Rangers-Jets in review



1) Start at the start. You know the Jets are going to come hard, you know they’re playing well and all jacked up about being in the playoff hunt, and that the place, unlike MSG, is going to be really loud and nuts. And that, therefore, you are going to have to weather an early storm. And the Rangers didn’t weather it nearly well enough, did they?

2) So the Jets get a quick power play, and their lousy power play gets a gift goal and a lead, which to the Rangers and their offense, is a huge blow.

3) That PPG by Nik Antropov, against Ryan McDonagh. Makes you wonder how many goals Ryan Callahan would score if he got to be on the power play facing the Rangers’ PK, because the Rangers’ D-men sure do a lot of things well, but one thing they do very poorly is to leave the man in front of the net all alone. I understand, they want to be aggressive in pursuing the puck, even on the PK, but when there’s a guy in front, one of the two D-men has to be on him and not let him get an easy dunk. That goal was way, way too easy, just like the two Foligno goals in Buffalo.

4) And the winning goal, same thing. Guy in behind the defense, untouched and unhurried, to deflect a shot way too easily.

5) Good for Henrik Lundqvist, who said games are being won and lost in front of both nets, and that the Rangers have to do a better job in front of both. Because he is 100 percent right.

6) I’m not going to run the gauntlet of the number of things wrong with this Rangers team — it’s changed identity that went out the window with six departed bottom-six guys; terrible play by two of its top three forwards; less than A-Games from so many others, including the goalie, the defensemen, almost zero offense from the bottom six forwards — but it really doesn’t do a lot well right now, and while the Rangers engaged in battles during this game, it lost too many.

7) Worse, the Rangers wasted offense with ridiculous turnovers, including at least two absolutely glaringly bad cough-ups at the offensive blue line by Brad Richards, some of those lazy, blind, “wish” passes. Then he, in this case, didn’t exactly bust it back defensively. He’s the No. 1 center, for better or worse. They cannot succeed with him playing this way. (Comic aside: The official stat sheet had Richards for zero giveaways).

8) And while I tend to not want to play coach, isn’t it time to move Marian Gaborik either A) back to the right wing or  B) back to the top line with Nash?

9) At the time of the Micheal Haley fight, I thought the Rangers were getting smacked around and really needed that. And haven’t had that element nearly enough this year.

10) Back to the offense. The Rangers did get chances, or near chances. 29 shots, 21 blocked, 17 missed nets. Winnipeg had 46 hits, which means the Rangers did have some possession. That is, if you believe stats kept by people who thought the Rangers had only six giveaways. Maybe they brought the statisticians with them from that hockey hotbed, Atlanta.

11) Didn’t Winnipeg have too many men on the ice every time Dustin Byfuglien was out there?

12) That penalty shot  by Marian Gaborik, that kind of said it all about this season, didn’t it?

13) I thought the third line gave them some fire in this game. Some time of possession and some hits. But those guys can’t score. Haley earned his promotion from the fourth line, too, but that time when he tripped on the puck and landed on it, well …

14) The Rangers’ offense in the third period made the Jets’ trap look like Mariano Rivera.

15) Last year’s team may have overachieved, but it was better top to bottom than this team, not even close. And with all of that, and the fact that now everybody in the world will now start piling on the coach who has spent his time here not caring what anybody thinks of him, there are 44 points still available. So, you know, it’s not necessarily over yet.

16) Prust, Dubinsky, Mitchell, blah, blah, blah. … You know the guy nobody talks about? Artem Anisimov. Could play on any of top three lines at different times, LW or C, speed, size, shot, good defensively, scores you 17 goals or so. Still not saying, and never will, that they shouldn’t have made the Nash trade. But that’s the kind of guy who helped that team succeed last year, and the type they don’t have this year.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Ryan Callahan.
3. Derek Stepan.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
(this team deserves zero stars)
1. Micheal Haley.
2. Ryan Callahan.
3. Brian Boyle.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist (17.8 %).
2. Ryan Callahan (16.1 %).
3. Martin Biron (12.71 %).

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  1. Hey, how is John Mitchell doing? P.A. Parenteau? Funny thing is, one guy played the way Torts wants them to play…the other guy didn’t fit the system.

  2. I totally agree with you on Artie, he was a constant and a good soldier. people worried about his numbers but nobody ever considered that he was a two way player who would be on the first line one night and the fourth next. But we got Nash and lost the 3rd liners players who could actually score ( well Dubinsky in theory). it will work out in the long run, but we need to find those players, because these guys arent doing it.

    They need a max effort every night and they simply dont do it. The unforced turnovers in tonights game was maddening.

    Also, if you get a chance look at the Callahan goal and watch Gaborik on the play. He’s banging his stick to call for a pass, doesn’t get it and Cally scores. He barely even congratulates Cally looking like someone just told him he was traded to Columbus. Gaborik is both miserable and ineffective and this point.

  3. bull dog line on

    yes they miss the guy who on most nights blended in with the boards. give me a break! well at least you didn’t say MDZ had a good game.

  4. You know its really difficult to actually assess what needs to be fixed because if you go back to even a little before this time last year, you’ll see that the Rangers were playing .500 hockey for the last 2 months of the season and into the playoffs. If you all remember this team had a sizable lead in the East and then they started their swoon and Pittsburgh was playing so well that everyone thought it was just a matter of time before the Rangers were the 4 seed. Then Pitt somehow blew 2 games to the Islanders and the Rangers backed into the top seed, which gave them easier match ups in the post season, which they were lucky to survive. They also had a great matchup with Jersey but couldnt get it done.

    So yeah they miss those bottom six and the grit they brought and they dont seem to have the same swagger they did but Im not sure that was there late in the year last year anyway. I think these guys were galvanized and pumped by starting the year in Europe and then the whole HBO/Winter Classic thing and that eventually faded.

  5. Admiral Akbar on

    Ive begun to accept the fact that this year’s team is a transitional squad. The record is mediocre, because this team is mediocre. This is not an elite team. As much as they overacheived last year, they are underacheiving this year.

    They will probably make the playoffs, although it will be a struggle to get into to the 6, 7, or 8 seed. Of greatest concern is the regression of Brad Richards. This “regression” can be the sort of thing that drives this franchise back towards years of mediocrity (like 1998-2003).

    I dont know how id fix this yet, but i do recognize it is certainly not working..

  6. Admiral Akbar on

    This team is not much better than the Winnipeg Jets and NY Islanders. Think about that.

  7. One or two more games like this and Slats will be pulling a trade for sure.

    I watched the first 2 periods last night and Richards was lacking in hustle (remember the forecheck for the goal the other night to force the turnover?), the defence were definately at fault for leaving an unopposed forward in front of Hank and we just werent fast or nasty enough in all areas. Haley did some good but that was just a temporary blip.

    Stepan, Cally and Hank were OK, Haley did his job and the rest might as well have been a team of Roszivals, McCabes, Higgins and Kotaliks

  8. Good morning Carp. Again- your whole review is wrong and so is anything you plan to say on here today. You know nothing. Nada. Niete.

  9. bull dog line on

    you know James,
    the reason Carp writes a game review, is so we can all agree on everything he says. this way you get a lot of posts that say, great review Carp, I agree with everything you said. this way there is no actual discussion on the Rangers.
    he writes 13 points on the game, every game. do you really think everybody is going to agree with everything he says, and do you really think he takes it personal when some don’t agree with what he says?

  10. Undo Nash trade. Anisimov… Decried as Europansy, is head and shoulders above miller, thomas together. Bring the Russians back to the Rangers. This team now is a northamericanpansy joke.

  11. bull dog line on

    yes, what they need now is Anisimov. this way he can go 15 games without a point, then score in 2 straight, then go another 15 without a point. great idea! and then guys like you kovie can tell us all aboot his potential. Anisimov has the potential to score 30. Anisimov has the potential to score 70 points. when he is 35 people are still going to talking aboot his potential, because his potential will still be unreached.

  12. Relax Bulldog. That has nothing to do with you or anything you think it has to do with. Don’t give me crap because you’re in a bad mood

  13. Welcome to the ledge, Carp.

    I’ve been waiting for someone to acknowledge Richards’ *backhand blind pass give aways* for 25 games now.

    It’s uncanny and it is costing this team WAY more than it seems like. It’s been happening ALL season…it’s some of the most consistently careless hockey I’ve seen from a professional.

  14. Stranger Nation on

    Artie with 22 goals in the last 99 games and that is with more PP in Columbus.

    If Richards does not look like (and play) Old Man Smithers

    If Kreider was more of a 2 way player to ‘play the right way’

    If Prust would have taken less to play Here (see Neil)

    If Gabby had buried more than he has

    If Boyle would have continued the skating lessons

    If Girardi would stay on his skates and not play goalie

    If Stralman would at least try to clear the crease once

    If Hags would pass to a team mate and not just play fetch behind the goal

    If Pie-hat could drop them once

    If Bickel would work with Boyle’s skating coach

    If MDZ would generate some offense at even strength

    If Hammerlick was in shape

    If my aunt was my uncle….

  15. Btw- I don’t think they need anything or anyone from last year aside from the balls they played with. After every loss you have to sit and listen to guys who haven’t played in 20 years give explainations for why they’re having problems. How bout this: be the hungrier team. Be te nastier team. You know they’re gonna be up for the game? Then come out twice as pumped and put them back on their heals. The place they’re weakest as compared to last year and even the year before is mentally. The fact that they need to watch one of their top players almost have his neck broken to actually play pissed off is disgraceful.

  16. i said it at 1032 pm last night

    the RANGERS WILL NEVER SEE THE TOP 8 AGAIN. this team is done especailly with richards and gaborik being as inept as they are now.

  17. this is more like I’m used to, rangers playing mediocre hockey because they are a mediocre team built by the mediocre GM only to struggle to make the playoffs, only to get knocked out in the 1st round.

  18. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s hard to believe this is the same team I was so excited about 2 months ago, not wanting the lockout to kill the season

  19. tired hearing about the guys we lost… If its the same team from last year and Gabby and Richards were playing this way we’d be in same spot

  20. The team is playing like their collective bell was rung, and it has been. So now its Ranger hockey….. money, it’s a gas, grab that cash with both hands and make a stash. Things can change, we can see a team Saturday we have not seen in a while, what precipitates that change? No clue.

  21. Cross Check Charlie on

    Mired in mediocrity. The story of the season.

    Last season I thought Torts was coach of the year. This year I’m starting to wonder if he’s part of the problem.

    Why do guys like Parenteau, Mitchell and Anisimov go to other teams and score goals and guys like Richards and Nash come to the Rangers and don’t? Is it the system? When I hear of nobodies on other teams that have more goals than the Rangers leading scorer and when an all-star like Richards comes to the Rangers and all of a sudden looks like a borderline NHLer something is wrong somewhere.

  22. I don’t think that’s true BobbyO. Last year the bottom six really picked up the scoring when the top guys struggled. They carried us. That’s why we didn’t lose back-to-back games for a almost the entire season. We now have lost that balance and have a team that relies on three big names to come through. And the only guy who does come through is our Captain and he does so through sheer will.

  23. Czechthemout!!! on

    I still say this team plays the wrong system. This is not a grind it out team but has a coach who insists that they play a grind it out wall/board style that they dont have te players to play. They need to play a puck possesion speed game that puts on offensive pressure. So either Torts wakes up and realizes this or his days are numbered. And no, they dont have to start over if they fire Torts. See Bylsma and Daryl Sutter.

  24. what is even more pathetic is the rangers scoring 1 goal a piece in these last 2 games against two teams that are terrible defensively.

  25. Bylsma is your answer? Czech, the Penguins actually can grind it out when they need to. Their best player happens to be the best player in all facets of the game. The Penguins can play _any_ game you throw at them and on any given night they can do it better than you. I’m not saying the Penguins have a grinding system or whatever. They certainly can and do open it up. But they also grind very, very well. When you let Crosby get behind the net to fight 3 or 4 players at once and he wins the puck to the open man in front (usually Kunitz) they score grinding goals.


    Penguins vs. Ducks for the cup. The SeaBird-Bowl.

  26. On #3, not pretending it’s working, but is it not a tactic to “front” the forward in/by the crease rather than being goal side of him or physically wickyfying him?

    It’s happening too often to just be bad positioning.

  27. Flightless water fowl versus the quackers…Brace yourselves for the ratings, Gary..

  28. As of two days ago, Anisimov and Dubisnky have a combined 7 goals and 14 assists this year, with a combined -3 rating. We didn’t lose much, I’d say.

  29. Czechthemout!!! on


    Except They didnt. Who came through? Prust with his 5 goals? Mitchell wit his two? Your hero Boyle who had three goals through his first 60 games? Of Feds who had one goal in his last 30 games? Or was it Rupper who played exactly one good game last season. AA played at least half if not more games in the top 6. The reason they are where they are is because Gabby and Richards are not producing and up until the las 5-6 games, neither was Cally. And there is no wuestion that the bottom six guys need to also score. Especially the third line. But arent you one of the guys on here who always says that there is more to the game than scoring? Everything a player does in a game should geared to one thing, scoring a goal.

  30. Actually, no. Artie and Dubi are 7 goals, 10 assists, and a combined -10. Good work, Slats.

  31. The Carp report is ever an oasis in the desert that is being a Rangers fan. Agreeing with point 6) or disagreeing with point 7) has become my morning cup of coffee, without the trembling hands.

  32. Czechthemout!!! on

    Thats the point. Manny. The Penguins can grind if and when needed. But it is not what they do. Not by a long shot. All we do is grind it out,each and every shift. There is no adjustment made during the game. The only thing you ever hear is that Torts tightened it up to start the period. As for Bylsma, he is a great coach. Yes he inherited good players but they were the same good players who were struggling under another idiot defense first grind it out Mike Therien.

  33. Agreed with Czechthemout. In order for a team to be successful, your best players have to best your players night in and night out. This doesn’t mean they have to rack up points every single game, but they can’t be entirely neutralized for entire periods at a time. Look at Crosby and Malkin. Look at Kane and Toews in Chicago. And we have… Richards and Gabby. Now who’s really afraid of them night in and night out? This is why the Rangers aren’t going anywhere this year.

  34. Also, Czech, Bylsma was on the hot seat earlier in the season when the Pens had a rough go. Way closer to being canned than Torts.

  35. Well Czech, your comments fail to account for the other half of the game called Defense. Since no one keeps possession clock as a stat anymore, I will just make the assumption that the Rangers, especially last season, did not have the puck for more than 40% of the game. Therefore, those bottom six guys were out on the ice not giving up goals, which, in a way, is the same as scoring goals. Because it’s not just about scoring a lot of goals, it’s about scoring 1 more goal than the opposition.

    This years team gives up a lot of goals that last years team would never, ever give up thanks to the guys you like to dump all over.

