Jets 3, Rangers 1: Post-game notes


From the NYR:

March 14, 2013 (Game 26, Away Game 11)
MTS Centre – Winnipeg, MB
Jets 3, Rangers 1

Team Notes:

–      The Rangers were defeated by the Winnipeg Jets, 3-1, tonight at MTS Centre, and are now 5-3-0 in the last eight games.

–      The Blueshirts have posted a record of 13-11-2 (28 pts) overall, including a 4-6-1 mark on the road this season.

–      The Rangers won 33-56 faceoffs (59%) in the contest, led by Brad Richards’ game-high, 12 faceoff wins (12-18, 67%).

Player Notes:

–      Ryan Callahan notched the Rangers’ lone goal at 1:11 of the second period, and registered three shots on goal, two hits, and tied for the game-high with three blocked shots in 18:50 of ice time. He has tallied a point in three straight games (two goals, one assist during the streak), and has recorded six points (four goals, two assists) in the last six contests. Callahan is now tied for the team lead with nine goals on the season.

–      Henrik Lundqvist stopped 30 of 32 shots faced and is now 11-10-1 overall, including a 2-5-1 mark on the road this season. It is the sixth time Lundqvist has posted 30 or more saves in a game this season (1-4-1, 2.47 GAA, .930 Sv% in those contests).

–      Ryan McDonagh tallied an assist, tied for the team-high with four hits, and was credited with two blocked shots in 23:54 of ice time. He has now registered 11 points (two goals, nine assists) in his last 16 games, including six assists in the last eight contests.

–      Derek Stepan recorded the primary assist on Callahan’s goal and logged 20:05 of ice time in the contest. He has now tallied points in seven of the last eight games (four goals, five assists over the span), including a point in each of the last three games (two goals, one assists during the streak).

–      Brian Boyle was credited with four hits and won 7-10 faceoffs (70%) in 13:44 of ice time.

–      Rick Nash registered a game-high, six shots, and led all forwards with 22:57 of ice time.

–      Anton Stralman was credited with four hits and two blocked shots in 21:02 of ice time.

–      Michael Del Zotto was credited with two hits and two blocked shots, registered three shots on goal, and logged a game-high, 27:41 of ice time.

Team Schedule:

–      The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, Mar. 15, is 3:00 p.m. at CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

–      The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday, Mar. 16, at CONSOL Energy Center (1:00 p.m. – TV: MSG Network; Radio: ESPN 98.7), to conclude their four-game road trip.


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  1. I really don’t want to make this abt. Nash because he IS NOT (for those who like to twist words) a problem but can everyone calm down over his play. For the 6th highest cap hit in the League, he’s not even in the 40 in goals scoring nor the top 30 in points. Yes, he’s been THEIR best player but he’s not exactly lighting up the League either.

  2. I’ve been out here on Broadway and Rector since September waiting for the stupid parade to start…anyone have that app that shows me where all the public bathrooms are down here?

  3. eddie eddie eddie on

    No matter how bad we have it, we are not Islander fans. How is anyone an Islander fan? Or a Devils fan for that matter? Ugh. Gouge my eyes with a fork.

  4. Carped!

    I didn’t count that because he took over for Renney very late in the season.

    As Carp said, they’ve improved the top six at the expense of the bottom 6, but shouldn’t that also improve the power play? It’s been atrocious since Jagr left, and even then, the system was “get it to Jagr and let him shoot”.

    I’m not in the locker room (obviously) but I have to think some of the players are just not hearing him anymore. And you can’t fire all the players…

    I said this a few weeks ago, but man this team really reminds me of the 92-93 Rangers, who had a bunch of talent, finished first overall the year before, but just blew chunks that year (and Messier was a coach killer – didn’t think they could win playing defense first)

  5. Olga Folkyerself on

    Fat Guy – do you have a view there from the ledge? From way up there, the whole world is a bathroom.

  6. yes, but for those 7-8 years, the Coliseum was rocking…like a nightly Packers home game. We have never had a run like that

  7. E3 – Isles? I get. Ownerships disasters since he mid 90’s but the Devils? All they do is WIN! I’ll take their resume any day of the Week.

