Penguins 3, Rangers 0: Post-game notes


Courtesy of the NYR:

March 16, 2013 (Game 27, Away Game 12)

CONSOL Energy Center – Pittsburgh, PA
Penguins 3, Rangers 0


Team Notes:

–      The Rangers were defeated by the Pittsburgh Penguins, 3-0, today at CONSOL Energy Center, to complete their four-game road trip.

–      The Blueshirts have posted a record of 13-12-2 (28 pts) overall, including a 4-7-1 mark on the road this season.

–      The Rangers have been awarded two or fewer power play opportunities in each of the last five contests.

–      The Blueshirts out-hit the Penguins, 26-14, led by J.T. Miller’s game-high, five hits. Derek Stepan and Brian Boyle were also credited with four hits apiece.

–      The Rangers won 32-54 faceoffs (59%), led by Derek Stepan’s game-high, 15 faceoff wins (15-25, 60%). Brad Richards also won 9-14 faceoffs (64%) in the contest.

Player Notes:

–      Henrik Lundqvist made 24 saves and is now 11-11-1 overall, including a 2-6-1 mark on the road this season. He has held opponents to three goals or fewer in each of his last eight games, posting a 4-4-0 mark with a 2.12 goals against average and .926 save percentage over the span.

–      Steve Eminger was credited with a team-high, four blocked shots, and logged a season-high, 21:32 of ice time.

–      Carl Hagelin registered a game-high, five shots on goal in 17:21 of ice time. Hagelin ranks second on the team with 90 shots on goal this season.

–      Ryan McDonagh recorded three shots on goal, and was credited with two hits and three blocked shots in a team-high, 24:09 of ice time.

Team Schedule:

–      Please note the Blueshirts do not have practice scheduled for tomorrow, Mar. 17.

–      The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Carolina Hurricanes on Monday, Mar. 18, at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m. – TV: MSG Network; Radio: ESPN 98.7), in the first game of a back-to-back set.



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  1. Didn’t go that well. The way they’ve been playing, there are no match fo Pittsburgh. The real season starts Monday. Let’s see who this team really is.

  2. eddie eddie eddie on his third bottle of Dom Perignon and fifteenth Advil preparing the wrap-up.

  3. Sioux-per-man on

    Not much of a game today.

    To add more pain NHL network makes us listen to the Pittsburgh feed.

    Carp did JT Millers MOM have a Penguin jersey on?

  4. Duguay had interesting point about these Rangers looking like they were playing the old Soviet Army team.

  5. Eddie is doing post game notes mañana? Oh, boy. Too bad I’ll be on a plane to Antigua. I’ll catch his notes the moment I get to the room. Free wifi, not sure about OJ :-)

  6. Sioux-per-man on

    You would think Mom would have her Sons Jersey on? Then get caught on tv. Oops :)

  7. For those geniuses on this board who overrating coaching by miles and miles. I am little confused about Peter DeBoer. Was he a terrible coach in Florida when they lost or a excellent taking a good not great Devil team to the Finals. Must have learned how to coach somewhere along the line.

    OR maybe he had better talent around him. IT’S THE PLAYERS!!!

  8. It’s too bad PA PArenteau has such poor foot speed. Good thing, Powe’s and Halpern’s foot speed is much better. More guys like that. That’s what we need.

    Norm – uh, they also just played a bunch of very winnable games and decided not to play hard. The Staal brothers will roll into town and eat the Rangers’ lunch. Aren’t we also playing the Devils next week?

  9. Papa O'McBear on

    Don’t hang ya heads Lads. We’ve hit rock bottom tis true but we’ll march on strong and fight the good fight again. Looking forward to the colorful truth from Eddie x 3 in the post game.

  10. The Mill Reef Club in Antigua is first rate across the board.

    The New York Rangers are not.

  11. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    so they don’t have a practice Sunday ?

    I guess they need rest more than hockey.

  12. Like I was saying about the ridiculous over reaction to the Torts-Rosen stuff from Tuesday.

    After the Rangers’ 3-1 loss in Winnipeg Thursday night, John Tortorella was gracious during his postgame session and very deferential to MSG’s Sam Rosen.
    This followed the Rangers coach embarrassing the veteran play-by-play man Tuesday after a loss in Buffalo.
    Turns out Rosen and Tortorella discussed the Buffalo smolder on the flight to Winnipeg.
    “He said he meant no disrespect,” Rosen said. “I said I never take it personally and I totally understand what he goes through. I think we have a professional relationship that way.”

    Read more:

  13. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    hwirth: you are correct about DeBoer having better players than he did in Florida. Where your wrong is, the Rangers are not the Panthers. They have the best players possible. It’s not all on the players. The players do what the coaches tell them to do. If you wanna use NJ as an example, then fine. How about 2010/2011 same team. Two different coaches. Two different records. Know what your talking about before using bad examples.

