It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Penguins matinee


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Game 27.
Rangers at Penguins.

Panic time.

Ya boys on a two-game losing streak, with three losses in the last four, and sitting out of a playoff spot with 22 games (and 44 points) remaining.

The Penguins are just rollicking with seven straight wins, unlimited offense, and of course, You Know Who (and if you don’t know who, you will be sick of hearing his name by the time this game starts, never mind by the time it ends).

Same lineup. Henrik Lundqvist in goal.


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  1. Atta boy, NYR_FAN!

    I’m going to have to DVR this one. Babysitting today…Just make sure they win, ‘heads!

  2. The best line for the Rangers this years has been

    Hagelin – Stepan – Nash

    And, I can’t remember the last time they were on the ice together….

  3. Good afternoon all! This is either going to be a very good, or a very bad day. Here’s hoping for greatness!

  4. Corned Beef Nash on

    Wife and child away….check
    Pogues on the iPod…..check
    12 pk smithwicks and couple nips of tully……..check

    Now bring on some hockey.

  5. Irish Ewell Folkyerself on

    Fer dose o’ you goin’ out ter da ledge- Top o’ the mournin’ to ya!

  6. Hopefully Pens are due for a loss. Having them start Fleury, who attended the School for Exaggerated Savedry, may work in our favor.

  7. I tuned in to MSG for the pre-match yap and all I heard for the next five minutes was SidneyCrosbySidneyCrosby SidneyCrosby SidneyCrosbySidneyCrosby SidneyCrosbySidneyCrosby. What do they mean by that?

  8. >>Good afternoon all! This is either going to be a very good, or a very bad day.

    Good afternoon, Blogmama. It’s the only good you’ll hear from me today.

  9. Did we win? I’m visiting parents and thus missing the game. Just bumped into a Rangers fan at an outlet mall. Possibly good luck.

  10. >>WTF was that by Crosby on Girardi?

    It’s interference for everyone, except Crosby.

  11. This team is BAKED.

    It’s so bush-league, I’m running out of terminology to describe it’s epic state of irellevance + atrocity.

  12. Jeez – when is this team going to decide to show up at the start of a game and not 5-10 minutes in???

  13. Irish Ewell Folkyerself on

    Who’s these Crosby’s they keep talkin about? It’s like the whole other team is full o’ Crosbys…

  14. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Yep. Keep shooting! Fleury can’t keep it up much longer! YeeeeHawww!!

  15. Brooks Orpik has started to wear a visor since seeing what happened to Marc Staal. (This according to Kenny and Dave)

  16. great job miller penalty 200 feet from net.

    question for torts if gaborik is so comfortable on rw why did you insist on keeping him on left side for so long.

    this team is garbage

  17. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Shot Clock is broken. It’s stuck on “0”

    Obviously it’s broken. The boys promised to come out with guns a blazin’

    I’m guessing there were 20 – 30 shots on Fleury that the camera missed

  18. >>The boys promised to come out with guns a blazin’

    Well, they forgot to load them first.

  19. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    That’s what I’m talkin’bout!!!! Fire away!!! Keep it up!!! YeeeeHawwww!!

  20. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    I didn’t see the first goal, but Hank has kept this game close.

  21. You know how you dont get injured blocking shots? By being in the offensive zone. Freaking embarrassing how we have 2 shots this period.

  22. Czechthemout!!! on

    This now embarrassing! Hank is going to flip out on them after the first in the room. Is there no pride?

    Sam just said that they have not been able to get their game going. The problem is that this is their game. The penguins have it figured out to a tee,

  23. Wow this is the worst team ever. I guess when you hear some guys who bleeds whatever color the team is that pays him like Halpern come out and say “we still think we have a good team in here” it really means they know they blow chunks.

  24. for all the positive people on this blog tell me what do you see in this team. someone anyone explain to me

    i see a team that NEVER has the puck and created no scoring chances.

    we arent in the same LEAGUE as this pens team

  25. Irish Ewell Folkyerself on

    Fer all the talk about Crosby, they don’t have to talk about the Rangers play.

  26. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    That #30 has some cajones calling out the team. He has how many goals? He stinks on the PP, never hits anyone and skates slow!

    Only reason he’s here is he’s a great shot blocker and great on the PK.

  27. I mean if you were the other coach, wouldn’t you make a big point about how the Rangers bottom 2 lines have about 6 goals between all of them all year, and so when they are out against you, feel free to cheat offensively and push things without real fear of defensive repercussions?

    Meanwhile Girardi breathes on Crosby and Kunitz jumps right in with no fear of a penalty. Richards gets his neck practically broken and our pansies do nothing. Really guys, stop shaming the sweater.

  28. Great Stralman and DelZotto in there on D. That pair would have a hard time getting my 5 year old out of the crease.

  29. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    i am a Torts fan. But this team looks like they are sleep walking. I would hate to think they have given up.


    MY goodness. I wish the game was being broadcast in Spanish. Rather listen to it in Spanish than this crap feed. It’s uncanny.


    Think Ill find something better to do with my free time. Later boys and girls.

  32. what realigment assured of his is if we make the playoffs we will never get to a conf final again because we couldnt get out of our division and beat the pens

  33. This game is making me thirty. May have to hit the store during second intermission

  34. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    WE ARE VERY LUCKY. Perhaps they gain momentum. Now all they have to play is 40 minutes, because they sure didn’t play the first 20.

    There’s no excuse at this time of the year.

  35. Nash stinks. LeTang put him in the cheap seats with a head fake. Go back to Columbus you gutless puke.

  36. gaborik battling hard.. what a joke. 19 walked in front and I think gabby gave him the red carpet.

    when the penguins d man battle gabby he gives up like a little boy.

    I especially liked our puck possession.

    I am punished so I have to listen to the penguins broadcast. it is painful….

    hamrlik cannot play anymore, wasted $2 mill +. Halpern, powe, haley, and others cannot play either. no need for kreider rangers already have enough speed on the ice……….they look like old men..

  37. Danny G has to drop Crosby there…unacceptable…

    Cindy gets in your grill twice and cheapshots you…You have to make him pay the price there…

    I really would like Girardi to show some emotion out there…

  38. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Man, when Steve Eminger is your 5 d, you are in trouble. We are so thin it’s ridiculous

  39. luckily the teams above them aren’t very good. Winnipeg, Toronto and Ottawa are not going to finish ahead of us so even after today’s inevitable loss, we’ll be fine in the end.