  8. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW – I diasgree. Nash is the most valuable player in the league. Subtract him and this teams has 2 wins on the year. He is not only the rangers’ best player, but the MVP in the NHL.

  9. Haley deserves to be here. Too bad, like most of team, he can’t light the lamp.

    When Nash ain’t dynamic, he fits in well with the rest of team.

  10. I don’t care if the Devils had 8 fans. Those 8 fans saw 3 Cups and 2 more Final appearances since our 1 cup in 54 years.

  11. E3 is right…MVP may mean MVP, but it doesn’t mean best player…and you doesn’t have to call me Mr. Johnson

  12. So E3 what you are saying is he is right back where he was in Columbus. A one man team. Glad we paid 7.8mil for that.

  13. “He made the night a little brighter
    Wherever he would go,
    The old lamplighter
    Of long, long ago.”

  14. Solid As An Evrock on

    At least we’ll have a chance at the 1st overall pick in the draft if we miss the playoffs. Oh wait, we traded that away. Nevermind

  15. Carp, you mentioned Anisimov as being the guy people forget. Very true, but I think Sauer has really been the difference both this year and last. Would have solidified the defense greatly in the playoffs, and on this year’s team, would be a holdout, along with maybe only Callahan, of the gritty style that was last season’s hallmark. Might inspire others to play a better game knowing he can drop the gloves if necessary.

  16. Olga Folkyerself on

    Truth be told, since the original 67 expansion, the isles won 4 cups, the devils 3, the pens 3, the flyers 2, and our boys just 1.

    I don’t see that changing in our favor as long as Sather runs things…

  17. Miserable Ranger Fan on

    Coos,,, Talking about a ledge and pooping on people below and stuff like that. Grow up and be miserable like the rest of us. You can’t just poop in public cause its funny.

  18. Spoken like the coach of the Charlestown Chiefs. Let’s stop with the humor, boys, we lost 12-1 out there tonight.

  19. Hugo, Hugh , Huge ….this is getting confusing. I don’t know who’s talking anymore.

  20. “I like those two Hammerheads. I got ’em cheap and I hear they might have an upside.”

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We would be singing a different tune if Babcock or Hitchcock were coaching this team.

  22. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Babcock as head coach. Johnson as assistant. Pecker Rimmer in goal…. And we’d laugh forever.

  23. have to say this team is starting to run short of time. as it stands now they’re looking at having to win 13-14 of their remaining games and while that’s certainly possible, I think there are a lot of deficiencies that may not be corrected in time.

  24. I’m out on a promontory. At least those with no sense of humor about ledges will have to look that up before offering vitriolic response.

  25. I’ll go with a secant line, cooscoos. At least there’d be an average rate of change instead of the inconsistency we’re currently seeing.

  26. Carp

    Bringing in a new coach does not indicate starting over. Think Dan Bylsma with Pittsburgh – brought in mid-season and wins Stanley Cup.

  27. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – prefer a seriously positive tangent line measuring progress as a function of time.

  28. Miserable Ranger Fan on

    Spraying spectators below the ledge with your in is really disturbing. That’s not funny.

  29. also noticed that MSG decided to cut out the question about the “Tortorella” chant on the version of the press conference they posted, the one where Tortorella printed he didn’t understand before being whisked away by the p.r. guy.

  30. MSG needs Jay Carney to do their press conferences. He can say nothing twelve different ways.

  31. darrel powe has o points in 15 games. jeff halpern has 1 point in 25 games…

    and they need to suit these guys up game in and game out???kreider, thomas, mashinter, ferrerio, my sister are not better options then these guys…..

  32. Gabby to Stralman on

    In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.

  33. going to go out on a limb and say there’s no way they win that Saturday game

    as far as those lower line guys, yeah, there’s no production coming from anyone that doesn’t play on the top two lines and the production there is spotty as well.

    don’ t think it’s a coincidence, however, that this team played its best hockey with Richards out of the lineup and Staal looking as good as he’s looked since before the concussion.