  36. So Joe, maybe we should trade for Crosby and Kane? Then people will be super afraid of us!

    People were afraid of us last season because we would not let teams play the type of game they wanted to play. The Rangers were a tough as nails team. If it’s about being “afraid” of a team than I’m not exactly sure the Devils would make it all the way to the cup final last season.

  37. Good morning, boneheads!

    Agree or disagree with Carp, compare the last year’s team to this year’a in terms of personnel or don’t. I don’t think it matters. They miss some guys they couldn’t replace properly. But, IMO, the most important thing is this: if Richards, Gaborik, McD, Girardi, Hank would play last year at the level they’re playing so far, they would barely make the playoffs. Not sure they’d advance to 2nd round either. Nash can only carry them so far, and even he’s had his ups and downs. Yeah, blame the coach and his system.

  38. Based on that assessment Eric, are you done watching games, going to games and being on the blog? Further, what reason is there, in your mind to even watch the team anymore? Prust sayin

  39. Czechthemout!!! on


    When was he on the hot seat? After 5 games? Please stop. Bylsma is ten times the coach that Torts is because he makes adjustments the work during the course of games. Torts “jam, grind , wall,tighten things up). Bylsma figured us out in the middle of last year. Thats why ee struggled against them so often lately. He has his players stacked along the boards in our defensive zone and offensive zone expecting board hockey. They constantly force turnovers by us on defense and giveaways on offense. Watch the game Saturday. If Torts by some miracle adjusts to that, then maybe we have a chance.

  40. Bylsma is 10 times the coach that Torts is!? Then why couldn’t he beat the Phlyers? I guess he forgot how good he is at making adjustments because he consistently lost to the Phlyers for the same reason game after game and then in the playoff series.

    It’s like your throwing a dart at a dartboard and completely missing the point. Have fun in La La Land, Population You.

  41. I think a lot of coaches look good if you can tell Crosby/Malkin/Neal/Letang to jump over the boards and be better players than the other team’s top guys.

  42. 9th place and the Icelanders are 1 pt behind and they are better than us. ZsaZsa and Bad Richards are awful, and the latter will end up in the same place as the other horrendous free agent signings by uncle Glen. Dreary, Redden, Holik.

  43. Last year’s team was just right for dump and grind and wall-ball. Whatever else you thought of Dubinsky, for instance, he could keep the puck in his skates or drag it with his stick and change direction repeatedly behind the opponents’ net and actually tire out a defense over the course of a game, and he was not alone. We don’t have anyone this year but Hagelin and Callahan that can do that, so either you trade to get it back, or you… adjust to the players you have. Dumping it in and hoping for consistent cycle play when you don’t have the horses for it is going to keep getting you a goal a game unless the goalie is having a shocker, as in the Caps game that may have fooled the Rangers into thinking they were out of the woods. One way or the other, the coaches need to get their fast forwards into open ice passing the puck. The only toughness you’re going to get out of this team this year may be the willingness to take a hit to make a play and/or to pressure up and finish your darn check.

  44. Czechthemout!!! on


    So than we should just jam all five forwards and defensemen into the net behind hank as a last line of defense and let Hank be the first line of defense generate zero shots on goal. Than we can play for the Bettman bonus point. Brilliant! Hate to burst your bubble Manny, but except for AA the rest of those guys suck!

  45. And that’s not to say Bylsma isn’t a good coach, I think he is, but let’s be honest when evaluating him based on the talent he has at his disposal. He probably did his best job a couple of years ago when Crosby and Malkin were injured at the same time, even then the Pens still blew a 3-1 series lead against Tampa in the 1st round, losing game 7 at home.

  46. Guys – have we ever actually gone 0-for-Canada during an entire season…looks like this is the year.

    We came into the season thinking this was finally the year we were going to be Mike Tyson. Instead, it turns out we are Glass Joe – a tune up fight for the team’s that have legit championship aspirations

  47. You can be a brilliant coach coaching Crosby, Malkin, and Letang. And all of a sudden you start looking like you should be coaching A Mexican high school squad. Why? Because your number 1 goaltender can’t catch a beach ball. See Bylsma, Dan.

  48. Czechthemout!!! on

    And yet those same players couldnt do jack with grind it out Torts clone Therien. They lost to the Flyers because Fluery was god awful in the series.

  49. Reality check- we will all be back tomorrow biting our nails, routing for this team. And no matter what happens- back on Monday. Capiche?

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    Wasn’t a good game last night. At some point, I think we have to start asking the question of whether a) last year’s team just played well beyond what they were; b) this team is just not very good at all; or c) both a and b? I’m going to say C.

  51. Stranger Nation on

    FG aka Gene Siskel – motivated from last nights comments:

    Miserable Ranger Fan March 15th, 2013 at 12:15 am
    Spraying spectators below the ledge with your in is really disturbing. That’s not funny.


  52. anf

    just because i have zero confidence has nothing to do with me wathcing or going. this team the way it is looking with gabby and richards not scoring gives us zero chance.

    what should i say we will win the div get in as a 6 or 7 seed when deep down i dont feel that way.

    nothing wrong with being pessimistic. too many people on this blog need to get there heads out of there butts and realize this is a flawed hockey team this year. put down the pom poms and for once look at this current group. they are no better then the jets and isles at this point

  53. If our top players were playing up to scratch night in night out we wouldnt be bemoaning the lack of Anisimov’s versatility or Dubinsky’s skill against the boards. The fact is the way we are constructed as a team means our top 2 lines must produce more. Shuffling Gaby around and playing him out of position clearly isnt working, he needs to find his game again and the best way to do it is put him in a comfortable situation with skill players around him. If Torts wants to call guys out in public then he knows them better than we do , so let it be.

    2 things i dont like right now is the lack of hustle when they turn the puck over and the amount of times a defenseman takes himself out of the game by hitting the ice. Hank is pretty good down low so stay on your feet and get in their face. If you’re an opposition forward right now you just have to be patient wait for the Ranger D-man to hit the ice and slide out of the way then roof the puck – if the player thinks he is about to get levelled by a D-men stepping into them then it creates doubt and forces the pass or the bad angle shot.

  54. Stranger – did someone actually take the time to comment on that ridiculious post of mine last night?

    Must have been a temporary visitor from the Yankee Lohud blog…get a life…I wouldn’t really relieve myself over the ledge…probably

  55. I’m liking Haley more each game, plenty of energy, blink and you miss it fights – if he and Boyle could conjure a couple of goals we’d have a much better bottom six. But as of now, we live or die on how our top 2 lines play.

  56. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Carp and several posters have pointed out that the new guys in the bottom six aren’t as good, and the old guys aren’t playing as good as last year. So, as of now, you shut down the top 2 lines (or really 1 line the way Gaborik and Richards have played this year), and the team has no secondary offense.

    Everyone in the bottom six is signed through next year, except Halpern. Konopka would have been a nice fit (over 60% on faceoffs), but he has the same amount of goals as Halpern (though he is over 57% on faceoffs). Which means that the development of Kreider and Miller are the linchpins right now through next year. It’s a lot to ask, but they need to force other players down the depth chart.

  57. Stranger Nation on

    I guess it depends how much alcohol you have assumed and/or how long you are on the ledge unless you are David Blain or have a cow udder for a bladder

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    Fat Guy, watching this team, the only relief may come from going over the ledge.

  59. How long will it take for Torts to realize that trying to clear the puck along the boards is not working? It’s not working because the other teams know that’s what the Rangers do. So…. they man the boards and dare the Rangers to try to shoot the puck through them, which never works.

    Meanwhile, while the opponents are taking away the boards, the middle is open. Do they exploit that? No. They just keep doing what doesn’t work. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and hoping for a different result.

    An effective coach would adapt to actual game conditions.

  60. When you see how much people blame Tortorella, you’d think he was the one actually skating around in a Richards jersey last night…

  61. Eric, I don’t entirely disagree with your sentiment. Indeed, I believe the team was rated too highly. However, the knee-jerk reaction of people running for the hills when the Rangers fall down by a goal or something negative happens is a bit tiring.

    Personally (though I doubt it will happen), upper management needs to be held accountable for the way they put this squad together. Further, while I like Torts and think he is a good coach, his act is wearing thin.

    If I offended you, it was not my intention to do so. I have had a half-season plan for a number of years and have seen enough of this team to know that it is not elite. However, I do think it is certainly a top 8 squad.

  62. I’m not saying that it’s the absence of the guys from the Nash deal that have made this team Carvel soft. But for the record sometimes it’s the things that guys do which do not show up on a stat sheet that make the difference. I don’t think any of the guys we lost were irreplaceable. But at the same time I don’t believe for one second that they upgraded the roster with any of the guys brought in to replace them. Definitely a collective down grade.

  63. Psychologist Phil on

    It is my professional opinion that this team, including the coaching staff, is suffering from a crisis of confidence.

    It is my bonehead opinion that this team has a deficit in talent, skill and heart.

  64. Peter – they were playing .500 hockey last year at the end because they were beat up. It wasn’t because they weren’t trying, but injuries started to pile up (and many guys like Prust and Girardi were playing through them). Not to mention they had a tough schedule since they were not only playing a few top teams like Boston and Pitt, but also teams that were fighting for the 8th spot after they already clinched it.

    Might’ve not been as skilled, but they were definitely better since they played within that system extremely well.

    Balcony – if this team was good enough, they could do whatever they wanted. The really good teams make minor adjustments, but for the most part play the same style and dictate play.

  65. James – that’s what happens though in a cap era. If there was no cap? They’d be easy to replace. But when you give up that 3rd/4th line grit for top line scoring, it means you are going to have to fill in the 3rd/4th line with less skilled or less experienced players. Sometimes it pays to bring young guys up from the AHL to fill those roles and hope they learn on the fly, but you risk losing them if they work out or hurting their growth if they don’t. When you buy guys from free agency, they usually aren’t as good as the guys who left.

    Either way I don’t think people should start running and panicking, but I understand that since most predicted that this team would be a cup contender (except for me and a few others), they are pretty disappointed with where the team is right now.

  66. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Why is it when they win everyone is content with the squad and when they lose , the chant is fire this one and trade that one and live in the past.

    We all know the teams deficiencies lack of scoring and toughness these are the two most glaring.
    There’s is some time to fix it..
    Let the season play out.. then you can fire this one and that one and trade guys and cut trade gabby and richards whom I think are short timers in NY.

    lower your expectations a bit..we all heard the cup hype when the season started which was the kiss of death, Dolan should not have allowed this nonsense to be aired.

  67. One things for certain with Rupper gone and the current play of Richards and Gaby that 2nd buyout has a few more candidates this off-season. Lets hope the off-season doesnt begin in April.

    I don’t believe an Elite team will win it this year, with the shorter season the seeds are much less predictable and a good team playing their best hockey at the right time will win the cup. Only thing for certain is that it wont be the Sunshine State Pussycats.

  68. Sioux-per-man on

    Morning Boys!

    What was that stat on TV last night that showed PA Parenteau? More points than games. Granted he would be on the 3rd line or the bubble boy for a Torts team. Crazy stats for him, now that he’s put up that kind of scoring for 2 teams now. Kind of wish we would have kept him.

    Another thing is look at Columbus. They have a point in their last 9 games, franchise record for a point streak. Looks like the CBJ are a better team, but how could they not be. They were 30th in the league.

    Now watch, they will come back to haunt us in the future with Prospal, Tyutin, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Erixon, & Jonathan Audy-Marchessault (JAM), and the 1’st round pick?

    Tort’s is always saying we need more JAM. Here we had him in our system last year as an AHL all star and he never played the guy. He’s still in the top 3 in points in the AHL. Perhaps another PA Parenteau?

    Good thing for the realignment, we will watch the young Rangers grow up together on another team.

    Yes…… I still make the trade. But we can’t play Ranger Hockey without the soul of our last years team. It’s that simple.

  69. Repetitive but necessary. The Rangers are not a bad team nor are they a good team, they’re simply an average team which is overhyped by the local media and fans with blinders every year.

    I defy anyone to give a few examples of a professional sport’s organization continues to be average for 13 years and retains it’s head of operations and staff selected by said head?

    Sather is incompetent and has been (no pun intended) for over 20 years, is one of the least respected G.M.’s in the NHL has squandered millions on FA’s, had mediocre drafts and trades and thrown several coaches under the bus to hide his own glaring deficiencies.

    This organization has yet to develop one shut down D with size and strength, one decent PP QB, and one power forward during his tenure.

    This fish rots from the head but as long as the hype and distractions of the MSG suits continues and sappy fans support it MSG and the Dolans will be happy making their way to the bank!

  70. I’m organizing an Occupy Ottawa rally on Parliament Hill

    You’re all invited to join me, the one requirement is that you would all have to wear a sandwich board that flashes the Rangers emblem, and SCREAM:

  71. Onecup – lack of scoring? Wasn’t that issue supposed to be solved when they traded for Nash though?

    Comnsnse – Sather is incompetent? Least respected? He’s probably one of the most respected GMs in the league. He’s won 4 cups by putting together an all-star team in Edmonton. He saved the Rangers from the horrible position that Neil Smith put the franchise in (took him a little while though). He built the Rangers into a true cup contender last year with youth and building from within.

    Almost everyone wanted the Nash trade when it happened and praised Sather for it and how crafty and great of a GM he was. He made the deal and people loved it, not looking at the negative consequences of it. Now that the team isn’t playing so well, he’s a horrible GM? That doesn’t make any sense.

  72. *CTBlueshirt* March 15th, 2013 at 9:07 am

    I think a lot of coaches look good if you can tell Crosby/Malkin/Neal/Letang to jump over the boards and be better players than the other team’s top guys.


    My Nutmeg Brother. Brilliantly, and simply, said.

  73. Burning up his Bits on

    So whats Torts move now. He is done the Hockey Coach Nazi routine now where does he go.
    “No Ice for you”
    His intensity is eroding his team and the 25 man roster inclusive on those in his rotational dog house are walking on egg shells muttering I must block shots Imust block shots. This is the kind of coach that will kill young players development as they just are begging to back step to Juniors till the dust clear. It will make marquis guys call their agents 3 times a day and guys in the middle checking ads for tire installers back home in Saskatoon. You can move pieces up and down from the Whale and bring dregs in from Hoosick in the end you have a team with the confidence and future of the SS in April1945. When does someone sneak in a briefcase and slide it under the table during Hitler rants about accountability while reviewing film. Sooner or later Torts better get it together or its off to the bunker with Ava Braun to bite some cyanide capsules

  74. Awesome, Czech. I forgot to mention, I will be at the CT Whale game tomorrow night. You can expect an entire -savior- Kyle Jean report about how he should be called up for 1st line minutes because, as you said, he was on of the -5- 4 people you said were better than our bottom 6 currently playing in Hartford.