  14. Average………….VERY AVERAGE! BTW,Johnny D, the reason team’s draft picks are the middle of the pack is because……….THEY”RE AVERAGE!

  15. Good evening, Carp!

    About to go to the Coyotes-BJs game! So excited to see Dubi score so many goals! All the goals! Brandons forever!!!

  16. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Or use Anaheim pre and post Boudreau.

    In this case, it’s on Tortorella.

  17. They have the best possible players? WHO? The Rangers? Their lineup? They have 7 of 12 forwards who really can’t score! The players do what the coaches tell them to do? Really? The coaches can’t make Gabby fast, Sid have a ridiculous backhand etc. The players have the talent. As for DeBoer/Mclean comparison. I had already said they were a good not great team. So did he become a better coach last year? OR was he a bad coach in Florida with a bad team? You are actually making my point.

  18. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    How about Washington
    Look at the records from Beadreau to Hunter to Oates. You yell Semin all you want. He was there for the first two coaches. One team was bad, one went down to us in the 2nd round and this one sucks.

  19. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    I wasn’t talking about DeBoer Maclean. I was talking about Maclean Lemaire.

  20. Boudreau? What’s he done so far? He won a championship in the AHL goes up to big club in Caps. They have great regular seasons and lose early in playoffs every year. Now he’s in Anaheim for 1/2 a season and yes they are playing well. Have they won a playoff series yet??

    Try a better example than that one.

  21. Washington? They’ve done the same thing they’ve always done and now it’s fallen apart. Hunter lost in the 2rd round the same way Bruce did twice. Try again. They make the Internet to actually check your facts you know.

  22. ZA,rat, “It’s not on the players”?

    Maybe you could discuss that concept with Claude Julien eh?

    Totrts had better players in Tampa and won a cup.

    Torts has 2 bandaid lines in NY and 2 top lines which are largely unproductive and a finesse D. He does have a great goalie which is why they were in contention last year and without whom they would be “competing” for a lottery pick……………….if the moron had not traded it away!

    It is the players but like other Sather picks Torts will be thrown under the bus too!

  23. The Caps lost in 10-11 in 2nd rd with Bruce than did same thing with Hunter. How did the coaching make the difference?

  24. First game in a while i missed on VA ca 80 degrees and golfing pretty well…. I’m so bummed I missed the game, not

  25. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    What has he done? He turned around Anaheim. He proves you wrong that a coach is not very important. A coach is very important.

    Tortorella won a cup. So you discredit him? By your logic he had nothing to do with that either.

  26. if anybody thinks that this team will turn it around anytime soon is daft. There needs to be a change in this team or there not making the playoffs.

  27. As for MacLean/Lemaire. You think changing the face of the franchise by giving Kovalchuk that ridiculous might have effected them a little more than people think. PS. That would be a good reason for keeping Torts. Give Nash a full year with new team before deciding anything.

  28. Doesn’t this so remind you of the problems plaguing this team from 07 to until the start of last year?

    That is, elongated stretches of indifferent play, poor starts, unachieving bigger names (remember Gomez and Dreary), struggles to produce offensive throughout the lineup, quotes post game from the players about having ‘having to start playing with desperation’ etc/etc/etc/blah/blah/blah and a coach who is clearly exasperated but seemingly unable to figure it out?

    Is does me. It’s uncanny how this has seemed to come full circle.

    This is ultimately all on Glen Sather, he of a lifetime contract and a resume that’s empty since 1990. How does he collect his paycheque and keep his dignity intact???

  29. the change might be anything major but a change has to happen or nothing will change.

  30. He turned around Anaheim? Where? They were a playoff team in 10-11. They had a bad start and still missed the playoffs with him coaching. Yes, they had a good start, but they’ve have done anything just yet this year. Carlyle also didn’t have Hiller who was his top goalie for a lot of the season.

  31. By the way turnaround? Ducks pts totals 91, 89, 99 80 (w/ Bruce). Where exactly was that drop off for the turnaround?

  32. For years, the Rangers were the team handing out big contracts to guys that not only wouldnt have gotten those contracts anywhere else, they wouldn’t have gotten ANY contracts to play for anyone else. Finally last year, they had a good team – they had a whole bunch of guys that other teams wanted. And Sather let them have those guys, and replaced them with a bunch of retreads that should not be in the league again. Asham, Haley, Powe, Halpern, hell even Bickel. If these guys were not with the Rangers, they would be with nobody.

