Rangers-Devils in review



1) This wasn’t perfect (few are) but it was miles better than what we’ve seen in the previous nine days, and better than most games this season, actually. The Rangers created some offense, had the puck more, protected a lead (they haven’t had a lot of practice at that) pretty well, and of course, the guy who has to be their best player was their best player.

2) Speaking of which, the decision to play Henrik Lundqvist back-to-back was a good one. He needs to get back to where he should be, and he is getting there, and now it’s time to ride him for a while. There are 19 games left. He could play all of them, or almost all of them.

3) And he sure was superb in that second period, particularly on that sequence just before the Rick Nash 3-2 goal. What I also like about Lundqvist is his accountability. He made sure to point out how motivated he was after his poor play puck-handling led to Steve Eminger taking a penalty. The guy gets it.

4) Speaking of sequences, how about that one leading up to the Michael Del Zotto goal? Lundqvist loses his stick while handling the puck, then Johan Hedberg comes out and does his Ron Hextall/Patrick Roy stroll up the ice. Derek Stepan steals it, loses it, steals it back and flips a shot off Ilya Kovalchuk and into the air, where Del Zotto bats it home.

5) Four goals in the first period? Yikes. And more than one in an entire game for the Rangers? That’s allowed?

6) MSG’s ice is notorious. But the ice at the Rock might be worse. I mean, did you see that crater? Lucky we didn’t lose a linesman.

7) Patrik Elias can play on my team any day. And Kovalchuk=Monster. Well, most of the time

8) How about that gift penalty when Dan Girardi elbowed Lundqvist? Too bad the power play reverted to the three-above-the-circles approach.

9) The Rangers D again let opposition forwards behind them … even on the play that led to the faceoff that led to the goal, Ryan McDonagh and Dan Girardi were both fronting two Devils between them and the net.

10) Then the Rangers’ fourth line gives up 2-2 goal right after takng the lead. Matter of fact, for lots of this game, the Devils fourth line was much, much better again (visions of ECF).

11) Del Zotto had two really, really good games in a row. That pass on the Nash goal was something special. He also spent some time battling with Clarkson. Like it.

12) As good as Nash’s shot was on that 3-2 goal, and it was terrific, what I really liked was the edge to his game. I think he’s done that in quite a few of these divisional games. I thought that the Big Line was pretty strong again in the offensive zone, and pretty scary at times in the other end. I still say the Rangers go nowhere if those three guys — Nash, Richards and Marian Gaborik — don’t produce like first-line players.

13) Another strong game for the third line, too. Brian Boyle not only hitting people but hitting them hard, and not picking spots. And J.T. Miller, even though he made a mistake or two, was involved.

14) MSG Network is developing a terrible NBC/Versus-like habit of zooming into a closeup immediately after every whistle, no matter what might be happening on the ice.

15) Clever play by Dan Girardi on the wide shot off the backboard that Carl Hagelin banged in.

16) I won my bet with eric, who wagered the Rangers would never see the top eight again. So two MSG hot dogs for me (unless eric will come to Walter’s with me, in which case the next two are on me). It was like stealing, a bet like that. Maybe we’ll go double or nothing later on.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Michael Del Zotto.
3. Derek Stepan.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik…sweet one!
2. Del Zotto…key goal
3. Girardi/McDonagh…they are one player..right?
Hon mention-too many to mention!!!

Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist (29.45 %).
2. Michael Del Zotto (20.89 %).
3. Rick Nash (17.12 %).

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  1. UNO?! Nice.
    Good win. More good stuff from Del Z. They need to build off it get some confidence back.

  2. Duo…improved but a long way to go. Good review overall, and agree about that fourth line. Last year they would have kept the puck in the offensive zone for a shift. I’m not getting my hopes up until we start winning battles with teams on top of the conference standings. Nice to see them win one that they had to win.

  3. I felt a little for the fourth line last night as that is definitely the best combination of 4th liners this year and to give up that goal so soon did get alarm bells ringing a bit.

    But having said that i was impressed with Hagelin and particularly Del Zotto last night – and that double (or was it triple) save by Hank midway through the second is why he is our MVP, in tight games he always seems to outplay his opponent

  4. ..and DZ’s goal was slightly lucky how it got created but the finish was pure class

  5. iDoodie Machetto on

    I had Lundqvist, Stepan, and Miller. MDZ is probably more deserving than Miller, but I thought Miller played a really good physical game, especially in the third period.

  6. While Lundqvist was great, I thought we has really fighting the puck early and tried to make a few plays when he shouldn’t. MDZ….I’ve always liked him when you guys were all down on him. He’s STILL a kid, but he really has some mad skills and with a little bit of confidence he could be that game changing, rush the puck up the ice D we need. He almost took over the game last night by himself at times. Nash, that was a beauty goal, but he also missed the net a few times. And someone needs to take Richards to the side of a barn so he can learn to hit it. Has he even hit the net on any shot in the last month? His game has been better though. And I think Gabby is close too.

    Best part of the game was that the Rangers shot more and did less looking for the perfect pass. I spend half the time watching the games yelling SHOOOOOT at the TV. It’s so bad my dog barks every time I say it, as if to mimic me. Cool thing is, he does bark and go crazy every time the Rangers score. He’s been pretty quiet lately though!

  7. Nice review Carp, showed no ill effects from the late night hot dogs.

    Hank, Hank and more Hank. On the first goal, it looked like DelZotto was being hooked so he tried to kick it out and Hank really had no chance. On the second, I would have liked to see the super slow-mo replay from the side camera, but they didn’t show it. Did anyone ask the Rangers in the locker room if it hit them? It looked to me like Kostopolous (any relation to Chris?) got it with his stick up high. Again, no chance for the King on that one.

    Lots of good last night, much less bad. The Rangers played, dare I say, harder.

  8. Stranger Nation on

    Romeo – definitely a high stick on goal #2 – saw the puck deflect down and to the left…down and to then left.

