Post-game interviews: Tortorella, Lundqvist, Callahan, McDonagh, Gaborik, Girardi


… and one that didn’t make the recorder, from Brad Richards: “I don’t have much to say … confused and lost.”

John Tortorella:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Marian Gaborik:


Ryan Callahan:


Dan Girardi:


Ryan McDonagh:



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  1. I’ll repeat myself and say that I will be shocked if this is the roster we see come Sunday’s game.

  2. good things, bottom lines, pucks in nets (or not)… YAWN!

    STOP PLAYIN’ BEHIND THE OPPS. NET! …maybe you can score a few goals then

  3. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Looks like buffalo and Toronto played an actual hockey game with emotion, hitting, some fights, a few goals…must be nice

  4. Did Richards really say that?

    I’ll buy him the one way ticket out of here. You make near-max salary in the league, brought in to be a leader, and that is what comes out of your mouth? Really?

    Ridiculous. How about you show up in SHAPE Richie Rich for the start of the season, and play your byfuglien butt off?

  5. right, Lev? Don’t know if he’s talking about the team or you guys or himself. Probably himself, which is most disturbing.

  6. I have no idea which post to respond to anymore! lol

    So…. repost:

    I’ve gotta say, I’ve been watching Florida all yearlong now and this was one of their best efforts, especially defensively. BTW, other than one other start this season, Markstrom has let in at least 2 bad goals a game. Everyone seems to come to play the rags. You would’ve thought we’d got most of the losing out of us in the first half of the schedule to the good teams. Apparently whoever we play on any given night is a good team. Oy vey.

  7. We need a guy that can play that opponents and teammates alike think might knock their tooth out ‘just because’

  8. Well it’s better than hearing “I wont let it ruin my Christmas.” Im sure he isnt thrilled with his own play, but as a team I just dont think they expected this kind of struggle before the year. And there was no reason to expect it.

  9. AGrossRecord Richards seems most angry, dejected, etc. of all Rangers. Mumbles either he or team is “confused and lost.”

  10. CCCP- kudos to you, although I qualified it: “that can play” and the ” just because” should apply more so (but perhaps not totally) to opponents

  11. Admiral Akbar on

    Somebody get Prust OFF the Twitter feed – I can’t stand reading his cheerleader posts for the Habs… It breaks my heart!

  12. Confused or lost?

    Book this clown a one-way ticket to the Neverland Ranch.


    Time for a shake-up.

  13. Admiral Akbar on

    I’m on this Ledge, and I ain’t gettin off it.

    “Mean old Levee, taught me to weep and moan..
    But when the Levee breaks, mama you’ve got to go…”

  14. That this team’s record is this good is a miracle.

    Time for some of these mediocre-wannabes to board an economy class ticket to Asuncion. Go pay their dues in the Paraguayan Sunday-morning league and call it a day.

  15. IMO Last year, Richards scored goals that lead to the Rangers ‘never give up’ mind set. Sort of set a tone.

  16. Richards does not have the judgment of a leader. He provided a window into this last summer tweeting about his golf game, days after our beloved team was eliminated, while the devils were playing for the cup. There was a fair amount of flak for my comments but I stand by them and am not at all surprised by his lame quotes tonight.

  17. honestly…wtf is wrong with Brad Richards? One year he’s a stud next year he’s lost and confused?!

  18. 1) Effort was there

    2) Talent is there

    x) Coaching is not there. Everyone just hammers on Richards. Well, Its not his fault if he’s a playmaker playing a grinding system. Our PP is terrible, and is usually a outlet for the best players to get points.

    We need a coach to freaking coach. The coach is not just a motivator, and why isn’t anyone screaming bloody murder at who’s resposible for the PP. It is a HUGE disadvantage. All I see is the same old with interchangable parts. Its like Torts is trying to fit a circle piece into a square peg.

  19. Not on the current roster – 49 of the 65 fighting majors last year

    Of the 12 whole fights by this years team , (1) ONE, oNe, “ONE” was active tonight , Big Bad Brian Boyle

  20. Didn’t know that fighting directly leads to pucks in the net. Call up Haley and Newbury, get Asham and Bickel back in the lineup and our offense will be solved!

  21. I’d stopped posting because I felt that all I could do was repeat what you all are commenting on. But this game was
    TV blacked out by Rangers broadcasting ( in their own arena), and we were forced to listen via Cats team of spokes folks……..even they noticed that Rangers were ” playing a remarkable amount of time in their own end of the ice”. The high point of the game was when the official had his teeth
    knocked out, and they spent time looking for them. Hasn’t anyone noticed that these players never take good shots on goal when they have them? They always look for someone to drop it off to,no matter what the circumstances. Are they taught this in practices? They love to dump it and chase it,and what a waste of time. They even did some of this when they pulled the goalie. Tortorella sunset? Did I hear boos?

  22. he is holding Nash back.
    he is holding Nash back.
    he is holding Nash back.
    he is holding Nash back.
    he is holding Nash back.

    he is holding Nash back.

