It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Devils


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Game 29.
Rangers at Devils.

Ya boys have won one in a row, albeit in one of those silly non-hockey related contests they sometimes hold after the conclusion of a hockey game, in which the loser got a point and made a far bigger move up the standings than the winner.

That said, they can leap right back into the playoff top-eight with a win tonight, possibly as high as sixth (and eric will owe me two MSG hot dogs, which will cost about half his weekly paycheck and do damage to my digestive system).

And that said, the Rangers have scored a grand total of three goals in their last four games.

Martin Brodeur (back) will not be in goal tonight, but will back up Johan Hedberg.

The Rangers go with the same lineup at MSG West, with Henrik Lundqvist in goal for the back-to-backs.


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  1. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Will be listening to Kenny and Former Captain of the Rangers Dave Maloney from work

  2. Some people go from blog to blog and arguments just seem to follow them -coincidence?

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Norm, I don’t know what you were watching, but it clearly wasn’t the same play I watched. First, Richards, drifts into the defensive zone, legs totally straight (this is what initially caught my attention). He then goes to the center of the high slot to chase a streaking Canes player (can’t see who). The pass then goes to Semin, and Girardi engages the Canes player that Richards had went to cover. Now Semin has the puck at the point and is Richards’ responsibility. Instead of skating out to him and actually challenging Semin to beat him, he does this lame, one knee shuffle to prevent him from shooting, but just giving Semin carte-blanche to just wait for the perfect pass. If Semin had wanted to, he could have just accelerated and blow right past Richards’ prone position.

    There’s no question McD should have had the backside covered, but Richards’ play (or lack thereof) on that sequence is indefensible.

  4. I have a feeling that Miller is going to pot one tonight. He is due, and unlike most of the bottom 6, he does have some offensive ability. LGR!

  5. If Boston and the Rangers win in regulation tonight we are in the 7th spot and a Toronto regulation loss tomorrow away from 6th!

  6. How about that Corner Furniture commercial? That thing is outstanding. I think my whole family knows all of the words by now with the amount they show it on MSG

  7. Entering the MDZ. 1-nil.

    While on the subject of NJ Devils, did anyone else catch Mike Emrick’s rant at the end of the Devils-Flyers match on NBCS last Wednesday? He went into a long-winded spiel about how Devils have sold out all their home matches and not just the ones against Rangers and Flyers. It sounded as if the man was still on the Devils payroll.

  8. Ridiculous good fortune from the stop of Lundvist’s stick to the bottom of Hedberg’s. Needed it. Del Zotto to the net to the net to the net!

  9. The Devils own Doc’s soul, JBytes. Not saying Doc didn’t plead with them to accept it as a most humble of offerings.

  10. Rangers D again let opposition forwards behind them … even on the play that led to the faceoff that led to the goal, McDonagh and Girardi both fronting two Devils between them and the net.


    and we’re alive again!

  12. OMG, could the ranger players be more casual with the puck in there zone on that devs goal, pathetic.

  13. none of our leads last long

    outside of the third against the Caps, when is the last time we had any leg room on the scoreboard

  14. I understand there isn’t much Sather can do in approving the 3rd and 4th lines at this time because all the gm’s asking prices are sky high and nobody wants to take on salary because cap going down but this team the way it’s built right now is pitiful. I would be shocked if they made the playoffs.

  15. great question, JBytes. Somebody should tell Lou Lam about that guy. Bet it disappears. Then the Newark crowd will have to sing “You suck” to another song.

  16. Even on the scoreboard, fair enough given the freakish aspects of all four goals.

  17. Clarkson won’t fight anyone other than Hagelin. Neither would Nash though. Thus, I offer the Carkner solution to the problem. Haley, go jump Carkner.


    Bickel > Hamrlik/Caber

  18. Carp – will you have an armored car waiting for you after your post game, so you don’t have to walk through downtown Beirut to get to the train?

  19. _when are the Rangers gonna bring every aspect of their game to the same game?_

    When The Rock freezes over

  20. wild first. hate being team blew lead 2x. didnt expect 2 goals. the haley line was miserable that period

  21. yep halpern got his goal. again they must play him because his defense is so good. his goal for the devils shows just how bad powe, boyle, halpern, and others are.
    you figure the puck would hit you and go in on the offensive front once in a blue moon.

    sam rosen showing how clueless he is yep nash going to fight clarkson. nash has how many majors 5 in 9 years, he and ribiero to pugilists.