  75. Gaborik = Draft-day trade to Boston for their 1st rounder and a prospect or 2

    Richards = Compliance Buyout

    Tortorella = ?

  76. Plus the fact is, it’s extremely hard to develop a shut down d-man, PP QB, and power forward when you aren’t drafting in a lottery spot. Most teams, including the Red Wings, don’t. I think with the growth over the last 5 years of guys like Callahan, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Girardi (undrafted btw), Staal, McDonagh, Lundqvist, and even guys like Hagelin who was completely unknown and not considered to be an NHL level player at first proves he’s been great as developing talent and growing from within.

    He learned from his mistake when he signed Gomez and Drury (the two best FAs available at the time). That was the last time he overpaid for guys who put up 2nd line numbers and gave them 1st line contracts. Can hate on the Richards signing if you want, but the guy was averaging about a PPG in his career when he was signed, received a favorable cap hit (at the time), and had a great second half for us last year and into the playoffs. Gaborik has had 2 40+ goal seasons while he’s been here and the one that he didn’t he missed time with injuries.

    You can blame Sather all you want, but the fact is he had put this team in a great position to win by growing a team from scratch with mid-to-late round picks, which is not easy to do.

  77. I’m not a massive fan of the grinding loser that is Michelle/Mikey Therrien either, but he seems to be doing an OK job where he is now too.

    And I don’t begrudge Parenteau’s success at all, but I don’t remember the massive outcry from Rangers fans at the time he was let go, so it’s not like the fans thought he was being all that poorly treated by the coach or GM, as you would guess by reading the comments now.

  78. Two quick thoughts.

    1. I really think that Torts has until midway through next season to turn this around. I still believe he will. This team will make the playoffs. At the same time I wonder what Sather/Dolan think of the coaching situation with Lindy out there available. Not saying he would be the answer here or would ever want to come to NYC, or be someone the organization is even interested in, but you never know.

    2. We obviously have a better goalie than the Flyers and when he is on his game probably better than any other team in the league. I know this won’t happen, but maybe we need to play run and gun ala Flyers/Pens and just throw caution to the wind and see what happens. We’d have to heavily rely on Hank, and we don’t have as much fire power as Kunitz and the Pens, but I really think tomorrow has all the makings of a giant carcillo show.

    3. I posted this on twitter last night, and I am going to grace you all with a Third bullet point when I only promised 2. My absolute nightmare is entering the last week of the season, being tied or behind a team or two for that last playoff spot and having it come down to those last three games, 2 of which are against NJD who are currently, and will probably remain ahead of us in points. I know it shouldn’t matter what team knocks you from the playoffs or prevents you from getting in, but you would be lying to say that wouldn’t make it sting a bit more.

  79. Sioux-per-man on

    Road Trouble in Winnipeg!!! Hell the roads are closed this morning on the way to work. Semis all over in the ditches, Interstate 94 shut down in parts. Life could be worse for some right now. So lets look on the bright side of this snow storm today.

    22 Games. 44 points. 2 points behind.

    Keep the faith. Remember the Kings last year. Almost never made the playoffs.

    It’s like Hank said last night. It’s simple we have to play better in front of our nets. More Callahans in front of their net, and stop leaving the Byfuglien’s in front of ours ALL ALONE.

    In Hank we Trust. God speed …..

    Now back to Work!!!

  80. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I think the nash trade was a no brainer .. But there is a lack of scoring DUH.
    otherwise how do you lose games ? win 1- 0?

    Torts maybe needs to follow Tom Coughlin’s new style.. I think they may be tired of the tirades.

  81. Wow. What a year. Blog is dominated with fire coach, trade this one, cut that one, buy out everyone dialogue………..

    Let’s not forget, the Kings went through similar trials and tribulations last year before tearing it up for the last quarter and through the playoffs with a scorching goaltender and ferocious forecheck.

  82. I like where you’re going with that, Nasty. I didn’t really think of this as a rebuild but the more I think about buying out Richards, Gaborik leaving and all the bottom 6 talent we lost, I guess it will take some time to get this team going.

    I am willing to try #2. I think it would REALLY help JT Miller and Kreider to play that college system. Hank Rules, so we might be able to pull off a BoudreuGuy Boucher Style offense.

    #3 makes me puke just thinking about it.

    Sorry for the Dopey post, Czech.

  83. Good point, Papa. Guess who else struggled at times last year and then went all the way to the ECF after winning their difficult division?

  84. Sioux-per-man on

    Call me the Sioux-per Nazi, but I’m going to say it again. Rangers should have let Miller play for the Sioux for 2 Years. Yes he had 2 goals on his first game, but none in the last 17.

    Hags played 4 years for Michigan, and I believe it helped him in more ways than you can put on paper. It gives a player more time for a 19 – 20 year old to grow into an NHL player. Now I don’t know if Miller will be the next Toews, Parise, Oshie of the league, but their is something to be said of development. Not sure you can FAST TRAC your NHL success, by skipping certain steps.

    Just saying….. should have stayed a Sioux.

    Have a Sioux-per Day Boys. It’s St Pattys “Party Day” Tomorrow :)

  85. I think I need to copy Carpinello and do a Rob’s thoughts segment after every game so I can purge myself of all the agita this team gives me. Here goes nothing.

    1. How many games in a row is this where the other team scores goals on shots from the point at the blue line with Hank screened in front? Hmm, Torts. Maybe that should tell you something. ENOUGH WITH THE COLLAPSING IN ZONE DEFENSE. When the other team has the puck in our zone, DON’T LET THEM JUST SET UP AND SIT BACK IN A FREAKING BOX. HAVE THE PLAYER NEAREST TO THE PUCK ATTACK IT! You’ve got the best goalie in the world. So you design a defensive system that prohibits him from being able to see the puck and creates numerous opportunities for deflections? Can someone tell me how that makes any sense at all? Seriously. Tell me.

    2. On the opposite side of that, do we have a single defenseman who can A.) hit the net, or B.) actually get a shot through traffic? No. And no.

    3. Outside of Nash, Callahan, Stepan, and Gaborik (who is clearly struggling mightily), do we have a single forward that can put the puck in the net? This team gets ZERO contributions from their bottom 6. Zero. Noneeee. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. 0. Has anyone heard Taylor Pyatt’s name since the first few games of the season? The guy hasn’t done anything in a month and a half. He’s like Brian Boyle 2.0. Michael Haley, bless his lunatic little heart, has been getting top 9 forward minutes. Michael Haley. The guy who has 3 career points. 3. J.T. Miller does nothing offensively. Powe does nothing offensively. Boyle does nothing offensively. Pyatt does nothing offensively. Bickel did nothing offensively. With Gaborik struggling right now the only players who even have a SHOT at scoring is Nash, Callahan, Stepan. That is IT.

    4. Speaking of J.T. Miller…That’s now seven straight games without a point. Since his second NHL game when he scored two goals against the Islanders, he has two assists in 16 games. And that’s with getting consistent top 9 minutes, second unit power play time, and playing with Callahan and Gaborik at times. Is it time to send this kid back to the AHL yet?

    5. So who is else is enjoying wasting another year of Henrik Lundqvist’s prime? Don’t all raise your hands at once. He’ll be retiring before you know it, and we’ll be stuck with the same mediocre organization and a crappy league average goalie after he does. Oh boy. I wonder how many Stanley Cups we’ll win then.

    6. Hey Torts, how’s that system of yours working? Have you figured out yet that when you lost half the team from last year to this year that you can’t play the same dump and chase style? Oh, right. Even if you have figured that out you would never have a clue how to adapt. That’s just not your style. Square peg, meet round hole. The John Tortorella system in a nutshell.

    7. Del Zotto has great ability in the offensive zone and rushing the puck, but wow, does any player turn the puck over more in their own zone? Every single time the puck goes into the corner or behind the net and he is the first Ranger there, it is almost ALWAYS an immediate turnover to the other team. He just throws the puck around the boards. It’s incredible. Over and over and over again.

    8. Down by a goal heading into the final period, coming off a loss where your head coach flipped out (again), and you manage 7 total shots in the third period. Seven. Bravo, Blueshirts. Bravo.

    9. I’m really glad the power play has looked better the last week or so. Too bad this team doesn’t work hard enough to generate opportunities anymore. They had one PP opportunity against Buffalo. The most penalized team in the league. Tonight they had a PP that lasted for 5 seconds before Stepan was called for interference. Again, the only chance they were able to generate.

    10. 4-6-1 now on the road this season. For a club that will play the majority of their games away from Madison Square Garden the rest of the way. Encouragment! Yes!

  86. add mza and kreider and now you have 8 or so forwards who knowwhere the net is.

    suiting up halpern game in and game out is insane.. they are fine on the pk and he cannot score or even get good attempts. same with powe and boyle.

    pyatt at least posseses the puck on occassion.

    they have 6 forwards and gabby and bucktooth are 2 of the 6.. YOU THINK THEY HAVE A PROBLEM???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  87. newsflash our blueline is far fro mthe problem.

    girardi is 28, staal is 25, mdz is 22 and mcdonagh is 23…If sauer was not hurt add him to the list……

    NOT A PROBLEM…………………………….Brian Leetchs do not grow on trees, they are fine on the blueline even with there offenive shortcomings…………………….

  88. I think we have a winner. SS/Hitler/Eva Braun comparison must be the dumbest thing I’ve heard in awhile. And that says a lot, considering I’ve been listening to the “Five little monkeys jumping on the bed” song way too often lately.

  89. Papa – the Kings were a much better team though and much more talented. They just couldn’t get going until they made the coaching change and the trade for Carter. They had the talent on all 4 lines, something this team doesn’t have. So even if they make a coaching change, I don’t think it would necessarily help.

  90. JT Miller is looking like a fine fit in the NHL. And with Kreider not developing we need him. Sorry, Sioux. I like my JT Miller now.

    And yea, Ilb. Crazy people coming out to party today.

  91. Another one of my favorites is this one:

    Most of the players on this team couldn’t hit a bear in the butt with a snowshovel, so, hey, let’s open it up and play run and gun!

    I wanna see Powe and Halpern and Haley and Boyle and Pyatt run and gun!

  92. Manny – have to agree Miller looks the part, just needs to eradicate those turnovers. He has poise on the puck, works hard, has a few offensive instincts, is a good size and can skate.

    I’m not saying we should trade or buyout anyone yet, but if this funk continues much longer in a shortened season Slats might want to shake things up, whether that is via trade or the Return of the Hobbit, an injection of Scandinavian speed or bringing up the Jean Genie i don’t know.

  93. czechthemout!!! on


    You are so full of it!

    I never said Kyle Jean could replace any of our bottom six. I listed him as one of several players in Hartford who is a better option than Bickel on the fourth line in response to your questoon of who is a better option. Anything less that happened after that was a feeble and deliberate on your part to ridicule meand what I said. You are being totally dishonest. As for you going to a game to watch how the Whale play? Your opinion on the matter carries as much weight with me as my Dogs.

    Carry on with more of your dopey pists.

  94. Over here we use the phrase “cows arse with a banjo” – or “couldnt score in a brothel”

  95. i would like to see them bring up Kreider and play him with Miller and Hags , and just let them have some fun we might just win a 6 to 5 game or we might just lose a 6 to 5 game but we would be a better team to watch .

  96. Jonny D, not advocating for the coaching change. And it’s obvious that the Rangers do not currently have the depth to match a similar run as the Kings (and Devils) went on last spring……

    But I need some hope and, other than Kreider and Thomas coming up and tearing it up (not likely) the Kings comparison is all that I have right now, as foolish as that may be.

  97. that’s another favorite, nothing personal, ranger17 … but that this place would be happier to lose 6-5 than 3-1. I don’t see that playing out.

  98. I fear tomorrow….they can’t run and gun with the Pens, nor can they turtle up and play conservative. Either approach could spell disaster.

    Is it me or is Nash seeming a little off these past couple of games? He just seems a step slower and his shots miss the mark too many times.

  99. Carp, I wasn’t saying we are a run and gun team, just saying that it might not hurt to try and open it up a little against the Pens.

  100. Who knows, maybe they surprise us and know that they can’t play down to the Pens. Some of our best games last year were against superior teams.

  101. We have the opposite of Mike D’Antoni’s i dont coach defense system. It’d be nice to perhaps at least get an assistant that does work on offense. I like the no mention of Derek Stepan’s fantastic penalty yesterday. Also wonderful to point out Michael Haley of all people missing in front whereas Stepan has had 3 of those chances (on gorgeous Gaborik passes) and hasnt come through once.

  102. History Buff Guy on

    While i’m at it………..Most of us expect the worst tomorrow. Let’s hope if that’s is the case, it will be our rock bottom and not our Waterloo.

  103. Rob in Beantown on

    There’s no way this team gives up 6 goals with any regularity with #30 in net. Anything to promote some kind of offense generation at this point seems like a welcome change. I don’t know if we can ‘run and gun’ but ‘dump, chase, change, repeat’ clearly isn’t working. Also, addressed to other-Rob, blocked shots and screening Hank aren’t a problem I’m seeing, it’s actually the opposite: not blocking enough and not committing to the block all the way like last year’s team did. Take out the shooting lanes down low and let Hank see the puck up high.

  104. I sure as heck would be more willing to lose a game that is more run and gun than playing prevent defense and not even executing that correctly and cycling the puck behind the net hoping for a lapse in opposition defense.

  105. czechthemout!!! on


    He is lying about what I said. I would like to but it is hard to do when someone is lying about what you said in an attempt to ridicule you.


    The Kings win because they identified their problems. They added scoring and fired their coach who incidently isalso a proponant of a similar system that Torts plays now, not in Tampa.

  106. Dump and chase can work if:

    1.you are capable of applying a ferocious smothering forecheck like the Devils did to us in the Semis and the Kings did to everyone else.

    2. You generate some high quality shots off of the down low cycle.

  107. I would give Gabby a few games back at right wing before making any rash decisions to trade him. He has not been good, but maybe back at his natural position with some regularity will help. I also think Nash need to stay with Stepan as his center and either Hags or Cally on the other wing.

  108. Lev, don’t be a jackwagon. It’s always easy to say I’d rather lose this way than that way. Like Mets fans saying they’d rather lose with the kids. How happy are they going to be losing this year with the kids?

    and your roll had been pretty good, too.

  109. One problem with Ranger Offense off the cycle:

    Weak shooting defense…our Point shots are weak and often miss the net, so teams cheat low, not fearing our points.

  110. What has been most distressing to me is to have to be forced to accept the fact that team after team, game after game, on through this stunted season…………………the Pimp has been right.

  111. Im happier losing with an offense-first system than with a defense-first system. Simple as that. At least that becomes somewhat exciting. Better than playing with 6 goalies on defense and hoping for a lapse in opposition defense as you cycle back and forth.

