It’s Go Time! … Hurricanes at Rangers


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Game 28.
Hurricanes at Rangers.

There’s a whole world of potential hurt sitting out there for ya boys, who have lost three in a row and four of five, scoring a grand total of  two goals in the last three.

Because tonight’s not just the dreaded (inexplicable and almost unavoidable) letdown in the first game back from a road trip, but it’s also a game that will be played before an impatient and irritated crowd that is sure to begin letting coach John Tortorella begin hearing it from the first bit of adversity.

And then followed by a trip to Newark tomorrow, where the Devils would only be too happy to add to the misery if it continues tonight. So, big game tonight? Um, yeah.

Looks as if the supposed top three players will be reunited — Marian Gaborik, Brad Richards and Rick Nash … the first two of whom are and should be the poster boys for what has gone wrong this season, the third for whom a portion of the team’s identity was traded over the summer.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal.

Again, sorry for the extended absence. Been away at my “other job” since Friday.

Please don’t forget to vote for the Three Rangers Stars <——— and follow me on Twitter: @RangersReport … also, thinking Live Chat at the end of the week, maybe Friday. Will let you know.


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  1. i voted for hamr! hes gonna blast one from the point on the pp late in the 3rd and get the gwg. i’m calling it now. plus gabby gets a goal

  2. Cross Check Charlie on

    Won’t get home from work until about 8:30. Will probably catch a portion on the radio on the drive home.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  3. good news all the regulars on the 3rd and 4th lines tonight.

    can’t wait for the halpern, powe, haley artistry.

    boyle is good for 3 ice flops tonight maybe more….

    staal cannot get healthy fast enough…

    torts in total denial… powe, halpern, haley, boyle cannot score. pyatt and miller, maybe…..

  4. Czechthemout!!! on

    Real good college free agent defenseman out there. First one is a guy by the name of Andrej Sustr. 6 8” 245lbs out Nebraska-Omaha. I watched his team play two games this year. He skates very well for a kid his size. Also takes the body unlike you typical czech player. And most importantly the kid is a terrific offensive defenseman. He scored 16 g 28 a I think. Most important thing is that he is a right handed shot and has a cannon of a shot.

    The other kid is a guy named Dan Dekeyser. Big kid who skates well, has a good shot and is very physical. I believe he is 6 4” 215 lbs. have not seen a single game of his this year. Mckenzie had him listed as one of his top 3 along with Sustr. We are at the 50 contract maximum now so they will have to release a player or two to be able to sign any of these kids.

  5. Jeff in South Dakota on

    For the money (I usually pay), center ice should air all home and away feeds. Crap service.

  6. That was Sam’s chance to pull Tort’s suit jacket, that he bought in the Boys Dept. at EJ Korvettes, over his head and pummel him. Come on Sam show some backbone for Pete’s sake!

  7. were gonna win tonight boys. i have a gut feeling we will somehow score more than 1 tonight. lw of avgs right

  8. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Amazing how Gaborik gets more flack than boyle.

    Still no room for Kreider?

  9. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I read Larry Brooke’s article . It seems that there is some sort of dysfunction between sather and tort’s ,sather gets the players and tort’s does what ? deride the rookie (s) play gaborik out of position and tolerate badmiton for a PP

  10. One last Negative Nancy comment before the Blues go out there and turn it around. When Torto talked about showing the guys all their good goals from this year, what did he show Powe and Halpern? OK, exorcised that, ready…

  11. If Richards is considered as one of the Big 3, as Sam just described it, the Rangers are in deep, deep trouble!

  12. Czechthemout!!! on

    All together now:

    Staal Staal Staal Staal Staal Staal Staal Staal and Staal!

  13. commonsense- u staying for the game tonight? i’m a big fan of yours. want to hear your in depth analsis between your periods tonight

  14. Way for Callahan and Stepan to skate towards the boards instead of going hard to the net..

  15. I agree with Norn Merton, Dubinsky has a cute tush and I love Alexander Semen, alot.

  16. LW, did you hear Keenan’s expert analysis. He said he’s looking for Nash to score because when Nash scores they win.

  17. Hey, Carolina, here’s our breakout — we’re going to hit the wing at the dots every single ti… oh, you knew that already?

  18. Anyone notice what the Gab did right before the trip. He checked a guy. Into the boards. Heavens!

  19. Marc is the better looking Staal, Three ga-y friends and I were bathing in a tub, a wad of cum floats to the surface, I jump out and scream Who just farted..My new site is Hockey Inside/Out

  20. Czechthemout!!! on

    One shot in 9 minutes. Everyone cycling aimlessly. Great offensive strategy.