  22. the old saying in hockey the most important shift is after you score a goal and we turn around and take penalty by miller and 4th line is on for the other goal

  23. with Passover around the corner, it’s a good thing that Halpern didn’t Koufax us this week

  24. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Doesn’t everyone like the “let ’em fly” Rangers so much better?

  25. kreider make the mistakes miller has over the last 2 games he be in the ECHL.

    miller gets a much longer leash then Kreider, I think it is demeanor and attitude thing. Kreiders demeanor is pseudo prep school no emotion.

    torts likes the cocky guys like miller.

  26. Jesus, Stuart. Get off it already. Miller has looked way more competent at the NHL level than Kreider. Also better in the World Juniors.

  27. Stuart, what do think of Powe, Halpern, Boyle, and others? We all aren’t sure how you feel about them.

  28. im waiting for just one post from stuart where the tone wont be “whine whine wah wah whine whine wah”. just one.

  29. yep manny kreider only had about 6 goals in the world juniors, 2 years ago and his playoffs last year were horrible. again you have no clue none..

    manny join the 4th line fan club, be the honorary preseident of the grind line fan club. you have as many goals this season as they do…..

  30. lev.. good 1.. waiting for your insightful commentary on something meaningless like which team has the toughest least skilled brawler…

    another period with the 3rd and 4th doing absolutely nothing for the rangers. I know boyle had 2 hits…give him an extension…

  31. Keenan: Hagelin didn’t expect the carom, a good 10 minutes after Hagelin pretty much said he did expect it, right on the same network. Where’s Duguay?

  32. For all the great stuff he does, he still pulls some weird stuff out of his backside.

  33. Brodeur’s lead for most interference penalties wrongly earned by dramatic flopping in Rangers-Devils games cut to a mere 17,314.

  34. Good aggressive kill by the Devils — they know the Rangers can’t pass and get right up in their faces.

  35. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Hank makes two all world saves, and there’s complaints about his stickhandling.

  36. For a pretty wild and high scoring game, both netminders have played pretty well, save for Hedberg’s early gaffe.

  37. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    For the first time in 5 games, the Rangers are making other goalie have to make tough saves. Could have about 5-6 goals.

  38. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    very few are ever pleased here…just sayin’_

    Truth SW.

  39. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    I think if the Debs give you run and gun, you take it. But, I wouldn’t play against the Pens like that.

  40. If last night was any indictation of Miller’s ability/future with us/NHL, I’m not worried about him…..

  41. Boyle and Pyatt so, so easy to defend. Big guys who stay in their lanes and never do anything surprising.

  42. 4th line out there vs kovy=nightmare. dont have last change hard to change forwards on fly as well

    isles up 3-1 on ottawa.. they wont go away

  43. Pyatt is table-hockey player on the breakout tonight — long, slow drag of the stick, here comes the puck straight to the point man.

  44. Dear Rangers,

    Just had a nice dinner with my Dad.

    Got home in time to see you do well and pull ahead.

    Please, don’t hartnell up my night.

    Thank you.


  45. Papa, I couldn’t disagree more. That line has been good for two games now. Really good. And Miller’s doing fine there … except when he turns down a shot to pass to Pyatt in front.

  46. Will Tortorella allow them to attack in the 3rd or try to put the Devils to sleep? Must hold on to at least one point tonight.

  47. Yea, Carp. Miller needs a talking to that goes like this:

    Tort: Hey, JT.

    JT: Whassup, Coaches?

    Tort: Never, ever pass to Pyatt.

    JT: Cool. I’m into that.

    Tort: I need you to shoot.

    JT: Ha. Shoot. Yea. Cool.

  48. Miller is placed well on his current line, and not for this period but it sure is tempting, tempting to see what he could do with either of the other two lines. Maybe if someone has an equipment failure…

  49. Yeah, the other two lines have done pretty well together since the first period last night. … and a couple of d-zone drive-bys by Gaborik and Richards.

  50. Sioux-per-man on

    No we need 2 points in Regulation! No points for the Debbies!!!

    Gabby is playing good tonight! He’s going to get one in the 3rd!!

  51. To that clown Islander troll/imposter who is trying to get a comment through: Nice try, junior. Get lost, jackwagon.

  52. Carp, I don’t see it close to really good. But I’m is TV land, not viewing live.

  53. we should put Carp on the Arizona border…he’d be tackling people in choke holds nightly…his nickname across the border would be “El Taser”

  54. They’re actresses, I think, Swedish actresses. Names escape me at the moment. Give me some famous Swedish actresses.

  55. It makes my stomach hurt, with laughs and illness, that the GMs are now talking about getting rid of the BCATHGE…(did i get that right)…duh!!!! make up your idiot minds asshats!!!! stop hartnelling up my game!