  40. Girardi needs to stand up for himself.

    Sidney swings at you? Are you kidding me.

    Another gutless puke.

  41. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    This game is on John “The Tortoise” Tortorella. The who game looks like the story of The Tortouse and the Hare. Only without the BS ending.

  42. mdz makes so many bad decisions. gets on the wrong side, has to go bananas to get back etc…

    can he get a shot thru on occasion.

  43. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    NYR, I agree with you. He is a team leader at this point and over his career (Carcillo/Gabby) he has missed his opportunities. Play bigger, Dan. Show something. Perhaps it will catch on.

  44. on top of a hideous first period, I had to listen to the penguins broadcast slamming the Rangers every other minute and up in arms over the treatment of Saint Sidney

  45. 4 Guys came to play

    Boyle, Callaghan, Eminger and Miller

    Everyone else . Gutless pukes.

  46. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Oleo, it’s true, but let’s be real. Jets could be better than us. Ottowa, if they are not, will be. And both of them have size and team toughness, the latter of which we most certainly lack.

  47. Rob in Beantown on

    @New York Rangers @NYRangers@
    _#NYR outhit #Pens 14-3, led by J.T. Miller with three…#NYR also blocked 11 shots…_

    See guys, not so bad. We out hit them

  48. Sidney shows more will to win than the entire group of Ranger forwards.

    Ranger Forwards: Bunch of Gutless Pukes

  49. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Well, at least they haven’t scored into their own net…yet.

  50. Its snowing here in central jersey and starting to stick to the lawns. I thought the ground hog said winter ends early this year?

  51. Lundquist: go back to the studio and play your guitar with McEnroe. You totally stink.

  52. is their second NHL team that is acceptable to root for?

    this season might be a lost cause very very soon

  53. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    The snow, like Rangers goals, isn’t expected to accumulate.

  54. Thanks Gravy – my truck is in the shop, so all I have is the Cobra – which is a death trap on wet / icy roads!

  55. Send in reinforcements: oh that’s right, we have no reinforcements: Dolan, Sather, Clark , three stooges. Gutless Pukes.

  56. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    The Cobra, much like the Rangers, isn’t meant to be used on ice.

  57. oleo and latona

    heres my problem you guys just assume we are better then teams all the time ottawa winnipeg and that no doubt we get in. what have the rangers shown you that automatically you just assume we will be fine. we are no better then these teams currently

    were all diehards here but for once put the pom poms away

  58. If Sather had the 1st Pick in the Crosby draft he probably would have taken Booby Ryan. Go home to California you jerk.

  59. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Masher, really no reason to blame Nash or Hank because they would be much worse this year without them.

  60. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    There are 6 teams behind them in the conference and 11 teams behind them in the league. It can be worse.

  61. pretty funny listening to Sam trying to convince us that this has been a good start to the period

  62. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    OK, I know better than to discuss with “the sky is falling-ers”.

  63. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    No excuses. It’s on Tortorella. This team is an all star roster. Gaborik (say what you want, but he is) Richards (same as last parentheses) Nash (no need for parentheses) and Lundqvist. Add to that up coming future stars Miller, Hagelin, and McDonagh. There is simply ZERO excuse to nave lost last year. Even more inexcusable to not be in 1st this year.


    John Tortorella = Rich Kotite

  64. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Oh, and the handling of Kreider is another example. In hate to sound rude, but somebody needs to fire that goomba!

  65. Wow – Rich Kotite. I think that’s pretty rough.

    I do think this team has too much talent, but I thought that about the post ’97 ranger squads as well…

    I don’t blame Sather. I do think our kids have potential (Kreider, Miller) and we have some pretty young guys (Hagelin, McD, Stepan, MDZ) who are playing regular shifts and will only get better.

    He made some messes, but he undid them as well.

    I just don’t think the guys are hearing the message anymore.

  66. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Sure, as soon as I talk about Nash, he takes a dumb penalty. Thanks bro!

  67. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Dont get me wrong, I don’t “dislike” Tortorella, I “hate” that SOB.

  68. This Rangers team is really, really mediocre. Not sure what they can do to really get better. Maybe trade Hank to a contender for a buttload of first rounders and wait 5 years.

  69. You serious Chris? They don’t know how to draft 1st rounders. That would compound the misery.

  70. The Rangers are ridiculous. They lost all these very-winnable games. These last three games are so winnable.

  71. Yep Joe theyve done a much better job of playing prevent defense. No goals allowed. Well done.

  72. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Very glad none of our future divisional rivals will get Seth Jones. If Philadelphia were to get him, it would be devistating. Nothing short of it. So, GO CATS!

  73. don’t be, Columbus bluejackets will be in the rangers division next year with seth jones on there team.

  74. Rob in Beantown on

    Pittsburgh looks as good as advertised. We don’t. We’re lucky its only 1-0.

  75. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    so, the positive. We are only down 1-0. The negative. Can we put some difficult shots on MAF?

  76. Something’s has got to give. Either:
    1) Fire Torts
    2) Make a big trade (Iginla, Perry, etc)
    3) Change the system we have right now.

  77. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on


    CBJ 25th and improving (thanks Slats)

    FLA 30th and just lost Versteeg.

  78. latona

    all you do is call me out for being so negative you must be the ultimate optimist then and never see anything wrong.

    this team is so flawed and some of you on here are living in a fantasy world

  79. recap of the 2nd period

    little better puck possesion shots from the outside and 2 scoring chances. how many quality shots of the 10 they had 2-3 tops

  80. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    As much as everyone is bashing them, holding the Pens to 1 goal is actually pretty good. They have averaged almost 4 goals per game. Now, it be nice if the Rangers could come close to scoring a goal. They still have a shot to steal two points.

  81. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    If for any reason, CBJ will take Seth Jones for investment reasons. They’ll get a boatload for him in a trade.

  82. like I said in a earlier post. This is a flawed team. Something has to change or this team will not make the playoffs. This team still can’t score goals.

  83. trade hank? u guys have lost ur effin minds. maybe take a break from sports for awhile and live some kind of life. its a game guys.

  84. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Hey, Montreal gets rid of GM and they are a top flight contender in 4 months. It’s not hopeless.

  85. Does Richard know how to do a wrist shot? it seems that every scoring chance he winds up for a like 5 seconds for a slap shot and the defense can set up and have a cup of coffee before the shot is made.

  86. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    And, really, now we can walk away from this game and no matter what say our team played 15 minutes of the 2nd period. That’s a start.

  87. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    High Salary does not necessarily mean all star. Except in Sather’s world.

