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The worst trade EVER – Middleton for Ken Hodge. I almost cried when I heard that

  431. # 7 …..great head of hair. Didn’t transition well from the brylcream 60’s look to the mutton chop 70’s look.

  432. Ritchie to Torts: “Coach, no sweat, I got your back. Now bend over Rover and let Ritchie take over……and by the way, back checking is for jackwagons.”

  433. Torts: “I’d like you to do a little work on the boards.”

    Richie: “Always did want to be an actor.”

  434. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    DDe – to your point – we here on the night shift tend to be much less divisive than our day shift brethren…

  435. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    69, I was 21

    I look around at the the friends who pulled me through
    I look in their eyes and I see them running too

    Running on empty

  436. I took Papa’s advice and went on the Drinking Man’s Diet – Bailey’s and Black Bush. Put on ten pounds the first week.

  437. Coos, let me apologize for the run in you had with Baby Bear earlier. Sometimes I leave the machine on and he takes liberties. No offense intended.

  438. Hello, newbie, my old friend,
    Come by and talk to us again
    A vision softly creeping
    Left its seeds while I was sleeping
    My eyes were stabbed
    By the flash of a neon light…

  439. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Alcohol may have empty calories but some day we will all be stone dead ….

  440. How do you like that artist who glues athlete’s pictures on a canvas and then throws splats of paint on the perimeter? Probably $50 grand for an original.

  441. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – tiki is my friend …… Seriously ….. I wish he’d start posting again….

  442. My 24 year old son, who posts here on occasion, asked if I would like to go with him and some friends to a Connecticut Whale game. I said, what, do you think I’m Manny?

  443. Sam: Did you see those maaaaarvelous paintings downstairs?”
    “Beauty Full, Sam.”
    “I mean, what art! And most of it for a good cause, Joe.”
    “Helping millions, Sam. Madison Square Garden is always in the forefront with that.”
    “And did you see the star studded cast who cam out……wait, goal! Who scored that?”

  444. Tiki was always alive with some good- hearted provocation. On rare occasions, he’d flip his lid, but who doesn’t? Even Carp asked for him on a couple occasions.

  445. For 15 Koos, I get a pint of Black Bush and the Post. Plus, I can come home and jump on the blog.

  446. Man, I remember the Garden on fire! Nobody can tell me that Kate Smith didn’t propel the Broad Street Bullies. We could have used Norman Schwarzkopf singing the anthem in the Garden.

  447. I usually throw a serious jab early, watch the response and move on, shaking my head.

  448. More than any, Ranger fans have passion. Too bad that’s gone from the corporate garden. has a lot to do with cable TV. When I was a kid, no home games on TV . Had to buy a ticket.

  449. Nicky Fotiu used to sit waaaaay upstairs as a kid. Cheap and healthy entertainment back then.

  450. He eggs us on to 1000 and then takes a two hour dump in the swamp behind his house.

  451. Papa Bear to Torts: ” John, listen to me and you won’t get fired. play these guys in these combinations”

    Torts to Papa Bear: “Pap, is that 1 part Black Bush, 1 Part Bailey?”

  452. Papa to Gabby: “no wonder you been missing the net with your shot. Your stick blade is warped”

  453. Coos, someday, I’ll give you a Harvard SAT tale that will curl your toes…..well maybe not curl your toes.

  454. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Harvard – major grade inflation….not so great in the sciences…. Not even the top 2 in Boston when it comes to Mathematics

  455. I have a buds who still brags about his (club) frisbee days at Penn. I just can’t get that enthused.

  456. A little late to the party here but…I agree Wicky! At least, the Ducks go down swinging and show some team jam! They are a tough team and a skilled team. Let’s Go Ducks?

  457. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My niece just graduated from penn – filthy part of Philly – not that there is a nice part

  458. They’ve been trying to gentrify the surroundings. Same with Columbia. Morningside Heights is now hi rent and getting higher.