  56. JBytes…..shhhh….. I missed start of last night, too, so maybe this is a new trend…..

  57. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    No matter what they do with the BCATHGE, they need to fix the point system to make every game worth the same amount of points.

  58. LMAO!!! Not the future maybe not Mrs. Woods…..don’t get me started on that…..

  59. Somebody put a stopwatch on the next BCATHGE, from the time the Zamboni comes out … then tell me they couldn’t just play five more minutes of OT in the same amount of time. Only problem, I guess, would be the bad ice after the third period and another half a period.

  60. Sagging in, giving up on the points. They’ll have to block everything. Hate it, but it could work.

  61. Why does everyone keep shooting at Hedberg’s glove? Hasn’t it stopped enough pucks for tonight?

  62. agree. 3×3 would suck.

    I don’t think this is “prevent” defense as much as it is clogging the neutral zone and trying to counter … which is what Miller and Boyle just did.

  63. Devils are committing early, trusting Hedberg. Gotta convert one of the occasional counterattacks.

  64. The clothes of the day were for carcillo Carp….made me laugh when they “came back”…..boudreau

  65. >>I wish I could remember anything from the ‘70s.

    You fib! I’m sure you remember The Village People.

  66. I Iove watching 61 play but I swear Nash and Pyatt are having a “weak clearing attempt” contest.

  67. Chico getting very excited for a penalty while watching three officials do the exaggerated deflection gesture.

  68. Sioux-per-man on

    Just a bit outside.

    Carp if we leave the barn door open for Richards . . . Would he hit the barn?

  69. stop plays in neutral zone dont let them come with speed. come on hold on i want to give carp hotdogs

  70. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Ahh, Marc Anthony always helps me relax during tense third periods.

  71. When Richards missed the net there, Chico said he would tell us “in a minute” why Richards and Nash were upset that he missed the net.

    A minute later, Chico explains that they were upset when Richards missed the net because Richards missed the net.

  72. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Sens played the puck with a high stick about 10 seconds before that goal.

  73. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!

  74. wish you were here locally, eric. I’d make you take me to Walters. You’d buy the first two, I’d buy the next four or six.

  75. Dc with post before game ” hank omes up huge and we leave with 3-2 win and two points”— I see things! I see E3 and coos joining conversation shortly…

  76. bull dog line on

    MDZ with another strong game. maybe he is finding it from last years playoffs. did not like sitting back so early in the 3rd. more goals were there to score.

  77. islanders get the go ahead goal in 3rd only to have it disallowed, according to the refs the islander player kicked it in, didn’t look that way and than at the end of game should have been a high stick called on sens, it wasn’t, the sens score. Islanders got screwed.

  78. rangers win

    isles lose late in reg under min left

    carolina loses at home to florida

    winnipeg trails boston into the 3rd

    i owe carp hot dogs= who cares

    lets go boys

  79. two double dogs, mustard, curly fries and a chocolate shake……..that will be my dream tonight….

  80. My best friend had a first name it was O S C A R
    My best friend had a second name of M A Y E R

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Fishsticks up 3-1 lose 4-3 as they give up a goal with a minute left..


  82. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    WBM (c)

    0) Boyle
    1) Richards
    2) Gaborik
    3) Pyatt
    4) Eminger
    5) Halpern

  83. bull dog line on

    Girardi with close to 30 minutes played tonight. Dubi for Columbus tonight went 17 and 2 on face offs.

  84. Stranger Nation on

    Derbils pretty mundane out there

    clarkson 10 Gs in first 14 games, 1 G in last 10

  85. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Carp, I may have to make Richards and Gaborik permanent members.

  86. Ah Walters. Dodge the Palmer avenue traffic the MHS student athletes and of course the deep fried hot dogs a split in two. There are ledges on the edge of the pagoda Eric. No room on them for you!!!

  87. When the debs beat the rangers, the rangers are pissed because they hate to lose
    When the rangers beat the debs, the debs steam because they hate losing to the rangers

  88. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Copyrighted, but owned by Carp per his Terms of Service link below.

  89. bull dog line on

    did not say he was soft chubby, I said he was a little soft along the boards tonight.

  90. lots of laughs at last comments….but must go niters…..Double split!!!!! LGR! Ta!

  91. i thought Nash played with a real nice edge tonight. He’s done that in a few of the divisional games so far.