  88. Uh, no, eric. If you noticed earlier, I posted “Man, we’re getting sliced open. Way too much chasing.” and also “Lol.” after the first Penguins goal. I’m cynical by nature. This team is probably in just the right standings position relative to their play. There’s plenty wrong with this team. But you go beyond cynicism and try to obfuscate any positives at all. It’s not good for anyone.

  89. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I’d say Sather must have, to have stayed her for 13 years, SOME collection of pictures of Dolan with ……uh…take your pick. Isiaih? Some men? Women? Something else? There is no way Dolan can keep him here this long and be this bad with him having nothing on him is there?

  90. unfortunately Sather will still be the GM and ranger fans will go on watching this team being mediocre. I’m convinced last year was a mirage.

  91. That’s funny, apparently john gacobonny would rather interview the penguins than they’re own team. That’s surprising.jackwaggon.

  92. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Dolan is a crazy train running without lights fueled with Nitrous oxide. Look what he did to the Knicks. That speaks volumes. They’re as good as done. Maybe make the 6 seed and will surely be swept.

  93. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    a good sign is that Henrik is pretty good today again. He’s not the ‘King’. But he’s in some control.

  94. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on



  95. >>2) Make a big trade (Iginla, Perry, etc)

    Iginla, eh? Another guy at the twilight of his career, with seven goals to his name this season?

  96. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Richards and Nash is becoming Melo and Stat.

    Two completely different games. Both are play makers and team leaders. It’s a clash. If they move Richards or Nash by deadline, they’ll get great returns. Hey can’t both play in the same team. Their games are too different. It’ll split the team psyche. Might have already started.

  97. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Iginla? Get every good player AFTER his peak years. Pay him more money than ever before, in the expectation that that means more goals than ever before.

    It’s the Sather way.

  98. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Now, that’s brilliant. Richards can be moved???? Hmmmm….great point. Speak of dead weight anchor tied to your neck thrown off a dock with your hands and feet tied together by chains. AND a gag around your mouth.

    This guy is ours until bought out.

    Oh, who , just who would take him and his contract, mr. gm?

  99. I have no faith in the upper management of this team. Season ticket holders need to demand change.

  100. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Za’rat, in what world are they getting anything of value for Richards?

  101. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Olga, we have a few of those already, don’t we? Hey, how about Mike Green? I’ll bet Glen could find a way to trade Step even up, then give Green a 6 year 7 million contract. That’d work.

  102. hank made some great saves and only reason we are down 1-0 but the one he didnt stop was on him.

  103. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Or, hey, Alfie? What is he 40?

    A 6 year $9M contract, Glen? We can make the cap space.

  104. Sather tells Dolan he won a cup for us by gifting Messier and others for the 94 Team.

  105. tullamore Dew on

    Ok one accidental tip in and we are right back in here! …..if the refs don’t start the skidney party

  106. “if we defend well that will lead to offense”….wow……… that’s all you need to know.

  107. Ralph From N.M. on

    Hey Carp,
    ALL this Tort’ s bashing sounds like me , months ago HA HA HA

    He has lost this team

  108. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Another reason to move Richards or Nash is to get that seed of an idea that will grow in Lundqvist’s mind. The “what if” seed. The one that hampers all goalies. He has to see a move to improve in his defense. Has to feel its worth leaving it all out there each night. Last years loss in the ECF hurt him bad. Goalies are a strange breed. They’re “weird” so to speak.

    If Lundqvist starts craving other teams, he will show it. Don’t think for a minute that Quick winning a cup and Conn Smythe so soon doesn’t mess with his head. He knows if he were to get that shot by beating NJ, it was as good as his.

    With these performances, he’s gonna worry about that shot ever coming again for him

  109. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    _He’s an All-Star? Maybe in the point a game All-Star league. Not in this league._

    I’m not even sure what this means.

  110. Hagelin around the corner — yes, yes, yes. Keep doing that! Worst case you get dragged down.

  111. Do people take that Hockey Night Live show seriously? Do people actually watch that thing?

  112. Ok, serious question …

    If they moved Gaborik to LW in order to get him on the top two lines, wouldn’t it have made more sense to move Callahan to the third line, or move Callahan to the off-wing? I would rather my sniper be the one that is comfortable playing the position instead of my heart and sole effort guy.

    Not sure I understand the logic with making Gaborik play a side he is uncomfortable with given his role on the team (sore goals).

  113. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    For all those who don’t think we can move Richards are mistaken. Other teams see him as a solid pick up. The new CBA allows teams to eat salary. It’s a better step than the re-entry waiver rules. Teams like Calgary, LA, CBJ, Florida, or even Tampa would take him AS IS. If Sather can get them in a bidding war, we get picks or prospects back.

    Just because he looks bad in a fans eye, doesn’t equate to other teams seeing that.

  114. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    OK, so don’t use points as a measure of a player’s value for guys that do score, and use them for guys that don’t. Got it.

  115. Can we get rid of Hamrlik yet? And how is Torts not benching him after the way he benches everyone else.

    I think its smart to be paying Darrel Powe more for just as long as we could have had John Mitchell. Mitchell actually can score goals.

  116. Olga Folkyerself on

    Little boy on deck of Titanic: “Look Mommy, the ship isn’t sinking any faster! With an accidental tip, we CAN make it to port!”

  117. GUARANTEED that either Torts is fired or we make a huge trade before the next game.

  118. And by the way that PP is NOT on Stralman who was forced to make that play when HAMRLIK:

    A. Lost the puck at the blueline and
    B. Was to slow to even consider getting back into the play.

    2-0. Game over, season over. These guys are awful. Shaming the sweater.

  119. Wow – that hurts. Now Tyler Kennedy is making us pay for penalties!

    And Dupuis just scored. Ya… game over!

  120. Threading the needle? Hank was lying on his face because he went down to early. Thanks, butterfly.

  121. I smell grass and Flowers on

    Put a fork in the Rangers.
    The only enjoyment left will be the Tort press conference.
    Its over.

  122. this is a flawed team right now, it’s only going to get worse. Something has to change.

  123. thank g-d we have halpern on the PK..

    he is great. no reason to sit him or powe, or boyle or haley or hamrlik..

    no friggin way imagine all the production they would be taking out of the lineup….

    joke….gaborik plays like a little girl, bottom line. he friggin his ass..