  459. What can a Duck do that a waiter won’t? Shove his bill up his… No offense to Duck fans.

  460. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Simon and garfunkel recorded bridge over troubled waters in columbia’s chapel – beautiful building

  461. Look what’s happening out in the streets
    Got a revolution Got to revolution
    Hey I’m dancing down the streets
    Got a revolution Got to revolution
    Ain’t it amazing all the people I meet
    Got a revolution Got to revolution
    One generation got old
    One generation got soul
    This generation got no destination to hold
    Pick up the cry
    Hey now it’s time for you and me
    Got a revolution Got to revolution
    Come on now we’re marching to the sea
    Got a revolution Got to revolution
    Who will take it from you
    We will and who are we
    We are volunteers of America

  462. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stones, The who, Beatles
    Animals, kinks, Herman’s hermits
    Pink Floyd, The Clash, The Jam
    Stone Roses, The Smiths, Zeppelin

  463. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – greatest Airplane song

    “When the earth moves again” on 30 seconds over winterland

  464. Ash reminds me of a youngish Eric Burdon. Maybe the Animals name has something to do with it. (Totally off topic, He’s of Canadian Aboriginal descent. I think that’s great)

  465. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Speaking of revolution – Newbear should be rising from his grave any moment

  466. Eddie Eddie Eddie March 23rd, 2013 at 1:31 am

    I see everything

    watch your mouths

    No Shyte Sherlock!

  467. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eric burden was “the eggman” Lennon wrote about….his kink was cracking eggs on his girls….

  468. Stones / Who / Beatles
    Dylan / Creedance / Hendrix
    Stevie Ray / Clapton / Young
    Dead / Brothers / Tull

    Simon / Garfunkel
    Joel / John
    Eagles / fleet wood Mac

  469. Out on runway number 9
    Big 707 set to go
    But I’m stuck here on the grass
    Where the cold wind blows
    All the liquor tasted good
    And the women all were fast
    Well there she goes my friend,
    She’ll be rolling down at last.

  470. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tull was a great ban live Ian Anderson twirling that flute like a baton and Jeffry Hammond-Hammond in his zebra skinned outfit playing bass

  471. Connecticut Whale call-ups waiting:

    Chuck Berry / Elvis / Evely Brothers
    Birds / CSN / Dire Straits

    Grand Funk / zeppelin
    U2 / muddy waters

  472. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you

  473. Stevie Ray Vaughan as a kid won a gig opening for BB King. King ordered him gone. Too good.

  474. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ahhh – sorry DDe – I am slow at the switch –

    Good one though – he wasn’t my buddy – that is one tool I don’t miss – I think middle school HW keeps him busy these days

  475. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If I had a nickel for every time that twit called me a delusional Avery lover, I’d be richer than Ritchie

  476. Can you believe my latest book (reading) is about Meriwether Lewis? I even geek myself out sometimes.

  477. #8 didn’t like to fight, but was quick to the dukes when necessary. Anyone who puts up that many goals should have a bodyguard.

  478. The Meriwether was in my library. I WILL get to Scarsdale, maybe tomorrow if I get up before they close. :)

  479. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – one you pick it up and read the first page – you won’t put it down till you finish – believe you me

  480. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My New in Chess magazine should be arriving any day now…. 100 + pages of total brain waves

  481. Thanx for the clip, Papa. I had briefly forgotten he was called Sarge. Back then, less grabbing and clutching, and more throwing. No fear. The way Haley goes about it, old school.

  482. Silly question, but does anyone know how the Renney Rangers got to playing ‘Sweet Caroline’ after wins? Any current such habit?

  483. Coos that’s fighting old school. No helmets, square off, no holding and clutching. Throw them. Vickers was a tough SOB. Didn’t go enough though.

  484. Would you rather not I print it here to ascertain its correctness? I would assume it would be returned to me if it did not reach its destination, no?

  485. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Vickers was the strong silent type – the kind you just don’t mess with

  486. will do. I’ll have one hell of a time rechecking it unless I know where it was posted originally.

  487. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I can prolly link it…. If you copy my addy correctly? It should give u a laugh if read right….

  488. Re: Vickers: I still laugh when I think of Kocur telling Kovalev’s translator that the next time Kovalev took him with a raised stick to the boards in a scrimmage, he would be in a box on a plane back to Russia

  489. the part that begins with an “n” I got the gist of, with aa at the end? It’s the first four letters I didn’t click with.