  33. Norm Merton: Among a half-dozen others who did good, sane, no-ledge criticism
    yesterday, in whole paragraphs to boot!!!, I thought you were consistently on the money,
    makin’ the stop-by worthwhile.

    Thanks to all of you….no reply needed.

    Head Snidely: you’re on record as , “…if this team’s top six play well, all will be fine.”

    Of the other twenty-nine squads, are there what, two or three, about which the same
    pablum would not fit?

    No thanks….no reply needed.

    Manny: how many sides are there to your Jackwagon-Judge mouth? You seem to speak
    from quite a few.

    No reply needed.

    Seems to me you assess the Nash trade with one thing in mind: does this team now have a significantly better goal differential, and can it score more reliably and consistently than its predecessor (since, in spite of silly talk that the cap hit is a short-term wash, it’s even worse, and long-term huge, with the new CBA) and so is better positioned to challenge for a Cup thru the marathon grind. So far (and it is WAY TOO SOON to make any useful assessment) he is doing what some of us were afraid he might when commenting last spring on his track record: that is, taking the lion’s share of the team’s shots, and scoring on less than 10 % of them, as had become his resume’ in Columbus the last while. OUCH!

    Head Snidely (I’d make that trade two hundred times out of a hundred) asked the other day where this team would be without him. Obviously, no one can say, with any authority. But I can return to the evidence of last year, and last year, at a comparable time in the season, the under-talented, less-than-world-class, less-than-Monster Rangers were contending for the best record in the regular season. Give me the gritty, less-than-Monsters every time.

    I was highly skeptical of the trade from the beginning, and remain so, in spite of many genuinely entertaining dashes and moves, which sadly end with the puck wide or in the goalie’s chest.
    World-class moves are like come-from-behind thoroughbreds: for suckers.
    My skepticism was centered around two things: it was a typical Glen Sather myopic special;
    it was being justified, all too often, in Fantasy Hockey terms.

    The good news (and I’m not bein’ a wise guy here) is that he’s gonna be here a long, long time, so maybe some new front office can find a center and a strong power forward to max his obvious skills. It’s called “the vision thing.”

    So I guess we continue to pray that lightning strikes the owners, one way or another:-).

    And, oh, yeah, the KIngs did turn it around last year, way late. But the change only came after the modest moves of firing the coach, and trading for skilled scoring.

    Gabby’s “40-goal scorer” is like Dave Kingman’s 40-plus homeruns. It’s way too narrow a descriptor. Gabby can be useful in a Cup run as a complimentary and useful guy, NOT as one of the prime pieces. Prime pieces contribute in every slogging, difficult stage of the marathon, not just here and there, and hardly anything at all some series. Gabby could be useful with this year’s Bruins, maybe, or the Kings, again, maybe. He’s a “maybe” kind of guy. There’s not enough quality night in and night out on this team to make waiting for his bunches wise.

    I’m gone…

  34. stranger nation on

    is everyone here?

    Debbie Downer…check

    Negative Nancy…check

    Doomsday Donnie…check

    thought I heard someone howling at the moon?

  35. But Peter they got that big superstar with the big contract. It has ALWAYS worked for this hasn’t it? Remember the 97 off-season? Oh but they added so much scoring with Theo, Kamensky! How’d that work out for them? Took a lockout to recover from that offseason.

  36. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    How long did it take you to dig up those numbers? You can’t just look at the overall stats of things. You have to know the timeline. Why am I even talking to a stat geek? I’m outta here. Have fun picking out all the stats that make you feel better.

  37. My goodness clarity finally reigns.

    The fish does indeed rot from the head!

    Sather I repeat is one of the least respected GM’s in the NHL for both his ridiculous spending sprees, marginal drafts and exactly one decent trade wherin the main “prize” Higgins was another stiff and McDonagh was at the time a disappointment to the Habs.

    Sather is a hasbeen , has been for over 20 years ,but remember it’s the dupes posing at season ticket holders that bear responsibility for letting MSG take them to the cleaners!

  38. is everyone here?

    Debbie Downer…check

    Negative Nancy…check

    Doomsday Donnie…check”

    You forgot Gertrude Gloom

  39. I predict that the Rangers will win the cup this year……if they bring in Sutter and Carter from the Kings. worked for them.

  40. E3 finally ID’ed at finish line of Pittsburgh St. Patty’s Day parade- was found three hours ago with heroine needle sticking out of arm

  41. ilb to Haley: “Leave a check for the receptionist.”

    Sound from receptionist’s office: ‘CRASH!’

  42. stranger nation on

    Imagine what would happen if you starting jacking Crosby. Buttman would have you beheaded the next day.

  43. Sather to Torts: “You’re kidding me, right?”

    Torts: “No, YOU’RE kidding me, right?”

