It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Jets


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Game 26.
Rangers at Jets.

The Rangers — gasp! — have lost one in a row and two of three … and of course the sky is falling.

Never mind that they’ve won five of seven.

Still, full-panic mode goes into effect tonight if they lose on the frozen plains of Manitoba where Hedberg, Nilsson and Hull once skated and where Rammer grew up.

The Rangers are technically ahead of the Jets (game in hand) in eighth place in the East. They play the third of a four-game trip (1-1 so far, with a matinee in Pittsburgh Saturday looming).

Looks as if Roman Hamrlik, after (or during) his Jim Schoenfeld boot camp, goes back into the lineup in place of Matt Gilroy, who will be prucha’d along with Stu Bickel.

Marc Staal (eye) remains out indefinitely. Arron Asham (unknown injury) skated with the team today and could return soon, but not tonight.


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  1. Czech,

    I do not agree at all. NOPE….Torts wants him to use his SPEED….TO SCORE GOALS….

    I watched Kreider. I saw a somewhat lazy or maybe disinterested kid with little fire in his belly. He did not create offense like we thought he could, he was just watching out there this season…

    Let him prove himself in the AHL so we don’t have to live and die with his mistakes and lack of production. If he can’t do it there, he certainly can’t up here…

  2. Carp, did notice though how Torts seems to furl his brow while Sam was asking each question. He doesn’t even know he’s doing it! Gotta love it!

  3. You know what…Torts knew he was off base, Sam knew it, probably shrugged it off, and both later were like, sorry, whatever….. personally, I think a big mountain was made of a mole hole…and yes, mama said hole.

  4. Czechthemout!!! on


    You can disagree. But what I saw was a confused young player who was afraid to make a mistake and get yelled at for doing so. The approach Torts took with him in the playoffs was much smarter. He told him to just go play but make sure you back check and that was a much smarter approach.

    Bottom line, he is not here so lets hope whatever happens with Kreider is for the best. I for one feel he is not at all served well playing with Brandon Segal and Kris Newberry.

  5. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    As I napped earlier today, I dreamt of two names illuminated in a big bright blue neon colored sign with a purple border…

    Dirk Diggler and Micheal Haley

  6. Yeah, but Kreider never really dominated in college. For someone his size, with that skating ability and with his shot, he should have…I’m not saying he’s a bust or anything like that…I’m just saying he needs time to put it all together…

  7. Can somebody explain why in hell this game is on MSG+ and Fishies game is on MSG? Aren’t we supposed to be the main team that is shown on the main channel? I’m not even talking about the reasons why our archrivals are even on the MSG channel which shows the Dolans greed for the extra profit and imo totally disrespects Rangers fans. What else could you expect out of this idiot?

  8. Rangers got trampled by Baby Buffalos; it’s unlikely they’ll be able to ground the Jets tonight.

  9. Extra prayers today for Pope Francis and our Rangers at the 7 AM Mass this morning. There were no signs of Boneheads, must be a bunch Protestant Lads and Lasses.

  10. wtb??? why is nhl game radio online not working???? it’s how I keep up with Dave!!!

  11. Staalevar, agreed, Dolanvision is for carcillo. As someone explained to me, cause Knicks are on west coast and they’ll switch to that soon as it’s time….still is hartnelling bull as far as I’m concerned….

  12. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dirk “you still hungry?”

    Jessie st. Vincent “starving”

    Dirk “then feast on this”

  13. NYR – he dominated in college. You forget that BC is extremely well balanced from top to bottom and almost everyone is an NHL pick. He was around a bunch of talented players, but was so clearly better than most of his opponents.

    The issue is many here seem to think he’s a Nash style physical offensive player when he’s not. His like JvR, big body, tons of offensive skill, but not all that physical. He floats from time to time, but when he has the puck, he’s amazing to watch skate around the ice.

    Once he adjusts to the speed of the NHL game, he’s going to be a great offensive player. Similar to Gaborik I guess, but with more tools than just the speed and a shot.

  14. weather the storm first 10 mins from there speed and crowd. pretty pathetic i am worried about the crowd

  15. Mich breaks out into a soul version of Dylan’s Forever Young as an ode to Stepan.

  16. Staal – Isles are on because the Knicks are on at 10. Knicks draw better TV ratings so the Isles go before them since they draw the least and they’ll cut away early if needed. Rangers get MSG+ so they can show the whole game and post game.

  17. JD – I know…I know….Maybe used the wrong choice of words, he was very good in college and I know BC is top notch… Like you, I also think he needs to adjust to the speed of the NHL to be great…

  18. worse thing this team ever did was a tease us with last year. this is a crap team with crappy management

  19. Tonic. PP only at 5% over the last month? Come play the Rangers. Tonic for all your team’s ills.

  20. Yes Sam Rangers are passing the puck behind the opposition’s net. Cycling back and forth. They have settled down to prevent defense.

  21. Oh God an ad for the Penguins game. Hopefully my cable will go out (wishful thinking).

  22. poor gaborik … two straight breakaway chances and none converted… maybe he should try using some other move (if he has one) rather than trying to put the puck through the five-hole all the time

  23. I thought you had to be restricted from getting the initial shot off. Knew the outcome as did every one else. Should have had 2 min instead

  24. Gaborik with no confidence. Pavelec is the worst goalie in the league, needs to just go in and fire

  25. Marian is a proud athlete. Proud of what we are not sure at the moment.

    It’s comfortable out here on the ledge – very enjoyable. Do you guys have enough room.