    Just ask Keith Hernandez

  9. Another good review Carp. Hank was definitely at his best last night which is always good to see. I will say and am curious if anyone else feels this way, that while clearly Nash is a monster on offense, his defense, particularly last night was terrible. How many times were his clearing passes intercepted last night? He also would try to poke check a lot in the d-zone. He needs to do a better job there, especially given his size as those mistakes pinned to boys in the zone for more time than was necessary.
    Lets hope this win finally gets the boys on the right path to consistency.

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Richard comes down 4 on 2, Nash on one side, Gabby on the other and he winds up for 4 seconds and shoots wide.

    Back in the day, his line-mates would have hung him from his locker by his jock strap after the game.

    What a putz…Lionel that is…

  11. Sioux-per-man on

    Great Game. Great review.

    Henrik has stole the last two games. He has been their 1’st star.

    As nice as Del Zotto’s pass was the lead to Nash goal. My favorite play is when he tied up the Devil player right in front of the net so he couldn’t bang the puck in.

    Nash not only gets the GWG, but I liked how he cleared Clarkson away from the net after the whistle.

    Very exciting game to Watch , and one of the best 1st period starts all year.

    Boyle’s best game so far this year his Hits HURT. We need to put Haley on this line.

  12. Stranger Nation on

    Just a quick comment on Nash and Gabby not playing the body more and the ‘right way’. They are not two way banging forwards, they are elite offensive players – that is why thy are making the big bucks. Can they make better plays in their own end, yes – but it is hard to start a break out when you are sliding to block a shot or jamming deep in the corner.

    The Rangers D is very thin now with Em starting to be exposed – any update on Stall? How about Sauer?

  13. Cross Check Charlie on

    Nice game to rise above the mediocrity. Let’s hope they can sustain it.

  14. I think the lockout has hurt some of our veteran players a bit, the younger guys are doing well just because they are less set in their ways but you can bet guys like Gaborik, Richards, Lundqvist etc are used to those long training camps sharpening their skills and getting fitter

  15. 14) MSG is also becoming more NBC-like in that after a big play and a whistle, they show a replay of a play that happened like 5 minutes ago. Not only that, they’re beginning to use the “satellite camera” from above the rafters for a close play around the net!! At this point, the only thing missing is “Edzo”, though it seems Joe is turning into him every game right before our eyes.

  16. Rob in Beantown on

    Lundqvist said he had headaches after -Zajac- Girardi elbowed him in the head. Not exactly the kind of thing you want to hear from your best player in a shortened season. Is he okay? Did he know what state he was in?

  17. Devils pretty average team w/o Chubsy Wubsy. Kovlachuk who does a lot on the ice..only has 10G for the season so far.

  18. If JT Miller skated with players who provide him with better offensive options ( see fan by Pyatt on centering pass last night ) he would be a more dangerous player for us.

  19. Good morning, boneheads!

    Points number 1 and number 2 in your review, Carp, is exactly why you’re the best in this business. *The best!*

    For anyone who thinks Torts decided to change his game style, think again. He didn’t. The players simply executed his game plan better. Including seemingly boring third period. It wasn’t boring, it was well played road period with 1 goal lead when your goalie did what he does best.
    If Gaborik scored last night, everyone would say he’s back. He is, he needs to be more decisive, and he needs a bit of luck. The only player who is still behind is Richards. Let’s hope he’ll get back by the playoffs.
    On some of those poor defensive plays by first line, and all three of them made a couple- you expect those. The question is, can the team afford their mistakes going forward? Torts has a problem there- Hagelin Stepan Callahan line can’t be broken up. And no one from the 3rd and 4th can be moved up to first in order to help them defensively. Outside help, perhaps?

  20. Late night stars of the Game:

    1st star – Sioux
    2nd star – Koos
    3rd star – Strange

  21. Agree with the comment about miller playing with better or even faster players. Do you think Haley could be moved up ? Dropping Pyatt to the fourth. Seems like JT is having to wait a bit for his line mates. Great game review, I only found this blog recently and love all your comments and banter. Thanks!

  22. SeeeeDubb – any head who agrees with PB is obviously very knowledgable in all things hockey, or slightly off kilter. Welcome aboard.

  23. bull dog line on

    you don’t think they attacked the front of the net more last night? that in itself is a big change to the way they play.
    Nash’s play along the boards was brought up by a few off us last night. many people here took exception to it.

  24. bull dog line on

    the next logical move for the Rangers is, to trade Boyle for an upgrade at the number 3 center spot. or make a trade for an up grade at the number 3 center spot, and make Boyle the number 4 center. to me he is just not getting it done. last night he was outplayed by little Gionta. was taken to school by him on a few big face offs. Boyle should never loose to him on a face off.

  25. Of course they did, bull dog. It doesn’t mean Torts told them to stay behind the net before.

  26. bull dog line on

    behind the end line is how they have been playing for a season and a half now. it made sense for last years team, thats how they were built. this team is not built to wear down teams, like last years. generating offense by attacking the front of the net is different for them. last night they did it.

  27. Acquire a 3rd line Center and push Boyle down to 4th line Center….upgrade at 2 positions. double bang for your buck.

  28. bulldog, regarding face-offs. Joe Mich was saying Halpern was tossed for getting too low and “breaking the plane”. Was it just me, or did it look like Gionta’s chin was on the ice for some of draws last night?

    By the way, it was nice to Marty “J’aime des beignets” Brodeur on the bench.

  29. bull dog line on

    I don’t hate Boyle. I was one of the few guys who defended him here on the day he was traded to the Rangers. I wanted him on the team in his rookie year, when all others wanted ( including Carp) him sent down. I am the hoped he would become another Joel Otto for them.
    so me saying he is not getting it done, is not because I hate Boyle, its because I don’t think he is getting it done.

  30. I don’t care what the conference standings look like – I’m gonna tell everyone I see today that we are in the 6th spot.

    and wow – can all those Canadian teams really make the EC playoffs? No way, ay? Take off, you hoser

  31. Manny, Miller needs better line mates… Boyle and Pyatt, better suited for 4th line duty, No???

  32. bull dog line on

    I would move Miller to a line with Richards and Nash. not because I think he would go and score a lot of goals there, but because I think he would add a physical presence to the line. I would put Gabby on the Stepan line, and move Hagelin to Boyle’s line. maybe Hagelin could generate a little offense there.

