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1) I know I’ve said this before, and honestly, I’m not complaining about the shootout (this time). But it’s kind of silly, isn’t it, that the exact same hockey game for 65 minutes gets played, and if Alex Semin’s shot doesn’t hit the crossbar, or if J.T. Miller continues to fumble the puck into the corner, or whatever, and Carolina gets one more shootout goal, everybody feels 180 degrees differently about how that actual, you know, hockey game went.

2) Bottom line: Rangers scored one goal again, that’s three in the last four games. Problem? You betcha it is.

3) Other bottom line, and more crucial: They got two points, and in this stupid league where almost every game has been a three-pointer while the Rangers were getting none, two points is two points is two points. There are 40 still on the table.

4) I’ll link to my column later, when I get up around the crack of noon, but I really was beginning to wonder about the hot seat under John Tortorella. Not that I believe anybody around the team would consider such a drastic move after a small sample like five games, especially after going 5-1 in the previous six. But I wondered how much pressure would be exerted by all the enemies he’s made in the media and in the stands.

5) And I sure think he deserves some of the blame for what has gone down, but this lineup is flawed, flawed, flawed unless Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik suddenly rediscover again how to be first-line, productive players.

6) That big line had some chances last night, but at times they were a nightmare in their own end. And again they were outplayed by the second line of Carl Hagelin, Derek Stepan and Ryan Callahan, who not only scored the only goal, but who got it done most shifts. And the third line, too, thanks to the kid J.T. Miller, chipped in with some strong shifts, particularly in the second when the game turned in the Rangers favor … at least territorially.

7) Of course, Ryan Callahan had to clobber the goalie for the Rangers to score a goal at all. Lucky he didn’t get called for that. Not saying it was or wasn’t goalie interference, but we’ve seen all this year and last how haphazardly that penalty is called or not called.

8) The penalty on Eric Staal against Henrik Lundqvist, for example: Pansification.

9) I thought Ryan McDonagh still had some tough moments, and some really terrific ones. It’s just that I expect the terrific ones and not the bad ones. I’ve come to expect his game to be much more level.

10) With all the cool stuff Rick Nash does with the puck, and with the speed and size and shot and the hands that he has, how does he not score more goals? How is he not a perennial 45+ guy? As you may know, I am not a fan of the Breakaway Contest. But that was a pretty cool goal Nash scored.

11) Good to see Marc Staal in the house. There were some former Rangers luminaries there, too, including Petr Popovic, Jari Kurri, Don Maloney, Glenn Anderson, Bobby Sanguinetti, John MacLean and Jack Birch, who was Ted Sator’s assistant coach.

12) Here’s what somebody inside the team told me about Miller taking that penalty shot: “I guarantee you his heart rate didn’t even change.”

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derek Stepan.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. J.T. Miller.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cally-never quits
2. Stepan-solid effort
3. Lundqvist-of course….
Hon Men: Del Z…keep it up!
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist (21.56 %).
2. Derek Stepan (15.6 %).
3. Michael Del Zotto (13.76 %).

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  1. The Ducks resigned C.Perry. Not that he was coming here at the end of the season as an UFA but there goes my dream of C.Perry playing on the same line with Nash.

  2. 12) Here’s what somebody inside the team told me about Miller taking that penalty shot: “I guarantee you his heart rate didn’t even change.”

    I love that.

  3. The first periods continue to be ugly. but they were resilient. I think the Rangers really wanted that win last night. It’s too bad the first period looked once again like they were just air-dropped onto the ice and playing as a team for the first time.

    I thought they had a lot of giddy-up in the final two. Carp, you are spot on about Mcdonagh he has been stuck in bad play/good play mode for awhile now. MDZ on the other hand really took charge offensively and I liked that. But still misses the net way too much.

    The Rangers as a whole need to hit the net more. The amount of shot attempts that sailed wide was astounding last night.

    The Rangers have become more of a puck possession team as the season has progressed and that transition has been rougher since they haven’t been scoring.

    Has anyone ever asked Torts why the hell Dan Girardi is our first unit PP guy? I mean he’s a defensive stalwart but he is completely and utterly useless on the PP. But night after night.. there he is.

    The problem is they dont score. How do You fix that ? I guess wait for your horses to wake up. or get some luck. the rangers have been getting none of that.

  4. Gotta score goals. .75 a game wont get you but 2 out of every 8 available. Like carp said its a date in an ot every now and then. Rangers dominated ot. Perhaps theres carry over toniggt. The satans havent been lighting it up. Hedbergs been shaky. A couple of carcillo goals go a ling way. Get er done!!

  5. Carp spot on with 5. Richards shows occasional flashes but overall is terrible. Id like to see him bought out this summer and replaced with a legit linemate for Nash.

  6. Re point 9 – I really wonder if Mcdonagh is suffering after-effects of the Montreal hit. He hasn’t seemed quite the same since.

  7. No one has Hagelin in their top 3? I thought he played a tremendous game. Really outskated the opponent and made things happen for that line. Case and point- when was the last time you saw Stepan with that many chances? (I also would have Step in my top 3 from last night)

  8. stranger nation on

    One player who seems to have gotten slower is Pie-hat, if that is possible. Maybe move Haley to line 3 to get more speed.

    Richards in the D zone is a waste, just a lack of effort and will, just disgusting

  9. Admiral Akbar on

    Great opportunity tonight against the Derbils.

    Marty not playing (although I would never rule him out), and the Derbils sliding.

    Good teams seize opportunities (I.e., Penguins on Saturday)…

  10. bull dog line on

    you forgot to mention how well MDZ played. kidding aside, he was real good last night. need more games like that from him.

  11. Agreed about mcdonagh very uncharacteristic for him …something must be up. MDZ needs more games like last night. LGR TONIGHT!!

  12. Why Nash with all his skill is not perennial 45 goal scorer? 15 y. ago everyone asked the same question about Kovalev. The answer seemed identical. And it does not bode well with Nash expectations.

  13. I thought Miller, MDZ, Hagelin, Stepan and Callahan were all excellent last night. Gaborik showed some jump and got into some good positions but was snakebitten around the net.

    Richards is trying too many fancy behind the back passes and needs to be more direct.

  14. I recall during a chat with Carp last summer, the consensus was that if Nash scores less than 30, it would be a disappointment. He has what, 9? Oh, the expectation they set.

  15. I was firmly in the (small) group that did not expect Nash to suddenly score 25% more than his career averages, but he’s basically a goal or two shy of a 30-goal (full season) pace as it stands and has had bad shooting luck so far this year, in the CTB stat-geek parlance.

  16. I had Hagelin in my top one. Several effective rushes, several times coming out dangerously from behind the ‘canes net, led by example. Needs to learn how to score more often, but that’s true for one and all.