  34. Solid As An Evrock on

    Whenever fans of another team dot in front of us at Panthers games I tell them that it must be such an embarrassment to lose to them. I have a bad feeling about the game the Rangers play here next month.

  35. the Michael Haley project needs to be over, at least as far as him playing anywhere but the 4th line. can’t win when you put two guys who aren’t going to score on the same line with a guy who’ll score once every eight games.

  36. “In this world, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant. For years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You can quote me.” – Ellwood P. Dowd

  37. the rangers really play with 9 forwards and that includes pyatt and boyle and you wonder why they cannot score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    boyle a 6 ft 7 waste of a body. the guy is nothing, he is slow, slow with the release, not smart on the ice.. he is a big glob of nothing…

    gabby, goals in 5 games on the season. I know he is on the wrogn side of the ice… I know his shoulder is not 100%. I know he has no 1 to set him up. I know he goes against the other teams best d man. I know he is misunderstood and it is the style of play that is hurting him. BTW they played that style last year also.

  38. Our boys were in fear of the mighty Byfugilin. The gave him much room to move about tonight in an unobstructed manner.

  39. stranger nation on

    Papa – I wish the big crease clearing defenseman we dont have would have stood him up.

  40. We could debate whether this team is different from that Penguins team. However, the talent and pieces are in place for the Rangers. Perhaps Tortorella is the right man for the job, perhaps not. Time will tell.

  41. rangers 2nd fewest goals scored in the east. 1 more goal scored then the bottom team in goals scored Ottawa…

    sherlock you think we have a problem?????????????????

    i love when moron announcers say on the Ranger PP, so much talent; gaborik, nash, richards, etc. these losers cannot score……unless results mean crap…

  42. honestly, I see no evidence “the talent and pieces are in place for the Rangers.” I see a few good young players, a couple of really good young players, and several massive holes.

  43. Nash, Gaborik, Richards.

    Stepan, Callahan, Miller.

    Del Zotto, Staal, McDonagh, Girardi


    No evidence?

  44. stranger nation on

    Lloydo – correctomundo on the ‘talent’ up front. We have Nash, Cally and Step to generate offense and Hags as well.

    I guess my point is Richards and Gabby are not all that

  45. Rangers looked a little better at times tonight, but they still can’t score – what a shocker.
    Did they already use one of their amnesty buyouts, and if so, who was it, and what did they save on the cap? I thought they did on Redden, but of course Redden has become somewhat useful on the Blues.
    I wish I had answer to solve their scoring woes. I was never I’m favor of them signing Richards, and I was hesitant about trading for Nash too. Nash has looked good, but he still has to score more, even though he can’t do it on his own every night.
    Richards, not Gaborik, as bad as he’s looked has to be amnestied. I can’t watch another 7 years of this for a guy whose about past his prime in my opinion. Gaborik only has one more year, so let him play it out. How he’s not scoring more, I don’t know, because he is very talented, but he never seems to be in good to great goal scoring positions. Maybe others should be blamed as well for not being able to set him up enough.
    I don’t expect them to beat the red-hot Pens even without Malkin, but I wouldn’t mind them seeing them open it up, and play a 5-4 game – maybe some of their top guys will get some confidence back.

  46. Gaborik won’t be here much longer. Richards is rocketing toward a buy out. How can you list either of those two when discussing the future?

  47. That video made me smile.

    The whole night watching multi-millionaires “play” hockey aggravated me. Time to reassess my selection of leisure activities?

  48. eddie eddie eddie on

    kooz – If johnny oduya’s sister juanna married randy johnson…she’d be Juanna Oduya Johnson

  49. and for what it’s worth I’m back to think Hagelin is a third-liner who had a flukey 5-game stretch

  50. Lloyd – As far as I’m concerned, I’m not looking to Richards as part of the future. He won a Con Smythe in 2004, I get it already. How long ago now? He looks slow and old, and I don’t want to hear that he wasn’t in shape to start the season anymore.
    Gaborik has to stay because no one is going to want him unless he starts scoring in bunches, so not much you can do with him – just hope he breaks out of it really soon.