  33. bull dog line on

    I would also take a look at Haley on the 3rd line in place of Pyatt for a little while. I don’t think Haley is a true 3rd line player, but maybe he could add a spark to that line for a bit.

  34. IMO, best Gabby play in the last 15 games were the 2 games he played with Miller and Cally just
    before Richards came back to the lineup.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    I would love to see Haley start getting PK time in practice with an eye to eventually getting him out there during games.

  36. Nice write-up Carp.

    And eric – take the Walter’s dogs & not just because Carp is buying!

  37. boyle our 3rd line center has 2 points on the season.

    center is our weakness.

    emminger has been exposed, he is not staal but he is better then gilroy and bickell not even close..

    richards missed the net on his shot a ton last night. i like that he was shotting but must be on net.

  38. I have said this a million times. Boyle, at his best, is a 3rd line Center. At his “not best” he’s a 4th line LW. Look, the guy is fine, he knows the system. Why would we replace someone who is comfortable in this system with another newbie who will just further confuse the on ice *chemistry* ?

    Miller is great. I really like what the kid shows but he can wait a year before being expected to produce at an above average NHL level. For now he’s learning to be defensively responsible. Once he gets that he will move up onto a higher line, with more minutes and fly a bit more in the scoring department. But he has to know defense FIRST.

  39. Krisy!

    Good morning, Sally!

    Romeo, I think it’s spelled differently. Chris was Kotsopoulos. This kid is Kostopoulos, I think.

    I can see Boyle’s still on the WBM and the third line still stinks even after (he)/it played two solid games in a row, held onto the puck, strong defense. Which further convinces me that some of us can’t see past goals. That’s it. He scored/he’s great, he didn’t score/he sucks.

    Welcome newcomers!

  40. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Good morning, Boneheads!! Always nice waking up after a beating of the Derbils. I was there, right near the ‘crater’. Wow. Like what do they do there all week? Fix the darn ice, boys!!

    Carpy, you are the best, agree with ILB. Right on and agree with so much you say. That 3rd line, for a number of reasons, needs to stay together for a few games. The kid makes mistakes, but he seems more fearless with some size there. He made one move to the net in the third that was exciting. Hope he gets to the point, over time, where he can finish. Torts used him deep in the 3rd. Torts clearly likes his ‘jam’. Won’t address Pie-hat, but Boyle played with some aggression, kind of a little like pre-concussion Ottowa series. We all know it’s taken him a while to adjust to the no-Prust era. I like the step forward he’s making, and hope it continues. Good PK, nice checking. Even if he doesn’t finish much, there’s some value to his play.

    Step, especially, played big and like a veteran. I marveled at many great, ‘heads up’ plays he made!! He’s at home with Hags/Callie, and they have nice chemistry. That line is a great two way line. Wish they, too, could finish better, but I’ll take the JUST the way they are. Have to say, as a Sather hater, THAT line is all through drafting. Nice. Nice.

    Did Zajac lose a face off? Is Kovie an all world talent that, at times, took it to us? Man, he had some Jagr-esque moves where the building went silent. And, aren’t we lucky this was ‘just’ Hedgerg?

    Our fourth line had a good shift midway through the 3rd. Hooray!!! A good, hem the Derbils in for a minute, with strong wall play, shift. Their 4th line was embarrassingly good. Yes, ECF scares.

  41. bull dog line on

    no, Cally stays where he is. Hagelin goes with Boyle and Pyatt. try to add a little offense to the 3rd line.

  42. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Oh, and I really think Richards is shaking the cobwebs. I will never respect him or like him and he is NOT what we signed on for with that silly, long contract. But I have been to the last two games, successive nights. He is showing more jump, more interest, and less stupid passes.

    That 4 on 2 he did everything right. Just a little ‘too perfect’ on the shot. No excuse, though. If you get THAT contract and cant deliver……….

    Gabby still looks MIA, hate to say. Puck was jumping on him all night and he can’t seem to find his place. I like him more than Richards and want him to succeed here, but if there is a guy that might use a change of scenery and could get some return this year, it would be him. Prust saying. But, personally, I’d hate to see him go.

  43. HAGELIN!?

    Sorry Bull Dog. Allow me to laugh a bit. You want to replace HAGELIN with Miller? Hagelin, who has proved that he is up to the challenge and has netted 8 goals thus far and is on pace for a much improved second year.

    Is that even a serious thought? So the Stepan line with Hagelin and Callahan should be split up. Why?

  44. I feel like Boyle at his best is still a 4th line guy. Not trying to just agree with the review but the Devils 4th line really exposes the back half of this line up.

  45. Maybe that was a bit harsh, bull dog. I just think we should leave Hagelin and Stepan together since it’s our most productive line. Whether Nash or Mini-Nash (Callahan) is on the line. That one should be solid. If you want more offense on the lines the answer is to Put Nash with Step and Hags and move Callahan to the third line. His style fits there. Don’t waste Hagelin’s immense speed on a checking line.

  46. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I also agree with the poster earlier who said Henrik was shaky in the first. Again, I had a pretty good view of him and the net. Almost felt like he was nervous at the start. Misplayed a handful. Bigger rebounds left than……DiPietro and Hextall. He settled down after the two goals went in. He is a competitor and must have triggered.

    PLEASE either don’t handle the puck OR get some lessons. His percentage of give aways must be 50% when he goes behind or tries to pass. Can’t believe a guy SO good in front of the net is SO bad behind it.

    But, he was the star 2 nights in a row. That bodes well for us…unless Girardi decks him again.

  47. Manny I think what Bulldog is saying is that those moves would balance out the lineup a bit thus making them more effective. Torts mixes stuff up as it is and it’s tough to see the attempt to balance things because most the time nothing lights a spark under the butts of those who are struggling in this lineup.
    It doesn’t necessarily equate to less ice time with all the mixing and matching.