  92. bull dog, Torts will have a field day in the film with Nash for his board play, especially in the defensive zone. Him and Pyatt both.

    Overall I think the Rangers did a decent job breaking their recent habit of getting trapped in their D zone for two-three minute shifts when they have 5-6 chances to clear and, watching, you just know are going to end up behind Hank.

  93. Are you a Dr? Did you ask him to cough during that hernia exam? Who you callin flaccid, Willis?

  94. Can never complain after a win, especially a win they really needed to back up yesterday’s stolen second point. For those “system” people. Got bad news for ya. Torts didn’t change his system tonight. The players played the right way. Their defensive effort and work along the boards (especially by Hagelin’s and Miller’s lines) created their best chances.

    Nash scores the GWG so I’ll let go the comments about some his board play.

    Big difference I see in the last two games. The defense jumping into the play. They look their best when they win puck battles and the defense contributes because god knows the 3rd and 4th line (maybe Miller will) may not score another goal this year.

  95. The Rangers played a good game tonight. Clogged the Neutral Zone, took advantage of Devils mistakes, Kept the puck in the offensive zone and played panicked, nail-biting defense without getting out of position. Del Zaster even took the man at one point!

    JT Miller = Mini Beast in the making

  96. Is that a Galaxy S4 in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Neither, Rangers win!!

  97. Carp – I gotta split the difference between you and Bull Dog. I liked when he actually stood up to Clarkson. I thought in that spot he did show some edge. But, I have to also agree with Bull Dog about some of his board/clearing the puck out play.

  98. bull dog line on

    I’m not saying he had a bad game. there were 3 or 4 plays along the boards in his own end were he just flicked his stick at the puck. he did not go hard at the puck, I don’t think the guy is soft, but he did make a few soft plays tonight.

  99. There is no question that this blog is the biggest collection of monkeys this side of the Monkey Jungle in Miami

  100. any win is a good win.

    thank Henrik top 3 goalie in the world…

    you go for it this year becauseof Henrik…He is 31, he is not playing to 40…

    Miler played good. Just did not score. 4th line did the usual zilch.

    stepan has been a god send.

    hamrlik while not great looks better then he did the first couple of games.

    imagine if they had sauer and staaal, heck of a defense…

    richards missed the net with a shot a bunch of times tonight.

    nash has as much trouble getting the puck out of his zone as gaborik…

    girardi quietly great tonight…

  101. In a seriousness, we haven’t been able to clear the puck from our zone in YEARS. Other teams tic tac toe the puck out with ease, when we get it out it feels like we crapped sideways

  102. Big picture thought I had tonight. They really need to add someone to be a defensive conscious to put with Nash and Richards which would allow them to put Gaborik down in lineup with Miller and Boyle. It would certainly lengthen their lineup. The top line creates offense but is really shaky defensively against the other team’s top line.

    Would love to see a Morrow trade. Rental. Shouldn’t cost too much. Tough forward/Played with Richards in Dallas.

  103. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp is it to late to have a hot dog for a late night snack?

    All this talk of dogs. I think I have two Nathan’s with spicy mustard! For the post game and watch the other teams tank

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Anger is an energy
    Anger is an energy

    May the road rise with you
    May the road rise with you

    I may be wrong, but I could be right.

  105. Was very happy to see Boyle all up in Volchenko’s face tonite- he neutralized a guy who’s been a real pain in the butt against us. Although, just once I’d like to see golden boy Henrique get clobbered coming across the front of the net like J.T. Miller did- but tonites not a night to complain. Didn’t see too many “scared” guys in blue this trip.

  106. Manny – Kreider is not coming up to play on the 4th line. Torts is right in that. It doesn’t make sense to miscast him just to bring him up and I don’t think they trust him yet defensively to play in the top 2 lines.

  107. “girardi quietly great tonight”

    Yeah, he was ok…except for elbowing Hank in the dome….

    man, does Danny G have rocks in his head or something?

  108. I know, HWirth. I agree with you. I was teasing, Stuart because he wants Kreider up for the 4th line. I don’t think Kreider is NHL ready. I am serious. He was lost up here. I watched him live in Hartford last week and was *not* impressed even though he scored.

  109. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Anger is an energy
    Anger is an energy
    Anger is an energy

    May the road rise with you

  110. Who thought it was a good idea to put Keenan in the studio? The same guy that thought it was a good idea to put Dugay in the studio? Fire him/her!
    Note to MSG: You need to do whatever you have to (pay) to convince Leech to sit in the studio. These guys are embarrassing!