  124. Rob in Beantown on

    There’s an outside chance this team makes the playoffs as the 8 seed but I don’t see them doing anything once they’re there. Easy 4-1 series win for whoever they draw

  125. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    It’s not Richards who is a bad player. Again it goes back to that moron Tortorella telling talented skilled high paid players to dump everything that they did all their lives and get down and play by his rules and his rules alone.

    You can’t force an athlete to suddenly play a different style and expect results. Other teams know it. Richards needs to be (if you don’t mind the word) FREED.

    Each day that goes by is a wasted day. Tortorella had his chance to use him as a playmaker but instead He failed.

  126. yep the goals were lundqvist fault…

    again the defense is fine. THEY CANNOT SCORE MENTAL MIDGETS.

  127. Matt Gilroy must be REALLY bad for Roman Hamirlik to be the sixth defenseman in this lineup

  128. Outstanding play as usual by Richards in the neutral zone to
    A. Once again try to force that pass to the oncoming defenseman and taking so long to make it that my kid not even watching the game knew it was coming and
    B. Deciding not to move his feet and take the body but wave at the guy as he went by.

    Not Gaboriks fault Joe, not remotely. It is ALL on Richards on that goal. Even our broadcasters stink.

  129. Boy, that Fleury is really standing on his… skates today. Did I see him texting just now. Is he switching his stick side just for fun? Is that a latte he’s drinking?

  130. Stuck in the middle again. Not enough talent to be a talent team. Not enough balls to be a ballsy team.

  131. I think Dupuis holds a grudge against us for trading for him and then immediately shipping him to Pittsburgh a few weeks later.

  132. Richards wasnt trying to dump the puck there, he made a stupid pass in the neutral zone. If he had dumped it in we wouldnt be down by that third goal.

  133. Rob in Beantown on

    Yes Lundqvist is our problem, we’d be winning 0-0 if Lundqvist would just make saves

  134. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    _Kennedy must be an all star Gravy_

    If you don’t think Nash has played like an all-star, then you haven’t watched more than the last 2 games. Just because most of the team has stunk doesn’t mean that he has. Love these posters that come out to gloat about how bad the team is and how they knew it all along.

  135. WE MAKE EVERY GOALIE LOOK GOOD. to show how bad there offense has been they have drawn like 6 penalties in 4 games.

    they susyain zero pressure.

    but hey suit up powe, halpern, boyle, haley, on tuesday they are GOOD IN THE ROOM….


    F IN JOKE…

  136. At least Avery would play with some emotion out there! That is until Torts nailed him to the bench.

  137. NASH looks like a all star compared to his teammates but get real.. his production has been good not great.

    good penalty by nash in the 2nd gutless stupid penalty. he has a ton of stupid minor penalties on the year…

  138. And let’s be clear I am not “on the ledge.” I wouldn’t dream of going out on a ledge over this garbage. It’s the team that is out there.

  139. Ted Sheckler on

    Ugh, I can’t watch this team right now. Reminds me of the borefests from Renney’s last year, or Tortorella’s 2nd year, when you knew no offense was coming regardless of who the opponent was.

  140. fleury has not made a great save all game.

    but hey we are set up front, no need for mza, kreider, or a trade.. we are loaded..

  141. I want this team to be good SOOO BADLY. it was great last year when they were relevant, and a loss usually meant a win the next game. They were resilient and always seemed to bounce back after a bad game (although someone pointed out that they were not so great to end the season last year, which is true).

    This year’s squad just hasn’t had that easy feeling other than the games against tampa bay. I just don’t get it.

  142. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    There is only one all star on this team. And that would be whoever was picked to represent the Rangers at the all star game. If there was one… If they HAD to pick one.

  143. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    23 points in 22 games is just good in today’s NHL? Look, he hasn’t been very good in the last 2-3 games, but he and Cally carried this team during the win streak.

  144. stuart

    i agree we cant score and that is the problem and if anyone doesnt see that they are morons but i was just stating in todays game hanks goals were stoppable.

    whole organization sucks including announcers

  145. Kings were able to fire their coach and change their system in the middle of a year in which they greatly underachieved. We know how that worked out. Why cant we do the same? This system is PATHETIC for this group of players. This is a different style of team from last year. The COACH has to adapt. He hasnt and refuses to do so. “If we defend well our offense will come from that.” Are you fuggin kidding me?

  146. maryanne with another big game…

    he is a total stud, they need to sign him to an extension…….

    what a gutless joke.. he is petrified of contact…i am tired of his routine. wrong wing, no center, blah blah blah…….

  147. CraigWeather on

    Thanks Sather….. Pyatt Halpern Asham this offseason.. You did it! Just the glue guys we needed!

  148. jpg's sister on

    carp, is this team trying to gety torts fired? they don’t like him or they really that inept?

  149. At least Biron would give us a shot at a 1-0 shootout win. Lundqvist is nowhere near his 07-09 form when no matter how bad Renney tried to lose the game on purpose, Lundqvist could pitch a shutout.



  151. Stu – I’ll help you out with that. Nash has 12 minors (That’s 3 more minors than Goals) for 24 PIMs which insanely puts him 2nd on team in PIMs. Nash for his 6th largest cap hit in NHL is 45th in NHL in scoring.

    Oh and for the talk before about contracts. Go look at the cap hits in the League. Of the 20 highest cap hits in the NHL the only 2 that play on a contender are Sid and Malkin. There are no Boston forwards in the top 25(allows for balance) and by the way the Hawks are pretty good (right Olga?), they have no one in the top 30.

    Spending does not equal winning.

  152. I don’t think it’s all Torts’ fault and I wouldn’t fire him … except that the team looks like it’s given up on him.

    So a coaching change is needed.

  153. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    The beauty to this game is now as fans, you will see the real passion. You will now see what this team has developed. You will see a glimpse of the locker room attitude. If they lay down and quit, or do they drive hard and go for the win anyway.

    Now will tell it. If they lay down now, they will lay down the remainder of the season. If they stand their ground and fight, they will fight to the bitter end of the season. Maybe in June.

    This is where you see the respect a team REALLY has for the coach and organization.

    Now it will be test time.

  154. I swear if I have to yell “move your bleeping feet” at Richards one more time I’m gonna go crazy here. What an unwatchable, awful team.

  155. The system is not the problem. This team has very little talent on offense. And the talent it has, most of it is worn out already.

  156. jpg's sister on

    remember that game when we scored four goals? or when gabby scored in OT?

    memories, seem so far away

  157. This is not working anymore. This system of Torts is being exposed by any team with a clue. Penguins are in 2nd gear and there still comfortably beating the Rangers.