  48. From NY Post:

    “We’re dying to get a guy that’s 6-foot-3, 6-foot-4, that can skate like hell into our lineup,” coach John Tortorella said of Kreider before last night’s victory. “But we’re not going to do it at the expense of him, in hurting him as far as we’re trying to develop him.”

  49. bull dog line on

    I don’t even know how to explain it anymore with Boyle. he is not a whipping boy to me, no matter how often I get accused of it. as much as preventing goals is part of the game, so is scoring them. his game right now is not good enough. is he playing better? sure he is. is it good enough? not right now its not.

  50. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Manny, Step and Cally have that Boyle-Prust thing going on. They are a pair that have chemistry together. They need to stay together. If you want to pry Hags away, fine. But those 2 stay together. Have you seen Step smiling on the ice EVER like he has the last few games? He and Cally have something going together. Great to see.

  51. hmm interesting quote Ilb…makes you wonder how things would have panned out if Arnott was healthy enough to play for the team.

  52. I guess it’s a matter of opinion, Matty. Personally, I’m not wasting Hagelin on the 3rd line. I think he should stay on the top line. My opinion is that “the big three” should be spread out more to increase the depth of the scoring (even though they have trouble scoring).

  53. If The King played that well after getting whacked in the head, then someone please ask Aron Asham to earn his paycheck and smack Gaborik and Richards in the head every time they miss the net on an odd-man rush :-) I screamed so loud when Richards missed the net my wife thought I was in pain – which I was .

  54. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Bull, I think what’s important to see is that this season is not perfect. No doubt it took WAY too long for some guys to get going. Some are still stragglers like Richards, Gabby, that 4th line, Ass-em, and Boyle. To me, Boyle had two big reasons, inexcusable as they may be, to need to take some time. First, concussion. Second, Prust loss.

    I think Torts has actually shown some great understanding with Boyle and last night was a sign that he’s getting on board. He is not a big goal scorer. But if he uses his size, shows some aggression, plays well on the PK, wins some face offs, he’s useful enough.

    Plus, he seems like a great guy around the team.

  55. I just disagree, bull dog, and that’s fine, right? I think he is playing well enough right now. He hasn’t for most of this season. Right now he’s playing like a third-line center. and of the bottom six (and others who have played there), outside of Miller, Boyle has the most upside, has a chance to be that legit third-line guy. At worst, absolute worst, he is better than Pyatt, Haley, Halpern, Powe and every other guy (Segal, Ferreiro, Mashinter, Bickel, Newbury, blah-blah-blah) they’ve tried in the bottom six.

  56. bull dog line on

    I don’t take anything personally, you can be as harsh as you want.
    I am trying to balance out the lines a bit. right now the other team does not have to worry about being scored on by the 3rd line. they can put there 4th line out there against them and not worry (the Devs this a lot last night) about being scored on.

  57. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Manny, I pretty much agree with the balance the lineup approach. Nash and Hags played well together. Cally and Step do, too. Fit in the pieces around them. With those pairings and the current third line, you have that balance.

    I am ok with Hags being with Nash. Chemistry.

  58. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carp, what do you think of our $21M line? Think the experiment goes on for a few more games? We do have some weak competition next two.

  59. bull dog line on

    maybe I just think there is more to Boyle than just a checking center, and maybe it is line mates. but I think Boyle can be a checking center, and pop in 12 to 16 a year. I’m just looking for more from him.
    I can count on 1 finger the amount of times we have agreed!

  60. Yeah, I’d stick with it a while, especially because the other two lines are playing well together, and the big three have created some chances.

    I still think Gaborik needs to go back to RW. Maybe, eventually, move Callahan to the left side for a look.

  61. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    There were a number of shifts where our big 3 ‘first line’ got hemmed in for 30-60 seconds at a time. It was curious to me that DeBoer played his first against ours.

    Each of our 3 dogs it on ‘d’. They got outplayed, for the most part in our zone. Each of them, in their own way is a defensive liability. And, I agree with Manny, it makes our lineup ‘unbalanced’ for them to be together.

    So, unless they get to scoring like a machine I say separate them.

    My two cents.

  62. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    But, Carpy, I think we are seeing the team begin to evolve to what it is going to be. These next 5-10 games should be very, very interesting.

    Yes, we are flawed,. We are not put together like a top flight team. BUT, if Staal comes back and plays ok….BUT, if our ‘other 2 of the big 3’ start playing like they are paid to play…..BUT, if Hank continues to get better…But, if Sather can give Torts a useful 4th line (now, I know I am expecting too much)……BUT, if…..

    It will be fun.

  63. Carp… If the team is going to compete and go deep in the tournament, scoring from the 3rd line will help us get there, no? Line
    3 cant just be about not getting scored on. maybe line 4 but not line 3, especially on a scoring challenged team. Some may be comfortable with the level of play of Boyle and Pyatt, I’d prefer an upgrade, even though Boyle’s play has picked up some.

  64. agree, Papa. The Rangers would be in great shape, IMO (and this is pending Gaborik and Richards waking up), if they had a better third-line option, and if Boyle and Pyatt and Asham or Haley was the fourth line. No doubt. But where are you getting better third liners without giving up much?

  65. Ok Bull Dog. Good plan. I don’t take anything personally either. Let’s make this team deeper.


    Something like that where we move the big three around.

  66. Carp. Honestly, I have no idea where they get them from but hopefully, Sather and team do. As far as giving up too much, I ‘ll abide by your guiding principle, which heartily agree with….”I’ll do it if I think it will improve the team”.

  67. But where are you getting better third liners without giving up much?


    Probably that same fantasy land where the Ducks were actually going to trade Perry for Gaborik straight up? Or where the Jets are rumored to be interested in Kane and Burmistrov for Gaborik and Kreider?

  68. … but, do you give up a piece of the future for some present knowing that this team won’t be a favorite in the tourney & knowing that Richards & Gaborik’s days are numbered? I don’t.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, or maybe it comes from the world where you can trade Ales Kotalik for Prust (and Jokinen, I suppose).