  111. One thing I will say for the Torts. Short of injuries – There is no reason to ever breakup Step – Cally – Hagelin. They were put on earth to be a line. They understand how to cycle, win the puck along the boards and use their speed to create offense.

  112. “One shot, one bourbon and one beer.”

    That song was playing when I met my buddy for a cold one at happy hour.

  113. Carp dodging muggers on his way back to his pinto
    One more season of this, between Newark and Flatbush ave., and Carp will become Charles Bronson

  114. hwirth, I will await your apology. Since I always stick up for you and all…..and here I was making a joke and you call me out. Sigh…

  115. bull dog line on

    the fact that Stepan, Cally, and Hagelin are playing as well as they are I think allows Torts to keep Richards Nash, and Gabby together longer. early in the year it was all the eggs in one basket. now the other 3 are going as well.

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  117. Manny – You know I wasn’t disagreeing with you. I was trying to enhance your point. Problem with this technology thing. No inflection of tone on the computer. Sorry bud.

  118. Eric – Peg is not going to be an issue. They are about to runaway with the SouthLeast division. Carolina starting to fade without Ward.

  119. I sat down to my supper, twas a bottle of red whisky,
    I said my prayers and went to bed, thats the last they saw of me.

  120. When I awoke, the dire wolf, six hundred pounds of sin,
    Was grinning at my window, all I said was come on in.

  121. Missed a good chunk of the game, but nice to see the boys hang onto a lead in the 3rd. DelZaster looks better when he’s aggressive, good for him on PK.

  122. Groucho: ‘Sign this.’
    Chico: ‘what is it?’
    Groucho: ‘It’s a sanity clause.’
    Chico: ‘You can’t fool me, there is no sanity clause.’

  123. Is that right NYR? The scary part of that is how long do they think Marty intends on playing? They have NO legitimate goalie prospect in their system.

  124. Indeed, it must be rather unnerving knowing your franchise is retiring in the not too distant future.

  125. And to trade for goalie after the year (like a Hiller – If Fasth steals the number 1 job in ANA) will cost them a good asset like a Tedenby or Josefson.

  126. ‘Night time would find me in Rosa’s cantina
    Music would play and Felina would whirl.’

  127. Where are all the Fire Torts guys tonight? His system work or not work tonight or maybe the PLAYERS played the way it supposed to be played. And by the way, nice to hear Torts talk about how that top line and him need to meet 1/2 way. He’s right (sorry Torts haters). You can’t open it up without the defense creating the offense.

  128. Devils will trade for Ryan Miller. Hiller does seem likely to move though.

    Hey, they can always call Phoenix about Ocho Cinco.

  129. manny for the 50th time i want Kreider on the 3rd line…

    the 4th line is a waste especially with torts. this year torts has reason not to use them also.

    3rd line for kreider…now you have 2 + lines with some talent, some finishing ability really not that outrageous of a suggestion…

  130. Hwirth, there was a “fire Torts” convention down in AC tonight. They’ll be back on Thursday.

  131. Oh! Third line. My bad.

    Stuart, in all seriousness, Kreider isn’t ready for that role. He’s just not. Barring an injury, giving up on the seaaon or a surge in hockey smarts by the kid my worthless opinion is that he’s not likely coming back up.

  132. One night a wild young cowboy rode in
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  133. Stuart – I don’t totally disagree with you, even though I don’t think they trust Kreider defensively to give him 10-13 minutes. The problem is Miller – Kreider – Boyle defensively is a nightmare. Miller is not there yet either with that part of his game. Works hard but on the road they could get matched up to death.

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  135. That’s why I say. They really need to add a veteran 2-way forward like a morrow – or even a hecht from Buffalo (not as good as he once was – but on a better team maybe he finds it again). There are no blockbusters coming because everyone thinks they are in it. So gotta think cheap in terms of cap (meaning – no need to add to it) and no real assests.

  136. The thing on Krieder. The +/- stat is a terrible stat, we all know it. But when he’s a -9 and no one else is even close to that bad. He’s obviously on the ice for a lot goals no matter who he plays with, which leads me to believe, he’s not there yet defensively.

  137. Sell Kreider to the highest bidder,

    than buy him back for two first rounders,

    Than cut him.

  138. So, I challenged his right to the love of this maiden
    Down went his hand to the stick that he bore
    My challenge was answered in less than a heartbeat,
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  139. Yes. Kreider’s defense is a problem. Honestly, the bet forward I saw on the ice for the Whale that night was Mashinter. And I am not advocating to call him up.