  44. after 5 minutes of Sam and Joe, i actually tuned to Pens broadcast.

    Definite homers for sure, but some actual play-by-play and accurate description of the Rangers incompetence by the two. I never turned back. those two are as pitiful as it comes. says something about the entire organization.

    This is going to be a fun last half. I thought they made such progress in the last two years. Giradi’s improvement last year was inhuman so I expected a little drop off. Hank had a Vezina year, some drop-off there, not surprising.

    what was the deal with Nash today? he was not skating. seemed to be favoring that ankle? I was listening to Pens broadcast so I didn’t know the severity, but he didn’t skate well all game after that.

  45. Papa O'McBear on

    Torts. “we don’t coach offense”…..I wouldn’t take credit for that either.

  46. “We don’t teach offense except for strong point shots and men in front of the net.
    Um, where are the strong point shots and the men in front of the net?

  47. And, McDonagh carries the puck into the offensive zone better than 1/2 of the forwards.

  48. Papa O'McBear on

    We’ll never know, but I wonder if the would have been this bad with same cast as last years???

  49. eddie: “Okay, I have three hundred typewritten pages, now I have to cut it down to a few paragraphs.”

  50. Papa O'McBear on

    I think we’re all hoping for a roll, but this team hasn’t been able to sustain good play

  51. bull dog line on

    did you happen to notice how the Pens attack the front of the net. the front of the net is the side of the net you score from. the Rangers, with the style they try to play, have to work way to hard to score goals. they try to generate there offense from behind the net. this is as big a reason as any other as to why they have a hard time scoring. attack the front of the net, not behind the net!

  52. Papa O'McBear on

    Eddie Report: declares “season over” and directs Newbear to “stick a fork in them”

  53. Another pathetic effort. Not only weak offense but soft soft defense. How many goals has the 3rd and 4th line scored this year? In total. Probably not much more than 6 is my guess. How many odd man rushes does it take for the coach to acknowledge he has got serious defensive problems. How do you figure guys like Mitchell, Anisimov and Prust are having such productive years? Could it be the Torts system causing the problems?

  54. We have the puck. 100% good. Now, let’s dump it again over and over and give the opposition a 50-50 chance. It’s only fair.

  55. bull dog line on

    Anisimov has 8 points on the season. productive? Mitchell is getting a lot more ice time with the Avs, and he is making good use of it. Prust is just having a Prust season.

  56. Here’s what hurts:

    You give up Krieder/Dubi, etc for Nash in 2012…very good chance we’re in the Finals and competing strongly for the Cup.

  57. not counting the points he had skating on the line with Cally and Stepan, Pyatt has 1, Boyle-1, Mash-1. 4 freaking goals, wow

  58. bull dog line on

    oh and those 8 points Ansimov has “produced”, is 1 point less than the whipping boy Dubi. who has played about 6 less games than the productive Anisimov.

  59. Papa O'McBear on

    “There’s no reason to become alarmed, and we hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your flight. By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?”

  60. “Surely there must be something you can do.”
    “I’m doing everything I can, and stop calling me Shirley!”

  61. Not the old college try…about that pilot, Papa, paging Alexei Kovalev…arghhhhh.

  62. “Shanna, they bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into. I say let ’em crash.”

  63. Ralph From N.M. on

    Thanks John @7:17

    even last year [ while we were winning games ] I said this system of defense then offense hinders productivity = Tort’s makes defenders out of offense minded players . everyone to the net when the opposition has the puck , then IF we get control of puck there is no one to outlet to so we pass behind our net & lose the puck again. The JETS & PENS get control of the puck & its out of thier zone & thier offense is right now . When we practice ,what do we practice – our passing is terrible . Yeah Tort’s won the cup with Tampa & he also got FIRED

  64. czechthemout!!! on

    The Kreider with another goal since being sent down. He got this just for Manny who is at the game. Curious to read his assestment of him. He will say that other than the goal, Kreider didn’t do much. But we wiil see.

  65. Even if you are a superstar, you score a goal every other game, but if you play no defense and don’t effectively back check you give up a goal every game. That said, I think Kreider will be back up here sooner rather than later.

  66. bull dog line on

    Kreider is learning how to play behind the net with the Whale. as soon as he does that he will be back. keep him down there till he learns to not go to the front of the net.

  67. hey, 1 thing. that torts presser really showed me alot about this coach. we really need to get off his back a little. im pleasantly surprised by what he had to say. i believe in this team and this coach, and no i’m not employed by msg. i really believe this is the turning point for our season. i’ve given my share of criticism to players and sather, torts, sully but i really think we will get things turned around soon. believe in our team people. LGR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! till the day i die!! old n fat preferably

  68. I’m at the CT Whale game. Only impression. Jason Missaein is a HUMINGALOID. WHOAH. That guy is something huge.

    Mcllrath is interesting. Soup different than our D-Guys. Very physical first. Not offensive.