  70. Kane and Burmistrov for Gaborik and Kreider?


    I want to fly to that fantasy world and make that deal immediately please.

  71. eddie eddie eddie on

    Why are people hating on Boyle????? He has 1 goal and one assist…..that is 2 more points than every dead player in the hockey hall of fame

  72. Yes, sorry.

    *El* Taser, with emphasis on the “ser” and of course, the “s” sounds like a “z”

    Real authentic stuff there

  73. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I still think lacking playable toughness on the forward lines and d pairings is still going to hurt us.

    To get the right players, I would give up some future assets.

    Atta boy tony!!

  74. Even that world doesn’t quite exist anymore since the Flames GM that did that trade is now behind the bench of LA. Notice the trend of a lot these lopsided trades in recent years where the GM of the team that got the short end of the trade is no longer in charge.

  75. Come on boys…I’m gonna root like heck for the rest of this year, but we have to know when to fold ’em. No way are we gonna take 4 of 7 from the teams currently ahead of us in the standings. Let’s hold our chips and live to fight even better another day.

    LGR to the day I die, holmes…Mi Raza!!

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    Fat Guy, that’s more than all of the points every hall of famer has scored over the past 3 seasons, combined.

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, but the point is, there always will be someone incompetent in some office, at some franchise.

  78. eddie eddie eddie on

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    Now and then they’ll watch TV
    Now and then they’ll speak to me
    But heaven knows their recipe

    You wouldn’t believe them if they said
    The things they’ve seen went over their heads
    They’ve been patient heaven knows
    They seem to care and so it goes
    They can’t sit still or settle down
    And when they walk they don’t touch the ground
    See those girls they’re heaven blessed
    I guess it’s so they know best

    Tesla girls
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    Tesla girls

  79. In the grand scheme of things has Powe for Rupp really damanged or improved one team over the other?

  80. Do the Rangers really need two Hamrliks on the team? At least Hamr’s excuse for being slow is that he’s old.

  81. Matty, the idea is that your first line eventually outplays the opponent’s first line in their zone. Very few, if any, offensive lines can defend effectively. That’s why it’s more important to use your first D-pair against them, along with your first liners. Much easier to do at home. At the end of the day, the Rangers “first” line scored the GWG.

  82. Stranger Nation on

    We are lacking toughness so let’s put Richards on Line 3? Wha?

    Sorry I just spit up this morning’s OJ. Good thing for free refills

  83. eddie eddie eddie on

    S.Nation – tell fat guy to chill on my choice of music…techno synth eletronic 80’s pop is soooooo hot

  84. Stranger Nation on

    #10 on Derbils D had a tough game – that squad in general did not seem PO worthy

  85. eddie eddie eddie on

    pie hatt is saving speed for the playoffs…..McSorley skates in the big house i think

  86. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3 – Fat Guy loves chili – need some food music for the big blogger from the 5th borough

    Orange Crush by REM
    Cheeseburger in Paradise…

  87. Great to see Hank playing like himself, great game. It would be just super if Richards could but golden opportunities actually on net. Pyatt: 6’04” 230 and 3.1 mil…..if this guy doesn’t start to contribute something soon, at least physically, needs to sit. Ditto Powe.

  88. bull dog line on

    this is the first time I noticed this, the Devs played there top shutdown Dman (Salvadore) against the Stepan line. maybe they have noticed who the Rangers top line is too.

  89. RE: third line..I think in a way last year it was a blessing in disguise that Dubinsky struggled to score goals. With Hagelin coming up and being a pleasant surprise, his demotion from a top 6 forward on most nights gave us exactly what we lack so bad this year. a solid 3rd line center who is excellent on the boards and the PK. score 30 points and was capable of moving up to 2nd line when someone was struggling or injured as opposed to playing his way down to 4th line when someone was better. Can’t see them paying someone 4.6 million to do that next season though.

  90. Komisarek > Hamrlik

    But that ship has already sailed so forget about it. Not tough enough and just not good enough.

  91. Stranger Nation on

    James G – good post – agree on Dubi contribution but not at that $$, he was excellent at empty nets however

  92. Pyatt and Boyle are like two big pieces of furniture being pushed around on dollies on the ice.

  93. bull dog line on

    just a thought on why I think calling up Kreider makes the Ranges better.
    Miller, Richards, Nash.
    Kreider, Stepan, Gabby.
    Hagelin, Boyle, Cally.
    a little bit deeper and more balanced, no?
    I know Cally is not a 3rd liner, and he has found chemistry with Stepan, but I like this look.

  94. Yes, Bull Dog. It would be more balanced if Kreider was playing the way you’re thinking he is. Honestly, I want him back up here ASAP, but he has to earn it. Or we have to give up on the season.

    Also, I wouldn’t waste Hagelin on the 3rd line.

  95. eddie eddie eddie on

    Beatles, Grateful Dead, OMD
    The Who, Depeche Mode, The Smiths
    Black Uhuru, Elvis Costello, Thompson Twins
    Simple Minds, Dusty Springfield, Alicia Keys

  96. bull dog line on

    or is it hateing? I don’t know. I’m not a good speller.
    me fail english? thats unpossible!

  97. If/When Iginla goes to the Bruins we can give up on the playoff run and bring up Kreider and ride him on the first line for all I care.

    Apparently his list of 5 teams is: Pittsburgh, LA, Boston, Detroit, Chicago (3 of the 5 have been contacted).

  98. I’m not hating on Kreider. He’s not ready to play those minutes that he is needed for yet. The problem is his defense. It’s really bad. If you get him up here now he will be like a less defensively responsible version of Boyle, when Boyle plays LW.

    Kreider is down in Hartford getting mad, learning to want something so bad he can taste it and learning to play Defense. They give him TONS of time on the PK.