  112. czechthemout!!! on

    Who ever asked

    Nash has not been good at all the last two games. Yes he had some chances yesterday and missed the net onve. But several of his shots were low quality.

  113. bull dog line on

    they are getting out coached most nights. teams have adapted to the Rangers so called style of play. Torts needs to adjust how they play. they are to predictable.

  114. Yes, my roll has been looking further than blaming the struggles on Richards (obvious whipping boy) and Gaborik. Sorry wont happen again.

  115. bull dog line on

    the defense first system works when you are not the more talented team. when your team is more talented, and you play defense first, you are leveling the playing field.

  116. bull dog line on

    Nash and Hagelin have not been the same since they were removed from the first line (Stepans line).

  117. Cross Check Charlie on

    Remember in last year’s playoffs Torts said that he just let Kreider play because he didn’t want to mess him up? Kreider was an offensive force (and about the only one) in last year’s playoffs.

    So, now Kreider can’t do anything offensively. So, is it the player or the system?

  118. My lasting memory of a coach adjusting during the season for some reason is Herb Brooks during year he was canned. I’m sure it’s happened before where the results were positive. Herb Brooks, brilliant coach.

  119. Pyatt on the run and gun would be a hilarious sight. At least Halpern and Pow! could keep up with it speed wise. I still don’t mind the idea of opening it up for the rest of the season. I think it would help our younger guys adjust to the NHL.

    But, I am not in panic mode. So we are out of the playoffs right now. 22 Games to play. Win 14-16 of them and we should be in.

    Everything will change when we lose Sullivan to the BU coaching position.

    Czech – sorry for misquoting. Friends?

  120. anyone have interest in derek roy at the deadline in final year of deal. could slot him in down the middle. dont believe it would cost kreider or a miller.

  121. Rob in Beantown on

    The Rangers scored just 2 goals against two of the worst goaltenders in the league because they don’t shoot or they take terrible low percentage shots. I’ve never in my life seen a team make scoring goals look like such an ordeal. I’d like to see more shots from the point and preferably from better angles. Get some bodies in front of the net and score some garbage goals on deflections and rebounds. They don’t all need to come from behind the net off defensive lapses, just put pucks on net from non-terrible angles, get bodies in front, and good things will happen, I promise.

  122. Carp,
    If I remember correctly you were in favor of getting Nash, but seem to regret the loss of the players it took to get him here.
    Besides putting Gabby back on the first line, what would you do to fix the team? Either through Torts or Sather’s eyes?

  123. If Gaby buried either his breakaway or his penalty shot, game changes and worst we get is overtime. Then, (almost) everyone says, way to pull it out on the road, boys, on to Pittsburgh!

  124. I thought the precise problem with the team, bull dog, was that the guys we have are *not* talented, except a few, and further, those that are talented are not playing up to potential.

  125. The theme of this team for the last little bit is that they “need their top players to score”. Well for whatever reason it isn’t happening. And no, the Rangers are not the most talented team in the league, but Torts needs to tweak his system a bit, but he is so stubborn that he would rather die on his sword. I can appreciate that, and with no camp to teach new players his system and what he really expects I can see how we are falling short. But with that being said, maybe pushing what he expects to some players that don’t “get it” or aren’t capable of playing it, isn’t the right way either. He knows what he has in this team. Adjustments need to be made, and it is more than just juggling lines.

  126. I am pro torts, I want him to remain with the team, but I do think he needs to adjust some things.

  127. Coos – not to nitpick, but OT would be a bad result when you’re playing the team you’re currently fighting for the 8th spot. Had to take that game in regulation.

    We *should* beat the ‘Peg Jets. Even at the Peg. You shutdown Ladd, Kane and Byfuglien. Pavelec is not the second coming of Bob Essensa or anything.

  128. I like where you’re going with this Nasty. Vibin’. It’s a problem when your “grinding” team loses puck battles along the boards constantly. So why not find some hybrid way to play this year?

  129. bull dog line on

    and Manny,
    of those 6 players I named, how many play best behind the net. grinding if you will.

  130. Exactly Manny. The system is not working with this team. Losing board battles, net presence has been lacking outside of Cally. Switch things up a little. Not sure how they do it with so little time to practice and now we have three games in the next four days, but a tweak needs to be made.

  131. Nasty 1 March 15th, 2013 at 11:44 am

    I am pro torts, I want him to remain with the team, but I do think he needs to adjust some things.

    EXACTLY!!! Ive been saying this on here for a week and Carp thinks im gunning for Torts. I think his treatment of Sam was disgusting. I think his shuffling of lines is a little overboard. I think his “accountability” tactics of alternating between sitting Gaborik and Miller and no one else is ridiculous. But I do think he has a special connection with some of these players like Callahan, Girardi and McD. I think he is GOOD for the kids. I do not think his SYSTEM is good for the kids. And yes as the rosters are set at this very moment we are a better and more talented team than Buffalo and Winnipeg. Sure didnt look that way.

  132. Torts rough time directly related to players rough time? Who came first, chicken or the egg?

  133. Not many, bull dog.

    Yea. That sounds like a positive step to me, Nasty. Callahan is easily our most dynamic player, probably because he excels at both board battles and going hard to the net. So forget the idea that we have to develop an offense around Nash (not that we are) and start building it around Callahan.

  134. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – we played a pretty good game against Boston this year? So maybe there is hope in Pittsburgh.

  135. bull dog line on

    and the Kreider situation has irked me all season. the kids game is his speed and his shot. but he is in the minors because of his game away from the puck, and his wall play. and to teach him this, they have sent him to Ken Gernander. Gernander didn’t know there was a puck on the ice when he played. thats probably why Colin Campbell always thought it was a good idea to call him up at playoff time. so lets take a kid, with all kinds of speed and skill, and turn him into a grinder. this is screwing up a player at its worst.

  136. its about puck possesion and not leading the league in hits and blocked shots. we dont generate scoring chances on a consistent basis therfore we score a goal a game

  137. Carp, you ignorant slut (he said, dating himself), not all the lines need to run and gun. The D can know who they’re on the ice with and pass up ice to the fast, skill players; and use the wall, clear the zone, and dump in for the checking lines. It seems to me they’re at least trying to do a little of that, with Callahan and Hagelin working the boards low when the rush breaks down. What I’d love to see is better open-ice wing play, using speed to try to get around the defense wide, early on, forcing them to honor that and sag, opening up the middle for later in the game. I’d want the other team to worry from the open whistle that Hagelin, Nash, and even Gaborik on the off wing are going to get around me. Needless to add, I’d want to see the D join the skill play far more often than they do now, to trust Lundqvist on the counters. The goals he gives up tend to be screen-tips and scrambles more than breaks and odd-mans, no?

  138. Thomas Vanek’s breakaway is one of the very few Hank has given up. I cant think of anyone better in those odd-man and breakaway situations. That is why I think opening it up isnt the worst idea. There is no need for 6 goalies.

  139. czechthemout!!! on


    It’s all good. Enjoy the Whale game.

    We have two 35-40 goal scorers. Four 20-30 goal scorers. If you take the avg of those, that is about 175 goals from your top two lines.

    The third line has to produce between 40-60 goals. The fourth line needs to produce about 12-16 goals.

    The defense as a group neefs to score about 30-40 goals. Again, if you take an average, they have to score about 270-280 goals per season. That an average of about 3.35 goals per game. Anything less than that is a failure of coaching and the gm to assemble the right pieces for it to happen. In our case, I agree with those who say our bottom six is lacking talent. But we have the tslent in the system for it. They need to bring up Kreider and let him play. Another move is to bring in Ryan Clowe and play him with Kreider and JT Miller as the vet presence to sttle them down when they make a mistake. It is a much better solution than playing two fourth lines game in and game out.

  140. Sioux-per-man on

    I think you have to give Winnipeg some credit. They are 1 point behind Carolina for the lead in the Southwest. They had a bit of puck luck with thier goals last night, and the Rangers let their crowd get into the game.

    They have the loudest fans in the league. If there is home ice “advantage” its in Winnipeg. It’s a smaller building with 15,000 fans, but it is 15,000 rowdy fans, that like to drink beer and CHEER for their HOCKEY game. It’s the main event in that city.

    Had I been their I would have been in Ranger Blue, and still drinking :)

    It’s a great city for Hockey. Glad to see it back there.

  141. I’m not sure the team is built to be an opened up style, rushing team. Now I’m not against them trying to push the envelope here and there, but looking around the East the teams that seem to play aggressively on offense at the expense of defense are the Pens, Isles and Flyers. I think the Pens can get away with simply outscoring teams because they have the personnel to do so but I’d say the Rangers are built to play more of a Bruins style with strong puck possession and responsible defense.

  142. >>…money, it’s a gas, grab that cash with both hands and make a stash…

    I could use some right about now. Pink Floyd, that is.

  143. I’m sorry but it is utterly hilarious listening to people talk about Torts making adjustments. John Tortorella? The Rangers head coach? Do you guys follow this team every day? This is the guy who, no matter what happens, blames the players for not making plays in his “system”. The man who preaches accountability but yet always puts it on the players for not stepping up. The guy who says EVERY time he is asked, that he doesn’t watch tape on the other team. Hmm. And yet every team we play has a coach who comes in with a plan on how to shut us down and makes us look foolish.

    The fact that people who follow this team honestly think that John Tortorella is going to make adjustments is laughable.

    The guy has proven to be completely inflexible during his tenure here. He hasn’t made a single adjustment since he’s been here. All he’s ever done is blamed players for not doing enough.

    And you guys thing he’s going to suddenly change now? Hah. Keep dreaming.

  144. czech, going back over the last 3 or 4 seasons and it looks like only 2 or 3 teams a year score 270+ goals. The Rangers are not built to be that good offensively.

  145. Sioux-per-man on

    Bull Dog – I think Kreider needs more minutes to get his game ready for the NHL. Who knows if its timing, decision making, or just confidence.

    He has the skills he will be back.

    One thing you never seen Kreider do was play the body, or check someone hard playing on the 3rd and 4th line. That’s why Tort’s has Haley up right now. He fits that role better than Kreider. Once Kreider start scoring goals, he will be back up playing for the Blueshirts in the playoffs.

  146. Rob in Beantown on

    To my eyes the goals LQ tends to give up are big rebounds (partially his fault for the rebounds) that no D-men are around to clear

  147. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Have a Happy St Patricks Day WEEKEND!!!

    And to all the Boneheads RANTING today….

    May your troubles be less
    blessings be more and
    nothing but happiness
    come to your door.

    Have a Sioux-per day!!!
    There’s ALOT more hockey to PLAY!

  148. Rob,

    At least in the past 2 games it’s been the other team outworking the D around the net to punch in 50/50 pucks. I think maybe the go ahead goal vs the Sens was due to a big rebound, but the guys around his net haven’t been picking up attackers that well. Lundqvist treated us to a career year last year and even if he hasn’t been as stellar this year a lot of teams would kill to have his current GAA and save %. Tough to win the last couple of games when the offense gives you next to nothing in support.

  149. Reunite Hagelin with Stepan and Gaborik. Put Callahan,Richards, and Nash together…problem solved.

  150. Ledge Management on

    Due too a recent increase in demand, the ledge we will be open and available for occupancy 24/7 ( including non game days).

    We are also exploring the feasibility of installing Port- O – Potties after several complaints were lodged with the Department of Health by passers by last evening.

  151. Rob in Beantown on

    I know, I was responding to the idea that most of lundqvists goals are off screens, which I don’t think is true. I don’t want to suggest lundqvist is our problem: clearly he is not.

  152. I’m pretty sure once Mr. Tortorella reads my latest post, he’ll convene a quick coaching meeting and implement my clever plan. What reasonable man wouldn’t?

  153. The defense was stellar last year, and Lundqvist was at the top of his game. The defense has been par this year and Lundqvist has been the same.

  154. ragners are like 5th in goals against.

    for the millionth time lundqvist and the d are very very good.

    they CANNOT SCORE…..

    it is like complaining about Kate Uptons ugly feet.. it is irrelevant, yo uwould date her if she asked you out…….

  155. Rob in Beantown on


    We still have games in Montreal and Toronto, plus we beat the Leafs at home

  156. Kate Upton has lovely feet; smooth skin, high arch, long straight toes, freshly scented.

  157. Wow. There is so much unreasonable hatred for Tort in here. Wow. Guy is the winningest American Born head coach. He has a Stanley cup. He might have an Olympic Gold in a year. Last year he made GOLD out of something less than gold. The team needs to adjust to having a totally different roster and attitude.

  158. How is Kreider still a discussion. He was GOD AWFUL up here. Mashinter was less lost than Kreider. The kid has potential, and if the season goes into the tank in the next 10 games, I say get him up here, open up the offense and let Miller and Kreider learn to play with Nash (who will be here a while). Hell, I will let you guys trade Gaborik for pieces if that happens.

    But Kreider was HORRIBLE. He needs a lot of work.

  159. I leave for a few hours and people start talking about opening it up and going run and gun against the Pens?

    Do you guys want to lose 15-3? This team isn’t built to run and gun. Crosby, Malkin, Neal, Letang, and Kunitz will run an Amtrak on the Rangers D if that happened.

    And if you think Lundqvist can stand on his head when we run and gun, please put down the pipe. Henke is one of the best goalies in the game, but not even he can play effectively since a lot of his success also had to do with the team around him forcing shots from the outside so that he has more time to react to them.

  160. Yea. Great post ROB (not Rob in beantown who is a normal person). You have walked yourselves straight into the Jackwagon Hall of Fame around here.

  161. Stuart – the D has been sub-par. Especially without Staal. Hamrlik is playing 5 MINUTES a game! That’s how bad he is. Gilroy is pathetic.

    The problem with our defense is that they aren’t tough. They always slide around on the ice blocking pucks rather than taking the man. As Propagandhi says, “Play the MAN not the Puck!”

  162. Fat Guy . peg and I no more. We split and She’s hanging with a biker group out in California, so be my guest. You should see my new old lady,

  163. Manny – thank you for that in regards to Torts. This team currently has six DIFFERENT forwards than last years team. They need time (they didn’t have training camp) to adjust to his style.

  164. czechthemout!!! on


    The Rangers have the players to score 270+ goals. What they don’t have is a system and coach who will allow it to happen.

    Remember, we are only talking about a little over 3 goals a game. If you allow 2.5 goals a game you will win a lot of games. The way we play is conducive to only scoring maybe 2 goals a game. There is mo way that you will ever allow around 1.5 goals a game which is what is needed to succeed with such poor offensive production.

  165. The Lightning score a TON of goals but they don’t ever win anything. When was the last time the Lightning won a Stanley Cup? Who was their coach? Maybe we should get that guy.