  21. My husband is in the military so I am available at site for massages Males only.

  22. Interesting view..
    Don’t think teams have skated together long enough to make hasty decisions that effect next year. Just my opinion.

  23. CARP,
    How about finding the jackassin who stole my handle (above) and kicking him off?

  24. Czechthemout!!! on

    Did anyone notice that when the “big three” were cycling on their last shift, know one went to the net?

  25. Let’s get a #2 Dman and a legit 3rd liner for Hank… And just add the fish fillet Ricky D.

  26. Czechthemout!!! on

    Almost 15 minutes played and nothing is happening. Not much passion or energy. No offense. Like watching paint dry. This is like watching the last week under Renney. Lets hope they wake the fugg up!

  27. My beautiful Aimee says that this team belongs in the fourth division of the women’s Panamanian night league.

  28. Let the man love for Skinner the figure skater and the Stahl brothers begin! Is there any other team who’s paid announcers blah blah blah and prop up the other team more than these MSG guys! Give me Bill Chadwick, John Davidson or anyone but Joe, Sam, Al. At least they were either biased in favor of the NYR or were neutral when games were on WOR channel 9 or the early years of MSG.

  29. leetchhalloffame on

    Will we ever hear another word about the status of Mark Staal? Team is a joke and so are the closed mouth policies of Torts.

  30. This Ellis stops soft, waist-high wristers to his glove side like no other. Ledge me.

  31. Oh goodie Pito is not doing the msg150! Maybe it will focus on hockey during a hockey telecast and no other sports will be promo’d

  32. our great announcers have finally mentioned the incredible CONTRIBUTION OF THE BOTTOM 6..

    we put absolutely no pressure on any goalie, no traffic, nada…

    hey halpern, boyle,haley, and powe looked great in the first… man they must be real good in the locker room becuase they suck on the ice……


  33. to all the positive patsies on here you still believing cause if you are you need your freaking head examined.


    They are an embarrasing right now

  34. Czechthemout!!! on

    Disgraceful performance. They are so programed to only go behind the damn net no matter what is happening. Nash went behind the net to cycle instead of positioning himself in front.

    Boyle takes an awful shot on goal but hat is not the point. The point is that there is no one in fron to screen the goalie because the forwards are on the half boards expecting Boyle put the puck around the boards again instead of going to the net and anticipating a shot on goal instead.

    The Canes come into he zone, establish an offensive posture and make a nice play to score. I dont care what anyone says, Torts is squarely to blame for this disgrace of an offense. This is unacceptable with this type of roster.

  35. hey gabby supporters you still want to hold onto that 7.5 mil for next year. do i need to look at him more then these next 19 games.

    16 days to trade deadline anyone out there have interest in our crap

  36. Czechthemout!!! on


    When you are in the post game press conference, can you please ask Torts to explain why he does not coach the offense? His statement not mine.

    But I dont want you to get in trouble with that lunatic.

  37. czchthemout i disagree with you.

    yep, torts sapped all gaboriks offensive creativeness… no chance.

    the $20 mill line looks awesome but I have a name change let’s call it the 20 cent line..

    i forgot gabby does not like his other linemates….or osme other excuse.

    mdz has no clue, we have been close recently.. yep real clsoe you dope….

    maybe they can give halpern and powe an extension, they are integral parts of this juggernaut. especially since the yare the 2nd pair PK. Integral integral importance….

  38. Torts saying he doesn’t teach offense is his way of ducking blame for the putrid offense this team musters.

    As much as I like Torts, he also loves covering his ass

  39. carp, they got a dollar menu at the mausoleum now. they got pulled pollock, crabby patties and chum on a stick. he probably went to get his kids some fried salmon nuggets while he waits for mr crabs and spongebob autographs

  40. Czechthemout!!! on


    John G before the start of the second.

    ” just spoke to Sully Sam, he said that Torts told them they have to tighten up a bit on defense, grind in the offensive zone to force defensive beak downs, and go hard on the wall. Back to you Sam”

  41. Hesitation? What they are doing on offense would be great if they were hesitating. They are actually waiting for passing and shooting lanes to close before doing anything with the puck. PLAY THE GAME!!!

    And honestly I can no longer stand Big Brian Boyle. Useless out there. Go play for the Whale, dude.