  51. After two consecutive, similar losses, Torts gives two very different assessments. I think that, at this point, you have to wonder if he’s lost the team. I still think he’s the guy for the job, but it would certainly appear that many if not most of the guys on the team have tuned him out.

  52. Solid As An Evrock on

    Torts needs to stop trying to fit the players into his “system” and start tailoring his system to fit the players. This team is head and shoulders below b year’s team worth respect to their defensive responsibility.
    Btw, didn’t we get Nash to improve the offense? I think we have something like 14 goals less than we had after 26 games last year. Yeah, lockout, blah blah blah. Chicago doesn’t seem to need that excuse.

  53. gaborik has 1 year on his deal he is not being amnestied..DUH…

    Byfuglien is not that good, rangers make everyone look good…

  54. GMen. There mightbvbe a GM or two or three, whom believe that acquiring Gaborik at the deadline might put them over the top. You never know.

  55. Gmen11 – I am still hoping Richards finds a way to turn it around but I have to admit the guy does not look good at all. I have a hard time believing he could fall off this much after having one of the best years of his career but he’s a liability right now and has been for most of the season. The team played better without him and the power play is certainly better without him there to have the puck hop over his stick at the blue line. Maybe he really is finished and is just plummeting down the drain. I dunno. Right now his contract looks as terrible as some folks here said it was a year ago. Was a lot easier to fight that kind of talk because the guy played well. Now he’s looking like an albatross.

    as for Gaborik, to me apart from the shoulder, that’s 100% on Tortorella. the guy looks like he’s on egg shells and that’s not purely because he’s nervous about his shoulder. he’s got zero confidence and has his cajones cut out whenever he makes a mistake. can he be lazy and undisciplined? sure. but he’s a scoring forward, not a third-line grinder. I think if he’s able to get on a little bit of a streak the almighty coach might get off his back a bit and some of that pressure will go away. sure seems to me like he’ll be out of here before long, though, and certainly before Tortorella.

  56. Well, if Gaborik starts scoring in bunches, then other teams will want him. Sell high. Since everyone seems tired of him, then we might be able to get something decent in return, like some younger players. But I can live with one more year left. He’s not going to be this awful going forward.

  57. Gaborik is one of the best goal scorers in the NHL.

    Richards is here now and for the foreseeable future, and he has a history of success.

  58. i love the lost the team crowd. yep players are going to lose on purpose because they do not like the coach.

    total bull.

    they have limited scoring talent on this team bottom line….again stepan is playing better then could be expected, callahan about as expected. hagelin about expected. nash, gabby, and richards are all underachieving, boyle is a totla disaster, kreider is in the ahl, and the rest are dreck and junk…

    is it shocking this team cannot score? they cannot score becuase they have no offensive talent…

  59. gaborik is not 1 of the best goal scorers in the nhl, he was. he is no longer. his shoulder is fin. he floats, doea not take hits to make plays, and he is a mental case…

  60. Solid As An Evrock on

    Correction C3, Rangers’ future spelled backwards is Columbus Blue Jacket lottery pick.

  61. Stuart A – I only mentioned Gaborik being amnestied because I saw others mention it over the last week, which I agree with with you, makes no sense, with 1.5 yrs left on his contract.

  62. Solid As An Evrock on

    I’ve gotta stop reading this blog on my phone. It takes 3 hours to scroll down every time I refresh. lol

  63. Solid As An Evrock on

    I always figured Richards’ contract would look awful at some point. I just didn’t figure that some point would be his second friggin’ year.

  64. Good points Lloyd.
    What sums up Richard’s season thus far is the odd-man 3 on 2 they had in the 2nd I think. Richards was set up for a one timer or quick wrister and he couldn’t even get the shot off. It’s chances like that you have to capitalize on, because they need goals, and rarely score unless it’s a hard work or grind em’ out goal.

  65. At this point. I think the Rangers sacrificed talent for depth in the off season. I don’t intend to blame Nash one bit. He is an amazing talent (better than Gabby imo), and the Rangers are a better team with him, But to lose Dubinsky and Anisimov is hurting. Two good centers missing on the team this year. Stepan is young and good but not a number one center yet, and Richards is snakebitten.