  17. LW – i expected Nash to score more but that was based on Richards feeding him the puck in dangerous areas, at the moment he is having to lug it there himself and take lower quality shots. If Richards hits form, i’d expect a few more from Nash but otherwise he is as advertised – a true superstar.

  18. Sioux-per-man on

    Great Review Carp!

    Henrick is the 1st star. If you think about it he stopped so many Chances last night, and the goal by Staal was unstoppable.

    My 2nd Star was Hagelin. If he puts that puck 4 inches to the right that goes five hole on his breakaway. He was flying last night. Once he starts burring the puck he is going to be a force. Why can’t Gaborik use his speed like this? When’s the last time we seen Gaborik break away and score?

    3rd star. I’m stuck between Callahan and Miller. Cally did everything but score. He was the playmaker in Steps goal. I’m amazed that goal didn’t get waved off. Miller hustled around the boards and never give up on the puck, just a solid effort all around. I’m going to give him the nod for being cool hand Luke on the shoot out goal. Waiting for the goalie to go all the way down. Then soot the puck over him with 2-3 inches of net left from that angle for the game winner.

    Nice to See Del Zotto jump up at the right time. He was playing really good last night. Why he wasn’t on the power play more and Girardi less I have not a clue. I was just happy Richards wasn’t out there on it.

    Pyatt needs to be replaced by Haley on the third line. Haley has twice the jump. And never misses the chance to finish the check. Now if we could put Kreider in here. It could triple the scoring chances for the 3rd line. That said Kreider will have to finish his checks. If Kreids could use his speed like Hags and his body like Miller, and his hands like Nash. We would have the perfect Ranger!!!

  19. Richards getting some deserved flak here for his in-zone ineffectiveness, but did cover back well to drag down Skinner in the last 5 seconds. Good to see him passing more creatively than of late, had a great one to send in Gaborik for a semi-break.

  20. Ukranger, blaming Richards for Nash inability to score more (how many times he missed the net last night?) Is Sooo lame.

  21. I watched Richards closely in the D Zone last night. He did hustle to get back on the last play of OT. But he was behind the play and his check all night in the DZone. He coasted and glided often when he should have been pumping his legs and challenging. If I saw it on the Telly, I know the coaches and management saw it as well.

  22. At least we didn’t see a forward parked in front of Lundqvist, being allowed to tap in rebounds. Is that because Carolina wasn’t trying that or because the Rangers D wouldn’t allow it. But if I was playing the Rangers and watched the Winnipeg and Buffalo games, I would keep setting up at Hank’s skates. Boston did it earlier in the year as well.

    It makes me wonder about the health/conditioning of Girardi and McDonagh. Staal is out, and sorely missed, but he missed half of last year too. With all the comparisons to last year, one thing that did not happen as much last year as it seems to be happening this year is the Rangers D not clearing out the front of the slot. A lot of talk has been comparing last year’s forwards to this year’s, but the defense is pretty much the same and they overall do not seem as physical as they were last year.

    Regarding #6, isn’t it time we call the Stepan line the first line?

    Regarding #4 I don’t think the window for Tortorella closed completely when Adam Henrique picked up some scrambled garbage in the crease last May, but it took nearly 3 years for Torts to pry that window open. I don’t think he will get 3 years to get it open again. I think he needs to make the playoffs this year and have the team improve next year significantly to keep his job.

    This group, with the wagon hitched to Nash for many years, is way behind last year’s in points and light years behind last year’s in chemistry and kool-aid consumption. Given time, they may get there, but if it takes too long it will be without Torts behind the bench.

    Carp, I am with you on the shootout/skills competition, but you complain about it as much as I complain about the NHL television policies. It/they suck. but it/they aren’t going anywhere.

  23. Nash is missing the net more often because he’s constantly under pressure having had to skate with a defender on his back to get near the net and shield the puck at the same time. If he had a center who could find him open (or even just facing the net) within 30-40 feet he’d been on pace for 20-30% more goals. Its not all Richards fault but its not like Nash is missing the net unmolested from the slot, he’s missed a couple of breakaways thanks to all-world saves, but the rest is a joy to watch.

  24. last night was the second game I’ve been to at MSG this season and I was shocked at how dead the building was. I can’t remember a time where you could hear the players on the ice from the upper levels of the Garden. And what’s with the texting during games? SMH.

  25. Just saying, I called for Michael Haley weeks ago. I believe in this guy. He’s no close to what Brandon Prust is skill wise, but he’s got grit and if he continues to get minutes, I believe it can rub off on the rest of the team.

  26. Ryan Callahan is simply the best player (non goalie) on this team. It is unreal how he just wills himself to do things. Like win that face off (cleanly) with 4 seconds to go.

    How is it that Semin can find the slot and rip shots and Gaborik can’t?

  27. Cross Check Charlie on

    tkaczuk – I remember my first game at the Garden. I thought it was going to be electric. It was so quiet in there I thought I was at funeral. WTB?

  28. iDoodie Machetto on

    Who were the linesmen last night? They were beyond terrible. Especially 92. Some of the worst linesman work I’ve ever seen.

  29. Cross Check Charlie on

    Since I’m not from the NYC area, I’ve only been to MSG twice. Thankfully, neither time during the Muckler era.

  30. Gaborik found the slot and ripped a shot right at the end of the game. Waited a beat, great scorer’s poise, didn’t score.

  31. Glad to see Corey perry stay in Anaheim. Let’s be realistic the only way he was coming to rangers would be to buy out richy and still that wouldn’t be for sure. Ottawa Toronto would have been the teams to watch for. So if not the rangers stay west and now we don’t have to worry about an east or now divisional
    Team next year getting better.

  32. Czechthemout!!! on

    What MDZ did last night is what he must do night in and night out! He needs to not listen to the lunatic behind the bench and just go. The more he goes the faster he will gain more confidence in the offensive zone and start scoring. He is way too tentative there because he is afraid to get screamed at if the other team transitions into a chance.

    I thought the game opened up quite a bit in the second period and that is why we dominated more than anything else. Once again I believe that this is the way we should play all the time. And no, it wasnt a track meet. I firmly believe we can hang with any team in the league playing this type of game. The scoring will come.

  33. If they played every game the way they played that overtime
    they’d be okay. They’re in serious need of some goal scoring though. One thing I’ll say about Richards- that ugly lazy effort he made when taking that penalty in OT alone is enough to make you want him bought out. I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt that he knew there wasn’t any time left but he still caused a crucial face off in the defensive zone. Just a shell of his former self. disgusting.

  34. Czechthemout!!! on

    By the way, my stars were,

    1 Hagelin

    2 Stepan

    3 MDZ keep pinching in and ignore the lunatic behind the bench. This is your game. Play it. Just be smart.

  35. Czech I agree with that. Del Z is their biggest offensive threat from the blueline when he’s playing like that. God knows the offense needs that boost.