    Borque is really fast. Really fast.

    Kreider plays more on the PK than the PP and….Mashinter sea to be their offensive leader. Really good at this level.

  69. took a 4 hour break from blog. did we trade anyone yet. what i saw today is a team that is COOKED. put me a fork in them.

    they will not crack the top 8 again.

    so disgusted mad frustrated my wife wants me sleeping on the couch tonight. on my 2nd bottle of red wine

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eric – buy some flowers for your wife. Make breakfast for her and let her sleep in. Your family is far more important that the rangers. That said, sometimes the couch is really comfy.

  71. Jim – etc/etc/etc/blah/blah/blah

    that’s the same directory that I keep my porn


  72. Hockey blog descent into madness!

    This is what MSG, Junior and Sappy Sather have wrought!

    Did someone actually say “we have the Knicks”, seriously?

    Two championships since the NBA was founded! Last in 73 after which they were severely disciplined for embarrassing the Rangers with the Garden curse.

    We will have no competent GM’s, have the worst scouts but provide many distractions for the easily duped fans and………..laugh all the way to the bank!

  73. I know it’s popular in NY sports to hate the coach and throw him under first. But I really feel that Johnny is misusing this lineup since day 1. You can’t roll 2 lines roll 2 lines all day when every team in the NHL rolls all 4. You are going to kill your top players by seasons end.

    Secondly nobody being on the same line makes for no chemistry and all the too many man penalties.

    I think Johnny goes within two weeks, and I am not sure if I want it or not.

  74. Miller’s Mom Had a Penguins jersey and Rangers scarf. Papa Bear, I hope this is Rock Bottom. I’m glad I muted the TV here to avoid the Pens audio feed. I’d rather listen to the delayed audio of Kenny and Don from than those homers from Twittsburgh.

    Maloney did have some interest thoughts(paraphrasing): “Get over it, this is not last year’s team. Last year’s team was 3 years in the making. This team has played 20 something games together.”

    If this isn’t rock bottom, they better get to it soon. If this team doesn’t make the playoffs, that “short shelf life” often attributed to the coaching style Tortorella employs, will reach its expiration date.

  75. Czechthemout!!! on

    According to Sny, we spoke with the Canucks about Gabby but could not find a match at this time. Apparently they are saying that we may have to eat some of Gabby’s salary which Sather does not want to do. They also said that the problem with moving him is that the lunatic coach criticizes him too much. That implies that it is hurting his game and probably his trade value. Also, Sather has a list of ten teams, not eight.

    On a side note, when I mentioned earlier in the week that Gabby was being shopped according to Andrew Gross, I was ridiculed. Apparently, he was being shopped . It looks like all the Gabby haters will soon get their wish if a deal can be consumated without us eating salary.

  76. bull dog line on

    anybody with there eyes open can see that Gabby’s days are numbered with the Rangers. he will not be a Ranger opening night next year. same with Boyle. one deserved, one not.

  77. For all the talk of desperation and must win, the Ranger bench was deathly quiet. Not the sort of thing you want to see from a team that says it is really fighting for a win. We have seen Rangers teams like this not long ago. The Pitt announcers pointed out how quiet our bench was. No communication at all.

    trade gaborik? I don’t think that will help. home grown Rangers were replaced with waiver wire trash.

  78. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bull Dog

    Oh I know that. My point was that it was the same suspects that always show up here to besmirch anyone who dares say anything against the garden party line or tries to share some stuff that hey may have heard or in my case, read.

    Speaking of which, I heard from the same friend who told me about us callin CBJ two months before the Nash rumors started last year that we called Calgary about what it would take to get MarK Giordano and Curtis Glencross. Just sharing. Maybe nothing, maybe something. Who knows.

  79. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    At least GM Radjabov won his second round game vs GM Ivanchuk. A Leningrad Dutch. My favorite player. No longer a dark horse in this tourney.

  80. bull dog line on

    those 2 players would make sense for the Rangers. they need help on D in the worst way, and they obviously need some help up front.
    speaking of help up front, its time for Kreider to be recalled.

  81. this MTL team is good…gooooooood

    anyone know of anyone who saw this coming last year, or even during the lockout?

  82. BOS and PIT are obviously ridiculous, but MTL has the mojo risin and may be invincible in the East

  83. Yea you know constantly being Tortorella’s whipping boy whenever something is wrong may take a toll on you. Hope Gaborik goes to Chicago when he is a free agent so he can actually be appreciated somewhere. And he will get to play with his good buddy Marian Hossa.