  66. actually, 3-10-1 if you count tonight’s loss

    by my calculation, to make the playoffs they’ll need something like 26 points from the next 22 games. impossible? definitely not. but looking like a steeper climb than it did a week or so ago.

  67. There all holding their sticks too tight. Too much pressure. The big three have to start scoring or we’re in trouble. They’ve had far too many great opportunities. Really miss Stall a lot. Might be time to bring Kreider back up. Need big fresh players that could skate fast. The Jets played the 3rd period pretty much the way we won most of our games last year. Almsot cost them near the end.

  68. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – How many are going to jump off the ledge by morning?

    Watching that 3rd period, it looked like we got beat by the Ranger team from last year. Jets took every inch of the ice away. Rangers never had the momentum.

    Not sure what the fix is here, but this game we needed more Cally-Step-Hags out there!!! God forbid the $20Million dollar line of Nash-Richards-Gaborik could show up for a game on the Road.

    I guess we win 5 out of 6 and then lose 2.

    The sun will come up tomorrow. . . Or will it…..

  69. Richards will get bought. It’s just a question of when. That alone, could be tormenting with Brad Richards’ head and causing him to suck even more…

    Gaby? I understand he is not producing or moving his feet enough. After the season he had last year, it’s hard to say that he sucks or that he doesn’t try or can’t grind…

    He is in a slump. His career isn’t over. What a bunch of crap that is… He is still creating better chances for himself than anyone except Nasher…

  70. Hagelin and Gaborik had a nice shift together; their speed complements each other well and I think they had a goal if the d-man didn’t get a piece of that drop pass.

  71. Pressure of realization, that this team has no hockey imagination, just impetus to work hard (at times)!!

  72. gaborik needs to be a dominating force ala jagr after the lockout. he is not close to performing like that.

    the guy just turned 31, maybe he jsut stinks…

    richards had a few good games tonight he was horrible. eatch how many times he turns it over or does not get a pass deep or a shot on net. the guy needs to lift weights, get in better shape or soemthing like that. i swear he never wins a battle on the boards….

  73. about a 1/3 of the teams salary is on the underachiever line.. about $20 mill for maryane, bucktooth, and nash…scary poor ROI………….

  74. Gaborik is never going to be that kind of player, though. People forget that Jagr was a monster and other guys were scared of him. Nobody’s ever been scared of Marian Gaborik that way.

  75. Lloyd, that type of thing has to take place more than once in any given game, they did have a few odd man rushes 3-2 and look what happened, I just screamed..
    Gabby can shoot from the slot and score on a PS, but no… he goes for a deke.

  76. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Hank called it in the post game interview in the lockerroom “we have to be tougher in front of our net”
    These people wanting to add Dan Boyle have no idea what they are talking about!!

  77. Sioux-per-man on

    Funny how Hags speed make make any line look better. He will be one hell of a hockey player when he starts burying the puck!!!

    Torts should put them back together. With Miller.
    Let that line create on its own.

    Haley should get one of the thee stars. He is looking good on the ice. He handled himself with and without the gloves. He adds just the right amount of energy, and he bangs the body harded than any Ranger on the ice tonight.

  78. Gaborik needs to stop with his 5-hole shot that never works on breakaways btw.

    look at the stats from some of these guys

    Gaborik: 3 goals, 6 assists in the last 19 games
    Richards: 2 goals, 7 assists in the last 17 games. 2 multipoint games this season (both 2-point efforts) and the last was January 26.
    Hagelin: 1 goals, 5 assists in the last 12 games
    J.T. Miller: 0 goals, 2 assists in the last 16 games
    Pyatt: 1 goal, 2 assists in the last 22 games
    Boyle: 1 goal, 1 assist in 22 games

    this team is Stepan, Nash and Callahan right now

  79. not even going to mention the nominal 4th liners who don’t really see enough ice time to warrant inclusion in the discussion but it’s worth noting that Powe, Halpern, Bickel and Asham have 2 combined points this season