  36. I agree, Carp. The BCATHGE totally taints the vision of the fan. Here is how I feel about last night.

    Lucky to get two points. Should have gotten those two points, against a conference foe competing for the 8th playoff spot, in regulation. Need to shut the door there. Had plenty of opportunities but lack of forwards spreading out and creating clean shots on goal, not real _great_ chances.

    Defensively, I was upset. McBust is out of position on that Staal one-timer. He has to take the man there. But that is what I say for most of our D-Men. TAKE THE MAN. Even Eminger tries to take the man, probably because he has less pure skill than the other guys. But it works more often than not. It’s why we need Mcllrath.

    The penalty on Staal = Pansification
    The Interference call on a Ranger = Pansification

    Hopefully the interference call was a makeup call for the goaltender interference call on Staal. Miserable calls.

  37. James – I agree. The thing about OT is that there are two less players on the ice. And when there is more space, this team can really use its speed and skill to get quality chances. When the game opened up there, the ‘Canes really didn’t have a chance.

    Gaborik with space = totally different player

    I will say it again. In the 3rd period Semin was skating to the slot, finding space for himself, getting the puck and ripping wristers. Luckily Hank saved them but that is EXACTLY what Gaborik should be doing.

  38. I listened to the entire game on my car radio, uninterrupted, while I was doing 0 mph on the Hutch last night…that was about as bad as it gets…I remember driving from Albany to Binghamton during a 1988 whiteout and shooting backwards off of I-88 into the grassy median, and last night wasn’t a whiteout but the highway conditions were as bad as I’ve seen since then.

  39. I have no misconception about this team. Unless this roster changes for the best this team will struggle to make the playoffs. The rangers are a flawed team, to soft and still can’t score.

  40. Doodie Machetto on


    Thanks for meeting the Mrs. and I before the game. I like to check in with you once a year just to make sure they haven’t replaced you with a roboCarp. Mrs. Machetto said it’s really ncie of you to take the time out to meet us and was upset that she forgot to show you a picture of Doodie Jr. in his Rangers gear. Can I e-mail it to you?

  41. does every otherwise bannable word become OK if you just put the letters u-n in front of it?

  42. I saw Gift-of-Gaborik was around here this weekend. If you’re out there man, Big Shout Outs. Come back and be funny again soon please.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    The two guys in the seats next to us were tourists from Finland. Really nice guys. It’s not often I get to talk SM-Liiga. They really knew about EVERY Finnish player. Well, almost every Finnish player. They said that they were trying to think of the last Fin who played for the Rangers and thought it was Jokinen (I said they were probably right), but I said we also had Jarkko Immonen just before that. They were both surprised to find out Immonnen played for us.

    They hate Jarrkko Ruutu. HATE him.

    They also said Karri Rammo got in trouble this year in Russia for smoking pot. I just think that’s hilarious.

  44. Semin didn’t score. Gaborik didn’t score. The former looked dangerous because you didn’t want him to score. The latter looked ineffective because you did want him to score. Canes fans wanted Gaborik on the bench.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    I thought Gaborik played a pretty good game, but he’s definitely snakebitten. More than once he passed when he should have shot.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    I thought it was a really entertaining game last night. The first period was boring but each period got better and better. The OT was terrific.

  47. Thanks Grabby Brundlefly

    I actually don’t mind listening to hockey and baseball on the radio, but for the last game vs. the Pens I was also on the road, and Dave Maloney talked about the Pens literally 95% of the broadcast…ridiculous amounts of love…granted it didn’t help that the Rangers didn’t give him anything to talk about

  48. Rob in Beantown on

    I thought Richards’ penalty at the end of OT was a good penalty. I’d take the d-zone faceoff over the developing odd man rush with 6 seconds left in OT

  49. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Remember the report on Semin last year? Takes games off, doesn’t want to work, doesn’t play physical.

    Wow, I was impressed with his play. I can see why he has 30 pts already. Lucky for the Rangers Henrik seen his shot in the 3rd period. Why can’t Gaborik play like this? Take Semin away from the Caps and they are at the bottom of the league, add him to the Canes and BAM…. they look like a playoff team. If only they had a goalie. If the Canes could get their hands on Ryan Miller or Luongo, for the stretch run, they would be a force to recon with in the EAST.

    Then I’m thinking to myself, maybe Sather should have given Richards a 1 year deal? Would his play be any different? Just saying . . . . .

  50. Yea, Rob. That penalty Richards took when he was gassed at the end of OT was completely fine. It’s like in Basketball when there is such thing as a “good foul.”

    Richards sure is skating better overall. Nice to see. He’s also shooting more.

  51. doodie, how about stepan with his behind the net routine when he passed up a shot just waiting 1 second too long to make a decision. think it was the first period, not sure, and idk how his goal wasnt reviewed and called a penalty but he needs to shoot it more too. hes always lookin to make a good pass but hes tied with gabby in goals now. he definitely can and should shoot more. it feels cheap that we won last night the way we did but hey, whatever it takes at this point like carp said. idk what gabbys problem is. i mean, he doesnt seem to have that lightning quick release on his shots anymore. hes gotta get in close to get goals more than ever it seems. even though he had recovered fully from his shoulder operation, u can tell he cant fire it off like he used to.

    i hope this isnt a double post but my original is awaiting moderation

  52. Sioux-per-man on

    I agree Rob, It was the right time to take a penalty.

    I forgot did Richards have any other “good” plays?

    I don’t mean to be negative today, but I don’t think Richards is our #1 center. Our top line with NO points last night. Yes Nash gets a shoot out goal. But nothing in the first 65 minutes, from the “SUPER” line. What do you do if you were Torts. . . . keep them together tonight?

  53. anyway, its awaiting moderation, wasnt nothing important, just that stepan can and should shoot more. had some missed oppurtunities last few games and last night in the first instead of takin the shot he went behind the net with it. and gabbys shots dont have that same lightning quick release on them anymore and hes gonna have to more garbage type rebound goals in close. its not his game but hes gotta adapt

  54. Other good plays by Richards include: Hitting Gab. in stride for a partial breakaway (backhand to the mask) and, earlier, cutting left through traffic into the slot to make his own [dangerous] shot. Again, if you were a Canes fan, you weren’t happy with Richards. Many scoring chances for his line, and many misses. They’ll be back together tonight.

  55. Stranger Nation on

    IMO –
    Hags-Richards-Cally – 2 defensively responsible wingers who can grind on boards, we need to protect Richards in d zone where he is absolutely atrocious, maybe he can buy a heart from the wizard with his money

    Gabby-Step-Nash: 2 scorers with pass-first center – again last night Step coming in on wing and tries to bank it off goalie – only works once per year. Thought Gabby plays better with him.