  99. Stranger Nation on

    Bulldog – I like the balance. with Hags on 3rd we would cycle for ever and drive the other teams first line crazy…

    If Cried-here can use his body to check somebody and play the walls, it works

  100. So we are moving Hagelin to the 3rd line, the guy with 8 goals and a constant offensive threat this season, and moving Kredier, the guy who looked completely lost up here, on the wing in his spot.

    Cool guys. Cool.

  101. Stranger Nation on

    Re Hank’s reaction, you would think Girardi hit him with an atomic elbow. He reacted like Greta Garbo.

  102. And we are also moving our CAPTAIN to the third line so that Miller and Kreider can learn.

    You guys realize those lines are what we call, “throwing in the towel” right?

  103. Leetchhalloffame on

    Halpern = Horrible
    Boyle = Brutal
    Pyatt = Pathetic
    Asham = Awaste
    Emminger = Enigma

    Dump those human waste-products and bring up Kreider, Thomas, Bourque & McIlrath. The future is now.

  104. bull dog line on

    it would be a 3rd line in name only. any line with Cally, and Hagelin on it is not a 3rd line.

  105. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3 – balance – that’s what my future yoga teacher says

    Break on through

    Break on through

  106. Man. You guys hate Bickel. You will abhor Mcllrath. I love the kid, he’s big and plays a physical-first style game. Exactly what we need. But he’s not ready to be up here because his positioning is not NHL level. He plays very high in the zone right now.

    Borque is really fast but his mind doesn’t keep up with his skates yet. He’s also very small. He has also not excelled as the organization had hoped at any levels.

    Thomas: Well, I have a tough time understanding how he fits in up here. He’s not even good in Hartford. Kid gets lost out there.

    Kredier, well, I have been over that many, many times.

  107. eddie eddie eddie on

    Be responsible, respectable,
    Stable but gullible
    Concerned and caring, help the helpless
    But always remain ultimately selfish

  108. eddie eddie eddie on

    Dirk’s “Feast on this” may be the greatest line uttered in cinematic history

  109. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “a team must score if it can”

    Milbury – “Are you really this stupid?”

    JR – “anytime something most”

  110. The most I would spend on Komisarek would be league minimum. Then I would send him to the AHL to prove he can actually play hockey.

  111. Here is a 3rd line player that would help our team: Steve Ott. That should be our 3rd line Center.

  112. Good question, Carp. I wasn’t really thinking that far ahead. I think Buffalo pretty much needs everything they can get. Luckily they will have to move their goalie (Luongo straight up?) so they will probably find some serious return there, either before Hiller hits the market or after Hiller moves I guess. I would be OK giving up Stralman and Haley or something like that. I assume Buffalo wants competent Defense and a tough, bottom 6 guy since we would be taking one of their agitators.

    Ott’s cap hit is $3.2M so we would have to clear some space for him somehow if we still want the ^Hobbit Wizard^ (which I assume isn’t happening because it hasn’t already happened).

  113. Sioux-per-man on

    With no Hank at practice, do you think Biron gets the start on Thursday?

    Henrik isn’t having any problems from Girardi last night is he?

  114. Should have offer sheeted Kane over the summer. The kid is a beast.

    Carp- what’s this Walters you keep
    Referring to

  115. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – NHL network brings up shark rentals that Rangers might be interested in. Is Clowe still a likely target for the Rangers?

  116. if Kreider brought up:


    1st PP unit: Cally-Stepan-Nash DelZotto-Stralman

    2nd PP unit Hags/Kreider-Richards-Gaborik Hamrlik/Staal-Girardi

  117. Yes, Hedberg. When Kreider is *ready* to play those minutes (which he’s not) he will be up here playing on the 2nd line (unless we have extra talent and he is on the 3rd line).

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    If Kreider brought up:


  119. Doodie Machetto on

    Eric, we traded our first rounder for Nash. We couldn’t really offer sheet anyone after that.

  120. Sioux-per-man on

    Any thoughts on Rangers talking to the Kings about Gaborik?

    Who comes this way Brown, Richards, Scuderi?

  121. Which is likelier to increase scoring across the board?

    Larger nets
    my idea, wiffle pucks ?

  122. Thank you, Doodie, for bringing some rationality to the conversation.

    Kreider, if he shows he can handle the NHL defensively, will slot into the 3rd line with the idea being that our offensive threats are now deeper.

    Then the top 9 will be jumbled and mixed depending on the time of the game, score and who’s hot.

  123. Fat Guy – reduce the size of goalie pads. That would be my idea that I would implement right before I implement your wiffle puck idea.

  124. Sioux-per-man on

    Kevin on Twitter. But if Gaborik is being shopped about the only place he would go would be San Jose, Kings, or Ducks. All out west, in the playoff hunt, and a place Gaborik would go to.

    Kings have the most talent to chose from? Might be a win/win fit. Both Brown and Richards would fit the black&blueshirt Tort type player. Both are leaders, Captains, Stanley Cup Champions, Scuderi would be the Rental for the Blue line. And if Gaborik is going to start scoring, these type of players would help the Rangers be a tougher team to play against. IF we are going to beat Boston and Pittsburg.

  125. Sioux-per-man on

    Not that I’m a fan of Trading Gaborik. I’ve been a huge fan of him since day one.

  126. Yeah Sioux I saw that somewhere too. Possibly Scuderi and/or Penner could come back. Always felt Scuderi was solid but not real sure how much that deal helps us. Sounds like it’s alot better for LA.

    I just think trading Gaborik right now because he’s had a tough month or so is ridiculous. Its such a short season that trends by individuals or teams are really tough to reverse because everyone starts squeezing their sticks real quick.

    I’d go back to the thrid line of Miller/Kreider/Cally – we won those games, that line produced.

  127. Sioux-per-man on

    Brown has similar numbers, but you haven’t seen him in the stat sheet – i.e. Gaborik. Maybe we get one or the other and swap a DMan. Eminger, Hamrlik, Gilroy.

    One the surface this makes sense.

    Considering this team will not beat Pittsburgh as is defensively. And has trouble with Montreal, Ottawa, & Boston type teams.