  26. Gaborik broke his stick on the bench? Ok…let’s see how mad he really is… let’s see if he can raise his game

  27. Antropov’s name has been mentioned more in this game than in his entire tenure with the Rangers

  28. Cant buy a goooooaaaal,
    Cant buy a goooooaaaal,
    Cant buy a goooooaaaal,, goal.

    Old Beatles tune.

  29. Maybe they would score if they hit the net.

    And what on earth has it come to when Rick Nash is giving up a shot for Steve Eminger?

  30. wont hear from gabby rest of game

    tell nash to not sit next to him on the bench

    richards sucks too

  31. Gaborik has missed 2 breakaways but at least got puck on net (sort of). Nash and Richards have both had great chances and have completely missed the net.

  32. ShoreRanger that much weight on the damn ledge may cause it to break off! What is the weight capacity?!

  33. Gift of GAB-orik on

    ok 20 in the books… better 2nd half of the period. We’ll see how they come out for the 2nd.

  34. leetchhalloffame March 14th, 2013 at 8:27 pm

    Does this crap team ever score the first goal of a road game?

    yea, last game!!

  35. richards failed getting the puck deep or had a bad pass at least 5 times. gabby looked like a tru scoring star on the penalty shot.

    nash missed the net completely on a pseudo breakaway.

    nice start from our stars……..i use the term star liberally.

    maryanne is proud after all that is what michelletti told us…scored in 5 of 25 games, he is proud but he stinks…..we do not need kreider or hrvik or thomas, we have halpern, and powe, and the rest of the crew of high end scorers…..

  36. Is it me or are we being particularly harsh on a guy that never played LW in his career?

  37. i cant understand why hes still on left wing, but you blow 2 breakaways like that i dont think it matters right now.

  38. left wing right wing the net is in the same area it has always been in.

    gabby fans always got an excuse. the guy is being paid money for an elite goal scorer not what they are getting, not even close….

    btw Gabby leaves his side all the time so does it really matter..

  39. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Hey Carp!

    I’m an optimist… so no ledge for me! I come bearing gifts of goals!

  40. isles blew it with papsmear not us. when we had him he was ok but he broke out with them. like anybody here cried when he left

  41. Czechthemout!!! on

    So one period in, very little offense created. Two turnovers, both unforced created two of the three good scoring chances we had. Otherwise, more dump and chase, board hockey without a clue running around behind the net. Most of the shots were from poor angles and had zero chance of going in. Hank had at least sux to seven dangerous chances against him.

  42. “The Return of Howard Cosell: ‘I’m Just Telling It Like It Is’, starring Stuart A

  43. stuart i share your frustration but what is with the “maryanne” garbage. are you really that insecure or what? Do you also refer to the Sedins as the Sedin “sisters”?

  44. i’m a gabby fan stuart. i dont think anybodys happy with him right now. we know hes had a crappy season. take it easier on him though. hes not gonna stay in this rut forever

  45. Czechthemout!!! on

    Thats more like it! Go to the fugging net! What happens? You get chancs and you score!

  46. You will all blame that on Richards but there was absolutely no point in giving that pass to Richards.

  47. Czechthemout!!! on

    That slow fat Buyfglien guy is pretty good huh? I wish we had defenseman as slow as him.

  48. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Nash is getting feisty… i like it! Notice how he went after the big guy on the ice? (Antropov)

  49. trade chances with them we will get burned especially with richy out there who has no d zone presence

  50. Lev
    We should only expect a 7 million dollar player to make a good play 3 ft from the net if the pass was a good one. Cut him end of the yr and spend some more garden $.

  51. Czechthemout!!! on

    Richards getting back to his normal game this season, making the wrong play at he right time.

  52. Hedberg, sometimes it’s better to do 2 passes and shoot, especially when you are opened. MDZ joined the rush and was open with the puck so he may as well shoot.

  53. you don’t usually see the puck bouncing this much in those Canadian hockey-only arenas. Maybe it was Bob Seger and the Silver Bullets. The Rangers must feel right at home.

  54. Lev
    Agree he shouldn’t have passed, but do something with it, make something out of it. Don’t see this guy coming back to any top level status. Plus we overpaid for too many yrs in the 1st place

  55. Czechthemout!!! on

    So the lunatic coach benches and than demotes Miller for one bad pass while his nephew Richards makes a bad play every shift. That will teach him boy.

  56. LOLOL they actually think Pavelec is in the same category as Lundqvist? Must be something special in all that snow out there.

  57. Czechthemout!!! on

    Thats how you develop creativity, make a talented play afraid to do anything other than play dump and chase board hockey.

  58. Czechthemout!!! on

    Buff get his shots through every time. Twice tonight led to two goals. MDZ? Never!

  59. Strahlam still playing in Sauer’s spot, or Miettinen would be head first in the front row

  60. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    once again, momentum on the Rangers side, Hank (this year) cannot come up big. He has made some memorable saves this year, but when the chips are down, so far, he’s …. not “the king’.

  61. lev

    root for pittsburgh in reg season we have zero chance of catching them. rather they beat leafs who are three pts ahead of us

    common sense

  62. all I know is, when I come out to the ledge, ALL youse guys are getting pushed over.

  63. understandable eric, just the fact that they didnt score all game and then in last 7 minutes scored twice to comeback and shock crowd in toronto.