    Haley-Boyle-Miller: best hitters and bangers on checking line

    Pie-hat/Halpern/Powe: 2 speedboats with an oceanliner

  56. Certainly not pretty but who needs pretty wins right now. We just need PTS.

    Back up last night with a win tonight. Otherwise two steps back.

  57. Dont think the same effort wins us a game tonight. Need a good first period to have a chance. Is there even any doubt that Brodeur is playing?

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    The Devils called up their Tostito for tonight. Looks like they’re expecting a donnybrook.

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    Expect the Rangers to make a small deal this week to trade away a contract. They need the contract space to make runs after the upcoming free agent collegiate players.

  60. carp right why does Nash not score more? he does all these fabulous moves but often nada to show for them.

    nothing changed for this offensive challenged team except they got 2 points.

    4th line is embarrasing….boyle is a joke…

  61. I always get a kick out of the Rangers TV annnouncers. Every goalie that faces the Rangers turns into the next coming of Patrick Roy.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, great write-up, as always. Allow me to retort:

    1-2) Forgetting the BCATHGE, I thought the Rangers played a great 2nd, 3rd, and OT. Yes, they couldn’t put the puck away, but that was more of a finishing issue than an opportunity issue. In their three game losing streak, they weren’t even getting those opportunities. Just in terms of a law of averages, if they continue to get that many good offensive opportunities, the goals will start coming.

    3) The two points were huge, but giving Carolina one didn’t help matters much. I can’t believe how far behind the Rangers are in the standings. No matter how good of a run they go on to close out the season, it’s almost impossible to envision a scenario where they finish the season higher than 5th.

    4) The media is dying to fire Tortorella, not just because he’s a jerk, but because it’s big news. In my opinion, among media members, you are one of his biggest supporters and even you were starting to get on him a little bit, especially after his treatment of Sam Rosen.

    5) I’ve been saying this for a while: If Richards and Gaborik were playing like they were supposed to, nobody would be complaining about our lack of scoring.

    6-7) I thought the Nash and Gaborik looked terrific. Richards continues to have a nightmare of a season, especially on the defensive side of the puck. Gaborik definitely looked much better playing the right wing and I thought he could have had a goal or two on a different night. I would really like to see him stay where he is. The Hagelin-Stepan-Callahan line was clearly the best line for the Rangers. I’ve been saying it for over a month: Stepan is our #1 center and whatever line he is on is the first line. He isn’t a legit #1 center, but he is by far the best we have. I loved how hard Callahan was driving to the net. That whole line really attacked the goal, although, I think Hagelin tries too many wraparounds without someone at the other end of the crease to keep the goaltender honest or to put home the puck if it comes loose. The third line looked pretty good as well. Miller is a tough kid, but I really thought Boyle had one of his best games of the season and I gave him my third star because of it, even though MDZ, Hagelin, and Miller were probably a bit more deserving.

    8) I didn’t get a good look at it.

    9) I agree. More consistency is expected of him. And he should have buried that chance in the 3rd.

    10) This goes back to what I was saying earlier: they, and Nash in particular, had so many opportunities to score during the game that the number of goals has to improve just based on the law of averages.

    11) The ovation Staal got was nice. His face also didn’t look that bad, but they definitely were keeping him in a profile view on purpose. I wish I had known Jarri Kurri was there. It would have driven my Finnish seatneighbors insane to know he was in the building.

    12) Big deal; Muckler’s heart rate hasn’t changed since 1872.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    DJK, I was talking about a much smaller deal, but also, I don’t think Gaborik will be traded.

  64. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    Carp, am I too redundant if I say ‘Great Review’???? Awesome points, including that MacD seriously struggled at times. Seems a bit lost.

    That 3rd line, if Torts could leave it alone for a bit, is a neat concept. The kid with the big but slow grinders. They DID have some good shifts. Perhaps they might score and be useful over time. Just, Torts, give them a game or maybe more. THere’s hope……

    Cally was very lucky not to be called for goalie interference. If that’s an elite goalie, it’s called.
    And at least Step buried it. Then again, with the goalie pushed to the ice, would be hard not to, Prust saying.

    That first period, call it what you want, was awful. The PP late in the 3rd was awful.

    Hank had a solid game. And, while nowhere near where he needs to be, Richards actually back checked a few times. Wow!!! Some effort, nice to see from him.

  65. 2. At least the Rangers score two team goals last night thanks to the BCATHGE.

    4. Agreed. I wouldn’t say Torts has lost the team, but always hard to tell from the outside until it’s exceedingly obvious.

    6. Agreed. Nasty pointed out on Twitter last night that Torts was going with the “eggs in one basket” on the first line. I had more hope in the second line, since two of those first-line eggs are scrambled. Nash probably deserved a goal with the chances he had, but the shots were somewhat poor.

    7. Agreed

    8. Agreed

    9. Agreed. Weak defense by McDonagh on the Hurry Canes’ goal.

    Big break to be one game ahead of Brodeur’s return tonight, though Hedberg has bounced back.

    Am I crazy to want Richards, Nash, and Gaborik on three different lines? When is Gaborik being moved back to RW? Miller needs to play with a greater talent on his line, whether someone moves down with him or replaces him on the third line.

  66. Sharks are in need of a reboot. No way they take a player that takes up $7.5M for next season. Their goal would be to trade off a longer term deal for a an expiring one.

    Bruins don’t have the cap space next year to take on a big salary, especially when you consider Rask is an RFA.

  67. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    How much do we need that 6’8″, 210 lb. Czech kid that’s now done with college hockey?

    Could someone please tell our GM that we have needed a big guy like that for, oh, about 6 -8 years???? Offer him the Empire State Building and a weight gaining program so he can fill out quick???

  68. Sioux-per-man on

    Big, Big, BIG game tonight. 4 HUGE points on the line tonight.

    We need this game, more than any other this year. 32 points would put us in a tie for 8th with the Devils, Jets, & Leafs. Are we a better team? I would like to think so, but the Jets beat us twice, the Leafs are a much better team with Frattin on it, and Lupol Back in the line up. The Devils and Zajac always have a way of sticking it to us.

    Perhaps we can light up Hedberg, he’s 5-8-3 with a .888, they are ripe for picking. Nothing better than chasing him out of the game, just to a chance to chant out Marty name after a goal.

    Big game.

    Must win.

    Please tell me all the shots that went WIDE last night, find the net TONIGHT!!!!

  69. Sioux-per-man on

    CT I could see the Sharks moving Boyle of the blue line, both him and Gaborik make about the same money and each have a year left in their contract.

    They need scoring, and might be willing to gamble on Gaborik. Now do they have what the Rangers want? Hard to guess the pieces, but it’s possible.