  128. The third line had two whole solid games in a row. They better start preparing their Hall of Fame speeches now.

  129. Sioux-per-man on

    I agree Peter. I liked that line ALOT. Energy, speed, skill.

    Cally & the kids. Could become a hit on Broadway!!!

  130. Sioux-per-man on

    The next three games are easier Panthers, Capitals, Flyers. We could be 5-0.

    But the next four games are – Senators, Canadians, Jets, Penguins. With the last one on April 3rd deadline day.

    So where does this team need the most help? To match up against the Beast of the EAST?

  131. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – are they better than Nathan’s.

    Wife had the shipped to ND for my birthday once. Funny – but it was a great gift!!! Along with the Coney Spicy Mustard!!!

  132. _would you be happier if they’d played like crap and the losing streak was five, Thom?_

    I would be happier if we were not content with only two consecutive solid games.

  133. Doodie Machetto on

    Are they better than NATIONAL DELI or whatever cheap as hell brand that MSG finds that taste like feet?

  134. Carp I wouldn’t put it past Johnny T to play 3 guys 60 minutes!

    This isn’t old school NHL where you have have 3rd and 4th line guys playing 5 minutes a night unless they’re the types of players that don’t give you much of anything (ie Halpern)..Esp under the Torts (Tort?) reign “2nd” “3rd” “4th” line are just interchangeable groups of 3.

  135. I like how the Rangers waited till that ESPN hockey chat was over to release the news of his recall.

  136. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    years ago by 233 rd st Baychester ave near edenwald projects was a hot dog truck Frank was his name his dogs and orange drink were great , unfortunately Frank went away on sabbatical for a couple of years (selling driving licenses ahem) No one claimed his spot while he was on vacation.. he came back a bit grayer but suddenly disappeared ..

    and I remember at the old garden 50th and 8th where between periods you could leave the garden and go next door to Nedicks for a dog and drink and then go back to the game . Now that was the real MSG !!!

  137. Here he comes. I guess the organization decided to stop mishandling him. Or Torts doesn’t hate him anymore

  138. I guess Haley’s demotion means the green lamp gets lit and it’s all systems go again on teams roughing up our pansies

  139. bull dog line on

    or that it was foolish to leave him there while the offense struggled as much as it did.

  140. Kreider looks so lost out there that the organization has recalled him from the minors…

  141. I hope Kreider skates on the third line and Boyle on the fourth line.

    I also hope Torts doesn’t bench him after one mistake.

  142. Welcome back kreider. We missed you. Now score some goals. He better get pp time. If he gets 7-8 min a night it’s a waste.

  143. What it means is that Asham is probably ready to go and will be back by the weekend.

  144. Sioux-per-man on

    Kreid’s straight to the 3rd line with Miller. Boyle should start in the middle. Pyatt to the 4th.


  145. I’d like to see the Rangers call up Charles Haley…that dude was absolutely crazy, and has five rings to prove it

  146. bull dog line on

    I would think it at the least mean that Pyatt is now a 4th liner. did not recall Kreider to play 4th line I would think.

  147. Sioux-per-man on

    Asham must be ready to go, lets see if PLAYS better than Haley.

    Pretty excited for Kreider. Let’s hope he lights the lamp for the Blueshirts!!!

  148. I guess the3 rangers feel the next few games are against softer teams where they won’t need protection.

  149. Wait, it’s a bad connection. Did you just say that Boyle’s already doing his fourth line and scratched Halpern without protection?

  150. Bottom line:

    THE Kreider = lion

    Boyle(rina) = mouse

    Thank goodness Torts came to his senses.

  151. Hartford conductor to Kreider: ” I’ve seen you back and forth a lot, you work in New York?”

    Kreider: “On and off.”

  152. Asham is said to be ready as well. somebody is going to be a healthy scratch.


  153. oh yea, I forgot about Asham. I guess he is ready to return and would take Haley’s spot.

  154. Ash said Sunday or early next week, but he”ll go if asked. Doubt he’ll be asked as his wind isn’t where it needs to be. It’s probably either Bickel or soft lineup.

  155. I’d like to know that myself, Fat Guy…Once upon a time Daddy G had a lot of love to give.

  156. Krieder on his cell to Haley: “Hey Mike it’s Chris. I left a bag in the locker room up in Hartford. Yeah. Yeah exactly. Ok so you’ll bring it for me on the next rotation? cool thanks. bye”

  157. Staal I guess that makes it Kreider Boyle Miller by default. Dunno how much ice time you’d see a line like that get.

  158. Sioux-per-man on

    James – Hags makes every line better!!! I could see him helping the 3rd line right away. But I think he has been making too many plays to pull him off the 2nd line.

    Miller-Boyle-Kreider could become a 3rd scoring line, with Boyle as the wrecking ball in the middle.

  159. If the first two lines stay the same, which I hope they do — they’re both working well the last two games, and the Big Three seems to be progressing, that leaves, I assume:
    – Boyle centering Kreider and Callahan?
    – Halpern centering Pyatt and Powe?

  160. Carp: I’m not advocating benching every guy that doesn’t score, I’m thinking pyatt and powe could start bringing more physicality and edge. I’m not seeing much of that. (Although a few goals would be nice) I guess the level of physically battering other teams last season spoiled me. ;)

  161. Maybe Torts watched the tape of last nights game and realized Miller needs some help and another pair of hands on his line ??

    BTW, if you watch Miller play, he’s really not bad in the defensive zone…..

  162. “Torts doesnt hate him anymore or organization stopped mishandling him.” I dont get why people cant admit that they were wrong as well. Just 2 days ago majority of people here were saying oh Kreider isnt anywhere NHL ready, he isnt lighting it up in AHL, needs work blah blah. And here we are with him being called up. Personally I think Kreider has been greatly overrated by many Rangers fans, the same fans that consider Stepan a first line NHL centerman. Probably the same people that chanted “We Want Avery and We Dont Want You” last season. And I dont think Haley did anything to deserve being sent down. He hasnt been even close to a “clown” as some people, not naming names, have labeled him. There is no question that Kreider needs to be up here. Playing with Kris Newbury and Mashinter down in Hartford wont do him any good.