  166. Also the D has been sub par because the forwards are pressing more on defense and staying up higher, so the D has to cover more space. Last year it was extremely easy for them because they focused from under the hashmarks to behind the net since the forwards were dropping in and helping.

    Not sure if it’s a system change or the players not understanding it (maybe a little of both), but the forwards are much higher now leaving the slot open and more open ice for the opposing teams forwards. Last year that didn’t happen so the D had less responsibility and played much better.

  167. Manny – Are you sure that was Propagandhi that said that? I kinda always thought it was Pappa Giorgio

  168. czech – They do have the players to score that many, but if they play more run and gun, they don’t have the quickness or puck possession and will give up way more goals. You can’t just assume that playing run and gun means our defense won’t be effected.

    Torts knows that, otherwise he’d let these guys play a bit more offensive. He’s tried to ease them into that by having the forwards play higher in the zone and sending two in deep on the forecheck, but they are having little success with it.

  169. I think that we have played a lot more games that are an “open” style of play. We haven’t looked as bad in those games as we would have last year. I think we even won some. We definitely have more “talent” this year. We just have less “will”. I think even Carp has said that we have looked better in those instances (sorry if I am misquoting you, Carp).

  170. Number of teams scoring 270+ goals in a season:

    11/12: 1
    10/11: 0
    09/10: 3
    08/09: 3
    07/08: 0
    06/07: 4
    05/06: 6

  171. czechthemout!!! on


    Non of the offensive numbers I suggested are unreasonable with the players we have on the top two lines. Third line forwards averaging 12-15 goals a piece is not a lot to ask for. Asking fir your 4th line to average 3-4 goals per player is not a lot to ask for either. 5-6 goals per defensenan is also not a lot to ask for.

    The problem is not the players. It is the system that they play. If Tirts adjusts it, it can happen, if not, they need to bring in someone who can.

    They need to add a guy like Clowe, call up Kreider and play Miller at Center with them.

  172. No team is built to run and gun. That’s just a bad way of playing hockey in the NHL. There sint a good team has no defense and no goaltending. The truth is the Rangers don’t play hard enough. The biggest piece of evidence can be seen in the number of power plays they have drawn in the last 2 games – 2. You draw penalties by hustling aggressively, moving your feet and having the puck alot.

    Their best players need to be their best players, and the guys who are a notch below the best players need to be their next-best players. Right now everyone is playing like the team’s worst players. You’d healthy scratch all of ’em if you could.

  173. I’ll concede those numbers say as much about the coaching mindset of the whole league as it does the ability of the players and goaltenders in particular, but 270 is still a tiny challenge for this team with seven to nine 4th line forwards.

  174. Czech – if the 3rd and 4th line maxed out the numbers you gave, the top 6 would have to net at least 36 goals a piece to get to 270. That’s not realistic. Nash is a 30-35 goal scorer, Gaby is a 40 goal guy, Cally can get 30, but that’s it. Hagelin is more 10-15 (20 at most), Richards is a 20 goal guy, and Stepan is a 20 goal guy. At best that’s 225 goals total for the team, not 270.

  175. czechthemout!!! on


    The lightning don’t have goaltending or anywhere near the defenseman we do. When they won the cup, it was s different Torts with a different system.


    It can be 250+, who cares. My greater piint is that they have the personel to score 3 goals a game and give up two goals a game. Torts system will not allow the first part of that to happen.

  176. Actually I botched that Czech, and forgot to include forwards. My bad. Either way if you include the D, you are still looking at 255-260, not 270.

  177. Torts had the horses though on Tampa. They still had a top goalie in Khabibulin, offensive minded D in Kubina and Boyle, a strong top 6 with Modin, Lecavalier, Richards, St. Louis, Andreychuk, and Stillman, and a lot of quality depth. They were third in the league in scoring (with only 245 goals, to show you the difference of the game now) and they didn’t give up too much either.

    That was a better team than this Rangers team though, by far. Throwing out guys in their prime like Lecavalier, St. Louis, Richards, Stillman, Boyle, Modin, Kubina, and even our boy Fedotenko with a strong guy in net like Khabi, they were much better built to open it up because of their speed and ability to get back.

    No way in hell this Rangers team is fast enough to do that, especially considering they never got a chance to truly practice and get in shape.

  178. Well they only have 2 guys that have scored 30 previously. I think Callahan can get there during a full season but an issue with him is that he’s always due to miss 5 or so games a year with various bumps and bruises.

    Otherwise unless Kreider makes large jumps in his development next year it’s tough pencil in anybody but Gaborik and Nash as being good for 30+.

  179. _Wow. There is so much unreasonable hatred for Tort in here. Wow. Guy is the winningest American Born head coach. He has a Stanley cup. He might have an Olympic Gold in a year. Last year he made GOLD out of something less than gold. The team needs to adjust to having a totally different roster and attitude._

    What type of reasoning is this? Talk about unreasonable. The only point worth noting is Tortorella is the winner of a Stanley Cup.

    Tortorella might win Olympic Gold in a year. I might win the lottery in a year.

    By most accounts, the team last season was better from top to bottom than this year’s team.

    He made GOLD last year? So he won the Stanley Cup last season, right?

  180. I think people on here really read a comment and then take what they think it means and run away with it. I know I never said we need to play run and gun 80’s style with the Penguins. I did say maybe we could open it up a little more. Jesus. The fact of the matter is things are not working they way they are right now. Teams know how to defend us and shut us down, even teams that aren’t very good. Torts needs to make adjustments that go further than line shuffling. Good morning, good afternoon, and good freaking night.

  181. Stranger Nation on

    Torts said last season during POs that he didn’t want to “mess up” Kreider. I guess he accomplished that goal this season.

  182. Jonny D,

    You do realize that Torts played a big role in bringing Nash here, right? He wanted the guy and he got him. He’s also the same coach who constantly benched Dubinsky and Anisimov when they were here.

    Now we’re supposed to lay off him because he has “different forwards”…You mean he got the ones he wanted and got rid of the rest? That’s on him.

  183. czechthemout!!! on


    Your numbers are wrong. Respectfully. Nash is a 35-40 goal guy here. Gabby is 40 goal guy. Richards is a 25 goal guy. Thats 100 goals from your top three players.

    Next three. Cally is good for 25-30. Hags is good for more than 12-15. He score 14 in half a season last year and is on pace for 24 this year over 82 games. Stepan is good for 20-25. At least that’s his pace this year.figure it at about 70 goals or so from the three of them.

    The problem is the third line and fourth line. I argue that with an aquisition of a Brandonorrow or a Ryan Clowe, paired with JT Miller and Kreider, you can easiky achieve thise thurd line numbers

    Boyle Pyatt and Powe can achieve those fourth line numbers I talked about. They would also be a very good fourth line.

    The defense can and has produced the five to six goals per player I talked about.

    What needs to change is the system they play.

    Many of you guys are still still stuck in applying what I said to the system that we play and the bottom six personell that Torts uses on the bottom six.

  184. Someone mentioned that he wanted to see more and better shots from the point. Well Girardi does a good job shooting from the point, and one of the best shooters from the point on the team is a guy several of you would like to see sent packing…… Gilroy. It’s certainly not Richards.

  185. Stranger Nation on

    Stralman had a weiner of a game as I watch the rewind – oy very – let’s open it up? Did you watch the 3rd period?

    BTW – the Jets fans love Torts – they were chanting his name last night.

  186. Sioux-per-man on

    You’re killing me SMALLS!

    I wish it were that easy.

    We play in less than 24 hours. Let’s focus on Penguins. Time to beat the best team in the East!!!

    But 1’st their is Sioux Hockey tonight :) back to my first addiction.

    WCHA playoffs start tonight. Time for me to go watch WINNING hockey.

  187. czechthemout!!! on


    My greater point is that there is no reason that we can’t score three goals per game and give up 2. We have the horses at gorward and on defense and goal to do it.

  188. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Did you know…..

    Only five non-NHL teams in the world had a higher average attendance than UND Fighting Sioux Hockey this year: SC Bern (Switzerland), Dynamo Minsk (Belarus), Eisbaren Berlin (Germany), Kolner Haie (Germany) and SKA St. Petersburg (Russia).

    March Madness in the land of the Sioux. It’s not basketball…… IT’S BETTER!!!


  189. Rob – I agree 100%. But they didn’t have a training camp. You can’t expect new guys to come in with no training camp and adjust to a system that easily.

    Czech – Nash is a 40 goal guy? He’s scored 40+ twice in 9 years. He’s score 35+ 3 times in 9 years. He’s a 30-35 goal guy on average. Also Hagelin didn’t play half a season, he played most of the season (64 games). He’s a 3rd line player benefiting from the fact that we don’t have anyone better to play a top 6 wing.

    And who are we trading to get Morrow or Clowe? You can’t just add players to a roster that aren’t actually on the roster.

  190. Point is I disagree with you, but I respect your argument. It is possible, I just highly doubt it.

  191. “No team is built to run and gun. That’s just a bad way of playing hockey in the NHL. There sint a good team has no defense and no goaltending. The truth is the Rangers don’t play hard enough. ”

    Peter- I would not be an advocate of “run and gun” at all. But I will say this. The Penguins do not have good defense and goaltending. Take a look at last year’s series with the Flyers. Marc-Andre Fleury is the most overrated goalie in the league. He is awful. His numbers and watching him prove that. Letang is an elite offensive D-man. Paul Martin? Yawn. Orpik? Average. Niskanen? Okay. Despres? Young and talented. Engelland? Hah. Pittsburgh wins the majority of their games with their forwards. It’s that simple.

    As far as the rest of your post I pretty much agree. This team doesn’t play hard enough consistently. Unfortunately that falls on the coach.

    Here’s a quote from Ryan McDonagh at practice on Wednesday:

    “he knows we weren’t playing the way we need to and should have, and he responded the way he normally does in that situation.”

    Exactly. He responded the way he normally does. The team doesn’t even respond to it anymore. It’s just same ol’ Torts. They came out and proved they don’t listen to him with that performance last night.

    He is absolutely atrocious on the bench during games. The only thing Torts has ever had in his tenure here is an ability to get the players to play hard and for each other. Lately, and on most nights this season, they haven’t been.

  192. Stranger – Kreider is 21 and he’s already screwed up? MDZ was Whale’d for a year and he turned out just fine after that. Gotta crawl before you can walk…

  193. The only thing I can say about all this is it’s appears that this year is going to be one of those years where nothing goes right. Looks like the hockey gods are making up for last year where it appeared everything went right. This point in the season with 22 games left it appears this team will not make the playoffs. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they lost the next 3 games.

  194. Jonny D,

    I don’t disagree that lack of training camp hurts. However, for a coach who constantly preaches “accountability” with all of his players, he certainly is a hypocrite. He never accepts responsibility for anything. I don’t want to hear the coach running his mouth in every interview about how we have no middle of the lineup and how we lost X,Y, and Z in the offseason. They were all players he treated like garbage when they were here and benched. Now I’ve got to listen to the coach make excuses about how the team is struggling because those players aren’t here anymore? No thanks.

  195. Rob – they have 2 of the top 5 players in the league on their team. James Neal and Chris Kunitz have more goals than anyone on our team. They can afford to not have as solid of a defense as the Rangers because they have so much more talent.

    Not to mention, their 3rd/4th line forwards aren’t that bad defensively. They control games because they control the puck though. Opening up the game isn’t going to give the Rangers much more puck possession because they don’t have the horses to do it. The Pens don’t open it up, they just have skilled guys who dominate puck possession.

  196. Jonny,

    I understand what you’re saying there. And to a point I do agree. However, this team has it DRILLED in their head by their head coach that they have to dump the puck in. We don’t even TRY to be a puck possession team.

    Have you noticed the improvement on the power play the last couple of weeks? Do you know why? Because this team finally has started CARRYING THE PUCK OVER THE BLUE LINE instead of giving the puck back to the other team by dumping it in when we have an extra man. I’ve been saying it for the past year and a half. There is ZERO reason to ever dump the puck in on the power play. This team’s PP troubles have ALWAYS stemmed from their inability to get set up. Their inability to get set up has always been because they give the puck back to the other team too often.

    I don’t think this team needs to “open it up” to play a more offensive style. They just need to be allowed to be creative in the neutral zone. Something that they can’t do under Torts because they’ll be benched instantly if they turn the puck over.

    So instead? Dump it in. Dump it again. Dump it again. Over and over and over.

  197. czechthemout!!! on

    We need a better system. For all you guys arguing against it, you do realize that what they are currently doing isn’t working right? So what is tge solution some of you propose? Tighten it up more? What is it?

    We are 5th in the league in goals against. That part of the team is not the problem. They do not score! If they eere first in goals against than maybe we would be 7th in the conference. Maybe. We cannot score and with only 23 games to go are today on the outside looking in. I for one do not except this season as a transition year and neither will the most important player on the team.

    This team is much beyter than their record so far. They are certainly more than capable of being better. It is squarley on the coach to adjust what they are doing or bring in some other coavh who can or this season is finished.

  198. Sioux-per-man on

    Rob – Not a fan of the NCAA board. They are all a bunch of hypocrites. We will always be the Sioux!!!

    Hopefully our teams get to play each other :)

  199. Sioux-per-man on

    Beantown – you are a BU guy correct?

    BC has had our number in the NCAA tournament. It’s always a coin flip when you play York’s team.

  200. czechthemout!!! on


    Nash scored 35-40 five times out of nine seasons playing with no one. Which is exactly what I said he is. On this team he can be a 40 goal guy easily if given a different system to play.

    You are right about hags total games from last year. That said, he was a rookie last year who had good nbers and is on pace to score over 20 goals projected over and 82 games season. Exactly what I said.

    And no, I don’t advocate a run and gun style. All I said was open it up and allow for some creativity and puck possesion on offense. No forward should ever be excused from back checking, ever.

  201. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Excuse me, pardon me, pardon me, excuse me, pardon me…what the hell are all these people in line for?

    Oh, you guys are in the ledge line

  202. Not for nuttin’ but Pavelec’s pads made him look like the Michelin Man out there. What’s next, an inflatable raft with a breathing tube?

  203. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Personally I hate the lack of crease clearing that always seems to plague this team. No one on the blue line that has bad intentions in the blue paint.

    The lack of bite on the back end is why so many goals get scored from around the goal and why many teams 4th liners and physical forwards score on us.

    I also think it needs to be some top 4 grit to go along with #5 or 6 d man grit. Bieksa type along with Bickel/obrien grit.

    IMHO of course

  204. Gaborik has 2 of his 3, 40 goal seasons under Torts. Cally has had his best scoring seasons under him. Richards put up a typical year in terms of goal scoring under last year’s system.

    This year Nash is putting up a point per game pace, which he’s only managed to do twice in his career.

