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  1. No dogs tonight, I don’t think. No, I don’t vote for Hobey … thank goodness because I couldn’t even name a single college hockey player. not one.

  2. Admiral Akbar on

    I wonder if Kreider is being brought up as a result of potential trade…

    Kreider will fill in for whomever is traded, I suppose – (Boyle, Gaborik, etc.)

  3. I guess your IT clowns still can’t figure out how to make audio clips iOS compatible. Oh, well. Guess I’ll listen to it when back home.

  4. if im doing the math correctly, my tix went up by $3 each but they are only charging for 41 games, so Im not being asked to shell out a whole bunch of money for reseason games. Gladly pay $3 extra per ticket to not have to flush that money away.

  5. carp, do you think upper management told Tortorella to cut it out with the snarly attitude after games? It appears to me all of a sudden Tortorella seems polite and nicer in the past few post game interviews.

  6. as far as Boyle feeling the pressure….

    I am just imagining what is likely to happen tonight with the third line.

    I can easily see Boyle “the veteran” getting some pretty good opportunities with those two “rookies” against Florida’s third line. If he messes up some chances…….

  7. Sioux-per-man on

    TommyG – always easier to do a presser after a win don’t ya think? vs the egg layed in Buffalo?

  8. ilb, change is a comin’ and soon. new look, better mobile qualities, is what I’m told — as I fight it with every ounce of my being.

    Sioux, I have no idea how the voting is done, when it’s done, who does it … and Jimmy cracked corn and I don’t care.

    I said cracked.

  9. I predict Boyle will get a goal tonight. It’s more wishful thinking because I really don’t want to see 10 more post from you know who, whining about the rangers 3rd and fourth lines.

  10. tommy, overall I think he’s been a lot better this year. But now, because of his post-season performance, every time he blows up it’s a big deal. I think two things are at work here … he realizes he’s embarrassing the organization when he acts that way, and perhaps he was told. Jim Dolan hates the organization looking bad a lot more than he hates losing.

    also, I think the USA Olympic coach is up for grabs and he’s not getting it if he can’t handle the international pressers. And I think he wants it.

  11. tommy, if Boyle gets five tonight you-know-who will still complain … it’s like clockwork, only one where the alarm is going off and there’s no way to stop it or disable it.

  12. First of all, a nice loss would make for a more productive friday.

    Second, I think having the two kids on either side of him will be really good for Boyle.

  13. Sioux – that looked like a personal advertisement page for Corbin Knight.

    I thought he looked real small in the pics. but the roster has him listed at 6′-2″, 200 lbs. must be the picture I guess. we know you don’t inflate stats there in the frozen flatlands

    who drafted him?

  14. By productive I mean, free of harassment from the jackwagon crew who want to fire Tort and trade Brian Boyle for Zdeno Chara.

  15. You just asked about what was happening with the 6th D spot. I believe I heard you mumble “Bickel” in the background. I will assume that you were referring to the brutally effective prowess of Stu Bickel and not just mumbling because someone hit you in the Bickels.

  16. wow!! I can’t believe that Andrej Sustr signed with tampa. I didn’t see that one coming.

  17. Sioux-per-man on

    tomb – Knight was drafted by the Panthers – he will get some ice time soon.

    Kristo – drafted by the Canadians. Plays like a Parise. This guy might haunt us at the Bell Center, like we need another ghost to add to the list. He is such a player, he can dial it up to a whole different level when the game is on the line.

  18. Adobe Flash is the Robot version of Flash Gordon.

    Thanks for the clarification, Carp. And thanks, ilb!

  19. Sioux-per-man on

    tommy – I don’t get it either. Must like to golf more than to play playoff hockey.

    Who turns down the Rangers, an original 6 team, with a solid chance to win the cup? And go to a team that is nothing close to the Rangers.

    Must think that he can’t make the Rangers team right away, and he will have a shot if he plays for the Bolts?

  20. Cant believe im saying this but Bickel over Gilroy any day of the week. Bickel makes Hamrlik look like Lidstrom though. And how is Strahlman in the mix to be scratched over Bickel? Strahlman ahs played like 20 minutes a game this year and Bickel hasnt played over 4. Is Girardi going to be playing 55 minutes?

  21. Would have loved to watch Sustr pair up with Mcllrath in Hartford. Now I can’t wait to plaster that humungaloid into submission.

    Is he bigger than Jason Missiaen?

  22. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Also kinda windy here, but no leaves, toronto or otherwise in my gutters, no trees…

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