  64. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Perhaps his wife has Hank on the ‘feeding night shift’ before games. He’s not ultra sharp like he can be.

  65. Czechthemout!!! on

    No one is blaming MDZ Carp. Just making an observation. Am I wrong? Does MDZ get his shots to the net?

  66. want some good comedy?, on the official stat sheet, has the Rangers for two giveaways in this game. None for Richards.

  67. fill in the blank:

    the Rangers would finally score if they managed to get a ____ on 1 break

  68. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    not only has Richards been an offensive force this year, but his defense is just awesome.

  69. Czechthemout!!! on

    Great play by MDZ there at his blue line, and an equally great play by Nash.

  70. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I know things look down right now… but we have 20 minutes (or more) of hockey to pull out a ‘W’ here.

    Let the haters and the nay sayer windbags do their thing. I still bleed blue.
    I won’t go out on the ledge, or want to trade my whole team.
    Yes they let us down sometimes, yes they tease us with greatness and sometimes fall flat.
    Yes they will lose, and yes they will fail.
    That’s what makes success all the more satisfying.

    Hate if you want, but i’m standing up and saying…


  71. How are Gross, Brooks, and Strang not on the longest road trip of the year at a crucial point of the year?

  72. I lol’d about the media thing….Oh come on guys…you’re dinging the air….give it up. so boring.

  73. Brooks has a caddie there (I kid, Brett’s a good guy). Andrew’s paper made a smart decision to skip one game on the trip. My paper made a great decision to never ever send me anywhere beyond Newark. ESPN-NY doesn’t travel.

    The Times is there to whatever degree, I’m sure, and Pat Leonard.

  74. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carp, you REALLY think he’s game breaking sharp as he was last year? Remember the 3-0 win in Boston last year? THAT was Hank who won that. Spectacular. The win in game 6, was it, in Ottowa? Superb.

    Is he best in the league sharp? I don’t see it.

  75. See how many seconds in the 150 fastest in the National Hockey League are dedicated to the National Basketball Association.

  76. No, I don’t, Matty. But I’m not blaming him on a mid-air deflection, either.

    And the joke is about Tiki, not you.

  77. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Pitdo is beginning to look like ABC’s Joe Nolan the traffic guy , put thr jacket back on

  78. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Whether it was body positioning, control of rebounds, focus, or luck, goalies can change the momentum of the game. There may have been some moments this year, but not periods or games as in past years, yet. Perhaps it will come.

    But it just feels there is a lack of sharpness, a malaise, this year. Perhaps it will come over the next 20 games. The key is making the playoffs, which they should. I just don’t think you can turn it on overnight when you’ve not played consistently during the regular season. I hope to be wrong.

  79. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    In 20 mins we’ll know how the rangers responded from the night off in Buffalo and the rath of Tort’s..

  80. We should do a list of the most annoying people when you guys watch hockey, because there sure would be a lot of names: Emrick, Roenick, Pierre, Joe, Pidto, Duguay, Engblom, Milbury …

  81. Pee-Dough really is awful…and when you throw in Duguay…man, that is tough to watch

  82. I am aware Carp…seems like only four us know that joke, and the butt isn’t here, so why bother…silly.

  83. Agreed, Matty. In that way, he’s pretty much like everybody else on the team. Because, really, who has played his A game all year? Not Girardi-McDonagh-Staal, not the captain, not even Nash … and the rest have been worse.

  84. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Yea. And I wonder if it’s because of lousy team chemistry and that’s the way it will be this year, OR if they can turn it up a notch. Certainly it has to be disappointing to everyone the way Richards, and to a lesser extent, Gabby are playing.

  85. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I’m not so sure you could pay me enough to be in attendance at a Fishsticks vs. Tampa game in Tampa. Pitiful.

  86. Czechthemout!!! on

    Big period!

    Buff= best player on the ice tonight by far! But he is too fact. LOL

  87. well, only 44 more points available, so that two-point deficit is pretty big. And only one more game against Atlanta.

  88. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Wonder if Tampa starts trading away their team before the trade deadline. Some good eats for scavenger teams.

  89. if the Isles make the playoffs and we don’t, I think 7th Avenue should be fired, and possibly also 33rd street

  90. Wow…mama is so not happy now. I meant butt of the joke, not butt. Really? After everything lately Carp? You can *email* if you like but I am outta here tonight…LGR!…not cool.

  91. Czechthemout!!! on

    Alot of offense generated by ya boys through six minutes huh guys? Dump and change hockey at its best.

  92. Im absolutely thrilled that Torts reinforced his defensive strategy in the intermission. How about some offense though seeing as, you know, we are down by a goal?

  93. Hank with a ton of rebounds this year..let’s call him the worm instead of King…soon the schedule will mercifully be down to the Foxwoods Final Five

  94. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Wow, Richards with a good defensive play. It may be coming…..a bit on him.

  95. Eminger representing tonite

    the arena sounds like a Man U – Spurs match, with only slightly better dental insurance

  96. 9 mins gone by not a scoring chance. missed shots wide in first and 2nd. best chances pathetic

  97. Up the boards, dump and chase… trying hard, but this is hard to watch. Nash and Cally time.

  98. Attaboy Sam Rosen!!!

    “we couldn’t make out that cheer….turns out the fans here in Winnipeg love Tortorella!”