  140. Here’s what I think is going to happen. I think they wait until after the trade deadline. If they can’t add the veteran depth they really need than I actually expect both Krieder and MZA to be here because at that point there is no where else to turn. And remember after the deadline you can have as many guys as you want on the roster as long you do go over the cap and use up your i believe 4 non-injury roster moves.

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  143. Yeah, good points, HW.

    I think part of the hold up with MZA is the roster limit as well as the uncertainty surrounding the trade deadline…

    I still think MZA could be factor now and help us get in the dance/improve our seating

  144. Last night I held Aladdin’s lamp
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  145. eddie three times wants 1,000 posts and he’s off playing chess somewhere with a bottle of Corona.

  146. Ovechkin for Gaborik and Richards…

    We can buy out Ovie……Caps can buy out Gabby & Richie…..

    Everybody happy.


  147. John Gotti: ‘What’s that mutt Richards costing us, Glennie?’
    ’12 mil this year.’
    ‘Call the Westies, give him a bath, you follow me?’

  148. Papa Bear –

    Gotta love those long terms terms. It’s funny. I was listening at work on the internet to TSN Toronto at 12PM. They do Leafs Lunch. Which is really a 2 hour hockey show where they do talks Leafs but they also talk all hockey. They were going through the list of these ridiculous long term deals, especially the ones through UFA. Signing your own guy through RFA is a little more understandable, but the UFA ones are a mess.

    Richards, Wisnewski, Erhoff, Garrison, etc. They figured less than 20% have worked out.

  149. You know, I’ve seen a lot of people walkin’ ’round
    With tombstones in their eyes

  150. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – good one – and nearly accurate – a delicious Hahn CAB – looking over today’s Candidates tourney in London and reading books to lil angel…

  151. reading a book to a child is worth more than 5,000 Ed.Ds working on their next theory of education.

  152. Gotti to prosecuting US Attorney: “You got nothin’ on me. One that tape, I was axing him about his reading preferences.”

  153. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s adorable – she cuddles on my shoulder as I read and ALWAYS asks what a word means if she’s unfamiliar with it…

  154. I remember those days with my daughters and it almost makes me cry, that’s how great it was. And it goes by so quickly, alas.

  155. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – precious it is…. I love telling her stories and she has a wicked sense of humor. Understood irony as a 2 yr old.

  156. ‘If you’re on the moon, where is ‘up?’ Whoa. You’re getting a little too smart for Pops, little one.

  157. my daughters gonna be 7 april 2nd. kid is so much fun. the silly little things kids do while theyre off in their own little worlds are pure awesomeness.

  158. yea i’m surprised carp hasn’t posted the post game interviews and stats. give us a half hour we can get 1000

  159. My psychiatrist told me I had to get in touch with my real self. He asked where I was the last time I was in touch with my real self and to go find him. I said best I can remember it was in a bar five years ago and I don’t want to find him because can just imagine the tab he has rung up.

  160. grabby, it’s all a miracle. You don’t want them to grow up, but you know it has to be.

  161. nothing better than playing hide and seek with your kid in the clothes dept in walmart or wherever. kids dont give a carcillo what anybody thinks. they do what they want and no shame.

    have we hit 700 yet?

  162. I think I said before that the strangest thing about growing up is that one day you realize there are no grownups anymore.

  163. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – hard for me to say as my lil angel is on the spectrum – but she has an amazing antennae for feelings and emotion

  164. we need reinforcements soon guys. red team go!!! red team go!!! papa bear’s down repeat papa bear is down!! medic!! ilb, where are ya?

  165. It’s been an old, old, philosophical theory that until you finish the age of 7, you have no moral responsibilities.

  166. i’m sorry guys, i went over to the other side. im back now i promise. were gonna get 1000

  167. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s very interesting being an older parent. And the added challenges make it easier and harder….

  168. You’re all allowed to say whatever you want. eddie, Papa and I have known that for a long time. (keep it cleanish- Carp is like the Great Favad and knows all)

  169. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I was talking about the steve Hamilton chain pull circa 1968 after a rare save

  170. Re: teenagers, I think I read where Will Rogers once said something like, ‘when I was 18, I thought my father was a damned fool. When I was 21, I was surprised at how much he had learned in three years.’

  171. i see many posts in all our futures. ohhh i know you guys didnt see that one comin did ya?

  172. dont do it guys. i know its tempting. i crossed over myself. it just sucks you in and you never go back.