  84. I disagree with Torts and I love the guy. There are reasons for everything, I know it’s a bottom line world, but I don’t understand not acknowledging adversity or the cause of a problematic situation sometimes, (the dreaded excuse word , oohh), – acknowledging it does not equal submitting to it. Address it and fuggin overcome it. This team has seen significant turnover, a loss of attitude/ arrogance , depth, versatility, and veteran leadership. No training camp, no bonding experience has hurt. Maybe Torts needs to rethink his approach considering the shortened season, …lol at the firing him talk -RIDICULOUS, but maybe he does need to reconsider the extent to which you can teach on the fly. I’ll trust his judgement on the character in the room, (even if I’ve generally failed to see it in our additions) That said, I can only think it’s paralysis by analysis that accounts for the seeming lack of emotion and anticipation/instinct- jump. How do you account for the lackluster start against the PENGUINS, I don’t get it. This short season is BS. Is there time to get through to them or do you just let them fly and hope for the best? Torts is smart enough to figure it out.

  85. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bull Dog

    Agreed! Kreider needs to be called up and given at 15 minutes a night with anyone othe than bumbling Boyle and the rest of the bottom six misfits.

    I am looking forward to read what Manny thought of Kreider,Jean,Yogan,Thomas,and Mcilrath.
    It should be intersting. Although I kind of already have a feeling what he might say about some of these kids. Will see.

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Romeo – As long as gabby is a ranger, I want him to score every shift. But I just don’t see it happening again. His head isn’t right. Hope I’m wrong.

  87. in each of the first 2 periods, chicago scored more goals than the Rangers have in their last 3 games,

  88. I watched Kreider in Hartford tonight and must say I was underwhelmed. Mashinter was their best offensive player. Kreider needs to shine in the AHL before he’s back up here.

  89. Olga Folkyerself on


    It’s the solution to all the Rangers problems. Short of getting the team out of Dolan’s hands.

  90. Czechthemout!!! on


    And yet Kreider was the second star of the game and Mashinter did not earn one at all.

    Just saying.

  91. We can beat this team down, we can try and be smarter than the next guy in what needs to be fixed, but the truth is, at this time the team needs our support. I NEVER had faith in this team last year.
    “Faith’ being defined as ‘belief that is not based on proof’ The team EARNED my belief in them and it soon became 100% honest that I always thought, as I believed the team thought -they would find a way to win. We need to get there again

  92. Yea. Kredier scored the first goal. Monster Mash was by far the most active guy on the ice. I promise. The star was the humungaloid goaltender Jason Missiaen (27 saves for a shutout).

    I am just telling you what I saw, czech. Very underwhelmed with Kreider. I also saw a real arrogant streak from him when, in the 3rd, with a few minutes left and the Whale up 3, Kreider skated down, heard the whistle, coasted into the Monarchs’ zone and lightly flipped the puck into the net about 7 seconds after the whistle. Very arrogant and very immature.


    Re: Yogan, Jean and Mcllrath:

    Yogan was a visible presence at times. I thought he was good defensively and really knew when to push the offense . He had a pretty nice assist,

    Jean: sadly not happy with him. He did *NOT* play his size at all. Kid has Pyatt with less skill written all over him.

    Mcllrath: _Very_ different than the Defenseman we have up here. He doesn’t join the rush, doesn’t really do anything on the PP but MAN is he physical. He never plays the puck and thus never got beat. Someone comes near him and he knocks them over. Played about 20 seconds without a stick and was just shoving people to the ice. Definitely not ready, or whatever, but if he develops he could really be a nice physical presence as a 5 or 6.

  93. Kreider clearly isn’t ready for prime time…if he was he would get called up…

    Just saying.

  94. Olga Folkyerself on

    The sooner everyone gets on the FIRE SATHER bandwagon, the sooner the Rangers can start to fix all the problems we have.

  95. absolutely why call kreider up and retard the growth of haley or halpern or powe or ashma or boyle.

    would not want to interupt the great chemistry on thsi juggernaut…

    why is halpern playing again?I am slow in the head so give me the simple answer. btw halpern is not a 1st pair PK, is not winning faceoffs and has 1 point on the season.. Same stuff on darrel powe…haley has no stick skills I think asham might actually be better then him…

    hey they have a good locker room and they are good guys, scoring is another story..

    whats boyle up to tonight??? sure he is working out or working on his skating……he if not under contract would be waived in 3 seconds…

    gabby play today??????richards I do not even comment on because without about a 5 game uptick he has been friggin horrible….

  96. Czechthemout!!! on


    Thanks very much for that feedback.