    “Eat Bfyuglien (sp?) Torts”

  99. only way Rangers can score now is if Torts blindly spins one of his guys as hard as he can and the puck ricochets off the top of the plastic bubble into the net

    Haley should be embarrased there

  100. These 3 guys can cycle all night long and they will never, ever score a goal. Winnipeg should just stand there and watch them exhaust themselves.

    I’d say it will be 3-1 in the next 5 minutes or so, 4-1 final with the empty netter.


  101. Total domination of the neutral zone. absolutely no offense.

    not jumping off the ledge- but let’s set expectations correctly here 9th – 11th in the East…and given the roster, Tort reform might be in order…

  102. This team has to figure out how they want to play. This is not on Tortorella. It is on Richards, Gaborik, and Nash. They have to lead the way or we have no chance…

  103. All I can say is if Torts gets fired over this team, then I will also be finding a new team to follow.

  104. maybe Stan can ask about the chant as a follow up to why he used that “good” timeout in the first period

  105. torts

    some advice go down to a 2 line game with your top so called players. dont need to see haley pyatt and boyle late in 3rd down by a goal. there not scoring by any chance.

    hard to believe 13 mins gone by no scoring chances in 3rd. just sad and pathetic

  106. Third line busts their tales cycling, get the puck to the crease, Haley trips on it. If only this stuff were tiring the Jets out rather than the Rangers. Admirable work ethic this period, and not a whiff of danger.

  107. NYR_FAN

    Nash is working his arse off
    Richards is shell-shocked
    Gaborik is a sharp-shooter who has been effective his career.

    This team this year just doesn’t have that “swagger” that all for one spirit that- hey you push us, we’ll freaking #$%%^ your @#@#$# with our #$#$% and win..

    Not the players- it’s the coach who hasn’t lead by example and when you’re a hothead you’ve slipped the rope around your own neck.

    It’s why McEnroe played a solo sport…

  108. Gift of GAB-orik on

    When did the Jets turn into the Devils? The Rangers should be used to playing against a team that lays back with a lead. Hell they do it all the time!

  109. Jim- The Titanic never saw the Iceberg…

    Torts yelled at the Iceberg…

    both aren’t effective.

    Simplistic, but I think this team vastly outperformed last year and hasn’t found a way to live up to higher expectations…

  110. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    We don’t need no Gaborik, Richards or even Nash……….WE GOT HALEY……THAT’S MICHAEL HALEY!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Gift of GAB-orik on

    The camera always seems to find a Rangers player right before they pick their nose

  112. Jets playing great hockey with the lead. Skating with the puck, no glide, no dump. If the Rangers get any points, it’s a steal.

  113. Pavelec has a .907 sv% and has a GAA of almost 3. The Rangers should be peppering this clown, instead we get this garbage. embarrassing.

  114. Carp, possibly a contradiction…but, at the same point; how is it that the “new toy” seems to perform…but as soon as they aren’t the new thing they underperform?

    I think even you’ve probably had an inkling that Gaborik is less than pleased.

    Bottom line, i’m probably speaking with more emotion than anything- but there’s really only one variable to change at this point that can do anything (presuming you think something needs to be done).

  115. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Hank has come up big at the end here. Pretty sad he’s seeing so many shots with 2 minutes left to go.

  116. Where is everybody? Like, when Hagelin busts in on the wing, there are three Jets in fronmt and no Rangers anywhere.


  117. prediction on 3/14 at 1032 pm

    right it down store this somewhere


  118. Good pressure at the end at least. So here’s another team we don’t match up well with. Let’s get the Bruins on the schedule!

  119. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Well, Winnipeg is a much improved team. They have size, a good goalie, and some good offensive players. We are…uh…not so good yet.

  120. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I just hope the guys in our locker room feel as badly as their fans do when they loose. Some of them seem a little indifferent this year.

  121. I agree Eric. I am sorry to disappoint so many of you, but I have officially joined the camp of “this year’s team sux”…the O isn’t an NHL O, the PK isn’t up to snuff, without Tampa, we’d be swinging low sweet chariot

  122. Czechthemout!!! on

    Torts post game:

    Jam,boards,tighten up,clean things up,grind,wall,hard,grind,jam,grind,wall,tighten up,grind,Boyler,wall,wall,wall,jam,grind,wall,wall,boards,down low,jam,boards, screw the Jets fans,Sam,you ask too many questions,top guys suck,jam,boards,wall,grind! /$&:@@&$£€€¥££’!!!-/$&@@&&:’, grind,jam,wall.

    Thank you!

  123. micheletti with some brilliance”rangers having trouble scoring goals”, no f-in way, how did that einstein figure that 1 out?

    give the man a raise, talk about great insight.

    stepan is the best forward on the team..

    Maryanne gaborik did zilch tonight btw…halpern nad powe did a lot especially in the 3r period.

    if kreider made the same mistakes miller is making he would have been sent down after 1 game…

    boyle still with 2 points on the season, contributing mightily all year long.

    both jet goals by a guy with his back to the goalie….henrik played great…offense is 1 of the worst in the NHL, plain and simple…..

  124. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    WBM (c)

    0) Boyle
    1) Gaborik
    2) Richards
    3) Stralman
    4) MDZ
    5) Miller

  125. #1 star again? the only goalie that the Rangers have made work hard this year is their own

  126. Announcer announces, “The Rangers are having trouble scoring goals.” He’s coming up short. The Rangers are having trouble looking like they might score a goal. Confidence is shot on this team.