  70. Rob in Beantown on

    Is there a picture somewhere of Marc Staal at last night’s game? I missed him on TV.

  71. Anybody notice that Brian Elliott had the BEST save percentage last season and has the WORST save percentage this season?

  72. Sioux-per-man on

    Matty – the kid has skills. Watched him a couple of games against the Sioux this year. He played solid Defense and has a cannon for a shot. Had a great coach in college playing for Blais. He might not be ready this year, but when he fills out he could be a SOLID force to be recon’d with on the blue line.

    He would a top prospect for any team that signs him, and might jump ahead of McIlrath right away on the depth chart.

  73. Rob – couldnt see a great deal of Staal, he was in one of the boxes with Bickel and the view was from the uninjured side of his face, but it didnt look swollen.

  74. Sioux,

    Rangers need scoring. I’d love for them to get Couture from the Sharks but he’s pretty untouchable on that team given that he’s the youngest out of their core forwards.

    Look at this way, the Rangers need the scoring they thought they were going to get from Gaborik and Richards this year. What do you think the price tag is on the trade market for a guy that’s currently scoring at a pro-rated 40 goal pace? Whatever it is, it’s going to cost a lot more than just Gaborik when you factor in his cap hit.

  75. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Check out the “Rudy” story of college hockey.


    Tate Maris practices 4 years for the Sioux. Hakstal pulls our goalie with a 27 save shut out going, and puts Tate in to finish the game. Crowd was chanting “We Want Tate”!!! It was his 4 minutes of any regular season / playoff hockey. 12,000 fans gave him a standing ovation.

    One of the coolest things I’ve seen. It gave me goose bumps!!!

  76. There is probably better chance of Carp becoming the next coach of the Rangers than of Gaborik being traded to an Eastern Conference rival and already hell of a team in Boston.

    Gaborik had a pretty good game yesterday.Like Doodie said could have had 1 or 2 goals easily.

    Dont know if this was mentioned but was it me or was there an unusually high number of Rangers being tossed from the faceoff circle yesterday? Almost as bad as last year during playoffs.

  77. Czech, the “lunatic behind the bench” wants him joining the play and pinching. But don’t let the facts cloud your vision.

    Doodie, great meeting the Mrs. (I’ll tell you the same thing I told Manny: you outkicked your coverage). Yes, email me that picture at rcarpini@lohud.com

  78. Lev, both sides being tossed. That’s how they’re calling it this year and players obviously haven’t learned. I will say, the Rangers have gotten better on the draws. And the linesmen just need to drop the freakin’ puck.

  79. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – they eeeked out a win last night. Do you keep the top line the same? Even though they didn’t score.

  80. We need the same play that we got last night from periods 2-OT. We need to score first against the Devils though. They get up a goal or 2 and kiss it goodbye. They play too well with the lead.

  81. Crazy league our team plays in, ha. Carolina loses, but goes from 8th to 3rd and we get a win and stay in 9th, but a win tonight ties us for 6th.

  82. Remember how last year everyone said this team didn’t score enough? Well according to MSG, they were 11th in the league in GF/G.

    So maybe they addressed a none issue and actually made it worse with all the combined moves this off season?

    Either way, I didn’t think the Rangers played all that well tonight. Got the lucky 2 points in the SO, but I thought the Canes were the better team.

  83. eddie eddie eddie on

    Must win tonight. Call me crazy but I actually like the SO. In the old days if the score was tied with 12 minutes or so left in the third….both teams went into a shell and played it safe…horribly boring and predictable…….at least with OT the ice opens up and teams take some chances…if still tied….the breakaway contest…..and with Hank in goal, we win many more than we lose….

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, Linesman #92 was AWFUL. #68 (I think that’s Driscoll) wasn’t much better. They think the faceoff is about them instead of about just dropping the damn puck to restart play.

  85. I dont hate the shootout – i hate that it decides the game winner. Its great entertainment

  86. Gaborik did have an OK game, offensively, yesterday. He even showed why he’s a great scorer. He took a few shots that only he (compared to the rest of this team) could put on net. I just don’t like when he’s at the blue line and I don’t like when he’s against the boards behind, and on the sides, of the net. I want Gaborik to find the slot and just sit there with the stick on the ice waiting to rip.

    The positive I take is that Richards is skating better and Richards being better makes Gaborik better. Keep that going.

    Our top line is the Stepan line with Hagelin and Callahan on the wings. I still contend Callahan is the best guy on this squad. The level he is able to elevate to when necessary is nuts. That cut back he made to get the puck to the front where Stepan hammered it home, wow.

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    UK, I agree with your statement on the shootout. Great to watch, terrible that it counts.

  88. Eddie – I think the shootout ruins games like this. These two teams are competing for the 8th slot. A tie is a DISASTER to both teams. Someone has to win. Thus, I think in the 3rd it would be desperation to get that extra point.

  89. Loath as I am to mess about with the Stepan line, and I’m fairly certain I won’t get the chance, I wouldn’t mind seeing Callahan and Miller flip-flopped every so often. The third line would be better for a shift or three, and I’m curious to see what Miller might create with the other young Turks.

  90. The shootout would be great if it was only in the All Star game. Watching the best of the best do crazy stuff. That’s fun. But Patrick Kane in the shootout during the year is just stupid.

  91. Hey Carp, when you are waiting in the media room for the post game remarks by Torts, has anyone ever started busting out Torts phrases or impersonations to get a chuckle out of everyone else?

  92. Doodie Machetto on

    There can never be enough Patrick Kane in the shootout. He should just stick around after home games and take three shootout attempts on a local goaltender.

  93. Stranger Nation on

    callyhan combines extreme effort with good skill – if our top line played half as hard as him we would be arguing where to meet prior to the parade.

    Guts = glory

  94. Doodie Machetto on

    Lev, they’ve tried 3 on 3 OT in the R&D and it’s just terrible. Nobody takes any chances and everyone is too gassed too quickly for any real offense to come.

  95. Rangers looked pretty scary in the 4 on 4 OT. McD’s breaking in alone reminded me a little of Leetch during game 7 – you could see the play as it developed, hoping he had enough of an angle. Would have been awesome if he potted that one. Don’t remember who gave him the feed that sent him (Nash or Richards?) but it was a beauty.

  96. R&D is a great place to look at it, but it’s impossible to replicate real game incentives, no? If you had Nash, Gaborik and Del Zotto out against Crosby, Malkin and LeTang, for instance, there will be a goal. It inches towards the shootout, but at least there would be some team play, and 3 on 3 is actually possible in a real game.

  97. I also feel the same about the Soccer penalty shootout. Play until someone scores or set a time limit and walk away with a point each. Or 3pts for a win as more incentive?