  158. Ranger player moves his feet, draws a penalty. That takes care of the month-of-March hustle penalty-draw.

  159. Larry Brooks ?@NYP_Brooksie
    It’s not the system that caused Richards to turn it over. Nor is it system that prompted Gaborik to glide back on Pitt odd-man rush

    And you guys think he hates Torts. HAHA!

  160. rangers will be like the new york jets get to conf finals and never be heard from again.

  161. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Masher, Rangers look terrible today. You win. Glad you’re happy.

  162. Gotta say, I’m now on the fire Tortorella bus. I like the guy, but I think it’s clear he’s lost the team and cannot figure out how to find them. This team is reminding me now of the one we endured in Renney’s last 2 years (and Tortorella’s first).

    I suppose, however, one could argue that this is the team and last year was a fluke…

    Anyways, I’m not calling for the coach’s dismissal as much to salvage this season (because I think it’s lost), but because I see no reason to believe he’ll be able to find them to any reasonable extent next year.

    What a mess. Another dark period in RangerLand has descended upon us. Again.

    Very disappointing. Very frustrating.

    Of course, regardless of whether or not Tortorella keeps his job, we know the Master Architect, a man who’s won nothing in nearly 25 (TWENTY-FIVE folks) years will remain atop. Can anyone remind me why this man has and keeps his job??


    Carp? Care to enlighten me…or perhaps you’re as confused as me….

  163. Oh, Nash trade, I’ll make it anytime again, over and over again. 9 goals for half of team. Take my breakfast too! Oh, he surely made us better. Oh, anytime, I ‘ll do it again. Freaking idiots.

  164. Ted Sheckler on

    Why does everyone think that when the team sucks, they tuned the coach out, or his systems aren’t working? Is it ever possible that the collection of players just happens to suck? Everyone wanted to run Renney out of town, but then Torts came in and nothing really changed that particular season. They eeked into the playoffs that year, but only because they acquired some key pieces that trade deadline.

  165. Papa O'McBear on

    Out being Irish. Just got to the Pub. So I take it we have not had the luck of the Irish today.

  166. Eric – It’s a great analogy and much like what happened with the Jets the Rangers moved the guys that brought them there for more talent. Remember they removed TRICH, Mawae, Crotchery etc. Tough, maybe not most talented, guy.

  167. Absolutely no traffic in front of opponent’s net
    the last few games
    Too many shots from outside the circles.
    Forecheck not sustained

    Recipes for many losses

  168. Ted Sheckler on

    And for everyone that keeps throwing around the word “system”, I wonder how many can actually describe what that system actually is.

  169. Torto needs to put my great-aunt Harriet out there on the PP for Richards. Should she turtle and cough up the puck — her best years are behind her — she’d have our sympathy.

  170. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    It’s official: not only are they beaten on the scoreboard they are beaten mentally. They had the chance to show fight. They failed miserably. That’s a message the team is sending to the coach. This is what the young kids are learning early that its ok to quit if the chips fall against you.

    Good job Tortorella. Really inspiring.

    I want Tortorella to be asked this question:

    What message is it that your team is sending to you? They clearly quit after two goals. That’s on you coach, please explain how you as the number one leader, can regain the players to play successfully

  171. penguins barely spend any time behind our net once they are in our zone… they drive for the net or they move the puck to the front of the net or if not possible they move it back to the blue line for shots while someone screens our goalie… rangers on the other hand once they enter offensive zone they move the puck behind the opposition net or fight for it along the boards all the time… what kind of a crappy hockey is this? Can anyone explain?

  172. If you have any semblence of hockey sense. You would see the system isn’t working. Much worse teams with betters systems produce better results than the Rangers this year. The system is responsible for everything. It will lead to turnovers, no offense, and bad defense.

  173. These players are adults. Torts can only extol them to play harder and smarter; he can’t actually make them do that. His job is to tell them how to play. He clearly does that. Their job is to execute. They clearly fail at that. This is on the players, from Cally to Hank and every scrub in between.

    And, yeah, has Cally lost the team? How come no one calls for him to lose the C?

  174. Grabby, certainly not the one who just a couple of weeks ago was screaming about how wonderful Nash trade was, and now is looking at his feet.

  175. Hey, Mr. T, since we’re losing all these games anyway, how about maybe throwing the dice, opening it up and risking a 6-5 game, one way or the other. Remind the guys what it’s like to be allowed to try to score, and possibly, I dunno, score. The Right Way is getting the Wrong Result. One Wrong Way game, please. Just one. Then you can ha

  176. Irish Ewell Folkyerself on

    Little boy on the deck of the Titanic: “Mummy, should we trade all the crewmen now?”

  177. what’s the odds that our big guns; halpern, boyle, powe, haley, and other assorted drecks suit up next game???

    no need to change anyhthing all is going well. this team is hitting on all cylindars.

    do not give me the staaal injury crap. plenty of teams have plenty of injuries and staal does not play forward.

    make some f-in moves you morons…………..

  178. Well Chris F. Thats the coaches job and why he’s paid good, but its not just motivation that is a coaches job. Its creating on the fly stategies for each game and having good game plans. Motivation is just one of the many aspect of a good coach, and Torts best quality was motivation, and If he lost that which he clearly has. I don’t think the strategy this team is using is working at all.

  179. Firing Tortorella will solve nothing at this point. They need to find some tough and skilled players; there are too many mademoiselles on this squad.

  180. kovie, honestly, do you think we would be better off right now with aa and duby over nash? forget feds prust mitchell. just aa and duby. tell me you think their 7 goals combined would be better for us

  181. Ted Sheckler on

    Mazzo – So sorry for my lack of hockey sense. So, by your logic, Torts must’ve completely changed the SYSTEM since last year. I mean, we were killing it then, and we have the same coach now. We do have a different set of players, but that can’t possibly be the problem, since it’s all about the SYSTEM.

  182. Czechthemout!!! on

    I have a question for all the Torts defenders. Can you please explain and justify why you would tell your team to come out in the third period and go into a trap/passive for-check and as Sam Rosen said, wait for the Penguins to come to them when they are the team down a goal? Especially when you just played a good second period where you actually had some puck possession and force the play a little.

    Please someone enlighten me.

  183. its abput the players but whining foolish fans need to whine..

    boyle sucks halpern sucks powe sucks and on and on…….

    not real complicated.