  127. we may not give up alot of goals, but we sure do give up alot in the first and last five miuntes of periods

  128. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Oh….Duguay…THAT”s what it was…….the fans propelled the Jets. I see. It was the fans that won the game. I get it. Good point, Ronnie.

  129. Looks like we all swallowed the Koolaid we were fed at the beginning of the year about how this team was going to contend for the cup. Game after game after game after game they give the puck away at both blue lines and the defensive coverage in our own zone all year has been absolutely horrible. Thank God for Hank. Many times it seem like they just dont know how get the puck out of their zone. This team severely lacks toughness and tonite did not seem to have much zest. Very over-rated team and who knows where they will end up by end of season.

  130. gaborik 1 of the least productive player in the nhl, richards did crap again, except turn the puck over just inside the zone….

    besides being bad this team is not fun to watch..

    top 5 defense in the NHL and they suck.. cannot score….THEY CANNOT SCORE, EINSTEINS….
    But hey nash is great, he turn his back move late in the game had zero chance of succedding…..

    duguay is a moron…

  131. Duguay “Pavelec shot the door in the third period” — sure cuz the Rangers knocked so much on his door….

  132. hook or no hook, Gabby actually looked worse, if that’s possible, on the initial breakway than on the Penalty Shot

  133. The Pittsburgh homers, I mean, writers are all laughing at the Rangers coming to the Burgh like this, especially the coach.

  134. Sather should have been fired YEARS ago. But I am sure he has pictures of Dolan doing something he should be doing. You don’t blow up a team that gets to the ECF. Only two NY teams try the tweaking method and those are NYY and NYG.

  135. now the luck excuse is coming….

    gaborik a classic soft euro.. he does not check, bad in his own zone, and cannot score. he does look good when he skates…..

    hagelin should score more he has a ton of chances…….

  136. really the 2nd goal hurt the rangers. tremendous insight by Duguay as sharpe as michelleti.

    captain obvious for Duguay.

  137. Conclusion: Last year’s team rode Hank and overachieved.

    This year’s team is what they actually are.

    Season over.

  138. I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore

    I’m gonna take some broad’s bra and burn it

    Then I’m gonna lead an Occupy MSG rally

  139. The amazing thing is I’ve been reading this board during the game and not one person brings up the game started with Buff taking a run at Stepan that no one responded to which lead to the Jets getting chances and the eventual DZ penalty and 1-0 deficit.

    Hey, but chemistry and team toughness is overrated right?

  140. Olga Folkyerself on

    I want to see Tortorella fired. By Sather’s replacement. Hired by the Rangers new owner.

  141. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    It will be interesting to see how our boys play against Pittsburgh. Do they raise their level?

  142. Can we just all conclude that $2 to 3mn more for Prust OBVIOUSLY made sense.

    I’m half kidding, but at the same point look at MTL.

    (and having been at game 1 against Ottawa, that man looked possessed and i’m sure made life h*ll)

  143. Czechthemout!!! on

    Another brilliant move by the offensive minded genius, putzurella. Play Gabby on the LW. After all, he has only scored more goals than most active players in the last five years playing the right
    side. Brilliant. The best this team looked is when they had that three game winning streak with three strong lines and no Brian Boyle in the lineup.




    Powe-Halpern-Asham/ can be Haley or Bumbling Boyle.

    We rolled four lines and dominated games for large stretches. But lunatic coach needed his son Bumbling Boyle in the lineup. How is that working for ya coach?

  144. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    maybe the fans should circle MSG in their cars a couple of hours before the game toss away the keys and lock out the rangers. delay the inevitable.

  145. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    This is why I couldn’t believe how so many people killed the team last year, no matter how much they were winning.

  146. Ledge Landlord on

    Carp,,,, We lost a few off the ledge tonight… Now it’s time to close it down, so the rest of you, get off the ledge…

  147. season over.

    there are so many whining woosy posters here it ias funny.

    yep season over, they are done, no chance of making the playoffs, be a seller. expecially sell there good young assetts. they can trade mcdonagh for 2 3rds and john erskine, trade stepan for a few picks, and trade henrik for luongo and a bag of pucks…

    how long you losers been fans???kings had no chance last year also, afterall werent they a 2 seed… My bad, Rangers are done season over….

    gaborik between penalty shots and shoootout is a real talent on those plays with his QUCIK RELEASE… magical…

  148. Pitt 7 Rangers 0

    Rangers control the puck for a total of 2 minutes and manage 1 SOG

    rewind the cally comments from losses 1-10 this year

  149. _I want to see Tortorella fired. By Sather’s replacement. Hired by the Rangers new owner._

    LOL Olga! You just blew my mind!

  150. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carp, I gotta say, I thought Halpern and Pyatt would be ok on this team. But, they really are in adequate. Kreider not being ready for the NHL is a problem for the team, too.

  151. at least gabby showed some emotion banging his stick against the bench, if only on ice same emotion

  152. i like haley on the 3rd line best… i mean the miss on the puck in the slot and then the turtle move was classic. i see malkin and cindy make that move all the time….

    torts offensively really is clueless…..hey lucky they have halpern, powe, and the other garbage over Kreider. I know Kreider is bad in there own zone, i got it…………….

  153. Reginald Dunlop on

    Don’t worry Torts will attack Sam, won’t break the game down with the writers,they will have a good skate in Pittsburgh…………..lose again but there will be good things in that game too………… didn’t this get Tom Renney fired??