  42. Oh I will happily pay more…and more..and more…for this excrement on the ice product.

  43. torts says he does not teach offense therefore he let’s this overpriced fools do there own thing.

    your dislike of him is over the top. he has won a lot of games, he may not be the best coach but a total moron.

    No way…

    stepan turning down shots, mdz making the wrong read, richards doing his backhand nonsense, nash doing his dangling move for the 50th time, those are the players calls……

  44. Pat Leonard hinting over there about Kreider. Pat, stop GMing please. If we thought we needed goals, we’d consider bringing up someone from Hartford who is hot. Clearly that is not the problem, and we are waiting until the season is irretrievaly lopst to do anything about it.

    These guys are done, the rest of the year is just playing out a string of bad losses. I’ll bet they lose all 4 games this week. Then they’ll win the last 4 games of the year and act like it means something.

    Same old Rangers.

  45. lets just keep cheering boys n girls. i wish they would get a LGR chant going at the garden. at times like this a good chant could help the boys out with nerves/confidence issues.

  46. Maybe the game @ the pebble tomorrow (sans Marty) can serve as motivation to win. This showing is at best lame so far.

  47. Czechthemout!!! on

    Look at Miller a rookie, make the proper read and go o the net to screen the goalie. He has not been Torterelized yet.

  48. Grabby, I am seated in my recliner at home in Fla. watching on the dish.

    One period anyone see anything different? My first period analysis!

    Is everyone happy to see those dynamic interviews by Keenan and Wiggy?

    Keenan who bullied Neil Smith ,and had that third period gone another 5 minutes would have lost the Cup while giving away the farm.

    What does he actually do to earn his check? Why do the rangers have more company foils pre &post game than any team in the league, distractions?

  49. I rarely if ever turn off a game until the last whistle. Tonight may be a first – to preserve my sanity! I concur Grabby. There is always hope especially after 30+ years of rooting that they turn it around.

  50. OK, Joe wants to have Semin’s baby. Does he know he can propose from the booth, get the crowd jazzed?

  51. Just when we getting some mo’, we have to get a power play… Can any team in the league look as dangerous as the Rangers without actually risking scoring a goal?

  52. Grabby, I stopped having periods many moons ago.

    I now have an abundance of commas and especially exclamation points!!!!!!!!!

  53. how can you miss 30 ft wide on a breakaway. seriously if nash is finished scoring for year turn out the lights

  54. Need an own-goal so bad right now, the kind the goalie doesn’t know about until his teammates tell him.

  55. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Rangers needed Ellis to stop playing to get a goal. Maybe that’s what they needed…like a seeing-eye single.

  56. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    What needs to change, is the Rangers scoring more goals than their opponents.

  57. I think Gabbys problem is cause of his shoulder surgery… its the same was as when Jagr came back from surgery…. it took him a season and then he was good…. Gabby next year will be on fire!

  58. stranger nation on

    papa – was tracking him the whole time. What a joke, he just does not care to play D. Should not be a center

  59. Five hours of grinding along the boards for a long shot from Del Zotto with no screen. Urg.

  60. Watching Richards and Gaborik cycle behind the net is like watching, like watching… somebody help me here.

  61. A brief glimmer of hope. Good effort but not sustained and coming at the end of the period. Does this mean Torts won’t yell as much during intermission?

  62. stranger nation on

    Cally leading the way as usual.

    Gabby is just a shell and Bucky is done.

    Lord hear our prayers.

  63. JT Miller worked his butt off to keep the puck in the offensive zone for a very long time. It would be nice to see that kind of effort from the high priced help! Of course Callahan goes to the net hard and they score. Duh!!!!

  64. Norm, like watching Duguay’s analysis? Like watching “Somebody left the gate open” commercials, or PitBool. Like watching Robinson Cano run to first? Like watching Chris Christie read the menu?

  65. Why not pull Hank at end of second period with 1.1 left. Low percentage but worth it.

  66. and all it took was an interfered goalie. still nowhere near the effort needed for such a critical game

  67. Olga Folkyerself on

    Watching Richards and Gaborik cycle behind the net is like watching, like watching

    Helen Keller and Ray Charles play ping pong?

  68. leetchhalloffame on

    All any objective Rangers fan has to do is look at Boston, Pitt., Habs, in the east alone and realize we don’t come close. Bring on 2013-2014 & a new coach and GM.

  69. All excellent, though I admit it’s not the slowness that bothers me as much as the sheer futility. It’s just not their game. When Christie reads the menu, at least you know there’ll be a payoff!