  98. At least we don’t root for the Sabres. This infighting is absurd. Really embarrassing. They need to trade Miller immediately.

    How’s Lindy Ruff enjoying it?

  99. What about a different points system, and 4 on 4 OT for 10 minutes?

    4 points for regulation win
    3 points for overtime win
    2 points for shootout win
    1 point for overtime/shootout loss.

    Incentivizes overtime over the shootout, but both teams still get a point to make it to OT. It would confuse the hell out of everybody, though.

  100. Here is a text I got this morning from my 12 year cousin Lora (yes, that’s a girls name) :)

    “i love the game of hockey and support the rangers and my whole family bleeds blue but they are not the same team they were last year or even a year before. To me they are not even a team at all. In my opinion they need to learn how to play as a team and not as an individual, also they need a new coach.”

  101. Credit their goalie on the McD one, he didnt fall like Maaarty onto a free cheeseburger and forced McD to go wide and ring it off the crossbar.

  102. Sioux-per-man on

    iManny if the Sabres trade Miller to the Hurricanes, it would be scary to face them in the playoffs.

  103. Just heard an interesting thing about Martin St. Louis being moved due to the Lacavalier injury. How badly would Tort want to go after St. Louis?

  104. Yea. That would be really scary, Sioux. Unless Miller continued to suck. I doubt he would though. He’s very *unfocused* right now.

    Have we covered the Perry contract extension in Anaheim?

  105. The only way the team trades Gaborik is if they are overwhelmed by the offer.

    If the problem or one of them is scoring he and Nash are the only proven scorers on this roster,plus there is the remaining money to contend with.

    Neither Gabby or Torts are the problem and as several here have said repeatedly the roster is seriously flawed.

    Therefore my familiar refrain of who decide that several highly paid stars from other teams with a bunch of bandaids surrounding them is the proper formula for pro sport’s success.

    See the Knicks and others for others with the same flawed formula.
    The only one that seems to be working is the heat , then again they brought in the best player in the game and combined that with perhaps the best 2 guard in the game with Bosh the added piece!

    Management dear fellows that has vision,not ours which boasts replays of failed ideas!

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    Norm, if you think Torts would throw Nash, Gaborik, and Del Zotto out against Crosby, Malkin, and Letang, you are out of your mind. If Crosby, Malkin, and Letang came over the boards, we would send Callahan, McDonagh, and Girardi, and hold on for dear life.

  107. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, I don’t think they move St. Louis for anything short of a king’s ransom. Don’t forget how important he is to Stamkos.

  108. Sioux-per-man on

    Anyone on here check out Lindberg’s goal that’s posted on twitter.

    The kid has some skills! I wonder if Hags, Stralman, and Lundqvist could make him feel at home right away for the Rangers. 44 pts in 52 games in the SEL as a 20 year old.

    Another Miller/Kreider type player, future is looking so bright ……. we gotta wear shades!!!

    How long until the SEL season is over, maybe Linberg and Fast could be a call up?

  109. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    a betting man would take the devs by a goal tonite over the NYR ,
    back to back games vs. a rested devils team
    never mind the past where the NYR dominated, its now that counts..
    devils 3 ny 2

  110. I heard we were scouting TBL the other day. St.Louis is signed for 2 more years at £5.625m per. He’d be 39 at the end of the contract, but he’s still a point per game guy.

  111. Doodie – I assume the Lightning are about to rebuild. Thus, they would be looking for a haul of youngsters. Not saying I want to do it. Just saying *Tort* might want to do it.

  112. Doodie Machetto on

    UK, get your europansy money symbol out of here. DOLLARS, not POUNDS. Pounds are what we have in abundance around our waists.

  113. Sioux-per-man on

    I would trade Richards before Gaborik. Richards contract is going to be a boat anchor if he doesn’t turn his season around quick!!! I like the guy, but Stepan is making more plays than he is.

  114. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, I still don’t see them moving St. Louis, nor any team having the ponies to pony up with.

  115. Richards will be bought out LONG before he’s traded. No one is picking up that Contract, Sioux. We can dream, but it probably won’t happen.

  116. Unless we move him to a team that wants his final years of $1M hard Cash but high cap hit to keep them above the cap floor.

  117. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Never mind trading for St.Louis
    ,how about waiving sather and tortorella and buying out Dolan ?

    I guess we’re probably stuck with dolan for the long long haul.
    The folly of being rich.

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, but a team like that wouldn’t want all of the years leading up to that.

  119. Also guys. I didn’t mention this but, another impression from watching the CT Whale.
    Jason Missiaen. He is HUMUNGOUS. I call him “humungaloid” because a 6’8″ goalie looks freakish. I know he’s the backup down there and I watched him post a shutout against a weak team but I thought he moved really well for his size. Maybe not fast, but very pragmatic movements. Definitely minimized the moving to accommodate his gigantic frame. I would say he’s a plus goalie referring to his lateral movement. It was good. Especially post-to-post.

    Could be a decent backup in the future.

  120. Doodie – sorry dude – if it were that hit in ££ they’d be well and truly over the cap!

  121. Yea, that’s my point Doodie. To trade Richards we would have to hang onto him until the 2016-2017 season.

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    well and truly- get your Europansy English phrases out of our ‘Merican lexicon!

  123. Sioux-per-man on

    Boys if you get a chance read this article.


    It’s better than the video.

    Nothing better than a feel good story in hockey.

    It’s a Sioux-per day for Hockey. Hours away from Rangers/Devils it doesn’t get much better than this.

    Unless your there center ice, when all 3 forwards drop the gloves on the opening whistle :)

  124. kovie March 19th, 2013 at 7:40 am
    I recall during a chat with Carp last summer, the consensus was that if Nash scores less than 30, it would be a disappointment. He has what, 9? Oh, the expectation they set.


    you dumb bastard.

  125. ..the Perry extension should be renamed the “i really hope the salary cap doubles in the next 5 years otherwise we cant field a team” contract

    ($8+m per year for guys who are 60 point scorers?)

  126. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d love it for some reporter to just ask Torts a pure nonsense question, like what he ate for lunch. If I were an out of town media person, I would make sure to do that.

  127. Cross Check Charlie on

    I also feel the same way about the shootouts (except when the Rangers win!). It’s a crummy way to decide a winner.

    UK-“I also feel the same about the Soccer penalty shootout.”

    In soccer, it’s usually only used in a tournament when you must have a winner to go on to the next round. Otherwise, games end in a tie. Plus, in soccer, they play a 30 minute overtime before going to a shootout. Goals are normally harder to come by in soccer than in hockey and after 120 minutes they just need to decide the game.

    Let’s face it, the hockey shootout was only brought in as a device to entertain fans.

  128. UK – It’s very similar to the Penguins. I think the Ducks have 41% of their cap tied up in 4 players. Similar to the Penguins.