  23. Lose to the last place team in all of hockey – that’s about par for the season so far – with at least half a roster of AHL players.
    I love Callahan’s comments saying how “goals will come easy” if we continue getting these scoring chances and shots on goal.
    Love the effort from him on a nightly basis, but he’s got to realize they are an offensively challenged team where goals never come easy. They have 7 in their last 6 games. Yikes…

  24. “he” is Bad Richards, as quoted above.

    also, Nash will prob sit a game or two for his headshot

  25. What is that clown of a comment from Richards about being confused and lost? He needs to wake up in a hurry and start playing and leading for this team instead of making asinine comments like that.

  26. CCCP – isn’t Richards supposed to be one of our main leaders? I wouldn’t be saying that stuff, because I think it makes him look like a clown. And remember, Torts was also quoted a game or two ago as saying he “doesn’t teach offense.” So, how confused can Richads and the rest of the offense be? :)

  27. Amazing his drop off from a year ago.


    He was already starting to decline statistically. We overlooked it because he had some huge, clutch plays for us…but the numbers were already slipping.

    It just really bothers me that Torts is forcing it with him on the first line with Nash. Richards has been downright BAD this year, not producing, and worse…a defensive liability.

    Also…Gaborik damn near finalized his trade tonight. He had MANY MANY MANY opportunities and could not bury the puck on the back up goaltender of the worst team in the league. Scoring that goal might have saved him another game or two, but I dunno.

    I’ve been supporting Gabby through this slump because you cant just dish away a 35 goal scorer when your team can’t score…but…damn…damn damn damn.

  28. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I still think they make the post season, how well they do depends on the moves made by the trade deadline

  29. I don’t want to see them trade anything major to try and finish better this year and maybe win a round in the playoffs. As much as I hate what this season is turning in to (a disaster), I still want to see them build through the draft and smart free agent moves. The drafting has been a little better (still waiting on McIlrath) but the free agent moves are usually puzzling, like this year as well.

  30. The only thing Torts does is bark at the reporters… he doesnt teach this he doesnt coach that… well then beat it, bro!

    as far as Richards’ comments go, i agree they sound awful but he just stated the obvious.

  31. Glen Sather, the Rangers’ president and general manager, had surgery to treat prostate cancer on Thursday at Weill-Cornell Medical Center in New York and was expected to be off the job for a few days.

    With the April 3 trade deadline approaching, his duties are being handled by Jeff Gorton, the assistant general manager, who represented the club Wednesday at the N.H.L. general managers meeting in Toronto. The Rangers declined to issue any statements regarding Sather’s condition or the operation, which was first reported Wednesday by Newsday.

    According to hospital officials, Sather was recovering from the surgery Thursday afternoon.

    we’ll see what Gorton is capable of…

  32. This team needs to score first but it can’t. They don’t practice offense, just defense.

    If you don’t go to the front of the net you don’t score. Even on an AHL team. Lots of shots, of course all weak stuff from bad angles. We were tough on the boards though.

    I think other teams have learned to just pack the crease. Nobody on this team with enough moxy to go there but Callahan and Kreider a few times.

    Boyle went close a couple times and got swatted away.

    last years team would laugh at these pansies. Pathetic.

  33. Look Admiral, I resent you not helping that other blog to reach 1000, I had to make a fool of myself

  34. Hank needs to check himself actually. For as bad as the team has been, he hasn’t been all that much better really.

  35. yep henrik with his 920 save % has been horrible.

    yep you get goals for fights.

    the usual knucklhead rationale for the loss from the brain trust.

    the reason they lost is they cannot score. did not see the game, heard the whole horror show on the radio. same old story, no sustained attack, no traffic, terrible PP, the usual.

    guys looking for the perfect pass instead of just getting it on goal and the defense not being to get shots thru or on goal, the usual issues….

  36. Aw shucks, coach, we had 45 shots on goal….that goalie just stood on his head, gosh darn it all.

    Who out there wasn’t sure there would be an empty net goal once they pulled Hank on the PP? Nash, Gaborik and Richards never really exhibited “Callahan-like effort, desire or ability to keep the puck in the offensive zone on five-on-four power plays.

    I don’t blame Hank for either goal last night.

    The smell of a desperation trade (or two) is getting stronger. Probably something involving Dan Boyle and/or Gaborik.

  37. Rangers need to stop fighting, actually, and I refer to their battles with the puck. I understand the Neanderthal reaction to frustration — hey, I know, let’s fight more and then we’ll win… or we can at least be entertained in a different way — but this roster was not put together to be that sort of team. If they want to reassemble as that version next season, fine, but for now they need to work on poise in front of the net: How to Score 101. 1,000 Beanie drills a day to remind them how to pull a puck out of the scrum and shoot rather than wacking at the thing like it’s going to travel through the goalie’s pads.

  38. Gosh I would think that Lundqvist is one of the last folks to
    blame for this….the team parks themselves almost permanently in their own end of the ice and subjects him to countless unopposed onslaughts…and he pulls them out of his ears practically.

  39. jpg's sister on

    tomb, team meeting seems like a good idea and Captain Cally or Hank are best choices to do so.

  40. jpg's sister on

    I thought for what it’s worth in a loss, that Boyle, Krieder, Miller had a lot of jump and aggressiveness to their line. They were actually shooting the puck. Hopefully stay together as a line.

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