  154. gotta start scoring some goals says Joe, but they’re nto even in position to get good attempts. No one is setting themselves in high % spots, and the miraculous good pass that does find them is getting put in the goalie’s chest

  155. With you, Czech. Not hating the Boyle so much, but would love to see him on the fourth line. I’d rather see Miller on the 2nd line, though, for Pyatt, who can’t create a thing. Don’t know or care who centers the 3rd.

  156. torts is pooping in the Broadway hat and handing it to Gabby right now with a coke and a smile

  157. Gaborik’s decision to deke on a breakaway is perplexing. He has one of the best snapshots in the NHL. But, I’m almost positive that his shot isn’t at full strength right now. Too many soft shots on net. Maybe the shoulder still not healed 100% in conjunction with lost confidence?

  158. Czechthemout!!! on

    Best player on the ice was that fat guy that some of you said could not play Torts system. All who said that were right. Because Torts has no system. He used to have one but forgot it in Tampa Bay. Buff would have no clue what to do with the puck just like most of the other offensive minded players on this team. They are confused. Grind! Wall! Jam! Thats a system!

  159. “They came out at us hard.” Teams are well aware they are one of the softest teams in the League. They are 2nd in the League in PIMs. That is not a good thing. It has nothing to do with minors. They have taken the 4th least amount of minors in the League. In terms of majors, the team they are around are Calgary Washington Edmonton Carolina Detroit and Ottawa. Notice none of the powerhouses of the League.

  160. any bull that would run away from that GQ fashionista on the commercial should be castrated.

  161. Better chance against the Penguins if Lundqvist plays like this. Might get some counters, some open ice. The Penguins even the Rangers should be able to score on, though they’ll need more than 1.

  162. you gotta have that save right there
    that was your guy, though, right?

    classic – that one exchnage should be up for an Emmy for short film catagory

  163. not just talking about basketball, but showing two Knicks scrubs listening to their headphones in the lockerroom.

  164. guys – please stop teasing me with your fantasies about how the Rangers can strategize and find a way to win in Pitt.

    this is going to be about an even a match-up as egg versus counter

  165. I wish when they dump the puck, they shoot it on net instead of in the corners. There is always the posswiblity of a rebound or surprising the goalie or at least a faceoff in offensive zone. seems so obvious to me

  166. NYR_FAN

    this is what Gaborik does ALL THE TIME! He dekes on breakaways and shootouts! Ive been saying this forever! Just watch him…

  167. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – wont matter if crosby scores or not…..he will be credited with 4 goals, 5 assists…..without even playing

  168. Bryan McCabe 2 years ago was way better Hamrlik. Way better.

    Seriously, Caber could shoot it. He knew how to play a 2 on 1 perfectly…hands to chest…take the man…

    Hamr is done. And, has been done for a while…

  169. Some game. I think they’re tuning out Torts. These guys look like they’re all avoiding mistakes instead of playing.

  170. sorry I think I said that before, but it still seems logical and potential offensive plan

  171. Rangers 4-2. Penguins won’t know what hit them. Do penguins ever know what hit them?

  172. carp, do you think like Dan LD that the players are tuning out torts? sorry, if answered on the chat, I wasn’t able to get to it.

  173. Even Ron Duguay, whose hair product I think affects his brain most days even knows the real problem with this team.

  174. Avoiding mistakes is tuning IN to Torts. Not being afraid to make them is tuning him out.

  175. someone must have buried a Prust Canadiens jersey in the cement during this summer’s MSG work

  176. maloney holds the mic too close to his face, he’s getting the damn thing wet with his bottom lip

  177. You know the guy nobody talks about? Anisimov. Could play on any of top three lines at different times, LW or C, speed, size, shot, good defensively, scores you 17 goals or so.

  178. I am done with this excuse of a team…I tried to be positive, but they are a shadow of themselves. I am done watching this garbage.

  179. Did some quick numbers the other day: The Rangers bottom 6 forwards are averaging collectively a goal every 16 games and a point every 8, lead by their interchanging centers – BB, Miller and Halpern. This is a HUGE part of the problem that I don’t see being addressed anytime soon…

  180. Ledge Doorman on

    Boss,,,, final count: 45 went out, 39 came back in. We’re going over the list and will have the names of those who went over shortly.

  181. did Hank just say he thought Strahlman had him tied up? HE was no where to be seen on that play

  182. Czechthemout!!! on


    Good call. AA is the one guy I miss. Too bad they couldnt trade bumbling Boyle instead.

  183. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    But, Hank, how are your defensemen, soaking wet at 190 – 205, gonna be “tough’ in front of the net??

  184. the guys on the ledge with me better hope I don’t have to turn sideways to scratch my back

  185. eddie eddie eddie on

    Czech – Torts is losing this team it appears…….but I agree with ricardo….cant see him getting the axe. Last season, anomaly or not, earned him a pass….

  186. The next Coach won’t turn Halpern, Pyatt, Powe, Boyle, Haley, Miller into goal scorers nor will he make Richards any younger. Nor will he get Gaborik to play any harder. They are a representation of their talent or lack thereof. A new coach won’t make Del Zotto’s shot 10mph faster or accurate. Won’t make Hamr, Strahlman, Eminger into better defensemen. He won’t make them tougher in front of the net.

    So fire the coach, won’t change a team. Good actually make it worse. The Sabre fans thought Ruff was the problem. They’re tired of Ruff. Yada Yada Yada. Guess not. They still don’t play tough and give up too many goals and get little from their high priced players.