    And I’ve been at one extreme end usually defending Gaborik during his time here, but he’s underperformed so far this year and I think it has little to do with the system, he’s just flat out not playing well.

    Richards playing like hot garbage most nights and blindly turning the puck over repeatedly is not because of Torts’ system.

    Torts is far from a perfect coach but the lack of scoring from some of the top players isn’t exclusively because of the system.

  205. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think the best depth trade we could make I’d for clowe and Murray from sj

  206. Jonny D –

    The argument about D and goaltending on Pittsburgh sounded great at this time last year until they started this tournament called the playoffs, and then they were promptly bounced. Both sides of the puck matter.

    Rob –

    Carrying the puck in is only part of why they have been better. The biggest thing is that the guys out there all move and also are moving the puck more quickly. Getting the puck, looking around at everything, then making a harmless pass back across or out to the point is easy to defend.

    The idea – always in this league – is to create havoc. You want the defense running around and out of position. You do that by moving and moving the puck, especially on the power play. If you’re going to grind it out down low it has to be faster and more pucks and bodies need to get to the front of the net. That’s why Haley was on the second line the other night – because he’s big and he goes there, and he almost scored. Pyatt’s few goals this year, all from in the crease/low slot. They have to get pucks to the net and get bodies to the net.

  207. thought that Haley fight was the most overrated moment of the 2013 Rangers season. despite all of the claims to the contrary from the MSG broadcast team, the Rangers were only marginally better after that fit, and were actually pinned in for most of that period after the fight, too. they came out better at the start of the second which had nothing to do with that fight and then went back into a shell again. Michael Haley is not a difference-maker, nor is a 8-second fight in which both guys end up falling down.

  208. as of Saturday, Arron Asham will have missed 15 of 27 games this season.

    another brilliant signing from Glenn Sather

  209. Rob – They never dumped the puck on the powerplay. The issue was that they didn’t have movement. DZ or Richards would skate up the ice, wingers would be stationary on the boards, the other guys would roll behind the guy with the puck, and the D would just step up and force them back out of the zone. It was awful. The powerplay has been better since they move up the ice as a unit of 5 instead of one guy running the show with the 4 others sitting around waiting for something to happen.

    Czech – Think you have your Nash stats wrong. He only broke 35 three times (41 in 03-04, 38 in 07-08, and 40 in 08-09). Also he had decent players around him. Crosby had worse players pre-Malkin (according to the linemate numbers) and he still put up great numbers every year.

    Peter – I agree, but who were the final 4 teams left in the playoffs? Teams with average to sub-par offenses and great defenses. Offense can get you into the playoffs, but defense wins it. Rangers didn’t lose last year because their offense stunk, it was because when they needed to make a stop, they couldn’t since they just ran out of gas at the end. Plus the Devils were the better team.

  210. Jonny,

    Kings offense was actually really good in the postseason and all other than the Kings, all the recent Stanley Cup winners have been teams that were capable of scoring goals in the regular and postseasons.

  211. Im sure if it was Bickel in that fight instead of Haley that would be point numero uno in today’s review.

  212. I think the Penguins just crossed the 100 goal mark for the season. Already. They are nuts.

  213. Tomas Vokoun starting against us again tomorrow? It’s worked twice for them why not again? Maybe having a backup will wake them up a bit. Hope they see it as an insult.

  214. Won’t matter who Pens have in goal. We’ll only possess the puck for a total of 2 minutes…one SOG, and even that will be a 70 footer on the PK that actually started as a clearing attempt

  215. I think we all have a love/hate relationship with Tortorella. Obviously, when he has the guys in the room going then we love him. When we see frustration from the players and from the coaching staff, we hate him.

    The problem that I have with him is that he is an angry, sore loser. He has no class. No respect. Does any other coach in this league treat the media the way he does? He’s outright disrespectful. I could understand it if someone was being completely obtuse and calling him out after a game. But just look at how he treated Sam Rosen after Tuesday’s loss. There’s no call for that. Don’t even come out for questions if all you plan on doing is spewing venom at the innocent. Take the fine instead. It’s easier.

    My other gripe with him is how he treats younger players. He scares them out of playing their game. Why do you think Del Zotto lost his way last season? He was afraid to PLAY the game. He was too afraid of making mistakes. This is exactly what happened to Kreider and what will probably happen to Miller. You can’t go out there and be afraid to trust your instincts. I understand that they’re kids and need grooming; but they also need to be trusted a little. The reason why Kreider did so well in the playoffs last year was because Torts had no TIME to get in his head. He just gripped it and ripped it. Look how well they paid off. Now look at him… in Hartford trying to figure out what went wrong.

    I think Torts is wearing out his welcome, whether they make the playoffs or not. The Rangers organization has always been a class act. This guy is devoid of class. He’s a Napoleonic putz.

  216. So was Torts in the stands for 30+ games in Hartford telling Kreider to not excel against AHL competition? Kreider’s poor year was in effect well before the NHL season started.

  217. my biggest beef with Tortorella is that he’s pretty cleverly constructed an image that more or less makes him impossible to criticize, and he’s been actively working at this since becoming a head coach. although he’s supposedly 100% about protecting his players, he’s also made it plainly obvious that any issues with any teams have nothing to do with head coaches and have everything to do with players. when teams play well, the coach and players are working well together. when teams do poorly, the players aren’t performing and lacked the discipline to grasp the system. this means the players are expendable so long as the coach is there to keep trying to implement his system. and if anyone dares allude to some form of criticism, he blasts them for not knowing anything.

    I don’t think his attitude and condescension are purely because of short man syndrome. I think a lot of it is designed to deflect any negativity that could be headed his way. I mean let’s face it, the guy has cultivated an image that covers him in teflon. Rangers players who seem extremely talented and don’t perform well under Tortorella are suddenly no longer that talented. When the team comes out and craps the bed, the team didn’t do what the coach said and needs to be jostled for the umpteenth time until they get it right.

    it’s possible that everything that goes wrong with this team never has anything to do with Tortorella and most of the players are all really mediocre and his mode of accountability exposes that. it’s also possibility that he’s doing everything possible to never have himself held accountable, and that everything from making top prospects play like third-line grinders and not being able to figure out a power play that can even get a shot on goal has a whole lot more to do with him than he’d like you to believe.

  218. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    Carpy, awesome review, as always. I agree with most every point, but ESPECIALLY:

    8. Yes, Gabby needs to be moved, I’d say alongside Nash. Put him with an elite player (Richards aint showing that as yet this year). See what he’s got. Must be hard playing out of position.

    5. Hank’s comment: He’s totally right. Then again, with the lack of size on defense, just how is a MDZ going to clear the crease with buys like Nick A there? That, my friend goes back to drafting. Sather doesn’t have a clue.

    9. On Haley’s fight: This team is proving to be so poorly conceived that we have one guy, at this point, that can honestly suit up and play some. Bickel doesn’t seem to be an NHL’er and Aasem is hurt. Nice having people around that can play and protect the finess players. Speak of being strung out on a limb?? Again, GM’s job.

    11. Bufflin, or however you spell it is EXACTLY what Sather should have been trying to get for the last…oh….6 years. A GAME CHANGER to have a point shot that can clear the crease. Again, GM”s job.

    Watching highlights, my bad. I think Hank was strung out with FAR two many odd man rushes against him. He did what a good goalie could do. It’s sad that the second goal went in, but HE played well enough to win. Just hasn’t had a killer, stand on your head game all year, yet, like the 3-0 Boston win last year in Boston. That being said, he can’t do it all. The waves of attack from the Jets last night was not so much them (although they have mightily improved), but it illustrated our teams glaring inadequacies and most importantly, the fact they are not playing as a team, or as individuals anywhere near last years success. The players need to man up and play better as individuals and as a team. Period.

  219. czechthemout!!! on

    Thanks Johnny for the correction. As for Nash, it was already covered and proven that Nash had mothing to play with.

  220. good posts by Lloyd and Tony re Tortorella.

    as much as I think Gaborik has had a poor year so far, I also feel as though he plays so tentative and scared — like a kid whose over bearing and disciplinarian father is watching his every move and ready to smack him down because of a mistake.

    Imagine Gaborik playing for someone like Bylsma in Pitt….

  221. sb1:

    a kid under the scrutiny of an overbearing disciplinarian father is exactly the right simile. that doesn’t excuse Gaborik’s deficiencies, but he’s a better player than we’ve seen.

  222. CT’s right. Kreider has been miserable in Hartford as well. Except for a few games with multiple goals. Just like Gaborik! Who some of you think Kreider will/should replace.

  223. I’ve seen 25 out of 26 Ranger games this year. Gaborik hasn’t been that bad.

  224. Imagine Gaborik playing with Malkin or Crosby? Yeah, I could see him playing well. Would it really matter if Napoleon and Hitler’s love child was coaching the team in that case?

  225. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    To those concerned : pure speculation , we’re not privy to the behind the scenes of the NYR..
    talking out of your exhaust pipe

  226. Otherwise he’s 8th in the NHL in goals since he broke into the league in 00-01.

  227. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    after the season Torts should become a judge on American Idol , bring the hockey fans into it.

  228. oh no argument there, but to say he’s been bad is flat out wrong. guy is getting (and creating chances), he just isn’t finishing. until about two weeks ago a lot of people were ready to run Nash out of town so I don’t put a whole lot of stock in the comments of people who criticize good players were are obviously involved but just not getting the breaks.

    Richards, on the other hand, has been abysmal

  229. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    gaborik is a high maintenance player ,, high salary, often hurt , defensive liability ,streaky scorer. lousy in shoot outs . too one dimensional

  230. this is Gaborik’s 4th season as a Ranger. he’s not played in a grand total of 26 games and 20 of them were in one season. unfair to say he’s always hurt.

  231. Hank was strung out with FAR two many odd man rushes against him? How many of those went in the net? Again, trust him with those — he’s more likely to give up the ones he did, the ones all goalies give up, the screened and tipped puck. There’s no point in giving up odd-man rushes to see how great he is, true, but do give them up if you can get some in return, and that you CAN design.

  232. The favorite argument of Gaborik bashers: he’s always hurt. A simple google search proves that argument wrong every single time. If Gaborik is “always hurt” I guess that basically means Callahan is in a wheel-chair since, you know, he’s missed way more games than Gaborik.

  233. I posted these stats pretty last night in the old thread so not many saw them, but this stuff is pretty staggering:

    Gaborik: 3 goals, 6 assists in the last 19 games
    Richards: 2 goals, 7 assists in the last 17 games. 2 multipoint games this season (both 2-point efforts) and the last was January 26.
    Hagelin: 1 goals, 5 assists in the last 12 games
    J.T. Miller: 0 goals, 2 assists in the last 16 games
    Pyatt: 1 goal, 2 assists in the last 22 games
    Boyle: 1 goal, 1 assist in 22 games

    Rangers have a combined 2 points from Halpern, Bickel, Powe, Haley and Asham

    since the Tampa game at the end of February, where the Rangers appeared to turn the corner, they have a record of 5-3. in that time they’ve got 5 total goals from forwards not named Nash, Callahan or Stepan. that’s 5 goals from 9 forwards in 8 games and only one of them (Richards) has scored more than 1.

  234. pretty late, not pretty last

    anyway, the short summary is the Rangers entire offensive output comes from 3 guys

  235. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    gaborik has missed approx 163 games in his career not counting the playoffs when he’s needed the most.

  236. Earlier in his career he certainly had injury issues, I think the major surgery he had in his last season in Minny corrected a lot of the hip/groin problems that consistently shelved him.

  237. Also that whole shoulder injury that would have made him miss half the season if there wasn’t a lockout. Probably easy to just get right back at it after that.

  238. 26 regular season games since becoming a Ranger

    in that same time period, Callahan has missed 36 games

    find a better argument

  239. I can call Torts a Napoloenic putz because all I am is a critic, as we all are. I never pretend to be something different. I don’t run ann NHL team. But if I did I can tell you that I would show a lot more respect for my position, the team I represent, and the league in which I coach. And I can call him a Napoleonic putz because that’s the image he chooses to portray.

    I remember last year when the Rangers were playing the Devils… the contrast between Tortorella’s post-game comments and Peter DeBoer’s. Torts was embarrassing. DeBoer, win or lose, was classy. Some people call that ‘passion’. Others call it whining. Pick your poison.

    I know that Kreider hasn’t lived up to the illusion that everyone game him during last year’s playoff run. I also know that there’s a reason why Miller is with the big club and Kreider is not. Still, I stand by what I said in that Torts has these guys playing scared. They’re afraid to make a mistake. They know they’re gonna get yelled at and be riding the pine for an undetermined amount of time. Some guys have the constitution for that type of ridicule and other guys don’t. You have to know your players and how to treat them.

    In addition, I think Torts tries to make players into players that they aren’t. Gaborik will never play like a Prust. It just ain’t gonna happen. Let Gaborik be Gaborik. He was pretty good before he got here and pretty good since he’s been here. He wants all this JAM all the time. That’s great. I get it. But in trying to make players play differently than they always have you are not only taking away from why they were signed to begin with; you are also killing their confidence. Everyone has their role. That’s what made ’94s team so good. The scorers scored and the grinders, well, grinded. Each line had a unique purpose and they all did their job. You can’t expect Gaborik to grind and Haley to score. Not consistently anyway.

    Torts wants a team full of Prusts. I love Prust. Who didn’t? But he had a role. Maybe this Rangers team just doesn’t have what it takes to win the way Torts wants them to win. That’s all I got.

  240. Bull Dog – to interject, what have the Rangers done to Kreider that he didn’t do to himself?

  241. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    wear and tear on the body ..take its tool..
    never mind callahan. he’s younger but he’s not a big man he’ll wear down.

  242. hey Manny,

    just curious, what from the Rangers struggles this season would you ascribe to Tortorella?

  243. It’s a statement in the form of a rhetorical question, bull dog. Kreider played himself into the position he was in. The Rangers staff went to look at the Whale before the NHL camp and Tort said immediately that there were some players who had regressed severely. Based on Kreider’s numbers down there, he’s one of ’em if not the only one (which was protected by Tort’s comment).

    Kreider is the reason he’s in the AHL. And probably going to remain there.

  244. bull dog line on

    to answer your question Manny,
    Kreider did not play well with the big club. in his defense though, he was never put in a position to succeed. started on a line with Boyle playing about 10 minutes. was never given a long look with any of the top guys.

  245. Johnny D, and any Sather supporters.

    He is blamed universally by the management and GM’s in the NHl for his profligate “awards” to FA’s. He is loved by the players he’s overpaid!

    I asked you to name another President/Gm in any pro sport who would have lasted 13 years and produced average?

    Who besides Lundqvist a 7th. round blind squirrel choice is an out right all star produced by this organization? Wake up do the history math this clown has been a bust out for over 20 years and only an organization like MSG could dupe people like yourself into believing otherwise.
    1 cup in 72 years and 2 rings for the Knicks,this is progress?