  173. Pilot in ‘Airplane’: “Later we’ll run down the landing procedures.” – flicks cigarette out window….BOOM!

  174. Stop reaching across the table nude. Did you see what you just dragged through the soup?

  175. stranger nation on

    Ex3 – has crossed through the doors of perception into another time/space continuum

  176. stranger nation on

    saw Dave Wakeling of The Beat with members of The Specials and Selector 5 years ago – absolutely amazing stuff. played all the hits (both albums :-)

  177. And, since I was once again rudely interrupted and truncated…

    Good choice for the movie with Fred Willard as Joe, stranger. Christopher Guest could direct. “That Chara would make a helluva wide receiver, Sam.” “Yes, Joe, and a wonderful, wonderful family, too, the Charas.” “Sam, do you know the difference between a rectal thermometer and a tongue depressor?” “No, I don’t Joe, what is it? We’re all waiting for the answer to that one.”
    “Remind me never to come to you for a physical, Sam

  178. On TV, you see some gargantuan checks in the corner of your eye and SalmonJoe just keep rolling along about the Staal family or some other flotsam. Geez!

  179. The daytime boneheads miss the best stuff and I’m sure most of them are very happy about it. :)

  180. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Salmon Joe stopped paying attention to the game in front of them years ago….except to praise the others team

  181. stranger nation on

    they were talking up Derbils fans, I mean, Jersey fans? Joe is such a corn box – send him back to saskatoon

  182. Sam to Torts: “What words did you have for the team between periods that seemed to stir them to incredible heights in the third?”
    Torts: “I said, let’s pick it up.”
    Sam: “Well, it worked! Good job.”

  183. stranger nation on

    Love Sams innocuous questions to Tart Torts after games in the Fred Rogers as Funeral Director voice

  184. Ah, who cares? It’s a mere bagatelle. eddie is our attorney Bernie. Bernie lays it on the line. When Bernie says sue, we sue. When Bernie says sign, we sign. :)

  185. I have to bone up on my TOI, RBI, ERA, FBI, LLB, PhD, power play charts, odd man rushes (OMRs), runners left on base state and DDT environmental procedures.

  186. stranger nation on

    wish there was more openess to dissent on the blog. there only opinions anyway. I mean, who the byfuglein cares that much to put people down about take on it

  187. Someone posted the other day, “Tortorella, way to get your slobs up for the game.” And, “Nash stinks, gutless puke,” and “Girardi, another gutless puke.” Admit I laughed at the audaciousness.

  188. stranger nation on

    Ex3- please keep those opposing thoughts to yourself. Those should be discussed on YOUR time. This is OUR time. Right, Mr. Martini?

  189. I think the nastiest posters who call others idiots,, morons, and ‘geniuses’ should certainly be on the checking line.

  190. stranger nation on

    Isnt it strange how they interview the players between periods. like, who really gives a rats assen about that? These guys are coming off 30 minutes of balls-out hockey to have some tool ask them dumb questions.

    MSG production is amateur hour, Miami told me so!

  191. Some prefer to be on a checking line. Everyone can’t be like a gabby or Richie, playing 1 line minutes.

  192. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa :) …. Glad you like my post – it was a fun one to write all things considered

  193. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S.nation – totally agree – not like anything relevant is ever asked or answered – all cliches

  194. stranger nation on

    too bad that pens game was the one to review. Like watching a State Funeral.

    Ex3 made it fun, especially his comment on Syndey’s “cat lips”

  195. I enjoy the give and take, even the uber technical opinions. Just when the ad-hominems come in…well. Hey, everyone has a different personality. The blog reflects life.

  196. stranger nation on

    papa like some cheesy watch they will never wear because they are under 30 and that generation may never wear watches.

  197. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S.nation – it was hard to watch it all the way thru – I DVR’d it just in case…. And good thing cause I couldn’t stand watching it live – that was horrible

  198. I find some similar flavors emanating from different named peeps. ….Interesting stuff.

  199. stranger nation on

    funny thing about between periods is that there is SO much happening during that 20 minutes of play to discuss and, save for Leetchie, they have a bunchof drones and tools spout out musings of nothing related to the hockey game.

    ooo la la…oy vey

  200. Rookie: “Hey, mom, you see me on tv between periods?”

    Third year: “Oh crap, I gotta do that again?”

  201. stranger nation on

    papa – different days but similar posts. I try to mix it up, but ultimately we are who we are.