  187. Me, me, me. I talk about Artie all the time. In my sleep sometimes. It goes something like, “Artie, Artie, I mees you so-o much!” I think my wife suspects.

    Tomorrow I run the numbers on Nash vs. Tim Anisidubinsky. This trade looks worse and worse, even as Nash continues to impress.

  188. 1994
    I just know I am not going to watch NYR vs. Sidney game on Saturday. Maybe JT Miller will wake up since it is practically a home game for him or..

  189. eddie eddie eddie on

    Objectively, torts has had 1 great run…..his hockey card reads: one and done….missed the playoffs… and done…..EC finals……TBD

  190. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    We win in Pittsburgh, everything changes. THen, we have the Derbils Tuesday.

    Two easy wins.

  191. Fat Guy, but you wanted to hug the Abonimable Snowman after he put the star topper on the tree

  192. Ledge Doorman on

    Boss,,,,, Fat Guy refusing to come off,,,, may be holding hostages. Asking for more pizza and a Big Gulp.

  193. Czechthemout!!! on


    Than neither is the team. So he will be fired in the off season when they miss the playoffs.

  194. Oy vey…. I’ll be here Saturday against my better judgement…come on all!!!

    jpg’s sister….really? You and brother can stay away ? :)

  195. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW – you are correct. But the old saying goes, easier to fire the coach than the players……obviously you dont do anything this season…..but if this season ends with many more games like the last two….and next season is a repeat….than torts must go…..

  196. I think saw Torto grinding his teeth tonight. First he dumped them into the zone, then he started grinding.

  197. Duguay and PeeDo about to break out into sleazy rendition of Springsteen’s “Glory Days”

  198. I guess the silver lining is that we’re only 7-8 pieces from being a real contender.

    This from our preseason favorite who was supposed to go undefeated and threepeat.

    How could so many smart hockey minds be so wrong?

  199. E3 – I am not disagreeing. I just don’t think he’s not the problem without improving the depth of this team. Might be seriously the time to considering seeing which of their, over abundance of forwards and lack of Defense, Edmonton Oilers they’d be willing to move for Del Zotto.

    Would they do a Gagne for DelZ trade?

  200. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Clyde Frazier:” THey are hunting, a-bunting, shooting and hooting, raveling and gravelling, dueling and fuelling, passing and classing, offensing and defensing, contageous and outrageous, smiling and piling.”

    JR:”Oy vay”

  201. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So just got done watching the first period and my observations

    The jets playing our game better than us

    Penalty on the mad bomber was absolute pansificatipn

    Haley dropped Stuart with one hell of a good punch

  202. My point is this, and I’m not absolving Tortorella of all blame. But this lineup is completely different, and two of the top three players are playing like crap, and the other guys — Lundqvist, Girardi, McDonagh, Staal included — none have had their A game all season long. So it’s obviously not just the coach. And he won’t be fired unless they miss the playoffs by a lot. And they won’t.

  203. Eddie, I’m no spring chicken. I can’t wait a year and a half for Torts to go. I’ve been waiting for a Cup since 1940 for Christ sakes.

  204. Mr Merton,

    The math on the trade you look back on with such remiss is:

    Dubi 1-8-9 (-4)
    Artie 6-2-8 (-6)
    Erix 0-4-4 (+4)
    Tot: 7-14-21 (-6)

    Nash: 9-14-23 (+10) while playing with Richard half the games.

    Next question?

    Mr. Isaacs

  205. NYR – You have to give to get. They need to add some offensive punch and it’s not going to come cheap. Del Zotto is very tradable. He’s never shown that his offensive game is going to come.

  206. It’s always easier to blame the coach. Truth be told this is all on the players. Especially the forwards, who aren’t skating. First indicator of that: drawing only one penalty each of the last 2 games. Means you’re too easy to stop. No puck possession, no chances. The bottom six forwards cannot pass and cannot score. The top six seem unable to do anything.

    Face it guys Sather should have kept Mitchell, Feds and Prust, made the Nash trade and gone from there. This team has a great top 6 when they play well, but the bottom six belong in the AHL. And they are just as much at fault, You cannot only win when Nash and Gabby score, other guys have to score too.

  207. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Clyde Frazior: ” The Jets was raveling and ravenous, lean and mean, torquing and forking, impacting and del acting, winding and grinding. They defended and offended. They was good and in the hood.

  208. stop talking about strategy for the Pens game, just stop

    I’ll take the Pens and give 7

  209. Wait how does that make it a good trade? You trade two core players for 2 goals/points. 2 guys you can spread out throughout the lineup for 1 guy. A guy, who say what you will abt. his goal total, would fight and defend his teammates. How exactly is two goals a slam dunk? Nash is not as good defensively as both those guys. Nash’s “flamingo” on the 1st goal not matter?

  210. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Peter, I don’t disagree. But I would put Prust first there. Feds is getting close to washed up, but he had a presence. But Prust was our heartbeat. He is that for Montreal. It was a huge over look by the best GM in hockey, for decades. A big over look. But that’s the past. We move forward.

  211. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Knicks have 3 guys over 38 on the court. Is Sather doubling as their GM, too?

  212. Hw, Del Z is one of the good guys…he’s only 22..and, even if he doesn’t put up 40 assists, he has great passing ability…

    …and still getting better…far from his ceiling if you ask me…and, if I recall correctly, when he was drafted he was projected to be a top offensive d-man based on his career in juniors and his offensive instincts..