    As for the “let’s dump the coach folks”, you are the same geniuses who said Renney was the problem, so name the guy to replace Torts!

  246. Tony – I like a lot of what you said. To take it a step further, I think these younger players have to play with fear and face that fear to get over the fear of making mistakes. Because they are going to make them. And making them care enough to think about mistakes so much that their playing becomes intuitive is a must for someone playing at the speed of the NHL. You have to be so fast that you never even think. It just happens. So they can be scared until they get over it.

    Lloyd – I guess Tort should take some responsibility for continuously putting Richards on the point of the PP. Other than that, the guys that are so good they shouldn’t need a coach have been the problem (in the losses).

  247. There’s a reason why “Top 10 John Tortorella Moments” exists on YouTube. Because his antics are well known. It’s the same reason why the Winnipeg fans were chanting “Tortorelllla” during the game last night. And it’s not because he’s such an amazing coach. It’s because he’s a powder keg.

  248. Yea sure, bull dog. But he put himself in that position by being horrendous in the AHL. He wasn’t down there just waiting for the season to start, and if he was he’s an idiot. He had to prove that he could continue to play well without a sophomore regression. Well, he regressed, at a lower level. Why would that equal responsibility and a chance with the big club?

    He was allowed up here and played worse than ever.

  249. It’s not true, Lloyd? At what point did Kreider look like he had any idea what was going on out there? When was he not just standing at the blueline wondering which guy he was supposed to cover if the puck went the other way? Kid has the size and ability to be a two-way forward. Pretty sure the Rangers are going to develop that second way.

    I had never, ever seen Kreider look that lost at the NHL level. Thus, “worse than ever.”

  250. _LW3H said tonight that Lundqvist should have stopped the second goal._

    You did. I responded in the post game comments and detailed how why you were incorrect.

  251. bull dog line on

    so lets quit on him. lets bury him in the minors, even if the big club can’t score. the Kreider situation has been mishandled by all involved. it has hurt his development, and hurt the Rangers this season.

  252. No one quit on Kreider. They put him in the AHL where he is learning the role he will have to play at the NHL level to be as successful as they believe he can be. Quitting on him would be trading him for spare parts or leaving him to rot on the 4th line. The Rangers have quit on Bickel. Not Kreider.

  253. some games he looked bad, some games he looked okay. I don’t believe he’s NHL-ready, nor was he NHL-ready during the playoffs when he took advantage of no one knowing he was, but to act like he was nothing but terrible, especially with some of the guys who have been getting playing time night after night is an exaggeration.

  254. Stranger Nation on

    Regarding Kreider let’s assume that no one is watching practice, sitting in the locker room, reviewing the videos with the coach, and learning what is REALLY going on. However, this situation may be revealing more about the coach.

    All we know is what we see with our eyes in the games and what Tart says. “He has the gift of skating, he’s a big strong kid. What happens with most coaches, and this one too here, to get on the ice, *you’ve got to help yourself and help the team defensively. You can’t hurt ‘em.* And that makes me feel more comfortable to get him on the ice.”

    So we just need to draft two way forwards who can score 25 goals a season and grind the walls or do we put more pressure on D to try and create more scoring chances by opening up the middle of the ice?

    If our success hinges on finding or developing those players, the Cup is a LONG way off. Sorry just not too many of those guys lying around.

  255. Manny – I agree with you. These young players certainly do have to learn how to be disciplined. It’s not pond hockey. It’s the NHL. But there’s a way to do it and a way not to. You don’t want to ruin a guy. You need to know when to push and when to lay off. After all, it’s not just the younger guys who are making mistakes (see Brad Richards). Now I do agree that no one is free from criticism under Torts. I think he’s fair with the criticism. But knowing your players is the key.

    If my recollection is correct there have been plenty of players out there who flourished under one coach, only to be stifled under another. Sometimes it’s just a matter of personalities meshing or not. Sometimes it’s just timing. But my main point is that a lot of players seem to be grabbing the stick too tightly under Torts, and I think it’s because they loathe going to the bench after making an error. Mistakes happen. It’s a part of the game. But you can’t play every shift with one eye on the puck and the other looking for your coach’s reaction.

  256. bull dog line on

    I think thats what is confusing everybody Manny,
    what role are they teaching him in the minors. to be a checker? a grinder? do you think when the Rangers drafted him, scouted him at BC, they said to themselves, hey this kid should be a grinder? they drafted this kid to score goals, not be some dime a dozen grinder. completely mishandled him.

  257. bull dog,

    While I would have liked Kreider to have been maybe given some more ice time when he was with the big club it’s tough to say whether he would have played better given more time. The decisions to demote him/recall him are not exclusively Torts’ decision just like any other promotion/demotions decisions.

  258. the idea that Chris Kreider should play like Brian Boyle is ludicrous. but when I saw Kreider repeatedly jumping out of the way of shots rather than sacrificing his body, I knew he wasn’t going to be up for very long. that said, I think he’ll get better in the AHL provided they don’t try to turn him into a third-line grinder.

  259. in the last month-and-a-half (19 games), the Rangers have a grand total of 6 points from their bottom 6 forwards (Pyatt, Boyle, Halpern, Asham, Bickel/Haley, Powe). I wonder how many other teams in the NHL could make that claim.

  260. bull dog line on

    I think you are right that most decisions are not exclusively Torts. but I think he had a lot of input on Kreider. Sather felt Kreiders game was a better fit at the NHL level, while Torts felt there should be a process. Kreider is in the AHL because thats where Torts wants him.

  261. I think the key with handling a Kreider is:

    1) Honing the natural talents that they already know he has (skating / shooting). Allowing him to use and better those talents.

    2)Teaching him how to use his size and strength to his advantage at an NHL level.

    3) Making him a more well-rounded player. He’s young, after all. But he certainly demonstrated a lot of potential during last year’s playoffs. It wasn’t only Rangers fans who were talking about his skill set.

    I certainly can’t say that I’ve been keeping up with his AHL progress. I don’t know how he’s being handled down there. But I would like to assume that they’re prepping him for the system that is being utilized with the big club. And considering his aforementioned talents, I am hoping that they are working with him to hone those skills.

  262. _ LW3H: More Rod than insight March 14th, 2013 at 9:40 pm_

    _#30 sure isn’t anticipating those deflections two feet from goal like he used to._

    Following the second goal.

  263. he’s just going to claim he was being facetious which is pretty easy to do when you never really an express an opinion

  264. _he’s just going to claim he was being facetious which is pretty easy to do when you never really an express an opinion_

    I have noticed that Lloyd. Much of his time is spent attacking the opinions of others, while on the occasions he presents opinions of his own, they are incontrovertible. Cowardice at its best.

  265. Stranger Nation on

    Also thought they should use Kreider with Step and Nash instead of on 3rd line as a grinder with Miller and Boyle, I mean, cmon – two rooks and a stiff – nothing good coming from that.

  266. Ironic part is that if they do squeeze into the playoffs they’ll wind up bringing Krieder up to play. They’d be stupid not to.

  267. Stranger Nation on

    regarding the team ‘opening it up’ – it is very hard to start a break when you are sliding to block pucks. We have a great goalie, but we still can’t allow pucks to get through? We must be last in odd man rushes.

    it’s not even safe is death – its defense over offense, as seen on the pp, the ‘way we play’ and how players are rewarded. “Can’t lose if they don’t score” is a problem if opponent scores 1, or god forbid, 2 goals.

  268. Didn’t even make the effort to be facetious on that one. I’ll put the misunderstanding down as ‘lost in translation’ then. (Are you still British, Thom94?)

    The notion that I “attack” people smells like hyperbole (think you like that word, Lloyd) to me, but since my Europånsy, zero-credibility opinion is now suddenly so sought after, fire away and ask for my opinion on something. Open floor.

  269. Good evening all…haven’t read all day and no time to catch up, but boy, #6 and 12 made me so sad Carp!!! 15 gave me a little hope….I just don’t understand!!!!

  270. Rob

    You are right on the money concerning the dumping on the PP ( or in general at some key moments), because all it does is give the attacker an opportunity to scrum for the control of the puck when they had had it moments before.

  271. Great use of the key phrase of the day, LW.

    Good one Shore. If this blog takes anything it’s dedication.

  272. Hockey maven on

    Don’t know if anyone mentioned this, but I found it interesting to hear that Mike Keenan was at the game last night…
    Just throwing that out there…
    This team seems to be a better fit for the style he likes to play; you know, the one where you actually attack and attempt to score a goal every now and then…
    Sort of like the 1994 team…
    The one time I saw this team win – and, at that time, was confident it would not be the last…

  273. Regarding 8:

    Why fix what wasn’t broken?

    Hagelin-Richards-Gaborik was an effective line for us last year. Gaborik is clearly a better player streaking down the right wing and shooting off the pass. That’s also a fast line, which should be dangerous.

    Yes, I realize you might have to put Nash on the left side here then:

    Nash – Stepan – Callahan , but that’s another line that should motor.

    I don’t understand putting JT Miller at wing… He’s way more effective as a center, and he doesn’t have the body / experience to mash in the corner.

    Pyatt – Miller – XXX (This is the spot that really needs some work) If it’s Boyle, it gives this line some size, but then Miller has no one to work with…

    Haley – Halpern – Powe is a fine 4th line…


  274. Bull dog and co. Re: The Kreider.

    The role they are teaching him in Hartford is to be a two way, top line forward. That’s why he isn’t up here. Because he needs to learn to play 20-25 minutes a night. Not 4-5 which was about what he was capable of being used for.

    Tony- Kreider is in the AHL because this team isn’t I’m a rebuild. The goal is to win and he wasn’t helping. Thus, send him to develop while we try to win. When he’s ready to help the team be _better_ than the status quo he can come back up.

  275. Czechthemout!!! on

    Quick question. And I would like ananswer please. I am going to make a point after your answers.

    Did you guys think we generated enough offense yesterday? I will make my point after getting five answers.

    Thank you in advance.

  276. Lloyd and Thom and any other person absurd enough to criticize LW3H:

    Obviously you haven’t read his blog, which is humurous ans insightful, or some of the more astute posts he puts up daily. Also, he and CT, being stat guys, are great to have around. It was LW who figured out the Rangers record on days after Casino Night. Guy brings a lot to the table aside from hyperbole.

    Sorry, LW. Just had to say that.

  277. Also, he doesn’t just pop up after a loss to spit hot fire at Tort. He’s around in the off season and non game days.

  278. Sometimes, when I read things that I don’t agree with I just have to remind myself:

    George Carlin – “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

  279. Thanks, Månnu, but nobody brings more to the table than Brodeur’s -sister-in-law- wife.

    Not at all absurd to criticise me. There’s plenty to criticise. Marginally preferable if it were to do with something I’d actually done or said, but I have thick skin. (Insert second Brodeur joke here)

    Anyway, I sadly have to end today’s inaugural Ask LW session. I’m sure everyone had as much fun seeing the opportunity for me to expand on my incontrovertible, Communist opinions about TOI numbers I’ve read off a page as I had.

    Hope this can become a regular feature.

  280. _Sometimes, when I read things that I don’t agree with I just have to remind myself. George Carlin “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”_

    Oh, the irony.

  281. Thom, didn’t you agree with me in the same post you were ripping LW on? Get real, man…

  282. Czechthemout!!! on

    Just to show that Torts has no clue anymore, in an interview with Andrew Gross today, he said that he thought we generated enough scoring chances in the game and that they shouldn’t and would not change anything about the way they play.

    That right there shows that we are in deep trouble this season.

  283. Cross Check Charlie on

    I wouldn’t say Torts has no clue. I would say that he’s a unflexible with his system.

  284. Cross Check Charlie on

    I see from some of the posts that there are some people that wonder the same things as me regarding Kreider. Is the system stifling his offensive abilities?

  285. At the risk of being called an optimist- I’ve probably seen more NHL games this season than I normally do and the truth is the Rangers look pretty much like everyone else in the league- streaky and inconsistent- with the exception of a couple of teams (Chi, Bos, An, and maybe Pitt). For the great majority this is going to be a write-off season- strike shortened and injury filled- and maybe one or two will get it together to make a run in the playoffs. Hopefully the Rangers will be one of those lucky few- certainly they have the goalie to do it and the core STAR players to carry them- its probably not going to happen but blowing up the team is not the answer. And trust me, I watch this team everynight and get every bit as sick to my stomach as everyone else- (in fact I’m just dreading Sat. afternoon- between the oponent, the refs and the anouncers- even winning will be an excerise in total aggravation).

  286. Czechthemout!!! on


    When at the game tomorrow in Hartford, i would like to know how Andrew Yogan looks. I really like what I saw of him at last years prospect tournament. This kid has some poor luck with injuries but also some other issues. I remember when they drafted him, people thought he had first round talent but was hurt during his draft year. He is a big kid who takes the body, skates well and as a hard shot. He was also the Captain of his junior team in his final season there. He seems to have started to find his game. Just curious.

  287. You got it Czech. I’m going to take notes (because im a dork) and ill prep a game review of my less than credible opinions.

    I actually will have my eye on Kyle Jean. I might tease about him but his size and fourth line skillset make him intriguing to me.

  288. You’re probably right ABindy. A lot of good teams are struggling. The cup is gling to be Penguins vs. Ducks anyways.

  289. Czechthemout!!! on


    Both those guys are big dudes who can skate and have decent hockey sense. What we have in the bottom six just wont cut it. Yogan can also drop the gloves. I know I may be grasping a bit here but boy, Bickel just isnt a credible NHL play at forward.

  290. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    The problem with Kreider was that he was not outscoring his mistakes. Ovechkin can get away with the way he plays to some extent because he’s generally going to put up more goals than he’s responsible for. Kreider had one meaningless goal.

  291. Carp sometimes u are as wishie washie as we are jeez… When the rags win its “i’d make that trade 100 out of 100 times blah blah blah… and when they play like they did last night its you cant replace guys like artie, dubi prust ect

  292. Torts and Personal Injury. Mandatory. With the permission of the Instructor. LO8.3004 Grab a seat, (in a manner of speaking.)

  293. Papa O'McBear on

    Ah, yes… I knew your people, Sean. Your grandfather; he died in Australia, in a penal colony. And your father, he was a good man too.

  294. Papa O'McBear on

    Well it’s a nice, soft night, so I think I’ll go and join me comrades, and talk a little treason.

  295. St. Patrick reads this blog and he’s green with envy at some of the more enlightened, drawn-out comments.

  296. Archie on ledge dwellers: ‘Would it make you feel better, little girl, if they was all pushed out the windows?’

  297. Belaboring the obvious, “green” is my favorite color, in concert with my intrepid leader

    Please forgive the missing “U”s

  298. Papa O'McBear on

    A loss tomorrow and they’ll be no turning back. Season done for some of the boys. For me it will be season just beginning. Then we’ll see what this team and coach are made of.