    $20 mill line had a big game today. gabby was great, richards was astounding, and nash was off the charts…….

    what a waste of moooooooooooooooooolah….

    nash is overrated. sizzle over substance… 12 minors ouch……………

  184. No Granny, dont forget prust, feds, Mitchell – they all had to be cleared to make room for overpaid Nash. We got dreck like asham, halperin not cause we like them, there was no room for anyone else. But hey, we got Nash! I ll make that trade anytime! Freaking idiots!

  185. jpg's sister on

    maybe an example of don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s goine. last year SO many people screaming to get rid of Artie and Dubi

  186. Cross Check Charlie on

    If you watch them in the offensive zone they do basically the same thing most of the time. Dump in the puck. One player goes after it in the corner. Another goes behind the net to get a pass. The third forward is supposed to (key word supposed) to be in the slot or somewhere in front of the net. If a scrum happens behind the goal line the third forward will try to help out.

    If you watch the Penguins. When a player gets the puck in the corner there are two forwards in front. If a forward goes behind the net for a pass or to get a loose puck the guy in the corner then rotates to the front of the net.

    Which team scores more goals? It’s not the one with more forwards behind the goal line. That is part of the system and it doesn’t work.

  187. No worries. But the end of the season, previously overflowing Nash bandwagon will be very empty.

  188. well, i gotta get outta here before i get depressed. have a safe happy weekend carp and all the boneheads. god i wish we had anisimov back to do absolutely fugging nothing. god i hate nash. if we were on a hot winning streak right now, i would still be crying out for the russian rocket artem double aught anisimov. my goodness hes spectacular. im so glad we at least gt a 3rd liner to replace him with nash.

  189. Papa O'McBear on

    Can’t hear what Duguay’s saying in the noisy Pub but I’m happy to see some green I’m his shirt.

  190. Fleury first star of the game. That should be 2 minutes for Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Taunting.

  191. 4generations 4 cups on

    Im pretty depressed about the rangers this season. Last year i felt like it was all a dream, that the Rangers were actually a formidable team to play against, the Rangers jersey was feared. No more because the same system of struggling for an 8th seed has come back with the gutting of the 3rd and 4th lines. I would still have traded for Nash but letting Prust, Fedotenko, Mitchell go, was really just the dumbest thing possible for this organization.

  192. Exactly Cross Check Charlie. The team is extremely predictable. I think the team needs a different style, but if they wan’t any chance with Torts and his style of gameplay. They really need to get back to freaking basics. Like seriously the basics of the basics.

  193. Richards may be the worst signing in Rangers history…Guy is just terrible…completely lost…

    I can’t understand how you can defend the guy as a Ranger…He will get bought out…Hopefully this summer…Ugh…

  194. Olga Folkyerself on

    Do you want the same guy to “make some moves” that made all the moves that got us here?


    That is the move that needs making.

  195. boxcareddiehospodar on

    still no room for kreider?

    last week we were at best a .500 team.

    this week ?

  196. masher- all i had to do was read all your posts today to learn all about the sport. thank you wise one

  197. JBytes, I’m with you. I was taught to lock knees and block with the shin guards (and ankle guards!) getting as close to the shot as possible. That way a deflection would go wide, guaranteed, and flush would start a break the other way. The goalie would be able to see the puck if it went by the leg. The modern game is all about shot-blocking from all five players, though. I am unconvinced it’s the right play with a goalie like Lundqvist, who stops just about everything he can see (Bennett’s goal an exception proving that rule). I admit I don’t know the new theory well, but it’s being done on a lot of teams.

  198. I love all the system people on the board. What system should they play? Do you even know the terminology for what you are talking about. Easy to say open it up. What does that mean? Halpern supposed to not be 40 yrs. old and slow. Powe all of a sudden going to become better than a 12th fwd for his whole career. Haley – he’s an NHLer? Pyatt? He’s scored 20 goal once in 11 seasons. Miller, was never projected to be a top goal scorer. According to Craig Button during the WJHC, scouting reports had him as a solid NHL 3rd liner. Boyle, we know what everyone thinks of him here.

    Hagelin? Everyone talks abt him like he’s a proven scorer when he scored 14 last year. Stepan had 21 and then 17. Not exactly a sniper himself. So yes, open it up. They have so much speed and talent to make it work.

    Oh and by the way, Open it up requires your defense to be good with the puck and I believe our PP has shown they have no D that can play with the puck.

    But ok open it up. When they lose 6-1 you’ll blame the goalie then.

  199. The Rangers have scored 19 goals in 12 road games. That’s the fewest road goals in the league. About 1.5 per game. Obviously, not good 16 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    per Hradek.

    tell me why Halpern suits up on Monday???they have no better option then him???

    PK specialist not on 1st PK unit, cannot win faceoffs, and cannot do anything with the puck ever………………………..


  200. Take a look at Devils, every year a few new faces, lots of coaches over the years. But always the same system more or less, lots of wins.

    Lou L. is a the man.
    Sather well not so much.

    Back up the truck


    torts his holding gabby back you didn’t know that? same with Richards…


  202. All the guys we lost from last year were not goal scorers either

    Everyone expected the offense to be improved this year

    Top players have to score and they don’t

    They have to play in front of the net and they won’t

    They have to be willing to mix it up down low and they aren’t

    Richards and Gaborik cannot play in today’s NHL…they’d be great in a non checking league

  203. Stu – When Rick Nash is your second leading PIM guy says something abt the team. Nash, a career loser, takes dumb penalties because that’s what losing teams do.

  204. Irish Ewell Folkyerself on

    Now it’s on to some wearin’ o’ the green.

    I’m goin’ out to get me liver pickled.

  205. kreider needs to be in COnn. else he would take important minutes away from haley, powe, halpern, boyle, etc. guys who are in the long run plans of the rangers…..

  206. So you couldn’t have taken the team that was, not fans saying this but coaches and players, the hardest to play against in the East and added to it without subtracting? Really it’s not possibly to add a Semin, Whitney UFA on the much cheaper than subtracting 6 to ADD 1?

    And you guys think Sather is a bad GM? You guys would all lose too at that rate.

    I remind you. Of the top 20 cap hits in the NHL, 2 play on winning teams. No MTL, CHI or BOS player on that list

  207. you think nash would figure things out. Columbus sucked his whole career and right now things re not real good in NY..

    HUM, maybe I can do things differently……

    nah.. I look great on my spinarama……

  208. eric and Jordan Staaal are on winning team, how about getzlaf, that is 3 right there.

  209. SOOOOO glad I decided to get a ton of home chores done while the Rangers merely wasted my time in the background…

    I’m trying hard to just chalk it up to having a short training camp…because that’s all I hear from everyone trying to figure out just why the Rangers stink so badly.