    The Ducks are probably going to go to the Cup this year though. Against the Penguins.

  129. When I become a superhero, the emblem on my chest, and flashed in the night sky by local law enforcement, will be a Philly cheese steak with extra sauteed onions

  130. Sioux-per-man on

    Too many weapons on the Blackhawks, every night a different player steps up and helps the team win a game. What a concept, team first. Hmmmmm

    Besides no Fighting Sioux on the Ducks.

    But Selanne just get better with age doesn’t he?

  131. if anybody sees eric here today, please remind him that if NYR win tonite they are back in top 8 & he owes me 2 MSG hot dogs.

  132. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, the loser should be forced to eat those. This way, when they end up repeating on him for the next day, he can be reminded how wrong he was.

  133. Why are you guys assuming the Blackhawks will beat the Ducks? Have you seen the Ducks record? Ducks are 21-3-4 (46 Points, 28 Played) while the Blackhawks are 24-2-3 (51 Points, 29 Played).

    Blackhawks haven’t fared that well in recent Playoffs so, when I look at how out-of-this-world their mediocre goaltending has been (Emery still undefeated in Regulation) I would put my money on the Ducks beating them in a playoff series (WCF).

    That’s just my opinion and I’m probably trying to just not pick the obvious guys. But it’s not a done deal that the ‘Hawks make the Cup. I would assume though, it’s Hawks or Ducks.

  134. by the way, this was my prediction preseason. (unfortunately it was for 2011-12):

    STANLEY CUP FINAL: (all birds) Pittsburgh over Anaheim.

  135. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny – just saying it’s kind of a common thread. Kings had Greene, Blackhawks had Toews, when they won the cup.

  136. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, is that how you get your money’s worth? That must be their campaign slogan: “Another hot dog is gone once you finish it, but ‘this one will last a lifetime.'”

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    I think I said Hawks-Pens.

    But I shudder to think that I may have said (gulp) Sharks.

  138. Carp, you seriously think there’ll be two hot dogs left in the building when Marty is probably going to be sat on the bench bored for 60 minutes?

  139. I agree that if Malkin, Crosby and LeTang came out for a 3×3, Tortorella might pack it in with shot-blockers and play for whatever’s next. Or he might trust Lundqvist and put out some combo of Nash, Gaborik, Hagelin, Del Zotto and play to win. We’ll never find out, though, dangit!

  140. Doodie Machetto on

    The best food values in the Garden are now the Carnegie Deli sandwiches. The meat is like it’s straight from the deli and they pile it almost as high as they do in-store as well. And the price is even similar to what you would pay in-store.

    The knishes aren’t as good as in-store, but they’re still pretty good.

  141. Afternoon all,

    Do not assume that the Hawks or Ducks and Crosbys are locks to advance as far as the Cup Finals.

    Case in point 1994 – Detroit Red Wings.

    100 points and number one seed in the West.

    Eliminated by the #8 seed San Jose Sharks in the first round.

    This is just one of many instances when the “favorite” got knocked out early.

    And remember – the eighth seed in the West won the Cup last year.

    So many things have to go right for a team to win Stanley.

    Still a long way to go.

    Perhaps it will be a team that’s not even on the radar right now.

    Not saying it will be the Rangers, though.

    Wishful thinking at this point.

  142. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    _Richards- that ugly lazy effort he made when taking that penalty in OT alone is enough to make you want him bought out. I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt that he knew there wasn’t any time left but he still caused a crucial face off in the defensive zone. Just a shell of his former self. disgusting_

    I completely disagree with this statement. Richards was at the end of a shift and did exactly the right thing with the amount of time left in OT. It was a 2 on 1, so there’s not going to be a penalty shot. And I’d rather them have a D-zone face than a 2 on 1 on the rush.

  143. Doodie Machetto on

    authorben, all true, but I predicted the Kings victory in the preseason, so, there’s that.

  144. One more thing on the hot dogs: If the Rangers win in regulation, they are in 8th, if it’s a 3 point game, they’re still behind the Mickey Mouse McMullen’s.

  145. Richards took the penalty knowing that OT was ending so the PP wasnt going to hurt us. If he didnt take the penalty Skinner had him beat for an easy 2 on 1 that easily could have and probably would have ended the game right there. No idea how you can argue that that was a bad penalty and a lazy effort. If anything it was good awareness.

  146. Doodie, Daily Burger. It’s only like $8.95 ($13.90 with fries) and it’s a legit grilled burger on an English muffin. Or at least, that’s what I’ve heard.

  147. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, the burger is good, but for $15 you get a sandwich that’s enough to feed two people.

  148. Doodie,

    You picked the Kings to win the Cup last pre-season?

    Quite impressive.

    I think they have a great chance to repeat.

    No other team has their depth up the middle:


    And with Quick between the pipes – they have a chance to win every night.

    Will be a very dangerous time come playoff time.

  149. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    That type of analysis is exactly why Richards is a fixture on the WBM (c)

  150. _when I look at how out-of-this-world their mediocre goaltending has been_

    Their goaltending is mediocre. Good to know. Ray Emery: career save percentage of .907, only .013 less than the best goaltender in the NHL, Lundqvist.

  151. In defense of McD, who has indeed played less consistently than we expect from him, I intuit that he is trying to concentrate on playing more physically in front of his net, plays gargantuan minutes, and is trying more and more to join the rush and add offense. Add to that the defense pairings that are more juggled than usual due to the loss of Staal. It’s only lately that I’ve noticed him breathing heavy, something he rarely did before.

  152. Stranger Nation on

    Gravy – agree on Richards taking that penalty, although I think he had the TO that led to the break out.

    His D play through out the game (and season) was egregious and he should NOT be playing center. Would rather have him on wing so his defensive liabilities are not so potentially damaging.

    There was a shift in the first period for his line where they could not get the puck out of the D zone for a break out.

    They should rip the A off his chest for the lack of effort in the D zone – it is criminal

  153. the bet was that the Rangers will never see the top eight again. I bet that they will (eric, surprisingly and uncharacteristically said they won’t). And they will. Easiest two hot dogs I’ll ever win.

  154. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Quick has struggled a lot this year. His save % is under .900, and until his shutout last night, it was probably below .850 in March.

  155. Stranger Nation on

    coos – to your pt re McD, he had his man pinned in front on a couple of plays. That will always take more out of you than skating and banging. Think he spent half the night wrestling one Stawl bro or another on every shift.

    Very taxing…

  156. Doodie Machetto on

    author, indeed I did.

    My predictions will have two versions. One assumes Crosby comes back around January and finishes the season. The other is Crosby-less.