  80. _Gaby? I understand he is not producing or moving his feet enough. After the season he had last year, it’s hard to say that he sucks or that he doesn’t try or can’t grind…_

    _He is in a slump. His career isn’t over. What a bunch of crap that is… He is still creating better chances for himself than anyone except Nasher…_


    _Hank called it in the post game interview in the lockerroom “we have to be tougher in front of our net”_

    Lundqvist needs to be tougher in front of his own net. He has not been the same goaltender thus far this season as years past. However, LW3H said tonight that Lundqvist should have stopped the second goal. While there are some deflections and redirections that Lundqvist is more than capable of stopping, there was nothing he could do about either goal tonight – particularly the second goal, in which the puck bounced off the chest of a player directly in front of him and in the net.

  81. Pretty safe to say that an overwhelming majority of why the Rangers were as good as they were a year ago was Henrik Lundqvist and the team was able to ride that to game 6 of the conference final. Lundqvist has not been as good this year and that has hurt the team.

    But the fact is that they’re getting nothing offensively out of 3/4 of the forwards. Add in the goalie being slightly above-average rather than elite and you’re not going to win.

  82. Solid As An Evrock on

    They scored one stinking goal tonight. Even with virtually 3 breakaways. Gabby has a break and then gets a break on the penalty shot call. I’m not convinced the offence was worthy of a ps. He stinks up the joint on both. First a limp backhand into the chest and then a deke which he had proven time and time again that he can’t finish that way instead of where he’s been successful: a quick wrister from the slot.
    Then Nash does the same thing. He’s successful on the deke and decides to shoot. I kind of expected it from Gabby at this point, but Nash? He’s gotta bury that puck.

  83. Listen people, not scoring more than one does not get you anywhere, they have find the way to score. Most likely, by changing the style of play, a different “right way”, since the current one obviously doesn’t work.

  84. look, that Tampa game at the end of February is the one most of us could point to as being the turning point of the season, right? including that game, the Rangers are 5-3 since. in that time they’ve got 5 total goals from forwards not named Nash, Callahan or Stepan. that’s 5 goals from 9 forwards in 8 games.

  85. Lloyd, when you put in like this, in numbers, in black and white, it is much more frightening then if it is just loosely in my mind. I only hope the rangers’ leadership has the same numbers in front of them, not just the “tape” to teach them.
    We are talking real money…

  86. and look, I get your best players have to be your best players, but how many of you would have included Stepan among the top 3 forwards on the team four weeks ago? the supposed top forwards on this team other than the names mentioned have been virtually invisible…Rangers have exactly 1 forward (other than the 3 mentioned above) with more than 1 goal in like the last 12 or 13 games and it’s Brad Richards. god help us.

  87. Then there is the question of the scouts. Lou overe there in Jersey has, over the years, somehow found undersize Rafalski, Gionta Brothers, etc. All scouting to be credited.
    Who do we rely on? Who do we have with any proven reputation to roam and find potential gems without relying on the stupid NHL draft rounds?
    Maybe we have some experts on the art of scouting, no?

  88. eddie eddie eddie on

    The rangers have never scouted well. The few draft choices that turned out were more due to blind luck…And on the rare chance they draft a stud (Rick Middleton) they get rid of him…

  89. Don’t want to sound mystical, but re: tonight’s game : Jokonen was not good enough for the Rangers, nor was Antropov. On the other hand, we take good players and destroy them, the spit them out, the one that got away was Jagr.

  90. and by dumb, I mean A) comparing anybody to Hitler (jackass prize of the day); and B) thinking that the way the coach acts in front of the press is the way he acts in the lockerroom or on the ice, or that his players think if him in the same way that angry fans do.

  91. Burning up his Bits on

    Carp Calling someone dumb and doing it on a previous Blog page is even dumber.
    A Seinfeldisk attempt at WWII Luftwaffe humor is that in itself. Soup Nazi, Coach Nazi ect.
    Might be time for another one of those Gannett Furloughs.
    Careful I may have to hold your medical coverage back to you show an ability to be more cogent

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