    He is still a top 4 dman on most NHL teams, no? Of course, he’s tradable…lol…

  213. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Yeah, Mama. This is not on Torts. Plus, he gives great pressers. A little disappointed he took his xanax before tonight’s.

  214. its not lack of desperation or any cosmic’s a lack of talent and lack of a bulldozer clearing our own creas…good teams have an easy blueprint to follow and the Rangers can’t box anyone out

  215. You are way overrating Del Zotto. They’ve given 100’s of chances on the point on the PP and their PP has been a massive problem. He MUST develop a shot to even be worth anything as an offensive d-man. Plus, I am trying to get top 6 offensive talent. It’s going to cost you something more than Pyatt.

  216. Stranger Nation on

    Dubi love – has 11 goals in the last 94 games – shooting 3% this season – how would THAT go over on here this season. Artie Party – 22 Gs in last 99 games. This team couldn’t score with them last season, so c’mon.

    Richards and Gaborik, your problems begin and ends right there. Please leave Nash out of this, been our best player all season.

  217. Thanks, Mr. Isaacs! Last time I looked either Nash was trailing, or I was looking at the larger question, Nash and the new guys vs. TimAnisibinsky and the old guys that left as a result of the trade. But good that he’s at least ahead of those three.

  218. With the parity as it is in the NHL, trades are going to be hard to come by and when teams have excess they can trade they want top dollar for it. It’s why the Van goalie trade hasn’t happened. VAN asked for too much and now they are stuck with 2 goalies that neither can get in a groove and all day long here abt their situation.

  219. Stranger Nation on

    Fat Guy – damn straight – trade for Murray, call up McIlbeast; time to release the hounds!

  220. I caught the last half of the game… not very pretty.

    I’m not sure why Torts is considered untouchable this season – in his 3 full seasons
    2009-2010 – DNQ for playoffs
    2010-2011 – Finished 8th overall, getting in on last day when Carolina lost. Lost in first round
    2011-2012 – Finished first in eastern conference, lose in conf finals

    This year, with the shortened season, they are teetering on the playoff cusp.

    I’m not discounting the amazing run they had last year, but perhaps that was an aberration, and not the norm.

    Still, I’m not sure who would even replace him if he were to get fired… Ruff? Not sold on him, his teams seemed to consist of the same grind it out mentality and let the goalie steal some wins.

  221. eddie eddie eddie on

    If the Rangers miss the playoffs (i dont think they will….but I’m getting less confident) does Richards and get bought out? Gabby not part of the future?

  222. eddie eddie eddie on

    Matt Lear – Dont forget during 2008-2009 he led his team into the players and in the first round was up *3 games to 1* and lost in 7.

  223. Haley said he would fight anyone but doesn’t know if he can reach Charla’s nod. What a stupid question to begin with.

  224. I really don’t want to make this abt. Nash because he IS NOT (for those who like to twist words) a problem but can everyone calm down over his play. For the 6th highest cap hit in the League, he’s not even in the 40 in goals scoring nor the top 30 in points. Yes, he’s been THEIR best player but he’s not exactly lighting up the League either.

  225. eddie eddie eddie on

    Torts has one 2 playoff series. And while those two series were as exciting hockey as I have witness from the rangers since 95, they needed 7 games. True they won but it was nerve wrecking.

  226. eddie:
    I didn’t count that because he took over for Renney very late in the season.

    As Carp said, they’ve improved the top six at the expense of the bottom 6, but shouldn’t that also improve the power play? It’s been atrocious since Jagr left, and even then, the system was “get it to Jagr and let him shoot”.

    I’m not in the locker room (obviously) but I have to think some of the players are just not hearing him anymore. And you can’t fire all the players…

    I said this a few weeks ago, but man this team really reminds me of the 92-93 Rangers, who had a bunch of talent, finished first overall the year before, but just blew chunks that year (and Messier was a coach killer – didn’t think they could win playing defense first)

  227. Guys its not the D and its not Henk.

    The team cant score goals. Nash and Gaborik and Richards are paid to score goals and lots of them. They look pretty good at times not scoring goals but these are the guys you need going. Gaborik had two chances to bury a breakaway and converted neither time. Richards has been garbage all year and Nash cannot carry the team every game. If you are only letting in 2 goals each game you should be winning those games.

  228. Rangers looked a little better at times tonight, but they still can’t score – what a shocker.
    Did they already use one of their amnesty buyouts, and if so, who was it, and what did they save on the cap? I thought they did on Redden, but of course Redden has become somewhat useful on the Blues.
    I wish I had answer to solve their scoring woes. I was never I’m favor of them signing Richards, and I was hesitant about trading for Nash too. Nash has looked good, but he still has to score more, even though he can’t do it on his own every night.
    Richards, not Gaborik, as bad as he’s looked has to be amnestied. I can’t watch another 7 years of this for a guy whose about past his prime in my opinion. Gaborik only has one more year, so let him play it out. How he’s not scoring more, I don’t know, because he is very talented, but he never seems to be in good to great goal scoring positions. Maybe others should be blamed as well for not being able to set him up enough.
    I don’t expect them to beat the red-hot Pens even without Malkin, but I wouldn’t mind them seeing them open it up, and play a 5-4 game – maybe some of their top guys will get some confidence back.

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