  490. Used to see Kocur in the bar near training rink. Big, gap toothed grin. Looked and acted cheerful and harmless.

  491. Domi was one of a kind, buckling his belt. Didn’t like him so much when he went elsewhere.

  492. Different person on ice. He was from the era where the other guy was trying to take his paycheck and it wasn’t going to happen. :)

  493. e^3^ You gotta hear this song- middle verse goes like this

    When I was twenty-one
    It was a very good year
    It was a very good year for city girls
    Who lived up the stair
    With all that perfumed hair
    And it came undone
    When I was twenty-one

    I can’t not take a deep sniff when I hear the ‘With all that perfumed hair’ line

  494. Nash found himself in a vulnerable position and his reflex was to protect himself. His legs were vulnerable and he jumped to avoid the collision and injury that would have resulted. It is an instinctive move. There is no way he should have been suspended for the play.

  495. I will never leave my Brutha’s in the swamp……unless of course they prefer to be in the swamp.

  496. If you watch the replay, Nash is concerned, and is not in the least accosted by the enemies around him. They knew it was inadvertent, bad as it looked. I mean, that’s the proof, is it not?

  497. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Proof is always in the pudding – but what panther dare accost nasher with B Rich on the ice?????

  498. Regarding Nash………Yet, all the genius minds here say, “we are lucky”……….

  499. No penalty???? Of course no penalty. Violent collisions sometimes happen…..no penalty.

  500. Kudos to all who made this possible. As John Gotti said to the Board of Directors,” we’ve had another very profitable year and were able again to avoid all taxation”

  501. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
    This day shall gentle his condition:

  502. its easy to get a 1,000 when you post numbers. come on.

    we are just getting started.

    If you copy someone else’s prose or lyrics, that shouldn’t count. That’s like Lance Armstrong’s victories.

  503. lets see , Richards is the number 1 center.

    Boyle is the number 3 center.

    we need help.


    Hagelin- Renee Richards-Callahan


    Powe – Boyle-Pyatt

    those lines will lead us to the promised land.

  504. Does the Ranger brain trust not see the emperor has no clothes?

    1. Get Boyle away from anybody you expect offense from. PERIOD.


    Until that happens, I know Torts is being given way too much rope. There are too many people in this organization who know better.

  505. Czechthemout!!! on

    Wow! I just stopped laughing long enough to post after reading that John super scrub Mitchell is a better and more talented player than JT Miller. You cant make this stuff up! The same John Mitchell who could not secure a permanent job on a brutal Leafs team for seven seasons! Than I read that a scouting report written by someone who clearly never watched Miller play is the basis for the comparison. Apparently that ” scout” never watched Miller stickhandle or make deft passes because he does that on a nightly basis. How many times have we already heard Sam Rosen and Joe M say ” how about that move or that pass from Miller? ” and now Mitchell is a scorer too. Seriously?

    And I wil only say this once more and than will o longer say it. If any of the Penguin players played for Torts, all of their stats would be dramatically lower. There is no way that you can produce good offensive numbers playing in this system . The fact that Gabby scored 40+ goals playing for Torts is a testament to his scoring ability. His biggest issue is consistancy from season to season.

    I repeat Nash would score 50 in pittsburgh with his eyes closed. Hags would get 30. Cally 35+ Stepan 25-30. Gabby 40-50. Richards would get 80-90 points. Miller would get 20+ and Kreider 30+.

    The great Brandon Sutter would be lucky to get 10 here. Kunitz was traded for a mid round draft choice and a prospect. Virtually given away by the Ducks who deemed him finished. Playing here with Torts would have finished him. James Neal is a good player who would crack 20 goals here but barely. He scores 40 there because of the system he plays in and the players he plays with on his line. I wont even mention Dupuis.

    It is no different than so many of the Devils players who look good playing in that system but do nothing when they go to other teams. Perhaps Gionta is one exception.

    Anyway, I wont debate this topic again against someone who thinks John Mitchell is a scorer based on this season and the fact that he scored 34 points in a season. LOL!!!!