  299. newbear was here sometime earlier today wearing a suit and tie and discussing power play charts with the cognoscenti.

  300. newbear is very astute when he talks to the league officials. With us, he stoops to our level. :)

  301. Papa O'McBear on

    Been rootin to long too stop now. Still have a feeling things are gonna get a little worse before they get better.

  302. Gaby splintered his stick banging it against the bench last night. Too bad he won’t take that attitude out on the ice.

  303. Papa O'McBear on

    The one concern which stayed with me more than any other though was Torts using the term “hopefully” in the post game pressor last night. The first chink in the mighty armor of the coach man?

  304. I like the way Haley goes right after it – no head ducking and wild swinging. Of course, if he lands somewhere else instead of the NYR, I think he’s a mindless goon. :)

  305. Torts is schizoid. One night, he’s ready to rip apart the studio, next night he’s Mister Rogers.

  306. Did you catch what Ria caught the other day ? The ref calls a minor on Hamonic, then McDonald steps up to the ref, says “it wasn’t him, it was me”, the ref is pleased and stops Hamonic from getting the gate…

  307. Papa O'McBear on

    Haley can move his feet, get the puck out of the zone, get in on the forecheck, take a punch and throw a vicious straight right hand that can get the other teams attention. No goals in the stick though.

  308. That’s happened a few times this year around the league. Only if they know an error has been made will they correct it.

  309. He has scored some in Connecticut. But, then again, that is Connecticut. I think Torts knows he’s not the equal of the guy who he replaces on the upper lines, but he’s making a statement that if you play all out, you play. He also appreciates the toughness which is palpable absent.

  310. Miller seems to play all out, but he’s made quite a few bonehead plays lately and hasn’t scored.

  311. If Torts sees that it is what it is, that everyone is really trying and still can’t produce, and he doesn’t get help from Sather, I think he’ll become kinder and gentler until next training camp.

  312. Papa O'McBear on

    I like Miller. I liked him playing with Callaghan and Gaborik, before Richards came back.

  313. gaborik is such a mystery, his pals Hossa and the late Demitra apparently were no examples to him

  314. Miller, at least, makes aggressive mistakes, as opposed to Richards who is in wonderland half the time.

  315. Papa O'McBear on

    If they don’t make the PO’s and fade real bad in doing so, someone is gonna bite the bullet and I doubt it’s gonna be Slats.

  316. Gaby is a mystery. He’s more glaring on a team like this one than he might be somewhere else. But, when you have no scoring, you’re forced to sit and wait, because one week he could score 5.

  317. Some players can fight the system and the coach by being themselves and successful at that, then they can be free

  318. Dolan fills the garden. He wants to fill it playoff time, too, I know, but unless there is a major, major uprising, I don’t see him making changes.

  319. Not only that, but the first shot was paltry, too, before the PS. He wasn’t hooked very much to my view.

  320. Kreider, however, is a chrysalis forever, unfortunately, no personal force, no recognition of his own potential beyound the college level, is he scared of his own shadow?

  321. Papa O'McBear on

    With the unexpected crash of Kreider, which is serious, the cupboard is pretty bare down on the farm, in spite of what you may read here in the daylight.

  322. Gabby is a sniper, and he went for a deke, a state of mind doesn’t allow a wrister to the stick side from 10″ away. I have done it in my high school days

  323. Stranger Nation on

    Me thinks the calendar is throwing every one off thinking end of March is end of season.

    2 pts out of 8th spot with games in hand – season goes until end of April – Stanley Cup on July 4th…

  324. Another mystery, newb. My guess is that playing in high school and college instead of juniors, he never properly learned the physical part of the game. And when you’re called for so long big and tough for no reason, you have no incentive to prove yourself. I remember Jeff Ruland (Iona player and eventual all pro) say privately that in the NBA, as a rook, they will try to run you out of the league if you don’t prove that you can give as well as take.

  325. Papa O'McBear on

    I’m not sure what they saw in Pyatt, besides size, that made them think he was a fit. Has some skill but needs to play at an AHL tempo

  326. Stranger Nation on

    The Kreider was given free reign last season in POs and scored 5 goals. Torts did not have time to ‘mess’ him up (his quote)

    Did he make some mistakes? Sure, but put that guy with Step and Nash and he will keep defenses honest and get many scoring opps that he will bury.

    First though he has to learn the ‘right’ way…

  327. Og Papa
    thanks for making that distinction – {daylight} – they even call on Carp to limit the size of contributions, then they are getting effussive about “do not get personal” but “vibing” is alright?!?!?

  328. Papa, as you say, they’ve brought up numerous players and sent them back. Who remains? Ash and Haley and the kid. Tells you something.

  329. Papa O'McBear on

    Watching Kreider, I was hoping that some opponent would run him through the boards just to see what reaction came. Right now, It appears the kid prefer to be playing in a no-checking league.

  330. Stranger, I hope they right the ship, but if they don’t, I think Kreider will get his learning at MSG the rest of the year.

  331. Papa O'McBear on

    Strange, that may be the only way to save that kid, Step and Nash and don’t look back. I like it.

  332. I posted yesterday, something about the art of scouting and geave a lot of credit to Lou acress the river, re: Giontas, Rafalski, etc.etc. Did not check any feedback, because did not expect any from that daylight crowd. What say you?

  333. You know, in academia, some kids when they’re told that they should be at the top of their class thrive on that kind of adulation. Others skate because they know they are highly thought of and don’t need to put in the effort and they never thrive. Horses for courses. Parcells, not that he was the genius he’s cracked up to be, knew how to do it. I think Kreider needs that kick in the rear end, and Torts is doing it. The kid can make or break himself.

  334. Papa O'McBear on

    Newbear, I prefer the short and pointed to the long and winded. That’s just me. Keep it’s short. keep it simple. If you need a lot of space to make a simple point, then maybe the point isn’t yours to make.

  335. newbear, many of the daytime crowd are very intense, and very knowledgeable with stats, etc. Some like to hear themselves talk and pay little attention to others’ offerings except to criticize them. I’m not being cranky, just stating the obvious. Everyone’s got a different personality, but some can be grating.

  336. Papa O'McBear on

    Newbear, I agree 100%. Our guys struggle with the scouting. Devils find diamonds in the rough.

  337. Stranger Nation on

    newbear – Lou was forced to apply disciplined scouting due to lack of funds while across the river they threw wads of cash at all stars from years gone by. Also was aggressive bringing Eastern Europeans over. Amazing what he got in the cupboard through out the years on his budget.

  338. Papa, you are so right. Editing. I think it was Churchill who once ended a long letter with the sentence: “I would have made all this shorter but I didn’t have the time.”

  339. Stranger I hope you are right, the psychology of a hockey player is unpredictable, but given that he was not allowed to form the team allegiances – impossible in the PO situation – maybe, just maybe he could room with Stepan or Callaghan and get it, somehow

  340. Never fully figured out Tort’s veiled public criticisms of Kreider. Sounded like he was either a deer in the headlights, or was on a Murdoch path in NYC.

  341. Papa O'McBear on

    Devils loose top line players and don’t skip a beat. We lose the Brandon’s and Artie and fall apart?? Don’t make sense.

  342. Stranger Nation on

    Richards is the anvil hanging around this team’s neck.

    For whom the bell tolls, it tolls for him.

  343. Papa O'McBear on

    Dear in head lights. I would bet the house that kid is no Murder. Probably sleeps with a Teddy Bear still.

  344. It doesn’t make sense. All that stuff about chemistry last year is a bit overrated in my book. Prust could have helped, sure, but our problem is mainly burying pucks as I see it.

  345. Stranger, I agree, he did hit, but what do you think is happenning politically in the NYr org vie-a-vise Kreider ?

  346. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – we are no thinner in the ranks this season. Right now No Staal, unproductive Gaby & Richards and The Kreider lost in Hartford…

  347. Maybe they should room all the new kids with Callahan. Stack ’em up, five bunks to a room and throw Cally another hundred grand to baby sit and explain. Too late for Richards.

  348. Papa O'McBear on

    I feel bad for Richards. The guy came to NY to play in the spot light and his skills are no longer spot light worthy.

  349. Don’t know how anyone can feel bad for Richie Rich. He can buy an island, a personal jet, and a string of poloponies.

  350. Stranger Nation on

    newbear, I think this is Torts’ ship to sail and the personnel decisions come across his desk. he realizes they were not winning a cup with last years roster and are probably 2 years away from serious contention.

  351. Without juice, most athletes by 32 with injuries, lose a step. Lose a step when you’re playing world class and it becomes obvious.

  352. Stranger Nation on

    re Kreider – get him some seasoning in AHL. Funny last year we didnt mind playing the kids when we won. Just seems like you cant have both Gaby and Kreider playing Ice Capades.

  353. Mental errors drive coaches crazy. Physical errors just means you need a better roster.

  354. Stranger Nation on

    coos – me thinks Richards was never a weight room guy and may want to reconsider given his diminished strength.

  355. Papa O'McBear on

    Richards is Torts all time favorite boy. Doesn’t make sense based on what I’ve scene the last 2 months. Can’t figure that out.

  356. Funny, Stranger, there was a time not long ago when a professional athlete wouldn’t go anywhere near a weight room. Things have changed.

  357. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I used to be a heroin addict, but now I’m a methadone addict. Progress indeed.

  358. Hey, eee!

    Papa, Richie makes a boatload, and Torts was probably the cat whispering in Sather’s ear to get him here. He will not admit defeat!

  359. coos, it is easy to make fun of a team influence, wwhich can supplement coaching. The camaraderie on the team can add to the confidence of a player on a 3rd line, no?

  360. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – indeed – 2 bottles of very good bubbly followed by the finest herb since brooks…. And u know where the trip e be

  361. E3, can you direct us to your previous hockey lectures? I don’t know how far back this blog goes and is accessible.

  362. Papa O'McBear on

    Eddie, some of posts this day were as long as the Carp re-caps. Verbosity at its finest.

  363. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    The last hour of comments has been refreshing to read!! No insults ,no personal attacs. Thanks guys I truly enjoyed reading. But got to go my granddaughters are sleeping so that means one of them will be trying to pry one of my eyes open in a few hour. Sanity prevails!

  364. Papa O'McBear on

    Please Coos, if your gonna come to the early Mass, don’t embarrass me when the collection basket comes our way.

  365. I love an Irish priest with an eye for the ladies. Gives me confidence that things will turn out ok in the long run.

  366. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Oddly enough after reading you guys I feel very relaxed, win or lose this is my team. I ♥ them.

  367. Hey Ria,
    you should appear more often and be vigorous, the personal attacks are boiling under surface

  368. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    I’m always here reading sometimes it not worth posting maybe your right ( nighttime is the right time) more rational conversation . Talk to youse soon. Btw still don’t have your e-mail e3.

  369. Papa O'McBear on

    I hope you considering given a shout out to the nighttime crew in the re-cap, trips e.

  370. Come on, Gentlemen, step it up, talk about the NHL silent treatment of the Referee Grading, how those Zebras escape punishment, or whatever happens, that we don’t know.
    It is worse than hits to the head…

  371. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    I had a feeling it was a capital should have went with y instinct & tried it .

  372. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Coos scroll all the way up look on the right side. E3 i’ll copy that & try to e-mail you tomorrow. Thanks ;)

  373. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Nope it didn’t okay really going almost 1:30 here & i’m sure the girls will be looking for breakfast early

  374. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ria – I have always liked you – such a dear gentle soul that can still rock the scene…

  375. Papa O'McBear on

    Eddie, great recap. Spoken in true heart on sleeve, Eddie. Can’t wait to read tomorrows. Pittsburg again.

  376. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3 – it was bordering on comical how seemingly hard it was for youze guys yo connect. Maybe the meiator was inept?

  377. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    9 am out here I will watch it tape and watch again – the critics will have razor sharp pens

  378. You can never write for the critics. Critics are frustrated writers; that’s why they’re critics. What the public wants is the pleasure of the text.

  379. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – I will be writing to make myself laugh but discuss the game in a serious fashion

  380. Papa O'McBear on

    Early start tomorrow. Won’t be around for the game. Do us proud trips e!!

    Slán go fóill

  381. A great mix of old and new, names from the past, kids who replaced them, not pedantic, but informative. All good. Even Officer McDonald.

  382. You say toemaytoe I say horsefeathers on

    Musta been gallin’ to see actual hockey discussed today, and
    occasionally in coherent paragraphs, however snarky.
    There was a Gang of Four prior to you in your Doctor Dentons, , y’know.
    They were pretty self-absorbed, too:-).

  383. Interesting to read how quickly McD entered your good graces. I still would like him to punch one of those thugs, so long as Haley or Ash is on the ice at the time.

  384. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Self absorbed is especially brutal when taken far too seriously. No tongue in cheek is never a good thing.

  385. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I saw McD as a gift from above. Still feel the same. He was great with Sauer.

  386. Sauer a large loss. Any yet another cheap shot today by Philly, leaving the feet, nasty. Only a charging penalty. Someone’s gonna get a broken neck and that will be the end of physical hockey, they’ll put in so many new rules.

  387. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It truly is a treat to do one of these – always thankful to carp for the chancw

  388. One day, when you’re dreaming, not a lot to say, shoot me the other dates of your offerings, wot? I know Papa, too, would like to read or re-read them. He’s an eager beaver, as it were.

  389. I think it was Schen (sp?) #10 who delivered, believe it or not. Forgot who he hit, but he shook it off. Dangerous though, charging and leaving your feet with someone defenseless.

  390. newbie has edged in with the day contributors. he’s okay, knowledgeable, but I think he’s going over to the dark side of daylight. He’ll be back for some humor when he’s had his fill.

  391. roger, I’ll find it. Got tired of going through the third party ritual with Ria, wot?

  392. Personal attacks with comments after your write-up? I’ll have to read them. Usual suspects or are most of the usual suspects new here?

  393. Maybe she was missing the last “a.” Who knows? She seems very sociable and polite. I can see why the daytime might frustrate her.

  394. Got you. Yeah, sometimes I don’t get to the blog until late afternoon, and I scroll just to see who’s hollering. Love the gratuitous ad-hominems.

  395. I’ll send you soon a short article I just read in the NY Review of Books by someone who was a student of “Dirty Lit” at Cornell under Nabokov. Very funny.

  396. They seem to successfully bogart a few who I thought would be beyond bogarting. Everyone jumped on cmnsense, but they skate. Anyway….Look forward to your re-cap. I’ll let you go.

  397. Your 2:27. What a line and 2 defensemen! Let they try to keep US off the scoreboard. :)

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