  163. I guess it makes sense that Haley was sent down if Asham is returning but again Haley hasnt done anything wrong and has been a good spark at times.

  164. Sioux-per-man on

    Boyle should start crashing the net, use his size to screen the goalie for Miller and Kreider to snipe at. Something tells me this line could really make some noise the next 3 games. All 3 players have been on the up swing. Kreider with 6 goals in 8 games, time to shine at MSG again.

    Keep it simple, use your speed, shoot the puck. Make a hit when you have the chance.

  165. bull dog line on

    yeah I thought Haley’s play was a nice surprise. I think he will be back up.

  166. Miller makes mistakes like any rookie, but he might be the best NY forward at shielding the puck away from the other team and working it back to an open defender, kind of like a good possession midfielder in soccer. You don’t see a lot of guys do that.

  167. move boyle to the 4th line.

    move kreider to the 3rd line have miller center with pyatt.

    they need more skill and kreider has more skill then Haley. this is a no brainer thats why i have been ranting for days about bringing him up.

    i will not reiterate my opinion on halpern and powe being in the lineup it si will known..

  168. Haley was good, but he didn’t make much of a difference. Did his job, killed a few minutes. Would have scored against Carolina if Halpern’s [very good] pass had arrived 0.1 seconds earlier.

  169. kings are not trading their stanley cup champion captain do not see that happening..

    gabby to the kings not a good fit…

  170. I liked Haley’s play up here and I am sad to see him go. Obviously Kreider has more skills but Haley brings physicality and toughness to a team that lacks both. Haley is a bit of a loose cannon and I think that unpredictability is valuable in keeping other teams on their toes. I like Asham and he does bring toughness but he is a bit more of a blue collar grinder than a sparkplug like Haley. Just my two cents. Good luck to Kreids this time around.

  171. Not sure I agree with sending Haley down. Thought he was very good in that role, but he is the odd man out. Miller-Boyle-Kreider makes sense for the 3rd line with Pyatt and his lack of recent offense moving back to the 4th line.

    I wonder if the Rangers are thinking of breaking up the top line though and playing Gaborik with Miller and Boyle again and Kreider on top with Richards and Nash.

  172. We’ll know if Kreider learned from his demotion deserves to be back the first time he is presented with a chance to finish his check. Will he????

  173. We will now see what Kreider learned. As I said, when I saw him on Saturday night he wasn’t very impressive. He scored a goal (created by old man, lightning fists Newbury) and he wasn’t used at all on the PP. He did have a bit of arrogant teenager in him flipping the puck into the Monarch’s net after the whistle. Pretty Jerk move. Maybe it’s a good thing.

    My prediction is the same as always for him, he begins with about 10 minutes a night and quickly plays himself down to 4 minutes a night.

  174. Love that Kreider was brought up, but I’ve liked Haleys game so far and think he still deserves some minutes. Hes shown he can throw the body, skate, not take stupid penalties, and even park himself in front of the net a bit

  175. I liked Haley while he was here as well. Someone had to be sent down to clear a roster spot for Kreider. Hartford probably needs a forward rather than defenseman. Besides, since most of the usual suspects, including Haley, need to clear waivers, with his 2 year deal, including one way next year, I guess they’re not afraid he’d be picked up.

  176. Anthony- always remember what Rod Gilbert told me when I was laying in a hospital bed in Burke Rehab…”youre a hockey player. you’ve got a hockey players heart. It’s important to remember that on the days you dont want to get up on your feet”

  177. Wow, James, that’s pretty awesome. Hope you’re doing okay now. Same to you, Tony.

  178. Conspiracy Theory – One day Torts says not ready, next day called up…..

    is it possible that Kreider is being showcased before the trade deadline????

  179. Great Post Carp: Observations: DelZotto what a transformation from last year. Now if could ever be on net with his shot from the point. Stepon just keeps playing great hockey. Miller’s moves in the 3rd period were pro level. man is he a keeper and he’s just 20 yr old. Henrik made one hell of a difference; game could have changed very easy. What’s with Richards, with the quality opportunities he’s had he could at least have had a hat trick. How many goals do you actually think Kreider has to score before he’s brought up. Tort’s must really like the kid a lot to keep him with Whale to improve even more or is it possible that he could still fail. ummh

  180. Sather has prostate cancer? Best wishes to him. Does it at all affect his ability to deal with his work? A somewhat important trade deadline is fast approaching.

  181. Yea. We must be showcasing him.

    “Hey NHL. Check out this kid who is horrible at Defense. Watch how he just stands there near the blue line and watches as the team rushes by with the puck. Oh look at him there skating directly at his teammate for no reason while leaving his man open. But hey, he injured a Vezina candidate goalie, so, you love him.”

  182. Cross Check Charlie on

    So, this is the second coming of the savior! Let the celebrations begin!

  183. that was me with the “clown” label, Lev. It’s OK, you can say so. I also admitted I was wrong about the guy. I had never seen him be anything but a clown and he was not that at all since his callup.

  184. Wow! Are we really comparing Kreider, a kid who has almost no NHL experience to a clown like Haley.
    Give Kreider a chance…sheesh! I mean WTF do you all expect? Very few players come to the NHL level and make an instant impression.

  185. 6’2″, eyes are blue…. cooky, cooky, cook-ca-choo. has anybody seen The Kreider?

  186. Posted w/o reading any earlier post. Didn’t know Kreider was brought up. Carp just wondering. How tenuous would Carp’s situation be if they lost 5 in a row. Re: Kreider I just hope he’s judged by the same standards as other players. Please don’t sit the guy. Let him play through his mistakes. The kid has talent and may work well with Miller down the road, but wouldn’t have them together initially. James G at 3:18 made sense. Nash, Richards and the kid.

  187. I think it would be foolish to start him on the No. 1 line right away … might heap too much responsibility on him, and put him with two guys who’ve been pretty lousy in their own end. I’d think more of playing him with at least one defensive minded guy.

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