    Hey, Pyatt scored!

  70. if more than 1.1 left, yeah, I agree, Adam. The extra guy just doesn’t help when the puck has to go directly to the net. … and of course, Richards pulled it back.

  71. Carp …interesting…I wonder if a team may acquire an additionally buyout in a trade????

  72. montreal is not holding up in a 7 game series vs pens or bruins physically.

    we will be in the draft lottery with 0.9% chance of number one pick

  73. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    If I had to pick a top 5:

    0) Boyle
    1) Gaborik
    2) Richards
    3) Torts
    4) MDZ
    5) Nash

  74. stranger nation on

    Is it just a coincidence that everyone is starting their back up goalie against us?

  75. Czechthemout!!! on

    The Habs will be gone in the first round of he playoffs along with future hall of famer, Brandon “its just pain” Prust.

  76. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    stranger, Ward is hurt. But, that does seem to be a pattern.

  77. I prefer hockey related from 2 days ago to those Knicks promos. Anybody know if they show hockey clips during Knicks MSG150?

  78. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Best case is the Habs win the conference and the Rangers finish 8th.

  79. Czechthemout!!! on

    You guys can make fun of Keenan all you want. He did do some strange things but he was the one coach that coached this team to a Stanley Cup. That you can never take away from him. I for one am greatfull.

  80. Czechthemout!!! on


    Almost doesnt count. Stanley Cups do. He helped get us the only one in my lifetime.

  81. Excellent creativity by Del Zotto. Carolina hated that, not predictable. More, please!

  82. not disagreeing, Czech. But then you have to give his assistant coach some respect for preventing the sabotage from happening.

  83. No eye patch for Stall. The MSG Ministry of Injury Secrecy is not going to like his picture being taken!

  84. leetchhalloffame on

    Gotta dump Pyatt, Halpern, Eminger & Asham. Bring up Kreider, Thomas, Bourque & McIlrath so Torts can screw them up too.

  85. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Rangers have been the better team since the 1st. It would be nice if the scoreboard would reflect that. Time to run over the goalie.

  86. really smart penalty there by Westgarth. Third period, tied game, behind the play, right in front of the ref, retaliatory.

  87. Czechthemout!!! on

    Colin Campbell? No way! That piece of Carcillo is the biggest reason this franchise sucked for so long.

  88. Czechthemout!!! on

    Not as good his period as in the second but better than the first. Still no where near where they have to be.

  89. It’s pretty much sudden death time at this point. Wow, that PP sucked even more than usual!

  90. Olga Folkyerself on

    Campbell helped win a Cup in NY. “That you can never take away from him.”

    See how dumb it sounds…

  91. Czechthemout!!! on


    One day you and I will have a beer and I will tell you what I know. Trust me.

  92. Admiral Akbar on

    Who would’ve thought we’d be at this point in the season 1 point behind the Fishsticks and fighting with the Carolina hurricanes for 8th place?

    What a shame.

  93. What garbage. Can only manage 1 lousy goal against the Hurricanes? Crap. If this was a decent team, the game would be over already.

  94. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Would have been nice to win in regulation, but need to extra point.

  95. Remember when Zuccarello won that OT game against the Canes with his 1st NHL goal? Good times.

  96. Olga Folkyerself on

    You tell me, Carp. Was Campbell an assistant waterboy, or did Keenan almost blow the Rangers Cup chances?

  97. I’d like to see one of those thought balloons above Eminger’s head (Am I really getting multiple overtime shifts?).

  98. Admiral Akbar on

    Micheletti: “feels like a playoff game… Gaborik has been flying!”

    Uhhh – I don’t know what Joe is on, but I want some!

  99. Maybe Give up the A Richy! One of the young guys deserve it for their effort! Leadership?

  100. who cares about the Cup and Keenan…that was a long time ago!!!
    Keenan…sabotaging Stanley Cups since 1994.
    Campbell…saving the sabotager’s since 1994

  101. Admiral Akbar on

    Carp – I’m really interested in this story – where can I find this info?

  102. You know more important than the second point tonight is that they get 2 tomorrow in New Jersey.

    Why cant they play like they just did in those 2 periods and in OT every night?

  103. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bottom line, 1 goal in the last two games, two in the last three, three in he last 4.

  104. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    And now for the skills competition to see which team has a better shot at the playoffs.

  105. Admiral Akbar on

    Nice face off win.

    Too bad thus game has to be decided by a Bettman Skillz competition

    Tell me how the Skillz competition is more exciting than another 5 min of OT??