    ALOT of the blame has to be put on Richards and Gaborik. They have shown a complete and total lack of any ability to compete or actually come close to scoring a goal. Gaborik’s goal scoring acumen is about as useful as Mike Gartner’s back in the day – Rarely ever scores when you need him to.

    Is Rich Nash suffering from some after effects? Because he’s been pretty useless as well, showing a confounding ability to get knocked off his skates and lose battles to smaller players. Doesn’t show an awful lot of fire.

    And he’s STILL our best player.

    Don’t know what else to say, other than this season looks like a complete wash. I just can’t see the Rangers beating anybody in a playoff series. The winning streak, it needs to be said, was against pretty bad teams.

    The Rangers need to stop thinking of themselves as an elite team. They’re not. They’re what their record says they are – a non-playoff team.

    Pretty depressing times in Rangerland.

    Brad Richards…buy him out. Gabby only has the one more year. We can deal with his no-shows for another season.

    But Brad Richards? There’s not a single solitary reason to let him disgrace the jersey any longer.

    He’s not a number one, or number two center. Barely a number three.

    Needs to take his teeth, his dusty Conn-Smythe and hit the road.

    What say you, Carp? Does this team need a MAJOR shakeup? Or do we just accept that this year we’re done?

  210. Off-season update (Nash trade and related moves):

    Nash/Halpern/Pyatt/Asham/Miller: 16 goals, 19 assists
    Dubi/Artie/Mitchell/Prust/’tenko: 20 goals, 27 assists

    Still in range, but indicative of one aspect of the Rangers’ transition from a low-scoring team with some grit, to an even-lower-scoring team with not so much grit.

  211. You know who the TOP Cap hit guys are. Ovie (yikes), Lecavalier and Stamkos (no goalie or D), Campbell (FLA looks great) Vanek (Buff really getting it done) The Trio in MIN of Suter Parise Heatley (we shall see but they are not better than ANA or CHI). Iginla in CGY (look at the winning he did)

  212. I like how all the system naysayers don’t give any intelligent feedback at all. I guess players should just go out on the ice and play however they want to.

  213. Stu – Getzlaf starts next year and we haven’t seen how that effects them yet. They lose Perry are they really better?

    Eric Staal – I don’t buy Car. They are a 3 seed because of that division.

    Jordan – Is not in top 20 this year. Its only 4 for this year and only 6 for next year which wouldnt even put him in top 30.

  214. giannone with his usual moronic questions

    I got a question giannone, ask the coach how Halpern or Powe or Boyle can stay in the lineup? You have no better options elsewhere? Really, Halpern is 36 years old, on 2nd PK unit, got zero points on the season, pinned in the d zone every shift. same for powe, boyle and others…

    NO 1 ever asks that question…………

  215. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I’m glad I went out and missed the horror show…looks like a collapse in imminent .

  216. Today didn’t surprise me. The Penguins are a much better team. Thought they’d put up a bit more of a fight though.

  217. Why doesn’t the coaching understand WE CAN’T THE PLAY THE SAME SYSTEM AS LAST YEAR AND BE SUCCESSFUL. We’re 5-6 lunch pail type players short. Still right now we’re not a confident team and Torts theatrics and motivational methods are falling on deaf ears. They’re definately a better team that what they’re showing. You can’t replace the whole team. Perhaps, Tort’s shelf life is past the experation date. By the way his exibition with Sam Rosen the other night was incomprehensible & inexcusable.

  218. A fight? They have the 2nd least PIMs in the League. And before anyone says it’s good to stay out of the box. They’ve taken the 5th least minors. Those lack of PIMS are the physical play that opens up the ice and allows Gabby to not skate scared.

  219. Blood pressure update for hwirth and the cap-player squad. The Rangers are at the moment a winning team. Barely, mind you, and the future does not look good, but they still have time to change. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, though, you’ll keep getting what you always got, and the Rangers keep playing a vicious combination of boring and ineffective hockey. One or the other is fine, preferably effective, but surely not both!

  220. they can play the same system again the only guys worth anything they are missing is Anisimov and Prust. Dubi was a nice player but they added nash and pyatt.

    bottome line they did not give up much in the offseason…

    I do not buy that argument….

    5th worse offense, is that real complicated.. THEY CANNOT SCORE….JEEZ, COMPLICATED. OPEN IT UP SO HALPERN HAS MORE ICE???



    loyalty for what???

    you telling me kreider, Thomas, etc are not better options then; haley, boyle, powe and Halpern???

    get real…………..

  222. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    With the crap sather has given tortarella for a team , what does it take to build a team ?
    Money no cap -fail
    free agents -fail
    farm system mediocre
    just like the jets and knicks

  223. For all the Sam – Torts talk. You guys need to realize 1 thing (and I am sorry if I am come across as a know it all but I’ve actually live – so it’s real life experience) about 10 mins after that back and forth they were seated 6 rows apart on the team charter. Sam’s been around coaches for 30 years – He didn’t exactly go to the corner and cry. It was not that big a deal. I’m pretty sure they didn;t go to blows on the plane. In fact, they might’ve shared a laugh abt it on the plane. Hasnt 24/7 taught everyone you are only seeing 45 secs of a presser and not all the unseen interactions that go on. Like game analysts who go into coaches offices off the record to talk to the coaches while they watch tape.

  224. I’m even disappointed in Tortorella’s post-match conference. He’s way too calm and civil. Where’s the FIRE?

  225. Here’s the thing. Everyone keeps saying they gave up nothing. Really? Who of Pyatt, Halpern, Asham, Powe, Haley is better than Mitchell, Prust, Feds? They got worse to save some $$ to add the big contract.

  226. Guys – I missed the entire game. Is it safe to assume we didn’t cross the fifty yard line? Was it a perfect game or just a no hitter?

  227. This is not rocket science — you open it up with your top two lines and grind with your bottom two, which at this point should probably be swapped with Hartford’s first six forwards in the alphabetical order of your choice. You play speed and passing with your speed-and-skill guys, and you dump and grind with your other guys. It’s as old as hockey to vary your system within the game. If you don’t, the other team barely has to move.

  228. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    I smell familiar? Haha. Are you insinuating that I alone am against having Torts? I think we all are against how he prepares the team. He acts more like a restaurant manager than an nhl coach. Our guys lost all confidence in him.