    Maybe Kreider has to mature a little. Who knows. I still think that given where we are offensivley, Kreider needs to be here if for no other reason than he can score at any time he is on the ice. Right now, we need that and there is no better option.

    As for Yogan, maybe worth a look up here on the third line in about a game or two?

    Too bad about Jean not playing up to his size. He can stay down there then. But this is his first pro season so we will see.

    As for Mcilrath, too bad. This defense can use a physical presence but you have to be able to play the game. And if his ceiling is only 5-6 dman it is yet another indication of the fairly poor drafting that this team does in the first round. Spending a number 10 overall in a good draft year on a project who’s ceiling is as a third pair guy is disgracefull! Why not draft a Tarasenko, or some of the other players their. Say what you will about Cam Fowler and I am a fan of his from the WJC tournament, at leat he has spent his entire career in the NHL. At a minimum, he is a viable asseet that can either develop into a number two or be used as a trade chip to get a good player. Mcilrath at this time is a worthless project.

  97. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So I’m watching the game now and the bench failing to get Nash his stick pretty much tells you all you need to know about our team and the game

    That rupp trade looks worse and worse

  98. In his time up this year Chris Kreider = Chris Carter, minus the touchdowns.
    So far I’ve seen a big, strong Enver Lisin. But the kid is no doubt smart and very self aware.So hopefully that will change. It’s just that my 10 year old niece would beat him in Old Maid and 7 year nephew would kick his ass repeatedly in checkers. That he has stepped up in tourneys and PO last year gives me hope. This kid needs to WANT to win EVERY contest — because HE CAN.

  99. _Yea Stuart. Kreider seems like the solution._

    Yea Manny. Mashinter seems like the solution.

  100. stranger nation on

    Based on the input on McIlbust – I would bring him up now. Knocks guys over, very physical, plays the man, doesnt get beat…hmmm. it definitely does NOT sound like any of our D.

  101. stranger nation on

    Kreider scored a goal – something we have done twice in three games. We saw Mashinter, in a nutshell, let me sum up his ability – he sucks!

  102. Czechthemout!!! on

    Boyle cannot play this game other than 5 minutes a night on the 4 fourth line or the PK.

    Halpern used to be an effective player with the Caps. That was a long time ago. Now he is finnished.

    Powe is a one trick pony. PK only. Otherwise useless. Cannot make a play to save his life. Perfect linemate for Boyle.

    Pyatt is slower than me and I am 45 years old. Softer than Boyle. Thats hard to do.

    Haley is what he is.

    Kreider is better than all theses clowns. All of them, now. The lunatic needs to leave him alone and let him play. He will make mistakes but he is a smart kid and he will learn from them.

    And so is Thomas.

    Like it or not, absent a trade, these are your only options in addition to changing or adjusting how they play. The status quo is ot an option.

    Just saying.

  103. I would say Thomas is borderline not ready for the AHL. I haven’t seen many people look worse in the NHL than him.

    Too much insanity in here right now. Goodnight.

  104. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mashinter is not an NHL hockey player. Neither is Newberry or Segal. It is remarkable that Gernander would actually recommend these dregs to be called up.

  105. _Oh is that what I said, Thom? This is like that time you misquoted LW3H._

    I committed the same act that you did. I intentionally misrepresented the point of your post in the same manner you misrepresented the point of the post of stuart a.

  106. Czechthemout!!! on


    I am trying here but that comment on Thomas is just plain ridiculous. I actually watched the game against the Habs on dvr and I thought he looked a little nervous but not out of place. Certainly deserved another game if compared to Mashinter and Newberry.

  107. Stranger Nation on

    Ria – E3 is on draft 32 of tomorrow’s Guest Blogger Game Recap.

    I hope he got your email

  108. I watched most of the Whale game. I did miss Kreider’s goal. Kreider doesn’t look bad, but he certainly doesn’t stand out.

    He actually pushed someone in a scrum today, it didn’t look like he meant it.

    His game lacks JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Fwiw, I only saw Thomas that one game and I wasn’t impressed. Didn’t look any better or worse than mashinter to me.

  110. _Fwiw, I only saw Thomas that one game and I wasn’t impressed. Didn’t look any better or worse than mashinter to me._

    Who needs real scouts when we are blessed with the phenomenal scouting of iWicky.

  111. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Have feeling he didn’t SN I saved a draft , but its not in my draft folder.

  112. stranger nation on

    justnot a good road team all season. dont seem mentally tough.

    Any Staal updte? Where is Sauer?

    Can Richards get hurt again so we can get on a winning streak…

  113. May Saint Patrick turn the hearts of those who hate us, or if not, turn their ankles so that we will recognize them by their limp.