  106. Win or lose, great to see Richards and Gaborik competing again, stronger as the game progressed, especially Richards. Scoring would have been nice, but something to build on there.

  107. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Well, last time Miller made a great move and missed the net. I like this time better.

  108. I’ll take the two points, but scoring just one goal against Carolina doesn’t impress me.

  109. yea you take the 2 points jbytes, and i’ll take a huge game from most everyone on this team to gut out a huge win. be happy it might just jumpstart this team for the playoff run

  110. Great to get 2 pts. Not impressed about the play. Maybe the OT W will help them to come out strong and with confidence tomorrow night.

  111. Stepan was OK, not terrific, I thought, though anyone in Blue who scored tonight deserved a star. Del Zotto makes sense. Lundqvist obviously. But Hagelin was the best player on the ice.

  112. This will mean nothing to the team. They’ll come out tomorrow completely flat and on their heels. Then everyone will talk about how they need to be better.

  113. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    The first period stunk, but they outplayed the Canes the rest of the game. Still have to put some of those chances away, but some positives for sure.

  114. stranger nation on

    Canes stink, we cant even score unless we knock over goalie.

    Are we going to Hedberg look like Marty circa 1995 tomorrow night?

    Great pass by Halpern that Haley almost finished. Now THAT would be funny if Haley scored!

  115. Headed to the pebble tomorrow night for the backup matchup. Hopefully we can put up another win and make it 2 in a row.

  116. Carp, I’m pretty sure that Richards wasn’t eligible for the SO because of the minor he took at the end of OT. Can you confirm that please.

  117. obviously take the 2 points but there offense did not put the biscuit in the basket.

    the effort looked better but at a minimum the secondary scoring needs to be tweeked.

    so the 3rd and 4th line have a cumulative 7 goals on the season in total……………..

    mdz played well tonight, cant buy a goal but had numerous good chances….

  118. Three (3) players from each team shall participate in the shootout and they shall proceed in such order as the Coach selects. All players are eligible to participate in the shootout unless they are serving a ten-minute misconduct or have been assessed a game misconduct or match penalty.

  119. And in the “Just when I was about to ump…” department….

    If the Rangers win in regulation tomorrow and Winnipeg loses to Boston in regulation, the Rangers leapfrog all the way to 6th place.

    Hows that for nuts?

  120. >>Steve Gelbs is much better than Pidto.

    You can say that again. He’s probably not goofy and annoying enough to keep the gig, though.

  121. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Technically, I think they’d be in 7th since they would only have more ROW than the Debs.

  122. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Bunch of regs haven’t been around much this year, especially lately.

  123. Shame about the Flyers. Still not sure if they’ll trade half the team away again or end up in the Final after Olli Jokinen misses a Game -82- 48 shootout attempt.

  124. Honestly I think after last year this has been to much to bear. They go on a legit streak. Beat some teams ahead of them (ahem NJ) and winning over Carolina In breakaway contest doesn’t count….you might see them come back

  125. Sam and Joe, yak yak yak. There’s a game on, fellas. I don’t care if the Staal family are just wonderful, wonderful people. There’s a breakaway on, and a fight breaking out behind the play. Hold the innocuous chit chat for the stoppages.

  126. Yes I know the great challenge is not getting them to play 2 periods of good hockey but 3 and then to do that night after night.

  127. stranger nation on

    Olga -Kane has been clutch

    Coos – Salmon Joe are beyond the pale. Joe sounds like Fred Willard and Sam is a talking billboard, too much of a shill these days. Dolan has ripped the soul out of MSG.

  128. If the Redskin name is banned, can the Blackhawks and the Irish be far behind? And, if gas prices go any higher, we’ll have to get rid of the Oilers, too. And what’s what with the Predators?

  129. stranger nation on

    dont forget Chiefs, oh and Panthers, arent they extinct. And the lightning, isnt that dangerous.

  130. Good choice for the movie with Fred Willard as Joe, stranger. Christopher Guest could direct. “That Chara would make a helluva wide receiver, Sam.” “Yes, Joe, and a wonderful, wonderful family, too, the Charas.” “Sam, do you know the difference between a rectal thermometer and a tongue depressor?” “No, I don’t Joe, what is it? We’re all waiting for the answer to that one.”
    “Remind me never to come to you for a physical, Sam.”

  131. NHL Network reporting that the Ducks are closing in on a contract extension with Corey Perry. — Dan Rosen (@drosennhl)

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