  229. Reginald Dunlop on

    Together…find their way………right to Maple Moor….Bonnie Briar….and Wykgyll

  230. Fat Fellow — good second period. Bookend periods a horror show you’ve seen before.

  231. An earlier post regarding Anisimov and his absense. Of all the players we lost from last year I believe we miss him the most. He was a consumate two way player who flew under the radar and his contributions were grossly undervalued.

  232. good news. resolving the problems the team have breakdown to; we have good guys in the locker room, we need a few ugly goals, and we need to keep moving forward.

    again why change this lineup it is like the Montreal Canadiens of Lafleur days.

    we have 7 forwards total that know where the net is…I am not joking.

    miller is 20 and done crap in 2 weeks, boyle sucks(anyone want to dispute that?), powe, halpern, pyatt(god 4th liner), haley, asham, etc..

    the forwards with some clue are; gabby, Richards, nash, Callahan, stepan, hagelin, am I missing any of our talented forwards????THAT IS IT…A Fading fast star, callahn a nice player, stepan a 22 year old, hagelin who never was projected to be a big scorer, and gaborik a moody, soft scorer, who has never carried a team ever……………..

  233. Stuart – I agree with every word of that post. I would actually go a little farther and say Hagelin nor Stepan have yet to prove they can be a good 2nd on line on a good team.

  234. anisimov is like korpikoski, nice 2 way players not stars but nice players. imagine if the yhad those 2 instead of Halpern and powe..

    you probably add about 35 goals and lose 2.. all the difference in the world. then your 3rd/ 4th line have some talent….

  235. Andrew Gross ?@AGrossRecord
    Lundqvist more annoyed than usual after a loss. Says he hopes his teammates understand the importance of the urgency needed right now.

    He was a big fan of Prust. Think he might be referring to the 7.8 mil dollar career loser?

  236. I like stepan and hagelin… They are putting in a spot they may not be ready for…

    hagelin is noticeable every game score or not….

    kreider not contributing has hurt, Gabby’s terrible play has hurt more…

  237. so look forward to these 2 lines on Monday pure artistry;

    pyatt, miller, and boyle…

    Halpern, powe, and haley, or asham

    how can they go wrong with that talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  238. hwirth just joking.

    korpikoski for lisin.. the high end soft chase trade…sather loves those trades…..

    my point is they need a couple of competent forwards I am not asking for a trade for malkin…

    2 guys who can score at 20 goal pace…

  239. Don’t forget Miller — he’s going to make rookie mistakes, but he at least shows poise, knows how to shield the puck and keep possession.

  240. >>…regarding Anisimov and his absense…

    I miss his shooting…though Lecavalier doesn’t care for it much.

  241. Right. I wasnt knocking Stepan and Hagelin by saying that. They are being asked to do more then they are currently capable of. Step and Hag being asked to carry an offense is completely unfair to them and their development. Kreider wasn’t ready when he was up this year. He looked really bad. Gabby I think is terrible because he’s not protected with this soft team.

  242. Call me crazy, but after the butt whooping this team took today, I thought Tortorella handled the post game presser professionally. I wish he would handle all his pressers like that. I don’t think it helps anyone to act like a spoiled brat and standoff-ish.

    He keeps saying they can’t teach offense or work on that much… maybe they should, because this team has no idea what to do with the puck other than dump it in the corner when they have it. Other than Nash, I don’t see anyone consistently carrying the puck in the zone and trying to make a play to another teammate. Also, maybe they should practice the powerplay, because that isn’t working at all either. And your powerplay is a microcosm of your offense.

    I say open it up and let the D jump into the offense. Sitting back and chasing the puck in your own zone all the time isn’t really working.

  243. Now people are beginning to realise that the Rangers paid highly for Rick Nash. Not that I would not have made the trade, I have always been a Nash fan. At the time of the trade though a lot of people were saying the Rangers got him for nothing, and at the time I was thinking the Blue Jackets did OK on the trade. Duby they just dumped salary, but Artie and young Erixon were good pickups. Duby can do a lot of things to help a team also, but his cap hit was to high. My point is Artie and Duby played key roles in last seasons success. As did Mitchel who is really playing good hockey right now, and Prust hasn’t hurt Montreal either. I have no idea what Sather was thinking, but he should know bu now you can’t win much with two lines in this league.

  244. These guys don’t play Maple Moor, Reggie. And they ain’t too interested in Bonnie Briar either. They’ll play Wykagyl with an appearance fee.

  245. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Some aasen flyers fan I work with comes in for a shift after the game is over (I dvr’d it) and blabs the score.

    So have we traded and fired everyone yet?

  246. -gaborik- -richards- -boyle- -gilroy- -pyatt- -hamrlik- -bikel- -powe- -halpern- -eminger-

  247. Actually saw Joe Namath once at Saxon Woods. Must have been drunk, looking for Quaker Ridge or Winged Foot.

  248. Coos – In Scarsdale? No, i bet he was going to his accountant’s house for his taxes

  249. Wish Torts were young, was 6’3, 230 like Kreider with his skill, and had a number. Maybe we’d see some jam.

  250. czechthemout!!! on


    Stop with the anti Nash crusade already. We get it, you don’t like the trade. But it is not why they are losing. They are losing because they are playing a style that is not conducive to the players on the team. Gabby and Richards and Cally up until a few games ago are not producing like last year.

  251. I agree with whoever said earlier that this team has become an in-between team. iow, they have less grinders, but are still playing the grinding system, and it is not working. The skill guys are not effective playing a grinding style, and the grinders can’t open it up for them. Torts is trying to put a square peg in a round hole. This group is not last years group. They are not gritty enough to play the grinder game, and they are not skilled enough to play the Nash ,Richards Gaborik game. They are in between. And I don’t think this ends well.

    Sather put together this jumbled mess, and it will take some doing to unravel it. But unless the high paid guys, at all positions, get their act together, it looks bleak.

  252. it really doesn’t matter at this point but I was against the nash trade also, look at past postings, screenname tomg but at this point it doesn’t matter. It is what it is. Sather has to now figure out how to improve this team or they won’t make the playoffs.

  253. Everyone please be patient and calm down, help is on the way. My 13 year old grandson, Little Anthony, won his pee wee championship hockey game today, with 2 goals including the GWG. The kid is going to look good in a Ranger Hockey Jersey, he plays centre and defence.
    We are waiting for the NHL Teams to start calling with offers. We will go with the first team that offers a monkey. Keep your eyes open for him, you heard it here.
    When he signs with The Rangers, I get free tickets in the lower section.

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