  114. eddie eddie eddie on

    I am sending carp my review telepathically……hope he can read brain waves…

  115. I wasn’t happy with replacing regulars with castaways but I never expected this.

    Kreider was gonna save the day, Richards asnd Gabby weren’t going to take a plunge, Staal wasn’t gonna have a catastrophic injury again and be replaced by a cardboard cutout, etc.

    So much for my fortune telling career.

  116. 5 goals in 7 games for kreider a 230 pound 21 year old who can skate like gaboirk..

    no need to bring him up we have boyle, powe, Halpern, asham, haley and the rest of the talent laden 3rd and 4th liners…

    get real talent evaluators. newberry is 32 years old, he is a AHL + player, do not waste your time….

    really how the hell can guys like Halpern and powe suit up Monday and yo uexpect different results………..

    again I know the yare good in the locker room, just bad on the ice. good news is they are losing on the ice but get along well off the ice…..

  117. 15 C Jeff Halpern 27 0 1 1 -4 8 0 0 0 11 0.0

    8 C Darroll Powe 16 0 0 0 -2 8 0 0 0 9 0.0

    22 C Brian Boyle 23 1 1 2 -8 19 0 0 1 23 4.3

    I apologize, I have been shortchanging BOyle as the #’s show above he has 2 points on the season I thought he had 1, my bad…2 points in 23 games. Halpern and powe are shooting 0%, but they are good in the locker room so all is well..

    14 L Taylor Pyatt 27 4 2 6 2 4 1 0 0 42 9.5 Pyatt looks like Gretzky compared to numerous of his teammates but hey Henrik is not making the big save!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Just watched 90 minute presser on the chess candidates tournament…. Fascinatingly fascinating.

  119. I am ok with Kreider getting minutes in Hartford over riding the bench on this disfunctional bus. He will be back

  120. 10 R Marian Gaborik 27 8 9 17 -5 6 1 0 4 85 9.4

    Elite Maryanne #’s.. I know his coach does not give him artistic freedom, he is playing on the wrong wing, and he does not have a center to set him up………

    giordano and glencross fro Maryanne I do that tomorrow…..they add another good d man, when staal comes back there top 6 is great and Glencross is a serviceable, fast, and nasty 20 to 25 goal scorer….

    sign me up……….

  121. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Historically, the shortened season has not been kind to the Rangers. Next season will be better.

  122. With the same crew?

    Lokk at the long list of players that failed us, but as soon as traded, they killed us, there’s a guy in Pittsburgh…

  123. trade gabby to Vancouver for Burrows and another forward….david booth or mason Raymond.

    2 for the price of 1. helps the 3rd line and adds more total speed and depth.

    gabby has 1 year on his deal, his time in NY has passed move on.

  124. dupuis stunk for the rangers years ago but he plays with a guy named cindy now. cindy could make me look decent….

  125. I trade gabby, shake it up. he is the most trade able asset that will not be on the team in 2 years.

    he will get back multiple players..

    think if they traded gabby for giordano and glencross we would not have to see Halpern or powe anymore(take your pick) and hamrlik can hit the sideline and emminger is the 6th d man until staal gets back…Giordano could be #1 d man on the Pp and MDZ can be on it or on the 2nd PP unit….

  126. _dupuis stunk for the rangers years ago but he plays with a guy named cindy now. cindy could make me look decent_

    Dupuis played a total of 6 games with the Gers.

  127. Mcenroe was so childish and annoying at times I didn’t see his brilliance. That stuff would only work for him.


  128. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Newbear – yes I saw quite a few of his shows. He made a better guest than host.

  129. some good news…

    you will be able to see the Rangers play at home on Monday. You will be entertained by the fast paced talent of the likes of brian .01 points per game boyle, jeff he will get it going soon Halpern, PK specialist Darrell powe, mike haley who is showing he has as little talent as arron sham, mike rupp, boogard, brashear and colton orr previous thugs on the rangers. on defense you have hour glass hamrlik and career 6th d man steve emminger..

    for pure skill you have brad Richards the conn smythe winner when many bloggers on this site were in high school and Mario gaborik an elite talent, great 2 way forward, who plays the body like mike gartner or valeri kamensky….

    but torts and sather feel they are close, the roster does not need any tweeks all is well..

    1994, that was our 1 championship in our lifetimes…

  130. if we just blocked 3 more more shots today….. it would still be 0-0.

    Blocking shots doesn’t take skill and it sure doesn’t take skill to coach.


  132. answer: you already know, but I didn’t. thank you Google. you are like the new shell answer man

  133. wow!! rangers scored a total of 2 goals in 3 games against teams who are not good defensive teams. This team is flawed and unless the roster changes for the better this group will not make the playoffs. I personally think Richards is shot. I can’t wait until they buy him out.

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