  202. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I would rather here analysis of what was good/bad – how/what needs to change/corrected/

  203. stranger nation on

    creaking doors and sounds of chains being dragged across the dark hallway echoing through out the blog

  204. How you know that someone does NOT want to hear correction, “Correct me if I’m wrong…”

  205. How do you know when somebody want to pick a nit? “Don’t mean to be a nit picker but”……

  206. I really laugh when I happen to be on for a while during the day when I throw out some nonsense, and the very next three posts are long, technical diatribes, then I throw in another nonsense post and on and on. I keep waiting for someone to say, ‘shut the hell up,’ but it hasn’t happened yet.

  207. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I am, I am, I am superman and I can do anything – great REM song

    What’s up sioux

  208. Did you ever read about a frog who dreamed of being a king
    And then became one
    Well, except for the names and a few other changes
    If you talk about me, the story’s the same one

  209. I like to throw in a Ferlighetti, Kerouac, or a Walt Whitman poem between heated discussions.

  210. stranger nation on

    ccos – during those breaks I had assumed you were in private chat with Cmmn nonsense discoursing on the weighty topics of the day with our favorite Icelander troll

  211. I used to wake up in the morning
    I used to feel so bad
    I got so sick of having sleepless nights
    I went and told my dad

    He said, “Son now here’s some little something”
    And stuck them on wall

  212. stranger – did you see that? He wanted to draw me in to private discussions re: Religion, Glen Sather, Modern American Poetry, pornography, and the House of Hapsburg. He can be okay, but there’s something there that just not right.

  213. John Lennon: “Imagine there’s no money…” Yeah, right, Johnny. YOU imagine it.

  214. stranger nation on

    coos – bet that guy spends his days on blogs just trying to take people on for the hell of it. What a life.

    On that note, a bid thee farewell for the rooster will be up before dawn

  215. Good friends been known to say “Ain’t Nothing wrong with a little Strange every once in a while”

  216. Sioux-per-man on

    You should all move out here lots of money to be made in the new land of the black gold!!!

    If you. Have what it takes :)

  217. play me a song Curtis Lowe Curtis Lowe
    well I got your drinkin money tune up your dobro
    people said he was useless them people all were fools
    cuz Curtis Lowe was the finest picker to ever play the blues

  218. Did the black man give the white man the blues, or did the white man give the black man the blues? Rhetorical question, no politics. :)

  219. eddie likes numbers. He can do all our tax returns. So there’s a few Burgundy stains, so what?

  220. eddie shoots rockets to the moon and drops cupcakes into the lake. Very diversified.

  221. If we give up now, e will be back and say, what happened, someone turned out the lights?

  222. You see Richards struggling to get up the open ice with the puck, or was that my imagination?

  223. I said it early, Richie is a healthy scratch in Pittsburg. He can’t be our 1 pivot

  224. Was that his mother in the stands the other night? Looked a little…shall we say, wacko?

  225. I wouldn’t want to be in an all night diner with Asham and Bickel. They need exercise.

  226. Sioux-per-man on

    Hags with Miller and Cally for a few shifts would make my night!!

    Or give him a couple of shifts on the power play!

  227. Hags is a motor. And not afraid of the crease, either. Needs some Nash training, and/or steroids.

  228. Sioux-per-man on

    So here a thought

    Prospal as a rental at the end if the year.

    Crazy how he is still putting up points for the CBJ

  229. Sioux-per-man on

    Ashem reminds me of Wotek Wolski.

    “If we could only get him out of the hot tub”

  230. Can’t do that to Eminger yet. At least the kid can skate a little and hit a little

  231. Haley has been a surprise with his discipline, speed, tenacity. Wouldn’t have believed it.

  232. Sioux-per-man on

    13 to go with 3% power

    Nice chatting with you boys

    Do you believe in miracles ?

  233. eee, like Torts, chews Tums and says, ‘Let’s pick it up, boys.” What is he, the blonde cheerleader?

  234. I just want to say that Stepan and Hagelin have made huge leaps this year.

    we already knew Hank was amazing.

  235. I jumped out of my chair when Boyle made that first hit. Maybe he could return to form while he is at it.

  236. papa, have been a little busy, but caught up on as much as I could in the past three days. Some funny stuff from the usual suspects, some tedium ditto…

  237. Now, I should bring this up in the daytime, but they are obsessed with other stuf… Watching this game, it struck me how many “ice repairs” were performed by the refs, how many players just fell catching a rut in the ice – if they can make a good ice in Florida, should not a wintry New Jersey be held to a similar standard ?
    Is Shanahan also looking at the refs? If not, who is? If the players say to them, this is what happened and it is a honest addmission, should they reconsider? The League has to come clean on the Referee grading process very soon, IMHO.

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