    1) Washington
    2) Pittsburgh
    3) Boston
    4) Philly
    5) Buffalo
    6) Rangers
    7) Tampa
    8) Carolina
    9) Montreal
    10) New Jersey
    11) Toronto
    12) Winnipeg
    13) Islanders
    14) Florida
    15) Ottawa

    Without a Crosby return, I pick Boston to finish second, Philly third, and Pittsburgh 4th.


    1) Vancouver
    2) LA
    3) Detroit
    4) San Jose
    5) Chicago
    6) Anaheim
    7) Nashville
    8) Minnesota
    9) Columbus
    10) Phoenix (Quebec)
    11) St. Louis (JD gets canned when Hulsizer comes in. Maybe he comes back to broadcast for us?!)
    12) Calgary
    13) Dallas
    14) Colorado
    15) Edmonton

    Eastern Final: Pittsburgh vs. Washington. With Crosby, Pittsburgh wins, without him, Washington.

    Western Final: LA vs. Chicago, LA Wins

    Cup: LA vs. Washington, LA wins.

    Doodie Machetto October 7th, 2011 at 10:01 am
    Actually, to modify, without Crosby, I think the Conference Final is Washington vs. Boston, and Washington wins.

    I think in the with Crosby scenario, we lose in the first round to the Bruins. In the without scenario, we lose in the second round to the Caps
    Doodie Machetto October 7th, 2011 at 10:01 am
    Oh and in the with Crosby scenario, I still think LA wins the Cup.

  157. Eklund saying that Rangers and Jets have talked: “According to three, yes three, sources today the Rangers and the Jets are talking…meaning each team gets current NHLers from the other and not prospects. I know the Rangers are VERY high on Evander Kane…as is the rest of the NHL….and there is Dustin Byfuglien sitting out there as well…The Rangers have some very strong complimentary talent as well as a few superstars….one of which I am told would be “amenable to change.””

    so basically Panthers and Oilers are discussing trading a couple of AHLers is what i got from that

  158. Stranger Nation on

    Doodie – Caps in the finals sort of mars that prediction – but great call on Kings

  159. Doodie,

    Certainly wouldn’t be a shock if the Kings repeat. Four lines deep wins the Cup.

  160. Lmgo, Lev. I was actually speaking with Winnipeg scout Jack Birch last night … the pressbox was overloaded with top scouts and GMs. Could just be that the deadline is coming and GMs were on their way to Toronto for meetings today. Or that they really wanted to see the Staal brothers reunion.

  161. Can’t fault Richie Rich for taking the penalty to prevent a touchdown, especially so late in OT. He played better, but still not up to expectations.

  162. And one of Dean Lombardi’s best acquisitions was Rob Scuderi.

    The Cup follows him around. First in Pitt – then L.A.

    A workhorse on the blueline who knows how to play in clutch situations.

  163. Stranger Nation on

    Why not have Mess and Leetch help ‘coach’ the offense?

    Only the two most talented players at their respective positions in the history of the franchise

  164. Carp, also heard that there was a large number of scouts at the Flames-Stars game (Iginla, Bow Mr, Morrow, Jagr, Roy)…..i like this time of year. I want Loui Erikksson (sp?)

  165. Re-post:

    Sam and Joe, yak yak yak. There’s a game on, fellas. I don’t care if the Staal family are just wonderful, wonderful people. There’s a breakaway on, and a fight breaking out behind the play. Hold the innocuous chit chat for the stoppages.

  166. And I think that ‘scouts’ should no longer be called ‘scouts.’ What we have here is a tacit ethnic slur. They should be called ‘watcher-evaluators.’ Put a feather in my headdress for that one.

  167. Rob in Beantown on

    Does anybody really think Gabby had Winnipeg on his list of cities where he’d willingly agree to live?

  168. "Gold Hat" Torts on

    “Offense? We ain’t got no offense. We don’t need no offense! I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ offense!”

  169. Interesting recommendation, stranger. It’s been said before, but as Carp stated, they surely haven’t been asked. If I were a young player, I would, without being a pest, seek out either of those two at Ranger functions, and ask advice. Would not be surprised that they’d be happy and flattered to give it if it was humbly requested. Of course, that wouldn’t equate with an off season of on-ice lessons. I remember reading that Ted Williams couldn’t make anyone a better hitter, though he tried when he was a manager. I think you can be made less bad, but not good-good. The best training and advice can make a musician a competent technician, but it has to be innate somewhere inside the musician or athlete to excel.

  170. Mrs. Manny and I often split the chicken fingers and fries. $9.95 or $8.95 or something for enough food to feed 2-3 people.

  171. Ronnie, you dig my clothes, hey, boy, one button low
    You know I’m sharp as a tack
    Please lend me your Cadillac
    Gotta go, gotta go to the party, please lend me your short
    If I can’t take it, you know I won’t make it
    And I won’t see my baby no more.

  172. Doodie Machetto on

    Stranger, Caps made it to the 7th game of the 2nd round. I was off by two rounds. That’s not bad.

  173. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, maybe 2-3 normal/skinny people. I can house the chicken and fries and go back for more.

  174. Really? I think if I ate the Chicken and Fries by myself I would not be able to get to my seat. Good for you, Doodie. You’re more man than I am.

  175. Sam: “And now for the Skippy Peanut Butter stars of the game, presented to you by Skippy’s – the peanut butter of champions.”

  176. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, I literally am more man than you are, as in, there is probably much more man around on my torso.

  177. “An now for the Perdue chickens of the game, the three players who threw the fewest checks, coughed up the most pucks, and generally clucked and feathered their way through three consecutive periods….”

  178. Stranger Nation on

    A) pretty tart Torts, I mean, Carp

    b) would take Dolan’s money though for MSG…

  179. Bickel tweet: ‘And a big shout-out to Hickey-Freeman for providing the suits to Marc and me for our televised box appearance.”

  180. Doodie Machetto on

    Good news, everyone! Doodie Jr. just rolled from his back to his front for the first (and second!) time!

  181. Stranger Nation on

    Doodie – it’s all a crap shoot, so I mention you had the Sens last and the Derbils out of the playoff ;-)

  182. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, I wouldn’t beat you up. I would tenderize you so that I could then make you into some nice chicken fried mannysteaks.

  183. Doodie Machetto on

    Stranger, I was much worse this year. I had Montreal and Columbus last, Anaheim and Toronto near the bottom, and Dallas in.

  184. Stranger, going back to your original question, at this point Erik Christensen’s offensive input should be welcomed.

  185. Carp

    Fully aware tonight if rang win back in top 8. I knew that a game like tonight they could but also anticipated a loss. This bet could be over early or I may have a shot if they Lose.

    Trust me if rang make playoffs I would be thrilled to buy u two hot dogs. May actually buy soda as well should we avoid Pittsburgh.

  186. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    Well, a friend just offered to take me to the game tonight. I must oblige. I must.

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